English [ edit ]

Etymology [ edit ].

mid- +‎ trip

Adverb [ edit ]

midtrip ( not comparable )

  • 2007 November 15, Lisa Belkin, “Hello, Vacation: It's the Boss”, in New York Times ‎ [1] : She feels reassured that not only is her $2,000 airfare completely refundable should she cancel before she leaves, but that the policy also pays for her to return home unexpectedly midtrip "if one of my teachers gets sick and I have to fly back and keep things from falling apart."

definition of mid trip

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What does midtrip mean?

Definitions for midtrip midtrip, this dictionary definitions page includes all the possible meanings, example usage and translations of the word midtrip ., did you actually mean mantrap or midriff , wiktionary rate this definition: 0.0 / 0 votes.

midtrip adverb

During a trip.

How to pronounce midtrip?

Alex US English David US English Mark US English Daniel British Libby British Mia British Karen Australian Hayley Australian Natasha Australian Veena Indian Priya Indian Neerja Indian Zira US English Oliver British Wendy British Fred US English Tessa South African

How to say midtrip in sign language?

Chaldean Numerology

The numerical value of midtrip in Chaldean Numerology is: 6

Pythagorean Numerology

The numerical value of midtrip in Pythagorean Numerology is: 8

  • ^  Wiktionary https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/Midtrip

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  • midtown manhattan
  • midvein noun

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definition of mid trip

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definition of mid trip

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From wiktionary , creative commons attribution/share-alike license..

  • adverb During a trip .


From wiktionary, creative commons attribution/share-alike license.

definition of mid trip

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Even in midtrip , you can ask the carrier to retroactively place you on an international plan, which is typically much cheaper than the pay-per-use rate.

Avoiding Taxes on Life and Disability Insurance Cristina Lourosa-Ricardo 2011

For wired travelers everywhere, this social-media mammoth — which has seen its number of unique visitors grow nearly 600% in the past year — is increasingly becoming the go-to site for everything from getting hotel recommendations to sniffing out midtrip dinner companions.

Traveling With Twitter Kristen Bellstrom 2010

Then she discovered the Chinatown buses -- which lowered her round-trip fare to $35 -- but stopped using them after several midtrip breakdowns.

Planes, Trains ... and Buses? 2009

That would be worth a stopover in a campground or ranger station midtrip in my book.

Discussion Forum - TuDiabetes 2010

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Definition of trip noun from the Oxford Advanced American Dictionary

  • have/take a vacation/a break/a day off/a year off/time off
  • go on/be on vacation/leave/honeymoon/safari/sabbatical/a trip/a tour/a cruise/a pilgrimage
  • go backpacking/camping/sightseeing
  • plan a trip/a vacation/your itinerary
  • reserve a hotel room/a flight/tickets
  • have/make/cancel a reservation
  • rent a condo/a vacation home/a cabin
  • rent a car/bicycle/moped/scooter/Jet Ski
  • stay in a hotel/a bed and breakfast/a youth hostel/a villa/a trailer/a vacation home/a resort/a timeshare
  • cost/charge $100 a/per night for a suite/a single/double/twin room
  • check into/out of a hotel/a motel/your room
  • pack/unpack your suitcase/bags
  • call/order room service
  • cancel/cut short a trip/vacation
  • apply for/get/renew a/your passport
  • take out/buy/get travel insurance
  • catch/miss your plane/train/ferry/connecting flight
  • fly (in)/travel (in) first/business/economy class
  • make/have a brief/two-day/twelve-hour layover/stopover in Hong Kong
  • experience/cause/lead to delays
  • check (in)/collect/get/lose your baggage/luggage
  • be charged for/pay excess baggage fees
  • board/get on/leave/get off the aircraft/plane/ship/ferry
  • taxi down/leave/approach/hit/overshoot the runway
  • experience/hit/encounter (mild/severe) turbulence
  • suffer from/recover from/get over your jet lag/motion sickness
  • be seasick/carsick
  • attract/draw/bring tourists/visitors
  • encourage/promote/hurt tourism
  • promote/develop ecotourism
  • build/develop/visit a tourist/tropical/beach/ski resort
  • work for/be operated by a major hotel chain
  • be served by/compete with low-fare/low-cost/budget airlines
  • use/go to/have a travel agent
  • contact/check with your travel agent/tour operator
  • buy/be on/go on a package deal/vacation/tour
  • buy/bring back (tacky/overpriced) souvenirs

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definition of mid trip

What Is a Midlife Retreat? A Former Airbnb Exec Wants Travelers to Try Them

Chip conley has launched hotels and led the hospitality strategy at airbnb. now he’s focusing on helping midlife travelers get more out of their trips—and their lives..

  • Copy Link copied

The swimming pool at the Modern Elder Academy's Baja campus

Chip Conley’s Modern Elder Academy holds retreats in Baja, where guests take in workshops as well as poolside cocktails.

Photo courtesy of MEA

Chip Conley achieved quite a lot in the first portion of his adult life. By his mid-twenties he was building a boutique hotel chain, Joie de Vivre, which he would eventually sell (it’s now part of the Hyatt group ). Following that, and with several books under his belt, he became a consultant to the founders of a small startup known as Airbnb. Officially its head of global hospitality and strategy, he was known as a “modern elder” by the millennials starting to shake up homesharing.

So perhaps it’s inevitable that, as middle age inexorably snuck up on him, he turned his thoughts to the pitfalls and promise of later life, and how to tie that into his experience with travel and hospitality. Resting on laurels was never going to be on his agenda. Conley launched the Modern Elder Academy (MEA) in 2018, aiming to help people enter, as he says, a “midlife chrysalis” rather than a midlife crisis. Midlife tends to bring big life transitions, including empty nests, divorce, or career changes, but as the site suggests , it’s also a time to “inspire renewed energy and new experiences.” The MEA curriculum encourages people to consider new hobbies or revisit old passion projects.

There are online components to the MEA universe, but the heart of the academy lies in its in-person, five-night workshops, held at a beachfront campus in Baja, Mexico, and in a new-for-2024 regenerative ranch in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

An average day might begin with breakfast and meditation before a “core conversation” (featured speakers include the likes of travel writer Pico Iyer and musician Michael Franti, as well as shamans and Native elders), some yoga or art, then perhaps a sound bath. Since Conley comes from a travel background, destination-specific experiences are part of the retreat DNA, too. For instance, in Baja, there are surf lessons, and in Sante Fe, “equine-assisted learning” (psychological techniques based on how horses respond to training). And participants aren’t expected to be off the grid or the sauce. “We’re sort of for the bad boys and girls who want a little alcohol at night and also want to have access to tech,” Conley tells me.

He also insists that MEA isn’t just for people parachuting out of corporate careers. Financial aid is available , and attendees represent a mix of life experiences. “One of the best things about the program is you have a firefighter next to an elementary school teacher next to an investment banker or a CEO of a tech company,” Conley says. “That diversity of people makes it interesting. People are less inclined to compare themselves to each other.”

The Sante Fe, New Mexico, campus of the Modern Elder Academy

Santa Fe, New Mexico, is the second location for MEA’s retreats.

The retreats leave plenty of time for exploring the area, and the locations play an important part. Conley fell in love with Baja’s laid-back mix of desert and ocean when he started going there some 13 years ago. He bought a home, started writing a book, Wisdom at Work: The Making of a Modern Elder (Crown Currency, 2018), and concocted the idea of a midlife wisdom school during a run one morning. His ties to Santa Fe go even further back. “I grew up in Long Beach [in Southern California], and every summer we would drive out to Santa Fe because my uncle works for the Navajo Nation right on the border of Arizona and New Mexico. I ended up spending a lot of time here in Santa Fe, and I remember I always said to my parents, ‘Oh, I don’t have a passport. How did we get into this country?’”

Here, Conley offers more about the program and his thoughts on travel in middle age and later life.

How do you feel the travel industry does or doesn’t cater to people in their midlives and beyond?

In the two dozen years I ran Joie de Vivre and created 52 boutique hotels, I always believed that a great hotelier is a mind reader and imagines what a guest needs that might not be obvious. Our job is not to just meet the expectations and desires of our guests, but it’s to deliver on their unrecognized needs as well (I wrote about this in my book Peak: How Great Companies Get Their Mojo from Maslow (John Wiley & Sons, 2007). For those in midlife, the unrecognized need is to add a sprinkling of external adventure and internal self-discovery. I believe that “transformational travel” (when a guest sees their vacation as a transformational experience) is a growing trend across all age ranges, but especially those in midlife.

Your travel is meant to open your eyes and your heart to new experiences and prime your sense of curiosity.

Are there travel experiences or destinations that are better when you’re in your midlife and beyond?

Our guest faculty member Pico Iyer says, “We travel, initially, to lose ourselves; and we then travel to find ourselves.” It’s less about the destination and more about what will “move” you, break you out of your normal routine. By midlife, we’ve often become a bit habitual, so whether it’s going to Burning Man, doing a foreign-language immersion halfway around the world, or coming to a midlife wisdom school workshop at MEA, your travel is meant to open your eyes and your heart to new experiences and prime your sense of curiosity.

Chip Conley conducts an interview at an MEA session.

Sessions at MEA are informal and avoid PowerPoint presentations.

Can you tell me a bit more about MEA’s origin story?

I started MEA because I saw so many of my friends in their forties, fifties, and sixties a bit bewildered or stuck in midlife (if you’re 54—the average age of our alums—and you’re going to live till 90, you are only halfway through your adult life if you start counting at 18). Based upon my past two decades, I found that my late forties were treacherous and my fifties were my favorite decade, and the U-curve social science research bears that out. Yale’s Becca Levy [a professor of social and behavioral sciences] has shown that when you shift your mindset on aging from a negative to a positive, you gain seven-and-a-half years of additional life, so—in many ways—we’re a living laboratory for Becca’s work.

We have three pillars in our MEA program: navigating transitions, cultivating purpose, and exploring and owning your wisdom. The five-day residential workshop at our two campuses in Baja and Santa Fe is very experiential, and nature is a teacher for certain parts of the program. We’re proud that we now have 5,000+ alums from 48 countries and 28 regional chapters.

Transformational travel is a growing trend across all age ranges, but especially those in midlife.

Who attends these conferences?

We have workshops year-round in both Baja and Santa Fe, with the typical workshop being about two dozen socioeconomically diverse people. Many people are in the midst of professional, personal, or spiritual transitions and are seeking a community of others they can learn from, as MEA believes that “wisdom is not taught, it’s shared.” Once you graduate, your workshop cohort stays in touch for months and years to come with regular Zoom calls and reunions.

Have any guests made big life changes following a retreat?

There are so many life-changing stories. We often say that the four shortcut paths to purpose often come from something that excites you, agitates you, makes you curious, or something passionate from earlier in your life that feels neglected. We had a 60-year-old litigation attorney who hated what her job did to her emotionally but had no idea how to shift out of it. At our Baja beachfront campus, she started having dreams of walking on the beach with her deceased grandmother and then started dreaming about cooking pies with her (which she loved doing as a teenager). By the end of the week, she realized she wanted to test out pastry chef school, and ultimately, she opened a bakery in her neighborhood and is so much happier. We’ve had people meet in a workshop and start a business together or fall in love and get married or realize that it’s time to reconnect with a long-lost friend or family member.

What’s your take on the newish trend of “longevity travel”?

With an aging population and much of the discretionary income being in those who are 50+, I see “longevity travel” as being a long-term trend. For many, that may mean going to a biohacking resort where you experience stem-cell regeneration or cryotherapy, the physical science of longevity. At MEA, we believe in “long life learning,” how to live a life that’s as deep and meaningful as it is long, so our program is more focused on the socio-psychological science of longevity. I believe that midlife wisdom schools, dedicated to helping people reimagine and repurpose their lives, are going to be like Canyon Ranch was to the spa industry 50 years ago.

How do you use your own vacation time?

I love a place that allows me to connect with my mind, body, and spirit. A great vacation would have a little bit of education, some exercise and healing bodywork, and an introduction to a soul healer. So, I love Bali, Peru, Austria. love the lakes, hikes, and outdoor culture in Austria during the summer and am a fan of the medical spa, Mayrlife. I’m also a hot springs junkie, so my next trip is to Iceland.

The entryway to the opulent grand Zwinger museum complex in Dresden, Germany

Cambridge Dictionary

  • Cambridge Dictionary +Plus

Meaning of trip in English

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trip noun ( JOURNEY )

  • You should always check your oil , water and tyres before taking your car on a long trip.
  • How about a trip to the zoo this afternoon ?
  • She's going on a trip to New York, all expenses paid .
  • The travel company has written giving information about the trip.
  • He's always going off around the world on business trips, leaving his wife to cope with the babies by herself.
  • break-journey
  • circumnavigation

trip noun ( FALL )

  • collapse under someone's/something's weight
  • collapse/fall in a heap idiom
  • drop like flies idiom
  • knock someone over
  • let go idiom
  • overbalance
  • parachutist
  • trip (someone) up

trip noun ( EXPERIENCE )

  • abstinence-only
  • non-intoxicant
  • non-intoxicating
  • pill-popping
  • solvent abuse
  • substance abuse

trip verb ( LOSE BALANCE )

  • fall She slipped and fell.
  • drop Several apples dropped from the tree.
  • collapse Several buildings collapsed in the earthquake.
  • crumple He fainted and crumpled into a heap on the floor.
  • tumble A huge rock tumbled down the mountain.
  • plunge Four of the mountaineers plunged to their deaths when their ropes broke.
  • The bowler tripped as he was delivering the ball .
  • She tripped and fell over.
  • I tripped as I got off the bus .
  • She tripped over the rug .
  • I tripped on a piece of wire that someone had stretched across the path .

trip verb ( MOVE )

  • bowl down/along something
  • make good time idiom
  • make haste idiom

trip verb ( SWITCH )

  • anti-static
  • capacitance
  • electricity
  • high-voltage
  • non-electric
  • non-electrical
  • non-electronic
  • solid-state
  • transistorized

trip verb ( EXPERIENCE )

Phrasal verb, trip | american dictionary, trip noun [c] ( travel ), trip noun [c] ( experience ), trip verb [i/t] ( lose balance ), trip | business english, examples of trip, collocations with trip.

These are words often used in combination with trip .

Click on a collocation to see more examples of it.

Translations of trip

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Word of the Day

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a person who climbs mountains as a sport

Apples and oranges (Talking about differences, Part 2)

Apples and oranges (Talking about differences, Part 2)

definition of mid trip

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  • trip (EXPERIENCE)
  • guilt/power/ego trip
  • trip (LOSE BALANCE)
  • trip (MOVE)
  • trip (SWITCH)
  • trip (TRAVEL)
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How to go to Heaven

How to get right with god.

definition of mid trip

What are the strengths and weaknesses of the midtribulational view of the rapture (midtribulationism)?

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definition of mid trip


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Definition of mid

 (Entry 1 of 2)

Definition of mid  (Entry 2 of 2)

  • intermediary
  • intermediate


  • amidst
  • amongst

Examples of mid in a Sentence

These examples are programmatically compiled from various online sources to illustrate current usage of the word 'mid.' Any opinions expressed in the examples do not represent those of Merriam-Webster or its editors. Send us feedback about these examples.

Word History

Middle English, from Old English midde ; akin to Old High German mitti middle, Latin medius , Greek mesos

before the 12th century, in the meaning defined at sense 1

15th century, in the meaning defined above

Phrases Containing mid

  • mid - Atlantic
  • mid - ocean ridge

Articles Related to mid


We Added 690 New Words to the...

We Added 690 New Words to the Dictionary for September 2023

Ngl, this update is a big one

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“Mid.” Merriam-Webster.com Dictionary , Merriam-Webster, https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/mid. Accessed 26 May. 2024.

Kids Definition

Kids definition of mid.

Kids Definition of mid  (Entry 2 of 2)

Medical Definition

Medical definition of mid, more from merriam-webster on mid.

Nglish: Translation of mid for Spanish Speakers

Britannica English: Translation of mid for Arabic Speakers

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What does the slang word 'mid' really mean?

Graphic with the word MID

"Mid" is a slang word for anything that's ... blah. Meh. Eh.

According to Bark.us , a company that decodes teen slang, "mid" is "a term used to describe something that is average, not particularly special, 'middle of the road.'"

Urban Dictionary states that “mid” is: "Used to insult or  degrade  an  opposing  opinion,  labeling  it as average or poor quality.”

Read more about teen slang:

  • Does your kid say ‘bussin’? We’ll explain.
  • Why does your kid call you 'bruh'?
  • What is ‘sus’? Decoding the latest slang word

What does 'mid' mean?

Think: a lukewarm bowl of mac-and-cheese or a three-star hotel, says Kelly Elizabeth Wright, a postdoctoral research fellow in language sciences at Virginia Tech.

For example:

  • “How was that new boba place?” “It tasted mid.”
  • “What do you think of my outfit? “It’s mid.”
  • “Did you like the movie?” “It’s a mid sequel.”

“Mid is a fun word that I find indicative of the ways in which the newer generations are using language, particularly how younger users find ways to downgrade less-than-pleasant experiences," Wright tells TODAY.com . "(Previous) generations ... which have been prone to hyperbole, might have called such places and experiences 'wretched' or 'heinous,' making contemporary applications of 'mid' feel like a rather self-aware alternative."

According to Wright, "mid" is older than modern English.

"It's been part of the language since before 1150 and means ‘occupying a central, medial, or intermediate position,' according to the Oxford English Dictionary ," she says. "We are seeing it grow in usage, both in terms of an increasing number of people using the term descriptively and that number of people including users from diverse backgrounds."

As guest writer Ayesha M. Malik wrote in “Among the New Words,” a journal published by “American Speech”:

“It can also be used very neutrally to mean something is not worthy of substantive remark, capturing perfectly Gen Z’s blasé attitudes about most things, as in ‘I have no feelings one way or the other. It is the middest of mid,’ It’s all somewhere near the middle — the spin is up to the speaker.”

Where did 'mid' come from?

According to Malik, "mid" was used by people in cannabis culture.

"Meaning weed that’s not quite top shelf, but not bottom of the barrel either," she wrote. "Perfectly fine in a pinch, mid-grade weed is neutral-positive as it gets the job done for cannabis consumers who are less than discerning."

“Mid” made trouble in September 2021, when professional wrestler Maxwell Jacob Friedman used it to insult people who live in Cincinnati, Ohio, during a match.

“It’s called the Midwest because every single thing in it is mid,” he yelled, including a chili restaurant chain, the Cincinnati Reds baseball team and people who call the region home.

According to Adam Aleksic, aka, the “Etymology Nerd” as he’s known on TikTok, the word “mid" will get midder with time.

“We will almost definitely see ‘mid’ become even more negative because it’s a very frequent theme in etymology for common or average things to become bad,” Aleksic said in a TikTok video .

Aleksic pointed to the origins of words like “trivial” which once defined “commonplace” and “ vulgar ” meant “pertaining to the common people,” he said.

Elise Solé is a writer and editor who lives in Los Angeles and covers parenting for TODAY Parents. She was previously a news editor at Yahoo and has also worked at Marie Claire and Women's Health. Her bylines have appeared in Shondaland, SheKnows, Happify and more.

What does 'mid' mean? Here's what the internet slang term means and how to use it.

definition of mid trip

From " smh " to " IMO ," there are so many slang and shorthand terms used online. Maybe you have even been scrolling through TikTok or Twitter only to come across a phrase you are unfamiliar with. 

These social media terms may be quick and to the point for some, but for others they are not so easy to decipher. That's why we're here to help.

Here is a rundown of the slang term "mid."  

What does 'mid' mean? 

According to Urban Dictionary , the slang "mid" is used to describe something or someone as below average or low quality. It can be used as an insult or to oppose the opinion of another. 

In other words, "mid" can be used as a replacement for "boring," "not good," "mediocre," "low quality," among others. The slang more so describes something that is just OK or mid-tier and is not used for things that are truly bad or awful. 

What does 'OTP' mean?   Breaking down the fandom term, slang

What does 'tbh' mean?  Here's what the acronym means and how to use it in conversation.

How to use 'mid'

Here are some examples of how to use "mid": 

  • "Have you watched the new season of 'YOU' on Netflix?" "I did, but it was mid." 
  • "This sushi is pretty mid. I should've gotten the ramen." 
  • "That band's latest release was mid. Their old album was so much better." 

Just curious?   We're here to help answer life's everyday questions

What does 'hmu' mean? Get to know Internet, texting acronym

What does 'ngl' mean? Make sure you're using this internet, texting acronym correctly.

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trip noun 1

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What does the noun trip mean?

There are 25 meanings listed in OED's entry for the noun trip , three of which are labelled obsolete. See ‘Meaning & use’ for definitions, usage, and quotation evidence.

trip has developed meanings and uses in subjects including

Entry status

OED is undergoing a continuous programme of revision to modernize and improve definitions. This entry has not yet been fully revised.

How common is the noun trip ?

How is the noun trip pronounced, british english, u.s. english, where does the noun trip come from.

Earliest known use

Middle English

The earliest known use of the noun trip is in the Middle English period (1150—1500).

OED's earliest evidence for trip is from around 1412–20, in a translation by John Lydgate, poet and prior of Hatfield Regis.

It is also recorded as a verb from the Middle English period (1150—1500).

trip is formed within English, by conversion.

Etymons: trip v.

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Meaning & use

Pronunciation, compounds & derived words, entry history for trip, n.¹.

trip, n.¹ was first published in 1915; not yet revised.

trip, n.¹ was last modified in December 2023.

Revision of the OED is a long-term project. Entries in oed.com which have not been revised may include:

  • corrections and revisions to definitions, pronunciation, etymology, headwords, variant spellings, quotations, and dates;
  • new senses, phrases, and quotations which have been added in subsequent print and online updates.

Revisions and additions of this kind were last incorporated into trip, n.¹ in December 2023.

Earlier versions of this entry were published in:

OED First Edition (1915)

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Mission Discovery Logo

Mission Trip Meaning & Definition

definition of mid trip

What is a Mission Trip?

Mission trips are a way for Christians to serve the world around them. Usually, they are done in groups, either by churches or Christian organizations and can be as short as 1 week or last up to 2 years and beyond. The purpose of these trips is usually service-oriented: helping people with jobs like construction, medical care, teaching children English, and more. This article will talk about what mission trips are and how you can get involved!

What makes a Christian Mission Trip unique?

A Christian mission trip will have a focus on outreach . Sharing the Gospel with people, whether they are receptive to it or not, is part of what makes a mission trip so fulfilling. The opportunity to share the Gospel with people living in poverty and other struggling circumstances helps us learn about being selfless, loving others more than ourselves, and shows God’s love for humanity through our actions!

Outreach activities could include Children’s Bible School, community service, building homes in impoverished areas, sharing meals with the homeless, and much more. These are just a few examples of what outreach activities could be.

What is the purpose of a Mission Trip?

There are three pillars of a Mission Discovery mission trip that all volunteers should know before joining. 

We go as Learners

We never enter into another community to “fix” them. We go to learn from them , about their culture and what they need the most help with. Remember, this is not about us!

We do not go to another community as a “savior”. The people of the communities we serve are capable, strong and intelligent. We simply come alongside them with our time, energy and resources to help something happen that would otherwise remain impossible for an individual or family on their own.

It is never about us! It’s always about the people we serve. We are there to share God’s love, not to get recognition for what we did.

We go as Servants

We are there to serve the community that we’re in, whether it is through construction or medical care. We want to be able to help improve their quality of life and make them feel loved! 

We leave a community better than when we got there. Whether that means building homes , teaching English in a classroom, or painting the outside of a church- our goal is to be selfless and help others with their greatest needs!

We go as Storytellers

We share our stories. People want to know how we came to Christ. We share what God is doing in our lives and how He is working in us and through us. 

When we go into a mission trip we want it to change everyone involved: our volunteers, those who are served, as well as ourselves.

We hope that when we get back home, we can inspire others to go on a mission trip and serve. We want people who hear about our stories to understand how impactful it is for us personally and also in the lives of those around us!

Mission trips are an important part of growing as a Christian. Not only do you learn what it means to be selfless and put others before yourself, but you also grow as a person in learning how to listen. You learn about other cultures and their traditions by actively engaging with them. Mission trips are unforgettable experiences that help shape your faith and can change the world!

One final piece: When you go on a mission trip, it’s important to come back changed! You will learn so much about yourself and others in the process. Be open to this change and embrace what happens when we give up control of our lives and follow God’s plan for us instead!

– Definition :  a Christian mission trip is a short-term voluntary service experience for youth and adults who want to share their faith with others.

Mission trips are defined as experiences where Christians go out into the world to help those in need, whether the needs are physical or spiritual. 

Mission trips are designed to help individuals grow in their personal relationship with Christ while also learning about other cultures and how they can love on the communities around them! 

-Mission Discovery Trip Pillars: We go as learners, servants, and storytellers!

-Explanation: a mission trip is an organized community service effort done by Christians and churches, usually lasting for one week or more. Churches and organizations provide people with the opportunity to make a difference in communities through short term mission trips.

-Summary: there are three pillars of a mission discovery trip that everyone should know before going on a Christian mission trip. They include being selfless, learning from the community you serve, and sharing God’s love with them! We help improve the quality of life in communities through our time and energy given to serving others in their greatest need.

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Guatemalan Wildfires Cause Nationwide State of Calamity

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The Rapture Question

Other essays.

The concept of the rapture refers to the eschatological event of both dead and living believers being caught up together in a moment in the twinkling of an eye to meet Jesus in the air.

The belief in the rapture is widely held among most evangelicals. The basis for the rapture primarily 1 Thessalonians 4:17 and 1 Corinthians 15:52 regarding the hope for believers of a future resurrection of their bodies. This resurrection will occur in the last days at or near the time when Jesus returns to earth. The question is whether or not the rapture is a separate and distinct event from the second coming of Christ or if it occurs simultaneously when Christ returns to earth at the end of the tribulation. Those who affirm a pre-tribulation, mid-tribulation, and pre-wrath view of the rapture see it as a separate or secret return of Christ for the church occurring well before he actually returns to the earth publicly. Those who affirm a post-tribulation view see the rapture as occurring simultaneous to the return of Christ at the end of the Tribulation. This article will examine some of the arguments for the rapture as a separate event and as a simultaneous event with the Second Coming of Jesus.


The concept of a “rapture” refers to the eschatological event of both dead and living believers being “caught up” (1Thes. 4:17) together in a moment “in the twinkling of an eye” (1Cor. 15:52) to meet Jesus in the air. The term “rapture” comes from the Latin Vulgate’s use of the word rapiõ meaning “to seize, snatch away,” which is equivalent to the meaning of the Greek word harpazõ in 1 Thessalonians 4:17 (“caught up”). The rapture, then, relates to the hope of the resurrection of all believers who have died and the simultaneous transformation into a glorified body for believers who are still alive at the return of Jesus. While the resurrection of believers is a long-established doctrine in the Christian faith and is firmly rooted in scripture, the specific terminology of a rapture came into popular parlance in the nineteenth century with the rise of Premillennialism and Dispensational theology.

The most common issue centered around the Rapture has to do with the timing of it. There are four main views:

  • Pre-Tribulation Rapture: This view maintains the rapture occurs when Jesus comes secretly to gather the church prior a seven-year Great Tribulation that precedes the return of Christ to earth.
  • Mid-Tribulation Rapture: This is similar to the pre-tribulation view except that it locates the rapture after the first three-and-half years at the point when the Anti-Christ assumes power.
  • Pre-Wrath Rapture: This position argues that the rapture will occur toward the end of the tribulation before the outpouring of God’s wrath with the bowl judgments (Rev. 16) prior to the return of Christ.
  • Post-Tribulation: This view sees the rapture as occurring simultaneous to the return of Christ at the end of the Tribulation.

Although there are serious differences between the first three views of the rapture they all share the same perspective that the rapture is a separate event from the second coming of Christ. As such, this article will primarily address the question of whether or not the rapture is a separate and distinct event from the second coming of Christ or if it occurs simultaneously when Christ returns to earth at the end of the tribulation.

View 1: The Rapture and the Return of Christ are Separate and Distinct Eschatological Events

Premillennial eschatology is distinguished by an emphasis on a literal reading of biblical prophecy, as well as a belief in a future for national Israel, a future period of tribulation before the return of Christ to earth to establish his millennial kingdom, and a subsequent final judgment. Premillennial eschatology seeks to integrate and harmonize all biblical prophecy into one comprehensive scheme, which is primarily based on Daniel, Ezekiel, and Revelation. Premillennialism also gave birth to the concepts of the rapture, a two-stage return of Christ, and a strict separation between Israel and the church. These views are all integral to a theological school of thought called dispensationalism, which grew out of the Brethren movement and the writings of John Nelson Darby that were popularized in America by C. Larkin, D.L. Moody, C.I. Scofield, and L.S. Chafer. Although not all who affirm a premillennial eschatology are dispensationalists, all dispensationalists are premillennial. They argue the church is a parenthesis inserted between God’s dealings with Israel, and thus the tribulation and millennium focus on the future of ethnic and national Israel. In the book of Revelation, the term “church” ( ekklēsia ) does not occur after Revelation 4:1 until 22:15, so classic dispensationalists conclude that the reason is because God raptures the church at the beginning of the tribulation so that he may return to dealing with Israel. This particular understanding of the rapture is at the core of the pre-tribulation rapture view.

The dispensational teaching of the pre-tribulation rapture fits within an end times series of events in which Christ will return for his church in two distinct stages. First, Christ will return in the clouds to rapture all true believers. It is commonly understood as Christ’s secret return for the church and will happen imminently like a thief in the night so that believers will suddenly vanish without any warning and those left behind will not know what happened to them. The rapture will mark the beginning of a seven-year Great Tribulation centered around the nation of Israel and will feature a number of devastating judgments. After the Tribulation, Christ will return visibly to earth to establish his millennial kingdom. This second stage of Christ’s return is the “second coming,” although he already returned once for his saints. Both stages of Christ return are often grouped together under the heading of the “second coming.”

Dispensationalists typically interpret 1 Thessalonians 4:13–18 (along with 1Cor. 15: 51–52) to support their belief in a pre-tribulation rapture. They argue the rapture is the resurrection of all true Christians from the time of Pentecost till the time of the rapture. This resurrection differs and is unique from the resurrection described in the Old Testament, as well as the one described at the end of Revelation. 1 In addition, meeting Christ in the clouds means that the rapture differs from Christ’s visible return to earth. Dispensationalists correlate this to John 14:1–3 to argue that if the rapture occurs at the end of the tribulation then Jesus’ disciples return to the earth instead of his father’s house as he promised. 2 Once in heaven, the church is presented to the Father, faces the bema seat judgment (2Cor. 5:10), and will be married to the bridegroom Christ. 3 The rapture must occur prior to the tribulation to allow enough time for these events.

Dispensationalists argue that the rapture and return of Christ are separate events because they focus on the dissimilarities between so-called rapture passages and return passages. By contrasting the passages that describe the return of Christ for his church and the return of Christ to earth in judgment they attempt to support the idea of two distinct phases of Christ’s second coming. As such dispensationalists have succeeded in contributing a fair amount of research to distinguish at least twenty-two references to rapture passages and at least twenty second coming passages. The reason why the return of Christ is divided into two phases or stages is because many of the references to the return of Christ are positive and hopeful for the believers, but many references are negative and wrathful for the unbelievers. Revelation 6:16 depicts the cataclysmic judgments of the end times as the wrath of Christ. Whereas, Revelation 19:7- 9 depicts the Church as the bride of the Lamb so it will not be subject to his wrath to be poured out on an unbelieving world.

They contend to spare the Church from divine wrath the Church will be delivered from the tribulation by the rapture. The concept of the pretribulation rapture (as well as the mid-tribulation and pre-wrath views) implies that the Christian church will be physically removed from the earth prior to any of the troubles associated with the Great Tribulation. They also maintain that the Great Tribulation pertains to God’s return to dealing with Israel as his chosen people so that the church must be removed first. They would argue that the great tribulation is the wrath of the lamb (Rev. 6:17-17; 11:18; 14:10; 15:1, 7; 16:1; 19:15). Because the tribulation is equated with God’s wrath, it is very different from any tribulation the church may have experienced during the “church age.” However, the pretribulation rapture is not necessary for the Church to be spared from the wrath of God. To be sure, those in Christ need never fear the wrath of God (1Thes. 1:10). Christians will never receive the wrath of God because Christ has borne the wrath of God in their place. Without a doubt, believers are spared the wrath of God, but this does not require their removal from the earth during the time of the Tribulation in order to protect them from God’s judgments (2Pet. 2:5-9). God is perfectly capable to shield/seal (Rev. 7) his people from his wrath (e.g., Egyptian plagues and Goshen; Exod. 8:22; 9:26).

View 2: The Rapture and Return of Christ Occur Simultaneously at the End of the Tribulation

Another view maintains that there is only one return of Christ and at his return believers, both those who have already died and those that are still alive, will rise to meet him in the air as he descends. It is called the post-tribulation view because it locates the rapture at end of the tribulation. Those who affirm this view reject the notion of a two-stage return or a separate secret return of Christ for his church prior to the tribulation. Instead it maintains that Christ only returns once and prefer to identify the rapture, as the resurrection of the saints, as a public event. Until the rise of premillennial dispensationalism, this has been the traditional understanding of the church and some form of it is typically affirmed in amillennial, post-millennial, and historical premillennial eschatological readings of Scripture.

While the term rapture derives from a reading of 1 Thessalonians 4:13–18, what is often called the rapture is actually a reference to the doctrine of the bodily resurrection of the saints. The focus on the term rapture has potentially displaced and confused the meaning of the bodily resurrection of believers by introducing another eschatological category of a two-stage or secret return of Christ that is not explicitly taught in the New Testament. As such, there are several reasons to reject any notion of a two stage return of Christ and to affirm that what is called the rapture occurs simultaneously with the one return of Christ at the end of the age.

While the catching up of believers to meet the Lord in the air in 1 Thessalonians 4:17 may suggest a rapture of sorts, it is important to remember that, in the context, Paul is addressing the topic of the resurrection of the believers who have died before Christ’s return and has nothing to say about removal of the church prior to or during the tribulation. Paul explains that believers who have died will be resurrected at the return of Christ and those who are alive at that time will receive their glorified bodies automatically when Jesus comes down from heaven (1Thes. 4:16). Paul likely refers to the same event in 1Cor. 15:51–52, when he says “We will not all sleep, but we will all be changed—in a flash, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trumpet. For the trumpet will sound, the dead will be raised imperishable, and we will be changed” (NIV). Once again, it comes in the context of Paul’s most comprehensive teaching about the bodily resurrection of the dead.

The timing of the resurrection of the saints or rapture is best understood as occurring at the visible seconding coming of Christ instead of at a secret return some years prior is because Paul indicates it as such in 1 Thessalonians 4:15-17. The Greek word parousia , meaning “presence,” “arrival,” or “coming,” is used to refer to the second coming of Christ throughout the New Testament (Matt. 24:27; 1Cor. 15:23; Jas. 5:8; 1Jn. 2:28). In 1 Thessalonians 4:15, the rapture passage, Paul sates that those who are left alive “until the coming of the Lord” will be caught up together with those who have been raised from the dead to meet the Lord in the air. The specific term he uses in verse 15 is parousia . Those who affirm a two-stage secret return of Christ to rapture the church prior to or during the tribulation see this parousia as a distinct first stage of his second return. The problem with this interpretation is that everywhere else parousia occurs in the Thessalonian correspondence it unambiguously refers to the visible return of Christ to the earth (1Thes. 2:19; 3:13; 5:23; 2Thes. 2:1, 8). In 1 Thessalonians 3:13, refers to “coming of our Lord Jesus with all his saints,” which clearly indicates the second coming. In addition, parousia is used in 2 Thessalonians 2:8, when Paul declares that the Lord Jesus will defeat of the man of lawlessness by “the breath of his mouth and bring to nothing by the appearance of his coming.” If both of these examples refer to his actual second coming to earth, there is absolutely nothing in the context to suggest that 1 Thessalonians 4:16–17 should be taken any differently as all the other instances of parousia in Thessalonians. As such, Paul clearly seems to conceive of the resurrection of the saints and the catching up of the believers to meet the Lord in the air occurring at the same time Christ is visibly coming back to the earth and not a secretive stealing away of the church several years before he actually returns at the end of the age.

A third reason to view the rapture as simultaneous with the return of Christ to the earth is because in the Olivet Discourse (Matt. 24) Jesus indicates that the believers will go through the period known as the great tribulation and will be gathered to meet him when he returns. In Matthew 24:21–22, Jesus states that here will be a “great tribulation” and the fact that believers will be on earth during this time is evident when he says those days will be cut short “for the sake of the elect” (Matt. 21:22). There is no mention of anything remotely similar to the rapture until Jesus says, “And he will send his angels with a loud trumpet call, and they will gather his elect from the four winds, from one end of the heavens to the other” (24:31 NIV), just after the sign of the Son of Man appears in the sky and he comes in the “clouds” (24:30). This gathering of the elect occurs at the visible return of Christ in Matthew 24:30. Jesus clearly says that his parousia will occur after the great tribulation in verse 29 (“immediately after the tribulation of those days”). The visible nature of this return is emphasized when he says it will be as lightening is visible in both in the east and west (24:27), and he will come with great power in the “clouds” (24:30). Interestingly, Jesus describes his return and the gathering of the elect using terms remarkable similar to in 1 Thessalonians 4:16–17 in that both texts make a reference to a “trumpet” blast and Jesus coming in the “clouds” (1Cor. 15:52 also mentions a “trumpet”). It seems most likely, then, that Paul based his eschatological teaching in 1 Thessalonians 4:16­–17 on an awareness on Jesus’s own teaching in the Olivet Discourse. Some argue the language of those taken and left behind found in Matthew 24:40-41 gives evidence of the rapture: “Two men will be in the field; one will be taken and the other left. Two women will be grinding with a hand mill; one will be taken and the other left.” However, the imagery of being “taken” is typically not used to refer to salvation, but taken in judgment and being “left” refers to those spared destruction (Isa. 3:1-3; 4:2-4; Zeph. 3:11-12; Matt. 13:41-43; 24:38-39). 4 The teachings in the Olivet Discourse as a whole do not support the notion of a secret return of Christ to rapture the church prior to or during the Tribulation.

Lastly, it is often assumed that those saints who were either alive or resurrected will return to heaven with Jesus. Yet, the view that the saints return with Jesus to earth garners more support from the New Testament evidence. 1 Thessalonians 4:17 says that believers will “meet” ( apantēsis ) the Lord in the air. Greek word apantēsis, in the ancient world, was used when dignitary paid an official visit ( parousia ) to a city and the citizens of that city would go out to “meet” him escort him into the city in a procession. Perhaps this concept relates to Matthew 25:6 where the bridal party is summoned to “come out to meet” ( apantēsis ) the bridegroom so with their lamps they might escort him to the banquet hall. Or, in Acts 28:15 when the Christians from Rome “came as far as the Forum of Appius and Three Taverns to meet ( apantēsis )” Paul and his companions to escort them on their journey to Rome. Thus, instead of a secret rapture to heaven, 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18 suggests a visible return of the Son of Man to earth with great fanfare and glory. The church will suffer through the persecution (as it has done all throughout history) but God’s elect will remain faithful and will meet the Lord in the air in order to usher Him back to earth as the great King.

Does the Bible clearly teach the concept of a pre-tribulation rapture or a two-stage return of Christ? Probably the best answer to these questions is “not really.” Nevertheless, many faithful Bible-believing Christians hold to the view the church will be removed prior to or during the tribulation to spare them from the wrath of God. Their view is supported by a number of biblical and theological arguments that do have merit. However, if the two-stage return of Christ and rapture can only be substantiated by the theological system and hermeneutical practice of traditional dispensationalism, then there is a case for reasonable doubt. On the other hand, there are ample historical, theological, and biblical reasons to view the seconding coming of Christ as a singular event instead of divided into two-stages. The notion of a two-stage return is not explicitly taught in scripture and is a relatively new doctrine in Christian theology. What is more, the doctrine of the resurrection of believers and the transformation to a glorified body is well established in Christian theology, but has often been replaced with a rapture theology that may minimize the great hope of a future bodily resurrection. Regardless of what one believes about the rapture or its timing, it is not a matter of orthodoxy and heresy if believers disagree. A person’s fidelity to Christ and theological orthodoxy does not depend on belief in a two-stage return of Christ or a singular return. When Christ returns and the church is with him in glory, nobody will be disappointed or argue about how or when it all occurred.

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This essay is part of the Concise Theology series. All views expressed in this essay are those of the author. This essay is freely available under Creative Commons License with Attribution-ShareAlike, allowing users to share it in other mediums/formats and adapt/translate the content as long as an attribution link, indication of changes, and the same Creative Commons License applies to that material. If you are interested in translating our content or are interested in joining our community of translators,  please reach out to us .

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A global phenomenon, feng shui is an art which originated in China during the mid-Neolithic period-- more than six thousand years ago. Originally coined “kan yu”, a phrase which translates to “observe the ways of Heaven and investigate the ways of Earth”, the goal of feng shui is to create divine spaces.

As time went on and societies have progressed, these targeted spaces have narrowed from whole towns to tiny bathrooms. The practice has become popularized by interior designers and many others in choices and trends worldwide. Feng shui has been practiced for centuries, but the feng shui definition leaves room for interpretation.

“Feng” is Chinese for “wind”, while “shui” translates to “water”. Both of these elements embody flowing energy. The Chinese believe that these natural elements bring good fortune and protect against negative energy. The goal of the art, then, is to create a space which promotes positive energy. It is believed that this positive energy will transfer to those who use the space and therefore promote happiness and fortune in all aspects of life.

While practicing feng shui in your living spaces creates positive energy, it is important to consider that your current design may not be neutral, but actually full of negative energy. Even beginner’s knowledge on how to feng shui a space might be enough for you to notice a significant difference in your home, mind, and spirit.

Feng Shui Rules

Knowing what feng shui means and understanding how to feng shui a room are two very different skills. In its simplest form, feng shui is all about placement and form that creates the room’s atmosphere. Those who practice feng shui also consider placement in relation with people who use the space; how will the room be experienced by those in various places within it?

By placing items in certain items, the space will evoke harmony and peace. The feng shui art aims for constructive interactions between the five elements: wood, metal, fire, earth, and water. The goal is to use these elements in ways which complement one another, rather than cause conflict or tension.

Feng shui is assessed using a tool known as the Bagua Map . The Bagua Map is meant to create positive energy by associating specific areas of a space with specific aspects of life. The aspects focused on are:

  • Fame and Reputation
  • Abundance and Prosperity
  • Family and Community
  • Love and Relationship
  • Helpful People and Travel
  • Creativity and Children
  • Career and Life Mission
  • Wisdom and Knowledge

By using the Bagua Map, you can arrange your space to draw attention to the qualities which are most important to you. Certain colors and decor complement each of the focus areas; for example, if you wish to enhance your wisdom and knowledge, you should decorate your space with dark shades of green and blue.

The feng shui rules are holistic; it is up to you to assess what elements and qualities your home should focus on in order to enhance your daily life.

Feng Shui Your Bedroom

Possibly the most important room to feng shui is the bedroom, as this is where people spend the majority of their time. In order to sleep soundly for those hours, it is vital that the bedroom be an environment which promotes positive energy and peace.

When thinking about how to feng shui your bedroom, the focal point should be the bed itself. Such a large and significant object should be placed in what is known in feng shui as “ the commanding position ”. Y ou should see the door to the bedroom while you're lying in bed, but at the same time, the bed shouldn’t be in line with the door directly.

Proper placement of your bed aims to help you rest in the most pleasant way, have a better relationship with your partner, and maintain the healing energy. To further enhance energy flows created through intentional feng shui practices, you can bring a Tourmaline Magnetic Energy Comforter into your bedroom; this is an absolutely unique piece that combines technologies and natural energies.

Through a multi-step process, raw tourmaline gemstones are turned into a tourmaline fiber that is ultimately woven with soft cotton to create one of a kind tourmaline-cotton filling. This comforter is engineered to enhance your sleep with benefits of tourmaline - an energy gemstone known to emit high levels of FIR and negative ions which promote deep relaxation and calm the body.

The tourmaline fiber is naturally activated by your own body heat. This Energy Comforter alone welcomes better energy into your bedroom. In terms of design, a room which follows the practice of feng shui is one which allows energy to flow throughout a room, and not just through it. This means that attention must be taken beyond a straight line from the bed to the door.

Try placing a statement piece in a corner to open the space beyond one direct passageway. A space which embraces the art of feng shui, in many ways resembles a minimalist aesthetic. Decor should be intentional; as the saying goes, you should value quality over quantity.

Likewise, personal items should be organized so that everything has a home and can be stored out of sight. Furthermore, many people who practice feng shui argue that nothing should be stored under the bed, as the knowledge of such clutter underneath you can ruin your sleep.

If you are hesitant that you will not be able to fit all of your belongings in your closet or dresser, try using Premium Space Saving Vacuum Storage Bags to consolidate your clothing. If your bedroom feels overwhelmed, so will your mind.

Feng Shui Your Kitchen

Kitchens are difficult spaces; their constant use often means constant mess or clutter. However, in order to feng shui your kitchen, it is important to adopt organizational skills which will keep the space open yet practical. One of the best tips for the kitchen is to reorganize the workspaces. Working in a kitchen should be as streamlined as possible.

Place commonly-used items in easy-to-reach places, and store items that are only used occasionally in those hard-to-reach upper cabinets. If you feel as though you are constantly running back and forth through the space while you cook, your kitchen is probably not organized in the most efficient way possible. For this trick, expect to use quite a bit of trial-and-error before determining the best organization for your daily habits.

These same considerations apply for other areas of the house with practical uses, such as a laundry room or closet.

Feng Shui Your Living Room

The living room or similar space in your home is a place of socialization; therefore, it should reflect who you are to your visitors. What is your living room saying about you? Is it providing what you need?

Use the Bagua Map to ensure that the room’s color palette is working to your advantage. A living room which embraces feng shui is one with plenty of natural lighting . Natural lighting is associated with happiness and positive energy. Use sheer curtains, or tie opaque curtains to the sides during the day. If your living room does not have many windows, mirrors are the perfect solution to increase the amount of natural light. Mirrors reflect images, but they also bounce light throughout a space.

Select a large mirror with colors or elements which suit your needs, and take time to determine the best placement to brighten any dark corners. The ideal living room should not need electric lights during daytime hours. Unless you have a home gym, you likely will be practicing yoga or meditation in your home’s living room.

There is no limit to perfection in any field and while thinking of an ideal place in your living room for routine meditation and y ou might consider improving your experience with several energies from natural crystals, far infrared rays, negative ions, and even energy from earth-based pulsating electromagnetic fields .

Get familiar with the largest selection of gemstone heated mats(or heated chairs ) and find the best one to encourage energy flow – from the most basic model to encompassing Inframat Pro . Even when stored in the corner of your living space, the gemstones within the mat will work to enhance the room’s energy.

Bringing Your House Feng Shui Together

Although some advice is more pertinent for specific rooms, the feng shui rules can be applied to any space. Staying organized and decluttering spaces is the first step toward a more balanced atmosphere. Decor should be intentional; for example, a manufactured souvenir from a trip to Florida might not bring you the purification and protection that an amethyst stone would.

At its core, the feng shui definition is all about creating an open space that allows energy to flow positively, while using decor that suits a person’s individual needs. Feng shui is an art, and not an object. It will not be mastered overnight, but hopefully these tips will lead you toward a successful journey in the feng shui practice. In no time, your home will become the sanctuary that you deserve.

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16 Best Midwest Road Trips – Scenic Routes You Can’t Miss

Posted on Published: May 25, 2020  - Last updated: February 9, 2024

Ahhh, the Midwest. Vast landscapes with beautiful scenery, the ability to connect with nature and fun attractions. One of the best ways to explore the middle of the USA is with a Midwest road trip!

midwest road trip photo of lake with tan sand trees and reflection of cloudy sky

This post may contain affiliate links. For more info, see my  disclosures .

For those of us who live here, we know there’s so much to offer. Our waving grasses with rolling hills make for beautiful, peaceful sunsets. Gorgeous lakes simply begged to be explored.

Our cities each have something unique to offer, and mix that with Midwest charm, it makes for a great place for a road trip!

Midwest road trip ideas

I’ve explored many places across the Midwest, but I haven’t covered it all. So I turned to other experts to help me out to create this list of best Midwest road trips!

Here’s a bunch of Midwest road trip ideas, ranging from 2 days to 10. From outdoorsy to artsy, there’s truly something for everyone in the Midwest!

minneapolis to omaha road trip

List of Midwestern States

But before we dive in, let’s clarify the states that cover the Midwest to help you plan your trip:

  • Indiana (IN)
  • Illinois (IL)
  • Missouri (MO)
  • Kansas (KS)
  • Nebraska (NE)
  • South Dakota (SD)
  • North Dakota (ND)
  • Minnesota (MN)
  • Wisconsin (WI)
  • Michigan (MI)

Looking for more Midwest adventures? Check out these 16 trails – the best hiking in the Midwest !

Ready to hit the road? Here’s the best Midwest road trips

Black hills, south dakota (a classic).

Roadtrip to Mount Rushmore

Recommended trip: 7-10 days

The Black Hills in South Dakota is one of the best places for a road trip in the Midwest.  There is so much to see and do, you could easily spend months here, but for a shorter trip, 7-10 days would be great.

Rapid City is probably the best place to fly in and out of for a Black Hills trip. I would start with a couple of days in Badlands National Park .  Spend the night in Wall, visit Wall Drug and the Badlands from here, then head over to Wind Cave National Park.

Spend a night or 2 in Hot Springs to easily access the park where you can do some hiking, look for bison, and do a cave tour. Make a stop at the Mammoth site while you’re here, too.

Finally, head to Keystone for a few days. This is the perfect base for exploring the Mount Rushmore and Custer State Park area. 

Some of the must-do activities here are visiting Mount Rushmore (of course), driving Iron Mountain Road , driving the Needles Highway, driving the Custer Wildlife Loop Road, hiking Cathedral Spires Trail, and relaxing at Sylvan Lake. If you want a little side trip, you can easily visit Devils Tower in Wyoming, too.  

Recommended by Megan of Red Around the World

Chicago to St. Louis road trip

Bean in Chicago

Recommended trip: 4-6 days

Driving from Chicago, Illinois to St. Louis, Missouri should be on any midwest road trip. This journey is part of Route 66, one of the original highways in the United States. Route 66 was the primary route for people wishing to move west. Opt to spend one day driving this four and a half-hour drive, or break it up and spend the night in Springfield, Illinois.  

For this journey, start in Chicago. Make sure to spend at least 3 days in Chicago. Stay in the centrally located Downtown/River North area. Do not miss the Art Institute of Chicago and the Field Museum.

Grab some pictures at “The Bean” in Millenium Park. Daredevils can opt for “The Edge” experience at the Skydeck or the Tilt Experience at the John Hancock Building. 

In the morning depart Chicago to drive south towards Springfield, the capital of Illinois . Stop by the capitol building and take a free tour of the building.

Visit Abraham Lincoln’s grave at Oak Ridge Cemetery and then visit the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum. Grab a custard at Krekel’s before heading onward to St. Louis, Missouri. 

Plan to spend at least 2 days in St. Louis to explore the main sites. Plan to stay in the Downtown area. Ride to the top of the St. Louis Arch at Gateway Arch National Park.

Take a peek into history at the Old Courthouse, where the Dread Scott decision was made. Make sure to eat some delicious BBQ before departing St. Louis.

Recommended by Francesca of Home Room Travel

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Indianapolis, IN to Boyne City, MI

skiing on Boyne Mountain

Recommended trip: 2-3 days

Ready for a fantastic Midwest road trip? Regardless of the time of year, driving from Indianapolis, Indiana to Boyne City, MI is a perfect way to enjoy a long weekend.

Day one, you’ll want to get up early and head to Lansing, MI. It’s about 3.5 hours from Indy, so if you time it right, be sure to stop for lunch at Soup Spoon Cafe – a flight of soup is a fun way to start your mini-vacation. Next, if you have younger kids, head over to the Impression 5 Science Center – they’ll love the full sensory experiences. 

After the museum, finish your drive north and check-in at Boyne Mountain for the night. Enjoy a full day of exploring Boyne Mountain and nearby Boyne City the next day. If it’s winter, hit the slopes for a little skiing or even tubing.

If it’s summertime, enjoy hiking, ziplining, or swimming. Downtown Boyne City is situated right on Lake Charlevoix and the town is full of delicious restaurants such as Cafe Sante and Red Mesa as well as unique local boutiques.

Leave Boyne Mountain, and head over to Petoskey for your final day. Start it off right with amazing bagels and donuts at Johann’s Bakery and then hurry over to the main Kilwins location for a factory tour. Kilwin’s offers free tours Monday – Friday every half-hour from 10 – 4:30, and each one ends with a decadent chocolate treat.

After the tour, spend a little time poking around downtown Petoskey for lunch and to pick up a few Michigan souvenirs before heading back to Indianapolis.

Recommended by Pam of Our Adventure is Everywhere

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Central Iowa road trip

Iowa state capitol building

We highly recommend taking a road trip through Central Iowa. You’ll pass through  Des Moines , Iowa’s capital and other smaller towns that have some fun and interesting attractions.

Heading east along I-80, your first stop should be the town of Winterset. It’s famous for having the  actual  bridges of Madison County. Six of the original 19 covered bridges in Madison County have been preserved just outside of town. Winterset is also the birthplace of John Wayne. There is a museum dedicated to him, with lots of personal and movie memorabilia.

Continuing east, you reach Des Moines. We love this artsy city! It’s easy to find street art there and downtown has a 4.4-acre sculpture park that is free to the public. There’s also a really lovely botanical garden in Des Moines.

Of course, visiting the Capitol Building is a must. You can do a free self-guided tour and marvel at the building’s incredible architecture.

The next stop on your road trip should be the town of Grinnell. Home to Grinnell College, they have a small but impressive art museum on campus.

Grinnell is also the home of one of eight “jewel-box” banks built by legendary architect Louis Sullivan. He is considered the father of modern American architecture and mentored Frank Lloyd Wright. The bank is beautiful, with large stained-glass windows and pink Tennessee marble floors.

Recommended by Vicky of Buddy The Traveling Monkey

More road trip destinations in the Midwest

St. louis to kansas city.

St Louis arch

Recommended trip: 3-5 days

While many people think of Missouri as a fly-over state, it’s full of not-to-be-missed gems, from St. Louis to Kansas City. So why not see some of them in one fell swoop with a 5-day road trip?

Start in St. Louis, a city bursting with historic architecture and a thriving food and cocktail scene. Spend 2 days here, exploring the City Museum, an adult playground/art installation of interactive salvaged architectural objects. Visit Forest Park, one of the country’s largest urban parks and its world-class museums, all boasting free admission. And, of course, the Missouri Botanical Gardens, consistently ranked one of the best in the nation.

At night, eat your way through the exploding culinary landscape, with one of the many restaurants helmed by James Beard nominated chefs, like Vicia or Lona’s Lil’ Eats.

Once you’ve gotten your fill, drive west to Hermann, a tiny town that has several wineries, breweries, and distilleries nestled in its idyllic grassy hills. For just $20, the Hermann Trolley will shuttle you between these establishments all day, so you can responsibly imbibe in as many craft beverages as you please.

After a day here, finish your trip with 2 days in Kansas City, famous for its jazz scene. To get a taste of it yourself, head to the American Jazz Museum during the day and the Green Lady Lounge at night to see some of the world’s best musicians in action. By the end of the trip, you’ll be ecstatic to have discovered some of the Show Me State’s abundant treasures! 

Recommended by Jessica of Uprooted Traveler

Oh, and if you’re planning to rent a car for one of these Midwest road trip routes, be sure to check out the cheap rates on Discover Cars . I usually save 10-30%, which can really add up! Discover Cars searches the top carriers to find the best deal, at no extra cost to you. It’s a win-win! Search cheap rental cars now .

Milwaukee to Wisconsin Dells

Wisconsin Dells

One of the best Midwest road trips you can take is exploring the highlights of Wisconsin. The ideal road trip itinerary takes you from Milwaukee to Green Bay and ends in Wisconsin Dells.

Start your road trip in Milwaukee , but you can’t leave without spending at least 2 days in this vibrant city. As a matter of fact, people flood from all over the United States to visit Milwaukee for its food, attractions and history.

Must do’s are the Harley Davidson Museum and the historic Third Ward.  Stay in the iconic Pfister Hotel in downtown.

From here you finally head out to the beautiful North of Wisconsin. Along the Michigan river you’ll cross scenic towns such as Port Washington. When you arrive in Green Bay, get ready to explore this vibrant town located in Door County. 

Some of the best things to do here are visiting the Heritage Hill State Park and watch a game by the legendary Green Bay Packers. Plan at least 1 day to visit the city and all the best things to do in Door County .

From Green Bay you’ll drive to Wisconsin Dells which is famous for its waterparks. However, there is so much more to do here. From shopping to hiking in the Dells or staying overnight in one of the  most romantic cabins in Wisconsin , there will be plenty of options to spend at least 2 days in Wisconsin Dells.

Recommended by Paulina of Paulina on the Road

Southern Minnesota road trip

Southern Minnesota - Fairmont

Eat, relax and have fun in Southern Minnesota! Enjoy a food lovers paradise in Austin, Minnesota. Known for having some of the best Mexican food in the state of Minnesota, Austin is also known for award-winning BBQ sauces, french onion soup and stuffed raspberry french toast.

Want to have a food challenge, then be sure to stop by the Tendermaid. Also, don’t forget to visit the one and only SPAM Museum ! Yes – it’s real and there are nearly 20 restaurants with SPAM on the menu.

Then sit back, relax and enjoy the view in Fairmont, Minnesota . Home to a chain of 5 lakes and 29 parks in city limits, Fairmont provides you that opportunity to become one with nature. Explore lakeside dining, outdoor recreation and an arts and culture scene that is sure to impress .

Next discover how  Germans Have More Fun  in New Ulm! Enjoy a road trip through the MN River Valley National Scenic Byway to the most German city in America.

In New Ulm you can climb 102’ to the top of the ‘Herman the German’ monument. Enjoy a tour/tasting at Schell’s Brewery, MN’s oldest brewery. Shop the unique boutiques in the historic downtown. Hear bells chime at our Glockenspiel. See the 1873 murals in the rathskeller at Turner Hall. 

With so much to do in Southern Minnesota, there’s something for everyone!

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Richmond, IN to Butler County, OH

Lake Erie Islands - aerial view

If you’re looking for a cool trip, head to Indiana and Ohio! Starting off in Richmond, Indiana, visit the Wayne County Historical Museum and the Levi Coffin House. Be sure to hear their amazing story of the Underground Railroad!

Stay at the Starr Loft in Richmond before heading to Ohio. On your way to Ohio’s Lake Erie Islands, take a diversion into Bremen at the Bicycle Museum of America. Then onto the Marblehead Lighthouse in Marblehead, Ohio where this historic lighthouse guided sailors safely since 1822.

That night stay at Port Clinton’s Fairfield Inn & Suites. The next morning, head over to Ohio’s Lake Erie Islands. Take Miller Boat Line’s Ferry to Put-in-Bay where you can ferry your car over to the island.

Visit Perry’s Peace Memorial which honors the War of 1812. Check out the view up the 352-foot tower! The memorial honors those who fought in the Battle of Lake Erie. The next day, on Kellys Island, take a tour in a golf cart to check out natural phenomenons like the Glacial Grooves.

Be sure to hang out for an afternoon in Downtown Sandusky, Ohio . Take a Segway tour, visit Cedar Point Amusement Park, visit the Merry-Go-Round Museum or go parasailing.

Last stop on this road trip is Butler County, Ohio! Enjoy the Donut Trail and tour outdoor art at the Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park.

Recommended by Cindy of Traveling Adventures of a Farm Girl

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Loess Hills Scenic Byway (Missouri to Iowa)

Loess Hills road trip overlook

The Loess Hills Scenic Byway takes its travelers through the most extensive loess (essentially, ancient wind-blown silt deposits) outside a remote region of China! While the byway officially starts at the Iowa state border, the hills themselves run north-south a bit east of the Missouri River, from St. Joseph, Missouri to the Sioux City, Iowa area, passing near Omaha, Nebraska in the middle of the journey.

Each of these cities are destinations in their own right, and combined, they make a road trip full of scenic views and ample entertaining places to stop along the way.  

In St. Joe, Missouri, local museums provide fascinating looks at the history of the Pony Express, the art of Thomas Hart Benton (often depicting loess hills!) and the life of the nefarious Jesse James. Near Mound City, Missouri, visit the Loess Bluffs National Wildlife Refuge to see waterfowl and bald eagles.

The Hitchcock Nature Center near Omaha and the Dorothy Pecaut Nature Center in Sioux City provide more information about the unique geology, flora, and fauna of the Loess Hills along with opportunities for hiking, boating, and more!

For ideal cruising food, try Billy Boy Drive-through just a few miles from the Dorothy Pecaut Nature Center in Soiux City for a burger and a shake! 

Recommended by Lindsay of Siouxland Families

More ideas: Midwest road trips

Minneapolis to omaha.

midwest road trip ideas

Recommended trip: 4-5 days

Get a nice mix of cities and wide open spaces on a Midwest road trip from Minneapolis to Omaha. Starting in Minneapolis, you’ll want to spend 1-2 days visiting the lakes, restaurants and of course, checking out the Mall of America .

Visit the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden in downtown and grab an ice cream cone at Izzy’s Ice Cream . The largest mall in North America (Mall of America) is a whole lot more than shopping, too. With an indoor amusement park, it’s the perfect activity for any weather.

Then hit the road! Next stop: Northwestern Iowa. Stop in Estherville, Iowa for a rustic winery , experience an 80-year old swinging bridge or to visit the site of the largest known meteorite seen crashing into North America.

You could stay in Esterville for the night, or head about half an hour west to Lake Okoboji. In Okoboji, Iowa you’ll find shopping, dining and a bunch of water activities , of course! Try the Arnold’s Park Amusement Park or live music after a day on the water.

Next on this Midwest road trip is Sioux City, Iowa. Grab lunch or dinner at the Fourth Street Historic District in downtown Sioux City , catch a show at the Orpheum Theatre or visit Palmer’s Old Tyme Candy Shoppe for a sweet treat before leaving town.

Omaha, Nebraska is the final destination on this Midwest road trip itinerary. You’ll want to spend 1-2 days visiting this fun city. Omaha is known as the silicone prarie, a tech hub that’s family-friendly, yet trendy enough to support a vibrant art scene and plenty of outdoor space.

One of the best things to do in Omaha is to visit the Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium , It’s the largest tourist attraction in the state, and regularly competes with the San Diego Zoo as the #1 zoo in the country! It really is that fantastic!

Check out North America’s largest indoor rain forest, feed the giraffes, walk under sharks in the aquarium and watch the animals in the world’s largest indoor desert dome. Tip: be sure to buy your tickets in advance online and arrive early to avoid the crowds as best as you can.

Get a good tour of the city while taking fun photos at the most Instagrammable places in Omaha . Spend some time wandering the Lauritzen Gardens or check out the Fun-Plex Waterpark.

For some mystery check out the Joslyn Castle , and for some history visit the Lewis and Clark Landing. The Old Market in downtown is the perfect spot to grab a bite to eat after a long day touring the city.

Recommended by me! Nikki of She Saves She Travels

Duluth to Grand Marais, Minnesota

lake superior road trip

Recommended trip: 1-2 days

A Minnesota road trip on Highway 61 between Duluth and Grand Marais will offer you amazing views of Lake Superior, numerous options for a delicious bite to eat, and some can’t miss attractions .

As you leave Duluth, choose the 24-mile scenic route to Two Harbors, and take in the view of Lake Superior along the way. In Two Harbors you can walk along the breakwater to the lighthouse, and watch the ore ships coming and going. Enjoy a local brew at Castle Danger Brewery after doing some shopping in Agate Bay.

Just north of Two Harbors is Betty’s Pies and you don’t want to miss stopping here ! This is a full service restaurant, but they also have a walk up counter where you can order their famous pie. The pie flavors change every day, but you definitely want to try the Great Lakes Fruit Pie . This pie is filled with blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, apples, and rhubarb and it is one of a kind.

It is 11 miles to the next stop, in Castle Danger, but get your camera ready because you’ll be driving through 2 large tunnels, and the exits of both perfectly frame Lake Superior. 

Castle Danger is home to Gooseberry Falls and Split Rock Lighthouse State Parks. You can learn a little history of the area while touring the lighthouse and take a hike down the hillside to dip your toes in the cool Lake Superior water.

Gooseberry Falls State Park has 5 waterfalls that you can hike to, and a very nice visitor center to buy some souvenirs at.

Along the remaining 72 miles to Grand Marais, take the time to stop at a beach or two to hunt for agates. The beaches along the North Shore are loaded with agates and it’s fun to find a few to bring home.  

The city of Grand Marais has a main street full of local shops that ends on the shore of Lake Superior.  The beach is a popular spot to watch the water, and to eat a delicious donut from World’s Best Donuts or maybe you’ll want a slice of thin crust pizza from Sven and Ole’s.  

Grand Marais is also the start of the Gunflint Trail. This is a 57-mile paved roadway that ends in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area near the border of Ontario.

This 110 mile road trip between Duluth and Grand Marais can be made in one day, but why not take your time and really discover the beauty of Lake Superior and the North Shore.

Recommended by Vicki of That Was a First

I-70 Kansas road trip: Abilene to Kansas City

Brown V Board of Education National Historic Site

Recommended trip: 2-4 days

Enjoy a wealth of historic, cultural, and recreational activities along Interstate 70 in northern Kansas. Start in Abilene, Kansas with visiting the Eisenhower Presidential Library, Museum, and Boyhood Home. Head over to pet Ginger, the greeter at the Greyhound Hall of Fame. Enjoy award-winning fried chicken at the Brookville Hotel.

Next stop along I-70 in Kansas is Junction City, home to Milford Lake and the Fishing Capital of Kansas. Tour Fort Riley’s museums, but prepare for security. Eat Munson-raised, dry-aged beef at Munson’s Prime restaurant, a local favorite. A perfect spot to call it a night is by the lake at Acorns Resort.

Then you’ll hit Manhattan, Kansas. For high adventure, fly zip lines at Wildwood Adventure Park. Afterwards, relax and eat and drink at Liquid Art Winery & Estate!

Slide into Topeka, Kansas where you can dive into history and visit the state capitol and the national historic site where the Supreme Court reversed segregation in Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka . A great way to end the day is with elegance at the Cyrus Hotel.

As you head east on I-70, you’ll get to Lecompton, Kansas. Learn more about where slavery began to die at Constitution Hall State Historic Site and the Territorial Capitol. Then lighten things back up by grabbing a slice of gourmet pie at Aunt Netter’s Cafe. Delicious!

Next up is Lawrence, Kansas and downtown is the place to be! Experience downtown Lawrence during the day or night. See basketball’s original rules at The Cradle of Basketball. And if you’re looking for a brewery, Free State Brewing Co. is Kansas’ first post-prohibition brewery. Stay at in the heart of Lawrence at The Oread.

The final stop on this Northern Kansas road trip before arriving at Kansas City is Leavenworth, Kansas. Visit Fort Leavenworth, or ride antique carousels at C.W. Parker Carousel Museum. A must-try in Leavenworth is the steak house tenderloin at Metropolitan Steakhouse.

Wrapping up the I-70 Kansas road trip is of course, Kansas City! Enjoy the major leagues: sporting Kansas City at Children’s Mercy Park and NASCAR at Kansas Speedway. Eat top-notch barbecue at SLAP’s BBQ. After a great road trip in Kansas, stay in the Chateau Avalon.    

Recommended by Roxie of Roxie on the Road

Midwest road trip: Missouri Route 66

Missouri Route 66 road trip

While most people think of a  Route 66  Road Trip as starting in Chicago and ending in Santa Monica, you don’t need to take two weeks and traverse half the country to get in a taste of the Mother Road. Instead, you can pick a portion and explore it in-depth.

Missouri has a great stretch of Route 66 right here in the Midwest. It starts in the northeast crossing over from Illinois into St. Louis and ends at the Oklahoma border after passing through Joplin.

Obviously the most iconic site on Missouri’s portion of Route 66 is the Gateway Arch, which practically welcomes you onto the road. Make sure to tour Meramec Caverns , see the one-room jail in Cuba, and explore the interesting history of Carthage. 

Take advantage of the fun roadside kitsch of the route and get out at as many stops as you can. A real Route 66 road trip means you need to spend a few nights in the state’s retro motels and enjoy some diners and dive bars.

Recommended by Stephanie of Oklahoma Wonders

Driftless Area Scenic Byway (Iowa)

Driftless scenic byway and visitor center

Recommended trip: 1-3 days

Allamakee County is the home to the most scenic byway in the state of Iowa, Driftless Area Scenic Byway. This beautiful scenic byway zigzags its way on hard-surfaced and gravel roads through the high relief, pre-glacial landscape in extreme northeastern Iowa in Allamakee County. 

This byway has been voted most scenic byway in the state of Iowa . It’s 100 miles of amazing! Along the Driftless Area Scenic Byway you will find…

Effigy Mounds National Monument , the 2,526-acre park by the Yellow River has walking trails with modest to extended routes, allowing you to select your route and view a variety of mounds. An accessible boardwalk trail into the wetlands near the visitor center is available for persons of all walking abilities.

Yellow River State Forest was first acquired as a state forest in 1935, the Yellow River State Forest has grown to encompass nearly 9,000 acres of natural beauty.

Great River Road , where you can enjoy 36.2 miles of the Great River Road in Allamakee County. You will discover the best of the Great River Road right here!

Driftless Area Education & Visitor Center , where you’ll see live animals, interpretative displays, 2 viewing decks of the Mississippi River, and a great group educational experience.  Located just south of Lansing.

This Midwest road trip takes your scenic adventure to another level with:

  • Wine Tasting – Madigan Winery, Lansing & Empty Nest Winery, Waukon
  • Bird Watching
  • Beer Tasting – Safe House Saloon in Lansing
  • Trout Fishing
  • Cheese Curd Tour – WW Homestead Dairy in Waukon
  • Shopping – Horsfall’s in Lansing, Paint Creek Gifts in Waterville and City Meat Market inNew Albin

Recommended by Val of Allamakee County

Take these tips with you! Download the free road trip checklist!

Grab your packing essentials for every road trip with kids. Includes the 15 things you don’t want to forget!

definition of mid trip

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Triple Nickel Byway (Ohio)

midwest road trip attractions ohio

Winding through the southern part of Ohio is the  Triple Nickel  which encompasses parts of State Route 555. If you’ve never been on this scenic, twisting by-way through the hills of Ohio, you need to put it on your bucket list! This is a perfect day trip that takes you from the picturesque town of Zanesville to the history-rich city of Marrietta.  

The Triple Nickel is one of the more challenging roads in Ohio, but you can take in some of the amazing historical sites when you’re in the area. While touring through Morgan County you can see the Big Muskie bucket part of the world’s largest earth-moving machine in Miner’s Memorial Park and Barkhurst Mill Covered Bridge.  

No trip on the Triple Nickel is complete without stopping to eat at the Triple Nickel Diner in Chesterhill. Pro-tip: Make sure to check their website for the hours of operation because they vary with the seasons.  

If you’re looking for a great place to stay while on the route, take a small detour to the  Stockport Mill Inn located in Stockport, Ohio . You’ll be treated to stunning views of the Muskingum River and the operating locks. Dotty, the owner, will treat you like family and feed you amazing comfort foods only found at the Inn.

The Triple Nickel doesn’t disappoint the road tripper looking for a challenge in the Midwest.

Recommended by Brandy of Gleason Family Adventure

Madison to Spring Green, Wisconsin

Madison WI road trip Midwest

One of the most exciting small cities in the Midwest is  Madison, Wisconsin . It has a wonderful dining scene and miles of shoreline and bike trails.

A culmination of a college-town and a bustling city, Madison is also home one of America’s most beloved architects: Frank Lloyd Wright. Wright used Madison and its neighborhoods as a canvas, where visitors can see his many designs come to life. Although several of Madison’s Wright-designed houses are private residences, designs like the First Unitarian Meeting Houses and Monona Terrace are must-see spots for any architectural buffs! Both buildings are just a short 10-minute drive away.

If you want to see more of the city’s art scene , visit either the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art or the Chazen Museum of Art! Both museums boast both Wisconsin-based artists, as well as international artists too. Furthermore, admission is free for adults, making this the perfect stop for anyone that loves to travel on a budget. 

While you’re in Madison we also highly recommend grabbing tacos from Matthew Danky and his exciting outpost El Grito Tacqueria.  

From Madison, drive about 40 minutes to the quaint town of New Glarus , Wisconsin. The main attraction here is New Glarus Brewing, one of the most highly regarded breweries by beer snobs across the country so make sure to spend a few hours there. 

New Glarus also has rich Swiss heritage. Explore and find an authentic Swiss bakery or locally made raclette and cheese fondue.

Our last stop is very enjoyable Spring Green, an hour away down winding country roads.  Frank Lloyd Wright spent the better part of his life living and working in Spring Green and maintained a school at Taliesin. Wright’s students designed many unique buildings in and around Spring Green.

Recommended by Nick of Road Goat

16 best Midwest road trips

Well there you have it! I hope you’ve found some inspiration on which route you’ll take on your upcoming Midwest road trip! Midwest states have a lot to offer for any type of road trip you’re looking for!

Comment below on which you’re considering – or which route surprised you most!

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Planning to rent a car for one of these scenic routes? Check out the cheap rental car rates on my favorite site. I save up to 30%, which is awesome!

Find this article helpful? Save it for later or share it on social media!

16 USA road trip routes you need to add to your list

Saturday 25th of September 2021

Awesome. I'm wanting to take a scenic drive from Kansas to Ohio, off the beaten path. What are your recommendations?

Sunday 26th of September 2021

Where in Kansas and Ohio? I've spent time in Kansas City and St. Louis which may be along the way, but aren't necessarily off the beaten path. Perhaps a bit more southern, I've heard the Mark Twain National Forest and Shawnee National Forest are both gorgeous! Otherwise I've recently spent time in Sandusky Ohio, Put-in-Bay Ohio and the Lake Erie area. I'm sorry, I'm not sure I have a whole lot of suggestions for that specific route since I haven't personally done it. Best of luck on your road trip!

Alice Peace

Wednesday 27th of January 2021

Thank you for this! A road-trip in the States is definitely on the cards in the future.

Yay! How fun, Alice. I'm crossing my fingers it's soon!

Pamela Foester

Tuesday 12th of January 2021

I love exploring the Midwest, thanks for sharing.

You're so welcome, Pamela!

Tuesday 25th of August 2020

You missed a Gem of the Midwest. Part of the Driftless region on NE Iowa you need to check out the town of Decorah and the area around it. River bluffs, water falls, bike trails, 3 award winning breweries, big Scandinavian culture and museum.

Wednesday 26th of August 2020

Great suggestion! I've heard of Decorah but have never been!

Christa Ellis

Tuesday 9th of June 2020

I love that you included the Levi Coffin House. I have a post about it on my blog. Levi Coffin was a distant cousin to me through his grandmother Prudence Beals/Bales.

Friday 12th of June 2020

Oh very cool! What a small world, Christa! My pleasure to feature it. :)

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What Is the Middle Class?

  • Understanding the Term

What Constitutes the Middle Class

  • Characteristics

The Bottom Line

  • Lifestyle Advice

Middle Class: Definition and Characteristics

Adam Hayes, Ph.D., CFA, is a financial writer with 15+ years Wall Street experience as a derivatives trader. Besides his extensive derivative trading expertise, Adam is an expert in economics and behavioral finance. Adam received his master's in economics from The New School for Social Research and his Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in sociology. He is a CFA charterholder as well as holding FINRA Series 7, 55 & 63 licenses. He currently researches and teaches economic sociology and the social studies of finance at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

definition of mid trip

Investopedia / Dennis Madamba

The middle class is a description given to individuals and households who typically fall between the working class and the upper class within a socio-economic hierarchy. In Western cultures, persons in the middle class tend to have a higher proportion of college degrees than those in the working class, have more income available for consumption, and may own property. Those in the middle class often are employed as professionals, managers, and civil servants.

Key Takeaways

  • The middle class is a socio-economic strata that falls in between the working class and the upper class.
  • The middle class constitutes about half of the U.S. population, but it has shrunk over nearly half a century.
  • Those in the middle class have enough disposable income to afford minor luxuries like vacations or restaurants but also rely on borrowing for big-ticket items like homes and cars.

Understanding the Term "Middle Class"

The word "middle" may be misleading in that it suggests that those in the middle class have earnings within the middle of the population's income distribution, which may not be the case. Middle class families tend to own their own home (although with a mortgage), own a car (although with a loan or lease), send their kids to college (although with student loans or scholarships), are saving for retirement, and have enough disposable savings to afford certain luxuries like dining out and vacations.

Karl Marx referred to the middle class as part of the bourgeoisie (i.e. the "petit bourgeoisie:, or small business owners) when he described the way in which capitalism operates, in opposition to the working class, which he termed the "proletariat". The term "middle class" itself has shifted in meaning over time, having once referred to persons who had the means to rival nobles to the contemporary meaning that is more akin to the upper end of the working class.

Recently, there has been talk of a " disappearing middle class " in modern society, as income inequality has tended to "hollow out the middle" and largely benefit the top (e.g. the top 1%). At the same time, the term has shifted to include upper-middle and lower-middle classes to account for the increased stratification.

The number of Americans who belong to the middle class as of 2021, according to the Pew Research Center.

The birth of the middle class, in some respects, has been linked to federal funding and support through programs such as the G.I. Bill, which offered funds for education and the start of businesses created by veterans who were discharged. The combination of incentives and salary increases helped elevate working class citizens into the newly forming middle class.

The income parameters that define the middle class continue to change and not solely based on the rate of inflation. Regional disparities in income and the cost of living mean that salary-based measures of the middle class can vary greatly. Different income barometers describe the middle class as having income from $50,000 to $150,000 or, in some instances, $42,000 to $125,000. Other measures of middle class set the upper-income mark at $250,000.

A 20$ Minimum Wage

If wages increased at the same rate as labor productivity since 1968, the hourly minimum wage would now be over $21, according to the Center for Economic and Policy Research.

Characteristics of the Middle Class

The concept of middle-class society may include a presumption of earning a salary that supports owning a resident in a suburban or comparable neighborhood in rural or urban settings, along with discretionary income that allows for access to entertainment and other flexible expenses such as travel or dining out. While it is assumed that middle-class households generate sufficient income for retirement savings along with standard expenses, an increasing segment of this portion of the American population is also living paycheck to paycheck .

An ideal commonly held among the middle class is that it is possible to increase their income to higher economic strata through career advancement and salary upgrades. The pace of such upward mobility aspirations, however, has changed over the decades with the costs of goods and services, in some cases outpacing the growth of salaries.

What Income Is Considered Middle Class?

The Pew Research Center defines "middle class" as an income that ranges between two-thirds and double the median income. The exact boundaries of a middle-class income vary by family size and location, due to the geographical differences in cost of living. That works out to an annual income between $52,000 and $156,000 for a three-person household, as of 2020.

How Large Is the Middle Class?

According to a 2022 analysis by the Pew Research Center, about 50% of Americans were in the middle class as of 2021. That represents a sharp decline from 61% in 1971.

How Much Should the Average Middle-Class Person Save for Retirement?

As a rule of thumb, many financial advisors recommend saving at least three times your annual income by the end of your thirties. Since the median income for a 35-year-old is $63,000, that means saving around $189,000.

The middle class is the economic stratum between the working class and the wealthy. In the United States, the middle class occupies about half of the population, mainly consisting of people who work in white-collar professions, small businesses, or skilled trades. The middle class has declined since the 1970s, due to the loss of highly-paid manufacturing jobs and increasing economic inequality.

Pew Research Center. " Are You In The American Middle Class? Find out With Our Income Calculator ."

Pew Research Center. " Most Americans Say There Is Too Much Economic Inequality in The U.S., But Fewer Than Half Call It a Top Priority ."

The Marxists Internet Archive. " Manifesto of the Communist Party ."

The Hill. " Here's What It Takes to Be Middle Class ."

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. " About GI Bill Benefits ."

Center for Economic and Policy Research. " This Is What the Minimum Wage Would Be If It Kept Pace With Productivity ."

LendingClub. " 61 Percent of U.S. Population Now Lives Paycheck to Paycheck ."

Western and Southern Financial Group. " Average Retirement Savings by Age ."

definition of mid trip

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Midpoint between two places.

Travelmath helps you figure out the midpoint between two locations based on the driving directions from each starting point. You can find the closest town that is an equal distance from two cities. Use this tool to determine the best city to meet, or to look for interesting stops along the way if you're planning a long road trip and you need to take a break or stay overnight. Search for hotels at the midpoint city to split up your drive, or explore other nearby cities and discover local towns on your trip. If you're meeting a friend halfway in-between, you can figure out how far each person has to drive and how long it will take to arrive at the center. Even if you're separated by water, you can still calculate the straight line geographic midpoint to determine the closest flight distance.

You can also calculate the driving distance or check the total driving time . Or figure out the cost of driving for each person to get to the meeting spot. If you're driving a long distance, it might be useful to get a list of the best places to stop along your entire route.

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Mmaee, Tchamadeu, Manhoef - Stoke City injury latest ahead of mid-week trip to Swansea

News from the bet365 Stadium as Stoke City prepare for final five Championship games of the season

  • by Peter Smith
  • 12:03, 8 Apr 2024

Ryan Mmaee is being assessed by medical staff as Stoke City hope to avoid a hat-trick of hamstring injuries.

Mmaee caught the eye in Saturday's 2-2 draw with West Brom, his first home start since January, but limped out of the action in the second half and had to head straight down the tunnel for treatment.

The 26-year-old striker is a doubt for Wednesday's trip to Swansea and Steven Schumacher should know more about the extent of the damage when he holds his pre-match press conference tomorrow. Lynden Gooch and Ben Pearson are already all-but ruled out for the rest of the campaign with hamstring problems.

READ NEXT: What Stoke boss said about Million Manhoef as Andre Vidigal sighs relief

READ NEXT: Stoke City find new home for leader as legends reunite at bet365 Stadium

Million Manhoef and Jordan Thompson both also needed treatment against West Brom but there troubles were more related to cramp towards the end of a tiring match.

Junior Tchamadeu is stepping up his training this week following an ankle sprain he picked up at the end of February. He will hope to come into contention for the last three, perhaps four, matches of the season.

There is a chance for fringe players to get some valuable minutes this evening when Stoke under-21s, with Ryan Shawcross in charge for the rest of term, take on Arsenal at the bet365 Stadium.

How should Stoke line up vs Swansea? Have your say in the comments HERE

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Mammoth to Roosevelt with Lamar Valley and Beartooth highway - Yellowstone National Park Forum

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Mammoth to Roosevelt with Lamar Valley and Beartooth highway

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definition of mid trip

Is this doable, sensible? Any tips, thoughts would be very appreciated. In what order should we do Lamar Valley and Beartooth?

' class=

I think the main decision is how far you want to go on the Beartooth Highway. For most first-time visitors, it will take upwards of three hours to go from the NE entrance all the way to Red Lodge, but maybe two on the way back since you won’t be stopping as much to look at things. All told, from Mammoth to Red Lodge and back to Roosevelt, with some stops, it’ll take around 8 hours. Add another hour if you stop to eat at Cooke City/Silvergate or Red Lodge.

But you might want to stop longer along the way- you might see mountain goats or bears, for instance. In which case you could turn around at Vista Point, which is a popular spot to do that. That would save about an hour of drive time. On the other hand, if you make good time, you could have lunch in Red Lodge, poke around in the shops a bit, and you’ll get back to the Lamar Valley in the late afternoon/early evening. It pays to be flexible, when it comes to looking for wildlife.

Just be sure to be back to Roosevelt by sundown, or maybe a half-hour after.

  • Mammoth to Roosevelt with Lamar Valley and Beartooth highway 8:17 pm
  • First-timer photographers to YNP and Grand Teton 8:03 pm
  • Yellowstone and Grand Teton Itinerary 8:01 pm
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  • 3 week trip LA > Yellowstone > Seattle / Vancouver yesterday
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definition of mid trip

Paddle for Heroes finish 8th Annual Trip from Mount Vernon to Marietta

Marietta, OH (WTAP) - Paddle for Heroes is a non-profit organization that focusses on getting out onto the waters and paddling as apart of the healing process of PTSD.

The founder of Paddle for Heroes, Steve Fleming, says that it’s a proven that outdoor activities is a proven tool towards healing PTSD.

“It’s a natural healing tool,” Fleming said. “It gets veterans, first responders. and others off medication. It’s being on the water.”

The trip itself started on May 19th and ended near the Lafayette Hotel in Marietta near the boat ramp. Every year, the trip is dedicated to a fallen marine that has sacrificed their life in battle. This year it was Corporal Nathan Anderson who was killed in 2004 Al-Anbar, Iraq.

Jeff Mosher, a veteran volunteer, said that he remembers Nathan as he was apart of his battalion.

“Nathan was home grown Ohio an,” Jeff said. “He loved the buckeyes and he loved the outdoors. And the beautiful thing about Nathan is he always loved whatever country he visited and operated in. He always loved the people but more especially, he loved when those native people said thank you in their language.”

Fleming in the future is hoping that more people are willing to sign up and are always welcome for new members.

“If your a veteran, first responder, or family member or even if you want to volunteer, get on our website and shoot us an email, and we’ll get back to you and we hope to see you on the water.”

You can visit https://www.paddleforheroesmidwest.org/ for more information.

Copyright 2024 WTAP. All rights reserved.


One dead following crash in Meigs Co.

Fentanyl and methamphetamine bust

Washington County Sheriff’s Office makes $200,000 drug bust

Cheryl Cook

This is Home: Principal retires after 56 years

People can drink outside on Market Street in certain areas in Parkersburg.

Parkersburg’s New PODA Law begins

Mildred Jane Oldaker Obit

Obituary: Oldaker, Mildred Jane

Latest news.

Memorial Day car show

Memorial Day car show

Jackson Pool opening

Jackson Pool opening

106th birthday

Woman turns 106 surrounded by friends and family

Music in the Park

Music in the Park returns to Williamstown

Marietta "Art in the Alley" moves indoors

Marietta “Art in the Alley” moves indoors



    definition of mid trip

  2. PPT

    definition of mid trip

  3. MID Meaning: What Does the Term "MID" Mean and Stand For? • 7ESL

    definition of mid trip

  4. Pronunciation of Trip

    definition of mid trip

  5. 🔵 Trip Meaning

    definition of mid trip

  6. Definition of the different phases of a trip.

    definition of mid trip


  1. Can you Spot the difference?

  2. MID Trip

  3. Pre-Trip Inspections and Mid -Trip Inspections

  4. The Definition Of Poor (How It's Measured)

  5. 5 Hours Late To Shipper

  6. “New Definition To Speed Shopping”| SHOP WITH ME


  1. midtrip

    During a trip. 2007 November 15, Lisa Belkin, "Hello, Vacation: It's the Boss", in New York Times‎[1]: She feels reassured that not only is her $2,000 airfare completely refundable should she cancel before she leaves, but that the policy also pays for her to return home unexpectedly midtrip "if one of my teachers gets sick and I have to fly back ...

  2. Midtrip Definition & Meaning

    Midtrip definition: During a trip . Find Similar Words Find similar words to midtrip using the buttons below.

  3. What does midtrip mean?

    Definition of midtrip in the Definitions.net dictionary. Meaning of midtrip. Information and translations of midtrip in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

  4. Mid-Trip Crisis: How It Can Help You Better Understand Depression

    Mid-Trip Crisis. The leading theory on the cause of the mid-trip crisis is that by its very definition, vacations make people feel less fulfilled. For many, fulfillment comes from a mixture of feeling like you belong and feeling like you have some sort of purpose.

  5. What are the Pre-Trib, Mid-Trib and Post-Trib views of the ...

    The Pre-Trib or Mid-Trib rapture theology is based on an interesting interpretation of several Bible texts; mainly Matthew 24:37-41 and 2 Peter 3:10. In Matthew Jesus is drawing a parallel between the second coming and the days of Noah. So it will be when Christ returns at the end of the world.

  6. midtrip

    midtrip: During a <xref>trip</xref>. Even in midtrip, you can ask the carrier to retroactively place you on an international plan, which is typically much cheaper than the pay-per-use rate.. Avoiding Taxes on Life and Disability Insurance Cristina Lourosa-Ricardo 2011. For wired travelers everywhere, this social-media mammoth — which has seen its number of unique visitors grow nearly 600% in ...


    General Description Midtribulationism is the view that the church will be present for and go through the first half (3 1/2 years) of the tribulation, but he raptured out at the half-way point and so be absent for the latter 3 1/2 years. The first half is seen as natural tribulation whereas the second half is God's wrath.

  8. Trip vs Midtrip

    Adverb (-) During a trip. * {{quote-news, year=2007, date=November 15, author=Lisa Belkin, title=Hello, Vacation: It's the Boss, work=New York Times citation, passage=She feels reassured that not only is her $2,000 airfare completely refundable should she cancel before she leaves, but that the policy also pays for her to return home unexpectedly midtrip "if one of my teachers gets sick and I ...

  9. Trip Definition & Meaning

    trip: [verb] to catch the foot against something so as to stumble.

  10. trip noun

    3 an act of falling or nearly falling down, because you hit your foot against something; Thesaurus trip. journey; tour; commute; expedition; excursion; outing; These are all words for an act of traveling to a place. trip an act of traveling from one place to another, and usually back again: a business trip a five-minute trip by taxi; journey an act of traveling from one place to another ...

  11. What a Midlife Retreat Is and Why It Should Be your Next Trip

    Conley launched the Modern Elder Academy (MEA) in 2018, aiming to help people enter, as he says, a "midlife chrysalis" rather than a midlife crisis. Midlife tends to bring big life transitions, including empty nests, divorce, or career changes, but as the site suggests, it's also a time to "inspire renewed energy and new experiences.".

  12. TRIP

    TRIP definition: 1. a journey in which you go somewhere, usually for a short time, and come back again: 2. an…. Learn more.

  13. What are the strengths and weaknesses of the midtribulational view of

    Midtribulationism teaches that the rapture occurs at the midpoint of the tribulation. At that time, the seventh trumpet sounds (Revelation 11:15), the church will meet Christ in the air, and then the bowl judgments are poured upon the earth (Revelation 15—16) in a time known as the great tribulation.

  14. Mid Definition & Meaning

    How to use mid in a sentence. being the part in the middle or midst —often used in combination; neither very good nor very bad : so-so, meh; occupying a middle position… See the full definition

  15. Mid Slang Definition: What Does 'Mid' Mean?

    According to Bark.us, a company that decodes teen slang, "mid" is "a term used to describe something that is average, not particularly special, 'middle of the road.'". Urban Dictionary states that ...

  16. What does 'mid' mean? Get to know the TikTok slang and how to use it

    According to Urban Dictionary , the slang "mid" is used to describe something or someone as below average or low quality. It can be used as an insult or to oppose the opinion of another. In other ...

  17. trip, n.¹ meanings, etymology and more

    The earliest known use of the noun trip is in the Middle English period (1150—1500). OED's earliest evidence for trip is from around 1412-20, in a translation by John Lydgate, poet and prior of Hatfield Regis. It is also recorded as a verb from the Middle English period (1150—1500).

  18. Middle Passage

    triangular trade. slave trade. Middle Passage, the forced voyage of enslaved Africans across the Atlantic Ocean to the New World. It was one leg of the triangular trade route that took goods (such as knives, guns, ammunition, cotton cloth, tools, and brass dishes) from Europe to Africa, Africans to work as slaves in the Americas and West Indies ...

  19. Mission Trip Meaning & Definition

    What is a Mission Trip? Mission trips are a way for Christians to serve the world around them. Usually, they are done in groups, either by churches or Christian organizations and can be as short as 1 week or last up to 2 years and beyond. The purpose of these trips is usually service-oriented: helping people with jobs like construction, medical care, teaching children English, and more.

  20. The Rapture Question

    Definition . The concept of the rapture refers to the eschatological event of both dead and living believers being caught up together in a moment in the twinkling of an eye to meet Jesus in the air. Summary . The belief in the rapture is widely held among most evangelicals. The basis for the rapture primarily 1 Thessalonians 4:17 and 1 ...

  21. How to Feng Shui Every Room in Your House

    Feng Shui Definition. A global phenomenon, feng shui is an art which originated in China during the mid-Neolithic period-- more than six thousand years ago. Originally coined "kan yu", a phrase which translates to "observe the ways of Heaven and investigate the ways of Earth", the goal of feng shui is to create divine spaces.

  22. Cold War

    The Cold War was a period of geopolitical tension between the United States and the Soviet Union and their respective allies, the Western Bloc and the Eastern Bloc, that started in 1947, two years after the end of World War II and lasted to 1991, the fall of the Soviet Union.. The term cold war is used because there was no large-scale fighting directly between the two superpowers, but they ...

  23. 16 Best Midwest Road Trips

    Chicago to St. Louis road trip. The Bean in Chicago. Recommended trip: 4-6 days. Driving from Chicago, Illinois to St. Louis, Missouri should be on any midwest road trip. This journey is part of Route 66, one of the original highways in the United States. Route 66 was the primary route for people wishing to move west.

  24. Middle Class: Definition and Characteristics

    Middle class is a description given to individuals and households who fall between the working class and the upper class within a societal hierarchy. In Western cultures, persons in the middle ...

  25. Midjourney

    Midjourney is an independent research lab exploring new mediums of thought and expanding the imaginative powers of the human species. We are a small self-funded team focused on design, human infrastructure, and AI.

  26. Halfway between two cities

    Travelmath helps you figure out the midpoint between two locations based on the driving directions from each starting point. You can find the closest town that is an equal distance from two cities. Use this tool to determine the best city to meet, or to look for interesting stops along the way if you're planning a long road trip and you need to ...

  27. Stoke City injury latest ahead of mid-week trip to Swansea

    Mmaee, Tchamadeu, Manhoef - Stoke City injury latest ahead of mid-week trip to Swansea. News from the bet365 Stadium as Stoke City prepare for final five Championship games of the season.

  28. Trip Report for northern Italy, late April to mid May

    Trip Report for northern Italy, late April to mid May. May 25, 2024, 4:00 PM. Save. We closed out a 16-day trip in Milan, Liguria and Lake Como in Italy: We started in Milan, then went to Santa Margherita Ligure on the Italian Riviera, followed by a week-long cooking program in Sestri Levante, then four days in Bellagio on Lake Como. What a trip!

  29. Mammoth to Roosevelt with Lamar Valley and Beartooth highway

    Hi, going to Yellowstone in mid June. Staying at mammoth first night. Plan to get up early and drive to Lamar Valley and then see some of Beartooth Highway. ... 2024 Trip Reports; 2023 Trip Reports; 2022 Trip Reports; Older Trip Report Links; 2023 YNP Road Construction Delays & Night Closures; Important 2023 Advance Reservation Changes for ...

  30. Paddle for Heroes finish 8th Annual Trip from Mount Vernon to ...

    The trip itself started on May 19th and ended near the Lafayette Hotel in Marietta near the boat ramp. Every year, the trip is dedicated to a fallen marine that has sacrificed their life in battle. ... Young man from the Mid-Ohio Valley passes away. Baby found dead in car seat after being left in hot car, police say. Washington County Sheriff ...