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River Safari Singapore

River Safari Singapore

Singapore is home to many firsts in Asia, and the River Safari Singapore is one of them. The attraction features the first and only wildlife adventure park in the region to take the freshwater ecosystem as a theme.

River Safari Singapore hosts a collection of at least 5,000 animals from various species, 42 of which are currently endangered.

River Safari Singapore, Zoo Ticket Price, Opening Hours & Map

Another prominent attraction at the River Safari is the Giant Panda Forest which houses the lovely panda couple Jia-Jia and Kai-Kai. These endangered animals are loaned by China to Singapore for 10 years to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the friendly relationship between the two nations.

River Safari Singapore also offers the one-of-a-kind experience of exploring the ‘habitat’ of the Mekong River which is Southeast Asia’s longest freshwater river. This man-made river simulates the deep waters and the natural environment of Mekong.

The River Safari also has an artificial flooded forest that resembles that of the Amazon after being taken over by a heavy downpour. To give guests the complete Amazonian feel, the flooded forest is also graced by different animals which are endemic to the Amazon such as the arapaima and the manatee.

River Safari Singapore Images & Photos

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river safari weather

River Safari Singapore Information & Details

Opening hours, phone number, email address, ticket prices / admission, river safari singapore area, street & hotel map, singapore, other places we recommend.

Marina Bay Sands

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Beast entry time to go for river safari Do you have any common package for all as shown on the wedsite deal for 12 persons

Tickets for the River Safari Singapore are currently on sale here . There is also an additional coupon you can use in the month of May when you spend a certain amount: TRAVELMAY5 (if you spend over $100), TRAVELMAY10 (if you spend over $150) and TRAVELMAY30 (if you spend over $300.

Best regards, Jess

Will an old grandma on wheelchair be able to take the boat ride?

Hi Catherine,

No, guests must be able to transfer onto the boat unaided. So it is not suitable for those in a wheelchair.

Frequently Asked Questions About River Safari Singapore

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river safari weather

Singapore Pass

Singapore River Wonders

Explore aquatic marvels at singapore river wonders.

Discover the wonders of wildlife along Singapore's iconic rivers at Singapore River Wonders , where you can paddle through majestic waters. Singapore River Wonders, nestled in the heart of the bustling city, offers a refreshing escape into nature’s marvels. Spanning over 12 hectares within the Mandai Wildlife Reserve, this unique river-themed wildlife park was formerly known as the Singapore River Safari. With its vast collection of over 11,000 animals, 400 plant species and 260 wildlife species, you are transported into a world that celebrates the diversity and beauty of river ecosystems from Asia and beyond. 

A major highlight of Singapore River Wonders includes the adorable giant pandas, and other species of animals, like Kai Kai and Jia Jia. These animals represent the majestic wildlife from rivers like the Nile and Mississippi. Delve into the wonders of aquatic life at the Nile River of Life exhibition, or learn about endangered species from floating villages of the Mississippi, North America and Mekong Rivers. Discover the allure of Singapore River Wonders by securing your tickets today! 

Singapore River Wonders Experience Explained

You should buy a River Wonders Singapore ticket online from us as we offer great deals and discounts. You can plan your visit well in advance, and you won't have to worry about the tickets being sold out when you make the booking from our website. You just need to select the date and time of the activity and make the payment, and you'll get a copy of the ticket on your email id instantly. If you face any difficulty while booking a River Wonders ticket, our customer care agent is always available to assist you. With your River Wonders ticket you get to witness Asia's largest river-themed aquarium and zoo, Singapore's River Wonders, inspired by the beauty of rivers worldwide. Closely explore and observe the aquatic wildlife species of a submerged Amazon. Get closer to the dangerous marine species, including flesh-eating Piranhas, stingy Stingrays, and the shock-releasing Electric Eels. Enjoy a boat adventure at the Amazon River Quest and spot several camouflaged species in the lush green forest. Stay in awe as you see the vibrant fishes and ancient-looking creatures at the Mandai River Wonders.

River Wonders Tickets Singapore

Package options for river wonders singapore.

River Wonders

Book the Singapore River Wonders tickets to experience the majesty of magical rivers while making new animal friends. The River Wonders Singapore spans over twelve hectares and is home to the freshwater habitat of world rivers like the Mississippi, Amazon, Nile, Mae Klong, and more. Wander into Wild Amazonia and get set for the Amazon River Quest, a ten-minute boat ride that takes you closer to amazing wildlife species from the world's largest tropical rainforest.

Singapore Zoo

Book the Singapore Zoo and River Wonders tickets and get access to two of the most famous attractions in Singapore - the Singapore Zoo and River Wonders! The Zoo and River Wonders tickets combo is valid for sixty days from the date of your purchase and gives you the flexibility to visit the two attractions on different days! Get up close and personal with the wildlife species such as pandas, elephants, lions, tigers, and more at Singapore Zoo. See the animals from the elevated platforms, glass observatories, and underwater galleries. Get access to Singapore River Wonders, the only river-themed wildlife park in Asia. Discover zones that resemble the topography of the greatest rivers of the world.

Bird Paradise and River Wonders Combo

When you visit the Mandai Wildlife Reserve in Singapore, you can save money by getting a special ticket that lets you enjoy both River Wonders and Bird Paradise in Singapore. River Wonders is a place all about rivers, where you can see animals and plants from different rivers like the Nile and Mekong. It's like a river-themed wildlife park! You can do fun activities and learn about amazing water animals and plants. And guess what? There's more! You can take a shuttle to Mandai Wildlife West and explore Bird Paradise. It's a place where birds fly freely and there are 3500 types of them! You can watch them play and even see cool bird shows. It's a super fun and unique adventure for everyone!

Singapore Night Safari

This combo gives you one-day admission to River Wonders, Singapore Zoo, Bird Paradise, and Night Safari. Singapore Zoo and River Wonders are the prime attractions of the city that each nature lover should visit. With Singapore Zoo and River Wonders tickets, you can access River Wonders, a river-themed wildlife park, and closely interact with the animals at Singapore Zoo. Get on board a tram ride and explore the world's first nocturnal wildlife park with Singapore Night Safari. This combo ticket also gives you access to Bird Paradise, which features the rarest and prettiest birds.

Singapore in July

Discover Singapore's best wildlife safari-themed parks; River Safari and Night Safari. This combo gives you access to Asia's first nocturnal park and river-themed wildlife park. With this combo, you get the flexibility to visit the parks on different days at a discounted price! Enjoy amazing boat rides: Amazon River Quest and River Safari as you explore the hidden mysteries of the Amazon. Discover 2,500 magical nocturnal creatures as you undertake the Night Safari exhibits.

What is the Best Way to Experience Singapore River Wonders?

River Wonders

Online Booking:

  • Singapore River Wonders is one of the top attractions in the city, with a high demand for its tickets.
  • When planning a visit to this unique river-themed wildlife park, ensure to book your tickets online from My Singapore Pass to secure your entry. 
  • Sit back and plan your visit smoothly, right from the comforts of your home, without having to crowd at the on-site ticket counters.
  • Take advantage of special online-only sales and deals unavailable on physical counters.

Skip-the-Line Benefits:

  • Say goodbye to the long entry lines and tiring hours at Singapore River Wonders when you purchase skip-the-line tickets from My Singapore Pass. 
  • Upon arrival, simply show your tickets at the entry and enjoy hassle-free and quick access to the park. 
  • Look out for bonus features and inclusions in the tickets by My Singapore Pass, including guided tours, exclusive discounts and more. 

The Convenience:

  • Enjoy scheduling your Singapore River Wonders adventure directly from your smart phone while also gaining insights into what the park has to offer. 
  • Head over to My Singapore Pass, and select a date and time slot of your choice for a more flexible and convenient exploration of this wildlife park. 
  • Receive instant confirmations, digital maps, and possibly mobile audio guides to enhance your visit.

Things to Do at Singapore River Wonders

Singapore River Wonders Wildlife

At Singapore River Wonders, step into a realm where wildlife species of different kinds live together. Here, an informed guide tells you all about the aquatic zones around the world, as well as animals, from mesmerising manatees to playful pandas. They also give you insights about the biodiversity of river habitats. With an exclusive look into the lives and habitats of these remarkable creatures, you can learn about and appreciate their distinct attributes and behaviours. This ensures an enriching and engaging learning journey amidst the wonders of nature.

Amazon River Quest

Experience the mystical kingdom of the Amazon at Singapore River Wonders through the Amazon River Quest. This activity lets you navigate through verdant pathways and encounter fascinating species such as elusive jaguars, swift tapirs, and curious anteaters in their natural habitats. Immerse yourself in a vibrant biosphere where each twist and turn lets you discover a new aspect of the Amazon’s captivating biodiversity. The Amazon River Quest is a great activity to indulge in, while also ensuring an adventurous and educative exploration of one of the world’s most diverse ecosystems.

Once Upon A River

Unfolding at Singapore River Wonders is ‘Once Upon A River’, a journey echoing with tales of nature’s vibrancy. You can cruise alongside the water’s edges, revealing stories captured within every flowing stream and rustling leaf. Dive into a world where each creature, from the tiniest insect to the most majestic bird, contributes to the river's enchanting tale. This is an adventure that is not merely visual. It also echoes with stories of nature, and its many wonders, thereby providing an in-depth understanding of the ecosystem’s harmony and beauty.

Keeper Talks

Singapore River Wonders invites you to ‘Keeper Talks’, an experience which blends your curiosity with the knowledge of these animal keepers. This activity lets you gain extraordinary insights directly from the keepers who share interesting stories and facts about the animals' lifestyles, habits, and conservation. Their passionate storytelling deepens your appreciation, allowing a detailed understanding of the worlds of these endangered animals. Additionally, this activity also ensures an experience that transcends beyond mere observation, crafting an enriching dialogue between man and nature.

Unique Dining Experience

Indulge in a delightful culinary journey at Singapore River Wonders, where dining exceeds conventional ideas and limitations. During your visit to the park, you can indulge in delicious dishes and meals amidst the cheerful presence of Giant Pandas, blending gastronomy with extraordinary natural vistas. This is a one-of-a-kind experience, complemented by a tour and engaging activities. This dining experience lets you enjoy a blend of imagination, discovery as well as delicious flavours, all while being in the company of adorable pandas.

Zones at River Wonders Singapore

amazon forest singapore.jpg

Amazon Flooded Forest is the world's largest freshwater gallery, where you can see some of the most beautiful aquatic animals. It is a unique underwater ecosystem that has been designed to give you the feel of the submerged Amazon. You can spot red-bellied piranhas, electric eels, manatees, black-finned pacu, red Phoenix Barb, Sturgeon arapaimas, and motoro stingrays! For the first time, you can see here on display the giant river otters that live in close-knit family groups of various species.

congo river.jpg

The Congo River is one of the deepest and largest rivers in the world that makes multiple drops and rages through violent rapids to form magnificent waterfalls. Here you can see colorful fish species like the giant freshwater puffer, Congo tetra, large spot catfish, blue cichlid, etc. You can also find here Lake Tanganyika, Africa's second oldest lake, which was formed by the tectonic plate movements.

Ganges River.jpg

The Ganges river originates from the Himalayas and is revered as the holiest river by the people of India. It traverses a length of two thousand five hundred kilometers, supporting a host of freshwater fauna and half a billion people. This exhibit houses thousands of South-Indian species like the frog-faced softshell turtle and the unusual Indian Gharial. You can also spot here the goonch catfish that scavenges on the funeral pyres disposed of in the River Ganges.

Panda Forest.jpg

Meet friendly giant pandas Jia Jia and Kai Kai in a climate-controlled biodome at Giant Panda Forest, which features the largest panda exhibit in Southeast Asia. It spans 1,500m2 and has been designed to mimic the panda's natural habitat with boulders, water features, and lush plantings. The forest’s main attraction is a giant panda and a rare red panda that has thick russet fur and a bear-like body.

Mary River.jpg

Mary River is a thriving microcosm and a hotspot of birds, fish, and the rarest wildlife animals. This exhibit takes you on an exciting journey of Mary River and shows how it originates from freshwater to brackish water and empties into the sea. You can spot here some of the most peculiar fish like - the expert archer, mudskipper, and the Australian lungfish.


The Mekong River rises from the Tibetan plateau and is considered the lifeline of countries like China, Burma, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam. It is fed by melting snow and is a source of clean energy. The Mekong is the tenth-largest river in the world, with an output of more than 2 million tonnes of fish a year. You can spot here some of the rarest aquatic species like the Jullien's Golden Carp, fire eel, freshwater stingray and monster giant catfish.

Nile River.jpg

The Nile is the longest river in the world that springs from East Africa's Great Lakes and empties into the Mediterranean Sea. Its water resources are shared by eleven countries, particularly Sudan and Egypt. This exhibit will transport you back to ancient Egypt with its submerged ruins. Here you can witness Indian gharial, komodo dragon, tigerfish, giraffe catfish, and the African arowana.


River Gems gives you a glimpse of the unique diversity of animal and plant life that thrive in various rivers and along their banks. Stop by this exciting exhibit to marvel at the vibrant colors of the freshwater fish and other aquatic creatures on display. You can spot aquatic species here, such as African Tiger Fish, Rainbow Shark, African Pike, and Penguin Tetra. See the pearl danio and Pearl gourami shimmering through the water over here.


The Yangtze is the longest river in Asia that holds around 40 percent of China's freshwater. It has been intertwined deeply with the culture, economy, and history of China for centuries. You can see here the ancient sturgeon, siamang, the Chinese alligator, Greater Mousedeer, and the giant salamander. Meet friendly giant pandas Jia Jia and Kai Kai in a climate-controlled biodome over here.

River Safari Singapore Walking Adventure

Singapore's River Safari, now known as River Wonders, offers an exciting river-themed experience for visitors. This unique attraction, spanning 12 hectares (30 acres), is nestled between two renowned counterparts, the Singapore Zoo and the Night Safari. It holds the distinction of being the first of its kind in Asia, focusing on showcasing freshwater exhibits and providing an engaging river boat ride.

The creation of River Wonders came at a cost of S$160 million, reflecting the commitment to preserving aquatic habitats. It is expected to draw around 820,000 visitors annually, demonstrating its popularity and appeal.

One of the standout features of this attraction is the Giant Panda Forest, which opened its doors to the public on 29 November 2012, following a soft launch on 3 April 2013. During the soft opening, it welcomed nearly 1,500 eager visitors. River Wonders is part of the Wildlife Reserves Singapore group, joining the ranks of Singapore's other renowned zoos and wildlife parks, including the Singapore Zoo, Bird Paradise, and the Night Safari.

Know Before You Experience Singapore River Wonders


Timing: Singapore River Wonders remains open every day of the week from 10:00 a.m. to 07:00 p.m. Last entry 6:00 p.m.

Location: Singapore River Wonders is located at 80 Mandai Lake Road, Singapore 729826

Best Time to Visit: The best time to visit Singapore River Wonders is during the early hours of the day, at around 10:00 a.m., just when the park opens. This is when you can explore the park at your own pace without dealing with many crowds. Singapore River Wonders tends to get crowded during the afternoons; therefore, coming here in the morning is perfect. 

singapore zoo and river safari

  • Bus/MRT: One of the most convenient ways to get to Singapore River Wonders is by bus or MRT ride. You can either take a train on the North-South MRT line or the Thomson-East Coast line and then take a connecting bus to the park. The shortest route would be taking the Thomson-East Coast line train to Springleaf station. From there, you can take a ride on Bus 138 and get off directly at the park entrance. The total distance from the MRT station to the park is 8.2 kilometres, and you can cover it in 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Mandai Khatib Shuttle: From the city centre, you can also avail a ride on the Mandai Khatib Shuttle, which is a loop shuttle service that departs from the Khatib MRT station (NS14), located 10 kilometres from the park. From this shuttle, it takes around 15 to 20 minutes to get to Singapore River Wonders. 
  • Taxis & Private Hire Cars: You can also get to Singapore River Wonders by a taxi ride or by hiring a private car. Taxis are usually available for hire at the Mandai East Carpark taxi stand, and rides are always metered. Alternatively, you can hire a private car from apps such as Grab, Gojek, TADA or Ryde from your location in the city. 

Singapore River Wonders Dining

Starbucks: Located conveniently near the park entrance, Starbucks is more than just a coffee haven. With an array of premium teas, fine pastries, and mouth-watering treats, it's the perfect spot to unwind, chat, or connect with loved ones over a delightful cuppa.

  • Sun – Thu: 9:30 a.m. – 6:30 p.m. 
  • Fri, Sat, & PH: 9:30 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.

Mama Panda Kitchen: Nestled within the Pavilion Capital Giant Panda Forest, Mama Panda Kitchen offers an authentic Chinese dining experience. Dive into signature dishes like panda pau, flavourful wok rice, and noodles. For the little ones, there are special Kids' Meals, ensuring a delightful dining experience for all.

Timing: 10:30 a.m. – 6:30 p.m.

Night Safari Singapore Entrance

  • ATMs: At the main entrance, you will find both POSB and UOB ATMs. Convenient for quick cash withdrawals, they are situated right beside the Membership & Experiences Centre.
  • Lost & Found: Should you misplace any item, River Wonders Visitor Services is dedicated to assisting you in retrieving it. They maintain a registry of found items for easy recovery.
  • Nursing Rooms: For mothers, nursing rooms offer privacy and comfort. They are located at the Entrance Plaza, Panda Forest, Boat Plaza, and Amazon Forest, equipped with essential amenities.
  • Diaper Changing Facilities: Dedicated spaces for diaper changing ensure convenience for parents. Find these at the Entrance Plaza, Panda Forest, Boat Plaza, and Amazon Forest.
  • Mobility Access: Make your exploration smooth by renting strollers for kids or scooters. For those with mobility challenges, complimentary wheelchairs are provided right at the park entrance.
  • Free WiFi: Stay connected without data charges. Simply connect your device to 'PARK_FREE_WIFI' and enjoy uninterrupted internet connectivity.
  • First Aid: For any health concerns, uniformed staff are trained to assist. Additionally, AEDs (emergency life-saving devices) are available in main areas - The Entrance Plaza.
  • Lockers: Rental lockers offer safe storage, ensuring peace of mind as you explore.
  • Prayer Room: A quiet, serene space is available for prayers. Just inquire at the park’s main reception.
  • Rain Gear: Don't let rain dampen your spirits. Ponchos and umbrellas are available for purchase at the gift shops, ensuring you stay dry.

Singapore River Wonders

  • Don't venture into the prohibited areas, as it can be risky for you.
  • Treat the animals with respect, and don't try to harm them.
  • While enjoying the ride, stay seated safely and keep hands and feet within the boat.
  • Don't smoke or consume alcohol within the park. The smoking point is situated outside the park.
  • Call the emergency hotline number in case of any accident during the Singapore River Safari tour.
  • River Wonders has the authority to use your image or video during your visit.
  • The commercial use of photos and filmed footage is strictly forbidden.

river safari

1. Stay Sun Safe: Apply a high SPF sunscreen while visiting the park to stay away from sunburn and heat rashes.

2. Stay Hydrated: Carry a water bottle with you to stay hydrated during the tour. Water dispensers are available around the park to get your water bottle refilled.

3. Wear Comfy Shoes: Wear comfortable shoes while visiting Singapore River Wonders as it involves lots of walking. Don't wear heels or slippers while visiting the park!

4. Don't forget to wear Insect Repellent: Put on insect repellent while visiting Singapore River Wonders to avoid getting insect bites.

5. Plan your trip beforehand: To make the most out of your Singapore River Wonders tour, plan your trip beforehand. There are many exhibits and exciting activities on offer at this park, so it's always advisable to set aside six to seven hours to enjoy your trip to the fullest.

Things to Do in Mandai Wildlife Reserve

Bird Paradise Singapore

Get ready to soar into the colorful world of Bird Paradise in Singapore ! This place is like a giant playground for birds, where over thousands of different kinds of beautiful birds fly around freely. You can watch them do tricks, play with each other, and even learn from their funny and informative shows. It's a magical spot where you can get up close to these feathered friends and have a blast while learning all about them. So, put on your bird-watching hat and get ready for a fantastic adventure in Bird Paradise!

Also Checkout and Book: Bird Paradise Tickets, Singapore

Singapore Night Safari

Spot the rare nocturnal creatures who stay away from the spotlight by opting for a Night Safari . Hop on to the tram car that will take you through the different zones of the park. The park has over twenty-five hundred nocturnal animals that hunt, breed and gaze across the massive park. The tour covers around seven zones representing different geographical points, such as the Asian Riverine Forest and Himalayan Foothills.

Checkout & Book: Singapore Night Safari Tickets

Singapore zoo

Form an intimate bond with the animals by visiting Singapore Zoo , a haven for wondrous wildlife. Here animals roam and live freely in landscaped environments that simulate their natural habitats. You can enjoy engaging animal shows, elephant presentations, and fun feeding sessions. See the antics of the adorable and mischievous California sea lions who balance a ball on their nose effortlessly and glide gracefully on the water. Learn about your favorite animals from their keepers, who'll share fun facts about them during interactive chit-chat sessions. You can also enjoy a one-of-its-kind lip-smacking jungle breakfast with wild animals.

You Can Also Book: Singapore Zoo Tickets

FAQ's Related To Singapore River Wonders

What is river wonders.

Singapore River Wonders is not just another wildlife park; it is a unique river-themed sanctuary situated within Singapore's expansive Mandai Wildlife Reserve. This park offers you an immersive experience of the world of freshwater habitats, showcasing the delicate balance and beauty of river ecosystems.

What is in River Wonders Singapore?

Singapore River Wonders is a treasure trove of biodiversity, housing over 11,000 amazing land and aquatic animals across 260 species. You are taken on a journey through iconic rivers like the Nile, Yangtze, and Mekong. Additionally, the park's interactive exhibits provide both fun and educational opportunities for individuals of all ages.

What is the old name for River Wonders?

Before its rebranding, River Wonders was widely recognised as River Safari Singapore, was a popular attraction in Singapore, offering a rich aquatic biodiversity and unique river-themed experiences.

Is River Safari inside the Singapore Zoo?

No, River Safari is not located inside the Singapore Zoo. It is actually situated within the Mandai Wildlife Reserve. However, it is important to note that the river serves as a natural border between this unique park and the surrounding SIngapore Zoo and Night Safari. You can easily explore River Wonders after your visit to the zoo or the Night Safari, since it is located just 41 metres, or a 1-minute walk away.

Is River Wonders sheltered?

Yes, River Wonders prioritises your comfort and is mostly sheltered. A significant portion of the park, including its main attractions, is either indoors or under covered pathways, ensuring a pleasant visit regardless of the weather.

How to get to River Wonders Singapore?

Accessibility is key for River Wonders. Those preferring private transport can hail a taxi or utilise the generous onsite parking. For public transit users, the nearest hub is the Khatib MRT station, from which dedicated shuttle buses transport visitors straight to the park's entrance.

Where to eat at River Wonders Singapore Zoo?

  • Starbucks: At Starbucks, you can enjoy a wide selection of coffee, fine pastries, premium teas, and other delectable treats.
  • Mama Panda Kitchen: Enjoy a fun dining experience with your family and friends at Mama Panda Kitchen. You can enjoy a feast of Chinese cuisines and signature dishes like panda pau, noodles, wok rice, and more here.

Must Checkout: Madame Tussauds Singapore Tickets

What is the distance between Singapore Zoo and River Wonders?

River Wonders is located within the Mandai Wildlife Reserve It is situated just 41 metres from the entry to the Singapore Zoo. This means you can effortlessly get to this unique attraction within the zoo in under a minute, maximising your experience.

What is so special about River Wonders?

Being Asia's first and only river-themed wildlife park, Singapore River Wonders is an exceptional attraction in the city. The park displays a profound message of the urgency to protect our fragile freshwater ecosystems, resonating with its visitors long after their departure.

How many hours to spend in River Wonders Singapore?

To truly appreciate Singapore River Wonders, you must allocate at least 3 to 4 hours. This allows ample time to delve deep into the myriad exhibits, observe the diverse animal species, and participate in interactive sessions without feeling rushed.

Why is River Wonders important to Singapore?

River Wonders holds significant value for Singapore. Beyond its status as an exclusive attraction, it underscores the nation's commitment to environmental awareness, emphasising the critical role of freshwater ecosystems and the need to champion endangered species conservation.

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Should I book my River Wonders Singapore Tickets online?

Yes, it is recommended to book your Singapore River Wonders tickets online from the comfort of your home. By booking your ticket online, you'll save time and get amazing deals and discounts. Get direct access to the attraction and avoid the hassle of standing in long lines with online River Safari booking.

Are there any discounts offered on any of the River Wonders Singapore Tickets?

Yes, you can get amazing deals and discounts on the Singapore River Wonders tickets. With an online booking system, one gets to avail different discounts and deals on various combo offers and standard tickets.

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Singapore River Safari – tickets, price, how to reach

Singapore River Safari

Singapore’s River Wonders is Asia’s first and only river-themed wildlife park. It was formerly known as the Singapore River Safari.

At this 12-hectares wildlife reserve, you explore the ecosystem of eight of the largest rivers in the World – Mississippi, Congo, Amazon, Nile, Ganges, Mary, Mekong, and the Yangtze River.

Besides these river trails, you also experience the Amazon River Quest and the Reservoir cruise – the two times you will get on a boat.

The River Safari features over 6,000 animals from 200 species, including the manatee, capybara, electric eel, and many more.

Visitors can take a leisurely boat ride along the river to see the exhibits and animals up close.

One of the main attractions at the River Safari is the Giant Panda Forest, where visitors can see the rare giant pandas Kai Kai and Jia Jia in their specially designed habitat.

In addition to the various animal exhibits, the River Safari also offers educational programs and activities for visitors of all ages.

There are guided tours, animal shows, and interactive exhibits that teach visitors about the importance of freshwater habitats and the animals that live in them.

This article covers everything you must know before booking your Singapore River Wonders tickets.

Top Singapore River Safari Tickets

# Singapore River Safari tickets

Table of contents

Singapore river safari tickets, river safari opening hours, how long does river wonders take, things to do at singapore river safari, how to get to river wonders singapore, river safari map, animals in river wonders singapore, food at river safari, singapore .

Singapore River Safari ticket

Singapore River Wonder tickets get emailed to you as soon as you make the purchase.

On the day of your visit, you can show the ticket in your email and enter the River Safari. 

If you want, you can take a printout too. 

Besides admission to the Singapore River Safari, ticket also gets you access to the Amazon River Quest boat ride and the River Cruise, if you upgrade at the venue.

You can also attend the River Talk Show.

Ticket price for tourists

Adult ticket (13+ years): S$42 Child ticket (3 to 12 years): S$30 Infant ticket (up to 2 years): Free

Ticket price for local resident 

Adult ticket (13 to 59 years): S$40 Child ticket (3 to 12 years): S$29 Senior ticket (60+ years): S$20 Infant ticket (up to 2 years): Free

Back to Top

Singapore’s River Wonders opens at 10 am and closes at 7 pm every day of the year.

The last entry to River Wonders is at 6 pm. 

Some of the exhibits at Singapore River Safari operate at different timings.

Touch Pool’s timings

River Safari Touch Pools open at 10 am and close at 6.30 pm on weekends and public holidays.

On weekdays, the animals at the Touch Pools are given a short break during the day.

The weekday timings of the Touch Pools are 10 am to 1 pm and 2.30 pm to 6.30 pm.

Amazon River Quest hours

River Safari’s Amazon River Quest is a 10-minute boat ride that starts at 11 am and goes on till 6 pm daily.

The last ride of the day is at 6 pm. 

Giant Panda Forest’s timings

River Safari’s Giant Pandas Kai Kai and Jia Jia start welcoming visitors at 10 am daily.

The climate-controlled forest remains open till 6.15 pm. 

Squirrel Monkey Forest’s hours

The Squirrel Monkey Forest opens at 10 am and closes at 6 pm daily. 

Reservoir Cruise’s operating hours

The Reservoir Cruise starts at 10.30 am, half an hour after the River Safari opens for the day. 

The 15-minute long cruises continue all through the day, till 6 pm when the last cruise sets sail. 

At 12 hectares, the River Wonders in Singapore is a moderately sized attraction. 

Eighty-five percent of the River Safari (freshwater aquariums, walk-through exhibits, etc.) must be explored on foot and rest on the Amazon River Quest boat ride.

If you are visiting with kids, spend time at each exhibit, see the animal show, dine, etc., you will need at least three hours to explore the River Wonders.

If you are a bunch of adults in a hurry, you can learn about the fascinating flora and fauna at the Singapore River Safari in two hours. 

Since River Wonders in Singapore is a unique concept, many visitors don’t know what to expect. 

Here is a list of things you get to do, see and explore at this fantastic wildlife attraction.

Rivers of the World

At this Singapore River Safari exhibit, animals and plants of some of the world’s most significant rivers are on display.

Two to three massive glass tanks are used to create the ecosystem of each of these large rivers – Mississippi, Congo, Nile, Ganges, Mary, Mekong, Yangtze, etc. and visitors walk through them as in an aquarium. 

However, as in an aquarium, these glass tanks aren’t indoors. 

These glass tanks are outdoors to ensure sunlight is abundant – to mimic the inhabitants’ natural habitat. 

Squirrel Monkey Forest

Squirrel Monkey Forest at Singapore River Safari

This exhibit is a kid favorite.

You get to see cute, adorable monkeys native to Central and South America at the Squirrel Monkey Forest.

Even though it is a dense forest, you don’t have to worry about spotting them because the Squirrel Monkeys are very curious. 

They are also known to hold hands and sit on the heads of some of the visitors. 

Since the monkeys are small and weigh only about a Kilogram (2.2 Pounds), even kids don’t mind all the attention. 

  • Amazon Flooded Forest

Amazon Flooded Forest at Singapore River Safari

During the rainy season, the banks of the river Amazon submerge in more than 10 meters (33 feet) of water. 

During such times, animals such as Manatees, Arapaimas, etc. stuff themselves with whatever they can eat. 

This hurried eating helps them build fat reserves, which allows them to tide over the dry season.

At Singapore River Safari, this scenario is re-created at the Amazon Flooded Forest.

Don’t miss the giant river otters called Carlos and Carmen.

  • Giant Panda Forest

Giant Panda Forest at Singapore River Safari

This Forest is South East Asia’s largest Panda enclosure, where both temperature and humidity are controlled to ensure the animal’s comfort.

The two Giant Pandas who live here are called Kai Kai and Jia Jia. 


They also have a unique outdoor area in case they want to experience Singapore’s tropical climate. 

Giant Panda Forest is also home to one Red Panda. 

Once Upon A River show

Once Upon A River is a brand-new interactive presentation where you learn about various animal species living in and around the Rivers. 

It is suitable for both kids and adults alike and has numerous exciting characters such as – 

  • Luke and Chewie, the Pelicans
  • Justin and Selina, the Beavers
  • Peanut, Moe and Jelly, the Capybaras
  • Perry, the Brahminy kite
  • Sam, the Oriental Pied Hornbill

This River Safari show is a fantastic opportunity for the kids to feed and touch the Capybaras, Beaver, Iguana, Pelican, and the other animals mentioned above.

Since the shows are in high demand and the seats are limited, reach the Boat Plaza 15 minutes before the scheduled show. 

It is also known as the River Safari show. 

Where: Boat Plaza Duration: 20 minutes Entry: Included in the admission ticket  Timing: 11.30, 2.30 pm*, 4.30 pm

*The mid-day show is only on weekends and public holidays 

Amazon River Quest

Amazon River Quest is Singapore River Safari’s attempt to re-create the experience of a boat expedition on the Amazon River. 

During this ten-minute ride, your boat floats through the Amazon-like jungle, and you can spot animals such as Jaguar, Brazilian Tapir, Capybara, etc. 

These boat rides start at 11 am and go on till 6 pm. 

Amazon River Quest can’t be booked online. However, if you have bought your River Wonders tickets online , you can upgrade your experience to include the Amazon River Quest.

You can book this experience for S$5 per adult and S$3 per child (3 to 12 years) at the River Safari’s Boat Plaza.


– The child must be at least 1.06 meters (3.5 feet) tall  – Expectant mothers, those with motion sickness, heart conditions, etc. can’t join the Amazon River Quest – Due to safety reasons, visitors with mobility issues can’t board this boat

Reservoir Cruise

Reservoir Cruise Singapore River Safari

Unlike the Amazon River Quest, the Reservoir Cruise is a free activity. 

The 15-minute River Safari Cruise on the scenic Upper Seletar Reservoir happens along Singapore Zoo and the Night Safari compound.

Each cruise can take up to 40 passengers, including visitors on wheelchairs. 

And since there are no height or other restrictions, everybody in the family can enjoy the Reservoir Cruise together. 

Duration: 15 minutes Time: 10.30 am to 6 pm, daily

Touch Pools

The Touch Pools at River Wonders are part of the Mary River Zone, which narrates the journey of a river as it empties itself into coastal mangrove forests before flowing into the ocean. 

Visitors can dip their hands at these Touch Pools and feel aquatic creatures such as the sea star, horseshoe crab, and other exotic fish.

This River Safari exhibit is quite popular with kids. 

Entry: Free

Weekdays : 10 am to 1 pm, 2.30 pm to 6.30 pm Weekends : 10 am to 6.30 pm

River Games for kids

These entertaining and yet educational games at River Wonders Singapore teach the kids about animals and their environment.

These games are included with the admission ticket and can be played at the Giant Panda Courtyard.

Recycle like the Otter:  This River Game aims to teach the kids about reduce, reuse, and recycle. They get to fish out recyclable materials using a fishing rod and put them in the correct recycling bin. 

Pelican’s Throat:  Kids try to find out how elastic the Pelican’s throat can be by throwing fish into it. 

Animal Memory Test:  Children must match 30 pairs of animals in 30 seconds and prove they have the kind of memory to survive in the animal world!

Match the Capybaras in weight:  This is a weighing booth, where one can find out how many people’s weight equals that of one furry rodent.

Building a Dam:  In this Game, one saves the Beavers from predators by helping them construct a dam using twigs.

The best way to reach the River Safari in Singapore is by public transport. 

River Safari’s location 

Many tourists get confused between the Singapore Zoo, Singapore Night Safari, and Singapore River Safari. 

These are three different attractions close to each other. In fact, within a few minutes walking distance of each other. 

River Safari’s entrance is adjacent to Singapore Zoo’s entry gate. 

Address:  80, Mandai Lake Road, Singapore, 729826.  Get Directions

To River Safari by MRT

If you plan to use MRT, you are in luck because five MRT stations of North South Line are around the Singapore River Safari Park.

MRT stations near Singapore River Safari

You can get down at any of these stations and catch a bus to reach the River Safari. 

From Khatib MRT , you can get onto the Mandai Khatib Shuttle to reach River Safari.

From Ang Mo Kio MRT , get on to Bus No. 138, and from Choa Chu Kang MRT you must board Bus No. 927.

From both Marsiling MRT and Woodlands MRT , Bus No. 926 can get you to the Singapore River Safari.

Bus to River Wonders

If the MRT doesn’t cover your travel, the next best option is to take a bus. 

If you are traveling from Bedok, Sengkang, or Tampines, we recommend the  Mandai Express Bus service .

The Mandai Express operates on all days of the week, including public holidays.

The adult ticket costs S$3 while kids between 3 to 12 years of age pay only S$1. 

Some of the other bus services you can use to get to Water Safari, Singapore are  Safari Gate Buses .

Driving to Singapore River Safari

If you are in the city center, a 30-minutes drive can get you to the Singapore River Safari.

You can either take the Central Expressway (CTE) or Pan Island Expressway (PIE).  Get Directions

Taxis also follow the same route and will cost you approximately S$22. 

The River Safari shares its parking slot with the Singapore Zoo and the Night Safari. 

There are two parking areas – one is a covered car park while the second is an open-air parking space and there are enough slots. 

The parking charges at Singapore River Safari work out cheaper if you are carrying a cash card.

First 10 minutes: Free Next 1 hour: S$3 per hour Every additional hour: S$2 per hour

We recommend you look at the River Safari Map and plan your itinerary before your visit. 

To use this map while exploring the River Safari, bookmark this page. 

Singapore River Safari Map

Carrying the Singapore River Safari’s layout is even more necessary if you are traveling with kids.

With an exhaustive map you won’t waste your time looking for the numerous animal exhibits, and in the process get exhausted.

Besides the exhibits, this Singapore River Wonders’s map also points out visitor services such as food kiosks, Cool Zones, First Aid centers, etc.

The River Safari in Singapore is home to 6000 animals across 200 species and 400+ plant species.

More than 20% of the animal species present at the River Safari are believed to be on their way to extinction. 

These River Safari animals occupy over 11 Zones. 

  • Wild Amazonia
  • Yangtze River
  • Ganges River
  • Mississippi River
  • River Wonders
  • Congo River
  • Mekong River

Some of the River Safari animals are more popular than others. We list them below – 

Alligator Snapping Turtle, Electric Eel, Giant Freshwater Stingray, Giant Panda, Giant River Otter, Green Anaconda, Indian Gharial, Manatee, Mekong Giant Catfish, Red Panda, Red-bellied Piranhas, Squirrel Monkeys, etc. 

Singapore River Safari has two dining options – 

Mama Panda Kitchen

Mama Panda Kitchen is in the Giant Panda Forest and is open from 10.30 am to 6.30 pm, daily. 

It offers Chinese cuisine, and some of its signature dishes are Panda Pau, Wok Rice, Noodles, etc. 

If you are traveling with kids, it’s a perfect stopover because they also offer kids meal. 

For S$18 you can order a Set Meal including the main course, desserts, and a drink. 

Starbucks is at the Entrance Plaza and offers excellent coffee and tea and premium pastries and other treats. 

It is open from 8 am to 7 pm. 

For more dining options, check out the numerous restaurants at the main entrance of Singapore Zoo, which is a few minutes away by walk. 

Sources # # # The travel specialists at use only high-quality sources while researching & writing their articles. We make every attempt to keep our content current, reliable and trustworthy .

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River Safari

The River Safari is a river-themed zoo and aquarium located in Singapore. It is built over 12 hectares (30 acres) and nestled between its two counterparts, the Singapore Zoo and the Night Safari. One of the main attractions is a pair of male and female giant pandas – Kai Kai and Jia Jia – which are housed in a specially constructed climate-controlled enclosure which change throughout the four seasons emulating their original environment.

The park features a boat ride called the Amazon River Quest. It features over 30 wildlife species from the Amazon River.

A 15-minute River Safari Cruise on the Upper Seletar Reservoir, will travel along the outskirts of Singapore Zoo and the Night Safari compound, which border on the reservoir, giving visitors a chance to spot animals including giraffes and Asian elephants

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Lifestyle & Travel Blog

River Safari Review: Exploring the Wonders of River Safari Singapore

By Derek | Updated on 7 Mar 2024.

river safari weather

We visited River Safari Singapore to experience river wildlife and most importantly to visit the lovely Singaporean pandas – Kai Kai, Jia Jia, and Le Le. It had been so long since I last visited Singapore Zoo! If I remembered correctly, my last visit was when I did a part time gig as a waiter during my school days. In this post on River Safari review, let me share with you everything you need to know before visiting River Safari in Singapore.

River Safari is Asia’s first and only river-themed wildlife park.

About River Safari Singapore

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River Safari Singapore  (河川生态园) is the first river-themed zoo and aquarium in Singapore. With over 12 hectares in size, it is nestled between Singapore Zoo & Singapore Night Safari. One of the most popular and main attraction of River Safari is the Giant Panda Forest (featuring Kai Kai & Jia Jia) which was opened to the public in late november 2012.

River Safari Review

We had our lunch at Ang Mio Kio S11 hawker centre before taking bus 138 from Ang Mo Kio MRT. The journey took just around 20 minutes. When you alighted at the bus stop, follow the signboard and you will reach River Safari Singapore’s entrance after a 5 minutes walk.


River Wonders showcases a huge diversity of life in rivers: Mississippi River, Congo River,  River Nile, Ganges River, Mary River, Mekong River & Yangtze River.

River wonders is quite similar to SEA aquarium and underwater world in Sentosa. You can see huge aquariums featuring different species. It’s pretty impressive.

Photo 2 7 16 12 45 16 PM

After the river wonders, we visited the Giant Panda Forest to see Kai Kai & Jia Jia. When we reached, there was already a queue. After a short briefing by the staff on the not-dos, we went in. The climate-controlled biodome is air conditioned and it’s very cooling. The weather is super hot and we were so glad.

Do you know an adult panda eats about 20kg of bamboo a day? That’s roughly about the weight of 100 bowl a rice!

Just when we went in, we saw the Red Panda (also known as firefox) climbing around on the tree. The size of the red panda is slightly larger than a domestic cat. It has a fox-like face with a rust colored fur. It was said that it is the original panda being discovered around 50 years before the giant panda.


Kai Kai was sleeping #likeaboss in the open space. Unfortunately, we only had a glimpse of Jia Jia in the CCTV. Unlike Kai Kai who is more outgoing, Jia Jia is a little shy and retiring and prefers to be in her private quarters most of the time!

Photo 2 7 16 3 08 26 PM

Kai Kai & Jia Jia are on a 10-year loan from the Chinese government to mark 20 years of close ties between Singapore and China.

It’s surprising to learn that Kai Kai & Jia Jia’s favorite food are apples & carrots! Well, I thought panda love bamboos only.


Next, we embarked on the boat adventure to experience the different lives in the amazing Amazon river. The ticket for amazon river quest cost $5 per adult ticket and the boat journey is around 10 minutes. (Pretty short IMO)

Watch the latest Amazon River Quest experience by Jens & the Henry’s

The Amazon River is the second longest river in the world and the world’s largest river by volume of waterflow.

Some of the animals you can see are the Jaguar, Brazilian Tapir and Giant Anteater!

amazon river

After the Amazon river, we took the river safari cruise. It’s a Saturday and the queue was extremely long. We waited for nearly 35 minutes before we got our chance to board the cruise. The weather is extremely hot recently and we were sweating like hell. The river safari cruise is non-ticketed and free for all admission. Basically, the cruise will take your around the perimeter of the River Safari, explaining the various species of wildlife you may see along the way. I do feel that the river cruise isn’t worth the wait, but nevertheless, it’s our first time in river safari so we should at least experience it.


Finally, we went to try out the popular Panda buns in Mama Panda Kitchen (熊猫妈妈小吃). We also ordered a few soft drinks to quench our thirst! Well, the panda buns tasted pretty common, though it is “instagram-worthy”.


Click here to download the high res map.

  • Bring umbrellas and your water bottles along.
  • For amazon river quest, you may get wet if you are seated in the first row.
  • Giant Panda Forest queue may be very long from 11.30am – 12.30pm. Skip the peak period!
  • Don’t miss the river talk and feeding session show (11am & 4pm) at the Amazon Square (Just outside entrance of Amazon river quest).

FAQs on Visiting River Safari Singapore

The River Safari is a unique wildlife park in Singapore that focuses on showcasing aquatic and terrestrial animals from various river habitats around the world. It’s a part of Wildlife Reserves Singapore and offers a chance to explore diverse ecosystems in a single location.

The River Safari is situated at 80 Mandai Lake Road, Singapore 729826. It’s located near the Singapore Zoo and Night Safari, making it convenient to visit all three attractions in one day.

You can observe a wide range of aquatic creatures including river otters, giant pandas, manatees, piranhas, giant freshwater stingrays, and various fish species. The park is divided into zones representing different river habitats like the Amazon, Mississippi, and Mekong.

The duration of your visit can vary, but on average, visitors spend around 2 to 3 hours exploring the park. You might want to allocate more time if you plan to see all the exhibits, attend shows, or take part in additional activities.

Yes, there are various animal presentations and feeding sessions scheduled throughout the day. Some highlights include the Amazon River Quest boat ride, where you can observe animals from the Amazon rainforest, and the Giant Panda Forest, home to giant pandas Kai Kai and Jia Jia.

Yes, you can purchase tickets online in advance through the official River Safari website or other authorized ticketing platforms. This is recommended, especially during peak tourist seasons, to ensure your entry.

Yes, the River Safari is family-friendly and offers an educational and entertaining experience for visitors of all ages. Children often enjoy the animal exhibits, interactive displays, and special programs designed just for them.

Yes, the River Safari has various dining options ranging from casual to more elaborate dining experiences. You can find cafes, snack kiosks, and restaurants offering a variety of cuisines.

Yes, photography for personal use is generally allowed throughout the park. However, there might be restrictions in certain areas or during animal presentations to ensure the safety and well-being of the animals.

Yes, the park is designed to be accessible for visitors with mobility challenges. Wheelchairs and strollers are available for rent at the entrance on a first-come, first-served basis.

Opening hours – 10:00AM to 7:00PM.  For ticketing information, click here .

Address:  80 Mandai Lake Rd, Singapore 729826

If you are taking public transport:

Choa Chu Kang MRT – Take bus 927 Ang Mo Kio MRT – Take bus 138 Marsiling/Woodlands MRT – Take bus 926 (Only operational in weekends & public holidays)

river safari weather

Written by Derek

Learning to be a dad. Works in tech, blogs part time for fun @

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What to see at Singapore’s River Safari

What to see at Singapore’s River Safari

Singapore’s River Safari is located next to the Singapore Zoo and also administered by Wildlife Reserves Singapore. It is the first and only river themed wildlife park in all of Asia. The River Safari is situated upon 12 hectares on the Upper Selator Reservoir and is home to over 240 species of both land and aquatic animals.

River Safari entrance sign.

While the River Safari is nowhere near as large as the Zoo next door, the park serves as a great add-on to a trip to Singapore Zoo, both due to the proximity of the attractions, and their relative distance from the rest of the city. If you’re interested in exploring Singapore’s wildlife parks in one day, head to the River Safari after spending a half day at Singapore Zoo, before finishing up at the Night Safari. The parks are literally all next door to each other.

  • Want to know more about the Singapore Zoo? Click HERE .
  • Not sure how best to spend your time in Singapore? Check out my three day Singapore itinerary HERE .

Looking out across the bridge connecting both sides of the River Safari.

  • Where? 80 Mandai Lake Road, Singapore 729826.
  • When? Open daily from 10AM – 7PM.
  • How much? Single admission to the River Safari is $36.00 SGD (adults)/$24.00 SGD (children). There are discounts available if you pre-purchase a Park Hopper ticket which allows you to visit the other attractions run by Wildlife Reserves Singapore within 7 days of your visit. For more details, see HERE .
  • How to get there? The River Safari is unfortunately not well connected to the city by Singapore’s efficient MRT service. I recommend getting a taxi or GRAB (about 30 minutes away from the city). Alternatively, a shuttle operates from the Khatib MRT station on the North-South Line.
  • Website:

Map of the River Safari.

How long to spend at the River Safari

The River Safari can be toured within around 2 hours. As mentioned above, it works best combined with a trip to the Singapore Zoo and/or Night Safari. Most of the exhibits in the River Safari are undercover, making it a good choice for the afternoon (Singapore showers and all that!).

Flamingos visible from the Amazon River Quest.

What is there to see at the River Safari?

The River Safari is made up of a number of zones, each representing different global river ecosystems. Unlike Singapore Zoo, your progression through the River Safari is quite linear, so you shouldn’t have much trouble seeing all of the exhibits. Lets now break down the areas of the River Safari one by one so that you can get an idea of what to expect when you visit.

Jaguar from the Amazon River Quest.

1. Rivers of the World

You’ll enter the River Safari through the Rivers of the World trail. In this section of the park, you’ll walk past a number of fresh water exhibits, each representing a different river and its distinct biodiversity. This serves as a great introduction to the river ecosystem, highlighting the immense amount of life found under the water’s surface around the world.

Fish from around the world on display at the River Safari's Rivers of the World.

As you explore the Rivers of the World, you’ll travel to the following destinations:

  • Mississippi River (USA): Bring on the alligators as you experience the fourth largest river system in the world. The Mississippi River is home to 25% of North America’s fish species. Unique species that you might find here include the common snapping turtle and the alligator gar, a prehistoric river monster that dates back to over 100 million years on earth.
  • Congo River (Central Africa): Also known as the Zaire River, this body of water in Central Africa is the deepest in the world. While its surface is covered by rapids and waterfalls, under the water is a world of tranquility where you’ll find species such as the African dwarf crocodile.
  • River Nile (North-East Africa): The longest river in the world, and the lifeblood of Ancient Egypt, the River Nile today empties the East African Great Lakes into the Mediterranean. In this exhibit you’ll see native species such as the Tigerfish and Giraffe Catfish.
  • Ganges River (India): Flowing through India and Bangladesh, this river is sacred to those of the Hindu faith, being worshipped as the Goddess of Creation. Traversing 2,500 kilometres, the Ganges is home to the critically endangered Indian Gharial, the longest species of crocodile on earth.
  • Mary River (Australia): Heading back to my home country, the Mary Catchment is a major river system in North-Eastern Australia. This river is home to the ancient Australian lungfish which have an average lifespan of a century.
  • Mekong River (South-East Asia) : Aside from the Amazon (which has its own exhibit elsewhere in the park), the Mekong River is the second most populous river system in the world in terms of aquatic life. While its only the world’s tenth largest river, its the most productive. The Giant Siamese Carp and Giant Catfish are just two of the freshwater species that keep being discovered in this region.
  • Yangtze River (China) : Asia’s longest river is deeply intertwined with the history of China and contains some of the most critically endangered species on the planet. Rare lifeforms such as the Yangtze Alligator and Giant Salamander can be found here.

There's always a bigger fish at the River Safari.

2. Giant Panda Forest

Continuing on from the Yangtze River, the next part of the River Safari keeps the focus on China. The Giant Panda Forest is probably the most popular exhibit at the River Safari. Inside this bio-dome is the largest Panda exhibit in South East Asia, and is home to a pair of the critically endangered Giant Pandas. Named Kai Kia and Jia Jia, these two Pandas are on loan from the Chinese government (as I discovered all Giant Pandas in zoos around the world are) and are incredibly popular among guests to the Safari. The climate controlled bamboo forest in which you’ll find the two Giant Pandas lazing around is also home to the tree-dwelling Red Pandas. Spend some time admiring these beautiful animals here (and take a break from the humid air outside in the process).

Giant Panda in the River Safari's Panda Forest.

Outside the Panda Exhibit, you can also get a quick bite at the Mama Panda Kitchen before continuing your journey along the river.

Red Pandas in the treetops of the River Safari's Panda enclosure.

3. Reservoir Cruise

As you say goodbye to the Pandas, you’ll cross the river to the Boat Plaza. Here you can take a moment to relax and board a boat for a quick (15 minute) cruise out onto the Upper Seletar Reservoir. There’s no extra charge to go on this cruise and its a good way to break up your time exploring the animal exhibits at the River Safari. You might even get a view at the back of some of the exhibits at the Singapore Zoo next door before cruising out further to become immersed in the scenic environment of natural beauty.

View from the Reservoir Cruise.

On busy days, you may need to time your arrival here, but I was able to pretty much walk onto the boat rather than stand in line.

Mangroves from the River Safari Reservoir Cruise.

4. Amazon River Quest

If one boat ride wasn’t enough for you, the River Safari has a second one. This one isn’t included in your admission, but tickets are only an extra $5.00 SGD (adults) and can be purchased at Boat Plaza. This attraction is actually like a theme park ride in that you board a boat and are swept along a track, symbolising a journey along the Amazon River. There’s a few short drops but its very tame. From your boat, you’ll see the jungle come to life around you as you pass enclosures of animals native to the world’s largest river, including jaguars, tapirs, capybaras and flamingos. You’ll have to look carefully to see some of the animals as they camouflage with the surroundings as your boat moves past, but that’s all part of the adventure.

Aboard the Amazon River Quest boat ride.

The Amazon River Quest is a lot of fun and adds a unique element of exploration to the River Safari. Don’t miss it when you visit. Its well worth the additional cost.

Tapirs from the Amazon River Quest.

4. Squirrel Monkey Forest

The Squirrel Monkey Forest is a large walk-through dedicated to the most populous monkey in the Amazon rainforest. These highly curious monkeys spend most of their lives in the rainforest canopy, but as you explore this exhibit you’ll get up close and personal with them as they roam around you. If you time your visit right, you might be able to join a guided walk with a zookeeper around the enclosure to learn more about these active creatures.

Squirrel monkeys in the treetops at the River Safari.

5. Amazon Flooded Forest Floor

The last part of the River Safari takes you away from the tree-tops to the submerged forest floor of the Amazon. The Amazon river is flooded for six months of the year, resulting in up to ten metres of water covering the forest floor. This unique ecosystem is replicated here in the world’s largest freshwater aquarium exhibit.


While venturing through this exhibit, you’ll see species such as the red bellied piranha, electric eel, arapaima (largest freshwater fish in South America) and giant river otter. The highlight though is undoubtedly the gigantic manatees. Also known as sea cows, these herbivorous marine mammals can weigh around 600kg and feed on sea plants and mangrove leaves for six to eight hours a day. The manatee has an incredibly complex digestive system (taking about a week to digest a single meal), with the creatures intestines giving it its bloated appearance.

More manatees.

If you really want to splurge, you can even take the Manatee Mania tour ($118 SGD per adult) for a chance to really get up close with these incredible animals, however the main exhibit that you’ll go through when finishing up your River Safari experience provides a large area where you can sit and admire them from afar.

Manatees galore.

Shows at the River Safari

While I didn’t get the chance to see it during my visit, the River Safari also hosts the Once Upon a River Story presentation multiple times a day. This show highlights the important relationship that the animals living in river ecosystems have with their aquatic environment and provides opportunities to get an up-close look at some of these animals in the process. The show generally runs at 11.30AM and 4.30AM each day and is located near Boat Plaza.

Wrapping Up

After visiting the River Safari, its inevitable that you will compare it to the Singapore Zoo and Night Safari. If you don’t have time to do all three of these attractions, this is definitely the one to skip. With that said, I still enjoyed my visit. The River Safari provides a unique mix between a zoo and aquarium and I can’t say I’ve been to a wildlife park like this one before. As I’ve said multiple times in this post, I view the River Safari as an ‘add-on’ to the Singapore Zoo experience. I wouldn’t make the trip out to the city’s outer reaches just for the River Safari, but along with the other attractions here, its a great way to spend part of your day. Besides, pandas and manatees are awesome. Now, grab a coffee out front and head over to the Night Safari.

Squirrel monkeys hiding in the foliage.

  • Kale by

Prepare Travel Plans

River Wonders (River Safari) Singapore Review & How to Go Guide

River Safari Singapore Review and Guide

The River Wonders , or previously known as River Safari is a river-themed wildlife park in Singapore with distinct animal zones. Plus, it comes with a riverboat ride and reservoir cruise for a unique kind of adventure.

I visited the park, together with my wife and kid, just recently. And our trip was undeniably memorable and entertaining.

In my River Wonders Singapore (formerly known as River Safari Singapore) review , I will share our personal experiences during our visit as well as the animals in each zone .

In addition, I will provide you with information and tips on how to go to River Wonders (River Safari) Singapore by MRT and Bus .

So, without any delay, here’s everything you need to know about this popular destination.

  • What Animals You Can See at River Safari Singapore

1. Giant Panda Forest

2. wild amazonia, 3. amazon flooded forest, 4. mekong river, 5. mary river, 6. nile river, 7. mississippi river, 8. yangtze river, 9. congo river, 10. ganges river, 11. river gems, once upon a river (show), reservoir cruise.

  • Where to Eat at River Safari

Visitor Information and Ticket Prices

  • Where to Go after River Safari
  • How to Go to River Safari Singapore

Related Posts

What animals you can see at river wonders (river safari) singapore.

River Safari Singapore

River Safari Singapore is the home to over 6,000 animals , including 40 threatened species .

There are 11 zones for you to explore and 1 amazing show for you to look forward to.

The highlight in the park are the giant pandas . On top of that, you’ll also see some Caribbean flamingos, jaguars, manatees, capybaras, pelicans, electric eels, and alligators.

During our trip, we went through all zones and also watched the show.

I will include some of the photos we took in each zone so you’ll have an idea of the animals there (make sure to check out below).

And if you want to know other must-visit places, don’t worry. Get ideas from my suggested five days itinerary for Singapore and 47 top places to go in Singapore so you can plan your dream trip.

Jia Jia Panda

Giant Panda Forest is definitely the most anticipated zone at River Safari Singapore. You can’t miss these fluffy creatures roaming around their habitat.

Giant pandas like Jia Jia loves to eat bamboo. In fact, they can consume at least 28 pounds every day!

Kai Kai Panda

Here is Kai Kai, having the time of his life hanging around the tree.

If you can’t find him eating bamboos or climbing trees, he is most likely rolling on the ground.

Red Panda

Red Pandas, on the other hand, are quite notable because of their colors. Instead of the usual black and white, they have brown, black, and white fur combination.

But just like giant pandas, they love eating bamboos and climbing around.

Wild Amazonia is one of the most popular River Safari attractions. It offers two unique zones for you to explore.

The first one is the Amazon River Quest, which is a captivating river cruise. The second one is the Squirrel Monkey Forest.

i. Amazon River Quest

Jaguar, Black Howler Monkey, Bearded Saki, and Emperor Tamarin

The Amazon River Quest is one of the most memorable zones in Wild Amazonia. This river ride offers you a fantastic water escapade.

Brown-tufted Capuchins and Spider Monkeys

Catch these monkey species dangling on the trees. Because of their structure, they can easily hang and jump from one branch to another.

Collared Peccary, Giant Anteater, Coatimundis, Brazilian Tapir, and Capybaras

Aside from monkey species, you’ll also see some giant anteaters and collared peccaries during the boat ride features.

Other distinct animals in this section are Brazilian tapir, coatimundis, and capybaras.

Caribbean Flamingos and Scarlet Ibis

Also present are the ever-vibrant and eye-catching Caribbean flamingos and scarlet ibis. These give them the reputation of being the brightest bird species.

ii. Squirrel Monkey Forest

Squirrel Monkeys and Saki Monkeys

Another nice place to tour around River Safari is the Squirrel Monkey Forest.

In this area, you’ll spot some squirrel monkeys that are known for their vibrant colors.

The Saki Monkeys, on the other hand, have the most distinct face among all other monkeys. It’s because the color of their face differs from their entire body.

Little Capybara

If you love the adorable Capybara on your Amazon River Quest, you have another chance to see them again here.

Because of their appearance and size, these cute animals look like puppies!


Amazon Flooded Forest is another top-notch zone in River Safari.

Here, you will meet many sea animals, particularly the manatees, or the sea cows.

These large mammals weigh around 600 kgs. Despite their immense size, manatees are mainly slow, plant-eaters.

And, they just prefer swimming in shallow waters and lazing around.


You will also see arapaimas, which are known for their super scaly bodies and pointed head.

As one of the world’s biggest freshwater fishes, they can reach as much as 9 ft wide and weigh up to 200 kgs.

Giant River Otter

The Giant River Otters are heavier and bigger compared to typical otters. They follow an amphibious lifestyle, wherein they can easily adapt to both water and land.

And it’s not hard to find them as they often relax on the ground or sometimes on the river stream.

Electric Eels, Blue Discus Fishes, Altum Angelfish, and Red Oscars

Did you know that electric eels are actually not eels but rather knifefish?

They have electric organs that create dangerous discharges to sting their prey.

Aside from these slimy creatures, you’ll also catch a glimpse of different fish species. These include blue discus fishes, altum angelfish, and red oscars.

And if you’re a die-hard fan of sea creatures, you shouldn’t miss the SEA Aquarium. This place is a massive underwater world located in Sentosa Island.

Simply refer to my article of SEA Aquarium Singapore for relevant information and tips about this place.

Mekong Giant Catfishes and Giant Freshwater Stingrays

Mekong River is the home to the Mekong Giant Catfish. Just so you know, this massive freshwater fish is already considered an endangered species.

Studies show that there are only around 100 remaining of these rare fishes.

So, if you spot this huge creature, be sure to appreciate them before they’re gone forever.

Crab-eating Macaques, Painted Storks, Eurasian Spoonbill, and Rufous Night Heron

Surprisingly, the Mekong River isn’t just for catfishes and stingrays. It also has an impressive collection of distinct-looking animals like the crab-eating macaques.

They even have painted storks, Eurasian spoonbill, and rufous night heron.

Chocolate Chip Sea Stars and Horseshoe Crabs

At Mary River , you get to meet and interact with some sea stars and horseshoe crabs. This is fun activity that you should try during your River Wonders/River Safari trip.

Both chocolate chip sea stars and horseshoe crab are very fascinating to look at because of their shapes.

Australian Lungfishes and Mudskippers

Australian Lungfishes are highly interesting because of their exceptional breathing feature.

These slow-paced creatures who love deep waters can breathe air using only one lung!

On contrary, mudskippers are the only fish species that can walk on lands! These amphibious creatures look like a fish with some frog-like characteristics.

Goliath Tiger Fish

Get amazed by various fish species in the Nile River . In this section, you will notice the massive goliath tiger fishes.

These freshwater fishes are famous for their razor-like teeth and muscular body. Because of their physical features, they are one of the river’s ultimate predators.

African Arowanas and Nile Perches

As you continue with your tour, you will get a glimpse of the African arowanas. These creatures have an elongated body with huge yet almost proportionate scales.

Additionally, you will have the chance to meet some Nile perches.

These are freshwater fishes who love warm waters. They feed on different fishes, insects, mollusks, and even smaller perches.

Alligator Gar

Another must-visit section in River Safari Singapore is the Mississippi River .

This is where you’ll see alligator gars, alligator snapping turtles, and common snapping turtles.

The alligator gars are quite eye-catching because of its alligator and fish features.

These creatures are also considered one of the longest-living freshwater fishes in the world.

Sturgeons and Yangtze Alligators

Yangtze River is the habitat of sturgeon fishes. These ancient creatures commonly live in rivers, coastlines, and lakes.

You can easily identify them because of their sharp-edge bodies and long snouts.

Yangtze alligators are recognized for their rock-like body structure. They often swim in the water or spend time hiding around the rocks.

African Dwarf Crocodile

At Congo River , you will come across the African dwarf crocodiles. These reptiles grow up to 5 ft. long, making them one of the smallest crocodilians in the world.

They have a small, bony structure that allows them to climb easily on lower tree branches.

Blue Cichlid, Lemon Cichlid, Tanganyikan Butterfly Cichlid, and Large Spot Catfish

Aside from crocodiles, this place also has a lot of colorful fishes from the cichlid species. These are the blue cichlid, lemon cichlid, Tanganyikan butterfly cichlid.

There are also large spot catfishes swimming around.

Indian Golden Mahseers and Clown Knifefishes

Continue with your tour at Ganges River . This is the place where you’ll find the big-mouth Indian golden mahseers.

The clown knifefishes also occupy a part of this zone. Both species have special physical characteristics that make them stand out.

Fahaka Pufferfish

River Gems houses a couple of fahaka pufferfishes. Just like other puffers, these creatures inflate themselves when they sense danger.

Generally, they just feed on snails and freshwater mussels

Other fishes in this particular River Safari Singapore zone are cardinal tetras and black phantom tetras.

On top of that, there are also rummy-nose tetras and rainbow sharks.

Once Upon A River Show

Once Upon A River showcases the talents of the animals at River Safari. This animal presentation runs for 20 minutes.

And, it highlights the skills of capybaras, pelicans, ball python, and hedgehog.

All these creatures got their own set of charms to captivate the crowd.

At the end of the show, you’ll gain valuable knowledge about these animals. Not only that but you’ll also get a chance to meet them up-close!


The hornbills are also in the spotlight because of their smartness. Plus, their laugh is very unique and contagious.

Monday to Friday: 11:30 AM and 4:30 PM

Saturday to Sunday and Public Holidays: 11:30 AM, 2:30 PM and 4:30 PM

Reservoir Cruise

In between animal encounters and interactive shows, you can squeeze in the 15-minute Reservoir Cruise .

Enjoy this scenic water journey with your family and friends and fall in love with nature even more.

As it sails around the Seletar reservoir, don’t forget to take photos of the beautiful landscapes around.

And conveniently, this is a wheelchair-friendly cruise that can cater up to 40 persons in one trip.

Where to Eat at River Wonders (River Safari)

Mama Panda Kitchen

Take your lunch at Mama Panda Kitchen Restaurant inside the River Safari park.

This is the only dining spot in the park, which is just beside the viewing Panda area.

This fast-food restaurant is unique because of its panda-themed food and bamboo-framed photos.

However, the restaurant is quite crowded during lunchtime.

To avoid the waiting game and skip the long queues, you can take your lunch earlier or later.

The best time to go to the restaurant is either 11:30 AM in the morning or 2:00 PM in the afternoon.

Mama Panda Kitchen Menu

Mama Panda Kitchen’s menu largely consists of Chinese dishes. They have ramen, steamed buns, wanton, and wok rice.

In addition, they have western selection that includes seafood basket and roasted chicken. And for dessert, they serve fresh fruit cups and almond chocolate profiteroles.

Our visit to River Wonders Singapore (previously known as River Safari) was definitely a great experience.

We enjoyed touring around each zone and meeting different animals.

We recommend that you prioritize Giant Panda Forest and Amazon River Quest boat ride . It’s because these 2 attractions are the most popular at River Safari.

During our trip, we started around 3:00 PM in the afternoon and spent 3 hours inside the park.

A tip when visiting the park is to bring your own drinking bottle. There are free water dispensers near the washroom to refill your water bottles.

Make sure you also bring a mosquito repellent, hats, and sunblock.

Also, we bought our River Safari tickets online and actually saved money .

Not only that but we also entered the park conveniently. It’s because we just presented the soft copy of our tickets at the entrance of the park.

To wrap it up, this famous river-them zoo is highly recommended to anyone who wants to have a fun-filled adventure with the animals.

Opening Hours: 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM (Last Admission at 6:00 PM)

Normal Ticket Prices: Adult: SGD $41 Child (3 to 12): SGD $24 *Included Amazon River Quest Boat Ride

Money Saving Tips: To save money and get speedy access to the park, buy your tickets online here .

Address: 80 Mandai Lake Road, Singapore 729826

Official Website:

Where to Go after River Wonders (River Safari)

Are you done with your River Safari Singapore tour?

You can explore Singapore Zoo or Night Safari right after because these two are just a 1-2 minute walk from River Safari.

1. Singapore Zoo

river safari weather

Explore this popular animal park together with your loved ones. This place comes with distinct animal zones as well as spectacular shows for everyone.

Just see here for a complete guide to Singapore Zoo and review and start kicking off with your plans.

2. Night Safari

river safari weather

Have a unique encounter with the wild animals at Night Safari. As the world’s first night zoo, this place provides you with an unforgettable animal experience.

Here are my tips for visiting Night Safari and review that are very helpful when planning.

Other than Singapore Zoo and Night Safari, Sentosa Island is also a great place to visit for nonstop adventures.

Here, you can explore some family-friendly beaches, try different outdoor activities, or simply enjoy the views.

Find out more about this destination in my super detailed guide on what to do in Sentosa .

If you’re planning to travel to Bangkok, there’s also a famous zoo that should be part of your itinerary. Get more information about this place in my detailed Safari World Bangkok article and start plotting your plans now.

How to Go to River Wonders (River Safari) Singapore

Mandai Khatib Shuttle Bus

There’s no MRT station near River Safari Singapore. But there’s nothing to feel sad because you can easily reach the river-themed wildlife park by MRT then bus.

Basically, there are 3 easy ways to go there and let me show you in details below.

1. By MRT and Mandai Khatib Shuttle

To get to River Safari Singapore, you can take the Mandai Khatib Shuttle from Exit A of Khatib MRT Station .

The bus runs every 20 minutes from 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM (Monday to Wednesday) and 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM (Thursday to Sunday).

This is a direct bus go to River Safari in 15 minutes and it costs SGD $1 only.

Kindly take note that the bus only accept EZ-link or NETS Flash card without accepting Cash.

2. By Bus 138

Another method to reach River Safari is to take the bus 138 from Ang Mo Kio Bus Terminal.

The service runs every 8 to 14 minutes from 6:30 AM to 11:45 PM. The one-way ticket costs SGD $1.64 (via EZ-link or NETS Flash card)/ SGD $2.50 (via Cash).

It takes around 39 minutes to reach River Safari.

To reach Ang Mo Kio bus terminal, you can take the North South Line to Ang Mo Kio MRT Station. From there, you go out the Exit C which will give you direct access to Ang Mo Kio Bus Terminal.

Take a taxi to River Safari Singapore is the easiest way but it can be expensive. If you plan to take a taxi, you can ride it from Exit A of Khatib MRT Station.

It costs about SGD $13 and you’ll reach there in 10 to 15 minutes.

5 Days in Singapore Itinerary, A Brand New Travel Guide

Singapore Itinerary: The Best 5 Day Trip for You to Copy It

Canopy Park at Jewel Changi Airport

Canopy Park at Jewel Changi Airport: A Detailed Guide

Best Places to Visit in Singapore

47 Best Places to Visit in Singapore

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Dania Experiences

Travel • food • lifestyle, review: river safari/wonders, mandai wildlife reserve (singapore).

River Safari recently underwent a name change to River Wonders as part of a corporate rebranding move , so for consistency, I’ll be referring to River Safari as River Wonders from here on out! This wildlife park is one of four (soon to be five) parks managed by the Mandai Wildlife Group , with a river theme and greater focus on aquatic animals. The open-dated tickets my husband and I bought from Traveloka included entry to both River Wonders as well as the Singapore Zoo. It was flexible in that we could visit each park on a different day, as long as both visits were within 7 days of each other. However, given the fact that we’re both working folks, that flexibility didn’t exactly apply to us so I planned a packed but doable itinerary to cover both parks in a day. Unfortunately, God had other plans and literally rained on our parade shortly after we arrived so we had to make spontaneous adjustments. That also meant that we could only visit River Wonders as the Singapore Zoo is largely unsheltered, rendering that option untenable (no matter since my workplace provides complimentary corporate zoo passes). Thank goodness the plan was to start the day at River Wonders anyway!

Walkway leading to the River Safari/Wonders entrance

  • 1-day entry tickets to River Wonders and Singapore Zoo
  • Spent: SGD$60 (for 2 tickets)

The animals are more or less sorted into zones of rivers or forests where their species can be found but it became rather perplexing as it wasn’t very clear when one zone ended and another began. So I’ll just string together some highlights of the animals which I found pretty interesting (: We spent the most time at the Amazon Flooded Forest’s otter and manatee habitats as there was something magical about watching these graceful creatures glide through the waters. Two of the otters were frolicking and chasing each other, zooming overhead as we stood beneath them in an underwater tunnel (video here !). During the manatees’ feeding time, it was quite amusing to see them swimming around with poop hanging off their undersides. On a sweeter note, I managed to take a video of one manatee “hugging” another, awww ❤

An otter lying on the banks of its habitat at River Safari/Wonders' Amazon Flooded Forest

At the Squirrel Monkey Forest, it was really cool how we got to get so up close and personal with animals like the squirrel monkeys and Azara’s agoutis. No barriers, no glass, just us walking along the same paths in the same space as them. While a staff was handing out food to these guys, I spotted a cheeky squirrel monkey snatching food from a helpless agouti, who had no means of fighting back! Poor fella ): In the event of rain and lightning, note that this zone will be closed.

A squirrel monkey in a tree at River Safari/Wonders' Squirrel Monkey Forest

Over at the Mekong River zone, I was blown away by the sheer size of the giant catfish there! At first glance from far, they didn’t appear that humongous but it was a totally different story when we stood in front of the glass tank. I’d never seen such a big fish in real life, only those on Wicked Tuna heh.

Mekong giant catfish at at River Safari/Wonders

An undeniable must-see here are the super cute pandas at the Giant Panda Forest. It was a bummer that mummy Jia Jia was nursing baby Le Le in the maternity ward during our visit so we could only see daddy Kai Kai lazing out on a rock. Not forgetting the adorable red pandas too! They were perched quite high up on the trees so it was tough to get a proper view of them. Even if you don’t fancy pandas that much, this is still a great place to cool off and seek respite from the heat as it’s fully air-conditioned to maintain a suitable climate for them.

Giant panda Kai Kai lazing on a rock at River Safari/Wonders' Giant Panda Forest

If you’re feeling hungry, your only two options within the park are Starbucks (located at the entrance) and Mama Panda Kitchen (located at the Giant Panda Forest), which serves up chinese cuisine. Deciding to have lunch at the latter and wait out the rain there, we ordered chicken zha jiang mian ($12.90), chicken cutlet ramen ($12.90), a panda chocolate custard pau ($2.90) and a root beer float ($6.90). Portion sizes were not too bad but the food was terribly bland. I even found a short strand of hair in my soup, nasty. The only saving grace of this meal was the fluffy panda pau with its creamy chocolate custard. As with most theme park food, prices were on the expensive side, making this meal totally not value for money. Pack your own food if you can.

Seating area in Mama Panda Kitchen at River Safari/Wonders' Giant Panda Forest

Right after lunch, we made a beeline for the Amazon River Quest as it was closed earlier due to the rain. This ticketed boat ride goes in a loop and brings you past various animal habitats along the way. Thankfully, the staggering queue for this ride moved fairly quickly even though the board indicated a wait time of 20 minutes. There are 3 mild roller-coaster-ish slopes spaced out across the ride (video of one of them here !), possibly an attempt to make the ride a little more exciting. It was a pretty cool experience as the boat gets right up to the edge of the enclosures and it felt like we were really near the animals. I read in some reviews that the best time to see the animals here is earlier in the morning as it gets too hot past noon. Although we didn’t make that timing, we still managed to see many of them. All things considered, I thought this ride was quite worth it ($5 per adult, $3 per child), but do note that if weather conditions aren’t suitable, there’s a chance you won’t get to take the ride and no refunds will be given.

Amazon River Quest boat ride at River Safari/Wonders

On top of Amazon River Quest, there used to be another boat ride called the Reservoir Cruise that would take you on a 15-minute scenic journey along the outskirts of the Singapore Zoo and Night Safari. However, due to the covid situation, this ride has been temporarily suspended.

Reservoir Cruise boats parked by the pier at River Safari/Wonders

Rounding off our day here was the Once Upon A River animal presentation. I can’t even begin to describe how arduous it was for us to get seats for it. There are 3 sessions in a day: 11.30am, 2.30pm and 4.30pm. When we reached Boat Plaza at 11.15am for the first show, the capacity of 50 pax (40 pax in rainy conditions) was maxed out. Thinking we’d learnt our lesson, we decided to arrive 45 minutes earlier for the second show. We were initially allowed in the queue to supposedly take the last two available slots. Alas, due to some miscalculation on the staff’s part, our slots apparently never existed and so we were ousted from the show once again. One of the staff empathized with our plight and very kindly told us that she will help to reserve 2 spaces for the last show of the day, suggesting that we come by at 4pm. After visiting the rest of the exhibits, we came back to Boat Plaza at 3.25pm for the 4.30pm show AND IT WAS FULL, save for the fact that we had seats reserved. We were legit the last ones standing in the queue line even though we were a whole hour early to showtime, such is the weekend crowd. Hopefully there won’t be such occurrences again as the park has introduced an online booking system where visitors can now reserve slots 2 hours before showtime (fastest fingers first, of course), ideally helping to limit the uncertainty of seat availability. We finally got to watch the show after all that hullabaloo and our verdict is, it’s really not worth waiting in line for an hour or more for it. It simply felt like a quick, successive parade of the animals (some doing little tricks) while having loads of information thrown at us. I think the suspension of interaction opportunities with the animals as compared to pre-covid iterations of this show kinda stifled the experience, but kudos to the presenters who did their best to engage the audience.

The presenter with a bird on his hand during the Once Upon A River animal presentation at River Safari/Wonders

My overall rating of the experience: 3 out of 5 stars . I was pleasantly surprised that the animals here weren’t the common run-of-the-mill types, which was a refreshing eye-opener for me. I was especially intrigued by the gigantic Mekong catfish, the adorable capybaras, the graceful manatees, as well as the agile and playful otters. The Amazon River Quest boat ride was quite the novel experience, where we got to view various animals and intermittently cruise down some slopes. It was amazing to be in such close proximity to the creatures at the Squirrel Monkey Forest too! However, a number of park experiences like the feeding sessions were suspended at the point of our visit, which was a bit of a letdown. But what really affected this rating was the pricey yet unappetizing food served at Mama Panda Kitchen and the pains of getting a near-impossible seat at the animal presentation (I hope you won’t find yourself in a such a situation with the new online booking system). Otherwise, this would’ve been a 4-star rating. With that said, it’s still worth a visit for the unique wildlife you can find here.

If this post helped you in some way and you’d like to buy me a coffee, I’d be incredibly grateful (:

Buy Me A Coffee

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Everything You Need to Know About Visiting River Wonders Singapore

Visiting river wonders singapore.

  • What are the River Wonders Singapore timings? River Wonders Singapore timings are from 10.00 AM to 7.00 PM on all days of the week.
  • Where is River Wonders Singapore located? River Wonders Singapore Address: 80 Mandai Lake Rd, Singapore 729826
  • How to get to River Wonders Singapore? River Wonders Singapore is well connected by public transport. You can choose to travel by train or bus to the park. Alternatively, you can travel by Mandai Khatib Shuttle and Mandai Express as well
  • What facilities can I expect at River Wonders Singapore? ATMs, stroller rentals, wheelchair, and locker rentals are some of the facilities you can expect at River Wonders Singapore. 

River Wonders Singapore Location

Address and Directions

River Wonders Singapore is located right next to the Singapore Zoo by Mandai lake and is easily accessible by bus, train, and car. 

Address: 80 Mandai Lake Rd, Singapore 729826

How to get to River Wonders Singapore

River Wonders Singapore timings

In order to get to River Wonders Singapore by train, take the North-South MRT line and get down at Khatib, Choa Chu Kang, Ang Mo Kio, Woodlands, or Marsiling. You will easily find a connecting bus to the park from any of these stations. 

river Wonders Singapore timings

If you wish to travel by bus, you can catch the Safari Gate bus or the Singapore Attraction Express bus. Both will pick you up from the city and drop you directly at the Safari Gate.

river Wonders singapore timings

River Wonders Singapore is a 30-minute ride from the city and can be reached via the Central Expressway as well as the Bukit Timah Expressway. You will find both car and motorcycle parking facilities inside the park. 

river Wonders singapore timings

By Mandai Khatib Shuttle

Another way of getting to River Wonders Singapore is by boarding the Mandai Khatib Shuttle that plies between Khatib MRT Station (NS14) and the River Wonders Coach Bay. This facility is available daily from 8.00 AM to 11 PM.

river Wonders singapore timings

By Mandai Express

The Mandai Express will take you to River Wonders Singapore from three locations - Bedok, Sengkang, and Tampines. Tickets can be purchased online or on board using EZ-link / NETS FlashPay card.

Getting around Singapore River Wonders

For the comfort of those visiting River Wonders Singapore with children and individuals with limited mobility, the following services are provided.

River Wonders Singapore timings

At a rate of S$ 15, visitors with children can rent strollers for a comfortable experience. Please keep in mind that the overall weight should not exceed 15kg.

River Wonders Singapore timings

Wagons are available for rent at River Wonders Singapore at a fee of At a rate of S$ 15 Each wagon will accommodate 2 children. The overall weight should not exceed 35kg.

River Wonders Singapore timings

Electric Scooter

If you are 16 years of age or above, you can rent an electric scooter for easy movement at River Wonders Singapore. Please note that the rental can not be refunded.

River Wonders Singapore timings

At River Wonders Singapore, complimentary wheelchair facilities are available for visitors with limited mobility. All you have to do is visit the reception area near the entrance.

River Wonders Singapore Opening Times

Tuesday to Sunday - 10.00 AM to 7.00 PM

Note : River Wonders Singapore is open throughout the year.

Dining & Shopping at River Wonders Singapore

River Wonders Singapore has two unique dining options for you to choose from - Starbucks and Mama Panda Kitchen. The restaurants at River Wonders Singapore do not use pork or lard and their seafood comes from sustainable sources. 

For a quick bite and a dash of strong coffee, head over to the in-house Starbucks outlet. You will also find cakes, pastries and other delicacies here. 

Location: Entrance Plaza

Timing: 10.00 AM to 6.00 PM (Mon to Thu) and 10.00 AM to 7.00 PM (Fri to Sun, public holidays & eve of public holidays)

  • Mama Panda Kitchen

Head over to the Mama Panda Kitchen for a taste of authentic Chinese cuisine. Don’t forget to try out their famous panda pau and noodles. 

Location: Giant Panda Forest

Timing: 10.30 AM to 6.30 PM (Daily)

For those who are looking for something to take back home, River Wonders Singapore has two gift shops - River Wonders Shop and House of Kai Kai and Jia Jia. At the River Wonders Shop, you will find everything from soft toys to t-shirts. If you are a fan of the in-house pandas Kai Kai and Jia Jia, you will find their plush toys, clothing, and other knick-knacks at House of Kai Kai and Jia Jia.

Rules for visiting River Wonders Singapore

  • Do not venture into prohibited areas while exploring the park.
  • Animals should be treated with respect. Feeding and teasing of animals are strictly prohibited at River Wonders Singapore. 
  • Do not overcrowd in front of an exhibit. Similarly, do not make a rush to attend a show.
  • All guests should refrain from using flash while taking photos.
  • Guests are not allowed to bring their pets or plants along with them. Here’s a full list of River Wonders Singapore rules. 

Tips for visiting River Wonders Singapore

  • River Wonders Singapore is best explored on foot. Therefore make sure that you wear comfortable shoes. 
  • Since exploring the park requires a lot of walking, all visitors should take care to stay hydrated. Visitors can fill their water bottles from the water dispensers available at the park.
  • If you wish to grab a bite, head over to the in-house Starbucks or Mama Panda Kitchen. Here’s a full list of River Wonders Singapore tips.

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Wet Weather Policy

At Sigatoka River Safari your personal safety is our primary concern and as such we have created this policy which we believe clearly defines what we will do during times of inclement weather.

It should be noted that Sigatoka River Safari reserves the right to cancel or amend any trip due to river, road or weather conditions. Stringent safety procedures are observed.

We wish to advise all our guests that the absolute FINAL DECISION as to whether the safari jet boat and or Off Road Cave Safari departs the jetty rest solely with the jet boat captain and ATV Driver. The captains and drivers will determine based on current weather, predicted weather and his/her own knowledge of the area and river as to whether the boat or ATV shall depart as planned.


It should be noted that the Boat Captain will provide all guests with the option to return to base should the tour encounter unexpected rain fall, however should guests advise their Captain that they are happy to proceed past our noted “Point of No Return” regardless of the weather from that point forward, the collective decision of those on board to proceed will negate any ability by guests to claim a refund etc. Should the tour return to base before the Point of No Return, the company will offer all on board the option to amend & OR be reimbursed for their adventure.

Should a guest decide before departing the base that they no longer wish to participate on the tour and the tour does ion fact proceed, unfortunately the guest will only have the option to amend their date of travel and NOT seek a refund, in line with the company’s existing Cancellation Policy.

Our point of no return is as shown below:-

Your boat captains have all amassed over 2000 hours of driving on the Sigatoka River and are well versed with the river and its constantly changing nature.

The Sigatoka River whilst the longest in Viti Levu does have many areas which are shallow and thus due to the jet boat design and mechanism MUST travel on its plane at all times to prevent the boat being stuck in river shallows. For this reason, should rain fall whilst you are in motion, the boat Captain MUST continue at a safe speed to keep the boat on its plane. Unfortunately this does mean you may face some discomfort from the rain hitting you at speed, however your Captain will stop where ever possible and explain to ALL on board whether he/she believes that waiting there until the rain passes is the best course of action or whether he/she can safely get you to your destination.

Whilst we acknowledge the discomfort caused by jet boating in rain, we do hope that you understand that it is our priority to safely convey you to your destination and we will at all times ensure that your time exposed to adverse weather is minimal.

It should be noted that as you are visiting areas which are remote and away from more developed parts of Fiji, you will encounter muddy paths, slippery areas and it it requested that all care be taken and please do not hesitate to ask your Captains/guides for assistance as they will be more that happy to do this.

We trust that this explains what will do in the event of wet weather and we hope that this policy clearly illustrates that at all times our focus is on ensuring your safety and well being. It is hoped that should anyone have any queries about this that they would raise them before departing on tour so that any uncertainty can be resolved pre-tour rather than following your Safari adventure!!


river safari weather

Livingstones Adventure

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River Safari - Sunset cruise

Livingstone, zambia.

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Our sign-up free booking process temporarily stores booking details on your device.

To continue, please disable private browsing and refresh the page., activity description.

As the light softens and the wildlife heads to the river for their last drink of the day, your late afternoon’s game viewing cruise begins. Light snacks and sun-downers complete this magical experience on the Zambezi.


Requirements, inclusions and exclusions.

Return road transfer to the Royal jetty from local Livingstone accommodation and the Zambian border Mineral water, soft drinks, selected beers and wines, tea and coffee Canapes

Return transfer by boat is provided for clients staying at Minor Hotel, during the low season.

Other Options

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Customer Reviews

We were looking for a sunset cruise on the Zambezi during our trip to Victoria Falls. We came across the River Safari. It was different than the standard large, slow boats that you find. The boat could only hold around 12 people. We were the only two passengers on this particular trip. Mike and Michael were outstanding guides on this trip. Their knowledge of the river and the birds/animals was impeccable. They were happy to answer all our questions and stop in the places where we thought we saw things. As the sun started to set, they picked a perfect spot on an island to view the sunset, have drink or two, and eat great snacks. Because we were staying at a hotel on the river, at the end of the cruise, we were dropped at a dock in front of our hotel. Make no mistake, Zambia is open for tourism. This is a must do if you travel to the area. - Burnett

We had beautiful experience on the Zambezi River with River safari boat . Saw lots of Hippos Crocks monkeys different type of birds. Everything was so fine the food was great in the boat operator are the best. Thanks again sincerely. Yehuda and Chris - Yehuda

This 2 hour flip back & forth across the Zambezi was the highlight of our visit to Vic Falls. From the moment, literally, that we stepped onto the boat we were looked after by our 'pilot' and his mate. The drinks were flowing and the snacks that we were offered on the small island were delicious. This experience is great value for money. We had a ball ! - Peter

Was first activity in Zambia. Excellent and informative boat operators. Felt close to the water and therefore the animals. Great stop for snacks at sundown and all safety concerns abated. Excellent intro to Africa and highly recommended early on your trip! Graeme and Dini - Graeme

thrilling awesome adventure , i loved the moment we stop for some snacks by the island. this is a place to be also the guide wow he had lots of information - BELLA

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National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

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Riverton, WY

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river safari weather

Hazardous Weather Conditions

  • Hazardous Weather Outlook

Dubois Municipal Airport (KDUB)

river safari weather

More Information:

Local Forecast Office More Local Wx 3 Day History Hourly Weather Forecast

19 Miles SE Thorofare WY

Overnight: A chance of rain and snow showers, mainly before 5am. Some thunder is also possible.  Snow level 9800 feet. Mostly cloudy, with a low around 33. West northwest wind around 8 mph.  Chance of precipitation is 30%.

Low: 33 °F

Chance Rain/Snow

Tuesday: A slight chance of rain and snow showers before 8am, then scattered rain showers after 10am. Some thunder is also possible.  Snow level 9300 feet rising to 11600 feet in the afternoon. Mostly cloudy, then gradually becoming sunny, with a high near 53. Breezy, with a west wind 8 to 13 mph increasing to 16 to 21 mph in the afternoon. Winds could gust as high as 29 mph.  Chance of precipitation is 40%. Little or no snow accumulation expected.

High: 53 °F

Breezy. Scattered Rain/Snow then Scattered T-storms

Tuesday Night

Tuesday Night: Mostly clear, with a low around 35. Breezy, with a west southwest wind 16 to 21 mph decreasing to 8 to 13 mph after midnight. Winds could gust as high as 29 mph.

Low: 35 °F

Mostly Clear and Breezy then Clear

Wednesday: Scattered showers and thunderstorms after noon.  Snow level 9100 feet rising to 13000 feet in the afternoon. Sunny, with a high near 57. Breezy, with a west southwest wind 9 to 14 mph increasing to 17 to 22 mph in the afternoon. Winds could gust as high as 31 mph.  Chance of precipitation is 40%.

High: 57 °F

Breezy. Sunny then Scattered T-storms

Wednesday Night

Wednesday Night: Scattered showers and thunderstorms before midnight.  Snow level 11000 feet lowering to 9800 feet after midnight . Partly cloudy, with a low around 33. Breezy, with a northwest wind 13 to 18 mph decreasing to 6 to 11 mph after midnight. Winds could gust as high as 30 mph.  Chance of precipitation is 40%.

Scattered T-storms and Breezy then Mostly Clear

Independence Day

Independence Day: Scattered showers and thunderstorms after noon.  Snow level 9700 feet rising to 11100 feet in the afternoon. Sunny, with a high near 56. Breezy, with a west northwest wind 6 to 15 mph, with gusts as high as 25 mph.  Chance of precipitation is 30%.

High: 56 °F

Sunny then Scattered T-storms and Breezy

Thursday Night

Thursday Night: Mostly clear, with a low around 36. Breezy, with a northwest wind 6 to 15 mph, with gusts as high as 25 mph.

Low: 36 °F

Mostly Clear and Breezy then Mostly Clear

Friday: Sunny, with a high near 63. Breezy.

High: 63 °F

Sunny then Sunny and Breezy

Friday Night

Friday Night: Clear, with a low around 40. Breezy.

Low: 40 °F

Clear and Breezy then Clear

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  1. Tips and Services

    Lockers. Use any of our rental lockers to store your belongings. Rental fee per small locker (45H X 43L X 28.5W cm) is S$5 for the first 3 hours, and S$1 for every additional hour or part thereof. Rental fee per large locker (60.5H X 43L X 35.5W cm) is S$10 for the first 3 hours, and S$2 for every additional hour or part thereof.

  2. Weather in The River Safari, Singapore

    The most accurate current weather forecast in The River Safari. Be prepared for today's weather with a detailed local report.

  3. River Safari Singapore

    Singapore is home to many firsts in Asia, and the River Safari Singapore is one of them. The attraction features the first and only wildlife adventure park in the region to take the freshwater ecosystem as a theme. River Safari Singapore hosts a collection of at least 5,000 animals from various species, 42 of which are currently endangered.

  4. The River Safari Weather Forecast for today

    The River Safari, Singapore weather now As of 12:04am +08 (GMT +0800) 28° ...

  5. River Safari

    Things to Know Before You Go. River Safari admission tickets include a Reservoir Cruise ride; some other activities charge an extra fee. Children under 3 enter for free. The majority of exhibits are outdoors, so wear weather-appropriate clothing and comfortable walking shoes, and pack sunscreen, insect repellent, and a refillable water bottle.

  6. Things to Do

    Daily. 9:30am - 6:30pm (Sun - Thu), 9:30am - 7:00pm (Fri, Sat, Eve of PH & PH) River Wonders. Public area. Besides being passionate purveyors of coffee, Starbucks offers a selection of premium teas, fine pastries and other delectable treats to please the taste buds. Drop by for a cuppa, to chat, meet up or connect with friends and loved ones.

  7. A Day Adventure in Singapore River Safari

    Singapore River Safari is Asia's first and only river-themed wildlife park located next to Singapore Zoo and Night Safari, spanning 12 hectares featuring over 6,000 freshwater animals across 200 species. It is a very well-organised park where you'll get to learn about the greatest rivers of the world with the creatures typically found in those rivers, peering into the freshwater aquariums ...

  8. Singapore River Wonders: A Captivating Riverside Experience

    Last entry 6:00 p.m. Location: Singapore River Wonders is located at 80 Mandai Lake Road, Singapore 729826. Best Time to Visit: The best time to visit Singapore River Wonders is during the early hours of the day, at around 10:00 a.m., just when the park opens.

  9. Singapore River Safari

    Besides admission to the Singapore River Safari, ticket also gets you access to the Amazon River Quest boat ride and the River Cruise, if you upgrade at the venue. You can also attend the River Talk Show. Ticket price for tourists. Adult ticket (13+ years): S$42. Child ticket (3 to 12 years): S$30.

  10. River Safari

    The River Safari is a river-themed zoo and aquarium located in Singapore. It is built over 12 hectares (30 acres) and nestled between its two counterparts, the Singapore Zoo and the Night Safari. One of the main attractions is a pair of male and female giant pandas - Kai Kai and Jia Jia - which are housed in a specially constructed climate ...

  11. River Safari Review: Exploring the Wonders of River Safari Singapore

    River Safari Singapore (河川生态园) is the first river-themed zoo and aquarium in Singapore. With over 12 hectares in size, it is nestled between Singapore Zoo & Singapore Night Safari. One of the most popular and main attraction of River Safari is the Giant Panda Forest (featuring Kai Kai & Jia Jia) which was opened to the public in late ...

  12. What to see at Singapore's River Safari

    The Amazon River Quest is a lot of fun and adds a unique element of exploration to the River Safari. Don't miss it when you visit. Its well worth the additional cost. 4. Squirrel Monkey Forest. The Squirrel Monkey Forest is a large walk-through dedicated to the most populous monkey in the Amazon rainforest.

  13. River Wonders

    Guests visiting Singapore Zoo and River Wonders are not required to select a time slot. For Night Safari, guests must select a time slot for a better experience.. From 8 February 2024, admission to Bird Paradise will no longer require booking of timeslots. Guests and members will only need to select their preferred date of visit in advance.

  14. River Wonders (River Safari) Singapore Review & How to Go Guide

    What Animals You Can See at River Wonders (River Safari) Singapore. River Safari Singapore is the home to over 6,000 animals, including 40 threatened species.. There are 11 zones for you to explore and 1 amazing show for you to look forward to.. The highlight in the park are the giant pandas.On top of that, you'll also see some Caribbean flamingos, jaguars, manatees, capybaras, pelicans ...

  15. Review: River Safari/Wonders, Mandai Wildlife Reserve (Singapore)

    River Safari recently underwent a name change to River Wonders as part of a corporate rebranding move, so for consistency, I'll be referring to River Safari as River Wonders from here on out!This wildlife park is one of four (soon to be five) parks managed by the Mandai Wildlife Group, with a river theme and greater focus on aquatic animals. The open-dated tickets my husband and I bought ...

  16. River Safari Singapore Timing, Location & More

    What are the River Wonders Singapore timings? River Wonders Singapore timings are from 10.00 AM to 7.00 PM on all days of the week. Where is River Wonders Singapore located? River Wonders Singapore Address: 80 Mandai Lake Rd, Singapore 729826. How to get to River Wonders Singapore? River Wonders Singapore is well connected by public transport.

  17. Singapore River Wonders (River Safari) Ticket

    Tickets to the Amazon River Quest boat ride are available for purchase here. Drop by the Singapore Zoo, Night Safari or the new Bird Paradise, home to over 3,500 birds from over 400 avian species! Check out Mandai's multi-park bundles or Klook's Wildlife Pass for a total wildlife experience!

  18. Wet Weather Policy

    Wet Weather Policy. At Sigatoka River Safari your personal safety is our primary concern and as such we have created this policy which we believe clearly defines what we will do during times of inclement weather. It should be noted that Sigatoka River Safari reserves the right to cancel or amend any trip due to river, road or weather conditions ...

  19. Livingstones Adventure

    Duration 2 hours. When Throughout the year, subject to availability. Where The river safari departs from and returns to the Royal Jetty. Return road transfers to the Royal Jetty from accommodation venues in the Livingstone area are included. Weather All weather, should there be a thunderstorm or heavy rain, the river safari may be delayed.

  20. National Weather Service

    Current conditions at Dubois Municipal Airport (KDUB) Lat: 43.5484°NLon: 109.6903°WElev: 7297.0ft.

  21. Wind & weather forecast Elektrostal

    This is the wind, wave and weather forecast for Elektrostal in Moscow Oblast, Russia. Windfinder specializes in wind, waves, tides and weather reports & forecasts for wind related sports like kitesurfing, windsurfing, surfing, sailing, fishing or paragliding. Forecast This forecast is based on the GFS model. Forecasts are available worldwide.

  22. Elektrostal 30-Day Weather Forecast

    Weather in Elektrostal for a month, 30 days weather forecast for Elektrostal, Elektrostal, Moscow Oblast, Russia.

  23. Elektrostal 7-Day Weather Forecast

    Weather in Elektrostal for a week, 7 days weather forecast for Elektrostal, Elektrostal, Moscow Oblast, Russia. View the mobile version. Weather News Maps. C. C. F. Elektrostal. Now Today Tomorrow 3 days 10 days 2 weeks Month. 7 days. More . Weekend GM activity. Russia / Moscow Oblast / Elektrostal.

  24. Elektrostal, Russia Weather Conditions

    Elektrostal Weather Forecasts. Weather Underground provides local & long-range weather forecasts, weatherreports, maps & tropical weather conditions for the Elektrostal area.