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As you get older, being able to go where you want when you want is all part of the joy. And changes in your medical needs shouldn’t stand in the way of your desire to travel.

Does it feel like getting travel insurance is holding you back? This guide looks at how to get the cover you need, including for pre-existing medical conditions, and what to look out for when you do.

Posted: 26/1/2022 | By Darren Williams

Senior citizens travelling and holding hands

Getting travel insurance in later life

Finding the right travel insurance for seniors of any age may seem difficult at times, but it needn’t be. A handful of insurers cater specifically to pensioners and seniors, and others can give people aged over 60 the same benefits under their normal travel insurance cover.

That’s how we do it here at Post Office. You simply request a quote the same way adults of all ages do. We’ll ask you about the type of holiday you’re taking, the activities you’ll be doing and the level of cover you need. And we’ll consider all medical conditions, with a simple online screening. Then, if you're eligible for cover, we'll quote you a price.

Post Office Travel Insurance can help cover medical costs, protect against delays or cancellations, lost luggage and documents, and personal liability. There’s no upper age limit on our single-trip policies. Or, if you’re travelling more in a 12-month period, we can provide annual multi-trip cover up to 75 years of age.

Why is travel insurance important?

Most holidays pass without any problems but there’s always a a worry about what might go wrong so it’s always safer to go prepared. Travelling without insurance just isn’t worth it – fall ill in some countries and you could be liable for huge medical bills as well as the cost of getting you home.

Travel insurance is important whatever age you are when you travel. And it’s a must-have for seniors especially – whether you’re 60, 65, 70, 75, 80 or above, or anywhere in between. Getting cover in place will let you relax and enjoy your trip without worrying about how you might pay for unexpected medical treatment, lost or damaged possessions, or cancellations.

It’s important to know that, insurers tend to see older age groups as a higher risk, the cover they quote for might be more expensive, or they may not cover all things you need. It's important to do your research and make sure the price and the policy are both right for you. Read the policy documents carefully and make sure you declare all medical conditions on the medical questionnaire. We’ll look at why this is so important in the next section.

Need insurance that covers your travels in later life?

Medical cover and the ghic or ehic.

The most important thing about travel insurance for seniors and the elderly is that your health cover gives you the protection you need, such as in medical emergencies.

If you’re visiting a country in the EU, a valid UK Global Health Insurance Card (Ghic) or still-in-date European Health Insurance Card (Ehic) will let you access state provided medical healthcare for free or the same as it costs locals.

Getting travel insurance is still important, though, as it covers costs the cards don’t, such as repatriation to the UK if you need to be transported home. And, of course, it also protects you in the event of delays or cancellations, lost luggage and documents and personal liability.

T ravel insurance and pre-existing medical conditions

It’s important to make sure you have the right cover in place in case something related to your condition happens while you’re away.

To get travel insurance you’ll need to accurately declare all pre-existing medical conditions when you apply. Insurers will make a decision based on the details you give them. There are different levels of risk they’re prepared to accept, so getting declined by one insurer doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be declined by them all.

Conditions such as cancer, heart problems and diabetes will affect the policy and its price because they increase the chance of a claim. One way of managing this cost is to go with an insurer who offers specialised policies for your age group, and may be able to tailor cover to your needs.

You could also look at travel insurance for the elderly that is manually underwritten, meaning each policy considers the unique situation of the policy holder. This type of insurance is, predictably, more expensive in general than standard terms travel insurance.

At Post Office, we consider all medical conditions when you ask for a quote. This means, if you’re living with a long-term illness, you may be covered for any issues it could cause while you’re away, such as having to seek medical care or being rushed home for treatment.

If you’re in doubt or have a condition that’s particularly rare, it might be worth talking to a representative. If you have a serious condition that you’re struggling to find cover for, check the Money and Pensions Scheme (MaPS) directory of companies that may be able to help or call 0800 138 7777 .

Find out more about:

Travel insurance for people with cancer

Travel insurance for diabetics

Travel insurance and high blood pressure

Choosing the right cover

Most travel insurance for seniors will follow a standard format: do you want insurance for a single trip, for multiple trips or for a specialist trip such as a cruise or a ski break?

Cover for single or multiple trips

One of the first things to think about when choosing a policy is how often you’re likely to travel in a 12-month period. Different policy types may suit depending on the answer:

  • Single trip travel insurance is designed for people who want to take one trip within any given year. If it’s likely you’ll only travel once in that time, it may be the most cost-effective option
  • Annual multi-trip travel insurance  tends to suit people who travel two or more times within a year. It can be better value for those who go away frequently

Do you need a more specialist type of cover?

For some holidays, such as cruises or skiing trips, you may need to buy a policy add-on or specialist policy that will cover the specific activities or risks involved:

  • Cruise cover  costs a little extra but offers extra protection at sea, like emergency rescue and cabin confinement; cruising without it may invalidate your travel insurance policy
  • Sports and higher-risk activities: while lots of activities may be covered by regular policies some, such as golf and extreme sports , may need extra protection for you, other people and the equipment used.

Always check what activities your policy does and doesn’t cover. If your travel insurance and any add-ons you’ve bought with it don’t cover it you might want to think twice about getting involved and risking an accident

  • Winter sports travel insurance : if activities such as skiing are still your thing, they’ll of course need some extra cover for the higher risk of injury involved, and the safeguard equipment and property in the event of accidental damage

Some providers also offer cover for unexpected events like local unrest and natural catastrophes such as volcanic eruptions or tsunamis. Check the risks in your destination on the UK government’s foreign travel advice page. Or, if you’re going to a country that you know well, you may decide this cover is unnecessary.

Check policies for any age limits

Whichever policy type you choose, check carefully to see how long you are covered for each trip. Since older people tend to go on longer holidays, it’s important to know if there are any trip limits.

Travel insurers can set upper age limits depending on the kind of activity you want to do while away. For instance, you’re less likely to find ski cover if you’re in your 70s and 80s. That’s not to say it doesn’t exist; you just might need to find a specialist provider.

The older you get, the more restrictions there may be on how long you can travel and stay covered. For instance, while younger people may be able to get covered for up to a year, people in their 70s might be limited to 90 days, and those in their 80s to fewer days still.

This will differ between insurers, so it’s worth knowing what you can get covered for before making a purchase.

As an example, Post Office Travel Insurance has the following age limits:

  • Single-trip policies : if you’re up to and including 70, you can qualify for the longest possible trip of 365 days. If you’re between 71 and 75, the maximum length of your trip drops to 90 days. And if you are 76 or above, the longest trip you'd be covered for is 31 days
  • Multi-trip policies : the maximum age for our Economy, Standard and Premier level multi-trip policies is 75. Although you can take as many trips as you like within the policy year, there’s a maximum duration for each individual trip. The limit varies depending on the cover level chosen. It’s 17 days for Economy and Standard cover, and 31 days for Premier. On some policies the limit can be extended to 31, 45 or 60 days for an additional premium.

Policy details to look out for

When you compare travel insurance for senior travellers from different providers, check to see if you have cover for things such as:

  • Medical emergencies
  • Repatriation (getting you back home)
  • Lost, stolen or damaged luggage
  • Lost or stolen cash
  • Medical transfers
  • Cancellation or curtailment (cutting your trip short)
  • Personal liability
  • Legal protection

Not every policy will include all of these. Comprehensive travel insurance should cover most of them, but always double check, and be aware of how much you’re covered for in each case.

Does your policy cover the cost of your holiday if you need to cancel it? For older travellers, there’s an increased chance you might fall ill or be unable to make your trip. Ask before you buy what would happen if you had to cancel, and what you could claim back.

Interested in travel insurance?

Common questions, what should senior travel insurance cover.

Travel insurance for seniors should include medical cover that suits the needs of older travellers, so you can call on it in emergencies such as injury or if you fall ill while you’re away.

Other things commonly covered by a travel insurance policy include cancellation and curtailment, and loss of belongings. If you buy travel insurance at the time you book your holiday, then you’re covered from that point onward. This means that if you have to cancel your holiday before leaving due to bad traffic, unexpected illness or a family bereavement, you could make a claim.

Some providers offer travel insurance tailored specifically to travellers in senior age groups. However, normal travel insurance policies are often available to customers well into their 80s. This might be better value and will still offer emergency medical cover. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide if you need specialist cover or if what is provided on a standard policy is right for you.

What is travel insurance for over 65s, over 70s and over 75s?

As we get older insurers see us as higher risk on our travels because we’re more likely to suffer health problems while we’re away, which usually increases the cost of insurance. But there’s another reason why travel insurance for seniors is usually pricier: older people tend to be more adventurous and often choose to travel to more far-flung, exotic places.

Visiting Thai temples or African game parks is always a wonderful experience, but the medical costs should anything happen to you will usually be higher than if you were travelling in Europe. If you’re in an age group that’s over 65, 70, 75 or 80, these costs are likely to become higher still, as specialist care and travel arrangements may be more complex the older you get.

Can I get travel insurance if I’m over 80 years old?

The simple answer is yes, you can. There are lots of policies on the market that cater to older travellers, either as part of their regular travel insurance product or with specialist products tailored to older age groups.

The reason that people over 80 might need a special policy when they travel is they have a different set of risks. While nobody expects you to be engaging in too many extreme sports in your 80s, there are other risks that need to be accounted for, like illnesses or pre-existing medical conditions.

At Post Office, while we don’t offer a specialist travel insurance policy for over 80s there’s no upper age limit on our single-trip policies. You can get a quote and we’ll consider all medical conditions.

Can I travel with someone else on a travel insurance policy?

If you’ll be travelling with a companion such as a friend, partner or family member, it’s important to check if they’ll be covered too. Many seniors travel insurance policies are just for individuals and a companion may need to take out their own cover. You may also need separate policies for younger passengers if you plan to travel with your grandchildren .

When should I buy travel insurance?

It’s a good idea to buy your travel insurance as soon as your holiday is booked.

It will cover you for cancellation or anything that might prevent you from travelling, like redundancy, unexpected illness, injury or even bereavement before you make your trip.

The right time to get covered may differ depending on the kind of break you book. Read our guide to when to buy travel insurance to find out more.

Any travel advice for seniors going on holiday?

Before you go

  • Ideally before you book, check you’re traveling with a reputable firm. This is a good way to avoid being in a situation where you will be put at risk in the first place. Check the  Association of British Travel Agents  (ABTA) to make sure that your trip is safe and well-managed by a trusted firm
  • Take a copy of your medical notes, including your emergency numbers
  • Check with your doctor or on the NHS travel pages  to see if you need any travel vaccinations or medication before you go
  • Make sure there’s no Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) advice against travel to your destination. If there is, travelling against it could invalidate your travel insurance
  • If you’re travelling to Europe, apply for a  UK Global Health Insurance Card (Ghic)  to get free or discounted medical care
  • Make sure your  passport is still valid and  apply for a new passport  if you need to. Some countries like you to have at least six months left on your passport to allow you entry
  • Inform your bank about your travel plans so you can use your cards abroad – some banks will stop your cards when they’re used abroad in an anti-fraud measure
  • When packing medicines, it’s important to check what you can take on a plane as there are limits on liquids which can include medication. Bring extra prescription medication with you in case of delays, and keep spares of any glasses or hearing aids in a separate bag in case you lose your normal set

Read our pre-travel and packing checklists to make sure you don’t forget anything important. And find out how to pack a suitcase with everything you need and nothing you don’t.

During your trip

  • Keep your hand luggage light and check your bags in at the airport to make getting around much easier
  • On your flight, drink plenty of water and keep moving as often as you can
  • Try and book outside of the peak seasons. This will also help you find cheaper deals
  • Check your hotel for accessibility if you have difficulty getting around. Check the AgeUK advice on accessible holidays  for more details
  • Make sure you know the address of a local doctor and pharmacy near to where you’re staying

Other travel products

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The Best Travel Insurance Options for Seniors [Ages 65, 70, and Over 80]

Christine Krzyszton's image

Christine Krzyszton

Senior Finance Contributor

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The Best Travel Insurance Options for Seniors [Ages 65, 70, and Over 80]

Table of Contents

Why purchase travel insurance, what you need to know about age and travel insurance, best travel insurance options — ages 65 to 69, best travel insurance options — ages 70 to 79, best travel insurance options — age 80 and above, credit card travel insurance, final thoughts.

We may be compensated when you click on product links, such as credit cards, from one or more of our advertising partners. Terms apply to the offers below. See our  Advertising Policy for more about our partners, how we make money, and our rating methodology. Opinions and recommendations are ours alone.

Our senior years can be some of the most exciting years of our lives. If we’re fortunate, we’ll now have the time, and hopefully, the resources, to make our travel dreams come true.

As we age, however, traveling may pose some additional risks. We may be more likely to have health-related issues and therefore the need to seek medical attention during our journey. We may also have occasions where we need to cancel our plans due to health issues or the health of those around us.

Now, more than ever, we need to think seriously about purchasing travel insurance. The good news is that comprehensive travel insurance, regardless of your age, is widely available and relatively affordable. With that being said, chances are you could use a little help getting started with the process of finding and purchasing the right plan.

If you’re 65 years of age or older and thinking about purchasing travel insurance, don’t pull the trigger without reviewing the information in today’s article on travel insurance options for seniors.

Travel insurance can protect you from financial loss due to unforeseen events that can cause you to cancel your trip or disrupt your trip once it’s in progress. As we age and our health declines, we may be more likely to experience such an event.

Travel insurance can cover the following situations:

  • You, a family member, or travel companion becomes seriously ill and you must cancel your trip
  • You slip and fall while traveling abroad, require medical care, and are forced to stay in a foreign city until you can travel again
  • You are on safari and break your ankle, requiring emergency evacuation to the nearest hospital

The types of coverage you can expect to find on travel insurance policies include the following:

  • Emergency medical coverage
  • Emergency evacuation
  • Trip cancellation, trip interruption , and trip delay
  • Baggage insurance and personal effects coverage
  • Travel accident and accidental life insurance

You may also elect to add coverage such as cancel for any reason insurance (CFAR) , a waiver for preexisting conditions, or car rental insurance.

Ambulance Hospital Entrance

It’s possible to purchase travel insurance at just about any age. If you’re healthy enough to travel, you’ll generally be able to find coverage. You’ll normally be paying more to purchase coverage as you get older, however, and most policies may have preexisting health stipulations.

The Cost of Travel Insurance

As age increases, so does the cost of purchasing travel insurance . The good news, however, is that premiums tend to vary widely between companies who offer policies for older travelers, so it pays to compare.

The easiest way to compare policies is via insurance comparison sites such as SquareMouth , InsureMyTrip , or TravelInsurance.com . Travel comparison sites make it easy to compare travel insurance policy pricing and coverage options for all ages.

We’ve used these sites to find most of the comparison quotes provided in this article.

Preexisting Conditions

As we age, we’re more likely to have preexisting health conditions, which can be excluded from most travel insurance policies. Once again, the good news is that preexisting condition exclusions are generally limited to a specified timeframe previous to the effective date of your policy.

If you have shown symptoms or been treated within a specified time period before your trip, usually 90 to 120 days, your condition may not be covered for certain coverages such as trip interruption, cancellation, or emergency medical. Each company’s requirements may differ.

Also, on a positive note is that many insurers allow you to purchase a preexisting condition waiver when you purchase your policy.

Travel Insurance and Medicare

Couple with Medicare

Health insurance may or may not cover medical costs abroad. And even if there is coverage, evacuation costs may not be included. The same scenario exists with Medicare.

Medicare will not cover medical expenses incurred abroad . There are very limited situations where Medicare may grant coverage, such as if you reside in the U.S. and a foreign hospital (such as a Canadian hospital) is closer to your residence than the U.S. hospital, or you’re traveling through Canada to reach another U.S. state or territory. Also, several terms and conditions apply.

There are Medicare supplement policies you can purchase that can cover you while traveling abroad. You’ll pay a standard $250 deductible, have coverage for 80% of eligible expenses beyond that amount, and have a lifetime cap of $50,000 in coverage.

So even if you have Medicare, a Medicare supplement, or other health insurance policy, there can still be plenty of gaps in coverage when you’re traveling abroad.

For this reason, and the need for additional coverage such as trip cancellation, interruption, delay, baggage coverage, and more, it’s prudent to purchase travel insurance.

Bottom Line: Medicare will generally not cover medical expenses when you’re traveling outside of the U.S. and its territories and Medicare supplement and Advantage policies provide limited coverage. Travel insurance is a wise choice for covering medical expenses and for other travel-related events that could cause you to cancel your trip or disrupt your journey in progress. 

COVID-19 and Travel Insurance

As we advance in age, the chance we will need to cancel a trip due to health-related issues increases. Fortunately, most travel insurance policies cover trip cancellations due to illness. However, travel insurance policies do not cover voluntary cancellations such as canceling your trip due to the fear of getting sick.

Cancel for any reason insurance (CFAR), when added to a travel insurance policy, will allow you to cancel your trip for any reason you deem necessary. It will even cover you if you simply decide not to go.

While CFAR insurance allows you to cancel your trip for any reason, including COVID-19-related issues, the coverage will not reimburse 100% of your costs. The coverage can only be purchased when you purchase your travel insurance or for a short window following the purchase. CFAR insurance can also be expensive.

Our article on COVID-19-related trip cancellations goes into a lot more detail.

Priorities change as we change and as a result, we may have different insurance needs at age 65 than we do at age 80. Here are some examples of travel insurance plans that might be a fit for travelers age 65-69.

World Nomads — Best For Active Seniors

If you’re under age 70, you’ll find comprehensive travel insurance coverage with World Nomads . What sets World Nomads apart from other insurance providers is that they’re experts at insuring active travelers who participate in adventurous activities.

While World Nomads does not offer CFAR insurance, COVID-19 is not excluded as an illness for trip cancellation and emergency medical coverage.

World Nomads only insures those travelers under age 70 and refers older travelers to its partner TripAssure .

For a traveler 68 years of age, traveling to the Netherlands for 8 days, with a total trip cost of $3,000, here are some sample costs.

World Nomads Quote

The main differences in these plans are that the Explorer Plan covers an expanded collection of over 200 covered adventurous activities, has higher limits for trip interruption/cancellation/delay and emergency evacuation, and includes rental car insurance.

Secure your own quote from World Nomads .

Allianz — Best for Annual Multi-Trip Policies

Allianz simplifies purchasing travel insurance with its offerings of travel insurance package policies. You can select from single trip policies with several levels of coverage options or annual multi-trip policies that cover every trip you make during the policy period, even ones you haven’t yet planned.

If you travel frequently, or even a few times each year, purchasing an annual, multi-trip plan could be a cost-effective way to protect all your trips.

Allianz Annual Plan

To learn more about Allianz and its policy offerings , you’ll want to check out our review for details.

Hot Tip: Be sure to compare the price of an annual multi-trip travel insurance policy to a single-trip plan, even if you are only currently planning 1 trip. You may find a better value in the annual multi-trip policy and not have to purchase additional coverage if you should decide to travel again during the policy period. 

Best for Covering COVID-19 Cancellations

Many policies will cover trip cancellation due to getting the virus, but none will cover cancellation due to the fear of getting the virus. To cover cancellations based on the fear of COVID-19, you’ll need a policy that allows you to add CFAR insurance .

The following are just a sampling of companies that offer this option on their policies.

  • John Hancock
  • Seven Corners

Please note that not every policy these companies offer allows you to add CFAR coverage.

For more information on travel insurance covering COVID-19 , we’ve put together an informative article.

There are a lot of reasons to embrace the wanderlust and travel in your 70s. By then, many have retired and perhaps have more money to spend on travel. There can also be a sense of urgency to travel while we’re still healthy.

As we’ve mentioned, however, as we age we are more apt to have health issues. Fortunately, this doesn’t mean we’ll be unable to purchase travel insurance. Even into our 70s, we’ll have plenty of travel insurance options, and coverage can still be affordable.

Best for Preexisting Conditions

Since travel insurance is meant to protect you from unforeseen events, having a preexisting health condition may rule out any chance of coverage for that issue. However, several companies allow you to purchase a waiver so that preexisting health conditions can be covered.

Here are just a few companies that offer this waiver:

  • Travel Guard
  • Travel Insured

Each company has its own requirements for adding a preexisting condition waiver to your policy. You must purchase the policy within a specific time period, such as within 14 to 30 days after making your first trip deposit payment. You may also be required to insure the entire cost of your trip and your health must be medically stable when purchasing the coverage.

Age 80 with CFAR

As a senior, it becomes more and more likely that we will actually have to use our travel insurance coverage as we age. However, even at age 80 or beyond, you’ll still find travel insurance widely available and relatively affordable. Some companies are willing to insure older travelers but charge higher premiums , so it’s wise to compare the pricing of several providers.

Above you’ll find a sampling of 4 SquareMouth quotes for single-trip travel insurance policies that include CFAR insurance for a traveler 80 years of age. The trip’s total cost was stated at $3,000 and was 8 days in length. Quotes ranged from $382 (Seven Corners) to well over $1,000 to insure the trip (not all quotes are shown). Coverage limits can also vary greatly, so it can be beneficial to compare policy limits.

If you’re looking to purchase travel insurance and you’re 80 years of age or older, it’s imperative to compare policies for the best pricing and coverage.

Hot Tip: Seniors ages 65 to 99 who are not interested in CFAR (cancel for any reason) insurance, may consider an annual multi-trip travel insurance plan. Allianz is a company that charges the same premium, regardless of age, for its annual plans for travelers ages 65 to 99 . 

Senior Travel

There is 1 type of travel insurance that will cover you, regardless of age . U.S.-issued credit cards come with various types of travel insurance coverages that apply to all primary cardholders.

Typical travel insurance coverage found on credit cards includes the following:

  • Lost, stolen, or damaged luggage insurance
  • Car rental insurance
  • Roadside assistance
  • Travel accident insurance
  • Travel assistance hotline

Premium credit cards such as The Platinum Card ® from American Express and Chase Sapphire Reserve ® also come with valuable emergency evacuation coverage. Additionally, the Chase Sapphire Preferred ® card  is known for its comprehensive travel insurance benefits, including primary car rental insurance .

To learn more about which credit cards come with travel coverage, check out our article on the best credit cards for travel insurance benefits.

Bottom Line: The travel insurance benefits that come with U.S.-issued credit cards do not generally have age limits for coverage. However, many credit card travel benefits may be secondary to other insurance you might have. This means that you might first have to file a claim with your own insurance before the credit card insurance is valid. 

As seniors, purchasing travel insurance should be a priority for protecting your investment and preventing losses you might incur due to unexpected medical expenses during your travels.

With wide availability, regardless of age, it’s not only a prudent economic move, but it’s also a move that delivers peace of mind before and during your trip.

Finally, always make sure to compare policies as coverages and prices vary widely between travel insurance providers.

You can learn more about the best travel insurance companies for travelers  and the basics of travel insurance in our informative articles.

All information and content provided by Upgraded Points is intended as general information and for educational purposes only, and should not be interpreted as medical advice or legal advice. For more information, see our  Medical & Legal Disclaimers .

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best travel insurance for seniors over 65.

Since travel insurance is widely available, even for seniors over 65, the best policy can be found by comparing companies and policies.

Using a travel insurance comparison site such as SquareMouth, InsureMyTrip, or TravelInsurance.com can assist you in comparing coverages and costs between only highly-rated financially stable travel insurance companies.

If you travel more than once per year, consider an annual, multi-trip, policy that covers any trip you take during the policy period.

Does travel insurance cover COVID-19?

Travel insurance is meant to cover unforeseen events. Once COVID-19 was declared a pandemic, it became a known event and is not covered as a reason for canceling your trip plans.

However, there are situations where COVID-19-related claims can be covered. If you become ill with the virus before or during your trip, you may be covered for trip cancellation, trip interruption, or emergency medical.

Does travel insurance cover preexisting medical conditions?

A standard travel insurance policy does not cover ongoing preexisting health conditions. However, many companies will insure you if you have a condition that is stabilized with medicine and no recent treatment has been sought. Requirements vary by travel insurance provider.

Also, many companies allow you to purchase a waiver that will then cover you for preexisting conditions.

Does credit card travel insurance cover flight cancellations?

The trip cancellation, interruption, or delay coverage that comes with your credit card does not cover voluntary flight cancellations.

The coverage does cover some flight cancellations due to unforeseen events such as becoming ill prior to, or during your trip. Coverage varies by credit card issuer but you will find a list of specific covered events in your card’s guide to benefits.

You can also call the number on the back of your card and speak with the claim administer.

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Does Travel Insurance Cover the Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

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Travel Insurance for Seniors & Retirees: 5 Top Picks

post office travel insurance over 70

Allianz Travel Insurance »

post office travel insurance over 70

Trawick International »

post office travel insurance over 70

GeoBlue »

post office travel insurance over 70

IMG Travel Insurance »

post office travel insurance over 70

WorldTrips »

Why Trust Us

U.S. News evaluates ratings, data and scores of more than 50 travel insurance companies from comparison websites like TravelInsurance.com, Squaremouth and InsureMyTrip, plus renowned credit rating agency AM Best, in addition to reviews and recommendations from top travel industry sources and consumers to determine the Best Travel Insurance for Seniors and Retirees.

Table of Contents

  • Rating Details
  • Allianz Travel Insurance
  • Trawick International

While anyone planning a trip overseas can benefit from having a travel insurance plan in place, older travelers need to prioritize this coverage more than others. The fact is, senior travelers and retirees have unique worries and risks to think about any time they travel far from home. These risks increase their need for travel health insurance and emergency medical coverage, as well as coverage for emergency medical evacuation that applies anywhere in the world.

Which travel insurance options work best for seniors? There are many travel insurance plans that were created with retirees in mind, although you'll want to compare them side by side. For example, you may want to look at coverage limits for medical expenses and coverage for preexisting conditions above all else.

U.S. News editors compared more than 20 of the top travel insurance companies to find the best plans for seniors. This list does the heavy lifting for you as you search for the best senior travel insurance of 2023, so read on to learn about the top picks.

  • Allianz Travel Insurance: Best Annual Coverage
  • Trawick International: Best Premium Travel Insurance for Seniors
  • GeoBlue: Best Travel Medical Coverage for Expats
  • IMG Travel Insurance: Best for Short-Term Travel Medical Coverage
  • WorldTrips: Best for Flexibility

Best Travel Insurance for Seniors and Retirees in Detail

Available to senior travelers of all ages

Coverage for preexisting conditions is offered

Relatively low limits for emergency medical expenses

  • Coverage for COVID-19
  • Trip cancellation coverage up to $3,000
  • Trip interruption coverage up to $3,000
  • Emergency medical coverage up to $20,000
  • Emergency medical evacuation coverage up to $100,000
  • Baggage loss coverage up to $1,000
  • Baggage delay insurance up to $200
  • Travel delay coverage up to $600 ($200 daily limit)
  • Rental car damage and theft coverage up to $45,000
  • Travel accident coverage up to $25,000
  • 24-hour hotline for assistance
  • Concierge service
  • Preexisting condition coverage (must be added to plan within 14 days of first trip deposit or payment)

Customize plan with optional CFAR coverage

Incredibly high limits for medical expenses and emergency evacuation

Coverage is for trips up to 30 days if you're age 80 and older

  • Up to $15,000 in trip cancellation insurance
  • Up to $22,500 in trip interruption coverage
  • Up to $1,000 for trip delays ($200 daily limit for delays of 12-plus hours)
  • Up to $1,000 for missed connections
  • Up to $150,000 for emergency medical expenses
  • Up to $1 million in emergency medical evacuation coverage
  • $750 in emergency dental coverage
  • $2,000 in coverage for baggage and personal effects
  • $400 in baggage delay coverage
  • 24/7 noninsurance assistance services

Get comprehensive health insurance that applies overseas

Preventive and routine care included

Age limits apply for new applicants and renewals

  • Preventive and routine care
  • Professional services like surgery
  • Inpatient medical care
  • Ambulatory and therapeutic services
  • Rehabilitation and therapy

Get overseas medical coverage for single trips or multiple trips

Plans were created with seniors and retirees in mind

Lower maximum coverage limits for travelers ages 80 and older

Limited nonmedical travel insurance benefits

  • Inpatient and outpatient medical coverage such as for physician visits, hospitalization and surgery
  • Emergency and nonemergency medical evacuation coverage
  • Coverage for emergency reunions
  • Return of mortal remains
  • Trip interruption coverage worth up to $5,000
  • Lost luggage coverage worth up to $250 (up to $50 per item)
  • Coverage for terrorism worth up to $50,000
  • Accidental death and dismemberment coverage worth up to $25,000

Customize your deductible and premiums

Generous medical limits for travelers ages 65 to 79

Limited medical coverage for travelers older than 80

  • Up to $1 million in emergency evacuation coverage
  • Medical benefits like hospital room and board, chiropractic care, and more
  • Coverage for repatriation of remains
  • Up to $25,000 in personal liability coverage
  • Up to $10,000 in trip interruption insurance
  • Up to $1,000 in coverage for lost checked luggage
  • Up to $100 per day in coverage for travel delays of 12-plus hours
  • Up to $1,500 in coverage for bedside visits
  • Up to $100,000 in coverage for emergency reunions

Frequently Asked Questions

You can purchase some travel insurance plans (but not all) if you're older than 80 years old. However, your premiums may be higher and you'll typically qualify for lower coverage limits overall. Make sure you compare the best travel insurance plans for seniors to find the right fit for your needs.

Since seniors and retirees are more likely to face a medical emergency during a trip, most travel insurance plans for seniors include coverage for emergency medical expenses and emergency medical evacuation. Coverages vary among plans, as do limits, so make sure to compare options before you book a trip overseas.

Why Trust U.S. News Travel

Holly Johnson is a professional travel writer who has covered international travel and travel insurance for more than a decade. Johnson has researched and compared all the top travel insurance options for her own family for trips to more than 50 countries around the world, and she has successfully filed claims during that time. Johnson lives in Indiana with her two children and her husband, Greg, a travel agent who has been licensed to sell travel insurance in 50 states.

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Travel insurance

Best travel insurance for seniors in May 2024

Amy Fontinelle

Heidi Gollub

Heidi Gollub

“Verified by an expert” means that this article has been thoroughly reviewed and evaluated for accuracy.

Updated 4:00 a.m. UTC April 1, 2024

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Tin Leg and Trawick International offer the best travel insurance for seniors, according to our analysis of plans’ cost and coverage limits.

Best senior travel insurance plans of 2024

  • Tin Leg: Gold
  • Trawick International: Safe Travels First Class
  • Seven Corners: Trip Protection Choice
  • Generali Global Assistance: Premium
  • Nationwide: Prime

Why trust our travel insurance experts

Our team of experts evaluates hundreds of insurance products and analyzes thousands of data points to help you find the best product for your situation. We use a data-driven methodology to determine each rating. Advertisers do not influence our editorial content. You can read more about our methodology below.

  • 840 coverage details evaluated.
  • 84 rates reviewed.
  • 5 levels of fact-checking.

Top-rated travel insurance for seniors

Tin Leg

Best plan for seniors

Average cost for seniors, covers covid, medical & evacuation limits per person, what you should know.

For the amount of coverage you get, Tin Leg’s Gold plan is competitively priced. It includes $500,000 in emergency medical benefits and another $500,000 in medical evacuation coverage.

Pros and cons

  • Excellent $500,000 per person in primary emergency medical coverage.
  • Very good emergency medical coverage of $500,000 per person.
  • Eligible for pre-existing medical condition exclusion waiver if conditions are met.
  • “Cancel for any reason” coverage of 75% available.
  • No “interruption for any reason” upgrade available.
  • Hurricane and weather coverage kicks in only after a 48-hour delay.
  • Lowest baggage and personal item loss coverage of our top-rated senior plans.
  • Lowest travel delay coverage of our top-rated senior plans.
  • No rental car coverage option.

Trawick International

Trawick International

Trawick International’s Safe Travels First Class policy is a relatively inexpensive option that comes with $1 million in emergency medical evacuation coverage and a high per person limit for baggage and personal items loss.

  • Second-cheapest of our best senior plans.
  • Best-in-class medical evacuation coverage of $1 million.
  • Pre-existing condition coverage available if conditions are met.
  • Baggage loss coverage of $2,000 per person is the best among our top senior plans.
  • No “interruption for any reason” coverage upgrade available.
  • Travel delay benefit takes 12 hours to kick in.
  • Lower emergency medical benefit of $150,000 is secondary coverage.

Seven Corners

Seven Corners

Seven Corners’ Trip Protection Choice plan has high emergency medical and medical evacuation limits, as well as rare coverage for non-medical evacuation. In addition to “cancel for any reason” coverage, you can also pay extra for “interruption for any reason” coverage.

  • Excellent $1 million emergency medical evacuation coverage plus $20,000 for non-medical evacuation.
  • Great “interruption for any reason” coverage of 75% available.
  • The most expensive of our top-rated senior travel insurance plans.

Generali Global Assistance

Generali Global Assistance

Generali Global Assistance’s premium plan offers trip interruption coverage of up to 175% of your trip cost. Most top-rated competitors offer a maximum of 150%.

  • Top-notch $1 million per person in medical evacuation coverage.
  • Solid baggage loss coverage of $2,000 per person.
  • “Cancel for any reason” coverage of 75% available.
  • Baggage must be delayed for 12 hours before benefits kick in.
  • Missed connection coverage of $1,000 per person only applies to cruises and tours.
  • Emergency medical expense benefit is secondary coverage.


Nationwide Prime travel insurance offers an exceptional 200% coverage for trip interruption.

  • If you need to cut your trip short for a covered reason, you can be reimbursed up to 200% of your prepaid trip cost.
  • High travel delay coverage of $2,000 per person ($250 per day limit).
  • “Cancel for any reason” coverage of 75% is available.
  • Low missed connection benefit of $500 per person for cruises and tours only.
  • No “interruption for any reason” coverage available.

Compare the best travel insurance for seniors

Trawick International

Via TravelInsurance.com’s website

Seven Corners


Our insurance experts analyzed cost and coverage data from 21 plans to determine the best senior travel insurance. For this rating, we only scored travel insurance plans that offer the option to buy “cancel for any reason” (CFAR) coverage .

The benefits we scored out of a possible 100 points include:

Cost: 50 points. We scored the average cost for each travel insurance policy for a variety of international trips and traveler profiles.

Medical expenses: 15 points. Travel insurance plans that offer travel medical expense benefits of $500,000 per person were given the highest amount of points.

Medical evacuation: 15 points. Travel insurance plans with emergency medical evacuation benefits of $500,000 or more per person were given the highest number of points.

Pre-existing medical condition exclusion waiver: 20 points. Travel insurance plans that cover pre-existing medical conditions if the policy is purchased within a required timeline received points.

What is covered by travel insurance for seniors?

The best travel insurance bundles several types of insurance to provide financial protection before and during your trip. 

A comprehensive senior travel insurance plan will include the following coverage types: 

  • Trip cancellation insurance . 
  • Trip delay insurance.
  • Trip interruption insurance. 
  • Travel medical insurance. 
  • Emergency medical evacuation .
  • Baggage loss and delay coverage.

What’s the most important travel insurance coverage for senior travelers?

Health is a top concern for older travelers. Travel insurance for senior citizens should have high coverage limits for trip interruption, travel medical insurance and emergency medical evacuation. 

“Since Medicare doesn’t provide coverage abroad, it’s important for senior travelers to pay close attention to policies’ medical benefits, including emergency medical, medical evacuation and pre-existing conditions,” said James Clark, a spokesperson for the travel-insurance comparison site Squaremouth, the company behind Tin Leg travel insurance.

Older travelers should also pay attention to whether a travel insurance plan’s emergency medical coverage is primary or secondary.

“When traveling outside the U.S., seniors should know that it’s recommended to purchase a travel insurance plan that includes primary emergency medical coverage,” said Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection vice president, Carol Mueller.

 “Senior travelers on Medicare who purchase a travel insurance plan with secondary medical coverage will need to first try to get Medicare to cover their emergency travel medical expenses, which in many cases is limited to no coverage,” said Mueller. “Avoid the hassle and choose a travel insurance plan with primary medical coverage.”

How to choose the best senior travel insurance

Senior travelers shopping for travel insurance should look for plans with these benefits:

  • Emergency medical expense coverage of at least $250,000. This pays for emergency medical expenses you incur during your trip and includes medical coverage for COVID-19 . 
  • Emergency medical evacuation coverage of at least $500,000. This pays to transport you to the nearest adequate medical facility for you to get the care you require when a physician says your illness or injury is severe enough to warrant it. Emergency medical evacuation coverage may also pay to fly a loved one to be with you and to fly you home for further treatment or recovery. 
  • Preexisting condition coverage. Some plans include a preexisting condition waiver as long as you buy travel insurance within a certain number of days of making your first trip deposit, you insure the full value of your trip and you are medically able to travel at the time of departure. Having a waiver will give you coverage for medical conditions documented in your health history in the 60 to 180 days before you buy your plan, with some exclusions.
  • Trip interruption coverage of 150%. Trip interruption insurance reimburses you for unused, prepaid, nonrefundable trip expenses if your trip is unexpectedly interrupted while you’re in transit or at your destination. It can also cover travel costs associated with having to change your plans, such as needing to buy a last-minute economy ticket for a one-way flight home. Buying an extra ticket can push your claim over 100% of your original trip expenses, so it’s wise to look for a plan that reimburses up to 150%. 
  • “Cancel for any reason” (CFAR) upgrade available. For an additional cost, you can sometimes add “cancel for any reason” coverage to your travel insurance plan. This typically reimburses up to 75% of nonrefundable trip expenses if you decide not to travel for a reason not covered by your policy, as long as you cancel at least two days before you’re scheduled to travel.

How much does senior travel insurance cost?

The average cost of senior travel insurance is $434 per trip , based on our analysis of rates for older travelers. For senior trips with “cancel for any reason” (CFAR) coverage, the average cost of travel insurance increases to $629.

Travel insurance for seniors typically costs around 7% to 9% of your total prepaid, nonrefundable trip expenses. Adding CFAR coverage can add 45% or more to that cost.

How much you pay for travel insurance will depend on the age of you and your fellow travelers, the length of your trip and the total of your nonrefundable trip costs.

Compare senior travel insurance rates

Tin Leg

Average senior travel insurance costs are based on rates for international trips for travelers ages 65 and 70, with CFAR coverage and without. Travel insurance plans have different levels of benefits, which can account for price differences.

Travel smart: Find cheap travel insurance that meets your needs.

How to save money on travel insurance for seniors

Travel insurance companies don’t typically offer discounts. But if you can get a senior discount on any of your travel itself, you’ll have a smaller trip cost to insure. This will lower the cost of your senior travel insurance.

Getting quotes from multiple travel insurance providers is also a great way to save money. Every policy offers more coverage in some areas and less in others. Depending on what coverage is most important to you, certain policies will give you more value than others. 

Get the coverage you need: What does travel insurance cover?

Is CFAR worth it for senior travelers?

CFAR coverage adds to the cost of your plan, but older travelers may want to consider a travel insurance policy with both trip cancellation insurance and “cancel for any reason” coverage, said Clark.  

CFAR benefits offer maximum flexibility to cancel your plans due to illness, injury or any other reason and will reimburse a percentage of your nonrefundable trip costs, usually 50% or 75%. The only caveat is that you’ll need to cancel at least two days before you plan to travel.

When shopping for travel insurance, look for CFAR-related fine print. You often must buy CFAR within a certain number of days of making your first trip deposit, such as 14 days. You are also usually required to insure the full value of your nonrefundable trip expenses.

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  • What is travel insurance?
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  • Average cost of travel insurance
  • Is travel insurance worth it?
  • Best COVID travel insurance
  • Best cruise travel insurance  

Best senior travel insurance FAQs

If you rely on Medicare for health insurance and you’re traveling internationally, buying senior travel insurance with excellent emergency medical insurance and emergency medical evacuation benefits is a good idea.

“One of the most important considerations for travelers with existing health issues is to find a plan that offers a preexisting condition exclusion waiver,” said Stan Sandberg, cofounder and CEO of TravelInsurance.com. 

To qualify for the waiver, you’ll usually need to purchase your trip insurance policy within seven to 14 days of making your initial trip payment. Some premium policies may extend this coverage if you buy them before or within 24 hours of making your final trip payment, he said.

Even with a waiver, medical bills related to certain excluded conditions such as dementia or depression may not be covered, so read the policy carefully to see if your preexisting conditions qualify.

More: Is travel insurance worth it?

Tin Leg’s Gold plan and Trawick International’s Safe Travel First Class plan provide the best travel insurance for seniors for the price, according to our analysis. These are the only plans to merit 5 stars in our rating.

Yes, you can get travel insurance over 80, but it will cost you more.

Yes. If you’re shopping for travel insurance over 80, for instance, you’ll pay an average of 18% of your total trip cost. That is considerably higher than the average cost of travel insurance for a 30-year-old, which is only 5%.

Travel insurance for the elderly varies by insurer when it comes to upper age limits . If you are concerned about finding the best travel medical insurance for seniors over 7 0 , start with an online comparison site like Squaremouth where you only have to enter your age and trip details once to see which policies are available to you.

Blueprint is an independent publisher and comparison service, not an investment advisor. The information provided is for educational purposes only and we encourage you to seek personalized advice from qualified professionals regarding specific financial decisions. Past performance is not indicative of future results.

Blueprint has an advertiser disclosure policy . The opinions, analyses, reviews or recommendations expressed in this article are those of the Blueprint editorial staff alone. Blueprint adheres to strict editorial integrity standards. The information is accurate as of the publish date, but always check the provider’s website for the most current information.

Amy Fontinelle

Amy Fontinelle has more than 15 years of experience helping people make informed decisions about their money, whether they’re refinancing a mortgage, buying insurance or choosing a credit card. As a freelance writer trained in journalism and specializing in personal finance, Amy digs into the details to explain the products and strategies that can help (or hurt) people seeking greater financial security and wealth. Her work has been published by Forbes Advisor, Capital One, MassMutual, Investopedia and many other outlets.

Heidi Gollub is the USA TODAY Blueprint managing editor of insurance. She was previously lead editor of insurance at Forbes Advisor and led the insurance team at U.S. News & World Report as assistant managing editor of 360 Reviews. Heidi has an MBA from Emporia State University and is a licensed property and casualty insurance expert.

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Best travel insurance companies of May 2024

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Travel insurance Amy Fontinelle

Best travel insurance for a Disney World vacation in 2024

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  • Best overall
  • Best for expensive trips
  • Best for exotic trips
  • Best for annual plans

How we reviewed travel insurance for seniors

Best travel insurance for seniors of may 2024.

Affiliate links for the products on this page are from partners that compensate us (see our advertiser disclosure with our list of partners for more details). However, our opinions are our own. See how we rate insurance products to write unbiased product reviews.

Reaching your golden years doesn't mean your adventures have to end. In fact, in this stage of life, you'll hopefully have more time and resources to travel. But as a senior citizen, you'll want to ensure you have travel insurance that covers any health-related issues arise while you travel.

Best senior travel insurance companies

  • Best overall: Allianz Travel Insurance
  • Best for expensive trips: John Hancock Travel Insurance
  • Best for exotic trips: World Nomads Travel Insurance

Best for annual plans: Travel Guard

How we rate the best senior travel insurance companies »

Compare the best travel insurance for seniors

Your health gets more unpredictable as you age, which makes travel insurance more important for seniors. Unfortunately, it's also more expensive. The best travel insurance for seniors won't have too steep of a price hike compared to rates for younger travelers. It will have high coverage limits for emergency medical coverage, trip cancellations, and and emergency medical evacuation. It's also important that your travel insurance offers pre-existing condition waivers , ideally at no extra cost to the traveler. 

Here are our picks for the best travel insurance coverage for seniors in 2024.

Best overall: Allianz

Allianz Allianz Travel Insurance

  • Check mark icon A check mark. It indicates a confirmation of your intended interaction. Good option for frequent travelers thanks to its annual multi-trip policies
  • Check mark icon A check mark. It indicates a confirmation of your intended interaction. Doesn't increase premium for trips longer than 30 days, meaning it could be one of the more affordable options for a long trip
  • Check mark icon A check mark. It indicates a confirmation of your intended interaction. Some plans include free coverage for children 17 and under
  • Check mark icon A check mark. It indicates a confirmation of your intended interaction. Concierge included with some plans
  • con icon Two crossed lines that form an 'X'. Coverage for medical emergency is lower than some competitors' policies
  • con icon Two crossed lines that form an 'X'. Plans don't include coverage contact sports and high-altitude activities
  • Single and multi-trip plans available
  • Trip cancellation and interruption coverage starting at up to $10,000 (higher limits with more expensive plans)
  • Preexisting medical condition coverage available with some plans

Allianz Travel Insurance is one of the most widely recognized names in travel insurance, and it stands out as one of the top travel insurance providers for seniors. It offers a wide range of policies covering medical treatments overseas and emergency medical transport.

Allianz also provides options for varying trip lengths. Its annual multi-trip policies , for example, cover any trip you make during your policy period, even if they aren't yet planned, making it an excellent option for seniors who vacation multiple times per year.

Read our Allianz Travel Insurance review here.

Best for expensive trips: John Hancock

John Hancock John Hancock Travel Insurance

  • Check mark icon A check mark. It indicates a confirmation of your intended interaction. Offers 3 travel insurance plans
  • Check mark icon A check mark. It indicates a confirmation of your intended interaction. Cancel for any reason rider available
  • Check mark icon A check mark. It indicates a confirmation of your intended interaction. Affordable travel insurance premiums
  • con icon Two crossed lines that form an 'X'. Reviews of claims process are mixed
  • con icon Two crossed lines that form an 'X'. Buyers may not get specialty coverage for sports equipment and other high value items
  • Trip cancellation for 100% of the trip cost
  • Trip interruption insurance for up to 150% of the trip cost
  • Emergency medical coverage of up to $250,000 per person
  • Medical evacuation coverage of up to $1,000,000

John Hancock Travel Insurance plans for seniors offer some of the best coverage available. It provides generous maximum benefit amounts while still offering affordable prices.

Each plan includes coverages like trip cancellation, emergency accident, and emergency medical, with the option to add benefits like CFAR (cancel for any reason) . Plus, getting a free online quote is a quick and straightforward process.

Read our John Hancock Travel Insurance review here.

Best for exotic trips: World Nomads

World Nomads World Nomads Travel Insurance

  • Check mark icon A check mark. It indicates a confirmation of your intended interaction. Coverage for 200+ activities like skiing, surfing, and rock climbing
  • Check mark icon A check mark. It indicates a confirmation of your intended interaction. Only two plans to choose from, making it simple to find the right option
  • Check mark icon A check mark. It indicates a confirmation of your intended interaction. You can purchase coverage even after your trip has started
  • con icon Two crossed lines that form an 'X'. If your trip costs more than $10,000, you may want to choose other insurance because trip protection is capped at up to $10,000 (for the Explorer plan)
  • con icon Two crossed lines that form an 'X'. Doesn't offer coverage for travelers older than 70
  • con icon Two crossed lines that form an 'X'. No Cancel for Any Reason (CFAR) option
  • Coverage for 150+ activities and sports
  • 2 plans: Standard and Explorer
  • Trip protection for up to $10,000
  • Emergency medical insurance of up to $100,000
  • Emergency evacuation coverage for up to $500,000
  • Coverage to protect your items (up to $3,000)

World Nomads Travel Insurance is a great choice for active senior citizens under 70 who want comprehensive travel insurance. The key difference between World Nomads and many other providers is that it covers 200+ adventurous activities like scuba diving, mountain biking, surfing, skiing, and even bungee jumping. In addition, World Nomads' trip cancellation and emergency medical coverage includes COVID-19-related issues. Many other insurers are excluding that type of coverage now.

For adventurous senior citizens over the age of 70 years, World Nomads suggests working with its partner, TripAssure .

Read our World Nomads Travel Insurance review here.

AIG Travel Guard

Trip cancellation coverage for up to 100% of the trip cost and trip interruption coverage for up to 150% of the trip cost

  • Check mark icon A check mark. It indicates a confirmation of your intended interaction. Trip cancellation coverage of up to 100% of the cost, for all three plan levels
  • Check mark icon A check mark. It indicates a confirmation of your intended interaction. CFAR covers up to 75% of total trip costs (maximum of $112,500 on some plans) 
  • Check mark icon A check mark. It indicates a confirmation of your intended interaction. Medical coverage of up to $500,000 and evacuation of up to $1,000,000 per person
  • Check mark icon A check mark. It indicates a confirmation of your intended interaction. Includes COVID coverage 
  • Check mark icon A check mark. It indicates a confirmation of your intended interaction. Above average baggage loss and delay benefits
  • Check mark icon A check mark. It indicates a confirmation of your intended interaction. High medical evacuation coverage
  • con icon Two crossed lines that form an 'X'. Premiums may run slightly higher than competitors

Travel Guard is a well-established and highly rated name in the travel insurance industry. It offers three main coverage options to choose from, and in general its policies have above-average coverage for baggage loss and baggage delays, plus high medical evaluation coverage limits.

  • Trip cancellation coverage for up to 100% of the trip cost
  • Trip interruption coverage for up to 150% of the trip cost
  • Preexisting medical conditions exclusions waiver must be purchased within 15 days of initial trip payment
  • Annual travel insurance plan and Pack N' Go plan (for last-minute trips) available

Travel Guard  offers comprehensive insurance plans for shorter and longer trips. One of its more unique offerings is its Travel Guard Annual Plan.

This annual travel insurance comes with standard coverage benefits (trip delay, baggage loss, etc.) and substantial coverage amounts, which is important for seniors who travel multiple times per year. Travel Guard also offers a preexisting medical condition waiver, meaning those with certain medical issues can still gain coverage.

Read our AIG Travel Guard Insurance review here.

Understanding travel insurance for seniors

Before diving into the specifics, it's essential to understand what travel insurance is and why it's particularly important for senior travelers. The best travel insurance offers financial protection against unexpected events affecting your trip, such as trip cancellations, medical emergencies, or lost luggage.

Types of coverage

  • Medical Coverage: Ensures your medical expenses are covered in case of illness or injury.
  • Trip Cancellation/Interruption Coverage: Provides reimbursement if your trip is canceled or cut short due to unforeseen events.
  • Baggage Coverage: Covers loss, damage, or theft of personal items during your trip.

Benefits of travel insurance for seniors

  • Peace of Mind: Knowing you're covered in case of emergencies can make your travel stress-free.
  • Financial Protection: Shields you from potentially overwhelming medical costs and trip cancellations fees.
  • Assistance Services: Many plans offer 24/7 assistance services, providing help whenever and wherever you need it.

Making the most of your plan

After choosing a plan, it's crucial to understand your policy fully and know what services are available to you in case of an emergency.

Understanding your policy

  • Read the fine print and understand the claims process to avoid surprises.

Emergency assistance services

  • Familiarize yourself with the emergency assistance services offered by your plan and keep all necessary contact information handy.

How to pick senior travel insurance

It's wise to compare several different travel insurance policies for the best coverage and pricing, as premiums vary widely between insurers and depend on factors like your age and travel destination.

That said, some of the more essential coverages to look for if you're a senior citizen include:

  • Travel medical coverage - This coverage will pay for your medical bills outside the US.
  • Medical evacuation coverage - If you're injured or become sick while traveling, this coverage will transport you to the nearest hospital or even back home if your condition necessitates it.
  • Preexisting conditions - Coverage for known health conditions. You'll need to purchase travel insurance within a certain time period from when you book your trip to qualify for a preexisting condition waiver .
  • Cancel for any reason (CFAR) - The name says it all! It'll cost extra and you'll need to purchase insurance early, but it's the most comprehensive trip cancellation coverage you can get. Note that CFAR insurance usually only covers up to 75% of your trip fees.
  • Trip cancellation insurance - This coverage provides reimbursement for your prepaid and nonrefundable costs if you cannot make your trip due to an unforeseen event.
  • Baggage delay insurance - This coverage will reimburse you for essentials like toiletries and clothes if your bags are delayed.
  • Lost luggage insurance - This coverage will reimburse you up to a specified amount if your bags get lost en route.

Of these, the most critical to note are whether or not your policy covers preexisting conditions and the limits for travel medical insurance and emergency medical evacuation.

Some insurance companies offer a waiver that will cover preexisting conditions. You'll have to follow the requirements for adding a waiver to your policy, like insuring the entire cost of your trip. Or purchase the policy within a specific time after making your first trip deposit payments.

You'll also want to find a policy with high maximum limits for travel medical and emergency medical evacuation coverage. These types of expenses can be substantial, so you want to have appropriate coverage.

When comparing senior travel insurance options, we looked at the following factors to evaluate each travel insurance provider:

  • Coverage limits: We looked at each travel insurance company's coverage amounts for benefits like medical emergencies and trip cancellation.
  • Flexibility: We looked at how customizable a policy is, so you can choose what your travel insurance policy covers .
  • Coverage for preexisting conditions: Preexisting conditions are one of the more critical factors for travel insurance for senior citizens, so we looked at travel insurance companies that offer the best coverage for preexisting conditions.
  • Price: We compared travel insurance providers offering reasonable basic and comprehensive coverage rates.
  • Benefits geared towards seniors: We compared travel insurance companies that offer solid coverage for senior citizens, like medical evacuation, COVID-19 coverage, and trip cancellation.

You can read more about our insurance rating methodology here.

Seniors should look for travel insurance policies that offer comprehensive medical coverage, including for preexisting conditions and emergency medical evacuation. They should also consider policies with higher coverage limits to ensure adequate protection. Additionally, seniors should seek travel insurance plans that provide 24/7 assistance services, as well as coverage for trip cancellations, interruptions, and baggage protection.

The cost of senior travel insurance coverage can vary depending on your age, overall health, state of residence, travel destination, and length of your trip. However, assuming all other factors are the same, you'll pay more for travel insurance at 70 than at 30.

All travel insurance companies, except World Nomads, included in this guide offer coverage for pre-existing medical conditions as long as you buy your policy within the qualifying period from when you placed your trip deposit.

Allianz is the best travel insurance for seniors due to its wide array of medical coverages and emergency medical transport. Allianz also offers multi-trip insurance policies , which could make sense for seniors who travel frequently.

In some instances, travel insurance companies will have age eligibility restrictions, often only insuring people 80 years old and younger.

post office travel insurance over 70

Editorial Note: Any opinions, analyses, reviews, or recommendations expressed in this article are the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, approved, or otherwise endorsed by any card issuer. Read our editorial standards .

Please note: While the offers mentioned above are accurate at the time of publication, they're subject to change at any time and may have changed, or may no longer be available.

**Enrollment required.

post office travel insurance over 70

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Travel Insurance for Over 70s

Travel is one of the great bonuses of having more leisure time in old age. One of the challenges before even packing the suitcase though may be finding the best – and best value – travel insurance for over 70s. Insurers increase the price because they perceive the risk of illness or medical emergency increases with age.

  • What's covered?
  • Important considerations
  • Keeping the cost down
  • Travel advice

Travel insurance for over 70s

We have compiled this guide to over 70s travel insurance to help make the best decisions for peace of mind and wonderful holidays. As with any financial product, consult a regulated provider, and read the fine detail. This is particularly important with something such as holiday insurance for the over 70s and we explain why.

Why Travel insurance for the over 70s is important

There is a greater focus on medical and health cover in policies for the over 70s which may include:

  • Medical costs – to cover expenses for treatments, medication and equipment
  • Travel adjustments – due to medical requirements you may need to extend or shorten a trip
  • Caring assistance – travel with a companion/carer
  • Coronavirus cover – one of the most important at the moment you may be able to insure against medical expenses, cancellations and other issues related to Coronavirus

It is worth comparing different providers. Not all the big household name insurers will be able to help, and you may end up with a policy from a specialist insurer. You should be able to review them all on any number of comparison websites: as many of us know from bitter experience, the devil really lies in the detail, but these sites can be really helpful to get you started.

10 key tips about over 70s travel insurance

Upper age limit.

Make sure any policy under consideration doesn’t have age exclusions for those OVER a certain age – eg for an 80 year old an over-70s policy only includes those aged up to 79.

Pre-existing Medical Conditions

You will need to provide details of all pre-existing medical conditions as they will likely impact the level of cover available;    you can read more about pre-existing medical conditions here.

Minimum Medical Cover

Different countries and continents have different medical costs, so depending on where you are going, be sure to have the right minimum level of medical cover; check also for medical transfers included in the policy; in a similar vein there will be different policies for travel in Europe to travel in the rest of the world.

Medical Equipment & Medication

If you need to take medical equipment with you then make sure its covered in the policy as it may be difficult to replace while you’re away.  This may also be true of certain regular medication, insulin for example (take enough with you – see below).

Travel Companions

Check whether other people you are travelling with can be included on your policy - they may not then need to take out their own insurance.

Cancellation Fees

Along with illness or injury, it is a good idea to check if bereavement is included in the policy. 

Length of Travel

Some insurers limit how long you can travel for in one trip if over a certain age. The exact length of time will vary between insurers and also depending on if you choose a single or multi-trip policy. 

Cruise Insurance

You may well need to get a specific add-on to a policy for a cruise or for a skiing holiday.

Level of Excess Payments

Check the level of excess you need to make before the policy will pay out.

Exclusions or Conditions

The devil is in the detail, so read carefully what other exclusions or conditions may apply (not even age related, but for example – leaving baggage unattended will cancel a policy, or taking part in an extreme sport not included on the policy…. Whitewater rafting or skydiving granny may need different insurance….).

The average cost of an annual travel insurance policy for the over 70s is £189.70

*Compare the Market data

The most popular holiday destinations for over 70s are Spain, USA, France, Italy, Portugal & Greek Islands


Keeping the costs down on travel insurance for over 70s

The cheapest travel insurance for over 70s isn’t always the best as it might not provide the right level of cover for your holiday, and it might also require higher excess payments before a claim is paid out.

travel insurance over 70s

In addition to our top ten tips, here are few considerations that may help with the costs:

  • Shop around and compare prices for the specific circumstances you have – pre-existing medical conditions, destination, length of holiday etc; (the dear old Post Office is also worth considering, with a long history of providing travel insurance for the over 70s)
  • There may be a significant price difference between single vs annual over 70 travel insurance policies
  • Beware tour operator insurance offers – some tour operators may offer insurance as part of the holiday when you book but you may find you get better value from an independent insurer
  • Group policies (for more than one person) are based on the oldest traveller – so separate cover may be cheaper
  • Check that in order to claim for a cancellation that you don’t need to prove the tour operator/airline won’t refund you first
  • Check excess/waivers on things like car hire are not additional
  • You may find that some destinations will require more expensive insurance – depending on their health care systems. Eg The USA vs European destinations
  • Check if the right level of travel insurance may be included with your bank account or a credit card

Bank Accounts with Travel Insurance for Over 70s

Some bank accounts offer travel insurance (with other extras) as incentives for you to bank with them. Here are some of the better options for getting travel insurance included in bank accounts:

Where to find over 70s travel insurance

As we mentioned, comparison sites are a great starting point to get a lot of quotes in one go. Or you can visit a travel insurance provider directly for a quote. 

Here are some options you could use – click whichever takes your fancy!

compare travel insurance on confused.com

Travel tips for the over 70s

Before you go.

  • If travelling within Europe, apply for a UK Global Health Insurance card (GHIC) to get free or discounted medical care
  • Make sure your passport is still valid; and check your destination with Government & NHS Travel pages to see if you need any vaccinations or medication to go there
  • Tell your bank about your travel plans so you can use your cards abroad - some banks will stop your cards when used abroad as an anti-fraud measure
  • Check the data roaming charges on your mobile phone (particularly in Europe post Brexit)
  • Make a list of your medication and any other details that you might need in an emergency - and just in case, get a letter from you GP regarding medication, should you need to get more when away
  • Make a list of emergency contact numbers
  • Organise any airport assistance you might need through the airports you are travelling from/to
  • Order enough medication to take with you for the duration of your trip, and a bit extra, just in case
  • If travelling with pets, be sure they have their own passport and are up-to-date on their innoculations

Tips for travel

Put enough of any medication in your hand luggage should there be any delays etc; medication is not included in the weight allowance for each passenger so you can put the rest in your suitcase.

At your destination

Enjoy your holiday, and don’t forget to send a postcard!

FAQs on Travel Insurance for over 70s

Do all providers offer holiday insurance for over 70s.

No, not all providers offer travel insurance for over 70s because they don’t see it being profitable. However, there are still many different options for getting holiday insurance above a certain age.

Why is travel insurance for over 70s more expensive?

This is because the perceived risk of something that the insurer will need to pay out on is greater, and that the extent of any potential medical care is likely to be more than someone younger, and therefore also more expensive for the insurance company. So unfortunately, the incentive to offer over 70s competitively priced insurance isn’t there.

Can you get over 70s travel insurance if you have a medical condition?

Yes. It is really important in any holiday insurance you take out that you are clear and honest about any pre-existing medical conditions so that you can find insurance that fully covers you. Find out more about finding insurance with medical conditions here.

What is the maximum age for travel insurance?

This is entirely dependent on the provider, but for a lot of mainstream providers their cut-off will be around 70-75. However, there are plenty of other providers that have a higher threshold or none at all! SAGA, for example, has no upper limit on travel insurance.

How much does travel insurance for over 70s cost?

Travel insurance for the over 70s varies in price depending on a few factors including age, where you're going, what activities you do and for how long you are going. Generally you should expect to pay at least £60 but prices can exceed £200 for some types of cover. It is best to just think of this as part of the cost of going on holiday and to factor it in, because it is a necessary item.

Does being over 70 affect how long you can travel abroad?

Absolutely not. It may increase the price of the travel insurance you can get but it is completely up to you how long you go abroad for. That all being said you aren't as young as you used to be and your tolerance for long trips away might be less that it once was!

When should I buy travel insurance for over 70s?

Ideally you should get travel insurance as soon as you've booked your holiday. This is because you take on risk as soon as it's booked. If an aspect of your journey is cancelled you want it to be covered by your insurance.

Where is it most expensive to get travel insurance for?

Because of the cost of medical treatment, the USA, Canada, the Caribbean, China and Hong Kong are often the most expensive places to get travel insurance for. The price of travel insurance is even likely to differ a little bit in Europe with Spain, for example, being one of the pricier destinations, and Greece being less so.

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Travel only gets better when you're over 50. You have enough experience to be comfortable anywhere in the world, from Shanghai to Santiago, and you have the time and resources to plan incredible adventures. Where will your next ticket take you?

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Allianz - two senior travelers

The Simple Guide to Buying Travel Insurance When You're Over 65

This guide covers key benefits and ways for seniors to save money on travel insurance.

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Buying Annual Travel Insurance Over 65

If you're retired and a frequent traveler, you need yearly travel insurance...

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What to Know Before Buying Travel Insurance for Cancer Patients

Alisha McDarris

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Table of Contents

Can travel insurance cover people with cancer?

Who needs a pre-existing medical condition waiver, how to choose among travel insurance companies, companies that offer travel insurance with cancer coverage, other tips for getting insurance for your trip, travel insurance for cancer patients recapped.

Most plans with pre-existing medical condition coverage require purchase within 20 days of an initial trip deposit.

Generally, non-emergency care and/or expected complications as a result of your diagnosis won’t be covered.

Different companies sell plans with different coverage limits. Read the fine print.

Finding the best travel insurance for your trip can be tricky, even more so if you’re planning a trip and have a pre-existing medical condition like cancer, as some plans don’t cover issues that might arise as a result of this diagnosis (or may limit coverage to specific situations).

Fortunately, you can still enjoy the peace of mind that travel insurance offers, even if you have a medical condition.

Here’s what to know about travel insurance for cancer patients, including what it covers, how it works and which insurance companies have suitable plans.

» Learn more: What to know before buying travel insurance

Travel insurance protects against financial losses and other risks from unexpected events that occur when traveling. Policies cover the expenses and inconveniences incurred from delayed flights, canceled reservations, lost or delayed luggage, injuries and even illness.

That said, not every illness is covered, as not every policy offers protection for those with pre-existing medical conditions.

Within the umbrella of coverage for pre-existing medical conditions, cancer patients are wise to scout out policies that cover cancer-related treatment during a trip. In the off chance that you need unexpected care because of your condition — or perhaps you need to cancel your trip or cut it short due to medical reasons — you want to be able to be reimbursed for all the payments you've made so far.

Most of the time, non-emergency care and/or expected complications that are a result of your diagnosis won’t be covered.

Without coverage for pre-existing medical conditions, companies will not likely reimburse you for emergency expenses, medical care, last-minute flights home or any other trip interruptions/cancellations due to your medical status.

Understanding how this sort of coverage works is important because not every traveler qualifies for a pre-existing medical condition waiver when it comes to obtaining travel insurance with cancer.

Requirements vary from one insurance company to another, so always make sure to read the fine print and details of your particular policy before purchasing.

But in general, you’ll likely need to meet at least one of these conditions:

You’ve had to seek medical care and/or received a diagnosis or treatment within a certain number of days before purchasing your policy.

You’re taking doctor-prescribed medication.

You’ve exhibited symptoms.

As far as the policy itself is concerned, a few more limitations may apply to qualify for the waiver, such as:

Your policy must cover the full purchase cost of your trip.

You bought your policy within a certain number of days of making your first paid booking or reservation (the exact number varies from company to company).

You were OK to travel, medically speaking, when you purchased the policy. 

» Learn more : Can I get travel insurance for pre-existing medical conditions?

When it comes time to purchase a travel insurance plan, start by comparing options from multiple companies. If in doubt, reach out to the company’s customer service team for clarification. Each company is different and has different requirements and limitations.

» JUMP to learn more about companies to consider

Once you've generated a quote, peruse individual plans from each company, focusing primarily on the details of pre-existing condition coverage. Also consider other helpful protections like cancellation coverage, trip delay or interruption coverage, lost luggage insurance and more.

When comparing policies, pay attention to coverage amounts to make sure what’s offered is enough to bring you peace of mind.

Make sure to start your search for travel insurance early, ideally within a few days of making your first booking, since pre-existing condition waivers often require early purchase — if you don’t buy a plan within a set amount of time (usually 14-20 days) after your initial trip booking, you may not qualify.

» Learn more: Trip cancellation insurance explained

To compare plans, we searched for coverage for a 45-year-old traveler from New York planning a weeklong trip to Portugal.

Travel Guard by AIG


  • Offers last-minute coverage.
  • Pre-Existing Medical Conditions Exclusion Waiver available at all plan levels.
  • Plan available for business travelers.
  • Cancel For Any reason coverage only available for higher-level plans, and only reimburses up to 50% of the trip cost.
  • Trip interruption coverage doesn't apply to trips paid for with points and miles.

NerdWallet analysis found Travel Guard by AIG offers top-notch coverage for travelers with pre-existing medical conditions.

Provider overview:

A pet bundle may be available as an upgrade if you’re traveling with a furry companion.

Cancel For Any Reason coverage is offered as an optional add-on, but only for some plans, and it only covers 50 percent of your trip cost (versus the more typical 75%).

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Allianz Travel


  • Annual or single-trip policies are available.
  • Multiple types of insurance available.
  • All plans include access to a 24/7 assistance hotline.
  • More expensive than average.
  • CFAR upgrades are not available.
  • Rental car protection is only available by adding the One Trip Rental Car protector to your plan or by purchasing a standalone rental car plan.

For pre-existing conditions to be covered with Allianz Travel plans, you’ll have to purchase one within 14 days of your first trip-related payment.

Most plans include pre-existing medical conditions automatically.

Emergency medical transportation is a separate benefit from emergency medical, which may be beneficial if costly air or ground transport is required to get you to a hospital.

Plans include coverage to help cover redeposit fees if you booked travel with points or miles and had to cancel travel for a covered reason. 

Emergency medical coverage is low, comparatively speaking, considering the cost of plans.

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Seven Corners


  • Annual, medical-only and backpacker plans are available.
  • Cancel For Any Reason upgrade is available for the cheapest plan.
  • Cheapest plan also features a much less costly Interruption for Any Reason add-on.
  • Offers only one annual policy option.

With high coverages for accident and sickness medical expenses in a premium plan, this insurance is a good option for those worried about bills they may rack up if they need to seek medical care abroad. You will need to purchase coverage within 20 days of your first trip booking to qualify for pre-existing condition coverage.

Provider overview :

Offers an annual multi-trip plan that includes coverage for pre-existing conditions after it’s been active for 60 days.

Several other plans offer coverage for pre-existing conditions automatically: Trip Protection Elite, Trip Protection Choice and Trip Protection U.S.A.

Cancel For Any Reason coverage is also available as an add-on with the Trip Protection Elite plan.

More budget-friendly economy plans don’t include pre-existing conditions waivers or CFAR upgrades.

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Travelex Insurance Services


  • Top-tier plan doesn’t break the bank and provides more customization opportunities.
  • Offers a plan specifically for domestic travel.
  • Sells a post-departure medical coverage plan.
  • Fewer customization opportunities on the Basic plan.
  • Though perhaps a plus for domestic travelers, keep in mind the Travel America plan only covers domestic trips.

While Travelex Insurance Plans plans that cover pre-existing conditions may be more expensive than some of the options listed here, plans tend to be comprehensive. Plus there are plenty of add-ons available that may help build the perfect protection for you and your trip. You must purchase your policy within 15 days of your first travel booking and payment (three days for US-based travel).

Children accompanying you on your travels are included in the pricing of the Travel Select plan.

You have the option to double your medical coverage with a Medical Expense Coverage upgrade.

You can upgrade your plan to include an adventure sports package.

Not all policies include coverage for pre-existing conditions.

» Learn more : Travelex travel insurance: What to know

Before you start packing, here are some other tips for procuring travel insurance for those with cancer:

Check to see if you already have a credit card that offers trip insurance . While your pre-existing condition may not be covered via your card, you could potentially pair your card's existing coverage with a more basic/economy third-party plan that includes pre-existing conditions coverage.

Even if you don’t have the whole trip booked and paid for, make sure you purchase coverage in the amount of everything you’ve paid for so far within the purchasing window for pre-existing coverage. If you make more reservations later, you’ll have to update your policy coverage amount at that time, usually within a set amount of days. Read your policy info for time limits.

Choose the best policy for you based on not just the policy cost, but also what you need and what is covered.

If you have cancer, travel insurance can seem complicated. Indeed, it’s important to make sure the coverage you select will take care of you should you need it. As long as you understand the requirements of selecting a plan and what it does and doesn’t cover, you can still find a policy that works for you.

How to maximize your rewards

You want a travel credit card that prioritizes what’s important to you. Here are our picks for the best travel credit cards of 2024 , including those best for:

Flexibility, point transfers and a large bonus: Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card

No annual fee: Bank of America® Travel Rewards credit card

Flat-rate travel rewards: Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card

Bonus travel rewards and high-end perks: Chase Sapphire Reserve®

Luxury perks: The Platinum Card® from American Express

Business travelers: Ink Business Preferred® Credit Card

Chase Sapphire Reserve Credit Card

on Chase's website

1x-10x Earn 5x total points on flights and 10x total points on hotels and car rentals when you purchase travel through Chase Travel℠ immediately after the first $300 is spent on travel purchases annually. Earn 3x points on other travel and dining & 1 point per $1 spent on all other purchases.

75,000 Earn 75,000 bonus points after you spend $4,000 on purchases in the first 3 months from account opening. That's $1,125 toward travel when you redeem through Chase Travel℠.

Chase Sapphire Preferred Credit Card

1x-5x 5x on travel purchased through Chase Travel℠, 3x on dining, select streaming services and online groceries, 2x on all other travel purchases, 1x on all other purchases.

75,000 Earn 75,000 bonus points after you spend $4,000 on purchases in the first 3 months from account opening. That's over $900 when you redeem through Chase Travel℠.

Chase Southwest Rapid Rewards® Plus Credit Card

1x-2x Earn 2X points on Southwest® purchases. Earn 2X points on local transit and commuting, including rideshare. Earn 2X points on internet, cable, and phone services, and select streaming. Earn 1X points on all other purchases.

50,000 Earn 50,000 bonus points after spending $1,000 on purchases in the first 3 months from account opening.

post office travel insurance over 70

Plan Your Odintsovo Holiday: Best of Odintsovo

post office travel insurance over 70


Essential odintsovo.

post office travel insurance over 70

Odintsovo Is Great For

post office travel insurance over 70

Eat & drink

post office travel insurance over 70


  • Yekaterinburg
  • Novosibirsk
  • Vladivostok

post office travel insurance over 70

  • Tours to Russia
  • Practicalities
  • Russia in Lists
Rusmania • Deep into Russia

Out of the Centre

Savvino-storozhevsky monastery and museum.

Savvino-Storozhevsky Monastery and Museum

Zvenigorod's most famous sight is the Savvino-Storozhevsky Monastery, which was founded in 1398 by the monk Savva from the Troitse-Sergieva Lavra, at the invitation and with the support of Prince Yury Dmitrievich of Zvenigorod. Savva was later canonised as St Sabbas (Savva) of Storozhev. The monastery late flourished under the reign of Tsar Alexis, who chose the monastery as his family church and often went on pilgrimage there and made lots of donations to it. Most of the monastery’s buildings date from this time. The monastery is heavily fortified with thick walls and six towers, the most impressive of which is the Krasny Tower which also serves as the eastern entrance. The monastery was closed in 1918 and only reopened in 1995. In 1998 Patriarch Alexius II took part in a service to return the relics of St Sabbas to the monastery. Today the monastery has the status of a stauropegic monastery, which is second in status to a lavra. In addition to being a working monastery, it also holds the Zvenigorod Historical, Architectural and Art Museum.

Belfry and Neighbouring Churches

post office travel insurance over 70

Located near the main entrance is the monastery's belfry which is perhaps the calling card of the monastery due to its uniqueness. It was built in the 1650s and the St Sergius of Radonezh’s Church was opened on the middle tier in the mid-17th century, although it was originally dedicated to the Trinity. The belfry's 35-tonne Great Bladgovestny Bell fell in 1941 and was only restored and returned in 2003. Attached to the belfry is a large refectory and the Transfiguration Church, both of which were built on the orders of Tsar Alexis in the 1650s.  

post office travel insurance over 70

To the left of the belfry is another, smaller, refectory which is attached to the Trinity Gate-Church, which was also constructed in the 1650s on the orders of Tsar Alexis who made it his own family church. The church is elaborately decorated with colourful trims and underneath the archway is a beautiful 19th century fresco.

Nativity of Virgin Mary Cathedral

post office travel insurance over 70

The Nativity of Virgin Mary Cathedral is the oldest building in the monastery and among the oldest buildings in the Moscow Region. It was built between 1404 and 1405 during the lifetime of St Sabbas and using the funds of Prince Yury of Zvenigorod. The white-stone cathedral is a standard four-pillar design with a single golden dome. After the death of St Sabbas he was interred in the cathedral and a new altar dedicated to him was added.

post office travel insurance over 70

Under the reign of Tsar Alexis the cathedral was decorated with frescoes by Stepan Ryazanets, some of which remain today. Tsar Alexis also presented the cathedral with a five-tier iconostasis, the top row of icons have been preserved.

Tsaritsa's Chambers

post office travel insurance over 70

The Nativity of Virgin Mary Cathedral is located between the Tsaritsa's Chambers of the left and the Palace of Tsar Alexis on the right. The Tsaritsa's Chambers were built in the mid-17th century for the wife of Tsar Alexey - Tsaritsa Maria Ilinichna Miloskavskaya. The design of the building is influenced by the ancient Russian architectural style. Is prettier than the Tsar's chambers opposite, being red in colour with elaborately decorated window frames and entrance.

post office travel insurance over 70

At present the Tsaritsa's Chambers houses the Zvenigorod Historical, Architectural and Art Museum. Among its displays is an accurate recreation of the interior of a noble lady's chambers including furniture, decorations and a decorated tiled oven, and an exhibition on the history of Zvenigorod and the monastery.

Palace of Tsar Alexis

post office travel insurance over 70

The Palace of Tsar Alexis was built in the 1650s and is now one of the best surviving examples of non-religious architecture of that era. It was built especially for Tsar Alexis who often visited the monastery on religious pilgrimages. Its most striking feature is its pretty row of nine chimney spouts which resemble towers.

post office travel insurance over 70

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    map to travel: Elektrostal. ... Отдел УФМС по г.Электросталь Government office; 144000 Post office; Popular Destinations in Moscow Oblast. Discover Moscow, Podolsk, Outskirts and Kolomna. Moscow. Podolsk. Outskirts. Kolomna. Every day is a journey, and the journey itself is home.

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