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What are the 10 Best Travel Trailer Brands and Models?

Published on May 23rd, 2022 by Ray & Tammy Roman This post was updated on October 5th, 2023

One of the most frequent questions we get from new and experienced RV enthusiasts alike is: What are the best travel trailer brands to consider buying? This is a crucial consideration because your travel trailer is more than just a vehicle—it’s your home on wheels. Let’s explore some brands that consistently receive high marks for quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

Discovering the Best Travel Trailer Brands in 2023: A Guide for Every RVer

Deciding on “the best brand” of anything is subjective. The answer is as unique as you are. Discovering it largely depends on your specific RV travel needs, budget, family size, and personal preferences. he answer also depends on finding the  best truck for your camper .

Over the years my picks for the best travel trailers tends to remain unchanged. Many new brands are on the market, but they have not been around long enough to properly assess their quality. Each of the best travel trailer brands in our list has developed a unique approach to comfort, efficiency, and style.


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Whether you are drawn to the classic charm of an Airstream, the durability of an Oliver, or the tech-forward approach of Jayco, the choice ultimately comes down to your personal preference and budget.

camping with Airstream Flying Cloud best travel trailers list

The Gold Standard: How Do You Choose the Best Travel Trailer Brands of 2023?

What distinguishes the elite from the average in the world of travel trailers? After analyzing feedback from RV enthusiasts and combing through industry reviews, we have identified three things to keep in mind as you shop for your ultimate travel trailer brand.

1. Road-Tested Reliability

When it comes to RVs, it’s not a question of if you’ll encounter issues, but when. With that in mind, the reliability of a travel trailer should be your most critical consideration. The most trusted travel trailer brands inspire confidence based on sterling reviews. That feedback isn’t just from RV industry cheerleaders, but from the real experts – everyday RV owners like you and me.

Don’t fall for the shiny objects shown in walk-through YouTube reviews. Instead, dig deeper and seek out firsthand experiences from actual owners. Start with RV communities such as the iRV2 Discussion Forums . This is one of many excellent ways to get unbiased ratings and insights from owners of the brands you are curious about. Start engaging in discussions about the real-world performance and reliability of the camper you’re interested in.

2. Value for Your Money

Price matters, but not always in the way you might think. While we all love a bargain, when it comes to travel trailers that a lower sticker price can often be a sign of mass production that leads to compromised quality. As with any purchase, affordability is important, but it shouldn’t come at the cost of quality. The best travel trailer brands offer the highest value for the price point with above-average durability, thoughtful design, and overall quality.

3. Customer-First Service

The best travel trailers in the world can’t make up for a poor customer service experience. When investing in a travel trailer, you’re not just buying an RV. You are entering into a relationship. The industry’s top-tier travel trailer brands on our list understand this and prioritize customer satisfaction. From the initial contact with the manufacturer to after-sales support from the dealer and any warranty work in the future, they make it a prioirty to keep customers happy. 

Not all travel trailer brands or their affiliated dealers shine in this area. Explore Google reviews about your local RV dealers that carry the brand you are considering. An overwhelming amount of negative customer feedback may be a telltale sign to look elsewhere.

The Top 10 Best Travel Trailer Brands List

Choosing the best RV trailer brands isn’t easy. There are hundreds of trailer brands and thousands of models. I selected these brands and models based on hundreds of RV user reviews. The following list of camper brands is known for their commitment to quality and value. They are also known for providing excellent customer service and timely warranty repairs. Here are the manufacturers that make our cut.

Now let’s review these brands and their best models to consider buying for your next travel trailer purchase. Remember, take your time to research, visit dealerships, attend RV shows, and even rent different models. This will give you a feel for what suits you best. The adventure of RVing begins even before you hit the road. It starts right here with the exciting process of choosing your home on wheels from among the best travel trailer brands in 2023.

#1. Airstream Flying Cloud

Airstream Flying Cloud (Image: Airstream Media)

When you think luxury camper, Airstream is one of the first travel trailer brands that usually comes to mind. They produce some of the most recognizable RVs in the industry. Airstreams are priced in the high-end range. But ask any Airstream owner and they will tell you that the value you get for your money is well worth the price.

Their iconic models include the Classic, Globetrotter, Tony Bahama, Flying Cloud, and others. Now owned by Thor Industries, Airstream continues to lead the industry with a reliable, iconic, and distinctive design.

Airstream Flying Cloud interior (Image: Airstream)

Why is the Airstream Flying Cloud one of the best travel trailers?

Few travel trailer brands evoke a sense of nostalgia, quality, and adventure as instantly as Airstream. Over the years, this iconic brand has been synonymous with the romance of the open road. The Airstream Flying Cloud travel trailers are a perfect embodiment of this legacy, earning it our number one spot on the list of the best travel trailers.

Crafted with both beginners and experienced RVers in mind, the Flying Cloud merges vintage appeal with modern comforts, creating a unique experience that sets it apart in the RV landscap

With a starting price of $94,400, it is not for everyone. But the first thing that strikes you about the Flying Cloud is its unmistakable design, which aligns with the higher-end price tag. With its distinctive aluminum shell, not only does the Flying Cloud turn heads at every campsite, but it also offers durability and a lighter towing weight. A wide variety of tow vehicles can haul one, from full-size pickups to larger SUVs with adequate towing capacity..

Sleep Capacity: 4-8

Length: 23 to 30 feet, gvwr: 6,000 to 8,800 pounds, 8 floor plans as of 2023.

Airstream Flying Cloud kitchen (Image: Airstream)

Constructed with a handcrafted riveted aluminum shell, it’s more than just pretty. All Airstream designs offer exceptional durability, weather resistance, and a lighter towing weight, ensuring longevity and ease of towing. The Flying Cloud model is loaded with features that exude quality, from the high-end kitchen appliances to the porcelain toilet and more. 

Flying Cloud Features Include:

Quietstream climate control, ultraleather seating, high-end kitchen appliances, seating that converts to sleeping, memory foam mattress, handcrafted cabinetry, retractable awning, rear-view monitoring system, roller blinds and blackout curtains, moen faucets and much more.

Depending on the layout you choose, you can opt for comfortable twin beds or a spacious queen bed, both featuring a memory foam mattress for a restful night’s sleep. A full bathroom featuring a stand-up shower, a porcelain toilet, and cleverly designed storage adds another layer of convenience to your journey.

The Airstream Flying Cloud is our number one choice for the best travel trailers of 2023. It beautifully combines timeless style, superior build quality, and modern convenience in a travel trailer package that combines the joy, freedom, and adventure of life on the road with you.

Airstream Flying Cloud Floor Plans and Specs

#2. grand design rv imagine.

Grand Design RV is another one of the best travel trailer brands. They have a loyal and raving fan base that considers their travel trailers some better overall brands in the industry.

Happy Grand Design Travel Trailer owners (Image: @AKA…Neil, iRV2 Forums member)

I have seen many owner reviews of Grand Design campers who rave about the quality of these units and the outstanding customer service. For me, a list of the best travel trailer brands would not be complete without Grand Design.

The company is located in Middlebury, IN. All their towables and fifth wheels come with a 3-year limited structural warranty. Imagine XLS is one of my favorites due to its excellent styling, features, and amenities. Grand Design has only been around since 2001 and today it operates as an independent business within Winnebago Industries. This line of campers is definitely on our short list of the best travel trailer brands in 2023.

Why I Recommend the Grand Design Imagine

The Imagine travel trailer line is my preferred bumper-pull from this RV manufacturer. There are several reasons I like the Imagine trailer. First off, it comes in 21 different floor plans. Even the smallest model comes with a queen-sized bed. There is no way I would want a travel trailer with anything smaller than a queen bed.

Grand Design Imagine Specifications

11 different floor plans in 3 lines, length: from 19 ft 11-inches to 36-feet 11-inches, one-piece roof membrane with 12-year warranty, arctic 4-seasons package, aluminum framed fully laminated sidewalls, uvw: 3,560 lbs to 8,394 lbs, gel-coated fiberglass exterior, double-insulated floor, roof, and front cap, heated and enclosed dump valves, factory installed rv solar power system.

The Imagine is also loaded with a ton of standard features. Here are just a few of the ones that stand out for me and for what I’m looking for:

Solid hardwood drawer fronts

Upgraded residential furniture, large double door refrigerator, large panoramic windows, residential quality countertops, 3-burner range with oven.

Grand Design Imagine Floor Plans & Specs

#3. oliver legacy elite 2.

The Oliver brand makes high-quality luxury fiberglass trailers in their Tennessee manufacturing facility. The company, which was started by twin brothers Jim and John Oliver, was formed in 2008. 

Oliver manufactures fiberglass trailer with a blend of luxury and resilience that’s hard to beat. Imagine a travel trailer built like a fortress, designed to withstand whatever Mother Nature might throw at it. That’s what Oliver offers – each trailer is constructed with a double-hull fiberglass shell. This gives superior protection against all weather conditions. It’s not inexpensive, but is a testament to the brand’s commitment to quality and durability.

Couple camping by a lake with Oliver Legacy Elite 2 (Image: Oliver Travel Trailers)

The company gets that we’re all different and have our own ideas about what makes the perfect RV. That’s why they offer a wide range of customization options. Whether it’s a specific floor layout, an advanced solar power system, or leather upholstery, Oliver makes it happen. It’s like getting a tailor-made suit, but this one’s an RV made to fit your camping style and needs.

The Oliver Legacy Elite 2

Inside the Legacy Elite 2 (Image: Oliver Travel Trailers)

The Oliver Legacy Elite 2 pictured above is my favorite model and probably one of their top-rated all-fiberglass campers. I like the Elite 2 for several reasons. I like that it has a dry weight of just 4,600 pounds. It can be towed with a good truck or full-size SUV. Keep in mind that 4,600 pounds is just the dry weight. For towing, you need to consider cargo weight too.

The Legacy Elite 2 comes in two-floor plans. One with twin beds and the with a dinette to 75″ x 79″ bed conversion. This model is loaded with standard features.

Oliver Legacy Elite 2 Specifications

Full custom molded interior and exterior insulated shells, plumbing, holding tanks, and drain pipes are enclosed between shells with heat to diminish the risk of freezing, quad shocks on dual dexter leaf spring axles, “nev-r-adjust” electric brakes for exceptional control and braking, molded vanity, norcold 3-way refrigerator 4.5 cubic ft. (12v, 11ov, lp), 15′ dometic awning, 22″ flat screen lcd tv, custom mounted speakers (4).

Oliver Travel Trailers are worth the money if you are shopping for a new RV. Their unique blend of luxury, superior construction, thoughtful design, customizability, and top-tier customer service, makes these fiberglass trailers a trustworthy companion on your road adventures. 

Oliver Legacy Elite 2 Floor Plans & Specs

#4. winnebago industries – micro minnie.

Another of our selected best travel trailers is Winnebago. With a history spanning over 50 years, Winnebago is a well-known and respected brand in the RV industry. Headquartered in Forest River, Iowa, the company builds a huge selection of RVs, including high-quality motorhomes, campers, fifth wheels, and toy haulers.

Winnebago Micro Minnie (Image: Winnebago)

Winnebago makes five popular travel trailer models as of 2023. One of the best travel trailer brands for new RVers and experienced ones alike is the Micro Minnie (which replaced the older Minnie Drop model that made our former list of the best travel trailers.

What I Like About the Micro Minnie

When it comes to striking a balance between compactness and living comfort, the Micro Minnie travel trailers hit the nail right on the head. These little marvels of RV engineering manage to pack a ton of amenities into a small, easy-to-tow package, proving that you don’t have to go big to enjoy the perks of home on the road.

Despite their size, Micro Minnies don’t skimp on the essentials. Step inside to enjoy a fully-equipped kitchen that comes with a double-door refrigerator, a three-burner stove, and even a microwave. So, whether you’re warming up last night’s leftovers or cooking a full-course meal, you’ve got everything you need right there.

Winnebago Micro Minnie Specifications

11 floor plans, exterior lengths from 20’5″ to 25’5″, interior height: 6’4″, exterior height: 10’5″, dry weight: 3,755 to 4,651, gvwr: 5,500 to 6,000 lbs., gray water holding tank capacity: 25 gal., black water holding tank capacity: 25 gal..

A key aspect of Micro Minnies’ appeal is their towability. With a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) of 5,500 to 6,000 pounds, depending on the model, they can be comfortably towed by a variety of vehicles. Mid-size SUVs, pickup trucks, and some of the beefier crossovers make suitable companions for these compact travel trailers.

Winnebago Minnie Drop Floor Plans & Specs

#5. happier camper hc1.

If you’re looking for an ultralight travel trailer that brings a smile to your face and makes RVing a breeze, Happier Camper travel trailers are it. These compact and retro lightweight travel trailers are winning the hearts of people who want a small trailer that can be towed by a typical passenger car.

Happier Camper HC1 travel trailer (Image: Happier Camper)

Happier Camper trailers are incredibly versatile. Their “Adaptiv” furniture anf cabinetry are made as modular cubes. This lets you customize the layout to suit your specific needs for any camping trip. The modular system includes lightweight cubes that can be rearranged to create a comfortable sleeping area, a cozy dining space, or even a mobile office for those who can’t leave work behind. 

Each trailer’s retro-inspired design pays homage to the iconic campers of the past while incorporating modern amenities. With their vibrant colors, rounded shapes, and nostalgic appeal, Happier Camper trailers turn heads wherever they go. Plus, their lightweight construction makes them a breeze to tow, even with smaller vehicles.

Why The Happier Camper HC1?

Happier Camper specs (Image: Happier Camper)

Happier Camper trailers are also built to last. Crafted with high-quality materials and attention to detail, these trailers offer durability and reliability on the road. From the sturdy fiberglass shell to the energy-efficient appliances, every aspect of a Happier Camper trailer is thoughtfully designed for your comfort and convenience.

A notable Happier Camper HC1 feature is the expansive rear hatch that lets you easily load up a couple of bikes; even a kayak if water sports are your favorite outdoor activity. This is an awesome feature for such a small camper.

Happier Camper HC1 Specifications

100% double-hull insulation fiberglass, length: 10′ (shell), 13.5′ with hitch, width: 6′ 11″, exterior height: 7′ 4″, inside height: 6′ 1″, dry weight: 1,100 lbs., gvwr: 3,500 lbs., adaptive modules are all 20″ x 20″ and of varying height, rear hatch door:  54.5” w x 53.5” h.

One thing to keep in mind with the Happier Camper is that it does not have a typical toilet setup. The Happier Camper has a “ Dry Flush” toilet for RVs . That is the only drawback I see to this camper trailer. Remember, it is small, so don’t expect much room, but that is how it’s been designed. It’s modern, and makes exceptional use of the small interior.

Happier Camper Floor Plans & Specs

#6. starcraft rv autumn ridge.

Another of our picks with a long history in the RV industry, Starcraft, started making metal farm equipment in 1903. In 1968 they began manufacturing campers. Today, what sets Starcraft apart from other small, affordable trailers is its smart construction. Made with TuffShell, Starcraft’s unique fiberglass wall construction, all Starcraft trailers give superior durability while remaining lightweight. This combination not only extends the lifespan of the RV but also makes towing a breeze, whether you tow with a full-size pickup or a mid-size SUV.

Starcraft Autumn Ridge travel trailer

Step inside an Autumn Ridge, and he homey atmosphere helps you feel right at home wherever you park. Their kitchens are a standout, complete with a three-burner stove, a microwave, and a double-door refrigerator – all you need to whip up delicious meals on the road or at the campsite . After dinner, you can relax in the comfortable seating area, perhaps catch a show on the LED TV.

What Makes The Autumn Ridge a Best Travel Trailer?

Prior to the Autumn Ridge, the 2019 Starcraft Mossy Oak travel trailer was my preferred choice. This was a spacious camper available in 11-floor plans, including several travel trailer models with bunk beds . The Mossy Oak came in lengths from 23’4″ to 36’5″, making it the best predecessor of the Starcraft Autumn Ridge. This new model has many choices for RV buyers, with features that will make you want to own one too.

Inside the Starcraft RV Autumn Ridge (Image: Starcraft RV)

Starcraft RV Autumn Ridge Specifications

7 single-axle floorplans, plus, 7 dual-axle floorplans, lengths: 19′ 3″ to 33′ 10″, gvwr: 3750 lbs. to 7,500 lbs., inside height: 6′ 9″ to 8; 4″, fresh water tank: 26 to 58 gal., gray water tank: 19.9 to 39 gal., blackwater tank size: 19.9 to 39 gal., self-adjusting electric brakes and e-z lube® axles, thermal-seal enclosed, insulated underbelly.

The Autumn Ridge by Starcraft RV offers an excellent balance between comfort, durability, and towability. Its impressive features, combined with the ease of towing, make it a great choice

Autumn Ridge Floor Plans & Specs

#7. lance camper 1685 travel trailer.

Lance Campers have a reputation for being very well-built and an owner base that loves the customer support offered by the company. Definitely one of the better RV brands in the industry, the designs are extremely practical and well done. Lance Campers are built with top-grade materials such as  Dual Layer Azdel composite composite panels, an eco-friendly, toxin-free composite panel superior to wood.. These trailer are also built with a one-piece Energy Star Rated Synthetic Membrane Roof.

Lance Camper 2023 1685 travel trailer

Definitely one of the best travel trailers in 2023 (and for many years prior), Lance Camper models are renowned for their quality construction and thoughtful design. Crafted with lightweight yet robust aluminum-framed bodies, and insulated, laminated walls, Lance Camper trailers are designed to endure the elements. Their sturdy construction make them easy to tow with a variety of vehicles, from mid-sized SUVs to full-sized trucks.

Lance Camper 1685 interior (Image: Lance Camper)

Lance is confident about their RVs. In addition to the 1-year limited warranty on every trailer or truck camper they make, the company also offers a 2-year structural warranty on all models. Overall I consider Lance one of the Top 5 best travel trailer brands in the industry.

What I Like About The Lance Camper 1685

Of the 12 models of travel trailers Lance Campers makes in 2023, I like the 1685 model est. There are several reasons. The 1685 is one of their lightest travel trailer models, featuring a dry weight of just 4,690 pounds. The interior is roomy and has lots of storage space available, and the floor plan is intelligently designed and laid out for maximum space efficiency. It includes a wet bath which I have stated before, is one of my personal preferences in any RV we buy.

Lance Camper 1685 Specifications

Gvwr: 6300 lbs, gross dry weight: 4690 lbs., hitch dry weight: 575 lbs., overall length: 21’5”, exterior height: 10’2”, convertible dinette bed: 54” x 78”, fresh tank: 45 gal., grey tank: 40 gal., black tank: 40 gal., refrigerator: 6 cu. ft..

For a small travel trailer, the Lance Camper 1685 is outfitted with generous holding tank capacities. This reduces the frequency of water refills and dump station visits.

Lance Camper 1685 Floor Plans & Specs

#8. shasta rv 18fq.

A division of Forest River, Shasta travel trailers have been a reliable companion for road travelers since 1941. If you’ve been camping a long time, the toaster-like look of the original Shaster brings back memories. What I love about Shasta trailers is they’re a great buy for the money.

Shasta trailers offer a wide range of towing capacities. Because these campers are crafted with a sturdy, lightweight aluminum exterior, they are durable but don’t add extra weight. Whether you already own a large truck for towing, or a family SUV, these campers are a great choice for anyone just starting their RV journey. Experienced RVers looking for an upgrade also find them a great fit. 

The Shasta RV travel trailer in 2023 (Image: Shasta RV)

Why You Should Consider the Shasta 18FQ

Over the years, Shasta has trimmed their travel trailer line to just the Shasta model, which is available as a typical pull-behind and a travel trailer tow hauler. The pull-behind is available in a whopping 14 different floor plans. Of all those plans, my favorite is the 18FQ.

The 18FQ is very well laid out. Stepping inside, you can’t help but appreciate the attention to detail. Kitchens come equipped with a three-burner cooktop, a generous refrigerator, and a microwave oven, giving you all the conveniences of a home kitchen on the road. The 18FQ includes a 60″ x 74″ bed mattress with overhead storage space above and a clothes wardrobe on either side. It has a dry bath with a separate toilet and shower, medicine cabinet and a linen closet.

Interior of the Shasta 18FQ (Image Starcraft RV)

Shasta 18FQ Specifications

Gvwr: 5,050 lbs,, gross dry weight: 3,489 lbs., hitch dry weight: 375 lbs., overall length: 23’1”, exterior height: 10’6”, r-7 fiberglass insulation in walls, floor and roof, .024/.030 aluminum exterior skin, black tank: 30 gal., 3-burner cook top stove with glass cover.

Comfortable sleeping arrangements, quality upholstery, and thoughtful layouts in Shasta trailers set up a homely environment that helps you relax after a day of exploration. You’ll keep comfy in any season with the 18FQ’s efficient climate control system, featuring ducted heating and optional air conditioning units. If you’re in search of a reliable, value-packed travel trailer that can match your love for the open road, a Shasta travel trailer is worth considering.

Shasta RV 18FQ Floor Plans & Specs

#9. jayco jay flight slx.

With over 50 years of industry experience, Jayco has been one of the better brands in the RV industry. They have a loyal following and have always been very responsive to their customers. In 2016 Jayco was purchased by Thor Industries, which owns Airstream, among many other companies. Jayco’s quality, service, and customer responsiveness remain intact after the purchase by one of the world’s largest RV industry manufacturers.

Jayco Jay Flight SLX 2023 (Image: Jayco)

he Jay Flight SLX series is one of Jayco’s top-selling lines. These campers tick all the boxes for both beginner and experienced RVers, by making travel trailers that are easy to tow, durable, and feature-packed.

Why I Like The Jay Flight SLX

Of all the travel trailer models Jayco manufactures, I prefer the Jay Flight SLX. First off, it’s not a huge camper and very light for its size. This makes the SLX very manageable when it comes to towing. In 2023 the Jay Flight SLX is available in 5 floorplans. The floorplan choices offer something for every RVer, including bunkhouse and queen bed walk around models. Two models have slideouts.

Jayco Jay Flight SLX interior (Image: Jayco)

Some of the models feature a Simmons queen-size mattress which is a very comfortable camping mattress. I like that every Jay Flight SLX features a dry bath which is always nice. The bunk beds included in some models have a 4-inch mattress and a weight capacity of 300-pounds.

The galley has standard features such as two-range burners, a three cubic-foot fridge, a microwave, and solid-surface countertops. Chances are you are going to find a plan that works for your camping needs

Jayco Jay Flight Specifications

Unloaded vehicle weight: 2,415 – 2,890 lbs., cargo carrying capacity: 615 – 860 lbs., gross vehicle weight rating: 2,995 – 3,750 lbs., exterior length: 16′ 6″ to 21′ 8″, exterior height w/ a/c: 111 – 1/4″ to 111- 3/4″, interior height (living area): 73″, magnum truss™ roof system & diflex ii material, wall-mounted 8,000-btu a/c, grey tank: 20 gal., black tank: 20 gal., 2-burner cook top stove with microwave, 7 cu. ft. gas/electric refrigerator.

The Jayco Jay Flight SLX offers a perfect entry point for beginner RVers, and a refreshing alternative for more experienced ones, thanks to its balance between ease-of-use, comfort, and construction quality.

Jayco Jay Flight SLX Floorplans & Specs

#10. forest river alpha wolf.

The Forest River RV brand is one of the largest RV manufacturers in the United States. Their Cherokee line of Alpha Wolf travel trailers are the leader of the pack. That’s because when it comes to construction, the Alpha Wolf doesn’t cut corners. Built on a rugged and lightweight aluminum frame, Forest River designs Alpha Wolf for easy towing. They meet the needs of  a variety of vehicles, from pick-ups to larger SUVs.

Forest River Cherokee Alpha Wolf (Image: Forest River)

To protect against the elements, Forest River makes the Alpha Wolf with a protective exterior of glossy fiberglass and sealed underbelly for all-weather camping. An oversized, lighted, and adjustable power awning extends your living space outdoors. There’s an outdoor kitchen with an ice maker, perfect for entertaining, cooking and dining.

Want more reasons to look into Alpha Wolf travel trailers? Get the insiders story from one of the best owner forums in the industry, Forest River Owner’s Forums .

Cherokee Alpha Wolf Specifications

In 2023 you have seven floorplans to choose from with this camper. Here is a partial list of the line-up’s specifications:

Hitch Weight: 570 lbs to 1,026 lbs

Dry weight: 5,795 lbs to 6,780 lbs, cargo carry weight: 1,246 lbs to 1,805 lbs, exterior length: 31′ 6″ to 36′ 8″, total exterior height w/ a/c: 11’0″, exterior width: 96″, gray water tank: 35 to 70 gal., black water tank: 35 to 70 gal., fresh water tank: 49 gal., 1x engineered wood “supertruss” roof structure with 3/8″ decking, “toughbend” rigid skirt metal design.

Alpha Wolf trailers offer a variety of features that can be tailored to your camping needs, and of course budget. Check out the Alpha Wolf 2023 models for a list of floor plans and related options.

T he Forest River Alpha Wolf Floor Plans & Specs

Best travel trailer brands summary.

So there you have it, ten of the best travel trailer brands in the 2023 RV market . Every brand has its advocates as well as critics. The crucial takeaway here is to do your own in-depth research.

Choosing the ideal travel trailer brand isn’t a task to be rushed. Buying the best RV needs time and thorough investigation. But rest assured, the reward of reliable, enjoyable RV travel makes the effort worthwhile.

A final note: don’t forget to evaluate the dealership as well as the brand. The RV dealer is your main point of contact for post-purchase service, and RV warranty work that might be required. Ultimately, the best travel trailer will align with your individual camping needs, accommodate your family, and fit within your budget.

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The top travel trailer brands and manufacturers all have a few things in common – they have a proven track record for building high-quality, reliable trailers, focus on customer service, and a reputation for excellence.

Many companies offer travel trailers as part of their RV lineup, but a select few stand out and meet the criteria to be considered one of the best!

Let’s take a look at these top RV brands and manufacturers now!

Airstream is the oldest company in the RV industry and is famous for its unique aluminum trailers with rounded edges. The shape of Airstream trailers dates back to the 1930s and was modeled after the Bowlus Road Chief designed by Hawley Bowlus (who helped build the Spirit of St. Louis).

The airstream company now employs over 800 workers and is owned by Thor Industries, the parent company of Dutchmen, Jayco, Keystone RV, and more.


Headquarters : Jackson Center, Ohio Founded : 1920’s Website : https://www.airstream.com Phone : (937) 596-6111

Airstream RV Types

  • Travel Trailer

Learn More About Airstream

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Coachmen Industries was started by three brothers, Tom, Keith, and Claude Corson, in 1964 in Middlebury, Indiana. Since that time, they have produced over 750,000 recreational vehicles.

In 2008, Coachman was bought out by Forest River Inc., which also owns Palomino RV, Shasta RV, Dynamax, and more.

Coachmen RV is one of the most popular recreational vehicle manufacturers today, producing campers of just about every type – from Class-As down to teardrop trailers – and for every budget.

Click here to find a Coachmen dealer near you.

Headquarters : Middlebury, Indiana Founded : 1964 Website : https://coachmenrv.com Phone : (574) 825-5821

Coachmen RV Types

  • Fifth-wheel
  • Pop-up Camper
  • Teardrop Camper

Learn More About Coachmen

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Crossroads RVs

Crossroads RV was founded in 1996 and has since grown its operations to over 600 employees in five different manufacturing facilities.

Crossroads focuses on towable RVs, including fifth-wheels and travel trailers. Plus, their lineup includes a destination trailer (a larger than normal travel trailer) called the Hampton.

Prices range from around $23,000 for their entry-level travel trailer to over $145,000 for their top-of-the-line fifth wheel.

Click here to find a Crossroads dealer near you.

Headquarters : Topeka, Indiana Founded : 1996 Website :  https://www.crossroadsrv.com Phone : (260) 593-3850

Crossroads RVs Types

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Crossroads RV Rain Bay Final

Cruiser RV has one main focus when it comes to recreational vehicles, and that’s perfecting the travel trailer.

Since 1988, they’ve been creating affordable, ultra-light travel trailers of all sizes. They have trailers from 21’4″ long up to 30’8″ and sleep from 2 to 6 people.

Prices range from $36,000 for the Hitch model up to $57,000 for the Stryker Toy Hauler.

Click here to find a Cruiser dealer near you.

Headquarters : Howe, Indiana Founded : 2003 Website :  https://cruiserrv.com Phone : (260) 562-3500

Cruiser RV Types

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Great American Trailers by Cruiser RV

Founded in 1988, Dutchmen quickly became the second-largest travel trailer manufacturer before being bought out by Thor Industries in 1990.

Today, Dutchmen is headquartered in Goshen, Indiana, and exclusively produces travel trailers and fifth wheels.

Prices range from $21,000 for the Coleman Lantern travel trailer to $153,000+ for the Voltage fifth-wheel toy hauler.

You can build and customize your own RV on their website, choosing from multiple floorplans, decor options, and amenities. Or you can click here to find a Dutchmen dealer near you.

Headquarters : Goshen, Indiana Founded : 1988 Website :  https://www.dutchmen.com Phone : (866) 425-4369

Dutchmen RV Types

Learn more about dutchmen.

The Dutchmen Difference

East to West RV

Founded in 2017, East to West RV was quickly acquired by Forest River, Inc. just a year later.

East to West RV has five guiding principles that drive its business operations:

  • Environmental sustainability
  • Corporate and social responsibility
  • Quality construction
  • Customer satisfaction

They currently offer Class-C RVs, fifth-wheels, and travel trailers, with a total of six models.

Click here to find an East to West RV dealer near you.

Headquarters : Elkhart, Indiana Founded : 2017 Website :  https://easttowestrv.com Phone : (574) 264-6664

East to West RV Types

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East to West Recreational Vehicles - Go East to West!

Forest River RV

Forest River RV is a division of Forest River, Inc, along with other popular RV makers like Coachmen, Dynamax, Palomino RV, and more.

Founded in 1996 by Peter Liegl, Forest River has grown to be one of the largest manufacturers of RVs. And unbeknownst to some, they make much more than just campers, including pontoons, commercial trucks, buses, and more.

Forest River also has one of the most extensive lineups of RV types and brands, with almost too many to list here. So, check out their current RV brands and locate a dealer near you.

Headquarters : Elkhart, Indiana Founded : 1996 Website :  https://www.forestriverinc.com Phone : (866) 837-6044

Forest River Inc. RV Types

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Forest River Corporate Video

Grand Design

In 2012, Don Clark and brothers Bill and Ron French founded Grand Design RV.

Before that, they helped build up Keystone RV to be the powerhouse it has become today, but in 2011 decided to leave and get a fresh start with Grand Design RV.

Today, they have over 400,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing facilities on 67 acres in Middlebury, Indiana.

They focus exclusively on fifth-wheel and travel trailers, with ten different brands to choose from. You can request a factory tour or locate a dealer near you.

Headquarters : Middlebury, Indiana Founded : 2012 Website :  https://www.granddesignrv.com Phone : (574) 825-8000

Grand Design RV Types

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The Grand Design Story - Nothing Less Than Customers For Life

Gulf Stream Coach

Gulf Stream Coach is one of the few top-selling RV manufacturers that are family owned!

Started in 1971 by Jim Shea Sr., Gulf Stream has grown to be an industry leader, with over 22 brands and 140 models to choose from. They have sold over 300,000 RVs since its inception.

They have a large dealer network, with over 700 dealers across the United States. Click here to find a Gulf Stream dealer near you.

Headquarters : Nappanee, Indiana Founded : 1971 Website :  https://www.gulfstreamcoach.com Phone : (800) 289-8787

Gulf Stream Coach RV Types

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BT Cruiser 5240 Tour

Heartland RV was founded in 2003 by former Damon Corp. CEO Brian Brady. It is located in the RV capital of the world, Elkhart, Indiana.

In 2010, Thor Industries acquired Heartland RV, putting it under the same umbrella as many other popular RV manufacturers, like Airstream, Dutchmen, Jayco, etc.

Today, Heartland offers over 20 brands of fifth-wheel and travel trailers. Check out their current lineup on their website or find a Heartland dealer near you.

Headquarters : Elkhart, Indiana Founded : 2003 Website :  https://heartlandrvs.com Phone : (877) 262-8032

Heartland RV Types

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Launch Your Life's Journeys with Heartland RV

Jayco was founded in 1968 by Lloyd Bontrager in Indiana when he built his very first pop-up style camper with an innovative lift system.

Over the years, Jayco Companies would grow into an industry leader, acquiring several RV manufacturers to create four different RV divisions – Entegra Coach, Jayco, Starcraft RV, and Highland Ridge RV. In 2016, Jayco Companies was acquired by Thor Industries.

Today, Jayco produces an extensive line of motorhomes and trailers, including Class-A, B, and C RVs, fifth-wheels, and travel trailers.

They’ve won several industry awards, even winning America’s best-selling travel trailer, the Jay Flight, 15 years in a row.

Browse all the floor plans Jayco RV offers or locate a Jayco dealer near you for more information.

Headquarters : Middlebury, Indiana Founded : 1968 Website :  https://www.jayco.com Phone : (574) 825-5861

Jayco RV Types

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Over 4,000 Strong, 1.2 Million RVs and 50 Years in Business - Jayco RV

Keystone RV

Keystone RV was founded in 1996 by Cole Davis and, by 2000, was recognized as number 2 on the Inc 500s list of fastest-growing companies!

Keystone RV Company, now under the Thor Industries umbrella, is currently the #1 manufacturer of towable RVs with over a million owners, thanks to the popularity of models like the Cougar, Alpine, and more.

You can build and customize your own Keystone RV on their website or locate a Keystone dealer near you for more information.

Headquarters : Goshen, Indiana Founded : 1996 Website :  https://www.keystonerv.com Phone : (866) 425-4369

Keystone RV Types

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The Keystone RV Story: Heritage

Lance started building truck campers in 1965 and has since expanded that line to include travel trailers.

In 2018, Lance Camper Manufacturing Corporation was acquired by REV Group, joining other iconic manufacturers such as American Coach, Fleetwood RV, and more.

Headquartered in Lancaster, California, they currently offer nine different truck camper models ranging from 6’10” up to 11’11” long and 11 travel trailer models ranging from 14’10” up to 24’11” long.

You can build a Lance camper on their website or find a Lance dealer near you for more information.

Headquarters : Lancaster, California Founded : 1965 Website :  https://www.lancecamper.com Phone : (661) 941-9250

Lance RV Types

  • Truck Camper

Learn More About Lance

Lance Camper Mfg. Corp. | LIVE. LANCE. LIFE.

Oliver Travel Trailers

Founded by Jim Oliver in 2006 in Hohenwald, Tennessee, Oliver Travel Trailers specializes in producing high-quality fiberglass travel trailers.

They currently offer two models, the Legacy Elite and Legacy Elite II, both of which you can personalize to your liking.

Since they hand-make each trailer, there are only a limited amount of production start dates available. So, get started with their buyer’s guide or schedule a factory tour for more information.

Headquarters : Hohenwald, Tennessee Founded : 2007 Website :  https://olivertraveltrailers.com Phone : (888) 526-3978

Oliver Travel Trailers RV Types

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Oliver Travel Trailers | Built For Freedom | Built For Life

Palomino was founded in 1968 by Vern Landey in Savage, Minnesota. As demand quickly grew, he eventually relocated the company to its current location of Colon, Michigan, in 1972.

Palomino grew and expanded over the years, eventually being acquired by Forest River, Inc., in 2002. This led to the rapid growth of the Palomino company, making them one of the top 5 RV manufacturers in the U.S.

Palomino focuses exclusively on towables, including truck campers, fifth-wheels, and travel trailers.

They’ve won several awards over the years, with the Backpack Truck Camper winning the 2022 Top RV Debut and the River Ranch earning the Best New Model award of 2021.

Click here to find a Palomino dealer near you.

Headquarters : Colon, Michigan Founded : 1968 Website : https://www.palominorv.com Phone : (269) 432-3271

Palomino RV Types

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243BHS Palomino Full Walkthrough

Prime Time Manufacturing

Prime Time Manufacturing was founded in 2009 in Wakarusa, Indiana, by a team of RV industry veterans with a combined 100 years of experience.

Over the last decade, PTM has been one of the fastest-growing RV manufacturers in America, being recognized as one of the top 10 companies in the industry.

Their focus is solely on travel trailers and fifth-wheels, offering six total brands (three brands of travel trailers and three brands of fifth-wheels).

Check out their lineup of RV brands or locate a Prime Time Manufacturing dealer near you for more information.

Headquarters : Wakarusa, Indiana Founded : 2009 Website :  https://primetimerv.com/ Phone : (574) 862-3001

Prime Time Manufacturing RV Types

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Bring On The Fun with Prime Time

Scamp Trailers

Scamp Trailers was founded in 1972, with the 13′ trailer being their only model. As the years went by, they slowly grew and added the 16′ and 19′ trailers to their lineup.

Scamp Trailers are extremely lightweight and eco-friendly, designed to be towed behind smaller pickups and SUVs.

While their size options are limited to 13, 16, and 19 feet, they have various floorplan options and amenities you can pick from.

Each Scamp is made to order, and you can start the process by ordering online .

Headquarters : Backus, Minnesota Founded : 1972 Website :  https://www.scamptrailers.com Phone : (800) 346-4962

Scamp Trailers RV Types

  • Scamp Trailer

Learn More About Scamp Trailers

Scamp Trailers Walkthrough

Robert Gray built the first Shasta trailer in 1941 as a mobile military housing unit. Little did Gray know at that time that his creation would help spark a billion-dollar industry!

Today, Shasta RV is one of the longest-running RV manufacturers, having been in business for over 80 years and producing hundreds of thousands of recreational vehicles.

While Shasta was acquired by several companies over the years, first Coachmen, then Forest River, Inc., they are still producing high-quality fifth wheel and travel trailers today.

They currently offer two brands – the Phoenix fifth wheel and the Shasta travel trailer, which was awarded the “Must See RV” in 2021 by RV Business.

Click here to find a Shasta dealer near you.

Headquarters : Middlebury, Indiana Founded : 1941 Website :  https://shastarving.com/ Phone : (574) 825-7178

Shasta RV Types

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  • About Shasta RV
  • Shasta RV on YouTube

Starcraft RV

While the Starcraft company dates back to 1903, when they started making farm equipment, it wasn’t until 1964 that they produced their first tent camper.

In fact, Lloyd Bontrager, the founder of Jayco, first worked for Starcraft from 1963-1967, where he invented the first pop-up lifter system.

Today, Starcraft is a part of the Forest River, Inc. company, along with Jayco, Airstream Dutchmen, and many more.

Their main focus is producing high-quality fifth wheel and travel trailers, with the popular Autumn Ridge travel trailer starting at $23,000 up to the Telluride fifth wheel starting at $67,800.

Click here to locate a Starcraft dealer near you.

Headquarters : Middlebury, Indiana Founded : 1903 Website :  https://starcraftrv.com Phone : (800) 945-4787

Starcraft RV Types

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Life UnCAMPlicated

Winnebago is arguably the most recognizable brand name in the RV industry! Founded in 1958, they have become one of the largest RV manufacturers in North America, with plants in five different states.

Winnebago Industries is the parent company of Grand Design RV, Winnebago RV, And Newmar.

Winnebago RV has a wide variety of recreational vehicles to choose from, including Class-As, Class-Bs, Class-Cs, and travel trailers.

They have so many options you may find it helpful to take their quiz to help you choose the right model for you. You can also locate a Winnebago dealer near you for more information.

Headquarters : Forest City, Iowa Founded : 1958 Website :  https://www.winnebago.com Phone : (641) 585-3535

Winnebago RV Types

Learn more about winnebago.

Welcome To RVing

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Are Jayco Trailers Good Quality?

Jayco has earned a reputation for creating high-quality and reliable travel trailers. The Jayco Eagle Travel trailer won the Luxury Travel Trailer of the Year in 2021 by RV News. The Jay Feather Micro won Lightweight Travel Trailer of the Year by RV News and Top 10 Debut by RV Business.

Jayco is known for being a leader in the travel trailer space and has the industry awards to back it up. Plus, their industry-leading warranty is a testament to their build quality.

Who Makes Jayco Travel Trailers?

Thor Industries acquired Jayco Companies in 2016, putting them under the same umbrella as Airstream, Heartland RV, Keystone RV, Dutchmen, and more.

Do Travel Trailers Hold Their Value?

Travel trailers hold their value better than many other campers, especially when compared to large motorized recreational vehicles. According to NADA , travel trailers are still worth 60% of what you paid for them after five years, which is better than many other RV types.

Does Keystone Make Good Travel Trailers?

Keystone RV makes good-quality, reliable travel trailers and has been recognized in the past by the RVDA ( RV Dealer’s Association ), having won seven Quality Circle Awards in one year, more than any other manufacturer, for their excellence in quality, parts, warranty, & sales.

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The 16 Best Travel Trailers for Camping and Road-Tripping Adventures

Vehicles that will allow you to feel right at home, no matter where you are..

Senior Staff Writer

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The 15 Best Travel Trailers for 2024

Traveling no longer means having to step foot in a frenzied airport. In fact, there’s never been a better time to go camping. With the right travel trailer, you can easily leave the city behind without having to deal with anyone other than your nearest and dearest. Today’s featured-packed luxury caravans are nothing like those you were ferried around in as a kid, either. Not only do they look good, but they’re packed with enough premium features that you’ll feel right at home, no matter where you are.

We’re also at the point where there’s a trailer for practically every kind of camper, regardless of what vehicle they drive (including the most notorious EV out there, the  Tesla Cybertruck ). Before picking yours, you’ll need to identify what kind of travel trailer will best meet your camping needs, though. If you’re in the market for luxury caravan, there are three options to consider:

Types of Travel Trailers

Classic travel trailer.

The classic travel trailer has been the go-to pick for adventurers and families for decades for a reason. Stretching anywhere from 20 to 30 feet in length, these vehicles cram in everything you need while you’re away from home, including a bedroom, kitchenette, dining area that can be converted into another sleeping area, and a bathroom. You will need a full-size SUV or heavy-duty truck for towing and a power source once you get to your destination—although solar-assisted power systems may allow for temporary off-the-grid operation—but if you can find both you’re ready to camp in comfort.

Pros: Comes equipped with everything you need and can sleep a large group of people Cons: You’ll need something to tow it and keep it running.

Fifth Wheel

The Fifth Wheel is like a standard trailer, only bigger and better. These mammoth vehicles can stretch up to 45 feet in length and have a hitch that mounts onto the center of the bed of the towing vehicle (which makes for a smoother and more comfortable ride). All that space is put to good use too. Your average fifth wheel is likely to include full-size kitchen, a full-size dining and entertainment area, a full-size bedroom or two, and a full-size bathroom. What more could you need on a camping trip, aside from a power source to keep everything running?

Pros: So well-stocked that they are basically smooth-riding homes on wheels. Cons: You’ll need something really big to tow it and off-the-grid functionality with be limited at best.

Micro Trailer

As the name implies, micro trailers are just like standard travel trailers only smaller. Much smaller, in fact, with few measuring more than 14 feet end to end. The pint-size footprint (and low curb weight) of these caravans means that they’re usually only large enough to sleep two adults, and some key features, like a kitchenette or bathroom, are either done away completely with or moved to the outside of the vehicle. What they lack in features, they more than make up for in convenience. Not only are micro campers easier to maneuver and park, but they can even towed by smaller vehicles like a crossover or even an EV.

Pros: Easier to maneuver than larger caravans and can be towed by a greater range of vehicles. Cons: Can rarely sleep more than two adults and may lack features that some consider vital.

With all this in mind, here are 16 travel trailers from the ultra-luxurious (Living Vehicle HD24) to the off-road-ready (Mammoth Overland Extinction Level Event) that you’ll want to take on your next road trip.

Our Best Travel Trailer Picks

Best overall: living vehicle hd24, best for luxury lovers: bowlus endless highways performance edition, best for off-road enthusiasts: mammoth overland extinction level event, best to live in: airstream globetrotter, best for entertaining: w2 romotow t8, best for going off-the-grid: escapod topo2, best for tech obsessives: retreat cabin and ozxcorp’s erv, best for stylish trips: eriba touring 820, best for families: land ark drake, best for ev owners: pebble flow, best for cybertruck owners: living vehicle cybertrailer, best for beginners: colorado teardrops boulder, best for couples: hunter nature raptor xc.

  • Best for Design Obessives: X-Cabin300

Best for Roughing It: Taxa Mantis

Best under 5,000 pounds: happier camper hc1.

A rear 3/4 view of the Living Vehicle HD24

If you want a better understanding of how far travel trailers have come over the decades, just look at the Living Vehicle lineup. The Santa Barbara-based company’s boxy trailers are basically mini apartments you can take with you on the road. Our favorite might be the new HD24, which is far from the company’s biggest offering, but comes with all the amenities you could need at the campground—and then some.

The all-electric model, which starts at $299,995, may measure only 24 feet, but its minimalist interior still has more than enough for a bedroom, kitchen, entertainment area, and a bathroom with a dedicated shower. One particularly clutch feature is a five-by-eight-foot multi-purpose space that can be used as an office, guest room, or laundry room. If that wasn’t enough, the top-of-the-line Pro variant has a solar-assisted power system that can keep the trailer running for up to a month off the grid.

The Living Vehicle HD24 entertainment area

Special Features:   —Trailer can be configured to include a laundry room, office, or guest room. —Interior has a clean minimalist look and comes packed with premium amenities. —Range-topping Pro version’s power system produces enough energy for 30 days of off-the-grid living,

The Bowlus Endless Highways Performance Edition from the side

It may not be the most famous shiny caravan maker—that would be Airstream—but Bowlus is the company that gave us the first riveted travel trailer. The company, which was revived in 2014, knows not to mess with a good thing, so its well-regarded trailers—like our favorite, the  Endless Highways Performance Edition —look just like those it produced in the 1930s, only bigger and with better materials (think: alclad aluminum for the exterior and birchwood for the interior).

Despite its classic look, the $225,000 trailer has all the conveniences you expect in 2022, including heat and air-conditioning systems, a WiFi modem and plenty of outlets for charging all your smart devices. Best of all, though, might be a lithium iron phosphate that gives you the ability to live off the grid for two peaceful weeks. If you’re an animal lover, there’s also the  Terra Firma , which features a bunch of Fido-friendly features like a built-in food bowl, pet bed and remote temperature control system.

Inside the Bowlus Volterra

Special Features:  —Thee’s a double-sided indoor galley and an outdoor cooking area with electric and propane outlets. —The hotel-style shower has teak flooring and seating. —Lithium iron phosphate power system can keep the entire trailer running for up to two weeks.

A front 3/4 view of the Mammoth Overland Extinction Level Event

Mammoth Overland’s latest model is a burly off-road trailer designed to withstand anything it encounters in nature. The appropriately named Extinction Level Event (ELE) rides on a set of chunky all-terrain tires and has an angular aluminum body reinforced with steel armor and skid plates. If that doesn’t sound like enough, you can upgrade to Level 3 bullet-proof armor. There’s also a built-in bear spray system too, for added security. The ELE, which starts at $67,000, is pretty compact since it’s a tear-drop trailer, but it can comfortably sleep two and has an integrated workstation inside its cabin. There’s also a swing-out kitchenette in the back for cooking.

The Mammoth Overland Extinction Level Event's swing-out kitchenette

Special Features:   —Comes with a built-in bear spray system and is available with bullet-proof armor. —Despite its compact size, the interior cabin still has room for a built-in workstation. —The swing-out kitchenette isn’t big, but has everything you need to cook a delicious meal.

Airstream Globetrotter

One brand leaps to mind when most of us think about travel trailers—Airstream. Its iconic aluminum-sided caravans have been instrumental in popularizing road trips and  camping  in the US for decades. One need only look at the company’s  Globetrotter  model to see why: In addition to looking beautiful, the silver-covered caravan is packed with creature comforts to keep you traveling comfortably. It’s not the brand’s largest model—that would be the flagship  Classic —but it’s available with one of six different floor plans, each of which has room for a spacious entertainment area (that can sleep up to four adults).

Inside you’ll find a full-featured kitchen, half-bathroom, shower and sizable bedroom with either a queen-sized bed or two twins. As you would expect from Airstream, the amenities are top-rate, too, like Franke faucets in the kitchen and bathroom, stainless steel appliances, Quietstream climate control system and multiple LG LED TVs. The Globetrotter starts at $120,000. If it doesn’t fit the bill, the brand has plenty of other models to choose from, including collaboration editions like the  extra-homey Pottery Barn Edition  or their  ultra-rare Supreme edition .

Airstream Globetrotter

Special Features: —There are different floor plans to choose from, each of which features a full kitchen, half bathroom and dedicated shower. —The Quietstream climate control system barely makes a peep, even when the heater or A/C is running. —A built-in canopy provides shade when you want to spend time outside.

The W2 Romotow T8

Good things come to those who wait. More than a decade after it was first announced, the Romotow T8 is finally available to order. The 30.5-foot caravan, which was designed by New Zealand-based architecture and design firm W2, has two main components—a fixed chassis and a smaller living space that fits just inside of it. When the $268,500 trailer is parked, the cabin slides out at the touch of a button and can be rotated 90 degrees like a swiveling USB stick. When rotated like this, the hydraulic-powered chassis can then be used as a patio. While this unique design may be the vehicle’s main selling point, its interior cabin comes with all the features you need and has enough room for six adults.

Inside the W2 Romotow T8

Special Features:   —Unique rotating design is unlike anything else currently on the trailer market. —The living area is large enough to sleep up to six adults. — Hydraulic patio comes with an integrated deck set.

Escapod Topo2

The  Escapod Topo2  is a trailer for anyone looking to take their camping trip off road with minimal fuss. The brand’s update of the classic teardrop trailer is an off-road-friendly model without any of the bulk. Unlike most of the trailers on this list, Escapod’s bedroom and kitchen area are separated from one another. The dedicated sleeping area has room for a queen-size mattress and is equipped with a stargazer window so you can really take in the peace and quiet of the great outdoors. The galley, meanwhile, is only accessible from outside the $39,500 trailer, but has ample counter space for meal prep and cooking. Both sections get their power from a VPR 4EVER lithium ion battery with some solar panels to help keep things running smoothly and efficiently.

Escapod Topo2

Special Features: —Exterior is made from a single-piece of composite fiberglass that is rugged and weather-resistant. —Laser-cut tube steel frame should last for years. —Bedroom’s stargazer window offers up a beautiful view of your surroundings.

The Retreat Caravan and OzXcorp's ERV Electric Camper

It was only a matter of time until the  electric revolution  made its way to the world of trailers and campers.  Retreat Caravan and OzXcorp’s ERV  is a rugged trailer that also happens to run entirely on battery power. Roof-mounted solar panels provide juice for a 14.3-kWh lithium battery that keeps the trailer’s many appliances running. And while the trailer is perfectly equipped for some off-road fun, thanks to a specially tuned suspension and all-terrain tires, it also packs all of the comforts of a luxe hotel room inside, including a bathroom, spacious seating area and master bedroom suite with a king-sized bed and closets. But the true highlight may be the $75,000 caravan’s full-size kitchen, which features an induction cooktop, fridge and washing machine. There’s also a Weber electric barbecue and slow cooker for making your meals outdoors.

The interior of the ERV electric cabin

Special Features: —Solar panels and 14.3-kWh battery power the trailer and let you go off grid. —A specially tuned suspension and large all-terrain tires let you go off-road. —The primary bedroom has enough room for a king-size bed and its own closets.

Eriba Touring 820

Are you looking for an aluminum-sided trailer that looks like more than just another Airstream or Bowlus’s rip-off? If so, the  Eriba Touring 820  might fit the bill. The company’s top-of-the-line caravan updates the classic silver bullet look with a retro-futuristic shape and details. Even more impressive, though, is the 27-foot-trailer’s interior. The company has packed it full of luxury amenities like a sizable, leather-covered lounge area (that can be converted into a bed), customizable mood lighting and a surprisingly fashionable bathroom. The true highlight, though, is a bedroom with a large panoramic window that offers up a gorgeous views of your surroundings. That’s good, too, since you might not actually want to leave the $88,500 trailer.

Eriba Touring 820

Special Features: —The kitchen has a mini wine cellar for keeping your best bottles at the ready. —The leather-upholstered entertainment area can be converted into an additional sleeping area at night. —Adjustable mood lighting will help you feel at home no matter where you are.

The Land Ark Drake

Almost more of a portable house than a trailer, the  Land Ark Drake  basically lets you take all the comforts of home on the road. The gigantic, yet stylish, two-level, 357-square-feet trailer can comfortably sleep seven adults. Stark and modern on the outside, the trailer features an equally clean white-washed pine and black metal decorated interior. Across its two floors, it has room for a full-sized kitchen, living room and bathroom (which includes a bathtub), along with two loft bedrooms and an office which can also be converted to a sleeping area. Its $139,000 starting price may sound a lot for a trailer, but for a two-story house on wheels it’s not that bad.

Inside the The Land Ark Drake

Special Features: —The two-level design means you have 357-square-feet of space. —Downstairs bathroom includes a tub for when you need to take a relaxing soak. —It has a primary bedroom and two loft-style sleeping areas.

A front 3/4 view of the Pebble Flow

There are plenty of EV-friendly travel trailers on the market at this point, but none are nicer to an electric powertrain than the Pebble Flow, which starts at $109,000. The futuristic vehicle is available with an optional propulsion that includes two electric motors—one situated on each wheel—to help make sure its 6,200-pound weight isn’t eating up all your battery-powered vehicle’s range. That’s far from the Flow’s only forward-thinking feature though. The trailer also comes with an “Instacamp” system that can be used to park the vehicle and set up camp (which includes leveling out the vehicle, deploying its staircase, and turning on the lights). The unique feature can also be triggered remotely via Pebble’s smartphone app.

Inside the Pebble Flow

Special Features:   —An optional propulsion system means it can even be towed by EVs. —Unique “Instacamp” system allows you to park the vehicle remotely via the company’s smartphone app. — Solar-assisted battery pack produces enough power for a week of off-the-grid living.

A rear 3/4 view of the Living Vehicle CyberTrailer being towed by a Tesla Cybertruck

Elon Musk has been promising camping accessories for the Tesla Cybertruck since the get-go, but any official camper shell or trailer is likely years away at this point. Fortunately, Living Vehicle, the maker of our current favorite caravan, has stepped in to fill the void. The company has just unveiled the CyberTrailer, a new model with a design inspired by the battery-powered pickup. The caravan is almost certainly the most striking entry on this list, for better or for worse, but it also has a solar-assisted power system that produces more than enough juice to keep the entire vehicle running off the grid. More importantly, for Cybertruck (and other EV) owners, it also allows the trailer to be used as a mobile charging station for any battery-powered vehicle or plug-in hybrid.

The Living Vehicle CyberTrailer from the front

Special Features: —A bold design inspired by Tesla’s pickup that also offers excellent aerodynamic performance. —A solar-assisted system that will keep the trailer and all its features running off-the-grid. —Can be towed by pickups and SUVs other than the Cybertruck, including other EVs.

Colorado Teardrops Boulder travel trailer

There are EV-friendly trailers and then there’s  Colorado Teardrops’s Boulder . Not only is the company’s latest designed to be towed by a battery-powered SUV or truck, it can also charge your EV’s battery. That ability comes courtesy a 75-kWh lithium-ion battery pack with a built-in DC fast charger that will give you some much needed peace of mind out on the open road. At the very least, it gives you the freedom to come up with a route centered around sights instead of charging stations. Aside from this very vital feature, the compact caravan has everything two adults and two children need to live off the grid for a for a few days, including a comfortable queen-sized mattress, two bunk beds (for the kids), an enclosed kitchenette and an optional climate control system. The $55,000 trailer also comes in a variety of two-tone color schemes that all look pretty sharp.

Colorado Teardrops Boulder travel trailer

Special Features: —Doesn’t just ease the burden on your EV’s battery; it can charge it, too. —A unique bunk-bed design creates room for four people to sleep (two adults and two children). —The enclosed kitchenette has plenty of counter space.

Hunter Nature Raptor XC

A big trailer can be a godsend on the campground, especially if you’re traveling with family or friends. The problem, of course, is getting the hulking vehicle there. No matter how experienced the driver, maneuvering a large caravan can be very tricky. Luckily there are trailers like  Hunter Nature’s Raptor XC . The brand’s angular model looks compact but features a pull-out section that just about doubles the size of its interior. When it’s fully extended you’ll have more than enough room for a dedicated living area, kitchen and bedroom. This will come in handy if there’s more than two in your traveling party, too. That’s because the $44,000 trailer’s entertainment area can easily be converted into an additional sleeping area at night.

The Hunter Nature Raptor XC's main living area and slide-out bedroom

Special Features: —An expanding segment turns this trailer into a multi-room cabin. —The bedroom has a large skylight so you can see the stars at night. —A spacious lounge can be converted into an additional sleeping area if you need more room.

Best for Design Obsessives: X-Cabin300

The X-Cabin300 travel trailer

Silver trailers don’t all need to be bullet-shaped as nice as the classic Airstream may look. Just take a gander at the X-Cabin300. The all-aluminum vehicle has a boxy shape that looks both classic and modern. The Japanese-made caravan is compact, but comes with four different interior layouts designed to meet your varied needs (it can even be used as a food truck). The $50,000 trailer is smaller than most—it measures just seven feet tall, seven feet wide, and 15 feet long—and only tips the scales at 1,650 pounds, which means a compact SUV can even tow it. 

X-Cabin300 travel trailer with a canopy attached

Special Features:   —A refreshing spin on the classic all-aluminum travel trailer. —Available with four different interior layouts. —Small and light enough to be towed by a compact SUV.

The exterior of the Taxa Mantis

It can be hard to find a trailer that fits everyone’s needs, but the  Taxa Mantis  comes close. Its no-nonsense design means it fits with nearly anyone’s style. Thanks to a pop-up roof section, ingenious use of space and plenty of storage compartments, the Mantis has all the room you and your friends and family need to camp in comfort, which can be crucial on longer trips. It’s also got all the necessary features, including a bathroom with a built-in shower, water heater, kitchenette and 8,000 BTU air conditioner. The trailer, which starts at $46,000, is ideal for off-roading, but there’s a  special Overland edition  if you want something even more rugged.

Inside the Taxa Outdoor Mantis 5.1 Overland

Special Features: —A pop-up roof means you don’t have to sleep in the kitchen if you don’t want to. —There’s a built-in water heater and climate control system with a 8,000 BTU air conditioner. —It comes with a built-in canopy for outdoor hangouts.

The exterior of the Happier Camper HC1

Imagine if you didn’t need a truck or SUV to tow your trailer. You don’t if the caravan in question is Happier Camper’s compact  HC1 . The Los Angeles-based outfit’s smallest model is as light as they come, with a dry weight of just 1,100 pounds, meaning it can be towed by practically any car, even a modern-day Mini Cooper. It features a semi-modular interior designed by Adaptiv that can be customized to fit your camping style—components snap in like Legos—with either a full kitchen or enough sleeping room for up to five people. You can even add solar panels if you want to go off the grid. The $34,450 trailer’s old-school design is also sure to stand out on practically any campground. Even better, no pickups needed.

Inside the Happier Camper HC1

Special Features: —At only 1,100 pounds, it can be towed by just about any car. —The semi-modular floor plan allows you to arrange the interior to accommodate your camping style. —The larger rear hatch opens up space when you are entertaining.

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Top 12 Travel Trailer Brands Of 2024

The Top 12 Travel Trailer Brands Of 2024

Aaron Richardson

  • Last Updated: May 17, 2024
  • 24 minutes read

If you are in the market for a new travel trailer, then chances are you feel spoiled for choice.

Yet this is a big investment and you want to make sure you are going with a great quality travel trailer manufacturer you can trust. If so, you’re probably asking yourself  what the top travel trailer brands are?

Top rated travel trailer brands like Airstream, Jayco, Thor Motor Coach, and Winnebago have spent decades building a reputation for quality ratings and value. They are certainly a good place to start shopping. However, they aren’t the only travel trailer manufacturers worth considering. Some lesser-known brands are highly competitive and might just have the perfect unit for your needs.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at 12 of the top travel trailer manufacturers who standout, as well as some of the smaller travel trailer brands that deserve some extra consideration.


12 Great Travel Trailer Brands To Consider In 2024

Right now, the United States and Canada are awash with RV manufacturers who offer a wide range of travel trailers.

If you’d like to know more about the Prime Time line of campers and their popular LaCrosse Travel trailer, you can learn more here.

Many offer a variety of travel trailers in their line, exploring one or two of their options might help you dial in which RV manufacturers offer high quality travel trailers that you prefer. 

To help you filter through the options out there to find the perfect built travel trailers for your needs, we have composed a list of 12 of the best travel trailer brands for you to consider:

1. Airstream 

Airstream is an icon brand in the travel trailer industry. They were one of the first pioneers to offer travel trailers to capitalize on the early boom of interstate travel.

Their  reputation for quality ratings  is so strong, there are enthusiasts who collect classic units and club followings devoted to them.

Their iconic models include their Classic, the Globetrotter, the much-beloved Tony Bahama, and the Flying Cloud.

Why Are Airstreams So Expensive_ Is It Worth It

Today the Airstream name is under the Thor Industries corporate umbrella. This has helped to modernize the line, while still preserving the original look and feel. Chances are a thorough search of Outdoorsy, RVshare, and a tour of local RV dealerships will likely turn up other attractive options.

Just take your time, take a few for a spin, and make sure to factor in the size of the trailer as well as the power of your chosen tow vehicle.

Here is a link if you would like to know more about the Airstream and their popular Flying Cloud travel trailer. Airstream tends to be a  little on the higher side  when it comes to the price of new models. Even their old classics tend to be costly, due to enthusiast demand.

If you are thinking about renting an Airstream travel trailer trough Outdoorsy, you might want to start with their Flying Cloud model. It  rings it around $67,400 , but it serves as a hallmark for quality in this niche.

There are 16 floor plans to choose from this brand. The Flying Cloud also had dual axels and can sleep between four to eight people depending on the trim level. It also has a reputation for being easy to tow and tracking smoothly through the wheel base of a half-ton or light duty pickup truck.

2. Winnebago Industries

Winnebago is another well-established and one of the best quality travel trailer brand in the RV industry.  

They originally made their name by providing quality motorhomes at a price that made them affordable for family travelers. Over the course of five decades, their line has naturally evolved to include a strong presence in the travel trailer camper niche.

They are headquartered out of Iowa, but their market presence spans the entire United States and much of Canada .  This makes it easier for you to find units to rent or dealerships to tour while shopping around.

Here is a link to the Winnebago line of travel trailers, including their popular Minnie. The Winnebago Minnie Winnie is one of their more popular and best built travel trailers. It’s geared for small families and can sleep up to four.

There are multiple designs, features and trim levels. So, give yourself time to explore and consider multiple units during the shopping process.

Most of the towable trailers in their line come with a3-year structural warranty. It covers the workmanship manufacturing and assembly of the structural portions of your RV. Structural coverage includes.

Some of the standard structural features Winnebago hangs their hat on include:

  • A steel frame with outriggers and cross members
  • The skeletal framing is present in wall studs, floor joists, and roof rafters
  • Slide out boxes and reliable structural assembly
  • Fiberglass front caps with fade and crack resistant paint

3. Dutchmen RV

Dutchmen industry-leading RV manufacturer offer a wide range of RV’s including travel trailers, fifth-wheel campers, and toy haulers . Their travel trailers tend to have extensive storage space, while also focusing on overall comfort and a feeling like being “At Home.”

They have a reputation for build quality using a lot of high-strength aluminum throughout many of their designs.

If you want to know more about Dutchmen and their popular Aerolite travel trailer, you should check this link. Their overarching goal is to elevate the ownership experience with more trailblazing values and industry innovations.

This is reflected in their 3-year limited structural RV warranty and a 100% pre-delivery inspection. The Dutchmen Aerolite is a good place to start if you’re looking for best aluminum travel trailers manufacturers.

It’s available in multiple floor plans that can be tailored to fit the needs of couples and families.

Most of their trim levels weigh in between 5,500 to 7,500 pounds. It boasts a thoughtfully planned living space with many standard amenities such as; ultra-comfort seating, solid-surface countertops, an elegant fireplace, HD TV, and an upgraded stereo system.

4: Coleman 

It is also owned by Dutchmen which is another highly rated aluminum travel trailers manufacturer.

Their line of travel trailers has a reputation for blending comfort with style and elegance.

They offer their Lantern LT, Coleman Lantern, Coleman Light LX, Coleman Light, and Coleman Light Elevated.

There are numerous floorplans to choose from this brand. Most include aluminum-framed walls, residential grade vinyl flooring, and hardwood maple cabinet doors.

If you want to know more about Coleman campers and their  popular Light series of travel trailers , you should check out this link.

Many Dutchmen affiliates will carry a few units from the Coleman line. If you are looking to try out a unit through Outdoorsy or a dealership offering rentals you might want to start with the Coleman Light series.

This travel trailer features aluminum framed construction with may amenities. This includes power stabilizer jacks, an electric awning, a queen bed, and other creature comforts designed to make you feel at home.

5. Happier Camper

Happier Camper is another top rated brand which produces quality fiberglass campers that feature a visually appealing retro style with a versatile, modular interior.

This brand allows you to put your own spin on a new travel trailer camper. They are a relative newcomer in the industry, but they have worked hard to carve out a name for themselves.

If you are looking for a quality travel trailer for the money deserving of a closer look, you might want to check out their Adaptiv.

It has all the styling cues of their line and includes thoughtful storage, a kitchen sink, built-in cabinets, and a table as well as a high-quality cooler.

If you want to know more about the Happier Camper line of trailers and all their possible custom options, you might want to check out this link.

The modest bathroom facility has a dry toilet, which sets it apart from the competition. For some people, this is a pro, and for others, it is a con.

Happier Camper is also proud to offer custom adaptations on their campers. You can work directly with them or an affiliated dealership.

Once you have approved your options, they will construct it to your specifications, and ship it to just about anywhere in the continental United States and parts of Canada.

6. Starcraft

Starcraft is originally started out in 1903 specializing in metal farm implements.

Their line of products started to evolve to the point that they broke into the RV, camper and boat marketplaces in 1968.

They have since been purchased by Thor industries. Yet Starcraft retains their own name, and image, while also having access to Thor’s quality components.

The Starcraft “Mossy Oak” is one of their more popular units of this highly rated brand. This is a great place to start if you want to rent one through Outdoorsy or a rental dealership.

If you would like to know more about Starcraft campers and their very popular Mossy Oak line, you should check out this link.

It’s backed with a three-year warranty. There are multiple floor plans, features and trim levels, which can have a profound impact on the price as well as the weight.

The Mossy Oak 20MB has a gross weight of 5,250 pounds and cost around $15,000. It sleeps up to 7 and represents the low end of the Mossy Oak line.

In contrast, the Mossy Oak 27LRI weighs up to 7,280 pounds and can cost up to $29,000. So, if you are interested in a Starcraft Mossy Oak, give yourself time to explore multiple options.

Standard features of the Starcraft and Mossy Oak line includes things like:

  • Fiberglass Insulation
  • Flexible gas Lines
  • Magnum Roof System, which is fully walkable
  • Sealed Moisture Barrier in the floor
  • Oversized Pass Through Storage with Lighting
  • PVC Roof Membrane with a 15 Year Warranty)
  • Electric braking assist systems

7. Jayco By Thor Motor Coach 

Also, know as Thor Industries, they are one of the  best quality travel trailers brand in the RV industry .

In 2016 they were purchased by Thor Industries who has set new standards for quality throughout all the lines under their corporate umbrella.

The Jayco line is diverse and certainly worthy of being at the top of your list of consideration.

It’s also worth noting that much of their line is backed with an industry-leading two or three-year warranty.

Thor also owns or has merged with other manufacturers, like Heartland. This has brought them to the point where roughly a quarter of all RVs on the road is linked to the Thor Industries.

Jayco is perhaps their strongest presence in the travel trailer niche. They largely control their own distinct brand identity, which includes a reputation for quality spanning more than five decades.

If you’d like to learn more about the Jayco line of campers and their popular Jay Feather travel trailer, you should check out this link.

If you are looking for a good place to start shopping best built travel trailer line, you might want to start with the Jayco Jay Feather.

There are multiple trim levels and features that you might find available through Outdoorsy or a dealership offering rentals.

The Jay Feather can range in weight from 3,195 to 6,425-pounds. It has dual Dexter axles with American made Goodyear tires.

The rear has exterior LED light indicators. Thefrong has additional pass-thru storage, and accommodates solar power accessories.

There are three décor levels to choose from, which can include things like residential counters, extra sitting space, and a fold-out murphy bed .

8. Forest River

Forest River offers an expansive line of recreational vehicles and equipment. They own or are merged with other RV manufacturers such as Prime Time, Rockwood, Cherokee, Xlr and Vibe as well as Wildcat.

If you are looking for one of these travel trailers, chances are you might also find it at a dealership that represents the Forest River line of products.

The Forest River line also includes Fifth-wheel campers, motorhomes, camper travel trailers, pontoons, and thoughtfully designed toy hauler campers .

They are technically owned by a company called Berkshire Hathaway. This means they have multiple manufacturing facilities and dealerships representing their line all throughout the United States.

If you would like to know more about Forest River’s broad line of travel trailers and RV’s including their increasingly popular Alpha Wolf, you should check this link. In 2018 their model 26DBH-L won the prestigious “Best In Show” award from RV News. It is just over 31-feet long and features plush sleeping accommodations, as well as a nice size bathroom.

With a UVW weight of 5,795 and a hitch weight of 600 pounds, it’s the sort of travel trailer that requires at least a half-ton or three-quarter-ton truck to tow.

If you are looking for a good place to introduce yourself to the Forest River travel trailer line, through Outdoorsy or a dealership rental,you might want to start with their popular Alpha Wolf.

It’s a  lightweight camper that is easy to tow  and is available in multiple trim levels. The weight range of their models spans from as low as 2,900 pounds up to a staggering 11,500 pounds.

Standard Features of the line include things like:

  • LED Interior Lighting with Individual reading lights
  • Super-Plush Mattresses with Deluxe Bedding
  • Full Under Bed Storage Space
  • Showers and Tubs with an Overhead Skylight
  • Porcelain Stool with Water Jet Assist Toilet
  • Oversized Bathroom Sink
  • Deluxe Furniture Pack

9: Prime Time 

Prime Time travel trailer, is essentially the luxury line of Forest River. If you might want to rent one of their units through Outdoorsy or a rental dealer their popular “LaCrosse” model is touted as a “Luxury Travel Trailer.”

It boasts many high-end features. This includes solid surface countertops, brushed nickel fixtures, and hardware, large stainless steel refrigerator, a high-quality Furrion residential cooktop, and even an impressive 50-inch LED flat-screen television.

10. Palomino 

They are a popular RV manufacturer with a standing reputation for offering lightweight, high-quality travel trailers.

The Palomino line is diverse, including seven base models in the PaloMini, Puma, Pause, Real-Lite Mini, Solaire and Revolve. Each line is also available in multiple floor plans.

Weights can range from as low as 3,000 pounds to as much as 8,000 pounds. So, you will need to factor in the tow vehicle as part of the shopping equation. If you are looking for a place to start when shopping their line, you might want to give the Puma Destination a good hard look.

The base model offers  two-bedroom options  as well as many of the basic features a couple or a family will prioritize for their travels. If you’d like to learn more about the Palomino line of RV’s, campers and travel trailers, you can find more here.

Standard exterior features you can expect to see in the Palomino line include things like:

  • Radius Entry Doors or Double Entry with in-door storage
  • Powder Coated Frames
  • Super Lube Axles
  • Pass-Thru Storage Solutions
  • Power Awnings with LED Lighting
  • An EPDM Rubber Roof which is backed by a 12 Year Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty
  • Manual Stabilizer Jacks
  • ABS Automotive Style Fender Skirts

Standard interior features you can expect to find with this line include things like:

  • 80-Inch Interior Ceiling Height
  • In-Floor Ducted Heating and a 35,000 BTU Furnace
  • Decorative Kitchen Backsplash with Kitchen Ball Bearing Drawer Guides
  • High Output Range With Multiple LP Burners and Glass Range Covers
  • Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink
  • LED Ceiling Lights
  • A 55 Amp Converter with Battery Charger
  • A Bluetooth FM/CD/DVD Stereo
  • Wood Medicine Cabinet with Mirrored Door in the Bathroom
  • Power Vent in Bathroom
  • 12V Shower LED Light
  • Available Queen Beds and Murphy Beds
  • High Density Foam Mattress
  • Three Interior Decors To Choose From
  • Radius Dinette Seat Bases
  • Residential Carpeting
  • Designer Window Treatment Options

11. Avenger

Avenger has a wide line of RV travel trailers with multiple floor plans and features. They have worked hard over the years to develop a reputation for quality and reliability.

Many of their models are clad with an aluminum exterior, with a focus on essential luxury in the interior. They can sleep anywhere from two to seven occupants depending on trim level and floor plan.

Some of their more popular units have cherry wood furnishings and attractive flooring with solid countertops. Of course, all of this sturdy construction also contributes to the overall weight.

This brand makes Avenger travel trailers a little bit heavier than their competition. Most of their models range from 4,800 to as much as 9,200 pounds. If you are looking for a unit to try through Outdoorsy or an RV rental outlet, you might want to start with the Avenger 28 REI.

There are multiple floor plans available but standard features of this “Bunkhouse” style travel trailer include:

  • Sleeping area for up to eight adults
  • Front Bedroom
  • 28 feet 11 inch total length
  • Propane water heater
  • 16-foot electric awning with built-in LED lighting
  • 30 Amp electric system with 50 Amp upgrades available in custom packages
  • Fresh Water Capacity of 48 gallons
  • Grey Water Capacity of 34 gallons
  • Black Water Capacity of 34 gallons

If you’d like to learn more about the Avenger line of travel trailers and the popular 26 BH you should try the following link.

12. Flagstaff

Flagstaff is technically owned by Forest River. However, they still maintain their own independent brand identity. This means there are multiple travel trailers in the line with their own trim levels and floor plans.

Flagstaff tried to focus on lightweight design, which should put them near the top of your list of considerations if you are looking for a travel trailer that you can tow with a mid-size SUV or light-duty pickup truck.

In fact, many of the travel trailers in the Flagstaff line only range between 1,100 to 3,200 pounds.

The Flagstaff E-Pro is a great place to start exploring this lightweight line. It includes a media center with an AM/FM stereo with Bluetooth as well as a USB port and a 12Volt TV. There is also a built-in DVD Player, a WIFI Ranger booster and a roof mount solar panel with a 1000 Watt converter.

Other popular features you can find in the Flagstaff line and their popular E-Pro include a Shower Miser Water Saver in the bathroom. A 13,500 BTU air conditioner, a bike rack mounted directly to the tongue.

There is also an off road package offered with many of Flagstaff’s trailers. It includes a lift kit and 15” Mud Rover, radial tires and other features meant to improve off road handling or tracking.

If you’d like to learn more about Flagstaff travel trailer and the popular E-Pro, you can find out more here.

Consider Renting An RV Through Outdoorsy Or A Dealership Before Buying

If you are new to the world of RV travel and RV shopping, then you really want to take your time finding the best brand which is right for you.

Attending trade shows and spending a slow Saturday touring the local RV dealerships, is a great way to familiarize yourself with your options and the accessories that you want to prioritize.

There are some RV dealership who will let you rent a unit ,  or perhaps even take  “Last Years Model”  for a weekend test run. Rental companies sometimes offer RV’s as part of their available fleet as well.

Yet, these options tend to cost a little more. If you really want to take your time, and perhaps take more than one or two models for the proverbial “Spin” you might want to look into sites like Outdoorsy and RVshare .

These are user-to-user interfaces that allow potential renters to connect with private owners.

Many times, the owners will allow you to rent one of their relatively new units for a price that could be half of what a dealership or rental company offers.

This makes Outdoorsy and RV share a great place to get your feet wet, without having to first make a major investment or having a pushy salesperson standing over your shoulder.

In Conclusion

The previous list really is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg when it comes to the wide range of options.

Think of these as good places to start with some of the more popular RV travel trailer manufacturers.

Which are the top travel trailer brands?

There are many travel trailer brands on the market, each with its own features, styles, and prices. Good travel trailer companies you need to know about are:

  • Forest River
  • Happier Camper

What are the top travel trailers on the market?

Good travel trailers on the market are the ones that suit your needs, preferences, and budget. There is no definitive answer to this question, as different travelers may have different criteria for choosing a travel trailer.

Based on some common factors such as quality, design, features, price, and reviews, here are some of the travel trailers that are often considered great among by experts and users:

  • Taxa Outdoors TigerMoth
  • Airstream Classic Smart Trailer
  • Winnebago Micro Minnie
  • Forest River Alpha Wolf
  • Happier Camper HC1

Which are the most popular travel trailer brands?

The most popular camper trailer brands are the ones that have a large market share, a loyal customer base, and a high satisfaction rating.

Some of the most popular travel trailer brands are:

Which are the highest quality travel trailers?

The highest quality travel trailers are the ones that offer durability, reliability, comfort, and value for RV travelers.

Various factors, such as the materials, craftsmanship, design, features, warranty, and customer reviews of the travel trailers can measure quality.

Based on these factors, here are some of the highest quality travel trailers:

  • Airstream Flying Cloud
  • Grand Design RV Imagine
  • Oliver Legacy Elite 2
  • Casita Spirit

Which are good travel trailers for full time living?

Good travel trailers for full time living are the ones that offer enough space, comfort, features, and durability for living on the road.

Full time living requires a travel trailer that can handle different weather conditions, provide adequate storage and utilities, and suit your lifestyle and budget.

Based on these criteria, here are some great travel trailers for full time living:

  • Forest River Flagstaff Super Lite
  • Grand Design Solitude
  • Coachmen Apex Ultra-Lite
  • Northwood Arctic Fox

Which are the top RV trailers on the market?

Great RV trailers on the market are the ones that offer quality, comfort, features, and value for RV travelers. RV trailers can be classified into three types: travel trailers, fifth wheels, and toy haulers. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages depending on your preferences and needs.

Based on these criteria, here are some of the top RV trailers on the market:

  • Grand Design Reflection
  • Forest River Cherokee Wolf Pack Gold

Which are the highest rated travel trailers?

Travel trailers are one of the most popular types of RVs, offering a range of sizes, styles, and features to suit different needs and preferences.

Here are some of the highest rated travel trailers:

  • Grand Design

Which are the top camping trailers on the market?

The top camping trailers on the market are the ones that offer comfort, convenience, features, and value for camping enthusiasts.

Camping trailers are a type of travel trailer that is designed for outdoor adventures, with options like off-road capabilities, outdoor kitchens, solar panels, and awnings.

Here are a few:

  • Jayco Jay Feather Micro
  • Bruder EXP-6
  • Forest River Flagstaff E-Pro

Which travel trailer brands are known for their build quality?

Travel trailer brands that are known for their build quality are the ones that use high-quality materials, craftsmanship, design, and features to create durable, reliable, and comfortable trailers. I measured the quality build by various factors, such as the frame, chassis, walls, roof, floor, insulation, appliances, plumbing, electrical, and warranty of the trailers.

Based on these factors, here are some of the travel trailer companies that are known for their build quality:

 What are the most popular brands of campers?

Campers are vehicles that can be used for traveling and camping. They come in different sizes, shapes and features. Some of the most popular brands of campers are:

What are some of the different types of campers?

Campers are people who enjoy spending time outdoors in tents, cabins, RVs, or other shelters. There are many different types of campers, depending on their preferences, skills, and goals. Some of the common types are:

  • Backpackers: These campers hike to remote locations with all their gear in a backpack. They usually camp for several days or weeks, and need to be self-reliant and prepared for any weather or terrain.
  • Car campers: These campers drive to a campground or a designated area with their car, and set up their tent or RV nearby. They have easy access to their vehicle and its amenities, such as food, water, and electricity. They usually camp for a few days or a weekend, and can explore nearby attractions or activities.
  • Glampers: These campers seek a luxurious camping experience, with comfortable accommodations, amenities, and services. They may stay in cabins, yurts, treehouses, or other unique structures, and enjoy activities such as spa treatments, gourmet meals, or guided tours. They usually camp for a short period of time, and want to relax and indulge themselves.
  • Survivalists: These campers challenge themselves to survive in the wilderness with minimal or no equipment. They may use primitive skills such as fire-making, hunting, fishing, or foraging to obtain their food, water, and shelter. They usually camp alone or in small groups, and want to test their limits and learn new skills.

Where do you plan on using your camper?

Depending on your preferences and needs, you may choose to use your camper for:

  • Short trips to nearby parks, lakes, or mountains
  • Long journeys across the country or continent
  • Off-road adventures in remote or rugged areas
  • Full-time living or working on the road

Where do you plan on using your RV?

One of the first questions you need to ask yourself before buying an RV is where you plan on using it. Different types of RVs are suited for different terrains, climates and facilities.

For example, if you want to camp in remote areas, you might need a four-wheel drive RV with solar panels and a large water tank. If you prefer to stay in RV parks with hookups, you might opt for a larger RV with more amenities and comfort. Knowing where you want to go will help you narrow your options and find the best RV for your needs.

What is the top class C RV?

A class C RV is a type of motorhome with a cab-over design, meaning a sleeping or storage area is above the driver’s seat. Class C RVs are usually built on a truck or van chassis and can accommodate up to 10 people.

The best class C RV depends on your preferences, budget, and travel needs. Some factors you may want to consider are the RV’s size, layout, amenities, fuel efficiency, and reliability. Some popular brands of class C RVs are Winnebago, Thor, Coachmen, and Forest River.

What are the top camper brands?

The most popular and reputable camper brands in the market:

What is your budget for a camper?

Your budget will determine your camper’s size, features, and quality. Many factors affect the price of a camper, such as the brand, model, condition, age, and location. You can find campers for as low as $5,000 or as high as $100,000 or more.

You should also consider the costs of maintenance, insurance, registration, and fuel when setting your budget. A camper is a big investment, so you should research and compare different options before deciding.

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Aaron Richardson is an expert RVer and the co-founder of RVing Know How. Aaron, along with his wife Evelyn, has been living and traveling in their Keystone Fuzion RV since 2017. Their adventures span across the country and beyond, including memorable RVing experiences in Mexico. Aaron's passion for the outdoors and RVing shines through in his writings, where he shares a blend of travel stories, practical tips, and insights to enhance the RV lifestyle.

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The Best Travel Trailer Brands: Which One is Right for You?

The best travel trailer brands.

There are many different travel trailer brands on the market, but not all of them are created equal. Some brands are well-known for their quality and durability, while others may be less expensive but not as durable. When you're shopping for a travel trailer, it's important to keep in mind your needs and budget to find the best option for you.

What you'll find...

The problem is, when it comes to choosing a travel trailer, there are many different brands to choose from. How do you know which one is right for your needs? In this blog post, we discuss the best travel trailer brands to help you decide which one is best for your needs!

Taking to the great outdoors in pursuit of some peace, quiet and adventure is a perfect way to live, whether it's weekends away or full time living . The lavish sunsets, rejuvenating sunrises and nights spent under the infinity of stars all make for an unforgettable adventure.

What are the best travel trailer brands?

Other Travel Trailer Related Guides

Here are a few other travel trailer guides to set you in the right direction: 

  • Best Battery Power For Your Travel Trailer
  • Protect Your Investment-Best Travel Trailer Covers
  • Keep Rolling-Best Tires for Travel Trailers


Hello, fellow wanderers! I’m Alyssia. Since 2008, my husband and I have called an RV our home, journeying through life one mile at a time. Our nomadic lifestyle has led us to over 70 countries, each with their unique tales that have shaped our own.

I share our stories and insights right here, hoping to inspire and guide you in your own adventures. Expect tips on RV living, our favorite camping spots, breathtaking hiking trails, and the joys and challenges of an ever-changing view from our window. Alongside, you’ll also find practical advice on outdoorsy stuff, designed to equip you for any journey. Join us as we continue to explore the vast, beautiful world on wheels!

best travel trailer brands 2014

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13 Best Travel Trailers for Road Trips and Camping

Hit the open road and camp in comfort with the best travel trailers.

Elizabeth Rhodes is a special projects editor at Travel + Leisure , covering everything from luxury hotels to theme parks to must-pack travel products. Originally from South Carolina, Elizabeth moved to New York City from London, where she started her career as a travel blogger and writer.

best travel trailer brands 2014

With so many brands, sizes, and amenities to choose from, it can be difficult to know which travel trailer is right for your next adventure in the great outdoors . Paige Bouma, executive vice president of sales and operations of Trader Interactive, knows a thing or two about RV travel. She has been taking RV vacations with her family for years, often traveling for 30 weekends a year. According to Bouma, towable RVs (like travel trailers) are great for camping , and there are a number of choices to consider. "Families looking to experience the great outdoors have several choices when it comes to trailers they can tow behind their car, SUV, or pickup," she said. "The traditional travel trailer comes in a variety of lengths and weights, and provides a multitude of amenities and a sleeping capacity for any size family to go camping."

With this in mind, we've rounded up 13 of the best travel trailers so you can plan your next road trip . Whether you're a first-timer looking for tips to get started or a frequent traveler trying to decide on your next RV rental , this list includes fan favorites like Airstream, Winnebago, and Jayco travel trailers, ranging from luxury vehicles to small and lightweight campers.

1. Airstream Classic Smart Trailer

Airstream travel trailers are among the most luxurious, spacious, and advanced towable RVs. They say not to mess with a good thing, but Airstream's new and improved Classic Travel Trailer is an exception. This elegant and roomy travel trailer is best for long trips, with lots of space and innovative amenities, like a heated bathroom and handcrafted cabinetry. Now, this iconic trailer has smart-control technology, allowing you to adjust the lights, awning, and air-conditioning as well as monitor propane, battery, and tank levels from your phone. This trailer can be between 30 and 33 feet long and can sleep up to five people with four different floor plans. Airstream is currently working on more improvements for future RVs, including off-road capabilities and advanced electric vehicle compatibility.

2. Winnebago Micro Minnie

Winnebago travel trailers are beloved in the RV world, and the Winnebago Micro Minnie is one of their most popular options, even winning the RV News Top Lightweight Towable Trailers Award in 2021. This compact, seven-foot-wide trailer offers a number of floor plans to choose from, with features like a spacious kitchen with a sink, a double-door refrigerator, a microwave, and a cooktop. Each floor plan also has windows designed for cross ventilation. With a starting weight of 3,360 pounds , the Micro Minnie is the perfect tow for electric vehicle owners. It also comes solar-ready, with a spacious, walkable roof. With certain packages, the trailer even includes off-road tires, perfect for the boondock explorer. Once you've settled into your campground, take the fun outside with its patio speakers and a power awning featuring LED lighting.

3. Jayco Jay Flight

The Jayco Jay Flight has been a family favorite for years. This travel trailer has a large range of floor plans, offering options with luxurious kitchens featuring stainless steel appliances, comfortable seating, spacious lounge areas, and more. Jayco's elite package offers solar prep, which, depending on your rig, comes with corresponding batteries, inverters, and Go Power! kits for sidewall and roof-mount prep. It's important to keep in mind that certain floor plans may exceed an electric vehicle's towable weight limit. Jayco prides itself on its craftsmanship and construction so you know this trailer can handle any adventure you embark upon.

4. TAB Teardrop Camper

If you're looking for a small travel trailer, the TAB Teardrop Trailer might be the best choice for you. This nuCamp RV is perfect if you're traveling alone or with a partner. It is compact, but still has amenities such as a wet bath, a kitchen, and a dining area that converts to beds. Available with the TAB Teardrop Trailer is the Boondock Package, which includes everything for your off-roading needs, including the Boondock Aluminum Platform, aggressive off-road tires, heady duty entry door step, and much more. The Convenience Package comes with a solar roof package, perfect for electric vehicles.

5. Happier Camper Traveler

The new, lightweight Traveler trailer from Happier Camper has vintage vibes and flexible, modular seating to accommodate the needs of anyone hitting the road. This travel trailer has a floor grid and Adaptiv components so you can customize your space with areas for sleeping, dining, lounging, and more. Plus, it's towable by standard cars so you don't need a large SUV. The Happier Camper Traveler is 17 feet long with 85 square feet of walkable floor space — the layout is up to you, thanks to the modular design.

6. KZ Durango Half-Ton

The KZ Durango Half-Ton RV is a fifth wheel trailer that offers eight unique floor plans, complete with a washer and dryer, maple-glazed farmhouse-style carpentry, an electric fireplace, a double-door refrigerator, and so much more. KZ offers an "Off The Grid" package, which includes solar panels for their already solar-ready roof. The Durango Half-Ton is perfect for full-time traveling or a weekend getaway with the whole family.

7. Casita Spirit

As far as lightweight travel trailers go, the Casita Spirit is a great option for families on the go. This trailer can sleep three to five people, with dinettes that convert into double and single beds. The Spirit comes in two 17-foot models, while add-on options include roller shades, a furnace, and more. Casita offers a plethora of internal and external add-ons, including — but not limited to — solar panels, a surge protector, and an Anderson "No Sway" Distribution Hitch, as well as a maintenance tool kit to be used inside or outside the trailer.

8. Keystone Hideout

Keystone touts the Hideout as a perfect travel trailer for first-timers. The Hideout has several sizes and floor plans, and it comes with a three-year limited structural warranty, LTE and Wi-Fi antenna, tinted windows, high-quality kitchen appliances, and more. Most floorplans are towable by standard cars, however, the model's heft makes it durable to sustain off-road bumps and swerves. The Hideout features a walkable roof and multiple options for SolarFlex™ solar panels, providing high-quality energy great for electric vehicles.

9. Forest River Alpha Wolf

The lightweight Alpha Wolf trailer from Forest River's Cherokee line was named "Best in Show" by RV News in 2018. According to the Forest River site, the Cherokee Alpha Wolf "offers the best mix of floor plan diversity and top-shelf amenities while at the same time creating a tougher, lighter, better insulated shell." The interiors of this travel trailer look beautiful and modern while providing areas to cook, relax, and dine. Alpha offers multiple packages to personalize your trailer experience, including the Juice Package for all your solar needs.

10. Grand Design Reflection

If you're looking for a towable luxury RV with great value, the Reflection by Grand Design might be right for you. This trailer offers a beautifully designed kitchen, a spacious shower with a glass door, and more. The RV comes with a mandatory Solar Package, 4-Season Protection Package, Peace of Mind Package, and the Ultimate Power Package, with additional add-on packages available to make your Reflections RV experiences as comfortable as possible. This RV is great for owners of electric SUVs and for those who wish to go off-road.

11. Opus OP 15 Hybrid

Looking for a spacious, lightweight, off-road trailer? Then look no further than the Opus OP 15. This hybrid, family-friendly trailer comes fully loaded with a king-size bed, twin bunk beds, an indoor bathroom, a four-burner stove, off-road and alloy tires, and solar panels. The interior is decorated with bamboo cabinetry and features 6'6'' of headroom. The Opus OP 15 was designed specifically to be an off-road, off-grid getaway while remaining easy to use for families and first-timers.

12. Alto Series F2414

Alto's Series F2414 travel trailer is designed to make hitch traveling with an electric vehicle easier than ever before. The trailer comes packed with four beds that can be converted to dining/lounge areas, a full kitchen, a small bathroom, and furniture that can be moved for outdoor fun. It sleeps five comfortably, six with the purchase of an additional electric bed. The interior design takes some inspiration from European trailers while maintaining an all-American flair. Solar panels can be purchased for an additional cost. The F2414 is towable by most SUVs.

13. Polydrops P17A

If you're looking to travel in something high-tech that will undoubtedly turn heads, look no further than Polydrop's P17A1 trailer. This California-made vehicle is specifically engineered to be the most aerodynamic travel trailer on the market. Its unique design and lightweight frame lend it to unlimited possibilities. The P17A's minimalist design comes fully insulated with built-in solar panels, storage, built-in speakers, a kitchenette, an awning, a control panel (for LEDs, air conditioning, chargers, and more), and a full-size mattress. This trailer was made to work hand-in-hand with electric vehicles, with its design specifically created to use less electricity, allowing for more travel and less charging time. Though one of the smaller trailers on this list, the P17A1 is sure to impress even the most traditional trailer travelers.

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Top 10 Best Travel Trailers

Published on October 29th, 2021 by Contributor, Let's RV This post was updated on November 15th, 2021

Shopping for a travel trailer can be difficult, especially if you’re new to RVing or have very little experience. The RV industry puts out hundreds of different​ travel trailer brands, models, floor plans and of course features.

Aside from forums and a few articles scattered throughout the internet, there isn’t a lot of information readily available as to which manufacturers offer the best travel trailers and brands; but ​who has the time to sift through thousands of different posts​ and articles looking for the right information?

So, what manufacturer really makes the best travel trailer brand? ​Even with thorough research, ​this can be a difficult question to answer.


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We’ve sifted through the necessary information and have compiled a list of, what we believe to be, the top rated travel trailers for RV camping.

There is a commonly used saying in the RV industry, “Buy your second travel trailer first.”

​Once you decide that you want to buy a travel trailer, you have ​hundreds if not thousands of​ options to choose from including ​brands and models, the number of people the travel trailer sleeps, the floor plan and the features ​each brand has to offer. For example, if you plan on camping in the winter, you’ll want ​a travel trailer with a cold-weather package. These are the 10 best travel trailers.

1. Airstream Classic

aistream classic trailer

The Airstream Classic comes in two sizes: 30 feet and 33 feet. Both have similar floor plans with either twin beds or a queen bed in a separate bedroom.​

Enjoy the classic round tube-style travel trailer with all of the newest amenities, including a luxurious bathroom, a kitchen with top-of-the-line appliances and a touch-screen control panel.

Standard equipment includes:

  • A 270w solar package with an interior monitor;
  • A flush system for the black tank to make cleaning the tank easier;
  • A heated and insulated enclosed underbelly so you can stay warm and comfortable during the winter; and
  • A rearview monitoring system to help you back up.

2. Northwood Arctic Fox

northwood arctic fox travel trailer

You have the option of ​choosing from six different floor plans when you chose the Northwood Arctic Fox travel trailer.​

​Floor plan sizes range from 22 feet to 32 feet. The 22-footer is the only model that does not have slideouts. Standard features include an off-road chassis, thick-walled, fully welded frame construction for durability, one-piece fiberglass exterior walls, four-season insulation, including R-18 ceiling insulation, and shocks on all four wheels.

  • A 45-watt solar panel and a sidewall solar port to conserve your batteries and generator;
  • A 12-volt power tongue jack to make hitching up easier;
  • Night shades;
  • Solid surface kitchen counter tops;
  • A 10 cubic-foot fridge with a cold weather kit; and
  • A built-in laundry chute.

3. Keystone Cougar

keystone cougar travel trailer

Keystone offers 13 different floor plans for their Cougar travel trailers, ranging from 22 to 34 feet long.​ All floor plans have good sized slides​, which means more comfort and floor space so that you won’t feel cramped if you happen to get stuck inside on your camping trip.​

The 22-footer sleeps up to four people and the 34-footer sleeps up to nine people. Enjoy a 7.5-inch command center master control panel, an auto-leveling system, and a climate guard package that keeps you comfortable, whether the temperature is near 0 or a smoldering 110 degrees.

  • 3/8-inch walkable deck roofing;
  • Seamless counter tops;
  • A 15,000 BTU ducted air conditioner; and
  • Insulated slide floors and underbelly.

4. Jayco White Hawk

jayco white hawk travel trailer

Choose from 12 floor plans ranging from 23 to 32 feet. All models have at least one slideout, making the Jayco White Hawk spacious for your family. The Customer Value Package and the Luxury Package are mandatory on any White Hawk model and include a 40- or 50-inch LED TV, 13,500 or 15,000 BTU air conditioning unit, a roof ladder, power awning, upgraded insulation in the enclosed underbelly and backup assist lighting.

  • 5/8-inch tongue-and-groove plywood decked flooring for stability;
  • Dark tinted windows made from safety glass;
  • The JAYCOMMAND “Smart RV” system;
  • Marine-grade exterior speakers; and
  • Teddy bear “soft-touch” bunk mats in models with bunks.

5. Grand Design Reflection

grand design reflection travel trailer

The Grand Design Reflection features three floor plans with 33, 37 and 38 feet. All three feature theater seating and a large 30-inch by 36-inch shower with a skylight. The entertainment center in all three models feature a 40-inch TV. The​ spacious bedroom has television hookups, which includes cable and satellite prep.

  • A high-capacity water pump;
  • Solid hardwood drawer fronts and residential panel cabinet doors;
  • Panoramic slide room windows;
  • LED lighting with motion sensors;
  • Underbed storage;
  • 5-inch truss rafters;
  • A one-piece TPO roof membrane with an 18-year warranty; and
  • Residential framed roof.

6. Forest River Wildcat Maxx

wildcat maxx travel trailer

photo courtesy of DonsRV

best travel trailer brands 2014

The Wildcat Maxx by Forest River has nine travel trailer floor plans for you to choose from. All floor plans feature at least one slideout so that you are not crowded while you are inside. The Wildcat Maxx features a heavy-duty I beam chassis and a one-piece roof membrane for stability and longevity. The interior height of all floor plans is 7 feet. Roof rafters are 16-inch on center and are 5-inch engineered and fabricated for longevity.

  • R-7 fiberglass insulation and a 12-volt tank heater for each holding tank;
  • R-10 high-density block foam insulatin in the side walls, including the slideout walls and ceilings;
  • Vented attic;
  • 35,000 BTU furnace; and
  • The Strongarm Stabilizer Jack System.

7. Casita Heritage

casita heritage travel trailer

The Casita Heritage comes as a 16- or 17-foot standard or deluxe model. All models feature outside storage compartments, an automatic change-over regulator, LED running/stop/tail lights; deluxe insulation, wardrobe closets in the deluxe models, and custom wall material insulation.

Standard features include:

  • A two-burner cooktop;
  • A three-way fridge (4.0 cubic feet in the 17-footer and 1.9 cubic feet in the 16-footer);
  • Sewer hose storage;
  • GFI electrical circuits; and
  • Smoke and LP gas detectors.

8. Heartland Mallard

heartland mallard travel trailer

Photo courtesy of Outdoorsy

best travel trailer brands 2014

The Heartland Mallard has 16 floor plans for you to choose from, ranging from 22 feet through 40 feet. The smaller models sleep up to six while the largest model sleeps at least nine people. Furnaces range from 18,000 BTU in M185 to 30,000 BTU in the M335. The fridge runs on LP or electricity. All models feature king-size beds and King Kong sized pass-through storage.

  • Power stabilizer jacks;
  • A 4-inch fully walkable vacuum bonded roof;
  • Power awning with LED lights;
  • Tinted safety windows;
  • An enclosed underbelly heated with forced air;
  • Deep bowl kitchen sinks; and
  • A skylight in the shower.

9. Dutchmen Coleman Lantern

coleman lantern travel trailer

Photo courtesy of Camping World

best travel trailer brands 2014

The Dutchmen Coleman Lantern gives you 17 floor plans to choose from, including three toy hauler models. All models have slideouts except the 251TQ. A 120-volt exterior outlet lets you plug in anything you need outside. The bunk beds have 12-volt USB power outlets. The dinette features extra storage.

  • A foot pedal flush toilet;
  • A solar power charging connection;
  • Interior power command center; and
  • A black tank flush system.

10. Keystone Hideout

keystone hideout travel trailer

Photo courtesy of Holman RV

best travel trailer brands 2014

The Keystone Hideout has 37 floor plans for you to choose from. Many have slideouts to make the RV more spacious. But, if you are single or you are a couple that is just starting out RVing, you will find the RVs without slideouts very spacious​. Enjoy features such as an exterior shower, exterior speakers, and on some models, an exterior kitchen.

  • Bluetooth/DVD/CD/MP3 player;
  • Monitor panel;
  • 50-amp service;
  • High-rise kitchen faucet;
  • 20,000 BTU furnace;
  • 8,000 or 13.5k BTU air conditioner;
  • Porcelain foot-flush toilet;
  • Hidden laundry chute;
  • Smoke and CO2 detectors;
  • Zone switch lighting;
  • A central vacuum; and
  • Hidden hinge pantry.

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8 Best Travel Trailer Brands Reviewed

best travel trailer brands 2014

The best travel trailer brands give you adventures wrapped up in comfort and convenience. But it isn’t easy to choose the right one. So many brands make it hard to know where to start. Each one has its strengths and weaknesses. So, how do you choose the perfect design style?

This guide explores eight of the best travel trailer brands. We’ll cover some factors to consider. Think about your budget and how much your current SUV or truck can tow. 

Next, it’s helpful to understand how often you plan to travel. All these items added to your personal taste help you select the right travel trailer. And we’ll even share a few RVs to steer clear of. Because knowing what not to choose is as important as knowing what is best.

8 Best Travel Trailer Brands

The travel trailer world has many different styles. You’ll find compact campers with minimal options on one end. And then there are luxurious models that you’ll want to call home. But all those choices make it feel overwhelming to narrow down. So that’s where we come in.

We’ve narrowed the field to our eight best travel trailer brands. These RV brands make the best quality travel trailers. But we also chose them for their quality, features, and superior customer service. Plus, these travel trailer manufacturers have top-notch reputations. So let’s jump right into the best brands in the RV industry.

Grand Design

The Grand Design brand is all about having a solid owner community. So, it hosts yearly statewide and national rallies. This travel trailer brand’s quality brings you in. Then it helps you meet like-minded adventurers. 

My friends look forward to the annual Oregon Rally. They connect with old friends and make new ones. But they also attend workshops and plan new adventures. I’ll tell you what surprised me most, though. Grand Design reps came to tell owners about a recall. And they made free on-site repairs this year. And that’s what I’d call first-rate customer service.

But the brand is more than community and customer service. Grand Design also has a wide range of high-quality travel trailers. You’ll find options for large families who camp every weekend. But there are also smaller options for couples or solo travelers. So whether you camp often or only a few times a year, there’s a good camper for you.

Yet, the brand’s higher price tag doesn’t appeal to everyone. So, customers with bigger budgets might find Grand Design a better fit.

Outdoors RV

If you love wild adventure, Outdoors RV might be your jam. This brand has rugged construction and off-road abilities. The shock-absorbing suspensions take you down gravel roads. And the aluminum frames are light enough for easy towing. 

What’s more, the exterior walls are solid but lightweight fiberglass. So you can travel the bumpiest back roads without damage. Outdoors RV builds compact trailers and toy haulers. But they also offer larger, family-size floor plans. 

What’s more, the huge water tanks let you boondock for a couple of weeks and still have water. Plus, the thermal pane windows and underbelly heating keep you warm on cold mornings. We like the flexibility that this brand builds into each design.

But, Outdoors RVs may not be the right brand for everyone. They make a heavier, long-lasting camper. But it comes with a higher price tag. And the extra weight may be more than you need, especially if you plan on staying at RV Park resorts. 

The bulkiest models also need larger trucks for towing. So if you’re driving a half-ton pickup, look at one of Outdoors RV’s smaller campers. 

Outdoors RV is our top choice for the outdoor lover. And this travel trailer is as sturdy and adventurous as you are.

Since 1931, Airstream travel trailers offer comfort and style for seeing the countryside. This brand’s iconic design and aerodynamic shape stand the test of time. And that makes Airstream one of the most recognizable names in the RV business. 

I have five Airstreams set on a riverside, wooded property in my dream world. So anytime family and friends visit, they have a private, luxurious glamping setting.

There are aluminum shells and steel frames for sturdiness. And the riveted construction makes Airstream stand out. Plus, the lifetime transferable warranty is a huge selling point. It reminds buyers why this travel trailer brand stays in the game. 

If you’ve not yet seen the Pottery Barn Edition, get to a dealership this afternoon. The attention to detail blew my mind. If you can imagine it, Airstream has included it.

All the same, it could be smoother sailing with the Airstream travel trailer. The high-quality design and materials come with a hefty price tag. The iconic silver bullet shape is beautiful. But some past owners experienced leaks, corrosion, or denting. 

Still, Airstream calls families to the open road. The timeless style and modern functions are outstanding. This brand brings families together. So you can create a lifetime of amazing experiences and memories.

Safari Condo

This Canadian travel trailer brand tops the RV charts. It has an aluminum and Alufiber (aluminum with fiberglass reinforcement) construction. So you can pull these Alto series lightweight travel trailers with your car or SUV. 

Safari Condo makes a comfortable RV with recyclable parts. And they add a ton of special features. We appreciate the huge windows and the retractable roof. With well-planned layouts, you’ll get days of sunshine in stylish options.

Of course, so many fresh ideas come with some downsides. Safari Condo’s travel trailers cost about the same as other RV manufacturers, which is excellent. But, they have limited availability and dealerships, especially outside Canada. So that can make it harder to find and buy. 

Also, this RV manufacturer focuses on minimalist design and lower weights. And that means you have smaller interior space and less storage. Despite these small drawbacks, a Safari Condo is perfect for today’s families. 

Check it out if you want efficiency and minimalistic elegance. This trailer could be your ticket to a stylish and environmentally-conscious road trip.

I am biased toward the Northwood travel trailer brand. Especially since I live in one of the company’s Arctic Fox truck campers. But my bias is data-based. Northwood’s cult-like following comes from its quality, four-season capability, and solid construction. 

You’ll find the perfect camping solution for your family with Northwood. There are so many models to choose from

  • Truck campers
  • Travel trailers
  • Lightweights
  • Fifth wheels
  • Toy haulers.

You can even select the make that best fits your budget. For example, Arctic Fox has higher-end finishes. But Wolf Creek has the same build quality at a lower price.

Yet, the focus on solid construction and quality comes with challenges. Northwood’s campers are often heavier and cost more than other brands. And that might not suit every RV enthusiast. 

Plus, the old-fashioned design may not be to your taste. It’s not even mine! But despite other travel trailer brands getting newer styles, Northwood stays the same. Its interior colors are straight out of the 1990s.

But Northwood is top-rate if you value a long-lasting camper. And this brand delivers true four-season ability. Northwood’s travel trailers will last for many years and trips. 

Like other travel trailer brands on this list, Lance made truck campers first. But the company soon became a leader in ultralight RV trailers. Lance was the runner-up for quality and price during my own buying process. 

The brand uses cutting-edge materials. You’ll find aluminum frames, Azdel composite panels, and fiberglass shells. As a result, you get lightweight and efficient construction. 

Lance’s state-of-the-art manufacturing campus uses cutting-edge technology.  It builds quality and efficiency in its campers. Besides, the facility is in California. So that means they follow the safest practices to meet the tight rules of this strict state.

Yet, every brand has challenges. Lance does provide high-quality, lightweight travel trailer models with stylish colors and materials. But Lance’s travel trailers are often more expensive than other brands. Plus, they’ve had some leaks, cracks, and delamination. And that’s a problem. 

Still, adventurers focus on lightweight builds to get them to the backcountry. And with their top reputation, Lance’s travel trailers are very popular.

These lightweight fiberglass travel trailers may remind you of Airstream’s bullet shape. But Casita makes RV’ing affordable for almost every budget. 

The compact design means you can tow them with any vehicle having a 3,500-pound tow capacity. So soccer moms can pull these campers to the game before heading out of town!

Moreover, Casita has a direct sales model. So they don’t use dealers or go-betweens. And that lets them give personal experiences to each customer. The Casita Discovery program connects you with a local owner. So you can learn the pros and cons before customizing your travel trailer.

For all that, some of Casita’s potential drawbacks are worth noting. The standard model skips a bathroom to add a bunk bed or couch. And that’s fine if you only camp in RV parks. But some families want to head into backcountry campgrounds. So having an indoor toilet and shower means you’ll need to look at the higher-priced Deluxe model.

Do you value customizing your own travel trailer? How about a brand that puts quality first in a small package? Casita’s travel trailers may be an ideal choice. They live by the saying that good things come in small packages. And that makes this brand one of our favorite options.

We’ve got you covered if you’re looking for easy towing, even across the roughest terrains. Opus has made a sizable mark in the travel trailer industry! It sports a groundbreaking foldable design. Plus, you’ll find hybrid features and sturdy off-road ability.

Opus features lightweight materials. So you’ll get aluminum frames, canvas walls, and poly-cotton tents. And they have a patented air inflation system. It lets you drive to your destination and set up in a few short minutes. 

Your adventure might call for a hard-sided camper or a tent-style travel trailer. Opus takes over the backcountry in style. You can tow the smaller models with a small tow vehicle like a Jeep or crossover SUV. So there’s no worrying about purchasing a new truck.

Still, Opus may not be suitable for everyone. In all but the hard-sided OP15, you’ll exit the travel trailer for an outdoor privacy tent. There you’ll find a portable toilet and shower. Some adventurers accept this minor inconvenience since these trailers cover rough ground. 

Off-road traveling to find that perfect fishing or hunting spot? Opus will definitely get you there. The brand has a dedication to enhancing the journey of outdoor enthusiasts. And it is evident in every design choice. 

We’d say that makes Opus a trailblazer in the field of innovative travel trailers.

Travel Trailer Brands You Should Avoid

Navigating the world of travel trailers isn’t all sunshine and scenic views. There are standout performers. But unfortunately, there are trailer brands that might put a damper on your travel plans. 

These RV brands have received a barrage of negative reviews and customer complaints. Imagine setting out on that dream road trip. But then you discover that your travel trailer can’t keep up with the adventure.

Here are some travel trailer brands you should avoid:

Gulf Stream

Gulf Stream is a family-owned brand known for low prices and a large selection of travel trailers. Despite these benefits, the brand has significant flaws. They include using cheap materials like particle board and plastic. 

Purchasers report poor build quality with a frustrating lack of customer support. Many customers have reported leaks, mold, and electrical and plumbing problems. These issues make Gulf Stream a less desirable choice in the travel trailer market.

Forest River

Forest River has an extensive portfolio. It also has corporate backing as a Berkshire Hathaway subsidiary. But it often falls short in quality and reliability. Forest River is one of the best-selling travel trailer brands. But that doesn’t mean it has the best quality control. 

Most buyers select this brand for their entry-level travel trailers. And while the build quality isn’t the worst on the market, there is room for improvement. The company uses low-quality materials like OSB and fiberglass. And that has led to many customer complaints. But some complaints are inevitable for as many travel trailers as Forest River sells.

Here’s a travel trailer brand known for its high volume, low cost, and mass production. But Keystone struggles to keep its customers happy. Keystone scores 3.5 out of 5 stars from over 2,000 RV Insider reviews. 

The main complaints come from its recurring problems with leaks, cracks, and delamination. Substandard materials like MDF, vinyl, and plastic have dissatisfied many customers. 

Plastic nuts and toilet foot pedal cracks create water leaks. And they can cause notable damage if you don’t catch them soon enough. Keystone is an affordable brand for anyone new to the RV world. But you sometimes get what you pay for.

Final Words Of Advice

In this guide to the best travel trailer brands, we’ve covered eight top brands and a few to avoid. We aim to assist you in making a smart decision for your next buy. 

But remember, the ideal travel trailer varies for every person. Your best investment depends on budget and towing capacity. Then think about your travel style, desired options, and personal preferences. 

So, it’s essential to conduct your research. Then consult with owners or experts who can offer insights. Visiting dealerships or RV shows also provides a tangible sense of what’s available. It’s one of our favorite pastimes, checking out new recreational vehicles. 

The ultimate goal is to find a travel trailer to meet your budget and needs. And that ensures an excellent adventuring experience. Happy camping!

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best travel trailer brands 2014

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16 Best Travel Trailers of 2023: Ultimate Buying Guide

best travel trailer brands 2014

The Coleman Lantern LT 17B is a 21.5-foot-long travel trailer that sleeps five and weighs just over 3,000 pounds dry . This small package camper offers a queen bed, two bunk beds, and a dinette. The two-burner stove and microwave make for simple cooking, and the fireplace and air conditioner allow you to camp comfortably in cool and warm climates.

Floor plan for the Coleman Lantern 285BH travel trailer

For those who need a little more space, the Coleman Lantern 285BH offers just under 33 feet of travel trailer and sleeps up to eight campers. In addition to the queen bed and double bunks, a reclining sofa and booth dinette give your family the convenience of camping without sacrificing living space. Pass-through storage and plenty of cabinet space ensure you won’t forget the necessities, either.

Heartland Mallard

Heartland’s Mallard concept allows you to camp in style and comfort with various unique floor plans to fit your needs. These popular Heartland travel trailers are ultra-light and feature an open concept that marries convenience with function.

Heartland Mallard M335

Floor plan for the Heartland Mallard M335 travel trailer

For those seeking a more open floorplan for their travel trailer, the Heartland Mallard M335 fits the bill. Thanks to three slide-outs and a king-size bed, it comfortably sleeps three people. 

This rear living room travel trailer allows you to entertain a group of friends or family in style. Its kitchen features a large microwave, an eight cubic-foot refrigerator, and a kitchen island with plenty of counterspace and a full-size sink.

Heartland Mallard IDM185

Floor plan for the Heartland Mallard IDM185 travel trailer

Need something a little smaller but with extra sleeping space?

The Heartland Mallard IDM185 offers two single bunks, a queen bed, and a dinette that can fold down for extra sleeping space. A small bathtub helps the kiddos stay clean after a long day of outdoor fun

Forest River Ozark

The Ozark line of travel trailers from Forest River is lightweight and easy to tow, but they don’t sacrifice amenities. Our two picks from this brand pack plenty of features and show why they’re some of the nicest travel trailers you can buy.

Forest River Ozark 1530VBK

Floor plan for the Forest River Ozark 1530VBK travel trailer

The Forest River Ozark 1530VBK is an excellent fit for smaller families who don’t mind getting cozy. This 18-foot-long trailer weighs just under 3,000 pounds, but don’t let its short length deceive you. 

Two flip-down bunks and a queen bed give you the sleeping space you need, while the kitchen countertop and two-burner stove make cooking for your campsite convenient. A relatively roomy bathroom—complete with a 36 in. x 24 in. shower—rounds out the benefits of this top travel trailer.

Forest River Ozark 2800THKX

Floor plan for the Forest River Ozark 2800THKX travel trailer

For those who need a travel trailer with toy-hauling capabilities, the Forest River Ozark 2800THKX is a 33-foot, 7-inch long camper that combines many of the best features of travel trailers with excellent storage for your ATV or bike. This family-friendly toy hauler sleeps six. 

Other features include a full bathroom with linen space, plenty of kitchen counterspace, washer and dryer prep, and a stove with an oven. This model is excellent for families or friends who want to take their toys – and the comforts of home – on the road. 

Heartland Pioneer

Heartland builds many of the top travel trailers, including their Pioneer model. The Pioneer starts at 22’5-3/4” and 3,690 pounds. It provides many unexpected amenities, such as an eight-cubic-foot gas/electric refrigerator. Some floorplans even include fireplaces.

Heartland Pioneer RL250

Floor plan for the Heartland Pioneer RL250 travel trailer

Heartland’s Pion eer RL250 is a rear-living model with a dry weight of 6,134 pounds. This 30.5-foot-long travel trailer sleeps five. Thanks to a slide-out with a sofa and dinette, you can provide plenty of entertaining space for you and your guests. The angled kitchen and double sink make cooking and cleaning easy and convenient. 

Heartland Pioneer RD210

Floor plan for the Heartland Pioneer RD210 travel trailer

The Heartland Pioneer RD210 is a more compact model from Heartland that doesn’t sacrifice comfort. This camper sleeps four thanks to a queen bed in the front and a folding dinette and sofa in the rear. 

While it doesn’t have a slide-out, there’s still plenty of seating. Campers can also use the three-burner stove, oven, and double sinks.

East to West

East to West makes two different models that made our list of best travel trailers. These campers feature standard features like king-size beds, enclosed underbelly, and plenty of storage.

East to West Silver Lake 27KNS

Floor plan for the East to West Silver Lake 27KNS travel trailer

The Silver Lake 27KNS is a spacious travel trailer that sleeps up to eight people. It’s equipped with modern amenities, including shaker-style cabinets, a booth dinette, oven and stove, microwave, double bunk beds, and a bathroom with plenty of residential-sized shower space. 

East to West Della Terra 29KS2

Floor plan for the Della Terra 29KS2 travel trailer

The East to West Della Terra 29KS2 is 32 feet long and comfortably sleeps four people. It has two slide-outs and an island kitchen with ample counterspace for your cooking and entertaining needs. The Della Terra also provides excellent storage space, with plenty of cabinets.

Explore all East to West Della Terra RVs.  

Coleman Rubicon

Coleman’s Rubicon line of lightweight travel trailers offers flexible floorplans you can tow with most vehicles, making them some of the most recommended travel trailers available.

Coleman Rubicon 1200RK

Floor plan for the Coleman Rubicon 1200RK travel trailer

The Coleman Rubicon 1200RK is relatively affordable, making it great for couples new to RVing who want to take a travel trailer on their journeys. It’s 13’5” long and weighs just over 1,600 pounds. This means you won’t have to invest in a full-size super-duty truck to tow it where you want to go. 

Other convenient features include a fireplace, outdoor camp kitchen, side mount A/C unit, and the ability to park inside a garage.

Coleman Rubicon 1628BH

Floor plan for the Coleman Rubicon 1628BH travel trailer

For those needing more space and features than the Rubicon 1200RK, the Rubicon 1628BH might be for you. This travel trailer sleeps up to five people and comes equipped with a queen bed, a set of bunks, a kitchenette, and a booth dinette. 

Dutchmen Atlas

The Atlas travel trailer from Dutchmen is another well-loved model that can sleep up to eight people, depending on the floor plan. Most Atlas models have slide-outs that expand the space and allow you to entertain with many of the comforts of home.

Dutchmen Atlas 2922BH

Floor plan for the Dutchmen Atlas 2922BH travel trailer

The Dutchmen Atlas 2922BH is a 33’10” trailer that weighs just over 7,000 pounds. This model comfortably sleeps eight, thanks partly to its slide-out sofa sleeper. 

In addition, the 2922BH provides two double beds in the bunk room and a queen bed up front. An L-shaped kitchen with a refrigerator, microwave, stove, and double sink makes cooking and prep a breeze. The bathroom is relatively roomy for a camper and even offers a mirror medicine cabinet.

Explore all Dutchmen Atlas RV models.

Dutchmen Atlas 3202BH

Floor plan for the Dutchmen Atlast 3202BH travel trailer

At 36’10”, the Dutchmen Atlas 3202BH is another bunkhouse-style model that comfortably sleeps up to 12, making it one of the biggest travel trailers on our list. A double slide-out with home theater seating and a u-shaped dinette gives you plenty of space to entertain, whether cooking meals or catching a movie after a long day outdoors.

Dutchmen Atlas 2202RB

Floor plan for the Dutchmen Atlas 2202RB travel trailer

For those who want a 26’10” option, the Dutchmen Atlas 2202RB comfortably sleeps three people. The 2021 model features a single slide-out that accommodates the sofa with a chaise lounge and refrigerator. 

In addition, a three-burner stove, oven, and microwave give you plenty of cooking options. One of the best features of this Atlas floor plan is the bathroom, with a residential shower and plenty of space to move around.

Starcraft Superlite

The Starcraft Superlite features fiberglass walls to lighten the trailer but keep it going strong for years. Other standard features include low-maintenance roofs, dual liquid propane tanks, and residential vinyl flooring that is easy to clean.

Starcraft Autumn Ridge 26BH

Floor plan for the Starcraft Autumn Ridge 26BH travel trailer

The Starcraft Autumn Ridge 26BH is 29’6” long and weighs 4,640 pounds. It comfortably sleeps eight people and offers a surprisingly roomy camping experience for its size. 

This model offers privacy with two separate sleeping compartments: a queen-sized bed up front and double bunks in the back. The bathroom with tub/shower makes this a perfect unit for those with kids who may need a soak after a long day of hiking outdoors. 

Shop the Best New and Used Travel Trailers

Finding the perfect vehicle for outdoor excursions has never been easier. Simply visit one of Camping World’s RV dealerships where our friendly and knowledgeable staff can help answer any questions and help you find the perfect travel trailers to meet your needs. Visit us today or use the list above as a guide to get started.

Popular Types of Travel Trailers

Different types of travel trailers make sense for varying needs. For some people, a tiny teardrop camper makes for comfortable camping. Others might require a full-size model with many of the same comforts of home.

Homes on Wheels

Couple cooking at kitchen island in travel trailer

When people picture the absolute nicest travel trailers , they probably imagine the “homes on wheels” concept. These fully equipped models come with bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, and — in some cases — home theaters and fireplaces. While these travel trailers can put you in the lap of luxury, they’re often the most expensive options.

Teardrop travel trailer parked at a campsite in the woods with awning and trunk open

Teardrop campers get their name from their distinctive shape. These small, lightweight travel trailers usually have enough space for two people to sleep and a few basic amenities like a small kitchenette, storage space, and maybe even a toilet or shower. 

Teardrop campers are popular because of their size, ease of towing, and affordability. They’re great for people who want to camp in remote locations or places where traditional RVs might not fit or be allowed.

Toy Haulers

Toy hauler travel trailer with couple and dog walking

Toy hauler campers are travel trailers that carry recreational “toys” like ATVs, bicycles, and motorcycles. The rear part of the trailer resembles a garage area with a ramp for loading and unloading. Toy haulers, including those that mid-size SUVs can tow, can come in different sizes. Some are fifth wheel models with multiple slide-outs and other amenities, including sleeping areas, kitchenettes, and bathrooms.

The combined living space and garage functions make toy haulers great for outdoor enthusiasts who want to travel to participate in activities like off-roading or motocross. Toy haulers are often heavier than other travel trailers due to the added weight of the garage. Make sure your vehicle can safely tow the trailer and your equipment.

A pop-up travel trailer parked at a grassy campsite with its slide-outs extended

Pop-up campers are travel trailers that are lightweight and easy to tow. They usually feature collapsible walls and roofs that can be raised to provide headroom and living space. A collapsed pop-up camper is much smaller than a traditional travel trailer. This makes them easier to tow and store than other types of popular travel trailers.

Pop-up campers are an excellent fit for budget-conscious campers who want convenience without the expense or weight of larger models. They’re a perfect fit for off-road adventures, too. If there’s a downside, it’s that they don’t provide much insulation or protection from the elements compared to other models. 

Pros and Cons of Travel Trailers

Like any camping equipment, owning a travel trailer has pros and cons. Before you buy one of the popular travel trailers on our list, consider the following:

Pros of Travel Trailer Ownership

  • Lots of space: Travel trailers can offer lots of living space. This makes them an excellent choice for families or friend groups who want to travel together.
  • Great amenities: The best travel trailers typically have features like full-size beds, kitchenettes with sinks and stove top burners, microwaves, refrigerators, A/C and heating systems, and slide-outs that can expand the living area.
  • Flexibility for traveling: Unlike motorhomes, you can unhitch your travel trailer from the tow vehicle once you reach your destination. This lets you explore the surrounding area without taking the whole camp along for the ride.
  • Affordability: Compared to drivable motorhomes, travel trailers tend to be more affordable in both purchase price and maintenance costs.

Cons of Travel Trailer Ownership

  • Towing challenges: A travel trailer requires the right tow vehicle with enough power to pull the weight. Inexperienced drivers may find maneuvering on the road or backing up into tight spaces challenging. For more information on determining if your vehicle will work, check out our tow guide .
  • Storage space: Larger travel trailers require a lot of space. In most cases, HOA or municipal regulations prohibit storing them on your property. That means finding and paying for a permanent storage location.
  • Maintenance costs: Travel trailer maintenance costs can add up quickly, like any vehicle or home on wheels.

Frequently Asked Questions About Travel Trailers

Before we wrap up, let’s address some common questions about travel trailers:

What is the most reliable brand of travel trailers?

While all the travel trailers on our list are great options, reading reviews and talking to people who know the products well is important. Jayco, Thor, Coleman, and Winnebago have spent decades building their reputation for quality travel trailers.

Is it worth it to own a travel trailer?

Whether or not you view the travel trailer as a good investment depends on your unique situation. Every family is different. If you want to explore the great outdoors regularly but not at the expense of home comforts, a travel trailer can offer the right balance of amenities and flexibility. 

Travel trailers do require maintenance and a suitable vehicle to tow them around. If you don’t like the idea of dealing with a trailer, other RV options—including Class C RVs and camper vans—may be a better fit.

What is the average lifespan of a travel trailer?

Travel trailer lifespans depend on many factors, mainly usage, maintenance, and storage conditions. You can enjoy your travel trailer anywhere from 10 to 20 years with proper care and maintenance. If you don’t maintain it or frequently expose it to harsh weather or neglect, it can severely limit your use time.

How much should I spend on a travel trailer?

How much you spend on a travel trailer depends on what you think is essential. You can find used, lower-end models for under $10,000. Larger travel trailers with luxury amenities can cost upwards of $100,000. Consider your budget and what features are essential, and don’t forget to factor in storage fees.

If you’re curious about the affordability of a travel trailer or payment plans, ask about RV financing .

What questions do you have about some of the best travel trailers? Let us know in the comments below.

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best travel trailer brands 2014

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RV Brands

[2023] Top 50 Travel Trailer Manufacturers: A Comprehensive Guide


  • September 23, 2023
  • Travel Trailers

Watch the video on YouTube .

Are you ready to hit the road and embark on your next adventure? If you’re in the market for a travel trailer, you’ve come to the right place! Our team at RV Brands™ has compiled a comprehensive guide to the top travel trailer manufacturers of [2023]. Whether you’re a seasoned RV enthusiast or a first-time buyer, this article will provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Quick Answer

  • Airstream : Known for their iconic silver bullet design and high-quality craftsmanship, Airstream is a top choice for many RVers. Their travel trailers are built to last and offer a luxurious camping experience. See Prices on RVShare
  • Coachmen : With a wide range of floor plans and innovative features, Coachmen travel trailers are designed to meet the needs of every traveler. From lightweight models to spacious family-friendly layouts, Coachmen has something for everyone. See Prices on Camping World
  • Dutchmen RV : Dutchmen RV offers a diverse lineup of travel trailers, from compact and lightweight models to spacious and luxurious options. With their attention to detail and commitment to quality, Dutchmen RV is a trusted name in the industry. See Prices on Outdoorsy
  • Forest River : As one of the largest RV manufacturers in the world, Forest River offers a wide range of travel trailers to suit every budget and lifestyle. From entry-level models to high-end luxury trailers, Forest River has something for everyone. See Prices on Amazon
  • Jayco : Jayco is known for its innovative designs and industry-leading warranty. Their travel trailers are built with quality materials and offer a comfortable and stylish camping experience. See Prices on Walmart
  • Keystone RV Company : Keystone RV Company is a popular choice among RV enthusiasts. Their travel trailers are known for their durability, innovative features, and stylish designs. Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a full-time RVer, Keystone RV Company has a trailer for you. See Prices on eBay
  • Lance Camper : Lance Camper is renowned for its commitment to quality and attention to detail. Their travel trailers are built to withstand the rigors of the road while providing a comfortable and luxurious camping experience. See Prices on RVShare
  • Winnebago Industries : Winnebago Industries is a household name in the RV industry. Their travel trailers are known for their quality construction, innovative features, and stylish designs. With a wide range of floor plans to choose from, Winnebago Industries has something for everyone. See Prices on Camping World

For a comprehensive list of the top 50 travel trailer manufacturers, continue reading below.

Quick Tips and Facts

Before we dive into the details, here are some quick tips and facts to keep in mind when shopping for a travel trailer:

  • Affordability : Travel trailers are a popular choice among RVers due to their affordability compared to motorhomes and fifth wheels. They offer a wide range of sizes and floor plans to suit different budgets.
  • Versatility : Travel trailers can be towed by a variety of vehicles, including SUVs, trucks, and even some sedans. This makes them a versatile option for those who want the freedom to explore different destinations.
  • Size and Weight : When choosing a travel trailer, consider the size and weight that your vehicle can safely tow. It’s important to match the trailer’s weight to your vehicle’s towing capacity to ensure a safe and comfortable towing experience.
  • Amenities and Features : Travel trailers come with a variety of amenities and features, ranging from basic essentials to luxurious upgrades. Consider your camping style and preferences when choosing the right features for your needs.
  • Maintenance and Storage : Travel trailers require regular maintenance to keep them in good condition. Additionally, you’ll need to consider storage options when you’re not using your trailer. Some RVers opt for storage facilities, while others have the space to store their trailers at home.

Now that you have some background information, let’s explore the top travel trailer manufacturers in more detail.

Background: The Evolution of Travel Trailers

Travel trailers have come a long way since their inception. Let’s take a brief look at the history and evolution of travel trailers.

Travel trailers, also known as caravans or camper trailers, have been around for over a century. The first travel trailers were essentially horse-drawn wagons that provided a place to sleep and cook while on the road. As automobiles became more popular, travel trailers evolved to be towed by cars and trucks.

In the early days, travel trailers were basic and utilitarian, offering minimal amenities. However, as the RV industry grew, manufacturers started incorporating more features and comforts into their trailers. Today, travel trailers come in a wide range of sizes and styles, offering all the comforts of home on the road.

Travel Trailer Manufacturers

Airstream is an iconic brand in the RV industry, known for its distinctive silver bullet design. Airstream travel trailers are built to last and offer a luxurious camping experience. With their sleek and aerodynamic design, Airstream trailers are easy to tow and maneuver. They are also known for their attention to detail and high-quality craftsmanship.

Some popular Airstream models include the Airstream Basecamp, Airstream Flying Cloud, and Airstream Classic. These trailers offer a range of floor plans and amenities to suit different needs and preferences.

Shop Airstream Travel Trailers on RVShare

Coachmen is a trusted name in the RV industry, offering a wide range of travel trailers to suit every traveler. From lightweight and compact models to spacious and family-friendly layouts, Coachmen has something for everyone.

Coachmen travel trailers are known for their innovative features and attention to detail. They offer a range of amenities, including fully equipped kitchens, comfortable sleeping areas, and spacious living areas. Whether you’re a solo traveler or a family on the go, Coachmen has a travel trailer that will meet your needs.

Shop Coachmen Travel Trailers on Camping World

  • Dutchmen RV

Dutchmen RV is a well-known manufacturer of travel trailers, offering a diverse lineup of models to suit different lifestyles and budgets. From compact and lightweight trailers to spacious and luxurious options, Dutchmen RV has something for everyone.

Dutchmen RV is known for its attention to detail and commitment to quality. Their travel trailers are built to withstand the rigors of the road while providing a comfortable and enjoyable camping experience. With a range of floor plans and amenities to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect Dutchmen RV travel trailer for your next adventure.

Shop Dutchmen RV Travel Trailers on Outdoorsy

  • Forest River

Forest River is one of the largest RV manufacturers in the world, offering a wide range of travel trailers to suit every budget and lifestyle. From entry-level models to high-end luxury trailers, Forest River has something for everyone.

Forest River travel trailers are known for their quality construction, innovative features, and stylish designs. They offer a range of floor plans and amenities to suit different needs and preferences. Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a full-time RVer, Forest River has a travel trailer that will meet your needs.

Shop Forest River Travel Trailers on Amazon

Jayco is a well-established brand in the RV industry, known for its innovative designs and industry-leading warranty. Jayco travel trailers are built with quality materials and offer a comfortable and stylish camping experience.

Jayco offers a range of travel trailers to suit different needs and preferences. From compact and lightweight models to spacious and family-friendly layouts, Jayco has something for everyone. Their travel trailers are known for their attention to detail and thoughtful design features.

Shop Jayco Travel Trailers on Walmart

  • Keystone RV Company

Keystone RV Company is a popular choice among RV enthusiasts, offering a wide range of travel trailers to suit different needs and budgets. Keystone travel trailers are known for their durability, innovative features, and stylish designs.

Keystone RV Company offers a variety of floor plans and amenities to suit different lifestyles. Whether you’re a solo traveler or a family on the go, Keystone RV Company has a travel trailer that will meet your needs. Their trailers are built to withstand the rigors of the road while providing a comfortable and enjoyable camping experience.

Shop Keystone RV Company Travel Trailers on eBay

  • Lance Camper

Lance Camper is renowned for its commitment to quality and attention to detail. Their travel trailers are built to withstand the rigors of the road while providing a comfortable and luxurious camping experience.

Lance Camper offers a range of travel trailers to suit different needs and preferences. From compact and lightweight models to spacious and well-appointed layouts, Lance Camper has something for everyone. Their trailers are known for their thoughtful design features and high-quality craftsmanship.

Shop Lance Camper Travel Trailers on RVShare

  • Winnebago Industries

Winnebago Industries is a household name in the RV industry, known for its quality construction, innovative features, and stylish designs. Winnebago travel trailers offer a range of floor plans to suit different needs and preferences.

Winnebago travel trailers are built with quality materials and offer a comfortable and enjoyable camping experience. Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a full-time RVer, Winnebago has a travel trailer that will meet your needs. Their trailers are known for their attention to detail and thoughtful design features.

Shop Winnebago Industries Travel Trailers on Camping World

This is taken after passing through a severe storm in a plane. This being one of my first flights, I felt lucky to make it out safely and even luckier to capture such a beautiful sunset.

Who are the big RV manufacturers?

The RV industry is dominated by several big manufacturers that produce a wide range of RVs, including travel trailers. Some of the big RV manufacturers include:

These manufacturers have established themselves as leaders in the industry, known for their quality construction, innovative features, and stylish designs.

Read more about “… The Ultimate Guide to RV Manufacturers in the USA”

Which RV brands are most reliable?

Reliability is an important factor to consider when choosing an RV brand. While opinions may vary, some RV brands are known for their reliability and durability. These brands include:

These brands have built a reputation for producing high-quality RVs that can withstand the rigors of the road.

How many brands of travel trailers are there?

There are numerous brands of travel trailers available in the market, each offering its own unique features and amenities. While it’s difficult to provide an exact number, there are hundreds of travel trailer brands to choose from. Some of the top brands have been mentioned earlier in this article.

Read more about “… RV Models: A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing the Perfect RV for Your Adventures”

What trailer brands are good?

There are many good trailer brands available, and the best one for you will depend on your specific needs and preferences. Some of the top trailer brands include:

These brands are known for their quality construction, innovative features, and stylish designs. It’s important to research and compare different brands to find the one that best suits your needs.

In conclusion, when it comes to travel trailer manufacturers, there are many top-notch options to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a compact and lightweight trailer or a spacious and luxurious model, there’s a travel trailer out there that will meet your needs.

Airstream, Coachmen, Dutchmen RV, Forest River, Jayco, Keystone RV Company, Lance Camper, and Winnebago Industries are just a few of the top travel trailer manufacturers to consider. Each brand offers its own unique features and amenities, so take the time to research and compare different models to find the perfect travel trailer for your next adventure.

Remember to consider factors such as size, weight, amenities, and budget when making your decision. And don’t forget to check out our RV Brands™ RV Models article for more information on different RV models.

Happy travels!

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  • List of Travel Trailer Manufacturers / Brands

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Class A RV


Best Used 4-Season Travel Trailer Brands

Best Used 4-Season Travel Trailer Brands

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Thanks for your support! If you make a purchase using our links in this article, we may make a commission. And, as an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. See the full disclosure here .

If you love RVing, you probably want to RV all year round. Unfortunately, many travel trailers can’t handle cold temperatures, leaving you shaking and shivering inside instead of enjoying a great RV trip. Thankfully, this isn’t the case for all trailers: enter the best used 4-season travel trailer brands.

Used 4-season travel trailers let you enjoy an amazing RV trip for less maney than their newer model counterparts, even when temperatures drop below freezing. Let’s take a closer look at used 4 season travel trailers, and some of the best brands available today.

Can You Live In A 4-Season Travel Trailer In The Winter?

Can You Live In A Travel Trailer In The Winter?

Want to stay in your travel trailer year-round? The good news: with the right trailer, it’s entirely possible. 

If you want to spend the winter in your trailer, you’ll need a four-season RV. These will have the proper insulation to ensure you stay comfortable, even when it’s freezing cold outside. But even with a 4-season travel trailer, there are still some more steps you’ll want to take for maximum comfort. 

To keep your RV warm and comfortable in the winter:

  • Insulate windows with plastic film or bubble wrap
  • Use thermal drapes, or cover windows with quilted fabric or polar fleece. 
  • If possible, stick the drapes to the walls using velcro to prevent drafts
  • Cover vent openings with specially made RV vent covers or foam board insulation
  • Get an insulated cover for your AC to protect it and prevent drafts
  • Insulate any openings to the outside, such as plumbing and electrical openings, using low-expansion spray foam
  • Use rugs to insulate the floor

Keep in mind, though, that this extra insulation can lead to extra moisture in the RV. To help counteract this, it’s smart to run a dehumidifier, as that extra moisture can cause damage to things like plumbing. 

With a 4-season RV and these extra precautions, you’ll be able to stay warm and cozy, no matter what the weather outside is like.

The 10 Best Used 4-Season Travel Trailer Brands

Let’s take a look at the 10 best used brands of 4-season travel trailers. Each of these brands will have at least one, usually multiple, 4 season trailers that stand out from the rest.

Also, note that these are listed in no particular order; no matter which of these brands you choose, you can’t go wrong. 

Lance four season Travel Trailer

Get upfront price offers on local inventory.

If you are in the market for a 4-season travel trailer, Lance is a great brand to start your search. They produce trailers that will keep you warm in the extreme heat and in the cold.

They have a Lance Four Seasons Certified option that has dual pane windows and advanced ducted heating. The ducted heating contains a water heater bypass and a winterizing valve. Additionally, the trailer has insulated hatch covers and heated holding tanks.

The ducted heating system that comes with Lance’s 4-season travel trailers is routed into individually insulated holding tanks. This keeps the system, the valves, and the PEX lines warm.

The water heater system that is included in their trailers makes draining the system for winter storage incredibly easy. With other trailers, this might be a long and drawn-out process, but with Lance, it will be quick and efficient.

Additionally, the hatch covers give the trailer and extra layer of insulation. The more insulation the better in 4-season travel trailers because the more insulation you have the warmer you will be.

2020 Oliver Legacy Elite Ext

Oliver knows that camping in the winter can be incredibly uncomfortable if you are not prepared. As a result, they have put a lot of money and resources into producing a travel trailer that is great for the winter.

Oliver knows that the most important thing when it comes to winter-proofing a trailer is the insulation. So, that is where they started when they decided to make a four-season travel trailer. They used an insulated double-sided radiant barrier for their insulation. This barrier is made of reflective aluminum foil on each side of a 5mm polyethylene bubble center.

Additionally, they understand that you need a good furnace to ensure that the trailer is heated up quickly. So, their four-season travel trailers include an 11,000 BTU ducted furnace. This furnace evenly distributes heat throughout the trailer. It even heats up the space between the inner and outer shells.

Furthermore, four-season travel trailers are not just for the winter; they are also needed in the summer. So, they have a Dometic Penguin II roof-mounted air conditioner and the MaxxAir Fan Deluxe that come with the trailer. These things will help keep your trailer nice and cool in the summer.

Additionally, the trailer comes with double-pane windows. These windows make camping in the winter even more bearable as they provide another layer of insulation.

The trailer includes a double hull. This is the space between the two shells of the travel trailer. It is the space the water tanks and plumbing occupy. There is extra protection in this space to help prevent condensation from forming.

3. Dutchmen

Dutchmen insulated under belly

Dutchmen do not have trailers that are explicitly labeled 4-seasons. However, that does not mean that they do not have trailers that fit that category. Many of their trailers have a heated and enclosed underbelly which helps keep the trailer insulated during the winter.

Their trailers also include a high-output furnace that will help heat up your trailer very quickly during the winter.

4. Keystone

travel trailer with king bed 2020 Keystone Outback 313RL Ext

Keystone is one of the best brands you can choose to buy from for your four-season travel trailer. The trailer has been tested many times to prove that its trailers are insulated effectively. To test their trailers they set the temperature inside their trailer to 74 degrees Fahrenheit.

They then lowered the ambient temperature outside the trailer to -4 degrees Fahrenheit. Even though the temperature outside was drastically cooler, the temperature inside the trailer was at 72 degrees. Additionally, the holding tanks, dump values, and waterlines all remained intact and operational.

The insulated main floor has an R-value of R-21, and the insulated slide-out floors are rated at R-15. The insulated double-layer supported fiberglass sidewalls are valued at R-11, and the radiant technology insulated roof has a value of R-11.

Furthermore, they have 35,000 BTU furnaces with auto ignition as well as a high-capacity foam core straight-line heat duct system. The attic system is fully vented, and the underbelly of the trailers are heated, insulated, and enclosed.

Additionally, the trailers have 12v electric tank heaters and heated city water low-point drains. All these four-season features are available as an additional feature with any trailer you purchase. They are included in the Montana Four Seasons Living Package.

5. Livin Lite Camplite

KZ Escape Mini

Livin Lite Camplite is another brand that does not advertise its trailers as four-season options. However, they are still very well insulated and could be taken out on the road to your campsite when there is snow outside.

Their travel trailers include a fireplace to help you keep warm and dual pane windows to prevent cold air from seeping through in the cracks of the window.

Additionally, their trailers are made from fiberglass which is one of the best insulation materials. They also use block foam and composite material to help keep their trailers insulated.

Colorful Outdoorsy Logo

6. Heartland

Heartland NorthTrail 4 season travel trailer

When you purchase from Heartland, you can add on the Yeti Extreme Cold Weather Package. This is one of the most popular winter packages among travel trailer buyers. With the package, you will get an enclosed and insulated underbelly.

You will also get R-38 insulated floors, dual pane windows, and several other features that will make your life easier during the winter.

Additionally, the package includes a 120v electric holding tank with heating pads. This will help ensure that your water stays warm and does not freeze even in severe conditions.

You will get even more protection from the cold thanks to the layer of R38 Radiant Technology insulation inside the front and rear caps. This will help eliminate heat loss through the ends of the fifth wheel.

Furthermore, the package includes insulation for the main waterline. It has a 12v heater line that senses when the temperature dips below freezing temperature. When this happens it turns on automatically to prevent freezing.

Trailers from Heartland have two-inch thick sidewalls with Azdel Backed Fiberglass. This provides you with a significant amount of insulation. They also come with a 30,000 BTU furnace that will help keep you warm even on the coldest nights.

There are also plenty of luxury features for you to add to the trailer with your purchase.

7. Northwood Arctic Fox

North Woods four season travel trailers

The trailers from Northwood Arctic Fox have fully insulated holding tanks. They have warm air that circulates around the tanks to ensure that they are protected from freezing. The knife valves on the tanks are also enclosed which helps make sure that they do not freeze.

The rest of the trailer is insulated with a plethora of other materials. Notably, they use residential-quality rigid foam, batten, and reflective foil to help insulate the trailer during the winter months.

8. Outdoors RV

Outdoors RV 4 season camper

Outdoors RV is proud to make trailers that can be taken out in the winter. They believe that you should be able to enjoy the comforts of your trailer at any time of the year.

To help you with this they have created the Climate Designed Four Seasons Package. This package contains several features which will improve your quality of life in your trailer during the winter months. It can be added to any trailer you like with your purchase.

The package includes mountain extreme thermal pane windows. These windows are thick and sealed shut so that no cold air can seep in through the cracks. The package also includes one-inch thick thermal insulated luggage doors.

This way your clothes will stay warm when they are in storage. There is nothing worse than putting on cold clothes, so this is a very nice feature to have included.

Additionally, the package gives the buyer an XL furnace to help heat up the trailer extremely quickly. You will also be given a Norcold Cold Weather Kit. This kit operates down to 0 degrees Fahrenheit. 

9. Forest River Alpha Wolf

Forest River Alpha Wolf all season trailer

Forest River Arctic Wolf offers the Elemental Protection Package. This package will help make your travel trailer a suitable living area during the winter. However, some of the features that are included in the package are not available for all models.

The package includes a high efficiency furnace with 35,000 BTUs. It encloses the underbelly with forced air heat to all the holding tanks. It also has a 5200 BTU fireplace with several heat and fan settings that can be adjusted remotely.

Furthermore, the package comes with an insulator series wood roof and floor superstructure. It has a seamless roofing membrane with heat reflectivity.

The package also helps buyers who only want to camp in the summer as it includes several cooling features. Firstly, it has an oversized bathroom attic fan to improve airflow. It also provides you with a racetrack-style ceiling air ducting system to maximize your cooling capacity.

The package provides the buyer with a 15,000 BTU supersized air conditioning unit. So, you will be able to cool down your trailer extremely quickly when it gets hot.

10. Jayco Eagle

Jayco Eagle 264BHOK ext

Standard travel trailers from Jayco Eagle are built to work all year round. They include a 35,000 BTU furnace which will keep you warm at any time of the year. They also include a fully enclosed and heated underbelly which helps prevent cold air from seeping in through the floor.

Furthermore, their trailers are very well insulated as they have double-layer fiberglass batt insulation in the ceiling and floor. There is also double-sided radiant barrier insulation for the roof, floor, cap, and slide room floors. If that is not enough for you, there are plenty of luxury features that are included with their trailers as well.

an cause serious issues, so it is better to play it safe and get a dehumidifier.

Can you use a regular travel trailer in the winter.

Can You Use A Regular Travel Trailer In The Winter?

While it may not be as comfortable as a 4 season travel trailer, it is possible to use a regular travel trailer in the winter. But, you’ll want to take some extra precautions to make things more comfortable. 

Many of the methods we discussed previously to improve insulation apply here as well: cover windows with insulation and use thermal drapes, cover vent openings, insulate openings to the outside, and insulate the floor with rugs. 

It’s also smart to install an RV skirt. This will keep the wind from blowing under the RV, which can freeze water tanks and cool the interior. An RV skirt blocks the wind, ensuring you stay warm and toasty. 

You’ll also need to use your RV’s heating system to keep things comfortable. However, running this constantly can quickly run down your propane tank. So, it’s smart to either keep some extra full tanks around or connect to a large external tank if possible.

You may want to also consider other methods of heating, such as electric space heaters and electric RV fireplaces, which don’t consume propane and provide extra heat. 

On top of this, you’ll want to bring plenty of warm clothes and layer them up, even when inside. You’ll also want to bring plenty of blankets. And of course, cozying up with another person or furry friend can also help keep you warm.

Do You Need RV Skirting With 4 Season Campers?

If you have a 4 season travel trailer, RV skirting isn’t strictly necessary. However, if temperatures will get well below freezing, it’s still advisable. After all, even a well-insulated trailer can lose heat from the floor, not to mention the risks to your plumbing caused by freezing temperatures. 

RV skirting such as AirSkirts is a great way to improve your camper’s insulation. They take the form of material that is placed around the bottom of an RV, providing a barrier against the cold and wind.

This not only helps protect your plumbing and keep anything from freezing, but it also prevents cold air from getting under your RV and robbing you of precious heat. They also provide extra insulation by trapping warm air that escapes from the floor of your RV. 

Of course, there are other options besides buying traditional RV skirting:

  • You can DIY your own skirting using vinyl or foam board
  • You can use straw bales stuffed around the edges of the RV, optionally wrapping them in garbage backs to keep out pests
  • If it’s snowing heavily enough, you can simply pile snow around the rig. Odd as this may seem, it makes a great insulator (just ask the Inuits!).

Final Words About 4 Season Travel Trailers

If you want to RV all year long, there are few better options than a 4 season travel trailer. Thanks to better insulation, they stay comfortable and cozy no matter the weather. Contrast this with a standard travel trailer, whose insulation can’t stand up to below-freezing temperatures. 

Whether you’re in a 4-season travel trailer or a regular one, there are several things you can do to make things cozier. These include covering windows, vents, and other openings, putting skirting on your RV, and putting down rugs. But even without these steps, you can still stay comfortable in your 4-season trailer all winter long, unlike other travel trailers. 

With our list of the 10 best used 4-season travel trailer brands, you’re sure to find the right trailer for you. Once you do, you’ll be set to enjoy some amazing RV trips, no matter what the thermometer reads.

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– 8 Best 4 Season 5th Wheels – 10 Best 4-Season Truck Campers For Year-Round Camping! – RVing In Winter: Are You Prepared? – How To Winterize A Tankless RV Water Heater

Mike Scarpignato – Bio

Mike Scarpignato created RVBlogger.com over five years ago in 2018 to share all we have learned about RV camping.

Mike is an avid outdoorsman with decades of experience tent camping and traveling in his 2008 Gulf Stream Conquest Class C RV and 2021 Thor Challenger Class A motorhome.

We attend RV Shows and visit RV dealerships all across the country to tour and review drivable motorhomes and towable trailers to provide the best evaluations of these RVs in our blog articles and YouTube videos.

We are 3/4-time RVers who created RVBlogger.com to provide helpful information about all kinds of RVs and related products, gear, camping memberships, tips, hacks and advice.

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best travel trailer brands 2014

12 Best Travel Trailer Brands To Get Out and Explore

Looking for the ultimate travel trailer experience? Adventure seekers and road trip enthusiasts, this one’s for you! 

Say hello to your perfect camping companion – the travel trailer or RV (Recreational Vehicle). With a wide variety of brands and options available, choosing the best travel trailer can be overwhelming.

This comprehensive list of the top 12 travel trailer brands is here to help. Get ready to dive deep into each brand’s specs, examples, pros, and cons. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or just curious about these nomadic abodes, this guide is your go-to resource.

Travel Trailer Brands Covered in This Article

  • Grand Design
  • Heartland RV
  • Outdoors RV
  • Forest River 

1. Airstream

For over 70 years, Airstream has been revolutionizing the world of travel trailers. With a commitment to continuous improvement, they have mastered the art of crafting lightweight trailers without compromising on quality.

Top Features of Airstream Travel Trailers

Airstream’s unmistakable aluminum frame not only adds a touch of signature style but also enhances aerodynamics for a smoother ride. 

In addition, the airstream’s solar generation capacity is excellent for staying plugged into the world. Whether you are a full-time RVer or weekend warrior, solar power is fantastic for recharging the power batteries of the trailer. 

But that’s not all – their latest models feature three innovative modes for effortless operation.

These modes are the living mode, the driving mode, and the all-new mover mode.

  • The living mode allows you to live and work in the trailer full-time while enjoying its comfort.
  • The driving mode incorporates a sensor installed at the front of the trailer and an electronic stability control system on its wheels. These help to keep the tow vehicle and trailer moving in maximum harmony while on the road, giving you more reach and safety. 
  • The new mover mode is for backing up a trailer. This activity can be very frustrating and intimidating even for pros. With the remote control capability, all that has been eliminated. With just one finger, you can safely drive the trailer into or out of any tight spot, campground, gas station, or storage unit.
  • According to Airstream Support, each new Airstream comes with a 3-year Airstream Limited Transferable Warranty and three years of Coach Net (24/7 Roadside Assistance).
  • High Quality : Airstreams are known for their craftsmanship and durability.
  • Unique Design : The iconic aluminum exterior of Airstream trailers stands out and makes a statement on the road.
  • Comfortable Living : Airstream trailers offer comfortable living spaces with well-designed interiors.
  • Towability : Airstreams are generally lighter and more aerodynamic than other RVs, making them easier to tow.
  • Resale Value : Airstreams tend to retain their value well over time.
  • Stable Ride : Airstreams have a low center of gravity, which contributes to stability while driving.
  • Expensive : Airstream trailers can be pretty expensive, with prices starting at around $45,000.
  • Limited Refrigerator Space : The size of the refrigerator in some Airstream models is often small compared to larger RVs.
  • Maintenance : Maintaining an Airstream, especially the exterior, may require extra care and attention.
  • Back Orders : You may have to wait longer if you buy a new trailer or even longer for the special edition trailers from Airstream.

Airstream Trailer Examples

Airstream offers a total of eight models of travel trailers, all ranging from approximately $45,000 to $179,000

They include:

  • Airstream Classic
  • Airstream Globetrotter
  • Airstream eSTREAM
  • Airstream International Serenity
  • Airstream flying cloud
  • Airstream Bambi
  • Airstream Basecamp
  • Airstream Nest

2. Grand Design

Known primarily for its excellent fifth wheel, Grand Design is a trailer brand that started recently (2012). Still, it is establishing itself in the trailer industry by building superior products.

Top Features of Grand Design

Many people are falling in love with Grand Design products, and rightly so because these products appear among the top ten in almost every category they build in. Additionally, Grand Design trailers are very reliable and stable on the road.

They are equipped with systems to help you brake quickly on slopes and control them much more easily.

Their frames are also strong to keep them from breaking due to the high speeds. Plus, the extra attention to sealing can keep you camping in any season. 

  • Feel at Home Anywhere : Known for high-quality trailers that give you value for your money. These trailers are designed to bring the comforts of home with you everywhere. 
  • Stay Protected from the Elements : Awesome craftsmanship with sturdy floors, excellent insulation, and well-designed cabins can keep you out exploring in the shoulder seasons without a problem. 
  • Easy Set Up : Comes with an auto-leveling system.
  • Bring All the Toys : Lots of interior and exterior storage for all your stuff.
  • Frequent Upkeep : According to customer reviews, some skirtings require continuous gluing. The friction-style windows break easily sometimes.
  • Price : These trailers don’t come cheap, starting at $78,000 brand new on their website. 
  • Large Size and Carbon Footprint : These hefty fifth wheels require a large, sturdy, gas-guzzling truck. They are not for anyone hoping to travel light or minimally. 

Examples of Grand Design Trailers

Grand Design offers five different travel trailers, including toy hauler travel trailers.

New trailers range from $78,000 to $160,000 directly from the manufacturer or dealership.

  • Grand Design Transcend Xplor
  • Grand Design Imagine XLS
  • Grand Design Reflection
  • Grand Design Solitude
  • Grand Design Momentum

3. Winnebago

Winnebago travel trailers are known for having some of the best construction and all-season options today.

Top Features of the Winnebago

Rather than go with the usual aluminum exterior wall frame, Winnebago also makes its trailers with a fiberglass exterior wall finish. It looks and feels great, is easy to repair, and is long-lasting. Additionally, the Winnebago trailers are made with a light dry-weight.

Their wall insulation is superior across all models, helping regulate interior temperatures. They are equipped with thick enough foam rigid insulation in the middle of the walls to minimize temperature changes due to exterior temperatures.

  • Livable Space : Winnebago trailers offer comfortable living spaces, allowing you to enjoy your travels with high end finishes.
  • Overall Quality : According to reviews, Winnebago trailers are generally regarded as having good overall quality.
  • Floorplan Options : Winnebago provides a range of floorplan options, allowing you to choose a layout that suits your needs.
  • Driving/Towing Experience : Winnebago trailers are reported to provide a smooth and enjoyable driving/towing experience. Many models can be towed by a smaller truck or SUV, too.
  • Warranty : Winnebago typically offers a factory warranty, providing peace of mind for buyers (ranging for 1 to 3 years, depending on what parts).
  • Customer Complaints : Some users report issues with plumbing and cabinetry.
  • Limited Storage Space : Winnebago trailers may have limited storage space compared to other brands.
  • Cost : Better models come at a high price.
  • Lack of Battery Space : Battery power does not last very long due to small battery sizes.

Examples of Winnebago Trailers

Winnebago offers four types of trailer models and six sub-models in total. Brand-new trailers range from $27,500 to $73,000 from a dealership.

  • Winnebago Voyage
  • Winnebago Minnie
  • Winnebago Micro Minnie
  • Winnebago Hike

4. Heartland RV

Heartland is frequently listed in the top 10 among dealerships. This consumer favorite is easier on the pocketbook.

Top Features of Heartland RVs

These trailers are constructed with exceptional detail for comfort and durability. Heartland also ensures that its products are affordable and within its customers’ reach financially with various payment plans that are favorable.

In addition, their trailers are perfectly weighted to give the owners an easy and great experience when driving through different terrains.

  • Bring the Toys : It has a bicycle rack for exploring your destinations.
  • Keep Valuables Safe : Comes with secret compartments/safes.
  • Top Notch Lighting : Offers excellent lighting inside the trailer.
  • Low Towing Weight : Low dry weight and can tow easily using an SUV or good truck.
  • Lighter Building Materials : While great for towing, the roof and outer wall get damaged by rain, hail, and high speeds quite easily with time.
  • Steel Framing : Compared to fiberglass or aluminum, steel framing used by Heartland RV is not as reliable.

Examples of Heartland RV Trailers

Heartland offers customers up to 11 different travel trailer model options to choose from, which range from $24,000 to $75,000.

Bumper pull trailers include:

  • Heartland Pioneer
  • Heartland Mallard
  • Heartland Sundance
  • Heartland Trail Runner
  • Heartland Prowler
  • Heartland North trailer

Fifth wheels include:

  • Big Country
  • Landmark 365

5. Keystone

Keystone is another RV manufacturer with top-quality products you cannot miss out on.

The Keystone RV Company has a wide range of products they manufacture, from travel trailers to fifth wheels and toy haulers.

Top Features of Keystone

The top quality of their products always ensures that their customers keep coming back and purchasing later models of their products now and then.

They also offer over 200 floorplans ranging from 21ft to 41ft in length, making it possible to find a comfortable living space for all preferences. 

  • Variety of Floorplans : Keystone offers a range of floorplan options to cater to different needs.
  • Driving/Towing Experience : Many reviewers have praised Keystone trailers’ smooth driving and towing experience.
  • Storage Space : Keystone trailers generally provide ample storage space, including basement “pass-thru” areas in fifth-wheel models.
  • Competitive Pricing : Keystone trailers are often considered a good value for the features and quality they offer.
  • Quality Issues : Some reviewers have reported poor quality finishing and materials used in Keystone trailers. Because Keystone makes mid to low-range trailers, their material quality is relatively low compared to other brands.
  • Customer Service : There have been complaints about Keystone’s customer service, particularly regarding warranty support.
  • Potential Problems: Roof leaks, AC failure, and other issues have been mentioned by some users about Keystone trailers. 

Examples of Keystone Trailers

Keystone offers customers up to 7 different travel trailer models to meet their needs.

These range from $24,500 to $62,000 for a brand-new camper from a dealership.

  • Keystone Hideout
  • Keystone Outback luxury
  • Keystone Springdale
  • Keystone Bullet
  • Keystone Cougar half-ton
  • Keystone Acardia
  • Keystone Passport SL

KZ is another company that produces truck campers, travel trailers, fifth wheels, and toy haulers. It has been producing high-quality towable RVs since 1972, when the company started.

Top KZ Features

Their reputation for build quality has been held up as they manufacture top-quality finishes on their products. As a result, the company has won many awards to show how impressed customers have been with its products.

  • Livability : KZ trailers are often praised for their livable interior spaces (classic interior finishes), with positive ratings for floorplan options.
  • After-Sales Support : KZ has been recognized for providing excellent after-sales support to customers.
  • Large Variety : KZ offers various models and floorplan options, allowing buyers to find one that suits their needs.
  • Excellent Warranty : Comes with a two-year warranty on most models you purchase.
  • Quality Issues : Some reviewers have reported lower overall quality ratings for KZ trailers, particularly regarding finishes and materials.
  • Factory Warranty : The factory warranty provided by KZ has received mixed reviews, with some customers expressing dissatisfaction.
  • Limited Factory Components : There have been mentions of specific components, such as the fridge, AC unit, and windows, potentially impacting overall quality. 
  • Priced in the Middle : Not as budget-friendly and has a higher price than many of its competitors.

Examples of KZ Trailers

KZ offers its wide range of customers up to 7 different models to choose from, all ranging from slightly under $30,000 to more than $100,000 for a brand-new camper.

  • KZ Connect SE
  • KZ Sportsmen
  • KZ Sportsmen SE
  • KZ Sportsmen Classic
  • KZ Sportster

Jayco has a reputation for good, inspiring RV makes and designs. With its 50+ yearlong existence, Jayco Factory Direct has always given a new meaning to camping and living on the road.

Tops Jayco Features

Jayco RVs are known for being very durable and always comfortable to live in. In addition, both the interior and exterior are made from high-quality materials to guarantee a fantastic experience for anyone who chooses to purchase any one of the Jayco brands available on the market.

  • Intuitive Floor Plants : Good trailer designs for functional living and comfort. Customers also report a comfortable bed, dinette, and couch for comfortable living.
  • Competitive Pricing : Quite affordable compared to other rival brands
  • Best Warranty on the Market : One of the few brands to offer excellent warranty coverage for up to 2 years on most parts.
  • Lightweight : Many models can be towed by a small truck or SUV to save on gas. 
  • Low-Grade Materials : Marginal build quality and workmanship of the trailer.
  • Poor Customer Service Reviews : Bad customer care when requiring repairs and warranty processing may be frustrating.

Examples of Jayco Trailers

Jayco offers customers up to 5 travel trailer models ranging from $14,000 to $50,000.

  • Jayco Hummingbird
  • Jayco White Hawk
  • Jayco Jay Flight Bungalow
  • Jayco Eagle

8. Outdoors RV

Outdoors RV is a relatively small RV manufacturer that makes both travel trailers and fifth wheels.

Top Features of Outdoors RV

The company focuses on four-season durable products with off-road capabilities and quality interiors for customers’ satisfaction.

  • Easy Maneuverability : Outstanding tow ability. 
  • Comforts of Home : Customers report a comfortable bed and large dinette for a good night’s rest. 
  • Climate Readiness : Outdoors RV is known for building trailers designed to handle various weather conditions, with thicker walls and climate-ready features.
  • Delayed Repairs : Slow response by Outdoors RV to have warranty work approved and completed.
  • Framing Concerns : Poor frame quality that could rust after sitting in one place for a while.
  • Limited Availability : Trailers in stock are smaller for this low-key company.

Examples of Outdoors RV Trailers

Outdoors RV offers its customers up to 6 different travel trailer model options to choose from, all ranging from $30,000 to $70,000.

  • Creekside travel trailer
  • Timber Ridge travel trailer
  • Blackstone travel trailer
  • Backcountry Series travel trailer
  • Glacier Peak fifth wheel
  • Trail Series toy hauler

  9. Lance

Lance travel trailers boast high-quality construction, both interior and exterior, and have various all-season options available for their customers on the market.

Top Lance Features

Lance’s four-season trailers are exceptional and will allow you to camp all year round. Many of the recent trailers that Lance has manufactured come with pretty nifty features to make life with a trailer easier.

Some of these include safety step stairs that fold up and store outside of the camper to keep you from bringing dirt into the camper. Plus, keyless entry, which allows you to get into the camper with the press of a button, and magnets on each exterior storage compartment door which hold them open as you access the compartments.

Lance travel campers also come with considerable space, both internal and external, for storage of supplies and equipment as well as all your camping stuff.

  • Function in Mind : Various external power outlets that you can use when outside the camper.
  • All Seasons : Most trailers are 4-season capable, meaning you can camp all year round with this camper.
  • Trusted Brand : A very reliable brand with many happy customers. 
  • Satisfaction : Fantastic customer care service offered by Lance when purchasing a trailer.


  • Warranty Frustrations : Reports of a slow response by Lance to have warranty work approved and completed.
  • Lack of Variety : Limited floor plan options provided by Lance.
  • Cost : Many models are slightly higher than comparable models on the market. 

Examples of Lance Trailers

Lance offers their customers up to 12 travel trailer models ranging from $40,000 to $78,000

  • Lance Travel Trailer 1475
  • Lance Travel Trailer 1575
  • Lance Travel Trailer 1685
  • Lance Travel Trailer 1985
  • Lance Travel Trailer 1995
  • Lance Travel Trailer 2075
  • Lance Travel Trailer 2185
  • Lance Travel Trailer 2285
  • Lance Travel Trailer 2295
  • Lance Travel Trailer 2375
  • Lance Travel Trailer 2445
  • Lance Travel Trailer 2465

  10. Dutchmen

Dutchmen RV Company started its production back in 1988 in Indiana, USA. It started gaining recognition in 1990 and has been a top RV manufacturer ever since.

Dutchmen continues to manufacture travel trailers in various categories, including larger towables and toy haulers.

Top Features of Dutchmen

Many of Dutchmen’s models vary in build quality, amenities, and valuation price. Their use of slightly lower-quality materials helps them stay competitive with pricing.

  • Loyal Customers : There is a large community of Dutchmen RV owners who are active online, too.
  • Something for All Budgets : Various options at every price point.
  • Solid Warranty Options : Dutchmen offers more extended warranty options than most rival RV manufacturers on the market.
  • Quality Improvements : Dutchmen has made efforts to improve the build quality of their trailers, using better materials and technology in their updated lineup.
  • Lower Quality Build : Reports of a couple of build quality issues yet to be fixed.
  • A Wide Range of Quality : Quality is quite inconsistent across its various models

Examples of Dutchmen Trailers

Dutchmen offers its customers up to 9 different travel trailer models and 19 sub-models, all of which range from between $21,000 and $154,000

These include:

  • Aspen Trail
  • Voltage Yukon

11. Forest River

Forest River was founded in 1998. Through expansion and purchasing other RV brands, it has become one of the largest RV manufacturers in the world.

It produces various recreational vehicles, including motorhomes (Class A and C), travel trailers, fifth wheels, toy haulers, camping trailers, and destination trailers.

Top Forest River Features

Forest River isn’t known for its splendid quality (if you are not paying for a top-tier line), but they aren’t so bad if the floor plans suit your preferences.

  • Wide Range of Options : Forest River offers a diverse lineup of RVs, including travel trailers, fifth wheels, and motorhomes, providing options for different preferences and needs.
  • Affordable Pricing : Forest River RVs are often considered reasonably priced compared to other brands in the market.
  • Easy to Find: An extensive network of dealers across the U.S.
  • Quality concerns : Some consistent build quality issues
  • Mediocore : Average craftsmanship for their price point.
  • Resale Value : Value has been known to drop quickly with these trailers. 

Examples of Forest River Trailers

Forest River offers its customers an extensive selection of travel trailer models (up to 45) to choose from and quite a wide range of prices as well.

  • No boundaries

12. Palomino

Last on our list, but not necessarily least, is Palomino. It is another top manufacturing company that produces top-quality tent campers, truck campers, travel trailers, fifth wheels, and everything in between.

Top Features of Palomino

Their wide variety of products ensures that customers will always find a product that fits their needs while ensuring quality and satisfaction.

  • Towability : Very easy to tow.
  • Tons of Options : Great beginner campers for newbies and high-end trailers for seasoned pros.
  • Storage Galore : Lots of interior storage space available, plus ample external and basement storage available.
  • Economical Options : Palomino truck campers are often considered more economical due to their lightweight and basic features.
  • Quality Issues : Poor craftsmanship and leaks were common complaints.
  • Customer service : Unhelpful customer service to deal with damage or leaks. 

Examples of Palomino Trailers

Palomino offers its customers a variety of 5 travel trailers, which range from $23,000 to $90,000.

  • Real-lite mini

How To Choose the Right Trailer

Ready to buy your next trailer? Here are the exact steps to follow:

  • Determine your towing capacity : Check the towing capacity of your vehicle to understand its limitations. This will help you determine the size and weight of the travel trailer you can safely tow.
  • Identify your needs : Consider how many people will be using the travel trailer, the duration of your trips, and the amenities you require. Make a list of must-have features such as sleeping capacity, insulation for all seasons, kitchen facilities, bathroom, storage space, and entertainment options.
  • Set a budget : Determine your budget for purchasing a travel trailer, including the initial purchase price and ongoing expenses like maintenance, insurance, and campground fees. Be realistic about what you can afford, especially if you need to purchase a towing vehicle first.
  • Research different brands and models : Explore various travel trailer brands and models that align with your needs and budget. Read reviews, watch videos, and visit dealerships or RV shows to get a better understanding of the options available.
  • Consider the floor plan : Look for a floor plan that suits your lifestyle and preferences. Consider bedroom location, seating arrangements, layout efficiency, and overall comfort.
  • Visit dealerships and inspect trailers : Visit RV dealerships to see the travel trailers in person. Inspect the quality of construction, materials used, and overall condition of the unit. Take note of the storage options, interior space, and any specific features you want.
  • Test drive and maneuverability : If possible, take a test drive with the trailer to assess its maneuverability and handling. This will give you an idea of how it performs on the road and how it feels when towing. What a car manufacturer says it can tow on paper and the reality can be very different.
  • Check for warranties and customer support : Research the warranties offered by the manufacturer and inquire about their customer support services. It’s essential to have peace of mind and reliable assistance if any issues arise. Also, consider extended warranty options.
  • Consider long-term costs : Evaluate the long-term costs of owning a travel trailer, such as maintenance, repairs, and storage. Factor these expenses into your decision-making process.
  • Compare prices and negotiate: Research and compare prices from different dealerships and private sellers to ensure you’re getting a fair deal. Don’t hesitate to negotiate to get the best price possible.
  • Review the paperwork : Before finalizing the purchase, carefully review all paperwork, including the sales contract, warranty information, and additional agreements. Ensure that everything is in order before committing.
  • Finalize the purchase : Once you’ve researched, compared options, and are satisfied with the terms, finalize the purchase. Arrange for payment and delivery of your chosen travel trailer.

The Best Travel Trailer Comes Down to Preference

Whether you’re embarking on a cross-country adventure or seeking a cozy getaway, these top RV brands can serve as a starting point for finding your perfect home on wheels. Embrace the freedom, flexibility, and endless possibilities that come with owning an RV, and let your journey unfold in comfort and style.

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