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Thule EasyFold XT 2 Review

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  • Ease of EveryDay Use - 20% 5.0
  • Ease of Removal and Storage - 20% 9.0
  • Versatility - 20% 6.0
  • Security - 20% 7.0
  • Ease of Assembly - 10% 10.0
  • Durability - 10% 5.0

Our Verdict

Compare to similar products, our analysis and test results.

There is no doubt the electric bikes are rapidly growing in popularity. Thule takes a crack at addressing the challenges of transporting these heavyweight e-bikes with the EasyFold XT 2 . With a heavy weight capacity and a folding ramp, users can roll their bikes into place on the platform rather than struggling to lift them. This rack also has an interesting folding design and it collapses down into a nice little package for storage or when not in use. Unfortunately, we found many other aspects of this rack to feel clunky and cumbersome, and the bike attachment system didn't inspire loads of confidence. While it is a viable option for users who may struggle to load their heavy e-bikes, we feel there are better, and less expensive, options for everyone else.

Performance Comparison

thule easyfold xt 2 hitch rack review - although we feel it needs refinement, the easyfold xt addresses the...

Ease of Everyday Use

The EasyFold XT 2 is a mixed bag in terms of its ease of use. Some elements, like the ramp and tilt mechanism, are quite user-friendly, while other features are a little more difficult to work with. While it does make loading and unloading heavy bikes easier, the attachment system takes some getting used to, and it doesn't feel as secure as we'd like.

thule easyfold xt 2 hitch rack review - the rack displayed in the ready-to-load position. if it seems like...

Removing and attaching the Easy Fold XT 2 on the vehicle is easier than with most hitch-mount racks. The 45 lb weight, small folded size, and integrated wheels make it easy to move from its storage location to the vehicle. The hitch-pin is also tool-free, so securing the hitch to the receiver is easier than most. With the rack on the vehicle, start by unfolding the rack so the platform is flat. If your bikes are lightweight, simply lift them up and into place on the rack, starting with the inside tray. There are two clamp arms that will clamp down on the bike frames, the shorter one is for the inside bike and the longer one holds the outside bike. These clamps can be rotated or moved into different positions to accommodate different frame designs. Open the rubberized jaws of the frame clamp by loosening the knob, line it up with your frame, and tighten it down. There is a mechanism that clicks when you have achieved the correct tension. This is a nice touch as you can't squeeze your bike frame to the point of breaking. The wheel straps are fixed in position and are used to loop around the rim and ratchet it down with the goal of pulling tension at a 45-degree angle towards the middle of the rack. Load the second bike on the outer tray and repeat the steps to secure it using the longer clamp arm. Often, the outer clamp arm will require some adjustment and fiddling to work around the frame of the other bike.

thule easyfold xt 2 hitch rack review - two clamp arms reach out to hold the bikes by the frame. they are...

If your bikes are heavy, you may want to utilize the ramp feature. The ramp is stored beneath the main platform and is accessed by pressing the tilt lever in the middle of the rack and tilting the platform out and away from the vehicle. The folding ramp is stored in its smallest, folded size, and it needs to be unfolded for use. A small tab on one end of the ramp fits into the horizontal notch at the end of the rack. Once in place, simply roll the bike up in to place on the tray and attach the bikes as described above. Once you are finished with the ramp, you'll need to fold it back up and tilt the rack with the bikes on it out so you can put it back in its storage location.

This process is a bit more complicated than other platform racks, and using the ramp system adds several steps and some time to the process. Despite that, the ramp could be indispensable for people who might otherwise struggle to load their heavy e-bikes. We also have some concerns about the security of the frame clamps. Due to the fact that they have an open mouth and don't wrap entirely around the frame, we feel they could unintentionally release the bike frame on bumpy roads or if they are attached carelessly or not in the ideal spot. In fact, we read several user reviews where bikes were damaged when the frame clamps released in transit. Additionally, there is no way to secure a bike on this rack without making frame contact, this could cause damage to fancy carbon frames or paint jobs unless you purchase the Thule Carbon Frame Protector for $19.95. Another factor to consider is if you are loading different bikes frequently the clamp arms will need to be repositioned to work with different frame designs, which adds some time to the process.

thule easyfold xt 2 hitch rack review - the tilt mechanism works surprisingly well, allowing trunk access...

On a positive note, the tilt mechanism is smooth and has a nice range of motion to allow for access to the trunk. Activate the tilt with your foot and slowly lower the rack down and out of the way. This can be a bit of a handful if you have two e-bikes loaded onto the rack as you are supporting a hefty amount of weight when lowering the rack. The locking system is easy to use and functional.

thule easyfold xt 2 hitch rack review - with a lightweight and compact folded size, the easyfold xt 2 is...

Ease of Removal and Storage

The EasyFold XT 2 is lightweight and foldable, making one of the easiest platform hitch racks to remove and store. Not only does it fold up into a nice little package with dimensions of 31 x 12 x 26 inches, but it only weighs 45 lbs. Handles at the top of the rack make it easy to pick up, and two small wheels on the bottom of the rack allow you to roll it to or from your storage location. Sadly, one of the wheels on the bottom of our rack broke almost immediately, rendering that feature useless.

Thanks to a tool-free hitch pin, installing and removing the rack from the receiver is quick and easy. To remove this rack, simply unlock the main tightening knob, and loosen it by turning it counter-clockwise. Pull the easy-pin hook out of your receiver and pull the rack off. The hitch pin lock is also integrated into the knob on the hitch pin, making securing the rack to your vehicle a quick and easy process.

thule easyfold xt 2 hitch rack review - bikes with super long wheelbases don't play all that well. aside...


The EasyFold XT 2 is a reasonably versatile bike rack. With a 65 lbs per bike weight limit and a ramp feature for easy loading, this rack is suitable for heavy e-bikes and particularly for people have difficulty loading them on more traditional racks. The compact nature of this rack in its folded size also makes it a viable option for those who are short on storage space. This makes it a compelling option for apartment dwellers or those who take their rack on and off frequently. It also works with 1.25-inch and 2-inch hitch receivers. It comes with an adaptor installed for use with 2-inch hitches. If you remove the adaptor sleeve with an allen wrench, it then works with 1.25-inch hitches.

Interestingly, we couldn't find specifics on recommended maximum or minimum wheelbase lengths on the Thule website or in the user manual. Based on our experience, it should work with most bikes from kids to adults, although some modern mountain bikes with exceptionally long wheelbases may not fit. The width of the tire trays works well with a range of tires, from road bike skinnies to around 3-inch wide mountain bike treads. Thule also sells a XXL Strap Kit that is claimed to work for bikes with longer wheelbases and with fat tires up to 4.7-inches. While these straps may wrap around fat tires, they don't fit in the narrower wheel tray, nor is the ramp wide enough to work perfectly with tires that wide. Additionally, the frame clamps are guaranteed to make frame contact with the bikes, so those with fancy carbon frames may want to look elsewhere, or purchase the Carbon Frame Protector adapters.

thule easyfold xt 2 hitch rack review - this lockable knob tightens the hitch into the receiver without the...

Ease of Assembly

This rack requires virtually no assembly. Given the compact nature of the rack in its folded size, it ships fully assembled. Simply identify whether you have a 1.25-inch or 2-inch receiver on your vehicle. If you have a 1.25-inch receiver you will need to use an allen wrench to remove the adapter from the rack. Slide the rack onto the receiver, connect the easy-pin hitch hook, and tighten down the knob. It doesn't get much easier than that.

thule easyfold xt 2 hitch rack review - the knobs on the frame clamps can be locked.

The EasyFold XT 2 comes with Thule's One Key System with locks on the knobs of hitch pin and the frame clamps. This system allows you to lock the rack to the vehicle and each of the bikes individually using the same key for all the locks. While we appreciate security features like these, the locking mechanisms aren't tremendously robust and would likely only serve as a deterrent for the opportunistic thief. We'd suggest adding a heavy-duty aftermarket cable lock to add another level of security when using this rack.

While we didn't experience any catastrophic failures or major damage to our rack during testing, we are somewhat concerned about the longevity of all of the moving parts and the heavy use of plastic in the construction of the Easy Fold XT 2 . For the most part, our rack still functions properly and shows little signs of premature wear, although one of the small transport wheels on the bottom of our rack broke almost immediately. This part could have sustained damage during shipping, but we didn't notice anything until it broke. For our purposes, this isn't an integral element of the rack's design, but it's disconcerting nonetheless.

There is a lot of plastic used in the EasyFold XT 2 's design. The hinges on the ramp, the frame clamps, and the ratcheting wheels straps all seem susceptible to damage if used carelessly. While we didn't damage ours during testing, we feel they are potential failure points that are worthy of mention.

thule easyfold xt 2 hitch rack review - the ramp feature seems like a gimmick, but it can really be valuable...

The EasyFold XT is one of the most expensive bike racks we've tested, and despite the fact that it has some user-friendly features, we feel it is a below-average value. Yes, this rack is functional, lightweight, storable, and has a ramp that makes loading heavy e-bikes easier. That said, it can be awkward to deal with, the bike attachment system doesn't seem very secure, and the wealth of moving parts and plastic in the design doesn't feel very robust. We feel this rack will be the best value to the infrequent rack user who has a difficult time loading heavy e-bikes on regular racks, or those seeking a hitch-mount rack that doesn't take up a lot of storage space.

thule easyfold xt 2 hitch rack review - while it isn't our favorite, the easyfold xt 2 could be a good...

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Thule Pack 'n Pedal Tour Rack XT

  • Updated for easier fitting and adjustment
  • Mounts with ratcheting straps
  • Covered by Thule's usual 5 year warranty

The Thule Pack'n Pedal Tour Rack XT has been updated for easier fitting and adjustment. The Tour Rack XT offers a uniquely versatile yet rock solid load carrying solution for almost any bike.

You don't need to worry about having rack mounts with the Tour rack XT as it mounts to the rear seat stays or front forks using super strong ratcheting straps to turn even your full suspension trail bike into an adventure tourer. The rack can be fitted or removed in minutes but to prevent theft the ratchet straps can only be loosened by using the included key.

Constructed from robust, oversized aluminium the rack has been designed to work Thule Blade Helix equipped panniers but by adding Thule side frames (not included) these will accommodate almost any pannier.

The rack is rated to 11kg load capacity and like all product sit is covered by Thule's usual 5 year warranty.

  • Updated For Easier Fitting And Adjustment
  • Oversized Aluminium Construction
  • Mounts With Ratcheting Straps
  • Rated To 11kg Load Capacity
  • Covered By Thule's Usual 5 Year Warranty
  • Approx. Weight: 990g

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Topeak Tetrarack M2 HD Rear Rack

Thule Easyfold XT2 tow bar bike rack review

Simple and easy to fit, with great build quality - this tow bar rack left us with very few gripes

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Thule car rack

Thule's usual high standards of thought and attention to detail are evident in the XT2 rack. This shows in how quick and easy it is to attach to the car's tow bar and to set it up for use. The solid construction means it's heavy, so beware of lifting this 17.9kg rack even though it comes with a convenient carrying handle. With slight changes to the position of the ratchet straps and perhaps the inclusion of a carrying bag in the substantial price, the XT2 would score a full five-star rating.

Very quick to fit

Build quality

Ease of locking bikes to rack

Expensive for a two-bike rack

Rear ratchet position is awkward to reach

You can trust Cycling Weekly. Our team of experts put in hard miles testing cycling tech and will always share honest, unbiased advice to help you choose. Find out more about how we test.

Thule has a well-earned reputation for how easy and intuitive its products are to use, and the XT2 tow bar-mounted two-bike car rack is not about to upset that apple cart. It comes in the box ready to fit to the car, so there’s no pre-assembly required or messing about with Allen keys, straps, or bolts.

As it comes out of the box, the XT2 is in its folded storage position, which means the two halves of the rack base are in the vertical position and form a built-in carrying handle. Just as crucially as this, the handle is placed so the 17.9kg weight of the Thule rack is perfectly balanced, making it much easier to carry to the car and lift on to the tow hitch. This makes fitting the XT2 a true one-person job, where other tow bar racks we’ve tried have required two people to attach them safely.

Thule car rack side profile

Once the XT2 is resting on a cleaned tow ball – it needs any grease removed to ensure a tight grip – you can alter the clamp action with a knurled adjuster. After that, simply push down on the lever to tighten the clamp on to the tow bar. This needs a bit of muscle, so you might find it easier to use your foot while holding the rack in place. We found it was no bother to get the XT2 sitting level as it naturally assumed this position as it rested on the tow bar as we fixed the clamp around it. An integrated lock secures the rack to the car.

Before folding down the two halves of the rack, it’s a quick job to plug in the XT2’s electrics to the car. It comes with a 13-pin socket, which is suited to most vehicles, or you may have to buy a 7-pin adapter. The auxiliary lights of the XT2 are bright and their styling adds a touch of class missing from the usual light board type used with many bike racks.

Now it’s time to drop down the two sides of the XT2. As you do this, the number plate holder glides into position. Attaching a number plate is a quick job, so you can swap the XT2 between different cars without the faff of unscrewing a registration plate as this is held in by two pop fasteners. 

Lifting a bike on to the XT2 is no bother and the tyres sit in dedicated tracks that naturally guide the bike to the centre point for good balance.

There are separate clamps for each of the two bikes that attach to the rack's metal upper hoop. They can be dismounted quickly and lock in position when the clamp is fixed to the bike’s top tube. 

Each clamp has its own locking and key mechanism, both using the same key for ease of use. With this done, you can strap the wheels to the bottom track and, as we expect of Thule, this is a rapid job thanks to the ratchet action of the fixing. Our only gripe here is the ratchets for the bike closest to the car are at the back, which makes them a bit of a reach around or through the wheel. This is not ideal in wintry weather or with a muck-spattered bike.

Thule Easyfold with boot open

The XT2 can carry two bikes up to 60kg combined, so it’s also able to be used for transporting e-bikes. For this, you will want to add the optional bike ramp to make it less of a spinal strain when loading and unloading. And while we mention options, it’s a shame Thule doesn’t provide the carry bag as standard as the XT2 is so easy to remove and store in a car’s boot when not in use to keep it secure. Having the bag would mean the car’s interior stays clean whatever the weather. On the upside, the XT2 is a doddle to sluice clean with a hose.

This is a very minor complaint, however, as the superb design of the Thule XT2 far outweighs spending a little more for a carry bag. The speed it can be fitted and in use more than compensates, and it’s simple to change over to another car. Factor in the XT2’s excellent quality and this is just about the only two-bike tow car rack you’ll ever need.

Value and conclusions

Thule's offering is not a value orientated option, however, in performance it far outshon cheaper racks on test. Fitting was simple and easy, it packs away neatly when out of use, and the build quality was admirable. 

  • RRP: £700
  • Number of bikes: 2
  • Maximum bike weight: 60kg

Tow bar bike rack FAQ

How does a tow bar bike rack work.

How do I use a tow bar bike rack?

You'll need to already have a tow bar, or have one fitted. These are not univeral and it is recommended that they are professionally fitted. The bike rack then clamps onto the vehical's towball. 

You'll need a numberplate for your tow bar bike rack, and you will need to connect up the lights to the vehical's 12v system. The system will be 7-pin or 13-pin, you can purchase an adapter if yours is not compatible. 

What styles of car rack are available?

Why go for a tow bar bike rack?

There are many styles of bike rack available. You can opt for a roof rack, rear mounted rack - which attaches via the boot - or a tow bar rack. The tow bar rack makes it very easy to remove bikes. Most modern designs still allow you to access the boot, too. However, they are costly and usually heavy. 

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Wout van Aert

Belgian suffered broken collarbone and ribs in crash on Wednesday

By Tom Thewlis Last updated 27 March 24

Marianne Vos

The Dutchwoman won the warmup to the Tour of Flanders for the first time, as SD Worx-Protime failed to make the podium

By Adam Becket Published 27 March 24

Cycling Weekly writer Tom Davidson riding indoors on Zwift

We'll meet again, indoor cycling, but summer is for the outdoors

By Tom Davidson Published 27 March 24

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thule tour rack xt

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Thule Pack'n Pedal Tour XT Rack


  • Updated for easier fitting and adjustment, the Tour Rack XT offers a uniquely versatile yet rock solid load carrying solution fot almot any bike
  • No rack mounts, no problem: mounts to the rear seat stays or front forks using super strong ratcheting straps to turn even your full suspension trail bike into an adventure tourer
  • Robust, oversized aluminium construction keeps your load stable over rough terrain
  • Can be fitted or removed in minutes but to prevent theft the ratchet straps can only be loosened by using the included key
  • Designed to work perfectly with Thule Blade Helix equipped panniers but by adding Thule side frames (THS100017) these will accommodate almost any pannier
  • Rated to 25 kg load capacity even for off road use
  • Covered by Thule's usual 5 year warranty
  • Weight 990 grams

Thule Pack'n Pedal Tour XT Rack

SKU: THP100090

Barcode: 091021049567

£89.95 RRP £94.99 SAVE 5%

is back-ordered. We will ship it separately in 10 to 15 days.

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Thule  Pack 'n Pedal Tour Rack

Thule are better known for roof racks, and in the bike world for their roof-, towball- and hatch-mounted bike carriers. They bought the design for the Pack 'n Pedal rack from New Zealand product design company Freeload and have developed a range of panniers around it, some of which we'll be reviewing over the next few weeks.

The rack is made from aluminium and glass-fiber reinforced polypropylene, assembled with stainless steel bolts. It comes with a selection of struts that should allow it to attach to virtually any bike. We used the shorter struts for a fairly standard road bike, and the medium-length ones to get the rack level on a smaller hybrid.

The very longest struts will likely work for the very low stays on some suspension mountain bikes, but we didn't try that. We'd be surprised if you can find a standard double diamond frame the Tour rack won't fit, though you might run into trouble if you're running tyres fatter than 2.5 inches wide. As this is a website mostly about road bikes, that shouldn't be a problem for most of you.

The ratchet strap attachment system works well - much better than you'd expect from looking at it. It really does provide a platform stable enough to hang up to 18kg of luggage off (25kg if you strap it on top).

thule tour rack xt

To fit the rack, you thread each of the four straps through the mechanism and then tighten it up with the supplied 5mm ball-end Allen key. Thule also supplies a security release key to loosen the rack, so a passing low-life can't steal the rack. The key has an offset pin to release the ratchet mechanism, and as far as we can tell it's unique to the Pack 'n Pedal rack, so keep in somewhere safe.

The main selling point of this rack is its versatility and the only situation we found where it ran into trouble was fitting bikes with cables down the seat-stays like some cyclo-cross bikes. If that's your bike, try before you buy to make sure the cables and straps don't do battle.

The rack works best with Thule's own range of panniers. It is possible to use other panniers, but you might run into problems with the fatness of the tubes (Ortlieb), or the solid plastic platform that gets in the way of the hook release (Carradice). Thule sells a pair of side frames that allow you to use 'virtually any type of pannier' and that also have a second rail so you can mount the panniers nearer the ground for a lower center of gravity.

These will cost you another £25 on top of the £85 you've paid for the rack (£22.49 and £76.95 if you shop around). That's the same retail price as the stainless steel Tubus Cosmo. The Cosmo weighs 730g, against the 1420g of the Tour rack with side frames, and will carry twice as much. Tubus offer adapters to coax a rack on to a frame without eyelets too, though Thule's way of doing things is undeniably more elegant.

If you haven't got braze-ons, or your bike has some other awkwardness that makes fitting a regular rear rack difficult or impossible, the Thule Pack 'n Pedal Tour rack is a great way to carry luggage. It's well-made, the design is clever and it's surprisingly solid on the bike.

Having said that, it might be worth thinking about why your frame doesn't have braze-ons: it might not be designed to carry loads, and you might run into issues around stability under load and heel clearance. If you do have braze-ons, the Thule rack is still a viable option, but most regular four-bolt racks will be cheaper, weigh less and will be more stable.

It's a good solution for running a rack on a bike without braze-ons, though it's expensive and heavy.

If you're thinking of buying this product using a cashback deal why not use the Top Cashback page and get some top cashback while helping to support your favourite independent cycling website test report

Make and model: Thule Pack 'n Pedal Tour Rack

Size tested: xx

Tell us what the product is for, and who it's aimed at. What do the manufacturers say about it? How does that compare to your own feelings about it?

Our racks can be fitted on virtually any kind of bike. And our bags to any kind of rack. But needless to say, using our racks with our own bags is the best solution. With their combined number of smart solutions, you will get the best, safest and most comfortable ride - no matter what you're bringing.

Patented rack attachment system works on virtually any bicycle from full suspension mountain bikes to commuters and everything in between.

Tell us some more about the technical aspects of the product?

o Includes rails for mounting panniers.

o Patented attachment system secures easily.

o Works on the rear seat stays and front fork.

o Works with any type of frame material.

o Tough construction allows for variety of rugged riding uses.

o Silent and vibration free performance.

o Weight: 990 g

o Load capacity: 25 kg top/18 kg side

o Materials: Aluminium/Plastic

The aluminium and polypropylene components look well made and are assembled using stainless steel bolts.

Does the rack provide a sturdy platform that stays put and allows you to hang panniers off of it? Yes. Much better than you'd think from looking at it.

I have not had this rack for nearly long enough to comment on long-term durability through experience. Having said that, it's certainly well made and I would expect it to last you a long time, provided you keep all the bolts tightened.

There are lots of comments on the internet from people who question the durability of a 'plastic' the rack on longer tours. Mostly from people who haven't actually seen or used the rack. One review I read was from a lady who had used a Sport on the front and a Tour on the back for 5 months through the Andes and had no problems.

You don't get much change from a kilo, more than 150 grams heavier than the standard Blackburn EX2 (and twice as expensive). If you want to use non-Thule panniers, you'll need the sideframes which add another 430 grams.

Nothing particularly comfortable or uncomfortable about it.

At £85 RRP (£10 discounts can be found online), twice as expensive as the Blackburn EX2. About a tenner cheaper than the Tubus Logo rack. Significantly heavier than both, but more versatile. Bear in mind you'll more than likely need the optional sideframes (another £25) if you want to use non Thule Pack 'n Pedal panniers.

Tell us how the product performed overall when used for its designed purpose

It's a luggage rack and it does the things a luggage rack does. However, it's a shame there isn't a mounting point for a rear light and the full plastic platform construction on the top can make it difficult to release certain panniers. The Carradice C-hook system proved troublesome for me. The struts have a large diameter which rules out certain panniers, like the Ortlieb classic front pannier for example. The optional side frame (£25 RRP) may well sort some of these problems out - we're testing a set at the moment.

Tell us what you particularly liked about the product

I was pleasantly surprised how well it works.

Tell us what you particularly disliked about the product

Although it's billed to work with any pannier, that's not really the case without the sideframes.

Did you enjoy using the product? It worked well enough, but I didn't enjoy using it more or less than any other rack I've used.

Would you consider buying the product? No. Having used it, I'll go back to using a traditional rack. If I wanted to fit a rack to my mountain bike (which doesn't have braze-ons) though, I would definitely consider it.

Would you recommend the product to a friend? If they need to put a rack on a bike without the necessary braze-ons, then yes.

Anything further to say about the product in conclusion?

The rack works better than you'd expect from looking at it, but works best with the Pack 'n Pedal panniers. Try before you buy if you plan to use your own.

Overall rating: 7 /10

About the tester

Age: 36   Height: 1.78m   Weight: 76kg

I usually ride: All of them!   My best bike is: Cannondale CAAD10

I've been riding for: Over 20 years   I ride: Every day   I would class myself as: Expert

I regularly do the following types of riding: cyclo cross, commuting, touring, mtb,

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Here is the Thule pack and pedal pannier/rack system on a Cannondale 2014 CAAD8 105.

I am very surprised at the result. It took me hours of figuring out the ratchet system. But I sorted out the ratchet system it is and proves to be a very strong rack. The rubber oval cleat cushions the rack against your seat stays and this also prevents slippage. It is a good product and very clever.


thule tour rack xt

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I have tested myself this bike rack and I think that this 85 pounds is too much for what it offers. It looks good, the brand is there but lacks in enginering quality, bike racks priced so high shouldnt slip on the frame.

I experienced slippage also until I realised I wasn't mounting it properly. The oval rubbers are placed between the seat stays and the rack. The straps are fitted as follows. The instructions are not clear so it takes some working out.

1. Work out where the rack is best suited 2. Prepare oval ring and short end of strap to fit between the frame and the rachet system. 3. Once the ratchet system is resting on the oval rubber wrap the strap around the frame and then under the ratchet mechanism. 4. Take the rest of the strap and feed it through the ratchet system. 5. Use the hex key provided to tighten it. As you tighten it the long strap finds around the fitting and becomes shorter.

I struggled initially and took me hours to figure it out. If you need help don't ring Thule write to me and I offer you assistance.


thule tour rack xt

The problem with the Ortliebs I tried was that, without the side panels, the aluminium tube is too fat for the Ortlieb lower hook to go around it.

With the side panels (which I didn't have to test) I expect it's no problem at all.

Before I read the comment from bazzargh, I thought I had seen that before:

Currently I use it on a steel frame but still use the textile tape as anti-slip.

I've got a set of these from Freeload (the NZ company who came up with them, before Thule bought them out) Couple more points:

- The front rack will not fit on a bike with canti brakes - the wire yoke of the brake will get in the way. Probably a consideration for anything other than discs, really

- unusual rear stay designs can also be a problem; if you don't have straight stays, you might not have a section to fit this on

- you should have a shake out ride before you set off; it's quite easy to have these set too loose, particularly if the straps get wet. Bring a ball-ended hex key, large enough to get some leverage. (ie not your multitool)

- my ortliebs fit this fine, not sure what the problem is there? (but yes you need the side panels for panniers)

- What I mainly use them for is bikepacking, ie light mtb touring offroad; I wasn't using panniers, but had strapped drybags on these front and rear. Rock solid, plenty of places to attach straps to. Weight not really an issue, my bags are much heavier than the racks.

oh dear, I have a few Thule products which, although not cheap, have proved their worth. But honestly, in excess of £100 for a rack setup on a bike not designed to carry those loads? Sounds like a failed entry from The Apprentice.

Latest Comments

Great article. Very informative. Certainly allays almost all of the concerns I had about electronic groupsets, particularly the range/charge status...

Thanks! 💙...

Without competition, the market will always fail. If I could choose Severn Trent from my taps this morning but Wessex for that after dinner wind...

It's certainly to be hoped that any wrongdoers got their just desserts.

A God of British Cycling ... his time after racing would be a good second book... top man ......

Yeah, f*cking cyclists...

And how would you feel if you were a talented, successful rider and suddenly found yourself struggling to keep up in races you should have been...

The recent 25% plunge in Halfords' share price following their profit forecast downgrade is a stark reminder of the challenges facing the retail...

We don't need to bathe at all.

... and Japan, though I understand that is more to do with discouraging theft.

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Off Parts, Accessories, Clothing & More | Terms Apply

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  • Bike Racks /
  • Rear Bike Racks

Thule Pack N Pedal Tour Rack XT

Pack N Pedal Tour Rack XT image 0

  • Robust, oversized aluminium construction keeps your load stable over rough terrain
  • Can be fitted or removed in minutes but to prevent theft the ratchet straps can only be loosened by using the included key
  • Designed to work perfectly with Thule Blade Helix equipped panniers but by adding Thule side frames (THS100017) these will accommodate almost any pannier
  • Rated to 11.3 kg load capacity even for off road use
  • Covered by Thule's usual 5 year warranty
  • Weight 990 grams

Occasionally, without notice, manufacturers change product design and/or specifications.

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Moscow metro tour

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' class=

What is the difference between these 2 Moscow metro tours on the same tour group page? One is less expensive than the other but both have positive reviews.

We would like to go on this tour but could not decide which one to book. Thank you.

' class=

I see the only difference - one mentioned Spanish-speaking guide, the other not-presumably English...

thule tour rack xt

I've seen one more - for 60+ euro!

Looks a bit unreal :)))

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  • Where can I get initial answers to ANY question?

thule tour rack xt

Tour Details

Moscow metro tour: architectural styles of the subway.

thule tour rack xt

Duration: 2 hours

Categories: Culture & History, Sightseeing

This metro tour of Russia’s capital and most populous city, Moscow, is your chance to get a unique insight into the beautiful and impressive architecture of the city's underground stations. Admire their marble walls and high ceilings representing Stalin's desire for glory after World War 2, and see first-hand how the interiors change with the rise of new political eras. Your guide will lead you through the complex network, which is one of the most heavily used rapid transit systems worldwide, with over two billion travelers in 2011.

Opened in 1935, Moscow’s underground system, now 190 miles (305 km) long with 185 stations, is today one the largest and most heavily used rapid transit systems in the world. On this Moscow metro tour, discover the impressive architecture of Moscow’s underground stations and learn how they reflect the Soviet era.

Getting around by metro, your local guide will take you through parts of Moscow’s infamous history. Stop at stations built during the time of the USSR (Soviet Union) that are praised as one of the most extravagant architectural projects from Stalin’s time. After World War 2, he was keen on establishing Stalinist architecture to represent his rising regime and a recognized empire. Learn how when his successor started the de-Stalinization of the former Soviet Union in 1953, the extravagancy of the architecture was toned down.

Discover how the unique character of each station reflected several different eras. While stations like Kievskaya and Slavyansky Bulvar have pompous halls and high stucco ceilings brimming with extravagant decorations, those built later, like Volzhskaya, are lightly adorned with sparse furnishings. Architect Alexey Dushkin and painter Alexander Deyneka were just two of the many artists who made these magnificent landmarks possible.

Revel in Moscow's glory days, as well as the years of scarcity, on this fascinating Moscow metro experience. Conclude your tour at one of the central stations in Moscow. If you're lucky, you may even find the secret entrance to the unconfirmed Metro-2, a parallel underground system used by the government -- a mystery which has neither been denied nor confirmed today.

Nearby tours

thule tour rack xt

Soviet-Era Walking Tour in Moscow: Lubyanka Square and the Gulag History Museum

If you love history, would like to know more about Russia’s past, or just want to take an interesting walk, book this guided Moscow walking tour of Soviet-era sites. With your expert guide, walk through Lubyanka Squ...

thule tour rack xt

Walking Tour of Moscow's Kolomenskoye Estate

On this walking tour through the Kolomenskoye Estate in Moscow, immerse yourself in Russia’s interesting royal history. Walk around the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Ascension Church, built in 1532, and enter the Hou...

thule tour rack xt

Moscow Cultural Walking Tour: Red Square, Kitay-Gorod and St Basil's Cathedral

Take a guided walking tour of Moscow's cultural highlights, like the beautiful UNESCO World Heritage-listed Red Square, said to be the central square of Russia. Walk through the adjoining district Kitay-Gorod, one of ...

thule tour rack xt

Kremlin Grounds, Cathedrals and Patriarch's Palace Tour from Moscow

A great three hour tour exploring the Kremlin Grounds, Cathedrals and Patriarch's Palaces in Moscow! The small city in the center of Moscow, once the residence of Czars and Patriarchs, contains Russia's main cathedra...

thule tour rack xt

Moscow City Tour

The Moscow City Tour covers all the highlights and most beautiful places in the enchanting Russian capital. The tour begins with a stop at the Red Square and St. Basil's Cathedral, the architectural masterpiece and w...

Culture Shock Rating

We have a wide range of tours designed to give you an insight into the destination you're travelling in and there is something for everybody. The culture shock ratings considers the destination visited, transport used, activities undertaken and that "Wow, I'm really not at home now!" factor. While generalisations are always tricky, a summary of our gradings is as follows…

This is the least confronting of our tour range. Transport used on the trip is either private or a very comfortable public option, the activities included are usually iconic sites and locations that are not all too confronting.

The tour can include a mix of private and public transport providing a level of comfort that is slightly below what you would experience at home. Sites visited are usually iconic sites, tours can also include market visits, visits to communities etc that provide the traveller with a fantastic insight into destination.

Expect to rough it for parts of this tour, whether it's a packed public bus where you are forced to stand, a visit to a local market, a local community, you are sure to have an experience that is very different from what you're used to at home.

The comforts of your home town and the environment you are used to are more of a rarity. Expect some challenging transport options, visits to local sites and areas that don't resemble anything at home.

You're out there in the global community! You are likely to be exposed to the elements, travel in whatever means of transport is available and basically take it as it comes, whatever comes! It can be tough.

Physical Rating

Our physical rating gives you an idea of how much huffing and puffing you can expect on the tour. While generalisations are always tricky, a summary of our gradings is as follows…

These tours have very limited physical activity. Usually climbing in and out of the transport provided, walking through sites, markets etc included in the itinerary.

These tours have a bit of physical activity but nothing that should challenge you too much. This could be climbing on and off public transport through to a walk through the destination you're travelling in, they can include walking only tours or a combination of walking and transport.

These tours involve a bit of physical activity from walking up and down hills in the destination you're travelling in or the surrounding areas. Climbing on and off local transport or riding a bike up to 30 kms along predominantly flat terrain or jumping in a kayak for a gentle paddle on flat water.

These Tours will provide you with some solid physical activity. Whether its bike riding, walking, trekking, kayaking or riding on public transport you will need to have a good level of fitness to enjoy this tour.

Be prepared for some serious physical activity. These tours are our most challenging and involve some serious walking, hiking or bike riding. Can involve step climbs by foot or pedal and some challenging public transport options in the destination you are travelling.

Luxury Rating

Some trips are like a stroll on the beach, while others have you trekking alpine passes. Some of you thrive on camping out on the savannah, while others may prefer a hot shower and a comfortable bed in a lodge. Follow the grading systems below to find the right trip for you.

To help you choose the trip that's right for you, we've broken all of our trips down into four service levels. Measuring the comfort level of the accommodation and transport. So whether you're travelling on a budget and want to save money by using public transport, or prefer upgraded accommodation and are happy to pay a little more, then we have a level for you.

This is grassroots travel at its most interesting

Authentic experiences with some of the comforts of home

For those who like to travel in comfort

All the unique experiences wrapped up with a gold ribbon

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Moscow Metro 2019

thule tour rack xt

Will it be easy to find my way in the Moscow Metro? It is a question many visitors ask themselves before hitting the streets of the Russian capital. As metro is the main means of transport in Moscow – fast, reliable and safe – having some skills in using it will help make your visit more successful and smooth. On top of this, it is the most beautiful metro in the world !

. There are over 220 stations and 15 lines in the Moscow Metro. It is open from 6 am to 1 am. Trains come very frequently: during the rush hour you won't wait for more than 90 seconds! Distances between stations are quite long – 1,5 to 2 or even 3 kilometers. Metro runs inside the city borders only. To get to the airport you will need to take an onground train - Aeroexpress.


Paper ticket A fee is fixed and does not depend on how far you go. There are tickets for a number of trips: 1, 2 or 60 trips; or for a number of days: 1, 3 days or a month. Your trips are recorded on a paper ticket. Ifyou buy a ticket for several trips you can share it with your traveling partner passing it from one to the other at the turnstile.

thule tour rack xt

On every station there is cashier and machines (you can switch it to English). Cards and cash are accepted. 1 trip - 55 RUB 2 trips - 110 RUB

Tickets for 60 trips and day passes are available only at the cashier's.

60 rides - 1900 RUB

1 day - 230 RUB 3 days - 438 RUB 30 days - 2170 RUB.

The cheapest way to travel is buying Troyka card . It is a plastic card you can top up for any amount at the machine or at the ticket office. With it every trip costs 38 RUB in the metro and 21 RUB in a bus. You can get the card in any ticket office. Be prepared to leave a deposit of 50 RUB. You can get it back returning the card to the cashier.

thule tour rack xt

SamsungPay, ApplePay and PayPass cards.

One turnstile at every station accept PayPass and payments with phones. It has a sticker with the logos and located next to the security's cabin.


At the platfrom you will see one of these signs.

It indicates the line you are at now (line 6), shows the direction train run and the final stations. Numbers below there are of those lines you can change from this line.

thule tour rack xt

In trains, stations are announced in Russian and English. In newer trains there are also visual indication of there you are on the line.

To change lines look for these signs. This one shows the way to line 2.

thule tour rack xt

There are also signs on the platfrom. They will help you to havigate yourself. (To the lines 3 and 5 in this case). 

thule tour rack xt


  1. Thule Tour Rack

    or 4 interest-free payments of $34.99 with. Free shipping over $99 (exceptions apply) 30-day returns (exceptions apply) Thule Guarantee. Product Locator by Locally. The Thule Tour bike rack is a patented rack that attaches to the front or rear of most bicycles, from full suspension mountain bikes to road bikes. Product description. All features.

  2. Thule EasyFold XT

    Thule EasyFold XT. In stock. Add to cart. or 4 interest-free payments of $212.49 with. Free shipping over $99 (exceptions apply) 30-day returns (exceptions apply) Thule Guarantee. Product Locator by Locally. The fully foldable, compact, and easy-to-use hitch-mounted bike rack for all types of bikes.

  3. Thule EasyFold XT 2 Hitch Bike Rack

    The Thule EasyFold XT 2 is a fully foldable, compact, and easy-to-use hitch-mounted bike rack for all types of bikes. Large distance between wheel holders enabling transport of sturdy bikes with large wheel bases. Folded dimensions 31 x 12 x 26 in.

  4. Thule EasyFold XT 2 Review

    The Thule EasyFold XT is an interesting bike rack with some very unique features intended to address the challenges of loading heavy e-bikes. This hitch-mount platform rack has a claimed weight capacity of 65 lbs per bike and comes equipped with a folding ramp that allows users to roll bikes into position. It is also relatively lightweight with ...

  5. Thule Tour Rack

    Accessories for Thule Tour Rack. Thule Pack 'n Pedal rail extender kit black £8.99 8.99 GBP Related products. Thule Pack 'n Pedal side frames black £34.99 34.99 GBP Thule Shield pannier 13L 2-pack black £109.99 109.99 GBP Thule Paramount hybrid bike pannier and backpack 26L green

  6. Buy Thule Pack 'n Pedal Tour Rack XT

    The Thule Pack'n Pedal Tour Rack XT has been updated for easier fitting and adjustment. The Tour Rack XT offers a uniquely versatile yet rock solid load carrying solution for almost any bike. You don't need to worry about having rack mounts with the Tour rack XT as it mounts to the rear seat stays or front forks using super strong ratcheting ...

  7. Thule Easyfold XT2 tow bar bike rack review

    Thule 933 Easyfold XT 2 Bike Towbar Rack deals. No price information. Check Amazon. We check over 250 million products every day for the best prices. powered by .

  8. Thule Pack'n Pedal Tour XT Rack

    Thule Pack'n Pedal Tour XT Rack. SKU: THP100090. Barcode: 091021049567. Updated for easier fitting and adjustment, the Tour Rack XT offers a uniquely versatile yet rock solid load carrying solution fot almot any bike. No rack mounts, no problem:... Read more. £89.95 RRP £94.99 SAVE 5%. In stock with supplier.

  9. Thule Pack 'n Pedal Tour Rack Review by Performance Bicycle

    Designed to work on virtually any bicycle, from full suspension mountain bikes, to commuters, and everything in between, the Thule Pack 'n Pedal Tour Rack is...

  10. Review: Thule Pack 'n Pedal Tour Rack

    The Thule Pack 'n Pedal Tour rack will fit pretty much any bike - racer, 26er, 29er, whateverer - and is fairly easy to swap between them whenever the fancy takes you. Thule are better known for roof racks, and in the bike world for their roof-, towball- and hatch-mounted bike carriers. They bought the design for the Pack 'n Pedal rack from New ...

  11. Bike Bags & Racks

    Thule's patented rack attachment system works on virtually any bicycle from full suspension mountain bikes to commuters and everything in between. Watch this...

  12. Thule Pack N Pedal Tour Rack XT

    Save 4% - Thule Pack N Pedal Tour Rack XT £91.49 or available with 0% APR finance on baskets over £99. All Rear Bike Racks are delivered free to the UK mainland*, 365 day returns & Price Match. Buy Now.

  13. Thule T2 Pro XTR

    Thule T2 Pro XTR - Thule T2 Pro XTR is a premium bike rack for demanding bike enthusiasts. With time-tested durability and award-winning design, this robust bike rack is ready for a wide variety of bike styles, including e-bikes. ... Thule T2 Pro XT Add-On. add-on black. $499.95 Add. Thule License Plate Holder. license plate holder black. $49. ...

  14. : Thule ProRide XT Roof Bike Rack : Sports & Outdoors

    Thule Pack 'n Pedal Tour Rack Gepäckträger. ... The Thule ProRide XT is a universal upright bike rack for quick, convenient, and secure mounting. This rooftop bike rack gives a clear sign of proper mounting thanks to the torque limiter dial while tightening the soft claw pads. The smartly designed wheel holders with diagonal straps provide ...

  15. Thule Motion XT Rooftop Cargo Carrier

    Thule Pack 'n Pedal Tour Rack Gepäckträger. ... From camping gear to luggage and everything in between, rely on the Thule Motion XT cargo box to ease the journey. Product information . Technical Details. Item Package Dimensions L x W x H ‎95.1 x 40.5 x 14 inches : Package Weight

  16. Thule Tour Rack

    Thule The Patented rack can be attached to the front or rear of most bicycles. Model: black. 30-day return policy. 800.000 active customers. Excellent 4.5 out of 5 ... Thule Tour Rack - black: Manufacturer: Thule: Item Code: THU317170: activity: Cycling: material: Aluminium: wheel size:

  17. Thule EasyFold XT Rider Bundle

    Thule EasyFold XT 2 + Thule RoundTrip Bike Duffel + Thule Vital 6L. $1,159.85 1159.85 USD Selected option. Thule EasyFold XT Rider Bundle. Thule EasyFold XT. ... Thule EasyFold XT. 2-bike hitch bike rack black. $849.95 849.95 USD Learn more. Thule RoundTrip. bike duffel black. $159.95 159.95 USD Learn more. Thule Vital 6L. hydration pack 6L black.

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    Thule DoubleTrack Pro XT - The flexible design fits more bikes than any other hitch rack in its price range. Free ground shipping on rooftop tents and orders over $99. Exemptions apply. See details. NEW! Thule Motion 3 roof box, sleeker than ever The original all-terrain stroller Thule Urban ...

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