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European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)

Free or reduced cost healthcare when travelling in Europe

  • Apply for an EHIC in Ireland
  • Renew or replace an EHIC
  • Contact an EHIC office
  • Get treatment with an EHIC


  1. Fillable Online Travel Pass Scheme Authorisation Form

    travel form hse

  2. Trr Form Hse

    travel form hse

  3. Travel Request Form Template Word

    travel form hse

  4. Fillable Online hse Travel and Subsistence

    travel form hse

  5. Business Travel Request Form Sample ~ MS Excel Templates

    travel form hse

  6. Travel Request Template Excel 2012-2024 Form

    travel form hse


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  1. Travel expenses

    Email [email protected]. When emailing the helpdesk include your name and personnel number (or your PPS number if you do not know your personnel number). Phone: 0818 300 296 9am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday. For pay and payslip queries contact your local payroll department. Back to HR and Payroll Self Service.

  2. HSE Business Travel Allowances

    Business travel and allowances for HSE staff are payable only for necessary absence from your official base. You will be paid the rates approved by the Department of Health. ... HSE foreign and domestic travel claim form (Excel, 28KB, 1 page) Business travel frequently asked questions (PDF, 568KB, 3 pages) NFR B4 travel and subsistence (PDF, 1 ...

  3. HR forms

    National HR Employee Helpdesk. Phone: 1800 444 925. Email: [email protected]. The helpdesk is open Monday to Friday from 9am to 12 noon. Back to Benefits and services. HR forms including leave-entitlement forms, travel and subsistence, pension, change of personal details.

  4. PDF Employee Declaration for Travel

    I authorise payment of travel and expenses at the approved rate and subject to approved conditions as laid down under HSE directives to _____ This approval covers payments of travel and expenses for the year/period: _____ The employee's base for the purposes of travel expenses is _____

  5. PDF HSE Foreign & Domestic Travel Document

    This document sets out the Health Service (HSE) procedure in relation to official foreign travel and internal flights. Meet the business objectives of the HSE and ensure economic use of resources and to achieve value for money for the tax paver. Submitted on Form FT-1 (Travel Request Form) - download from HSEnet.


    Download Form Contact Details or Connection Point DOWNLOAD FORM MAKE CONTACT B-4 ICON SET Legal Reference . NFR B4 - Travel and Subsistence Go to Table of Contents 3 Version 1.1.4 ... travel and where the HSE is indemnified (not liable) by the employee's insurance company.


    Submit a signed authorisation to travel form by a Grade VIII or above permitting you to travel for work. Applies to 1st time. For 1st time claimants - request a payee number from your travel department and get your grade code from your payslip. Payee number is generated after vendor setup form has been processed in Payment Services.

  8. XLSX Health Service Executive

    Submit FT1 Form to Club Travel by email to [email protected] , copy of FT1 Form to be sent to [email protected] for HSE records only (Fax No: 01 6843100 to be used only in exceptional cases) .Please note: All mandatory fields MUST be completed. ... HSE Travel email: [email protected] Between Office Hours 08:30 - 18:00 hrs Monday to Friday ...

  9. PDF Official Foreign & Domestic Air Travel Frequently Asked ...

    No, you need to fill out one FT1 form and an 'Additional Traveller Addendum' form (see FT1 form excel download) detailing all passengers who will travel on the same flight and this will be costed to the cost centre number stated. Note: Travellers must be HSE employees or official guests of the HSE. 11. SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS DO I NEED TO LET ...

  10. PDF When and how do I submit my travel documentation on HR & Payroll Self

    t. ou can claim Travel and. xp. nses:1. Vehicle Registration Certificate (VRC)2. Current Insurance Policy3. Letter of Indemnity re HSE If the indemnity cover is included on the insurance certificate you. sh. uld also upload the insurance certificate to the Letter of indemnity field.4. Employee Declaration (for the use of their own motor veh.

  11. PDF Travel Pass Form

    Travel Pass Scheme Authorisation Form I wish to sacrifice or forego € ..... of my annual basic salary in lieu of the provision of an annual travel pass by the Department/Office of..... I realise that this arrangement will operate for a period of one year and that the salary sacrifice will be reflected in my pay over that ...

  12. PDF My Travel Privileges

    My Travel Privileges - Upload Documents Only (No Change to Vehicle Class/Type/Registration) Note:- If you have an existing Travel Privileges Record and your vehicle (Type, Class or Registration) is not changing you can upload new documents by selecting "Documents" Tab. 1. Click the "My Travel Privileges" tile 2. Choose the "Documents" tab

  13. National Financial Regulations Documents

    B4 - Travel and Subsistence. This document sets out guidance in relation to Travel and subsistence expenses as well as other allowable and disallowable expenses. Travel; Subsistence; Other Expenses; Read the B4 Travel and Subsistence NFR document (PDF, 1.5MB, 39 pages) Read the B4 Checklist document (PDF, 0.3MB, 10 pages) B5 - Banking, Cash and ...

  14. PDF BSc. Student Claim Form for Accommodation and Travel Allowance

    TRAVEL Allowance OFFICE Use ONLY Date From Date To Placement Bus Train Other Claim Amount Amount Due Total TRAVEL Claim Total Amount Due If you have changed address since last payment please update on this form, your new address. Claimant: I confirm that the above has been undertaken by me during my clinical placement.

  15. Cross Border Directive

    To apply for a reimbursement under the Cross Border Directive (CBD): Complete the CBD pro forma invoice (PDF, 886 KB, 19 pages) in English with the healthcare provider abroad - ask the consultant to fill in part B of the pro forma invoice before you leave the hospital.; Gather your supporting documents. Post the form and documents to the CBD office.

  16. Apply for an EHIC in Ireland

    How to apply if you live in Ireland. You can apply for an EHIC if you're living in Ireland and intend to live here for at least 1 year. You can apply: in person - visit your local public EHIC office. online - if you have a medical card or Drugs Payment Scheme card. by post - if you live in Dublin North West, Cork North & South Lee.

  17. PDF HR 108 c19 Covid-19 self-declaration application form for paid ...

    This Form should be read in conjunction with the current HSE HR Circular and DPER FAQs dealing for Public Service Employers in relation to working Section 3. Declaration I have read and understand the provisions of Special Leave with Pay for COVID-19 as set out in the current HSE HR Circular and DPER FAQs. Yes Yes Yes

  18. HSE Forms

    The following form is to be completed on-line. On completion of the form select the 'Submit' button to electronically send your form directly to HSE. HSE visit request 1 - Proforma for overseas and international visits to the HSE. HSE presents its form for overseas and international visits to the Health and Safety Executive.

  19. PDF A Guide to using the Travel Business Unit

    01-8131891. mailto:[email protected]. Post to: Travel Business Unit, Procurement Shared Services Health Service Executive, Unit 7 Swords Business Campus, Balheary Road, Swords, Co. Dublin. Before you submit your Travel Request to us, it is essential that it is formally approved.

  20. Treatment abroad scheme

    General application queries: 056 778 4900 or 056 778 4908. Approved applicants: 056 778 4907 or 056 778 4903. Travel claims: 056 778 4902 or 056 778 4906. Fax number: 056 778 4549. The Treatment Abroad Scheme (TAS) is governed by the EU in line with the Department of Health and Children guidelines.

  21. European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)

    European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) Free or reduced cost healthcare when travelling in Europe. Apply for an EHIC in Ireland. Renew or replace an EHIC. Contact an EHIC office. Get treatment with an EHIC. Get healthcare in another EU or EEA state for free or at a reduced cost.

  22. Overseas Travel

    Before you finalise your travel plans to go overseas for work, please read the Safe International Travel and Work Overseas Policy. This Policy provides you with all the necessary information and forms to ensure you are well prepared. You will be required to complete the International Travel Application and Approval Plan. This Plan helps you ...

  23. HSE

    Find and download various forms for health and safety issues in the UK and abroad. HSE offers online submission and guidance for each form.

  24. U.S. Senate: Senators

    Links to historical lists and statistics, art work, images, and research collections of former senators.

  25. Taylor Casey: Cell phone found amid search for Chicago woman who is

    The family of a Chicago woman missing in the Bahamas says they are "deeply concerned" for the safety of the 41-year-old, who traveled to the islands for a yoga retreat. Taylor Casey was last ...