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Blue Horizon

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Blue Melody

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Sea Serpent Grand

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Liveaboard Diving in Red Sea

What to expect on a red sea liveaboard.

Liveaboards in the Red Sea have long been a divers favorite destination offering amazing scuba diving with healthy, colorful reefs and abundant marine life. Egyptian liveaboards have provided divers from around the world with some amazing dive experiences on some of the world's best-known dive sites. Numerous liveaboard itineraries are available, which can visit remote reefs or wrecks from WWII.

The name 'Red Sea' is rumored to come from the seasonal blooms of red-colored algae that appear near the surface at certain times of the year. But despite its name, the waters are an amazing blue water destination boasting comfortable water temperatures throughout the year, superb visibility, and great dive conditions year-round. As some of the best dive sites are far from shore, a liveaboard dive cruise is the best way to visit the more remote areas of this region.

The Red Sea is a seawater inlet extending from the Indian Ocean and lies between Africa & Asia. It holds the title of one of the saltiest bodies of water on earth  due mainly to its geological formation, leading to high evaporation levels. Due to the water's high salinity, divers should be aware that they will need to add extra weight to their normal amount to compensate for the extra buoyancy provided by these salty waters.

Whilst the Red Sea is primarily bordered by Egypt and Saudi Arabia, most diving liveaboards in the Red Sea offer diving safaris directly from Egypt, with multiple well-established tourist destinations located throughout the country from North to South. An Egypt dive safari on a liveaboard is the best way to see this amazing dive and snorkeling area.

Diving areas/regions can be split between North & South, with different dive trip itineraries offered in both areas.

Northern Red Sea

The northern area of the Egyptian Red Sea is a divers paradise, offering amazing dive cruises at world-famous dive sites such as the Straits of Tiran  and Ras Mohammed National Park . If diving wrecks is your thing, then the SS Thistlegorm or Dunraven wrecks will surely be a must-do on your dive list. A dive liveaboard departing from Sharm El Sheikh, Safaga, or Hurghada is an excellent way to fully explore the different dive sites available.

Southern Red Sea

To the south awaits some fantastic dive opportunities away from the crowds for those visiting on a liveaboard dive trip. Dive sites that are only accessible by overnight dive safaris can be explored. With well-known sites such as Daedalus Reef, The Brothers, St. Johns, Elphinstone, and Fury Shoals, it will surely delight all divers. Most liveaboard itineraries that operate in this southern area will depart from either Port Ghalib (Marsa Alam), Hamata or Hurghada.

Getting There

Northern Red Sea - Sharm El Sheikh and Hurghada have their own international airports, with various international airlines flying directly to them. These would be a more convenient arrival port for dive liveaboard departures. Cairo is the main International airport in Egypt and will also offer domestic flights to most areas within Egypt.

Southern Red Sea - Marsa Alam International airport to the south is used by some international airlines, mainly from Europe. It is located very close to Port Ghalib (Marsa Ghalib), so it is a perfect arrival port for liveaboard trips from this area. Domestic flights from Cairo are also available. Land transfers from Hurghada to Port Ghalib are also possible; the journey takes approximately 2.5 hours each way.

Red Sea Diving Reviews

  • 462 Verified Reviews
  • 10.0 Exceptional
  • Ekaterina Z

Great but a bit cold especially during night dives , I think it could be more comfy starting from April to November.

Diving Red Sea in January on the Emperor Superior

  • 9.6 Exceptional

Very colorful, a lot of marine life, warm 29-30C water in early-october

Diving Red Sea in October on the Emperor Elite

Rotes Mehr ist immer gut zum Tauchen. Es ist für alle Geschmäcke etwas dabei: Ob Kleinkram oder Großfisch, ob Korallen oder Fauna. Wasser ist selbst im Winter noch erträglich warm. Wir hatten Anfang März 22-23 Grad. Im Sommer, sind aber wohl zu viele Taucher und Taucherboote an bekannten Plätzen unterwegs.

Diving Red Sea in March on the Sea Story

  • 8.8 Fabulous

In the winter water is cold but visibility is good.

Diving Red Sea in December on the Blue Seas

Nice shark-points, but i didn´t like the reefs and corals, not really nice and colourful

Diving Red Sea in October on the Nouran

Great visibility and water temperature

Diving Red Sea in November on the South Moon

Excellent, varied and beautiful

Diving Red Sea in November on the Blue

Very colorful coral gardens

Amazing visibility and marine life

Diving Red Sea in November on the Blue Melody

Diving was simple and quiet at this time of year with lots to see.

Diving Red Sea in February on the Blue Pearl

Healthy coral, many fish and life

Diving Red Sea in March on the Blue Seas

A little bit cold in march

Diving Red Sea in March on the Blue

March is great for a bit of winter sun but a little early in the season really.

  • 8.0 Very good

Clear water, healthy corals,

Diving Red Sea in March on the South Moon

I've dove both northern and Southern routes. If I had to choose which was more enjoyable, the southern route comes out on top.

Diving Red Sea in March on the Emperor Asmaa

The Red Sea as usual is very charming, beautiful and highly recommended.

Diving Red Sea in March on the Sea Serpent Contessa

  • Christian R

great, but bad visibility in the north

Diving Red Sea in March on the Emperor Elite

I was pleasantly surprised about the perfect health of the corals in the Red Sea

Diving Red Sea in April on the Red Sea Blue Force 2

It was good, but would imagine it would be a great experience if better luck with wind conditions.

Diving Red Sea in April on the Snefro Pearl

Not great visibility and a bit chilly (mid April) but still very good!,Not great visibility and a bit chilly (mid April) but still very good!

Diving Red Sea in April on the Blue Horizon

good, less pelagics than previously sadly and quite a lot of dead coral :(

Diving Red Sea in April on the Sea Serpent

I don't think you can get better value for money diving anywhere else.

Diving Red Sea in April on the Sea Serpent Grand

Beautiful corals and easy shallow dives

Diving Red Sea in April on the Emperor Elite

Great but with less fish than before.

Diving Red Sea in May on the Blue

  • Jean-Francois L

Nice but a very windy week

Diving Red Sea in May on the Blue Storm

Warm water, Superb visibility

Diving Red Sea in May on the JP Marine

  • Maximilian S

Average overall, reefs are not that good, so if there's no big fish, or a wreck, it could be a boring dive. If you've done any diving in Maldives or Asia, you won't be too impressed with reefs here.

Diving Red Sea in May on the Emperor Superior

Visibility was amazing (20m+) but cooler than expected (24 degrees).

Diving Red Sea in May on the Snefro Pearl

Corals are well intact, you can spot nice life, be it big or small.

Diving Red Sea in May on the Emperor Elite

Diving the Red Sea was great lots of life on the reef and corals are in great condition. Pay attention to what Wetsuit to bring at what time of year the Blue-O-Two guide was spot on. We dived in June with 5mm no hood and were comfortable

Diving Red Sea in May on the Blue Horizon

Still - after several Red Sea diving experiences - diving in the Red Sea is exciting! And: as THE responsibility of all of us - To be protected and preserved for future generations!

Diving Red Sea in June on the Tillis

Corals are here healty and full of life.

Diving Red Sea in June on the Snefro Pearl

Every trip we saw different things! And variety of diving spots too,Good

Diving Red Sea in July on the Blue Melody

Very Healthy, vibrant corals - soft & hard, warm

Diving Red Sea in July on the Sea Serpent Contessa

Incredible as always for variety ! 26-28 degree water temps, low to moderate winds = smooth channel crossings

Diving Red Sea in August on the Blue Pearl

A little different than I expected but beautiful coral gardens

Diving Red Sea in August on the Snefro Pearl

Such great diving. Superb conditions, great viz, amazing sea life and incredible variety.

  • Elizabeth P

Loved all of the different fish, unbelievable coral formations and many Nemo sightings. Best place we have ever been to.

Diving Red Sea in September on the Blue

Warm water, great visibility, lots and lots of fish and corals.

Diving Red Sea in September on the Sea Serpent Grand

  • Francisco R

Great (although not many big fishes)

Diving Red Sea in September on the Snefro Pearl

I felt cold at 27 degrees. Getting a 5ml for next time.

Diving Red Sea in September on the Snefro Target

  • Maximilian L

Crowded, Diving is a real Mass tourism in the Red sea.

Diving Red Sea in September on the Emperor Asmaa

Diving was very nice, but not our best experience. Water was warm enough so that a skin or 3 mil was all we needed. Visibility was okay but not great. No problem with current. Overall nice but not fabulous.

Diving Red Sea in September on the Blue Melody

Wasn't as good as it has been. Missing the sharks, octopus and turtles

Das rote meer fasziniert mich immer wieder mit den beeindruckenden Riffen und der Vielfalt.

Diving Red Sea in September on the Blue Horizon

Good. Visibility and fish not. not as good as previous trips to the Straits of Tiran.

Diving Red Sea in October on the Snefro Pearl

Rich coral and fish life - the best I have ever encountered

Diving Red Sea in October on the Blue Melody

Great BUT The Red Sea needs help and a rota of boats is essential to allow reef recovery. More attention needs to be devoted to environmental preservation in the dive briefing. The golden goose of liveaboards will evaporate if more species such as the already missing garden eels disappear altogether

  • 6.8 Review score

3/10. Coral good but lacking color. Plenty of small fish but nothing larger. Extremely crowded dive sights; best quote was "100 divers for every shark seen". Many time the bubbles from so many other divers prevented seeing the sharks. At one dive sight I saw ~50 divers descend from the surface right in front of me. You have to memorize your boat name because there could be 40 zodiacs at the dive sight when you surface.

Diving Red Sea in October on the JP Marine

rougher waters than expected. not as colorful as expected. water temperature perfect.

Diving Red Sea in October on the Blue Horizon

The water was clear and a great place to dive.

Diving Red Sea in October on the SS Serena Dreams

Beautiful well-preserved reefs all over.

Diving Red Sea in October on the Tillis

Can only recommend - good vis and stunning reeves

Diving Red Sea in October on the South Moon

The visibility was over 100 ft each day. This is my best week of diving and a new favorite destination

Diving Red Sea in November on the Emperor Elite

Great. The colours, the life, the different kind of fishes.

Diving Red Sea in November on the Snefro Pearl

  • Maria Jose O

Amazing marine life and visibility, great weather in November.

Overall very enjoyable! Some coral bleaching noticeable in relation to the last time I was there around 10 years ago

Diving Red Sea in November on the JP Marine

  • Anastasiya D

Always plenty of fish, turtle, lion fish, stingray. Group saw a shark 2 times!

Diving Red Sea in November on the Freedom III

Warm water. Little chilly close to the coast but late in season.

Diving Red Sea in November on the Sea Serpent Contessa

Best dives of my life--incredible light flowing through gorgeous hard and soft coral fields

Not so cold in the water, but super uncomfortable on surface on this time of the year. Visibility was very good

Diving Red Sea in January on the Snefro Pearl

Very good, but water in Febnruary is fresh (24 degrees)

Diving Red Sea in February on the Blue Storm

Warm(ish) water, nice marine life.

Diving Red Sea in March on the Emperor Superior

It wasn't the best. Apparently it was off season for everything

Diving Red Sea in March on the Blue Horizon

Excellent dives. Water moderately cold (21-23 C) in March.

Diving Red Sea in March on the Blue Melody

Good visibility, amazing colours and abundance of life

Diving Red Sea in March on the Freedom III

Best I've ever done. SO many fish, and so many varieties of corals.

Diving Red Sea in April on the SS Serena Dreams

Red sea has it all. Colourfull reefs and also the big fish!!

Diving Red Sea in April on the Tillis

Southern Red sea is a different vibe to the north, and well worth the travelling time.

Great visibility and the team are preserving the reef through education of guests

Awesome coral and fish life

I loved it. You have such a nice mix of everything, from nudis to sharks, from reefs to blue waters... It's all there!

Diving Red Sea in May on the Tillis

Good visibility and plentiful coral and sea life, not too crowded given the number of dive boats about

Warm and wealthy of fish & reef, very nice.

Visibility was average at best at most sites and the marine life was pretty sparse. I guess I am used to a bigger ecosystem with plentiful quantities and species of fish in other places I have dove in the past.

May sea water temperature 24 Celsius - 5mm full wets uit recommended incl. hood. Beautiful corals (pinnacles and walls), great tropical fish life, no pelagic encounters.

Much better than a few years ago although still some poor dive sites that have nor recovered as well as others. Perhaps need to be left alone to recover?.

Red Sea is still one of most colorful and full of marine life dive sites in the world

Diving Red Sea in June on the Emperor Superior

Beautiful coral, canyons and variety of sea life

Diving Red Sea in June on the Sunshine

good. vis wasn't the best.

Diving Red Sea in June on the Blue Storm

beautiful and warm water, 27deg and no need for a wet suit. (June Dive)

The diving overall was good. We didn't see so much "big stuff" unfortunately but the diving was enjoyable and we were able to enjoy a lovely night dive.

Diving Red Sea in July on the Blue

Overall fantastic diving- such an abundance of life and colour, with comparatively healthy reefs to what you can find elsewhere.

Warm waters (30 degrees), fantastic visibility and great dive sites - perfect!

Diving Red Sea in July on the Snefro Pearl

Beautiful. Warm, good visibility

  • Antonio Gines B

Hay multitud de sitios de buceo para todos lo niveles y con la diversión asegurada.

Diving Red Sea in August on the Blue Seas

My first time diving there and exceeded my expectations. You're sailing past the most breathtaking scenery and beautiful shallows and reefs, and then you jump in and see the magical world down below.

I enjoyed my first time diving in the Red Sea. The coral gardens are magical. I had hoped to see more large fish, but perhaps the time of year and high water temperatures may have been factors in their absence. I will definitely be back, perhaps at a different time of year, hoping to see larger fish.

Overall, very impressed with diving in the Red Sea, the corals look healthy and there seems to be endless dive sites that provide a diversity but it does get crowded in peak season with other boats and divers. Didn’t see any hammerheads in the week and very few Longimanus - not that you can expect to see them but people used to describe the hotspots as teaming with sharks. Not sure if that’s a result of overfishing, climate change or just wrong place at the wrong time.

Diving Red Sea in September on the Blue Seas

The coral was lovely . . like a garden

Diving Red Sea in October on the Blue Storm

The clear waters were great to dive. The marine life was average, and we saw no large fish or sharks. Many corals were bleached and lifeless. The soft corals were few.

  • 4.4 Review score

water temperature around 28 °C, visibility often limited

Diving Red Sea in October on the Sunshine

I went for the large animal experiences, and there were none in the first week of November due to higher water temperatures.

Generally good. Manageable currents

Diving Red Sea in November on the Sea Serpent Grand

  • 8.4 Very good

We had a lovely trip. Whale shark was an unexpected bonus on our trip.

Diving Red Sea in December on the Snefro Pearl

Good, although not much variation with the reef dives - saw many of the same things at each site.

Diving Red Sea in December on the Blue Melody

Water temperatures were great 24-25C, overall light currents, light traffic.

Diving Red Sea in December on the Emperor Elite

  • Moritz-Gabriel H

Nice visibillity, not that warm water, beuatiful dicespots

Diving Red Sea in January on the Tillis

Great visibility, lots of marine life

The coral was so vibrant and alive.

Diving Red Sea in March on the SS Serena Dreams

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Depart Hurgada or Port Ghalib, Egypt   |   Shipwrecks, 7 Species of Sharks, Colorful Corals, Kitesurfing

The Red Sea is considered one of the world’s top dive destinations . With over 1,000 species of fish, vibrant soft corals, unique topographies, world-class wreck diving and sharks, the Red Sea is at the top of most divers’ bucket lists. Divers joining a liveaboard in Egypt can experience the SS Thistlegorm , one of the most famous wreck dives in the world. Trips to Brothers Islands , Daedalus and Elphinstone reefs produce close encounters with a variety of sharks including oceanic whitetips, grey reef and hammerhead sharks. Tiran and Ras Mohamed National Park , in the Northern Red Sea, is where you will find Shark Reef and Yolanda Reef, which are teeming with fish life, covered with coral and home to its namesake wreckage Yolanda. 

Red Sea Diving

The Red Sea is one of the world’s top dive destinations. Vibrantly colored reefs, world-class wrecks and an excellent variety of dive sites attract divers from around the globe to this underwater paradise. With reefs, wrecks, dolphins, sharks, Spanish dancers and giant clams, the Red Sea offers unique diving experiences to those who make the journey.

From one of the world’s most famous wreck dive sites, the SS Thistlegorm, to close encounters with numerous shark species, including oceanic whitetips, Red Sea divers can see the best of the best without blowing budgets. In the north, divers flock to areas including Ras Mohammed National Park, Abu Nuhas, Safaga, Gubal Island, Sharm el Sheikh and plenty more. Further south, popular stops include the Brothers Islands, Daedalus, Elphinstone, Rocky Island and Zabargad. Of course, the optimum way to visit these scattered dive sites is by liveaboard.

Red Sea Diving Highlights

Sheikh to Rocky Island and Everything in Between  

These itineraries are typically categorized into Northern or Southern Red Sea and are relative to their location along the Egyptian coast. Southern itineraries are known for shark diving at pinnacle reefs, while northern itineraries highlight wreck diving, although the northern reefs are also phenomenal.  

The star of the show is in the Central Red Sea. The Brothers, Daedalus and Elphinstone itinerary (often referred to as BDE) attracts thousands of divers to its healthy reefs each year, hoping to come face-to-face with oceanic whitetip sharks.

All Star Scuba Scene

All Star Scuba Scene dive liveaboard moored at Zabargad in Egypt Red Sea

  • 159 feet (48.5m) long and 34.5 feet (10.5m) wide
  • The vessel was built in 2023
  • Accommodates up to 28 guests plus crew members
  • Twin bed cabins with private bathrooms
  • Suites with seaview windows and private bathrooms
  • Dive deck with personal gear station and a camera table
  • Up to four (4) dives per day including night dives* 
  • Tenders with custom tank racks
  • Includes all meals, snacks and non-alcoholic beverages
  • World cuisine dining
  • Ground transfer to/from airport and vessel/hotel
  • Multilingual crew; English, Arabic, German spoken; translators available with advance notice
  • Kitesurfing and Shark Week trips
  • Managed and regulated by the Egypt Chamber of Diving and Watersports (CDWS)

From $1,380 all-inclusive

red sea diving & cruises

Red Sea Shark Diving

Shark encounters are a major attraction to the Red Sea. Oceanic whitetips are usually first to be mentioned, but numerous species are frequently spotted, including hammerheads, threshers and gray reef sharks.  

Southern itinerary destinations like Elphinstone, Daedalus, the Brothers Islands and the deep south region around the St. John’s Plateau area are the most popular Red Sea shark diving locations. October and November are prime times for spotting oceanic whitetip sharks, but May and June also offer the unique possibility of seeing schooling hammerheads in the deep south.

To support the popularity of shark diving in the Red Sea, All Star Scuba Scene runs Shark Weeks throughout peak season. During these trips, dives sites are chosen to give passengers the best chances for shark encounters. Dr. Elke Bojanowski (founder of the Red Sea Sharks Trust) offers presentations on shark conservation, behavior, research and insights throughout the week. Divers with cameras can assist Dr. Bojanowski’s research through photographic identification during dives.

Red Sea Wreck Diving

Wreck diving in the Red Sea’s northern region is unparalleled in quality and quantity. Most of the sites are within recreational diving depths, suitable for travelers with minimal wreck diving experience. Recreational divers can penetrate many wrecks, while tec divers can access sites requiring more advanced skills.

Divers of all skill levels can visit the Barge at Gubal Island, the wreck of the Yolanda in Ras Mohammed, the SS Dunraven, all four wrecks of Abu Nuhas and more. Even Big Brother Island in the central Red Sea is home to two wrecks:   Numidia and Aida.

Though all the northern Red Sea wrecks are stellar, the shipwreck SS Thistlegorm stands alone in its fame. Rediscovered by Jacques Cousteau himself, divers have visited this sunken piece of World War II history for more than 50 years. All Star Scuba Scene passengers can gain entry to cargo holds blasted open by German fighter pilots to see exciting marine life and war artifacts like motorcycles, rifles and even soldiers’ boots.

Experience All Star Scuba Scene

Daedalus with dive liveaboards

Top Dive Sites in the Red Sea

Northern Red Sea Dive Sites

  • SS Thistlegorm
  • Shark and Yolanda Reef at Ras Mohammed National Park
  • Abu Nuhas wrecks
  • Dolphin House Reef
  • Thomas Reef in the Strait of Tiran

Central/Southern Red Sea Dive Sites

  • Elphinstone Reef
  • Daedalus Reef
  • Brothers Islands
  • Rocky Island
  • St. John’s Plateau

When to Dive in the Red Sea

Red Sea diving is excellent year-round, but water temperatures can vary quite a bit (from low 70s to mid-80s). Packing/renting an appropriate exposure suit is very important. To assist guests, All Star Scuba Scene rents 5mm wetsuits, sufficient for most divers.

The main reason for choosing one specific time of year over another in the Red Sea is what can be seen and when. The peak season for diving with oceanic whitetip and thresher sharks is October-November. The peak season for schooling hammerheads is around May and June. Wrecks and dolphins are visited more regularly from December to April.

Red Sea Diving Conditions

Red Sea diving is suitable for divers of most experience levels. Visibility is excellent, and currents are generally minimal, but many sites are at depths beyond 60 ft. (20m). All Star Scuba Scene trips require an Advanced Open Water (AOW) certification to dive every site.

Surface conditions can be a little rough, especially around the sites in open water (such as Daedalus and Brothers), so some/all of the dives may be done from tenders.

red sea diving & cruises

Red Sea Underwater Photography

Fascinating subjects and excellent visibility make the Red Sea a hotspot for underwater photographers. Discover plenty of opportunities for macro, wide-angle and over-under shots when surface conditions are mild surrounding islands like Daedalus and Big Brother.

Macro photography is popular, and species are plentiful in the Red Sea. An observant diver will be pleasantly surprised at the abundance of colorful nudibranchs and other tiny creatures meandering around dive sites. Night dives offer the best chance of capturing that rare picture of a swimming Red Dancer nudibranch, one of the Red Sea’s most desired bucket list critters.

Many large marine animals can also be observed and photographed in the Red Sea. Sharks, of course, are excellent examples. Oceanic whitetips spend much of their time in shallow water, and they’re willing to get extremely close to divers. Well-lit and favorable circumstances improve the likelihood of a phenomenal shot of these encounters. Divers are invited to submit shark photos to Dr. Bojanowski to assist her with her Red Sea Shark research. A typical dive experience includes dolphins, manta rays, giant morays and the occasional whale shark.

The breadth and depth of dive site photo ops have garnered the Red Sea a solid reputation for signature shots. The classic view of a healthy reef of soft corals through a thick blanket of vibrant anthias is a sight to behold, and the imagery does justice. Wrecks offer similarly iconic photos. With such picturesque dive sites, it’s almost a shame to get in the water without a camera to document a Red Sea visit!

Red Sea Tec Diving

For those who desire to explore beyond the limits of recreational diving, the Red Sea boasts an excellent selection of dive sites that will impress even the most seasoned tec divers.

North and Tiran is a fascinating Red Sea itinerary for tec divers. Highlights include numerous wrecks – many of which are only accessible to tec divers – are scattered around the Sinai peninsula, and dramatic canyons that start at depths of over 100 feet (30m).

Brothers, Daedalus and Elphinstone (BDE) trips also provide the opportunity for tec diving. The two wrecks near Big Brother Island, Numidia and Aida, are best explored by divers with technical certifications, as is the Arch at Elphinstone Reef.

Added bottom time at more substantial depth limits offer ample opportunities to explore these rarely visited underwater gems. All Star Scuba Scene can accommodate tec divers on any standard dive trip with advanced notice, but only northern itineraries are suitable for technical instruction.

Tec divers aboard the All Star Scuba Scene can take advantage of rebreathers, 40-100% nitrox blends, trimixes and longer dive times. Diving enthusiasts who have attained certifications ranging from Advanced Nitrox to Extended Range Nitrox can expect a lower limit on the number of dives available simply because of extended times below. If you are interested in utilizing or earning a tec diving certification on your Red Sea trip, Contact Us to learn more.

red sea diving & cruises

How to Travel to Egypt 

All Star Scuba Scene departs from Hurghada or Port Ghalib, depending on the itinerary. Our All Star Scuba Scene trip costs include round-trip airport ground transfers from/to airport/hotel and vessel.

Direct flights into Hurghada (HRG) typically have a layover in Istanbul, Doha, or Dubai. Port Ghalib’s nearest airport is Marsa Alam International Airport (RMF). Flying into Marsa Alam usually means connecting in Cairo (CAI), which has easy and convenient connections in Europe, most commonly Paris, Amsterdam or London.

For information about Egypt’s Covid travel protocols, visit our Covid Travel Info page.

Egypt Land Tours

For travelers planning to arrive early or extend their stay, All Star Liveaboards can assist with coordinating land tour arrangements. An English-speaking guide is provided with every tour, so travelers can enjoy exploring the country stress-free. Guides who speak other languages are also available with advanced notice.

Cairo tours, ranging from 1 to 4 days, can include everything from museums to local mosques and shops to the Pyramids of Giza.

Three to four-night Nile Cruises between Aswan and Luxor allow travelers to visit some of Egypt’s most impressive historical monuments.

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Based in Hurghada, Egypt

Red Sea Explorers

Redefine the way you dive

At Red Sea Explorers we offer an unbeatable liveaboard experience with diving opportunities all over the Red Sea. Our routes stretch from Sinai to the Sudan and encompass all that's in between. With such diverse dive sites on our itineraries, we cater for recreational diving of all levels as well as technical diving. With a keen interest in technical diving operations, we encourage and support research and exploration projects onboard.

Globsl Underwater Explorers

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Watch this space for updates on notable trips and special offers.

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North & dahab.

MV Tala

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Wreck Exploration

Wreck Exploration

Latest news.

100-year-old coaling ship discovered & identified by Red Sea Explorers.

100-year-old coaling ship discovered & identified by Red Sea Explorers.

This wreck is also located in the Northern Red Sea’s strait of Gubal. The wreck sits at 68 meters and reaches 52 meters at its shallowest part. Her position is in the shipping lane east of Ashrafi Island, This is one of the windiest parts of the Red Sea with ripping currents. It is a challenging dive.

Mystery steamship wreck in the Red Sea identified as SC Almirante Barroso

Mystery steamship wreck in the Red Sea identified as SC Almirante Barroso

A new shipwreck for advanced technical divers in the Red Sea

A new shipwreck for advanced technical divers in the Red Sea

A Red Sea Explorers’ dive team, composed of Faisal Khalaf and Michel Salsmans, has been the first to dive on a newly located wreck in the Northern Red Sea. As of yet the wreck is unidentified and we have named it Persistence: The Angle Pipe Wreck. This is the report.

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Aggressor Adventures™

Red sea - south.

  • Indo Aggressor ®

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With awesome visibility and breath-taking soft corals, the Red Sea is one of the most popular liveaboard scuba diving destinations in Egypt.

There are over 1000 species of fish in the Red Sea, 20 percent of which are found nowhere else in the world. With it being one of the sunniest places on the planet, corals and their tiny guests thrive on an overabundance of solar energy. The itineraries offer swimming with pods of up to 60 wild dolphin, up close encounters with Oceanic White Tip Sharks and much more.

Specials & Unique Charters

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  • Red Sea Aggressor IV Specials

Travel - Red Sea - South

Airfare, Hotels & Excursions

The Red Sea Aggressor IV operates from the Port Ghalib yacht marina and resort area. It is a beautiful gated upscale resort community that is home to the 141 ft., 26 passenger yacht and includes lots of restaurants and shopping. All weekly trips run Saturday to Saturday.

  • Diving begins Sunday morning and ends Friday when the Aggressor returns to port.
  • Average of up to 20 to 23 dives on 7 night charters including several night dives
  • Depth Range:  26 – 130 ft (8m – 40m)
  • 3-5 mm wetsuit recommended for summer; 7 mm wetsuit recommended for winter
  • Average water temperatures: 74 - 82F, 23 - 28C

The Red Sea Aggressor IV is equipped with 3 dive tenders. Length: (2) 8 ft. x 21 ft and (1) 6 x 16 ft.

Red Sea, Southern Itineraries

Four brands, one family - choose your adventure.

  • Aggressor Liveaboards™
  • Aggressor River Cruises™
  • Aggressor Safari Lodge™

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Diving in THE Red Sea. EGYPT

Our best liveaboard in Egypt

red sea diving & cruises

The Red Sea, a diving destination you always want to return to.

Thousands of divers from all over the world travel for diving in the Red Sea and many of them return, year after year.

There must be a reason! Perhaps it is because the Red Sea is considered one of the best diving destinations in the world and without a doubt, the number 1 in value for money? Diving in Egypt, with the pleasant climatic conditions, the amazing reef systems , full of life and color, is the perfect plan.  The incredible number of spectacular shipwrecks or the possibility of having breathtaking encounters with a great diversity of species.

All this as well as the most incredible ancient history to be found anywhere on Earth makes the destination par excellence for a Great Diving trip .

More than 20 years in running diving operations in the Red Sea, guarantees a Premium quality of the services offered by Blue Force Fleet . Let us help you discover the many routes we offer aboard our “Liveaboard” diving boat, where you will enjoy living the famous “Blue Force Experience” much more than a diving vacation!

Coral Reefs in The Red Sea. Dive in Red Sea with Blue Force Fleet

Our boat in Egypt (Red Sea) Liveaboard in Egypt

The Egyptian Red Sea is one of the favorite diving places in the World. The health of the reefs , the amazing amount of real shipwrecks,  and the pristine and clear waters offer us the best combination for nonstop diving in Egypt .

To enjoy 100% of the experience of diving in Egypt you need to choose our liveaboard boat in the Red Sea . Comfort, service onboard, safety, modern spaces, big cabins, and really good technical support onboard. We offer a high standard with our boat offering one of the best liveaboard in Egypt.

Just check our routes and book a perfect diving trip !!

Cruise red sea blue force 2.

red sea diving & cruises

Diving in the Red Sea, Egypt Our routes:

Unlike other destinations, diving in Egypt does not end so easily .

You can travel there year after year and not repeat dives. The Egyptian Red Sea has a huge extension and that is why we can design many routes for different levels or interests.

For example, the North route is perfect for the first time or for people with little experience and, then, the extended North route for shipwreck lovers. Diving in Egypt offers multiple routes for diving enthusiasts .

What are you waiting to book yours?

“north” route, “extended north” route, find and book your cruise for diving in the red sea. don’t lose your chance, land trip extensions for diving in egypt.

Take advantage of your diving trip to the Red Sea in order to visit Egypt with its cities and unique sites or stopping over in other countries. Check out our guided tours and visits.

Get to know monuments declared World Heritage, the pyramids of Keops, Kefren and Micerinos, the Egyptian Museum and the interesting markets and culture of Cairo.

red sea diving & cruises

Nile Cruises

Nothing can match a cruise along the Nile. It is a must if you visit Egypt. The cruise takes place between Aswan and Luxor, where you can enjoy archaeological and cultural wonders of ancient Egypt (Karnak, Edfu, Hatchepsut, Valley of the kings) you can complete the cruise with a visit to Abu Simbel and Nasser Lake either by bus or airplane.

red sea diving & cruises

Beaches in Egypt

Due to the warm climate, you can enjoy beaches, water sports, landscape and entertainment opportunities such as desert tours by quad, horse riding and others of cultural interest such as Sinai Mountain or the Monastery of Santa Catalina.

red sea diving & cruises

A walk around Petra, the beauty of Wadi Rum desert, swim and float in the Dead Sea, visit the Promised Land from the Tip of Mount Nebo…. just some of the wonders of this magic country.

red sea diving & cruises

A city full of contrasts, cultures, noises, colors, flavors, smells… an incredible and chaotic city, both European and Asian. Churches, Mosques, Palaces and Synagogues live together in perfect harmony. You can also extend your trip to Istanbul adding some days in the pictoresque Cappadocia.

red sea diving & cruises

One of the most popular cities in the world due to its spectacular and luxurious hotels and shopping areas. A perfect place to combine shopping, desert and Golf, you can even add a visit to Abu Dhabi and the Ferrari world Park.

red sea diving & cruises

Download our brochure for diving in the Red Sea!

red sea diving & cruises

"Over 19 years making dreams come true for divers... just like you"

Contact us now at [email protected].

red sea diving & cruises

Southern Red Sea Liveaboards

Top dive trip options and travel information.

red sea diving & cruises

  • Page contents:
  • Cruise options
  • Climate/Best time to go
  • Getting there
  • Where to stay
  • Useful resources

From the Sinai Peninsula in the north through to St. John's pristine reefs at the Sudanese border in the south, the Red Sea shimmers as an example of dedicated environmental conservation. The success of the region's sea life is largely thanks to conservation efforts implemented in the early 1990s. The Egyptian government is planning further expansion of their conservation effort, which is good news for scuba divers, like you!

On liveaboard diving safaris in the Red Sea from Hurghada and further south, the weather plays a slightly more prominent role but rewards scuba divers with awesome visibility, sheer walls, lots of wrecks and pelagic action in droves. Characteristic of the region are sheltered reefs and towering pinnacles, a favourite habitat of a diverse shark populations. Dark clouds of schooling reef fish, swarming snappers and heaps of surgeons also abound. Divers speak in hushed tones of sites such as The Brothers, Elphinstone, Daedalus, St John's and Sudan.

From Hurghada down to St. John's, the south and deep south of Egypt's Red Sea possess an abundance of liveaboard-only dive sites, each fascinating in its own right and offering something different. [More details on these dive sites: Southern Red Sea .

The Brothers are among the most beloved places in the Red Sea, despite being only accessible by Egypt liveaboards and in an exposed location. Flourishing soft and hard coral growth overwhelms sheer walls where many pelagic fish dominate the blue. [More details on these dive sites: Brothers .

Due to its remote location, Daedalus Reef is a pristine site and one of the best to visit on Red Sea diving cruises. Currents, while occasionally trying, mean predators such as trevally, tuna and hammerheads are common visitors along with the less commonly sighted thresher sharks. [More details on these dive sites: Daedalus .

In the most southerly of Egyptian waters, the St John's Reefs system is riddled with tunnels and swim-throughs as well as shallow reef flats and steep walls. It therefore provides something very different from many other areas of the Red Sea. There is a great mix of pelagic action here as well as vibrant reef life. [More details on these dive sites: St. John's .

Most popular: Our customers seem to be drawn to certain options and here we feature one which is a hot seller at the moment

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• Red Sea South

A variety of different liveaboard trips are available in this part of the Red Sea and are almost always for 7 nights. Brothers, Daedalus Reef & Elphinstone is among the most popular routes. Red Sea South trips also include Elphinstone but concentrate on the Fury Shoal dive sites. St John's Reefs Is the other main route which often includes sites like Rocky Island and Zabargad.

There is a great deal of cross-over between these routes, with some itineraries encompassing sections of 2 or more of the above-mentioned routes. Indeed, many of the boats from our 'North and Wrecks' section also make liveaboard tours of the Southern Red Sea.

Trips tend to feature 3 dives a day. Conditions can be more variable in the south with more exposed reefs experiencing less calm seas and occasionally strong current. For these reasons, the Southern Red Sea charters appeal to more experienced divers and those who have previously visited the northern regions. Indeed according to Egyptian law, it is necessary to show proof of 50 logged dives before you can dive in its marine parks located in the south.

Add-on Pacakge:

For an adventure of a lifetime, you can combine your Red Sea diving cruise with tours to discover the sights of ancient Egypt. Take an overland tour of Cairo to visit the Sphinx, the pyramids of Giza, and the national museums, or join a Nile River cruise to explore the Valley of the Kings: Egypt antiquity tours .


Customer rating: Excellent!

  • Visits Red Sea North and South
  • Spacious bright cabins with priv...
  • Rebreather facilities

Golden Dolphin I

  • Operates trips throughout the Re...
  • All cabins have ensuite bathroom...
  • Spacious air-conditioned saloon
  • 2 week safaris available

Golden Dolphin IV

  • All cabins with private bathroom...
  • Dedicated restaurant room with b...

Sea Serpent Glorious Miss Nouran

  • Cruises Red Sea South
  • Trip prices inclusive of port an...
  • Dedicated indoor restaurant with...

Blue Seas

Customer rating: Very good!

  • Visits Red Sea South
  • Huge Honeymoon Suite

Emperor Elite

  • No extras on top of the price
  • Winner of our 'Liveaboard of the...
  • All cabins ensuite with media pl...
  • Dedicated restaurant, free dinne...

Emperor Superior

  • All-inclusive prices
  • Dedicated restaurant
  • Large boat with many relaxation ...

Golden Dolphin II

  • Dedicated dining room with bar
  • 12 and 15 litre tanks
  • Large boat with 2 sundecks

Golden Dolphin III

  • Low budget dive cruises
  • Cabins with private bathrooms

Red Sea Aggressor IV

  • Free local wine and beer
  • Sun deck with 2 hot tubs
  • Large modern boat

Royal Evolution

  • Unique Red Sea and Sudan diving ...
  • All cabins with ensuite bathroom...
  • In-cabin morning coffee/tea serv...
  • 4 decks, sun deck with hot tub a...
  • 10, 12 and 15 litre tanks, nitro...
  • Large steel hull boat

Sea Serpent

  • Cruises Red Sea North and South
  • Dedicated restaurant with bar
  • Helium/oxygen blending station
  • Safari prices inclusive of port ...

Blue Pearl

Customer rating: Good

  • Spacious comfortable communal ar...

Discovery I

  • Liveaboard trips throughout the ...
  • Great value economy cruises
  • Upper deck sunset bar

Emperor Asmaa

  • Visits Red sea North and South
  • All inclusive transparent prices...
  • Dive computers available
  • Computer for internet and photo ...


  • Dive cruises throughout the Red ...
  • ENOS diver safety system
  • Multi-award winning liveaboard

MY Blue Horizon

  • Visits Red Sea North and South, ...
  • Separate saloon and dining areas...
  • Jacuzzi on sun deck
  • Rebreather friendly
  • Large yacht

MY Blue Melody

  • All trips are confirmed departur...
  • Cabins with private bathroom and...
  • Dedicated dining area, 2 separat...
  • Large dive boat

MY Saphir

  • 3 sundecks & large shaded area
  • 12 & 15 litre tanks available

Sea Serpent Grand

  • All cabins with private ensuite ...
  • Cruise price includes port and p...
  • ENOS diver safety system onboard...

Sea Serpent Serena Dreams

  • Trip price includes port and par...
  • Cruises for smaller groups

Seawolf Dominator

  • Visits Red Sea of Egypt and Suda...
  • All cabins have private bathroom...
  • Technical diving facilities
  • ENOS satellite location and resc...


  • Liveaboard cruises in the northe...
  • Dves conducted from Zodiacs and ...
  • Main deck cabins with sea views
  • Outdoor bar for sundowners


Customer rating: Average

  • Liveaboard cruises in Red Sea So...

Blue Storm

Customer rating: Be first to rate!

Discovery II

  • Liveaboard diving safaris across...
  • Large wooden hull motor yacht

Dolce Vita

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  • Open Water Diver course availabl...

Dune Alia

  • Modern design
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  • All cabins above the water
  • Inclusive price policy
  • Large steel hull motor yacht


  • Dive cruises in the northern Red...
  • Max. capacity of just 16
  • ENOS lost diver tracking
  • Special family cruises


  • Specialises in diving in the sou...


  • Liveaboards throughout the Red S...
  • Spacious cabins with private bat...
  • All cabins are well proportioned...
  • Dolphin adventure cruise for fam...
  • Modern and large motor yacht

Ghazala Explorer

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Hammerhead 2

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  • Liveaboard trips across the Red ...
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MV Odyssey

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Sea Serpent Excellence

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Seawolf Steel

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  • Upper deck seaview cabins
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Seven Seas

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  • Southern Red Sea liveaboard crui...
  • Special kids cruises


  • Red Sea liveaboards - North and ...
  • Friendly and professional crew
  • Plenty of open air social area
  • Large motor yacht

The Southern Red Sea of Egypt is a little warmer than the north. Water temperatures rise to 28-30°C from July to September . In October and November the temperatures drop to 27-28°C and then from December to February to 26-23°C . After this, temperatures warm up again from 25-28°C between March and June .

Summer winds can blow between May and September, with stronger winter winds from October to April. On rare occasions, dive cruises will be re-routed if winds are too strong for the original routes.

Oceanic whitetip sharks can be encountered In St John's around May and June, and at Elphinstone and the rest of southern Egypt from October to December. Thresher shark season is from September to December around the offshore islands, Brothers and Daedalus. Hammerheads can be seen at Daedalus in the summer months when big numbers of females are attracted there. Manta ray and whale shark season at St. John's, Daedalus and Brothers is around April and May.

Red Sea South liveaboard safaris depart from Hurghada, Safaga or Port Ghalib (at Marsa Alam). Often they will begin at one port and end at another. St. John's Reef trips are the exception, in that they use only Port Ghalib as their departure and return port. In some cases the boats are moored at port and depart the day after the trip begins. This means you can arrive quite late on the first day of the tour and still board the boat before it sets sail the following morning.

You can view the ports that each boat uses in the 'Departures & Prices' section of that boat's web page. Whichever ports your boat uses, normally the boat operator provides a transfer to the boat from the local airport or hotels (if you overnight beforehand). We will send you full departure details during the booking process.

Most international travllers fly into Cairo International Airport. Over 70 international airlines from Europe, the US, Africa and Asia use the airport. Hurghada, Safaga and Marsa Alam are accessible via domestic flights or direct via a few international airports. More information on: How to get to Egypt .

We suggest you take out insurance to cover scuba diving and travel activities, including trip cancellation. See our insurance programmes section for a quotation:

If you are going to continue your stay in Egypt before or after your Red Sea liveaboard expedition, there is a large range of accommodation options at our affiliated hotel reservation specialists: hotelscombined.com. Make use of their 'Low Price Guarantee' to ensure you get top-dollar value for money. You can browse their website, use the on-line chat to ask your questions, then simply use your credit card to make your booking:

Save on your hotel - www.hotelscombined.com

  • Dive sites: Southern Red Sea - Brothers Islands - Daedalus Reef - Elphinstone - St. John's
  • Diving video
  • Trip reports: Blue Seas - Emperor Elite - Miss Nouran
  • Further reading: The Red Sea's MPAs - Endemism in the Red Sea - Egyptian tourist activities
  • Frequently asked questions


... The liveaboards and dates were laid out really well on the website, making it easy to choose the suitable trip. Contacting Dive The World was easy and very helpful with fast prompt replies to every single inquiry or change in plans. The best thing was the ease by which I can choose my trip, and prompt and quick replies from the website. ... -- Yousuf Abusamra , Egypt.  [ More customer reviews ]


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Dive with us in the Red Sea of Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt, located at the marina of Na'ama Bay with a private house reef.

Free Guided snorkel tour of the house reef at 9:30 AM, and Free Try of Scuba at 11:30 AM daily. Both activities start on the beach in front of the Dive Center.

2 shore dives per day for certified divers. Meeting times at the dive center: 10:15 AM and 2:15 PM.

Night Dives every evening with min. 2 divers. (Night Dives by boat are offered with min. 6 divers.)

Weekly trips are organized to dive the SS Thistlegorm & Dunraven Wrecks, and to Dahab for diving the world famous Blue Hole & Canyon dive sites.

To visit our website for Divers International Red Sea, just click on the logo, top right.

Red Sea Scuba International

is a subsidary of Divers International Red Sea Group, located at the marina of Na'ama Bay in Lido Hotel with private house reef in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt.

Liveaboard Diving in the Red Sea, Egypt Sharm el-Sheikh, Hurghada, Marsa Alam

Click here to see our Liveaboard Schedule!

The towns of Sharm el Sheikh, Hurghada, and Marsa Alam are major ports for some of the best liveaboard diving in the world. From Sharm el Sheikh liveaboard routes include Tiran, Ras Mohamed, Sha'ab Mahmud, plus Sha'ab Ali and Abu Nuhas in the Strait of Gubal. From Hurghada liveaboard routes include the northern reefs around Hurghada and the Strait of Gubal to the North, and the southern reefs around Hurghada and Brother's Islands to the South. From Marsa Alam liveaboard routes include Elphinstone Reef and many remote islands and reefs in the southern area of the Red Sea near the Sudan border.

The routes to the north departing from Sharm el Sheikh and Hurghada are suitable for divers with less experience, except for some of the wreck dives, such as the SS Thistlegorm and Rosalie Moller. The southern routes departing from Hurghda and Marsa Alam are only for divers with an Advanced Cetification and minimum 50 dives experience. It is also possible to join while taking advanced level training during the trip.

It is possible to find a variety of different quality yachts, from standard class to super luxury class with capacities from 10 to 32 divers. Yachts are available for full charter by the week, and a handful of operators have spaces availble for individuals to join with a range of regularly scheduled trips. Sharm el Sheikh is the only port with a 3-day "mini-liveaboard" available, ( offered only by 2 operators ), which includes Ras Mohamed National Park and the SS Thistlegorm Wreck.

Red Sea Liveaboard Dive Safaris - All Cruise Itineraries

The above map shows all of the liveaboard routes available; ranging from the Gulf of Aqaba to the Gulf of Suez along the Sinai coast in the North, and from the Strait of Gubal to the southern border with Sudan along the coast of main-land Egypt in the South. There are endless variations of route combinations that can be arranged with this vast multitude of diving sites.

Email us to find out more information about the itineraries and yachts available for charter. We also have regular trips on our schedule with spaces available for individuals to join.

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Brothers - daedalus - elphinstone.

MY Anemone: 27 Mar - 03 Apr 2024

special offers

Deep South - Saint John's

Best of Deep South

MY Anemone: 03 Apr - 10 Apr 2024

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Famous kite spots on 5* yacht

MY Anemone: 13 Apr - 20 Apr 2024

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Famous kite spots of the Red sea

MY Anemone: 22 Jun - 29 Jun 2024

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Daedalus - Rocky - Zabargad


MY Anemone: 10 Apr - 17 Apr 2024

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North - Ras Mohamed - Tiran - Dahab

Luxury MY Anemone and famous dive sates of the Red sea

MY Anemone: 20 Apr - 27 Apr 2024

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Northern Wrecks and Reefs and Safaga


MY Anemone: 06 Jul - 13 Jul 2024

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North and Brothers dive safari

To famous Brothers islands and Northern sites

MY Anemone: 20 Jul - 27 Jul 2024

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North - Ras Mohamed - Tiran

Famous Northern marine parks and wrecks

MY Anemone: 27 Jul - 03 Aug 2024

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Marine parks of the Southern Red sea

MY Turquoise: 21 Sep - 28 Sep 2024

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red sea diving & cruises

Eerie footage reveals inside of sunken passenger plane once mistaken for missing MH370 wreckage

New footage has given us a glimpse inside an abandoned passenger plane once mistaken for the missing MH370 wreckage .

The video, captured by a diver, showcases the eerie interior of the Lockheed Martin L1011 Tristar plane, now resting at the bottom of the Red Sea . The aircraft, which dropped to the sea floor in 2019, features seats and shattered windows and its location has become a popular destination for thrill-seekers.

Underwater photographer Brett Hoelzer documented his exploration of the wreckage, revealing intact lockers and headrests among the debris. The massive 400-seat jet , first put into service in the 1980s, was intentionally sunk after being discarded at King Hussein International Airport in Jordan.

READ MORE: Mystery of missing MH370 could be solved - due to fisherman's broken net

The Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority purchased the plane with the intention of sinking it to stimulate dive tourism. This decision also aimed to encourage coral growth, a goal that has been successfully achieved over the past five years, The Sun reports.

Divers must descend between 15 to 28 meters to fully explore the aircraft and its artificial reef. Remarkably, the plane remains largely intact, with all three engines still attached to the wings and tail fin. Other features such as the cockpit, toilets, and galleys are still in place, as reported by Scuba Diving magazine in 2022.

Diver Brett Hoelzer previously shared with CNN Arabic: "The cockpit is the shallowest part of the wreck and faces the beach at about 13 meters. Scuba divers can go to the back to the last two exit doors, which are at a depth of 28 meters. Or they can exit from the middle doors, which are at a depth of about 20 meters."

Last year, a social media post featuring Tristar went viral after it was speculated to be the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 (MH370), which vanished in 2014. The caption read: "Malaysia Airplane MH370 that disappeared nine years ago has been found under ocean with no human skeleton. The plane had 239 passengers on board," as reported by USA Today.

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However, these rumors were swiftly debunked when the image was matched with footage shared by the Deep Blue Dive Centre. The caption clarified: "Tristar Airplane Wreck. Red Sea, Aqaba."

MH370 disappeared with 239 passengers and crew members onboard on March 8, 2014. The aircraft departed Kuala Lumpur for Beijing, but less than 40 minutes into the flight, it lost contact over the South China Sea. Over the years, the enigmatic case has sparked numerous conspiracy theories, including concerns about the flight path and alleged involvement of the pilot.

The plane is believed to be 28 metres deep

Diving-Club Odyssey

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Diving-Club Odyssey - All You Need to Know BEFORE You Go (2024)

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The Moscow metro now has a full 4G coverage

  • On 19 Oct 2018

The Tele2 mobile network company became the first to build an infrastructure for 100% stations of the Moscow's metro. The high-quality 4G internet is now available on all 259 stations of the Moscow's metro, Moscow Central Circle (MCC) and monorail.

The operator has secured a 100% 4G indoor-coverage internet an all stations of the metropolitan metro, including the passageways, pavilions, and stairways. The investments into the project have exceeded 800 million rubles.

The Moscow underground is a specific infrastructure object, which has its own particularities. All works on designing, installation, and adjustment of the hardware should have been conducted exceptionally during night hours when the metro is closed for entry. A sufficient number of stations have a status of cultural heritage, thus, the network development has required additional approvement from the Department of Cultural Heritage of Moscow.

The network coverage within the metro system opens new horizons for the analysis of the "big data". Tele2 Network has analyzed the users' activity during the summer months and has indicated the busiest metro lines, which were: Tagansko-Krasnopresnenskaya, Zamoskvoretskaya and Kaluga-Riga lines. During the summer months, on the stations of Tagansko-Krasnopresnenskaya lines the subscribers have downloaded 125 TByte of internet-traffic, have made over 2 million calls with the total duration of 27 thousand hours, which equals to 3 years.

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Statue of Lenin

red sea diving & cruises

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Statue of Lenin - All You Need to Know BEFORE You Go (2024) - Tripadvisor

  • (0.92 km) Elektrostal Hotel
  • (1.60 km) Yakor Hotel
  • (2.10 km) Hotel Djaz
  • (2.25 km) Mini Hotel Banifatsiy
  • (2.32 km) MTM Hostel Elektrostal
  • (0.11 km) Teremok
  • (0.34 km) Coffee Shop Usy Teodora Glagoleva
  • (0.40 km) Mazhor
  • (0.48 km) Tashir Pizza
  • (0.50 km) Ermitazh


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    Red Sea liveaboard diving cruises are simply unequaled. Scuba dive incredible wrecks, technicolor reefs, and experience a frequent rush hour of pelagics. The breathtaking underwater scenery, walls boasting huge pristine hard corals, and dazzling drop-offs of soft corals will delight even the most experienced of divers.

  2. 64 Liveaboards in Red Sea, Egypt

    The northern area of the Egyptian Red Sea is a divers paradise, offering amazing dive cruises at world-famous dive sites such as the Straits of Tiran and Ras Mohammed National Park. ... Diving the Red Sea was great lots of life on the reef and corals are in great condition. Pay attention to what Wetsuit to bring at what time of year the Blue-O ...

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    The best time to dive in the Red Sea is from March to May or September to November. However, the Red Sea can be dived by liveaboard year-round, and the best time to dive this Middle Eastern region is a matter of personal preference. December to February is the winter around the Red Sea. During these months, the water is quite cold, dipping to ...

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    Red Sea diving is best done by dive liveaboard. Dive trips to SS Thistlegorm, Shark Reef, Brothers, Daedalus, Elphinstone, St. John's & Zabargad. ... Three to four-night Nile Cruises between Aswan and Luxor allow travelers to visit some of Egypt's most impressive historical monuments. Learn More. 204 Hospital Dr NE

  5. Diving Red Sea, Egypt Nile Cruise

    Red Sea liveaboard diving cruises are simply unequaled. Scuba dive incredible wrecks, technicolor reefs, and experience a frequent rush hour of pelagics. The breathtaking underwater scenery, walls boasting huge pristine hard corals, and dazzling drop-offs of soft corals will delight even the most experienced of divers. Liveaboard diving amongst ...

  6. Home

    100-year-old coaling ship discovered & identified by Red Sea Explorers. Published - - 29 September 2018. This wreck is also located in the Northern Red Sea's strait of Gubal. The wreck sits at 68 meters and reaches 52 meters at its shallowest part. Her position is in the shipping lane east of Ashrafi Island, This is one of the windiest parts ...

  7. Red Sea Liveaboard Scuba Diving Vacation in Egypt

    Average of up to 20 to 23 dives on 7 night charters including several night dives. Depth Range: 26 - 130 ft (8m - 40m) 3-5 mm wetsuit recommended for summer; 7 mm wetsuit recommended for winter. Average water temperatures: 74 - 82F, 23 - 28C. The Red Sea Aggressor IV is equipped with 3 dive tenders. Length: (2) 8 ft. x 21 ft and (1) 6 x 16 ft.

  8. Diving in The Red Sea

    To enjoy 100% of the experience of diving in Egypt you need to choose our liveaboard boat in the Red Sea. Comfort, service onboard, safety, modern spaces, big cabins, and really good technical support onboard. We offer a high standard with our boat offering one of the best liveaboard in Egypt.

  9. Red Sea Liveaboard Diving Cruises: Egypt & Sudan

    Most dive cruises in the Northern Red Sea are for a duration of 1 week, although shorter Sinai-only trips are also available. • Red Sea South. Many liveaboards conduct tours of Egypt's Southern Red Sea, and some boats visit only this area exclusively. These cruise options may include the Brothers, considered to deliver some of the best diving ...

  10. Red Sea South Liveaboard Diving Cruises, Egypt

    The Climate, Diving Season and Best Time to Visit. The Southern Red Sea of Egypt is a little warmer than the north. Water temperatures rise to 28-30°C from July to September.In October and November the temperatures drop to 27-28°C and then from December to February to 26-23°C.After this, temperatures warm up again from 25-28°C between March and June.

  11. Top dive sites the Red Sea

    Top Dive Sites around Red Sea. There are currently 99 dive sites listed around Red Sea, of which 77 are Reef dives, 38 are Wall dives and 36 are Drift dives. Explore the dive site around Red Sea with the help of the filters above or the interactive map. Also checkout each dive site's detail page and cast your vote if you know the site. + −.

  12. Red Sea Scuba Intl. Diving Cruises: Liveaboard Dive Safaris in the Red

    Red Sea Scuba Intl Diving Cruises: Liveaboard Diving Safaris in the Red Sea, Egypt from Sharm el-Sheikh, Hurghada, and Marsa Alam. It is possible to charter a variety of different quality yachts, from standard class to super luxury class with capacities from 10 to 32 divers. Dive the Thistlegorm Wreck and Rosallie Moller on a Northern Wrecks safari from Sharm el-Sheikh, or the Brothers Islands ...

  13. Red Sea cruises : Luxury cruise to Red Sea

    Dive into the Red Sea. As one of the warmest seas in the world, the Red Sea is home to a huge variety of underwater flora and fauna. Divers can expect to encounter colourful corals, shimmering schools of fish, butterflyfish, clownfish, parrotfish, angelfish, barracudas, moray eels, rays, dolphins, and whale sharks.

  14. Egyptian Cruising

    corporate cruises & events. A fleet of luxury and medium standard yachts and liveaboards in the Red sea (Egypt and Sudan) for cruises, diving safaris, sea trips and kite safaris; dive courses, kite courses.

  15. Nile Cruise

    Blue Shadow is a Brand New 5 Stars Luxury Nile Cruise Started Operated November 2015. It consist of 54 Deluxe Cabins and 3 Suites. All are Modernly Designed with all facilities of International 5 Stars Hotels. All Guest Cabins are Main, Middel Deck Cabins. Nile cruise is much more than just a room-and-sightseeing package; A Stay in M/S Blue ...

  16. Red Sea Rush

    The 1,243 miles (2000km) of deep blue water called the Red Sea was once an immense basin fed by the Mediterranean. Geological activity later switched off this northerly flow in favour of a southerly source from the Indian Ocean. Today, the Red Sea Rift continues to widen, if only by a fraction each year.

  17. Red Sea Diving & Cruises

    Red Sea Diving & Cruises, Sharm el-Sheikh. 2,954 likes · 36 talking about this. Liveaboard in Red Sea Croisières plongée en Mer Rouge Crociere sub in Mar Rosso Red Sea Diving & Cruises

  18. Home

    A diving cruise that will give you the opportunity to explore the most beautiful wrecks in the North, including the most visited, the famous Thistlegorm, and to discover RAS Mohammed National Park. ... pelagic fishes, Reef Sharks, Dolphins, and even the very rare Dugong. The Red Sea can be divided into two parts: The North Red Sea with the ...

  19. Home

    Martina. 29/10/2023. Great first diving cruise experience, thanks to Marco, Omar, Mustafa and the whole crew. We were on board of Snefro Target at the end of September, did 17 dives and enjoyed all of them. They provide a thorough service on board, helping you with gears before and after the jump.

  20. Royal Caribbean Cancels Cruise Due to Red Sea Tensions

    The ongoing tensions in the Red Sea region have continued to impact cruises, and Royal Caribbean International has reached out to guests booked aboard Anthem of the Seas for fall sailings to let ...

  21. Royal Caribbean cancels cruise because of Houthi Attacks in Red Sea

    Guests booked on the October 14, 2024 sailing of Anthem of the Seas were informed by Royal Caribbean that they have decided to cancel a Middle East cruise because of concerns for the ship's safety.. A rise of attacks since October 2023 on commercial ships in the southern Red Sea and Gulf of Aden by the Houthis has greatly impacted tourism in the area.

  22. MSC Cruises Cancels Grand Voyage for Newest Ship

    A Grand Voyage for MSC Cruises new MSC Euribia is now cancelled because of Red Sea tensions and sailing safety. CRUISEHIVE ... Cruise Hive was established back in 2008 and among the earliest blogs ...

  23. Eerie footage reveals inside of sunken passenger plane once ...

    The video, captured by a diver, showcases the eerie interior of the Lockheed Martin L1011 Tristar plane, now resting at the bottom of the Red Sea.The aircraft, which dropped to the sea floor in ...

  24. Tourism Minister mandates green certification for Red Sea hospitality

    Tourism Minister mandates green certification for Red Sea hospitality, diving establishments. Last updated: April 16, 2024 8:31 am. Daily News Egypt. Share. 1 Min Read. SHARE.

  25. Diving-Club Odyssey

    Hotels near Epiphany Cathedral Hotels near Patriarch Pimen Monument Hotels near Tikhvin Temple Hotels near Noginsk Museum and Exhibition Center Hotels near Monument to Catherine the Great Hotels near Monument to Yuriy Stoskov Hotels near Summery House A.I. Morozova Hotels near Temple of St. Martyr Konstantin Bogorodskiy Hotels near Fly Factory Hotels near Volkhonka Park

  26. The Moscow metro now has a full 4G coverage

    The Tele2 mobile network company became the first to build an infrastructure for 100% stations of the Moscow's metro. The high-quality 4G internet is now available on all 259 stations of the Moscow's metro, Moscow Central Circle (MCC) and monorail.

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    Statue of Lenin, Elektrostal: See 16 reviews, articles, and 2 photos of Statue of Lenin, ranked No.1 on Tripadvisor among 11 attractions in Elektrostal.