coldplay tour warm up

Coldplay at Etihad Stadium Manchester 2023 – stage times, support act, tickets and setlist

It's a massive gig for the city - here's what you need to know if you're heading down.

Daisy Jackson

Coldplay will finally touch down in Manchester this month for their long-awaited Music of the Spheres World Tour.

The group, fronted by Chris Martin, will be performing a whopping four nights at the 60,000-capacity Etihad Stadium, home ground of Manchester City.

It’s the first time they’ve brought this tour to the city, choosing London and Glasgow on last year’s run of shows.

Coldplay are one of the most successful and popular bands of the last three decades, with nine albums and endless sold-out concerts in their back catalogue.

They’re also famed for putting on a staggering live show.

This 2023 tour promises to be as environmentally beneficial as possible . They’ve even added a kinetic dance floor that harvests energy from the audience’s dancing, and installed electricity-generating pedal bikes so that the crowd can recharge the band’s battery by having a little cycle.

If you’re heading to see Coldplay at the Etihad Stadium in Manchester, here’s everything you need to know.

When are Coldplay performing in Manchester?

Coldplay at Wembley

Coldplay will be taking over the Etihad Stadium for FOUR nights – quite a feat.

They’ll be performing on Wednesday 31 May, Thursday 1 June, Saturday 3 June and Sunday 4 June.

Are there still Coldplay tickets available?

Demand for tickets when they went on sale was phenomenally high – fans reported being in 400,000-strong virtual queues .

So as you might expect, tickets are extremely hard to come by at this point.

At the time of writing, there was one single, lonely seat left in the entire venue for the band’s opening show – and absolutely nothing for subsequent dates.

Keep checking See Tickets here for any last-minute releases.

And if you try to buy tickets second-hand, make sure you’re using a reputable resale site so you don’t get caught out by scammers.

Who is supporting Coldplay in Manchester?

Chvrches will support Coldplay in Manchester

Coldplay have called upon the phenomenally talented Glasgow group Chvrches to be their main support act in Manchester.

The trio, fronted by Lauren Mayberry, are famed for hit singles including Get Out, The Mother We Share, and Gun.

Naturally, for a gig of this scale, one support act won’t do – Coldplay will also be supported by Manchester electronic-indie band Porij.

Each of their songs feels like a love letter to the Hacienda rave scene and bands which came before like New Order.

Read more: The top 30 Manchester bands of all time, officially ranked by The Manc Audio

What are the stage times?

According to the Man City site, these are the stage times for Colplay and their support acts.

  • Campus opening time – 2pm
  • Doors open – 5pm
  • Porij – 6pm-6.30pm
  • Chvrches – 7pm-7.45pm
  • Coldplay – 8.15pm-10.15pm

What’s the expected setlist?

coldplay tour warm up

Setlists will always be subject to change as artists hone their live show, but this is what Coldplay played on their most recent gig in Barcelona.

Higher Power Adventure of a Lifetime Paradise The Scientist Viva la Vida Something Just Like This (The Chainsmokers & Coldplay cover) Magic What’s Love Got to Do With It (Graham Lyle cover) (with Lauren Mayberry) Charlie Brown Yellow Human Heart People of the Pride Clocks Infinity Sign Hymn for the Weekend Aeterna My Universe (Coldplay x BTS cover) A Sky Full of Stars Sunrise Bamboléo (Gipsy Kings cover) (with Gipsy Kings) Nel blu, dipinto di blu (Domenico Modugno cover) (with Gipsy Kings) Humankind Fix You Biutyful

How to get to the Etihad Stadium

coldplay tour warm up

Public-transport wise, the Metrolink is the most direct way to get to the Etihad Stadium (and its dedicated tram stop Etihad Campus), which is just a few stops away from Manchester Piccadilly.

Both Holt Town and Velopark Metrolink stops, located on either side of the Etihad Campus stop, will not be open for at least an hour after an event at the stadium.

The trams will be very busy though, and the weather looks good, so you might prefer to walk – it’s around a 30 minute stroll from town with this safe walking route recommended.

If you need to drive, official car parking is priced at £25 for cars, £50 for coaches, and £40 for mini buses.

There are unofficial car parks near the stadium too but make sure you’re not getting ripped off.

Weather forecast in Manchester for Coldplay

Oh guys, you’re in luck – for once in its life Manchester has a stunning weather forecast for the entire run of Coldplay shows.

It’s set to be sunny with highs of 19 degrees on Wednesday and Thursday, then there’s more sunshine with a high of 20 degrees on Saturday and Sunday. Glorious.

Featured image: Publicity picture

Hive Stores in Altrincham, Greater Manchester

It’s not every day that Greater Manchester gets a new business quite as beautiful as the new bar at Hive Stores.

This fantastic local business is now operating partly as an antiques store, partly as a cafe, also selling everyday essentials, quality produce, bakery bits from Half Dozen Other, cheeseboards, and cocktails.

The new addition is a real looker, all dark wood and marble with so much character it feels like it’s been here for 100 years.

Over the years, this little building in Altrincham has been everything from a greengrocers to a bakery to an antiques shop – and now, fittingly, it’s sort of all three of those things at once.

When Steven Sherratt and Gareth Wilkins took the space over, it was with a vision to restore it back to how it would’ve looked in the 1950s and 1960s, as well as offering all the convenience it would have done in its former life but with their own personal style added in.

That means you can pick up some eggs and have an espresso martini at the same time, and the old-fashioned shelving is stocked with Italian brands as well as local produce.

They’re also hoping to bring back the traditional relationship between shopkeeper and customer, which seems to be working – everyone who comes through the door greets them by name.

coldplay tour warm up

Hive Stores started life in Altrincham Market as an antiques stall almost a decade ago.

But when Covid hit, Gareth and Steven shifted all their stock over to a space on Grosvenor Road.

Initially, the ramshackle building out the back was all that Hive Stores consisted of, an Aladdin’s cave jam-packed with beautiful antiques and other items from local craftsmen.

Then they added a coffee cart in the courtyard, which became a ‘haven for locals to escape the same four walls’ during lockdown.

coldplay tour warm up

Then several years later, the small building at the front of this plot of land became available, and Hive Stores added cafe and bar to its bow.

Following a successful Crowdfunder, they spent more than a year carefully restoring the space, adding in their favourite antiques from their collection like a wall of hand mirrors and silver plates.

Gareth said: “We’ve got antique furniture as the bar, quirky antiques adorning the walls in the dining space, and it’s kind of created that really good mix between modern and vintage.

“We wanted to create something that was timeless, so in years to come, regardless of how we change the decor in terms of mirrors or pictures or anything like that, the building itself will always be timeless.

coldplay tour warm up

“We’re very happy with how it’s turned out.”

Gareth continued: “We’ve got loads of people who have followed us literally since day dot in the market.

“So the regulars have been fantastic sticking with us and how we’ve transitioned our business over to what it is now. And so many new faces now too, it’s brilliant, and everyone’s been so complimentary and kind.”

Steven added: “As well as the Crowdfunder, where we raised about £13,000 from the public, we wouldn’t have been able to even start the renovations without the help of Atlantic Timber and Cheshire Marble and CTC tiles, which are all local businesses who were just so generous and supportive.”

Gareth said: “There’s no way it would’ve happened without the help of both the public and other businesses here, we’re forever in their debt.”

The new-look Hive Stores is now open in Altrincham.

  • Rivington Brewing Co – The beautiful country walk that ends at a taproom with stunning views
  • The White Lion, Stockport’s oldest pub, reopens after 15 years
  • Manchester’s Block Party comes to the streets of Stockport town centre this summer

Featured image: The Manc Group

Sushi Pod is serving an omakase sushi menu above Grape to Grain in Prestwich

At a time when sushi restaurants are opening in Manchester more often than I open my fridge, it’s becoming difficult to stand out from the crowd.

But boy oh boy have we found a newcomer that will change all of that, and a new favourite Japanese spot has entered the region.

Sushi Pod is quite possibly the most exclusive restaurant experience in the entire country, seating just four guests per week.

Those lucky few who manage to secure a table (and at the time of writing, you can still book in for dinner in the coming weeks) will be whisked through a whopping 20 courses in a full omakase experience.

Omakase loosely translates to ‘I’ll leave it up to you’ – you just pull up a seat and watch the chef work their magic on the finest quality seafood available.

At Sushi Pod, tucked upstairs above the brilliant Grape to Grain wine bar on Bury New Road, you sit mere inches away from chef Artur Wacewicz.

You have a true front-row seat as he delicately slices tuna, deftly rolls sushi rice into nori sheets, and blow-torches sugar onto exotic fruit.

Artur Wacewicz working his magic at a Sushi Pod omakase night

Artur has teamed up with Grape to Grain founder Tom Sneesby for the Sushi Pod omakase nights – while one is plating up perfect bites of world-class fish, the other is topping up your glass with perfectly-paired wines from downstairs.

And while the experience truly is world-class, it’s not remotely stuffy or formal.

Can’t use chopsticks? Don’t even worry about it – Artur will make you up his special ‘baby chopsticks’, wrapping a napkin around one end so they basically turn into a giant pair of tweezers.

Never eaten uni before (it’s literally the gonads of a sea urchin…)? Again, Artur will talk you through every ingredient, even happily whipping out his phone and flicking through his pictures to show you exactly what part of the animal you’re eating.

This is a man who has worked alongside the legendary Terry Huang, of former Umezushi fame, which was considered to be one of the best sushi restaurants not just in Manchester but in all of Europe.

Uni (sea urchin) at Sushi Pod

Artur also works with Out of the Blue fishmongers in Chorlton, rising before the crack of dawn to make sure he has the freshest, best-quality seafood ingredients possible.

And because of this ‘what-have-you-got-today’ approach, the omakase menu from Sushi Pod changes all the time.

For our visit, we had (to name but a few) sweet scallops, bluefin tuna, mackerel, eel, different cuts of salmon, caviar, prawn, and so much more.

The first dishes are presented as sashimi, with Artur simply slicing off pieces of fish and placing them in front of you beside a wedge of lime and a scoop of wasabi so that you can tweak each bite to your own tastes.

Then comes the nigiri portion, where expertly-prepared sushi rice spiked with vinegar is rolled up, dotted with wasabi or a soy sauce reduction or lime zest, then topped with different seafood ingredients.

Scallops at Sushi Pod

And finally comes the tamaki section, when Artur literally hands each course over to you neatly tucked into sheets of nori – no plate.

To go alongside this wonderful sushi journey, there are a few different menus of wine or sake pairings, usually kicking off with a champagne before touring some of the world’s finest white wines.

And again, Tom is on hand to explain exactly what is in your glass and why it’s the perfect match, with no stuffy wine lingo chucked in.

At £90 per person, it’s a darn sight more accessible than a lot of other Omakase menus in town, but with no compromise on quality.

You can book in for Sushi Pod’s Omakaze Night at Grape to Grain here – but be quick, this one’ll book up fast.

And if you DO miss out, you can always order yourself a grab-and-go sushi selection to collect from either Grape to Grain in Prestwich or Out of the Blue in Chorlton.

  • A Manc’s guide to: Prestwich, the Bury neighbourhood with brilliant bars, restaurants, green space and more
  • Blinker – The award-winning cocktail bar in Manchester serving retro Breville toasties

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coldplay tour warm up

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  • June 8, 2024 Setlist

Coldplay Setlist at Olympic Stadium, Athens, Greece

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Tour: Music of the Spheres Tour statistics Add setlist

  • Song played from tape Light Through the Veins ( Jon Hopkins  song) ( sustainability video intro ) Play Video
  • Song played from tape Flying Theme ( John Williams  song) ( from "E.T." ) Play Video
  • Act .i. Planets
  • Song played from tape Music of the Spheres Play Video
  • Higher Power Play Video
  • Adventure of a Lifetime Play Video
  • Paradise ( extended intro and outro ) Play Video
  • The Scientist ( with excerpts of 鈥淥ceans鈥 in intro, and backwards outro ) Play Video
  • Act .ii. Moons
  • Viva la Vida ( on B-Stage ) Play Video
  • Hymn for the Weekend ( on B-Stage ) Play Video
  • Everyday Life ( on B-Stage; with fans; piano version ) Play Video
  • Charlie Brown Play Video
  • Yellow Play Video
  • Act .iii. Stars
  • Human Heart Play Video
  • People of the Pride Play Video
  • Clocks Play Video
  • Infinity Sign ( on B-Stage; shortened; with excerpts of "Music of the Spheres II" & "Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall" ) Play Video
  • Something Just Like This ( The Chainsmokers  cover) ( on B-Stage; shortened; pre- recorded vocals with Chris performing in sign language ) Play Video
  • Midnight ( on B-Stage; with excerpts of Lone's "Blue Moon Tree" ) Play Video
  • My Universe Play Video
  • A Sky Full of Stars ( restarted; asks audience to put phones away for this song ) Play Video
  • Act .iv. Home
  • Song played from tape Sunrise ( with Louis Armstrong's spoken intro speech to "What a Wonderful World" ) Play Video
  • Sparks ( on C-Stage ) Play Video
  • The Jumbotron Song ( on C-Stage ) Play Video
  • Fix You Play Video
  • Biutyful Play Video
  • Song played from tape A Wave Play Video

Note: Soundcheck included "God Put a Smile Upon Your Face", "Trouble", "Lost?" (piano version), "Everything's Not Lost", and "feelslikeimfallinginlove".

Edits and Comments

44 activities (last edit by allenz , 13 Jun 2024, 17:06 Etc/UTC )

Songs on Albums

  • Higher Power
  • Human Heart
  • Infinity Sign
  • My Universe
  • People of the Pride
  • Adventure of a Lifetime
  • Hymn for the Weekend
  • The Scientist
  • A Sky Full of Stars
  • Charlie Brown
  • Everyday Life
  • The Jumbotron Song
  • Viva la Vida
  • Something Just Like This by The Chainsmokers

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coldplay tour warm up

Coldplay Announces New Album, "Moon Music"

coldplay tour warm up

Coldplay Debuts First New Song In Three Years

coldplay tour warm up

Coldplay Brings Out Sabrina Carpenter at Radio 1's Big Weekend

coldplay tour warm up

Setlist History: Coldplay's "A Rush of Blood to the Head" Tour Kickoff

Olympic stadium.

  • Antonia Kaouri Add time Add time
  • Maisie Peters Add time Add time
  • Coldplay This Setlist Start time: 9:25 PM 9:25 PM

Coldplay Gig Timeline

  • Feb 04 2024 Rajamangala National Stadium Bangkok, Thailand Start time: 8:30 PM 8:30 PM
  • May 26 2024 Radio 1's Big Weekend 2024 Luton, England Start time: 9:00 PM 9:00 PM
  • Jun 08 2024 Olympic Stadium This Setlist Athens, Greece Start time: 9:25 PM 9:25 PM
  • Jun 09 2024 Olympic Stadium Athens, Greece Start time: 9:30 PM 9:30 PM
  • Jun 10 2024 Odeio Herodou Attikou Athens, Greece Add time Add time

30 people were there

  • billchrysinas
  • cavi_germany
  • Christinachrxxx
  • conradedkins
  • falexandrou
  • pantazopaido
  • RobinMulder
  • VangelisVanezis

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[url=][img][/img][/url] [url=;step=song]Edit this setlist[/url] | [url=]More Coldplay setlists[/url]

Tour Update

Marquee memories: pond.

  • Jun 27, 2024
  • Jun 26, 2024
  • Jun 25, 2024
  • Jun 24, 2024
  • Jun 23, 2024
  • Jun 22, 2024
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coldplay tour warm up

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Sat 29 Jun 2024

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What time do Coldplay start tonight? When the Manchester Etihad Stadium concert is and full 2023 tour setlist

Coldplay announced the tour last year after the band completed a critically acclaimed six-night run at wembley stadium.

BARCELONA, SPAIN - MAY 24: (EDITORIAL USE ONLY) Chris Martin of Coldplay performs on stage at Estadi Olimpic on May 24, 2023 in Barcelona, Spain. (Photo by Jordi Vidal/Redferns)

Coldplay are touring once again, and bringing their Music of the Spheres show to two UK cities.

They announced the tour in August last year after the band completed a critically acclaimed six-night run at Wembley Stadium .

They have been performing for over three decades, and have nine albums of back catalogue to cover , but what will Coldplay play tonight?

When are Coldplay playing in Manchester?

The band is going to the city on Wednesday 31 May, Thursday 1 June, Saturday 3 June and Sunday 4 June.

They will also be at the Cardiff Principality Stadium on June 6 and June 7.

What are the set times for tonight鈥檚 concert?

According to reports, the set time is as below, including the two support acts:

  • Campus opening time 鈥 2pm
  • Doors open 鈥 5pm
  • Porij 鈥 6pm-6.30pm
  • Chvrches 鈥 7pm-7.45pm
  • Coldplay 鈥 8.15pm-10.15pm

What is the setlist?

Thank you to the legendary Gipsy Kings for four nights of Bamboleo in Barcelona 鈥 Coldplay (@coldplay) May 30, 2023

This is the set list for a recent show in Barcelona:

  • Higher Power
  • Adventure of a Lifetime
  • The Scientist
  • Viva la Vida
  • Something Just Like This (The Chainsmokers and Coldplay cover)
  • What鈥檚 Love Got to Do With It (Graham Lyle cover with Lauren Mayberry)
  • Charlie Brown
  • Human Heart
  • People of the Pride
  • Infinity Sign
  • Hymn for the Weekend
  • My Universe (Coldplay x BTS cover)
  • A Sky Full of Stars
  • Bambol茅o (Gipsy Kings cover) (with Gipsy Kings)
  • Nel blu, dipinto di blu (Domenico Modugno cover with Gipsy Kings)

Can I still get tickets?

The four Manchester shows are sold out, but you can try and join the waiting list here .

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Coldplay at Glastonbury 2024: start time and everything you need to know

The English rock band are headlining the Pyramid Stage for a record fifth time this weekend

Ed Cunningham

Sure, Coldplay aren’t the coolest band in the world – but, over the years, they’ve made countless undeniable bangers. ‘Yellow’, ‘Fix You’, ‘Clocks’, ‘The Scientist’, ‘Viva La Vida’, ‘Paradise’… and that’s barely scratching the surface of all the Coldplay tunes you almost certainly know every word of.

And this weekend Coldplay will be punching out those bangers at one of the world’s most legendary music festivals, headlining Glastonbury ’s Pyramid Stage. Chris Martin and co are no strangers to headlining Worthy Farm, having done so in 2002, 2005, 2011 and 2016. 

Excited to catch Coldplay’s performance at Glasto this weekend? Here’s everything you need to know about their headline slot, from timings to the potential setlist. 

RECOMMENDED: 鉁 Dua Lipa at Glastonbury 2024: start time and everything you need to know . 馃幑 The full Glastonbury 2024 line-up and stage times you need to know . 馃か Everything you need to know about the Glastonbury 2024 secret sets . 馃對锔 Will it rain at Glastonbury 2024? Full updated weather forecast . 馃摵 How to watch Glastonbury 2024 live, including this year's TV schedule .

When are Coldplay headlining Glastonbury 2024?

Coldplay’s headline performance will take place on Saturday June 29 2024. 

What time will Coldplay play the Pyramid Stage?

They’re expected to come on at 9.45pm BST and play for two hours.

Has the setlist been confirmed yet?

There’s no official, confirmed setlist, though this is what the band played on a show earlier in the same tour (according to ).

  • Higher Power
  • Adventure of a Lifetime
  • The Scientist
  • Viva la Vida
  • Hymn for the Weekend
  • Til Kingdom Come
  • Don’t Look Back in Anger (Oasis cover)
  • Charlie Brown
  • Human Heart
  • People of the Pride
  • Infinity Sign
  • Something Just Like This (The Chainsmokers cover)
  • My Universe
  • A Sky Full of Stars
  • The Jumbotron Song
  • feelslikeimfallinginlove

Will any guests be joining Coldplay’s set?

Almost certainly. In their last headline show in 2016, Coldplay were joined by Bee Gees member Barry Gibb to cover ‘Stayin’ Alive’  and Glasto founder Michael Eavis joined the band to sing  ‘My Way’. As for 2024, there are a fair few rumours are about who’ll be performing secret sets at the festival, which might offer some inspo, but it looks like we’ll have to tune in and see. 

How many times have Coldplay played at Glastonbury?

The English band have headlined Glasto four times (in 2002, 2005, 2011 and 2016) – in 2024 they’ll become the first act to headline the Pyramid Stage five times.

The band has played Glastonbury even more times off the main stage: they were first booked way back in 1999, and also played in 2000. In 2021 they played a livestream show from the Glastonbury site, though not during the festival.

How much did Coldplay get paid for Glastonbury?

Michael and Emily Eavis don’t reveal Glastonbury’s pay structure. A few years ago, Michael revealed that he paid Coldplay £200,000 to perform.

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Coldplay Announce Details For 10th Studio Album, 鈥楳oon Music鈥

Produced by Max Martin, the collection is due out on Oct. 4.

By Lars Brandle

Lars Brandle

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How to Watch the 2024 BET Awards

Trending on billboard.

In line with the foursome’s long-standing eco-ethics, Coldplay has “gone to great lengths” to make the physical release of Moon Music “as sustainable as possible,” according to a statement.

Each 140g LP will contain some nine recycled PET-plastic bottles recovered from post-consumer waste, and the CD version are said be the “world’s first” to be released on EcoCD, created from 90% recycled polycarbonate, also sourced from post-consumer waste.

The first edition of Moon Music (EcoRecord rPET LP and EcoCD) will be available in limited-edition, individually-numbered runs and produced at a “higher specification” than future cuts, reads a statement.

Moon Music is a continuation to Coldplay’s most recent release, the Max Martin-produced 2021 effort Music Of The Spheres , which opened at No. 1 in the U.K. and Australia, and No. 4 on the Billboard 200. The single “My Universe” with BTS hit No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Martin has been teasing the new record for 18 months, at least. Back in January of 2023, he told the Toronto City News that the band was nearing completion of what he then promised was the second LP in the Music of the Spheres series. He remarked “that won’t come out for a bit,” though he teased that the band “might” start rolling out some of the new songs live that year.

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  • On tour: yes
  • Coldplay is not playing near you. View聽all聽concerts
  • Moscow, Russian Federation Change location

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Its popularity sparked from constant reinvention and adaptation to the unpredictable pop music climate. Today, Coldplay continues to set a new standard for up-and-coming musicians. Artists often follow in the group鈥檚 footsteps, hoping to leave behind a legacy as strong as theirs. With more albums on the way, the band is undoubtedly ready to reinvigorate their sound all over again.

Coldplay began when lead vocalist Chris Martin and guitarist Jonny Buckland met during orientation week for their studies at University College London in 1996. Originally called Pectoralz, the band included Guy Berryman on bass and Will Champion on drums. Over the years, the group took on other unique titles like Starfish before eventually becoming Coldplay.

The band had a major breakthrough with their hugely popular single 鈥淵ellow鈥 in 2000. It broke into the UK Top 5 and paved the way for Coldplay鈥檚 debut album, Parachutes, released through Parlophone Records. The album launched the band to commercial success and critical acclaim, receiving multi-platinum status and many highly revered awards, including two Brit awards for Best British Group and Best British Album. Coldplay also received recognition from the Recording Academy and won a Grammy for Best Alternative Music Album in 2002.

Coldplay followed Parachutes up with A Rush of Blood to the Head in 2002, spawning several hit singles, including 鈥淚n My Place,鈥 鈥淐locks,鈥 and 鈥淭he Scientist.鈥 The band supported their sophomore album with increasingly extensive and elaborate live shows as they toured across five continents, including performances at Glastonbury Festival, Australia鈥檚 Hordern Pavilion, and the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards.

The group subsequently released the album X&Y in 2005, which became the best-selling LP of the year thanks to hit singles like 鈥淪peed of Sound,鈥 鈥淔ix You,鈥 and 鈥淭alk.鈥 Three years later, Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends was produced by the infamous Brian Eno and became one of the most successful albums in UK music history. Tracks like 鈥淰iolet Hill鈥 and 鈥淰iva la Vida鈥 helped heighten Coldplay鈥檚 versatile discography.

Ahead of Coldplay鈥檚 fifth studio release, the band debuted the lead single 鈥淓very Teardrop Is a Waterfall鈥 and secured various headlining festival slots at Glastonbury, T in the Park, Austin City Limits Music Festival, and Lollapalooza. Mylo Xyloto arrived in October 2011, topping the charts in over 34 countries and gaining impressive accolades in the music industry.

In early 2014, Coldplay released the singles 鈥淢idnight鈥 and 鈥淢agic鈥 ahead of their next record, Ghost Stories. The album received mixed-to-positive reviews and quickly topped the charts in the UK, US, and more.

Throughout a highly illustrious and esteemed career, Coldplay has garnered eight Brit Awards, five MTV Video Music Awards, and seven Grammy Awards from 25 nominations. The band has sold over 80 million records worldwide because of its dynamic approach to each new album.

In 2020, Coldplay set out to make a groundbreaking record. Music of the Spheres became a legendary addition to their discography, taking the music world by storm thanks to the lead single 鈥淗igher Power.鈥 The Max Martin-produced track further cemented Coldplay鈥檚 influence on the pop genre.

A collaboration with one of K-pop鈥檚 most notable boy bands took them further. 鈥淢y Universe鈥 featured BTS鈥檚 star power and Coldplay鈥檚 knack for reenergized pop production. After the track quickly skyrocketed to the top, Music of the Spheres appealed to a new generation.

Another exciting feature from Selena Gomez on 鈥淟et Somebody Go鈥 reinforced the record鈥檚 bold message: Human connections keep people together while differences, unfortunately, push them apart. For many music fans, this heartfelt statement was essential to hear. Ultimately, the band鈥檚 ninth studio album easily hit number one in the UK. As one of the fastest-selling UK LPs in 2021, it marked another iconic achievement for Coldplay.

With most of the live music industry on hold from 2020 to 2021, postponed tour dates became the norm. Every fan鈥檚 desire to see their favorite band began to resurge in the new year. Coldplay had the perfect solution for their loyal supporters.

Besides their global tour, the group provided a live broadcast of their Buenos Aires gig at River Plate Stadium. Dedicated listeners got to see the Music of the Spheres tour up close and personal in the comfort of their hometown theater. Multiple screenings allowed fans to witness the high-energy Argentina concert and paved the way for a more accessible concert experience, especially in the post-pandemic era.

After nearly 25 years together, Coldplay remains a force to be reckoned with. A one-of-a-kind sound, inspirational lyrics, and vibrant live shows effortlessly capture the magic of this revolutionary band. Not to mention, the group鈥檚 star-studded collection of top-notch collabs with Beyonc茅, Rihanna, Tove Lo, and many others seal the deal on their music legend status. Additional work with well-known music producers like Max Martin and Rik Simpson is also a solid accomplishment.

Live reviews

I had always heard Coldplay were a fantastic band to see live. They did not disappoint last night at Fedex Field, right in the midst of their joyous and decidedly over-the-top Head Full of Dreams tour.

The show began with an explosion of color and light (including the LED wristbands supplied to every concertgoer) in the titular track on the band's touring album. Then came fan-favorite "Yellow," followed by "Every Teardrop is a Waterfall," the ever-popular "The Scientist," and "Birds" (the latter was a bit of a personal disappointment as it replaced the brilliant "God Put a Smile Upon Your Face" from recent setlists). This part of the show finished with the anthem "Paradise," featuring an incredible remix outro.

Next the show slowed down for an intimate trio of songs (most of us actually took a seat). This included one of the better tracks from the sub-par "Ghost Stories", "Magic."

Soon, however, things picked up with the timeless piano strokes of "Clocks," themed to a magical red light show. Next came the lighthearted "Charlie Brown." Before it began, lead singer Chris Martin asked everyone to put away their phones and simply enjoy the show. This was followed by the radio hit "Hymn for the Weekend," a candlelit (okay...Iphone flashlight lit) "Fix You," and "Viva la Vida." This last one was remarkable, as nearly the entire stadium knew the lyrics and sang along to the triumphant "Oh-oh-ohhhh" chant. The groovy "Adventure of a Lifetime" finished off this section, featuring Chris gettin' down with the audience, asking everyone to "Get low!"

Then came the highlight of the night for me: an acoustic quad of older (*cough* better *cough*) Coldplay songs which were as intimate as they were nostalgic. The lovely riffs of "In my Place" started off the set. "Don't Panic" was sung by drummer Will Champion; it's one of my favorites. But it couldn't top what was (for me) the best song of the night: "Trouble." Somber but beautiful in its own way, "Trouble" is a rare find in the setlists of today's Coldplay and was absolutely fantastic. Finally came another rare gem: "Green Eyes," which was somewhat marred by Chris's well-intentioned attempt at giving the local Redskins some luck (HA! what folly) by changing the lyrics.

The finale of the show was the hopeful and popular trio of "Something Just like This," "A Sky Full of Stars," and "Up and Up." This last track was played against the backdrop of the magical and visually stunning music video for the song.

And if there were two adjectives to sum up the show as a whole, they would be just that: magical and visually stunning. Thanks for an awesome show, Coldplay!

Report as inappropriate

JackJacobs17鈥檚 profile image

If you're wondering what to expect from Coldplay, expect the best show of your life! This was my first time seeing Coldplay at the Royal Albert Hall in London and I have to say this was one of best nights of my life. No exaggeration. They performed many of their most popular classics such as "Fix you" and "The Scientist" and pretty much all of my favourites "Charlie Brown" and "Every Teardrop is a Waterfall" including new tracks from their latest album, Ghost Stories. The atmosphere was incredible; I've never experienced anything like it in comparison. You just had to be there! Coldplay had you dancing out of your seats for their upbeat tracks such as "Sky Full Of Stars" and hearing their more mellow tracks like "True Love" was just simply beautiful and enchanting. Their playlist for the night was definitely on point and well connected with the crowd and us fans. The stage was right in the center so I'm pretty sure everyone had a great view, it was all set up very well and the lighting looked brilliant. And as for my most memorable experience? The whole gig! There was a point at the end of "God Put a Smile Upon Your Face" when Chris Martin literally threw his electric guitar in the air and let it smash the floor for an epic finish, everyone went crazy!!! Coldplay has been a strong British iconic band for many years now, they know how to put on a show and they honestly do give it their all. Me and my friend are proud to say that we was there that night, last thing I have to say is that if you ever get the chance to see Coldplay live, grab your tickets and grab them quick! I promise you, you won't be disappointed in the slightest. Prepare to be blown away!

Emma92uk鈥檚 profile image

This was my second time seeing Coldplay, and both times were amazing. The song choice was great, with a mix of classic hits ("Yellow", "The Scientist", "Viva la Vida", "Paradise"( old favourites ("Til Kingdom Come", and "Shiver" being played upon request), and newer, more high energy songs off "A Head Full of Dreams".

The Xylobands were a hit again, really making a spectacular light show along with various other effects, and colourful balloons being released into the crowd. The whole audience was just so full of energy thanks to the band's performance. Since it was raining heavily, the roof had to be covered, which meant no fireworks, but the band still delivered an amazing show despite this.

Frontman Chris Martin always creates a great atmosphere, with enthusiasm and positivity, like carrying the country's flag in his back pocket, and apologising for the fact that, as he put it, "Britain did something pretty stupid last week..." and just generally making the crowd feel great with humour and honesty. All of the band members just look really comfortable with each other and deliver a really great performance together.

Tributes were very nicely and elegantly paid to Muhammad Ali and David Bowie, and the final song, "Up & Up", ended the concert on a really positive note, and I would definitely recommend Coldplay to anyone who has the chance to see them play live.

ariamay鈥檚 profile image

There is little in this world that compares to a Coldplay concert. Exhilarating, energetic and euphoric are just some of the words that can be used to describe what one experiences when Chris Martin and band take to the stage.

One of my most memorable concert experiences ever, when Coldplay played the Emirates Stadium back in 2012, it was simply astounding. Extravagant production and simply phenomenal live music, it became clear to me why tickets for these shows trade hands for thousands and why fans travel far and wide.

Hearing 60,000 people sing word for word hit singles such as Paradise, Fix You and Princess of China made the hairs on my arms stand on end, so one can only imagine how this must feel for the band.

Their track record speaks for itself. Eight Brit Awards, seven Grammys, six number one albums and 60 million record sales make Coldplay鈥檚 success undeniable and they continue to reign as one of the world鈥檚 biggest bands. The reason behind this success becomes clear at a live show.

As a live act, Coldplay have achieved things that others have not. They are truly in a league of their own and this can only be understood when you witness this for yourself. I have tried but my words simply cannot capture the magic.

lhulbert1鈥檚 profile image

First of all I need to just say wow! Wow! Yesterday I experienced one of the greatest nights of my life. Yesterday I really did feel like I was part of something special, something so big and beautiful. The love, the happiness and the excaitment people were feeling last night were something you can't put words on. We stood in the rain for so many hours, we sat in a que and then we stood in the rain again.. but let me just say that when Coldplay came on stage they put on the best god damn show ever. You could really feel their thankfulness during the show. They promised us (in Chris Martins own words) "The best fucking show ever" and let me tell you it was! During the night I got to experience people from different countries dancing and singing along together, I got to experience that moment when Chris decided to write a new song about Sweden and Gothenburg! The night was amazing in so many ways. And just as he said during the night, that he believes when people are working together and last night everybody in that arena stood together. We celebrated the music, the evening and most of all we celebrated the love. Because in the end of the day Love is what matters and it will always win.

Yesterday was beautiful, just pure beautiful!

saraeleonora鈥檚 profile image

Since the release of Coldplay's fifth album 'Mylo Xyloto' the emphasis of their live show appears to be on the theatrics and the avant-garde. An album so super charged with power pop it was considered a substitute to red bull, the band quickly substituted the tender subtleties of 'Shivers' for the brass tones of 'Charlie Brown' and 'Hurts Like Heaven'. These new tracks are undoubtedly anthemic yet the visual displays and complexing stage layouts slightly detract from the musicianship of the quartet. Whilst performing the more downtempo and emotive tracks from break up album 'Ghost Stories' Chris Martin's vocal sounds notably weak during 'Magic' and all of the pyro-techniques and visuals cannot hide this.

They recover with some classics including 'The Scientist' which is sang back in force by the crowds and the flawless 'Every Teardrop is A Waterfall' closes the main set in a suitably euphoric manner. However the choice to return with the floundering and flat 'anthem' 'Sky Full of Stars' which Chris consistently fails to deliver vocally seems a poor way to close a tour from one of the world's most esteemed pop/rock bands. It leaves the audiences wondering if 'Mylo Xyloto' was a particular career pinnacle for the band.

sean-ward鈥檚 profile image

A Coldplay concert is a real face to face experience for a someone who love their songs. It may not be an intimate experience but considering the legions of fans that they have only a concert can accommodate everyone who are waiting all their lives for a chance to hear them live. and they never disappoint. A total performance complete with lasers and light and firework BUT without much fanfare, just them singing & playing their hearts OUT song after song alone or in harmony with the fans some crying, most gleefully dancing to their upbeat song or swaying OR slow dancing to slow Fix You or Yellow and probably thinking of someone they "cannot replace". Chris Martin is an awesome guy and so are the rest of the band. May their personal lives be as awesome as their professional lives, they deserve that too. as to Singapore, it may not be as engaging as it would be in the Philippines but hey, no one can complain; i had the best time celebrating my birthday in one of the best stadium this side of town with around 50K Coldpay fans celebrating with me :) :). Long live Coldplay, may you continue to bring joy to you fans worldwide. Looking forward to another Coldplay concert experience in the future.

lsmanila鈥檚 profile image

Most AMAZING show I've EVER seen. I've seen some legends. The Who, BB King, Depeche Mode five times, the Cute, Social Distortion, Blue October, many, many more. Coldplay blew them ALL away by far, and I even had crappy seats. I see them again in Philly in August, and I'm counting down the days! Fireworks! The bracelets lit up and changed colors with the stage lighting. Michael J Fox made a special guest appearance playing "Earth Angel" and "Johnny B Good" with the band. He was spectacular!! The show lasted just over two hours, but it felt like it had just started. Chris Martin may very well be the greatest front man of all time. He can work a crowd, even the stuffed shirts, like nobody's business. Coldplay is my favorite band for a reason, only a few of them listed above. They're all classically trained musicians. All of them multi-instrumentalists. Songs range from ballads to get up on your feet and jump around beats! AMAZING show, AMAZING band! I love you Guy, Jonny, Will, and Chris. Please keep doing what you're doing.

jess-balliet鈥檚 profile image

Piece of para paraa paradise in Berlin!!! It was one of the best shows in my life (if it comes to visual effects), all of these confetti, colourful powders in the air, and big baloons! One big WOW. Chris and his band were so joyful, funny and relaxed. I always thought he has a nice voice, nothing spectacular, just "quite normal voice". That's my opinion. And after the show I'm not going to change that. Instruments were great, his voice was cool, that's it. But songs were just awesome, I loved that! Especially the older ones like Paradise, The Scientist, Princess of China (ft. Rihanna, I was sooo happy to hear that song!), Fix you, etc. Of course there were many occasions to dance when you heard Hymn for The Weekend (AMAZING, with additional techno(?)dance remixes), Adventure of a lifetime, viva la vida or sky full of stars. My rate from 1 to 5 is 4+. Great atmosphere, great people, I had fun and I definitely want to see Coldplay again! :)

shibuya3鈥檚 profile image

Coldplay. What can I say? They are masters of the stadium experience. The fireworks and the LED wrist bands that lit up the stadium and made you feel part of the show, not just watching it.The lightshow, the lasers, the ambiance.

We didn't have the best spot to see the whole thing, but enough room to dance and see them when the got onto the runway- to enjoy the star/ leaf confetti the trade off for not being able to see the whole thing in from afar- so the highlight for me was when they came OFF the stage, passed by where I was standing on a path cut out by security guards and then sang Kingdom Come, only feet away- a song I used to play on my guitar and my son plays- who is presently in NYC- and THAT was my highlight. A beautiful song without all the flashing lights, a song close to me and my family.

They are humble and they are fabulous musicians. They can make you laugh and sing and dance and cry.Keep on doing what you do.Please.

jacquie-calvert-lane鈥檚 profile image

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Coldplay Concert Tickets - 2024 Tour Dates.

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Crowds queue at Cheese and Grain for Glastonbury Festival headliners Coldplay despite no secret gig

The venue stressed no secret gig was taking place

  • 12:24, 28 JUN 2024

Cheese and Grain

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Crowds are gathering outside a beloved music venue for a glimpse of Coldplay - despite being told not to do so. Revellers have already flocked to Worthy Farm with Dua Lipa, Coldplay, and SZA set to headline, and plenty of rumours circulating about the 'surprise' slot.

But residents across Frome were whipped up in a frenzy after music production trucks parked outside the Cheese and Grain in Frome. The venue, which hosted a warm-up gig for Sir Paul McCartney in 2022, has fenced off a section of its car park, with a sign stating the car park area has been reserved for a private function for (Thursday, June 27) and Friday (June 28).

Coldplay will perform on the Pyramid Stage on Saturday night (June 29), but will use the Frome venue for rehearsals. SomersetLive understands that Coldplay will not perform a secret gig at the Cheese and Grain but instead will be rehearsing for their headline slot at Glastonbury Festival .

READ MORE - How to watch Glastonbury 2024 from set times to presenters and secret acts

READ MORE - Glastonbury and strike action pressures warning issued by NHS Somerset

The Cheese and Grain received a "large number of enquiries" about a secret gig and told fans and residents no such gig will take place. Despite the statement and asking fans not to come, hundreds of people queued outside the venue on Thursday afternoon (June 27) to get some tickets or a glimpse of the band.

One video on social media saw crowds watching and filming a large black coach with one fan commenting: "This is a distraction". Many people outside the venue, alongside unfounded online rumours, still believe a gig will take place.

The only gig that took place at the venue on Thursday night was The Clash tribute act London Calling, which performed the 1978 album Give 鈥楨m Enough Rope in full at the Tree House. There was also a busker in the venue's car park who wanted to capitalise on the hundreds of fans.

Coldplay are understood to have chosen Cheese and Grain as they wanted to support an independent and not-for-profit music venue. The Cheese and Grain has enjoyed worldwide attention for attracting famous musicians over the years, thanks to Sir Paul McCartney swinging by for a warm-up gig before his headline set at Glastonbury Festival in 2022.

The Foo Fighters also squeezed in dozens of lucky fans for a surprise gig in 2017 before confirming their appearance at Glastonbury Festival later that year.

Cheese and Grain said in a statement: "We are receiving a large number of enquiries about the potential of a secret Glastonbury show at the venue. We can unequivocally state that there will be no events at all taking place at the Cheese and Grain until Sunday's screening of England's Round of 16 game in the UEFA EURO 2024.

"To those lucky enough to be making the trip to Glastonbury Festivals over the weekend, we hope you have an incredible time and drink lots of water!"

While local Coldplay fans will be disappointed there won't be a smaller and more intimate set before their headline gig, you will have to wait until 9.45pm on Saturday evening. Coldplay are set to make history when they become the only band to perform at Glastonbury five times.

Their loyal appearance at the festival comes ahead of the release of their tenth studio album, Moon Music, in 2025, in line with the band's 25th anniversary. You can watch it live and on demand through the BBC iPlayer.

The Cheese and Grain is a venue that is entrenched in the local community and employs 60 local people, uses local food suppliers and electricians and strives to be a strong community hub.

Having survived the Covid pandemic and a cost of living crisis, 2023 saw a record number of gigs and events at the Cheese and Grain as well as record ticket sales. Bosses at the venue say there are more than 200,000 visits a year, with customers coming from across the UK and beyond.

The venue also recently unveiled 拢1.6 million plans to construct a new building to house rehearsal spaces, editing suites and wheelchair accessible washroom between the Canoe Club and the rear of the Cheese and Grain 'tower'. The goal is to ensure the venue offers cheaper facilities for musicians to hire and can be used without a house engineer or producer., as well as support local musicians and those starting in the music industry.

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coldplay tour warm up

coldplay tour warm up

Coldplay Open Up Their Hearts Again on New Song 鈥楩eelslikeimfallinginlove'

Coldplay are back with a new single, "Feels Like I'm Falling in Love" - or, stylized as, "feelslikeimfallinginlove" - the first offering from their upcoming album, Moon Music , out Oct. 4. 

Produced by pop maestro Max Martin, "Feels Like I'm Falling in Love" is a shimmering ode to opening up one's heart, despite the risks of being hurt. "Feels like I'm falling in love/You're throwing me a lifeline/Oh now for the first time/I know I'm not alone," Chris Martin sings on the final chorus before the track peaks for its stadium-sized outro. 

Coldplay announced Moon Music, their 10th studio album and follow-up to 2021's Music of the Spheres , earlier this week. Prior to releasing "Feels Like I'm Falling in Love," the band debuted another new song, "All My Love," at their first-ever concert in Athens, Greece earlier this month. Martin quipped that the crowd wasn't supposed to hear the song until September, suggesting it's likely to appear on Moon Music (though a full track list still hasn't been released).

When Coldplay did announce Moon Music , the band said it would release the album on a variety of formats that meet "new sustainability standards." For instance, each copy of the album pressed on vinyl will be made from nine recycled plastic bottles, while the CD version will be made form 90 percent recycled polycarbonate. The band said its efforts would reduce CO2 emissions in production by at least 78 percent and avoid the use of more than five metric tonnes of virgin plastic. 

Coldplay are in the midst of a European tour that will continue through September; next week they'll return to the U.K. though to headline Glastonbury for a record fifth time. In October and November, they'll play a bunch of shows in Australia and New Zealand. 

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  • Coldplay to Release 'Moon Music' Album With 'New Sustainability Standards'
  • Coldplay Premiere New Song 'All My Love' at First-Ever Athens, Greece Concert
  • Watch Sabrina Carpenter Join Coldplay to Sing "Magic" During Radio 1 Big Weekend Show

Coldplay Open Up Their Hearts Again on New Song 鈥楩eelslikeimfallinginlove'

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Coldplay Announce 2023 North American Tour Dates

The post Coldplay Announce 2023 North American Tour Dates appeared first on Consequence .

Coldplay have extended their lengthy “Music of the Spheres World Tour” with a brief run of North American dates in Fall 2023. Multi-time Grammy winner H.E.R. and 070 Shake will serve as openers.

Kicking off in Seattle on September 20th, the West Coast leg will make subsequent stops in Vancouver, San Diego, and Los Angeles. See Coldplay’s full 2023 itinerary below.

Tickets to the new dates go on sale Friday, January 27th at 10:00 a.m. PT via Ticketmaster . Alternatively, you can grab your seats via Stubhub .

Ahead of the North American dates, Coldplay have a packed schedule beginning in March with a month-long run across Brazil, during which they’ll be accompanied by Consequence ’s 2021 Band of the Year CHVRCHES. They will continue with a lengthy trek across Europe and the UK. Tickets for those dates are available now here .

Coldplay are touring behind their latest album, 2021’s Music of the Spheres .

Coldplay 2023 Tour Dates: 03/10 – São Paulo, BR @ Estadio do Morumbi * 03/11 – São Paulo, BR @ Estadio do Morumbi * 03/13 – São Paulo, BR @ Estadio do Morumbi * 03/14 – São Paulo, BR @ Estadio do Morumbi * 03/17 – São Paulo, BR @ Estadio do Morumbi * 03/18 – São Paulo, BR @ Estadio do Morumbi * 03/21 – Curitiba, BR @ Estadio Couto Pereira * 03/22 – Curitiba, BR @ Estadio Couto Pereira * 03/25 – Rio De Janeiro, BR @ Estadio Nilton Santos Engenhão * 03/26 – Rio De Janeiro, BR @ Estadio Nilton Santos Engenhão * 03/28 – Rio De Janeiro, BR @ Estadio Nilton Santos Engenhão * 05/17 – Coimbra, PT @ Estádio Cidade de Coimbra 05/18 – Coimbra, PT @ Estádio Cidade de Coimbra 05/20 – Coimbra, PT @ Estádio Cidade de Coimbra 05/21 – Coimbra, PT @ Estádio Cidade de Coimbra 05/24 – Barcelona, ES @ Estadi Olímpic Lluís Companys 05/25 – Barcelona, ES @ Estadi Olímpic Lluís Companys 05/27 – Barcelona, ES @ Estadi Olímpic Lluís Companys 05/28 – Barcelona, ES @ Estadi Olímpic Lluís Companys 05/31 – Manchester, UK @ Etihad Stadium 06/01 – Manchester, UK @ Etihad Stadium 06/03 – Manchester, UK @ Etihad Stadium 06/04 – Manchester, UK @ Etihad Stadium 06/06 – Cardiff, UK @ Principality Stadium 06/07 – Cardiff, UK @ Principality Stadium 06/21 – Naples, IT @ Stadio Diego Armando Maradona 06/22 – Naples, IT @ Stadio Diego Armando Maradona 06/25 – Milan, IT @ Stadio San Siro 06/26 – Milan, IT @ Stadio San Siro 06/28 – Milan, IT @ Stadio San Siro 06/29 – Milan, IT @ Stadio San Siro 07/01 – Zurich, CH @ Stadion Letzigrund 07/02 – Zurich, CH @ Stadion Letzigrund 07/05 – Copenhagen, DK @ Parken 07/06 – Copenhagen, DK @ Parken 07/08 – Gothenburg, SE @ Ullevi 07/09 – Gothenburg, SE @ Ullevi 07/11 – Gothenburg, SE @ Ullevi 07/12 – Gothenburg, SE @ Ullevi 07/15 – Amsterdam, NL @ Johan Cruijff ArenA 07/16 – Amsterdam, NL @ Johan Cruijff ArenA 07/18 – Amsterdam, NL @ Johan Cruijff ArenA 07/19 – Amsterdam, NL @ Johan Cruijff ArenA 09/20 – Seattle, WA @ Lumen Field ^ 09/22 – Vancouver, BC @ BC Place ^ 09/27 – San Diego, CA @ Snapdragon Stadium ^ 09/30 – Los Angeles, CA @ Rose Bowl ^

* = w/ CHVRCHES ^ = w/ H.E.R. and 070 Shake

Coldplay Announce 2023 North American Tour Dates Eddie Fu

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The Zutons warm up for Glastonbury with soulful new single 鈥楶auline鈥

鈥淎unties, cousins, mums, nans and most of all my wife. It鈥檚 my ode to them all鈥

The Zutons

In the run-up to their Glastonbury 2024 set, The Zutons have shared a new single, 鈥楶auline鈥. Check it out below.

  • READ MORE:聽 The Zutons: 鈥淐eeLo Green was once convinced we were Keane鈥

The Liverpool band released their first album in 16 years, 鈥楾he Big Decider鈥, on April 26, and 鈥楶auline鈥 is the third single to come from the record.

It鈥檚 a soulful-sounding track with plenty of groove and a real celebratory feel complete with saxophone, proving that the four-piece haven鈥檛 lost their spark over the last decade and a half.

“Pauline is a song about all the women who have ever helped me in my life and the times you bump into them after years of not seeing them,鈥 said frontman Dave McCabe. 鈥淵ou see how each other have grown but they still very much have the same spark about them. Aunties, cousins, mums, nans and most of all my wife. It鈥檚 my ode to them all. Because without these women I wouldn鈥檛 be the man I am today.鈥

Recently, McCabe opened up about the band鈥檚 biggest hit, 鈥榁alerie鈥, too. While it was a success for The Zutons in 2006, it gained a whole new level of popularity when Mark Ronson and Amy Winehouse released a cover the following year.

He told NME in Does Rock 鈥楴鈥 Roll Kill Braincells?! that the cover came about after Winehouse told him to 鈥渇uck off鈥 , saying: 鈥淚 walked out of the house in the strop, and she followed me and pleaded: 鈥楶lease come back. I鈥檓 sorry I told you to fuck off,鈥 he continued. 鈥淚 really like that song鈥 [鈥榁alerie鈥橾. We went back in and carried on drinking.鈥


On Sunday (June 30) The Zutons will be performing on The Other Stage at Glastonbury 鈥撀爐he band previously played the festival in 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2008. They鈥檒l be on from 11:15 to 12:00.

If you鈥檙e not at Worthy Farm this year, however, you can catch The Zutons on tour with Paul Heaton . They’ve announced that they鈥檒l be supporting the former Housemartins and Beautiful South singer on his UK tour later this year. You can find tickets here .

They鈥檝e got lots more tour dates throughout the summer, too. They鈥檙e joining The Libertines at On The Beach in Redcar on July 5, as well as supporting ska legends Madness across three dates later that month. They鈥檒l also be touring the USA in September.

Visit here for all the latest news, reviews, photos, interviews and more from Glastonbury 2024.

The Zutons鈥 2024 tour dates are:

JUNE 30 鈥撀燬omerset, UK 鈥撀燝lastonbury Festival

JULY 5 鈥撀燫edcar, UK 鈥撀燨n The Beach (supporting The Libertines) 6 鈥撀燘elfast, UK 鈥撀燬tendhal Festival 21 鈥撀燱igan, UK 鈥撀燫obin Park (supporting Richard Ashcroft) 26 鈥撀燣eeds, UK 鈥撀燢irkstall Abbey (supporting Madness) 27 鈥撀燣udlow, UK 鈥撀燣udlow Castle (supporting Madness) 28 鈥撀燣ondon, UK 鈥撀燯ptown Fest (supporting Madness)

AUGUST 11 鈥撀燞ull, UK 鈥撀燴ebedee鈥檚 Yard (supporting Razorlight) 24 鈥撀燗lcester, UK 鈥撀燙amper Calling 25 鈥撀燙hester, UK 鈥撀燙hester Live Rooms 26 鈥撀燚ublin, Ireland 鈥撀燤useum of Ireland 31 鈥撀燚evon, UK 鈥撀燬hebfest

SEPTEMBER 01 鈥撀燡ersey, UK 鈥撀燱eekender 20 鈥撀燭oronto, Canada 鈥撀燗xis Club 22 鈥撀燦ew York, USA 鈥撀燣PR 24 鈥撀燙hicago, USA 鈥撀燛mpty Bottle 26 鈥撀燣os Angeles, USA 鈥撀燭eragram Ballroom 27 鈥 San Francisco, USA 鈥撀燝reat American Music Hall

NOVEMBER 29 鈥撀燘ridlington, UK 鈥撀燬pa (supporting Paul Heaton) 30 鈥撀燣eeds, UK 鈥 First Direct Arena (supporting Paul Heaton)

DECEMBER 01 鈥撀燝lasgow, UK 鈥撀燨VO Hydro (supporting Paul Heaton) 03 鈥撀燘righton, UK 鈥撀燘righton Centre (supporting Paul Heaton) 04 鈥撀燱olverhampton, UK 鈥撀燙ivic Hall (supporting Paul Heaton) 06 鈥撀燣iverpool, UK 鈥撀燤&S Bank Arena (supporting Paul Heaton) 07 鈥 Nottingham, UK 鈥撀燤otorpoint Arena (supporting Paul Heaton) 09 鈥 Newcastle, UK 鈥撀燨2 City Hall (supporting Paul Heaton) 10 鈥撀燣ondon, UK 鈥 Eventim Apollo (supporting Paul Heaton)

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Doobie Brothers setlist: Every song Michael McDonald and crew did in Phoenix

coldplay tour warm up

The Doobie Brothers are on something of a roll, having taken their place in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2020, a year after dropping the bombshell that Michael McDonald would reunite with his former bandmates on a 50th Anniversary Tour.

That was the first time in a quarter-century that McDonald, Tom Johnston, Pat Simmons and John McFee toured together as the Doobie Brothers.

The 50th Anniversary Tour is over now but McDonald is still takin鈥 it to the streets with Johnston, Simmons and McFee, who brought their tour to Footprint Center in Phoenix on Wednesday, June 26.

As Simmons joked in an exclusive interview with The Arizona Republic , "Actually, this is the second 50 years of the band we're celebrating now."

The show went heavy on their greatest hits 鈥 and why would any show not do that? 鈥 bringing the set to a crowd-pleasing finish with a triple shot of classics 鈥 鈥淲hat a Fool Believes,鈥 鈥淟ong Train Runnin鈥欌 and 鈥淐hina Grove" 鈥 before returning for a hit-filled three-song encore.

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Ageless performance: Doobie Brothers Phoenix concert rocked every hit that stirs your '70s soul

Doobie Brothers setlist 2024: All the songs they played in Phoenix

Here鈥檚 every song the Doobie Brothers played at Footprint Center in Phoenix on Wednesday, June 26.

  • "Take Me in Your Arms (Rock Me a Little While)鈥 (Kim Weston cover)
  • 鈥淗ere to Love You鈥
  • 鈥淒ependin' on You鈥
  • 鈥淩ockin' Down the Highway鈥
  • 鈥淵ou Belong to Me鈥
  • 鈥淐annonball鈥
  • 鈥淚t Keeps You Runnin'鈥
  • 鈥淓yes of Silver鈥
  • 鈥淥ne Step Closer鈥 (John McFee and Michael McDonald on lead vocals)
  • "World Gone Crazy"
  • 鈥淢inute by Minute鈥
  • 鈥淲ithout You鈥
  • 鈥淛esus Is Just Alright鈥
  • 鈥淲hat a Fool Believes鈥
  • 鈥淟ong Train Runnin'鈥
  • 鈥淐hina Grove鈥
  • 鈥淏lack Water鈥
  • "Amazing Grace" (instrumental)
  • 鈥淭akin' It to the Streets鈥
  • 鈥淟isten to the Music鈥

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May 12, 2022

State farm stadium (rearranged date), phoenix, az, + kacy hill.

We鈥檙e very sorry to announce that due to logistical issues, we鈥檝e had to reshuffle the opening dates of our upcoming US tour. The US shows will now begin in Dallas at the Cotton Bowl Stadium on May 6.

The concert at the State Farm Stadium in Phoenix has been rescheduled for May 12.

We apologise to all affected ticketholders for any inconvenience these rearrangements will cause.

All previously purchased tickets will be honoured for the new show dates.聽Any fans who would prefer to receive a refund can request one from the point of purchase.

Thank you for your understanding.




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    Since then, Coldplay have expanded their sets to theaters, arenas and stadiums in the A Rush of Blood to the Head (2002-03), Twisted Logic (2005-07) and Viva la Vida (2008-10) tours. The former was preceded by multiple warm-up shows, with one of them being a headlining performance at Coachella.

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    These are the UK and European tour dates for Coldplay's 2023 European leg of their Music of the Spheres Tour. 17-18 & 20-21 May - Est谩dio Cidade de Coimbra - Coimbra - tickets. 24-25 & 27-28 May - Estadi Ol铆mpic Llu铆s Companys - Barcelona - tickets. 31 May & 1, 3-4 June - Etihad Stadium - Manchester - tickets.

  17. Coldplay Full Tour Schedule 2024 & 2025, Tour Dates & Concerts

    Coldplay tour dates 2024. Coldplay is currently touring across 9 countries and has 36 upcoming concerts. Their next tour date is at Groupama Stadium in D脡CINES CHARPIEU, after that they'll be at Worthy Farm in Pilton. See all your opportunities to see them live below!

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    Coldplay have announced the support acts for their upcoming 2023 UK and European 'Music Of The Spheres' tour dates. The band have been on tour across the planet since last spring, and played a ...

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    Coldplay is one of the best-loved British rock bands in the world, with numerous tours, top sellers and awards to their name. Formed in 1996, the band's original line-up comprised Chris Martin, the lead vocalist, and Jonny Buckland, the lead guitarist, who met at University College in London.

  20. Coldplay Sets New Album 'Moon Music'

    Coldplay's current global trek is in support of Spheres, kicking off on March 18, 2022 in Costa Rica. The years-long tour is currently slated to wrap up with the second of two shows at Eden Park ...

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    Coldplay have extended their lengthy "Music of the Spheres World Tour" with a brief run of North American dates in Fall 2023. Multi-time Grammy winner H.E.R. and 070 Shake will serve as openers.

  28. The Zutons warm up for Glastonbury with new single 'Pauline'

    Recently, McCabe opened up about the band's biggest hit, 'Valerie', too. While it was a success for The Zutons in 2006, it gained a whole new level of popularity when Mark Ronson and Amy ...

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