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travel insurance uk cancer

Getting travel insurance

Travel insurance is very important for people who have or have had cancer. 

You have travel insurance to help you get compensation for anything that might go wrong with your travel. This usually means anything from having to cancel your trip, to losing your suitcases. But the most important part is the medical expenses cover.

Suppose you’re going to a country with high medical costs and you need to be flown back in an emergency. Without medical expense cover, the cost to you could be huge.

On this page we look at:

Why is it so hard to get travel insurance?

Travel insurance for people with cancer.

Travel insurance if you have had cancer

Destinations and costs

Finding insurance

Healthcare abroad

Tips on what you need to know

Getting travel insurance when you have or have had cancer can be difficult.  

Insurance companies only make money from people who don't claim. Because you’ve been ill, they think you’re more likely to claim. For example, you might need to cancel your trip or have medical treatment abroad. This makes you a bigger risk to the company, and they can refuse to give you travel insurance.

But finding travel insurance is getting easier. Many insurance companies now look at individual cases rather than refusing everyone who has had cancer.

Some travel insurance companies will give you medical cover if you have a doctor’s letter saying you’re fit enough to travel. But other companies might only insure you for treatment that isn't to do with your cancer. 

So although you'll have travel insurance, it won't cover any treatment you might need because of your cancer. You'll have to pay for that yourself. 

Travel insurance that covers cancer related treatment

For emergency medical problems relating to your cancer while you’re travelling, you'll need an insurance policy that covers you for this. So you must tell the insurance company about the cancer when you apply for cover.

Whether you can get insurance, and how much it costs, will depend on your cancer type.

When you apply for travel insurance, be prepared for questions about:

  • your cancer type
  • how big your cancer is or was at diagnosis and whether it had spread (stage)
  • the grade of your cancer
  • the treatment you are having or have had
  • your outlook (prognosis)
  • follow up care you are having

It’s best if you have these details before you apply. Ask your doctor or specialist nurse if you're unsure about anything. They can answer your questions.

Some insurance companies specialise in policies for people with pre existing medical conditions. This includes cancer. It's worth shopping around. Try insurance brokers as well as travel insurance companies. 

Travel insurance for people who have had cancer

Many travel insurance companies will give you medical cover if you have a doctor’s certificate saying you no longer have cancer and are fit enough to travel. 

Some companies won’t offer you insurance until you’ve been cancer free for some months or even years. Be prepared for the cost to be higher if you finished treatment recently. Prices generally go down the longer you’re cancer free. 

You need to be able to claim for emergency medical care abroad. This includes treatment related to your previous cancer.

To be covered for this, you need a policy that says the insurance company will pay for emergency medical problems that are related to your cancer. Again, you must tell the insurance company your full medical history when you apply for cover. They must pay according to the policy if they agreed to cover you.

The policies of travel insurance companies vary a lot. Some offer more suitable cover than others. Be sure to shop around and check your policy carefully.

Whether you have had cancer or not, travel insurance costs vary depending on where you want to go.

The UK has mutual agreements with some countries that are not in the European Economic Area (EEA). So they may provide medical care at a lower cost or in some cases free. The NHS website has a list of these countries. It also explains briefly what:

  • you’ll need to pay
  • documents you need
  • Find out more at the NHS website

Medical costs in the USA are very high. So it’s hard to get cover if you’re planning a holiday there.

You may not be able to get insurance for the USA if you have incurable cancer, particularly cancer that has spread. So you may need to rethink your holiday plans.

Finding travel insurance

There are different ways to look for travel insurance including:

  • contacting an insurance broker
  • comparison websites
  • contact the money advice service

Insurance brokers An insurance broker can try to arrange a policy for you. Or they can give you a list of insurance companies with special policies for people with cancer or other medical conditions. 

Brokers make a service charge. So it’s always best to make an informal approach to a few brokers before you make a decision. Make sure you feel happy that they know what's available for people with cancer.

The British Insurance Brokers Association (BIBA) can suggest brokers. They can look for travel insurance policies for people with cancer.

  • The British Insurance Brokers Association (BIBA) website

Comparison websites Other ways to look for policies would be to use comparison websites such as:

  • Money Super Market
  • Compare the Market

Money Advice Service

Another way is to contact the Money Advice Service. They can direct you to specialist travel insurance firms that cover serious medical conditions. 

  • Go to Money Advice Service

Information the travel insurance companies and brokers might want to know

Being ready with answers to questions the companies might ask will help when you contact them. They will ask about your cancer and about your holiday. 

Questions about your cancer might include:

  • when you were diagnosed
  • what type of cancer it is
  • how advanced it is and whether it is terminal
  • what treatment you have had or are having, or if you are due to start treatment
  • any medicines you are taking
  • any appointments you have with your GP or specialist
  • symptoms you have

Questions about your holiday:

  • where you want to go
  • how long for
  • who will be travelling with you

Questions you might want to ask include:

  • How much does the insurance cover you for?
  • What is the excess? Does it vary depending on what you are claiming for, for example a medical claim or lost luggage
  • Are you and whoever you are travelling with covered if you cancel?
  • Is there anything it doesn’t cover?
  • Depending on the situation some people might want to know if it would cover them if they died and their family wanted to get them home to bury them
  • How much is the travel insurance policy?

Healthcare in Europe

The UK has now left the European Union (EU). This means there are changes to the healthcare agreements between the UK and EU countries.

To be able to receive state provided healthcare when visiting an EU country . You should hold either a: 

  • UK European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)
  • UK Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC)

These cards mean you can get necessary healthcare free or at a reduced cost in the EU country you are visiting. This is healthcare that cannot wait until you get home. It means you’ll have the same care as a citizen of the country you’re visiting. Remember, the cards might not cover everything you'd get in the NHS. This is because each healthcare system is different.

Ask where you are being referred to. Sometimes people are sent to a private practice or hospital. If this happens, you may not be covered for the costs of care unless you have travel medical insurance. If you have insurance, check the terms and conditions of the policy before agreeing to any treatment.

If you still hold a valid EHIC card you can use this until it expires. You will then need to apply for a UK GHIC. The EHIC will still be around but will only apply to some UK residents and is now replaced with the new UK EHIC card. To see if you should apply for a new UK EHIC card find out more on the NHS website.

  • Visit the NHS website for information about the new UK EHIC card

The guide below gives you information on the different healthcare arrangements and systems in countries abroad.

  • Guide to healthcare in countries abroad

The UK EHIC and UK GHIC doesn't cover the cost of any medical treatment that you planned in advance, only for unexpected needs. But if you need continued treatment for an ongoing illness while you're abroad, such as regular injections, the UK EHIC or UK GHIC covers this.

The UK EHIC or UK GHIC doesn’t always cover the full cost of treatment. For instance, it won’t cover the cost of getting you home in an emergency. So it’s important to have the right travel insurance even when travelling in the EU.

You still need a UK EHIC or UK GHIC because your insurance company might not cover the cost of treatment that the card covers. If you try to claim in full, they might say you should have had the UK EHIC or UK GHIC. 

It does not cover you if you are on a cruise. And it doesn’t cover the cost of flying you home.

Visiting Ireland

If you're a resident in the UK, you can get healthcare that cannot wait until you get home (necessary healthcare) from state healthcare services in Ireland during your visit. This includes medically necessary treatment for a pre-existing or chronic condition. Some treatments will need to be pre-arranged with the relevant healthcare provider in Ireland, for example chemotherapy. But you will still need travel insurance.

  • Guidance on how to get healthcare when visiting Ireland

Europe beyond the EU:

Some countries within the European region do not accept the UK EHIC or UK GHIC, these are:

  • the Channel Islands, including Guernsey, Alderney and Sark
  • the Isle of Man
  • the Vatican
  • Guidance for Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Switzerland.

The UK has an agreement with a number of non-EU countries so that people from the UK can receive urgent care. Usually, only immediate medical treatment is free of charge. This includes places such as:

  • Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Faroe Islands
  • Isle of Man
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina, Faroe Islands, Isle of Man and Jersey

Medical care on cruise ships is quite expensive. You should have travel insurance to cover any medical care costs. If you require additional medical care that cannot be provided on board the ship, you will be transferred to medical facilities on land. What you are covered for depends on the country the cruise ship drops you in. So, it is not a good idea to rely on the UK EHIC or UK GHIC. You need medical care cover for anywhere that the ship could stop in. This includes unscheduled stops.

  • Apply for the new UK-issued EHIC or UK GHIC online

Tips on what you need to know before you look for insurance

  • Many insurance companies have exclusions on their policies for people who have medical conditions such as cancer.
  • If you had cancer in the past, you still need to tell the insurance company about it. You must declare all existing and pre existing conditions. Otherwise the insurance company might say you misinformed them and may not pay out.
  • Regular high street travel insurance companies will not cover you if you have a terminal illness or if you aren't fit to travel.
  • Get a letter from your doctor saying that you are fit to travel, even if you haven’t had any treatment for some time. It’s always best to get advice from your doctor before going abroad.
  • You’ll need an updated doctor’s certificate every time you travel if you have an annual or multi trip policy.
  • Start by making informal enquiries. Some companies might ask if you’ve been refused insurance before. If you’ve only made informal enquiries, this won’t affect any applications you make.
  • As a condition of covering you, some insurance companies insist that you also get their travel insurance for everyone travelling with you.
  • Always check a policy carefully. Make sure it covers everything you might need. Such as getting you home if you become unwell whilst abroad.
  • Check the cost of insurance (premium) as well as the excess and whether there is a separate excess for everyone travelling.

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Cancer Travel Insurance

We can provider cover for all types of cancer, including:

  • Breast cancer
  • Skin cancer
  • Prostate cancer

Defacto Rated

Going on holiday should be a time of excitement, but if you’re diagnosed with cancer, it can also bring a unique set of challenges. Having the right Travel Insurance can make all the difference in ensuring a worry-free trip.

Read on to learn how cancer Travel Insurance can provide the essential cover you need, tips for finding the perfect policy, and helpful advice on preparing for your journey.

What is Cancer Travel Insurance?

Cancer Travel Insurance policies are a type of cover specifically designed to help people with cancer travel with peace of mind.

This specialised holiday insurance covers you for unexpected events, both before you go away and during your holiday. The cost and availability of Travel Insurance for people with cancer depends on factors such as pre-existing medical conditions, your destination, the type of policy you choose, and the amount of cover you need.


* If you buy a policy which includes cancellation cover. / All these figures are per person and per trip.

Why you need Cancer Travel Insurance

Although there are around 375,000 new cancer cases in the UK every year , many providers do not offer Travel Insurance for cancer patients. Some insurers will insure you. However, their cover may include exclusions related to any claims connected to your cancer.

Specialist Travel Insurance with cancer cover will provide you with the comprehensive protection you need. This type of insurance is vital in case your cancer prevents you from travelling or you have to receive emergency medical treatment related to your cancer while on holiday. Travelling without comprehensive Travel Insurance can be a big risk, as you may be liable for paying for cancer drugs and emergency treatment services out-of-pocket while abroad. Travel for people with cancer involves certain specific risks including:

  • developing blood clots
  • susceptibility to infections and anaemia
  • weakened immune system
  • short-term physical problems due to cancer treatments

Types of Cancer Travel Insurance available

We offer multiple types of Cancer Travel Insurance, so you can pick one that’s right for your trip.

Types of cancer covered

When you start your quote for Holiday Insurance for cancer, our medical screening questions will ask you to declare your conditions. We can offer Travel Insurance for all types of cancer, including:

  • breast cancer
  • prostate cancer
  • lung cancer
  • bowel cancer
  • brain cancer
  • metastatic cancer
  • skin cancer

Stages of cancer covered by AllClear

We’re able to cover you during every stage of your journey, from the initial diagnosis, through chemotherapy and radiation therapy to remission .

As you procced through the medical screening process, we will gather all the information needed to offer a quote for your specific circumstances.

Single/Annual Multi trip

  • Single trip Travel Insurance : If you’re planning to take an one-off trip, this type of cover is perfect for you. It includes cover for emergency medical costs, loss or damage to personal items, and trip cancellation.
  • Annual Multi-Trip Insurance : Protect all of your trips taken throughout the year under one policy. This may be more cost-effective than buying separate single trip policies, making it a better choice for frequent travellers, offering cover for an unlimited number of trips to your chosen region over 12 months.

You can opt for either European Travel Insurance (including or excluding Spain , Balearic Islands, Canary Islands, Turkey , Cyprus and Malta ) or Worldwide Travel Insurance (including or excluding the USA , Canada , and the Caribbean ) depending on your travel plans. Typically, European Travel Insurance is less expensive than worldwide options. However, prices will still vary based on the specific destinations you plan to visit.

Simple 3 step quote process

1. call us or click a quote button on our site, 2. complete our simple medical screening process, 3. get your quotes, how much does cancer travel insurance cost.

The cost and availability of Cancer Travel Insurance depends on your requirements and destination. Some things that can affect your insurance premium include:

  • Travelling to areas with higher medical costs could potentially impact your insurance costs. This is something to consider when planning your holiday destination.
  • The type of cancer and your medical history. During your quote you will be asked a set of medical screening questions which will determine this information.
  • Duration of your trip

How to get Travel Insurance with cancer?

The first step will be to get a quote for a provider who specialises in Travel Insurance for people with cancer. You will then need to complete the medical screening, whether online or over the phone.

Medical screening for people living with cancer

During the medical screening process we may ask about the cancer diagnosis, treatment, and status. It is vital that you provide accurate medical information during the screening process, as it can impact the cover and cost of the Travel Insurance policy. We’ll also ask about your medical history, and any other medical condition you may have. Some possible questions you may be asked include;

  • What type of cancer were you diagnosed with?
  • Has the cancer ever spread to any other part of the body?
  • How long ago was your last cancer treatment for this condition?
  • Is there any further cancer treatment planned?

Why should you choose AllClear?

As a medical Travel Insurance provider, AllClear has offered Travel Insurance for cancer patients for over 20 years. We’ve helped people like Gayle Edwards to rediscover their confidence to travel again, after a cancer diagnosis.

Due to the additional challengers travellers with cancer need to consider, you’ll want to get your holiday insurance from a specialist provider like AllClear. We cover over 1,300 medical conditions and our policies have no upper age limit. Discover how our specialist cover keeps cancer patients cruising . To give you peace of mind, AllClear Cancer Travel Insurance includes:

  • Up to unlimited medical cover, including cancer and other pre-existing conditions.
  • Emergency medical evacuation
  • Trip cancellation cover
  • Access to a 24/7 medical assistance helpline
  • Cover for personal liability

Trusted Travel Insurance for people with cancer

We understand that you may have a few more concerns when searching for Holiday insurance with cancer. You can have peace of mind when travelling with AllClear, no matter how cancer affects you. 98% of customers would recommend us to family and friends 1 .

Read more of our customer’s experience:

“My husband has cancer which has metastasised and we wanted insurance for a week away. The man that arranged it for us was extremely helpful and talked us through everything. He gave me a reference number, I then booked the holiday and he rang back and we completed the booking. It was stress free, just what we needed.”

Mrs Anne Bedford Date of experience: 15 January 2024

What our Customers Say

Travel insurance and the ghic.

The GHIC replaced the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). This offers emergency and necessary state healthcare in EU countries when travelling.

So do you still need Travel Insurance if you are living with cancer or your cancer is in remission?  Yes! The GHIC isn’t a replacement for Travel Insurance as it doesn’t cover you for:

  • the costs of rescue and repatriation (an air ambulance from Spain back to the UK costs £10,000 or more)
  • lost or stolen property such as passports, baggage or precious items
  • losses from trip cancellation, curtailment and interruption
  • extra travel and accommodation costs due to illness
  • any medical treatment needed outside of the EU

Tips for travelling with cancer

Whether you currently have cancer and are undergoing treatment or are in remission, a holiday can be a great way to relax and take your mind off of things during these times. While travelling, you should take measures to protect yourself and manage any potential risks.

Read more for our top tips on travelling with cancer.

Talk to a medical professional

Speaking to your doctor or specialist before planning your trip is a good idea. Especially if you are travelling with cancer, your doctor will tell you if it is safe for you to travel and how to prepare for your trip.

Choosing your destination

When choosing your destination, it’s a good idea to think about the length of your journey and how far you’re willing to travel and for what length of time. Travelling long haul can be exhausting for those without any medical conditions, so it’s important not to overexert yourself. If you need some inspiration, check out 5 Top Recuperating Holidays for Travelling After Cancer.

Flying can increase your risk of developing a blood clot. Cancer and specific treatments can also increase your risk. Discover ways to prevent blood clots when you are travelling and speak to your GP before booking your trip or travelling.


Some vaccinations required for certain countries contain live vaccines. People who have had certain types of cancer and treatments may not have these. Before travelling, find out more about cancer and travel vaccinations and speak to your doctor or GP. They will advise you on what’s safe for you to have.

If you’re taking prescribed medication for your cancer and need to travel with it, you should plan how much you will need to take with you and always try to bring extra. If you misplace or damage your medication, then this will help. You may also want to keep your medicine in its original packaging; this helps if you need more supplies and avoids any confusion at the airport if your medication is in your own container. When packing your hand luggage, read our guide for more information on travelling with medications .

What to do in case of a medical emergency abroad

As an AllClear customer, it is important to contact our 24/7 emergency medical assistance team on +44 (0) 203 467 4122, in the event of a medical emergency abroad. They can help find you the medical care you need and speak directly to the local medical team. Make sure to have your policy number readily available.

Frequently Asked Questions about cancer Travel Insurance

Can a cancer patient get travel insurance.

Yes. You can get Travel Insurance if you have cancer, but you may need a specialist insurance provider like AllClear.

What types of cover are available for Cancer Travel Insurance?

Cancer Travel Insurance provides cover for you at any stage of your cancer journey. Whether you’ve just had your cancer diagnosis, are in remission, or recently cancer free, AllClear can protect your well deserved holiday.

Our policies include cover for medical emergencies, lost luggage, loss of medication and much more.

How does medical screening for cancer impact your Travel Insurance cover?

The answers provided during the medical screening process can have a significant impact on your Travel Insurance for cancer. Providing accurate and complete information helps us to determine the appropriate premium for you, taking into account your unique medical history and assessing and potential risks based on our 20+ years of medical travel data.

Some questions we may ask include; What age were you when you were diagnosed? Are you currently undergoing treatment or is any planned? Has the cancer spread to other parts of the body? Failing to provide accurate information during the medical screening process can lead to your policy being invalidated.

What if you're in remission from cancer?

50% of people diagnosed with cancer in England and Wales survive their disease for ten years. At AllClear, we believe that those in remission and those living with cancer have the right to travel.

However, you must declare your cancer and that you are in remission. This ensures you’re fully covered should you fall ill or need to cancel.

What if your cancer is terminal?

We are still able to cover terminal conditions. This is  looked at on a case by case basis. If your cancer is terminal, please call us on 01708 339029.

What if your cancer is undiagnosed?

If you’re in the middle of a diagnosis or your doctor is in the process of finding out whether your cancer has spread, we will not be able to offer cover during this period. This is because we cannot cover undiagnosed conditions.

Once you have been diagnosed, in most cases, we will then be able to offer a quote.

1 Based on 780 responses, correct as of 16/01/2024.

Written by: Russell Wallace | Travel Insurance Expert Last Updated: 27 February 2024

3 - Based on Trustpilot reviews of all companies in the Travel Insurance Company category that have over 40,000 reviews as of September 2023.

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Cancer Travel Insurance


travel insurance uk cancer

Many people who have been diagnosed with cancer are living a (relatively) normal life and are able to carry on as they did before their diagnosis.

An essential part of leading a normal life involves going on holiday, and this is where problems can arise, because not only is it hard to find travel insurance with cancer cover but when you do, the premium quoted could be more than the cost of the holiday!

Insurancewith offers a range of policies specifically designed for those with a cancer diagnosis, by people who have experienced the condition themselves first-hand.

xRated 4.8/5 on Trustpilot

Based on over 5,900 customer reviews

How easy is it for people with cancer to get travel insurance?

Often, people with a cancer diagnosis can find it harder to get cover for their holiday. If you can find a policy to cover you, it can usually cost more as often insurers see you as a higher risk for making a claim than someone with no medical conditions.

At Insurancewith, we work differently to the rest of the market. Our founder, Fiona , found that often travel insurance policies for people with cancer either weren’t available or were prohibitively expensive – often costing more than the price of the holiday itself!

Although we ask a few more questions than other providers, getting the right kind of cover on your travels is important. Here at Insurancewith, we do more than just insurance. We’ll make sure you’re cared for from sale to claim.

Policy Benefits

There are a series of benefits which come with taking out one of our policies. Some of the most helpful for you include:

  • £10 million cover for medical emergencies
  • Cover for repatriation
  • Emergency helpline 24 hours a day, every day of the year
  • Bespoke medical screening
  • Personalised medical screening for more complicated or serious cases
  • Discounts for couples, families and single parent families
  • Winter sports policies available
  • Cruise policies available
  • Worldwide cover available provided you are not travelling against the advice of the Foreign & Commonwealth Office
  • 300+ sports and activities can be covered, many at standard terms
  • 14 day cooling off period

Customer area

Types of Cancer Covered

We will consider covering all different types of cancer. Shown below are the most common types that we are asked to cover. However, if your particular cancer isn’t shown, don’t worry, because you can still get a quote by entering your type of cancer when prompted during the quote process and proceed from there.

Alternatively, you can call our Customer Service Centre on 0333 005 1066  and they will be happy to process the quote for you.

Insurancewith has bespoke cancer travel insurance cover for the more common cancers such as:

  • Breast Cancer
  • Bowel Cancer
  • Lung Cancer
  • Prostate Cancer

The Insurancewith travel insurance for cancer patients policy was created by people with first-hand experience of cancer. They really do understand your problems when it comes to buying travel insurance that asks more questions specific to you and your treatment. This ensures that you have the most suitable policy for your needs at the most appropriate price. We also have cancer travel insurance policies for rarer cancers such as:

  • Bladder Cancer
  • Kidney Cancer
  • Non Hodgkin Lymphoma
  • Ovarian Cancer
  • Pancreatic Cancer
  • Skin Cancer
  • Stomach Cancer
  • Testicular Cancer
  • Uterine Cancer

Why Choose Insurancewith?

Our common-sense approach to medical travel cover has been recognised by industry peers and customers alike . We want to make it easier for more people to travel. Many of those we’ve helped talk about how they’d almost given up with the idea of getting away. We understand that getting away and knowing you’re protected should something unexpected occur can have a real impact.

travel insurance uk cancer

Speak to a member of our team

Having trouble finding what you are looking for?

Please click on the button below to speak to a member of our experienced and empathetic Customer Service team via Live Chat.

travel insurance uk cancer

¹ Based upon Trustpilot data from December, 2022

*Please note, Insurancewith’s online prices automatically include a 15% discount against our Customer Service Centre prices

$ Insurancewith has been rated 4.8 out of 5 (Excellent) based on over 7000 customer reviews on Trustpilot. Based on Trustpilot data 2023 

2 Based on quote data from 2023. Correct as of 12/09/2023

ɸInsurancewith Awards Won: Customer Champion of the Year at the Insurance Times Awards, 2017, Finalist Insurance Choice Awards, 2023. Plus, our founder Fiona Macrae was awarded the Consumer Marketing and Awareness Award at the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) Public Trust Awards, 2018

Travel Insurance for Cancer Patients

Compare cover from as little as £9.37*.

Tommy Lloyd

Tommy has over 15 years experience within the insurance industry, and his primary focus is helping travellers find the right cover for their medical conditions.

Can you get travel insurance if you have cancer?

Yes, it is possible to get travel insurance if you have cancer. While it is not guaranteed (it depends on the severity of your condition), most cancer patients should be eligible.

Travel insurance for cancer patients is offered by many specialist travel insurance providers. We work closely with these providers to ensure you get the best deal on travel insurance for people with cancer.

Travel insurance for cancer patients is designed to cover you for any issues related to your condition while travelling.

Specialist Medical Cover

We only work with providers who specialise in covering pre-existing conditions.

No discounts. No pressure. We’ll always show you the best prices from providers.

What information do I have to disclose?

First of all, most insurance providers will expect you to tell them if you’ve ever had a cancerous condition. 

Just to be clear - this applies if:

  • You’ve recently been diagnosed with a cancerous condition 
  • Your cancer is in remission 
  • You’ve been given the all-clear following treatment 

However, you should also bear in mind that insurance providers will also take your individual circumstances into account when you purchase a policy. 

For example, once you declare cancer - we’ll ask you a few questions about the nature of your condition, medical treatment, and anything else that can help us determine the type of insurance cover you would need from any given provider. 

This also applies when providers calculate the cost of your cover. For example, if you’ve had cancer in the past, but got the all-clear many years ago - your premium will be less than it would be if say you’ve had a recent diagnosis.

Which types of cancers are covered?

We understand that there are lots of different types of cancer. The good news is that we can help you find and compare travel insurance for cancer sufferers for a range of different cancerous conditions all in one place. 

We know that there are many different types of cancer, but here are a just a few that we can help you find cover for.

Dr Sarah Jarvis, MBE

Top tips for travelling with cancer

Dr Sarah Jarvis is the Clinical Director of the Patient Platform, an active medical writer, broadcaster, and the resident doctor for BBC Radio 2.

More and more people are surviving cancer and having cancer certainly shouldn't mean you'll never get away with family and friends again. But cancer, and treatment for cancer, can definitely affect your energy levels, your chance of getting infections and more. However, with the right timing and the correct precautions, there is no reason you shouldn't be able to enjoy time away with your loved ones.

Be sure to check out my full guide with tips for travelling.

What is typically covered in a policy?

Different providers will include different types of cover, but the main things generally include:

  • Cancellation
  • Medical expenses & repatriation
  • Theft/loss of belongings
  • Personal accident

Cover will also depend on the nature of your condition (as per the answers you provide during medical screening, see below) and also whether you choose to select any optional extras.

Optional extras can be selected before comparing quotes. This relates to additional travel insurance that can be added on to your main policy. This includes gadget cover , cruise cover and winter sports cover . 

Medical screening for cancer travel insurance

Medical screening refers to the questions you’ll be asked about your condition. This helps travel insurance providers get more of an understanding of your individual circumstances and medical history - so they can offer you the right cover. 

If your cancer has spread to any other areas of the body, make sure to declare the primary cancer (where it started) first.

It’s also possible you will also be asked if you take strong painkillers. This refers to patches, Tramadol and anything Morphine based – if you’re not sure, please consult your doctor.

You must answer these questions as accurately as possible to ensure you find policies that fully cover you once abroad.  

If you need any further support or assistance when declaring your condition - just know that our friendly support team is on hand to answer any questions you might have.

Compare quotes from specialist insurance providers

Our online quote comparison tool is easy to use - and once you declare your condition, you can compare quotes from a variety of different specialist travel insurance providers in minutes. 

To get started, all you need to do is complete some personal details (including age) and tell us about your trip. 

Following on from this you can declare your pre-existing conditions before comparing quotes. You’ll be able to sort out your travel insurance in a matter of minutes - meaning you can crack on with the more exciting things on your holiday to-do list. 

Once you’ve listed your personal details, all you need to do is tell us about your trip and any pre-existing conditions before comparing quotes. 

Again, it’s worth reminding you that we work with the very best and most reputable providers - so you can be sure you’re in good hands.

Rated Excellent

Trusted by thousands of people like you who've reviewed us on Trustpilot.

No phone calls or paperwork. Join millions who've sorted cover online in minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Once you've declared all of your relevant pre-existing medical conditions, we'll only show you quotes based on the conditions you have told us about.

* Price is based on 1 traveller aged 61, who has declared Breast Cancer and is travelling to France for 7 nights. The price is correct as of October 2023. Prices may vary according to your individual requirements.

Trusted by people just like you

Don't just take our word for it...

If we're unable to help you find cover for a pre-existing medical condition , the Money Helper Directory has listings of companies that may be able to assist you. Further details can be found on their  website.

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  • Travel insurance for cancer patients

If you're living with cancer but love to travel, can you get travel insurance for your trip?

We've looked at points to consider that may help you find cover, and where to go for expert advice.

Posted: 30/1/2022 | By Amanda Duffy

Couple sitting on rock hill, embracing

Travel insurance  is so important. It’s the best way to make your trip as worry-free as possible, and if you've suffered from or are suffering from cancer then that peace of mind is even more precious. Luckily, finding travel insurance for cancer sufferers is possible as companies look to consider all conditions. It used to be the case that insurers would either charge huge amounts to cover the risks, or simply refuse to cover cancer patients. Today there are many specialist policies on the market that can help people with cancer make trips abroad with proper insurance cover to protect them.

Find out about getting travel insurance with a pre-existing medical condition like cancer

Travel insurance for people with cancer.

More than one in three people develop cancer in their lifetime. For many patients, a holiday promises a well-needed chance to relax, but finding a policy that covers your condition can be hard. So how do you get travel insurance if you have cancer? It depends on a few things. If you know what insurers are going to ask, you can prepare as best you can and make getting holiday insurance easier.

You can make a start by asking your doctor if you should be travelling with cancer. They will be able to explain if it’s appropriate and safe. If you can go abroad, you will need to make sure you have support and the right medication with you.

If you have cancer, you may already have seen the NHS page on all the different kinds of cancer , and their outlook for treatment. This page is a good place to begin arming yourself with the facts before speaking to an insurer.

How to get travel insurance

Getting the right holiday insurance for people with cancer is crucial. It means that if you need treatment while you’re away, you won’t have any nasty surprises when it comes to the bill. It also means that if you need to cancel your holiday because of your condition, you won’t lose out financially.

So when you call to get holiday insurance, you should make sure you have the following information:

  • the kind of cancer that you have
  • the names of any medication you have been taking
  • The date and nature of your recent treatments

You should expect to answer lots of questions about your prognosis so it will make it easier if you have all the information about your condition and treatment to hand.

What kind of holiday insurance is there?

One of our tips for getting travel insurance with cancer is to look hard at the insurance policies on offer and see which one best suits your condition and planned trip away. As there are many forms of cancer, each carrying a different level of risk, our medical questionnaire is designed to assess whether or not you can get cover. Answer all questions as accurately as you can to ensure that the correct level of cover can be offered to you. Your type of cancer will not be the only factor - travelling to places where medical costs are significantly higher can affect what insurance options are available. Therefore opting to stay in Europe rather than visiting countries such as the USA might affect the cover you can get. Single trip cover might mean you pose less of a risk - considering you are going on one journey rather than several - so you might want to look at this sort of possibility if you've suffered from cancer.

Medical treatment

You should try and choose a destination that’s suitable for your needs. A good tip is to check ahead and make sure that there are appropriate facilities where you’re headed. Do they have a good hospital nearby? Are there doctors you can rely on, and will there be pharmacies where you can get medical supplies if you need them?

Another good tip for travelling with cancer is to get a Global Health Insurance Card (Ghic). A valid Ghic means you can access state-provided healthcare during a temporary stay in another European Economic Area (EEA) country or Switzerland. Just remember that the Ghic card isn’t a replacement for travel insurance: you are likely to still need specialist holiday insurance with cancer support .

Where to find more advice

If you are looking for more tips, then help is at hand. Several leading cancer charities publish specialist guides online that can really make a difference. Cancer Research UK have lots of advice for cancer sufferers looking to go abroad, including a guide to travelling with medication .

You can also find more tips for travelling with cancer from Macmillan , who can offer you valuable advice including tips from real people talking about how they manage.

How you get holiday insurance if you have cancer is up to you. There are policies out there, but you should always go in armed with the information you need and with realistic expectations of where and when you should go.

Interested in travel insurance?

Other travel products.

Order foreign currency online or in selected branches. Pick up in any branch or get it delivered to your home.

One prepaid Mastercard™ that stores up to 22 currencies.

Get your passport application right the first time. We can even complete and submit it for you digitally.

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June 1, 2020

Due to travel restrictions, plans are only available with travel dates on or after

Due to travel restrictions, plans are only available with effective start dates on or after

Ukraine; Belarus; Moldova, Republic of; North Korea, Democratic People's Rep; Russia; Israel

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Allianz - Travel

A Guide to Travel Insurance for Cancer Patients

traveler at airport

When you have cancer, what can travel insurance cover?

The benefits you receive depends on the type of plan you buy. You can see all available travel insurance plans here , or get a quote to easily compare plans and pricing. That being said, here are some of the situations in which travel insurance can protect cancer patients.

  • You have to cancel your trip because of your cancer diagnosis. Trip cancellation benefits can reimburse you for pre-paid, nonrefundable travel expenses if you must cancel your trip for a covered reason. One common covered reason is when you or your travel companion suffer an illness, injury, or medical condition that’s disabling enough to make a reasonable person cancel their trip. Remember that a doctor must advise you (or your traveling companion) to cancel your trip before you cancel it — or, if that’s impossible, within 72 hours of the decision to cancel.
  • You have to cut your trip short because your illness gets worse. If you’re already on your trip, and you become too ill to travel, trip interruption benefits can reimburse you for your unused, pre-paid and nonrefundable travel expenses. This benefit can also pay reasonable transportation expenses to continue your trip or return home. It can even pay additional accommodation and transportation expenses (up to the stated limit) if the interruption forces you to remain at your destination for longer than you’d planned.
  • You suffer an unexpected medical emergency while traveling. Emergency medical/dental benefits can reimburse you for the cost of emergency medical care you receive while traveling for a sudden, unexpected illness, injury, or medical condition that could cause serious harm if it is not treated. The key words here are sudden and unexpected . Travel insurance can’t cover your medical emergency if it’s an expected complication of your cancer diagnosis or treatment.

Also, please understand that travel insurance can’t pay for planned medical expenses if you travel overseas to obtain treatment for cancer (or any other condition). Travel insurance will not pay for any non-emergency care, elective care, long-term care or experimental treatments, among other exclusions listed in your policy.

How can travel insurance help if a family member is diagnosed with cancer?

What if someone in your family is diagnosed with cancer right before you’re about to leave on a week-long vacation? There’s no way you’re going to leave their side — but your resort’s cancellation policy says clearly that no refunds will be given.

In situations like this, travel insurance can help. If a family member who’s not traveling with you develops an illness, injury, or medical condition that’s considered life-threatening or requires hospitalization, that can be a covered reason for trip cancellation. The same is true for trip interruption — if you’re already on your trip when a family member becomes seriously ill, then trip interruption benefits can pay for your transportation home, as well as reimbursing you for unused trip costs.

Read more: How Travel Insurance Covers Family Members

What if you’re diagnosed with cancer after you purchase travel insurance?

Let’s say you book a Mediterranean cruise for yourself and your spouse to celebrate your 25th wedding anniversary. You also purchase travel insurance to protect the trip. Six months later, a routine mammogram detects a lump in your breast, and you’re diagnosed with stage-2 breast cancer. You must undergo surgery and radiation, which means you won’t be able to go on your long-awaited cruise.

Travel insurance with trip cancellation benefits can be invaluable in situations like this, when you’re facing a cancer diagnosis. If your symptoms (or the side effects of treatment) are disabling enough to make you cancel your trip, and if your doctor advises you to cancel it, then trip cancellation benefits can reimburse you for your prepaid, non-refundable trip expenses. That way, you can reschedule the cruise for after you’ve recovered — and the sea breezes will be even sweeter.

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UK travel insurance


Is there such a thing as travel insurance to cover cancellation but in UK only. I am on chemotherapy and my side effects are very random and sometimes have little notice. Alot of places have free cancellation but most need at least a 4 weeks notice.  

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Moderator Steph

I hope this information I've found about cancer and travel insurance will help you find what you're looking for JLB123, but for further information and advice it may be worth giving the Macmillan helpline a call as they have specialist advisors you can speak to about this who should be able to assist you further.

Hopefully some of our members who have been able to find such travel insurance will share their tips and advice with you soon. 

Kind regards,

Steph, Cancer Chat Moderator

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  • Questions about cancer? Call freephone 9 to 5 Monday to Friday or email us

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Why Kate Middleton Isn't Sharing What Type of Cancer She Has

Like King Charles, the Princess of Wales will not be disclosing her specific diagnosis.

kate middleton

However, Kensington Palace has said they will not be sharing any specific diagnosis. "We will not be sharing any further private medical information," a Palace spokesperson said. "The Princess has a right to medical privacy, as we all do."

This is in line with King Charles, who revealed his own cancer diagnosis last month . When announcing the King's cancer diagnosis, Buckingham Palace did not specify what kind, besides clarifying it was not prostate cancer. "His Majesty has chosen to share his diagnosis to prevent speculation and in the hope it may assist public understanding for all those around the world who are affected by cancer," the Palace said in a statement.

As Victoria Murphy noted in T&C , "In guidance to journalists, the Palace has also strongly emphasized the King’s right to and expectation of privacy when it comes to further details of his diagnosis. They have asked media outlets to refrain from speculation or investigation into what kind of cancer the King has or the treatment he is receiving."

The same goes for Kate's cancer diagnosis—Kensington Palace emphasized the Princess's right to privacy when it comes to her health and treatment. In a personal video message shared by Kate , she said, "We hope that you will understand that, as a family, we now need some time, space and privacy while I complete my treatment. My work has always brought me a deep sense of joy and I look forward to being back when I am able, but for now I must focus on making a full recovery."

preview for Kate Middleton Speaks Out About Her Cancer Diagnosis

Emily Burack (she/her) is the Senior News Editor for Town & Country, where she covers entertainment, culture, the royals, and a range of other subjects. Before joining T&C, she was the deputy managing editor at Hey Alma , a Jewish culture site. Follow her @emburack on Twitter and Instagram .

@media(min-width: 40.625rem){.css-1jdielu:before{margin:0.625rem 0.625rem 0;width:3.5rem;-webkit-filter:invert(17%) sepia(72%) saturate(710%) hue-rotate(181deg) brightness(97%) contrast(97%);filter:invert(17%) sepia(72%) saturate(710%) hue-rotate(181deg) brightness(97%) contrast(97%);height:1.5rem;content:'';display:inline-block;-webkit-transform:scale(-1, 1);-moz-transform:scale(-1, 1);-ms-transform:scale(-1, 1);transform:scale(-1, 1);background-repeat:no-repeat;}.loaded .css-1jdielu:before{background-image:url(/_assets/design-tokens/townandcountrymag/static/images/diamond-header-design-element.80fb60e.svg);}}@media(min-width: 64rem){.css-1jdielu:before{margin:0 0.625rem 0.25rem;}} Royal Family News @media(min-width: 40.625rem){.css-128xfoy:before{margin:0.625rem 0.625rem 0;width:3.5rem;-webkit-filter:invert(17%) sepia(72%) saturate(710%) hue-rotate(181deg) brightness(97%) contrast(97%);filter:invert(17%) sepia(72%) saturate(710%) hue-rotate(181deg) brightness(97%) contrast(97%);height:1.5rem;content:'';display:inline-block;background-repeat:no-repeat;}.loaded .css-128xfoy:before{background-image:url(/_assets/design-tokens/townandcountrymag/static/images/diamond-header-design-element.80fb60e.svg);}}@media(min-width: 64rem){.css-128xfoy:before{margin:0 0.625rem 0.25rem;}}

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Meghan Markle's Style Evolution

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Rufus Sewell on Playing Prince Andrew in 'Scoop'

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King Felipe & Queen Letizia Meet Carlos Alcaraz

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The Most Memorable Royal Photos of 2024 (So Far)

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How to Tour a Special Room at Buckingham Palace

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Kate's Cancer Diagnosis: Everything to Know

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Inside Balmoral Castle

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Meghan & Harry Host Art Event

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What Is Preventative Chemotherapy?

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'Wolf Hall: The Mirror and the Light' TV Show

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Balmoral Castle Will Open to the Public


Prince Harry 'to reach out to Princess Kate and Prince William' ahead of his UK return to 'see family'

Prince Harry 'to reach out to Princess Kate and Prince William' ahead of his UK return to 'see family'

Cameron Walker details support offered by Meghan and Harry to Kate

Svar Nanan-Sen

By Svar Nanan-Sen

Published: 04/04/2024

The Duke of Sussex is expected to travel to London in May

  • Prince Harry flew to the UK to see King Charles in February 2024 following the monarch's cancer diagnosis
  • Kate revealed she underwent preventative chemotherapy after her abdominal operation
  • The Duke of Sussex has not seen William or Kate in person since the Princess of Wales publicly confirmed her health condition

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Prince Harry is set to reach out to Princess Kate and Prince William ahead of his upcoming return to the UK, according to a royal source.

The Duke of Sussex is expected to return to Britain next month to speak at an event to mark the 10th anniversary of his Invictus Games.

Harry flew to the UK in February 2024 to see his father King Charles following the news that the monarch had been diagnosed with cancer.

The King met with his youngest son in London for around 45 minutes before Harry flew back to the US the next day.

A royal source has said that Harry will prioritise seeing his father during his to the UK in May.

The insider told the Mirror: "Harry's priority when he comes to England is to see his dad. He is pretty focused on this.

"It will be his first port of call when he comes off the plane, to try and spend as much time with King Charles so that they can build bridges and enjoy each other's company like before.

"Harry knows it will be awkward, but it's a time to put pride and differences to one side.

"He is coming over for his charity work, which is so important to him so he will juggle his schedule accordingly, but seeing his dad will come first.

"He wants the family to get back to the way they were and is going to be making extra effort with his brother Wills too, as difficult as it may be.

"Now, more than ever, with Kate's cancer diagnosis too, Harry wants them to know he is there for them."


  • Kate's children George, Charlotte and Louis are helping Princess of Wales following cancer diagnosis
  • Princess Beatrice under a microscope as royal promotion hangs in the balance
  • Meghan and Harry face Invictus Games headache as Duchess of Sussex adopts 'extraordinary' attitude

Princess Kate announced in March that she had been diagnosed with cancer.

Kensington Palace

The Princess of Wales revealed the news during an emotional video message.

Prince Harry and Prince William's relationship has deteriorated over the last few years.

The Duke of Sussex did not see Kate or William during his most recent trip to the UK.

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Money blog: Streaming platform copies Netflix in crackdown on password-sharing

We've enlisted expert help to investigate whether it's more difficult to secure a mortgage if you're self-employed. Read this and more in the Money blog, your place for personal finance news. Leave a comment on stories we've covered, or a question for our experts, in the form below.

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The average UK house price fell by approximately £2,900 month on month in March, according to Halifax.

The typical property value fell by 1%, having risen 0.3% in February.

Average property prices landed at £288,430, said Kim Kinnaird, director of Halifax Mortgages.

"That a monthly fall should occur following five consecutive months of growth is not entirely unexpected, particularly in view of the reset the market has been going through since interest rates began to rise sharply in 2022.

"Despite this, house prices have shown surprising resilience in the face of significantly higher borrowing costs."

Prices remain almost £50,000 above pre-pandemic levels, she added.

Nicky Stevenson, managing director at estate agent group Fine & Country, said: "An increasingly busy property market helped to prop up prices on an annual basis at the beginning of spring, but the monthly fall shows there is still some turbulence."

Once an interest rate cut appears on the horizon, demand should "push UK prices 3% higher this year", said Tom Bill, head of UK residential research at estate agent Knight Frank.

British billionaire Joe Lewis has avoided a jail sentence after admitting he orchestrated an insider trading scheme that helped those around him make millions.

The former Tottenham Hotspur owner, who lives in the Bahamas, tipped off his girlfriend, friends, and two of his private pilots with inside information on four publicly-traded companies, which they used to get rich, prosecutors in New York said.

In January, he pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to commit securities fraud and two counts of securities fraud, admitting in court he had known he was breaking the law.

Read more here...

Savers wishing to use their annual ISA allowance have until the end of today to do so.

The tax year runs from 6 April to 5 April, so those wishing to maximise their tax-free savings must deposit £20,000 by the deadline.

An ISA, or individual savings accounts, allows you to save money without having to pay tax on any interest gained.

If you are unsure about whether you have any ISA allowance left for this tax year, check with your provider.

A new allowance will begin tomorrow for the tax year 2024-25.

You cannot roll over any unused allowance so it is important to utilise your full yearly allowance if you can.

Want to know more? Read on here... 

It can be hard to balance getting nutritious foods that make you feel good without emptying your wallet.

In this series over the coming months, we're trying to find the cheapest ways to identify the healthiest options in the supermarket.

We've asked  Sunna Van Kampen, founder of Tonic Health ,  who went viral on social media for reviewing supermarket products in the search of healthier choices, for his input. 

The series does not aim to identify the outright healthiest option, rather how to get better nutritional value for as little money as possible.

This week we're having a look at  juices - the staple of the lunchbox. 

The NHS recommends children between the ages of four and six should have no more than 19g of sugar a day and ages seven to 10 no more than 24g.  

"But would you believe a standard apple juice carton (200ml) contains over 22g of sugar," Sunna says - equal to five teaspoons. 

That's nearly a child's daily intake in a single carton.  

"It might seem like the healthier option at a glance, because it’s just fruit juice and sure, it's natural fruit sugar, but remember those are concentrated doses without the fibre of whole fruit," Sunna says.

Many reach for juice cartons labelled "no added sugar" or "sugar-free" - but here's where we hit a speed bump. 

"These options contain the same artificial sweeteners as diet soft drinks, which, while cutting down on sugar, introduce their own set of concerns for parents," Sunna says. 

"From affecting taste preferences to unnecessary chemicals, they're not the golden ticket to healthy hydration we might hope for."

The alternative

"I look for juice cartons that strike a balance without breaking the bank," Sunna says. 

He suggests aiming for options with lower natural sugar content that are diluted with water to keep the sweetness in check without resorting to additives.

"This way, you're not just quenching thirst - you're also fostering healthier hydration habits," he says.

"The secret I've discovered upon my many journeys down the supermarket aisles is Cawston Press." 

The company offer a "pressed fruit shaken with water" range that is as low as 45% juice.

"That makes a 200ml carton 8.8g of sugar - over a 50% reduction in their standard juice carton sugar intake."

The nutritionist's view - from  Dr Laura Brown , senior lecturer in nutrition, food, and health sciences at Teesside University...

There are some accurate suggestions here. 

Additionally, the message should be to stay away from these juices as they are undoubtedly contributing to the tooth decay and obesity issues. 

It's difficult, though, to achieve especially with children so, as suggested, look for the lowest sugar content with nothing artificial added as stated.

This range of Cawston Press is 32p per 100ml or £1.90 for a pack of three in Tesco.

Slightly more expensive are Innocent smoothies at 47p per 100ml or £7 for a 10 pack.

Fruit Shoot, which uses  Sucralose and Acesulfame K as sweeteners, comes in cheaper at 22p per 100ml or £3.60 for an eight pack.

Working that over the course of a year with a juice carton a day:

  • Fruit Shoot is £164.25 a year
  • Cawston Press is £231.16
  • Innocent is £255.50

Even though there are cheaper alternatives, Sunna suggests that the extra cost is an investment in your health. 

By picking Cawston Press over Innocent you can save nearly £25 a year and reduce your kids' sugar intake by 3kg every 12 months. 

"Good for your wallet and great for their health," Sunna says. 

In response to our article, Innocent told us: "We're on a mission to make it easier to live well through the delicious goodness of fruit and veg. 

"We know that most of us need to get more of it into our diets and our juices and smoothies are packed full of fruity goodness. We don't add sugar - we never have, and we never will - so our products only contain the same natural sugar as you’ll find in fresh fruit and veg.

"Our 'innocent kids' range of juices and smoothies are made from 100% crushed fruit and veg, contain at least one micro-nutrient, and count towards one of your five a day.

"All our kids' smoothies are available in the recommended 150ml portion and are less than 100kcals per wedge allowing our customers to enjoy the drinks in moderation."

A Fruit Shoot spokesperson told us: "Fruit Shoot is all about offering healthier consumer choices, which is why over the years we've worked to reformulate Fruit Shoot to reduce calories without compromising on taste."

"Fruit Shoot contains sugar from real fruit complemented by permitted sweeteners - providing the taste consumers love."

Cawston Press said: “Our Cawston Press Fruit Waters are a blend of not-from-concentrate fruit juice shaken with still water and made with natural ingredients, meticulously crafted to meet the high standards of school approval. 

"As with all Cawston Press juices, our Fruit Waters are made simply with pressed fruit, and are free from artificial sweeteners, colours or preservatives with no added sugars - what we call No Jiggery Pokery. The sweetness of Cawston Press' Fruit Waters comes solely from the pure juices of the pressed fruit, nothing else."

Disney+ is set to crack down on password-sharing.

Chief executive Bob Iger told CNBC the streaming platform would start taking action against the behaviour from June in some countries, before a "full rollout" in September.

Password sharing refers to users who share their log-in details with family and friends who are not in the same household, enabling them to access content without paying for it.

The crackdown would be "our first real foray into password sharing" to "turn this business into a business that we feel really good about", Mr Iger said.

Disney's decision comes after fellow streaming giant Netflix attributed a recent jump in subscribers to its own action on password sharing.

"Netflix is the gold standard in streaming," Mr Iger said.

"They've done a phenomenal job and a lot of different directions. 

"I actually have very, very high regard for what they've accomplished. If we can only accomplish what they've accomplished, that would be great."

By Daniel Binns, business reporter

The price of oil has continued to shoot up this morning - meaning the cost of petrol at the pumps in Britain is at risk of rising further in the coming weeks.

A barrel of Brent crude topped $91 (£72.10) at one point this morning - its highest level since October.

The price has since eased back slightly to $90 (£71.30) a barrel, but that is still the highest it has been in months.

It comes as tensions ramp up in the Middle East amid fears of a wider escalation of the Israel-Hamas war.

Investors have also been growing increasingly jittery about global supplies after another Ukrainian drone strike on a Russian oil refinery earlier this week.

Meanwhile, London's FTSE 100 is down 1% this morning amid the geopolitical tensions - though oil and gas stocks have risen 0.3% (no surprise there).

On the currency markets, £1 will buy you $1.26 US or €1.16, down slightly on yesterday's rates.

By Ollie Cooper, Money team

We've all heard consumer advice that's repeated so often it almost becomes cliché. So, every Friday the Money team get to the bottom of a different "fact" and decide whether it's a myth or must.

This week it is...

'It's harder to get a mortgage if you're self-employed'

We've enlisted the help of Pete Mugleston , managing director and mortgage expert Online Mortgage Advisor, and to help us get to the bottom of this one, he's outlined two examples. 

"By looking at the two hypothetical individuals, Person A and Person B, I aim to outline the differences and nuances of securing a mortgage under two very different circumstances," he says.

Person A: Self-employed - annual income £60,000

Person A is a self-employed professional with an annual income of £60,000. 

They run their own business, providing services directly to clients and managing their finances independently. 

"In the realm of mortgage applications, self-employed individuals like Person A face a unique set of challenges, especially if they do not have the required proof of accounts readily available," Pete says. 

When it comes to securing a mortgage, lenders typically rely on financial documents to assess an applicant's income stability and affordability.

"For self-employed individuals without the necessary proof of accounts, the road to mortgage approval can indeed become more arduous."

Without the required documents such as two to three years of certified accounts, SA302 forms and business accounts, Person A might find themselves facing several obstacles...

"One potential hurdle is the possibility of a larger deposit requirement - lenders often view self-employed applicants without sufficient financial documentation as higher risk," Pete says.

"To mitigate this risk, they may request a more substantial deposit, possibly ranging from 20% to 25% of the property's value."

For the average UK property, with the value sitting at around £263,600, that deposit could range between £52,700 and £65,900 - a far cry from the more reasonable 5-10% deposit.

However, in some cases, lenders may consider Person A's past and projected future earnings. 

If they can demonstrate a history of consistent income through bank statements, contracts of future work or other evidence, this may strengthen their case. 

"However, this process can be complex and may not guarantee approval," Pete says. 

Lenders also assess the stability of income for self-employed individuals. 

Unlike salaried employees with predictable monthly earnings, self-employed individuals may experience fluctuations in income due to seasonality, market changes or other factors. 

"This variability can raise concerns for lenders, who want assurance that the borrower can consistently meet mortgage repayments," Pete says.

"Without the required proof of accounts, Person A's journey to securing a mortgage may involve more stringent requirements, additional scrutiny of income, and a potential need for a larger deposit."

Person B: Employed full-time - annual income £40,000

Now let's turn our attention to Person B, who is employed full-time with an annual income of £40,000. 

Person B holds a traditional job, receiving regular payslips and tax deductions through the PAYE system. 

"In the eyes of mortgage lenders, Person B represents a more straightforward case compared to Person A, despite earning £20,000 less per annum," Pete says.

"For employed individuals like Person B, the process of obtaining a mortgage tends to be smoother. 

"Person B can easily provide payslips, P60 forms and other employment-related documents to verify their income." 

These documents offer a clear and consistent picture of earnings, making it easier for lenders to assess affordability.

"With a reliable income stream and documented financial history, Person B may qualify for standard deposit requirements, typically ranging from 5% to 20% of the property's value."

Lenders can conduct a straightforward affordability assessment for Person B based on their documented income. The process usually involves multiplying their annual salary by a standard factor (often four to 4.5 times) to determine the maximum mortgage amount.

"In comparison to the self-employed Person A, Person B's path to mortgage approval is generally smoother, with fewer hurdles related to income verification and deposit requirements," Pete says. 

While employed individuals like Person B benefit from easily verifiable income and standard procedures, self-employed individuals such as Person A face a more challenging path, particularly in circumstances where they have less than the required proof of accounts.

In summary...

This one is no myth. 

"For self-employed individuals, the key lies in meticulous financial preparation, including maintaining accurate accounts, saving for a potentially larger deposit and providing additional evidence of income stability," Pete says. 

You can also seek professional help if required. 

With all that in mind, the money must here if you are self-employed is to be well-prepared!

The next time you order an Uber, you might notice something different.

The company is introducing a new safety feature that will remind you to put your seatbelt on.

When your trip starts, the driver's Uber app may sound an alert so you don't forget.

At the same time, your own Uber app will receive a push notification, with another reminder to buckle up.

"You can expect to receive these reminders on a regular basis," Uber says.

"Wearing a seat belt is one of the simplest ways to help keep you and any fellow riders safe. We understand that some riders may have medical exemptions from wearing a seat belt."

Carers will be entitled to unpaid leave under a new law hailed as a "huge step forward" for more than two million people. 

Under the Carer's Leave Act, which comes into force on Saturday, employees who are carers can take up to a week of unpaid leave every 12 months - equating to five days for most people.

They will be entitled to this leave to give or arrange care for a dependent (who has a physical or mental illness or injury meaning they will need care for more than three months), who has a disability, or who needs care due to old age.

Charity Carers UK has said past research found about 600 people a day give up work so they can care due to a lack of flexibility and support. 

The new law is aimed at giving people more flexibility to balance work and caring. 

Helen Walker, chief executive of Carers UK, said too many "skilled and valued workers are leaving employment due to the stress of balancing work and unpaid care".

Tens of thousands of people are facing crippling tax demands from HMRC for taxes their employers failed to pay. 

It's a campaign that has driven people to the brink of bankruptcy and devastated families.

At least 23 victims have taken - or attempted to take - their own lives.

For the first time, two people who tried to end their lives have shared their story with Sky News.

The following article contains references to suicide that readers may find distressing.

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