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Definition of memory lane noun from the Oxford Advanced American Dictionary

memory lane

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memory lane

Definition of memory lane

Examples of memory lane in a sentence.

These examples are programmatically compiled from various online sources to illustrate current usage of the word 'memory lane.' Any opinions expressed in the examples do not represent those of Merriam-Webster or its editors. Send us feedback about these examples.

Word History

1903, in the meaning defined above

Dictionary Entries Near memory lane


memory lapse

Cite this Entry

“Memory lane.” Merriam-Webster.com Dictionary , Merriam-Webster, https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/memory%20lane. Accessed 17 May. 2024.

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Cambridge Dictionary

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Meaning of take a stroll/trip/walk down memory lane in English

Take a stroll/trip/walk down memory lane.

  • aide-mémoire
  • awaken someone to something
  • be engraved on someone's memory/mind idiom
  • be etched on/in someone's memory idiom
  • if my memory serves me right idiom
  • in commemoration of someone/something
  • jog someone's memory idiom
  • remind someone of something/someone
  • reminiscence

Translations of take a stroll/trip/walk down memory lane

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to try to persuade a customer who is already buying something to buy more, or to buy something more expensive

Searching out and tracking down: talking about finding or discovering things

Searching out and tracking down: talking about finding or discovering things

a trip down

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memory lane

The class reunion was a trip down memory lane.

Discover More

Word history and origins.

Origin of memory lane 1

Example Sentences

Getting the photo gallery yesterday morning sent me down memory lane thinking about how much has changed in 365 days.

Gather round, kids—let me take you on a stroll down memory lane.

The objective of Thursday night’s finale, under the guise of a sentimental trip down memory lane, seems to be to remind viewers of the, ahem, humble beginnings of reality TV’s royal family and to celebrate how far they’ve come.

Check out a few others, and simultaneously take a walk down memory lane.

I do enjoy a trip down memory lane because what’s past is prologue.

Even adults like to shoehorn their bottoms into a malleable rubber swing and take a ride down memory lane.

A survey of past honorees is like a tour not down Memory Lane, but What Were They Thinking Way.

The Cold War may be over, but a trip down memory lane at the Russian Renaissance Restaurant is a great way to get in the mood.

Rap trio Migos's new video for "Versace" brings us down fashion's memory lane.

Justin Timberlake Takes a Trip Down Memory Lane Jimmy Fallon introduced Justin Timberlake as the president of pop.

So you two are just hanging around San Francisco giggling and walking down memory lane?

memory lane

  • 1.1 Pronunciation
  • 1.2.1 Usage notes
  • 1.2.2 Translations
  • 1.3 References
  • 1.4 Further reading

English [ edit ]

Pronunciation [ edit ].

  • ( Received Pronunciation , General American ) IPA ( key ) : /ˈmɛm(ə)ɹi ˌleɪn/
  • Hyphenation: me‧mo‧ry lane

Noun [ edit ]

memory lane ( plural memory lanes )

  • 1894 December, B [ urton ] M. Balch, “ Memory Lane . A New Year’s Study.”, in Burton M. Balch, editor, Hamilton Literary Monthly , volume 29 , number 3, Clinton, N.Y.: Published by the students, Hamilton College , →OCLC , page 101,102 : This is Memory Lane —lonely and drear to some, pleasant and gay to others. ... It was New Year's day in the old town, the most hallowed of holidays on Memory Lane ; the day when the wharf was deserted, for everyone, great and small, walked over the Lane, many even to the very end.
  • 1954 May, Peter De Vries , chapter 3, in The Tunnel of Love , Boston, Mass.: Little, Brown and Company , published July 1954 , →OCLC , page 25 : "How about a stroll down Memory Lane . Remember this?" He thrust a picture at me.
  • 1987 , Eva Antonia Wilbur-Cruce, “My Earliest Recollections”, in A Beautiful, Cruel Country , Tucson, Ariz.: University of Arizona Press , →ISBN , page 42 : My " memory lane " is splotched with recollections that have not dimmed or faded in the last seventy-five years. They stand out clear and sharp, but they are splotches just the same. They have no beginning, nor do they trail off to an ending. They are just there like ink splotches on a white wall.
  • 1989 , Margaret Maron , Corpus Christmas (A Crime Club Book), Warner Books edition, New York, N.Y.: Mysterious Press , published 2001 , →ISBN , page 255 : Sigrid took a bittersweet trip down memory lane when Anne opened the carton of ornaments and lifted out a crumpled tinsel star. All at once she was three years old again and her father was holding her up in his strong arms to place that same star on the very top of their Christmas tree.
  • 1989 , Larry L. Meyer, “August 16: An Irish Wedding Revisited”, in My Summer with Molly: The Journal of a Second Generation Father , Huntington Beach, Calif.: Calafia Press, →ISBN , page 146 : Molly sleeps this morning as her parents, per their promise, travel down memory lane from their just-delivered leather sofa. Tim and I have memory-goaders galore, including our album of wedding photos, two separate videotapes of the marriage ceremony, and some random 35-millimeter slides one or the other of us somehow managed to squeeze off that strange and signal day exactly one year and four days ago.
  • 1994 , Raphael Samuel , “Dreamscapes”, in Theatres of Memory , volumes 1 (Past and Present in Contemporary Culture), London, New York, N.Y.: Verso Books , →ISBN , part V (Old Photographs), page 351 : A more straightforwardly nostalgic use of the family album is in oral history, which has used them as a device for family reconstitution and opening up memory lanes .
  • 2020 December 2, Paul Bigland, “My weirdest and wackiest Rover yet”, in Rail , page 67 : I decide to take in one last trip for the day - and one very much down memory lane . Changing trains at Central, I board a Class 150 bound for Barry Island , where I have not been for 46 years.

Usage notes [ edit ]

  • The term is often used in the expressions down memory lane and trip down memory lane , [1] and the metaphor of a journey is frequently extended in some way using words like amble , detour , journey , stroll , and walk , for example, “a walk down memory lane”.

Translations [ edit ]

References [ edit ].

  • ^ According to the Corpus of Contemporary American English , down memory lane occurs 114 times out of a total of 163 occurrences, and forms of trip occur 36 times within four words of down memory lane .

Further reading [ edit ]

a trip down

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A Passion and A Passport

Proving Travel is Possible with a Full-Time 9-5

The Ultimate California Coast Road Trip Itinerary

last Updated: May 7, 2024 big sur california carmel central coast half moon bay highway 1 Los Angeles monterey orange county pismo beach road trip san francisco santa barbara santa cruz santa monica solvang

FYI: Affiliate links may be sprinkled throughout the awesome, free content you see below. I’ll receive a small commission when you purchase from my links (at no extra cost to you), which I’ll totally blow on adult things like boba tea and avocado toast. As always, thanks for the support.

Planning a California coast road trip?! Taking a drive down the PCH?! You’re in the right place!  I’ve got loads of info for you!

A road trip down the California Coast on the Pacific Coast Highway (Highway 1) is an unforgettable way to see so much of what the state has to offer. 

From waterfalls and castles (yes, really), to spectacular beaches and theme parks, there’s absolutely no shortage of things to do on the California Coast. 

a trip down

Whether you’ve got a weekend or a few weeks to travel, you can fill your time with a wide array of California experiences. Let’s get this Pacific Coast Highway road trip under way!

Being one of the most scenic drives in the world (and rightfully so), I advise you to take your sweet time to really savor all the charming beauty of this west coast road trip down California.

And before we go into it, if you’ve got even more time in California and you’d like to visit a few spots off the coast, check out my latest post: 45 (Extremely) Beautiful Places in California   (opens in new tab, don’t worry!) << lots more itinerary inspiration for your California road trip!

Griffith Observatory in LA, California

Recommended Route down the California Coast

  • Stop 1:  San Francisco, California
  • Stop 2:  Half Moon Bay
  • Stop 3:  Santa Cruz
  • Stop 4:  Monterey/Carmel-by-the-Sea
  • Stop 5:  Big Sur
  • Stop 6:  San Simeon
  • Stop 7:  San Luis Obispo/Pismo Beach
  • Stop 8:  Solvang
  • Stop 9:  Santa Barbara
  • Stop 10:  Ventura  → Channel Islands
  • Stop 11:  Malibu
  • Stop 12:  Los Angeles/Santa Monica
  • Stop 13:  Anaheim
  • Stop 14:  Orange County
  • Stop 15:  San Diego
ALL 75 of my favorite PCH stops RIGHT over here ! There’s tons of ideas in this California coast road trip itinerary, but those are my absolute favorites.

Note that the number of stops you’ll be able to make highly depends on how much time you have allotted for this California road trip.

Suggested One-Week Itinerary: If you have a week or so for this drive down the California Coast, I recommend a day in SF (depending on whether you’ve been or not), a day in Carmel/Monterey, a day in Big Sur , stopping at Hearst Castle in San Simeon, dune-bashing (if that’s your thing) in Pismo Beach, a day in Santa Barbara, stopping in Malibu en route of LA, checking out the main sights of LA/Santa Monica , then some beach time in Orange County .

Yes , it’ll be pretty jam-packed , but highly doable if you plan your drives correctly. You can really spend an infinite amount of time on the California Coast, so it’s hard to say exactly how long this road trip will take. It highly depends on your interest, how much time you wanna spend in the cities, and how much driving per day you wanna do.

Note that you can drive directly from San Francisco to LA in roughly 6 hours, but this route (via Highway 101 and Highway 5) will take you inland, meaning you’ll miss out on so much of the Central Coast. 

If you’re planning to drive round trip, I highly recommend that you drive South down the coast via Highway 1 – the Pacific Coast Highway , and then venture back up North via Highway 5 and Highway 101. 

You can drive either way (from SF to LA/San Diego -or- LA/San Diego to SF), but I prefer driving South, starting in the SF Bay Area and making my way down to LA/SD.  Pssst: the views are better this way as the car will be closer to the water. 😉

Renting a Car: Since this is in fact a  road trip , you’ll need a vehicle to get you from place to place! Worth mentioning so you don’t forget to account for the cost of a rental car when following this California coast road trip itinerary!

I like to search  via this site  in order to compare rental companies to see who has the best price.

Note that many rental car shops charge extra for returning their cars at different pick up/drop off locations – just something to keep in mind (it may be worth the extra 6 hour drive back to your original starting point to avoid this pesky fee).

Search for the cheapest car rentals over here !

lands end hike san francisco


First things first, if you’re not a resident of San Francisco (or LA), you’ll of course need to get yourself there. Since SFO is a major international airport, and a hub for many airlines, you can easily find cheap airfare within the states. 

I swear by  Skyscanner  and  Google Flights , and always always  always  use these two sites when looking for airfare.  The option to watch prices and get email notifications are top notch and one of my favorite features of the two. 

Always check budget airlines that may not be listed, especially if you are coming from other areas of the US with shorter flight times.  A great list of budget airlines can be found  here .

If you’ll be following this  itinerary and heading south (without driving the direct 6+ hours back to  San Francisco ), you’ll want to book two one-way tickets. 1) HOME → SFO, 2) LAX→ HOME. Make sure to search for one-way flights when booking tickets.

Totally your call, but I suggest flying round trip from the same airport so you can avoid one-way drop off rental car fees.

When to Drive Down the California Coast

Keep in mind that the summer months (June, July, and August) are usually rather foggy in San Francisco and down the California coast.  Because of this, some mornings will be pretty damp and misty.  For best weather and best chance of sunshine, plan for a road trip in either late September or October. 

If summer is your only option, you may get lucky with clear skies, but don’t count on it.  However, with this in mind, the fog usually clears up by mid-morning/afternoon.  Normal summer temps are in the low-60’s to mid-70’s, so bring a jacket and reconsider that convertible!  “May Grey, June Gloom” is a real thing out here.

*All drive times are approximations.  Traffic can be heavy at some points along the drive, and you’ll likely be getting out of your car occasionally to take photos along the way.

Stumped on what to pack for a California road trip itinerary? Check out this ultimate road trip essentials packing guide (opens in new tab)!

What to Pack for your Pacific coast highway road trip (rotate sideways on Mobile)

Now let’s get this California coast road trip planning on it’s way!

California Coast Road Trip Itinerary:

1) start in san francisco.

Ahhh, SF, my favorite city; although technically I’m biased because I chose to move to the city by the bay from NYC a few years ago. 😉

A few San Francisco must do’s include either walking or driving over the Golden Gate Bridge, wandering around Fisherman’s Wharf (and stuffing your face with an ice cream sundae at Ghirardelli’s), getting spooked at Alcatraz Island (go on the night tour!), relaxing with some coffee in Union Square, walking down twisty Lombard Street, and riding a cable car. 

a trip down

Get some great views at either Twin Peaks or the top of Coit Tower, check out the Painted Ladies, commonly known as the “Full House” houses, and nosh on some sourdough bread, fresh pasta in North Beach, and a burrito in the Mission District.

Other things to do in San Francisco include taking a panoramic night tour of city , cruise around the bay in a catamaran (champagne included!), see the Golden Gate Bridge from above  on a seaplane tour , and taking a day trip to Napa Valley (not to be missed on any PCH road trip !)

Visiting San Francisco for the first time? Read THIS  and THIS .  🙂 And make sure to check out this perfect 3-day SF itinerary !

a trip down

Beware, parking is not the greatest (and garages are expensive), and public transportation is somewhat lacking.  I’ve lived here for 4 years now and still don’t love touring the city via car.

I recommend playing tourist and taking a full tour of the city  instead of trying to do everything on your own.  Or rent bikes , electric bikes (!!!), or even a really fun (and kind of cheesy) goCar  if you’d prefer to fly solo. Uber is always a good suggestion, and with my discount code  (jessicak148), you can get a few bucks off your first ride!

a trip down

Read More about San Francisco:

  • A First Time Visitors Guide to San Francisco
  • The Ultimate San Francisco Food Bucket List
  • Hiking in San Francisco: A Coastal Walk through Lands’ End
  • 25 Spectacular Day Trips from San Francisco
  • Best Places to Photograph the Golden Gate Bridge
  • Best Desserts in SF (All my Favorite Spots)

Where to Stay in San Francisco

  • Intercontinental San Francisco (up-scale luxury and fantastic restaurant)
  • Hotel Carlton (travel themed and around the block from Mr. Holmes Bakehouse)

2) Half Moon Bay (45 minutes from SF)

Your first official stop on your California coast road trip (unless you wanna make a few stops in Pacifica /Pescadero – I’ve got a whole road trip guide from San Francisco to Santa Cruz here )!  Say goodbye to the city and venture on over to Half Moon Bay, a cozy little seaside village right on the coast. 

a trip down

You could easily plan a full day’s worth of activities here, but I suggest spending either a morning or afternoon, unless you want to take the plunge and stay at the ever-so-beautiful Ritz Carlton . 

A few must do’s: go for a stroll on one of the many beaches that dot this area of the coastline (my favorites: Poplar, Mavericks, and Miramar), wander around Half Moon Bay Main Street, walk the coastal trail, and indulge in a lobster roll from Sam’s Chowder House.

a trip down

Read More about Half Moon Bay:

  • The Weekend Guide to Half Moon Bay
  • 12 Reasons to Love the Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay
  • All My Favorite Beaches in Half Moon Bay

3) Santa Cruz (1 hour from Half Moon Bay)

shark fin cove santa cruz

Drive a bit further on Highway 1 and you’ll reach Santa Cruz, where I suggest stopping for a few hours .  Walk on the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, ride the Giant Dipper and/or the Ferris Wheel right on the beach, and stop for a snack or two (churros and funnel cake are my favorites).  You can also head to Shark Fin Cove if you’re looking for a unique beach!

Also, don’t miss the Mystery Spot, which I won’t give away for obvious reasons, and make sure you try Marianne’s before heading out (the absolute BEST ice cream in the area).

a trip down

Read More about Santa Cruz:

15+ Things to do in Santa Cruz

4) Monterey/Carmel-by-the-Sea (45 minutes from Santa Cruz)

Next up on our Pacific Coast Highway road trip – Monterey and Carmel! California is just full of sweet little seaside towns, and this area, despite being rather touristy, is definitely one to stop at. 

Monterey and Carmel are only a few miles apart, and I highly suggest spending the night in either of these towns (Monterey being the more affordable option) while on your California coast road trip.

Looking for the best road trips in California? Whether you’ve got a long weekend or a full 2 weeks to explore, look no further - this huge post covers over 15 of the best California road trips!

A few recommended activities and bites: bundle up on a whale watching tour , indulge in clam chowder at Old Fisherman’s wharf, walk around Cannery Row, and spend a few hours at the Monterey Bay Aquarium (included in the San Francisco CityPASS if you’ve gotten it previously).

Don’t miss a walk around the charming little town of Carmel, cruising around the area in a Sea Car , watching the sunset at Carmel Beach Park, and stopping at the viewpoints along the 17 Mile Drive. 

a trip down

On our most recent visit, I couldn’t stop raving about the food, with my favorites being the Monterey Crepe Company, Red’s Donuts, and The Poke Lab.  I really should make an-depth guide to Monterey soon!

Read More about Monterey/Carmel:

  • Why I Want to Move to Carmel-by-the-Sea, California
  • Monterey and the 17 Mile Drive

Where to Stay in Monterey:

  • Hyatt Regency Monterey Hotel and Spa (located on a golf course!)
  • Holiday Inn Express Monterey-Cannery Row (wonderful location)
  • The Monterey Tides Hotel (right on the beach!)

5) Big Sur (50 minutes from Monterey)

Next up: Big Sur , famous for a reason and many people’s favorite stop on this California coast road trip itinerary. Most people are surprised at how little “civilization” is around here – no traffic lights, strip malls, or banks. 

a trip down

It’s more of a state of mind rather than a specific point on a map, encompassing about 90 sunny Californian miles down the coast. 

With this being said, plan to drive down the coast and consider setting up camp/hotel in another location, unless you want to fork over some big bucks for a luxury hotel.  I recommend everyone spend a bit of time in Big Sur on a California coast road trip (at least half a day)– it’s too remarkable to miss!

Heading to California and wondering what to do in Big Sur? Read on for my favorite Big Sur activities, where to stay, and (most importantly), what and where to eat! This Big Sur road trip itinerary will have you booking flights to California ASAP, promise!

You’ll be stopping on the side of the highway so many times you’ll lose count – the coast line is just that spectacular!  It’s known for its winding turns, seaside cliffs, and breathtaking views of the often misty coastline. 

A few must-do’s here in Big Sur : see McWay Falls at Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park, wiggle your toes in purple sand at Pfeiffer Beach (yes, parts of it really are purple, I was surprised too…), marvel at the Bixby Creek Bridge, and check out all the views from Point Lobos. OH, and if you’re visiting between February and April, definitely find the hidden blooms at Calla Lily Valley !

Read More on Big Sur

  • A Big Sur Road Trip Itinerary: What to See, Do, Eat, and Enjoy

Where to Stay in Big Sur (Super Duper Beautiful Luxury Spots)

  • Post Ranch Inn  (cliff-top hotel with a gorgeous spa)
  • Ventana Inn  (luxe wilderness resort, with lots of privacy)
  • Hyatt Carmel Highlands  (overlooking Big Sur)

6) San Simeon (2 – 4 hours drive, depending on how many stops you make in Big Sur)

Did you think you’d be stopping at a castle on your California coast road trip?  When I first learned about Hearst Castle, I was mesmerized.  Being a historic landmark on the coast, tours do fill up in advance, so be sure to book your spot ahead of time . 

California Coast Road Trip Itinerary! Everything you could ever wonder! Super informative post! Re-pinning for later - hope to get to California this summer!

First time visiting?  Sign up for the Grand Rooms Tour – and that’s exactly what you’ll see – plenty of spectacularly ornate rooms, plus lots of time to explore the absolutely stunning grounds. 

Non-negotiable on any California Coast road trip, in my opinion.  Be sure to look out for the zebra on the side of the highway as you enter/leave.  Bizarre, opulent, and oddly satisfying.

California Coast Road Trip Itinerary! Everything you could ever wonder! Super informative post! Re-pinning for later - hope to get to California this summer!

And while you’re in the area, make sure to stop at Piedras Blancas Elephant Seal Rookery, a popular spot to observe elephant seals with its own boardwalk and viewing areas. 

The best times to visit the rookery are in late January, late April, and late October, but visits are encouraged year round.  Have you seen an elephant seal use their large, inflatable noses to make noise?  It’s pretty wild!

7) San Luis Obispo/Pismo Beach/Morro Bay/Paso Robles (45 minutes from San Simeon)

So there’s kinda a lot to do in this little area – so best to pick and choose your favorites (if not, you can easily spend a whole week here!). 

In SLO (what locals refer to as San Luis Obispo), sip pink drinks at the Madonna Inn , stuff your face with bbq are Firestone Grill, blow bubbles at the Bubble Gum Wall in downtown, and grab donuts at SLO Donut Company (SloDoCo). All my favorites, and I can’t image an afternoon not doing any of these.

a trip down

Looking to stretch your legs?  Opt for the Bluff Trail at Montaña de Oro State Park, a 3.4 mile round trip relatively flat path with (better-than-okay) ocean views.

Thought Napa/Sonoma were the only wine countries in California? Winos – you’re in luck.  This part of your California coast road trip (in Paso Robles ) features over 100 wineries, and deciding which to visit is the hardest part! 

The DAOU Vineyards gets constant praise, and with it’s wonderful wine, olive oil, and views, it’s hard to beat!

2019 Year in Review - SLO

Want someone else to take you around? Probably a good idea if you’ll be drinking lots of wine! Hop on a full-day hop-on, hop-off wine tasting tour (yes, they exist!) and you can choose your own itinerary in Paso Robles Wine Country.

Or take the easy way out and let someone else decide for you on this  Ultimate Wine Experience in San Luis Obispo (foodie lunch and 3-5 wineries included!).

You need to include a dune buggy ride on Pismo Beach on your Pacific Coast Highway road trip ! One of the most epic things to do in this area! More info on that here . Nowhere else in California can you drive a vehicle on a public beach!

a trip down

Before getting to SLO, you may as well make a pit stop in Moro Bay. If the weather cooperates (always a gamble over here), you’ll be rewarded with views of the giant monolith. Be sure to walk around the nearby beach to find sand dollars, and grab a cinnamon bun from one of the local bakeries.

If you’re thinking of stopping here for the night (or have had too much to drink…), consider staying at no other than the wildly famous Madonna Inn (we LOVED our quirky stay here !).  But be sure to save your breakfast appetite for SLO’s legendary Big Sky Café.  Oh, and there’s always beach time as well if the weather cooperates.

8) Solvang (1 hour from San Luis Obispo)

A bit in-land, but well worth the few miles off the highway.  This cute little area will feel as if you’ve been transplanted to a Danish village, with authentic Dutch bakeries and international cuisine.  Worth a quick pit stop, for the pastries alone (try the aebleskiver – pancake puffs). 🙂  

Stroll the village to spot Danish icons including the Little Mermaid Fountain, a handful of historic windmills, the giant red clog, and Round Tower.  There’s also two historic churches to check out, Old Mission Santa Ines and Bethania Lutheran.

Looking for something a bit more active? See the unique architecture of the only Danish city in The West via segway tour ! They are so much fun and an easy way to get around!

9) Santa Barbara (45 minutes from Solvang)

An absolute must-stop on any Pacific Coast Highway road trip !  Here in Santa Barbara – dubbed the American Riviera – you’ll find widespread beaches and a truly relaxed atmosphere. 

Downtown you’ll find Mediterranean-style white stucco buildings with red-tile roofs, which accurately reflect the city’s Spanish colonial heritage.

a trip down

And the food! Oh, the food here! Consider joining a historic Santa Barbara Food Tasting Tour  to get a true feel for what the locals love here (hint hint: includes Northern Italian dishes, gourmet cheese, local wine and handcrafted chocolates… yum).

Rather take a beer tour? Sign up for the  Self-Guided Santa Barbara Lagoon Loop Craft Beer Trail  (yes, it’s a thing down here).

a trip down

Don’t miss Old Mission Santa Barbara, a historic church known for its beauty, a panoramic view of the city from the Clock Tower observation deck of the Santa Barbara County Courthouse, and the Santa Barbara Public Market. 

California Coast Road Trip Itinerary! Everything you could ever wonder! Super informative post! Re-pinning for later - hope to get to California this summer!

Save some time for Stearn’s Wharf and then beach it up, you deserve it!  If you haven’t noticed by now, I’m all about that ice cream – satisfy your sweet tooth at McConnell’s Fine Ice Creams (worth the wait and then some).

And whatever you do, don’t leave Santa Barbara without taking a surf lesson  (<– reserve your spot now, as they can fill up pretty quickly during the warmer months).

Where to Stay in Santa Barbara:

  • Inn by the Harbor (romantic and Mediterranean two blocks from the waterfront)

Recommended Tours in Santa Barbara:

  • El Paseo Wine and Photo Tour
  • Santa Barbara Amazing Scavenger Hunt Adventure
  • Santa Barbara Funk Zone: Food and Photo Tour

10) Ventura for Channel Islands National Park (40 minutes from Santa Barbara)

Usually not very common on a ‘traditional’ California coast road trip, but I couldn’t leave this destination off the list.  In Ventura, be sure to check out Mission San Buenaventura, Olivas Adoble, and Oxnard Beach Part. 

This vibrant town is the unexpected spot to make your way to Channel Islands National Park, located just off the coast via ferry, plane, or private boat.

Take a break from the crazy urban life and go for a hike on the Channel Islands, literally!  The park is comprised of 5 islands and their surrounding mile of ocean, so it’s best to decide beforehand where and what to go/do. 

Head to Inspiration Point on Anacapa Island for some of the best views of the National Park, and/or you can snorkel/dive/kayak in Landing Cove (Anacapa Island) or at Scorpion Anchorage (Santa Cruz Island).  If you’re on Santa Cruz Island, be sure to check out Cavern Point, which provides a spectacular view after a short hike.  You can even go whale watching around here!

FYI – there is NO transportation available on the islands – you have to either walk, kayak, or cruise around via private boat.  Bicycles are not allowed.  Plan a day trip here from Ventura to get your nature fix.

Recommended Channel Islands Tours

  • Channel Islands Full-Day Private Sailing Trip

11) Malibu (50 minutes from Ventura)

Just the name “Malibu” sounds exotic and beachy to me.  Here on your California coast road trip you’ll find wide stretches of beaches, celebrity homes, and The Getty Villa (which is said to be absolutely stunning). 

But Malibu is more than just that, including stunning canyons, horse ranches, waterfront restaurants, acres of land, and lots and lots of hiking trails. You can also take a private surf lesson if you missed out in Santa Barbara!

Looking for the best road trips in California? Whether you’ve got a long weekend or a full 2 weeks to explore, look no further - this huge post covers over 15 of the best California road trips!

A few spots not to miss: Paradise Cove (the only restaurant you can actually drink on the beach), Geoffrey’s Malibu for a wonderful lunch view (get some fresh seafood here!), Point Dume Beach (you’ll always see dolphins!), Malibu Pier, a tour of celebrity homes , and wide and sandy Zuma Beach, known for its excellent surf. 

Don’t leave without some gelato from Grom Gelateria, the absolute best of the best! And if you’re a sucker for fantastic views like me, don’t miss out on a Malibu scenic airplane tour ! Your pictures will be epic, I promise!

12) Los Angeles/ Santa Monica (50 minutes from Malibu)

I highly suggest you spend at least 2-3 days here as there is just SO much to do .  You’ll want to divide your time between Downtown LA (DTLA) and Santa Monica/Venice Beach, with possible other stops to make as well.  

Heading to Southern California soon? Make sure to check out these hot spots in LA, Santa Monica, and Venice, including the best food, murals, and museums! LA and Santa Monica are full of character and are super trendy!

After checking out all the necessary tourist hot spots , you’ll have more time to envelope yourself in the “true” feeling of Los Angeles. Promise me you won’t miss a Warner Brothers Hollywood Studio Tour !

In DTLA , I highly suggest the Broad Museum (FREE, but usually a long wait time), getting an egg sandwich at Eggslut, The Last Bookstore, macaroons at Bouttega Louie, and culture and snacks in Little Tokyo.

Don’t feel like walking? Take a segway tour of DTLA ! Don’t feel like figuring out public transportation? A hop-on, hop-off bus of the LA area is always the way to go!

Heading to Southern California soon? Make sure to check out these hot spots in LA, Santa Monica, and Venice, including the best food, murals, and museums! LA and Santa Monica are full of character and are super trendy!

In Santa Monica and Venice , be sure to check out the Santa Monica Boardwalk (ride the ferris wheel and/or the coaster during sunset), Abbot Kinney Boulevard, Venice Canals, and the Venice Beach Boardwalk. 

In addition, you can’t miss the Urban Lights exhibit at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA)!  You’ll find pretty cool murals all around the area as well if that’s your type of thing (it most definitely is mine)!

Hike in the Hollywood Hills , take an airplane tour of Santa Monica and the coastline , go on a tour of some movie stars’ homes ,

Heading to Southern California soon? Make sure to check out these hot spots in LA, Santa Monica, and Venice, including the best food, murals, and museums! LA and Santa Monica are full of character and are super trendy!

Read More about Los Angeles/Santa Monica:

  • The Ultimate SoCal Guide: 25 “Very LA” Things to do in Los Angeles, California
  • The Perfect Way to Spend A Day (or Two) in LA
  • The Cool Girl’s Guide to LA: What to See, Do, Eat, and Enjoy

Where to Stay in Los Angeles/Santa Monica

  • The Orlando Hotel (middle of West Hollywood and lots of great Mexican nearby!)
  • HI Hostel (perfect for solo travelers, and around the block from the beach)

13) Anaheim for Disneyland (45 minutes from LA)

Disney lovers will enjoy this spot for sure, but just for the record, Disneyland is not as large and/or “wow!!!!” as Disney World.  I had a Disney-fanatic-friend visit Disneyland a few months back and she was not impressed to say the least. 

a trip down

Save this stop if you’ve never been to the location in Florida, or if you can’t stand not to check it out for yourself.  Regardless, you’ll have a grand ol’ time on the rollercoasters and indulging in all things Mickey.

A few parks to check out (click to buy tickets): Universal Studios Hollywood , Disneyland Park , Adventure City, and Disney California Adventure Park.

I highly recommend getting these theme park tickets in advance to by-pass any super-long lines and spend more time in the parks. You’ll save yourself lots of time, that’s for sure!

  • Universal Studios Hollywood 1-Day Ticket with Options
  • Anaheim: Disneyland Resort 1-Day Entrance Ticket

14) Orange County: Huntington Beach/Newport Beach/Laguna Beach (35 minutes from Anaheim)

This stretch of coast is absolutely BEAUTIFUL and should not be missed if your itinerary has you driving down to San Diego (or even as an extra stop from the LA/Ahaheim area). 

laguna beach in february

Here you’ll find manicured beach towns, a hell of a lot of beautiful people, and even more beautiful stretches of sand with mesmerizing sunsets. 

The beaches are plentiful, but my favorites include Huntington Beach , Newport Beach, and Laguna Beach, all within a few miles of each other.  We recently spent a bit of time in San Clemente , and fell in love with the town! Don’t miss gelato at Gelato Paradiso and the views from Heisler Park and Dana Point.

laguna beach pier

You won’t want to skip “The OC” on your California coast road trip – I can promise you that!

Read More about Orange County/Southern California

  • My Birthday in Sunny Southern California
  • 4 Days in Huntington Beach: Everything You Need to Know
  • The Complete Guide to San Clemente

Want to extend your PCH road trip?!

15 Best Places to See Redwoods Near San Francisco - all the popular spots plus a few others!

1) GO FURTHER SOUTH! You could choose to venture even further south to San Diego, as there’s lots and lots to do! Watch this space for updates and more information on California, including best things to do in San Diego as well!

2) START UP NORTH! Interested in starting this Pacific Coast Highway road trip a bit north of San Francisco? Check out the drive from San Francisco to Mendocino , highly recommended in my opinion if you’ve got a few more days to explore! A weekend in Mendocino is the perfect way to start your trip! And if you’re looking for some redwoods, you’ll find lots around here !

3) HEAD ALL THE WAY TO SEATTLE! Yes, it’s possible! If you have ample extra time, say another week (or more), check all these stops on a San Francisco to Seattle road trip ! Crater Lake and donuts, anyone?!

Have you ever take a California coast road trip?!  Is taking a road trip down the Pacific Coast Highway on your bucket list?!

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' src=

July 30, 2020 at 5:32 pm

Totally agree! I added Santa Barbara last minute to my road trip and you are so right – you don’t want to miss out on this city. The weather was as close to perfect as you can get. It really makes you want to spend as much time outside as possible.

If you are looking for bike rentals I would suggest Cal Coast Adventures as they offer tons of biking options. Beach cruisers to mountain bikes – they really have it all!

Another bucket list item I was able to check off was learning to surf with Santa Barbara Surf School. The instructors were so knowledgeable about ocean life and safety and I stood up on my first wave.

It was an experience I’ll never forget. Can’t wait to make my way back to Santa Barbara!

' src=

October 20, 2020 at 8:22 am

I wanted to thank you for all your great advice and suggestions. My husband and I decided to take a spontaneous 4-day weekend road trip down the PCH. We flew in to San Francisco from Minneapolis and, thanks to your posts, were able to experience some amazing sights. We flew in later in the day, so we stayed in Pacifica for the night. We were right on the beach and saw our first California sunset there! I rolled my eyes at your Taco Bell suggestion (in a another post), but we decided to try it (as my husband is a Mt. Dew lover!). What a fun experience … a Mt. Dew margarita, a Grande Burrito and an awesome ocean view!!

The next day we started our journey down 1 and made it from Half Moon Bay down to Santa Barbara and then back up to San Francisco. We had a fabulous experience, thanks to both beautifully sunny, warm October weather and your insight and suggestions (on this post and several others). We packed in a lot, but it was a trip of a lifetime and made more special with your help!

' src=

November 15, 2020 at 7:04 pm

Hi Alison – so glad you had such a special trip! I absolutely LOVE the PCH and California in general so I'm so happy my posts were helpful! Hope you get back to CA sooner than later! And yes – we love that Mountain Dew marg, haha!

' src=

December 22, 2020 at 12:11 am

Great itinerary and very nice hotel recommendations. I really enjoyed reading this. On stop #10, Ventura, consider stopping by the Hollywood Beach Salon – Spa – Boutique for some relaxation overlooking the beautiful Channel Islands Harbor!

' src=

January 18, 2021 at 1:05 pm

I also want to golf at Pebble

January 19, 2021 at 10:23 am

That would be such an experience! It's on my husband's bucket list for sure!

' src=

January 22, 2021 at 7:15 am

Hi, I live in Westminster near Anaheim and am going to visit my daughter in Monterey from 2/5-2/7. This is a short trip. I am thinking take the fastest route there and on the way back make short stops at some of the places you recommended. I will have my 3 kids with me in their 20s and possibly my Australian Shepherd. I was wondering what you recommend? The trip back has to be done in one day. I'm a little nervous about driving to since I tend to get lost lol. Thank you

January 22, 2021 at 1:52 pm

Hi Mary! I recommend stopping in Paso Robles, Morro Bay, and San Luis Obispo. These 3 spots are all so different from each other and aren't too far apart. Morro Bay is on the coast (look out for adorable sea otters), Paso has delicious wines (just make sure they aren't take out only right now), and SLO is a fun town to walk around (don't miss the bubble gum wall!).

Also, I'd opt to take the 101 (and NOT highway 1) driving down from Monterey to Paso since the drive from Monterey through Big Sur to Cambria is literally on the side of a cliff and takes forever.

Have fun!!!

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a trip down

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American Anthem

The story of 'whittier blvd.,' a song and place where latino youth found each other.

Mandalit del Barco (square - 2015)

Mandalit del Barco

a trip down

East L.A.'s Whittier Boulevard in 2018, seen from inside a classic Chevy. Mandalit del Barco/NPR hide caption

East L.A.'s Whittier Boulevard in 2018, seen from inside a classic Chevy.

This story is part of American Anthem, a yearlong series on songs that rouse, unite, celebrate and call to action. Find more at NPR.org/Anthem .

Updated at 8:45 p.m. ET

In 1965, on weekend nights in East Los Angeles, Mexican-American teenagers would hop in their cars to cruise up and down Whittier Boulevard. There, they met up with friends while listening to radio DJ's like Godfrey Kerr, Dick "Huggy Boy" Hugg, Casey Kasem. Together they made local stars out of one homegrown band, with a song named for the place their scene called home.

" Whittier Blvd .," by the group Thee Midniters, became a cultural signpost for young Mexican-Americans — in the 1960s and the years that followed, in Los Angeles and beyond.

Lead singer Willie Garcia — better known as Little Willie G — was 18 years old when he kicked off Thee Midniters' ode to the most famous drag in East L.A., shouting, "Let's take a trip down Whittier Boulevard!" "Arriba, arriba," shouted bandmate Ronnie Figueroa. His tongue- in-cheek Speedy Gonzales cheer is a celebratory scream — a grito .

"That kind of sets it off and says, 'This is Mexicano .' But then, it goes into the surf guitars," says Ruben Molina, author of the book C hicano Soul: Recordings & History of an American Culture . He says that mix of musical styles perfectly represents the spirit of the moment.

"You'll hear influences from surf music to rhythm and blues to Mexican music. It's basically what the Chicano is: We're a mixture of Mexican heritage but living in America. It kind of signified: We are here. This is who we are ."

Thee Midniters started out as Mexican-American high school students playing at backyard parties, quinceañeras and church halls. They spoke Spanish at home, English at school. They grooved to The Temptations and Smokey Robinson , but also Mexican balladeers and the new rock and roll bands imported from England.

Through Slavery, Segregation And More, 'La Bamba' Has Been The Sound Of Survival

Through Slavery, Segregation And More, 'La Bamba' Has Been The Sound Of Survival

"It was a whole spirit of the sizzling '60s," says bass player Jimmy Espinoza. "When The Beatles hit, it changed everything."

Espinoza leads the current incarnation of Thee Midniters. He says back then, the band members wore matching suits and mop-top haircuts, like their British idols. They also loved to cruise down the boulevard — low and slow, in souped-up cars.

"You could have anything from a '49 Chevy — lowered with rims, and candy apple red — to a Buick, to an Impala, to a Ford Mustang. There were all cherried out," Espinoza reminsces, adding that young people would completely pack the boulevard driving side by side. "They'd be passing phone numbers and flirting with each other. It was very innocent, really. Celebrating being young."

You can hear a lot of laughter and chatter in "Whittier Blvd.," which is mostly instrumental. In fact, the tune that hit the airwaves was actually just a rehearsal recording, which had begun with bassist Benny Lopez reworking the riff of the Rolling Stones song " 2120 South Michigan Avenue ."

Little Willie G says that since the Stones had named their song after a famous location — the home of Chess Records — Thee Midniters decided to do the same for their beloved thoroughfare. "We were hoping the Stones would sue us or make a comment about it to give it more notoriety," he snickers. "They never did."

The song was originally on the B-side of the band's single "Evil Love." But when when he heard "Whittier Blvd.," Casey Kasem — still a local figure at the time — decided to make it a hit, putting it on constant rotation. The push made Thee Midniters the Beatles of East L.A., mobbed by fans wherever they went.

Chicano Batman: A Sound And Vision That Could Only Come From Los Angeles

Music Interviews

Chicano batman: a sound and vision that could only come from los angeles.

The band is still revered by younger musicians — like Bardo Martinez, lead singer of the group Chicano Batman , who says "Whittier Blvd." captures the essence of Mexican-American culture in East L.A. and anyone else with a cool car and rockin' stereo. The key to the song's aesthetic, he explains, is the bass — a heavy thump you can hear half a block away.

You show off how loud your car bumps," Martinez says. "You're just bumping it, saying, 'Look at me. We own this street. This street is us.' And this is, sometimes, all that we've got."

Fifty-three years after "Whitter Blvd.," Little Willie G invited me to cruise the famous strip in his friend Larry Saez' 1948 Chevy Fleetline. With chrome trim, mohair seats, Bakelite knobs on the wooden dash and hydraulics that lift the body up and down, it's a sweet ride down memory lane — even if today there are laws against the kind of social driving they did back in the day.

"It's sort of our Route 66, eh, Larry?" Wille says as we cruise the boulevard. "It's got some years on it now, but it used to be thriving. There was record stores and little clothing stores and small mom and pop markets." Pointing to one corner, he says, "There was a theater right here, the Whittier Cinema. Now it's a Walgreens."

a trip down

Thee Midniters' Little Willie G (left) and his friend Larry Saez show off the latter's car, a tricked-out 1948 Chevrolet Fleetline. Mandalit del Barco/NPR hide caption

Thee Midniters' Little Willie G (left) and his friend Larry Saez show off the latter's car, a tricked-out 1948 Chevrolet Fleetline.

We pass the many old ballrooms where Thee Midniters where used to perform. And we pass by places that would become landmarks in the Chicano movement: The high schools where students walked out, demanding better educations. The park where Latino families protested the Vietnam War and were met with police batons. The site of the cafe where Los Angeles Times reporter Ruben Salazar, who was covering that moratorium, was shot and killed by sheriff's deputies in 1970.

In that context, Little Willie G says, the innocence of "Whittier Blvd." was transformed into a call to action: "Because it was us. And it gave us a voice. You know, sort of like a rallying cry for us to kind of assemble and say, 'Hey. Are we on the same page?' And most of us said, ' Yeah .' "

The Chicano movement began in earnest three years after Thee Midniters' song hit the airwaves. The band followed it up in 1968 with another single: " Chicano Power ."

Daoud Tyler-Ameen contributed to the digital version of this story.

Correction Nov. 29, 2018

Previous audio and Web versions of this story misstated the name of Willie Garcia as Willie Gonzales.

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I Offered to Bankroll My Niece’s Once-in-a-Lifetime Trip. I Unleashed a Much Larger Feud.

My sister needs to back down..

Pay Dirt is Slate’s money advice column.  Have a question?  Send it to Athena, Kristin, and Ilyce here .  (It’s anonymous!)

Dear Pay Dirt, 

My sister has always been obsessed with having a big family. The birth of my niece left her unable to have more kids. My sister mourned this for years until she and her husband decided to become foster parents. They ended up adopting a set of four siblings, two with severe disabilities.

My niece became basically a second parent to her siblings overnight. She is the last in line to get any time or attention from her parents and is made to feel guilty if she asks for normal things like money to see a movie. My sister refuses to hear any criticism about the situation.

It all came to a head when my niece won a national contest giving her the chance to go to Washington, D.C. this summer. My sister said they couldn’t afford to send her, so I offered to pay. My sister got angry with me and accused me of favoring my niece over her other kids and throwing money around (I give her other kids regular gifts and this is a once-in-a-lifetime trip). I told her she shouldn’t be punishing her daughter for her success and that I would just pay the school directly then. My sister retorted that she would refuse to give her permission for the trip. I am just furious about how personal and petty my sister is acting here. I haven’t spoken to anyone else about my offer. I know it will cause a big family fight but maybe my sister will back down. What should I do?

—Once in a Lifetime

Dear Once in a Lifetime,

Unfortunately, I think you have to accept your sister’s choice. It sounds like an unfair situation for your niece, and it’s wonderful that you’ve offered to help out, but if your sister has rejected your offer, you don’t have many options.

One thing you can do is to continue to emotionally support your niece. She might be feeling angry, frustrated, and neglected right now. Having someone in her corner to root for her and remind her that her accomplishments are worthy of celebration will help her get through those feelings. Tell your niece how proud you are of her and how much of an accomplishment you think this is. Encourage her to keep working toward her goals and tell her you’re always there to cheerlead her efforts. Try to do this without undermining your sister—you want the focus on her, not her mother. Let her know if she needs to talk or vent about anything, you’re there for her. The offer will go a long way.

Dear Pay Dirt,

My partner and I can’t agree on where to live. We’re both about to graduate from university (I’m 25, she’s 22) and are looking to take advantage of a government graduate loan program to help us buy a property to live in. We both stand to earn roughly the same amount per annum after graduation, so we can afford a half-decent place if we pool our resources together. The issue comes with the fact that the industry in which I have my degree is only really employing people on the north side of town. I am currently working in that industry and living about 20 minutes away from work. I am happy to move up to an hour or so away from work but given the long hours you work in this industry, the shorter the commute the better.

My partner is finishing a degree in education meaning she can work at any high school in the country. Unfortunately, she wants to live south of the city which means a minimum two-hour commute to work for me every day from the suburbs that we can afford. There are literally two places south of the city in my industry and they only employ someone new when the incumbent moves or dies so moving jobs to one of those southern options is a bit of a pipe dream. The only other option is to move rurally or interstate, which I imagine would be similarly insufficient for her given the associated distance from her family and community being such a sticking point in the first place.

I respect that her entire life is south of the city, her family, sport, and friends but to me, a two-hour commute to your parents’ house once a week at most is a better option than a two-hour commute both ways every single day. The logistical challenges, not to mention associated costs with either public transportation or car maintenance and fuel make this an incredibly unattractive option for me—especially for purchasing a starter home in a budget suburb. It’s not like we’re going to be able to buy the big family home the first time out (or ever if we’re realistic about this) I also feel as if my needs are being disregarded. I have family, community, and a sport, too. Why am I the one that has to, for want of a better term, lose out on all of my needs because she has needs to be met? I really feel at a loss with all of this. I love her and would love to marry her but this is such a problem and threatens to be such a sticking point for much longer that it gives me pause about the viability of the entire relationship. How can we possibly build a life together if we simply cannot see eye to eye on where to lay the foundations?

—Seriously Concerned About the Future

Dear Seriously Concerned About the Future,

Your situation sounds like an episode of House Hunters —if only sorting things out was as simple as jotting down a list of pros and cons while sipping on piña coladas. There are stickier issues at play here, which mostly seem to be that you feel ignored. And it’s bothering you enough that you’re even second-guessing your commitment to this person. So before you two can figure out where you want to live, you need to figure out how to navigate these kinds of problems in your relationship.

There seems to be a lack of clear communication between the two of you. You “imagine” your partner would like to be close to her family, but your uncertainty over the fact implies this isn’t something you’ve explicitly addressed. I could be wrong, but this suggests your partner might not realize you feel disregarded. Even if you’ve said as much, she might not know how much it’s bothering you. Does she know it has you questioning the entire relationship?

Before you give up on things, talk to her about how this whole situation is making you feel and see how she responds. It’s not just about the two-hour commute (which, yikes!). It’s also about your worry that your needs are being pushed aside. You might want to leave out the part about the viability of the relationship because this will put her in defense mode and make it harder for her to hear you out. But if the two of you are truly in a partnership, she should be willing to listen to your needs so that you can talk about a compromise.

You need to find a way to meet each other halfway, and in this case, it might be literal. Is there a neighborhood you both like somewhere between your job and her family? Can you move closer to your job but plan to visit family regularly on the weekends? The specific compromise matters less than your ability to find one together. Before the two of you commit to buying a home, you need to make sure you’re able to handle conflict. When you can work through the deeper issues affecting your relationship, the surface-level stuff is much easier to resolve.

I’ve (M 50s) been dating a woman (40s) for a little over a year and we’re just at the point of discussing the possibility of living together. We’re both financially independent with roughly similar incomes and in a good place, but we need to figure out how to share expenses. I own my own home (paid off), while she’s been living in an apartment. I also have a teenager from a previous relationship who lives with me. And, whatever the arrangement, she’ll likely continue to spend close to half her time with her family, whom she visits and helps out most weekends and a lot of her off time. How do people divide up expenses in a situation like this?

—Looking for the Next Step

Dear Looking for the Next Step, 

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution here—everyone will have different ideas of what’s fair. Ultimately, you’ll have to figure out what feels equitable to both of you. That being said, one option worth considering, especially if your home is already paid off and she won’t be staying there full-time, is to have her contribute toward the utilities and bills without paying rent. You can use this as a jumping-off point to figure out what you both think sounds reasonable. For example, you might want to split all the utilities down the middle while she might argue that it’s unfair to pay for half of groceries and electricity when she isn’t there on weekends. Or, she might feel uncomfortable not paying any rent and insist on contributing some portion, even if she’s at her family’s place half the time. Some other factors you might want to consider when making this decision are financial goals, household chores, and home maintenance costs. For example, in lieu of rent, could your partner contribute a monthly amount to a savings account dedicated to home repairs or maintenance?

Think about what feels most comfortable for you, then ask what feels most comfortable for her. If your visions don’t match up, then you can start working backward to find a solution that works for both of you. It’s a good idea to get this plan in place before move-in, however, so there are no surprises once you’ve already committed.

My parents are retiring at the end of the year and have strongly hinted that they want to relocate to be closer to me and, more importantly, their grandchildren. They want to “be a part of their daily lives” and “help with regular child care.” We have a great relationship and I’d love this. The problem is that the cost of living in my coastal city is much higher than where my folks currently reside. The only way they could afford such a move would be if I subsidized it—and the only way I could afford to subsidize it would be if the money came out of my kids’ current childcare budget. As in, I could pay my parents $20,000 a year, but then I couldn’t afford aftercare and summer camps. My folks would really need to commit to picking my boys up from school and watching them until 5:30 p.m. every day. Essentially, I feel like I’d be hiring my parents. Is this a terrible idea? What kinds of conversations do we need to have?

—Not Free Child Care

Dear Not Free Child Care,

In a nutshell, you’re trading one type of child care for another. The grandparents taking over child care means more time with family. However, there are drawbacks. Do a quick online search and you’ll find plenty of threads, articles, and blog posts that offer cautionary insights. Relying on family as full-time childcare can get tricky.

So what kinds of conversations do you need to have? At a minimum, you’ll want to talk to your folks about your expectations around schedules, parenting styles, activities, time off, and boundaries. Will your parents be planning activities for your kiddos that help with their development, the way teachers and daycare staff might? Are they going to take them on field trips? Will they find ways for them to socialize with other kiddos? Will there be lesson plans? How about meal prep? What’s the plan for sick days or vacations? How much outdoor time will the kids get? How will they be disciplined? To sum it all up, you’ll want to cover the following: schedule and hours, expectations and responsibilities, payment terms and financial arrangements, and boundaries and communication. Make a list of every concern you might have that falls under each of those categories.

You’re worried about whether this is a good idea for you, but your parents should make sure it’s a good idea for them, too. Caring for little ones can be fun, but it’s also exhausting work. Childcare workers are vastly underpaid , and when many grandparents take over that work, they can experience profound burnout. They might have a different vision for their retirement. Of course, the experience can also be extremely rewarding for everyone. So set yourself up for a positive experience, rather than an exhausting one, by laying out these expectations from the start.

Classic Prudie

I’m bisexual and genderqueer, and I live with my long-term partner, also genderqueer. I have a very uncomfortable relationship with my mother due to her alcoholism and drug abuse and the fact that she stole my identity to open credit cards before I turned 18.

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France Declares State of Emergency Amid Protests in New Caledonia

The French authorities have undertaken a “massive” mobilization of security forces since violence broke out over a constitutional amendment that changes voting rules in the South Pacific territory.

Video player loading

By Cassandra Vinograd and Aurelien Breeden

Cassandra Vinograd reported from London, and Aurelien Breeden from Paris.

France’s government declared a state of emergency in New Caledonia on Wednesday as it struggled to quell deadly riots in the semiautonomous French Pacific territory.

The French authorities have undertaken what they called a “massive” mobilization of security forces since violent protests broke out in New Caledonia this week over a proposed amendment to the French Constitution that would change local voting rules in the territory. A vote in France’s Parliament approving the amendment on Tuesday ignited the deadly riots overnight.

“The priority is to restore order, calm and serenity,” Gabriel Attal, France’s prime minister, told lawmakers on Wednesday.

The French government said that more than 1,800 security officers were already in the territory and that 500 reinforcements would arrive in the next 24 hours. At a crisis meeting, Mr. Attal said that the army was being deployed to secure ports and the airport.

Several businesses and public buildings, including schools, have been looted or set on fire, according to the French High Commission. Four people have died in connection with the riots, including a law enforcement officer, officials said. And hundreds of others have been wounded, including 64 police officers and gendarmes, the High Commission of the Republic in New Caledonia said in a statement .

Nearly 200 people had been arrested by Thursday local time, the statement said, and the Interior Ministry had issued five warrants for people suspected of sponsoring the riots.

The state of emergency, which will last 12 days, gives the authorities more policing powers, allowing them to enact traffic bans, put people under house arrest, ban protests and carry out raids without normal judicial oversight.

President Emmanuel Macron, who convened a crisis meeting on Wednesday, expressed “strong emotion” over the deaths and gratitude to French security forces, his office said in a statement.

“All violence is intolerable and will be subject to a relentless response” to ensure that order is restored, the statement said, adding that Mr. Macron had welcomed appeals for calm from other officials.

In a sign of how seriously the authorities were treating the situation, Mr. Macron postponed a trip scheduled for Thursday to inaugurate a new nuclear reactor in Normandy.

France annexed New Caledonia, a smattering of islands with a population of about 270,000, in 1853. It was one of the few colonies, alongside Algeria, that France purposely populated with white settlers. Indigenous Kanaks now make up about 40 percent of the population , while Europeans make up about a quarter.

The prospect of independence, and longstanding social inequality , has fueled decades of tensions in the territory. The territory, which has rare autonomy in France, has held three independence referendums since 2018; all have been voted down .

After armed conflict claimed dozens of lives there in the 1980s — an uprising known as “the Events” — the French government struck an agreement with pro-independence militants that promised change.

The proposed constitutional change — which expands French citizens’ eligibility to vote in provincial elections — touched a fresh nerve. Pro-independence activists in New Caledonia expressed fears that it would water down their movement and reflected a more aggressive attempt by the French government to assert its will over the territory.

New Caledonia is a crucial foothold for France in the Indo-Pacific region, and French officials have warned that an independent New Caledonia, flush with vast territorial waters and nickel, could quickly fall under China’s sway.

New Caledonia’s voter rolls have been effectively frozen since 2007, with only those who were listed in 1998 deemed eligible to vote in subsequent local elections. The amendment gives voting rights to all French citizens who have lived in the territory for 10 years, effectively increasing the rolls by about 20,000 to 25,000 people, according to Adrian Muckle, a senior lecturer in history at Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand who is an expert on New Caledonia.

Tensions have built up over the past several weeks, with protests turning violent on Monday night.

In an attempt to ease the strain, Mr. Macron’s government has promised not to enact the constitutional change — which would require convening a special session of Parliament for a vote — until the end of June. It has also invited pro- and anti-independence groups for talks to try to strike a local deal.

The Front de Libération Nationale Kanak et Socialiste, or FLNKS, the main pro-independence group, condemned the vote of the constitutional amendment in a statement on Wednesday but also appealed for calm.

It said the French government’s offer to organize talks was an “opportunity” to ensure that “each and everyone’s demands, including those who are protesting, can be heard and taken into account.”

The French High Commission in New Caledonia said that a curfew imposed on the capital, Noumea, on Tuesday would remain in place, as would a ban on all public gatherings. The international airport in Noumea has been shut since Tuesday, with all commercial flights canceled, and the local authorities said that schools would stay closed until further notice .

Aurelien Breeden is a reporter for The Times in Paris, covering news from France. More about Aurelien Breeden

People are extending their vacations, and eco-travel experts say it could be more sustainable

  • Tourists globally are spending an average of one more day at destinations compared to 2019.
  • Longer vacations are more sustainable, reducing carbon emissions from fewer flights.
  • Sustainability experts recommend fewer, longer trips to minimize environmental impact.

Insider Today

Worldwide, vacations are getting longer.

According to a recent study by Mastercard Economics Institute , tourists around the globe are spending an average of one more day in destinations compared to 2019. In Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, people are extending their trips for two days longer than before the pandemic.

This is good news — not just for vacationers — but for the health of the planet, as travel can be harmful to the environment .

Related stories

"We are in the biggest race of our time — race to net-zero carbon emissions," Paloma Zapata, the CEO of Sustainable Travel International, previously told Business Insider. "And when we travel, we consume a lot of resources."

Fewer, longer trips are more sustainable

Sustainability experts previously told BI that frequent, short trips are more harmful to the environment than fewer, longer trips .

"Fewer but longer trips mean fewer air miles, more money in local hands, and you'll have a more relaxing trip, too," Justin Francis, the cofounder and CEO of the UK-based trip evaluation company Responsible Travel , said.

According to the US Environmental Protection Agency , 9% of transportation carbon emissions  in 2022 came from air travel, and 57% came from light-duty vehicles. And according to Zapata, flights make up at least half of a trip's total carbon emissions.

If those extending their vacations are also taking fewer trips, they're ultimately booking fewer flights, reducing carbon emissions in the process.

This is especially true for those traveling long distances, Jessica Blotter, CEO and cofounder of Kind Travel , a public benefit corporation, told BI. She suggests stretching long-distance trips to maximize the experience so you won't crave another journey anytime soon.

"Booking multiple, long-haul trips per year is not sustainable or carbon-friendly," she said.

If you want to be more eco-friendly while at your destination, experts also recommend staying at sustainable hotels , dining at locally-owned restaurants, and shopping for souvenirs crafted by locals.

Watch: Marriott International's Tina Edmundson tells Insider that the travel mindset has changed since the pandemic

a trip down

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Columbus Crew record 3-1 road victory over CF Montreal, first MLS win since March: Replay

a trip down

Going into halftime tied 1-1 against CF Montreal, it looked like the Crew were headed toward another loss or draw. A goal from Diego Rossi in the second half ensured Columbus would finish in the win column for the first time in league play since March 16, and an insurance goal from Marino Hinestroza allowed the Crew to walk away with a 3-1 victory on the road.

Less than 20 minutes into the match, Max Arfsten, who scored the Crew's lone goal in the 2-1 loss to FC Cincinnati, gave Columbus an early 1-0 lead. A costly yellow card foul in the box assigned to goalkeeper Patrick Schulte set up a penalty kick for Montreal in stoppage time of the first half, which Mathius Choiniere used to tie the match 1-1.

15 minutes into the second half, Rossi scored on an open Montreal goal off a pass from Christian Ramirez to give Columbus a 2-1 lead. This marked Rossi's first goal this season in league play.

Hinestroza's goal in the final minute before stoppage time locked down the victory for Columbus, breaking the Crew's seven-game winless streak in MLS games.

(90+2) Cole Mrowka makes MLS debut as late-game substitution for Columbus Crew

Nearly two minutes into the six minutes of added time in the second half, Crew coach Wilfried Nancy put 18-year-old Cole Mrowka into his first ever MLS match.

(89') Marino Hinestroza puts Columbus Crew ahead 3-1

Marino Hinestroza adds another goal to Columbus' lead over Montreal, scoring five minutes after entering the match as a substitution.

Receiving a pass inside Montreal's box from Steven Moreira, Hinestroza was able to softly send the ball into the bottom right corner of the goal.

(84') Malte Amundsen and Marino Hinestroza enter match for Columbus Crew

Malte Amundsen entered the match to replace Yaw Yeboah, who was down for a moment following a hit, and walked off the field holding his right shoulder. Marino Hinestroza replaced Christian Ramirez.

(74') Mason Toye helped off field for CF Montreal, replaced by Alessandro Biello

Just minutes after entering the match, Mason Toye had to be helped off the field and substituted out following an injury to what seemed to be his lower leg.

(69') Mo Farsi returns from injury, entering match for Columbus Crew as substitution

For the first time since April 27, when the Crew took on Montreal at Lower.com Field, Mo Farsi enters a match for Columbus, replacing Max Arfsten in the second half against Montreal. Farsi makes his return in his hometown of Montreal.

Crew coach Wilfried Nancy also put Sean Zawadzki into the match for Darlington Nagbe. Montreal made a substitution of its own, Mason Toye for Rida Zouhir.

(60') Diego Rossi scores his first MLS goal of the season, Columbus Crew take 2-1 lead

For the first time in MLS play this season, Diego Rossi scored for the Crew. Christian Ramirez was able to find his fellow forward attacking near the left side of Montreal's box and sent Rossi a pass he was able to easily put in the goal to give Columbus a 2-1 lead.

(57') CF Montreal substitutes in Fernando Alvarez, Bryce Duke and Samuel Piette

With Montreal's first substitutions of the match, coach Laurent Courtois puts in Fernando Alvarez for Joaquin Sosa, Bryce Duke for Dominic Iankov and Samuel Piette for Victor Wanyama.

Cucho Hernandez shares his thoughts on match

Though Cucho Hernandez is unavailable for the Crew vs Montreal, the team-leading scorer is letting his thoughts on the game be known on social media. This what the striker had to say following the yellow card against Patrick Schulte that led to a goal-scoring penalty kick.

(45') Columbus Crew-CF Montreal tied 1-1 at halftime

The Crew and Montreal go into halftime tied 1-1. In the half, both teams took five shots, three on goal for Columbus and two on goal for Montreal.

(45+5') Sunusi Ibrahim goes down for CF Montreal, but is able to return

Sunusi Ibrahim was holding his back coming off the field following a collision. Due to MLS' new rules, once he got off the field for medical treatment, he is required to stay there for two minutes, leaving Montreal down a man near the end of the half.

(45+2') CF Montreal evens score 1-1 following Mathieu Choiniere penalty kick

After a yellow card against Crew goalkeeper Patrick Schulte for a foul within the Crew's box set up a penalty kick for Montreal, Mathieu Choiniere was able to score on the attempt.

Choiniere sent his shot high, to the left of Schulte, as he jumped low to his right.

(45') Patrick Schulte given yellow card, setting up CF Montreal penalty kick

Patrick Schulte was given a yellow card on a foul while trying to take the ball from Joaquin Sosa, who was attacking the goal for Montreal.

(41') Rudy Camcho receives first yellow card for Columbus Crew

A moment after Ariel Lassiter was given a yellow card for Montreal, Rudy Camacho was handed a yellow card for Columbus for a foul.

(40') Ariel Lassiter given yellow card

Ariel Lassiter was given the second yellow card of the night for Montreal following a foul against Yaw Yeboah near the sideline on Montreal's side of the field.

(28') Christian Ramirez goal overturned by VAR

After video review, Chrisitan Ramirez's goal was overturned after determining he was offsides prior to the pass from Yeboah. Crew's lead goes back to 1-0.

(26') Christian Ramirez gives Columbus Crew 2-0 advantage

Christian Ramirez found the back of the net for Columbus in his first start since returning from injury, receiving a cross Yaw Yeboah while in front of Montreal's goal and shooting the ball over top of Montreal goalkeeper Jonathan Sirios.

(19') Max Arfsten scores, Columbus Crew goes up 1-0

Max Arfsten was able to capitalize on an open Montreal goal following a save from Montreal goalkeeper Jonathan Sirios. Making the save on a shot from Alex Matan right in front of the goal, the ball hit off Sirios' hands, to the foot of Arfsten to the right of the goal.

(10') CF Montreal called offsides

What looked to be Montreal's first goa was overruled without video review after Ruan Teixeira was called offsides

CF Montreal starting lineup vs Columbus Crew

Here is the starting 11 for Montreal vs Columbus:

  • GK: Jonathan Sirois
  • DF: Gabriele Corbo
  • DF: Joaquin Sosa
  • DF: Joel Waterman
  • MF: Ariel Lassiter
  • MF: Ruan Teixeira
  • MF: Victor Wanyama
  • MF: Rida Zouhir
  • FW: Mathieu Choiniere
  • FW: Dominik Iankov
  • FW: Sunusi Ibrahim

Columbus Crew starting lineup vs CF Montreal

Here is the starting 11 for Columbus vs Montreal:

  • GK: Patrick Schulte
  • DF: Rudy Camacho
  • DF: Yevhen Cheberko
  • DF: Steven Moreira
  • MF: Max Arfsten
  • MF: Aidan Morris
  • MF: Darlington Nagbe
  • MF: Yaw Yeboah
  • FW: Alex Matan
  • FW: Christian Ramirez
  • FW: Diego Rossi

This is the first time Mo Farsi is available following his groin injury, which he suffered during the Crew's first match against Montreal on April 27 at Lower.com Field.

Cucho Hernandez unavailable vs CF Montreal

Cucho Hernandez was left off the gameday roster for the Montreal match. The Crew is giving Hernandez a match off to rest as a precaution, according to a source.

CF Montreal injury report vs Columbus Crew

Here is the Montreal's official availability report:

  • Matias Coccaro (knee): Out
  • Grayson Doody (ankle): Out
  • Raheem Edwards (abdomen): Out
  • Ousman Jabang (adductor): Out
  • Lassi Lappalainen (illness): Out
  • Josef Martinez (knee): Out
  • Mahala Opoku (ankle): Out
  • Nathan Saliba (hip): Out

Montreal will be without two of its top four leading goal producers on Wednesday night in Coccaro and Martinez. The two have scored three and two goals, respectively.

Coccaro, as reported by the Montreal Gazette, suffered an injury against FC Cincinnati on April 13 that will keep him sidelined for eight to 10 weeks.

Columbus Crew injury report vs CF Montreal

Here is the Crew's official availability report:

  • Evan Bush (arm): Out
  • Jacen Russell-Rowe (leg): Questionable

For the first time since suffering his injury against Salt Lake City on April 13 , Bush was seen training leading up to the Montreal match on Monday. The veteran goalkeeper injured his wrist during a collision near the goal while attempting to make a save.

Russell-Rowe was seen participating in limited training on Monday.

Who are the referees for Columbus Crew vs CF Montreal?

Here are the officials for the Crew vs Montreal on Wednesday night:

  • Referee: Mark Allatin
  • Assistant Referee 1: Lyes Arfa
  • Assistant Referee 2: Walt Heatherly
  • Fourth Official: Tori Penso
  • VAR: Armando Villareal
  • Assistant VAR: Jennifer Garner

Columbus Crew vs CF Montreal preview: Fouls remain issue in MLS play

Across 11 MLS matchups this season, Crew  opponents have tended to be the more physical team , recording a higher number of fouls in every match but one, that being against  Chicago on March 9.

"We got used to it because it’s been like that," Nancy said. "Started a bit last year, at the end of the year, and this year, obviously, we saw it drastically change. So, that’s why, there are a lot of emotions from my players because sometimes it’s not fair, to be honest with you, because we should have more fouls."

Read more in the Columbus Crew vs CF Montreal preview here.

Columbus Crew vs FC Cincinnati: What happened?

The Crew's most recent MLS match was against FC Cincinnati on Saturday, May 11 at Lower.com Field, and for the first time since the beginning of the Hell is Real rivalry, Cincinnati was victorious in Columbus, picking up the 2-1 win.

After a scoreless first half, Cincinnati pulled ahead 2-0 in a matter of three minutes. At the 74th minute, Kevin Kelsy scored the goal of the night, followed by a goal from the reigning MLS MVP Luciano Acosta at the 76-minute mark.

Max Arfsten put Columbus on the board in the 89th minute, but it was a mute effort, as the Crew were unable to complete a comeback.

Takeaways: Columbus Crew caught falling behind FC Cincinnati in 2-1 home loss

Where does CF Montreal rank in MLS Eastern Conference standings?

Montreal is currently 12th in the Eastern Conference standings with a record of 3-5-3 and 12 points though 11 matches. Near the bottom of the conference, Montreal rank only above Nashville SC, Chicago Fire and New England Revolution.

Here are Montreal's most recent MLS results:

  • May 11: Inter Miami 3, Montreal 2
  • May 4: Nashville SC 4, Montreal 1
  • April 27: Columbus 0, Montreal 0
  • April 20: Montreal 2, Orlando City SC 2
  • April 13: Montreal 2, FC Cincinnati 1

Where does Columbus Crew rank in MLS Eastern Conference standings?

The Crew are currently eighth in the Eastern Conference standings with a record of 3-2-6 and 15 points through 11 matches. Above the Philadelphia Union, Columbus is sitting directly in the middle of the Eastern Conference.

Here are the Crew's most recent MLS results :

  • May 11: FC Cincinnati 2, Columbus 1
  • April 27: Columbus 0, CF Montreal 0
  • April 20: Columbus 2, Portland Timbers 2
  • April 13: Real Salt Lake 0, Columbus 0
  • April 6: Columbus 1, D.C. United 1

Columbus Crew overall record vs CF Montreal

The Crew are 13-9-6 overall against Montreal, and 3-5-2 on the road at Saputo Stadium.

How to listen to Columbus Crew vs CF Montreal radio broadcast

The Crew vs. Montreal English-speaking radio broadcast will be on Alt 105.7 FM and also available via the iHeartRadio app. Columbus' regular radio broadcaster Chris Doran will be on the call.

The Spanish radio broadcast can be found on La Grande 102.5 FM and the La Grande radio app with Juan Valladares doing play-by-play.

Columbus Crew vs CF Montreal streaming information

For the club's third MLS match in a row, Columbus is playing in the league's matchday free game streaming on Apple TV, meaning an MLS Season Pass subscription is not required to watch.

There will be an English, Spanish and French broadcast on Apple TV for the match. Here who will be on the call:

  • English broadcast team: Joe Tolleson (play-by-play), Greg Sutton (analyst)
  • Spanish broadcast team: Moises Linares (play-by-play), Pablo Marino (analyst)
  • French broadcast team: Frederic Lord (play-by-play), Vincent Destouches (analyst)

When is the Columbus Crew vs CF Montreal match?

Kickoff: 7:30 p.m., Wednesday, May 15 at Saputo Stadium in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

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