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I Just Went On My First Solo Cruise — 5 Reasons I Can’t Wait To Do It Again

celebrity cruise single rates

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There are many reasons to take a solo cruise. I leaped at the chance to experience the Celebrity Beyond — Celebrity Cruises’ newest ship. I was physically and emotionally exhausted after caring for my mother prior to her death and funeral 2 weeks prior. The opportunity to get away and not have to worry about anyone but myself was a welcome respite. I looked forward to spa treatments and fabulous meals I didn’t have to cook myself. 

Celebrity Cruises invited me on a culinary-themed Press Trip on the Celebrity Beyond . I traveled solo and had my own cabin. The press trip had some organized group activities all with people I did not know prior to the trip. I felt like I got the solo experience and would do it again. One of the things I noticed on my cruise was how friendly other guests were toward me when I was alone. One of the things many cruisers look forward to is meeting new people. This is a plus when you are traveling solo. You can interact with others as much or as little as you like.

Some solo travelers enjoy the opportunity to be on their own schedule without input from others. Some have the time and money to get away but no one to travel with. I recommend just going and here are the reasons why.

An Infinite Veranda Cabin; the solo version is slightly smaller without the couch.

1. Solo Cabins

The Celebrity Beyond offers 32 single staterooms with an Infinite Veranda. These rooms really cater to the solo traveler and are some of the best of any cruise line that offers solo travel. The Edge Single Stateroom with an Infinite Veranda is 184 square feet with a 42-square-foot veranda. The Infinite Veranda is a game-changer as it is part of the room with solid walls to the left and right. With the flick of a switch, the glass wall lowers, creating the veranda. 

These rooms offer plenty of space for the solo cruiser and are not much smaller than the Edge Stateroom with an Infinite Veranda at 243 square feet and a 42-square-foot veranda. The Celebrity Beyond is a new ship and the décor in all the cabins is modern and fresh with the latest in design and technology. You can even control aspects of your room from the Celebrity App. For example, on an extra hot day, you can use the app to turn the temperature down so your room is cool when you return.

Yummy cocktails created during a mixology class

2. Classes And Activities

During the press trip, I participated in some group activities such as a mixology class at the World Class Bar. This fun class is also available to book for guests on the ship and is an easy way to meet people on the cruise due to the intimate nature of the class. I got to prepare three craft cocktails under the expert tutelage of our helpful bartender Nico. It was such an enjoyable time and classmates mingled afterward while enjoying our creations.

Check the daily bulletin provided in your cabin each night for a variety of classes and activities offered on board each day. A nice feature of the Celebrity App is how you can access this information prior to your cruise so you can plan. If you are an early riser, enjoy a morning stretch class. If you’re into art, enjoy adult coloring or other crafts. Dance classes are offered at various times on the ship and even in the pool. There is no lack of classes or activities to enjoy on board. It is a great way to meet other guests who have a shared interest with you.

Captain Kate and Bug

3. Facebook Groups

Prior to sailing on this cruise, I joined the Celebrity Beyond Facebook group, which held a wealth of information about my upcoming trip. There are so many experienced cruisers available to answer any of your questions. Within these ship groups, someone will start a group for a specific cruise date. This is a great way to connect and meet people prior to your trip. The group I joined set up a sail-away event with 31 people responding to attend. The leader arranged a meeting spot with a Facebook sign and name tags. I found the group very helpful, friendly, and eager to answer questions. I saw a few members plan a shore excursion together prior to sailing. One person even posted about their parents’ first cruise and found people to watch out for them.

Shore excursion attendee

4. Shore Excursions

I recommend booking excursions through the ship especially if you are traveling alone. This way the ship’s crew knows you are on a specific excursion and that you made it back on the ship. In case the excursion is late or has an emergency, Celebrity will handle the arrangements to get you back to the ship. In addition to the peace of mind, when you book the excursion, you’ll also be with a group from your ship. Each cruise line is popular with different demographics. For example, if you are on a luxury cruise with the majority of the guests over 50, you might not enjoy hanging out with 20-somethings in a party mode or small children if you left your grandchildren at home. I enjoyed the shore excursions I booked through Celebrity. All were well run and there was such a variety of options. Even though the ship was 100 percent booked, there were plenty of excursions still available to book once on board.

Pro Tip: The Celebrity Beyond also offers tours aboard ship on days at sea. Guests can book Bridge Tours or Inside Access: Behind the Scenes Ship Tours. Both of these are very popular and sell out fast so you will want to book prior to your cruise.

Spa Cafe and Juice Bar

5. Solo Dining 

For many new solo travelers, the idea of dining alone is fraught with anxiety, but it doesn’t need to be, especially on the Celebrity Beyond . The ship has 32 restaurants and bars that truly offer something for everyone. The main dining rooms offer you the opportunity to be seated with other guests. Just ask when you check in. There is often a table set aside for solo travelers. There are also hidden gems like the Spa Cafe where you can enjoy healthy nibbles in a quiet atmosphere.

The premium restaurants are enjoyable for solo travelers because, with the excellent service, you’ll never be alone. Ask plenty of questions about the food and interact with the sommelier for advice on pairing. My favorite premium restaurant was Eden. The food was so innovative and I loved the open-kitchen concept. There is so much activity going on in the kitchen and it is intriguing to watch the creativity involved with the preparation and the artistic plating of your meal — truly memorable.

Pelaton Bike gym view

Tips From Celebrity On Solo Cruises

The Celebrity website has a wealth of information, especially for solo cruises . I found their tips to meet new friends on board very helpful. Celebrity encourages solo travelers to get to know the crew; who are from all over the world. There are many intimate bars on board the ship. Choose one that fits your vibe and get to know the bartender. It’s fun to sit at the bar and watch cocktails being made. Another suggestion is to get to know the cruise director. Their job is to make sure everyone is having fun. Introduce yourself and let them know you are traveling solo. They can give you pro tips on activities and entertainment you might enjoy. The site also has lots of information on which ships have solo cabins and good itineraries for solo travelers.

Don’t let the lack of a companion keep you from traveling. A cruise is a safe and fun way to get out and see the world while solo.

Pro Tip: The first quarter of the year is known as “Wave Season” and is typically the best time for cruise deals and promotions. Some cruise lines also offer low or no single supplements (the cost you pay when booking a double cabin while sailing alone). Celebrity waived the single supplement on more than 275 cruises through March 2023. Promotions and sales constantly change, so if you see something you like, make sure to book it.

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Image of Peggy Cleveland

She currently lives in the Pacific Northwest. Her work can be found in Northwest Travel & Life Magazine , 253 Lifestyle Magazine , and other regional publications. She is the author of 100 Things to Do in Tacoma Before You Die , Reedy Press, and a member of the North American Travel Journalists Association (NATJA). The name of her travel blog came about from her friends constantly asking her, "Peggy, Where Should I Go?"

Cruise Spotlight

Helping you find cruise ships you'll love

Veranda stateroom on celebrity millennium

Celebrity Cruises Waives Supplement for Solo Cruisers

For some reason, cruise lines seem to dislike the solo traveler. People looking to book a room on their own usually have to pay a “single supplement,” which often means paying double the price per person. Thankfully, Celebrity Cruises is looking to help single travelers with a new promotion they’re running. 

solarium pool on celebrity sihouette

What is a single supplement on a cruise ship?

Cruise pricing is usually based on the assumption that two people will be in a cabin. That means if only one person is cruising, they usually have to cover the full cost of the cabin themselves. That’s typically referred to as a single supplement. The single traveler will have to pay the full price of the room but won’t have to pay the extra taxes and fees, which can be in the hundreds of dollars. 

8-night Cruise on Celebrity Equinox – Veranda Stateroom – Always included fare

Why do cruise lines dislike solo travelers.

The main reason cruise lines don’t go after single travelers is that cruise lines make a good amount of money off each passenger. It all adds up with drinks, excursions, gambling, bingo, and specialty restaurants. Each guest is a potential revenue stream to a cruise line, so the more people they can get on a ship, the more profitable. 

Some ships will have dedicated rooms for single travelers, but they’re hard to find. The main exception is Norwegian Cruise Line, which has a great selection of Studio Cabins on their newer Norwegian ships. These special, single-oriented cabins even have a dedicated lounge for the single cruisers. But for the most part, most mainstream cruise lines, unfortunately, penalize guests traveling alone. 

celebrity beyond cruise ship rear

Celebrity gives solo travelers a break

Celebrity Cruise Line announced they’re running a program that removes the single supplement for solo travelers. Some cruise lines will occasionally offer a deal like this when they’re having problems filling ships. Usually, it’s for low-season cruises and older ships. In this case, though, it’s on over 275 cruises from June 2022 to March 2023. It includes some of Celebrity’s newest ships and sailings that go to Europe, the Mexican Riviera, Alaska, and the Caribbean. 

This special deal can also be combined with Celebrity’s “Always Included” program, which covers tips, alcoholic drinks, wifi, or sales like their current BOGO offer. They also have a variety of cabins like standard interior, ocean view, or even AquaClass or Suite cabins. 

For more information, visit Celebrity’s website or you can see the promotion details here .

Learn more about Celebrity cruise ships

  • Celebrity Apex
  • Celebrity Ascent
  • Celebrity Beyond
  • Celebrity Constellation
  • Celebrity Eclipse
  • Celebrity Edge
  • Celebrity Equinox
  • Celebrity Infinity
  • Celebrity Millennium
  • Celebrity Reflection
  • Celebrity Silhouette
  • Celebrity Solstice
  • Celebrity Summit
  • Celebrity Xcel

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celebrity cruise single rates

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celebrity cruise single rates

Randy Young

Randy Young is the founder and editor-in-chief at Cruise Spotlight. He has been in marketing for 19 years and has been cruising for just as long. Over the years, he's worked with products like TVs, copiers, light bulbs, and EV chargers, but cruising has always been his passion. There's nothing Randy likes more than the first couple of hours on a ship, exploring every nook and cranny and seeing how it's different from everything else out there. He's known for providing detailed and analytical coverage of cruising to help cruisers get a comprehensive picture of a ship's offerings.

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cruise news

  • Cruise News

How Celebrity Just Became The Least Solo-Friendly Cruise Line

Picture of Richard Simms

Richard Simms

  • January 3, 2024

Even as studies show that more and more travelers are looking to take trips on their own, one cruise line has quietly made a shocking move: It appears Celebrity solo cruisers are being charged more that double the going rate for staterooms.

celebrity ascent 7

Celebrity Solo Cruise Pricing

Over the past few years, a growing number of people have opted to travel solo. As a result, several cruise lines have made major strides in their efforts to woo those would-be passengers.

Most notably, Norwegian Cruise Line introduced solo staterooms built around a centralized lounge on several of their newer ships, while also announcing plans to offer lower pricing on select staterooms across all cabin categories, fleet-wide.

Celebrity Cruises, however, seems to be taking a different path. Solo cruisers have, for years, become accustomed to paying a “single supplement”, which meant they were charged double occupancy rates despite being a stateroom’s only occupant.

While many complained, others rationalized that it was somewhat akin to staying in a hotel, where prices do not vary based on single or double occupancy. (This is something of a false equivalency, of course, as hotel rooms do not typically include meals, entertainment and other extras which are folded into the cruise fare.)

celebrity ascent 6

Celebrity Cruises, however, is now charging those who opt to travel solo more than twice the going rate for a room.

According to two sources close to Celebrity’s sales department, the move is being made to counter the loss of additional onboard revenue generated by a second guest. In other words, money they would have spent in the casinos, shops and restaurants above and beyond the initial cruise fare.

This comes as parent company Royal Caribbean Group has reported record bookings at higher-than-expected pricing and significant upticks in onboard spending.

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Celebrity Cruises: The Complete Guide

Alisha McDarris

Alisha is a freelance writer and photographer. She is the creator of travel and adventure site Terradrift.com and has written about travel and rewards for many publications, including American Way and Johnny Jet.

celebrity cruise single rates

Many or all of the products featured here are from our partners who compensate us. This influences which products we write about and where and how the product appears on a page. However, this does not influence our evaluations. Our opinions are our own. Here is a list of our partners and here's how we make money .

Table of Contents

About Celebrity Cruises

Celebrity cruises prices, what is the best celebrity cruises ship, celebrity cruises loyalty program: captain’s club.

With sailings that run the gamut from the Caribbean to Alaska to Europe, Celebrity Cruises offers a ton of options throughout the world. The cruise line has 300 itineraries to all seven continents, many from the line’s home base in Miami.

Before you book a cruise with Celebrity, a line that’s part of the Royal Caribbean family, here’s everything you need to know.

Here are a few key features of Celebrity Cruises to help you decide if the line is right for you.

Cabin types: Depending on the cruise and ship, different cabins may be available — ranging from interior staterooms to suites with private balconies. The most premium option available, The Retreat, includes exclusive and expansive suites, dining, drinks, lounges and more.

Main U.S. routes : If you're planning to depart from the U.S., there are a number of destinations, including Alaska, the Caribbean, New England, Mexico and more. Many begin from ports in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Florida; Seattle, Boston and New York.

Points currency and loyalty program: The rewards program is called Captain’s Club and you can earn Club Points with every sailing after signing up.

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Celebrity Cruises destinations

Celebrity Cruises can take you all over the world, from Alaska to Asia, the Mediterranean to Mexico, and other places in between. And for every destination, there are just as many options for trip length. Sail to the Bahamas for three nights, around Australia for nine or enjoy a transpacific cruise to Tahiti for 18.

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Just like with most other cruise lines, price depends on the destination and duration of the trip. A 12-night cruise in New Zealand, for example, might be $943 per person, while a four-night cruise to the Bahamas could be $259. The final cost depends on the cabin you choose, of course. On that Bahamas cruise, an interior room may be as low as $259, but a room with a veranda costs $399 and if you opt to book The Retreat, the price tag is a whopping $2,096.

Learn more : How much does a Caribbean cruise cost?

What’s included in the price?

Most Celebrity Cruises offer two booking options: Cruise Only or All Included. With Cruise Only, you can expect the following for no extra cost:


Entertainment, including theater and live music.

Room service (anytime for Retreat bookings, breakfast only for all other rooms).

If you opt for the All Included package, you also get:

Basic Wi-Fi.

Classic Drinks Package. 

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As of fall 2023, there will be 16 Celebrity Cruises ships in the line’s fleet, including three smaller expedition ships that sail only to the Galapagos Islands. But one of the best according to some Celebrity Cruises reviews may be the Celebrity Apex, which offers itineraries from Portugal to Egypt to Scandinavia. Between the spa, 29 restaurants, two-story villa-style cabins and a photo-ready pool deck, it’s certainly a contender.

What is the newest Celebrity Cruises ship?

The newest ship, the Celebrity Ascent, sets sail out of South Florida in November and may be the poshest ship in the fleet. An Edge Series ship that’s already won numerous awards, it will start by sailing to the Caribbean before cruising to Europe and will feature more expansive views, at least 30 dining options, live entertainment, a full spa and even a rooftop garden.

» Learn more: The pros and cons of cruises

The six tiers of status in the Captain’s Club rewards program are, in order from lowest level to highest level:

» Learn more : How much luggage can you take on a cruise?

How to earn Captain’s Club points

Points are earned based on the category of your cabin (larger more expensive cabins earn more points) and the length of your cruise. So the more you spend, the more you earn. For example, you could earn anywhere from two to 24 points per night just based on the suite you book.

Power Up Points

In addition to sailing, you can earn more points through Power Up Points. You will have to sign-up for the program, then Celebrity will email you with opportunities to participate via sharing social media posts or taking surveys. You’ll get one Club Point for every 10 Power Up Points you earn, which will automatically be added to your Captain’s Club account.

Celebrity Cruises Visa Signature Card

The Celebrity Cruises Visa Signature Card also offers a way to earn MyCruise points that can be redeemed for Celebrity cruises, upgrades, and onboard credits. Sign up and score 25,000 bonus points after making at least $1,000 in purchases in the first 90 days of your account opening.

» Learn more: The best travel credit cards right now

How to redeem Captain's Club points

How you redeem your Captain’s Club points will depend on what you’re redeeming them for. For discounts on drinks packages, you’ll have to pre-pay before your cruise starts by calling 800-760-0654, while dining discounts will be taken onboard. But many benefits can be viewed and managed from your Captain’s Club account.

Note that because Celebrity Cruises is part of the Royal Caribbean family, status reciprocity exists across the two brands, meaning your status and benefits will be acknowledged on either line you’re currently cruising with whether you earned status with Captain’s Club or Royal Caribbean's Crown & Anchor Society.

» Learn more: Royal Caribbean vs. Carnival

Wi-Fi is available on all ships except for the Galapagos Expedition cruises, but you’ll pay for it: Basic and Premium Wi-Fi packages are available, though cost varies.

Various drinks packages are available on Celebrity Cruises, from a Zero-Proof nonalcoholic package that includes tea, coffee and smoothies for $30 per day, a Classic Drinks Package that starts at $89 per day and includes alcoholic drinks up to $10, to a Premium Package that includes drinks that cost up to $17 and costs $109+ per day.

For most Celebrity sailings, proof of vaccination against COVID or a negative test aren’t required. There are a few exceptions when traveling to destinations with strict regulations, so check with Celebrity before booking to find out.

How to maximize your rewards

You want a travel credit card that prioritizes what’s important to you. Here are some of the best travel credit cards of 2024 :

Flexibility, point transfers and a large bonus: Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card

No annual fee: Bank of America® Travel Rewards credit card

Flat-rate travel rewards: Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card

Bonus travel rewards and high-end perks: Chase Sapphire Reserve®

Luxury perks: The Platinum Card® from American Express

Business travelers: Ink Business Preferred® Credit Card

Chase Sapphire Preferred Credit Card

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Bank of America® Premium Rewards® Credit Card

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60,000 Receive 60,000 online bonus points - a $600 value - after you make at least $4,000 in purchases in the first 90 days of account opening.

celebrity cruise single rates

Celebrity Cruises

celebrity cruise single rates

Courtesy of Celebrity Cruises |

celebrity cruise single rates

Find a Cruise on Celebrity Cruises

with a cruise advisor

Celebrity Cruises earns high marks from cruisers and experts alike, thanks to its upscale design and innovative cuisine. Celebrity's fleet departs from U.S. cities like Honolulu , Miami , Boston and Seattle . While you can sail on a smaller vessel like Celebrity Xpedition, which transports only 48 passengers, you can also cruise on a larger ship like Celebrity Beyond , which can host up to 3,260 guests.

Regardless of the ship you select, you can expect a high level of customer service, with each ship carrying approximately one crew member for every two passengers. Celebrity's ships ply waters all around the globe, with sailings making stops in Asia, Europe and the Caribbean, among other popular destinations. Voyages span anywhere from three to 18 nights, and excursions vary by cruise duration and itinerary. 

No matter which itinerary you choose, you'll find a full docket of onboard activities, including wine workshops and glassblowing classes, as well as relaxing pursuits like spa treatments. When you work up an appetite, check out the fleet's variety of dining options, ranging from the Main Restaurant to several specialty venues.

U.S. News Insider Tip: Download the Celebrity Cruises app a few weeks before your cruise to take full advantage of features like scanning your passport and choosing an arrival time. On the ship, you can use the app to start your guest safety briefing, chat with loved ones onboard, reserve dining and excursions, track your onboard spending and organize your calendar of day-to-day activities. On Edge Series ships, you can even use the app to control the TV, lighting, temperature and window shades in your stateroom. – Skye Sherman, Contributor

Pros & Cons

Access to exclusive events and promotions through Captain's Club rewards program

Cost-saving packages available for specialty restaurants

Wide roster of kids and teens activities

Must purchase beverage package (or stay in select suites) for unlimited soft drinks and alcoholic beverages

Shore excursions not covered by cruise fares

More limited onboard offerings for adults compared to some other cruise lines

  • Expert Rating » 4.3
  • Traveler Rating » 4.2
  • Health Rating » 4.8

Celebrity Cruises has been ranked based on an expert evaluation of the line's level of luxury, as well as an assessment of user reviews and health ratings.

  • # 2 in Best Cruise Lines for the Money
  • # 2 in Best Cruise Lines in the Caribbean
  • # 3 in Best Cruise Lines in the Mediterranean
  • # 5 in Best Cruise Lines for Couples

Explore Photos

Celebrity Beyond

Celebrity Cruises Ships

celebrity cruise single rates

Celebrity Beyond

celebrity cruise single rates

Celebrity Edge

celebrity cruise single rates

Celebrity Apex

celebrity cruise single rates

Celebrity Silhouette

celebrity cruise single rates

Celebrity Eclipse

celebrity cruise single rates

Celebrity Equinox

celebrity cruise single rates

Celebrity Solstice

celebrity cruise single rates

Celebrity Millennium

celebrity cruise single rates

Celebrity Summit

celebrity cruise single rates

Celebrity Infinity

celebrity cruise single rates

Celebrity Constellation

celebrity cruise single rates

Celebrity Reflection

celebrity cruise single rates

Celebrity Ascent

celebrity cruise single rates

Before You Book

  • Full payment must be made 75 days prior to departure for most voyages. Special sailings require final payment 105 days in advance of your scheduled sail date.
  • Celebrity Cruises' cancellation policy varies by itinerary, duration and whether you choose to purchase a CruiseCare benefits package. Cancellation policies for your voyage can be found on the cruise line's  FAQ page .
  • Children younger than 1 are not allowed to sail on Celebrity Cruises' trans-Atlantic, trans-Pacific or select South American sailings, or voyages that require three or more consecutive days at sea. For all other cruise itineraries, Celebrity requires passengers to be at least 6 months old.
  • You must be 21 years old to sail unaccompanied on voyages originating in North America and 18 years old for cruises departing from South America, Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand (with some exceptions).
  • Passengers in need of special medical equipment or extra assistance should call Celebrity's Access Department at 954-628-9708 or email [email protected] before their scheduled departure date.

Before You Board

  • Travelers must have a passport that is valid for at least six months after the completion of their cruise (or three months for cruises with ports in the European Union). If you are on a voyage that begins and ends at the same port in the U.S., you will only need a government-issued photo ID or a birth certificate. Consult Celebrity's  FAQ page  to determine if (based on your nationality and travel plans) you need to acquire a visa before sailing.  
  • Along with your passport, remember to bring necessary health documentation, like an inoculation certificate. Vaccination requirements vary by destination. Celebrity advises passengers to consult the  website .
  • To expedite the process, you can check-in online up to three days prior to departure. In-person check-in is required at least two hours before your scheduled sail time. You must board the ship at least one hour before your cruise departs. 
  • Celebrity recommends booking port excursions and dinner reservations through your Celebrity account before your cruise begins. Travelers can also book dinner reservations and shore excursions once they board the ship. To book dinner reservations during your cruise, call or visit the restaurant's maitre d'. Additionally, Specialty Dining Packages must be purchased at least two days before your departure date.

Disclaimers about ship ratings: A ship’s Health Rating is based on vessel inspection scores published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). If a ship did not receive a CDC score within 22 months prior to the calculation of its Overall Rating, its Health Rating appears as N/A; in such a case, the ship’s Overall Rating is calculated using the average Health Rating of all CDC-rated ships within the cruise line. All ship Traveler Ratings are based on ratings provided under license by Cruiseline.com.

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Everything you need to know about Celebrity Cruises cabins and suites

Ashley Kosciolek

In keeping with the ambiance on Celebrity Cruises ' vessels, the brand's accommodations offer an elevated experience without going full-on luxury. That means Celebrity's passengers can expect more sophisticated surroundings and an upscale vibe at relatively affordable prices.

Like the vessels themselves, the line's cabins are well-appointed and elegant, with modern touches that appeal to a slightly younger-than-average cruise demographic.

Learn what to expect from each room type before you book with our primer for those who are new to Celebrity.

For more cruise news, reviews and tips, sign up for TPG's cruise newsletter .

Celebrity Cruises cabin primer

Celebrity Cruises' fleet of ships includes more than a dozen vessels that fall into four main categories : Millennium Class, Solstice Class, Edge Class and Galapagos Class. Ships in the first three classes share similarities in terms of their cabin offerings. The Galapagos-class vessels are much smaller and include a narrower selection of cabin types and amenities. Because of this, the Galapagos Class will have its own section below; the other sections of this article do not apply to the Galapagos Class.

celebrity cruise single rates

Although all of the ships' staterooms fall into the same general categories – insides, oceanviews, balconies and suites – the specific types of each vary across classes, particularly with regard to the most expensive options.

Even at the most basic level, nearly all accommodations include two twin beds that can be connected to form a king (most rooms) or queen; a desk and vanity area with a chair, drawers and a phone; nightstands with drawer space and reading lights; a sofa or plush chair; a coffee table; an in-cabin bathroom with shampoo, conditioner, body wash and towels; a closet with shelves, hanging space and bathrobes; a safe; a hair dryer; a television with a selection of movies and live TV, as well as shipboard channels and the ability to check the daily schedule and your onboard bill; a mini-fridge; a selection of outlets, including USB ports; and individual lighting and climate controls.

RELATED: The 5 best cabin locations on any cruise ship

All cabins also come with the services of a room attendant, who will tidy your digs up to two times daily. All passengers also have access to 24-hour room service, which carries a fee of $9.95 per order, plus an 18% auto-gratuity.

celebrity cruise single rates

Across the fleet, all ships offer connecting rooms, with some of the largest suites joining to sleep up to 10 people. The line also features special accommodations for solo cruisers on a small number of its vessels (specifics are noted below under applicable cabin categories).

Further, all ships offer several accessible accommodations across all main stateroom categories (except Celebrity Solstice and Celebrity Reflection, which do not offer accessible standard balcony cabins) for passengers needing extra space for wheelchairs, walkers and scooters. Those cabins feature wider (32-inch) doorways, a 5-foot turning radius, ramped bathroom thresholds, bathroom grab bars, lowered sinks and vanities, higher toilets, roll-in showers with fold-down benches, hand-held showerheads, lowered closet bars and accessible balconies (in select staterooms).

Unless otherwise noted, all cabins are designed for double occupancy. In most cases, solo travelers staying in accommodations meant for two people will be charged an additional cruise fare, known as a single supplement. Further, some staterooms are outfitted with trundle beds, pull-down bunks or sofa beds that can accommodate up to four people per room.

Inside cabins on Celebrity ships

celebrity cruise single rates

Inside cabins on Celebrity ships run anywhere from 170 to 202 square feet, and they offer everything mentioned above. The one thing they don't have is a view.

As is implied by their name, they have no windows and no balconies for natural light or fresh air. These are stellar options for anyone on a budget or travelers who have trouble sleeping with any sort of light.

Celebrity Silhouette has four inside cabins available for solo travelers.

RELATED: 6 reasons to book an inside cabin

Oceanview cabins on Celebrity ships

celebrity cruise single rates

Oceanview cabins on Celebrity ships come in at between 170 and 242 square feet, depending on the ship and type.

True to their name, these rooms offer views of the ocean from windows that don't open, so although there are no in-cabin ocean breezes, there is natural light.

They include all of the basic amenities listed above.

Balcony cabins on Celebrity ships

celebrity cruise single rates

There are several veranda categories available throughout the Celebrity fleet, all of which offer traditional balcony setups. Types include basic balcony cabins (170 to 202 square feet, 38- to 53-square-foot balcony), Family Verandas (270 to 575 square feet, 106- to 242-square-foot balcony) that sleep a larger number of people and Sunset Verandas (194 to 228 square feet, 53- to 89-square-foot balcony) that offer aft views of the ship's wake.

The vessels also offer AquaClass and Concierge Class digs, which are essentially basic balcony accommodations with some extras. The former focuses on wellness and comes with free fitness classes, unlimited access to the onboard spa's thermal suite, dining at exclusive health-focused restaurant Blu, a healthier room service menu, daily bottled water, upgraded toiletries, discounts on spa packages and yoga mats for in-cabin use. The latter entitles cruisers to amenities like dedicated concierge services, as well as an exclusive luncheon, daily in-room canapes and sparkling wine on request.

Basic amenities are included, but what really sets these accommodations apart is that they provide cruisers with private access to ocean air – no need to venture to a public deck.

Infinite Veranda

celebrity cruise single rates

As with standard balcony cabins, Infinite Verandas – which are only found on ships in the line's Edge Class – come with the basic amenities listed above, but they also grant a bit more interior space (202 square feet) in lieu of the usual walk-out terrace.

They earn their own category here because, as those who book the accommodations will find, instead of a traditional balcony, they have a window that can be raised and lowered with the push of a button. A set of see-through folding doors allows the area near the window to be cordoned off in order to make it feel like a more traditional balcony.

RELATED: 6 reasons to stay in a balcony cabin

Celebrity's three newest vessels each have several Infinite Veranda solo cabins for cruisers traveling by themselves. Celebrity Edge has 16, and Celebrity Apex offers 24, while Celebrity Beyond boasts 32. They offer 131 to 184 square feet of space with 42- to 45-square-foot interior balcony areas.

Suites on Celebrity ships

There are 10 types of suites on Celebrity's ships, four of which – Sky Suites, Celebrity Suites, Royal Suites and Penthouse Suites – appear on every single ship in the fleet. Two more – Edge Villas and Iconic Suites – are found only on Edge-class vessels. Another two, Signature Suites and Reflection Suites, are exclusive to Celebrity Reflection, and the remaining Sunset Suites and AquaClass Suites are new to the fleet with the debut of Celebrity Beyond.

Passengers booked in any of the suites in this category have access to the exclusive suites-only lounge and pool deck, known as The Retreat, as well as dining in suite-access-only restaurant Luminae.

RELATED: 7 reasons to splurge on a cruise ship suite

Cruisers in these accommodations also receive a slew of perks, including higher-level Wi-Fi and drink packages (upgraded from the free ones that come with all fares); onboard credit; prepaid gratuities; free in-room bottles of alcohol; complimentary laundry, shoeshine, butler and concierge services; and priority embarkation and tendering, among other draws.

An explanation of each type of suite can be found below.

celebrity cruise single rates

These are the smallest suites in the fleet, ranging from 251 to 362 square feet with balconies that range from 57 to 163 square feet. They're arranged in a studio configuration, similar to what you'd find in non-suite cruise-ship accommodations. They're the least expensive option for those who crave access to suite-level amenities.

Celebrity Suites

celebrity cruise single rates

For cruisers wanting the step up their square footage or storage space, a Celebrity Suite will do the trick. Expect 394 to 498 square feet, plus a balcony between 51 and 105 square feet, complete with separate living and bedroom spaces, a sizeable bathroom (with a bathtub/shower combo) and tons of drawers and cabinets to help chronic overpackers stow their belongings.

Royal Suites

celebrity cruise single rates

For an even bigger upgrade, Royal Suites come in at between 538 and 687 square feet with verandas measuring 72 to 195 square feet. Each has ample storage, separate lounging and sleeping quarters, and a generously sized bathroom with a shower and separate soaking tub that's perfect for relaxing after a day in port.

Penthouse Suites

celebrity cruise single rates

Penthouse suites are the largest accommodations found fleetwide, ranging from 1,291 to 1,432 square feet with 197- to 1,098-square-foot verandas that are large enough for their own private hot tubs. The two-bed, two-bath setup with a separate sitting area and dining table that seats eight, makes these cabins great for entertaining or sharing with travel companions.

Edge Villas

celebrity cruise single rates

These two-deck suites offer an upstairs-and-downstairs setup with one bedroom, two bathrooms, and a living room in 739 square feet of space. There's also a 211-square-foot balcony. These rooms are exclusive to the line's Edge Class of ships, and they boast access to a private plunge pool.

Iconic Suites

celebrity cruise single rates

Iconic Suites -- which are in high demand, due to their limited numbers and plethora of extras -- are the largest on Edge-class vessels, offering 1,892 square feet, a nearly 689-square-foot balcony (larger than most staterooms onboard, complete with a private hot tub and daybed), a bathroom with dual sinks and a whirlpool tub, and an unparalleled forward-facing view from directly above the bridge.

Signature Suites

celebrity cruise single rates

While Signature Suite accommodations are on the smaller side, at 441 square feet, the 118-square-foot balcony still manages to include an outdoor tub with a rain shower so you can soak while taking in the views as you sail. They also include high ceilings, a shower/tub combo, and separate living and sleeping areas.

Reflection Suites

celebrity cruise single rates

At nearly four times the size of Signature Suites, Reflection Suites come equipped with two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a cantilevered glass shower that hangs out over the ocean for simply amazing views. All of this fits neatly into 1,636 square feet of space, plus a 194-square-foot balcony. Dual sinks, a separate soaking tub with a rain shower, high ceilings, a walk-in closet, and a prime corner location round out the opulent offerings. These suites are only slightly smaller than Iconic Suites, but their verandas are far tinier.

Sunset Suites

celebrity cruise single rates

Similar to the wake-view concept behind the line's Sunset Veranda staterooms, Sunset Suites provide an elevated experience with the same stunning vistas at each ship's aft. Some of these suites are on the smaller side, comprising 296 to 575 square feet, plus a 53- to 242-square-foot balcony, but they do incorporate separate living and sleeping areas, making them feel more like true suites.

AquaClass Sky Suites

celebrity cruise single rates

These rooms combine the space and enhanced extras of a Sky Suite (including access to The Retreat and Luminae) with the perks of an AquaClass cabin – fitness classes, thermal suite access, dining at Blu, daily bottled water, discounts on spa packages and yoga mats for in-cabin use – to bring passengers a more health-centric suite experience in 319 square feet with a 79-square-foot veranda.

Cabins on Celebrity's Galapagos-class ships

Because Celebrity's expedition vessels are much smaller, they warrant their own section. What follows is a breakdown of the cabin types – most of which are suites – offered on each ship.

Note that Celebrity Flora, Celebrity Xpedition and Celebrity Xploration have neither The Retreat nor Luminae, so suite passengers do not have access to those venues. Amenities also may vary from those offered on the fleet's non-expedition ships.

Celebrity Flora

celebrity cruise single rates

The largest of Celebrity's expedition vessels, Celebrity Flora houses 50 cabins with a double-occupancy capacity for 100 passengers. All staterooms are classified as suites, with a mix of several types of Sky Suites, including some with Infinite Verandas (330 to 365 square feet, 65- to 86-square-foot balcony); Royal Suites (559 square feet, 129-square-foot balcony); and Penthouse Suites (1,288 square feet, 321-square-foot balcony).

Celebrity Xpedition

celebrity cruise single rates

Significantly smaller is Celebrity Xpedition, which can carry 48 passengers across 24 cabins at capacity. Availability includes 160-square-foot oceanview accommodations; 175-square-foot Junior Suites with 45-square-foot verandas; and a combination of suites – Xpedition Suites, Royal Suites and Penthouse Suites – that run the gamut from 205 to 460 square feet with balconies ranging from 50 to 235 square feet. Given that Penthouse Suites on the line's other ships span 1,291 to 1,432 square feet with 197- to 1,098-square-foot verandas, it's easy to see that suite sizes decrease as ship sizes decrease.

Celebrity Xploration

celebrity cruise single rates

The tiniest and most no-frills option on Celebrity's roster is Celebrity Xploration, which carries just 16 people in eight cabins at its maximum. Oddly, all staterooms are labeled as Junior Suites, but while half of them have balconies (180 square feet with 245-square-foot verandas), the other half (190 square feet) don't. It's also interesting to note that, in the ones that do have them, the balconies boast significantly more space than the interior living area does.

Bottom line

Celebrity's selection of basic cabins is fairly standard. However, when it comes to suites, passengers have a decent number of choices, and even the smallest and least expensive options offer coveted amenities and access to dedicated spaces.

Although there are suite types that span the entire fleet, the line likes to create experiences that are exclusive to some of its newest classes and ships.

Celebrity is one of the best big-ship cruise brands when it comes to everything from service and extras to in-cabin storage space, decor and even furniture layout. Overall, the line offers an upscale ambiance with a lot of value for your money, starting with inside cabins and running right up through accommodations at the suite level.

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Feature d photo by Tim Aylen/Celebrity Cruises.


Flying by the seat of my points.

Live Life, Earn Points, Travel the World

Time to Experience the World

Go Off The Grid

Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost - JRR Tolkien

Where Will You Wander This Year?

Discover the Magic and the Mystery

Let Your Imagination Run Wild

Relax in the Vineyard

Appreciate Nature's Bounty

Cruise Deal for Solo Travelers – No Single Supplement on select Celebrity Cruises

Welcome to Celebrity Edge Terminal 25

Update:  This promotion has ended but it was quite the adventure to see Celebrity even offer this olive branch to solo travelers. Keep your eye out for future opportunities.

You won’t find this cruise deal listed under Promos on Celebrity Cruise website, in fact, I only happened upon it in a travel cruise newsletter.  I was skeptical so I searched online to find the sales sheet and then reached out to my cruise travel agent to confirm. You see, as a whole, the travel industry especially cruise lines have a history of not being solo traveler friendly, hence the dreaded single supplement. So finding this deal seemed too good to be true, but it is true.   Celebrity Cruise line is waiving the single supplement on select cruises (excludes holiday sailings) but to be honest looking at the list you still have a plethora of options to choose from now through March 2023.   The discounted rate is available on over 200+ cruises and includes the newer Edge class ships – Celebrity Edge, Celebrity Apex and Celebrity Beyond (helmed by the famous Captain Kate).   I sailed on Celebrity Edge last year when the SS was 20% and was able to enjoy the infinity verandah and Celebrity bid for upgrade to an Aqua Class cabin .

So if you ever wanted to go on a cruise but were deterred by the awful single supplements (usually 2x the listed price or 200%) then now is the time to sail solo to Alaska (through September), Caribbean/Mexico (through March), Europe (end of season) and transatlantic repositioning cruises (October).  Sadly that means my favorite transatlantic repo cruise to Europe in April is excluded….bummer.

I do need to acknowledge that covid infections are still occurring around the world and you need to do whats’ best for you and your family when choosing any vacation destination.  I sailed on Celebrity Edge last year and felt comfortable with the health and safety precautions onboard.  Testing, vaccinations, requirements, etc. still vary by cruise line and destination so do your research and set your level of comfort accordingly.

Why is this such a great cruise deal?

Celebrity Edge Solarium

Do the math – paying 100% of the fare vs. 200% is a great deal! More budget to spend at the spa, at speciality restaurants and on shore excursions.  The savings can’t be overlooked now to sail a premium cruise product/ship. The only downside I can see is that you have access across the cabin spectrum from inside cabin to suite classes and stretching your budget to a higher cabin will be good now but in the future when prices are back to regular, will you be ok to downgrade?  A bit of a conundrum with flying First Class, can you ever really go back to Coach again?  So keep this in mind.  If you’ve always wanted to try a Suite, go for it.  If your budget can only accommodate an inside cabin, go enjoy.  This is your opportunity to treat yourself.

What ships have single cabins?

Aqua Class Cabin Celebrity Edge Ship

Generally cruises are designed for two people in a cabin so when only one person books, the single supplement would kick in and charge for the missing person (aka my phantom husband).  While you enjoyed a room for two, you also paid for the two people.  Read my “ Which ships have solo cabins ” if you are planning to travel solo .

You can easily see why solo traveler get upset.  Sure we understand the revenue stuff but it still felt like a penalty for traveling solo (note: not all solo travelers are single, some are in relationships and even married but traveling solo for a myriad of reasons).

With the newer Edge class ships, Celebrity waded into the solo traveler market by adding single staterooms for one person occupancy.  While not as revolutionary as NCL with the Studio Cabins, I applauded Celebrity for the acknowledgement of the solo traveler including those keen to splash out on a premium cabin with a balcony (verandah).

As I understand the promotion, you don’t need to sail in the single room as they only have a few of them on the newer Edge class series of ships.  The deal is offered across the fleet – click the flyer below to view the excel file of sailings included in the deal.

There is a current promotion ongoing so talk to your travel agent about stacking the discounts, if applicable. Be aware that the Celebrity Customer Service line has very long wait times with the promotion, short staff and general travelers so I suggest saving time on the phone and sanity by using a cruise travel agent to research, book and track your sailing.

Click to access 6_17_22_FLY_Single_Supplement.pdf

Celebrity Ships with Solo Cabins

If you are wanting to sail in the solo cruise cabin, then Celebrity has two categories of solo cabins – inside (no window) and infinite verandah (balcony) so plan your budget accordingly.  The normal prices for the specialized cabins are slightly higher than the standard rate outside of the promotion period.

  • Celebrity Edge has 16 solo cabins with balcony (infinite verandah). The cabin footprint is slightly smaller than the standard verandah room and has removed the couch. Will you miss the couch?  Probably not.
  • Celebrity Beyond has 32 single verandah cabins as will Celebrity Ascent, set to debut in late 2023.

Rooftop Garden Drinks Celebrity Edge

Celebrity Cruises Pricing

Celebrity Edge Thermal Suite

So now the tricky part – should you choose Cruise Only Fare or Always Included Rate?  There are passengers who only want the lowest fare and others that don’t want to be nickeled and dimed and want the all inclusive option. Celebrity offers both and of course they confuse A LOT of people, especially those new to cruises and those new to Celebrity lines.

  • Celebrity Cruise Only Rate is just as it sounds – cruise only fare. It is available on select cruises and offers the lowest rate.  It’s usually noted in the upper corner of the fare box.  You can also search under Offers.  Wifi, Drinks and Gratuities are EXTRA. Gratuities can’t be avoided so they will be applied ontop of the cruise only rate along with taxes and fees.  Wifi and Drinks will be up to you to buy separately if you want.   This flexibility is great for those who don’t drink alcohol and want to buy as they go for other drinks. Celebrity does sell a soda/bottled water package as an add on.
  • Celebrity Always Included Rates will include gratuities, wifi (basic you can upgrade for a fee) and drinks (basic but covers most needs, you can upgrade drinks package for specific brands of liquor).  I may drink a glass of wine at dinner and found the basic drinks package sufficed for me as it included bottled water.

Now, one of the biggest complaints I see in the various social media groups is the “why were we charged x” thinking they booked “Always Included” only to find out their low price deal was “Cruise Only”.  Also the whole “refundable” query pops up.  When booking the Cruise Only rate you will be asked “do you want to make this refundable for additional x fee”. So ask questions and read the line items on your invoice before you pay your deposit.

Celebrity Cruise Extras

So the “Always Included Rates” are NOT all inclusive rates.  You will still pay for specialty restaurants onboard, premium drinks not included in your drinks package, spa, fitness center and other items onboard. Celebrity has created this always included rate so that you have a better idea of the total cost of your vacation with no surprises at the end of the cruise for your add ons.

If you need help with the costs, read my How to Budget for a Cruise post

Waived Single Supplement on Celebrity Cruises

Holland America Cruise to Alaska Eurodam Sunset at Sea

So now is the time to look at your vacation time, budget and willingness to sail solo on Celebrity.  While the travel industry continues to recover, it seems that revenue geeks have noticed a huge untapped revenue source – the solo traveler so why not intice them to discover the cruise line?  I won’t get into how we’ve been ignored in the past but instead look to capitalize on the opportunity to sail my favorite cruise line at a discount. For those on the sidelines always wanting to “try a cruise” now is a great time to do that.  Make sure to join cruise critic to find the cruise line sailing roll call to meet other passengers in advance and join the facebook group if applicable.  Sailing solo can be as social or anti-social as you want it to be – it’s your vacation and you get to design it as you want.

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Header image

7 Best Cruises for Singles in 2024

Updated : June 14, 2024

AAA Travel Editors

Table of contents.

  • Celebrity Millennium: Bali, Malaysia and Thailand
  • Celebrity Apex: Norwegian Fjords
  • Celebrity Summit: Grand Heartland Adventure
  • Celebrity Edge: Taste of Luxury
  • Disney Wish: Bahamian Cruise from Port Canaveral
  • Oceania Cruises: In the Path of Cartier — Boston to Montreal
  • Oceania Riviera: Ancient World Wonders — Athens to Istanbul

Plan Your Cruise With AAA

With many cruise lines now catering to the single crowd, going on a cruise as a single adult can be a great way to meet interesting people to make new friends, new connections and lifelong memories.

No matter what you envision from your dream singles cruise, you can find a ship and a series of destinations that will create unforgettable memories. There are a lot of options to explore, however and the sheer range of choices can quickly feel overwhelming. To help, we've highlighted several of the best cruises for singles. Keep reading to learn what, exactly, sets these expeditions apart. 

celebrity cruise single rates

1. Celebrity Millennium: Bali, Malaysia and Thailand

Many singles gravitate towards exciting adventures in exotic destinations such as Bali, Malaysia and Thailand, which hold appeal simply because they provide such distinct scenery and such powerful cultural experiences.

Not all singles are willing or prepared to navigate these destinations on their own, however and this is where the Celebrity Millennium comes into play: an upscale cruise removes the hassle of planning and, instead, encourages you to relax in style.

This particular Celebrity Millennium adventure spans nearly two weeks, incorporating a unique blend of serene island adventures, cosmopolitan exploration and meaningful temple visits. Onboard, globally inspired menus and resort-style lounges are to be expected, along with plenty of adults-only spaces that will appeal to singles. 

celebrity cruise single rates

2. Celebrity Apex: Norwegian Fjords

If Norway's iconic fjords are on your bucket list, you can't afford to miss this awe-inspiring Celebrity Apex trip . Departing from Southampton, the eight-night cruise meanders along the coast of Norway, hitting pleasant spots such as Geiranger or Kristiansand for spectacular scenery and outdoor adventures. Side trips are available and, with up to ten hours docked, there is plenty of time to explore at your own pace.

Accommodation options abound and, when traveling alone, the staterooms' king-size mattresses feel extra spacious. An adults-only solarium will appeal to relaxation-oriented solo travelers, while abundant dining and entertainment options make it easy to find and connect with new friends. 

celebrity cruise single rates

3. Celebrity Summit: Grand Heartland Adventure

If you're struggling to choose between glamorous onboard experiences and outdoorsy experiences on land, you're in luck: Celebrity Summit provides the best of both worlds with its various Cruisetour offerings. There are many excellent options that depart from Vancouver, Anchorage or Fairbanks — but the Grand Heartland Adventure is worth considering if you crave something new.

During the Grand Heartland Cruisetour, you'll explore the stunning Inside Passage by cruise ship, before docking in adventure-oriented destinations such as Juneau and Sitka. From there, you'll continue to observe national treasures such as the Hubbard Glacier. Further exploration takes place aboard a glass-domed railcar and even a riverboat.

There's also a lot to experience onboard. The AquaClass stateroom represents a true oasis for single travelers, but the exclusive cocktail lounge and martini bar also warrant a visit. With nearly two weeks of cruising and exploration, you'll have plenty of time to unwind on your own but can also form fast friendships with similarly adventurous travelers. 

celebrity cruise single rates

4. Celebrity Edge: Taste of Luxury

Cruises for singles over 50 often emphasize the finer things in life, like elevated cuisine or exquisite wines. These sophisticated details are in abundant supply aboard the Celebrity Edge, which offers a decidedly elegant experience with its Taste of Luxury tour. Although often frequented by retired couples, Celebrity Edge's trips work well as singles cruises.

Available for three or four nights, this remarkable journey begins in Sydney and primarily emphasizes curated on-board experiences. That being said, there are enticing opportunities to explore while docked in Tasmania. With such glamorous suites, restaurants and clubs on board, however, the best attractions can be enjoyed without ever leaving this luxury cruise ship. 

celebrity cruise single rates

5. Disney Wish: Bahamian Cruise from Port Canaveral

Don't assume that Disney cruise adventures are only for kids or families. If you are a proud Disney adult, you can make amazing memories aboard a thematic cruise for singles. This is a popular vacation among theme park enthusiasts, who enjoy a dose of Disney magic while also finding valuable opportunities to indulge and relax.

Disney Wish's three-night Bahamian cruise is also an excellent option for singles who crave a sea-based experience but only have a few days to spare. Yes, young travelers will be around, but there are plenty of adult-only spaces, including sports bars, dance clubs, dedicated pools and even an onboard spa and salon. Musicals, 3D films and fireworks encourage you to embrace your inner child. 

celebrity cruise single rates

6. Oceania Cruises: In the Path of Cartier — Boston to Montreal

As we've mentioned, smaller ships provide some of the best cruises for singles over 50. Not everyone desires a river-based trip, however and with Oceania Cruises , there is no need to choose between exclusivity and ocean liner grandeur.

A signature experience can be found aboard Oceania Cruises' iconic Nautica ship, which is calming, yet elegant. Echoing the journey of the famed explorer Jacques Cartier, this tour provides a powerful introduction to Quebec, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and New Brunswick.

The land-based excursions are highly educational and, of course, beautiful to behold, but there's also a lot to love on board. Belgian chocolate, Bulgari amenities and turndown service await, with many accommodations also providing spectacular views. Open-seating dining makes it easy to interact with other vacationers while wine-tasting and guest lectures promise plenty of onboard enrichment. 

celebrity cruise single rates

7. Oceania Riviera: Ancient World Wonders — Athens to Istanbul

Another appealing option for singles who prefer slightly smaller ships, Oceania Cruises' Ancient World Wonders tour provides stops at some of the world's most iconic locations, such as Santorini and Corfu. Adventures in Dubrovnik and Istanbul can also be expected. On board this remarkable vessel, you'll gaze in awe at the Lalique Grand Staircase and, in general, enjoy a refined ambiance.

Be prepared to try new flavors and forms of expression as you explore unique offerings such as the Artist Loft and Culinary Center. Deep relaxation awaits at the Aquamar Spa or within your luxuriously contemporary stateroom or suite. This ten-night voyage provides plenty of time to lose yourself in the grandeur of the ship and the treasures of Greece, Montenegro, Croatia and Turkey.

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My first cruise with my son was a nightmare. We lost power twice, had to shower with flip-flops, and couldn't make 2 of our destinations.

Up until this year I had never been on a cruise before.

I decided to take my 10-year-old son over Spring break.

The cruise desperately needed some TLC and we lost power twice.

Until this year, I'd never been on a cruise — and I swore I never would. As someone anxious in general, I had plenty of reservations. What if there was a norovirus outbreak? What if I got seasick? What if the ship hit an iceberg, sinking like the Titanic? But as I brainstormed potential Spring break destinations with my 10-year-old, I reconsidered.

As a single mom, I don't love navigating new places alone, and organizing a weeklong vacation felt overwhelming. Setting sail on a fun-packed cruise ship where everything was pre-planned was the perfect solution.

I booked a five-night Key West and Bahamas cruise through Celebrity, leaving from Miami. To avoid feeling trapped, I chose a stateroom with a veranda. We could sit outside in the salty ocean air and enjoy the stunning views.

Our pitstop in South Beach

To keep things stress-free, I bookended our trip with a full day and night in South Beach . Neither of us had been there, and the day before our cruise, I splurged on The Miami Beach Edition . The 5-star property, with private beach access, ocean-facing pools, and an on-site ice rink and bowling alley, did not disappoint.

We chose Estiatorio Milos for Easter dinner, a Greek seafood restaurant where fish flown in fresh from the Mediterranean are displayed. The experience included a chef visiting our table to discuss the day's offerings. Our trip was off to an incredible start.

Our cruise experience wasn't great

Boarding our cruise ship, the Celebrity Summit, went smoothly, and we went right to our stateroom , which appeared as advertised. On the balcony, we watched the sunlight dance on the water's surface. I relaxed, letting my worries slip away.

But when I went inside and opened the bathroom door, the musty smell of mildew overwhelmed me. During that night's shower, I discovered why as the water collected in a pool at my feet. From then on, we wore our flip-flops and showered fast.

We made our first port and explored the delightful city of Key West. But our boat couldn't dock the next day due to high winds, so we missed our second destination, Bimini, Bahamas . Disappointed, we explored the boat, looking for fun diversions. But other than gambling and drinking, there wasn't much to do.

The pool was rusty and dirty, and the "arcade" consisted of two Xboxes in a small room. The ship, built in 2001 and refurbished in 2016, desperately needed some TLC. Chipped tile, stained carpets, and broken faucets were a few of its glaring issues. My son checked out the gift shops while I grabbed a coffee. A salesperson put a $2,000 watch on his wrist, encouraging him to make the purchase. Luckily, he knew better.

We even lost power

During a several-hour power outage, our imaginations took over. We discussed the possibility of onboard pirates — zero communication from the crew didn't help. At one point, dark sludge crept up through our shower drain, and our toilet stopped working. When the power came back on, the $270 Wi-Fi didn't, and it remained spotty for the rest of the voyage.

The ship went black again during dinner the next day. The staff served our meal in the dark like nothing was amiss. At that point, we wanted off. The next day, we docked in Nassau, Bahamas, where we played in the ocean. I let my son take me on a Jet Ski ride, which was the highlight of his trip.

The following morning was debarkation day. We couldn't get off the boat fast enough.

We enjoyed another beautiful day at South Beach, sinking our toes in white sand beaches and exploring the outdoor Lincoln Road Mall.

Though our cruise experience was probably an outlier, I won't chance it again. But South Beach? We're in love.

Read the original article on Business Insider

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Enjoy 75% off your second guest’s cruise fare and get bonus savings of up to $200.

Western Caribbean & Perfect Day


†Taxes, fees and port expenses $159.55 USD *

At Celebrity Cruises®, we believe choice matters. That’s why we’ve pre-packaged our most popular amenities—drinks, and Wi-Fi— Tips charged separately. So you can now choose the most convenient way to get the best value from your cruise.


Choose from an incredible array of beers, spirits, cocktails, liqueurs, frozen drinks, wines by the glass, sodas, juices, specialty coffees and bottled water.


We know staying in touch is important, so we’ve included internet access for all guests. Browse the web, check email, and use messaging apps.

Cruise Itinerary

  • Port of Departure
  • Port of Call
  • Cruise Route

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Sun, Jun 23, 2024

Departs: 4:00PM

Perfect Day at CocoCay, Bahamas

Mon, Jun 24, 2024

Docked: 7:00AM to 4:30PM

At Sea - Cruising

Tue, Jun 25, 2024

George Town, Grand Cayman

Wed, Jun 26, 2024

Tendered: 10:00AM to 5:00PM

Thu, Jun 27, 2024

Bimini, Bahamas

Fri, Jun 28, 2024

Docked: 9:30AM to 6:00PM

Sat, Jun 29, 2024

Arrival: 7:00AM

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Popular excursions at this port

About This Ship


The third ship in our revolutionary Edge ® Series, Celebrity Beyond℠ takes our innovative outward-facing design further than ever, creating an even closer connection between you, the sea, and every exciting place on the horizon. Soak up the sun, salt breezes, and stunning scenery in newly expanded open-air spaces. Savor fine dining that rivals anything you’d find on land. And discover even more ways to relax and renew.

Onboard Features

The Grand Plaza

The Grand Plaza is a transformational place that offers a different experience every time you visit. From day to night, the lighting changes from warm and inviting to bright and dramatic.

Rooftop Garden

What better place could there be to gaze at the sea than float pools that are cantilevered over the open ocean? This feat is one of the highlights of our redesigned Rooftop Garden, which now extends right over the water’s edge.

Resort Deck

Find endless ways to connect with the sea, including the Rooftop Garden, the adults-only Solarium pool, and the Main Pool—an asymmetrical space surrounded by an outward-facing, terraced pool deck.

The Solarium

On the Resort Deck, you’ll find the adults-only Solarium. Celebrity Beyond continues the tradition of offering this glass dome-covered pool area where adults can unwind in luxurious style. The Solarium features a pool and hot tubs for liquid relaxation. Grab a light bite for breakfast or lunch at The Spa Café and Juice Bar or order your favorite beverage or cocktail.

The sheer size of Eden will amaze you. In fact, Eden has more outward-facing glass than any other venue at sea, so here you’ll feel more connected to the sea—and the stunning destinations beyond. With Eden Café, Eden restaurant, and Eden Bar, three levels of cozy nooks, lounge seating, and lively entertainment, no matter what time of day or night you visit Eden, it will leave you intrigued and wanting more.

The Magic Carpet

The Magic Carpet® is a cantilevered, floating platform that reaches heights of 13 stories above sea level. Majestically situated on the starboard side of the ship, it makes Celebrity Beyond’s sleek profile recognizable from miles away. Enjoy comfortable seating, a full bar, and space for live music performances.

The Theatre on Beyond

The entertainment aboard Beyond raises the bar on vacations to even greater heights with experiences that are just as revolutionary, just as technologically mind-blowing, and just as carefully crafted as Celebrity Beyond itself.

This Vegas-style casino rivals the biggest and best land-based casinos. With a variety of games in a smoke-free environment.

Whether you’re joining the excitement of the daily activities that take place here or popping in at night for the cutting-edge entertainment experiences, The Club offers hours of entertainment—with a completely new look.

The Destination Gateway

A multi-purpose area that brings our destinations to life. When not in use as a luxury embarkation station, the space is transformed into an intimate setting for programming centered on shore excursions and more.

The Celebrity Shops

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Price is per person and applies to selected sailing, lowest available fare stateroom category, based on double-occupancy, reflects any promotional savings, and is subject to change and availability until booked. Additional terms and conditions apply to offers. Full deposit must be paid by deposit payment required due date. Standard full deposit penalty is applied if booking is cancelled within final payment period; see Celebrity’s cancellation policy for details. Non-Refundable Deposit Bookings (“NRDB”): To qualify for the lowest available cruise fare, guest must choose a non-refundable deposit. All deposit payments for NRDB made after 03/02/23 are non-refundable from the time of booking. NRDB are applicable to groups at prevailing rates. Not applicable to incentive, contract, or charter groups. Nonrefundable deposit offers are applicable to sailings within final payment, however full deposit is due at time of booking. 

Celebrity Edge® Series Iconic Suites, Edge Villas, Penthouse Suites, Royal Suites, Celebrity Suites, AquaClass® Sky Suites, and Sky Suites (and Family Suites during Holiday sailings) require double the deposit amounts listed.

All Included  pricing applies to sailings booked and departing on or after October 4, 2023, excluding Galapagos cruises, in an inside, ocean view, veranda, Concierge Class, or AquaClass stateroom (“Eligible Bookings”). All guests within an Eligible Booking who choose “All Included” pricing, will receive a Classic Drinks Package and an unlimited Basic Wi-Fi package. All guests in the same stateroom must choose the same rate.  Please visit www.celebritycruises.com/things-to-do-onboard/onboard-packages/beverage-packages for further information on available beverages and full restrictions and www.celebritycruises.com/things-to-do-onboard/onboard-packages/internet-and-phone-packages for further information on wi-fi.

All Included pricing applies to new individual bookings only. Changes to booking may result in removal of Offer. Prices and Offers are subject to availability and change without notice, may be withdrawn at any time, and not applicable to charters or contracted groups. All Included pricing is non-transferable and not combinable with certain rates including, Travel Agent, Interline, Net, Exciting Deals, or worker cabins.  Single occupancy guests paying 200% cruise fare are eligible for All Included pricing. Refer to celebritycruises.com and the Cruise Ticket Contract for additional terms and conditions. Celebrity Cruises reserves the right to cancel offer at any time, correct any errors, inaccuracies, or omissions, and change or update fares, fees, and surcharges at any time without prior notice.

Imagery and messaging may not accurately reflect onboard and destination experiences, offerings, features, or itineraries. These may not be available during your voyage, may vary by ship and destination, and may be subject to change without notice.

*Port sequence may vary by sailing date.


Departing Jun 23, 2024

$1,414 USD * Avg Per Person

DAY 1 - Sunday , Jun 23

DAY 2 - Monday , Jun 24

DAY 3 - Tuesday , Jun 25

DAY 4 - Wednesday , Jun 26

DAY 5 - Thursday , Jun 27

DAY 6 - Friday , Jun 28

DAY 7 - Saturday , Jun 29

Thinking of booking a cruise? Here are the lines you should — and shouldn't — sail with.

  • Before you book a cruise , it's important to understand that not all cruise lines are equal.
  • Each cruise line has amenities, entertainment, and experiences tailored to specific cruisers.
  • Carnival is good for families, Virgin Voyages for solo adults, and Cunard for mature travelers. 

Insider Today

I am a very, very avid cruiser. Last year alone, I spent 73 days on cruise ships .

I've sailed with most major lines, from kid-focused Disney Cruise Line to the sometimes-naughty Virgin Voyages. When people ask me which cruise ships I recommend , my answer isn't so straightforward.

Each cruise line is unique, offering amenities, entertainment, and experiences tailored to specific cruisers. What you book will depend on your needs, wants, budget, and what you'd rather avoid.

So, I've done some research about popular cruise lines and combined my personal experiences to help you decide which cruise line to book with.

After all, this is kind of the year of the cruise , with travelers predicted to set sail at some of the highest rates in years throughout 2024.

Here's what you need to know about some of the major cruise lines before you book your next trip.

Editor's Note: Price ranges were calculated at the time of publication based on available listings on each cruise site. Cruise pricing is per person, based on double occupancy and the cheapest stateroom/fare available. Prices were calculated before taxes, port charges, and other fees. Itineraries with added tours built-in were not included when calculating this information.

Carnival Cruise Line

celebrity cruise single rates

Cost: $ | Prices range from $156/pp for a two-day getaway from Sydney to $3,273/pp for a 10-day Alaska cruise

Ideal for: Budget travelers, intergenerational groups, families, and partiers

Skip if: You're looking for a high-class, elegant experience or a quiet, laid-back vibe

Highlight: All Carnival cruises come with itineraries loaded with fun activities. Some ships have especially exciting features like the first roller coaster at sea, SkyRide zip-line-style aerial bikes, and themed parties.

Possible cons: This is not a cruise line for those who like to wear a tux or ball gown or have a quiet cruise experience.

Launched in 1972, Carnival Cruise Line is one of nine cruise lines owned by parent company Carnival Corporation & plc. It's the company's largest cruise line, with 27 ships. Its cruises typically range from two days to 29 days.

Carnival Cruise Line offers year-round cruises in Australia, The Bahamas, the Caribbean, and Mexico and seasonal cruises in Alaska , Bermuda, Canada, Europe, Hawaii, and New England.

Celebrity Cruises

celebrity cruise single rates

Cost: $$ | Prices range from $233/pp for a three-night Key West & Bahamas cruise to $6,912/pp for a 7-night Galapagos cruise

Ideal for: Couples, families, and solo travelers

Skip if: You're looking for a slower-paced classic cruise

Highlight: All Celebrity Cruises come with amazing outdoor spaces like The Lawn Club with real grass on the top deck of Solstice Series ships and the Rooftop Terrace on Millennium Series ships. You also won't want to miss the Magic Carpet , which allows guests to hang out while suspended above the ocean on some ships.

Possible cons: This is not a cruise line for those who want to attend lectures about their ports of call.

Celebrity Cruises began sailing in 1997. There are 16 ships, which sail on itineraries ranging from three to 19 nights to nearly 300 ports of call in 70 countries.

celebrity cruise single rates

Cost: $$$ | Prices range from $249/pp for a two-night cruise from Southampton, England to Hamburg, Germany, to $19,158/pp for a 111-night World Voyage

Ideal for: Sophisticated travelers and mature cruisers

Skip if: You're looking for a high-energy cruise, hoping to travel with children , or craving adventurous activities

Highlight: All Cunard cruises come with white-glove service. You won't want to miss Cunard's famous 3:30 p.m. afternoon tea, gala evenings, and fine dining arranged by stateroom grade.

Possible cons: This is a very formal cruise with strict dress codes. You won't find water slides or pool parties here.

Founded in 1840, Cunard offers a classic cruise experience with cruises ranging from two to 116 nights.

Its four ships sail to Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, and South America.

Disney Cruise Line

celebrity cruise single rates

Cost: $$$ | Prices range from $422.40/pp for a two-night cruise from Sydney to Brisbane, Australia, to $5,592/pp for a 12-night Mediterranean with Greek Isles cruise

Ideal for: Disney adults , families, and intergenerational groups

Skip if: You don't want to vacation around a bunch of children and you crave peace and quiet

Highlight: All Disney Cruise Line cruises come with heaps of Disney magic in the way of special events and details. You won't want to miss character meet and greets, pirate-themed parties with fireworks, and passengers trading pins and leaving treats inside decorative pouches hung on stateroom doors.

Possible cons: There is a significant child population on most of these cruises and not much adults-only entertainment. Dinners in the main dining can get loud, and, just like at the theme parks, there can be many queues for activities and other offerings.

Disney Cruise Line first set sail in the 1990s and has five active ships, with the new Disney Treasure set to debut in December. The line has sailings all around the globe, and most range from two to 15 nights.

Holland America Line

celebrity cruise single rates

Cost: $$ | Prices range from $94/pp for a one-day Pacific Northwest cruise to a $27,399/pp for a 132-day Grand Voyage

Ideal for: Music lovers and sophisticated world travelers who appreciate European hospitality and smaller ships

Skip if: You're young, traveling with children, or want to party

Highlight: All Holland America Line cruises come with a dose of Dutch hospitality and elegance. During my cruise with the line, I enjoyed the Dutch cuisine and Music Walk , which features live performances at B.B. King's Blues Club, Rolling Stone Rock Room, and Billboard Onboard.

Possible cons: The line takes its formal nights really seriously and attracts an older crowd.

Holland America Line has had ships sailing the globe for over 140 years. Its 11 ships cruise to more than 425 ports of call on seven continents, and cruises range from one to 118 days.

MSC Cruises

celebrity cruise single rates

Cost: $ | Prices range from $80/pp for a three-night Mediterranean cruise to $46,149/pp for a 116-night World Cruise

Ideal for: Budget travelers, families, intergenerational groups, big groups

Skip if: You're looking for lots of food options or top-tier entertainment

Highlight: All MSC Cruises offer great value — and good pizza

Possible cons: The cruise fare does not include many dining options, and the evening entertainment skews old-school and a bit more basic than some other cruise lines that do Broadway-worthy shows.

MSC Cruises has 22 ships, with one more projected to join its fleet by 2025. The line has sailings all around the globe, and most range from two to 118 nights.

Norwegian Cruise Line

celebrity cruise single rates

Cost: $$ | Prices range from $79/pp for a one-day Australia cruise to $4,379/pp for a 10-day European cruise

Ideal for: Couples, families, and solo cruisers

Skip if: You're looking for structure, ballroom dancing, and fancy dinners

Highlight: All Norwegian Cruise Line cruises offer freestyle dining. You won't want to miss its Broadway-level shows and generous drink package, which is often offered complimentary.

Possible cons: This is not a cruise line for those who like formal dress codes, and some dislike the à la carte pricing.

Norwegian Cruise Line has been sailing the world for over 57 years. Its 19 ships visit 400-plus ports on seven continents, and cruises typically last one to 25 days.

Princess Cruises

celebrity cruise single rates

Cost: $$ | Prices range from $127/pp for a two-day Australia Seacation to $24,098/pp for a 98-day World Cruise

Ideal for: Mature solo travelers, couples, and retirees

Skip if: You're looking for lots of activities and party vibes. Princess Cruises tend to attract an older crowd, and the shows and activities reflect this. There aren't many events offered each day. On the three cruises I sailed with Princess, the entertainment was primarily musicals, piano players, and singers backed by an orchestra. There were only a handful of children on each cruise.

Highlight: All Princess Cruises offer Discovery and Animal Planet-exclusive shore excursions — and many have an excellent onboard lecture series.

Possible cons: This is not a cruise line for those who like to party, love water slides, or have teenagers.

Founded in 1965, Princess Cruises has 16 ships that sail to 330 destinations worldwide on itineraries from three to 111 days

Royal Caribbean

celebrity cruise single rates

Cost: $$ | Prices range from $196/pp for a two-night Hong Kong cruise to $8,266/pp for a 13-night Arctic Circle cruise

Ideal for: Couples, families, and intergenerational travelers

Highlight: All Royal Caribbean cruises come with fun activities and a broad range of entertainment options. Some have the Ultimate Abyss , the tallest slide at sea, or the glass capsule North Star , the tallest viewing deck on a cruise ship. You won't want to miss the Oasis Class ships' seven distinctly themed neighborhoods and Royal Promenade, a mall-like thoroughfare with shops, restaurants, and lounges that runs the length of the ship.

Possible cons: Many of its ships are mega-ships, so this isn't the line for you if you want a more intimate trip.

Founded in 1968, Royal Caribbean sails to about 240 destinations on six continents. Cruises range from two to 22 nights.

Royal Caribbean has many of the world's largest cruise ships in its fleet of more than 20 vessels.

Virgin Voyages

celebrity cruise single rates

Cost: $$ | Prices range from $415/pp for a four-night roundtrip cruise from England to Amsterdam to a $3,072/pp for a 13-night Canada, Carolina, and Miami cruise

Ideal for: Child-free travelers, health enthusiasts, the glamorous, and those who don't like strict rules

Skip if: You want a classic cruise, need structure, or can't handle playfulness (and, sometimes, naughtiness)

Highlight: All Virgin Voyages are child-free, and everyone gets unlimited WiFi, access to group fitness classes, and gratuities included in their fare. You won't want to miss its famous Scarlet Night, 20 eateries (every venue is considered specialty dining), and eclectic shows like "Untitled DanceShowPartyThing."

Possible cons: There aren't traditional song-and-dance shows, assigned dining times, and nightly portrait photography

Virgin Voyages has been sailing its "Lady Ships" inspired by superyachts since 2021. Three nearly identical ships are currently in service, and a fourth one is set to set sail later this year.

Virgin Voyages sails to about 100 destinations in Australia, Europe, the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, and the United Kingdom on cruises ranging from three to 16 nights.

celebrity cruise single rates

  • Main content

celebrity cruise single rates

The 13 Best Solo Cruises for 2024 (No Supplement Fare)

W hether you're embarking on your first cruise alone or you've been on solo cruises before, single travelers will find more options than ever when it comes to cruising solo. Many cruise lines offer single staterooms with the same amenities as other cabins, at a price similar to what you'd pay with double occupancy fares. You'll also find special promotions where the single supplement fee is reduced or waived, making it more affordable to reserve a spacious stateroom or luxurious suite with even more amenities – including personalized butler service, an added perk of booking with many luxury lines .

If you're ready for a maritime adventure, an extended vacation or simply a quick getaway from home, these top cruise lines offer some of the best options for solo travelers on waterways around the world.

Lines with solo accommodations and waived fees

Norwegian cruise line.

Launched in 2010, Norwegian Epic was the first cruise ship in the industry to feature studio accommodations for solo travelers. Norwegian Cruise Line offers this category on nine of the 19 ships in its fleet, including the newest ship, Norwegian Viva. These cabins, at an average size of 100 square feet, are designed and priced with the solo traveler in mind. They have no single supplements – and studio rooms on board Norwegian Bliss even boast virtual windows.

Guests of the studios get access to the private Studio Lounge. In this exclusive space, you can socialize with other solo travelers and enjoy complimentary refreshments. There are also singles meetups throughout the voyage and plenty of fun-filled onboard activities to mingle with like-minded cruisers. Solo travelers can check out all the fun for singles on Norwegian Viva this winter on a cruise to the Caribbean , or in spring 2024 as the ship sets sail for the Mediterranean .

Book a Norwegian Cruise Line voyage on GoToSea, a service of U.S. News.

MSC Cruises

MSC Cruises offers interior and balcony solo cabins for single cruisers on its Meraviglia-class ships: the MSC Meraviglia, Bellissima, Grandiosa, Virtuosa and the newest vessel in the fleet, MSC Euribia. The second-newest ship, MSC World Europa, has 28 cabins – 10 Studio Interior and 18 Studio Ocean View staterooms – designed specifically for solo travelers. MSC World America, set to debut in 2025, will also feature the solo studio staterooms.

During voyages with MSC Cruises , single cruisers are invited to a complimentary, hosted cocktail party to mix and mingle with other solo travelers. The daily program is also an excellent source to discover additional activities, entertainment and opportunities to meet other cruisers. You'll have onboard special events like the themed 70s-inspired Flower Party and the White Party, where the ship is decked out in festive white decor and guests don their best white attire. In addition, there are various sports tournaments, or you can show off your culinary expertise during a MasterChef competition.

MSC's Caribbean and Bahamas cruises departing from Miami and New York City feature an overnight visit to Ocean Cay, the line's private island and marine reserve. While there, singles can participate in fun-filled evening activities like a Champagne Sunset Cruise or a glow paddleboarding excursion in the lagoon, then attend the lively Luna Libre Party and the lighthouse show.

Find an MSC Cruises itinerary on GoToSea.

Holland America Line

Three of Holland America Line's newest ships each offer 12 solo cabins to accommodate single travelers: the Pinnacle-class Nieuw Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Konigsdam. These ocean view staterooms range in size from 127 to 172 square feet and feature the same amenities as the double occupancy cabins but with a double bed. The cruise line's Single Staterooms are priced for one person. If a guest chooses to book a different stateroom, single supplements for double occupancy cabins are as much as 100% over the standard fare, depending on the voyage and the cabin category.

Long committed to solo travelers, the line offers many activities where guests can meet other singles such as wine tastings, cocktail mixers, exercise classes, daily quizzes, sports challenges and more. If you're a solo traveler and a member of AARP, Holland America is now the exclusive cruise benefit provider to AARP's members. Solo cruisers will have access to an AARP member-only onboard credit that ranges from $50 to $200, depending on the itinerary and stateroom category.

For itineraries, Holland America's Alaska cruises and cruisetours are perfect for solo travelers, offering many opportunities to connect with fellow cruisers. Another favorite for singles is the line's fall voyages sailing from Boston to Québec City or Montreal.

Explore Holland America Line deals on GoToSea.

Royal Caribbean International

Royal Caribbean International features studio staterooms on select ships that range in size from 101 to 199 square feet. These solo accommodations include interior rooms, virtual balcony staterooms and a super studio ocean view stateroom with a balcony. The cabins do not carry the single supplement fee singles encounter when booking other types of staterooms, making them an attractive option when traveling alone.

Once on board the ship, solo cruisers will have countless options to engage and socialize with other travelers. When it comes to dining with Royal Caribbean , make a reservation at the Japanese restaurant Teppanyaki for an entertaining meal with new friends, or join fellow foodies for the intimate Chef's Table experience (the dining venues vary by ship). Singles can also participate in onboard activities like trivia contests, drink seminars, escape rooms, dance classes and pool parties.

If you need more thrills to stay busy and to meet people, Royal Caribbean's ships feature world-class shows and entertainment alongside adrenaline-pumping rides and attractions. If you're sailing in the Caribbean, there are plenty of opportunities to meet and chat with other passengers at the line's private island, Perfect Day at CocoCay.

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Atlas Ocean Voyages

Luxury line Atlas Ocean Voyages offers single cruisers 183 square feet of beautifully appointed space in solo accommodations that come without single supplement fees. These ocean view staterooms feature a queen bed, a panoramic picture window, a private spa bathroom with a rain shower and body jets, a stocked minifridge replenished daily with personal favorites, and other luxurious amenities. Single guests can also book other stateroom or suite categories with single supplements starting at 50% of the double occupancy price.

The line's three intimate yacht-style cruise ships – World Navigator, World Traveller and the new World Voyager, whose inaugural season begins in Antarctica in November 2023 – are all-inclusive . Meals at all the dining venues, premium beverages and wines, gratuities, culturally immersive excursions, and more are included in the fare. With fewer than 200 guests on board, there's an atmosphere of conviviality on these ships – especially when exploring remote destinations with like-minded and adventurous travelers during expeditions in Antarctica and the Arctic.

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Celebrity Cruises

Celebrity Cruises' new Edge-class ships offer some of the best options for solo cruisers. The line's two newest vessels, Celebrity Beyond and Celebrity Ascent (set to debut in late 2023), each boast 32 single staterooms with an Infinite Veranda. In addition, Celebrity Apex has 24 solo cabins, and Celebrity Edge features 16 staterooms for individual guests. These one-person accommodations offer a minimum of 131 square feet of space and the same upscale amenities you'll find in other category staterooms on their ships. Solo guests can look for special promotions where the single supplement is waived on select Celebrity voyages throughout the year.

Once on board the vessel, check out the daily program for activities conducive to meeting others – like wine tastings, cocktail-making classes and more. You'll also enjoy thrilling top-notch entertainment around the ship in The Theatre, The Club and Eden. A few popular cruises for singles are the line's Caribbean and Mexico itineraries on Celebrity Beyond.

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Virgin Voyages

The hip vibe on board the adults-only Virgin Voyages ships is ideal for solo cruisers looking to meet other travelers. Its superyacht-style ships – Scarlet Lady, Valiant Lady and Resilient Lady – offer 40 interior cabins ranging in size from 105 to 177 square feet. There are also six Sea View staterooms with portholes boasting between 130 to 190 square feet of space. These Insider and Sea View cabins are designed and priced for single travelers, with amenities like high-tech mood lighting and roomy rain showers. The line also runs promotions where solo cruisers can book double occupancy staterooms without paying a single supplement.

Activities and festival-like entertainment around the ships foster fast friendships. Diners will enjoy the interactive experience at Gunbae, the lively Korean barbecue venue. The "grog walk" is a fun pub stroll where solo sailors can join fellow mates while sipping and snacking their way through all the signature bars. For even more fun, check out the evening shipwide events such as the themed Scarlet Party, which features live music and immersive experiences. The line also hosts meetups for singles throughout each voyage.

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Avalon Waterways

Avalon Waterways' river and small-ship cruises traverse waterways around the world, including in Europe, Asia, Africa and South America. The company waives the single supplement on a selection of staterooms, including its Panorama Suites, on select European and Asia departures. The company recommends booking early as the specially priced cabins do sell out. Solo travelers make up about 10% of the passengers on this river cruise line .

Avalon's fleet of Suite Ships operates in Europe and Southeast Asia and features cabins with a minimum of 172 square feet. About 80% of the staterooms are Panorama Suites, which have 200 feet of living space, beds with a view and the river cruise industry's only open-air balcony. With Avalon excursions, solo cruisers have opportunities to meet like-minded guests during immersive tours, cooking classes, wine tastings, yoga or fitness classes, biking or hiking trips, and more. Single guests can choose to dine at tables for just two people or ones that can accommodate up to eight passengers.

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Two single occupancy staterooms are available on four of AmaWaterways' river cruise ships: AmaDolce, AmaDante, AmaLyra and AmaCello. These accommodations do not have single supplement fees. Solo cruisers can also book staterooms with a 20% single supplement on select sailings in Europe and Southeast Asia. (Note that this pricing does not apply to certain stateroom categories and suites.)

With the friendly, small-ship atmosphere, solo cruisers will find it comfortable to socialize with other passengers and the crew. Onboard activities and immersive excursions also create opportunities for fostering friendships, especially among like-minded travelers. Excellent options for solo cruises include themed sailings centered around music and wine or the magical Christmas markets itineraries along the Danube, Rhone and Rhine rivers.

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Lines with discounted supplement fares

Azamara's special offers for solo travelers include reduced single supplements of 25% to 50% of the double occupancy rate on select sailings. The line's four midsized sister ships – carrying no more than 700 passengers – are mostly all-inclusive. Amenities included in the cruise fare include most meals; standard spirits, wines and beers; bottled water, soft drinks, and specialty teas and coffees; shuttle service in port; gratuities; and complimentary AzAmazing Evenings ashore or Destination Celebration experiences on the ship. Dining at the two specialty restaurants is an additional cost unless guests have accommodations in the Club World Owner's Suites, Club Ocean Suite or Club Continent Suite.

Single guests on Azamara cruises will find events during the sailing and venues around the ship where you can mix and mingle with other solo travelers and chat with the friendly crew. Intimate and culturally immersive excursions also create opportunities to meet passengers with similar interests. Azamara Onward, the latest ship, boasts the new Atlas Bar, a great spot to meet other travelers.

For itineraries, Azamara's signature "Country-Intensive Voyages" are a favorite of solo cruisers, including the 10- or 11-night Greece Intensive Voyage. For an extended sailing, check out the festive 12-night Carnival in Rio Voyage, which features a stop in Rio de Janeiro during the city's famed Carnival.

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Cunard Line

Cunard Line features dedicated solo staterooms on its three ships, priced at approximately 166% to 174% of the equivalent double occupancy cruise fare. Guests can choose between a spacious Britannia Inside or Britannia Oceanview cabin, or opt for a larger stateroom with a single supplement. For a little "me time" pampering while on board, solos will appreciate 24-hour room service, complimentary Penhaligon's toiletries and a chilled bottle of sparkling wine. Single guests will also be invited to get-togethers. You can either dine alone at venues around the ship such as the main dining room or choose to share a table with other passengers.

With an international mix of travelers, single cruisers will find many opportunities to meet and chat with others, especially during a Transatlantic Crossing. During the sailing, you'll find many enriching and relaxing activities that encourage socializing. According to Cunard , there's a sense of camaraderie and a passion around the voyage – and the unique travel experience of crossing the Atlantic Ocean.

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Silversea Cruises

Luxury line Silversea Cruises offers 25% single supplements on various voyages throughout the year, including expedition cruises to destinations like the Galápagos Islands , Antarctica and the Arctic, and Greenland. The line's all-inclusive fares include luxurious ocean view suites, gourmet dining, complimentary wines and spirits, gratuities, onboard enrichment and entertainment, shore excursions, and more. Solo travelers will even have personalized butler service to indulge their every whim.

The line's fleet of a dozen intimate ships, carrying no more than 728 guests, offers a clubby atmosphere perfect for meeting solo and like-minded travelers. Single guests will also have the opportunity to engage with other solo passengers during a welcome reception with Champagne at the beginning of each voyage. Popular itineraries for Silversea's single cruisers include its Transoceanic journeys, a bucket list trip for many cruisers .

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Seabourn has special offers throughout the year where solo cruisers can take advantage of reduced pricing equal to double occupancy fares or discounts on the single supplement starting at 25% above the double occupancy fares. These rates are available on select voyages, including expedition cruises. Frequent solo cruisers and members of the luxury line's Seabourn Club Diamond Elite will also find reduced single supplements on Diamond Elite Single Supplement Sailings. In addition, club members receive invitations to exclusive events, where they can meet and mingle with fellow cruisers. Solo passengers are also invited to sit with the ship's officers, crew and entertainers at dinner – and there are hosted get-togethers for single travelers.

Solo cruisers will enjoy beautifully designed oceanfront suites and all-inclusive amenities on board Seabourn 's intimate ships. These perks include world-class dining; complimentary premium wine and spirits; a spa and wellness program in partnership with Dr. Andrew Weil; included gratuities; and the line's enrichment series, Seabourn Conversations. Single cruisers looking for an extended holiday will enjoy longer voyages on the line's newest purpose-built expedition ship, Seabourn Pursuit.

Compare Seabourn cruises on GoToSea.

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  • Celebrity Cruises

Booking through an online TA, how do I tell if my rate is "all inclusive"?

By leyland1989 , August 22, 2022 in Celebrity Cruises

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50+ Club


Hello all,  First time cruising on Celebrity and first time on a cruise in over 2 decades. 

I am unfamiliar how all these actually work...  We have booked an aqua class cabin, and as far as I understand, Celebrity only offer this cabin grade as all inclusive on their website but this may not be the case for booking though travel agents. 

I have booked my sailing though Air Canada Vacation with rate code "LOCLXALLINC NRD" which I presumed as "All inclusive" with basic WiFi, Classic drink package and gratuities included.  However, I cannot find any relevant information on my booking at celebritycruises.com, and the classic drink package is still available to purchase.   Have I misinterpreted the rate code? In the rate code details, it said "Resident Rates w ALL INC perks" It is kind of vague.  

Can you please provide some insight and elaborate the details regarding my booking? or is there a way to find out my booking details to tell if I have basic WiFi, Classic drink package and gratuities covered. 

Thank you! 

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Ignore extraneous packages offered in your cruise planner.  We're in a RS and the site wants to sell me drink and specialty dining packages.  Web site isn't smart enough to limit offers to ones that make sense.

The ALLINC is strong reason to be hopeful, but assume nothing.  Ask for a copy of the Celebrity invoice that codes all of the AI items.  We can help decode if necessary.

20,000+ Club

The rate code looks like the All Inclusive.  You will not normally see the drink package or wi-fi show up on your booking for awhile.  When it shows it will show in  Order History.  The prepaid gratuities do not show when booked with a TA.

5 minutes ago, jelayne said: The prepaid gratuities do not show when booked with a TA.  

They always do on mine - but again - seen on proper Celebrity invoices.  My TA always sends me both their invoice and copies of Celebrity's.  This is our next one:


Thank you for the information,  I will try to get in touch with my TA and ask if they can send me an invoice.  It was pretty odd when they give me the option to "Pre-paid" gratuities when I am booking this fare, but then again, it could just be the website not being smart enough to tell... (hopefully this is the case). 

The full rate code description is as follow, not sure if you can decipher any meaningful details from it.   


8 minutes ago, leyland1989 said: DESCRIPTION - Resident Rates w ALL INC perks NRD

This pretty much says it all but I'd still ask for the Celebrity invoice to be sure.


1 hour ago, canderson said: They always do on mine - but again - seen on proper Celebrity invoices.  My TA always sends me both their invoice and copies of Celebrity's.  This is our next one:      

OP was looking on the website for the gratuities and they don’t show on the website if booked with a TA, just show on the booking confirmation.

11 minutes ago, jelayne said:   OP was looking on the website for the gratuities and they don’t show on the website if booked with a TA, just show on the booking confirmation.

Again, that's why a proper Celebrity invoice, not an online check or TA invoice, is always my preference.  There are, as you point out, deficiencies using other means.

1,000+ Club


You have an All Included rate with a non refundable deposit. Currently there is no Aqua Class rate without All Included.your Celebrity guest copy would show essentially the same thing. 


The cruise only rate is not available for Suite or Aqua Class cabins, so you don’t have it.

My WiFi and drink package has finally shown up on my Order History yesterday (Aug 29).  Strangely enough, it's only showing up for 1 guest (my name only, but that's the primary contact of my booking, the other guest's name is not there.) and the drink package has no descriptions at all, only a picture of some lime cocktails. 

At this point, I think it's just a glitchy website.  Thank you all for your help. 

500+ Club


24 minutes ago, leyland1989 said: My WiFi and drink package has finally shown up on my Order History yesterday (Aug 29).  Strangely enough, it's only showing up for 1 guest (my name only, but that's the primary contact of my booking, the other guest's name is not there.) and the drink package has no descriptions at all, only a picture of some lime cocktails.    At this point, I think it's just a glitchy website.  Thank you all for your help. 

If you log in as the second guest on the cruise planner you'll see their name instead on the order history.

  • 4 months later...

Cool Cruiser

What was the outcome? Did the  "LOCLXALLINC   NR D " code include the drink package, wifi package and prepaid tips?

I’m trying to book the same price code on Air Canada Vacations. Was on hold for 2 hours to ask them but then got disconnected.

  • 3 weeks later...

I just booked through a local TA,  I have the same code plus this one -  SAVOBCOFFER. NRD.    I'm of the understanding I have paid for an All Inclusive - Basic Drinks package, Gratuities. and Wifi for myself and 3 guests.  We are in a Verandah Statement.  Can a Celebrity official confirm?   I'm stressed!!

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    Single occupancy guests are book at 100% of the cruise fare. Sailings departing from 6/26/2022 - 3/30/2023, on select Europe, Alaska, Mexican Riviera and Caribbean sailings. ... rates. ©2022 Celebrity Cruises Inc. Ships' registry: Malta and Ecuador. 6/17/222 14 CONSECUTIVE YEARS 2021 BEST PREMIUM CRUISE LINE Travel Weekly's 19th Annual

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    The Celebrity Beyond offers 32 single staterooms with an Infinite Veranda. These rooms really cater to the solo traveler and are some of the best of any cruise line that offers solo travel. The Edge Single Stateroom with an Infinite Veranda is 184 square feet with a 42-square-foot veranda. The Infinite Veranda is a game-changer as it is part of ...

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    Celebrity Cruises is waiving the single supplement on more than 275 sailings. The cruise line will let solo travelers sail at the same rate as those who book double occupancy on sailings to the Caribbean, Alaska, Europe and Mexico through next March. Solo cruisers can take advantage of the waived supplement on select sailings through March 30 ...

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    Guests can take advantage of special air and sea pricing offering exceptional savings on all Summer 2021 St. Maarten sailings starting at $1,999* per person for a veranda stateroom. The offer applies to new bookings and flights must be booked through Flights By Celebrity and prices include airfare and taxes.

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    Celebrity's three newest vessels each have several Infinite Veranda solo cabins for cruisers traveling by themselves. Celebrity Edge has 16, and Celebrity Apex offers 24, while Celebrity Beyond boasts 32. They offer 131 to 184 square feet of space with 42- to 45-square-foot interior balcony areas.

  17. Cruise Deal for Solo Travelers

    Celebrity Cruise line is waiving the single supplement on select cruises (excludes holiday sailings) but to be honest looking at the list you still have a plethora of options to choose from now through March 2023. The discounted rate is available on over 200+ cruises and includes the newer Edge class ships - Celebrity Edge, Celebrity Apex and ...

  18. 7 Best Cruises for Singles in 2024

    4. Celebrity Edge: Taste of Luxury. Cruises for singles over 50 often emphasize the finer things in life, like elevated cuisine or exquisite wines. These sophisticated details are in abundant supply aboard the Celebrity Edge, which offers a decidedly elegant experience with its Taste of Luxury tour.

  19. Special Offers

    Terms & Conditions: *Cruise must be booked June 21 through June 24, 2024 (the "Offer Period") and applies to select sailings 3-nights and longer departing Apr. 08, 2024 - May 07, 2026 as well as 9-Night and longer Alaska Cruisetours on Celebrity Summit sailings departing May 09, 2025 - Sept. 05, 2025 (the "Offer Cruise").

  20. 450% fare for solo--any way around?

    Cruise Lines "A - O". Celebrity Cruises. I noticed on several Celebrity cruises that instead of a 200% charge for a solo, that the solo rate is 450% or higher. For instance, a November 6-nt to Mexico is $300 per person for an inside, but a solo inside is $1400. I see it on several Celebrity and RC cruises I look at, so I can only imagin...

  21. plans-international-cruise-modal

    Celebrity: Reflection; Enter cruise or ferry name. Check coverage. Good news! Celebrity: Reflection is covered. ... Activate these rates by adding the World Class service to each line through My T-Mobile. No Data. Sending $ 0.50 /txt Receiving Deducted from your domestic texting plan's allotment.

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    Book a Celebrity Cruise with our Cruise-Only Rates, the lowest available fare, that include all our world-class amenities like luxurious accommodations, dining, entertainment and more. Visiting from {country-flag} {country-name}? Go to site . 1-888-751-7804 CONTACT 1-888-751-7804. Need help? 1 ...

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    As a single mom, I don't love navigating new places alone, and organizing a weeklong vacation felt overwhelming. Setting sail on a fun-packed cruise ship where everything was pre-planned was the perfect solution. I booked a five-night Key West and Bahamas cruise through Celebrity, leaving from Miami. To avoid feeling trapped, I chose a ...

  24. Western Caribbean & Perfect Day

    All Included pricing is non-transferable and not combinable with certain rates including, Travel Agent, Interline, Net, Exciting Deals, or worker cabins. Single occupancy guests paying 200% cruise fare are eligible for All Included pricing. Refer to celebritycruises.com and the Cruise Ticket Contract for additional terms and conditions.

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    Celebrity Cruises began sailing in 1997. There are 16 ships, which sail on itineraries ranging from three to 19 nights to nearly 300 ports of call in 70 countries. Advertisement

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    Book a Norwegian Cruise Line voyage on GoToSea, a service of U.S. News.. MSC Cruises. MSC Cruises offers interior and balcony solo cabins for single cruisers on its Meraviglia-class ships: the MSC ...

  27. Booking through an online TA, how do I tell if my rate ...

    First time cruising on Celebrity and first time on a cruise in over 2 decades. ... SINGLE SUPPLEMENT - 200.00% SINGLE SUPPLEMENT NCCF - 200.00% OFFICE RESTRICTION - NO ... The cruise only rate is not available for Suite or Aqua Class cabins, so you don't have it.

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    To celebrate this milestone, Accent on Travel will host an exclusive event for past Oceania Cruises passengers at 5 p.m., Tuesday, June 25, at the Room at Cedar Grove, 32882 Cedar Grove Road, Lewes. Co-hosted by Loretta Echols, director of sales at Oceania Cruises, the event will include exciting updates and special offers for attendees....