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Fully Guided Tours & Trips in Chile

Find the right fully guided tour for you in Chile. There are 113 trips to choose from, that range from one day in length, up to 29 days. The month with the most departures is November, making it the most popular time to visit Chile.

113 Fully Guided tour packages in Chile with 266 reviews

Patagonia: Torres Del Paine ‘W’ Trek – 5 Days Tour

  • Hiking & Trekking
  • Wildlife Trekking
  • Christmas & New Year

Patagonia: Torres Del Paine ‘W’ Trek – 5 Days

The park was amazing, and it was a great time to go with no crowds, although we would have preferred to stay in the refuges, rather than camping.

Patagonia: Torres Del Paine ‘O’ Trek – 8 Days Tour

  • Mountain Hikes

Patagonia: Torres Del Paine ‘O’ Trek – 8 Days

It was a very rewarding experience.

6-Days trip to Easter Island Tour

  • In-depth Cultural
  • Sightseeing

6-Days trip to Easter Island

Everything went as planned. Louis, our driver cum guide was very helpful. Louis helped my husband with hand support when ever possible since he had surgery in his left leg just a week earlier. Except for delays by Latam Airlines, the tour was good. Covered quite a bit in 2 full days. The day of our arrival, we walked from hotel to see sunset of Ahu Tahai. Wish they could have helped with sunrise at Tongariki. We hired a taxi. At the spot we did see the Mahinaturs, the local company outsourced. Was disappointed that they couldn’t help with this. Last 2 days we did few things on our own. 4 days and 3 nights is plenty time. We did 5 nights and 6 days. ????????
  • 10% deposit on some dates Some departure dates offer you the chance to book this tour with a lower deposit.

Torres del Paine - The W Trek Tour

Torres del Paine - The W Trek

Fantastic guides and the itinerary

8 - Days Unique experience in San Pedro de Atacama & Easter Island (Rapa Nui) Tour

8 - Days Unique experience in San Pedro de Atacama & Easter Island (Rapa Nui)

Very nice tour, interesting and entertaining. Highly recommended without a doubt. If you are going to be in Chile, DO IT and stop reading the comment. They will not regret

Epic Patagonia Tour

Epic Patagonia

Our guide was very attentive to my slow, careful moving over the big boulders going to Las Torres del Paine and the ferocious winds leaving the hike to Grey Glacier! The whole “atmosphere” of meeting people from other countries at the Refugio’s was fun. The scenery in Patagonia is spectacular. Only 15% of the 250,000 tourists who visit the park see pumas. We were very fortunate to see four pumas!!

Winter Patagonia Tour

Winter Patagonia

I had the best time and I’m so glad I went in winter!

Tailor-Made Chile Trip to Winery & Classic W Trek (Private Guide and Driver) Tour

Tailor-Made Chile Trip to Winery & Classic W Trek (Private Guide and Driver)

  • Book With Flexibility This operator allows you to rebook your dates or tours with them for free, waiving change fees.

Torres del Paine - Full Circuit Trek Tour

Torres del Paine - Full Circuit Trek

It was a well organized tour and the guides did a great job keeping everyone safe and comfortable

Santiago, San Pedro de Atacama and Puerto Varas Tour

Santiago, San Pedro de Atacama and Puerto Varas

7 Days Exploring the Atacama Desert Tour

7 Days Exploring the Atacama Desert

Chile – Patagonia 7 Days W Trek in Torres Del Paine Tour

Chile – Patagonia 7 Days W Trek in Torres Del Paine

Tailor-Made Chile Holiday to Santiago and Lakes District with Daily Departure Tour

Tailor-Made Chile Holiday to Santiago and Lakes District with Daily Departure

Patagonia Short Break - Torres Del Paine (3 destinations) Tour

Patagonia Short Break - Torres Del Paine (3 destinations)

Puertos Varas, a charming corner - 9 days Tour

Puertos Varas, a charming corner - 9 days

What people love about fully guided tours in chile.

Top Experience, I like it
As perfect as a trip could be! Fantastic accommodations, amazing scenery, extremely knowledgeable guide, exquisite food and drinks, friendly people all over the island.

Regions in Chile

  • Torres del Paine National Park (28)
  • Chile Austral (23)
  • Atacama Desert (20)
  • Central Chile (17)
  • Chilean Coastal Range (14)
  • Norte Grande (13)
  • Zona Sur (5)
  • Easter Island (5)

Travel Styles

  • Fully Guided
  • Chile Travel Guide | All You Need to Know

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Chile Tours & Vacations

Iquique behind a huge dune, Tarapaca Region, west of the Atacama desert, northern Chile

From the eclectic sprawl of Santiago to the glacial fjords of Chilean Patagonia, the world’s longest country is jam-packed with adventure.

Get ready to be treated to a land of contrasts from the hip capital of Santiago with its funky graffitied neighborhoods, to the coastal town of Valparaiso made famous by the poetry of Pablo Neruda. Taste your way through a family-owned wine estate in Casablanca Valley, explore the Mars-like landscape of the Atacama Desert or discover Patagonia's awe-inspiring Torres del Paine National Park. Follow the flow of  Chile  and you'll undoubtedly collect the best of South America along the way.

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Premium Chile, Argentina & Brazil

Premium Chile & Argentina

Articles of Chile

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Everything you need to know about Easter Island

Chile at a glance

Capital city.

Santiago (population 6.9 million)

19.6 million

Chilean Peso (CLP)

(GMT-04:00) Santiago



Type C (European 2-pin) Type L (Italian 3-pin)

Learn more about Chile

Culture and customs.

With the Andes on one side and the Pacific Ocean on the other, Chile’s geographic isolation has resulted in a distinct national identity. About 95 per cent of Chileans share a mixture of European (predominantly Spanish) and indigenous ancestry.

For many, being Chilean often means celebrating huaso (Chilean cowboy) culture, going to rodeos, dancing the cueca (Chile’s national dance performed in traditional huaso clothing), eating empanadas and drinking pisco.

Spanish is the national language, though Chileans tend to speak fast, drop consonants and litter their speech with a healthy dose of chilenismos (Chilean slang).

Life is focused around the family with frequent get-togethers to share food in good company. More than half of Chileans are Roman Catholics and there is a growing number (estimated at 25 per cent of the population) who are ‘unaffiliated’ – choosing not to identify with a religion.

While many Chileans are traditional in their views, the younger generations are challenging cultural norms and politics is often a passionate topic among youths.

Geography and environment

Chile is a land of quirky geographical characteristics, most noticeably its incredible length. Measuring in at over 4600km long, yet only 430km wide, Chile covers a massive geographic scale that includes a variety of landscapes and an impressive coastline.

Straddled by the epic Andes, this gigantic mountain range acts as a natural border with  Argentina  in the east, while the Pacific Ocean - including the remote Chilean territory of Easter Island - forms the western coastline.

The capital and largest city, Santiago, lies inland, roughly in the center of the country. Further north, Chile shares a border with  Peru  and  Bolivia , as well as the largest section of the parched Atacama Desert, one of the world’s driest places.

South of Santiago, Chile unfolds into the wilderness playground of Patagonia - a largely uninhabited, prehistoric landscape brimming with forests and enormous glaciers.

Discover Patagonia on our 6 day trekking trip in Torres del Paine National Park

Festivals and events

Chile has a busy events calendar with many festivals to celebrate the diversity of its culture throughout the year. Here are some of the country's biggest events:

1. Fiesta de la Tirana

Each July, the quiet streets of La Tirana morph into a massive dance floor filled with masked performers acting out the ‘Dance of the Devils’. Blending indigenous culture with Catholic tradition, some say the festival honours the Virgin Mary, while others an indigenous warrior princess.

Either way, it's a fascinating experience seeing the frenetic dancing, fireworks and tasty foods that make up Chile’s largest religious festival.

2. Festival de la Vendimia (Wine Harvest Festival)

Chile’s wine regions take it up a notch in March and April when weekend-long festivals celebrate the harvest and rural life. Think cowboys, country food and folk dancing. With so many wine regions it can be hard to know which festival to check out, though Curico Valley’s festival is the longest running and widely regarded as the biggest.

3. Fiestas Patrias (Independence Day)

As a fiercely patriotic nation – and one that loves a good party – Fiestas Patrias is a big deal. Each September, flags are hung and the aroma of barbeque fills the air as people eat, drink, dance and celebrate. Look for a fonda (huge tent party) and join locals as they party into the wee hours of the morning.  

4. Tapati Rapa Nui (Easter Island Tapati Festival)

Get a glimpse of Easter Island’s vibrant Polynesian heritage at this spectacular two-week festival in February. It features dancing, chanting, carving competitions, body painting, a string figure (kai kai) contest, and so much more.

Food and drink

Chilean cuisine is all about seasonal produce and simplicity. Potatoes, corn and quinoa are staple ingredients in many traditional dishes, including pastel de choclo (corn pie) and humitas (steamed corn pudding wrapped in corn husks).

Chile’s extensive coastline provides a wide array of seafood. Visit one of the country’s many marisquerias (fish restaurants) to try picorocos (barnacles) or erizos (sea urchin). Most places serve fish grilled with a little seasoning. Ceviche is also a dietary mainstay.

Chileans also love their meat. Like in Brazil and Argentina, a leisurely asado (barbeque) is a cherished tradition. Held either in a backyard or a specially equipped park, an asado can stretch for hours and always features lots of grilled beef, pork, sausage, lamb and Chilean wine. If you don’t manage to snag an invitation to an asado from a local, head to a parrillada instead – a restaurant that serves grilled meats.

Here are some must-try foods in Chile:

1. Mote con huesillo

Dried peaches and husked wheat are stewed in a sugary syrup to create Chile’s favorite summertime treat. The perfect reward after a long day of exploring. 

2. Pastel de choclo

A hearty Andean pie of ground beef or chicken and vegetables, topped with pureed sweet corn is a local favorite. 

The perfect dish to warm your bones on a cold day, cazuela is a thin stew of chicken or beef with corn on the cob, potatoes, pumpkin and noodles. Do as the locals and drink the broth first.

Things to buy in Chile

Most towns will have a local market where you can pick up handmade souvenirs. You'll also find large shopping centers in big cities. Head to Avenida Alonso de Córdova in Santiago for boutique and luxury stores and trendy bars.

Keep in mind that haggling isn't part of Chilean culture, so prices are usually fixed, and most markets and street vendors deal only with cash. Stores are typically open between 10 am and 9 or 10 pm Monday through Friday.

Many stores are only open during the morning on Saturdays and are closed on Sundays, though these hours can vary in tourist areas. Shops in smaller cities also tend to close for lunch and take a siesta between 1 and 5 pm.

Here are a few things to buy in Chile.

1. Alpaca clothing

Sweaters, gloves, scarves and other items made from alpaca wool are a South American specialty. Both unique and practical, alpaca wool does a good job of blocking out high altitude chill.

2. Lapis lazuli jewellery

The Romans considered it an aphrodisiac, and Cleopatra was said to powder it for use as an eyeshadow. Lapis lazuli has quite a history, but these days the semiprecious indigo-blue stone is found only in Chile and Afghanistan.

Cheaper here than lapis sold abroad, it's still a somewhat pricey purchase. The general rule of thumb is the deeper the color, the better the quality, and always shop at reputable stores to ensure you’re not sold a fake.

3. Mapuche silverware

Indigenous women of the Lake District traditionally wore handcrafted silver earrings, headdresses and other pieces of jewelry as a sign of wealth. Dramatic silver pieces are still made by Mapuche women in this region today.

You might recognize the grape-based brandy known as pisco from Peru, but Chile shares the claim too. The battle of the birthplace of pisco has been going on for centuries.

Must-visit places in Chile

With so much on offer in Chile, from glacier trekking to wine tasting, it can be hard to choose which places to visit. Here are  a few must-visit places  to consider.

1. Santiago

Santiago is Chile's bustling capital. Set within a circle of snow-capped mountains, this city is a stone's throw from outdoor adventures (if you can ever leave, that is). From traditional European buildings in artsy neighborhoods to a brilliant food scene and thriving nightclubs, Santiago has it all.

2. Valparaiso

With its colorful buildings, mural-filled streets and labyrinthine laneways lined with cafes and galleries, Valparaiso  is arguably Chile's most creative city. Sip pisco sours on a rooftop in the historic center, rub shoulders with local artists or visit a restaurant credited with the invention of chorrillana.

Discover Santiago and Valparaiso on our Premium & Argentina trip

3. Patagonia

Chile and Argentina both stake a claim over  Patagonia  — and it's no wonder when the region is  this  beautiful. Think rolling grasslands flanked by snow-clad peaks, remarkably blue lakes, beech forests and huge glaciers. Patagonia was practically made for adventuring.

Trek past glaciers and mountains on our Patagonia Wilderness trip

4. San Pedro de Atacama

Welcome to the driest town on earth. San Pedro de Atacama is also home to some of Chile's most dramatic landscapes, from hissing geysers to imposing volcanoes and sprawling salt flats. Go sandboarding in the dunes, explore the stunning Moon Valley or admire one of the most impressive night skies you've ever seen.

Explore San Pedro de Atacama on our Epic Peru, Bolivia & Argentina trip

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Further reading

Chile travel faqs, do i need a covid-19 vaccine to join an intrepid trip.

Trips from 1 January 2023 onwards

From 1 January 2023, Intrepid will no longer require travelers to provide proof of vaccination against COVID-19 (excluding all Polar trips and select adventure cruises).

However, we continue to strongly recommend that all Intrepid travelers and leaders get vaccinated to protect themselves and others.

Specific proof of testing or vaccination may still be required by your destination or airline. Please ensure you check travel and entry requirements carefully.

Do I need a visa to travel to Chile?

Travelers from over 90 countries do not need a visa to enter Chile. This includes passport holders from other South American countries, the European Union, the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada. Visa-exempt travelers will usually receive an entry stamp valid for 90 days on arrival.

Citizens from other countries will need to apply for a visa online or at your nearest embassy or consulate prior to travel. Tourist visas can grant entry for up to 90 days.

Visit the official Chilean Consulate website for more information .

In any case, your passport should be valid for a minimum period of 6 months from the date of entry into Chile.

The page is for general information only and may be subject to change. It is your responsibility to obtain relevant visa and travel information required for entry, departure and travel to each country or region you visit on your trip. You should confirm these with the relevant embassies and/or consulates. 

Last updated: 07/12/2023

When is the best time to visit Chile?

Chile’s substantial length ensures that the climate is incredibly varied, and the best time to visit depends on your chosen destinations.

Summer (December to March) is possibly the best time to visit Chile, as the Parque Nacional Torres del Paine and lakes region are reasonably warm. However, the trade-off is that the Atacama Desert can be very hot during this time. Summer is also festival time, so it's a good chance to experience Chile’s unique culture.

For the central and northern regions, autumn is a comfortable time to visit, but note that it can be quite cold in the south, especially at night.

Snowfall is common during winter (July to September) in the south of the country, so this is the ideal time for a skiing or snowboarding holiday.

Is tipping customary in Chile?

It's customary to lea ve an extra 10% on top of your restaurant bill if you've had great service. The same goes for tipping porters and other service workers. Feel free to leave spare change or tip extra if you're particularly impressed with the service.

What is the internet access like in Chile?

Wi-fi access is widely available in cafes, bars and restaurants in cities and tourist areas. However, you may struggle to find wi-fi in rural and remote areas.

Can I use my cell phone while in Chile?

Cell phone coverage is good in Chile’s cities, but may not be available in rural and mountainous areas. Ensure global roaming is activated with your service provider before leaving home.

What are the toilets like in Chile?

Toilets in Chile will vary depending on what area you are traveling in. Flushable, western-style toilets are common in the cities, large hotels, malls, and clubs but more modest squat toilets are the standard in rural areas and while camping. Either way, carrying a supply of toilet paper and soap is a good idea, as these aren’t always available in public toilets.

Can I drink the water in Chile?

Tap water is generally safe to drink in Chile, though some may get an upset stomach from the different mineral content. If you have a delicate stomach, you may want to opt for filtered water to avoid this. For environmental reasons, try to avoid buying bottled water. Instead, bring a reusable water bottle that can be filled with filtered water. Your leader or hotel can tell you where to find filtered water.

Are credit cards accepted widely in Chile?

Major credit cards are widely accepted in Chile’s large cities and towns but may not be accepted by smaller vendors such as family restaurants and market stalls in small towns and rural areas. Make sure to carry enough cash when visiting these parts in case credit cards are not an option.

What is ATM access like in Chile?

ATMs are found widely throughout Chile, so withdrawing cash shouldn't be problematic in most areas. Some smaller villages and rural areas may not have ATM access, so prepare for this before venturing too far from a city or major town.

What public holidays are celebrated in Chile?

  • 1 Jan: New Year’s Day
  • March/Apr: Good Friday*
  • March/Apr: Holy Saturday*
  • 1 May: Labour Day
  • 21 May: Navy Day
  • 1 Jul: Feasts of Saints Peter and Paul
  • 15 Aug: Assumption
  • 18 Sep: Independence Day
  • 19 Sep: Army Day
  • 1 Nov: All Saint’s Day
  • 8 Dec: Immaculate Consumption
  • 25 Dec: Christmas

*Please note these dates vary. See a current list of public holidays in Chile.

Will I experience altitude sickness in Chile?

Most people can start to feel the effects of altitude at over 6561ft ( 2000m) regardless of age, gender, or fitness level. Santiago is well below this elevation, but travelers heading to San Pedro de Atacama and the northern and central Andes might experience symptoms of high altitude. It’s important to take it easy, drink plenty of water and speak to your group leader at once if you feel unwell.

We recommend seeing your doctor if you have any health concerns before undertaking the trip, particularly if you have a pre-existing medical condition or take any medication.

Do I need any vaccinations before visiting Chile?

No vaccines are required in order to enter Chile but some are recommended for protection against disease. Visit your doctor or travel clinic for advice and make sure to schedule vaccinations 4–6 weeks before your departure date, as some require time to become effective.

Is Chile a safe destination for LGBTQIA+ travelers?

Chile is a relatively hassle-free destination for LGBTQIA+ travelers. Though traditionally a very Catholic and conservative nation, attitudes are slowly changing. Same-sex marriage was legalized in 2015 and people are now more open about their sexuality.

Santiago hosts an annual gay pride parade and has an active gay scene, particularly in Barrio Bellavista. Beach resorts such as Vina del Mar also have a number of gay clubs. You may find that attitudes are less liberal outside of big cities.

Transgender rights and public attitudes are also developing. The Chilean government signed a bill into law in 2019 to allow people aged 18 and over to change their legal gender and name on Chile's Civil Registry. Teenagers between the ages of 14 and 18 can also do so in court.

For more detailed and up-to-date advice, we recommend visiting   Equaldex  or   ILGA   before you travel.

Do I need to purchase travel insurance before traveling?

Absolutely. All passengers traveling with Intrepid are required to purchase travel insurance before the start of their trip. Your travel insurance details will be recorded by your leader on the first day of the trip. Due to the varying nature, availability and cost of health care around the world, travel insurance is very much an essential and necessary part of every journey.

For more information on insurance, please go to: Travel Insurance

How do I stay safe and healthy while traveling?

From Australia?

Go to: Smart Traveller

From Canada?

Go to:  Canada Travel Information

From the UK?

Go to:  UK Foreign Travel Advice

From New Zealand?

Go to:  Safe Travel

From the US?

Go to:  US Department of State

The World Health Organisation also provides useful health information.

Does my trip to Chile support The Intrepid Foundation?

Yes, all Intrepid trips support the Intrepid Foundation. In fact, we make a donation on behalf of every traveler. Trips to Chile directly support our foundation partner, Torres Del Paine Legacy Fund . 

Torres Del Paine Legacy Fund  

The Huemul, also known as the South Andean Deer, are almost exclusively found in southern Patagonia and are currently endangered. Torres del Paine Legacy Fund is helping to conserve the endangered huemul by improving visitor management, advancing community education and tourism industry engagement, and mitigating the human-wildlife conflict in Torres del Paine National Park. Donations from our trips help Torres del Paine's huemul habitat conservation work.

Intrepid will double the impact by dollar-matching all post-trip donations made to The Intrepid Foundation.  

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"From the world's driest desert to the Patagonia glaciers, and from the sunny vineyards to the Moai of Easter Island, I'll show you how to navigate all the diverse landscapes of Chile."

Travel Director

Discover the colourful fishing town of Puerto Natales

See the bright rooftops of Puerto Natales, a fishing town in the Señoret Channel in southern Patagonia. It’s the famous gateway to Torres del Paine, but the city has its own treasures. Take a walk along the waterfront where you can spot wild swans and ducks, and admire the backdrop of rugged mountains.

Visit Torres del Paine National Park

Venture deep into UNESCO-listed crown jewel of Chilean Patagonia with our Local Specialists. Explore the churning Salto Grande waterfall and the famous peaks of the Cordillera Paine. Take a boat ride to see the Grey Glacier and embark on hikes to see the incredible natural icons up close.

See the icy turquoise sheets of the Serrano Glacier

We’ll take you on a spectacular boat ride through icy fjords to see the glittering blue Serrano Glacier. Join our Local Specialists for a hike through the unspoiled rainforest to Seno de Última Esperanza (Fjord of the Last Hope), where you’ll enjoy magnificent views of the Southern Patagonian Icefield.

Boat up the Rio Serrano

Our Chile private tours will take you on a boat journey up the Rio Serrano, a river winding through the Magallanes wilderness of Chile. The Serrano takes you past a trove of natural beauty, from the dazzling blue Balmaceda and Serrano Glaciers, to the Southern Patagonian Icefield and Seno de Última Esperanza.

Explore the capital of Chile, colorful Santiago

Santiago is the vibrant capital of Chile and our Local Specialists will reveal the wonders of the city. Climb Cerro Santa Lucia for panoramic views, explore the Central Market and sample local delicacies, or visit the Casablanca Valley where you’ll meet a local winemaker and enjoy an exclusive tasting in the beautiful vineyards.

Our top 5 things to do in Chile

Discover the highlights and hidden gems of the country on our Chile vacation tours, from the jagged peaks of Torres del Paine to the scenic beauty of the Rio Serrano.

Chascona House Museum

Located in the Bellavista neighborhood of Santiago, Chascona House was the home of Chilean poet Pablo Neruda. He named the home ‘La Chascona’ (‘tangle-haired woman’) after his wife Matilde, and today it’s an excellent museum full of his personal possessions, including a painting by Diego Rivera.

Museum of Memory and Human Rights

Set in Santiago, the Museum of Memory and Human Rights was founded to commemorate the victims of human rights abuses during the regime of Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet between 1973 and 1990. The museum has three floors with audio exhibits, interactive photography, newspaper archives and video footage of detention centres.

Chilean National Museum of Fine Arts

Housed in a beautiful building across from the Parque Forestal in Santiago, the Chilean National Museum of Fine Arts holds one of the finest collections of Chilean and Latin art. You’ll wander through the spectacular entrance to discover over 5,000 works ranging from Spanish paintings to African sculptures.

Best museums in Chile

Our escorted tours of Chile take you to the country’s top museums, from the former home of Chilean poet Pablo Neruda, to a commemoration of the victims of the Pinochet regime.

Traditionally made from deep-fried wheat dough, a sopaipilla is South America’s version of doughnuts. In Chile, they’re made with pumpkin in the dough, and served as a side dish with pebre, a chili sauce, or as a delicious dessert after being boiled in a chancaca sauce, a hot sweet syrup.

A classic Chilean condiment found across the country, pebre is served with many meals including fried sopaipilla, or spread on bread and meat. It’s a sauce of chili pepper, garlic, onion, olive oil and coriander, although variations can be found in different regions and households.

Empanadas are a beloved dish across Latin America. In Chile, they’re traditionally made with a filling called ‘pino’, a mix of ground beef, raisins, onions, black olives and hard boiled eggs. Our Local Specialists will show you where to try the best empanadas at any time of the year.

Best food in Chile

We’ll take you on a culinary journey through Chile, as we reveal the best places to try classic empanadas and delicious sopaipilla.

What to pack for Chile

People packing for a tour

Hiking shoes

Whether you’re trekking the snowy peaks of Patagonia, or traversing ancient volcanoes in the Atacama Desert, you’ll need a sturdy pair of shoes in Chile.

Wind and waterproof coat

The southern region of Chile is known for its fierce winds and chilly weather, so you’ll need a reliable coat to protect you from the elements.

Reusable water bottle

Chile is full of outdoor adventure and a reusable water bottle will help you stay hydrated without contributing to the plastic waste in the pristine national parks.

Adaptor plug

In Chile the standard voltage is 220 V and the power plugs and sockets are of type C and L. The standard frequency is 50 Hz.

Chile is enormous, spanning the equivalent of the entire length of the USA, and a pair of headphones will provide entertainment on the long scenic journeys.

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Chile Tours and Trips 2024/2025

Chile may be a skinny stretch of a country along the coast of South America, but a Chile tour packs a punch with many interesting destinations and exciting activities. Explore the highlights of the country at the most affordable price with a budget tour of Chile . With a Chile luxury tour , experience lavish cruises and stylish wildlife excursions. With a Chile private tour , see the best of the country at your own pace, with your own people. Take advantage of many  Chile-guided tours to explore the nation's hidden gems. Regardless of how you plan to holiday in Chile, you will experience an unmatched variety of landscapes, activities, and culture at every corner.

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135 Trips in Chile with 446 Reviews

Discover Chile Tour

  • Starts Santiago, Chile
  • Ends Santiago, Chile

Discover Chile

  • Best price guaranteed
  • No booking fees
  • Tour Type Small Group Tour
  • Activities Cultural, religious and historic sites & Adventure Cultural, religious and historic sites , Adventure & Explorer 'data-more-tripid='7455'>+1 more
  • Accommodation Hotel
  • Transport Boat & Flight
  • Age Range 16-99 yrs
  • Operated in English
  • Nov 25 Only 4 seats left
  • Dec 16 Only 5 seats left
  • View More Jan 1, 2019 Jan 2, 2019 Jan 3, 2019

Chile, Patagonian Lakes And Atacama Desert Tour

Chile, Patagonian Lakes and Atacama Desert

  • Trip customizable
  • Tour Type Private Tour
  • Activities City sightseeing & Volcanoes City sightseeing , Volcanoes , Lagoons & Deserts and canyons 'data-more-tripid='24055'>+2 more
  • Transport Flight, Private Vehicle & Taxi
  • Age Range 1-79 yrs
  • Operated in English, Spanish

Torres Del Paine - The W Trek

  • Starts Puerto Natales, Chile
  • Ends Puerto Natales, Chile

Torres del Paine - The W Trek

  • Activities Wildlife & Trekking and Hiking Wildlife , Trekking and Hiking , Explorer & Safari 'data-more-tripid='6147'>+2 more
  • Accommodation Camping & Hotel
  • Transport Ferry, Bus, Boat & Private Vehicle
  • Age Range 12-95 yrs
  • Brochure Price: US$ 2,349
  • Special Deal (10%): - US$ 235
  • Total Price from: US$ 2,114
  • Oct 15 Only 3 seats left
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Atacama Adventure - Nature Tour In The Atacama Desert

  • Starts Calama, Chile
  • Ends Calama, Chile

Atacama Adventure - Nature Tour in the Atacama Desert

  • Tour Type Group Tour
  • Activities Adventure
  • Transport Private Vehicle
  • Age Range 18-79 yrs

Torres Del Paine O Circuit - TOP Trekking!

Torres del Paine O Circuit - TOP Trekking!

  • Activities Trekking and Hiking
  • Accommodation Tent, Guest House, Camping & Hotel
  • Transport Boat

Torres Del Paine - Full Circuit Trek

Torres del Paine - Full Circuit Trek

  • Activities Wildlife & Trekking and Hiking Wildlife , Trekking and Hiking , Explorer & Safari 'data-more-tripid='6148'>+2 more
  • Accommodation Camping, Lodge & Hotel
  • Transport Bus & Private Vehicle
  • Nov 23 Only 7 seats left
  • Dec 07 10+ seats left

Cycling The Lake District Of Chile & Argentina Tour

  • Starts Puerto Varas, Chile
  • Ends Temuco, Chile

Cycling the Lake District of Chile & Argentina

  • Activities Bicycle tours & Adventure Bicycle tours , Adventure & Explorer 'data-more-tripid='7712'>+1 more
  • Accommodation Hotel & Villa
  • Transport 4WD Jeep
  • Oct 13 Only 8 seats left
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Trending Destinations in Chile

Easter Island

3 Day Wine & Dine Tour: Colchagua Valley

  • Free cancellation
  • Activities Wine tasting tours & Food tours Wine tasting tours , Food tours & Honeymoon 'data-more-tripid='6112'>+1 more
  • Accommodation Lodge & Hotel
  • Age Range 5-79 yrs

Exploring The Best Of Torres Del Paine - W Circuit Tour

  • Ends Punta Arenas, Chile

Exploring the Best of Torres del Paine - W circuit

  • Tour Type Independent Tour
  • Activities Trekking and Hiking & National parks Trekking and Hiking , National parks & Natural landmarks sightseeing 'data-more-tripid='15274'>+1 more
  • Accommodation Hotel, Camping & Tent
  • Transport Bus & Boat
  • Age Range 5-80 yrs

Easter Island Experience 4D/3N Tour

  • Starts Easter Island, Chile
  • Ends Hanga Roa, Chile

Easter Island Experience 4D/3N

  • Activities Cultural, religious and historic sites & Explorer Cultural, religious and historic sites , Explorer & Honeymoon 'data-more-tripid='26395'>+1 more
  • Transport Private Vehicle & Bus
  • Age Range 18-99 yrs
  • May 22 10+ seats left
  • May 23 10+ seats left

Antarctic Express: Fly The Drake Tour

  • Starts Punta Arenas, Chile

Antarctic Express: Fly the Drake

  • Tour Type Cruise Tour
  • Activities Cruise & Polar expeditions and cruise
  • Accommodation Hotel & Ship Cabin
  • Transport Cruise Ship & Flight
  • Age Range 8-99 yrs
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Highlights Of Chile Tour

Highlights Of Chile

  • Activities Chill out & City sightseeing
  • Accommodation Hotel & Camping
  • Transport Flight
  • Age Range 8-95 yrs
  • Jun 11 10+ seats left
  • Jul 09 10+ seats left

Atacama Adventure 4D/3N Tour

  • Ends San Pedro De Atacama, Chile

Atacama Adventure 4D/3N

  • Accommodation Hostel & Hotel

Torres Del Paine Circuit Tour

Torres del Paine Circuit

  • Accommodation Camping, Tent & Hotel
  • Transport Boat & Bus
  • Dec 08 10+ seats left
  • Jan 12 Only 6 seats left

Traveling to Chile? Chat with a local travel specialist in Chile who can help organize your trip.

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Chile Tour Reviews

  • Lucius Blackwood
  • Gwendolyn Thorne

Chile - Tour Highlights and Travel Tips

San Rafael Glacier, a remarkable natural landmark in Chile

Finding adventure, diversity, and closeness to nature are the three pillars of a trip to Chile. Chile is one of the few countries where you would actually want to take a wrong turn because you never know where it might take you—a hidden oasis that few tourists have ever discovered. 

The unique configuration of Chile's mountains and sea ensures that it offers some of the clearest night skies in the world. You will have the ideal place to spend long nights cuddled up next to your special someone, stargazing and naming stars as you take in the breathtaking natural beauty. A 3700-year-old tree is located in the Torres del Paine National Park, one of many national parks in Chile. Other sights to see are Moon Valley in the Atacama Desert and the strange stone statues on Easter Island. In conclusion, taking a tour of Chile is an experience you won't soon forget.

Tour Highlights

  • See the Moai on Easter Island
  • Drive through the Atacama Desert
  • Take in the view of Santiago from San Cristóbal Hill
  • Explore the blue glaciers of Torres del Paine National Park
  • Visit the end of the world in Tierra del Fuego
  • Take a selfie with a Guanaco

Travel Tips

  • There are hot deserts and beaches in Chile, but there are also mountains and glaciers. For a holiday in Chile, pack for all types of weather and try to dress in layers for long days out.
  • Many bank machines in Chile will not accept foreign bank cards. Do your research before the trip to find out which banks will work for you, and be sure to exchange money before you travel.
  • Colourful Chilean sunrises and sunsets are some of the most beautiful in the world. Take some siestas during the day so you get to experience both.
  • When dining in Chile, be prepared to eat slightly later than you are used to. Lunch in typically served around 2pm, while dinner is not eaten until anywhere from 8pm to 10pm. Chileans also have a snack time called 'once' - a light dinner of hot drinks and cakes. Chile is rich in food culture, so know what you must not miss to eat in Chile.
  • Earthquakes are very common in Chile, but there's no need to be alarmed. While you may feel a tremor or two during your visit, the country is built to withstand even large earthquakes.

Popular tour types in Chile

  • Chile luxury tours:  Relish Patagonia's serene peace from the comfort of opulent seaside resorts or go on thrilling expeditions like a wildlife excursion around Cape Horn. Explore Torres del Paine National Park by zodiac boat and take a luxury cruise tour to Punta Arenas. Our Chile luxury tours will take you to the farthest end of the planet while creating the most authentic experiences.
  • Chile private tours:   Walk among sea lions and penguins, and watch whales in Peninsula Valdes. Stargaze in the Atacama Desert or traverse the city of colorful cliff-top homes, Valparaiso. Whether it is Isla Negra or Torres del Paine, experience the best of Chile at your own pace with one of our  Chile private tours .
  • Chile guided tours:   Jump on one of our Chile-guided tours to discover the hidden treasures of the country. As you tour Puerto Natales, Puerto Varas, Patagonia, and Santiago, you will come across Chile’s unparalleled range of landscapes. Hopping on and off at cultural, religious, and historic sites, you will grasp the whole of Chile under the guidance of fun-loving, friendly guides.
  • Chile budget tours:   Our   Chile budget tours will take you to all the popular spots you wish to see at the lowest market cost. Hike through Guatin Canyon and visit the mysterious Easter Island and the wineries of the Colchagua Valley. Go easy on your wallets and keep your tour to a single destination like Torres del Paine O Circuit or the Atacama Desert while still getting a wonderful experience.
  • Chile customized tours:   Your itineraries to Chile can be altered and personalized to fit your pace and preferences. Indulge in activities and visit the highlights of Chile that you find the most enticing. Contact our local travel experts in Chile to design your customized tour and satisfy your expectations.
  • Chile group tours:  Join those in accord on a Chile group tour for an adventure of geysers, fertile valleys, vineyards, and lakes. Cruise Lagos Todos Los Santos and cycle through the Lake District. Take your time on the excursions to the Atacama salt flats and Altiplano lagoons, with travelers just like you.

Activity-based Chile tours

  • Adventure tours:  From a safari tour through the world's driest desert, the Atacama, to cycling through Chile's Lake District's renowned Andean Lakes, explore adventure tours to Chile , packed with distinct experiences. You can even sign up for a long trip that includes trekking, catamaran rides, cruise tours, and more.
  • Trekking tours:   From Patagonia's beautiful mountains and gigantic blue glaciers to the Atacama Desert's singular moon-like rocks, you can fully experience Chile's distinct geography and biodiversity on the country's hiking routes. There are plenty of  trekking tours in Chile  that would leave the most experienced trekker in awe of the terrific landscapes such as the famous Torres del Paine National Park or the Dientes de Navarino.
  • Sightseeing tours:   Besides the famous stone sculptures of Easter Island and museums and galleries in Santiago, Chile is blessed with a wealth of world-class wineries, active volcanoes, and dramatic coastlines. Our sightseeing tours to Chile , in destinations such as Patagonia, Casablanca Valley, and Isla Negra, will give you an in-depth insight into the country.
  • Hiking tours:  With the world's driest desert, the Atacama, in the far north, and glacier-carved valleys and fjords in the far south in Patagonia, Chile is a visual feast for travelers. From the Lake District and the Andes to Torres del Paine National Park and Tierra del Fuego National Park, join  hiking tours that will take you through popular trails in Chile.
  • Wine tasting tours:  If you love wine, a  wine tasting tour in Chile is an excellent way to broaden your knowledge of wine-making while opening your palate to new experiences. Grab a drink and stroll in Valparaiso and Santiago, or head to the Chilean valleys of Casablanca, Maipo, and Colchagua to locate famous vineyards that create some of the world's best wines.

Popular durations for Chile trips

A woman taking picture of Solitary Moai on Easter Island, Chile.

Chile tours — Top destinations to visit

  • Tour the Patagonian Fjords and glaciers: Patagonia is a breathtakingly beautiful region. In addition to hiking and trekking trails in parks like Torres del Paine, it is home to mountains, glaciers, rivers, and lakes. It has a land area of roughly 1,000,000 square kilometers and extends across Chile and Argentina in the southernmost regions of South America. You can travel to Patagonia on a small ship, stopping at some of the world's most southerly cities along the way and possibly even landing at Cape Horn, the geographical "end of the earth" that marks the continent's southernmost point. Visitors can expect a lot from Patagonia, which stretches from the farthest northern reaches of its Lake District to its farthest southern point in Tierra del Fuego.
  • Discover the cosmopolitan Santiago: Located in the Maipo Valley, bordered by the Pacific Ocean to the west and the snowy Andes to the east, Santiago enthralls visitors with its breathtaking vistas, neoclassical architecture, and inventive cuisine. Explore Santiago 's thriving neighborhoods by dining in the Barrio Italia, shopping with style-conscious Santiguenos in Bellavista, or taking in the view from Santa Lucia Hill. After that, stroll around Plaza de Armas to see the Metropolitan Cathedral or the Chilean Museum of Pre-Columbian Art's exhibit of Pre-Columbian antiquities. Experience the vibrant nightlife scenes of Barrios, Brazil, and Lastarria. With a burgeoning economy, revitalized arts exhibits, and plenty of exhilarating activities, Santiago is an old-guard city on the edge of a contemporary reawakening.
  • Explore the distinct landscapes of the Atacama Desert: Travel to the Atacama Desert the driest desert on earth, is far from lifeless. Rather, it is a region brimming with energy thanks to its hospitable indigenous cultures and the oases that provide life in the desert. Ascend the Andean Altiplano's more than 4,000 meters in elevation to discover tiny towns that uphold their traditions amidst breathtaking scenery. Discover unique landscapes in San Pedro de Atacama, which include deep blue lagoons, geysers, and salt flats. Also, stop by one of the many astronomical observatories in the Elqui Valley.
  • Mingle with wildlife in Torres del Paine National Park: Prepare your hiking supplies and set out to explore the sizable Torres del Paine National Park . While the Las Torres and French Valley rank among the best day hikes in the world, the W and O Treks are among the best multi-day hikes in Chilean Patagonia. Navigate Lake Gray while keeping an eye out for foxes, huemuls, and guanacos, or be patient and wait for the majestic puma to make its showy entrance. Torres del Paine is one of those wonderful places that you do not get to visit every day. It is home to four distinct ecological zones, including the Andean Desert, Magellanic Subpolar Forest, Pre-Andean Shrubland, and Patagonian Steppe.
  • Unveil the hidden adventures of Puerto Natales : The tranquil seaside community of Puerto Natales, which serves as the entrance to Torres del Paine National Park, has gained appeal among those travelers seeking breathtaking and amazing adventures while taking in the slow-paced eclectic local way of life, varied history, and distinct culture of Southern Patagonia. Get a closer view of Serrano and Balmaceda glaciers by taking a catamaran tour of Última Esperanza Sound. Go kayaking in Bernardo O'Higgins National Park, examine countless fossils in Milodon Caves; and enjoy horseback riding on the Sierra Dorotea Trail.

Peak season and low season tours in Chile

  • Chile in December
  • Chile in January         
  • Chile in June
  • Chile in July
  • Chile in August

Popular Chile trip travel guide

If you are planning a trip to Chile, you will want to know about the best time to visit Chile as well as check out all the available Chile tours. You may also wish to learn more about the top things to do in Chile . Once you are sure about some of the activities you wish to experience in Chile, along with the destinations you want to visit, you may want to consider how many days to stay in Chile . We generally recommend staying at least 7 days in Chile , but recommend 10 days in Chile or more, to get the most out of your trip to Chile.

Next, we recommend you start thinking about the money you can allocate to the trip to know whether you should be looking for a budget tour, a luxury tour, or perhaps a completely customized tour to Chile . If you are in doubt, check out all our Chile tours at the top of this page.

Chile is an amazing country to visit, and there may be other key factors that you wish to consider before traveling there. Please check our " Chile travel guide " which will give you a lot of relevant information about traveling to Chile.

Tours in Chile - Questions and Answers

Chile is well connected from north to south via flights and buses. But it’s trickier to travel from east to west, and south of Puerto Montt because of the unusual landscape comprising glaciers and mountains. Long-distance buses are the best way to go up and down the country. For travelling to remote areas, you can hire your own car. Trains are useful only in certain parts, like Central Chile. You can also consider low-cost airlines: they are sometimes cheaper than long-distance buses—if you don’t mind missing out on the scenery on the way.

We recommend, at the very least, a 2-weeks tour of Chile to explore the blue glaciers and emerald forests of Torres del Paine, the enticing landscapes of the Atacama desert, and similar must-see destinations. You will be left with enough time to add a few more delightful places like capital Santiago, Valparaiso, and one or two world-class vineyards. A three-week tour will allow you to linger longer in all your favorite places. But if you have only 5 to 7 days, it’s best to focus on Santiago, the nearby colorful towns, and the wine valleys. Add a few more days, and you can squeeze in Patagonia, Atacama, Easter Island, or the Osorno and Calbuco volcanoes. To get more details on how many days to spend in Chile, see here .

Chile is not the cheapest place to visit in South America. But the kind of trip you have in mind will determine your budget. Typically, most tourists like to hike in the Torres del Paine and explore the desert landscape of Atacama during a 10 to 15-day trip. It is possible to do a trekking-heavy trip on a budget of USD 90 to 100 per day per person. Basic accommodation and food costs are higher in Chile than in other South American countries. So be ready to spend at least USD 75 daily for a non-luxurious trip.

Chile is best known for its diverse landscapes. It is home to incredible glaciers and fjords, the driest of deserts, superb rock formations, and ancient forests. Chilean hospitality is well known, and the people like to bond over maté tea. You’ll find buena onda (good vibes) wherever you go. The world has woken up to the exquisite taste of Chile’s wines . In fact, Latin America’s largest winegrower is in Chile’s countryside. Capital Santiago has some of the finest art galleries in South America like the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes and the Museo Chileno de Arte Precolombino. Neighborhoods like Bellavista in Santiago and Concepción in Valparaíso have a very vibrant street-art culture. 

Traditional Chilean cuisine is hearty and winsome, imbibing many European and South American influences. Some famous dishes include Plateada (soft-cut beef), Chorrillana (French fries with meat and seasoning); Empanada (baked or fried puff pastry with salty or sweet fillings), Pastel del choclo (a sort of shepherd’s pie made using corn mash), Pastel de jaiba (crab pie), Machas a la parmesana (a clam dish topped with cheese), and Completo (Chilean-style hot dog that is bigger than its American counterpart). And you must try Terremotos, a rather potent alcoholic drink, and the many excellent Chilean wines

If your trip to Chile includes hiking along glaciers and mountains, you’ll need to pack some serious winter clothing and trekking wear. But in places like Santiago, you don’t need to overthink what you’re wearing. You are likely to be walking a lot in the capital city, so bring some comfortable walking shoes. Since the weather is usually on the warmer side in most cities, t-shirts and tank tops (for women) are great. To avoid standing out as a tourist, men should wear longer shorts and women longer skirts—but that’s really a matter of choice. Chile is a fairly relaxed place when it comes to clothes.  

The best time to visit Chile depends on what you want to do, which places you’d like to explore and how keen you are to avoid crowds. Spring (September to November) is the ideal time to visit the volcanic Lake Districts; Patagonia (you won’t have to experience too many bitter cold winds); and popular places like Pucon and Vina del Mar (minus the summer rush). The weather is equally good from March to May, especially in areas north of Santiago. March is also the time for grape harvests and wine festivals. You might want to cover the Atacama Desert at this time too before the summer heat becomes oppressive. 

From exploring the towering mountains and roaring rivers of Torres Del Paine National Park and stargazing in the Atacama Desert to uncovering the mysteries of Easter Island, visiting the monuments and museums of Santiago, and enjoying the bohemian vibe of the port of Valparaíso—Chile has something for all tastes and seasons. Compared to most of Latin America, Chile is politically stable and has a strong economy by regional standards. So, you can focus on all the fun things. Our travel experts will help you choose the perfect customized tour to Chile . 

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Why Choose a Chile Tour?

Chile’s diversity stretches as long as the country itself. From spectacular Patagonia and Torres Del Paine in the south, to coastal fjords and glaciers, to the eerie desert landscape of Atacama and ancient traditions of Rapa Nui, our Chile tours cover it all. Chile tours are as active as you wish with numerous options for adventure for all ability levels. Hike and trek remote circuits in Patagonia. Kayak and stand-up paddleboard in highland lakes. Soak in desert hot springs or swim in refreshing salt lagoons in Atacama. Fully guided adventure explorations are part of every Chile vacation tour. Our Adventure Specialists know the best Chile land tours and experiences. We work with you to customize the best itinerary for your interests, ability and budget. Want to add a wine tour in Santiago? We can do that. Do you prefer extra days of trekking in Patagonia?  No problem. Want to upgrade your lodge in Atacama? We’ve got you covered.  Work with our Chile vacation tour professionals to craft the perfect trip at the best price.

This 5-, 6- or 7-day lodge-based trip in the center of Torres del Paine National Park offers over 40 unique explorations to choose from, including Base Torres and Grey Glacier. Enjoy breathtaking views of the Paine Massif and Salto Chico waterfall from home base.

The trails amongst the famous Torres del Paine craggy mountains are among the world's classic trekking routes. By day, explore nature in its raw form while winding through these exceptional mountains. By night, enjoy the cozy luxury of EcoCamp's unique dome accommodations, or camping.

From the Explora Patagonia National Park Lodge in Chile's stunning Chacabuco Valley, choose from 30+ daily guided activities to experience the park as few do. Hike, bike, kayak and travel overland to discover valleys, forests, wildlife, fossils, glaciers, lakes and rivers. Start and end each day at your 13-room lodge with included meals, open bar and an attentive staff.

Chile Tours

Chile tours with AdventureSmith Explorations get folks off the beaten path to actively explore up close and in style. Travel with expert naturalist guides to tour Chile as few visitors do, staying in remote wilderness lodges and boutique hotels away from tourist crowds. Our award-winning small group tours and private custom tours ensure a seamless experience to diverse landscapes such as Patagonia, Atacama, Santiago and Rapa Nui.

Chile is vast, spanning nearly 2,700 miles of South America’s Pacific coastline, yet only 110 miles wide, making overland tours a challenge to plan and execute. Our itineraries focus on off-the-beaten-path regions that highlight the country’s diverse nature and culture. Hike and trek in Patagonia. Explore the otherworldly landscape of Atacama and the towering moai on Easter Island. Our experts will help you combine shorter regional tours into a comprehensive Chile vacation tour. Contact our experts for personalized custom tour planning.

Planning Chile Tours with AdventureSmith

AdventureSmith’s hand-picked Chile vacation tours offer a large selection of daily activities to explore the breathtaking nature and intriguing wildlife found within the region. Enjoy Atacama desert adventures, Easter Island explorations and rugged experiences in Torres Del Paine. Why tour Chile with us?


Work exclusively with one Adventure Specialist to research, book & prepare for your trip.

Choose your adventure daily, with options like hiking, biking, horseback riding & diving.

We’ve personally tested our Chile tours and apply that knowledge to your booking process.

Our local connections & deals on Chile tours mean you save on a top-notch experience.

A line of hikers follow the trail through a grassy meadow down to a glacial lake with jagged peaks in the background, commonly seen on Chile Patagonia tours.

Five-Star Chile Patagonia Tours

Chile’s spellbinding Patagonia region is a popular destination for nature lovers and active outdoor enthusiasts. Options abound to get outside on hikes, explore by bike and boat, or track the local pumas. While the landscape offers challenges, AdventureSmith’s Chile Patagonia tours won’t sacrifice your comfort. Tour Chile and Patagonia right from the front door of your cozy geodesic dome or luxury wilderness lodge, with expert naturalist guides, five-star service, relaxing spaces and mouthwatering meals to complement the experience. While some of our longer Chile Patagonia tours may use refugios for a few nights while out on a trek, expect to bookend your experience with private accommodations. Return from your Patagonia adventure revitalized and with a new sense of wonder about the world.

Our Style of Chile Vacation Tours

Our Chile tours range from the Earth’s driest desert in northern Chile, to the peaks and glaciers of the Patagonia region in the south, and the mysterious and culture-rich Easter Island off shore. Learn which of our Chile tours is best for you by talking with one of our experts. Browse our Chile vacation tours and lodges on this page or design your own custom Chile tour with the help of our staff. We can also link any of our Chile vacation tours with other nearby adventures, such as an Antarctica cruise .

Guide leads 3 guests on a hike through high alpine desert on a sunny day during a Chile tour.

“Enjoy Atacama desert, Easter Island and rugged Torres Del Paine.”

Temperature & Rainfall

The Best Timing For Chile Tours

While some of our Chile tours operate year-round, the best weather is during the warmer months of the southern hemisphere, from October to April. In particular for Chile Patagonia tours, the weather can change in an instant (and the winds can be strong), so we recommend arriving prepared for the elements. Note that the climate data referenced above is for Santiago, Chile, which is a jumping off point for all of our Chile tours.

Want to Learn More About Chile’s Climate?

100+ combined years of experience, 7 continents explored, decades of expedition cruising around the world & here to help you find & book your dream trip.

Chile Lodges

Our Chile tours are based from remote, upscale lodges where expert naturalist guides lead active explorations of nature, wildlife and culture. Strategically located and surrounded by wilderness, comfortable lodges provide unparalleled access to your surroundings. Lodges are rooted in the region’s environment and employ cutting edge sustainability practices. After a full day of active exploration return to the lodge for a glass of Chilean wine, an informative lecture and a delicious meal. Rest well encompassed by solitude and awake refreshed for another day of active exploration. Chile tours visiting towns and cities utilize boutique hotels and historic inns that capture the essence of Chile’s culture. Expect upscale accommodations and excellent service in an authentic Chilean atmosphere. We use only the finest lodges and hotels striving to ensure our travelers experience the best of Chile accommodations.

Explora Atacama is a luxury lodge located in the oasis of San Pedro de Atacama 8,202 feet above sea level in Chile’s Atacama Desert. Exquisite dining, enchanting grounds and over 40 unique explorations are how you will spend your time embracing the area.

EcoCamp is situated in the very heart of Torres del Paine National Park in Patagonia, Chile, and provides the region’s first fully sustainable accommodation, complete with green technology and individual geodesic domes.

Explora Rapa Nui is a luxury lodge located on Easter Island. Exquisite dining, privileged grounds and over 30 unique explorations are how you will spend your time experiencing this magnificent area.

The Explora Torres del Paine Lodge is located at the center of the Torres del Paine National Park, the heart of Patagonia, Chile. On the shores of Lake Pehoe, it has breathtaking views of the Paine ridge and the granite towers.

Chile Tour & Travel Guides

Since our Chile tours explore everything from the driest desert on Earth to the jagged Andean mountains of Torres Del Paine and the underwater wonders of Easter Island, there are many ways to research your ideal way to tour Chile. Read expert reviews to discover what it’s like to trek on Chile Patagonia tours, summit an 18,000-foot mountain in the desert, or take in the mysterious moai stone statues on Easter Island before returning to relax at Explora Rapa Nui Lodge —one of AdventureSmith founder Todd Smith’s picks for the best wilderness lodges worldwide. Let our experts be your guide to adventure travel in Chile and beyond.

Reach new heights with AdventureSmith founder Todd Smith as he explores the Atacama Desert and climbs the 18,000-foot Cerro Toco.

See what it's like to hike to the Towers Base in Patagonia's Torres del Paine National Park, and why EcoCamp lodge is the best basecamp for this famous trek.

AdventureSmith Specialist Andrew Browning reviews his Explora Torres del Paine Lodge stay within the park. Read about his trip, and tips on booking your stay.

Travel to remote Rapa Nui, Easter Island, with AdventureSmith's founder who reviews his trip at the luxury basecamp Explora Rapa Nui.

A Conde Nast Traveler top specialist details his opinion of the world’s best wilderness lodges, from Rapa Nui to Alaska, and why he finds them so special.

What Travelers Say About Their Chile Tours

Explora at Rapa Nui was perfect. Fabulous food. Great service. The hikes were gorgeous and led well. It is really the best way to do this trip as the hikes are not available to others.

I loved the EcoCamp in Patagonia--every evening, you can decide with the help of staff and fellow travelers what you'll be doing the following day, depending on how you're feeling. Every choice of activity level is top-quality. The EcoCamp represents a good balance between sustainable adventure travel and comfort, and the staff succeeds in quickly building a sense of community.

Smooth trip, great guides. Patagonia is obviously one of the most beautiful places on earth. Torres del Paine is almost terrifying in its beauty. The (reasonably) close contact with wildlife/birds is extraordinary.

Patagonia/Torres del Paine was incredible. I was able to enjoy the trip of a lifetime.

Everything was great. Hikes, food, staff, culture.

Accommodations Review

Explora at Rapa Nui was perfect.

Meals Review

Fabulous food. Great service.

Crew & Guides Review

Informed, interested, and knowledgeable. The hikes were gorgeous and led well.

Transportation Review

Does't really apply. We arranged our own flights

Traveler Advice

Make sure you know about the form to enter Easter Island. And have it filled out with on phone or print before you depart. Also, if you can afford Explora, it is really the best way to do this trip as the hikes are not available to others. The town was fine but not that interesting, except for Sunday mass which was such a great thing to do.

Featured in this Traveler Review

  • Explora Rapa Nui
  • Explora Rapa Nui Lodge, Chile

Note that this review also includes comments on the traveler’s post-trip Antarctic Express: Fly the Drake cruise with AdventureSmith Explorations. 

I loved the EcoCamp in Patagonia--every evening, you can decide with the help of staff and fellow travelers what you'll be doing the following day, depending on how you're feeling.  Every choice of activity level is top-quality. The EcoCamp represents a good balance between sustainable adventure travel and comfort, and the staff succeeds in quickly building a sense of community among visitors and between visitors and its staff--even after just 3 days at camp, I was already saying goodbye to people who already felt like good friends (including, in particular, fabulous guides Franco, Sebastien and Pablo). 

Unbelievably top-quality service and amazing food, both at the EcoCamp and on board Quark's Sea Adventurer. In fact, all of us guests spontaneously cheered the chef during one of our EcoCamp dinners, and the service on board the Sea Adventurer was on par with any Michelin-starred restaurant in New York City (where I live). Both venues did an excellent job managing my dietary restrictions (pescatarian).

Franco, Sebastien, and Pablo were simply extraordinary, with a passion for Patagonia and a genuine desire to make every guest's experience extra-special. Franco even dived after my backpack as it was rolling off a cliff; Sebastien made time to get to know each guest over dinner and drinks deep into the evenings; Pablo has an encyclopedic knowledge of local flora and fauna that turned every day trek into an unforgettable experience.  

AdventureSmith Explorations Review

Andrew was great at providing advanced reading materials, packing lists, and answering all manner of pre-trip questions quickly and accurately. He had great advice and I consider Andrew to be primarily responsible for ensuring that this 2-in-1 trip combo worked so beautifully.

Bring twice as much camera film as you think you'll need. Prepare to be stunned by your fabulous surroundings.

  • Patagonia Wildlife Safari
  • EcoCamp Patagonia
  • Antarctic Express: Fly the Drake
  • Quark Expeditions
  • Andrew Browning

Smooth trip, great guides. Patagonia is obviously one of the most beautiful places on earth. The boat trip to across the glacier lake and up to the glaciers (the second day of our safari) is exciting, reasonably safe, and breathtakingly beautiful. Torres del Paine is almost terrifying in its beauty. The (reasonably) close contact with wildlife/birds is extraordinary.

The Hotel Orly is excellent. EcoCamp is a bit rough (even in the "suites") but that is to be expected. This would not pull down our rating from excellent.

Plainly, the chef at EcoCamp takes great pride in his or her work.

Our guides in Santiago were extraordinary. The first day of our safari was beyond our physical abilities, but our guide had assured us that it would not be. Your materials had made the difficulty fairly clear, and we had decided to take the "easy" routes, but there was fairly strong pressure from our guides (and others in our group) to do this "hard" trek on our first day, when we really had no reference point to know how hard "hard" would be. We (now) understand that "trekking" is serious exercise, but that was not explained to us (I think everyone just assumed that we knew what "trekking" means; but for folks over 50, that is a relatively new concept of which many of us are not really aware). Otherwise, the rest of the safari was absolutely fabulous! (We went "easy" after that first day!) Claudio was an outstanding guide on our third day.

Clothing requirements for EcoCamp could have been clearer due to the stark changes from cold to hot (and vice versa), even within a few hours. Transportation was very smooth.

This was a trip of a lifetime (particularly because we tacked it onto the a cruise around Cape Horn, which is equally wonderful). But we are being candid about the problems mentioned above simply to offer what we hope is constructive criticism to help you improve a truly wonderful adventure even more for folks like us.

Itinerary Review

Amazing trip. I normally do a lot of research and planning but since Arielle helped to identify amazing options with a lot of structure baked into the itinerary, I was able to just tell my buddy we could show up and figure things out for the day. It reduced a lot of the typical planning burden.

Explora guides were knowledgeable and engaging. They did a better job to speak a combination of English and Spanish than guides on other parts of our trip.

I really appreciate AdventureSmith/Arielle with all the suggestions and support.

  • Explora Torres del Paine
  • Explora Torres del Paine Lodge
  • Arielle Lightcap

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Chile Private Tour Guides

Contact a private tour guide to plan your chile itinerary and book online..

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Popular Chile Destinations

Popular santiago tour guides.

Santiago Tour Guide - Thomas P.

I fell in love with the country and… one of her habitants. I am passionate about the country’s culture, history and gorgeous landscapes. This passion is what my colleagues and I want to share with you, visitors from all over the world, when we show you around. And when we plan an itinerary for you, we do it just as if it was for myself or for my friends. This is our commitment to you: that my team and I will guide you with the same enthusiast than if we were good friends.                                                                                                                                  

Santiago Tour Guide - Matias  S.

I am the manager of a tour company based in Santiago, Chile. We have been ruuning for 12 years private tours in Chile. We mainly offer nature tours in or near Santiago. Such as hiking, horseback ridding, kayaking, wine tours and other amazing experiences .                                                                                                                                  

Santiago Tour Guide - Hector M.

I was born, grew up and I´ve been living here for along all of my life, except some time when I travel around. I am very knowledgeable in my area. I know my own country and city´s history and culture. Every Tour I give is Very Personal, Private, Leisurely and 100% Flexible. I have a lot of experience with different kind of Tourists from different part of the world like seniors, professionals, students, handicap, middle age and teenagers people for city, adventure, trekking, nocturnal , wineries tours, business and search purposes, etc. I definitely try to surpass tourists expectations giving you the “Best Chilean Hospitality” If I do this for a living, It’s because I am a Professional Tour Guide, whose my primary concern is to provide a unique travel experience to every single Customer making them, through my person, taste a bit of my country´s culture, folklore, customs, food, living style, sceneries and much more. I state you that I am totally responsible for your happiness and safety meanwhile you are in my care. My role is critical in your satisfaction tour and business needs. I am passionate and well known in every tour and information I provide, but, I am not perfect. if I don´t know the answer about some of your questions, I will be forthright about saying so and I will make an effort to get the answer before the end of the tour. But, if the answer is hard to get it... For sure, you will receive it in a few days later by e-mail. Please note that I also count with a Very Specialized Tour Guide Team. Each one has same and/or similar characteristics described above. Some of them will attend you if I had reserved myself by somebody else before or in case of illness, emergency or accident or any family problems. After reading these very sincere words I hope we let´s rock and roll together in this wonderful land by Santiago, Valparaiso, Vineyards, Coast, Country sides, Up at the Andes Mountains Range, Patagonia, Puerto Montt, etc., etc., etc. It will be a Real Pleasure to have you, family and friends as a “VERY SPECIAL CLIENT “ As somebody said…. “When in Chile…. Do as Chilenos Do” My Very Best Regards Hector M                                                                                                                                  

Region Metropolitana Tour Guide - Eugenio  G.

Many years working with tourism with the people from all over the world gave me a lot of experience. I'm specialized in private tours where you will be more comfortable with our services. My clients get happy with our services. Also we give them the support they need all the time. I love what I do!!! Chile is a country with a large extense territory. Lakes, Mountains, River coming down directly from the mountains, wonderful vineyards, historic places and heritage, beaches, Ski center and much more you can find in this beautiful country. When you think about travel to Chile , please join me. Let me know first and you will see the quality of our services.                                                                                                                                  

Popular puerto varas tour guides.

Puerto Varas Tour Guide - Maria A.

I'm a private professional guide with Wilderness First Responder Certificate (WFR) and knowledgeable in native flora and fauna. I am focused on small groups and outdoor activities.                                                                                                                                  

Puerto Varas Tour Guide - Francisco hanu U.

Francisco hanu U.

Hello, it is a pleasure to greet you. i'm hanu, i'm a tour guide, graduate in tourism and entrepreneur, i have guided all over chile, with a career of 20 years now. i specialize in tailor made private programs and i love this job. the vocation in tourism has to do with enjoying being a host and i love showing my country and sharing unique experiences with our visitors. the visitor is someone very important to me, and i want your trip to be the best possible experience for everyone involve. in latin america, not everyone thinks like that, but i grew up with an education that taught me to try to do our best. i speak english, french and of course spanish. and today i am dedicated to offering daily excursions around puerto varas, but also programs from pucon to chaiten. for other parts of chile i could also join you when planned in advance. i work aswell with colleagues and other micro-entrepreneurs to be able to offer all kinds of experiences. if we work together, we will gradually put together a program just for you.                                                                                                                                  .

Los Lagos Tour Guide - Diana D.

We are a family run business with thirteen years of experience in bikes, settled in Puerto Varas, Chile. I am the manager and my husband Sergio and my sons Daniel, Juan Pablo or Adolfo will be your guides. Our main objective is to give you the best mountain bike experience!! Going through beautiful places and enjoying incredible landscapes that only the south of Chile has to offer you. You decide: either you can rent one of our mountain bikes or you can choose between one of our guided tours. It will only depend on the time you wish to spend, we will take care of the rest.                                                                                                                                  

Puerto Montt Tour Guide - Cathy B.

I'm an Argentinean with French roots. Have been Chilean residence in the south of Chile for 30 years. I had worked as a tour lider guide taking groups to the north of Chile, South of Bolivia and Peru as well as Argentinean and Chilean Patagonia in the south. I also worked with cultural tours in the Island of Chiloe. Have been guiding cruise ships land excursions from Puerto Montt and Chiloe. I organized and designed trekking and horse riding programs in patagonia and North patagonia too.                                                                                                                                  

Popular easter island tour guides.

Easter Island Tour Guide - Laura T.

Greetings from Easter island Im Laura T, im a certificate local tour guide that wants to show you my beautiful island visiting the most important archeological sites or we can create a tour according your preferences.                                                                                                                                  

Easter Island Tour Guide - Patricia R.

Patricia R.

Iorana my name is patricia and i am a local acredited guide in easter island. i have 20 years worth of experience guiding our beautiful island. i am also a mother, so i have plenty of patience and a great personality to make your visit unforgettable i would love to show you our island and its amazing polynesian culture including the moai statues, so please enquire about my flexible and personalized services.                                                                                                                                  , popular san pedro de atacama tour guides.

Antofagasta Tour Guide - Fredy L.

I create tailor-made travel experiences in the driest desert in the world, where I focus on small groups to take them to live the desert and Andes experience in a profesional , unique and safe way. I started my outdoors life when I was just a kid, always looking for new adventures and places to discover, since I a young age I enjoyed arranging adventurous walks for me and my friends, and I grow up doing this without knowing that one day I would study ecotourism and make my hobbies my source of work. After the highschool, I studied Ecotourism projects management for 5 years, This is why I moved to the Atacama Desert, to discovering and learning outdoors. After 10 years in the desert working like a guide and learning about everything in this area I start to take my own guest to show the desert. Now I spent most of my time working with outdoor activities, like climbing volcanos, mountain bike, exploring new areas, hiking and more. I work during all the year here in the desert, doing full days tour and half days trips from San Pedro de Atacama, here is a lot things to do. If you get a tour with me get ready for adventure , fun, knowledge, and a delicious food experience. I can arrange all the meals, the transportation, and all the adventure.                                                                                                                                  

Popular puerto montt tour guides, popular pucon tour guides.

Araucania Tour Guide - Gabbi   M.

My name is Gabbi and I have been basically a tour guide since I was very young, having the privilege of knowing lots of places in my own country and in the United States where I lived for several years, I graduated from the University of Massachusetts as a bilingual interpreter and work translating, guiding, and as an artist as a hobby and Iove meeting new people, I love nature and sports related with Natural environment, water sports as sailing, surfing, snowboarding, river rafting, trekking, etc... I am willing to be able to work more in all these activities, and give people a good knowledge of what important is to be connected with our planet. I love archaeology and used to guide in the Atacama Desert showing the path of many places that are from our past and in southern Chile in the Araucania region, in the Valparaiso region, Easter Island, Lake District as many others, I want to share my passion for all of it. I hope to be there for all who want to enjoy the beauties of our earth.                                                                                                                                  

Popular antofagasta tour guides, more popular chile tour destinations.

Valparaiso Tour Guide

Chile Tour Reviews

Wine Tour @Casablanca & Valparaiso Tour from Santiago

“ Fantastic service and personalized touches. ”

We needed transport from the Santiago Airport to Vina Del Mar where we would stay a few days before embarking on a cruise. Hector picked us up directly from the Santiago airport in a very nice and clean Mercedez mini-van. We stopped in a quaint coffee shop in a small town to take a breather before heading to a beautiful winery, tucked away in the rolling hills of the Casablanca Valley. We were hosted by Alexandra, the sommelier of the Villard Winery who recounted the French history of the winery and explained the characteristics of the soil, micro climate and sun exposure that gave each grape its unique and wonderful flavor. By far, the best wine tasting experience we ever had. Then Hector presented us with a series of options for lunch and we opted for a small Italian restaurant in his native city of Valparaiso, outside of the usual tourist tracks. We loved it!! He then took us around the city of Vina Del Mar before dropping us at our hotel in late afternoon. Throughout the tour and intersperse with personal stories, Hector took the time to explain his country’s history and culture. The day could not have been better. We highly recommend Hector and his driver.

Wine Tour @Casablanca & Valparaiso Tour from Santiago - 1

Airport-SANTIAGO Tour - Transfer SnAntonioCruiseTerm

“ City tour and transfer to hotel San Antonio ”

We enjoyed a relaxing but informative private city tour with Juan after arriving in Santiago from Canada. Juan showed us many sights, some driving but also some walking, as well as the gondola, before driving us to San Antonio hotel. He was efficient, kind and had a sense of humor. Appreciated his English! Thanks.

Customized private tour of Santiago + airport transfer + transfer to San Antonio pier

“ Wonderful time in Santiago! ”

Maricel was the perfect guide! After picking us up at an unearthly hour in the morning, she organised a half day packed with the best sights of Santiago. We ended our tour with lunch at a lovely vineyard before drop-off at our cruise ship. We had an awesome time in Santiago... Thanks Thomas and Maricel!

The best tours and activities

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Just contact your favorite local

Only private tours!

So no group tours with strangers

Related Chile Tour Guide Pages

Local tour guides in chile.

Create new adventures in Chile with a guide and let tailored knowledge, exclusive experiences, and personalized private tours redefine how you travel.

From Michelin star eateries in Santiago, to locally beloved street food stalls in Puerto Montt, Chile’s food is not to be ignored. If you’re a traveler who loves to indulge in culinary delights, a tour of this nation’s enticing food origins and innovative future is a great way to tap into its core.

Opt for a private guide in Maipo Valley, take on the Villarrica Volcano's slopes or slowly roll through Valparaiso’s hills and art filled streets with a day tour. Whatever your choice, a curated journey through a nation known for fresh experiences, and new frontiers is the perfect reward for you and your loved ones.

  • Itineraries
  • Where to Go
  • Accommodations
  • Inspiration

Chile: Luxury & Private Trips

Stretching 2,700 miles like a ribbon along South America ’s Pacific Coast, Chile is a kaleidoscope of landscapes. Within a land area measuring just larger than Texas and bookended by latitudes of 17° and 56°S, portraits of Chile are startlingly diverse: the Atacama Desert’s lunar landscapes; a volcano-peaked Lake District blanketed by primeval forest; wind-chilled fjords and glaciers of Patagonia .

Perhaps most remarkable is that it all fits into a country no wider than 150 miles at any point. To the east, the drumming Pacific Ocean; to the west, an imposing wall of Andes Mountains. The influence of Chile’s mountainous sawtooth spine imparts an isolation that has made it linguistically and culturally unique from its neighbors.

Blessed with natural wonders, a vibrant capital city, tantalizing wines, and world-class outdoor recreation, Chile appeals to active travelers, oenophiles, foodies, stargazers, road trippers, and photographers alike.

What is Chile best known for?

Chile offers so many ways to experience the country, from desert lodges to Patagonian eco-domes , cruising to hiking, refined vineyards to rugged steppe. We can’t emphasize the variety of experiences in Chile enough—it’s the perfect destination if you want to get out and explore.

Chile travel highlights

  • Star gaze in the Atacama Desert
  • Walk among the moai of Easter Island
  • Board the teleférico (cable car) for a bird’s eye view of Santiago
  • Sip wine in the shadow of the Andes in Chilean Wine Country
  • Hike, fly-fish, mountain bike, or white-water raft in the Lake District
  • Hang out in bohemian Valparaíso , a coastal enclave that’s inspired writers and poets.  
  • Kayak to the marble caves in northern Patagonia’s Aysén region
  • Road trip the scenic Carretera Austral (“Southern Highway)
  • Puma tracking or hiking to the Base de las Torres in Torres del Paine
  • Cruise your way through the Chilean Fjords, spotting penguins and whales
  • Visit Patagonia National Park , the newest of Chile’s 42 national parks

Take a deep dive, read: 15 of the Best Things to do in Chile

What to expect on a luxury trip to Chile

  • Memorable luxury accommodations : From charming boutique hotels ( Boutique Bidasoa and the Bauhaus-inspired Hotel Antumalal ) to the rustic luxury of Hotel Awa and Mallin Colorado Ecolodge , and experiential all-inclusive hotels such as Explora and Tierra , Chile’s accommodations are anything but an afterthought. If you’re looking for over-the-top luxury properties enveloped by nature, look no further than Vina Vik and Awasi properties.
  • Expert guides : Whether you’re interested in street art in Santiago , river rafting in the Lake District , or sipping Carménère in Chilean Wine Country , friendly, English-speaking guides will offer context and expert insight, connecting you deeper to the destination.
  • Exclusive experiences: Every trip we design is bespoke; there are no copy-and-paste itineraries. Your luxury Chile trip will be as relaxing and slow-paced as you wish, or as active as your adrenaline levels can handle. You can expect private tours, classes or workshops, and excursions; we’ll even handle dinner reservations. Share your niche interests with your Chile travel specialist and we’ll do our best to unlock exclusive experiences with our golden concierge key.
  • Seamless, worry-free travel: Chile is a long, mountainous country with cities and regions of fascination in the very north, the very south, and everywhere in between. There are some scenic drives, but for the most part, travelers will rely on domestic flights to travel between regions. Extraordinary Journeys will coordinate all connections and transfers so you can enjoy seamless, worry-free travel.
  • 24/7 in-destination support: Our job doesn’t end when your boarding pass is printed. Extraordinary Journeys is always by your side—even while traveling. We have reliable boots-on-the-ground support and a 24/7 concierge just a phone call away.

safari in Chile

Chile’s highlight-reel attractions include the Atacama Desert, Torres del Paine (Patagonia), and Easter Island.

Chile is among the safest countries to travel to in Latin America. When visiting any large city, exercise caution and situational awareness. Beyond Santiago, Chile is extremely safe.

Chile uses the Chilean peso. ATMs are available in major cities and towns, and credit cards are widely accepted. Keep some cash on hand for tipping and local markets.

In Chile, Spanish is spoken with a distinct accent. The dialect is full of “ chilenismos ,” words that are unique to Chileans, and it has its own distinctive rhythm, pronunciation, and lexicon . Guides and some hotel staff will speak English, while drivers and shop owners may speak limited English but enjoy trying to communicate with foreigners nonetheless.

Chile is 2,700 miles long. Visiting this long and narrow country requires some strategizing to explore its diversity of landscapes and experiences in an efficient way. Whether you’re flying to the extremities of Patagonia or taking it slow and traveling by car, an Extraordinary Journeys specialist can help you navigate the unique geography of Chile to make the most of your time.

Chile is blessed with remote tracts of pristine wilderness, but reaching them will require multi-hour travel. Between regions, you’ll take commercial domestic flights. In Patagonia and the Lake District, be prepared for some lengthy car rides. Prepare for road transfers anywhere from two to five hours long to enable you to visit some of these incredible corners of the country. (Don’t worry, we will coordinate it all!)

While Chile boasts incredible natural scenery, there are a few possible wildlife sightings to put on your list. Patagonia is revered as a nature lover’s ultimate playground, with its towering granite peaks, lakes, rivers and verdant forests home to over 500 species of wildlife. Guanaco, the llama’s southern cousin, appear in abundance in various areas of Patagonia all year long. There are several species of fox, the Patagonia Mara, a large and rather cute rodent and armadillos. Finally, you will have the chance to see the elusive Patagonian Puma, the most sought-after animal for most visitors to the Southern end of South America. The puma of Patagonia, once almost hunted to extinction, has made a phenomenal comeback in the last three decades thanks to safeguarding measures. Although sightings in the above-mentioned areas are not guaranteed they are not all that rare.

The bird life will also leave birders and non-birders alike excited, with a plethora of birds to spot. A few favorites are the Andean Condor, Chilean Flamingo, Darwin’s Rhea (a cousin of the Ostrich!), Magellanic Penguin (found at the very southern tip of the country) and the Southern Crested Caracara.

When is the best time to travel to Chile?

Peak season in Chile runs from late October to early April. We recommend visiting during South America’s fall and spring for the pleasant weather and thinner crowds.

It’s important to remember that Chile is in the Southern Hemisphere, so the seasons are opposite of those in North America, and the temperature can drop significantly as you travel south. The desert towns in the north are situated on a high plateau (more than 8,000 feet above sea level), but the rest of the country is nearly at sea level.

The North : North of Santiago (including the desert) and Easter Island are temperate and can be visited year-round.

Central Chile : The Lake District is lovely in Chile’s spring and fall. The region is warm from December to February, making it a popular vacation destination for Chileans during their summer months.

Patagonia : Fall and spring are the best time to visit Patagonia . Springtime begins in October, which is delightful: trees are blossoming, grass and shrubs are green, and sheep get sheared. Between March and April, there is less wind, and forests and grasslands begin flourishing with color. Cruises between Cape Horn and Ushuaia run between October and March, and penguins can be seen from October onward. The important thing to remember about Patagonia is that the weather changes quickly and frequently, so no matter the month, it’s possible to experience all four seasons in a single day.

Click to read more about The Best Time to Visit Chile , including a month-by-month guide.

Plan your Trip, Gauchos on horseback riding through Torres del Paine. Awasi is a luxury hotel in patagonia on Argentina & Chile tour

Where to travel to in Chile

Since Chile is so diverse and spread out, most itineraries will run anywhere from six to 12 days long. Santiago will likely be your arrival city, with domestic connections departing from here. A typical luxury Chile itinerary might include the Atacama Desert, Torres del Paine National Park, Chilean Lake District, Easter Island, and/or Aysén Region.

Here are the destinations we feel are the best places to visit in Chile :

Atacama Desert

The Atacama Desert is a mesmerizing landscape of otherworldly beauty characterized by its vast stretches of arid terrain and curious geological formations. With clear skies and minimal light pollution, it’s one of the world’s top stargazing destinations , offering breathtaking views of the night sky. Celestial wonders aside, travelers can explore salt flats and visit bubbling geysers, petroglyphs, milky-colorful lagoons, and the enigmatic Valle de la Luna (Valley of the Moon). Adventure-seekers might enjoy sandboarding, off-roading, hiking, while wellness-seekers will love floating in buoyant saline lagoons.

Santiago , Chile’s dynamic capital, captivates with its natural beauty, postcard-pretty architecture, and a buzzy social culture. Cradled by the Andes, a jaw-dropping panorama can be enjoyed from Cerro San Cristobal, while its historic heart showcases neoclassical gems like La Moneda Presidential Palace. Modern icons like the Sky Costanera and Titanium La Portada skyscrapers offer a contrasting narrative to the city’s colonial heritage. Spend time admiring art and antiquities in galleries and museums, nosh on small plates in trendy bistros, and people-watch in plazas and leafy parks. Check out our Ultimate Santiago Travel Guide .

Lake District & Chiloé

The charming Lake District is in an idyllic setting enveloped by snow-capped volcanoes and forests punctuated by monkey puzzle and ancient alerce trees. Home to seven national parks, emerald glacial lakes and threaded by wild rivers and wilderness trails, the area is a siren’s call to outdoor enthusiasts. Travel at your own pace—whether that’s a thrilling mountain bike descent along flowy single track or the leisurely amble of a trail ride on horseback through dreamy woodlands. Lake District is the ideal place to sink into a laidback luxury lodge with cozy amenities like outdoor fire pits and wood saunas.

Chilean Wine Country

Oenophiles’ palates will have traveled to Chile well before ever having their passports stamped. A major exporter of wine, Chilean wines grace the aisles of shops around the world. Sip vintages at the source on your luxury Chile trip to Wine Country . North and south of Santiago, you’ll find fertile growing regions like Casablanca, Colchagua, and Maipo. Harvest, during Austral fall (March and April), is an exciting time as vineyards jump into action. Luxe lodges, tastings in gorgeous cellars, farm-to-table dining, and slow, sunbaked picnics round out a visit to Chilean Wine Country.

Chilean Fjords

Chile’s fjords stretch all the way to the country’s southernmost tip in Tierra del Fuego, a scarcely explored region that feels every bit the end of the world that it is. Cruising is the best way to appreciate this wild coast. On Zodiac excursions, you might spy caravans of migrating whales, penguin colonies, cormorant, and seals. Four-night, three-day cruises typically depart from Punta Arenas and finish in Ushuaia, Argentina.

The bohemian port town of Valparaíso is a charming stop filled with street art. Its vibrant buildings, fresh, pulled-fresh-from-the-ocean seafood, and steep hills accessible by a funicular are a must-see on your Chilean sojourn. The color bock city was also the home of the eccentric and legendary poet Pablo Neruda. A visit to his nautical-inspired home-turned-museum makes for a delightful afternoon. 

Exciting and ambitious conservation efforts in Chilean Patagonia are reclaiming ranchland to reestablish wildlife corridors and rewild biodiversity. In partnership with the Tompkins Conservation, Chile joyously added a 42 nd national park to its collection in 2018. The opportunity to experience the jaw-dropping wonder of Patagonia in an ethical, sustainable way has never been easier. Exquisite luxury eco-lodges are embracing local communities and engaging in conservation while offering all-inclusive, expert-guided, and tailormade excursions.

Torres Del Paine

Visitors to Torres del Paine National Park are awestruck by its famously rugged environs. Imagine, soaring granite peaks, glaciers, turquoise lakes, and pristine wilderness valleys. Its iconic landmarks include the three towering granite spires of the Torres del Paine, the massive Grey Glacier, and the serene Lago Nordenskjöld. Travelers can partake in a range of outdoor pursuits such as multi-night trekking along the renowned W Circuit, luxury glamping , observing wildlife like guanacos and Andean condors, kayaking among icebergs, and softer activities like horseback riding and photography.

Aysén Region (northern Patagonia)

The Aysén Region captivates with its dramatic fjords, imposing glaciers, and lush forests. Visitors gravitate to highlights that include the marble caves of General Carrera Lake, Patagonia National Park, the snow-clad Northern Patagonian Ice Field, and the Carretera Austral (“Southern Highway”)—one of the most famous road trips in the world. Spend your time hiking, kayaking, multi-night trekking, wildlife watching, and fly fishing. Aysén’s outstanding beauty, shaped by its isolation, is a haven for travelers who want to feel as if they have Patagonia all to themselves. Read more about the Aysén Region best eco-lodges .

Easter Island (Rapa Nui)

Easter Island — Rapa Nui —is famous for its beguiling maoi (stone monoliths) and isolated location, but don’t discount its other merits. After all, it’s a subtropical island in the South Pacific Ocean! White sand beaches hemmed by warm, crystalline waters are framed by palm trees and a gently undulating volcanic landscape. On land, take it all in by bike or on foot. Offshore, board a marine safari by boat or peek underwater while snorkeling or scuba diving. Your Easter Island visit will be accompanied by knowledgeable guides who will explain the mysteries that vexed scientists for years. You’ll also meet indigenous Rapa Nui islanders who will share their culture and traditions.

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Easter Island

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Aysén Region, Northern Patagonia

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Torres del Paine

tour guides in chile

Lake District and Chiloé

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Easy extensions

 Santiago is a significant hub within South America, so adding extra time in Peru , Ecuador , the Galapagos Islands , Argentina , Brazil, and Bolivia is straightforward. Additionally, there are many border crossings along the length of the country with Argentina. Onward travel to Antarctica is easy, too, with ships departing Punta Arenas and Ushuaia , Argentina.

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13 Best Santiago Chile Day Tours: The Complete Guide [2024]

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Are you looking for the best Santiago Chile day tours? You’ve come to the right place, as they’re all listed here!

How do I know these are the best Santiago Chile day tours? I recently spent several months exploring South America, including a week in Santiago and its surrounding regions. Plus, I’ve vetted all the tours in this article, as well as the reviews, so you can be sure they’re all highly rated.

Travellers relaxing in the hot springs on the Cajón del Maipo, Hot Springs, Waterfall & Chilean BBQ' tour near Santiago.


Don’t have time to read the whole article? Book this Cajón del Maipo, Hot Springs, Waterfall & Chilean BBQ Tour , for the complete 5-star Santiago experience!

Santiago is the vibrant capital of Chile and the country’s largest city. Nestled amidst some of Chile’s most beautiful and fascinating landscapes, and with a rich history and culture, there’s so much to see and do in Santiago.

Luckily, there are plenty of fantastic day tours to help you explore the city and surrounding regions so you can get the most out of your stay. But with so much variety, it can be difficult to choose which tours to do.

To help you out, I’ve narrowed down the top Santiago Chile day tours. In this list you will not only find the most highly rated tours, but also the most interesting and comprehensive day tours, to ensure you experience as much as possible during your time in Santiago.

With everything from sightseeing, wine tasting, and hot springs to hiking, wildlife and adventure, there’s something for every type of traveler on this list! So read on for the 13 best Santiago Chile day tours, to ensure you have an unforgettable trip.

Quick Guide: Santiago Day Tours

# 1 top pick ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐.

Cajón del Maipo, Hot Springs and Chilean BBQ Tour ✔️ Complete Cajón del Maipo sightseeing experience ✔️ Traditional Chilean feast, drinks & campfire included ✔️ Relax in volcanic-heated thermal hot springs Check Rates & Availability

A vineyard with the view of the mountains in the background, near Santiago in Chile.

# 2 PICK ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Maipo Valley Wine Tour with 4 Vineyards & Tastings ✔️ Wine & Pisco tastings included ✔️ Varied day with full farm and winery tour ✔️ Wine glass and mini bottle to take home Check Rates & Availability

The colourful town of Valparaiso, which can be visited on one of the best Santiago Chile day tours.

# 3 PICK ⭐⭐⭐

Full-Day Tour of Valparaiso and Viña del Mar ✔️ Experience 2 of Chile’s most iconic coastal towns ✔️ Wine tasting stop in the Casablanca Valley ✔️ Guided tour of Valparaiso’s colourful streets & hills Check Rates & Availability

Top 13 Santiago Chile Day Tours

1. cajón del maipo, hot springs & chilean bbq experience.

Discover the best of the Santiago region with this Cajón del Maipo, hot springs and Chilean BBQ tour.

⭐ Rating : 5 out of 5 Stars | 🕒 Tour Length: 10 Hours | 💰 Check Rates & Availability

Why choose this tour? It’s one of the most comprehensive and unique Santiago Chile day tours . With something for everyone, the tour has several highlights including the Maipo Canyon, thermal hot springs, a 4×4 adventure, spectacular waterfalls, a traditional Chilean BBQ feast & much more!

✅ Small-group day trip discovering the Cajón del Maipo ✅ Includes admission to the ‘Termas Valle de Colina’ ✅ Relax in hot springs heated by the nearby volcano ✅ Stop at the Chocolate House ✅ Traditional Chilean Barbecue dinner ✅ Includes wine, beer, juice & bottled water ✅ Panoramic sunset views of the volcano and Andes Mountains ✅ Stargaze by the campfire ✅ Hotel pickup and drop-off included

What makes this Cajón del Maipo tour the best is that it includes so many memorable and unique activities in one day. Not only will you get to experience the majestic Maipo Canyon, but you will also see spectacular waterfalls, volcanos and mountains, visit key attractions like the Chocolate House, and enjoy stargazing around a campfire.

Plus the tour includes a stop at the Termas Valle de Colina natural hot springs, where you will get to relax in 7 natural pools heated by the nearby volcano, ranging in temperatures from 130ºF to 86ºF (55ºC to 30ºC).

And, to top it all off, indulge in a traditional Chilean barbecue feast including appetizers, grilled vegetables, sausages, choripanes and beef (or vegan/vegetarian options). And all of this is accompanied by plenty of Chilean wine, beer and juice!

Incredible Experience! A must do!

Note – this tour operates from 3 pm to 1 am in the summer season (November to April) and from 6 am to 5 pm in the winter season (April to October).

➡️ BOOK: Cajón del Maipo, Hot Springs and Chilean BBQ Experience

2. Maipo Valley Wine Tour with 4 Vineyards from Santiago

To spend the day exploring Chile’s best red wine region book this Maipo Valley Wine Tour with 4 Vineyards from Santiago .

⭐ Rating : 5 out of 5 Stars | 🕒 Tour Length: 9 Hours | 💰 Check Rates & Availability

Why choose this tour? It’s one of the only tours which gives you a full Maipo Valley experience. You will have the opportunity to explore a family-run farm and three of the valley’s best wineries . Plus, you will get to try more than 10 different wines, and have a pisco tasting!

✅ Visit 4 traditional family-run vineyards ✅ Taste premium and signature wines and Pisco ✅ Tour a farm, vineyards, production warehouses & wine cellars ✅ Interact with alpacas and other animals ✅ Receive a wine glass and small bottle of wine to take home ✅ Experience different agricultural productions ✅ Includes hotel pickup & drop-off ✅ Wheelchair & stroller accessible

This Maipo Valley tour is one of the top wine experiences in Chile, and it’s the most comprehensive winery tour available from Santiago. You will get to experience both wine production and agriculture in the Maipo Valley, and taste some of Chile’s best wines. Plus, this tour has hundreds of 5-star reviews!

Best wine tour I’ve ever been on !

The Maipo Valley is where the first vines were planted in Chile in the 1540s. And to this day, it remains the heart of Chile’s wine making industry, which you will get to experience on this tour. With both large and more intimate wineries on the itinerary, you will get a true sense of Chilean wine culture, and have the opportunity to taste a wide variety of wines.

➡️ BOOK: Maipo Valley Wine Tour with 4 vineyards from Santiago

3. Full-Day Tour of Valparaiso Port and Viña del Mar

For a day of colour, sightseeing and discovering local culture, book this Tour of Valparaiso Port and Viña del Mar from Santiago .

⭐ Rating : 4.5 out of 5 Stars | 🕒 Tour Length: 10 Hours | 💰 Check Rates & Availability

Why choose this tour? This is the most popular tour to discover the historic Valparaiso port and beach town of Viña del Mar, with thousands of 5-star reviews! Plus you will get to experience the Chilean countryside on the way, including a wine tasting in the Casablanca Valley .

✅ Full-day tour of two of Chile’s most iconic coastal cities ✅ Travel through Chile’s spectacular countryside ✅ Wine tasting stop in the picturesque Casablanca Valley ✅ Optional seaside lunch in Viña del Mar ✅ Explore the beach and boardwalk ✅ Guided tour of Valparaiso’s colourful hills, alleyways, and street art ✅ Includes Funicular Ride in Valparaiso ✅ Learn about the port’s fascinating history ✅ Includes luxury coach hotel pickup and drop-off

Valparaiso and Viña del Mar are two must-visit coastal towns from Santiago. This full-day tour will give you the opportunity to explore both, in a small-group setting, with an experienced guide who can teach you about the history and culture of the region.

Plus, you will get to experience the picturesque Chilean countryside on the way, by stopping at Chile’s top white wine region for a tasting!

A must do in our opinion!

If you’re only visiting Santiago for a few days, this is the ideal day trip out of the city. You will get to see some of the most beautiful regions surrounding Santiago and fit multiple must-do experiences into one day!

➡️ BOOK: Tour of Valparaiso Port and Viña del Mar from Santiago

4. Authentic Andes Adventure: Private Horse Riding Tour

Several horse riders looking at the view of the Andes Mountains on the Authentic Andes Adventure tour, which is one of the best Santiago Chile day tours.

For an authentic Chilean adventure book this Private Horse Riding Tour in the Andes mountains!

⭐ Rating : 5 out of 5 Stars | 🕒 Tour Length: 4 Hours | 💰 Check Rates & Availability

Why choose this tour? Discover the Andes on horseback and experience Gaucho culture with this guided tour and picnic, suitable for first-time riders!

✅ Private morning or afternoon tour ✅ Authentic Chilean Experience in the Andes ✅ Discover unbeatable views in Chile’s rural countryside ✅ No experience necessary: suitable for first-time riders! ✅ Learn riding safety, techniques and how to ride on mountain trails ✅ Picnic with cheese & wine included ✅ Learn about Gaucho culture and native flora and fauna ✅ Hotel pickup and drop-off available

The best part about this tour is that you get to experience an authentic Chilean adventure in the foothills of the Andes. Your guide will not only take you on a tour of the beautiful rural Chilean countryside, but will also teach you about horse riding, the local geography and landscapes, and traditional Gaucho culture.

Book this tour NOW!!!

This is a fantastic tour if you want to include an adventurous activity in your Santiago itinerary. And, as this is a half-day tour with both morning and afternoon times available, it can easily fit into your schedule.

➡️ BOOK: Authentic Andes Adventure: Private Horse Riding Tour

5. Andes Mountains Full-Day Hiking Tour

View of the Cajón del Maipo near Santiago, Chile.

For a true Andes Mountain adventure, take this full-day small-group guided hiking tour through the Cajón del Maipo.

⭐ Rating : 5 out of 5 Stars | 🕒 Tour Length: 12 Hours | 💰 Check Rates & Availability

Why choose this tour? This is the best way to experience the rugged landscapes and pristine beauty of the Andes mountains from Santiago!

✅ Guided small-group tour ✅ Hike through the Maipo Canyon towards San Jose Valcano ✅ Breathtaking mountain scenery, glaciers and rivers ✅ Enjoy a scenic picnic in a secluded spot ✅ Includes gourmet sandwich lunch, snack and wine ✅ Relax at a pristine waterfall ✅ Moderately difficult hike at a leisurely pace ✅ Round trip transportation included

It turns out you don’t have to visit Patagonia to get an epic Chilean hiking adventure! Just a short drive from Santiago you will find the breathtaking Maipo Canyon, full of jagged peaks and pristine glaciers, waterfalls and rivers. You might even spot the majestic condor flying high above!

This guided tour includes everything you need to get the most out of your Andes trekking experience. With round trip transportation, a gourmet picnic lunch and professional guides to teach you about the history and geography of the landscapes along the way, this will be a particularly memorable hiking experience.

The best views are worth the effort

Keep in mind that this is a moderate hike so you do require a moderate level of fitness. It’s also recommended that you wear hiking shoes or boots, and bring a backpack with sunscreen, a sun hat and a warm jacket.

➡️ BOOK: Full-Day Guided Andes Mountains Hiking Tour

6. Casablanca Valley Wine Tour and Tasting

White wine grapes growing in a Casablanca vineyard.

For a true 5-star experience , ideal for white wine lovers, book this Casablanca Valley Wine Tour & Tasting Including 3 to 4 Vineyards .

Why choose this tour? This is the most highly rated tour of Chile’s best white wine region , and includes 3-4 vineyards with tastings!

✅ Viator Experience Badge of Excellence ✅ Full-day wine tasting tour in the Casablanca Valley ✅ Taste the best white wines in Chile ✅ Enjoy stunning scenery and panoramic views of the valley ✅ Sample award-winning and organic wines ✅ Guided tasting sessions and learn about winemaking ✅ Lunch Stop at a Fantastic Local Restaurant ✅ Hotel pickup and drop-off included

If you’re a white wine lover, then this tour is the one for you! The Casablanca Valley is Chile’s top white wine region. In particular, it’s best known for its Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc.

But it’s not just the excellent white wines that you can enjoy here. The valley also produces some excellent Pinot Noir. And, on this tour, you will get to sample a variety of white, red and sparkling wines, including organic and award-winning wines.

Wonderful tour!

This whole tour is really enjoyable from start to end. With knowledgeable guides, comprehensive tastings and stunning scenery throughout the entire day. Plus, the variety and quality of the wines and knowledgeable guides make it a really special experience.

➡️ BOOK: Casablanca Valley Wine Tasting Including 3 to 4 Vineyards

7. Full-Day of Outdoor Activities & Wildlife Tour

Several Humbolt Penguins standing on a rocky coastline in Chile, which can be visited on select Santiago Chile day tours.

For adventurous travellers, outdoor enthusiasts and animal lovers, book this full-day tour of exciting outdoor activities and wildlife spotting !

⭐ Rating : 5 out of 5 Stars | 🕒 Tour Length: 9-13 Hours | 💰 Check Rates & Availability

Why choose this tour? This is the most adventurous tour on the list, offering exhilarating experiences like sand boarding and paragliding , as well as the chance to see Humboldt penguins and sea lions in their natural habitat!

✅ Comprehensive small-group tour Led by an experienced guide ✅ Boat ride to see sea lions and Humboldt Penguins in the wild ✅ Sandboard down the Concon Dunes ✅ Visit Valparaiso and Viña Del Mar ✅ Includes a traditional Chilean picnic lunch and locally-produced wine ✅ See ancient volcanic rocks and native flora and fauna ✅ All equipment provided, including sandboards and binoculars ✅ Option to go paragliding ✅ Includes hotel pickup and drop-off

This is the ideal tour for active travellers who are looking for a full day of adventure! Heading out of Santiago, you will get to visit some of Chile’s most iconic coastal towns and pristine coastline. Plus, enjoy non-stop activities including a boat ride, wildlife spotting, sand boarding, a picnic, coastal walks & more!

Best tour of the trip

The only reason this tour isn’t higher up the list is because it’s not the cheapest of Santiago Chile day tours. However, given all the memorable experiences it packs into one exciting day out, most would agree it’s well worth the money!

➡️ BOOK: Full-Day of Outdoor Activities and Wildlife Tour

8. Private Full-Day Santiago City Tour

A colourful street in the historic city centre of Santiago, Chile.

Discover the history, culture and highlights of Santiago on this highly rated private full-day Santiago City Tour !

⭐ Rating : 5 out of 5 Stars | 🕒 Tour Length: 7 Hours | 💰 Check Rates & Availability

Why choose this tour? With the full attention of a knowledgeable guide, you will get to intimately explore Chile’s historic capital city, discovering famous sites, beautiful architecture and hidden gems.

✅ Private tour with a knowledgeable and entertaining local guide ✅ Get inside knowledge and navigate like a local ✅ Tour can be customized to suit your interests ✅ Visit all of Santiago’s key attractions and sites ✅ Learn about the architecture and significance of key buildings ✅ Visit the city’s largest market ✅ Includes hotel pickup and drop-off

No list of Santiago Chile day tours would be complete without a tour of the city itself!

This day tour is ideal for anyone wanting to spend the day discovering and learning about the city of Santiago and Chile’s history. Plus, as this is a private tour you will have the full attention of your guide, to make sure all your questions are answered and so you can get the most out of the day.

Book now before someone else does! A++++

This tour is the best way to experience as much of Santiago as possible in one day. And the key advantage of taking a private tour is that it can be personalized to suit you, so you will get to see everything that’s of interest to you in the city.

➡️ BOOK: Private Full-Day Santiago City Tour

9. Cajón del Maipo Sightseeing and Spa Tour with Lunch

Four travellers enjoying a meal with a view on the Cajón del Maipo, Pool and Spa Tour from Santiago.

Enjoy a full day of sightseeing, food and relaxation on this Cajón del Maipo, pool and spa tour with lunch from Santiago.

⭐ Rating : 5 out of 5 Stars | 🕒 Tour Length: 8 Hours | 💰 Check Rates & Availability

Why choose this tour? It offers a great mix of sightseeing and relaxation, with the opportunity to visit one of the most important attractions near Santiago and relax at a luxury spa all in the same day!

✅ Explore the breathtaking Cajón del Maipo ✅ Learn about the area’s mining history and significance in colonial time ✅ Visit the region’s first self-sustaining hotel, El Morado Lodge & Spa ✅ Includes lunch and drinks at the lodge’s restaurant ✅ Relax and rejuvenate in the spa, pools and sauna ✅ Visit the Chocolate House in San Alfonso ✅ Indulge in delicious ice cream and chocolates ✅ Key photo stops in El Morado ✅ Includes round-trip transportation

This is the ideal tour for anyone looking to relax and unwind on their Chilean vacation, without missing the key tourist attractions. This sightseeing and spa tour offers the perfect balance of both, so you can experience the best of the Andes.


This tour will also ensure you’re well fed, as it includes a delicious lunch with a view at the lodge. And you will get to stop at the Casa Chocolate Tienda Boutique , for some tasty sweet treats and ice cream!

➡️ BOOK: Cajón del Maipo, Pool and Spa Tour with Lunch

10. Private Andean Tour from Santiago

Mirador de los Cóndores near Santiago, Chile, which is one of the best Santiago Chile day tours to take.

If you’re looking for a more intimate Andes experience, book this private Andean half-day tour from Santiago , for groups of up to 5 travellers.

⭐ Rating : 5 out of 5 Stars | 🕒 Tour Length: 5 Hours | 💰 Check Rates & Availability

Why choose this tour? This private tour packs a lot into just half a day, with stops at several prominent ski resorts near Santiago and a cheese and wine picnic at Condor’s lookout!

✅ Enjoy a private mountain tour for up to 5 travellers ✅ Visit multiple ski resorts around Santiago for diverse mountain views ✅ Marvel at the grandeur of the Andes from different angles ✅ Indulge in a wine and cheese tasting overlooking Condor’s Lookout ✅ Morning tour, ideal for travellers short on time ✅ Snowshoes, poles and binoculars provided if needed ✅ Includes hotel pickup and drop-off

This is the ideal tour for those who are looking to explore as much of the Andes as possible in a short space of time. Plus, you will have the undivided attention of your own private guide. They will be able to answer all your questions, tailor the experience around your interests and ensure you get the best views.

Perfect Day in The Andes

After a big morning of exploring the Andes, the highlight of this tour is the cheese and wine lunch overlooking the Mirador de Cóndores. You might even spot the majestic Condor flying high above as you enjoy a relaxing lunch!

➡️ BOOK: Private Andean Half-Day Tour from Santiago

11. Observatory Stargazing Tour from Santiago

An observatory and the night sky near Santiago in Chile.

If you’re interested in astronomy and want to experience the Andes at night, book this observatory stargazing tour from Santiago !

⭐ Rating : 4.5 out of 5 Stars | 🕒 Tour Length: 5 Hours | 💰 Check Rates & Availability

Why choose this tour? For a unique Santiago experience, catch the last of the daylight and learn about astronomy as you admire the stars in the Andean skies!

✅ Stargazing above the Andes Mountains ✅ Witness the transition of the Andean sky from daylight to nighttime ✅ Hosted at a private observatory with an experienced astronomer ✅ Includes wine, cheese and snacks ✅ One of the best places for stargazing in the world ✅ Use specialized telescopes to spot stars, planets & more ✅ Learn fascinating insights about astronomy ✅ Early-evening tour, ideal for those short on time ✅ Includes hotel pickup and drop-off

The skies around Santiago are some of the clearest in the world – you can even see stars in broad daylight here! Therefore it’s one of the best places for astronomy.

This tour will ensure you get to experience the best of the skies above the Andes Mountains, with an evening of stargazing led by an experienced astronomer.

Beyond our expectations!

On top of the astronomy experience, the tour also includes wine, cheese and appetizers, for a complete and memorable evening.

➡️ BOOK: Observatory Stargazing Tour from Santiago

12. Full Day Tour to Siete Tazas from Santiago

A waterfall and lagoon at Siete Tazas, which can be visited on one of the best Santiago Chile day tours.

For a day out in one of the most beautiful national parks near Santiago, book this full day tour to Siete Tazas .

⭐ Rating : 5 out of 5 Stars | 🕒 Tour Length: 10-11 Hours | 💰 Check Rates & Availability

Why choose this tour? This tour is the perfect blend of pristine nature, interesting culture, adventure and relaxation, all in one day!

✅ Visit Radal Siete Tazas National Park ✅ Experience seven cascading waterfalls ✅ Swim in the crystal-clear pools beneath the majestic waterfalls ✅ Relaxing picnic lunch amidst stunning natural scenery ✅ Includes all park entrance fees ✅ Drive through picturesque Chilean countryside ✅ Stop at a local village to sample traditional Chilean food ✅ Includes hotel pickup and drop-off

Radal Siete Tazas National Park is located around 260 kilometres (162 miles) south of Santiago. Named after its 7 waterfalls, the park’s pristine beauty and crystal-clear water is a true Chilean oasis.

On this day tour to Siete Tazas , not only will you get to witness the park’s immense beauty, but you will also get to experience Chilean culture, history and cuisine, with a stop at a local village.

I can’t even put it into words how amazing this tour was

However, the highlight of this trip is getting to swim in the clear blue waters of the park’s stunning waterfalls, where you will feel like you’re on a paradise island!

➡️ BOOK: Full Day Tour to Siete Tazas from Santiago

13. Portillo and Laguna del Inca Day Tour

Portillo lagoon with snow-capped mountains in the background, which can be visited on some Santiago Chile day tours.

Visit South America’s pioneer ski centre and see the pristine Inca lagoon on this Portillo and Laguna del Inca day tour .

Why choose this tour? Experience the region’s dramatic landscapes, enjoy panoramic views and visit Chile’s most famous ski area!

✅ Full-day trip in the Andes Mountains ✅ Visit South America’s first and most famous ski resort ✅ Panoramic views of the Inca lagoon and snow-capped mountains ✅ Stop at the Salto del Soldado viewpoint ✅ Learn about the history and legends of the region ✅ Free time to explore the resort and surrounding landscape ✅ Includes return transportation

Portillo is one of the most famous places in Chile. It’s South America’s original ski resort and is known for it’s spectacular views, striking turquoise Lagoon and the hairpin turns on Highway 60 leading up to it!

And even if you’re not a skier, Portillo is still worth visiting for the spectacular views, excellent service and fascinating attractions along the way.

Well worth a full day in the Andes

This tour will ensure you make the most of your day in the Andes with stops at key sites along the way and excellent photo opportunities. Plus, in Portillo you’ll have time to explore on your own and enjoy some delicious local food at the on-mountain restaurant.

➡️ BOOK: Portillo and Laguna del Inca Day Tour

Santiago Chile FAQs

How many days is enough in santiago chile.

5 to 7 days is the ideal amount of time to spend in Santiago, to properly explore the city and the surrounding regions. However, if you’re short on time, 2 to 3 days is more than enough to get a taste of what Santiago has to offer, and to take a day trip outside the city !

How should you spend one day in Santiago?

If you only have one day in Santiago, I would recommend taking a guided city tour , to ensure you see and experience as much as possible in the time you have!

Is a day trip to Valparaiso worth it?

Yes, a day trip to Valparaiso is absolutely worth it! The colourful port town has a fascinating history, culture and street art scene to explore. And, while there you can also visit the neighbouring town of Viña del Mar for some time at the beach.

What is the closest wine region to visit from Santiago?

The Maipo Valley is the closest wine region to Santiago, at about a 1-1.5 hour drive away. The other nearby wine regions are up to a 2.5 hour drive from the city, but can easily be visited on a day tour .

READ MORE: The 11 Best Wine Tours from Santiago Chile

Is Santiago Chile safe?

Santiago is generally considered a safe city. However, as of 2023, according to travel advisories petty crime like theft, pick-pocketing, scams and muggings have been on the rise. Therefore, you should always exercise caution, book experiences , transport and accommodation through trusted providers, and be careful with your belongings.

What is the best time of year to visit Santiago?

Santiago is a great year-round destination. The summers are hot and dry (September to February) and this is the best time to visit Chile’s wine country, go hiking and visit the beach. Whereas in winter (June to August) you can go skiing and explore the city in more comfortable temperatures.

Is Chile an expensive place to visit?

Chile is one of the most expensive country’s in South America. However, compared to many other places around the world, it’s actually very affordable. Especially if you’re visiting from a country with a stronger currency, you can expect your money to go further here.

➡️ Browse All Santiago Chile Day Tours

Final Thoughts – Best Santiago Day Tours

Taking a day tour is one of the best ways to experience Santiago and the surrounding regions. And luckily there are plenty of fantastic Santiago Chile day tours to choose from!

Whether you’re looking to get off the beaten path on a unique outdoor adventure, sample local wines in Chile’s top wine regions, or visit pristine landscapes and learn about the local culture, there will be a tour to suit your interests in Santiago. And hopefully this list has helped you narrow down the options so you can make the most of your trip.

Still unsure which tour is right for you? View all Santiago Chile day tours .

11 Best Santiago Chile Wine Tours: Everything You Need To Know

Is Santiago Chile Worth Visiting? 13 Reasons To Visit

Is Patagonia Worth Visiting? 15 Best Reasons to Visit

Hikes in Chile – 13 Amazing Hikes & Treks For Your Bucket List

O Circuit & W Trek Reservations – How To Book Torres Del Paine

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Chanelle Rosenbaum is the founder and author of Chasing Chanelle, a blog that aims to help travellers and expats navigate new destinations and take on more outdoor adventures. She has lived in Canada, Europe, the UK, Australia, and South America, which has given her a local’s perspective of the places she writes about. She is also an avid hiker, camper, runner, paddler, skier, and snowboarder, and is passionate about sharing her hobbies with others through her blog.

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A fusion of modern skyscrapers and elegant presidential palaces set under the gaze of the forever snow-topped Chilean Andes, this capital of more than 500 years is best explored with a tourHQ guide.

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Rosa Patricia Garabito Valdés

Rosa Patricia Garabito Valdés

I have passion for my job, I guarantee you will have a great time discovering ChileCertified Tour ...

Jorge Jerez

Jorge Jerez

Altiplano Expediciones is the fantasy name that I grant to the dream of make from a passion, my ...

Xetro Tuki

ENGLISH: I am a simple man, rapa nui native, a technical tourism guide, certified, 2 ...

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Hector Medina

Dear Guest, I am Hector Medina, Chief Manager of HecTour and Specialist of Bilingual Tour, Transfer ...

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Thomas Poussard

Flexibility, knowledge, humor: this is what I offer with my personalized tours in English, French ...

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Alvaro Mamani

Experiencia en trekking y montañismo en Chile, Perú, Bolivia, Colombia, Suiza, Alemania y ...

Herbert Brasche Brasche

Herbert Brasche Brasche

He is a guide and tour operator in Santiago Chile, with English citizenship and more than 30 years ...

Jose Huaman

Jose Huaman

Hello, my dear friends. I am a local guide from Peru, born in the community of Cusco at ...

Isaac C. Reyna

Isaac C. Reyna

Dear visitor My name is Isaac Reyna. I am born and raised in the city of Valparaiso and I ...

Yamilet Zapata

Yamilet Zapata

"A local for local experiences"

Felipe Moreno Lira

Felipe Moreno Lira

Hi everyone! My name is Felipe and I want to invite you to discover and explore different ...



I love my country Chile and City Santiago.  I would like to show you  the ...

Carlo Montalbetti

Carlo Montalbetti

21 years of experience guiding across Chile

Carla Henriquez Matta

Carla Henriquez Matta

Although I could not mark other specialization options, I might add other tours such as Rural, ...

Ramon  Soto

Hello, I am a licensed Tour Guide (English /Spanish) also I got an  Associate degree in Travel ...

Jeff Sandifort

Jeff Sandifort

Jeff has had a lifelong passion for climbing and exploration of all sorts. Born in Australia he ...

Seated in the heart of Chile’s central valley with lovely views of the Andes Mountains, Santiago is a cultural mosaic of colonial foundations, neoclassical architecture from the 1800s, modern city development, and every extraordinary stage in between. Rely on a Santiago tour guide to take you on a journey through this capital city’s South American history, and hit a variety of cultural niches along the way. Enjoy the panoramic city views from the Cerro San Cristobel, shop at the open street markets of Artesanías de Chile for handmade products, take in the architecture at La Moneda, the Presidential Palace and the downtown areas, and tuck into local seafood brought directly from Pacific ports on the Chilean Coast. Cap off your day with the country’s traditional drink, the pisco sour, and an evening show at the majestic Teatro Municipal. A visit to Santiago is the ultimate experience, as taking a stroll through the city allows access to 500 years of history and culture!

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Torres  del paine and puerto natales, san pedro de atacama, easter island, puerto varas and lakes, coyhaique and carretera austral, arica and iquique, punta arenas y tierra del fuego, the best tours in chile.

The following are the main tourist destinations in Chile. In each of them you can find specially designed tours and travel packages, that will let you explore the best of this wonderful country.


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I was apprehensive booking my itinerary following a cruise arriving in Chile, I booked your services from the UK There was never a need to worry, a nice driver in a good vehicle collected. 3 excursions were booked, again good drivers in nice cars arrived I can only compliment Visit Chile for providing quality service (at good prices)

Reino Unido

I booked your services from the UK. Good drivers in nice cars arrived I can only compliment Visit Chile for providing quality service (at good prices)

I was apprehensive booking my itinerary following a cruise arriving in Chile, I booked your services from the UK There was never a need to worry, a nice driver in a good vehicle collected us in San Antonio, bringing us to Santiago where a nice hotel was arranged, 3 excursions were booked, again good drivers in nice cars arrived I can only compliment Visit Chile for providing quality service (at good prices)

Rosemary Bradley

Replys to emails were very prompt and efficient though. It was not really a tour as tour was done at concha y toro. Information and interaction from guide on the bus there would be helpful. I did the wine tour. Apart from a lift there I could not comment on quality of services. Driver and guide introdiced themselves and that was it. No specific complaints, but minimal service was provided on the actual tour.


Kris Dabkowski

Service provide by your agent was better than I could expected. In hotels: waiters should now a few English/international words e.g.: beer or ordering food some simple English/international terminology not only Spanish.


Marjorie Risinger

Our guide was wonderful and the excursion terrific.

Estados Unidos

Francis Peter

Damien and Paola was very professionnal and attentive and kindless and Katherin thé driver super!! Everything was réally fine thank you so much.


Nellie Knight

Cliff our guide was prompt, professional and knows Chile very well. He did an excellent job giving us a great sampling of Chile in a few hours. He knows all the great views. where good photos can be made. I will use your services again when in Chile.

Pamela Donaldson

Very satisfied with services provided. Our driver/guide arrived on schedule and was most helpful and informative. Thank you.

Keith Springer

Excellent service from both guide and driver.

teresa bunn

Jorge was a great guide, and ended up being our transportation to Vina the next day as well. On time and courteous and personable!

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Daniela was very helpful in making arrangements. It is nice to have the name of a person when working with a large organization. I had a great experience on the Isla Negra trip I arranged through you.

Annika Leichtweiss

No complaints! Paola was extremely helpful and answered promptly any questions!

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Very informative tour, qualitative guide


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We enjoyed your services and shall recommend you: It was well organized and had no trouble at all, our requests were fulfilled properly and professionally. Go on ! We wereon 1st time discovery. Next we may be more demanding. It was great.


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The hotel offered other excursions and our options which were not present on your website we would have stayed another day go trip to hot springs /termas

Maria van Burik

The guides services were very good and all the transports etc. worked very well.Hotel Lady Florence Dixi: The staff could be friendlier! \r\nSuggestion: When a trip starts early in the morning, the hotel should be asked to provide either an early breakfast or give a packed breakfast. It is after all included in the price and is part of the tour. Really important!

Yolanda Liu

The tour I received was very good. It would have been better if the tour information I received would have told me to bring my bathing suit so I have an option to enjoy the hot spring at the Tatio Geyser.


Stephen Rickard

Great service to combine days trips with a quality hotel as a base. Highly recommend

Patrick Lehrman

Ata of AKU AKU Tours was very knowledgeable and an excellent guide. We were fortunate enough to have him on all three tours.

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Changing of the Guard at La Moneda Palace, Santiago, Chile - Santiago City Walking Tour

Departures from Santiago, Valparaiso, Viña de Mar and San Antonio

Costanera Center with snow-capped Andes Mountains. Santiago Tours

Santiago Tours

Inca Lagoon from the Portillo Hotel - Andes Mountains

Andes Mountains Tours

Castillo Wulff, Viña del Mar. Pacific Coast Tours

Pacific coast Tours

Wine tasting at Kingston Family Vineyard, Casablanca Valley. Wine Vineyard Tours

Wine Vineyard Tours

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Torres del Paine National Park – Waterfalls – Catamaran Cruise – Balmaceda & Serrano Glaciers – Isla Magdalena Penguin Colony

Osorno Volcano from Puerto Varas

Land of Volcanos: Lakes Region and Chiloe Island

Petrohue Falls – Osorno Volcano – Todos Los Santos Lake – Frutillar – Puerto Varas – Penguins

Couple stargazing in Chile La Serena

La Serena and Elqui Valley Road Trip Tour

Isla Damas Humboldt Penguin Reserve – Papaya Plantation – Pisco Distilleries – Wine – Stargazing

Llamas in Atacama

Geysers – Moon Valley – Rainbow Valley – Lagoons – Salt Flats – Volcanos – Petroglyphs – Stargazing

Chile Dream Tour

Discover Chile Dream Tour

Santiago – Valparaiso – Lakes Region – Patagonia – Atacama

Private Cruise Shore Excursions & Pre- and Post-Cruise Private Tours

Plaza de Armas and Metropolitan Cathedral, Santiago, Chile. Discover Santiago. Shore Excursion

Shore Excursions From San Antonio

Valparaiso skyline with historic Lutheran Church. Discover Valparaiso

Shore Excursions from Valparaiso

Osorno Volcano from Saltos del Petrohue. Shore Excursion from Puerto Montt

Shore Excursions from Puerto Montt

Cannons at Fort Bulnes

Shore Excursions from Punta Arenas



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“We had a wonderful day with our guides. Nothing was too much trouble. They really looked after us. We would definitely recommend them to anyone visiting Chile. Thank you, Chile Dream Tours, you made us feel extremely welcome and in good hands.        A gem of a company ! “

“We actually did two days in a row with Chile Dream Tours and we cannot say enough about their style, knowledge, kindness, and professionalism. Our guides for both days were amazing. We were treated like a combination of royalty and old long-lost friends! “

“We were greeted by our tour guide and right away we knew this tour was going to be awesome. The guide was absolutely fantastic with his knowledge about Chile, taking care of all our needs.  If you are in Chile you 100% need to go with Chile Dream Tours! “

“We did our first tour to see Santiago. Our guide was wonderful. We then traveled to Patagonia and on our return did three more tours. We were not disappointed at all!   Chile Dream Tours is a wonderful agency.  They bend over backwards to meet your wishes. “

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“From the pre-planning to the logistics of the day, Chile Dream Tours was incredible. Our private tour connected us with exactly the experience we wanted and the rafting was so perfectly and professionally handled – I couldn’t recommend them any more highly.”

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Shot during a Patagonian Fiords cruise in the Alberto de Agostini Natural Park, Cape horn and Darwin Mountains

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tour guides in chile

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Chile is nature on a colossal scale, but travel here is surprisingly easy if you don't rush it.

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The guanaco (Lama guanicoe), a camelid native to South America, stands between 1.0 and 1.2 m at the shoulder and weighs 90 to 140 kg. Its color varies very little (unlike the domestic llama), ranging from a light brown to dark cinnamon and shading to white underneath. Guanacos have grey faces and small, straight ears. The name guanaco comes from the South American Quechua word huanaco (modern spelling: wanaku). Young guanacos are called chulengos.

Parque Nacional Patagonia

Northern Patagonia

Dubbed as the Serengeti of the Southern Cone, the 690-sq-km Parque Nacional Patagonia features Patagonian steppe, forests, mountains, lakes and lagoons…

It takes a while to get there ! It's the most incredible natural place in Easter Island. The force and the beauty of the nature here is incredible.

Orongo Ceremonial Village

Rapa Nui (Easter Island)

Nearly covered in a bog of floating totora reeds, the crater lake of Rano Kau resembles a giant witch's cauldron and is a wild greenhouse of endemic…

tour guides in chile

Rano Raraku

Known as 'the nursery,' the volcano of Rano Raraku, about 18km from Hanga Roa, is the quarry for the hard tuff from which the moai were cut. You'll feel…

tour guides in chile

Ahu Tongariki

The monumental Ahu Tongariki has plenty to set your camera's flash popping. With 15 imposing statues, it is the largest ahu ever built. The statues gaze…

Vitral en el techo del Centro Cultural Gabriela Mistral (GAM)

Centro Gabriela Mistral

This striking cultural and performing-arts center – named for Chilean poet Gabriela Mistral, the first Latin American woman to win the Nobel Prize in…

tour guides in chile

Beach bums in search of a place to wallow will love this postcard-perfect, white-sand beach. It also forms a lovely backdrop for Ahu Nau Nau, which…

Casa de Isla Negra

Casa de Isla Negra

Middle Chile

The spectacular setting on a windswept ocean headland makes it easy to understand why Isla Negra was Pablo Neruda’s favorite house. Built by the poet when…

birdeye view of Andes and Santiago, Chile

Cerro San Cristóbal

The best views over Santiago are from the peaks and viewpoints of the Parque Metropolitano, better known as Cerro San Cristóbal. At 722 hectares, the park…

Top picks from our travel experts

The 14 best things to do in chile, from volcano climbs to sampling pisco sours.

Ascensor Concepción

Ascensor Concepción

The city's oldest funicular, Ascensor Concepción takes you to Paseo Gervasoni, at the lower end of Cerro Concepción. Built in 1883, it originally ran on…

Ascensor Reina Victoria

Ascensor Reina Victoria

This funicular dates back to 1902 and connects Av Elias to Paseo Dimalow.

A man hiking Villarrica Traverse trail through Araucaria araucana forest on the mountainside in Villarrica National Park.

Parque Nacional Villarrica

Towering over the adventure capital of Pucón, Volcán Villarica is the centerpiece of Parque Nacional Villarrica, one of the most popular parks in Chile…

Ascensor El Peral

Ascensor El Peral

The recently revamped Ascensor El Peral starts from near the Tribunales (Law Courts) just off Plaza Sotomayor and continues to Cerro Alegre, home to the…

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Best Things to Do

With its puffing volcanoes, pounding surf, silent salt flats and gleaming glaciers, Chile is the ultimate wonderland for adventures. Here's where to begin.

Things to Know

Chile is an accessible destination, but there are customs, social rules and safety issues to keep in mind. Here's what you need to know.


With Chile's epic scenery, getting around is always an adventure. Here's the lowdown on the best ways to navigate your way up, down and all around Chile.

Visa Requirements

Looking to visit Chile? Here's a useful guide to entry requirements to ensure a seamless journey in and out of the country.

Money and Costs

A guide to daily costs in Chile, along with some tricks and tips to help keep more of those colorful Chilean pesos in your wallet.

Traveling with Kids

With some patience – and a bit of basic Spanish – the thin South American nation of Chile can be the perfect setting for a family adventure.

Best Road Trips

Chile's best road trips take in rolling vineyards, serene lakes, deep fjords, towering volcanoes and bone-dry deserts. Here are our top Chilean drives.

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Happy mother and son enjoying the outdoors in Torres del Paine National Park, Patagonia, Chile, with the famous Torres del Paine mountains in the background.

Family Travel

Sep 23, 2023 • 7 min read

A man riding a mountain bike through the Valle de la Luna, Atacama Desert, Chile

Sep 21, 2023 • 7 min read

Two women embracing and smiling in Santiago de Chile

Sep 17, 2023 • 7 min read

Plan your Chile itinerary while strolling the streets of Santiago

Aug 26, 2023 • 7 min read

Couple admiring scenery at Parque Nacional Torres del Paine

Aug 23, 2023 • 9 min read

The Panamerican Highway, Antofagasta, Chile.

Aug 23, 2023 • 4 min read

Iquique paraglider, Atacama paraglider.

Aug 22, 2023 • 7 min read

Adventurous woman, outdoor woman, friend, guide, Badass, strong, happy, content, risk taker, whole/complete, competent

Aug 20, 2023 • 8 min read

Ahu Tongariki, Easter Island.

Aug 12, 2023 • 3 min read

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Chile is a gorgeous spectacle. Spaghetti-thin, up to half of this country’s slim width is covered by the stratospheric Andes. Glaciers calve. Penguins mix with flamingos. Vineyards knit mild valleys into a neat green patchwork. Sharp spikes of snow-capped rock bite into the sky. At least that’s what your photos will say. It’s harder to capture how it feels to be wrapped in raw wilderness or to scan the expansive pampas from the porch of a secluded estancia. Many travelers plan tours in Chile just to experience the awesome variety of nature. But we also bring you into the fascinating array of local cultures strung the length of the country. We meet the urbanites of Santiago, experts in the Maipo Valley vineyards, the hardy islanders of Chiloé and, of course, the gauchos who ride the pampas. North to south, mountaintop to seashore, you’ll get a carefully curated up-close look at this vast and varied country. 

  • Exploring the lively capital city of Santiago, on foot at eye level
  • Sipping and strolling through vineyards in the Maipo Valley
  • Experiencing the picturesque Lake District to see Petrohué Falls
  • Enjoying a curated walk along the slopes of Osorno Volcano
  • Ferrying to Chiloé Island to see rare Magellanic and Humboldt penguins
  • Savoring a mountaintop picnic with the chance to spot guanaco, condors and rheas
  • Joining a local family for a feast of meat and seafood in a covered pit
  • Following scenic footpaths in Patagonia's scenic Torres del Paine National Park
  • Boating across an ice-studded lake to the face of Grey Glacier
  • Spending the day on a working estancia with friendly gauchos

Starting Point:

Ending point:.

Itinerary Map

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Dates & Prices

The earlier you book, the more choice you’ll have and the lower your price. And you can always change your mind — you won’t be charged to transfer to a different trip before your final payment is due. Talk with one of our travel experts at 800-200-3887 .

Select our “Family Departure” to travel with other families.

Internal Air

Cheers with your expert local guide in Chile

Why Choose Classic Journeys

Travel + Leisure has named Classic Journeys the #1 World’s Best Tour Operator multiple times and says, "Classic Journeys provides unbeatable access to experiences around the globe." Here’s what that access means for you.

  • Experience the world on foot and at eye level . Each day, join your guide on the most cinematic footpaths in the region.
  • Exceptional full-time local guides who become your well-connected friend. Our amazing guides are with you throughout each day of the tour, share their lifelong connections as well as engaging anecdotes about the history and culture of the region.
  • Small groups that provide you unrivaled access. An average of fewer than 10 guests per departure means we can offer you special access to sites like Stonehenge so you experience the stone circle when it’s closed to the general public, a guided visit to Zion Narrows that other companies cannot arrange because of larger group sizes, and vineyard walks with a count and countess in Tuscany.
  • Award-winning hotels are waiting for you at the end of every day. Luxuriate in the finest and most distinctive accommodations in the region you’re exploring, including rainforest lodges, 16th century villas, and award-winning properties that show up on World’s Best and Gold lists.
  • Eat like (and with) the locals. Food is a foolproof way into the hearts, homes and history of the places you visit with us. From gourmet picnics to coveted local restaurants, our meals offer you opportunities to explore native food traditions and fine dining.
  • Handcrafted itineraries with all activities included. With our long-term friendships, we know our walking tour regions more personally than anyone else. So you get thoughtfully curated itineraries that combine explorations of the villages, organic farms, archeological sites and the people who know them best.
  • Sustainable travel that supports the places you’re visiting. We put our local currency into the pockets of the people who live where we travel. It’s your guarantee that you’ll have authentic, up-close experiences on your trip. Best of all, our person-to-person approach helps sustain their ways of life.


We spend years cultivating personal relationships with our hoteliers to provide you thoughtfully selected accommodations that reveal the true character of the region. Here is a sampling of our favorite hotels on this tour. 

Puerto Natales, Patagonia, Chile; Remota Hotel, designed by German del Sol

Remota Patagonia

Remota Hotel is a remarkable blend of luxury and sensitive, sustainable architecture. Its low profile hugs the grassy hills outside Puerto Natales. There’s a heated infinity pool, outdoor Jacuzzi and spa for your comfort.

tour guides in chile

Hotel Cumbres Puerto Varas

Perfectly located on the shores of Lake Llanquihue, this 5-star property offers dramatic views of Osorno volcano. Enjoy your upscale room along with a visit to the spa, heated pool, or sauna during your relaxing stay.

tour guides in chile

Singular Santiago

In an elegant city neighborhood, but bounded by a lush forested park, this recently opened hotel has rooms decorated with a sophisticated blend of classic and contemporary style. Check out the spa and rooftop pool.

What’s Included

  • Award-winning boutique hotels that provide you unlimited access to the people and places, culture and history you came to experience
  • All breakfasts, 6 lunches and 3 dinners
  • Full-time experienced guide(s) who are with you throughout the trip and handle behind-the-scenes logistics
  • Admissions to scheduled events as noted in the detailed daily itinerary
  •  Gratuities for hotels, meals, and baggage
  • All land transportation during the trip

Above & Beyond Benefits

Invisible check-in.

  • When your group arrives, we whisk you and your bags to your room immediately. No waiting – no tipping.

Privileged Access Events

  • One-of-a-kind access to remarkable people, places and activities arranged just for you.
  • In many regions, we uncork wonderful local wines at every dinner, compliments of Classic Journeys.

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Pleasant Surprises in Peru

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Touring Puglia, On Foot At Eye Level

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Andean condors in Torres del Paine

Complete Chilean Patagonia tour

22 days from $13,680pp

  • Torres del Paine National Park
  • Day-to-day Itinerary
  • Chile trip ideas

Tour highlights

Venturing along the Carretera Austral, one of the most spectacular roads in South America.

Taking in the immenseness and desolate beauty of the ice fields.

Visit the Marble Caves on Lago Carrera General.

Hike or horse ride from your Patagonian lodge.

Price includes:

  • Domestic flights in destination
  • Fully insured vehicle rental
  • All accommodations
  • 24-hour support while you travel

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Upon arrival in Santiago, your guide will meet you and take you to your hotel. The rest of the day is free to relax or start exploring.

Santiago, Chile

This morning you will be picked up from your hotel and transferred to your lodge in Torres del Paine National Park.

Torres del Paine, Chile

Experience activities around Torres del Paine with the lodge's guides; each day, choose between various hikes, horse riding, and vehicle-based trips.

Sunrise in Torres del Paine National Park

Further activities around Torres del Paine.

Rio Paine, Torres del Paine National Park

Depart this morning to head back to the Punta Arenas Airport and fly to Puerto Montt, where you will pick up your hire car for the next two weeks! Drive less than an hour to your hotel on the shores of Lake Llanquihue.

The Chilean Lake District, Puerto Varas

Head out to explore the Lake District in your hire car — we recommend going to the Osorno Volcano and the Petrohué Falls and there are several interesting towns nearby.

The Osorno Volcano, near Puerto Varas

Today, you will need to set off very early as you start your journey south along the Carretera Austral from Puerto Montt to Caleta Gonzalo. This journey involves three ferry crossings and sections of tarmac and gravel road. If you're not too tired when you arrive at Caleta Gonzalo, there are a couple of short hikes nearby you could try.

Petrohue, in the Chilean Lake District

Today you will continue south along the Carretera Austral, past Chaitén, then turn off toward the small mountain village of Futaleufú near the Argentine border.

The hotel can advise you on hiking routes in the area. You can head into the village in your car, and allow some time to relax and enjoy the spectacular views from the hotel.

Today you will retrace your steps to the Carretera Austral and continue south to your lodge near Puyuhuapi.

Today, we recommend driving to the Queulat National Park, where there is a great hike up to a viewpoint of a hanging glacier. You could also go kayaking at the lake by the hotel.

Continue your drive south through more spectacular scenery to Coyhaique, the main town in the area.

Scenery between Balmaceda Airport and Coyhaique, Aysén

Start along the road toward Balmaceda and then rejoin the Carretera Austral which winds its way toward Lake General Carrera — the views as you approach are stunning, and you will then continue along the edge of the lake to your hotel just outside Puerto Guadal.

Lago General Carrera, Chile

Enjoy activities from your lodge. Choose to visit the famous Marble Caves, take a boat onto the beautiful lake, undertake some fly-fishing on the Baker River or walk or horse ride in some untouched corners of Patagonia.

Lago General Carrera, Chile

Today, you will need to drive around the lake to Puerto Marmol, where you can go by boat or kayak to the beautiful marble caves.

The Marble Caves, Chile

Continue on the Carretera Austral south to the road-free Tortel. You will have some time in the afternoon to explore the boardwalks of the town, which has only been connected to the world by road since 2000.


Complete the journey south by road and ferry to Villa O'Higgins, truly at the end of the road.

Cruising to the Great Glacier, Villa O Higgins

Today, you will take a shared boat trip to the Great (or O'Higgins) Glacier. Please note that this trip is subject to weather conditions.

A glacier in the Aysén region of Chile

Start the drive back north. Your destination is Estancia Chacabuco, a unique project in Patagonia National Park.

Scenery around Lago General Carrera, Aysén

Relax or go hiking in Patagonia National Park.

Parque Patagonia

Today, drive back to Balmaceda, returning the hire car in time for the flight to Santiago. You will be met and taken to your hotel. Enjoy your last evening in the bustling capital.

National Museum of Fine Arts, Santiago, Chile

Be taken to the airport in time for your flight home.

Skyline, Santiago

Accommodation options

While the itinerary price reflects the suggested accommodations, Audley trips are 100% tailor-made, and a specialist can help you select the option best suited to your tastes and budget.

Hotel Magnolia

The W Hotel

Holiday Inn Aeropuerto

Holiday Inn Aeropuerto

The Singular Santiago

Singular Hotel

View more accommodations in santiago.

Standard room, Patagonia Camp, Torres del Paine National Park

Patagonia Camp

Suite dome, Eco Camp, Torres del Paine National Park

Tierra Patagonia

View more accommodations in torres del paine national park.

Casa Molino Guest House, Puerto Varas

Casa Molino

Hotel Puelche, Puerto Varas

Hotel Puelche

Hotel Cumbres Puerto Varas

Cumbres Puerto Varas

Cabañas Caleta Gonzalo, Caleta Gonzalo

Cabañas Caleta Gonzalo

Uman Lodge, Futaleufú

El Pangue Lodge

Standard room, Hotel Dreams Coyhaique

Hotel Dreams Coyhaique

El Mirador de Guadal, Lago General Carrera

El Mirador de Guadal

Entre Hielos, Tortel

Entre Hielos

Robinson Crusoe

Robinson Crusoe Lodge

Explora Patagonia National Park

Explora Patagonia National Park

  • Punta Arenas
  • Puerto Varas
  • Caleta Gonzalo
  • Futaleufú
  • Lago General Carrera
  • Villa O Higgins

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Chile defies many visitors’ expectations of an Andean country. It is developed, relatively affluent and non-corrupt. Travel to Chile and you’ll discover one of the safest and most relaxing countries in South America. Its buses are comfortable and run on time; its people polite and respectful. Above all, though, visitors travel to Chile for its beautiful landscapes. The population is concentrated to the major cities, which leaves vast tracts of scarcely touched wilderness to explore.

Chile travel facts

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A country of geographical extremes, Chile’s diversity is reflected both in its people and its cuisine, which encompasses the tropical fruit of the arid north as well as king crab from the southern fjords. Above all, visitors head to Chile for its remote and dizzyingly beautiful landscapes. Our travel guide to Chile will provide you with everything you need to make the most of it.

  • Motto: ‘ Por la razón o la fuerza ’ meaning, ‘By right or by might’.
  • Population: 17.2 million people live in Chile, consisting of a fairly homogenous mestizo population with a few indigenous groups ranging from Mapuche in the Lake District, Yámana and Kawéskar (around 2,800) in Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego.
  • Economy: One of the most developed countries in Latin America, Chile has the steadiest growth in the region and the lowest level of corruption in Latin America.
  • Law: Chile only legalised divorce in 2004.
  • Politics: Although notorious for the Pinochet’s infamous military dictatorship during the 1970s and 1980s, Chile otherwise has a long history of parliamentary democracy.

Travel to Chile’s capital Santiago and you’ll find monuments, museums and restaurants. Whilst on the popular Central Coast, the port of Valparaíso provides a contrasting bohemian vibe. Chile’s largest beach resort Viña del Mar couldn’t be more different, with high-rises, casino and seafront restaurants.

El Norte Chico

Continue north and you’ll find a succession of idyllic beaches spread out along the dazzling fringe of the Norte Chico, which comprises semi-arid landscapes and hardy vegetation.

South of Santiago, the lush Central Valley, with its swathes of orchards and vineyards, invites you to find Chile’s best vintages, including Carmenère, the country’s signature grape. Further south, the much-visited Lake District is a postcard-perfect landscape spanning conical volcanoes to dense araucaria forests.

Just off the southern edge of the Lake District, the Chiloé archipelago is famous for its rickety houses on stilts, distinctive wooden churches and rich local mythology.

Back on the mainland, between the Carretera Austral and Campo de Hielo Sur (Southern Ice-Field), lies Patagonia , a land of bleak windswept plains bordered by the magnificent granite spires of the Torres del Paine massif, a magnet for hikers and climbers.

Across the Magellan Strait, Tierra del Fuego sits shivering at the bottom of the world, a remote place of harsh, desolate beauty, while Chile’s southernmost town, Puerto Williams, is the gateway to one of the continent’s toughest treks, the Dientes de Navarino.

No Chile travel guide would be complete without mentioning the country’s two Pacific possessions: Easter Island – one of the most remote places on earth – and the little-visited Isla Robinson Crusoe, part of the Juan Fernández Archipelago, with its dramatic volcanic peaks and a wealth of endemic wildlife.

Discover more places in Chile

Church of Achao, Chiloe Chile © Vincent Calqulin/Shutterstock

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Given the variety of its climate and geography, you can travel to Chile at any time of year. The best time to visit Chile depends on what area of the country most interests you.

Santiago, northern Chile and the Atacama Desert are year-round destinations. Temperatures here tend to be hottest between January and March.

If you have your heart set on skiing around Santiago or further south, the best time is from July through to September. The season for adventure sports in the Lake District and Northern Patagonia tends to be November through to March.

The best time to visit South Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego is in warmer months of November to March. From June to September many places close and the area is difficult to navigate due to the snow.

The most straightforward way to travel to Chile is via Santiago’s modern international airport, though some travel to Chile by land from neighbouring countries, and a handful arrive by sea.

Airfares depend on the season. You’ll generally pay the most if you travel to Chile in the December-February and June-August periods, the southern and northern hemisphere’s summer holiday months, respectively. Fares drop slightly during the ‘shoulder’ months – March and November – and you’ll normally get the best prices during the low seasons: April, May, September and October.

For those travelling to Chile’s Easter Island, your flight from Santiago is likely to be cheaper if bought in conjunction with a LATAM Airlines international flight.

Getting around Chile is easy, comfortable and relatively good value. When you are there, you will most likely choose to travel by bus (or micros) due to the comfort and cost. Chile’s long-distance buses offer an excellent service thanks to the enormous amount of legroom, frequent departures and flexible itineraries.

Internal flights in Chile are useful for covering long distances in a hurry, though fares can be quite high. The country has a good road network, so hiring a car and driving is a quick and stress-free way of getting around.

Colectivos, shared taxis operating along a set route with fixed fares, are normally only slightly more expensive than local buses. These are good options when travelling in a couple or small group. Most colectivos look like regular taxis and have their route or final destination marked on a roof-board.

Taxis are normally black with a yellow roof. Foreigners are often overcharged, so check the meter has been turned on before you start a journey and get an estimate for the fare, if possible in Spanish. Fares should be shown on the windscreen.

  • Atacama desert

Visit erupting geysers, crinkly salt plains and emerald lakes in the morning, and deep, mystical valleys by sunset in the driest desert on earth.

Travel advice for Chile

From travel safety to visa requirements, discover the best tips for traveling to Chile

  • Sports and Outdoor activities in Chile
  • Eating and drinking in Chile
  • Getting around Chile: Transportation Tips
  • Travel Tips Chile for planning and on the go
  • Elqui Valley

Take advantage of some of the clearest skies in Chile and look at the universe through some of the world's most powerful telescopes.

Chile's rapidly evolving capital city boasts a vibrant eating out and nightlife scene, several fascinating museums, numerous cultural pursuits and a selection of excellent places to stay.

Valparaíso has a tangle of colourful houses, cobbled streets and bohemian hang-outs spread across a series of undulating hills overlooking the Pacific.

Pablo Neruda's house has been turned into a beguiling museum with an evocative collection of the Nobel Prize-winning poet's kitsch and often bizarre trinkets and knick-knacks.

Visit the numerous traditional bodegas around San Fernando and Santa Cruz, and sample some of Chile's finest vintages.

  • Parque Nacional Torres del Paine

Hike the trails of Chile's most popular – and most spectacular – national park or climb the granite towers that give the park its name.

  • Easter Island

Gazing down into the giant crater of the extinct Rano Kau volcano and visiting the magical moai at Ahu Tongariki and Rano Raraku are once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

  • Isla Robinson Crusoe

Isla Robinson Crusoe has the end-of-the-world castaway feel that inspired Daniel Defoe's famous book.

Sample one of Chile's most memorable dishes, admire the palafitos (traditional houses on stilts) or hike through temperate rainforest on Chile's mist and legend shrouded island.

  • Patagonian islands

Lose yourself in this veritable maze of fjords and tiny islets by taking to the water in a sea kayak, or take a boat trip in search of the elusive blue whale.

  • Tierra del Fuego

Explore the deserted roads running through steppe and dotted with guanacos and rheas, or fish in the pristine lakes and rivers of Chile's remotest region.

  • Isla Navarino

Chile's southernmost inhabited territory (barring Antarctica), where the warmth of the locals contrasts with the harshness of the landscape.

Fly over some of the world's most treacherous waters or brave a sailing trip to Chile's southernmost group of islands – the biggest nautical graveyard in the Americas.

  • Parque Nacional La Campana

Follow in the footsteps of Charles Darwin by hiking up to the 1880m summit of Cerro La Campana, where you'll be rewarded by some of the best views in the country.

As part of our Chile travel guide we’ve drawn up some fantastic itineraries for travelling through Chile, taking you from the icy fjords and snow-tipped mountains of the south to the fertile wine-growing valleys in the centre and parched desert and highland lagoons of the north. In short, places to visit Chile abound.

Travel ideas for Chile, created by local experts

Luxurious Chile - Atacama Desert & Easter Island

11 days  / from 4896 USD

Luxurious Chile - Atacama Desert & Easter Island

Explore two of Chile's extraordinary highlights: the Atacama desert with its salt flats and lagoons and Easter Island. The island is famous for its stone monoliths and source of mystery for many. Your stay will be complemented in the best hotels, making this trip even more special.

Chile Explored: From Santiago to Torres del Paine

10 days  / from 2650 USD

Chile Explored: From Santiago to Torres del Paine

The vast expanse of Patagonia is home to extreme landscapes, from jagged mountains, stark glaciers, clear blue lakes, and grassy fields. You will find them all in Torres del Paine, a huge contrast to the start of the trip in the historical, bustling city of Santiago.

Self-Drive Santiago, Wines & Lakes

14 days  / from 3800 USD

Self-Drive Santiago, Wines & Lakes

Discover the beauty of Chile independently in your own rental car. Start in Santiago before heading to Pucon, Huilo Huilo and Puerto Varas. As you'll be in your own car, you can plan each day at your liking - hikes, relaxing or cultural exploration? Decide spontaneously.

Most foreign visitors who travel to Chile do not need a visa. Visitors of all nationalities are issued with a ninety-day tourist entry card ( Tarjeta de Turismo ) on arrival, which can be extended once for an additional ninety days.

If you lose your tourist card, ask for a duplicate immediately, either from the Fronteras department of the Policía Internacional, General Borgoño 1052, Santiago or from the Extranjero’s department of the Intendencia in any provincial capital. There’s no charge.

As with all countries, make sure you check on the country’s government website about your visa requirements, before you travel.

Travel to Chile and you’ll find a vast array of quality raw produce, though many restaurants lack imagination, offering similar limited menus. That’s not to say, however, that you can’t eat well here, and the fish and seafood, in particular, are superb.

On the whole, eating out in Chile tends to be good value. In local restaurants you can expect to pay around CH$4,000–7,000 for a main course. The best trick is to do as the Chileans do and make lunch your main meal of the day; many restaurants offer a fixed-price menú del día, always much better value than the à la carte options.

Most of Chile’s festivals are held to mark religious occasions or to honour saints or the Virgin Mary. What’s fascinating about them is the strong influence of pre-Spanish, pre-Christian rites, particularly in the Aymara communities of the far north and the Mapuche of the south. Added to this is the influence of colourful folk traditions rooted in the Spanish expeditions of exploration and conquest, colonization and evangelism, slavery and revolution.

In the altiplano of the far north, Aymara herdsmen celebrate Catholic holy days and the feasts of ancient cults along with ritual dancing and the offering of sacrificial llamas.

In central Chile, you’ll witness the influence of colonial traditions. In the days of the conquest, an important ingredient of any fiesta was the verbal sparring between itinerant bards called payadores , who would compose and then try to resolve each other’s impromptu rhyming riddles. The custom is kept alive at many fiestas in the Central Valley, where young poets spontaneously improvise lolismos and locuciones , forms of jocular verse that are quite unintelligible to an outsider. These rural fiestas always culminate in an energetic display of cueca dancing, washed down with plenty of wine and chicha – reminiscent of the entertainment organized by indulgent hacienda-owners for their peons.

In the south, the solemn Mapuche festivals are closely linked to mythology, magic and faith healing, agricultural rituals, and supplications to gods and spirits. Group dances (purrún) are performed with gentle movements; participants either move round in a circle or advance and retreat in lines. Most ceremonies are accompanied by mounted horn players whose four-metre-long bamboo instruments, trutrucas , require enormous lung power to produce a note. Other types of traditional wind instruments include a small pipe ( lolkiñ ), flute ( pinkulwe ), cow’s horn ( kullkull ) and whistle ( pifilka ). Of all Mapuche musical instruments, the most important is the sacred drum ( kultrún ), which is only used by faith healers ( machis ).

A list of festivals in Chile

Spaniards brought the first wooden image of San Sebastián to Chile in the seventeenth century. After a Mapuche raid on Chillán, the image was buried in a nearby field, and no one was able to raise it. The saint’s feast day has become an important Mapuche festival, especially in Lonquimay, where it’s celebrated with horse racing, feasting and drinking.

Celebrated throughout Chile since 1780, when a group of miners and muleteers discovered a stone image of the Virgin and Child while sheltering from an inexplicable thunderstorm in the Atacama. Typical festivities include religious processions and traditional dances.

This glitzy and wildly popular five-day festival is held in Viña del Mar’s open-air amphitheatre, featuring performers from all over Latin America and broadcast to most Spanish-speaking countries.

Among the nationwide Easter celebrations, look out for Santiago’s solemn procession of penitents dressed in black habits, carrying crosses through the streets, and La Ligua’s parade of mounted huasos followed by a giant penguin.

In many parts of central Chile, huasos parade through the streets on their horses, often accompanied by a priest sitting on a float covered in white lilies.

Throughout the altiplano, villages celebrate the cult of the Holy Cross, inspired in the seventeenth century by the Spaniards’ obsession with crosses, which they carried everywhere, erected on hillsides and even carved in the air with their fingers. The festivities have strong pre-Christian elements, often including the sacrifice of a llama.

A huge parade through the streets of Santiago bearing the Cristo de Mayo – a sixteenth-century carving of Christ whose crown of thorns slipped to its neck during an earthquake, and which is said to have shed tears of blood when attempts were made to put the crown back in place.

An important feast night, celebrated by families up and down the country with a giant stew, known as the Estofado de San Juan. In Chiloé, an integral part of the feast are roasted potato balls called tropones, which burn the fingers and make people “dance the tropón” as they jig up and down, juggling them from hand to hand.

Along the length of Chile’s coast, fishermen decorate their boats and take the image of their patron saint out to sea – often at night with candles and flares burning – to pray for good weather and large catches.

The largest religious festival in Chile, held in La Tirana in the Far North, and attended by over 80,000 pilgrims and hundreds of costumed dancers (see Santuario de la Tirana).

Military parades throughout Chile honour the patron saint of the armed forces; the largest are in Maipú, on the southern outskirts of Santiago, where San Martín and Bernardo O’Higgins defeated Spanish Royalists in 1818.

Thousands of Chilotes flock to the archipelago’s tiny island of Caguach to worship at a two-metre-high figure of Christ, donated by the Jesuits in the eighteenth century.

Chile’s Independence Day is celebrated throughout the country with street parties, music and dancing.

Each year, numerous dance groups and more than 10,000 pilgrims from Chile, Peru, Bolivia and Argentina make their way along a tortuous cliff path to visit a rock carving of the Virgin in the Azapa valley, near Arica. There are many smaller festivals in other parts of Chile, too.

Traditionally, this is the day when Chileans tend their family graves. In the north, where Aymara customs have become entwined with Christian ones, crosses are often removed from graves and left on the former bed of the deceased overnight. Candles are kept burning in the room, and a feast is served for family members, past and present.

A second vigil to the dead is held in cemeteries, with offerings of food and wine sprinkled on the graves. In some far north villages, there’s a tradition of reading a liturgy, always in Latin.

Celebrated in many parts of Chile, the festival of the Immaculate Conception is at its liveliest in San Pedro de Atacama, where it’s accompanied by traditional Aymara music and dancing.

More than 100,000 pilgrims from all over the north come to Andacollo, in Norte Chico, to worship its Virgin and watch the famous masked dancers (see Andacollo and around).

The Chileans are not a particularly exuberant people, but passions are roused by several national enthusiasms – chiefly football and rodeo, which at their best are performed with electrifying skill and theatricality.

El fútbol reigns supreme as Chile’s favourite sport. Introduced by British immigrants in the early 1800s, football in Chile can trace its history back to the playing fields of the Mackay School, one of the first English schools in Valparaíso, and its heritage is reflected in the names of the first clubs: Santiago Wanderers, Everton, Badminton, Morning Star and Green Cross.


There are two very different types of horse racing in Chile: conventional track racing, known as hípica , and the much rougher and wilder carreras a la chilena . Hípica is a sport for rich Santiaguinos, who don their tweeds and posh frocks to go and watch it at the capital’s Club Hípico and Hipódromo Chile.

Carreras a la chilena are held anywhere in the country where two horses can be found to race against each other. Apart from the organized events that take place at village fiestas, these races are normally a result of one huaso betting another that his horse is faster.

Rodeos evolved from the early colonial days when the cattle on the large estancias had to be rounded up and branded or slaughtered by huasos. The feats of horsemanship required to do so soon took on a competitive element, which eventually found an expression in the form of rodeos. Even though ranching has long declined in Chile, organized rodeos remain wildly popular, with many free competitions taking place in local stadiums (known as medialunas) throughout the season, which runs from September to April. Taking in a rodeo not only allows you to watch the most dazzling equestrian skills inside the arena, but also to see the huasos (riders) decked out in all their traditional gear: ponchos, silver spurs and all. Added to this, the atmosphere is invariably loads of fun, with lots of whooping families and excited kids, and plenty of food and drink afterwards.

The Chilean huaso

“Of the many cowboys of the Americas, none remains as shrouded in mystery and contradiction as Chile’s huaso,” says Richard Slatta in Cowboys of the Americas. Certainly the huaso holds a special place in Chile’s perception of its national identity. But the definition of the huaso is somewhat confused and subject to differing interpretations. The one you’re most likely to come across is that of the “gentleman rider”, the middle-class horseman who, while not a part of the landed elite, is a good few social rungs up from the landless labourer. This is the huaso you’ll see in cueca performances and at rodeos.

Chile offers an enormous range of outdoor activities, including volcano-climbing, skiing, surfing, white-water rafting, fly-fishing and horseriding.

Rafting and kayaking

Chile’s many frothy rivers and streams afford incomparable rafting opportunities. Indeed, the country’s top destinations, the mighty Río Bío Bío and the Río Futaleufú, entice visitors from around the globe. Rafting trips generally range in length from one to eight days and, in the case of the Bío Bío, sometimes include the option of climbing 3160m Volcán Callaquén. In addition to these challenging rivers, gentler alternatives exist on the Río Maipo close to Santiago, the Río Trancura near Pucón, and the Río Petrohue near Puerto Varas.

Chile’s white-water rapids also offer excellent kayaking, though this is less developed as an organized activity.

For the most part, Chile is a very empty country with vast tracts of wilderness offering potential for fantastic hiking. Chileans, moreover, are often reluctant to stray far from their parked cars when they visit the countryside, so you’ll find that most trails without vehicle access are blissfully quiet. However, the absence of a national enthusiasm for hiking also means that Chile isn’t particularly geared up to the hiking scene. There are relatively few long-distance trails (given the total area) and a shortage of decent trekking maps.

That said, what is on offer is superb, and ranks among the country’s most rewarding attractions.

The north of Chile, with its harsh climate and landscape, isn’t really suitable for hiking, and most walkers head for the lush native forests of Chile’s south, peppered with waterfalls, lakes, hot springs and volcanoes. The best trails are nearly always inside national parks or reserves, where the guardaparques (rangers) are a good source of advice on finding and following the paths. They should always be informed if you plan to do an overnight hike (so that if you don’t come back, they’ll know where to search for you).

The majority of trails are for half-day or day hikes, though some parks offer a few long-distance hikes, sometimes linking up with trails in adjoining parks. The level of path maintenance and signing varies greatly from one park to another, and many of the more remote trails are indistinct and difficult to follow.

Hardly any parks allow wild camping, while the few others that now allow it have a series of rustic camping areas that you’re required to stick to – check with the guardaparque. If you do camp (the best way to experience the Chilean wilderness) note that forest and bush fires are a very real hazard. Take great care when making a campfire (having checked beforehand that they’re allowed). Also, never chop or break down vegetation for fuel, as most of Chile’s native flora is endangered.

By far the most popular destination for hiking is Torres del Paine in the far south, which offers magnificent scenery but fairly crowded trails, especially in January and February. Many quieter, less well-known alternatives are scattered between Santiago and Tierra del Fuego, ranging from narrow paths in the towering, snow-streaked central Andes to hikes up to glaciers off the Carretera Austral.

If you go hiking, it’s essential to be well prepared – always carry plenty of water, wear a hat and sun block for protection against the sun and carry extra layers of warm clothing to guard against the sharp drop in temperature after sundown. Even on day hikes, take enough supplies to provide for the eventuality of getting lost, and always carry a map and compass (brújula), preferably one bought in the southern hemisphere or adjusted for southern latitudes. Also, make a conscious effort to help preserve Chile’s environment – where there’s no toilet, bury human waste at least 20cm under the ground and 30m from the nearest river or lake; take away or burn all your rubbish; and use specially designed eco-friendly detergents for use in lakes and streams.

The massive Andean cordillera offers a wide range of climbing possibilities. In the far north of Chile, you can trek up several volcanoes over 6000m, including Volcán Parinacota (6330m), Volcán Llullaillaco (6739m) and Volcán Ojos del Salado (6950m). Although ropes and crampons aren’t always needed, these ascents are suitable only for experienced climbers, and need a fair amount of independent planning, with only a few companies offering guided excursions.

In the central Andes, exciting climbs include Volcán Marmolejo (6100m) and Volcán Tupungato (6750m), while in the south, climbers head for Volcán Villarrica (2840m) and Volcán Osorno (2652m), both of which you can tackle even with little mountaineering experience.


Chile has an international, and well-deserved, reputation as one of the finest fly-fishing destinations in the world. Its pristine waters teem with rainbow, brown and brook trout, and silver and Atlantic salmon. These fish are not native, but were introduced for sport in the late nineteenth century; since then, the wild population has flourished and multiplied, and is also supplemented by generous numbers of escapees from local fish farms. The fishing season varies slightly from region to region, but in general runs from November to May.

Chile offers the finest and most challenging skiing in South America. Many of the country’s top slopes and resorts lie within very easy reach of Santiago, including El Colorado, La Parva, Valle Nevado and world-renowned Portillo. A bit further south, but no less impressive, stands the popular Termas de Chillán.


Exploring Chile’s dramatic landscapes on horseback is a memorable experience. The best possibilities are around Santiago, and in the Central Valley, where riding has been a way of life for centuries. In addition to the spectacular scenery, you can also expect to see condors and other birds of prey. Trips are usually guided by local arrieros, who herd cattle up to high pastures in springtime and know the mountain paths intimately. You normally spend about five or six hours in the saddle each day; a lingering asado (barbecue), cooked over an open fire and accompanied by plenty of Chilean wine, will be part of the pleasure. At night, you sleep in tents transported by mules, and you’ll be treated to the most breathtaking display of stars.

The only disadvantage of riding treks in the central Andes is that, due to the terrain, you’re unlikely to get beyond a walk, and cantering is usually out of the question. If you want a faster pace, opt for the treks offered by some companies in Patagonia, where rolling grasslands provide plenty of opportunity for gallops – though the weather can often put a dampener on your trip.

Mountain biking

For most of Chile’s length, there are extremely good and little-used dirt roads perfect for cycling – although the numerous potholes mean it’s only worth attempting them on a mountain bike. For a serious trip, you should bring your own bike or buy one in Santiago – renting a bike of the quality required can be difficult to arrange. An alternative is to go on an organized biking excursion, where all equipment, including tents, will be provided. Note that during the summer, cycling in Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego is made almost impossible by incessant and ferociously strong winds.

Chile’s beaches are pulling in an increasing number of surfers, who come to ride the year-round breaks that pound the Pacific shore. By unanimous consent, the best breaks – mainly long left-handers – are concentrated around Pichilemu, near Rancagua, which is the site of the annual National Surfing Championships. Further north, the warmer seas around Iquique and Arica are also increasingly popular.

Some 18% of Chile’s mainland territory is protected by the state under the extensive Sistema Nacional de Areas Silvestres Protegidas (National Protected Wildlife Areas System), which is made up of 30 national parks, 38 national reserves and 11 natural monuments. These inevitably include the country’s most outstanding scenic attractions, so the main aim is always to protect and manage native fauna and flora. Given Chile’s great biodiversity, park objectives are as varied as protecting flamingo populations and monitoring glaciers.

National parks ( parques nacionales ) are generally large areas of unspoilt wilderness, usually featuring fragile endemic ecosystems. They include the most touristy and beautiful of the protected areas, and often offer walking trails and sometimes camping areas too. National reserves ( reservas nacionales ) are areas of ecological importance that have suffered some degree of natural degradation; there are fewer regulations to protect these areas, and “sustainable” commercial exploitation (such as mineral extraction) is allowed to take place. Natural monuments ( monumentos naturales ) tend to be important or endangered geological formations, or small areas of biological, anthropological or archeological significance.

In addition to these three main categories, there are a few nature sanctuaries ( sanctuarios de la naturaleza ) and protected areas ( areas de protección ), usually earmarked for their scientific or scenic interest.

Before heading out of the capital, head to Conaf’s head office in Santiago, where you can pick up brochures, books and basic maps. No permit is needed to visit any of Chile’s national parks; you simply turn up and pay your entrance fee (usually CH$1000–4000), though some parks are free.

Alternatively, Conaf’s Annual Pass (CH$10,000) allows unlimited access to all of Chile’s national parks and reserves – except Torres del Paine and Easter Island – for a year; it can be purchased from Conaf offices.

Ease of access differs wildly from one park to the next. Some parks have paved highways running through them, while others are served by dirt tracks that are only passable for a few months of the year. Getting to them often involves renting a vehicle or going on an organized trip, as around two-thirds of Chile’s national parks can’t be reached by public transport.

A few parks now have camping areas. These are often rustic sites with basic facilities, run by Conaf, which charge around CH$5000–10,000 per tent. In other parks, particularly in the south, Conaf gives licences to concessionaires, who operate campsites and cabañas, which tend to be very expensive. Some of the more remote national parks, especially in the north, have small refugios attached to the ranger stations – these are usually rustic, stone-built huts (from CH$5000 per person) containing around eight to ten bunk beds, hot showers and gas stoves. Some of them are in stunning locations, overlooking the Salar de Surire, for example, or with views across Lago Chungará to Volcán Parinacota. Sadly, however, they are increasingly unreliable.

While Chile’s handicrafts (artesanía) are nowhere near as diverse or colourful as in Peru or Bolivia, you can still find a range of beautiful souvenirs, which are usually sold in ferias artesanales (craft markets) on or near the central squares of the main towns. As for day-to-day essentials, you’ll be able to locate just about everything you need, from sun block to contact lens solution, in the main towns across the country.

Artesanía and other souvenirs

The finest and arguably most beautiful goods you can buy in Chile are the items – mainly jewellery – made of lapis lazuli, the deep-blue semi-precious stone found only in Chile and Afghanistan. The best place to buy these is in Bellavista, Santiago: note that the deeper the colour of the stone, the better its quality. Though certainly less expensive than lapis exports sold abroad, they’re still pricey.

Most artesanía is considerably less expensive. In the Norte Grande, the most common articles are alpaca sweaters, gloves and scarves, which you’ll find in altiplano villages like Parinacota, or in Arica and Iquique. The quality is usually fairly low, but they’re inexpensive and very attractive all the same. In the Norte Chico, you can pick up some beautiful leather goods, particularly in the crafts markets of La Serena. You might also be tempted to buy a bottle of pisco there, so that you can recreate that pisco sour experience back home – though you’re probably better off getting it at a supermarket in Santiago before you leave, to save yourself carting it about. The Central Valley, as the agricultural heartland of Chile, is famous for its huaso gear, and you’ll find brightly coloured ponchos and stiff straw hats in the numerous working huaso shops. The highlight in the Lake District is the traditional Mapuche silver jewellery, while the far south is a good place to buy chunky, colourful knitwear.

A range of these goods can also be bought in the major crafts markets in Santiago, notably Los Dominicos market. Also worth checking out are Santiago’s little flea markets.

Hard haggling is neither commonly practised nor expected in Chile, though a bit of bargaining is in order at many markets. It’s also worth trying to bargain down the price of hotel rooms, especially outside the peak months of January and February.

Top image © Erlantz P.R/Shutterstock

Chile’s diverse animal kingdom inhabits a landscape of extremes. The country’s formidable natural barriers – the immense Pacific, lofty Andes and desolate Atacama – have resulted in an exceptional degree of endemism , with a third of Chile’s mammals, such as the shy pudú (pygmy deer) not found anywhere else in the world.

Four species of camelid alone are found in Chile’s barren altiplano, namely the shaggy, domesticated llama and alpaca in the north, and their wild cousins – the Patagonia-dwelling guanaco and the delicate vicuña with its highly prized fur, restricted to the high altitudes. Chile’s biggest cat is the elusive puma , another Patagonia resident, while smaller wildcats, from the colo-colo to the guiña , also stalk these grasslands. Endemic rodents, such as the mountain vizcacha , are found in the northern highlands, while several species of fox can be spotted in the desert, altiplano and coastal forest.

A country seemingly made for birdwatchers, Chile is home to a curious mix of the small and beautiful, such as hummingbirds (including the firecrown, endemic to the Juan Fernández islands), while at the other end of the scale is the mighty Andean condor , soaring over the mountains. High in the Andes near the Bolivian border, the Chilean and James’s flamingo gather at remote saltwater lakes, while the long-legged ñandú propels itself over the Patagonian steppe. Equally impressive sea birds include the Humboldt , Magellanic and king penguins , and Chile’s coastal waters host some spectacular mammals, such as the blue whale and several species of dolphins .

Few countries, moreover, can match Chile for the sheer diversity of scenery and range of climatic zones – from the driest desert in the world to immense ice fields and glaciers. Spread between these extremes is a kaleidoscope of panoramas, taking in sun-baked scrubland, lush vineyards and orchards, virgin temperate rainforest, dramatic fjords and endless Patagonian steppes . Towering over it all is the long, jagged spine of the Andes, punctuated by colossal peaks and smouldering volcanoes . Given this geographical spread and dearth of population, it’s not unusual to stumble on steaming hot springs, gleaming white salt flats or emerald lakes, and have them all to yourself.

Lovers of the great outdoors will likewise be seduced by the almost endless possibilities for outdoor activities , whether it be jeep rides, birdwatching, skiing, horse trekking, hiking, volcano climbing, sea kayaking, whitewater rafting or fly-fishing – all offered by a large number of local outfitters, with the possibility of designing unique itineraries to suit your tastes. If you have less active plans in mind, you can sit back and take in Chile’s scenery from multi-day boat cruises through the southern fjords or jaw-dropping topography from the comfort of a plane or hot air balloon. Wilderness aside, Chile’s wine-growing regions are second to none and connoisseurs can sample a wide range of tipples, including Carmenère, Chile’s signature grape, while cultural exploration may take you from Santiago’s Salvador Allende memorial to to the Mapuche reducciones of the Lake District, the gold rush remains in Tierra del Fuego, the Chinchorro mummies in Arica’s best museum or the remains of nitrate mines around Iquique. However you do it, Chile will not disappoint you, and you can experience its diversity in whatever style you choose – this is not a developing country, and you don’t have to slum it while you’re here. There are plenty of modest, inexpensive accommodation options and camping facilities up and down the country, while those on a more generous budget will find increasing numbers of luxurious, beautifully designed boutique lodges in spectacular locations, particularly in the south.

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Best Ways To Travel From The Airport To Downtown Santiago, Chile

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Lazar Odonnell

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how do you travel from airport to downtown santiago chile

Santiago, the bustling capital of Chile, is a vibrant city filled with a rich blend of history, culture, and stunning landscapes. The moment you step off your plane at Santiago International Airport, you'll be eager to embark on your urban adventure. But how will you make your way from the airport to the city center? Don't worry, we've got you covered. In this guide, we'll explore the best ways to travel from the airport to downtown Santiago, ensuring you arrive at your destination stress-free and ready to immerse yourself in all that this captivating city has to offer. So, buckle up, fasten your seatbelts, and get ready for an unforgettable journey from the runway to the heart of Santiago.

What You'll Learn

Public transportation: getting from santiago airport to downtown, airport shuttles: convenient transfers to santiago's city center, taxi services: quick and easy transportation from airport to downtown, rental cars: freedom to explore santiago from the airport.


After a long flight, the last thing you want to worry about is how to get from Santiago Airport to downtown. Fortunately, Santiago has an efficient and affordable public transportation system that makes it easy to reach your destination. Whether you prefer taking a bus or riding the subway, here's a detailed guide on how to travel from Santiago Airport to downtown using public transportation.

  • As you exit the airport, you'll find several bus companies that offer transportation services to downtown Santiago. The two most popular options are Centropuerto and Turbus.
  • Centropuerto buses operate between Santiago Airport and their final stop, Los Heroes. This bus is a great option if you're staying in the city center or close to Bellas Artes or Santa Lucia metro stations.
  • Turbus buses, on the other hand, have multiple stops throughout downtown Santiago. They are a good choice if you're staying in a neighborhood that is not directly served by the subway.
  • Both Centropuerto and Turbus buses run frequently throughout the day, so you won't have to wait long for the next bus to arrive. The bus stops are located just outside the airport terminals, and you can purchase your ticket directly from the driver or at the ticket counter inside the terminal.
  • Santiago's metro system is efficient, reliable, and a popular way to get around the city. If you prefer using the subway, you'll be glad to know that Santiago Airport has its own metro station, Pajaritos, which is on Line 1 (red line).
  • From the airport, you can take Line 1 towards Los Dominicos and get off at the station that is most convenient for your destination. The most popular stations for downtown Santiago are Baquedano, Universidad de Chile, and Santa Lucia.
  • Metro tickets can be purchased at the ticket machines inside the station using cash or a credit card. It's recommended to get a BIP card, which is a reloadable card that can be used for all public transportation in Santiago. You can buy a BIP card at the airport station or any other metro station in the city.
  • The metro operates from around 6:00 am until around 11:00 pm, so make sure to check the schedule if you have an early morning or late-night flight.
  • If you prefer a more direct and convenient option, taking a taxi from the airport to downtown Santiago is also a possibility. The taxi stands are located outside the airport terminals, and there are plenty of taxis available.
  • Official airport taxis are easily recognizable by their black and yellow colors and are usually more reliable and safer than unlicensed taxis. Make sure to agree on a fare with the driver before starting the journey.
  • Although taking a taxi is more expensive than using public transportation, it may be a good option if you have a lot of luggage or if you're in a rush to reach your destination.

In conclusion, getting from Santiago Airport to downtown using public transportation is hassle-free and cost-effective. Whether you choose to take a bus, ride the subway, or hail a taxi, you'll have no trouble reaching your destination in the vibrant heart of Santiago.

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When arriving at the airport in Santiago, Chile, there are several convenient options for traveling from the airport to the downtown area. One popular and hassle-free option is to use an airport shuttle service. Airport shuttles offer comfortable transportation and are specifically designed to transfer passengers between the airport and the city center.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use an airport shuttle to travel from the airport to downtown Santiago, Chile:

Step 1: After clearing customs and picking up your luggage, exit the airport terminal building.

Step 2: Look for the designated area where the airport shuttle buses are located. In Santiago, these areas are usually well-signposted and can be found just outside the arrivals terminal.

Step 3: Approach the shuttle attendant who will be stationed near the shuttle bus area. Inform them that you would like to travel to downtown Santiago. They will assist you in purchasing a ticket and provide any necessary information about the shuttle service.

Step 4: Pay for your ticket. Typically, airport shuttles accept cash or credit/debit cards. The exact fare may vary depending on the operator and the distance traveled, so it's always a good idea to double-check the price before purchasing your ticket.

Step 5: Board the shuttle bus. The attendant will guide you to the correct bus based on your destination. Ensure that you have all your belongings with you and take a seat inside the bus.

Step 6: Wait for the shuttle bus to depart. The shuttle service usually runs on a fixed schedule and may have multiple stops before reaching downtown Santiago. The travel time can vary depending on traffic conditions, so it's advisable to factor in some extra time for your journey.

Step 7: Enjoy the ride! Airport shuttles in Santiago are designed for passenger comfort, with modern amenities such as air conditioning and comfortable seating. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the scenery as you make your way from the airport to downtown.

Step 8: Upon arrival in downtown Santiago, the shuttle bus will make its final stop. Listen for any announcements or ask the driver if you are unsure when to get off. Gather your belongings and exit the shuttle bus.

Step 9: From here, you can continue your journey by taking a taxi, public transportation, or walking to your final destination in downtown Santiago. If you need any assistance or directions, feel free to ask the shuttle bus driver or any nearby airport staff.

Using an airport shuttle is an excellent option for travelers who want a stress-free and convenient way to travel from the airport to downtown Santiago, Chile. With a straightforward ticket purchasing process, comfortable transportation, and reliable service, airport shuttles are a popular choice among visitors to the city. So the next time you find yourself in Santiago, consider taking an airport shuttle for a hassle-free journey to the heart of the city.

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When you arrive at the airport in Santiago, Chile, you will likely be eager to get to your downtown destination as quickly and easily as possible. One of the most convenient options for transportation from the airport to downtown Santiago is a taxi service. Taxis offer a quick and efficient way to travel, allowing you to reach your destination without any hassle. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use taxi services to get from the airport to downtown Santiago.

Step 1: Locate the Official Taxi Stand

After you exit the airport terminal, you will need to find the official taxi stand. This is usually located outside the terminal building, and there should be signs or markers directing you to the proper location. Look for a designated area where taxis are waiting, and join the queue of passengers waiting for a taxi.

Step 2: Communicate Your Destination

When it is your turn to speak with a taxi driver, be prepared to tell them your destination in downtown Santiago. It is a good idea to have the address or name of your accommodation written down or saved on your phone, so you can easily communicate it to the driver. Many taxi drivers in Santiago will speak at least some basic English, but having the information written down can help avoid any misunderstandings.

Step 3: Paying for Your Taxi

Before you get into the taxi, it is important to establish the price for your journey. Most taxi drivers in Santiago use meters to calculate fares, so you can expect to pay based on the distance traveled. However, it is a good idea to confirm this with the driver before starting the journey. If you prefer, you can also negotiate a fixed fare beforehand, especially if you have a good idea of the distance to your destination.

Step 4: Enjoy the Ride

Once you have settled on the price and confirmed your destination, it is time to sit back and enjoy the ride. Taxis in Santiago are generally well-maintained and comfortable, providing a smooth and pleasant journey. Feel free to ask the driver any questions you may have about the city or for recommendations on places to visit during your stay.

Step 5: Arriving at Your Destination

When you arrive at your downtown destination, the driver will stop at the requested address. If you have agreed on a fixed fare, simply pay the driver the agreed-upon amount. If you are paying based on the metered fare, the driver will calculate the total and provide you with the amount you owe. It is customary to tip the driver around 10% of the fare as a sign of appreciation for their service.

By following these steps, you can take advantage of the convenient and reliable taxi services available in Santiago. Taxis offer a quick and easy way to travel from the airport to downtown, allowing you to start your visit to Santiago without any unnecessary delays. So, the next time you find yourself stepping off a plane in Santiago, remember to head to the official taxi stand and enjoy a comfortable ride to your destination.

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Santiago, the vibrant capital city of Chile, is a bustling metropolis with a rich history and a vibrant culture. If you are planning a trip to Santiago and landing at the airport, you might be wondering about the best way to get from the airport to downtown. While there are several options available, renting a car could be the most convenient and flexible choice.

Renting a car from the airport gives you the freedom to explore Santiago and its surrounding areas at your own pace. You don't have to rely on public transportation schedules or worry about the hassle of hailing a taxi. With a rental car, you can easily navigate the city streets and visit popular attractions on your own schedule.

To rent a car from the airport, the first step is to make a reservation with a car rental company in advance. Many reputable car rental companies have offices at the airport, making it easy to pick up your vehicle as soon as you land. You can either make the reservation online or call the rental company directly to book your car.

Once you arrive at the airport, follow the signs to the car rental area. Most likely, you will find the car rental counters in the main terminal, near the baggage claim area. Representatives from the rental company will be available to assist you and complete the necessary paperwork for the rental agreement. Make sure to have your driver's license, passport, and a valid credit card in your name for the rental process.

After completing the rental agreement, you will be directed to the car rental lot. The rental company staff will guide you to your assigned vehicle and provide you with any additional information you may need, such as directions and local driving regulations. Take the time to inspect the rental car for any pre-existing damage and report it to the staff to avoid any disputes later.

Once you are behind the wheel, you can start your journey to downtown Santiago. The airport is located about 15 kilometers northwest of the city center, and the drive typically takes around 30 minutes to an hour, depending on traffic conditions. Follow the signs that lead to Route 68, which is the main highway connecting the airport to downtown. This well-maintained road offers a direct route to the heart of the city.

As you approach downtown Santiago, be aware of the various parking options available. There are numerous parking garages and street parking areas throughout the city center. Keep in mind that parking can be limited and expensive in certain areas, so it's a good idea to research parking options in advance or ask locals for recommendations.

Renting a car from the airport provides you with the convenience and flexibility to explore Santiago and its surroundings on your terms. Whether you want to visit the iconic Plaza de Armas, explore the bohemian neighborhood of Bellavista, or take a scenic drive to the nearby Andes Mountains, having a rental car gives you the freedom to do it all. So, why wait? Book your car rental today and start your adventure in Santiago, Chile.

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Frequently asked questions.

There are several options to travel from the airport to downtown Santiago, Chile. You can take a taxi, use a ride-sharing service like Uber, or take the airport shuttle bus. Additionally, there are public buses that operate between the airport and downtown.

The cost of a taxi from the airport to downtown Santiago can range from approximately 20,000 to 30,000 Chilean pesos, depending on traffic conditions and the specific location in downtown you are heading to. It is always a good idea to negotiate the fare with the taxi driver before starting the journey.

The duration of the journey from the airport to downtown Santiago can vary depending on traffic conditions and the time of day. On average, it takes around 30-45 minutes to travel the approximately 20 kilometers distance.

Yes, you can use ride-sharing services like Uber to travel from the airport to downtown Santiago, Chile. However, it is important to note that pick-up locations for ride-sharing services may differ from those of traditional taxis, so it is recommended to check with the app for specific instructions on where to meet your driver.

Yes, there are public buses that operate between the airport and downtown Santiago. The most convenient option is the Centropuerto bus, which offers direct service between the airport and various locations in downtown Santiago. The bus departs from outside the arrivals area and operates frequently throughout the day.

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The Ultimate Guide to Sanitizing Travel Size Bottles

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The Grandmother's Secret Reasons for Avoiding a Trip to Florida Revealed

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The Ultimate Guide to Checking Your Amex Travel Credit

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21 Things on Sale: Including Blundstones for Summer and Spicy Chile Crisp

Portrait of Sam Daly

After a long week covering Mother’s Day gifts on sale, I’m back for your regularly scheduled roundup of random (but good) deals I’ve unearthed from the internet’s clearance bins. First, I suggest you check out Dôen’s sale — the brand rarely offers discounts, and the cuter stuff is starting to sell out. I also found a cache of unsexy-but-useful basics at Amazon, including a rechargeable stroller fan for hot days ahead, a mosquito-repelling orb (vetted by our outdoors writer), and quite a lot of Strategist-approved beauty products. As always, make sure to sign up for our  email newsletter  for even more sales coverage — including extra deals each Friday hand-selected by yours truly.

Fly by Jing Triple Threat Set

This sampler set of Fly by Jing’s Strategist-approved condiments is 20 percent off. It makes an especially nice last-minute gift for  new moms  who are craving spice postpartum.

See by Chloé Joy Rider Backpack

I was shocked to find this puffy backpack from See by Chloé not only on sale but on sale at Amazon.

See by Chloé Hana Long Wallet

I’ve never been one to care about fancy wallets, but this has me seriously reconsidering.

Apple AirPods (2nd Generation)

A very good deal on some no-frills AirPods!

Amacool Battery-Operated Stroller Fan

This wireless fan that can be strapped to strollers, treadmills, and Pelotons is less than $25 right now. It charges via USB and has a few speed settings to choose from.

Thermacell Mosquito Repellent E-Series Rechargeable Repeller

Here’s a nicely priced mosquito repeller that actually works, according to writer Kat Gillespie . It creates a 20-foot protective field — no smoke or flames required — that keeps bugs away for about five hours. Grab it now and thank yourself at the Memorial Day barbecue later.

Waterpik Cordless Pearl Rechargeable Portable Water Flosser

According to dentists everywhere, water flossers really are more effective than traditional floss. Steve-O ’s favorite cordless flosser is $20 off today, if you want a low-risk way to try one out yourself.

Beekeeper's Naturals Propolis Throat Spray

More on-sale everyday picks from famous people: The throat spray  Alfonso Ribeiro  uses before every performance to protect and moisturize his vocal cords is 23 percent off.

Farmacy Honey Halo Ultra-Hydrating Ceramide Moisturizer

And model Winnie Harlow ’s moisturizer is 20 percent off when you apply the on-site coupon.

Paula's Choice Weightless Body Treatment 2% BHA

This leave-on body exfoliant is especially helpful for skin prone to  keratosis pilaris .

Ole Henriksen BeamCream Smoothing Body Moisturizer

For a  body lotion  that exfoliates, too, Strategist writer Tembe Denton-Hurst likes this AHA-infused moisturizer. “It gently sloughs away dry skin while also moisturizing the fresh, new skin underneath,” she says.

Shark ZU503AMZ Navigator Lift-Away Upright Vacuum

Shark makes some of our favorite inexpensive  vacuums , and you can find a few on sale at Amazon at any given time. This corded one has two extra attachments to vacuum upholstery and hard-to-reach crevices.

Free People Meg Seamless Thong Bodysuit

If you, like our junior writer Brenley Goertzen , have fully embraced bodysuit season, this one from Free People is only $35.

Blundstone 2035 Men's Originals Low-Cut Shoe

Very few early Memorial Day sales are live right now, but Blundstone’s is one of the better ones. Its offering 25 percent off select styles, including these low-cut boots you can wear throughout spring.

Tuft & Needle Original Mattress

The only other really good Memorial Day deals live right now are on mattresses, and our sleep writer Amelia Jerden has put together a list of the best Memorial Day mattress sales so you compare them all. My pick: this (Strategist-tested) memory-foam option from Tuft & Needle.

Maison Louis Marie Bois De Balincourt No 4. Candle Set

This warm, woodsy candle duo from one of our favorite brands, Maison Louis Marie, is 30 percent off. That’s $19 per 8.5-ounce candle, which is a very good deal.

The North Face Base Camp Voyager Duffel Bag

This  duffel bag from the North Face looks spacious and sturdy enough to fly carry-on-only.

REI Co-op Norseland Merino Wool Crew Socks

Some REI brand $10 merino-wool socks for hiking or  biking are on sale in lots of colors!

Newton Baby The Pregnancy Pillow

Strategist senior writer Liza Corsillo , who crowned this our best overall pregnancy pillow because of its versatility (it’s the one she slept with while pregnant), clocked that it’s half price right now.

Dôen The Jane Blouse

Dôen never offers discounts, so don’t snooze on its Mother’s Day sale. Everything is half off, which means sizes are already starting to sell out. This airy blouse will make dressing for the office (or brunch) a breeze.

Dôen Genetta Dress

Okay, I admit that this pattern does read a bit autumnal, but I still think it works year-round.

The Strategist is designed to surface the most useful, expert recommendations for things to buy across the vast e-commerce landscape. Some of our latest conquests include the best acne treatments , rolling luggage , pillows for side sleepers , natural anxiety remedies , and bath towels . We update links when possible, but note that deals can expire and all prices are subject to change.

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Every product is independently selected by (obsessive) editors. Things you buy through our links may earn us a commission.

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Rothy’s The Square Mary Jane


Doors open minneapolis offers rare peek inside more than 100 buildings.

Doors Open Minneapolis offers the keys to buildings — or spaces within buildings — that are often closed to the public. Think behind the scenes, backstage, below ground.

Sure, you can buy a ticket to a concert at the Cedar Cultural Center. But during Doors Open , you can also check out the venue's green room, where the artists hang.

Last year's free event, the first since 2019, brought 14,000 people to 87 locations across the city. This year's event is even bigger, with 105 venues.

It's run by Rethos, formerly the Preservation Alliance of Minnesota. That organization "used to focus a lot on buildings," said Kelly Fischer, heritage tourism manager. "And of course, it still does. But ultimately, the field of historic preservation has started to gear more towards the stories of people that inhabit those buildings.

"Because the buildings have a lot less meaning when they're not attached to story and culture and history."

Half of the event's venues are historic. There are plenty of old churches, theaters and homes. But many of those historic spaces are hubs of activity. The Star Tribune's printing press was "a huge hit last year," Fischer said. Last year, it was open only on Saturday and "got absolutely slammed." So this year, it will be open both days.

Some tours require tickets, but all venues are free. Buses and light-rail are free, too, and there are 10 free parking ramps and lots, mostly downtown. The event runs Saturday and Sunday, but not all venues are open both days. More information can be found at .

Here are three ways to explore:

If you love planes, trains and automobiles:

Check out the Minneapolis Traffic Management Center , where experts use up-to-the-minute traffic surveillance and other tools to manage how cars move throughout the city. Stop by the Metro Transit Blue Line Operations and Maintenance Facility on Franklin Avenue, where tour guides will "teach you how the system runs and how we keep it in tip-top shape." Then go to the Lift Garage on E. Lake Street, an auto repair shop that offers low-income people low-cost car repair. There, technicians will explain tools and parts, putting cars on lifts to show kids and adults alike what they look like underneath.

If you want to explore Black history:

Start in North Minneapolis at the Capri Theater, one of this year's new venues, to see the stage where Prince performed his first solo show. Stop by the Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder to "experience the rich history of this black press," via tours, photos and old papers. Then make your way to south Minneapolis to the historic Coliseum Building on E. Lake Street, another new venue. The 1917 building has long been a hub for Black businesses . Burned during the riots after the police murder of George Floyd, it just got a $28 million reconstruction. This tour offers a first look.

If you want to peek underground:

Sure, this event gives several chances to see the city from a tall perch. (The Foshay Tower's 30th-floor observation deck is a favorite.) But the event also offers a look below. The city of Minneapolis will be sending a camera down a sewer manhole on Nicollet Mall and setting up a closed-circuit television truck so that passersby can see the inside of the sewer system. Then, travel 82 feet beneath the Elmer L. Andersen Library to explore the Minnesota Library Access Center , a subterranean library of 1.5 million volumes. It's one cool cave.

Jenna Ross is an arts and culture reporter.

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Minneapolis native Roxanne Rosedale on "Beat the Clock."

Dolores Rosedale, model on 'Beat the Clock,' dies at 95 in Minneapolis assisted-care facility

We take this voting shit seriously.

News of the Weird: Lone voter's ballot really counted

Ask amy: single woman irked at pushy men, cnn to adapt popular british comedy show.

In this Aug. 15, 2011 photo, a motorist pulls the nozzle out of his gas tank after fueling his car at a station in Augusta, Maine. For the first time

Motormouth: Anatomy of a gas tank

Daniel Brody listened as Debbie Moore played her violin near the Mary Tyler Moore statue on Nicollet Mall in downtown Minneapolis on June 13, 2023.

  • As housing market remains tight, Edina is latest suburb to allow ADUs • Home & Garden
  • The 5 best things our food writers ate in the Twin Cities area this week • Eat & Drink
  • Guthrie reports a record $3.8 million deficit • Stage & Arts
  • Former Current DJ Mary Lucia joins Radio K team • TV & Media
  • TV shows to watch: 'Bridgerton' features sex, lies and covers of Billie Eilish and Taylor Swift • Variety

tour guides in chile

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  1. 10 Best Fully Guided Tours in Chile 2024/2025

    Fully Guided Tours & Trips in Chile. Find the right fully guided tour for you in Chile. There are 113 trips to choose from, that range from one day in length, up to 29 days. The month with the most departures is November, making it the most popular time to visit Chile.

  2. Best Chile Tours & Vacations 2024/2025

    Premium Chile & Argentina. Maggy · Traveled March 2024. The attention given to the trip itinerary reflects a great knowledge on the part of Intrepid. The selection of the tour leader and tour guides supports its concern about the travelers' growth of knowledge, safety, entertainment, and well-being: physical, emotional, and mental.

  3. Top Chile Tours's Chile tours cover this spectacularly diverse country head to toe - from the Atacama desert to Patagonia's Torres del Paine National Park and glacier cruises.Thriving Santiago is just an hour away from world-class Chile wineries, skiing and golf.The perfect Chile or honeymoon vacation starts in the Lake District, surrounded by glacial lakes and volcanos, or a Chile ...

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    Trafalgar's Chile tours will take you from the Atacama Desert, a moonscape of salt flats, starry skies and ancient volcanoes, to Patagonia, a majestic wilderness of snowy peaks, wild rivers and huge glaciers. Venture off the coast to Easter Island, home to golden beaches and mysterious Moai statues, or wander the streets of Santiago, the ...

  5. Private Tours of Chile

    Our Chile tour with Firebird was an absolute delight! From the bustling streets of Santiago to the breathtaking landscapes of Patagonia, every moment was filled with wonder. The knowledgeable guides, comfortable accommodations, and well-planned activities made this journey great!

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    Chile tours — Top destinations to visit. Tour the Patagonian Fjords and glaciers: Patagonia is a breathtakingly beautiful region. In addition to hiking and trekking trails in parks like Torres del Paine, it is home to mountains, glaciers, rivers, and lakes.

  7. Santiago Tours with Local Private Tour Guides

    Here is a selection of the best guided tours in Santiago; 1) Santiago City Tour, like a local! 2) Discover the Charm of Valparaiso. 3) Casablanca Valley Vineyard Full Day Tour. 4) Penguins and Chile's Most Beautiful Central Coast. 5) Santiago Half-Day City Tour.

  8. THE TOP 10 Chile Tours & Excursions (UPDATED 2024)

    Full Day Tour Valparaiso - Vina del Mar and Casablanca Valley from Santiago. 120. Take in the colourful sights while in port during this full-day, guided tour that includes free time in Vina del Mar. Wander among the brightly colored houses in Valparaiso and see the murals and street art on display here.

  9. Chile Private Tours & Local Tour Guides

    Santiago. 9 hours. -Pick up at your hotel in Santiago or airport -Transfer to Coast, 129km/80mls -1 Winery at Casablanca Valley (Wine tasting Included) -Viña del Mar Tour -Valparaiso Tour -Drop off at your hotel in Santiago/ Valpo or airport. FROM $413 / per group.

  10. Discover Award-Winning Chile Tours

    Our award-winning small group tours and private custom tours ensure a seamless experience to diverse landscapes such as Patagonia, Atacama, Santiago and Rapa Nui. Chile is vast, spanning nearly 2,700 miles of South America's Pacific coastline, yet only 110 miles wide, making overland tours a challenge to plan and execute.

  11. Chile Private Tour Guides, Find a Local Guide in Chile

    Local Tour Guides in Chile. Create new adventures in Chile with a guide and let tailored knowledge, exclusive experiences, and personalized private tours redefine how you travel. From Michelin star eateries in Santiago, to locally beloved street food stalls in Puerto Montt, Chile's food is not to be ignored.

  12. THE TOP 10 Santiago Tours & Excursions (UPDATED 2024)

    Valparaiso Port and Vina del Mar Full-Day Tour from Santiago. 2,534. Revel in the vibrant color and culture of Valparaiso Port and Viña del Mar on a full-day tour of the coastal cities from Santiago. Travel through Chile's spectacular countryside, stopping in the picturesque Casablanca Valley to taste Chilean wine, and then arrive in the ...

  13. Chile: Luxury and Private Trips, Tours & Activities

    Your luxury Chile trip will be as relaxing and slow-paced as you wish, or as active as your adrenaline levels can handle. You can expect private tours, classes or workshops, and excursions; we'll even handle dinner reservations. Share your niche interests with your Chile travel specialist and we'll do our best to unlock exclusive ...

  14. 13 Best Santiago Chile Day Tours: The Complete Guide [2024]

    So read on for the 13 best Santiago Chile day tours, to ensure you have an unforgettable trip. Table of Contents. Quick Guide: Santiago Day Tours. Top 13 Santiago Chile Day Tours. 1. Cajón del Maipo, Hot Springs & Chilean BBQ Experience. 2. Maipo Valley Wine Tour with 4 Vineyards from Santiago. 3.

  15. Private Local Guides & Guided Tours in Santiago

    Seated in the heart of Chile's central valley with lovely views of the Andes Mountains, Santiago is a cultural mosaic of colonial foundations, neoclassical architecture from the 1800s, modern city development, and every extraordinary stage in between. Rely on a Santiago tour guide to take you on a journey through this capital city's South ...

  16. Chile Tours, Travel and Vacations Packages in Chile

    Reservations of Chile Tours and Travel Packages. List of different tour packages and holidays in Chile, such as Torres del Paine, Patagonia, Easter island, San Pedro de Atacama, Valparaíso, Santiago and much more.

  17. Chile Dream Tours

    Chile Dream Tours created a terrific experience and they gave us wonderful memories that will last forever .". Myra Leaseburg / United States. "From the pre-planning to the logistics of the day, Chile Dream Tours was incredible. Our private tour connected us with exactly the experience we wanted and the rafting was so perfectly and ...

  18. Chile travel

    A guide to daily costs in Chile, along with some tricks and tips to help keep more of those colorful Chilean pesos in your wallet. Read article. Traveling with Kids. With some patience - and a bit of basic Spanish - the thin South American nation of Chile can be the perfect setting for a family adventure.

  19. Chile Walking & Adventure Tours

    Trust your Chile adventure travel to a tour by Classic Journeys the leaders in escorted walking, culinary and family tours. Book your journey with us today! 800-200-3887 ... Cheers with your expert local guide in Chile. Get the chance to see Penguins in Chile. Classic Journeys guests having a great time in Chile. Osorno Volcano and farm land.

  20. Complete Chilean Patagonia Tour

    Trekking & cruising in Patagonia. Speak to a certified Chile specialist to start planning your tailor-made tour... Call one of our experts or arrange a video appointment for ideas and advice. 617-223-4950. Make an inquiry.

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    The Rough Guides to Chile and related travel guides. In-depth, easy-to-use travel guides filled with expert advice. Buy US$34.99. Buy US$27.99. Buy US$34.99. Buy US$34.99. Buy US$29.99. Find even more inspiration here. 6 Beaches in Chile that should be on your radar. 16 mesmerising pictures of Patagonia.

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    Build your ideal Chile trip. Call 1.406.541.2677. Start Planning My Trip. Explore the majestic wonders of Chile with Adventure Life on one of these 44 incredible hiking trips for 2024 and 2025. Chile is a country of rugged terrain, from its snow-capped peaks to its arid deserts and lush rainforests. Trek through the Andes Mountains on a journey ...

  23. Best Ways To Travel From The Airport To Downtown Santiago, Chile

    Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use an airport shuttle to travel from the airport to downtown Santiago, Chile: Step 1: After clearing customs and picking up your luggage, exit the airport terminal building. Step 2: Look for the designated area where the airport shuttle buses are located.

  24. Sale: Fly by Jing, Blundstone, Dôen 2024

    Fly by Jing Triple Threat Set. $28. $35 now 20% off. This sampler set of Fly by Jing's Strategist-approved condiments is 20 percent off. It makes an especially nice last-minute gift for new moms ...

  25. Doors Open Minneapolis offers rare peek inside more than 100 buildings

    16. Doors Open Minneapolis offers the keys to buildings — or spaces within buildings — that are often closed to the public. Think behind the scenes, backstage, below ground. Sure, you can buy ...