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mongolia winter tours

Winter in Mongolia is cold, but incredibly beautiful when you travel

Winter gobi desert tour, winter gobi desert & terelj np tour, winter horseback riding tour, reindeer people tour, winter tour to reindeer people, the reasons you should choose us.

Welcome to “Mongolia Winter tours Agency”. We are a part of Dream Mongolia Tour and has been specializing in designing winter tours to the most popular destinations in Mongolia.  

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All of our Mongolia trip packages are private tours and your itinerary is individually customized to your wishes.

Discover Mesmerizing Nature Landscapes & Stunning Cultures

During winter in Mongolia, escape to mountain steppe and alpine meadow- a fascinating natural phenomenon formed by meltwater streams and wind blowing. .

Khongor Sand Dunes

Eight lakes, khurgan lake, khoridol saridag mountains, enjoy our best quality tour & experience.

Foreign nationals who wish to visit Mongolia must obtain visas of appropriate types corresponding to the purpose of their visit. Nationals of those countries which have concluded visa exemption agreements with Mongolia are not required to obtain a visa if the intended period of the visit is not beyond the period allowed under such arrangements. For more information.

🌏 Embark on an adventure to the land of endless steppes and nomadic traditions – Mongolia! 🐎✨ Nestled between Russia and China, this vast and enchanting country beckons intrepid travelers with its rugged beauty and rich cultural tapestry. 🗺️✈️

Winter in Mongolia is cold, but incredibly beautiful when you travel. The Mongolian winter is not just a good time to escape other tourists and attend to number of interesting events that attract attention of the tourists are held here in winter. All the events cover a complex topic and aim to show unique cultural features of Mongolian people. 

Winter in Mongolia is long and dry climate which is not just cold temperatures and strong winds but in some case, difficult weather conditions like snow storm and heavy snowfall. Winter is harsher than other parts of the world, its because of more than 80 percent of land locates at the altitude of 1500 meters above sea level and snow covers from the beginning of November until the end of March.

Winter in Mongolia is mainly known as coldest and stormy, besides being a bit sunny. In fact, some of Mongolia’s most amazing experiences happen in winter such as Ice festival, Lunar new year and one thousand camel festival. There are exciting winter activities on offer besides winter festivals, that include Dogsled, Sky resort ski area, horse and camel riding.

❄️ Unveiling the Winter Wonderland of Mongolia: Top Destinations to Embrace the Chill! ❄️

Dive into the magic of Mongolia's winter wonderland as we guide you through the top destinations that come alive with a unique charm during the colder months. From the serene landscapes draped in snow to the cultural festivities that warm the soul, here are the must-visit places for an unforgettable winter adventure in Mongolia.

Mongolia is a country of customs and manners Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to tradition and lifestyle, especially in the countryside. Some of them are related on religious background, others derived from the practical necessities of the nomadic culture.

Welcome to a gastronomic journey like no other as we explore the rich tapestry of Mongolian cuisine. For travelers with adventurous palates, Mongolia offers a delectable array of dishes that reflect the nomadic heritage and the country's diverse landscapes. Get ready to tantalize your taste buds with these must-try Mongolian culinary delights.

Read Our Latest Travel Blog & Tips Here

Dive into the heart of Mongolia through our blog, where every post is a portal to the wonders of nomadic landscapes, cultural treasures, and insider travel tips.


Highlights of our 8 day tour

Sayan Mountains from Hovsgol Lake . Mongolia

Khuvsgul Lake

Khuvsgul lake is the most outstanding example of a freshwater...

mongolia winter tours

Winter Offerings

Wondering if you should visit the Gobi, West Mongolia, of...


Traveling in Mongolia make you realize that this country has...

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Mongolia Winter Tours

Mongolia winter tour, winter in mongolia is cold but incredibly beautiful to explore.

Mongolia Winter travel On this vast land, Mongolia has four distinct seasons, and each season has its unique beauty. If you come from a region where it rarely snows, Mongolian winter season is beautiful and shinny white snow scenery would be particularly worth seeing. It’s snowing across the country, but not heavy. Winter begins in early November and lasts about 110 days until March.

Choose from our recommended Mongolia winter tour packages below. Feel free to tell us your requirements and interests, our experienced travel advisory is ready to tailor-make a suitable winter vacation for you. . Mongolia Winter Travel

Enjoy Mongolian Winter Travel in Low Season — Fewer Crowds, Lower Prices

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Mongolia Winter Tour


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Mongolian winter tours

Winter in Mongolia is a unique and enchanting experience. While it can be extremely cold, with temperatures dropping well below freezing, it offers a one-of-a-kind opportunity to witness the country’s stunning landscapes in a completely different light. Here are some key aspects to consider when planning a winter trip to Mongolia:

Winter in Mongolia typically lasts from November to March, with temperatures reaching as low as -40 degrees Celsius (-40 degrees Fahrenheit) in some areas. It’s essential to pack warm clothing, including thermal layers, insulated jackets, hats, gloves, scarves, and sturdy boots. Don’t forget to bring lip balm, moisturizer, and sunscreen to combat the dry and harsh climate.

Winter Festivals:

Explore the lively winter festivals that take place across the country during this season. The most famous is the Ice Festival in Khuvsgul Lake, where locals gather to showcase ice sculptures, participate in traditional winter games, and offer cultural performances. The Camel Festival in the Gobi Desert is another thrilling event that features camel races, traditional competitions, and local music and dance.

Winter Sports:

Mongolia’s vast snowy landscapes offer excellent opportunities for winter sports enthusiasts. Experience the thrill of skiing or snowboarding in the pristine mountains of Gorkhi-Terelj National Park, Bogd Khan Mountain, or the Altai Mountains. Some accommodations and travel agencies offer equipment rental and lessons for beginners.

Pristine Nature:

Winter unveils Mongolia’s natural beauty in a unique way. The landscapes are blanketed in sparkling white snow, creating a magical atmosphere. Head to Terelj National Park or Hustai National Park for breathtaking winter scenery and the chance to spot elusive wildlife like snow leopards, wild horses, and reindeer.

Nomadic Culture:

Winter is an excellent time to immerse yourself in Mongolia’s nomadic culture. Stay in traditional ger (yurt) camps and experience the warmth and hospitality of the nomadic communities. You can learn about their lifestyle, help with daily tasks such as herding animals, or enjoy storytelling and traditional Mongolian cuisine around a cozy fire.

Ice Fishing and sleigh rides:

Try your hand at ice fishing on frozen lakes and rivers. Experienced local guides can assist you in setting up the traditional ice fishing equipment and teach you the techniques. You can also enjoy sleigh rides pulled by horses or reindeer, a delightful way to explore the winter landscapes.

Stargazing and Northern Lights:

The clear winter skies in Mongolia offer a fantastic opportunity for stargazing and, if you’re lucky, witnessing the awe-inspiring Northern Lights. Head away from city lights to remote locations like the Gobi Desert or the pristine plains of the Mongolian countryside for optimal visibility.

Remember to plan your winter trip to Mongolia carefully, taking into account safety considerations and the availability of services and accommodations in more remote regions. With proper preparation, winter in Mongolia can be an extraordinary adventure filled with unique experiences and breathtaking scenery.

Here is the best winter tour packages that you can do in Mongolia

The tour hunting with eagles.

Experience Mongolia’s captivating tradition of winter eagle hunting, where skilled berkutchi hunters and their majestic golden eagles work together to hunt small game in the snowy landscapes. Witness this awe-inspiring spectacle, learn about the unique bond between hunter and eagle, and gain insight into Mongolian culture and heritage. This the highlight of Mongolian winter activities.


Near Ulaanbaatar, there are several fascinating tours that you can explore. Some of the popular options include Terelj National Park, Genghis Khan Statue Complex, Hustai National Park, Chinggis Khaan’s Birthplace, Kharkhorin (Karakorum), and Khustai Nuruu National Park. Each of these tours offers a unique experience, whether it’s discovering natural landscapes, exploring historical sites, or encountering Mongolia’s rich cultural heritage.


Experience the thrill of dog sledding in Terelj National Park, located near Ulaanbaatar. Embark on an exhilarating adventure through the stunning winter landscapes, led by a team of well-trained and friendly huskies. Glide across snowy trails, witness breathtaking views, and immerse yourself in the magical beauty of Terelj while enjoying the unique and unforgettable experience of dog sledding.

Join in group tour for central Mongolia

2 seats left for the group starting at 3rd of June 2024.

Max group size 4 people!

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Mongolia Winter Tour

An guided winter expedition over frozen lake Khuvsgul and the Taiga.

Tour Highlights

  • Guided self drive tour
  • New 4x4 Vehicles
  • Worldclass diverse terrain
  • Guide and cook on tour
  • All accommodation and meals included
  • Fuel included 100% remote

Mongolia Winter Tour: Unforgettable Frozen Adventures

Explore mongolia's winter wonderland on a once in a lifetime 4x4 overlanding adventure.

Experience the magic of Mongolia's winter landscape with our exclusive Mongolia Winter Tour. Journey through the pristine snow-covered expanses of Lake Khuvsgul, marvel at the rugged beauty of the Taiga, and immerse yourself in the rich traditions of nomadic tribes. Our tour offers a blend of adventure, cultural discovery, and relaxation, tailored to provide an unforgettable winter escapade. From the exhilarating ice drives to serene nights under starlit skies, every moment is designed to awe. Join us for a winter adventure that goes beyond the ordinary.

mongolia winter tours

One week with 9 or 12 days intense driving expedition from Ulaanbaatar to Northern Mongolia and back that you will never forget!

Covering 2.000km asphalt, snow tracks, dirt roads and 250km tracks over a frozen lake in this fully supported off-road tour.

Northern Mongolia is an extremely diverse and interesting landscape. You will pass by wild horses, the Mini Gobi Sand Dunes, the ancient capital of Genghis Khan with its Erdene Zu Monastery, hot springs, volcanoes before reaching two spectacular highlights:

mongolia winter tours

The frozen lake Khuvsgul

The Taiga - home of the reindeer tribes (only on the 12 days route)

On the tour you will also meet local nomadic families, who still live the simple life in nature and move around the steppes in their gers with their livestock.

You can drive on this tour without overlanding or off-roading experience as the tour guide will give you instructions but some offload experience is helpful.

View full itenerary

What's Included

  • Airport transfer in Ulaanbaatar for arrival and departure flight
  • 5 Star Hotel accommodation for first and last night of the tour in Ulaanbaatar
  • 4x4 Rental Car UAZ Patriot or TOYOTA Landcruiser 76/79 or TOYOTA Landcruiser Prado with Fuel
  • Crew with english speaking guide and private chef
  • Support vehicle
  • Hotel, ger camp and wild camping  accommodation during the tour
  • All meals, snacks and beverages (non-alcoholic and beer)
  • Deposit for the rental car of 5,000,000MNT during the trip
  • Flight to Mongolia
  • Travel, travel cancellation and health insurance

Ice Highway Trip Itinerary -  9 days

mongolia winter tours

Day 1 Ulaanbaatar Arrival, Airport Transfer, City Tour > 5 Star Hotel in Ulaanbaatar

Day 2 Drive Ulaanbaatar to Kharkhorin > 4 Star Hotel in Kharkhorin

Day 3 Explore Erdene Zuu Monastery and Kharkhorin and drive to Bulgan > Hot spring resort

Day 4 Drive from Bulgan to South Khuvsgul > Nice camp at the lake

Day 5 Drive from South Khuvsgul across the lake to Northern Khuvsgul > Nice camp at the lake

Day 6 Drive from Northern Khuvsgul back to southern Khuvsgul > Nice camp at the lake

Day 7 Drive from Southern Khuvsgul to Erdenet City > 3 Star Hotel in Erdenet

Day 8 Drive to Ulaanbaatar > 5 Star Hotel in Ulaanbaatar

Day 9 Airport transfer and departure

Upcoming  Ice Highway Tour dates:

  • 9th of March - 17th of March 2024

Ice Tracks to Taiga Trip Itinerary -  12 days

mongolia winter tours

Day 4 Drive from Bulgan to Murun > 3 Star Hotel in Murun

Day 5 Drive from Murun to Ulaan uul > Night in a yurt / hut

Day 6 Drive from Ulaan Uul to Renchinlkhumbe > Night in a yurt / hut

Day 7 Drive from Renchinlkhumbe to South Khuvsgul > Nice camp at the lake

Day 8 Drive from South Khuvsgul across the lake to Northern Khuvsgul > Nice camp at the lake

Day 9 Drive from Northern Khuvsgul back to southern Khuvsgul > Nice camp at the lake

Day 10 Drive from Southern Khuvsgul to Erdenet City > 3 Star Hotel in Erdenet

Day 11 Drive to Ulaanbaatar > 5 Star Hotel in Ulaanbaatar

Day 12 Airport transfer and departure

Upcoming  Ice Tracks to Taiga Tour dates:

  • 15th of December - 28th of December 2024 - 50% Early Bird Discount still available!
  • 23rd of February - 5th of March 2025 - 50% Early Bird Discount still available!

January, February, March - 9 Day Tours

-4.000EUR per person

Third and Fourth person 1.200EUR per person

Single Supplement 1.000 EUR

January, February, March - 12 Day Tours

-6.000EUR per person

Available Extras and Upgrades

  • Toyota Landcruiser 76/79 or Toyota Landcruiser Prado instead of UAZ Patriot 900EUR per vehicle
  • Exclusive individual tour without other participants - upon request
  • Trip extension - upon request

What do I need to bring?

Sunglasses, sun protection lotion, clothing for cold temperatures as it can cool down in the evenings, very warm sleeping bag for the camping nights.

All drivers need to bring their valid driving license.

How many participants will join the group?

The regular group tour is limited to 5 participating cars.

Can I book such a tour exclusively with my friends?

Yes you can. In fact you can let us know your preferred dates even outside the tour calendar and we will let you know if we can arrange this individual tour for you. Extra costs might occur depending on group size, season and advance booking time.

What is the best time to travel to Mongolia on this tour?

January, February, March is ideal to explore the frozen Lake Khuvsgul and the Winter Wonderland in the Taiga with the reindeer tribes. During March Khuvsgul hosts the ice festival and guests will be able to see spectacular ice sculptures.

Do I need a visa?

United States of America, Canada, Russian, Singaporean, German citizens do not need a visa to Mongolia. Other European countries do need a visa, which is available at the Mongolian Embassy. Some nationalities like United Kingdom can get a visa on arrival.

Additional Important Information

All participants need to carry a valid passport with Mongolian visa.

Drivers need an in Mongolia accepted and valid driving license as well as a credit card for the deposit for the rental car (4,000,000MNT), which will be refunded two weeks after the tour.

Trip Cancellation And Refund Policy

There is no refund for cancellations. We highly advise you to purchase a travel cancellation as well as general travel health insurance from your trusted insurance provider. Participants are responsible for their own health during the trip and any costs related to health and injury treatments. Participants need to sign a liability waiver on the day of arrival. We highly recommend all participants to purchase a travel health insurance from their trusted insurance provider before the trip.

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Mongolia winter tours & trips: Winter in Mongolia is cold, but incredibly beautiful and mysterious. Temperatures are here typically ranging from -20°C to – 45°C degrees. The most challenging trip is not in colorful wild flowers or lush green forest but it would be on snow-covered steppe in -20degrees.  We offer unique opportunities with Mongolia’s dramatic winter landscapes to ride horses and Bactrian camel, make dog sledding, explore lifestyle and customs of Reindeer herder and Eagle hunters and attend to impressive Ice Festival on the Khuvsgul lake, Camel festival in Gobi and Golden eagle festival in Ulaanbaatar.  

mongolia winter tours

mongolia winter tours

Experience the World’s Coldest Capital During this Ulaanbaatar Winter Tour

Let us custom curate your perfect Ulaanbaatar winter itinerary now. Starting at $150 USD, local guide included.

Breanna Wilson Mongolia Travel Expert

Live with an Eagle Hunter Family During this Eagle Festival Tour 2024

Table of contents.

Ulaanbaatar is known as the world’s coldest capital thanks to reaching temperatures of −36 to −40 °C come winter in Mongolia . That’s colder than Moscow, Astana, Reykjavik, Helsinki, Tallin, and Ottawa, all notoriously cold and much more well-known cities, to claim the title.

It’s also what makes visiting Mongolia from November to March a rite of passage. If you’re one of those dark tourism seekers, looking for the type of travel experience that’s so hardcore it’s not for everyone, Mongolia is for you. Anyone can travel here in summer, but chances are you’ll be the first of your friends, or anyone you’ll ever meet, probably ever, to say they’ve been here in winter.

All that being said, winter in Mongolia is still an amazing time to visit . There are still plenty of incredible things to do and see in the city, people still fill the streets, there are less crowds at museums and popular tourist attractions, and hotel rates are at their cheapest.

You can also find guides and translators as well as drivers much more easily and you’ll be more likely to be able to negotiate rates. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out my guide on what to budget for a trip to Mongolia .

Despite the extremely cold temperatures, experience the warm hospitality Mongolia is known for by heading out on this Ulaanbaatar Winter Tour .

The price to book this Ulaanbaatar Winter Tour starts at $150 USD per person with a two person booking minimum, and dependent on the final itinerary curated.

This day tour is custom curated based on interests and availability. Visit museums and monasteries , take a Mongolian painting class and choose to end your day at a cultural show , the opera , or ballet .

What’s Included in this Ulaanbaatar Winter Tour

Each city tour is custom curated to your interests. While this tour includes museum visits, a private art class, and cultural show in the evening, please note that these experiences are based on availability.

No matter what your itinerary includes, highlights of this day tour include:

  • Experience a day exploring the world’s coldest capital city with a local guide for the day . This will mostly be a walking tour , however taxis will be provided when necessary.
  • Discover modern Mongolia by meeting the local people and experiencing its culture, history, and art .
  • Warm up with a hot meal at one of the city’s best restaurants for lunch . (Meal costs are not included in the price and will be paid individually.)
  • Take a private Mongol Bichig painting class at one of the city’s coolest art galleries.
  • Learn about Mongolia’s most important historical figures , past and present, beyond Chinggis Khaan.
  • Begin to understand how Mongolia’s path to democracy was shaped after the fall of the Soviet Union .

This winter tour is available from November to March.

We kindly ask that you keep in mind Mongolia is just starting to understand the importance of winter tourism. Museums have shorter opening hours, cultural shows and experiences are not scheduled daily (like they are in the summer), and traffic may cause delays in getting around the city.

We will do our best to curate a seamless experience that highlights what life in Ulaanbaatar is really like, for better or worse.

Custom Curated Itinerary by Local Experts

This day tour is custom curated based on interests and availability. An example of what your day tour will include would be:

  • Meet in Sukhbaatar Square
  • Taxi to Gandantegchinlen Monastery
  • Visit the National Museum of Mongolia or the Chinggis Khaan Museum
  • Walk to one of our Favorite Restaurants for Lunch (Please note that lunch will be at your own cost.)
  • Stop into the Choijin Lama Temple and Museum or  Narantuul Black Market
  • Mongol Bichig Painting
  • Watch a Mongolian Cultural Show

The price to book this Ulaanbaatar Winter Tour starts at $175 USD per person and the final cost will depend on the itinerary curated. Please note that meal costs are not included in this price and will be at your own expense.

Additional things that be added or included, upon availability, to this Ulaanbaatar day tour include:

  • Morning Yoga, Sound Meditation Session, and Tea Ceremony
  • Indoor Mongolian Archery Lesson
  • Mongolian Sculpture Artist Studio Visit
  • Mongolian Calligraphy Class
  • Private  Mongolian Cuisine Cooking Class
  • Vintage Clothes Shopping
  • Watching Live Jazz in a Cool Underground Club
  • Attending the Opera, Ballet, or the Mongolian State Philharmonic

We will give the final itinerary price once all experiences during this day tour are confirmed.

This day trip to the Chinggis Khaan Equestrian Statue and Gorkhi-Terelj National Park , is also available for booking year round.

Temperature and Tips for Visiting the World’s Coldest Capital

Traveling to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia in the winter can be a unique and exciting experience, but it’s important to be prepared for the extremely cold weather. Here’s what you can expect in terms of temperature, weather, and how to dress.

Ulaanbaatar City Tour

Temperature and Weather

  • Extreme Cold : Ulaanbaatar experiences severe winters, with temperatures often dropping well below freezing. The winter months typically span from November to March.
  • Average Temperatures : During the winter, daytime temperatures can range from -10°C to -20°C (14°F to -4°F). However, it’s not uncommon for temperatures to plummet even further, reaching -30°C (-22°F) or lower, especially in the evenings.
  • Snow : Expect significant snowfall throughout the winter months, which can create a picturesque cityscape but also make walking in the city more challenging. Please wear appropriate shoes with traction made for walking on slippery and wet surfaces.
  • Short Daylight Hours : Winter in Ulaanbaatar is characterized by short daylight hours, with the sun rising late in the morning (9 am) and setting early in the afternoon (4 pm).

What to Wear

  • Layering : Layering is key to staying warm in Mongolia’s harsh winter. Start with thermal or woolen base layers to trap body heat. Add insulating layers like sweaters and down jackets.
  • Warm Coat : Invest in a high-quality, insulated winter coat that covers your body and has a hood to protect your head from wind and snow.
  • Accessories : Wear a warm hat that covers your ears, as well as gloves or mittens to protect your hands. A scarf or neck gaiter can help keep your neck and face warm.
  • Footwear : Insulated, waterproof boots with good traction are essential to keep your feet warm and dry in the snow.
  • Thermal Underwear : Thermal leggings and long underwear are a must to keep your legs warm.
  • Thick Socks : Opt for thick, woolen socks to keep your feet warm.
  • Protective Clothing : It’s essential to protect exposed skin from frostbite. Be diligent in covering up, especially in extreme cold.
  • Mongolia’s air pollution is notoriously bad in the winter. Pack KN95 face masks to help you breathe better when walking through the city.
  • Keep your electronics, camera, and phone protected from the cold, as extreme temperatures can drain batteries quickly.
  • HotHands hand and foot warmers  are always a good idea to have with you.
  • Be prepared for the possibility of flight and transportation delays due to weather conditions, especially if you’re traveling to more congested areas of the city center.

By dressing warmly in layers and being prepared for the cold and snow, you can enjoy a memorable winter trip to Ulaanbaatar, and fully experience the unique charm of the city during this season.


What is Mongolian Traditional Mounted Archery?

Tsagaan Sar Tour

Mongolian Lunar New Year and Shambala Winter Tour 2025

Monasteries Ulaanbaatar

9 Main Buddhist Monasteries to Visit in Ulaanbaatar

Privacy policy, terms & conditions, join my private travel group on facebook.

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This website contains links to products and services where I may make a commission when you purchase. This supports the continued upkeep and development of this website. For an explanation on this policy, read my Advertising Policy page .

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Winter 2024 Tours & Vacation Packages Mongolia

16 mongolia vacation packages in december, january and february.

Mongolia Winter Wonderland 8 Days Adventure Tour

  • Christmas & New Year

Mongolia Winter Wonderland 8 Days Adventure

Essence of Mongolia - 5 Days Tour

  • In-depth Cultural

Essence of Mongolia - 5 Days

We absolutely LOVED our 5 day trip to Mongolia, spending a day in the city of Ulaan Bator before heading out was wonderful, but nothing beat the Nomadic family homestays & two-hump camel ride through the mini Gobi!! October is a little chilly, with even a bit of snow, but was totally worth going in the tourist "low season" as we had every place all to ourselves and it was so peaceful, quiet, and stunningly beautiful.

Khustai National Park 2D 1N Tour

Khustai National Park 2D 1N

On this tour I was given the opportunity to se many amazing sights with the best professional Tour Director Bolormaa and Cultural and Language Interpreter Enkhbaatar. I was given many opportunities to see and learn about the customs and culture of Mongolia. During this tour we saw an abundance of local flora and fauna. The beauty of the national parks we visited was amazing. I would like to give special thanks to Enkbaatar and Bolormaa for making my tour such a immersive experience. The personal interactions made feel valued and very welcome. In my heart I now have two new friends in Mongolia. I now feel compelled to return again to continue my exploration of this beautiful country. Thanks Enkbaatar and Bolorma for the wonderful experience.

Treasures of Mongolia/OCT-MAY/ Tour

Treasures of Mongolia/OCT-MAY/

Booked during the Mongolian spring April which is a quiet time for tourism, I ended up being the only one on the tour. Appreciated the quiet and no crowds at all the tourist spots. I enjoyed Spring weather, it was very cold so no bugs and snow on a few days. My guide, driver and host families were very hospitable. Throughly enjoyed the tour, good variety of authentic food and interesting locations. Only complaints would be that traffic sucks in Ulanbataar so try to pick a hotel further away from the CBD and the lack of air conditioning in minivan. It may not be all their vans. It wasn't an issue for me since it was cold, but may be annoying in summer.

Orkhon Valley 2D 1N Tour

  • Cultural Photography

Orkhon Valley 2D 1N

Ink and Bolar were wonderful tour guides. I learned an enormous amount about the country and its history and enjoyed the overnight at the ger hotel, the camel ride, and the museum visits. Wonderful opportunity!!!!

Essence of Mongolia - 3 Days Tour

Essence of Mongolia - 3 Days

The tour was excellent in all aspects. Due to logistics, we had to adjust our travel times slightly and Mendee, at Tour Mongolia, was very helpful in making suggestions and the necessary changes. He went a step further in helping us arrange PCR tests that we needed for our next destination. He even brought the test results to our hotel! The 3-day tour was perfect: good vehicle, knowledgeable and friendly guide (Mendee) and driver, and a good combination of experiences to let us get a good sense of Mongolia's nomadic lifestyle, and also understand a bit about modern-day Mongolia and life in Ulaanbaatar. Our tour was with family stays - and even though it is a bit more rustic than staying at tourist camps, we DEFINITELY recommend this to get a real sense of the nomas lifestyle and experience true Mongolian hospitality. We would never trade that for a warm shower! Eating a real Mongolian barbecue, helping with some of the household chores and sharing candy with an adorable your child, were UNBEATABLE experience. Of course, the barren, awe-inspiring landscapes were just the icing on the cake. It is harder to think of how impactful and wonderful of an experience one cn have in three days! Memories for life!! Thank you Tour Mongolia, Mendee, and Mongolia!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mongolia – 12 Days Highlights and Treasures Tour

Mongolia – 12 Days Highlights and Treasures

Steppe Heritage - 4 Days Tour

Steppe Heritage - 4 Days

This was a perfect overview of Mongolia, got to stay with different families with different experiences. The coffee breaks by the side of the road and all those little things also a highlight, extreme credit to our driver and guide, for all those little touches.

Discover Nomadic Eagle Hunter, Mongolia Tour

Discover Nomadic Eagle Hunter, Mongolia

Best of Mongolia Tour

Best of Mongolia

Winter Tour 4D 3N Tour

Winter Tour 4D 3N

Essence of Mongolia - 4 Days Tour

Essence of Mongolia - 4 Days

Loved staying with the host families in the Gers and getting a glimpse into their busy lives. The Taki horses were another standout highlight. It was a jam packed tour with a great guide and driver.

Erdenezuu Monastary and Khustai National Park 3D 2N Tour

Erdenezuu Monastary and Khustai National Park 3D 2N

Scenes of National parks Tour

Scenes of National parks

Terelj National Park Tour

Terelj National Park

What people love about mongolia tours in winter.

Excellent itinerary, excellent guide, excellent driver. Mongolia’s a great destination.
The tour was very well prepared and the company - Active Adventure Tours - seemed to be very reliable. We felt safe with the guide Mergen and th driver Chimedee. Chimedee was very nice, helpful and carrying. Everyday he prepared delicious coffee for us, even in the middle of nowhere. We felt lucky to travel with him. Altogether the travel was marvellous, breathtaking. The most moving was the stay with local family. We were lucky to travel as a couple only - then we were just a part of Mongolian yak keeping farmer family. We tried to milk yaks, ride horses, make local food and alkohol. That was just heart-moving. We enjoyed all the minute in Mongolia. We were also satisfied with food (vegetarian) and accommodation (some of gyr camps were better, some worse - usually if the gyrs were worse, the bathrooms were excellent and the other way round).
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  • January 2025 (12)
  • February 2025 (5)

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Mongolia winter tours & festivals

Mongolia Winter Tours & Festivals 2024

Table of contents, mongolia winter festivals, mongolia winter tours, mongolia winter tours itineraries, mongolia winter festivals & events itineraries, extra information about mongolia winter tourism, external resources.

Mongolia winter tours & festivals of December, January & February. Then we agree that winters here are long and harsh, with temperatures here typically ranging from -20°C to – 45°C degrees. That is why, most tourists flock here in summer to enjoy the comfortable temperatures and see the vast landscapes of wide open country and nomadic culture. But taking a holiday out of the city was a quite literal breath of fresh air, and so, so beautiful. Plus it was totally empty!

Mongolia winter tours & festivals

Travel Mongolia to experience a winter culture like you’re never seen before – an outdoor enthusiast’s dreams. Firstly, discover Ice festival on the freshest watered Lake Khuvsgul. Secondly, camel show in Gobi desert. Thirdly, participate in Mongols’ Luner New Year Celebration Ceremony. Moreover, did you consider visiting Western Mongolia and the Kazakh eagle hunters there? It starts in October and it’s only in the winter season where you can go with an eagle hunter. In conclusion, a truly unique experience. A Mongolia winter tours & festivals wonderland to discover awaits you!

mongolia winter tours

Mongolia Winter Trip With Ice Festival & Eagle Festival

mongolia winter tours

Mongolia Winter Photography Tour 2024

An eagleman is holding his eagle on his hand & watching the audinces at eagle festival in Ulaanbaatar

Golden Eagle Winter Festival

Our customers are in the camel festival in Gobi Desert

Mongolian Gobi Desert Camel Festival Tour

mongolia winter tours

Khuvsgul Lake Ice Festival Tour

Tsagaan Sar celebration ceremony

Oriental Lunar New Year – White Moon Celebration Ceremony

a khazakh man holding his eagle on horse in eagle festival

5 Days Mongolia Eagle Festival Tour with Altai Tavan Bogd

But in this section, we are showing you the trips that you can do in winter.

Our customer is holding an eagle on his hand

Gorkhi-Terelj National Park Winter Tour

horse riding in winter in Mongolia

Gorkhi-Terelj & Khustai National Parks Winter Tour

mongolia winter tours

Gobi Bus Winter Tour

wall of the Erdene Zuu Monastery  in winter

Central Mongolian Winter Tour

tour map of Reindeer Tribes of Mongolia Winter Trip

Reindeer Tribes of Mongolia Winter Trip

If you are unable to visit the festivals below, you can choose from our tours in below.

We offer you the following programs to participate the main winter festivals.

When should I visit?

To see the Gobi camel festival, Khuvsgul Lake ice festival & Ulaanbaatar eagle hunting festivals, plan your trip through March. Mongolians love to throw winter festivals, so consider planning your trip to coincide with big events. Undoubtedly, the most exciting time to visit Gobi is from 05 Mar – 08 Mar. That’s when Mongolians come out in droves to celebrate winter during the 2-day Gobi camel festival. It features camel races and numerous community activities, including ger assembly competition , the most stunning looking couple with camels, and team camel carawan competition etc.

What Can I Do?

Contrary to popular belief, we’re not confined by the cold or shorter days. Winter brings festivals, dog sledding tours, winter biking, gorgeous scenery, ice skating, bonfires, ice fishing, dining, and shopping. You can even take advantage of the longer nights to ski by moonlight, enjoy a bonfire on the beach, or watch for the mysterious sky. Visit our winter activities page for our full list of recommendations.

What About the Cold?

Temperatures in South & Central Mongolia are no more extreme than other parts of Mongolia, averaging 20 degrees.

Isn’t It Dark?

We get 6-12 hours of daylight in the winter, depending on where you are, but the sun setting doesn’t mean your day is done. Bottom line: your day can start as early, or go as late, as you’d like! Find out when the sun will rise and set during your Mongolia trip using the Sunrise/Sunset Calculator.

Is Winter Expensive?

You can book lodging for more than 50% off of summer rates, and you can get great deals on many tours.

Where to stay?

You’ll spend most nights in a ger – warming yourself by the stove. We’ll make a nice warm fire in your ger before you head to bed, and we’ll provide plenty of wood so you can keep the fire going as you wish, although you will find that traditional Mongolian gers provide excellent insulation so hold heat extremely well. We will also make sure that in the morning you wake up to a nice warm ger!

Winter clothing?

If you have the cash and baggage space we would say stock up here, as the clothes are both awesome and cheap. Of course you’ll need enough to get by till then. As well as, for all of our winter trips, we provide traditional felt boots and can provide winter deel, a traditional long cloth, as well if you wish.

  • Pictures of Mongolian Gobi Desert Camel Festival Tour on Facebook

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tour map of Gobi Trip From Ulaanbaatar By Car

Gobi Trip From Ulaanbaatar By Car

  • 4 minute read

A Kazakh man holding his golden eagle on his hand

Golden Eagle Festival

  • 2 minute read

a khazakh man holding his eagle on horse in eagle festival

4 Days Eagle Hunting Festival Mongolia

  • 5 minute read

Winter National Parks (4 days)

Driving in Winter

short description

Horses in Winter

FIRST DAY Khustain Nuruu National Park

Winter Mongolia

DAY 2 Genghis Khan Statue / Gorkhi - Terelj National Park

Dog Sledding Mongolia

DAY 3 Dog Sledding / Horseback Riding

Manzushir Monastery

DAY 4 Zuunmod/Manzushir Monastery and back to Ulaanbaatar

Detailed description.

one 1

Khustain Nuruu National Park

Today we will drive to the Khustain Nuruu National Park, 130 kilometers outside of Ulaanbaatar.

The Przewalski’s Horse is a rare and endangered subspecies of wild horse found in Central Asia’s steppes, also known as the Takhi horse. It has been reintroduced to its natural habitat in Mongolia, where it was once extinct in the wild. In 1993, Khustain Nuruu National Park was designated as a reserve, but in 1998, it was upgraded to a national park. In the park today, there are approximately 350 Takhi horses. There are 459 vascular plant species and 217 bird species in the park.

We will meet the park staff and be introduced to the project after arriving at the Khustain Nuruu National Park camp. In the afternoon, we’ll discover the park’s natural wonders by jeep, foot, or horseback.

(Ger camp B, L, D)

Winter Mongolia

Gorkhi – Terelj National Park

We’ll leave in the morning to the direction of Terelj National park, located 70 km from the capital and travel through a valley surrounded on all sides by forested hillsides and stunning granite cliffs. The park with its granite rocks, pine trees and river is a picturesque area that is perfect for hiking, horse riding or just sitting back, relaxing and enjoying the view. We will visit several sightseeing places in the area. The Genghis Khan Monument will be our first stop. The latter is a massive aluminium statue of Genghis Khan mounted on his horse. It is possible to ascend to the top of the monument, where you will be rewarded with a breathtaking view of the surrounding area. A small museum provides a thorough overview of the history of the Great Mongol Empire, including the succession lines of the great Khans and their invasions. We will visit Turtle Rock and the Aryaval Monastery, a small meditation monastery at the foot of the mountain. There are good possibilities for hiking, climbing and horseback riding.

Terelj National Park

Dog Sledding

After breakfast we will go on an epic adventure. You will speed on a glimmering frozen river, sitting on a sled that is being pulled by some of the most powerful creatures. Although later introduced to Mongolia now it is a national obsession and weekend favourite activity for citizens of the capital. It became the most popular winter attraction. This trip offers a real winter experience most people only dream of: the exhilarating dog sledding ride, sweeping beautiful, magical, spectacular winter landscapes and first-hand stories and experiences from guides and locals. Before starting there will be time to socialize and take pictures with dogs. Tour is led by a guide who steers the sled. You will slide for approximately 2 hours through frozen, snowy landscape. Halfway through your journey we will make a short stop so that you can enjoy nature, take some great photos and give the dogs good belly rubs. In the afternoon we will explore more of the winter beauty on a horseback riding tour. 

Dog Sledding Mongolia

Zuunmod/ Manzushir Monastery to Ulaanbaatar

Zuunmod, the capital of Tov province, will be our first stop. We will arrive in the center of this small administrative town after an hour of driving.

We’ll carry on to Manzushir Monastery from here. The monastery is situated on Bogd Khan Mountain, 8 kilometers from Zuunmod. The scenery is lovely and quiet, with rolling hills covered in pine and cedar trees. Granite formations surround the landscape, giving it a magical feel.

In 1733, Manzushir Monastery was established, with more than 20 temples and 350 monks. Unfortunately, it was destroyed during the 1937 Stalinist purges. The main temple has been rebuilt and turned into a museum, but the area’s other structures are still in ruins.

We’ll spend the afternoon hiking around the ruins and through the Bogd Khan Mountain after learning about the monastery and its secrets. The courageous will climb the hill behind the main monastery to take in the magnificent view of the valley. The monastery looks out over a lovely valley oak, birch, and cedar trees, and granite boulders strewn around.

We’ll return to Ulaanbaatar at the end of the day.

Manzushir Monastery

  • Land transportation
  • 3 nights Ger camp stay
  • Meals 3B, 4L, 3D
  • National park entrance fees/Museum and Monasteries entrance tickets
  • Activities as described in description


  • Hotel in Ulaanbaatar
  • City touring
  • Medical, trip insurance and evacuation costs
  • Alcoholic and soft drinks
  • International airport transfer
  • Mongolian dot Travel, the opposite of Ulaanbaatar Railway Station, Teeverchid Street, Bayangol District, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
  • (+976) 9953 82 95
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Mongolia Winter Tour: National Parks around Ulaanbaatar


  • Tour Code: SW3-1
  • Duration: 3 days / 2 nights
  • When: 1 November - 1 April
  • Start/ End point: Ulaanbaatar
  • Tour Category: Private Tour

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Day 1. UB – Hustai National Park trip (Wild Horse Park)

  • At 10am, your tour guide and driver will pick you up from your hotel lobby and drive to the Hustai National Park, which is a home to the Mongolian wild horse known as Przewalski’s horse (Takhi) and has a unique landscape that features the mountains and steppe.
  • Upon arrival at the Hustai, we will check-in at Tourist camp. It is a kind of hotel that serves guests with Ger (yurt) instead of a hotel room and always located at the best viewing spot.
  • After lunch, take a short drive to see the Przewalski’s horses in their natural habitat. If we lucky there can see more wild animals, including fox, deer and birds. Besides of the wild animals you can find here beautiful sceneries of the Mongolian nature that features mountain and steppe.
  • Also, we will be visiting local nomadic family who lives nearby in the national park and explore their nomadic way of life.
  • Return to the Tourist camp for dinner and overnight.

Accommodation : Tourist Camp. Meals : Lunch and Dinner.  Total distance : 120km, ~4.5hrs.

Day 2. Terelj National Park trip

  • In this morning, depart for Terelj National Park. It’s one of the most visited national parks in Mongolia. You can see the extraordinary formation of rocks and stones; some of them look quite similar to turtles.
  • In the afternoon, we will explore the national park and visit to see Turtle Rock – interesting rock formation looking like a turtle and visit Ariyabal meditation temple – surrounded by scenic mountains with massive rock formations and sits on top of the mountain. This small hike is seen as a ritual to cleanse one’s sins. From the top, you can enjoy the breathtaking view overlooking the Terelj National Park.
  • Dinner and overnight at Tourist camp in the national park.

Accommodation : Tourist Camp. Meals : Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.  Total distance : 200km, ~4.5hrs.

Day 3. Terelj – Genghis Khan’s Statue Complex – Ulaanbaatar

  • After relaxing breakfast, free for your own until lunch time. You can hike in the beautiful nature nearby the camp or horseback and the dog sledding trip is optional.
  • We will have a warm lunch in the camp and take a short drive to visit “Genghis Khan Statue Complex” which is currently the biggest (40m high) equestrian statue in the world. There is a recreation area, restaurants, and souvenir shops occupy the base structure. From here, you can ascend to the head of the horse using an elevator. There you have a good panoramic view over the complex area and the scenery beyond.
  • Afterwards, return to the city and transferred to the hotel.

Meal : Breakfast & Lunch.  Total distance : 100km, ~3hrs.

Tour Price & Booking

Inclusions & exclusions.

What’s included in the Price?

  • Private English-speaking tour guide,
  • Accommodation based on twin share: – 2 nights in the Tourist camps in Hustai and Terelj National Park,
  • All meals as specified in the itinerary: Breakfast: 2, Lunch: 3 and Dinner: 2
  • All relevant transfers and transportation with private vehicle,
  • All entrance fees as listed in the itinerary,
  • Complimentary drink water during the tour (2x bottle per day per person),
  • 4 % of total payment as a bank charge for online payment with Master/Visa credit cards,
  • All government, local taxes, and service charges

What’s Not included in the Price?

  • Accommodation in Ulaanbaatar
  • Other services not mentioned in the itinerary
  • Tipping and other personal expenses
  • Travel insurance.

Just a Kindly Reminder

  • A private tour guide and a driver with an air-conditioned car will serve only for you. No other travelers will join in your group.
  • This tour package can be fully customizable to fit your travel plan.

Reservation Notes

  • Full payment is required to confirm this trip!
  • All rates on are final! So, you can book this trip Now, if you have more than 72hours before the departure date.

A booking form & online payment link: Book Now

  • We accept Master, Visa & American Express Credit Cards. No additional charges!
  • If you have any questions and requests regarding this trip, please click on this link: “Inquiry”
  • You are also welcome to call us at +976 70001160
  • When your booking is confirmed, you will get a confirmation email, which includes the confirmed detailed itinerary.
  • On the morning of your tour departure date, our tour guide will be waiting for you in the lobby of your hotel, holding a sign with your name and our company logo on it.
  • Enjoy your Mongolia Trip with us!

Q: How about the Booking & Payment options?

  • We accept online payment with Master/Visa cards only for deposit to confirm the trip. No additional bank charge for the online payment!
  • The cash payment is accepted in special cases only.

Q: How about the Cancellation policy?

Cancellation refunds will be calculated as of the date we receive cancellation request:

  • No less than 30 days prior to scheduled departure date: 10% of the full payment per person.
  • 30 to 15 days prior to scheduled departure date: 20% of the full payment per person.
  • 14 to 7 days prior to scheduled departure date: 50% of the full payment per person.
  • 6 to 0 days prior to scheduled departure date: 100% of the full payment per person.

We strongly recommend you protect yourself by purchasing travel insurance. Mongolia Short Tours Agency will not refund any losses due to missing or incorrect information.

Q: What is Tourist camp?

The Tourist Camp is a kind of hotel that serves customers with Gers instead of hotel rooms and always located at the best viewing spot. It’s most popular accommodation type for countryside trip in Mongolia that consists of 30-40 Gers (yurt), a restaurant and some entertainment facilities. More information: Tourist Camp

Q: How about the meals?

During your trip in Mongolia you will be served mostly with European style meals and sometimes you will have authentic Mongolian meals. Lunches and dinners consist of 3 – 4 courses (soup or/and salad, main dish, desert) and bottled water. If you require special meals due to religious, medical limitation and vegetarian food , please inform us so that arrangements can be made in advance.

Q: The best time to take this trip:

> 1 st best months: June, July and August. > 2 nd best months: mid of May and September


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mongolia winter tours


The International Ecotourism Society

  • Horse Riding Across Mongolia’s Wild West
  • Gobi Desert Camel Riding – Sound of Silence
  • Horse Riding – Khuvsgul Lake’s Reindeer Tribe
  • Camel Riding Across the Gobi Desert
  • Horseback Riding Mongolia’s Western Trail
  • Horseback Riding to Explore Altai Cultures
  • Nomadic Civilization – Horse Riding
  • Horseback Riding Zavkhan Nomadic Trail
  • Horse Riding to Mongolia’s Altai Kings
  • Mongol Ride – Horse Riding in a National Park
  • Wilderness Ride – Horse Riding and Camping
  • Highlights of Mongolia – Riding and Hiking
  • Mongolia’s Great Khuvsgul Lake & Karakorum
  • Classic Mongolia – Gobi Desert, Riding, Hiking
  • Mongolia’s Gobi Beauties – Jeep and Camels
  • Searching for Chinggis via Hiking & Horseback
  • The Ancient Path from Karakorum to Gobi Desert
  • Grand Lakes – Khuvsgul Lake and White Lake
  • Discover Zavkhan – Horses, Camels & Camping
  • Nomadism, Nature, Gazelles – Eastern Beauties
  • Gobi Desert to Mountains – Wild Nature, Horses
  • Edge of Eternity – Hiking, Tavan Bogd, Kazakhs
  • Altai Kings – Hiking & Climbing in Tavan Bogd
  • Hiking & Climbing Tavan Bogd – Altai Peak
  • Easy and Fun Walking, Hiking, Khangai Mountain
  • Great Khan Trek – National Park Hiking/Camping
  • Wilderness Trek – Hike, Camp and Ride Horses
  • Altai Naadam Festival – Horse & Camel Riding
  • Classic Mongolian Naadam Festival
  • Experience Western Mongolia’s Eagle Festival
  • Mongolia’s Eagle Festival – Wild West
  • Mongolia’s Naadam Festival – Naadam Sands
  • Mongolia Great Lakes & Naadam Festival
  • Naadam Festival – Nomadic Civilization
  • Mongolia’s Lunar New Year – Nomadic Lifestyle
  • Mongolia Winter Festivals – Ice, Eagle & Camel
  • Fishing in Mongolia’s Darkhad Valley
  • Mountain Biking – Karakorum, Waterfalls, Lakes
  • Bird Watching in Mongolia
  • River Canoeing in Mongolia
  • Dog Sledding in Mongolia – Winter Travel
  • Warriors Training – Horses, Archery, Wrestling
  • Western Mongolia Culture
  • Western Mongolia’s Twin Lakes
  • Khuvd and Khar Us Lakes
  • Hiking Altai Mountain
  • Tuul Riverside Lodge
  • Walk and Camp at Terelj
  • Khuvsgul Lake Hiking
  • Karakorum Walking
  • Karakorum and Waterfall
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Nomads Winter Festivals

Included In-Country Services

MONGOLIA TRAVEL MAPS - Mongolia Winter Festivals - Ice, Eagle & Camel | Mongolia Nomads Tours

Mongolia Winter Festivals – Khuvsgul Lake’s Ice Festival

Mongolia winter festivals – western mongolia eagle festival.

Each year Kazakh people who live in extreme west of Mongolia attend the competition which tests their speed, agility, and accuracy to hunt. The Kazakhs of Mongolia train their eagles to hunt for rabbits and foxes. This festival is organized by the local Kazakh community and the Berkut Association. Historically, nomadic Kazakhs depended on Golden Eagles for hunting. 

Mongolia Winter Festival – Gobi Desert’s Thousand Camel Festival

The Thousand Camel Festival, annually held in the Gobi desert, is organized by a local non-governmental organization working to protect and preserve endangered Bactrian camel population. This extraordinary festival includes a camel race, a polo competition and performances of traditional music and dance. By attending the festival you can also experience the nomads’ way of life and famous paleontological sites.

Arrival in Ulaanbaatar

Sightseeing and welcoming dinner.

On your arrival at Ulaanbaatar you will be transferred to Bayangol Hotel. In the afternoon there will be a city tour: the first is the residence of the last Mongolian King, displaying a collection of Buddhist artifacts and items of his personal use. Then we will visit to the Gandan Monsatery followed by welcome dinner and overnight at the hotel. 

Before We Start the Mongolia Winter Festivals Program, We’ll First Pay Our Respects to the Famed Chinggis Khan Statue

We begin our journey by driving 64 km east of the Ulaanbaatar to Tsonjin Boldog. Here we will stop at the imposing Genghiis Khan Equestrian Statue. Designed and built by Mongolian architects in 2008 and wrapped in 250 tons of gleaming stainless steel, the enormous horse and it’s gigantic rider stands 40 meters (131 feet) tall and they are facing south pointing symbolically to China.  After this fascinating visit we drive back to UB. 

Flight to Khuvsgul Province to Attend the Famed Khuvsgul Lake’s Ice Festival – The First of 3 Mongolia Winter Festivals

This morning we will take a direct flight to Moron the capital of Khuvsgul province. The flight will take you 1.2 hours. On arrival you will be driven to the lake, the smaller brother of Baikal, renowned for the clarity of its water and nature. In the end of the 4 hour drive you will reach the ger camp on the shores of the lake.

Khuvsgul Lake’s Ice Festival – 1st of Mongolia Winter Festivals

Organized yearly on frozen Lake Khuvsgul by National Park rangers, local residents and businesses, the Ice Festival has been held five years running. A respite from the confinement of the winter months, the Ice Festival is a time to get outdoors and play games. The festival features a gathering of local residents and nomadic reindeer herders, and performances by shamans, musicians, and sportsmen. Competitions include ice sumo, a horse-drawn sleigh race, ice skating races, tug-of-war between local teams, and a Russian Jeep race on the ice. Many traditional games are played on the sidelines, and this is an ideal venue for visitors to join in the fun and games with local people. The festival is held at Khar-Us on Khuvsgul Lake, a short drive north of Hatgal across the frozen lake ice.

After breakfast, attend Ice festival opening ceremony, Ice carving competition, Ice Sumo wrestling, Ankle bone shooting, and Shaman Ceremony and National Folklore concert. You will watch bonfire and sacrificing shamanic ceremony. Free hiking by the lake shore and horse sledding. Overnight in Ger camp.Next morningwatch a marathon of skaters and a horse sled racing on the lake. After lunch, you will be driven back to Murun for your return flight to Ulaanbaatar. (Approx. on air 560 km, 1.5 hour & dirt road 12

Western Mongolia’s Famed Eagle Festival – 2nd of Mongolia Winter Festivals

You will be taken to the area where Eagle Festival will be held. At 10.00am the opening ceremony commences, as the participants join the parade on horse ride with their eagles. Then festival begins with each Kazakh displaying his hunting outfit and accessories. The Golden eagles will be released from a cliff and their owner will stand below and signal for them to land upon their arm, as they do during hunting. Then eagles will be released from a cliff to attack fox skins that will be dragged by their owner on horseback. Travel back to Ulaanbaatar. Stay overnight in the hotel.

Mongolia’s Famed Gobi Desert Camel Festival – the 3rd of Mongolia’s Winter Festivals

Transfer to the local airport for a morning flight to the Gobi. Mongolia’s two-humped Bactrian camel is nicknamed by locals “the Gobi Ship”. It inhabits the Gobi desert in the southern part of Mongolia. The camel is an indispensable part of life for nomadic herdsmen, therefore a local association of camel herders organizes this gathering of camels and their breeders each year to promote continued breeding of the Bactrian camel and to educate both Mongolians and foreigners on the importance of the camel in the Mongolian way of life. 

Camels and riders compete in a race, in camel polo tournaments, and evenin a camel “beauty contest” where owners display the finest saddles and rigging for their camels. This festival is held in Bulgan village of the South Gobi province 30km from the ger camp. In the afternoon you will visit the ‘Flaming Red Cliffs’ – the famous site where the first dinosaur eggs were ever found by an American expedition in the 1920-ies. Meals and overnight at the same ger camp.

Return Flight to Ulaanbaatar

In the morning we will drive to the local airport for the return flight to Ulaanbaatar. On return you will be transferred to your hotel.

Visit Mongolian Nomads to Experience Nomadic Lifestyle

Such deep insight into the lifestyle of Mongols has only been given to a few visitors. Two days living next to a nomadic family in the surroundings of Ulaanbaatar, learning how to tend animals, riding horses as well as some training of using a real composite bow. Some logistical secrets of the successes of Medieval Mongol warriors will be revealed to you.

You will be accommodated in a traditional Mongolian tent; our chef will cook the meals served directly in your tent. In the evening of the second day you will be driven back to UB.

NCA-001, 26 Feb – 8 March, 2021 Price per person for a group of more than 9 people: USD 3649 Single Supplement: USD 490

Domestic flights, transportation within Mongolia. Single accommodation can be arranged at an additional cost. Tented accommodation while on trek, three meals a day, English-speaking guide, all sightseeing costs, transfers, camel or horse hire where specified, support staff including drivers, horse/camel men and camp assistants.

International transportation, travel insurance, visas, departure tax, alcoholic drinks, gratuities, items of a personal nature.

It is the responsibility of the client to be fully covered with travel and medical insurance while traveling in Mongolia.

Upon request a single supplement in the countryside can be provided at the additional cost. In case single accommodation in ger camps was not provided the amount would be calculated based on the missing nights and reimbursed. Nomads cannot be held responsible for over bookings, as long as the company can prove with sufficient documentation that overbooking has been the error of the third party.

Should circumstances beyond our control, such as the imposition of quarantine restrictions, any changes of the domestic flight or train schedules, require a change of itinerary, we will inform your agent and propose an equivalent itinerary. Again, Nomads cannot take over the responsibility for the Airlines or the National Train Company. The traveler is responsible for having proper travel documents, such as a valid passport, proper visa, and the necessary passport pictures.

Have a question about this itinerary? Contact us today!

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Mongolia desert

Genghis Khan Statue & Gobi Desert Tour

Many people picture the Mongolian Gobi desert as a sandy flat area with dunes and vast barren areas of dried mud soil. However, travelers completely redefine their understanding of the area after they travel Mongolian desert. Indeed, the gobi desert is a spectacular travel destination, with surprisingly beautiful landscapes and natural beauty.

Mongolia travel

Central Mongolian Highlights Tour

During the central Mongolia tour, you will travel to the semi-desert and visit the central Mongolian mountain steppes and part of northern Mongolian forested mountains with crystal clear water rivers, freshwater lakes, flower-carpeted lands, and basalt-covered valleys. For you, every day will be fascinating and surprising.

Central Mongolia

Overland Explore Mongolia Tour

The best all-inclusive Mongolia tour to explore vast and varied landscapes, natural highlights, and cultural insights, sample traditional meals, follow historical traces and sleep in the traditional dwelling ger. You will experience the bests of Mongolia within a 16-day tour.

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Mongolia Orkhon valley tour

Gobi Desert & Orkhon Valley Tour

One week is a perfect duration to discover the Gobi desert highlights; the scenic places, top attractions, and must-do activities. You will be among the 360° view Gobi Desert steppe on the first day of this tour.

Mongolia khongor sand dunes

Best of the Gobi Desert Short Tour

You will stay at ger camps that allow you to enjoy 360° views of the desert steppes. Either the nights of the Gobi desert are attractive, quiet, and beautiful with countless bright stars. You also see amazing Gobi Desert sunrises and sunsets in the Gobi, except for the natural beauty.

best mongolia travel

Gobi Desert Highlights and National Parks Tour

Following this tour itinerary, you will trek in the lush green mountain valleys of the Gobi Desert, climb tall sand dunes for awe-inspiring scenery and the Gobi desert sunset, explore the world-known paleontological discovery site, and ancient monasteries.

Mongolia Active Adventure Tours

Mongolia cycling tour

Cycling in the Gobi Desert & Central Mongolia

To take this tour, it doesn't matter if you are an experienced adventure cyclist or an amateur. But cycling on rough roads requires some ability. During this tour, you will cycle at your pace, discovering scenic places of the Gobi desert and central Mongolia. A support vehicle will follow.

Gobi desert horse riding

Gobi Desert & Mountain Steppes Horse Trek

Mongolian tour to ride a horse without time and space limits in the semi-desert area. The activities and attractions include nomadic life discovery while staying with nomads, learning to cook, trying traditional meals, and sampling authentic Mongolian barbecue.

Mongolia horseback tour

Steppe Rider Horseback Tour

On this horse riding tour, you will head to Naiman Nuur/Eight Lakes lie 2400 m above sea level in the Khangai mountain range. This scenic place is accessible only on horseback or by walking from the northern side.

Mongolia Naadam Festival Tours

Mongolia racing horses

Great Naadam & the Gobi Desert Tour

The two most famous attractions of Mongolia are in one package tour. Combining the Naadam festival tour with a visit to the vast expanses of the Gobi Desert allows you have the best Mongolia travel experience.

Mongolia Naadam Festival Wrestler

Local Naadam & North Mongolia Tour

An amazing tour dedicated to culture, lifestyle, and nature lovers. Central and northern Mongolia is the significant pastureland and mountain region where nomads reside, herding their numerous animals, and proudly compete in the Naadam games.

Mongolia archery

Explore Mongolia & Naadam Festival Tour

The best all-inclusive Mongolia tour to attend the local Naadam Festival, explore vast open and varied Gobi desert sceneries, beauty, and historical artifacts of central Mongolian green valleys, crystal clear water rivers, lakes, and national parks of forested northern Mongolia.

Mongolia Family Tours

Mongolia family tour

Contrast of Mongolia Family Tour

Contrast of Mongolia Family Tour includes experiences that would be of interest to adults and children alike. It highlights the most scenic and attractive natural wonders of the Gobi Desert, central Mongolia, camel and horseback riding experiences with the help of local guides, and visits to nomad families.

Mongolia family holiday

Panoramic Mongolia Family Holiday

During this Mongolia family holiday, kids and adults enjoy 7 full days of activities and adventures, visiting the museum of dinosaur fossils and ancient monasteries, where you will see monks of all ages Buddhist rituals.

Mongolia family vacation

Nomadic Experiences & National Parks Family Vacation

Certainly this is the most experiential and activities-filled family tour suitable for adventure-loving parents and children. First, your family tour around the capital city Ulaanbaatar. Next, travel to Elsentasatkhai, the northern edge of the Gobi Desert.

Mongolia Short Tours

Mongolia nomad experience

Erdenezuu & Nomad Family Tour

Short, even though the most experiential Mongolia tour to discover remnants of the ancient city Kharakhorum, visit a beautiful and over 400 years-old Erdenezuu monastery in the Orkhon River Valley World Cultural Heritage Site, and stay with a nomad family.

Mongolia eagle

Falconry Tour in Western Mongolia

Mongolian Kazakhs have been keeping their tradition and custom at their origin for hundreds of years. You will stay at a home of an eagle hunter, ride horses and go to the mountains to see how the Kazakhs train and hunt with their eagles.

Terelj National Park

Terelj & Khan Khentii National Park Tour

Are you traveling to Mongolia within a short period and wishing to see and experience much? As well as, would you like to reach and enjoy pristine Mongolian nature traveling not far? Then this tour is for you.

Mongolia Luxury Tours

Mongolia luxury travel

Central Mongolia Luxury Travel

Discover Mongolian beauty not traveling far from the capital city and enjoy the comfort and luxury of the traditional dwelling ger at HS Khan Resort.

Mongolia luxury tour

Khuvsgul Lake Luxury Tour

Khuvsgul is the world’s freshest water pristine surrounding lake, located in the Siberian Taiga forest in far northern Mongolia. The lake is a Mongolian leisure travel destination for nature lovers. The tour includes boating, a reindeer family visit, horseback riding, trekking, and historical monument discovery.

Mongolia luxury holiday

Gobi Desert Luxury Holiday

The tour starts with desert adventures riding two-humped camels and optional dune ascending. Next 2 days, you will discover the Gobi desert highlights and stay at Three Camel Luxury Lodge.

Mongolia Winter Tours

Gobi desert winter

Winter Adventures of the Gobi Tour

The Gobi desert winter travel is unique as it is the earth's coldest desert where the nomads live herding their animals, wild animals roam, the landscape varies, stars glaze in the cloudless sky, and the horizon stretches as far as you can see.

Mongolia winter fun

Taste of Mongolian Winter Tour

The six-day Taste of Mongolian Winter tour is exclusively devoted to travelers who wish to have an authentic Mongolian experience. Mongolian winter is harsh and cold but not extremely cold due to dryness. You will see how beautiful the Mongolian winter is when traveling through snow-covered hills, wide-open steppes, forested mountains, and dunes in cooling fresh air.

Mongolia winter experience

Semi-Desert, National Parks & Nomad Experience Tour

This winter tour highlights the giant statue of Genghis Khaan, a picturesque winter view of Gorkhi Terelj National Park, gigantic Turtle Rock, an authentic nomad experience, horse and camel riding, and a hike in Hustai National Park in search of the earth's truly wild horses.

Mongolia Community Based Tours

Mongolia cultural tour

Nomads’ Hospitality Authentic Cultural Tour

Staying with authentic nomad families will be a real experience of Mongolian culture and a highlight of Mongolian tours. The nomads are entirely self-sufficient, living off the land and their herd.

Mongolia nomadic tour

Nomad to Nomad Cultural & Natural Sightseeing Tour

For you, choosing this tour will be the best cultural and heart-to-heart long-lasting experience and memories, along with your desire to discover and contribute to nomad life and the nomads’ natural acceptance and hospitality to accept everybody as their family members.

Terkhiin Tsagaan Nuur

Beauty of Mongolia & Nomad Experience Tour

The easiest description of the tour is less price and much to experience and view. This budget-friendly Mongolian tour includes the most attractive and must-see places of the Gobi desert, central and northern Mongolia.

Premium Travel Mongolia


Our Mongolian tours provide you with opportunities for thrilling activities such as horseback riding across the Mongolian steppe, camel trekking in the dunes of the Gobi Desert, and hiking to remote monasteries nestled in the mountains. The adventurous spirit of Mongolia is sure to leave travelers with lasting memories and a sense of awe.


Join a Group Tour and Discover Mongolia's Beauty Together! Premium Travel Mongolia's SIGNATURE TOURS are carefully curated to provide you with the ultimate travel experience. These all-inclusive tours are the most requested and sought-after journeys, designed to showcase the best of Mongolia's natural wonders, cultural treasures, and unique adventures.

Danshig Naadam Festival of Mongolia tour | Premium Travel Mongolia

Danshig Naadam Festival of Mongolia tour

Danshig Naadam stands as Mongolia's grandest religious and cultural festival, symbolizing the profound influence of Buddhism on the nation's people and heritage. The festival also features cultural activities such as the Three Games of Men.

The Great Naadam festival 2024 | Premium Travel Mongolia

The Great Naadam festival 2024

Naadam is one of the Mongolian traditional annual festivals that have been celebrated in Mongolia over millennia. The festival have become the cultural sanctity of nomads on the great steppe, keeps tradition and customs alive from ancient times.

Mongolia Highlights - The Gobi desert & Karakorum | Premium Travel Mongolia

Mongolia Highlights - The Gobi desert & Karakorum

Get your chance to reveal the most beauty of the Gobi desert & Khangai regions. The tour starts with visit to Giant Genghis equestrian monument, continues for the cultural experiences in the ancient capital of Karakorum including legendary...

Eagle festival Mongolia 2024 | Premium Travel Mongolia

Eagle festival Mongolia 2024

Eagle Festival that demonstrates the best of the Kazakh culture, namely, hunting with Golden Eagles tradition. A wonderful parade of colorfully dressed Kazakhs with their Golden Eagles on hand, horse or camel racing, archery, and various traditional games


Here, you'll find our Mongolia tours with a Duration of up to 12 Days, Exclusively nomadic homestays, no Ulaanbaatar city tour or hotel stay, Flight-free exploration, Cultural Engagement, Diverse Itineraries, and Small group tours for couples, friends, and families. Let us guide you on an unforgettable journey of cultural discovery and connection with the essence of Mongolia.

Discover the Magic on a Mongolian Winter Tour | Premium Travel Mongolia

Discover the Magic on a Mongolian Winter Tour

Embark on a captivating journey through the captivating landscapes of Terelj National Park, where the untouched beauty of Mongolia's winter reveals itself. Immerse yourself in a range of activities, such as horse riding, dog sledding, and moto-biking, ..

Flavors of the Heartland: Exploring Central Mongolia | Premium Travel Mongolia

Flavors of the Heartland: Exploring Central Mongolia

Unique blend of cultural immersion, natural wonders, and warm hospitality awaits on this 5 day tour. Mongol Nomadic show | Orkhon Waterfall | Tuvkhun Monastery | Karakorum | Hustai National Park

Embracing Nomadic Culture & Natural Beauty of the Middle Gobi | Premium Travel Mongolia

Embracing Nomadic Culture & Natural Beauty of the Middle Gobi

Engage with nomadic culture and bask in the untouched natural beauty. Experience the warm hospitality of local herders, witness beautiful Baga Gazaryn Chuluu's rock formation and beautiful White Stupa - Tsagaan Suvarga, and stargaze under vast skies.

The Lake Huvsgul - Where Adventure Meets Serenity | Premium Travel Mongolia

The Lake Huvsgul - Where Adventure Meets Serenity

Explore northern Mongolia's pristine beauty on a 5-day Lake Huvsgul adventure tour. Hike through mountains, enjoy horse riding, and boat rides on the scenic lake. Meet the enigmatic Tsaatan tribe - reindeer riders and immerse yourself in local culture.


Picture yourself sitting on the porch of a charming restaurant, nestled within a top-tier Ger camp in the heart of the Gobi Desert. As the sun begins to set, you find yourself immersed in an awe-inspiring view of the vast Gobi landscape, with no man-made buildings obstructing your sight. We invite you to embark on our exclusive Mongolia tours, carefully curated to offer PREMIUM EXPERIENCES .

Frozen Frames: A Captivating Mongolian Winter Photo Adventure | Premium Travel Mongolia

Frozen Frames: A Captivating Mongolian Winter Photo Adventure

Taking this photo adventure tour, you'll be immersed in the wonders of wild nature, with opportunities for hiking and trekking through majestic mountains in Renchinlhumbe village, providing perfect photo moments at every turn. ...

Central Mongolia's Exclusive Gems | Premium Travel Mongolia

Central Mongolia's Exclusive Gems

A fully escorted discovery journey through the highlights of Central Mongolia with authentic cultural experiences and soft adventure opportunities.

Eagle hunters of Mongolia | Premium Travel Mongolia

Eagle hunters of Mongolia

A fully escorted discovery journey to the Western Mongolia with authentic cultural experiences and soft adventure opportunities.

The Gobi desert experience | Premium Travel Mongolia

The Gobi desert experience

A fully escorted discovery journey through the highlights of the Gobi Desert with authentic cultural experiences and soft adventure opportunities.

Ulaanbaatar & around tour | Premium Travel Mongolia

Ulaanbaatar & around tour

A fully escorted journey through the highlights of Ulaanbaatar and surrounding with authentic cultural experiences and soft adventure opportunities.


Come, be a part of these extraordinary CULTURAL EXPERIENCES in Mongolia, and witness the magic of compassion and care. Let us guide you through these heartwarming and unique experiences, where the beauty of Mongolia's culture meets the power of kindness and community.

Farm to Fork: Organic Farm Visit & Mongolian Cooking Class with Wine | Premium Travel Mongolia

Farm to Fork: Organic Farm Visit & Mongolian Cooking Class with Wine

Visit an organic farm and join a Mongolian cooking class with wine pairing. Indulge in a unique experience, from harvesting to savoring a delectable farm-fresh meal with wine.

A day with "Magic Mongolia" | Premium Travel Mongolia

A day with "Magic Mongolia"

A day trip to visit the children’s development center, Magic Land to support the sport and cultural development activities

Kazak Cultural Encounter: A Day Trip to Visit a Kazak Family | Premium Travel Mongolia

Kazak Cultural Encounter: A Day Trip to Visit a Kazak Family

Delve into the unique heritage of the Kazak people and create unforgettable memories of Mongolia's vibrant cultural tapestry.

Exploring Mongol Nomadic Heritage Center & Meeting with Real Nomads | Premium Travel Mongolia

Exploring Mongol Nomadic Heritage Center & Meeting with Real Nomads

The program is designed to showcase the significance of Mongolian nomadic culture and its heritage. You also have an opportunity to meet real nomads.

Spiritual Journey:  Day trip to visit a Buddhist temple | Premium Travel Mongolia

Spiritual Journey: Day trip to visit a Buddhist temple

Engage yourself in the tranquil atmosphere, learn about Buddhist traditions, and gain insight into their spiritual practices.

Greetings from Premium Travel Mongolia!

We are a fully accredited travel company based in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia founded and managed by Mongolian travel professionals with over 20 years of experience in Mongolian tourism. We offer exciting Mongolia tours in 2024 including experiential cultural journeys, honeymoon tours, photography trips, and active adventure tours such as horseback riding, mountain trekking, and biking in this ancient land of nomads.

Greetings from Premium Travel Mongolia!  | Premium Travel Mongolia


Our carefully curated Mongolian tours fall into four distinct categories. For those open to meeting new people and joining a small group, explore our " SIGNATURE TOURS " with options for private arrangements as well. For a fascinating and niche experience, our " POPULAR TOURS & CULTURAL EXPERIENCES " starting and ending in Ulaanbaatar are a must-try. And for those seeking a touch of luxury, our " PREMIUM EXPERIENCES " will provide the utmost comfort during your journey. Come, discover Mongolia with us and embark on a truly unforgettable adventure!


Get inspiration

Mongolia, the Land of Blue Skies and Vast Horizons, is a land of awe-inspiring beauty, rich history, and a unique nomadic culture. Discover more!

Featured destination | Premium Travel Mongolia

Featured destination

Bayanzag Flaming Cliffs with dinosaur remain, a sunset camel ride at the Khongor sand dunes & oasis, a hike in the Glacial Yoliin Am Gorge with glimpses of wildlife, ...

Mongolia Facts | Premium Travel Mongolia

Mongolia Facts

These are just a few of the many compelling reasons why Mongolia is a captivating destination for adventurous travelers seeking to explore a world unlike any other.

The places to visit | Premium Travel Mongolia

The places to visit

The clay from the former shores, hills, and soil of the Cretaceous period look like they are on fire during sunrise and sunset. You may feel like you’re one a different planet.

About nomadic culture & nomads | Premium Travel Mongolia

About nomadic culture & nomads

Mongolian’s seemingly simple nomadic lifestyle is enriched by the philosophy of loving in harmony with the natural ...

Mongolia culture & history | Premium Travel Mongolia

Mongolia culture & history

The history of the Mongol nomads started over 2000 years ago with the Hun – the first nomadic state in Central Asia.

Mongolian festivals & events | Premium Travel Mongolia

Mongolian festivals & events

Naadam is the finest of Mongolian festivals, was listed in the Intangible Cultural Heritage of UNESCO in 2010.

Food & beverages | Premium Travel Mongolia

Food & beverages

Mongolian food is certainly not very well known. And first of all, do not expect any “Mongolian Barbeques”, “Mongolian Beef” or “hotspots” in Mongolia.

Top 10 things to do in Mongolia | Premium Travel Mongolia

Top 10 things to do in Mongolia

4x4 vehicles are a great way to explore the country in depth as they give travellers the freedom to travel off-beaten tracks, ...

Nature & wildlife | Premium Travel Mongolia

Nature & wildlife

Mongolia is rich in wildlife, and you will see rare species of animals, birds that cannot be seen elsewhere. Photographing endangered Asia wild ass, Argali sheep, Snow leopard, ...

Mongolia Blogs & News

Tsagaan Sar Travels: A Beloved Traveler's Photo Diary | Premium Travel Mongolia

Tsagaan Sar Travels: A Beloved Traveler's Photo Diary

In a land where tradition dances hand in hand with modernity, our intrepid Premium Traveller, Ms. Shreemoyee S, embarked on an unforgettable journey through Mongolia during the auspicious time of Tsagaan Sar. Cloaked in the elegant attire of the ...

Mongolian Winter Travel Photo Diary: A lovely couple's Adventure | Premium Travel Mongolia

Mongolian Winter Travel Photo Diary: A lovely couple's Adventure

An adventurous young couple from Singapore, embarked on a daring winter expedition to Mongolia, where temperatures plummeted from their usual +28°C to a bone-chilling -30°C. Their 11-day journey, meticulously curated by Premium Travel Mongolia based on...

Mongolian Winter Wonders: Embrace the Extreme | Premium Travel Mongolia

Mongolian Winter Wonders: Embrace the Extreme

The harsh and cold weather, coupled with limited accommodations, makes winter travel in Mongolia a venture reserved for the curious, brave, and adventurous spirits. If you possess the spirit of curiosity, bravery, and adventure, we extend a warm ...

Premium Travel Mongolia: Unveiling the Ultimate Asian Travel Experience at ITB Asia 2023 | Premium Travel Mongolia

Premium Travel Mongolia: Unveiling the Ultimate Asian Travel Experience at ITB Asia 2023

Premium Travel Mongolia is thrilled to announce its active participation in ITB Asia 2023, taking place from October 25 to 27 at the exquisite Marina Bay Sands in Singapore.

When visiting Mongolia, it's essential to savor the authentic flavors of the local cuisine | Premium Travel Mongolia

When visiting Mongolia, it's essential to savor the authentic flavors of the local cuisine

When visiting Mongolia, embracing the local cuisine is an integral part of experiencing the country's culture and traditions. Don't miss the chance to sample these delightful dishes during your journey through the land of the nomads.

Rave review #2 from PTM's valued travelers 2023 | Premium Travel Mongolia

Rave review #2 from PTM's valued travelers 2023

Our guides, Zaya and Habak, were knowledgeable and passionate about their country's culture and rich history. The picturesque landscapes, idyllic rolling hills, and sparkling streams created the perfect getaway.


Want create your own itinerary start building your dream experience now, why premium travel.

mongolia winter tours

Sustainable tourism commitments

mongolia winter tours

Discover Mongolia with Confidence: 5-Star Reviews from Our Valued Travelers

Experienced and dedicated team.

mongolia winter tours

Experts in tailor making tours & reliable communication

mongolia winter tours

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mongolia winter tours

Travel in style with us!

Traveller review, jeremy's family & friends, from singapore, dec 2023.

We had a fantastic trip, every part was memorable, wishing you a happy new year in advance!

Xavier & Syazwani

It's been great! Zaya is awesome. Loved the horse riding today so might seriously consider taking the 2 days trip on horseback to see the tsaatan tribe again in summer! Definitely! We love the itinerary and service so definitely want to make sure Premium Travel Mongolia becomes the go-to agency!

Alex Yuen & Charlene Boh

From singapore, sep 2023.

Crystal at Mongolia Premium Travel crafted a bespoke itinerary for our Mongolian adventure, tailored to our unique requests and allowing us to see so much in a short time. Our guides, Zaya and Habak, were knowledgeable and passionate about their country's culture and rich history. The picturesque landscapes, idyllic rolling hills, and sparkling streams created the perfect getaway. Thank you, team, for an awe-inspiring trip!

Mr. Abace van de Nur

From portugal, aug 2023.

Premium Travel Mongolia did an excellent service with our group of 20 people taking us all over the country. Tour guide AMARA is a gem, thank you!

Alicia, Kevin and Ingrid

From hong kong | aug 2023.

Hi Crystal, We just got back to Hong Kong safely! Just want to say a huge thank you for all the help rendered to a smooth and enjoyable trip for us. We appreciate all the help given, including pre-trip queries, getting us a SIM card and checking in with us during the trip. Orna and bulga has been a great help to for our entire trip!!! Thanks very much once again!

from PORUGAL | Jun 2023

I had an incredible time in Mongolia! Baibolat was my guide to the Malchin Peak and was always attentive and caring about my well-being, especially during adverse weather. Always in time and showing me the plan ahead of time, I would definitely recommend him for any trip.

Crystal, the local specialist, was super helpful in coordinating all the work to book the trip, very responsive, and giving me all the information for the options I was looking for.

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Here you’re! We’re delighted you've found Premium Travel Services – Mongolia. We are here to help you plan a special holiday. You’ve got few steps ahead to receive your very private and tailor-made holiday in Mongolia. Following booking form to fill-in will give us better understanding what exactly you’re looking for. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you.

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eagle photography tour

Golden Eagle Festival Mongolia 2024 -2025 Locally enjoyed festival

Horse riding to Dukha tribe in Northern Mongolia

Horse Riding Mongolia – A journey off the beaten track

Female horse archer

Horse Archery Mongolia 2024 Tour

Winter reindeer herders tour Mongolia

Winter Reindeer Herders Mongolia – Dukha Adventure Tour

mongolia winter tours

Tailor-Made Tours Mongolia

Gandan Monastery Main Monastery exterior - Sandra Henri

Ulaanbaatar City Tour

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Best Selling Mongolia Tours of 20 years of our operation

Why nomadic trails, authentic experiences.

Our small group, custom and tailor made trips to Mongolia offer you an amazing adventure that ventures beneath the surface of the region.


We're a local Mongolian travel agency. We utilize our experience to break down barriers and provide ethical business for people from lesser-known areas with so much to offer.

VETERAN mongolian tour company

We are a well-established Mongolian adventure travel company. Nomadic Trails is successfully operating for more than 17 years as one of the ``A`` licensed best Mongolian tour companies.


We specialize in Custom tours. So tell us about your trip requirement. We'll work together to customize your adventure of a lifetime to visit Mongolia.

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When you book us, you get best possible prices, which is middle-man free. Get the best original Mongolia itinerary with a flexible cancellation policy.

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Gobi Mongolian sunset with camel caravan

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thanks to Nomadic Trails. Tulga and everyone on his team were so accommodating to any of our requests and even helped us navigate our way through the local market and barter for souvenirs. Truly delicious food as well at every stop. Phenomenal all around. Thank y’all for everything! Unbelievable experience in Mongolia!

Tulga, our tour guide is very knowledgeable and helpful, his driving skills also worth a praise and believe me, on these roads, it is a big advantage for someone like me with a motion sickness. They provided a cook for us, who exceeded all of our expectations. If you want a truly amazing experience just go with them!

and he was able to provide a varied, personal, unique experience. I wanted to create my own personal itinerary and Tulga had the knowledge, contacts, experience and sense of adventure to make that happen. I’ll be returning in 2020 to travel with Nomadic Trails again. Can’t wait!

hopping on our horses to go to the Tsaatan reindeer tribe, then finally staying at one of the best camps in Murun. Everything was so well-organized. Noteworthy is Tulga’s relationship with the tribe, which is an important consideration when we were planning this trip as we want to be as respectful as possible to the tribe for them not to feel uneasy during our stay. Our group was delighted to have raw and authentic Mongolian experience without having to sacrifice comfort – we had delicious food, great accommodation and comfortable transportation all throughout our trip – thanks to the incredible team of Nomadic Trails!

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Golden Eagle Hunters

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  2. Mongolia Winter Tours (Ulaanbaatar): Hours, Address,

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  3. Mongolia Winter Tours

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  4. Khovsgol Ice Festival Mongolia

    mongolia winter tours

  5. Snow and Ice Festival Tour 3 days

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  6. Mongolia Winter Tour

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  1. Mongolia Winter Tours

    Camel festival was first initiated in 1997 by the locals of Umnugobi (South Gobi) province to protect the 2-humped Bactrian camel species, increase the population of them, honor camel herders, pass the rich Mongolian camel breeding heritage to the next generation and to promote winter tourism in Mongolia.

  2. Mongolia Winter Tours

    Winter begins in early November and lasts about 110 days until March. Choose from our recommended Mongolia winter tour packages below. Feel free to tell us your requirements and interests, our experienced travel advisory is ready to tailor-make a suitable winter vacation for you.. Mongolia Winter Travel.

  3. Mongolian Winter Tours I Winter Tours Mongolia

    Winter in Mongolia. Situated in high latitudes and high elevations, Mongolia is far from the moderating influences of the ocean. Consequently, it experiences a pronounced continental climate with very cold winters. Heavy snow occurs mainly in the mountain regions but fierce blizzards sweep across plains and steppes.

  4. Mongolia Winter Tours

    Winter tours. Winter. tours. Spending your winter holiday in Mongolia is a life time adventure. Mongolia offers you a chance to experience worlds' one the coldest weather along with centuries old nomadic culture. Travel to Mongolia in winter!

  5. Mongolian winter tours

    Mongolian winter tours. Winter in Mongolia is a unique and enchanting experience. While it can be extremely cold, with temperatures dropping well below freezing, it offers a one-of-a-kind opportunity to witness the country's stunning landscapes in a completely different light. Here are some key aspects to consider when planning a winter trip ...


    Mongolia Winter Tours Winter tours 2023-2024. Mongolia Winter Tours. Winter Adventures of the Gobi Desert. The Gobi desert winter travel is unique as it is the earth's coldest desert where the nomads live herding their animals, wild animals roam, the landscape varies, stars glaze in the cloudless sky, and the horizon stretches as far as you can ...

  7. Mongolia Winter Tour

    One week with 9 or 12 days intense driving expedition from Ulaanbaatar to Northern Mongolia and back that you will never forget! Covering 2.000km asphalt, snow tracks, dirt roads and 250km tracks over a frozen lake in this fully supported off-road tour.

  8. Mongolian Winter Tours

    MONGOLIA WINTER TOURS. Mongolia winter tours & trips: Winter in Mongolia is cold, but incredibly beautiful and mysterious. Temperatures are here typically ranging from -20°C to - 45°C degrees. The most challenging trip is not in colorful wild flowers or lush green forest but it would be on snow-covered steppe in -20degrees.

  9. Mongolia Winter Tour

    Winter in Mongolia is Cold but Incredibly Beautiful. This Mongolia winter tour takes 5 days to cover the most popular travel destinations and attractions around Ulaanbaatar and central part of Mongolia including UNESCO World Heritage Sites, snow covered landscapes and interesting national parks etc.. Relaxing in wild nature and explore the Mongolian nomadic culture, horse riding, camel riding ...

  10. Experience the World's Coldest Capital During this Ulaanbaatar Winter Tour

    Ulaanbaatar is known as the world's coldest capital thanks to reaching temperatures of −36 to −40 °C come winter in Mongolia. That's colder than Moscow, Astana, Reykjavik, Helsinki, Tallin, and Ottawa, all notoriously cold and much more well-known cities, to claim the title. It's also what makes visiting Mongolia from November to ...

  11. 10 Best Mongolia Winter 2024 Tours & Trips

    Find the best tours & trips in Mongolia in Winter 2024 with TourRadar. Choose from 16 tours with 26 real tour reviews. Book now and save with! Deals of the Week Bucket List Up to 50% OFF. Deals end: 25 Mar, 2024. 0. Destinations. Destinations. Adventure Styles.

  12. Mongolia Winter Tours & Festivals 2024

    Mongolia winter tours & festivals of December, January & February. Then we agree that winters here are long and harsh, with temperatures here typically ranging from -20°C to - 45°C degrees. That is why, most tourists flock here in summer to enjoy the comfortable temperatures and see the vast landscapes of wide open country and nomadic culture.

  13. Mongolian Winter Tours I Winter National Parks

    Discover wonders of mighty winter in winter national parks located close to Ulaanbaatar. Winter in Mongolia might sound intimidating with over minus 20°C but you can comfortably enjoy outdoors (dog sledding on frozen river through icy valleys) when clothed properly and having whole country all to ourselves seems pretty sweet.

  14. Mongolian winter tour

    Discover the Magic on a Mongolian Winter Tour. About tour Tour map Trip plan Price details What's included. Book now. 2023-12-29. Terelj, Hustai, Ulaanbaatar. 2 ~ 8 people. Embark on a captivating journey through the captivating landscapes of Terelj National Park, where the untouched beauty of Mongolia's winter reveals itself. Immerse yourself ...

  15. Mongolia Winter Tour

    Mongolia Winter Tour: National Parks around Ulaanbaatar. Photos; Trip Video; Tour Information. Tour Code: SW3-1. Duration: 3 days / 2 nights. When: 1 November - 1 April. Start/ End point: Ulaanbaatar. Tour Category: Private Tour. BOOK NOW. INQUIRE *) *) PROGRAM. Day 1. UB - Hustai National Park trip (Wild Horse Park) ...

  16. Winter Reindeer Herders Mongolia

    Winter Reindeer Herders Mongolia - Dukha Adventure Tour. View trip gallery. Date: Winter tour /October-March/ Summer tour /March-October/. Duration: 11-days 10-nights. Group size: 1 to 12 PAX. Tour price: starting from 1800 USD. Activity level: Moderate. Accommodation: Hotels, local hotels, lodge and huts/teepee.

  17. Mongolia Winter Festivals

    Our Mongolia Winter Festivals program covers everything you needs to make your winter travel experience in Mongolia brilliant! Each March residents living around the Khuvsgul lake celebrate the Ice Festival. The festival involves a variety of activities and competitions, including Ice Sumo, building a "ger" with ice, ice skating and sleigh ...

  18. Experiential Mongolia Tours 2024 and 2025

    Mongolia Winter Tours. Winter Adventures of the Gobi Tour. The Gobi desert winter travel is unique as it is the earth's coldest desert where the nomads live herding their animals, wild animals roam, the landscape varies, stars glaze in the cloudless sky, and the horizon stretches as far as you can see.

  19. Winter Reindeer Tour for Expats in Mongolia

    Winter Reindeer Tour for Expats in Mongolia: Create Unforgettable Holiday Memories. Embark on a special winter journey with Nomadic Trails and immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of Mongolia. Our Winter Reindeer Tour offers expats and their loved ones a unique opportunity to explore the fascinating world of the Dukha Reindeer People and ...

  20. Mongolia tours & Experiences

    Explore northern Mongolia's pristine beauty on a 5-day Lake Huvsgul adventure tour. Hike through mountains, enjoy horse riding, and boat rides on the scenic lake. Meet the enigmatic Tsaatan tribe - reindeer riders and immerse yourself in local culture. Khovsgol Lake. 5 Days - 4 Nights.

  21. Travel Mongolia

    Nadaam Festival Mongolia - Naadam Festival Tour 2024. 13-days 12-nights. Visit the Golden Gobi, the ancient capital of Mongols Kharkhorin, and discover nomadic culture first-hand by visiting the Naadam Festival Tour Mongolia 2022. 2 to 12 PAX. starting from 2100 USD.