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38 Best Long Haul Flight Essentials + Insider Tips

As someone who moved to the other side of the world, Long Haul Flights very quickly became part of my regular routine.

I am not one to fly for business, so I do not have the perks of free upgrades and you will find me in the back of a plane in economy!

Unfortunately, there is no “secret hack” to turning your economy flight into a first class flight.

However, you can pack some “long haul flight essentials” to make your flight much more bearable.

From my very first flight to London, where my not-so-polite seat neighbour told me to stop crying (dude, I don’t know when I’m going to see my family again!), I have become a pro at packing and preparing for my long haul flights and coming up with the best list of essentials for long flights.

Lucky for you…. I am share some of my long flight essentials (always pack a blanket scarf) and general tips with you to hopefully make your next flight a little less…..sucky?

Hey There……there is a very good chance that this post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase through them, we may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

In a hurry? Download your packing list for long haul flights

Table of Contents

Pack your Long Haul Flight Essentials Kit

These are the items that are going to transform your economy flight into a first-class flight….. who am I kidding?

These items will not make it a first-class flight, but they will make your economy flight a little more comfortable.

1. Baby wipes

I used to travel with cleanser but I have found that baby wipes are little easier to travel with and because they have a few uses they are one of the best items for long haul flights.

I love to wipe my face and neck as soon as I get on the plane. It helps to replicate my night time routine and get me ready to relax.

I also like to wipe down my surroundings, I know that plans are cleaned but like to make sure!

Baby wipes are great for that mid flight shower – remember, we’re in economy not first class!! I also like to have a bit of a “wash” before arriving in my destination.

Baby wipes are the number one long air travel must haves if you like feeling clean on a long haul flight.

2. Deodorant

This plane travel essential is more for your seat neighbours! I always panic that I am going to be stinky on my flight, so I am constantly using deodorant throughout my flights. I love the fresh coconut scent of this deodorant !

3. Lip Balm

Lip Balm is a definite essential because airplanes are super dehydrating. There is nothing worse than being dehydrated when you are trying to sleep!!

A green building in front of snow capped mountains

4. Moisturiser

Moisturiser is another LONG haul flight essential. I moisturise several times through out the flight so I don’t look 100 years old when I arrive in my destination.

I either use a regular moisturiser or if I can’t be bothered constantly applying moisturiser , I take a thick mask with me (just remember to put it into a travel container!)

5. Travel Bottles

Remember when travelling on long haul international flights your liquids and gels need to be under 100mL. This is where travel bottles will come in handy.

You can pour (or scoop) your larger bottles and containers into your small travel bottles . This will ensure you’re not getting into trouble at security and that you aren’t wasting product.

An airplane tray table folded down with a 7-up can next to a cup with 7-up, a straw and a lemon in it behind a packet of pretzels

On most long haul flights, you will get some food. It just might not be as often as you like it or the kind of food that you feel like in the middle of the night so I suggest you pack your own food!

7. Travel Cup

I always get bored at airports and buy drinks just for the sake of it. When ever possible I would much rather use a reusable cup to help do my bit for the environment. Reusable cups are great as a general travel essential so I highly recommend you get one!

8. Reusable water bottle

Reusable water bottle in case you didn’t read earlier, airplanes are very hydrating places and water bottles in the airport are VERY expensive (and bad for the environment). I always take a water bottle with me and ask the flight attendants (very politely) if I they will fill it up for me. I love collapsible water bottles because when they are empty they don’t take much space.

I always bring gum with me, it helps if you can’t find a toothbrush and it can help your ears when your flight is taking off or landing.

Stairs leading up to a snow capped castle with fog covering the Tourette of the castle

10. Hair Ties

When moving around airports my hair always gets in the way, so I like to have a few hair ties handy. I prefer to use the silk scrunchies because they’re much kinder to my hair.

11. Toothbrush

I think this one is self explanatory but something can be easily forgotten. I always buy a new tooth brush and pack in my hand luggage so I can’t forget to pack it on the day I leave.

12. Head phone splitter

If you’re travelling with a partner or a friend and using a laptop or iPad for entertainment you will want to grab a head phone splitter !

best travel essentials for long flights

13. Noise cancelling Head phones

Noise cancelling headphones are perfect to block out the noisy sounds of the plane, babies crying or the snoring passenger next to you.

I love these headphones as they allow me to sink into a movie and the time flies by (pardon the pun!) and are definitely must haves for long haul flights.

Two gentlemen talking at a Christmas market

14. Travel Pillow

Your long haul flight essentials kit is not complete without a travel pillow . Inflatable travel pillows are great options because you can add as much (or as little) air as you like and when you’re not using them they’re easy to fold away in your bag.

15. Eye Mask and Ear Plugs

Eye mask and ear plugs are perfect for being able to block out the world on a long haul flight, especially if it is a night time flight.

16. Blanket Scarf

This essential item has so many uses but I find airplanes so cold and I the blankets on the planes are pretty thin so I love bringing a blanket scarf. These can be bulky but I am always so grateful for it when ever I use it!

17. Warm socks

I find warm fluffy socks really improve my flight experience more than you could imagine. Not only do I hate having a cold feet but I also find that any time I’m getting comfortable at home, I put on some warm fluffy socks. So why not use them on a long haul flight as well?

18. Compression Socks

If your feet or legs swell when you’re flying it is a great idea to grab a pair of compression socks . Compression socks can also help with deep vein thrombose when travelling, but make sure you are moving around during your long haul flight.

A blue christmas tree covered with white lights and a sign saying vilnius in front of a tall tower

19. A change of clothes and spare underwear

There are a million reasons why you should always bring a change of clothes and spare underwear with you on the plane. Lost luggage? At least you have some fresh clothes for the first 24 hours of your trip. Flying from a hot country and to a cold country? Or maybe you’re just like me and you like to have fresh clothes on when you land!

A change of clothes is one of the top carry-on essentials for long flights. So don’t forget your change of underwear, a t shirt and a cardigan or jumper.

best travel essentials for long flights

21. Slides or flip flops

As mentioned above, I love wearing socks during my flight but I never go to the toilet in just socks, is that water on the floor? I find slides are perfect for wearing over my socks to the toilet or just around in the plane in general.

22. Face mask

These days no body goes any where without a face mask but it is particularly important when travelling. To keep yourself and everybody else safe, please make sure you carry a mask with you next time you are on a plane.

23. Hand sanitizer

Along with a face mask, hand sanitizer can be found every where these days. It is something I have always travelled with but never used as much as I should. I love this hand sanitizer because it is cruelty free and not harsh on your skin.

A little squirt of hand sanitizer before you eat or touch a communal space can help keep us all safe and travelling.

24. Disinfectant wipes

Planes have always been known as not always being the cleanest places and airlines are saying that since 2020 they are cleaning the planes more thoroughly.

However, since I began taking long haul flights I have always wiped down my tray table, in flight entertainment unit (if there is one) and my arm rests I cannot recommend highly enough that you do this every time you fly.

They are an essential item for long flights. Disinfectant wipes don’t take up much room and they can make your flight more enjoyable knowing that you have cleaned your area.

a bicycle parked out the front of a bright orange house with wooden red shutters at Nyboder in Copenhagen

25. Sunscreen

Not only is sunscreen essential for when you arrive in your destination but it is also one of the best travel essentials.

Even though you are at high altitudes if you are sitting on the window you can still be exposed to UVA. I always apply sunscreen before every flight and as I’m landing, even if its just a stop over.

26. Rain jacket

There is nothing worse than landing at London Heathrow after a 24 hour flight from Australia and it is pouring rain when you’re trying to get to your accommodation.

Ever since my first flight to London, I have always packed a light weight rain jacket in my carry on. It is much easier to access than if it is in your main luggage and you never know when you might need it.

27. Travel purse

Along with my carry on back pack, I always have a small purse that I have across my body. In this small bag I carry my passport, iPhone, credit cards, cash, spare sim card, tickets and really anything that is valuable to me.

These are things that are expensive, hard to replace or would make my travels very difficult if they got stolen.

Whenever I am on the plan I “wear” this bag or I have it sitting next to me on my seat. As it is so small it doesn’t count toward your carry on luggage and it gives me piece of mind that if I go to sleep my important things won’t get stolen.

I bought my travel purse in the leather markets in Florence (I highly recommend a visit when you’re in Florence ) but this one is quite similar .

The malmo castle in malmo

I highly recommend converting some of your home currency to the local currency of your first destination.

Depending on where you are going it can be quite hard to get money when you first land. You always need money at the airport, whether it is for the bus, a taxi or a transfer, you will need to pay for this.

I don’t like get stuck with only a card so I exchange about $100AUD so I am covered when I first get there.

I also always have about $100AUD on me at all times that I can change if I find I am stuck without any money.

Pro Tip: I never suggest carrying 100s of dollars in any currency just in case something happens and its gets stolen!

29. Notebook

I never travel with out a notebook . I sometimes write a diary during my travels but it is handy for noting down the places you want to see during your trip, you can write down directions for getting to your first nights accommodations as soon as you leave the airport.

It also provides you with some entertainment on the flight!

What use is a notebook if you don’t have a pen? Aside from being able to to write in your notebook, a pen is useful for filling out departure or arrival cards you need to fill in. You can’t always rely on flight attendants or fellow passengers to lend you a pen.

31. Entertainment

Someone hold  green, red and blue uno cards with uno cards in a pile on a table next to a green passport case and a can of soft drink in the background. Uno cards are a must for entertainment on a long haul flight.

Most Long Haul Flights these days have inflight entertainment that includes music, movies, eBooks, TV shows and games.

However, sometimes you end up sitting in a seat where the entertainment is broken. Or you are on an older flight that doesn’t have the entertainment units.

Be prepared and bring your own entertainment. I like to pack a book because I am old school and like physical books but I also download podcasts before the flight leaves or bring my laptop with movies downloaded.

Entertainment is also very important if you end up stuck in an airport a lot longer than you thought, it is definitely one of the top must haves on a long flight.

I once booked a 17 hours lay over in the Middle East and I didn’t realise until I arrived. Let’s just say, I learnt every single corner of the airport!!

32. Universal Adapter

Universal adapters are one of the best travel accessories for long flights as they help you charge your devices no matter where you are in the world!

It takes away some of the preplanning you have to do and prevents you from having a hundred different adapters for countries you might only visit once.

33. USB cord

USB cords are definitely must haves for long flights! Whether you are using the USB socket on the plane or your portable charger, you will want to make sure you have a fully charged phone when you land!

34. Packing cubes

Packing cubes are not necessarily on the top of your “things to bring for long flights” list but, I hate trying to rummage around in my bag to find my socks at the very bottom of the bag, so I use packing cubes .

I use these in main luggage and my carry on to keep everything super organized.

I only started using packing cubes before my latest four month trip around Europe and I have no idea how I ever survived without them before!

35. Copy of your passport

A can of Maeloc Cider on a table next to glass filled with cider and ice and an Australian passport in front of the drinks

When travelling overseas I am always worried something will happen to my passport.

It is my life line when I’m travelling, it proves my identity but in a crisis it will also help if I turn up to the Australian Consulate any where.

Whilst nothing beats actually having your passport (it is a must have for international flights) if something goes wrong and you lose your passport or it gets stolen having a copy of it can help you get your new passport processed and to prove your identify without the actual passport.

I find a paper is sometimes more useful than having it stored on your phone incase you don’t have reception or battery.

36. Extra passport photo

As with the one above, carry a passport photo can help you get your new passport processed faster if you carry a spare passport photo with you.

37. Make sure you are covered

While this one is not a long haul flight essential in the fact that it fits in a kit, it is an essential in that you cannot leave home with out. Yes, I am talking about travel insurance.

What happens if you get sick abroad and need to go to hospital? What happens if you lose your luggage? What happens if you trip is cancelled? What happens if your accommodation is cancelled?

Someone lying in a hammock in an open living area

Fingers crossed, none of the above happen to you but you have to be covered if they do happen.

Especially, if it is a medical emergency. This is a situation that cannot be ignored and needs to be attended to straight away.

However, if you do not have travel insurance, these can be very expensive.

You should always, always, always, purchase travel insurance as soon as you have booked or paid for something related to your trip.

Find Your Perfect Policy Here

38. Don’t fight over the outlets

An iphone plugged into a power outlet

It seems that airports never have enough outlets and if they do, there is already a hundred travellers (okay, I may be slight exaggerating) crowded around it.

I find a Long Haul Flight Essential is having a fully charged phone and after travelling for 14 hours (and only being two thirds of the way) my phone is usually dying.

So, I have found a couple of “tricks”, that aren’t really tricks, to avoid the fight over the power outlets.

Away Carry On luggage – if you have purchased the Away luggage, you will have your handy power pack built in to your luggage. Just don’t forget to charge your luggage before your long haul flight.

Portable Power Pack – adding a portable power pack to your airplane essentials is pretty easy.

It doesn’t take up too much space and it will take away the stress of arriving in your destination with a flat battery and no idea how to get to your accommodation.

I love this power pack because it will charge my phone fully FIVE times and it charges very quickly.

Power Board – packing a power board will help when there are a quite a few people fighting over the same outlet.

These are also fantastic for hostels or if you travel with a few different electronics that need charging.

If you are using a Power Board, make sure it suits the plugs from your home country and bring your universal power adapte r so you can plug into any plug!

Preparing for your trip

The arc de triomphe

If you are like me, you’re constantly on pinterest before each long haul flight looking up things like “how to survive a long haul flight, long haul flight essentials, what to pack for a long haul flight, things to bring for a long flight, getting a free upgrade to business”

I won’t lie, you are not going to find the magic hack and your chances of getting upgrade to premium economy, let alone, business class (or first class) are very slim. However, it is important to start preparing for your long haul flight before you get to the airport.

Decide on your carry on luggage

Unless you are flying on a big international airline , most airlines will charge for luggage and will make you check in your carry on bag if it two grams over your allowance!

So make sure your carry on luggage meets the requirements .

When it comes to luggage, any kind of luggage, you need to think of it as an investment. You do not want to be half way through your trip and have your zipper break or your handle fall off.

You want to make sure that you have quality luggage that will last you for many years.

As a rough guide, your luggage should last you 8 – 10 years. This comes from someone who doesn’t exactly look after their luggage!!

I use my luggage as a seat, I drag it through airports, roll it down stairs – so don’t be like me…..look after your luggage and it will last you a long time!

Some of my luggage recommendations are:

The Away Roller Bags: These suitcases are beautiful! They are hard shelled cases with a built in laundry bag with compressor so it doesn’t become super bulky before you can find a laundry.

One side of the case is made for soft items such as clothing and the other side is for harder items such as shoes and toiletries.

I recommend the suitcase with the built in battery pack to help charge your electronics on the go.

Two away suitcases outside with a dog in the doorway

The Tortuga Outbreaker Backpack: If you prefer a backpack to a suitcase then the Outbreaker is the one for you.

It packs like a suitcase and carry’s like a backpack. The best thing about this pack is that is opens like a suitcase so you don’t have to pull everything out of your bag to find your hair tie that is all the way at the bottom!!


Check out ‘The Long Haul Life Saver’

The Ultimate Guide to Long-Haul Flights  is your essential companion for stress-free, enjoyable long-distance travel.

Packed with actionable tips, interactive checklists, and quick guides, this eBook ensures you arrive refreshed and ready for adventure. Perfect for both seasoned travellers and first-timers.

Make sure you’re covered with travel insurance

Don’t even think about skipping travel insurance when you book your trip.

Airlines usually won’t cover mishaps like delayed flights, lost luggage, or unexpected medical needs.

Trust me, I learned this the hard way: a jellyfish in Corfu left me not just in pain, but with a massive doctors bill.

Now, I get insured the second I book anything for a trip. If you can’t afford insurance, you can’t afford to travel, period

Top Tip: Make sure you check the policy you plan on purchasing because it will tell you exactly what you are covered for, so there are no nasty surprises.

Don’t forget to download your carry on packing list for long flights :


What to pack for a long haul flight.

It can be stressful trying to figure out what to bring on a long flight, here are the main things you need for long flights:

Reusable water bottle  – on long haul flights hydration is super important Eye mask and ear plugs   – these greatly help with sleeping Chargers  – you want to make sure your devices are charged at the other end Travel pillow  – these are compact and really help you stay comfortable on a flight Blanket scarf  – airplanes can get very cold and sometimes the airline blanket isn’t enough Toothbrush – keep your breath minty fresh Baby wipes –  keep you feeling fresh on the flight and are great to wipe down surfaces

What to wear on a long haul flight?

On a long haul flight you need to be comfortable. Wearing tight and restrictive clothing are generally uncomfortable, especially after 15 hours.

Make sure you wear clothes that are breathable and layers are great option to help you stay warm on your flight.

For safety reasons, high heels are not a great idea. If you need to leave the plane in an emergency you are often not allowed to wear your high heels.

During a 12 hour (or longer) flight you want to make sure you are going to be comfortable and entertained.

What is considered a long haul flight?

Generally flights over seven hours are considered to be long haul flights. These flights are often international flights.

What to take on a long flight?

The best things to take on a long flight are: an eye mask, travel pillow, ear plugs, reusable water bottle, entertainment (book, iPad), ear phones, hand sanitizer, tooth brush and a blanket scarf.

What are some overnight flight essentials?

Some overnight flight essentials you can’t travel without are some comfortable clothes (or pajamas), eye mask, ear plugs, travel pillow, noise cancelling headphones, snacks and some slippers or comfortable socks.

Wrap Up: Long Haul Travel Essentials

Embarking on a long haul flight can be both exciting and daunting, but with the right essentials, it can transform into a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Prioritize your comfort, well-being, and entertainment to make the most of your journey, and remember that preparation is key.

From packing a neck pillow, cozy blanket, and noise-canceling headphones to staying hydrated, moving around, and engaging in calming activities, each element plays a vital role in ensuring a smooth and stress-free long haul flight.

Don’t hesitate to customize your travel kit to suit your unique requirements.

Whether you’re a seasoned globetrotter or a first-time long haul traveler, incorporating these essentials will undoubtedly enhance your travel experience.

If you’re looking for ways to save on your next long haul adventure, be sure to check out Faredrop .

With Faredrop’s innovative platform, you can discover fantastic flight deals and exclusive offers, allowing you to embark on your dream journeys without breaking the bank.

Remember, the world is waiting to be explored, so make your next long haul flight a memorable one by being prepared and snagging the best deals with Faredrop .


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best travel essentials for long flights

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Long Flight Essentials: 20 Carry On Essentials For Long Flights

Posted on Last updated: March 14, 2023

Looking for all the carry-on essentials you will need on your next long flight? You’ve come to the right place!

As a full time travel blogger and part time tour leader I fly a lot. It’s part of my job description.

After countless 12+ hours cramped in a tiny airplane seat wishing I’d either downloaded a new book on my Kindle, or wishing I’d charged my laptop, or that I hadn’t forgotten my travel pillow, you can say I’ve learnt from experience and am kind of an expert on what carry on essentials you should always bring on long flights.

In this guide I’ve listed all the top long flight essentials you should always remember to pack in your carry on.

So learn from my mistakes, and read on to discover the carry on essentials for long flights that you always need!

  • 1.1 Travel pillow
  • 1.2 Sleeping mask
  • 1.3 Ear-plugs
  • 1.4 A pair of socks
  • 2.1 Noise cancelling headphones
  • 2.3 Laptop & camera
  • 3.1 Hand sanitiser
  • 3.2 Lip balm & moisturiser
  • 3.3 Toothbrush & toothpaste
  • 3.4 Clear cosmetics case for toiletries
  • 3.5 Chewing gum
  • 3.6 First aid kit / essential medicines
  • 4.1 Scarf or shawl
  • 4.2 Collapsible water bottle
  • 4.3 Portable power bank
  • 4.4 Outfit change

Long flight essentials

Carry on essentials for sleeping on long flights

Travel pillow.

For years I refused to use a travel pillow. I would walk past them in airport shops and think they looked bulky, uncomfortable to carry around and they made you look ridiculous when you wear them.

After all I’ve always been able to sleep on planes without one so why bother.

However age catches up with all of us and when I started waking up from sleeping on planes with neck pains I figured it was time to give it a go. I have a Trtl travel pillow and love it.

It’s fairly small so it’s not too inconvenient to carry around, I usually strap it on the outside of my backpack so it doesn’t take up any space at all. It doesn’t look too ridiculous as far as travel pillows go and it’s super comfy, a win all round!

Now whether it’s a long flight, bus, train or car journey I always take it with me, a real carry on essential!

Purchase your Trtl travel pillow here!

Trtl travel pillow - a long flight essential for me

Me using a Trtl pillow and loving it during a long flight

Sleeping mask

If you’re trying to sleep on a plane and it’s not an overnight flight you might struggle with the lights turned on, it’s a good idea to pack a sleeping mask so you can cover your eyes.

Even if it’s an overnight flight and your number insists on having the light turned on you can still be in the dark and get some rest.

Click here to purchase your sleeping mask!

Similarly to the sleeping mask, whether it’s a night or day flight it’s always good to pack ear-plugs to help you sleep. You don’t want to find yourself next to a crying baby that will keep you awake for the whole flight.

Click here to purchase your ear-plugs!

Long flight essentials for your carry on bag

A pair of socks

If you’re anything like me one of the first things you do when you get on a plane is removing your shoes. After all if I’m going to be sat there for hours, I want to be comfortable.

Especially if the seats next to me are free and I’m going to lie down to sleep, I don’t want to put my shoes on the seat.

However it’s also very inconvenient trying to shuffle your shoes back on in the dark whenever you want to go for a walk or to the toilet.

I always pack a pair of thick socks to wear on the plane so I can be comfortable while sat down and can walk easily around.

Find the perfect travel socks for you here!

Carry on essentials for long flights

Long flight essentials for entertainment

Noise cancelling headphones.

I like bringing my own headphones because let’s be real, the ones they give you on planes are always a bit rubbish.

I’ve also been on long flights where they didn’t provide headphones and my Kindle was out of battery so I found myself having to watch Kong with subtitles.

Let me tell you, despite the best efforts of whoever write subtitles, those explosions and fight scenes are not quite the same without audio.

Bring your own noise cancelling headphones and you’re sure to have your share of movies and music for your next long flight without disturbances!

Purchase your noise cancelling headphones here!

Long flight essentials to pack in your carry on bag

I love reading. I also love really long descriptive fantasy sagas like Lord of the Rings, which can be fairly inconvenient to take with you travelling if you have the “real book” paper copy.

Hard core book fans will tell you it’s not the same thing, you don’t have the pleasure of flicking the pages, the smell of a new book etcetera etcetera. As someone who can easily get through a book a day, I call bullshit.

Especially if you’re going on a long flight or on a long trip, you don’t want to be taking multiple heavy books with you. I made the switch to Kindle years ago and would never turn back.

The new ones also have an inbuilt light so you don’t even have to turn on the big overhead light during a flight and disturb all your neighbours (top that paper books!) Just remember to download enough books for your flight!

I also found that over the years it has saved me loads of money because there are lots of free books for Kindle, and the Kindle version is always cheaper than its paper equivalent.

Purchase your Kindle here!

Carry on essentials for long flights

Laptop & camera

I always pack my laptop and camera in my carry on, not necessarily because I will use them but more because I don’t want to risk them getting ruined or lost in the hold.

Plus if it’s the end of the trip you can entertain yourself looking back on your photos on your camera or you can do some work on your laptop.

You can also download movies on your laptop if you’re not sure you will like any of the movies in the inflight entertainment.

Click here to purchase your perfect travel camera!

Piazza del Duomo in Milan, Italy

Piazza del Duomo in Milan, Italy

Health & beauty travel essentials for long flights

Hand sanitiser.

Moving on from essentials to help you sleep and fun essentials, it’s time to look at health and beauty essentials that will ensure you are feeling fabulous when you land at destination.

Number one long flight essential is a good hand sanitiser . With so many people coughing, sneezing, and even just breathing in a contained space for an extended period of time, planes are the perfect gathering location for germs.

Especially if you’re flying with children, you will want to add this to your family flying essentials . If you’re flying with a baby, you will also need an airplane bassinet , but don’t worry, as airlines will usually provide this (just remember to request it beforehand!)

Purchase your hand sanitiser for long flights here!

What to pack in your carry-on for long flights

Lip balm & moisturiser

Planes are not only packed with germs, they’re also incredibly dry. All that aircon might feel nice when you board in a hot country but it will dehydrate you really quickly.

Especially if you’re on a long flight make sure to pack some moisturiser and lip balm to keep your skin and lips hydrated.

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Toothbrush & toothpaste

If you’re flying overnight or planning on sleeping on the plane, you should bring a small travel toothbrush and toothpaste with you. You will feel so much better after using it and you will land a fresh and new person.


Long flight essentials

Clear cosmetics case for toiletries

You will want to pack all these toiletry essential in a transparent case, so that when you pass through security at the airport you don’t have to unpack it every time and put the liquids in the transparent plastic bags.

You can get a TSA approved cosmetics case so they don’t have to stop you at security to go through your bag. You can also get tiny 100ml travel bottles to pour your liquids instead of having to buy new ones every time.

Purchase your TSA approved clear cosmetics case here!

Cala Corsara on the island of Spargi in Sardinia, Italy

Cala Corsara on the island of Spargi in Sardinia in August (a bit too many boats!)

Chewing gum

Chewing gum has a double use on flights; it makes your breath smell nicer if you can’t be bothered to get up and brush your teeth after sleeping on a plane, and it also helps with equalizing the pressure and avoids annoying pain in your ears.

First aid kit / essential medicines

Similarly to the laptop and camera, I always pack these in my carry-on not because I think I will need them (I really hope not!) but to avoid the off chance of them getting lost in the hold.

If you are taking any essential medicines you should always keep them in your carry-on, imagine if your luggage is lost and arrives a couple days later, you wouldn’t want to be without your medicines for that long!

Given that the incubation period of some diseases is quite long, you might board a plane feeling fine but suddenly feel unwell during the flight, you’ll be glad to have paracetamol and other basics available immediately.

Travel essentials to pack in your carry on bag for long flights

Other airplane essentials for long flights

Scarf or shawl.

Like I said before, planes always have strong air conditioning turned on. I always take a scarf, shawl or sarong with me to wear around my shoulders or as an additional blanket when I’m cold.

Collapsible water bottle

I know they serve water on planes and you can ask for it whenever you want, but I often find it easier to have my own bottle on me on top of that so I don’t have to disturb anyone during the flight if I’m thirsty.

I like the collapsible ones because once you’re done with it you can fold it over and it doesn’t take up as much space in your carry-on.

Purchase a collapsible water bottle here!

Long flight essentials

Portable power bank

I’ve been on a couple fancy new planes that have a USB port to charge your phone, but most airlines sadly don’t have this feature yet.

After running out of battery on my phone or Kindle at the most inconvenient times I now always take a portable power bank with me on flights.

It doesn’t take up much space and ensures my electronics are always charged when I need them to.

Click here to buy your power bank for long flights!


Long flight essentials

Outfit change

Especially if you’re going to a country with a very different climate from the one you set off from, you might want to keep an outfit change in your carry-on so that you can change into more appropriate clothes even before you land.

If you’re on a long flight chances are you’re going somewhere where you’ll have to fill in a landing card. I like to always carry a pen so I don’t have to ask other people or waiting around at passport control to fill in my details.

Best travel items for long flights

Last but not least, don’t forget to bring some food with you!

Yes airlines will give you food on a plane but it’s usually limited at meal times (eg. on a long overnight flight you usually get dinner and breakfast) but let’s be real, the food is never great or particularly abundant.

Plus even if you do eat everything you might still get hungry in between meals. I always pack some nut or cereal bars with me to keep me going.


Carry on essentials for long flights

Final thoughts on carry-on essentials for long flights

What about you? What essentials do you pack in your carry on for long flights? Let me know in the comments below!

These are the essential items I make sure to always have in my carry on bag before any long flight, I hope you find this guide useful in packing your own long flight carry on essentials bag!

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Long Haul Flights Essentials Tips For How to Survive Long Flights by

Long Haul Flight Essentials: 30 Tips To Survive Long Flights

Welcome to JetSetting Fools, here you will find our best travel tips for destinations worldwide. Some of the links on this site are Affiliate Links and if you use them to make a purchase, we may earn a commission. For more information, read our Disclosure Policy .

Long haul flights are a source of angst for many travelers. However, with the right essentials for a long-haul flight, even a 15-hour plane ride can be pleasant – or, dare I say, fun . We love long flights (and actually prefer them over short stints in the air), but only because when we board the plane, we are armed with our Long-Haul Flights Essentials that makes traveling by plane a breeze!

Why Long Haul Flight Essentials are a Travel Necessity

Preparing for Australia: Spending the entire day at the airport isn't so bad with passes to the Club and views of the planes

Any plane journey over 6 hours is considered a long haul flight – and 6-plus hours is a long time to sit in a seat surrounded by strangers. While first class seats are, without a doubt, the most comfortable way to travel, the high price is a hindrance for most passengers.

Don’t fret! Travelers can experience comfort in economy seating by packing the essentials for a long haul flight.

We are covering the details of our Long Flight Essentials List that covers everything from clothing to entertainment – and even a few little luxuries – that will make the experience just a touch better.

Creating a List of Travel Essentials for Long-Haul Flights

To be honest, it took me some time to hone my skills to create a master list of essentials for long haul flights. On my first plane ride from the United States to Europe, I had made no effort to seek out long-haul flight tips…and I was woefully unprepared. It was a miserable plane trip – and when we landed in Paris I was grumpy and jet-lagged.

Determined not to make that mistake again, on subsequent plane trips I sought out the best long-haul flight tips and refined my list of flight essentials. The more we flew, the better prepared I was.

Now, as a full-time traveler, I don’t even think about how to survive a long-haul flight. With my travel hacks for long flights, I only look forward to enjoying the ride.

How To Survive Long Haul Flights

Sunrise on Leg 3 of our Epic Travel Day

Surviving a long-haul flight is not a difficult task if you have the right travel essentials for long flights. What I have learned in my travels is that long haul flight survival is not just limited to what you bring on long flights. It is equally important to consider what to wear on a long-haul flight.

It is these 2 things together – what to wear and what to bring – that ultimately make up our list of Long-Haul Flights Essentials.

Our list highlights the long haul essentials that you will want for your plane trip. Want a printed list? Get your FREE Printable Long Haul Flight Essentials list here !

Pro Tip: With only a few variations, this list can be used for long haul bus travel as well!

How To Survive Long Flights


Deciding what to wear on a long-haul flight is one of the key elements to enjoying the journey – so before we get to our list of Must Haves for Long Flights, let’s talk about clothing first.

Comfort Clothing: Long Flights Essentials

As you prepare for your plane journey, above all, your long-haul flight outfit must be comfortable. That said, outfits for long haul flights can be stylish – but comfort comes first (and, if you are most comfy wearing pajamas on a red-eye flight, some airlines provide them in First Class!).

Outfit Tips for Long Haul Flight

Because what you wear has such a big impact on your comfort, we have quite a few outfit tips for a long haul flight.

#1 Wear Layers

Wearing layers is one of the top tips on how to survive long flights in economy – or in any seat on the plane, to be truthful! Planes can be hot…and planes can be cold, and then hot again. And you, as a passenger, have no control over the thermostat.

Therefore, one of the best travel hacks for long flights is to wear layered clothing so that you are able to stay comfortable regardless of the stifling heat or cold air con. 

#2 Elastic Waistband or Loose Dress Tips for Long Flights

It is common for most people to experience some swelling while flying – especially on long haul flights – so it is best to combat the swelling by wearing loose-fitting clothing or pants that offer a little stretch.

I prefer dresses on airplanes – over shirts and pants – because they are not binding. However, if you wear pants, I recommend that your long-haul flight pants have an elastic waistband for more comfort.

#3 Long Flight Hack for Women: Dress and Leggings Combo

One of the best Long Flight Hacks for outfits for women is to wear a loose dress – and leggings under the dress. The stretchy material of leggings makes it easy to move around the plane, stow luggage in the overhead compartment and get situated in your seat.

Furthermore, wearing leggings under a dress can help to keep you warm if the plane is frigidly cold…but if it gets too hot on the plane (which is often does during a flight), you can remove your leggings layer (possibly without even getting up from your seat!) to help you regulate your body temperature.

#4 Wear Things for a Long Flight that Add Style

An easy way to create a stylish long-haul flight outfit without sacrificing comfort is to add a simple accessory. Dress up your casual clothing with a colorful scarf or jewelry (but avoid rings that may feel too tight with swelling).

BONUS TIP: My Best Outfit for Long Haul Flight

I, personally, like to wear a loose-fitting dress as my long-haul travel outfit. Typically, when I fly I wear a loose casual dress (preferably with short sleeves). To complete my outfit, I layer it with leggings under the dress, a thin hoodie over the dress and sandals or slip on shoes.

Pro Tip: Read more about travel footwear in our article breaking down the Best Travel Shoes !

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Qantas Long Flight Airplane, Brisbane, AU

Now that you know what to wear, let’s chat about long flight carry on essentials. These are all of the long-haul flight accessories that you will want to pack in your hand luggage – things that will make surviving long-haul flights a lot easier!

Additional Clothes for Long Haul Flight

We already discussed the best outfits for long-haul flights, but there are a few more clothing items you should bring on your flight. In addition to the clothes that I wear as my outfit for long haul flight, I also pack a wrap, clean underwear and compression socks in my luggage that goes under the seat in front of me.

#5 Top Tips for Long Haul Flight Clothes: Bring a Wrap

My wrap is one of the most versatile items I travel with – and it is one of my must-haves for long haul flights. In flight, I can use it as a pillow, blanket, scarf, head cover or seat cover. It is one of the favorite items on my Packing List !

#6 What To Pack for a Long Haul Flight: Underwear

Packing clean underwear in a long-haul flight carry on is one of the hacks I picked up as a novice traveler. If you are going to check luggage (and the majority of your clothing), then packing a pair of underwear into your carry on luggage assures that you will have a clean pair…even if your checked luggage gets lost by the airline. 

However, I often change into the clean pair of underwear in the plane bathroom before touching down (or in the airport bathroom on arrival). It just feels so much cleaner to start off in a city with a fresh pair! 

Pro Travel Tips: Use my Packing Hacks for tips on the best way to pack – and get our top advice on ensuring your luggage doesn’t get lost by the airline!

#7 Extra Outfit: Best Long Flight Hacks

While a fresh pair of panties is one of my carry on essentials for long flights, for ultra long flights that are 12+ hour journeys, I like to pack a complete outfit change.

Donning a clean shirt, pants and undergarments feels so much better at the end of a long flight! I also advise freshening up – and I share my list of essential toiletries for long-haul flights a bit later in the article.  

#8 Compression Socks are Long Flight Must Haves

It makes sense to pack socks for long haul flights for when cabin temperatures are too cold. However, regardless of the temperature, I think wearing compression socks is a necessity.

As unattractive as the long-haul flight socks may be, they have substantial health benefits, like reducing swelling and preventing blood clots (both of which can more easily occur on long haul flights). Plus, they will keep your feet warm.

Pro Tip: I wait to put my compression socks on until right before I board the plane. This way, I am wearing a clean pair of socks for the journey – and I even use a wet wipe (more about those later) to clean my toes before I put the clean socks on my feet. 

#9 What To Take on Long Flights: Slippers

I think slippers are one of the Ultra Long Haul Flight Must Haves. Cozy plane slippers that have a rubber sole and are machine washable are ideal.

This way, you can keep your feet warm while on the plane – and you can still get up and walk around in the slippers during the flight. Plus, because of the rubber sole, you can wear them into the plane bathroom.

Airplane Essentials for Long Flights to Stay Healthy

Let me start off by saying that I am not a doctor, it is best to seek health advice for long haul flights from your medical provider. Bearing that in mind, there are a few things that I do for the benefit of my personal health while traveling on airplanes (and when traveling, in general).

Hand sanitizer, anti-bacterial wipes and a small medical kit are items that are in my long-haul flight hand luggage (and I use the wipes before I even sit in my seat!). Disposable toothbrushes come in handy on flights to keep your teeth and mouth clean as well.

Additionally, even though most planes are equipped with HEPA air filters that are tested to be 99% effective against viruses, a face covering may still be required for travel, so it’s a good idea to pack at least one (but it’s better to have two).

Top Tip: Find out more in our article, How To Stay Healthy While Traveling .

#10 What To Take on Long Flights: Antibacterial Sanitizer and Wipes

Traveling with antibacterial sanitizer and wipes just makes good sense – and it is one of our top Long Haul Flight Health Tips, too.

In fact, anti-bacterial hand sanitizer and wipes are plane essentials for long flights.

We have always used wet wipes to clean and disinfect our seats. Not only do we wipe down the entire seat and head rest, but we make sure to clean the arm rests, seat buckles, touch screen, seat back pocket and the tray table.

Pro Tip : Invest in a Long Flight Survival Kit that includes everything you need! An airplane germ-fighting kit is a great gift for travelers who will be taking long flights. For more travel gift tips, use our Top Unique Gifts for Travelers !

#11 Mini First Aid Kit is a Must Have for Long Haul Flights

A small med kit is also part of our long-haul carry on essentials. In our kit, we carry travel-size tums (for Jet Bloat), anti-diarrheal (just in case), pain relievers (like aspirin) and a few Band-aids – because, in general, these are just good items to have on hand.

A few other items that might make your Just In Case list of long flight necessities are tissues , nose saline and eye drops.

Pro Tip: I used to wear contacts – and quickly learned that bringing a pair of glasses on board is one of the long haul flight travel essentials for contact wearers! In fact, it might be best to take your contacts out prior to boarding and plan on wearing your glasses for the duration of the long flight.

#12 Disposable Toothbrushes are Good Things to Take on a Long Flight

Keeping my teeth and mouth clean during a flight is important! That said, taking a toothbrush and toothpaste into a germ-filled plane bathroom is not ideal (and the water is usually not potable!).

Instead, I use a convenient disposable toothbrush – which is designed as a one-time use toothbrush to be used without water, so I can brush and toss. If my only row mate is my husband, I can even brush my teeth right in my seat!

Because I like my mouth to feel fresh, I use several throughout the flight (after meals, before I fall asleep, when I wake up and before I disembark).

Additionally, flossers are good things to bring on a long flight so that you can even better clean in between your teeth.

Long Haul Flight Beauty Essentials

Having a beauty regime on a flight is one of the best tips for long haul flights…one that your skin will thank you for! My top beauty essentials for long haul flights are simple: lip balm and moisturizer. I think they are the two best items for long flights to help your skin. That said, there are many beauty essentials for a long flight and I highlight those, as well.

#13 Long Haul Flight Tips for Skincare: Lip Balm and Moisturizer

The dry air on airplanes can wreak havoc on skin, which is why lip balm and moisturizer are necessities. I carry a small hand moisturizer that can be used on my face, too – and I apply both the lotion and the lip balm liberally throughout the flight.

#14 Hydration Beauty Travel Essentials Long Flight

A hydrating face mist – like the one by Mario Badescu – can help your skin feel fantastic, even on a long flight. The facial spray is infused with aloe, herbs and rosewater to aid in rejuvenating your skin.

Another popular facial mist is the Evian Water Spritz . The micro-droplet mist hydrates your skin with pure Evian water. As with all liquid products that you take on a plane, be sure to bring the TSA approved travel size! 

Dry sheet face masks (like the 111Skin Rose Gold Brightening Facial Mask ) or the Summer Fridays Jet Lag Face Mask cream are other long-haul flight skin care products that travelers use in-flight.

#15 Long Airplane Trip Essentials for Freshening Up

Some of the best items for long haul flights are the ones that revive and refresh you – even after a long redeye flight. We already talked about brushing teeth, but there are a few more things you can do to feel refreshed.

Waterless cleansing wipes ( like these !), underarm deodorant wipes and travel sized deodorant are freshening-up necessities for long flights.

Wondering what to bring on a long haul flight for your hair? Try a Dry Shampoo that will absorb oils and grease for a fresh-washed look. 

Bonus Travel Beauty Tips Long Flights: No Make Up

One of the top long-haul flight beauty tips that some travelers find difficult to get on board with is to fly without wearing makeup. But, trust me, your skin will appreciate it! A made-up face will not likely last the duration of the long flight anyway.

Rather than wearing any makeup in-flight, I stop at the airport bathroom on arrival and – after I change into fresh underwear and clothes – I can wash my face and apply minimal makeup (so be sure to keep that in your carry on luggage, too!)

Long Haul Flight Essentials by

How To Survive Long Haul Flights in Economy Comfortably

Everyone knows that economy seats on a long flight are a bit uncomfortable (okay, maybe more than ‘a bit’). However, with the right economy essentials for a long haul flight, the ride can be so much more pleasant. As full-time travelers – with limited luggage space – these are not items that we personally use. However, I have to admit that when I notice my row mates using them, I am panged with jealousy.

#16 Airplane Hacks for Long Flights in Economy: A Seat Cushion

A memory foam seat cushion can make all the difference in a standard economy plane seat. This seat cushion is designed with travelers in mind – and is not only comfortable and supportive, by breathable and compact. 

The Therm-a-Rest self-inflating seat cushion can also be used for long plane journeys – and it weights just 4 ounces.

#17 Best Travel Items for Long Flights for Comfort: Foot Hammock

Riding in economy on long-haul flights can by a struggle. That said, there are a few travel hacks – like the tray table foot hammock – that can exponentially increase your chances of surviving a long-haul flight in economy.

An on-board foot hammock helps to elevate your feet for a more comfortable flight…even in cramped spaces. The foot sling is also designed to prevent swelling.

#18 Fun Things for Long Flights

Want a first-class experience in economy seating? Upgrade your flying experience with a fun in-flight cocktail kit (these contain no alcohol and you must follow your airline’s on-board rules!).

The mini portable kits allow you to create a tasty cocktail so that you can enjoy an exceptional drink (in a much less expensive seat).

Long Plane Ride Essentials for Sleeping

Sleeping on a plane can be difficult, but not if you are prepared with the best long-haul flight accessories! For us, the best way to get sleep on an airplane is to eliminate light and noise – and we do so by using sleep masks and ear plugs – but we have several sleepy time travel tips for long flights.

#19 Long Haul Flying Tips for Sleeping In-Flight: Wear an Eye Mask

When it comes to sleeping masks, there are thousands to choose from. That said, for airplane sleeping masks, contoured sleeping masks that block out 100% of the light are ideal. The PrettyCare Sleep Mask comes in a set of two, is affordable and gets rave reviews from fellow travelers.

#20 Ear Plugs are the Best Things for Long Flights

We usually use cheap earplugs on flights – but light sleepers may benefit from noise canceling silicone sleeping ear plugs, like these .

Additionally, when my allergies cause congestion, I like to use Earplanes . Not only do they reduce cabin noise, but they are specially designed to relive air pressure and the resulting discomfort.

#21 What To Take on a Long Haul Flight: Travel Pillows

Most airlines offer pillows (and blankets) to all passengers – even those in economy – for longer flights, so you don’t necessarily need to bring your own pillow for plane travel. That said, a good travel pillow can be the difference between peacefully sleeping on a plane and struggling to fall asleep.

Luckily, I can sleep anywhere – so flight pillows for long haul flights are not an item we carry.

However, if you are looking for a long-haul flight pillow, there are a few the come highly rated by fellow travelers – like the trtl Pillow that earns rave reviews.

#22 Sleep Remedy Long Flight Tips

Many travelers sing the praises of taking a sleep remedy in order to get a little shut eye on a long haul flight.

A natural sleep remedy, like melatonin, or prescribed pills by your doctor might help you get the sleep you need on a plane. Before deciding to take anything on a flight, however, check with your doctor first. And, never try taking any remedy for the first time on an airplane.

Pro Tip : Lavender essential oil aromatherapy is also highly touted to help people get a few zzz’s on a flight – but, like with any fragrance on a plane, consider your neighboring passengers.

#23 White Noise or Meditation Apps for Long Distance Flight

Meditation and white noise apps are must haves for long plane rides – especially if you are a light sleeper! Coupled with a good pair of headphones (which we get to in the next section), you can enjoy pure bliss on your flight.

We recommend finding the right app long before your scheduled flight – and even try it out a few times to ensure it will help lull you to sleep. Make sure the app is downloaded to your phone and ready to go before your flight.

Long Flight Travel Essentials for Entertainment

Landing at SFO Airport, CA, USA

When it comes to long haul travel essentials, on-board entertainment is the thing that passes the time. Kris is happily entertained if he has a window seat, but I need something more directly engaging.

Thankfully, most long-haul airplanes are fitted with Seat Back Entertainment – thousands of movies and television shows at the touch of the screen. Utilizing the provided in-flight entertainment is an obvious choice when it comes to being entertained on a flight – but I never solely rely on it because it is not guaranteed.

Not all airlines offer seat-back entertainment – and a few low-cost carriers charge to use it. Sometimes the movie selection is not to my liking. And, in one case, my screen was broken (and – of course – it was on a totally full flight when there were no open seats I could switch to).

Therefore, it is essential to be prepared with things to do on long haul flights that don’t involve the provided in-flight entertainment.

#24 Long Haul Travel Tips for Entertainment: Noise Canceling Headphones

Earphones are travel essentials for long haul flights. In fact, I always bring two pairs…just in case one breaks or somehow gets lost.

Noise reducing headphones are an absolute dream on planes and definitely worth the upgrade if you don’t already have them. If you use wireless headphones , remember to bring the charger (and a back up wired pair, too, as you may need them to utilize the seat back entertainment options).

#25 Best Apps for Long-Haul Flights

We already covered using apps to help you sleep on flights, but there are a few other apps that we think are long plane trip essentials.

Two fantastic apps that should be downloaded and set up prior to take off are Audible (for audiobooks) and Spotify (for music).

That said, perhaps the very best apps for long flights are for the airline carrier you are flying. When you download the free flight carrier app, you typically have access to all of the movies and other digital entertainment options offered by the airline while in flight. Plus, you will have access to other pertinent flight information – like time left in flight, route maps and meal info.

#26 What To Bring on Long Flight: Power Bank and Chargers

One of the absolute essentials for long haul flights is fully charged devices. You do not want to board a flight without fully charged phones, tablets or laptops.

Even with a full charge, however, power cords are long haul plane essentials. Many seats now have USB ports where you can charge your device. (Check on SeatGuru to see if your seat has one, but keep in mind that things – planes and seats – can always change).

Just in case, however, we recommend bringing a portable charger on board, too (it’s not supposed to be in your checked luggage anyway).

As we already mentioned, make sure you download any music, books or apps that you will want to use in-flight prior to arriving at the airport.

#27 Non-Digital Hacks for Long Flights

Non-electronic entertainment is another one of our long-haul essentials. I usually have a book (an actual, paper book) that I can read, but sometimes I will opt for a newspaper or magazine. ( Love with a Chance of Drowning and The Yellow Envelope are two excellent travel books!)

Puzzle books – like Word Search, Crosswords and Sudoku – can provide hours of entertainment. For the sake of space, we recommend buying an all-in-one activity book that includes a variety of puzzles.

The quiet time on a plane also provides an excellent opportunity to journal, sketch or draw. As I always carry a notebook and pen, sometimes I write or jot down notes about my trip (but these cool travel journals are good for trips, too).

If you have travel companions, playing cards are good for long-haul flight entertainment, too. War and Rummy are two easy card games to play in flight – and, if you are flying solo, you can always play a game of Solitaire.

Playing cards are an everyday item that we recommend travelers pack for their trip. Find more tips for Everyday Items for Travel !

Long Haul Flight Snacks and Water

Food is one of my long-haul flight must-haves! Regardless of whether the airline serves included meals during the flight, I bring my own snacks and a water bottle on the plane.

#28 Long Haul Flying Tips: Food that is Healthy

While I am not a traveler that snubs my nose at plane food (I actually usually like it!), there are some instances where the offered dish is not to my liking…or simply not filling enough. To stave off any hunger pangs during the trip, I bring a few healthy snacks in my carryon.

 Almonds, apples and granola bars are my go-to things to bring on long flights, as they are easy to pack and more filling than greasy, salty chips. (That said, some airlines do provide snacks – check what is available in the galley.)

#29 Best Hacks for Long Flights: Candies and Gum

Gum, mints and hard candies are something else we carry with us on flights. Chewing gum and sucking on hard candy can help to equalize the pressure in your ears (because swallowing opens the Eustachian Tubes) – so we like to have a piece of gum or candy on the descent.

Furthermore, gum and mints can help freshen your breath after a long flight!

#30 Water is a Must Have for Long Flights

Staying hydrated can help make plane travel a lot more comfortable (both during the flight and especially after!).

Drinking water is available to passengers throughout the flight (although some budget airlines might charge for it!) – but I still prefer to bring my own water bottle.

Having a closed container of water is much more preferable to the tiny cups of water many airlines provide (as I can tuck it into the seat back pocket). A collapsible water bottle is great for travelers! Once through security, fill up your bottle before you board your flight. Throughout the flight, you can ask the flight attendant for refills, too.

Long Haul Flight Survival Guide by

More Long Haul Flight Hacks

Flying over Indonesia on Malaysia Airlines during our Epic Travel Day

Now that you have your travel outfit selected, your list of things to bring for long flights and advice for what to do on a long-haul flight, we have a few more long-haul flight tips and tricks!

What Bag To Pack for Long Flight

Our tips for a long-haul flight include the best items that will make plane travel more comfortable and pleasant. However, when determining what to pack for a long haul flight, it is just as important to consider your actual packing strategy – as in, what bag to stow at your feet and how to pack it.

The items that we listed as long flight essentials should be within reach – even when the seatbelt sign is illuminated. Because they need to be easily accessible, it is best to pack these items in a good day bag that is stowed at your feet under the seat in front of you.

Carry On for Long Haul Flight Tips

With all of the cords and gadgets for long haul flights, carry on luggage can get messy…and things can get lost.

Because space is limited, it is best to use a bag that can easily be organized with multiple compartments and pockets.

We recommend that you organize your belongings with a Grid It Organizer so that you can easily find what you need in your bag during the flight.

Pro Traveler Tip: Want more luggage tips? Find out why love Packing Cubes and prefer traveling with a Backpack vs Suitcase ! 

Make a Personalized Flight Essentials Kit

Packing for a long-haul flight can be a daunting task. However, if you have a pre-packed long-haul flight survival kit, it will make the chore of packing an absolute breeze. To create your long-haul travel kit, start with your long-haul flight checklist (or get ours here !).

Identify all of the items on your list that you can leave packed in the long-haul flight kit (things like earplugs, sleep mask, water bottle, extra charging cords, etc). Gather them in a bag or storage box and check those off your list. Then, as your next trip approaches, all you need to do is grab the items already set to go from your long-haul flight travel kit – and then gather and pack the remaining items from your list.

Long Flight Tips for Exercise

Long haul flight exercises are a good way to fend off the unfortunate side effects of long-haul flights.

One of the best exercises for long haul flights is to simply get up and walk around. But you can also do easy in-seat exercises – like rolling your ankles, wrists, shoulders and neck – for better circulation.

Money Advice for Long-Haul Flights

While most commercial airlines include food, beverage and seat-back entertainment in the price of the ticket, low cost carriers that fly long-haul routes do not. If you are flying with a budget airline, cash and credit cards is one of the things to bring for a long flight!


What To Do on Long Flights to Avoid Jet Lag

It is likely that your long haul flight will cross time zones – which often results in dreaded jet lag on arrival. However, there are a few ways to avoid it!

Stay hydrated and avoid drinking alcohol on the flight. Before you start to snooze, adjust your sleep cycle to coincide with your arrival city. You can use an app, like Timeshifter, to help time out your sleep schedule.

Herbal remedies, like No Jet Lag pills , can also help – but talk to your doctor first.

Travel Insurance 

Whether taking a long haul flight or making a short trip to the state next door, trip insurance can come in handy if things go awry. If you haven’t already booked travel insurance for your next vacation, check the affordable rates and robust coverage at World Nomads . 


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Africa , Asia , Central America , Essentials , Europe , North America , Oceania , South America · September 8, 2022

17 Long Flight Essentials That Every Traveler Needs in their Carry On

Planning a trip and are dreading the long flight? These 17 flight essentials are sure to make your time in the sky a bit more tolerable.

flight essentials

Flying is not fun. There I said it. Even after the hundred of flights we’ve taken we aways dread it. So overs the years I have managed to put together the perfect flight essentials kit. You will always find these items in my carry on.

This guide we will cover all the top travel essentials you need for a long haul flight. From travel pillows to ear plugs to cozy socks and more.

After reading this post you will know exactly which products to bring for your upcoming flight.

This post is all about the 17 long flight essentials that every traveler needs in their carry on.

This post may contain affiliate links, which means I’ll receive a small commission if you purchase through my links, at no extra cost to you. Please read  full disclosure  for more information.

Flight Essentials

These are some of the best long flight comfort items that are an absolute essential for every traveler.

1. Travel Pillow

Over the years I’ve purchased several different travel pillows but never actually found the one that I couldn’t seem to leave home without, until I found this one! This travel pillow actually does what a typical travel pillow can not and that is comfortably supporting your head and neck so you don’t wake up with neck strain. It’s the only travel pillow I recommend.

travel pillow

2. Travel Blanket

I’m noticing over the years that less and less airlines are supplying blankets to its customers. When it comes to long flights a blanket is a much needed comfort item. So I recently started carrying my own because nothing is worse than trying to take a nap without a cozy blanket. This one fits perfect in my carry on bag.

travel blanket

3. Travel Foot Rest

Very few airplanes come with foot rests. It’s a luxury that you never thought you needed until you’ve tried it and realize how much more comfortable the flight is with it. Thankfully they sell travel foot rests that are compact and fit easily into your carry on.

flight foot rest

4. Sleep Mask

Not all flights are red eyes and not everyone will pull their screens down, so and an eye mask is a must have for long haul flights. You will be very thankful you can blackout your surroundings when you need it.

sleep mask

5. EarPlugs

Nothing is worst than a super loud flight. Especially when you are trying to read your kindle, get some work done or trying to take a snooze. That is why I always carry a couple earplugs for any flight we take, it’s a small investment but one of the most important items to bring on a flight.


6. Cozy Socks

One of my favorite airplane comfort hacks is wearing cozy socks. Airplanes tend to run cold and cold feet suck. These socks will keep your feet warm and are so comfortable that for a minute you’ll forget you’re on a plane. Common cozy socks are the best!

cozy socks women

7. Hand Sanitizer

For obvious reasons I always carry a couple hand sanitizers. These ones are awesome because they’re refillable and are the perfect size to get through TSA.

best travel essentials for long flights

8. Disinfecting Wipes

Even before COVID it was my ritual to always disinfect my seat, the hand rest and the much needed tray table. I mean there is no possible way that airport staff or flight attendants clean those parts after every flight. These wipes smell good, come in travel packs and can be used for so many other surfaces on your trip.

Disinfecting Wipes

9. Toothbrush & Toothpaste

For long haul flights a toothbrush and toothpaste in your carry on is an absolute MUST. Instead of packing regular toothpaste pack toothpaste tablets they are much more travel friendly and you won’t have to worry about your TSA liquids limits.

best travel essentials for long flights

10. Skin Care + Hand Lotion

Nothing dries your skin out quite like hours and hours of recycled air. Keeping up with your skincare routine will not only help hydrate your skin but will make you feel so refreshed. Hand lotion is also a plus, your skin will thank you for it.

best travel essentials for long flights

11. Lip Balm

Never board a flight without lip balm. Again, your skin tends to get so dry in the sky and your lips are no exception. Aquaphor is one of my favorite hydrating lip moisturizer and never travel without it. Highly recommend this brand.

best travel essentials for long flights

12. Noise Cancelling Headphones

I can’t believe I went flights and flights without headphones. Mathew always told me to buy some but never I thought I needed them. Ultimately I caved and have never looked back, I couldn’t imagine going on a flight without my headphones now. I recommend investing in a good pair of noise cancelling headphones. I especially love the Sony headphones because they are comfortable, easy to use and comes with an airplane adapter that connects to any tv monitor on board.

best travel essentials for long flights

Kindles are very popular for good reason. Mathew loves his Kindle and has never been on a flight without it. It can store over 2,000 ebooks. Thus you have plenty of entertainment to occupy yourself for many many flights. You can purchase ebooks on amazon or through the Kindle Store.


I never travel without my laptop. I edit photos, videos and now will be working on the blog. Also, not all flights have free entertainment, for this reason I suggest uploading movies or tv shows to keep you occupied throughout your flight. Wifi is also available on a number of airlines if you need to catch up with work or emails.

apple laptop

15. External Battery Charger

Although USB ports are available in a number of airplanes not all airplanes have them. I have also learned that a lot of the time they don’t actually work, especially older planes. Don’t make the same mistake I did and run out of battery with 3 hours left in your flight. Not fun.

best travel essentials for long flights

16. Water Bottle

Flight attendants are more than happy to fill your water bottles. It’s especially important to stay hydrated on long haul flights and asking for water in those tiny cups becomes annoying after about the third time and of course it’s super wasteful.

best travel essentials for long flights

First of all never go on a flight without snacks. Airplane food is a little hard to eat and if you’re not vibing what they are passing out, snacks will save your life. Even if you are enjoying the plane food, having some comfort foods will make your flight even smoother. These are some of my go to snacks.

  • Dried Fruit
  • Crunchy Chickpeas
  • Protein Bar

Bonus Flight Essentials

Here are some additional products you might want to add to your carry on.

1. Phone Holder

Nothing is worse than walking into a flight you know you”l be on for hours just to find out there are no monitors, meaning no entertainment. This phone holder will be a life saver in those situations because you’ll be able to enjoy some screen time without having to hold onto you phone. The flex phone holder is compatible with a phone or tablet. These are great too because you can use them not only on your flight but at the airport too.

best travel essentials for long flights

2. Seat Cushion

Okay this is something I just recently purchased after our last trip because I was having a lot of tailbone pain and was very uncomfortable on our flights. This seat cushion works great for long sitting hours and adds instant comfort to any chair. Definitely tushy approved.

best travel essentials for long flights

3. Toilet Seat Covers

Nothing is worst than finding yourself in a restroom with no toilet seat cover. When I found these flushable toilet seat covers on Amazon they were an instant buy. Use them on a flight or for any sketchy restroom that your tushy needs protection from.

best travel essentials for long flights

4. Poo-Pourri 

Although we all try using the restroom before any flight, when it comes to long flights that could be a bit of a challenge . Nobody wants to do it but when nature calls you have no other choice. Carrying Poo-Pourri will help keep the smell down and your fellow travelers will thank you for it.

best travel essentials for long flights

5. Hydrating Face Mist

Like I mentioned earlier, skin tends to get extremely dry during a flight. That’s why I love carrying a facial mist in my bag. This is a nice quick fix to keep your face fresh and hydrated. Honest is one of my favorites and comes in the perfect size for TSA liquid regulations.

best travel essentials for long flights

Well that about covers it, those are the 17 long flight essentials that every traveler needs in their carry on. Happy Traveling!


  • A Complete Travel Essentials Guide


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best travel essentials for long flights

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best travel essentials for long flights

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best travel essentials for long flights

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45 Long Flight Essentials to Pack in Your Carry-On

Note: This post contains affiliate links. This means that if you click a link and make a purchase, I may earn a commission at no additional cost to you. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

Planning a big trip and not sure what to bring on the plane? These 45 long flight essentials will make your flight much more comfortable and stress-free.

I’ve taken my fair share of long-haul flights. I’m a frequent traveler who’s traveled from NYC to places like Thailand , Japan and Kenya. Some of my travel days have been 18+ hours.

I’ve also had some pretty uncomfortable flight experiences when I didn’t bring the right airplane essentials with me.

For example, that time I boarded a long flight with a depleted phone battery and realized the USB charging port at my seat didn’t work. It was definitely stressful to land in a foreign country without a working phone.

I’ve since learned from my packing mistakes. I now know exactly what to bring in my carry-on bag to make a long-haul flight more bearable.

Table of Contents

Keep reading for 45 long flight essentials to pack in your carry-on!

If you want to shop my favorite long flight essentials and other travel products in one place,  check out my amazon storefront ., carry on bags + pouches, 1. backpack.

The right carry-on bag is essential for any long-haul flight. It has to fit everything you need, and also be comfortable and easy to carry. This stylish travel backpack is an ideal carry-on bag.

A backpack is the best option for a long travel day. It keeps your hands free for your travel documents (and an airport coffee!). And a backpack is better for your back compared to a duffle or tote, since a backpack more evenly distributes weight.

This travel backpack is also waterproof, comes in many colors, and has lots of pockets and compartments to keep you organized.

coowoz Large Casual Travel Backpack For Women Men,Carry On Rucksack Flight Approved,Hiking Waterproof Outdoor Sports Daypack Fit 15.6 Inch Laptop Shoes Compartment (Beige)

2. Travel Duffle

If you aren’t a backpack person, this travel duffle bag is another great carry-on bag. It zips shut, which is one of the most important features of a carry-on bag.

An open tote bag is too risky – it’s easy for items to fall out and get lost at airport security or on the plane. This happened to me once at airport security and I didn’t get the item back. Luckily, it was a cheap dog bowl and not a pricey laptop!

This travel duffle is also water resistant, has a wet pocket for your toiletries, and has a side sleeve that fits over your suitcase handle. It also comes in more than 10 colors.

Womens travel bags, weekender carry on for women, sports Gym Bag, workout duffel bag, overnight shoulder Bag fit 15.6 inch Laptop Pink Large

3. Anti-Theft Travel Handbag

It’s so important to keep your wallet, phone and passport secure when you travel. This anti-theft cross-body handbag keeps you organized on a long day of air travel. It also protects your items when you’re on the ground at your destination.

The security features of this bag include:

  • An adjustable cross-body strap, which is the most secure style of purse strap for travel.
  • Slash-resistant material.
  • Locking compartments to keep your belongings as secure as possible.

Travelon Anti-Theft-Class Small East/West Crossbody Bag, Black, 10.25 x 8 x 2.5

If you prefer a slightly smaller handbag, this anti-theft crossbody purse is also a practical and stylish option.

Travelon Anti-Theft Tailored Convertible Crossbody Clutch, Onyx

4. Electronics + Cords Organizer

If you buy any of these long flight essentials, it should be this one. This electronics and cords organizer comes with me on every flight.

It holds all of the small electronic items that are essential for a long-haul flight, including charging cords, a power bank, AirPods and an AirFly adaptor (so you can use your wireless earbuds to watch in-flight movies).

I always stash this organizer in my seat pocket as soon as I board the plane. That way, I have the essentials handy to keep me entertained and connected during my flight.

DDgro Cord Organizer Travel Case, Tech Organizer Cable Bag for Charger and Cords, Electronics Accessories (Small, Pink)

5. Clear Quart-Sized Bag

A clear quart-sized bag for your liquids is essential for long-haul flights. That’s where you’ll pack the liquids and gels you’ll need during the flight, like lip balm, moisturizer, etc.

The TSA’s rules for packing liquids in your carry-on bag are annoying, but we have to follow them. Their “3-1-1 rule” means that each passenger can pack only 1 clear quart-sized bag of liquid, gel and aerosol items in their carry-on bag. Each container of liquids, gels or aerosols must be 3.3 ounces or less.

Airports in the USA don’t provide clear quart-sized bags for you. You must either bring a quart-sized Ziploc-type bag , or you can use a reusable clear quart-sized toiletries bag . A reusable bag is cost effective and better for the environment.

PACKISM TSA Approved Toiletry Bag - Clear Makeup Bags in 2 Size, Durable with Supporting Frame, Perfect for Travel Essentials, Carry-on Airport Airline Compliant Bag, White

6. Travel Wallet

This travel wallet keeps your passport, boarding pass and credit cards organized on a long and hectic travel day. It has a handy wrist strap, so you can carry it through the airport more easily.

It’s also great for staying organized during the rest of your trip.

ZOPPEN Passport Holder Travel Wallet (Ver.5) for Women Rfid Blocking Multi-purpose Passport Cover Document Organizer Strap, Black

7. Belt Bag aka Fanny Pack

Wearing a belt bag is another great way to stay organized at the airport. A belt bag is a convenient and handy place to keep your passport, boarding pass and phone.

A belt bag also keeps your wallet and passport safe from pickpockets when you’re exploring busy, touristy areas.

This stylish belt bag looks a lot like the pricey Lululemon one that’s always sold out! It also comes in tons of colors, so you can choose one that coordinates with your travel outfits.

ODODOS Unisex Mini Belt Bag with Adjustable Strap Small Fanny Pack for Workout Running Traveling Hiking, Ivory

This belt bag is very similar to the Lululemon sherpa belt bag and is another trendy and practical option. It also comes in multiple colors.

ODODOS Fleece Mini Belt Bag with Adjustable Strap, Sherpa Small Waist Pouch Fanny Pack for Workout Running Traveling Hiking, Beige

Comfort Essentials for Long-Haul Flights

8. travel pillow.

Airplane seats are uncomfortable and long flights can lead to a stiff and painful neck. That’s especially true if you’re flying in economy. A comfy travel pillow is essential for any long-haul flight.

This Trtl travel pillow is my favorite travel pillow. It looks more like a neck warmer you’d wear skiing. But, it’s actually a travel pillow that provides excellent neck support.

The Trtl pillow also takes up less space in your luggage compared to a puffy donut style pillow. I don’t get on a long flight without a Trtl travel pillow.

This video shows you how the viral Trtl travel pillow works :

@vickirutwind #stitch with @canadiantravelgal #ad Wait I just got the viral @Trtl Travel pillow too! It’s definitely a travel must have for long flights, and train, car, and bus rides #travelhacks #travel101 #trtltravel #travelmusthave #Inverted ♬ Aesthetic – Tollan Kim

! own all of the different models: the original , the Trtl Plus and the Trtl Cool :

  • I travel with the original Trtl pillow most often. It’s the most compact size and the soft fleecy fabric is cozy on cold airplanes.

trtl Travel and Airplane Pillow - Real Sleeping Experience on Long Flights - Neck and Shoulder Support - Super-Soft, Lightweight, Easy-to-Carry, and Machine-Washable Flight Pillow - Black

  • The Trtl Plus is best for tall travelers because it has an added feature: adjustable neck height. It is a little bit bulkier though because of this extra feature.

trtl Pillow Plus - Adjustable Neck Pillow for Airplane Travel - Travel Pillow with Luxury Foam Padding for Head and Neck Support - Lightweight - Machine Washable - Waterproof Carry Bag - Charcoal

  • The Trtl Cool is similar to the original model, but it’s made with a cooling fabric. But since I’m usually cold on planes, I usually pack the fleecy Trtl original model.

trtl Travel Pillow Cool for Neck Support- Cooling Neck Pillow with Cushioning Foam for Stability and Comfort, Breathable Fabric, Lightweight and Easy to Carry

If you prefer a more traditional travel pillow, this memory foam travel pillow also comes with an eye mask and ear plugs.

MLVOC Travel Pillow 100% Pure Memory Foam Neck Pillow, Comfortable & Breathable Cover, Machine Washable, Airplane Travel Kit with 3D Contoured Eye Masks, Earplugs, and Luxury Bag, Standard (Black)

9. Travel Blanket

Airplanes are usually cold and uncomfortable, which is why a good travel blanket is essential for long-haul flights.

I generally don’t use the travel blankets provided by airlines. I once had an allergic reaction while using an airline blanket. I think the blanket hadn’t been cleaned properly and had pet hair on it. I was miserable for the rest of the flight.

Now, I know to pack my own cozy extra soft travel blanket . This travel blanket also doubles as a pillow when zipped into its case.

EverSnug Travel Blanket and Pillow - Premium Soft 2 in 1 Airplane Blanket with Soft Bag Pillowcase, Hand Luggage Sleeve and Backpack Clip (Light Pink)

Another option is to pack a 100% cotton Turkish Towel . Turkish towels are so versatile. You can use one as an airplane blanket, a beach towel, a picnic blanket and more.

realgrandbazaar Lucky Turkish Beach Towel - 100% Cotton Turkish Towel - Pre Washed - No-Shrink - Quick Dry - Soft 39x71 - Large Beach Towels Clearance Oversized

10. Sleep Mask

A sleep mask is another airplane essential for a long-haul flight. It’s much easier to sleep on a plane with a sleep mask blocking out the light.

This set of 2 silk masks is a great choice for you and your travel buddy. They’re silky soft, have an adjustable strap and effectively block out the light.

Sleep Mask, 2 Pack 100% Real Natural Pure Silk Eye Mask with Adjustable Strap for Sleeping, BeeVines Eye Sleep Shade Cover, Blocks Light Reduces Puffy Eyes Gifts

11. Ear Plugs

Ear plugs are another must have for a long flight. Crying baby? Chatty passengers on a red-eye flight? No problem. Ear plugs block out that noise so you can sleep soundly.

This set of ear plugs also comes with a handy carrying case for travel.

Flents Foam Ear Plugs, 10 Pair with Case for Sleeping, Snoring, Loud Noise, Traveling, Concerts, Construction, & Studying, NRR 33, Green, Made in the USA

12. Portable Airplane Foot Rest

This is one long flight essential I bet you’ve never thought of, but it’s a game changer. This portable airplane foot rest is a hammock for your feet that attaches to the seat in front of you.

It elevates your feet to make traveling in economy class much more comfortable. It also helps improve blood circulation in your legs while flying.

This foot rest is especially helpful if you’re short. I’m 5’2 and find it hard to fully sit back on airplane seats and also rest my feet on the floor. This portable foot rest solves that problem.

Airplane Footrest Made with Premium Memory Foam - Airplane Travel Foot Hammack, No Clashing Foot Hammock & Portable Plane Leg Rest, Provides Relaxation and Comfortable for Long Flight

13. Compression Socks or Cozy Socks

The number one unofficial rule of air travel: wear socks. In U.S airports you have to remove your shoes to go through airport security. You don’t want to forget your socks and be stuck walking barefoot through airport security.

Plus, it’s a real faux-pas to be sitting in-flight in your bare feet. Not only will your feet be freezing, but your neighbors really don’t want to see (or smell) your bare feet.

Compression Socks are Long Flight Essentials

Compression socks are essential for long-haul flights. Compression socks promote circulation in your legs when you’re in the air, prevent swelling, fight leg fatigue and help deter potential blood clots from forming.

I’ve recently started wearing these Dr. Scholl’s compressions socks on my long flights. After my flights to Taiwan and Singapore, my feet and ankles definitely looked and felt less swollen than usual.

I bought a two pack so I have a clean pair for both my departure and return flights.

Dr. Scholl's Women's Graduated Compression Knee High Socks-1 & 2 Pair Packs, Black, Shoe Size: 4-10

Cozy Socks are an Airplane Essential

If you don’t want to wear compression socks, you should at least wear a pair of soft, cozy socks on your next long flight. They’ll keep your feet nice and warm on a chilly airplane.

TEHOOK Fuzzy Socks for Women, Warm Soft Fluffy Socks Thick Cozy Plush Sock Winter Socks for Women 6 Pairs

14. Comfortable Travel Outfit

A comfortable travel outfit is essential for long-haul flights. I like to wear a layered outfit that’s loose-fitting and warm, but doesn’t look like sloppy PJs.

This two-piece knit set for women is chic but also comfortable.

Viottiset Women's 2 Piece Outfits Casual V Neck Knit Wide Leg Sweater Lounge Set Sweatsuit Khaki Large

This comfy two-piece set is another great outfit option for long flights.

ANRABESS Women's Oversized Long Sleeve Lounge Sets Casual Top and Pants 2 Piece Outfits Sweatsuit with Pockets Black Ci776-hei-S

I recommend layering your travel outfit over a breathable cotton t-shirt . An outfit with layers is essential for long-haul flights, because you can’t control the temperature on the plane.

Plus, if you’re traveling to a warm weather destination, you can remove some layers upon arrival. That way, you won’t be overheated while you’re in transit to your hotel.

Amazon Essentials Women's Classic-Fit 100% Cotton Short-Sleeve V-Neck T-Shirt (Available in Plus Size), Pack of 2, White, X-Large

15. Easy to Remove Boots or Shoes

Comfortable shoes or boots are definitely long flight essentials. And you want to choose a pair that’s easy to remove and put back on at airport security.

I was thrilled when UGG boots came back into style. They’re my all time favorite footwear for flying. They’re warm and cozy, and also easy to take off and put back on at airport security.

UGGs are also forgiving if your feet swell a bit in-flight.

UGG Women's Classic Ultra Mini Boot, Chestnut, 06

If you like the look of UGG boots but not the price, you can also get look-a-like boots for less, like this pair.

CUSHIONAIRE Women's Hipster Genuine Suede pull on boot +Memory Foam, Chestnut 7.5

16. Scrunchies or Other Hair Ties

A soft scrunchie or other hair tie is essential for a long flight. If you have long hair, you’ll be much more comfortable with your hair tied back. It’s a good idea to bring more than one, in case your hair tie falls out or breaks.

I like these satin scrunchies because they do the job without damaging your hair.

Scrunchies for Women Satin Hair Scrunchies for Girls Ponytail Holders Big Scrunchies for Thick Curly Hair Satin Silk Scrunchies for Hair Sleep Cute Pony Tails Hair Ties

Essential Electronics for Long Flights

17. noise cancelling headphones.

The headsets airlines give you have terrible sound quality. And in economy class, you’ll probably have to pay for them.

Plus, they don’t block out background noise. So you’ll be stuck watching movies with crying babies and loud conversations in the background.

Noise cancelling headphones are long flight essentials, so you can watch movies and shows in peace.

Apple AirPods Pro

My favorite noise cancelling headphones are Apple AirPods Pro . They’re wireless, compact, and comfortable to wear.

You can even use your Apple AirPods Pro with the in-flight entertainment system by pairing them with an AirFly adaptor.

Apple AirPods Pro (1st Generation) with MagSafe Charging Case

Bose QuietComfort Noise Cancelling Earbuds

Bose also makes a great pair of noise cancelling wireless earbuds .

Bose QuietComfort Noise Cancelling Earbuds – True Wireless Earphones with Voice Control, White

Beats Studio3 Noise Cancelling Headphones

If you prefer over-ear headphones, these Beats Studio3 Noise Cancelling Headphones are a great option. I personally am an AirPods girl, but I know over-ear headphones are very on trend!

Beats Studio3 Wireless Noise Cancelling Over-Ear Headphones - Apple W1 Headphone Chip, Class 1 Bluetooth, 22 Hours of Listening Time, Built-in Microphone - Midnight Black

Affordable Noise Cancelling Headphones

If you’re looking for a more affordable pair of noise cancelling headphones , this pair has great reviews.

INFURTURE Active Noise Cancelling Headphones, H1 Wireless Over Ear Bluetooth Headphones, Deep Bass Headset, Low Latency, Memory Foam Ear Cups,40H Playtime

Now that you have noise canceling headphones for your flight, this little gadget called the AirFly will let you use them with the in-flight entertainment system.

The AirFly adaptor plugs into the in-flight entertainment system. Then, it connects with your wireless headphones via Bluetooth. And voila, you can watch movies on the in-flight entertainment system using your wireless headphones.

I own the AirFly Pro, which works with two sets of headphones and has the longest battery life:

Twelve South AirFly Pro Bluetooth Wireless Audio Transmitter/ Receiver for up to 2 AirPods /Wireless Headphones; Use with any 3.5 mm Jack on Airplanes, Gym Equipment, TVs, iPad/Tablets and Auto

There’s also a more basic and affordable version that works with just one set of headphones:

Twelve South AirFly SE Bluetooth Wireless Audio Transmitter Receiver for AirPods or Wireless Headphones - Use with Any 3.5 mm Audio Jack for Airplanes, Gym Equipment, TVs, iPad/Tablets and Auto

This video shows you how the AirFly adaptor works. I never fly without mine!

@vickirutwind This find and my other travel must-haves are all in my Amazon storefront! #amazonfinds #travelmusthaves #airfly #inflightentertainment ♬ Chillest in the Room – L.Dre

19. E-Reader or Tablet

If there’s one thing about me, it’s that I’m an avid reader. When I’m on a long flight, you’ll often find me reading instead of watching movies.

Some of my favorite authors to read on the plane are Sarah J. Maas (fantasy/romance), Cassandra Clare (urban fantasy) and Colleen Hoover (contemporary romance).

Many of their books are long, so the print copies are heavy. It’s much easier to bring a lightweight e-reader on the plane, rather than lugging around heavy books.

Kindle Paperwhite

My favorite e-reader is the Kindle Paperwhite . It’s the closest you can come to reading a paper book.

The screen has a glare-free display. That means it reads like real paper, even in bright sunlight. It works great on the beach.

I also like that it doesn’t have social media apps or email on it. It’s only for reading books. That way, you can focus on your book instead of getting distracted by TikTok, work emails, etc.

No products found.

An Apple iPad Mini is a great choice if you want a tablet with more functionality than a Kindle Paperwhite. You can read books, check your emails, watch movies on your flight, and more.

Apple iPad Mini (6th Generation): with A15 Bionic chip, 8.3-inch Liquid Retina Display, 64GB, Wi-Fi 6, 12MP front/12MP Back Camera, Touch ID, All-Day Battery Life – Starlight

20. Phone Mount

This phone mount is handy if you prefer to watch movies or shows on your phone during a flight. Maybe there’s a specific show you want to finish, or the in-flight movie selection isn’t great.

The phone mount also is useful if you’re flying a budget airline that doesn’t offer in-flight entertainment systems.

It clips to the seat in front of you, so you can comfortably watch movies and shows on your phone hands-free.

Perilogics Universal in Flight Airplane Phone Holder Mount. Hands Free Viewing with Multi-Directional Dual 360 Degree Rotation. Pocket Size Must Have Airplane Travel Essential Accessory for Flying

21. Portable Charging Bank

A portable charging bank is one of the most important long flight essentials. Being stuck on a long flight with a dead phone or iPad battery is so frustrating when you want to read or watch a show.

Unfortunately, not all airplanes have USB charging ports. I’ve also been stuck on a long flight where the charging port at my seat was broken.

That’s why I bring this lightweight charging bank when I travel. It’s easy to toss in my carry-on before a long flight and it reliably holds about 2 full charges of my iPhone.

INIU Portable Charger, Slimmest 10000mAh 5V/3A Power Bank, USB C in&Out High-Speed Charging Battery Pack, External Phone Powerbank Compatible with iPhone 15 14 13 12 X Samsung S22 S21 Google iPad etc

22. USB Charging Cord

A USB charging cord is another long flight essential. It’s so important to keep your devices charged while in-flight.

You’ll want a fully-charged phone when you land. It’s much safer and easier to navigate a new place when you have access to your phone and navigation apps like Google maps.

I’ve learned from experience to bring this Apple brand charging cable. Off-brand charging cables don’t work for very long before my iPhone starts to reject them!

Apple Lightning to USB Cable (1 m)

Sanitizing Airplane Essentials

23. hand sanitizer.

Hand sanitizer is a must have for a long flight. Especially if you’re in the middle or window seat and the person in the aisle seat is fast asleep.

Using hand sanitizer is easier than waking up the aisle seat passenger, or awkwardly climbing over them to wash your hands in the airplane bathroom. I like this TikTok famous hand sanitizer – it works great and the packaging is cute.

Touchland Power Mist Hydrating Hand Sanitizer Spray, FRESH 3-PACK (Mint, Citrus, Lemon Lime), 500-Sprays each, 1FL OZ (Set of 3)

24. Disinfectant Wipes

A small pack of disinfectant wipes is another long flight essential. I use them to wipe down the tray table and other airplane surfaces. I recently learned that these usually aren’t cleaned between flights – yuck!

You can also use them on your hands if you forget to pack hand sanitizer.

Clorox Disinfecting Wipes to Go Pack Fresh Scent Case Pack 24

Toiletries + Beauty Essentials for Long-Haul Flights

25. lip balm.

The dry air on planes and changes in altitude can cause chapped lips or make them worse. Be sure to pack your favorite lip balm – it’s a long flight essential.

I couldn’t survive a long-haul flight without reapplying my lip balm multiple times! And any time I’ve forgotten to bring lip balm, I’ve spent the entire flight thinking about how badly I need to apply lip balm.

I like this Aquaphor lip balm because it’s extremely hydrating.

Aquaphor Lip Repair Ointment - Long-lasting Moisture to Soothe Dry Chapped Lips - .35 fl. oz. Tube

26. Hand Lotion

Hand lotion is another long flight essential. Otherwise, your hands will get get chapped quickly. Plane air is so drying.

I have extremely dry skin, so I bring an ultra-rich travel-sized hand cream on flights. This Eucerin lotion is a personal favorite because I have extremely dry skin.

Eucerin Advanced Repair Hand Cream - Fragrance Free, Hand Lotion for Very Dry Skin - 2.7 Ounce (Pack of 3)

27. Face Moisturizer

The dry air on planes can also wreak havoc on your skin. Make sure to pack your favorite facial moisturizer in your carry-on. Keeping your skin moisturized will help you look fresh-faced when you arrive at your destination.

I like to apply this face moisturizer by Cerave on the plane. It’s a night cream, but I’ll apply it on any long flight, regardless of the time of day.

CeraVe Skin Renewing Night Cream | Niacinamide, Peptide Complex, and Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizer for Face | 1.7 Ounce, Packaging may Vary

28. Refillable Travel Bottles

Refillable travel bottles and jars make it easy to bring your favorite beauty products on the plane. Full-size products are usually to big to go through airport security, because of the TSA’s 3-1-1 liquids rule .

These refillable bottles are 3-1-1 rule compliant and perfect for filling with shampoo, conditioner, body wash, or other toiletries. I use them all the time when I travel, and they have never leaked!

Gemice Travel Bottles for Toiletries Tsa Approved Travel Size Containers BPA Free Leak Proof Travel Tubs Refillable Liquid Travel Accessories for Cometic Shampoo and Lotion Soap (90ml)

These reusable silicone jars are also 3-1-1 rule compliant, and great for bringing your favorite beauty products, like face cream, on a long flight.

TSA Approved Travel Size Containers for Toiletries, Gemice Silicone Jars, Leak-proof Travel Accessories with Lid for Cosmetic Makeup Face Body Hand Cream (4 Pieces) (Apricot)

29. Skincare Mask

If you want to take your skincare to the next level on a long flight, bring a hydrating face mask.

This Hydrating Overnight Mask is sheer, so you won’t be sitting on the flight with a green or muddy face. The passengers around you won’t know you’re giving yourself a mini facial.

Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask - Exfoliating + Anti-Aging Overnight Face Mask w/ AHA, Hyaluronic Acid + Pumpkin Seed Extract for Sensitive Skin - Hydrating Mask (60ml)

You can also do a hydrating sheet mask during your long flight. Who cares if you look a little silly? You’ll never see the people on your flight again. (Well…unless they’re on your flight home, ha!)

LAPCOS Honey Sheet Mask, Daily Face Mask with Hyaluronic Acid and Antioxidants to Hydrate and Tighten Dry Skin, Korean Beauty Favorite, 5-Pack

30. Toothbrush and Toothpaste

best travel essentials for long flights

Just remember to use bottled water if you plan to brush your teeth on the plane. The water in airplane bathrooms is not drinkable.

Dental Source Travel Toothbrush and Crest Toothpaste Kit, Assorted, 0.85 Ounce

31. Retainer/Mouthguard or Other Dental Device

If you’re like me and you wear a retainer, mouthguard or other dental device, bring it with you on the plane. Even if you don’t plan to use it in-flight. You don’t to risk being without it if your checked bag gets lost or delayed.

Sleep Peachy Night Guard for Women - Pack of 2 Mouth Guard for Teeth Grinding, Clenching and Bruxism (Pink)

32. Essential + Over the Counter Medication

You should always pack your essential medications in your carry-on bag when flying. Even if you don’t expect to need it during your flight.

If your checked bag gets lost or delayed , you’ll have your medication with you. Also, you should always bring your prescription medications in the original packaging when you travel.

I also bring over the counter pain relief and allergy medication with me on long flights. That way, I’m prepared if I feel a headache or allergy attack coming on.

Tylenol Extra Strength Acetaminophen Rapid Release Gels, Pain Reliever & Fever Reducer, 100 ct

Food + Drink Essentials for Long-Haul Flights

33. collapsible water bottle.

You can’t bring water through airport security. And bottles of water are so overpriced at airport, it feels like a scam.

That’s why a collapsible water bottle is a long flight essential. Most airports have free water fountains where you can fill up your water bottle after airport security.

I like this collapsible water bottle because it folds up so small and is very lightweight.

mountop Collapsible Water Bottle, Portable Food Grade Silicone Foldable Travel Reusable Leak Proof Water Bottles for Traveling Running Fitness BPA Free, 20oz, Pink

As you can see in this video, the collapsible water bottle is soft-sided but it stands up on its own when full. So you can place it on your tray table during long fllights.

@vickirutwind Shop this collapsible water bottle and other travel finds in my Amazon storefront. Bottled water at the airport is way too expensive. Instead, bring your own portable, collapsible water bottle. This one from Amazon is so easy to pack in your carry-on or hand bag #amazonfinds #founditonamazon #amazonmusthaves #travelmusthaves ♬ original sound – Vicki Rutwind / NYC + Travel

34. Your Favorite Snacks

Airplane food is so hit or miss these days. It’s always a good idea to pack your favorite snacks for a long flight. My favorite airplane snacks are anything cheese flavored!

Frito Lay Fun Times Mix Variety Pack, (Pack of 40)

I also like to bring a protein-based snack to keep me feeling full. These grass-fed beef sticks are one of my favorite protein snacks. The jalapeño flavor is my favorite, but the original is delicious too.

Lorissa's Kitchen Meat Snack Packs, Spicy Grass-Fed Beef Jerky Sticks, Jalapeno – Keto Friendly, 4g of Protein, No Added Nitrites or Nitrates, Gluten Free Snacks, 0.6 Oz (Pack of 20)

35. Gum or Breath Mints

Gum and breath mints are absolute essentials for long-haul flights, so you can freshen your breath at your seat. Plus, chewing gum or mints can help relieve the pressure in your ears when flying.

EXTRA Spearmint Sugarfree Chewing Gum, 15 Pieces (Pack of 10)

36. Liquid IV

Flying can easily make you dehydrated. And the beverage cart doesn’t come by often enough on long flights. I’m also one of those people who rarely drinks enough water. I know, I know. It’s bad. That’s why I like to pop a packet of Liquid IV in my carry-on bag.

Liquid IV is an electrolyte powder you can add to beverages to help you rehydrate faster than drinking water alone. I like to add it to my water on long flights to help me stay hydrated.

Liquid I.V. Hydration Multiplier - Lemon Lime - Hydration Powder Packets | Electrolyte Powder Drink Mix | Easy Open Single-Serving Sticks | Non-GMO | 1 Pack (16 Servings)

Other Long Flight Essentials

37. tissues.

A travel pack of tissues is a long flight essential if you’re prone to a runny nose, like me. Tissues are also a lifesaver if you spill something while in-flight.

Kleenex Slim Pack Facial Tissue 10 Count 3-ply (Pack of 12)

A pen is a long flight essential that’s easy to forget in this digital age. But, some destinations still make you fill out paper customs and immigration forms. So, don’t forget to pack a pen in your carry-on!

FIOVER Gel Pens, 5pcs 0.5mm Quick Dry Black Ink Pens Fine Point Smooth Writing Pen High-End Series Pens Ballpoint for School Office Home Supplies, Gifts for Women and Men (Morandi)

39. Eyeglasses or Contact Lenses

If you wear glasses or contact lenses, don’t forget to bring them on your long flight! If you wear dailies contacts, it’s a good idea to bring a couple of extra pairs on your flight.

CCVOO 5 Pack Reading Glasses Blue Light Blocking, Filter UV Ray/Glare Computer Readers Fashion Nerd Eyeglasses Women/Men (*C1 Mix, 1.5)

40. Change of Clothes + Underwear

If you’re traveling to a different climate, bring a change of clothes and underwear in your carry-on. If your checked luggage is delayed, at least you’ll have a change of clothes that’s appropriate for the weather at your destination.

I learned this the hard way. I once flew to sunny Mexico from freezing Canada in December. I landed in winter clothes and my checked bag was delayed until late that night. It was pretty uncomfortable hanging out at a beach resort in sweatpants and winter boots!

Flygo Womens Casual 2 Piece Outfits Cotton Linen Sets Button Down Shirt Shorts Resort Wear 2024 Pajama Beach Set(White-XS)

41. Swimsuit (for Warm Weather Destinations)

If you’re traveling to a warm destination, bring a swimsuit in your carry-on. As I mentioned above, I learned this the hard way when my luggage didn’t arrive in Mexico!

If your flight arrives before your hotel’s check-in time, having a swimsuit in your carry-on will also come in handy. Then, you can hit the pool or beach until your room is ready.

Meyeeka Womens Sexy Strappy Cut Out High Waist Monokini Tummy Control One Piece Swimsuit White XL

42. Flip-Flops (for Warm Weather Destinations)

If you’re packing a swimsuit in your carry-on, bring a pair of flip-flops too. Otherwise you’ll be like me and my sister who were stuck in sunny Cancun with just our winter boots. We made quite the unfashionable pair at the resort that day!

Havaianas Top Flip Flops for Women - Summer Style Sandals - Black, 7-8

43. Your Travel Documents

Be sure to pack your passport, work or travel visas, and any other necessary travel documentation for your trip.

Some countries require you to obtain a travel visa, or fill out pre-travel forms online. Don’t forget to research these requirements before your flight!

You should also pack a paper copy of your passport in your carry-on bag. If you lose your passport while you’re in transit, you’ll be grateful to have a hard copy with you. Especially if your phone battery is drained when you land.

It’s also a good idea to keep a digital copy of your passport stored in the cloud. That way, you can access it even if your bag and phone get stolen.

44. Your Accommodation Details/Address

When you enter a new country, you usually need to fill out a customs and immigration form. Many of those forms ask you to provide the name and address you’ll be staying at during your trip.

Be sure to have these details handy during your flight, otherwise you’ll be scrambling to fill out the forms while standing in the immigration line.

45. Proof of Your Return Flight

Many countries will not let you enter as a visitor unless you have a return ticket booked. They want to make sure you aren’t going to overstay your welcome.

I have a friend who who was denied entry into Canada from the USA because she hadn’t booked a return ticket. So, make sure to have your return flight details handy in case you’re asked for them!

Long Flight Essentials: Final Thoughts

That wraps up my list of 45 long flight essentials. Travel days can be tiring and stressful, but these essentials for long-haul flights will make your travel day more comfortable.

These travel essentials will keep you entertained, hydrated, comfy and moisturized on your next long travel day. That way, you’ll arrive at your final destination well-rested and ready to explore.

Did I miss any of your favorite long flight essentials? Let me know in the comments!

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40 Long Flight Essentials, Tested by Travel Editors

Stay cool, calm, and collected on your next getaway.

long flight essentials

Our product picks are editor-tested, expert-approved. We may earn a commission through links on our site. Why Trust Us?

There’s no denying that travel is fun, amazing, even life-changing. But it can also be tiring, stressful, and downright hard . Missed connections, delayed flights, screaming babies, and sockless passengers looking to “share” your armrest—it’s enough to drive a grown man mad. And long flights can be especially difficult without the right tools to keep you sane.

But packing the right gear can make all the difference. It can turn a torturous 10-hour red-eye into a relatively calm, relaxing travel experience complete with good cocktails, a toddler-sized nap, and hours of enjoying all your favorite books, movies, and music in noise-canceled bliss.

So what to pack is the question? Our travel-obsessed editors and writers regularly test luggage , wellness products, and travel gadgets . We ditch what doesn’t work and share the rest with you. If you’re getting ready to head off on a long-haul international flight, first off: Congrats! But, also, you might want to pack some or all of these recommendations below. These are the best long-flight essentials to keep you cool, calm, and collected on your next getaway.

Bags & Luggage

Carry-On Pro Plus

Monos Carry-On Pro Plus

Keeping your long flight gear game tight starts with the right carry-on luggage. Monos’ flagship Carry-On Pro Plus is among the best we’ve seen, plus a built-in front compartment provides instant access to your essentials.

Medium Rugged Twill Duffle Bag

Filson Medium Rugged Twill Duffle Bag

If a classic duffel bag is more your speed, we love Filson’s field- and time-tested Rugged Twill Duffle. The industrial-strength fabric is built for travel, and the 43-liter capacity is more than enough to hold days worth of essentials.

Travel Backpack 30L

Peak Design Travel Backpack 30L

Few companies know how to wrangle your long-flight essentials like Peak Design. Its Travel Backpack 30L is sleek, handsome, and even expands with plenty of storage, pouches, and pockets to organize all your gear.

Compression Packing Cubes

Nomatic Compression Packing Cubes

Few things make packing easier than packing cubes . Nomatic’s are highly compressible, so your soft goods take up a lot less space in your luggage (leaving more room for important things, like Toblerones and duty-free booze).

FlatPak Waterproof Toiletry Case

Matador FlatPak Waterproof Toiletry Case

Nothing can ruin a good vacation like leaky toiletries spilling all over your clothes, gadgets, and gear. Keep your liquids quarantined with this leakproof roll-top toiletry bag .

Vapor Sling Crossbody Bag

Timbuk2 Vapor Sling Crossbody Bag

Keep all the essentials for your next long flight close at hand with this next-level crossbody bag . With four pockets and a dedicated laptop sleeve, it’s perfect for keeping everything organized under your seat.

65W Power Adapter

Nomad 65W Power Adapter

If you’re lucky, you might have access to one electrical outlet on your next long flight. Double your power-up potential to keep all your gadgets humming with this dual USB-C fast charger.

Premium Membership

Going Premium Membership

This “ pre -long-flight” essential is really an airfare watchdog service that keeps an eye on your preferred airports and alerts you when prices drop. Subscribers save an average of $200 on domestic flights and a whopping $500 on international airfare—all for as little as $49/year.

145W Portable Power Bank

Ugreen 145W Portable Power Bank

Most of us would rather forget to pack our underwear than our smartphone and other gadgets. Make sure you’re equipped with the portable power you need for all your essential gadgets on a long flight with this beefy power bank.

Kobo Sage eReader

Rakuten Kobo Sage eReader

Take all your favorite audiobooks and book books along on your next long flight. The zero-glare e-ink touchscreen makes for a paper-like reading experience, and the entire device is waterproof to protect against clumsy seatmates and sticky-fingered kids.

True Wireless Noise Cancelling Earbuds II (EAH-AZ40M2)

Technics True Wireless Noise Cancelling Earbuds II (EAH-AZ40M2)

These all-new, low-profile earbuds from Technics are our new go-to for long flights. They’re designed with next-gen active noise-cancellation tech and run for up to 12 hours with the included charging case.

WH-1000XM5 Wireless Headphones

Sony WH-1000XM5 Wireless Headphones

If noise-canceling audioware is the only thing keeping you sane while traveling, but earbuds aren’t your jam, splurge on these best of the best travel headphones . The 30-hour battery life is enough to take you around the world— literally .


Apple AirTag

If the last year (of stolen luggage news) has taught us anything, it’s that Bluetooth trackers are worth their weight in gold. Keep tabs on all your luggage—even your carry-ons—with a cheap, dead-simple AirTag.

In-Flight Airplane Phone Holder Mount

Perilogics In-Flight Airplane Phone Holder Mount

For those marathon in-flight movie seshes, you want to know you can stare at your smartphone screen for hours comfortably. This 360-degree tray-table mount allows you to twist and angle it anyway you want.

Power Houdi

Houdini Power Houdi

Soft, warm, and ridiculously comfy—the only three things we look for in the perfect fleece. Houdini’s Power Houdi ticks all those boxes, is available in a dozen colors, and is made with Bluesign-approved fabric, too.

Men's Tee

Paka Apparel Men's Tee

Alpaca is looking to overthrow Merino wool as the go-to natural performance fiber. Case in point: Paka’s T-Shirt . It’s soft, lightweight, and wicks away sweat like a champ. Plus, it doesn’t hold onto odors (unlike you after a 12-hour red eye).

Sunday Performance Jogger

Vuori Sunday Performance Jogger

Upgrade your next all-day (and maybe all- night ) flight with the right travel pants . Vuori’s Sunday Performance Jogger is buttery soft, lightweight, and the sweat-wicking knit fabric keeps you dry and comfortable.

Swellsole Neptune

Reef Swellsole Neptune

If wearing slippers on a plane isn’t your thing, we get it. These slip-on travel shoes are the next best thing. They slide on and off easily for your next long flight, then the back support pops back up to wear like a “regular” sneaker once you land.

Multifunctional Headwear/Neckwear

Buff Multifunctional Headwear/Neckwear

This might be the most versatile travel headwear you’ll ever own. It’s a neck gaiter, a hat, or even an eye mask in a pinch.

Solids Ankle Socks

Bombas Solids Ankle Socks

Bombas' extra-durable cotton fabric that's also insanely comfortable makes them ideal for long haul journeys.

Yonder Water Bottle

Yeti Yonder Water Bottle

Staying well-hydrated might be the second most important thing for travelers (after packing your phone, of course). This new water bottle from Yeti is ultra-lightweight, and the wide mouth makes it easy to fill at the airport.

Anywhere Travel Blanket

Tuft & Needle Anywhere Travel Blanket

Tuft & Needle packs all the same comfort and cleverness of its best mattresses into this simple quilted travel blanket. It’s soft, lightweight, and packs down small into its own sewn-on pouch.

Passport Cover+

Distil Union Passport Cover+

This minimalist passport cover from Distil Union is everything you need and nothing you don’t. It’s simple, handsome, and boasts a surprising amount of storage for cards, a notebook, a pen, a SIM card, and, of course, a passport. Bonus: It’s an RFID wallet too.

Fillo Elite Luxury Pillow

Nemo Fillo Elite Luxury Pillow

If curvy neck pillows aren’t your thing, Nemo's more traditional, ultra-packable inflatable travel pillow is the perfect alternative. It’s machine-washable, packs down small, and feels just as soft and comfy as your pillow at home.

Inflatable Travel Footrest Pillow

Maliton Inflatable Travel Footrest Pillow

It’s no secret that Economy airplane seats suck . Upgrade your next cattle class experience with this adjustable inflatable footrest to make your seat feel more like a lounger—almost.

Craft Instant Coffee (Bronson Blend)

Verve Coffee Roasters Craft Instant Coffee (Bronson Blend)

They might have great coffee where you’re headed, but you won’t find any on a long flight. Pack a couple of these instant coffee satchets from Verve Coffee to level-up your inflight java experience.

Craft Cocktail Kit

W&P Craft Cocktail Kit

We’re hard-pressed to find a decent cocktail on most flights, too, especially in Economy. W&P’s Craft Cocktail Kit packs everything (but the booze) you need to make your favorite tipple into a compact, flight-ready tin.

Passion Journal (Travel)

Moleskine Passion Journal (Travel)

Reminisce about the places you just left or the places you’ve never been before. It’s your call with this handsome passion journal purpose-designed to chronicle your personal adventures.

Pillow Soft Silicone Earplugs

Mack's Pillow Soft Silicone Earplugs

Soft, moldable, and extremely effective, these silicone earplugs are our go-to tool for blocking out the world on a long flight.

Micro Travel Scale

Travelon Micro Travel Scale

Travel long enough, and you’ll eventually find yourself the victim of an “over-the-weight-limit” carry-on bag. Sidestep any such surprises with this ultra-packable luggage scale.

Hydrate Organic Electrolyte Powder

Goodonya Hydrate Organic Electrolyte Powder

It’s not enough to only hydrate en route. You also need plenty of salt and other electrolytes. This organic, low-sugar powder is packed with all of the above and tastes great too.

Thin and Crispy Chicken Chips

Wilde Chips Thin and Crispy Chicken Chips

Finding healthy food is tough, especially on long travel days. Fuel your hunger and your cravings with these tasty chicken-based protein chips.

UV Clear Face Sunscreen SPF 46

EltaMD UV Clear Face Sunscreen SPF 46

High-flying travelers are subjected to a surprising amount of unfiltered sunlight on every flight. Protect your precious mug with this dermatologist-recommended face sunscreen .

Eye Mask

Ostrichpillow Eye Mask

Long flights are a sea of humanity. When you’re ready to block it all out and settle in for an in-flight nap, this simple eye mask from Ostrichpillow is buttery soft and completely blacks out all light.

Adaptogen Soothe + Hydrate Activated Mist

Youth To The People Adaptogen Soothe + Hydrate Activated Mist

Long flights can leave your face feeling dry, irritated, and just plain gross . This travel-sized facial spray hydrates your skin, calms redness, and leaves you looking and feeling ready for landing.

Balm 140 Tactical Lip Protectant

Duke Cannon Supply Co. Balm 140 Tactical Lip Protectant

Don’t forget to protect your lips, too (they are a part of your face, after all)! This “offensively large” lip protectant is vegan, veteran-approved, and has a delicious blood orange mint taste.

Norelco Travel Men's Shaver

Philips Norelco Travel Men's Shaver

Nothing makes you feel human again like brushing your teeth and a good shave. This electric razor from Philips Norelco helps you tackle the latter, and it’s packable enough to stash in your carry-on for mid-flight touch-ups before landing.

Resurrection Rinse-Free Hand Wash

Aesop Resurrection Rinse-Free Hand Wash

Leave the dollar-store hand sanitizer at home. Upgrade to this rinse-free foaming hand wash that smells amazing and leaves your hands feeling properly hydrated too.

Fresh Mint Mouthwash Concentrate

hello Fresh Mint Mouthwash Concentrate

Packing a jumbo-sized bottle of mouthwash isn’t an option for carry-on travelers. Each bottle of this travel-friendly concentrate is TSA-friendly. Just mix with water, swish for 30 seconds, and “carry on” (get it?).

Deep Sleep Synergy+ Gummies

CBDistillery Deep Sleep Synergy+ Gummies

When melatonin isn’t enough to help you sleep on a long flight, but prescription meds like Ambien are too much, look to these THC- and CBD -infused gummies for a deep, restful, in-flight snooze.

Headshot of Christian Gollayan

Christian Gollayan oversees e-commerce content for Men's Health and Women's Health. Previously, he was the Associate Managing Editor at Christian's work has also been featured in Food & Wine, InStyle, the New York Post, and Tatler Asia.

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41 Long Haul Flight Essentials & Tips for 2023

best travel essentials for long flights

We all know that long haul, international flights can really take a lot out of you. From sitting for long periods of time and being cramped in a small space, it is an uncomfortable time for many. I know from experience that you can improve your comfort on long haul flights by packing the right items in your personal item carry-on.

In this post I’ll cover the long haul flight essentials and tips that you need for the best flight experience possible. Note, for the purposes of this post, long haul is defined as anything over a 4 hour flight. These tips are for those of us who are “suffering” in economy, but should be helpful even if you are flying first class or business class.

Table of Contents

Your Body on Long Haul Flight

Long haul and overnight flights do have a significant impact on your body. Just to name a few of the things your body may go through on such a flight:

  • Poor circulation and blood pooling in your feet due to being cramped in a small place for a long period of time
  • You may be more gassy due to lessened pressure on the outside of your body
  • Dehydration due to the dry air being pulled in from outside having very little humidity
  • Dry skin due to dehydration
  • Out of whack circadian rhythm due to flying across many time zones

This post will cover all the long flight essentials that you need to pack with you to take on the plane so that you can combat these symptoms in the best way possible, and have a comfortable flight. Also, if you are looking for what to pack in your main suitcase for your international trip, check out this post .

The Best Carry On Essentials for Long Haul Flights

I never take any long flight without packing the three items below!

Rustig Pressure Reducing Silicone Travel Ear Plugs with Travel Carrying Case - Up to 23 Decibel Hearing Protection (10 Pair), Reusable and Hand Washable

Long Haul Flight Essentials | What to Pack

Flight comfort / sleep essentials.

Perhaps most important for a tolerable long-haul flight is keeping comfy while in the air. Here are a few of my must-have essentials for comfort:

1 | Eye Mask – Drown out the sun and the reading lamps of your seat-mates (they are so bright, right?!) with a nice face mask .

Kimkoo Sleep Mask-Eye Mask for Sleeping, Sleeping Mask Blocking Out Light Perfectly for Women and Men, Soft and Comfortable Blindfold for Travelling, with Pouch (Black+Gray)

  • Blocking light Perfectly- This sleeping eye mask features a patented nose wing design. The bottom of the eye mask is...
  • No pressure on the eyes - This sleeping mask is designed with soft delta side wings, which prevent any unwanted shifting...

2 | Earplugs – Keep noisy babies and overhead announcements muffled while you try to relax. In addition to blocking out unpleasant sounds, get a pair that helps with air pressure relief as well.

  • »REDUCE PRESSURE: Feeling your ears pop on a flight or when driving through changing elevation can be so uncomfortable!...
  • »COMFORT: These silicone ear plugs will help reduce pressure during flights and car rides for a more enjoyable trip!...

3 | Neck Pillow – This is what I think is the most important, as a good neck pillow can save you from so much pain after you land.

You can get all three of these essentials together in this set by Everlasting Comfort . And as an added bonus, the included plush, velour pillow has a pocket to store your headphones, earplugs, and whatever else you’d like to keep close. It is made with memory foam, so you know that it will be very comfortable. And one pro tip here, you may benefit from putting it behind your back rather than around your neck too.

Everlasting Comfort Memory Foam Travel Pillow - Airplane Neck Rest & Plane Accessories (Black)

  • No Longer Struggle with Uncomfortable Airline Seats: Made with premium memory foam, our neck pillow adapts to your...
  • Instant Neck Pain Relief: Sleeping upright in your seat can lead to neck stiffness. With our airplane neck pillow, you...

4 | Tray Table Pillow – If the neck pillow is not comfortable for you, try out an inflatable pillow that you can fold your face in arms into. Definitely a different experience than the standard neck pillow, but may work better for some folks.

JefDiee Inflatable Travel Pillow, Airplane Neck Pillow Comfortably Supports Head and Chin for Airplanes, Trains, Cars Office Napping on The Tray Table (Grey)

  • 🛩️Humanized Design: This neck pillow is designed with an ergonomic 45° angle, allowing your head and neck to lean...
  • 🛩️Comfortable and Durable: The airplane pillow is made of strong, washable and soft PVC flocking, no...

5 | Travel Scarf – I never take any flight without a scarf, as I have experienced a few long-haul flights where economy passengers were not given blankets (ridiculous, I know). I recommend taking a traveling scarf , that is made just for this purpose!

Happyluxe Shawl Wraps for Women, Versatile Wrap Shawl for Women, Wrap Scarf, Pashmina, Travel Gifts for Women - Jet Black

  • Luxurious Shawl Wraps for Women: Experience the luxe touch of our Wayfarer Travel Wrap, 68" x 35", two times softer than...
  • One Great Fabric - Two Great Feels - We offer two distinct versions of our super soft Tencel fabric 1) Our Classic...

6 | Essential Oil(s) – The right essential oil, such as lavender or eucalyptus oil, can help calm any anxiety that you have about flying. Additionally, it will help you deal with unpleasant smells that you may encounter from others on the flight.

If you prefer not to put it on your skin, you can use a diffuser necklace to keep the scent close.

Maromalife Lava Stone Diffuser Necklace Teardrop Essential Oil Diffuser Aromatherapy Necklace 316L Stainless Steel Necklace with 8 Lava Stone, Gift for Women/Men, Mothers Day, Christmas, Birthday

  • Polished Hollow Cage Pendant: This is a upgrade teardrop lava stone necklace diffuser, made of premium stainless steel,...
  • Excellent Aromatherapy Experience: Drop your favorite essential oil into lava stone to enjoy the essential oil aroma....

7 | Life Straw Water Bottle – This is the bottle that I personally take with me every time I travel. I like to bring it because it makes any type of water safe to drink by draining out the bacteria. It is not a small bottle, but is easy enough to carry around with the clip that comes with it. Be sure to come to the airport with the bottle empty, but to fill it up fully before you take off. You will get more water during the flight, but this way you can be sure you don’t go thirsty while flying (or while on your trip).

No products found.

8 | Collapsible Water Bottle – If you want to travel with something smaller/ more compact, the collapsible water bottle may be a better option for you.

Collapsible Portable Sports Water Bottle, Camping Cup With Carabiner, Reuseable, Silicone, Foldable, Leak Proof For Outdoor, Travel Gym Hiking, Cycling, BPA Free

  • SAFETY AND HEALTH - Collapsible travel cup made from food-grade silicone, BPA free and odorless. Feature with...
  • OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE - Can be hung on the bag of a connective hand rope and portable hook.Much easier to hold and...

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Electronic Essentials

9 | Phone – This may be a bit obvious, but your phone is a great resource for entertainment such as playing games, listening to music, or reading. Be sure to download any entertainment that you can’t access without internet before you take off!

10 | Tablet – This may not be an absolute necessary, but it is much easier to read / watch things during the flight. A tablet is also a great tool for downloading videos that you may care to watch during the flight, from sites like Netflix. I tend to travel with my iPad, but the Amazon Fire 10 Tablet is a great (and cheap!) alternative.

Fire HD 10 Tablet (32 GB, Plum, With Special Offers) + Amazon Standing Case (Plum) + Nupro Screen Protector (2-pack)

  • Includes the latest Fire HD 10 Tablet with Special Offers, 32GB, Plum ($149.99), Amazon Cover, Plum ($39.99), and Nupro...
  • 10.1" 1080p full HD display; 32 or 64 GB of internal storage (add up to 512 GB with microSD)

Also, to get more out of your tablet, you can add a keyboard  (like this one)   and essentially use it as a laptop. Load your favorite TV shows and movies while at home on your WiFi so that you can stay entertained if the flight does not have the best options on board.

11 | Noise-Canceling Headphones  – I recommend bringing your own headphones on the flight. They’ll be better quality, and you can guarantee that they have not been used by anyone else before. If you’re looking for an upgrade, the  Beats Studio3 headphones  are the way to go. They are excellent for cancelling out any unpleasant sounds that you might encounter during your flight.

If you’re looking for an upgrade, the Beats Studio3 headphones are the way to go. They are excellent for cancelling out any unpleasant sounds that you might encounter during your flight.

Beats Studio3 Wireless Headphones - Matte Black (Renewed)

  • WHATS IN THE BOX: Beats Studio 3 Wireless Headphones | Carrying Case | (NOT Included: microUSB Cable and Remote Talk...

If you are using iPhone headphones that don’t have the standard jack, order a pair of the good old 3.5mm style before you go!

12 | Portable Charger  – Don’t forget your chargers! These days most long-haul flights do have outlets for you to charge your stuff, so it’s a good idea to have these within close reach as well.

13 | Portable Power Banks – Just in case there is not a outlet on the plane, I always take one of these with me. Best case is that you have one that has both standard USB ports and USB-C ports so it is easy to use all your different charging cords. Here are two options:

INIU Portable Charger, Slimmest 10000mAh 5V/3A Power Bank, USB C in&Out High-Speed Charging Battery Pack, External Phone Powerbank Compatible with iPhone 15 14 13 12 X Samsung S22 S21 Google iPad etc

  • ✅【From INIU--the SAFE Fast Charge Pro】Experience the safest charging with over 38 million global users. At INIU,...
  • ✅【Market's Thinnest 10000mAh】 The market’s one and only 0.5-inch power bank that breaks the limit of 10000mAh,...

14 | Electronic Cable Organizer – Now this may seem a bit odd to include on this list, but it is a lifesaver, believe me! When used properly, you will never misplace a single cord again. I use the one pictured below by BAGSMART .

BAGSMART Electronics Organizer Travel Case, Small Cord Bag, Tech Organizer as Travel Accessories for Men Women, Cable Essentials for Phone, SD Card, Black

  • Compact Size: The electronics organizer bag is 9.4" L x 6.7" W x 1.4" H and weighs 0.24 lb, making it a lightweight and...
  • Secure Storage: The bag features 5 elastic loops(S) and 2 elastic loops(L) to keep cables and accessories organized and...

Self-Care | Face, Mouth, & Body

Let’s be honest, one of the worst things about flying is the fact that you have to go way longer than usual without bathing – possibly upwards of 2 days! So I like to bring along a few essentials to help keep fresh during and after the flight:

15 | Body Wipes – Bring wet wipes or baby wipes to keep yourself smelling fresh when you can’t quickly get to a shower.

Surviveware Biodegradable Wet Wipes, Face and Body Wipes for Post Workout and Camping, Wipes for Adults, Large Wipes, 32 Count

  • UNSCENTED WET WIPES: Clean yourself with our unscented biodegradable wipes from head to toe without being overwhelmed by...
  • IDEAL CLEANING WIPES FOR POSTERIOR PAMPERING: At some point, a “number two” is inevitable while out in the woods....

16 | Face Wash – Depending on how long your flight is, you may need to do your standard “bedtime” routine. This means you need to keep up with your skin routine. I know that your choice here can be quite personal, but if you are looking for something new to try, I do recommend Paula’s choice products.

Paula's Choice CLEAR Regular Strength Acne Travel Kit, 2% Salicylic Acid & 2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide for Acne, Redness Relief, Two Week Trial Size

  • EASY-TO-USE ACNE FIGHTING SYSTEM: This 3-step skin care system works quickly to combat and control stubborn acne,...
  • Paula's Choice CLEAR Regular Strength Acne Kit contains 3 products: CLEAR Pore Normalizing Cleanser, CLEAR Regular...

17 | Face Lotion – Bring your favorite face lotion along too. It’s a good idea to reapply as you fly to keep your skin moist; plane air can be quite drying as mentioned above. Don’t forget to bring it in a travel-size container!

In addition to Paula’s choice mentioned above, love face care by Dermalogica – they have a great travel kit that is easy to pack up and take along on your journey (which will also include your face wash).I personally love face care by Dermalogica – they have a great travel kit that is easy to pack up and take along on your journey.

Dermalogica Travel Skin Kit - Set Contains: Face Wash, Face Exfoliator, and Face Moisturizer - Cleanse, Purify and Hydrate To Reveal Brighter, Smoother Skin

  • Washes away impurities without stripping or drying.
  • Reveals brighter, smoother skin.

18 | Deodorant – For the sake of everyone on the plane, please keep your pits fresh. I have been on one too many flights where body odor has been a problem.

If you’re looking for a nice aluminum-free option, try this option by Megababe .

19 | Sunscreen – I like to bring a light sunscreen to keep my face and body protected, especially when traveling during the summer months.

I really like Neutrogena’s sunscreen , as it works well for both lighter and darker skin tones.

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Water Resistant and Non-Greasy Sunscreen Lotion with Broad Spectrum SPF 45, TSA-Compliant travel Size, 3 Fl Oz, Pack of 2, 6 Fl Oz

  • Twin pack with two 3-fluid ounce bottles of Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Non-Greasy Sunscreen with SPF 45 that helps...
  • This lightweight & sheer sunscreen is fast-absorbing with Dry-Touch technology for a non-greasy, matte finish and is...

20 | Makeup – Bring your makeup basics with you – I recommend keeping it light, unless you are attending a formal event while traveling.

21 | Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Floss – Bring along your standard dental hygiene items to keep your breath fresh on the flight :). Pro tip: Keep your regular brushing schedule while on board – brushing before you sleep and after you wake up will be beneficial to you and your seat mates.

See below for a nice travel-sized teeth cleaning kit you can easily pack in your carry-on.

  • Country Of Origin: United States

22 | Hair Ties – Keep your hair out of your face by bringing along hair ties so that you don’t have to worry about it while flying. I pretty much only use those by Goody’s, which really work well and last for a long time (no snapping mid-ponytail).

Goody Ouchless Womens Elastic Hair Tie - 27 Count, Black - 4MM for Medium Hair- Hair Accessories for Women Perfect for Long Lasting Braids, Ponytails and More - Pain-Free (Packaging May Vary)

  • Goody Elastics: Keep hair in place and out of your face with the Goody Ouchless 4MM Elastics. Includes 27 black...
  • Ouchless: The pain-free, strong comfortable hold won’t snag or pull your hair.

23 | Hair Scarf – I recommend bringing your regular hair scarf along if you tend to wrap your hair or pineapple your curly hair at night. You may want to bring a black one so that it appears more like a style than a bedtime thing (if that matters to you).

35' Womens Large Satin Square Scarf Silk Feeling Hair Wrapping Gift Headscarf Scarves

  • Material: Made of 100% silky feel polyester satin.super soft and comfortable. Lightweight but keep your neck warm in...
  • Dimension: 35*35 inches/90*90cm, can be worn around neck, head, waist, or hair as well as on a hat or handbag, etc.

24 | Lip Balm – As mentioned earlier, you are likely to get dry skin while flying, so bring along a lip balm to keep your lips hydrated too. Burt’s Bees is one of my all-time favorite brands as it just works .

Burt's Bees Lip Balm Mothers Day Gifts for Mom - Pink Grapefruit, Mango, Coconut & Pear, and Pomegranate, Lip Moisturizer With Beeswax, Tint-Free, Natural Origin Lip Treatment, 4 Tubes, 0.15 oz.

  • FLAVORFUL LIP BALM: One package contains four 0.15 oz. lip balm tubes of Burt’s Bees Lip Balm in Pink Grapefruit,...
  • MOISTURIZED LIPS: Each balm is infused with responsibly sourced beeswax, nourishing oils and butter for a conditioning...

Keeping up your health when traveling is important, and there is nothing worse than getting sick while on the plane. Just to be prepared, you should keep the following with you at all times:

25 | Hand Sanitizer – This is kind of a given these days, but it is a great idea to always have hand sanitizer on you so you can keep your hands germ free, particularly when you are getting ready to eat.

Purell Advanced Hand Sanitizer Refreshing Gel, Clean Scent, 2 fl oz Travel Size Flip Cap Bottle (Pack of 6) – 3155-04-EC

  • Show you care about well-being with PURELL Advanced Hand Sanitizer Refreshing Gel
  • Kills 99.99 percent of most common germs that may cause illness. Outperforms other sanitizers ounce-for-ounce

26 | Prescription Medications – Keep these on your person (NEVER check them!), and keep a reminder if you have to take them at the same time every day.

27 | Melatonin – Melatonin is a great supplement to help you sleep better – very helpful if you have trouble sleeping on planes.

Natrol Melatonin 5mg, Strawberry-Flavored Dietary Supplement for Restful Sleep, 200 Fast-Dissolve Tablets, 200 Day Supply

  • Sleep Supplements: One 200 count bottle of Natrol Melatonin 5mg Strawberry-Flavored, Fast-Dissolve Tablets for a 200-day...
  • Ingredients: These sleep aid supplements are vegetarian and non-GM

28 | Pain Reliever – Useful in the event that you have a headache or any other body ache during your travels. I prefer Aleve, but Tylenol or Advil are also great options.

29 | Stomach / Digestive Medicines – Travel tummy is a real thing guys! The food in some places may impact you worse than in others, so I recommend taking meds such as Pepto Bismol tablets and Imodium in case of emergency.

30 | Charcoal Tablets – As mentioned above, flying can make you gassy, and therefore a bit smelly. Save yourself and others around you by taking these before your fly. ( Please check any contraindications with current mediations first though .)

Nature's Bounty Activated Charcoal 260 mg, 100 Capsules, Dietary Supplement to Support a Healthy Lifestyle

  • ACTIVATED CHARCOAL CAPSULES: Charcoal powder is used for health, beauty & oral care & has traditionally been used to...
  • DIETARY SUPPLEMENTS: Activated Charcoal is a naturally sourced health and dietary supplement that's been used to support...


31 | First Aid Kit – This may go without saying, but it is best to be prepared with a first aid kit that keeps you safe in case of injury while traveling. This is definitely for the worst-case scenario, but can bring some peace of mind.

Mini First Aid Kit, 100 Pieces Water-Resistant Hard Shell Small Case - Perfect for Travel, Outdoor, Home, Office, Camping, Hiking, Car (Red)

  • FULLY PACKED ▶ Everything you need is in a small kit! Fully packed with 100 pieces useful and valuable hospital grade...
  • CERTIFICATED ▶ All our products are with international certifications to ensure compliance with global standards...

32 | Antibacterial Wipes – Just in case your flight attendants to provide them to you, I recommend bringing along some Wet Ones to wipe down any surfaces that you will be in contact with. In these times, it never hurts to be safe.

WET ONES Antibacterial Hand Wipes, Fresh Scent 20 ea (Pack of 2)

  • Product of WET ONES

33 | Jet Lag Relief – There are several homeopathic remedies out there today that can help you feel a bit less fatigued and “weird” overall after your first few hours after landing.

Miers Labs No Jet Lag Homeopathic Jet Lag Remedy, Blue 32 Count

  • REDUCES JET LAG - After a long-haul flight, we all want to arrive feeling fresh and alert and with NO-Jet-Lag you can....
  • HOMEOPATHIC INGREDIENTS - Using a unique formulation our 5 main active ingredients are all plant based and have NO side...

34 | Pair of Compression Socks  –  These socks   keep the blood circulating as it should, instead of pooling at your feet. They are also good for the prevention of swollen ankles and blood clots (deep vein thrombosis) – I can testify to the former!

SB SOX Compression Socks (20-30mmHg) for Men & Women – Best Compression Socks for All Day Wear, Better Blood Flow, Swelling! (Small, Solid Black)

  • ✅ Improve Blood Circulation: Our 20-30mmHg compression socks boost your blood circulation and relieve leg pain,...
  • ✅ All Day Comfort: Our socks are very comfortable, lightweight, and breathable so that you can wear them all day! The...

35 | Adjustable Airplane Footrest – This footrest is a adjustable sling that you can use to keep your feet up while flying. It pairs nicely with the compression socks to help keep the blood from pooling in your feet. It is a little harder to use if you are in an aisle seat, but easy enough to just take your feet out of when someone is trying to walk by.

Airplane Footrest Made with Premium Memory Foam - Airplane Travel Foot Hammack, No Clashing Foot Hammock & Portable Plane Leg Rest, Provides Relaxation and Comfortable for Long Flight

  • SUPPORT LEG & LOWER BACK - Have you ever suffered from discomfort or even pain in your lower back or leg as you travel...
  • NO FOOT & ANKLES CLASHING - Thanks to the flat and stable wide foot hammock design, our airplane foot rest offer...

Other Essentials

36 | Travel Documents – Your important documents such as passports, IDs, credit cards, and visas should all be on hand with you at all times.

37 | 1-2 Extra Outfits – I like to bring these along, just in case of lost luggage. You never know what might happen! Also, it never hurts to have a few fresh undies in tow.

38 | Travel Journal – If you like to journal, bring it along! This is another way to keep yourself occupied during your time in the air.

Refillable Handmade Travelers Notebook, Leather Travel Journal Notebook for Men & Women, Perfect for Writing, Gifts, Travelers, Small Size 5.2' x 4' Inches - Coffee

  • ✔DURABLE GENUINE LEATHER TRAVEL NOTEBOOK - Made from Classy & Durable Top Layer Genuine Leather with a real leather...
  • ✔PREMIUM THICK PAPER - 100gsm archival-quality pages made from acid-free paper which resists damage from light and...

39 | Travel Insurance – Travel insurance is a good idea, particularly if you are going to be traveling for a long time. There are many options, such as the one provided by World Nomads that can give you more peace of mind while traveling. Buy this BEFORE your flight!

World Nomads provides travel insurance for travelers in over 100 countries. As an affiliate, we receive a fee when you get a quote from World Nomads using this link. We do not represent World Nomads. This is information only and not a recommendation to buy travel insurance.

40 | Good Book – If you are similar to me, and like feeling the page turn when you read, you may want to bring an actual book along. Just try to opt for one that isn’t too big to cary with you!

41 | Snacks – Some airlines can be depending on for good food, and others cannot. It’s a great idea to bring your own snacks along just in case you don’t like the options onboard so that you don’t go hungry on the flight.

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Packing the Essentials in Your Carry-On

Choosing the Right Bag

I believe strongly in light packing, and that you should take all of your stuff onboard with you when you travel. At the very least, you need to take all of your long haul essentials on the flight with you, and preferably keep them under the seat in front of you.

the tortuga setout laptop bag

I pack the Tortuga Setout Laptop Bag when I travel. It is the perfect personal item bag, and has plenty of space for you to pack everything on the essentials list and more! One of the best things about this bag is that it is full of different compartments so you can keep everything organized. For detailed information on this bag, check out my review of the Tortuga Setout Laptop Bag .

Also, if that one doesn’t fit your needs, I recommend considering the Nordace Smart Backpack which comes with outlets you can use for charging your electronics.

Additional Packing Tips:

liquids in pouch

  • Pack all of your liquids together in a clear container. Countries vary in how strict they are when going through security with liquids, but it’s best to make sure they meet approved limits before you leave. This TSA-approved pouch   is a great option to use, if you do not already have something like it.
  • Keep like items separated for easy organization. I like to keep my makeup products in one pouch and my hair accessories in another, for example.

The Best Clothes for a Long Haul Flight

Your ultimate goal for packing for a long haul flight is COMFORT. Wearing tight or restricting clothes will really just make you miserable if being cute is the only thing you are aiming for. I tend to wear a similar uniform on every long flight, and it’s one that will work for pretty much everyone:

  • Light Shirt – Wear a light T-shirt that you can layer up or down, depending on the temperature inside the plane. I like to wear something from the H&M basic collection myself.
  • Comfy Pants – Don’t wear jeans! It may be tempting to wear your bulkiest clothing, but stretchy and/or loose pants will be your best bet. I like wearing cute baggy pants like these Harem Pants or a good pair of leggings.
  • Sweater – Always bring a sweater or sweatshirt along to keep yourself warm while flying.
  • Comfy Shoes – Bring shoes that you have already broken in that you can walk around in the airport / deal with transfers without experiencing foot pain.

Also, as I mentioned above, don’t forget to pack your Compression Socks and Travel Scarf !

Long Haul Flight Tips and Tricks

There are a few things that you can do in the airport and while you’re on the plane that will make your travel experience go much more smoothly overall:

At the Airport

  • Make the most of your time in the airport by using the FLIO app ( iPhone | Android ) to know what food and amenities to find in each airport. This app also provides flight arrival / departure information, weather, transportation, and more!
  • Another option to consider is using an airport lounge in between flights. For a (usually) reasonable fee, you’ll have access to food and showers while you wait for the next leg of your trip. You can book lounges through the FLIO app. Additionally, if you get the Chase Sapphire Reserve , you’ll have access to Priority Pass, giving you free accesses to lounges around the glove. Read more about the Chase Sapphire Reserve here .
  • Some airports offer one-off amenities that can help you too. For example, I’ve found standalone showers in the Frankfurt airport and beds for rent by the hour in the Beijing airport. Research the airport in advance (using FLIO!) so that you can know what to expect before you land and plan appropriately.

On the Plane

  • Stay Hydrated: Drink lots of water while you’re on the plane to keep from dehydrating on the plane.
  • Get Up and Move: Don’t just sit for hours on end while you’re on the flight. Remember how I mentioned keeping your circulation going above? Well compression socks aren’t the only way to help that – walking is actually the best remedy to prevent complications from poor circulation.
  • Adjust Your Sleep Cycle: If you haven’t already done so before getting to the airport, use your time on the plane to try to adjust to the new time zone. Set your watch ahead (or behind), and try to sleep (or not sleep) based on the time where you are headed.

Long Haul Flight Essentials | Final Tips

And that wraps my list of long haul flight essentials + tips! Do you have any other essentials that you like to carry on long haul flights? If so, drop them in the comments below!

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41 Long Haul Flight Essentials & Tips for 2023

Last update on 2024-05-05 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

best travel essentials for long flights

Christen Thomas is the founder of TravelWanderGrow, established in 2018. She has lived abroad and traveled extensively to over 30 countries. In addition, she is a certified Travel Advisor and is an expert in planning trips focused on city history and culture. As a frequent traveler, she also shares tips on how to prepare to travel well and how to save money while doing so.


Hello Christen, I really am impressed with your website design! This article has many great tips for traveling that are very useful. I definitely could have used some melatonin on my recent trip to Israel. I’m not sure if that would have been enough to sleep on the plane for me though. I am a very light sleeper, so any noise will easily wake me up. The one thing I regret was not bringing noise-cancelling headphones. An extra phone charger for the tour bus would have been great as well. Thanks for all the great tips!

Hi Daniel – Glad you like the site and found the tips useful! Noise cancelling headphones is a great idea – I should add that to my list! Sometimes I bring along some earplugs that I received on a long flight, but I can pretty much sleep through anything haha

I really like your site and enjoyed reading this article. I want one of those TSA pouches. What a great idea. I’m saving this list for my next trip. Thank you!

Happy to help Holly! If you have any questions on anything, just let me know 🙂

I guess we can become best friends! How alike the things we pack to prepare for our long flights!

I would definitely bring my whole set of face care products with me. You know how dry the air on the flight can be, my lips are gonna crack! And how come I never think of the baby wipes! So convenient! Thanks for sharing!:)

Of course Crystal! Great minds think alike 🙂 Baby wipes are an absolute lifesaver for me – it’s a trick I got from my mom. And I 100% feel you on that dry plane skin!

I am saving this for our next trip. I usually get bored during long-haul flights. What neck pillow do you recommend?

Hi Ben! I really like memory foam pillows – check out the one I mention on this post:

Hey Christen! I always take my compression socks with me so I won’t have those huge ankles after the long flight (or even a shorter one). I had never thought about a bag to my cords and adapters! I will absolutely get that later on, it will make my life so much easier while travelling! 🙂 Thank you for these awesome tips! ps. I love your website design! <3

Thanks for the complement, Mira! I agree – the compression socks are the absolute best. And I’m telling you, that BAGSMART bag will change your life! Hope you get to try it out.

You have many great tips in this post. I saved it to my travel board, so I can go over it while planning my vacation later on this year.

I’m glad you found the post useful, Carolina!

I completely agree with this! I like creating a list like this so I don’t forget the next time I travel. Great tips!

Glad you found this useful Shari-Ann!

These are such great tips! Long haul flights can be BRUTAL and I love curling up with a good audiobook. Thanks for sharing!

You’re right Whitney, an audiobook is another great thing to bring along on the journey 🙂

Omg I need a cable organiser in my life! Thanks for sharing this list

It is one of my favorite packing tools!

I recommend a foot sling for my fellow short people. It really makes a difference! Your back will thank you!! I also like to wear compression sleeves instead of socks just because you can hide them under your pants and still wear cute shoes.

Great tips, thanks for sharing Taren! I have just gotten into the sling myself (also a fellow short person :)).

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Inside the Travel Lab

27 Long Haul Flight Essentials and a Flight Checklist for You

October 6, 2021

Long Haul Flight Essentials Packing List for Carry On

Get comfy with these long haul flight essentials. Know exactly what to pack in your carry on and download your long haul flight checklist to keep track.

Note, this post contains affiliate links. If you book or buy through any of the links on this page, we may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Cheers!

Table of Contents

Long Haul Flight Essentials + A Flight Checklist

As a professional travel writer, I’ve been on hundreds of flights. I’ve made every mistake going and then I’ve made a few more. While you can simply turn up to a long haul flight with nothing but a boarding pass and your innate charisma, the whole experience will be a lot more comfortable if you remember to bring more than that. And that charisma may last longer, too.

Here’s my tried and tested list of long haul flight essentials for business travel, baby travel, solo travel and beyond. Plus, a long haul flight checklist you can download for free.

Long Haul Flight Essentials at a Glance

In a rush before your trip? I hear you!

Choose the right carry on

  • A small stylish backpack if you have luggage in the hold
  • An indestructible rolling suitcase like this
  • A Trunki for children
  • A rolling backpack, like this one from Osprey, for the adventurers.

Buy these ahead of time

  • Noise-cancelling headphones
  • Essential travel toiletries DIY kit
  • Worldwide travel adapter
  • Ready made  sleep kit
  • Kindle Paperwhite eReader

How to Decide What to Pack in Your Carry On

Although this article is thousands of words long, it all boils down to the following three points.

1) What you NEED during the flight and at the airport

This includes things like medication, water and snacks.

2) What the airline MAKES you pack in your carry on vs checked

Hello camera gear, laptops and other electronics.

3) What would spoil your trip if the airline lost your checked luggage

No-one wants sunburn on their first day of a trip.

This collection of carry on essentials for long haul flights will see you sorted.

Just because. Handy if you ever get stuck and they’ve run out of paper. Useful to mop up any spills as someone passes a drink across you to another passenger. Handy to have something that smells nice, as above!

Chewing Gum

Freshens the breath, helps with a dry mouth, can stop your ears from going pop on take off and landing. Just don’t be obnoxious with it, on behalf of your fellow passengers. As if you would.

A Fold-Flat Bag

Tote bags are are useful for so many reasons. They’re handy to carry about town, once you’re on the aircraft you can use them to separate the things you actually want on the flight from all the other equipment you needed in your carry on. And if you lose your luggage and have to shop for more things, at least you already have a bag to put these things in to.

Folding bags take up next to no space but leaves you with plenty of options.

In case the airline loses your luggage. You can still go for a swim!

OK, so you won’t end up ill without these essentials in your carry on. But they do help make everything much, much easier.

Blister Protection

Blisters abound in different climates when you’re often walking more often than usual and wearing different shoes. Compeed changed my life (alright, it’s a slight exaggeration but it’s not too far from the truth!)

These second skin stickers cover the blister and cushion the surrounding skin from further damage. Best of all, you can easily fit three into your passport holder or travel wallet so that you always have them ready on the road.

This is even more important if you’ve lost your luggage and have to tackle new or poorly-fitting shoes in a new climate. Sorted.

A Scarf or Pashmina

A scarf not only keeps you warm on a breezy plane, but it covers hair on streets, shoulders in temples, and can double as a skirt for the day if your luggage disappears en route to somewhere bright and breezy.

You may need this more than you think: even in Rome, you need to cover up in order to enter the Vatican and Swiss Guards are on standby to check you have the right attire.

  • Check out the gorgeous Speakeasy Travel Scarves made by friend and colleagues. They have a secret compartment for your cash or passport and so they’re quite simply brilliant!

British Airways Business Class Travel Writer Abigail King Sleeping Mid flight

Some people find sleeping on a plane easy. Then, there’s the rest of us. These long haul flight essentials will increase your chance of a decent zizz.

Sleep Mask : For some reason, I fought against eye masks for years. Why?! They’re brilliant! Lightweight, useful, only mess up your hair a little bit ;-)

Ear Plugs : Foam ones work fine. So do using headphones and a background sleep app. Anything you can to help combat jet lag.

Warm Clothes : Planes can get cold and if you’re sitting still, so will you. Some airlines provide blankets but not all do. So, either enlist your scarf from earlier or make sure you have a jumper with you.

Inflatable Pillow : Yes, you feel a little ridiculous but who really cares? Alternatively, you can buy pre-filled travel pillows that can clip onto your luggage but they’re quite bulky. Only use if you have the luggage space.

Foot Rest : Use a toiletries bag and fill it with a blanket or jumper once you’re on the plane. Use it as a foot rest to help take the weight off your back and wedge yourself into position for sleep.

Warm Socks : It gets cold up in the sky. Add an extra pair of socks to your list of long haul flight essentials. Extra points if they’re warm and snuggly.

Read more about how to sleep on a plane here.

Carry-On Toiletries

Remember that travel size bottles aren’t just about keeping weight down. Most airlines have a limit as to the volume of fluids (liquids, gels and pastes) you can take through security at the airport. Less is more when it comes to this.

Lip Salve : Planes get dry and lips get sore. Either pack a dedicated lip balm, otherwise plain vaseline tubs can also treat blisters, sore noses, sunburn and all sorts.

Toothbrush and Toothpaste : For long international flights, it’s nice to be able to brush your teeth after all those hours. Just remember to keep toiletry sizes SMALL because of the airport security checks.

Other Lotions and Potions : Some people need a raft of toiletries to keep their skin in good condition. If that’s you, you’re probably better off buying a DIY travel toiletry set like this which allows you to decant your own toiletries into travel-sized bottles. If you’re on a really long haul flight, then consider deodorant, baby wipes and a change of underwear and socks as well.

Tech Essentials

These days, who doesn’t travel with tech? Whether it’s iPads for the little ones, full video gear for the vloggers or “just” a smartphone for maps and the grandkids, we all have batteries with us. Which means…

Chargers and Adapters : Security rules change all the time but one of the latest updates is that you have to be able to turn any device ON when asked. So, remember your charger!

I have two tips for this: a worldwide multi-adapter if you travel frequently and a multi-plug piece of kit or plug to multi-USB kit. This helps charge many devices at once while travelling.   Portable chargers and power banks also become essential for long flights with connections.

  • Buy your worldwide multi-adapter here.

Headphones : Firstly, if you plan to watch something on your phone or tablet, make sure you have headphones that fit it.

Second, many swear by noise cancelling headphones on a flight. This is something that has never really bothered me but Mr Travel Lab loves them. You can also get headphones for children that come with a noise limit (for the programme, not the child, alas ;-) )

A Protective Laptop Case : DO NOT put your laptop in the hold. Have it with you in your carry on, with an easy to access case as you’ll have to remove the case at airport security.

Laptops, Tablets and Kindles : As a travel writer and old time travel blogger, a lot of my work takes place on a plane. And you don’t need to be in travel for that to be the case. MacBook Air has built a name for itself as being the lightest computer on the market. I’ve now upgraded to the MacBook Pro to keep weight down but it’s still pretty light.

As for reading, I’ve found that nothing beats a Kindle. The Kindle Paperwhite is lightweight and the screen is easy on the eye. Although you can read books on your phone, the eye strain is too much for me. Grab a waterproof Kindle and you can even try your luck at the pool once you land.

Health & Wellness

When it comes down to it, essentials do not really include a toothbrush and a clean pair of pants. These are easy to replace, should the worst happen.

Essentials are anything specific to you that would make you feel ill or supremely uncomfortable without it and which are difficult to replace.

Some examples:

  • Prescription medication including antimalarials, travel sickness tablets and anti-histamines.
  • Contact lenses & glasses
  • Snacks if you have dietary restrictions
  • Prescriptions or letters that explain why you have to have these things with you!
  • Tampons and other sanitary products. A 20 hour flight can feel very long without them.
  • Compression socks to protect against DVTs (blood clots) on long haul flights.
  • Hand sanitizer and mask to follow Covid regulations.
  • Travel insurance details. Sure, you won’t need those in flight but they are handy to have if the airline loses your luggage.

How to Prep to Avoid Blood Clots (aka DVTS)

Let’s be grown up and deal with facts, ignoring the fears for now.

Long haul flights increase the risk of blood clots in your legs (deep vein thrombosis.) On their own, they’re uncomfortable but the real risk is that they fly off and lodge somewhere more important. Like in your lungs. Having trained and worked as a doctor, I am keen to spread the word about this because there are plenty of steps you can take to reduce the (overall fairly small) risk. While ideally, we’d all be flying first class, you can still take action to protect yourself if you fly in economy.

Low Dose Aspirin: Aspirin affects how easy it is for platelets in your blood to stick together by altering the function of cyclooxygenase and the production of prostaglandins. Another way of describing it is to say that they make your blood less “sticky.” With the caveat that you should always check with your own doctor first rather than with someone on the internet – if you have a long haul flight, it is wise to take a low dose aspirin in the hour or so before it. Do not do this if you have suffered from an allergy to aspirin or have a history of intestinal bleeding. As I say, check with your own doctor first.

Compression Stockings: You can buy compression stockings from most chemists or online here.  They are not the sexiest of garments but they aren’t too bad once you get used to them. And, hey, if they save your life, they’re worth it!   They’re  particularly important for babymoons as pregnancy increases the risk of blood clots. I wore them every time I travelled while pregnant and they’re really not as bad as they look!

Read also:  23 Essential Travel Tips for Travelling While Pregnant

A Reusable Water Bottle

You can just about get away without a water bottle but life is easier if you have one. Many airports and airport lounges offer refills and it’s easy to ask the cabin crew to refill your own bottle than to keep asking for separate glasses of water. Even more convenient involves bringing your own collapsible water bottle , like this one.

Food & Drink & Dietary Restrictions

Airlines should be able to cater for you and so should your hotel. But let’s face it. Things go wrong and I’ve lost count of the number of times when I haven’t had the special meal required. So, my advice? Always pack some handy snacks.

Handy carry on snacks don’t make a mess nor grow fungus mid flight. Useful snacks are things like flapjacks, energy bars, apples, and rice cakes. Messy and unsuitable snacks include things like chocolate, bananas and mousse.

Pack even more snacks if you are travelling with children. You can thank me later ;-)

Inside tip: pack some packets of dehydrated couscous meals that just require boiling water. A real carry on essential for those with dairy allergies, lactose intolerance, vegetarian or vegan diets. Try rice cakes for a gluten-free option.

Carry On Essentials For Children

Travelling with children requires a bit more preparation but it’s perfectly doable and not as awful as you might imagine! I’ve written some specific articles here:

  • The Best Toddler Travel Toys 
  • The Only Tips You Need for Flying with a Baby

Abigail King in sunglasses on the beach in a swimsuit

Extreme Weather Conditions

What if the airline loses your luggage?

If you’re heading to somewhere similar to where you came from, you can muddle on through in the same clothes you’re wearing for a day or two while you sort yourself out. You may feel icky beyond the threshold of ick but you can do it.

However, if you’re heading somewhere much hotter or colder then life can quickly become miserable, with blistering sunburn and excruciating frostbite. So here’s how to avoid that.

Hot Weather Essentials

So, for hot weather, in your carry-on make sure you have:

  • A mini tube of sunscreen
  • A hat. Either fashionable and wicker or crushable and practical, depending on what you need to do when you reach your final destination. You can buy the f olding travel hat with strap shown in the video here.
  • Flip flops or other lightweight shoes that can help you cool down. I love these Fit Flops for women because they can work as day or night wear and they are VERY comfortable.
  • Bug spray if there’s any hint of insect-borne disease. Buy an insect repellent with DEET if mosquito-borne illnesses are a concern. Here is a travel size DEET laden bottle.

Cold Weather Essentials

For cold weather:

  • Carry your ski jacket onto the plane, with the pockets filled with the following
  • Gloves, hat, scarf/snood, thermals
  • Wear your heavy snow shoes
  • Squeeze any salopettes into your cabin luggage
  • Still remember the sunscreen and sunglasses

What Items Are Not Allowed on a Plane in Hand Luggage?

You are not allowed to bring anything into the cabin that could easily and feasibly be used as a weapon. That includes knives and guns, obviously, but knitting needles, antlers and Viking hats could also be confiscated.

For the same reason, liquids are limited at the security point (although you can usually buy fluids once airside.) Some bright spark tried to make an explosive out of various liquids during the flight and so now we are all restricted to 100mls or less of any soup, baby food, water or anything else that could qualify as a gel, paste or cream.

Travel Tips for Long Haul Flights

It’s not just what you pack into your carry on which affects how comfortable your long haul flight is. You have other things to consider as well. Whether it’s your first long haul flight or you’ve notched up more hours in the giant metallic cigar than you have in a real bed, everyone loves some good long haul flight tips.

Over a decade of professional travel, I’ve accumulated plenty and yet I’m always keen to hear more.

Why? Because a good flight is the key to happiness. Plato and the other ancient Greek philosophers were just too early to know.

But in all seriousness, a good flight makes sense. You can hit the ground running in your new location and transition back to home life as well. Whether travelling for business or pleasure (and there should always be room for both) there’s simply nothing to be gained from being uncomfortable and miserable.

The idea is to be well rested, replenished and revived with a zest for life, right? Or at the very least, less haggard than when you began.

Yet all too often, the result is frazzled, frumpy and thoroughly, er, fed up with mankind.

So. Let’s sit down and share some secrets…Our best long haul flight tips.

I’ll go first.

Book the Seat You Want

These days, more and more airlines allow you to book your seat in advance – at a price. When you book your ticket, pay attention to this, especially if you have long legs, a dodgy hip, have to have an aisle seat, are travelling together and so on.

Sometimes, theses seats are only available at a certain time. Check early and checkc often.

Insider Long Haul Flight Tip

If you are hoping for a bit of extra space (and let’s face it, who isn’t?) and you don’t want a window seat then here’s a little trick that’s just between you and me.

  • Go for the aisle seat on the middle section of the plane, not the one near the window. The middle of the middle is the worst seat in the plane (other than the one at the back that doesn’t recline.)  That means, if the plane is not full, you have the chance to dump all your stuff there or curl your knees up or stretch out. Striking gold! Just don’t tell everyone else, OK?
  • Oh, and on that note. Try to avoid the seats with the toilets just behind them. Seats often don’t recline and once the game of sky recline domino begins further ahead, you will be left very cramped indeed.
  • If you need to make a hasty getaway once you land, then book closer to the front, on the left. The left hand side of the aeroplane is closest to the door and so the queue moves faster.
  • Finally, run your choice through the  seat guru checker. This site lets you look at the layout of the plane in advance and highlights key issues that aren’t always obvious (such as lack of space under the seat in front of you or location of baby bassinets.)

Check-In Strategically

If you can’t book your seat, there are a few things you can do to maximise your chances of getting what you want.

Firstly, check in as soon as you can. Secondly, ask at check in. You never know. Sometimes airlines reserve seats and only release them closer to the flight time.

Tips For Boarding the Plane

Aeroplane aisles are narrow and everyone acts as though they’re in a desperate rush. The pressure is on to have it together and sit down quickly (although the world won’t end if you need to take your time.)

It’s a good idea to move to your seat quickly, and put your hand luggage in the overhead bin as soon as possible. You can ferret and fumble around with your things after take off.

A handy hint is to have a smaller bag that contains the things you KNOW you will need mid-flight and just whip that out before you board.

During the Flight

  • Get up and stretch : Set a timer if you have to. It helps to fend off blood clots and general aches and pains.
  • Drink lots of water to feel better : Bring your own bottle and top it up regularly.
  • Follow their schedule : There’s no point in fighting it. Eat when they serve food. Try to sleep when they turn off the lights. Chatter and watch TV (or work) when it’s all go, go, go. I fought this for years, trying to work to my own schedule but it never worked.
  • Be strategic about the restroom before food is served : When cabin crew are serving food, it can be difficult to make your way along the aisle. Just after the dinner service is busy and you need Houdini like skills to get out from underneath your table with an empty food tray on it and then squeeze past other passengers in the same situation. Try to time a quick stop just before food starts and laze back laughing afterwards…
  • Also, be strategic just before landing : As soon as you hear the pilot say “cabin crew, prepare for landing,” leap out of your seat. Use the restroom if needed and pack up your carry on luggage in the overhead locker. Nothing but queues await after this point – either on the plane or in the immigration area when you land. Carpe diem!

What to Wear On a Long Haul Flight

Even in the flashiest plane seat in the world, you’re going to have to stay in the same place on a long haul flight for a long time (hey! The clue is in the name!)

Belts, seams and constricting clothing will annoy you.

First and business class often offer pyjamas so you don’t need to bring your own but even then it’s useful to wear something loose and breathable.

What Should I Wear On a Long Haul Flight in Economy?

  • Think comfort first and foremost.
  • DO wear loose clothes in breathable fabrics.
  • DON’T wear jeans, tight leggings, short skirts or shorts or restrictive bodices.
  • A huge slouchy cardigan or sweater helps to balance the temperature changes mid flight. A scarf is helpful too.

Inside Tip : I have a pair of loose trousers that are great for flying in and simply require a black T shirt to go with them. I pack a second one for the return flight and that’s two days of “outfit planning” done in one as well.

On a long haul flight, you’re also at risk of skin irritation from the fabric of the seat. Long sleeves and trousers avoid this. If you’re heading somewhere hot, loose clothes are breathable. If you’re heading somewhere cold, your skin is covered and you can throw on a jumper and coat.

How to Pack For A Long Haul Flight

In addition to all those long haul travel essentials, here are some tips to add to your packing list.

Check Your Luggage Allowance

Some tickets give you enough luggage to move house like Marie Antoinette.

Most don’t.

Check at the time of booking, packing and certainly before you head to the airport. This is an occasion where it’s really important to read the small print. Airlines are becoming increasingly awkward about this and it is expensive, annoying and time consuming to have to solve the issue at the airport.

Organise Your Stuff

Whether you’re travelling hand luggage only or have checked in a bag, it’s still annoying to have to forage around for things during the flight.

The lighting may be low, the space is reduced and, if you’re a decent person, you’re often trying not to bump into or annoy anyone else.

  • Use  packing cubes like this  or brightly coloured toiletry bags to segment things.
  • Fill one packing cube with things you are unlikely to need but have to pack in your carry on. This includes things like prescription medication, spare contact lenses, battery packs and so on.
  • Fill another with your gadgets. Include a spare battery and charging wire.
  • Make sure you can easily remove laptops, liquids, gels and pastes at airport security without needing to unpack everything out.

A Note About Liquids, Gels and Pastes

In case you missed the memo, there are strict regulations on how many liquids, pastes and gels you can take onto a flight (at least for now…)

The most annoying part of this is that you won’t be able to take drinking water through airport security and so will have to buy some once you get through (so much for avoiding plastic.) Update – many airports now have water fountains, so if you bring your own collapsible water bottle , you can refill it after security.

Think strategically about what you will actually need during a long haul flight. And make sure that you have travel size bottles and that they all easily fit into the plastic bag required at security.

If you’ve left it too late to sort out miniatures, don’t stress. Airports sell most things in travel sizes.

Things to Do at the Airport to Improve Your Long Haul Flight

Breeze through security.

Put your most valuable item through last. If you get pulled over or the trays start to crash into each other after they’ve gone through the machine, your valuable items are more protected.

If travelling with kids, this is a whole new ball game as pushchairs, baby food and all the rest need to be dealt with separately. I’ve written whole posts on  travelling with a baby  and travelling with a toddler to address that.

Top Up Your Power Supply

Many flights now have at-seat charging points, even in economy. Many more still don’t. You need to be able to turn your device on if questioned at security and if you are relying on your phone for boarding passes and transfer information, it goes without saying that it’s kind of helpful to be able to turn it on.

Look For Lounge Access

Lounge access doesn’t only apply to business class travellers. Many airports now have pay-as-you-go lounges and many others accept membership cards like  Priority Pass.

Is it worth it? It depends. If the airport is decent and quiet, probably not. If it’s heaving, you have a long layover, you need a meal or a shower or are travelling on your own, it can be.

Particularly as a solo traveller, it’s great to be able to move around with ease, leaving your gadgets plugged in and getting a meal quickly without needing to queue for food.

As you Come in to Land

By the end of a long haul flight, everyone is fed up and ready to get off. This is the prime time for losing stuff. I once left my passport in the back of a seat and had to beg, borrow and steal my way back onto the aircraft to get it. Don’t let this happen to you.

  • As soon as you hear the announcement, start packing your bags.
  • Make sure you have your passport, customs and immigration paperwork handy. Check your pick up instructions or directions to your first hotel so you can appear calm and confident when you leave the airport and face any hawkers.
  • Depending on your phone provider, turn off your mobile data to avoid hideous roaming charges.

And, that’s it! Hope you enjoyed these long haul flight tips and that they help you have a smoother journey.

Carry-On Essentials For Short Flights

When it comes to short haul flights, perhaps you’re thinking you don’t need anything at all? Think again!

Sure, you could get lucky but remember this handy guide:

Three main thoughts should guide your packing:

1) What you NEED during the flight and at the airport.

2) What the airline MAKES you pack in your carry on vs checked.

3) What would spoil your trip if the airline lost your checked luggage.

So, while what you need on the flight may vary (wave goodbye to the DIY sleep kit) you are still going to need to pack items to cover situations two and three.

So, download the long haul flight essentials checklist anyway and perhaps dial down on the snacks and toiletries on your packing list.

Long Haul Flight Essentials Packing List for Carry On

More Travel Resources

Enjoy our packing lists and other travel essentials below:

  • Don’t miss an insomniac’s guide to sleeping on a plane
  • And make sure you have the right carry on luggage to begin with.
  • Find our best packing tips with this free travel checklist.
  • Creative travel journal ideas for your next trip.
  • Can laptops go in checked luggage? What you need to know.

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Compeed changed my life too hahah! And a sleep mask is essential for me even on a two hour flight – completely zone out when I have one on!

Three cheers for compeed! I wonder if they know how many lives they’ve changed :-) Where is your next trip?

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12 carry-on essentials you should always pack on a long flight

By Lauren Burvill

What to pack on a long flight

As an Australian living abroad and working in travel, I've done my fair share of long-haul slogs. I've lost luggage, missed layovers, fluked upgrades and eaten too many sad airport sandwiches that I care to admit. I know that Qantas offers the best in-flight snacks (mango ice cream bars!) and that there are shiny clean showers and sleep areas that are free to access at Incheon International Airport in Seoul. With each flight, I become more savvy and determined to hack my way to making a long journey as enjoyable as it possibly can be. Snacks are an obvious tactic, as is saving your favourite TV show to binge on the plane. And then there are the little things – an organised bag, a soft scarf, a toothbrush kit – that can make all the difference at hour 10- of a 12-hour flight.

A compact carry-on suitcase

For short flights, it's easy to get away with storing everything in a  backpack  or tote bag or travelling with carry-on luggage only. But for a long flight, especially if you are travelling for a week or more, it's worth investing in  quality luggage . At the very least you want suitcases that fit the exact luggage allowance of your airline and are easy to lift, manoeuvre and move at a fast speed (there's nothing like a broken wheel to put a damper on a trip). For carry-on luggage, I love cases with external pockets for easy-to-reach storage. Here are some styles I recommend or take a look at our  best carry-on luggage guide  for more.

best travel essentials for long flights

Pack a change of comfortable clothes

Once you have a reliable, zippy case, take your time to pack only the essentials. Most items should be stored in your check-in case, so only pack items you’ll need during the flight or “just in case” in your carry-on. The majority of the space in your case should be allocated to any tech you need (laptops, tablets) and a comfortable change of clothes. Even if you don't plan on getting changed during the flight, unexpected delays can happen, and drinks can be spilt – a cabin crew member once accidentally poured a mango smoothie into my lap before takeoff on a flight to Mexico.

best travel essentials for long flights

A smaller bag for the essentials

The overall quality of your second smaller bag is less important. Instead, the focus should be all on function. The bag needs to be lightweight, easy to carry and easy to find your essentials – your passport, travel documents, wallet, keys and phone. Look for styles with zips too for added security. Our editors swear by  Uniqlo’s viral £15 bag  which you can wear across your body so everything is safe and easy to reach. If you're prone to being unorganised,  Anya Hindmarch’s thoughtfully designed flight bag  with labelled organised pouches is foolproof.

best travel essentials for long flights

A travel pillow

Most airlines provide small pillows on long-haul or overnight flights but I find these are best placed in your lower back or on your side rather than offering neck support. At the very least be sure to curve your headrest around to give you support. Or better yet, bring a quality  travel pillow  with you. The latest styles are incredibly compact and are more focused on offering neck support at the front (to help prevent that dreaded nodding) and the side, so it's possible to sleep while sitting upright.

best travel essentials for long flights

A portable charger

An essential for not just the flight but your trip in general, a portable charger is an important safety net for being able to access important documents and details. It’s also a lifesaver when it comes to passing the time (especially if your flight is delayed) with your favourite entertainment. Opt for a charger that is small and lightweight. If you're travelling in a couple or with family, a charger with at least two charging ports will come in handy.

best travel essentials for long flights

Noise-cancelling headphones

It’s hard to imagine life before noise-cancelling headphones. When a flight would mean enduring a maddening soundtrack of rattling drink trolleys, crying babies and various cabin dings. Most airlines on long flights will provide passengers with earplugs and headphones but the only way to truly down out the noise is with a pair of noise-cancelling headphones. If ever there was a time to take the plunge and invest in a pair, it’s right before a long flight.

best travel essentials for long flights

A luggage tracker

Since 2022 was seemingly the year of lost luggage, a luggage tracker has become a travel essential for 2023. These smart accessories are particularly useful on flights that involve a stopover, or if you’re travelling with bulky items such as car seats that typically take longer to make it through to baggage handling. Before you fly make sure your tag is attached to your check-in luggage securely and download the relevant app so you can track where your bag is at all times.

best travel essentials for long flights

A reusable water bottle

Our bodies lose roughly eight ounces of water an hour during a flight, so bringing a bottle of water is non-negotiable. At the same time, the biggest source of plastic waste created by travellers is water bottles. This is why the days of quickly buying a single-use plastic water bottle at the airport before your flight are over. Make remembering to bring a reusable water bottle on your flight as important as your passport and keys.

best travel essentials for long flights

The recirculated air on a plane has a humidity of 10-20 per cent compared to around 40-60 per cent on land. Even the Sahara desert has a humidity of 25 per cent for context. Any moisturising beauty products, so long as they’re under the required 100mls, will come in handy. In my experience though, the one item that often takes up the smallest room in your wash bag but makes the biggest difference on a flight is lip balm. These balms are often multi-use too and can be added to your face and hands if you’re short on space.

best travel essentials for long flights

A toothbrush

Some airlines include a small toothbrush kit in their flight amenity kits. In case they don’t, it's worth packing your own. The simple act of brushing your teeth before landing can make a world of difference to your overall mood when arriving at your destination, plus you can use the brush throughout your trip as well.

best travel essentials for long flights

Hand sanitiser

The antibacterial became a necessity during the pandemic and is still commonplace in many public areas, including airports. For something more gentle on your skin though, especially while onboard, pack a lightweight option like this citrus-smelling mist by Aesop.

best travel essentials for long flights

A blanket or scarf

The temperatures on planes can fluctuate wildly, with typically warm cabins during boarding and landing, with chillier temperatures during the middle of the flight. Most airlines aim to maintain temperatures between 23℃ to 25℃, but this can drop for several reasons, for example, cool air during turbulence can help with motion sickness. Wearing light layers is key to surviving unpredictable temperatures, as is bringing a soft scarf or blanket. If you don't have room for it in your bag, wear it on you on the plane with you.

best travel essentials for long flights

18 Things Frequent Travelers Always Bring On Long-Haul Flights

Shopping Writer for HuffPost

Light-blocking contoured sleep masks, O'Keefe's Working Hands cream and the Apple Airpods Pro.

Traveling to far-flung destinations is exciting. The hours-long plane journey to get there? A little less so. Be it cramped quarters, dehydrating cabin conditions or disruptive fellow passengers, long-haul flights can be uncomfortable.

Desperate to crack the code on better flying , I corresponded with four frequent jet-setters who are well accustomed to flying long distances. (After taking a peek inside their thoughtfully curated bags of travel essentials, I’m curious how I ever lasted on that one flight to Australia I took several years ago.)

San Francisco-based travel influencer Catarina Mello told me that long-haul flyers should dress in layers, bring lots of snacks and download all of their movies, music and books ahead of time.

If jet lag is a concern, Helene Sula, a travel and lifestyle blogger who travels frequently between the United States and Europe, said to “try and stay up [when you arrive at your destination] until it’s night time there! That is your best bet to avoid jet lag and hit the ground running for your trip.” Or, as solo travel influencer Ciara Johnson suggested, you can use Timeshifter , an app that claims to help your circadian rhythm.

Before your next big trip, consider flying like the experts by shopping their favorite products from the list ahead.

HuffPost may receive a share from purchases made via links on this page. Every item is independently selected by the HuffPost Shopping team. Prices and availability are subject to change.

best travel essentials for long flights

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best travel essentials for long flights

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33 Tips for Making a Long-haul Flight More Comfortable

These tips for long flights will make your next trip much more enjoyable.

Whether you're taking a seven-hour jaunt to Europe or embarking on the nearly 19-hour journey of the world's longest flight , lengthy flights can be boring, uncomfortable, and exhausting. The nuisances of long-haul travel can range in severity from the mildly inconvenient (annoying seatmates) to the downright dangerous (deep-vein thrombosis is no joke), and a poorly planned journey can be enough to not only ruin your day, but a few more afterward, too. Luckily, there are some easy ways to make a long flight infinitely more bearable .

Here are 33 tips for long flights.

1. Book your tickets early.

This should go without saying. The earlier you book, the better your chances of scoring your favorite seat — it's that simple.

2. Sit in the back.

Just in case you don't have a favorite seat (or the ones in the front with all the legroom are taken), go for the back. It'll be noisier, sure, but if everyone else is scrambling for the front, you've got a far better chance of ending up with an empty seat or two beside you. Before your flight, keep an eye on the seat map to see if there are any empty rows you can claim last minute.

3. Use those air miles to upgrade.

If you've got 'em, flaunt 'em. You'll thank yourself when you're reclining in a first-class seat, sipping Champagne and pretending to like caviar. And if you don't have the miles, this is the time to splurge for a superior first- or business-class seat.

4. Shell out for premium economy.

Because, sadly, we don't always have the miles. A step up from regular economy class, premium economy might be slightly more expensive, but the benefits — priority check-in, extra legroom, comfortable seats — far outweigh the cost most of the time.

5. Try for a free upgrade.

Worth a go, isn't it? Arrive early, travel by yourself, dress nicely, and put on your best, most winning smile. Your odds of scoring a last-minute upgrade are better if you have elite status with the airline.

6. Prepare for jet lag.

There are several things you can do before your flight to help avoid jet lag , or at least mitigate it. Spend the days before your flight adjusting your sleep patterns (a few 4 a.m. or 7 p.m. bedtimes should do it, depending on what time of day you'll be flying). You can also book your flight so that it arrives during the day, make the most of your stopovers, and, most importantly, be well rested before you fly. Trust us, staying awake for the 24 hours before your trip because you're sure it'll balance out once you arrive just doesn't work.

7. Check in early.

The last thing you need before your long-haul journey is to panic your way through a busy airport — or to miss your flight.

8. De-stress before you arrive.

Have a nice breakfast. Go to the gym. Read a book. Go for a walk. It's important to relax before you embark on your journey.

9. Don't overdo the carry-ons.

You'll need more for a long-haul flight than you would for a short one, but that doesn't mean it's a good idea to overpack. Keep the essentials in your personal item so they're always within arm's reach.

10. But do bring your own pillow.

A travel pillow is a staple carry-on item for long-distance travelers. Almost every airport sells them, and looking a little ridiculous is a small price to pay for not destroying your neck.

11. Pack plenty of face masks.

Face coverings are still required on planes, so be sure to stash several in an easy-to-reach spot to switch them out as desired.

12. Noise-canceling headphones are your new best friend.

If you can't afford them, some high-quality earplugs will do just fine to block out the airplane noise or loud passengers.

13. Buckle your seat belt over your blanket.

If you plan to sleep at all during your flight, make sure your buckled seat belt is visible. In case of turbulence, the seat belt light will turn on, and flight attendants may come around the cabin to check that everyone is buckled up. If you're buckled beneath your blanket where they can't see it, they will wake you up to check.

14. Pack an eye mask.

An eye mask is especially useful if you're flying during the day, or if you want to catch some shut-eye before the cabin lights are dimmed.

15. Dress right.

Keep it loose and comfortable — you're not here to impress anyone. Remember to bring layers for when it gets cold — a cardigan or sweatshirt is always good to have on hand.

16. Try to relax.

Do whatever it takes — meditate, listen to some calming music, do some breathing exercises — not only will it help you sleep more easily, but it's also good for your psyche in general.

17. Travel blankets exist for a reason.

Don't bring anything too thick (remember, it has to fit in your carry-on), but make sure it's enough to keep you warm when the plane's air-conditioning is going full blast.

18. Download some backup movies onto your tablet or laptop.

In-flight entertainment systems are not always reliable. They sometimes fail, and when they do, you'll be glad to have something to do in reserve.

19. Charge those devices.

The absolute last thing you need is for your iPad to run out of juice one hour into an 11-hour flight. This is especially true if your in-flight entertainment system isn't working.

20. Load up on podcasts.

Listening to podcasts uses up less battery life than watching a movie, and they are often more distracting than music. You can get through an entire flight on podcasts alone.

21. Stay healthy.

Sitting in a cramped metal tube for the better part of a day (or more) is not good for you. Fight off dehydration and deep-vein thrombosis — your two biggest enemies in the sky — by regularly drinking water, preparing an in-flight beauty routine , stretching, and walking around the cabin.

22. Stay hygienic.

This is for everyone else's sake as much as your own. Bring toiletries in your carry-on and make sure to brush your teeth, throw on some deodorant, or even change your clothes. Just make sure you do it in the bathroom, please.

23. Get creative.

You rarely get the chance to sit down for such a long time, more or less distraction-free, so why not make the most of it? Bring a notebook, a sketchpad, or whatever else you need to give the right-hand side of your brain a workout.

24. Get productive.

If you have your laptop with you, this might be a good opportunity to catch up on any busywork that needs doing. Bonus: Everyone else on your flight will think you're a sophisticated jet-setting businessperson, right up until they notice that Netflix tab you have open.

25. Befriend the crew.

Simply not being horrible to the flight crew is a given, but you could always go one step further and make an active effort to be nice. Not only will you up your chances of preferential treatment, but you'll also be doing something lovely for the folks who look after you up there.

26. Pack extra snacks.

Airline food is not usually plentiful, even on long-haul flights, and it's important to stay well nourished. No need to overdo it, of course, but no one was ever sorry to find a couple pieces of fruit or granola bars in their carry-on.

27. Adjust your watch.

It's important to acclimatize yourself to the time zone of where you're heading. As soon as you get on the plane, change your watch to the local time of your destination, then alter your routine accordingly.

Some passengers enjoy a glass of wine or beer (often free on international flights) to accompany their in-flight meals and entertainment.

29. Don't drink.

That said, don't treat booze as a way to cope with your flight. You'll end up using those tiny bathrooms far more frequently, plus alcohol is dehydrating and will mess up your sleep pattern. Keep it sensible.

30. Bring your best conversation.

Many people dread sitting next to a chatty seatmate, but you're just as likely to be seated next to a genuinely interesting and friendly fellow traveler as you are anyone else. Don't bother anyone if it's not appropriate, but don't be afraid to strike up a conversation with your neighbor either. Long flights can get pretty boring.

31. Pack lots of activities for your kids.

Traveling with kids? Make sure to pack plenty of activities to keep them entertained throughout the flight. Bring gaming systems, iPads preloaded with their favorite shows (and headphones), coloring and sticker books, and more, and don't forget their favorite snacks.

32. Practice mindfulness.

Small issues can feel like major injustices when you're stuck on a plane, but it'll all seem insignificant if you keep one thing in mind: Once you're in the air, there's nothing to be done. You're on the plane until it lands. Close your eyes, take a breath, and come to terms with this truth so you can arrive at your destination relaxed and ready to go.

33. Combat jet lag.

The flight isn't over just because you've disembarked. To fight jet lag, get as much daylight as you can, take a quick nap if you have to, hydrate, and exercise at every opportunity. Do all of that for a day or two and you'll be back to normal — just in time for the return trip.

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Carry-on Travel Essentials for Short and Long Flights (His & Hers)

Erin Miller's image

Erin Miller

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Carry-on Travel Essentials for Short and Long Flights (His & Hers)

Carry-on Travel Essentials for Him

Carry-on Travel Essentials (For Her)

Final Thoughts

We may be compensated when you click on product links, such as credit cards, from one or more of our advertising partners. Terms apply to the offers below. See our Advertising Policy for more about our partners, how we make money, and our rating methodology. Opinions and recommendations are ours alone.

At Upgraded Points, we believe a well-packed carry-on bag is key to flying in (relative) comfort. Whether you’re on a quick 45-minute hop or a daunting 9-hour long haul, your essentials are what keep you covered.

That’s why we’ve compiled a “His & Hers” list of some great products we simply can’t do without. From personal comfort items to snacks and hydration, read on to find out what tops our lists!

P.S. If you want a complete travel packing checklist for your trip, or you’re interested in tips and tricks for packing your suitcase, we’ve published a post on that too!

Carry on Travel Essentials Him

1. Alex can’t go anywhere without his Sleep Master Sleep Mask . Silky smooth, cool, and DARK with velcro closure … just sit back, relax, and you’ll be snoozing before you know it.

2. Engine noise? Crying babies? Obnoxious neighbor? These Bose QuietComfort 45 Noise Canceling Headphones won’t let you down. The rest of the world literally just fades away so you can enjoy your movie or music in peace.

3. The Sfee Insulated Water Bottle  is double-walled, stainless steel, leak-proof, and sleek as heck. We all know it’s important to stay hydrated while flying, and this bottle will keep your drink cold for hours.

4. Why pay for onboard snacks when you can bring your own? Oberto Turkey Jerky has your back! The flavor is great, there are no artificial ingredients, and it packs a punch at 11g of protein per serving.

5. Of course, no carry-on list would be complete without a Kindle . Don’t forget to pre-load it with your favorite books before you fly!

6.  Shout Wipes are a must. No one wants to travel with a great big stain down the front of their shirt! (We won’t mention which UP staff member wins the award for most spills …)

7. The Evolution Neck Pillow  might just be the best out there. It’s made of plush memory foam, has a snap in front with drawstrings to provide just the right support, holds your phone, and rolls up into a small handheld pouch to save space. Of all the travel pillows Alex has tried, he’s had the best sleep with this one. We both really love this thing!

8. Tired of looking tired when you hop off a flight? This GinZing Eye Cream from Origins combines coffee beans, ginseng, and magnolia extract to reduce dark circles, banish bags, and curb puffiness. It’s seriously refreshing – we’re amazed every time.

9. It’s easy to get dehydrated on a flight. Keep your lips from getting chapped with this soothing Lip Balm from Jack Black . It’s the more subtle stick form of Jack Black’s minty gloss, so you don’t have to worry about it adding a shine.

10. Speaking of minty, these Colgate Wisp mini brushes will freshen your mouth right up after those onboard peanuts.

11. A mess of cords at the bottom of your bag is so unhelpful. This cord/travel organizer by BUMB  will help you keep everything tidy and in good working order.

12. An extra pair of socks is never a bad idea, especially when they’re these Merino Wool Bombas . With a honeycomb support system, stay-up technology, warm/cool temp variation, and an invisible toe seam, these are the best! Plus, you can feel good about buying them: Bombas donates one pair of socks for every pair sold.

13. There’s nothing we hate more than waiting behind someone who can’t get their mobile ticket to scan at security/the gate, so we travel old-school: we always print our boarding passes. That’s where this Royce Leather Ticket & Passport Holder comes in. Plus, it’s made of top-grain genuine leather … so, there’s that.

14. The second snack we can’t do without is a  Power Crunch protein bar . Most protein bars are like a brick: thick and tough to chew. But this light, crunchy treat is pretty much the healthy, protein-filled equivalent of a Little Debbie Nutty Bar. They’re just so good!

Carry-on Travel Essentials for Her

1. How sassy is this Sleepy Cottage Eye Mask ? You certainly don’t have to sacrifice style to grab some much-needed shut-eye on your next flight. If you’d rather snooze a bit more low-key, try the Sleep Master Sleep Mask . It’s silky smooth, cool, and keeps things dark.

2. The Evolution Neck Pillow  is a definite must-have. Its plush outer covering surrounds a memory-foam core, and the snap closure at the front (with drawstrings) allows for adjustable support. Plus, there’s also a side pocket to hold your phone. What you can’t see here is that the pillow rolls up and fits in a small travel pouch to save space (a total win!). Like Alex, this has been my favorite pillow for getting some sleep during long flights.

3. We all know staying hydrated is a must on flights. Good thing S’well makes a line of  swoon-worthy water bottles with all sorts of great qualities. Think triple-walled, eco-friendly, and stainless steel. Not only do they come in an array of great colors and patterns, but they’re built to keep your drink cold for 24 hours (or hot for 12).

4. When you’re pressed for space, e-books come in so very handy. That’s why the Amazon Kindle makes it onto almost every travel blogger’s packing list. Just don’t forget to load your books before you fly!

5. Flying can leave your face feeling so “blah.” We love these Simple Face Wipes because there are no harsh chemicals, no artificial perfumes or dyes, and they’re enriched with lots of good vitamins to keep your skin hydrated. Plus, they even make a 7-count pack just for traveling.

6. Speaking of hydration, lip balm is a MUST for our carry-on bags. We’re loving this EOS balm in Sweet Mint with shea butter and jojoba oil. It’s 100% natural, 95% organic, and packed with tons of vitamins to keep your lips quenched for the long haul.

7. Need to freshen up after a long overnight flight? Use these Colgate Wisp mini brushes when gum or mints just won’t do. The freshening bead dissolves in your mouth, so there’s technically no water or rinsing needed.

8. We love having a separate wallet for travel since we’re often carrying different cards or other items during our trips. MochiThings’ Pop Clutch is a great little travel wallet to keep your ID, passport, tickets, and funds all in one place. Snaps allow for a pop-open functionality and it comes in a number of nice colors.

9. Let’s face it, lots of noisy things can make a flight especially awful … or maybe you just can’t hear your movie over the engine. No matter the reason you need some peace, these Bose QuietComfort Acoustic Earbuds will do the trick with their noise-canceling capability. Plus, they’re low profile vs. larger headphones, which helps save space in your bag.

10. When flying, it’s always smart to bring an extra layer in case things get chilly. This gorgeous wool and cashmere pashmina from Norstrom is a fantastic choice for a number of reasons. It can be worn as a scarf or shawl, or (at 75 x 29 inches) can even masquerade as a small blanket. Alternatively, its tissue-weight design makes it easy to fold right up and place in your carry-on like it’s nothing.

11. Every traveler needs a good journal on hand to document their worldly adventures!  We suggest the gorgeous line from Rifle Paper Co . With their soft linen covers and Smyth-sewn binding for durability, the quality is just right (and the size fits nicely too!).

12. No carry-on list is complete without a cozy pair of socks.   Your new favorite? Bombas. Made from extra-long staple cotton with a honeycomb support system, stay-up technology, and an invisible toe seam, these socks are super soft and perfect for your next flight. Plus, Bombas donates one pair of socks for every pair sold – we think that’s pretty great.

13. Flights don’t just leave you feeling tired, they can leave you looking tired too. Well, not anymore! Origins GinZing Eye Cream  is made with coffee beans, ginseng, magnolia extract, and natural brighteners to perk up those peepers. Whether it’s dark circles, puffiness, or bags – this eye cream is up for the battle and you’re coming out on top.

14. Why pay for overpriced food on your flight when you can bring your own? Power Crunch protein bars are our #1 must-have snack. Forget heavy, chewy bars and opt for this light, flakey, triple chocolate goodness instead. At 13g protein, 10g carbs, and 4g of sugar, you really can’t beat it!

Why suffer through your flight chilly, hungry, thirsty, bored, etc. when your carry-on could pack solutions? Picking a few favorite products that you consistently travel with can definitely upgrade your flight experience – they’ve certainly made ours more tolerable!

Do you have a favorite travel essential we missed out on? Let us know in the comments below.

Have you checked out our piece on the best gifts for travelers ? If not, head on over and let us know what you think!

Lastly, if you’re looking to add more “best of the best” travel products to your inventory, we’ve got some great recommendations for you: All Our Best Travel Product Reviews – In One Place .

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the must have carry-on essentials.

We recommend a great neck pillow and eye shade, a pair of noise-canceling headphones, a great water bottle, compression socks, and a kindle!

What should you not forget in a carry-on?

If you’re flying overnight, you’ll definitely want to remember your eye shade and noise-cancelling headphones or ear plugs to get a good night’s sleep. If you’re traveling through the day, you’ll want to prioritize snacks and entertainment.

How do I carry essentials on a plane?

Most airlines allow you to bring at least 1 personal item into the cabin, with some allowing a separate carry-on. You can pack essentials such as electronics, ear plugs, an eye shade, neck pillow, and toiletries in your personal item or carry-on. Just make sure any liquids are less than 3.4 ounces and fit into single, 1-quart clear plastic bag.

What are 5 carry-on essentials for travelers who love to pack light?

Our 5 carry-on essentials would be noise-canceling headphones, a snack, a tooth brush, an eye mask, and a Kindle.

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An experienced points hacker, Erin is Alex’s partner-in-crime and contributes to Upgraded Points with in-depth guides and relationship management. Erin’s work has been cited in multiple major publications.


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All Our Best Travel Product Reviews – In One Place

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31 Things That’ll Make A Long Flight Far More Bearable

As written by someone who'll begrudgingly book economy seats on 10+ hour-long flights.

Elizabeth Lilly

BuzzFeed Staff

1. An airplane seat back organizer  because those seat back pockets are NEVER as big as you need them to be. With this, you can actually store your snacks, water bottle, and so much more without having to get up and get stuff out of the overhead throughout your flight. 

reviewer photo of the organizer on the back of an airplane seat holding a laptop case, a bottle of water, and a bag of chips

Check out a  TikTok of the Airplane Pockets tray table   cover in action. 

Airplane Pockets  is a small business that specializes in sanitary, portable travel organization products. 

My colleague  Emma Lord  owns and loves this: "I used this on a roundtrip from NYC to Tokyo, both with connecting flights in Canada, and cannot sing its praises enough. It fit all four of the different tray tables I used it on and was so  ridiculously handy for keeping track of all my littler odds and ends like AirPods, the plane's headphones, earplugs, a sleep mask, a book, gum, a scrunchie, and little snacks.  The hanging end of it easily tucked into the built-in sleeve of the seat in front of me for takeoff and when other passengers needed to scoot past me in my aisle seat.  Usually, I feel like a hot mess and get frustrated rooting around in the grimy sleeve for my stuff, and this was such a refreshing solution!  Several flight attendants even asked where I got it to buy one for themselves!"

Promising review: "Very useful,  especially when traveling with kids . Provided easy access and storage to things like water bottles, hand sanitizer, snacks, wipes, and headphones. I didn't have to access my carry-on." — JJ

Get it from Amazon for $24.99 .

2. Plus, a  drink holder  if you're a window seat person (what a view!) and never have all the room you need during beverage service on that tiny tray table. You can also put your phone, glasses, headphones, and other essentials there too. 

the tray attached to a window ledge holding two drinks, a phone, and a pair of glasses

Heads up — you can only use this if you're sitting in a seat that has access to a full window!

Promising review: "I used this for the first time on a 737. It was fabulous! It didn't intrude into my sitting space nearly as much as I expected. Because the actual window is recessed from the side wall, this only sticks out from the side wall about an inch. If you're considering this, you likely fly enough to know that seats aren't always aligned with the windows. If your window happens to be right beside your seat or the seat in front of you, this won't be of much use. But because it doesn't jut out as much as I thought, you can use it in more situations than I expected. And when you can use it, it's great! I love not having to have my entire tray table down just to hold a 3-inch cup. My only suggestion would be to add a place to hold trash until the flight attendant picks it up. This is very small, very lightweight, and very useful. I'll be taking it on every flight from here on. " — JBC

Get it from Amazon for $17.99 .

3. A  hands-free (rotating!) phone mount  can help you watch what you want or take advantage of the movies available online for those budget airlines without TVs in the back of the seats. It'll work on the plane *or* while you wait to board. 

side view of the phone mount on the tray table

Promising review : "Great idea, handy little gadget. It was a tiny bit bulkier than I wanted to pack, but I am so very glad I did! Took with me for a flight out of the country. Handy to be able to clamp or stand on a tray table to watch films aired via in-flight Wi-Fi. Sturdy, versatile, appears well made, and durable. Used with Samsung Galaxy Note 10+." — KLMCats

Get it from Amazon for $12.99 .

4. An  Airfly wireless transmitter  that'll let you connect your Airpods or any wireless headphones to your airplane seat...even without Bluetooth!

the transmitter plugged into an airplane seat TV

It also has a USB-C charging cable, travel pouch, keychain holder, quick-start guide, and a manual.

Twelve South is a small business creating innovative tech accessories since 2009. 

Promising review: "I was a little reluctant to purchase Airfly after reading the reviews, but I’m so glad I did! It worked perfectly on the plane, and while on my trip, I also used it to listen to music in the car. It acted like a speaker because I had no aux cable. It was great!" — Yamile cardozo

Get it from Amazon for $54.99 .

5. An  Apple AirTag  for each bag to give you some peace of mind while you wonder how your checked bag is doing in the hold below. 

Screengrab of location of Apple AirTag on the Find My app on phone

Storytime: After traveling last summer carry-on only, and being a person who tries to carry on whenever possible, I finally bought a couple of Apple AirTags during Black Friday sales. And I am SO grateful I did. My normal carry-on bag was too big to fit the Lufthansa luggage requirements (and BOY, do they check that!) so I had to check my bags for a December 2022 trip to Vienna and back from Prague (with a layover in Frankfurt). My bag didn't make it onto the plane in Frankfurt, and once I landed in Newark, New Jersey, I pulled up the app on my phone and saw that yes, my backpack AirTag was indeed with me, but my suitcase AirTag was still in Germany . (The screen grab is from an Amazon review, but you get the gist.) The AirTag also helped me track FedEx's delivery of the suitcase to my parents' house, where I was spending the holidays immediately after my Europe trip ended. I was even able to see it on a highway less than an hour's drive from my parents' house. TL;DR: I think AirTags are very much a worthwhile investment if you travel a few times a year. And I'm not the only one who thinks so.

Promising review: "I bought a pair of these AirTags for a trip to France, and I’m so glad I did! First of all, the setup is super easy. I had zero problems, and both were done in, like, five minutes. I put one in my purse and one in my suitcase. On the way back home, the airline lost my luggage. I checked the Find My Friends app, where the AirTag is tracked, and I could see that it never left the Charles de Gaulle airport. I felt more assurance being able to track my bag through the app as it made its way across the world back to me. 10/10 would recommend!" — Lindsay Kirby

Get it from Amazon for $29  (also available in a four-pack for $89 ).

6. A  handbag organizer  with LOTS of pockets to help you keep just about everything you could possibly need in your personal item below the seat in front of you. 

A customer review photo showing them pulling out the insert from their handbag

Promising review: "I have always purchased handbags with lots of pockets and sections because I hate having to dig around trying to find something in the gaping hole of purses with no sections. But I have passed up so many cute bags because of this, and I was frustrated with having to do so. I purchased this medium size organizer, and I couldn't be happier!! It is very well-made, and it has so many great pockets to organize everything I need. THE BEST PART is, I can easily lift it out of one purse and put it into another one, and I always know where everything can be found. I wish I had gotten one of these years ago. When I first ordered this organizer, I didn't realize it had two zipper compartments on each side, and I was tickled to discover even MORE storage!!! With all the fun colors and patterns, it was hard to select one, but I've always been partial to polka dots. I love it and can't imagine anyone not being has pleased with this as I am!" — Ronna

Get it from Amazon for $8.99+ (available in sizes S-L and in 27 colors).

7. A handmade leather cord organizer  to keep your wired listening BFFs from getting tangled up in your pocket or seat-back pocket. 

A person holding the cord organizer with their headphones wrapped neatly

Promising review: "No more tangled headphone cables! I bought a pair for my desk at home, and I'm purchasing another pair for my office. I love how neat and untangled my earbud cords are when using this organizer. It's leather, which I'm sure will last many, many years for such a great price." — Jane M

Get it from Amazon for $4.99 (available in six colors).

8. An electronics organizer with a place for just about every one of *your* and every member of your family's devices and corresponding cables so you don't get everything tangled up while placing items in the security line trays. 


Promising review: "This is the perfect travel companion. It fits everything including an Apple TV, HDMI-to-VGA-converter, and multiple lightning and micro-USB cables. I haven't been disappointed at all. Plus, it packs nicely in a backpack and goes everywhere." — iamtheoneoff

Get it from Amazon for $19.99+ (available in four sizes and four colors).

Or if you're traveling solo (like I normally do), you can get away with sticking your electronics cords into a zippered pencil or makeup pouch that'll also slip easily into your personal item. 

9. Or a 30-pack of waterproof zippered pouches to help you organize a variety of things. Parents in the reviews rave about using these to get their family organized for travel. And because these are transparent, you can easily sift around in your carry-on to track down what you need to put in a security bin and push aside what can stay in your bag. 

person putting hand inside of transparent travel pouch with a zipper closure

Promising review: "I bought these for a trip for my family of five. I like to plan in advance to make sure no one forgets anything! These were a lifesaver packing for three kids! I created a carry-on, toiletries, wires/chargers, and snacks pouch for everyone! I used clear sticker paper to create name labels, and it all worked perfectly! Would definitely recommend it if you need to travel with family and need to set things out and pack." — mommyandbri

Get them from Amazon for $17.99 .

10. An I Dew Care "Tap Secret" mattifying powder shampoo to tackle greasy roots without the aerosol formula or benzene. This'll even be easy to take to the bathroom toward the end of a red-eye. 

a model applying the powder to their roots

Promising review: "I was looking for a dry shampoo that would be easy to use on the go for a trip I was taking. I had no issues taking this through TSA and it was so easy to use on the go. You literally just pat the poof on your scalp and then rub the powder in. I do have black hair so dry shampoo is usually very visible in my hair, but I didn't have any harder time than usual rubbing this powder in. It did a really good job of soaking up all the oil and giving my hair volume. I'm not a fan of the price for the amount that you get, but it lasts longer than I thought it would. I would definitely recommend and will purchase again." — Teresa

Get it from Amazon for $16 . 

11. A small  hands-free portable dual charger  can fit in your coat pocket or bag. And you can also easily use your phone while it charges!

Hand holding a smartphone attached to a white charging device

This device has one full phone charge, meaning you can get the Apple Watch and an iPhone up to about 50% each from zero if you use the charger on both. If the device is actively charging, though, you can just use this as a charging dock for both devices overnight! 

Promising review: "Being able to charge my iPhone 12 and my Apple Watch SE is a total lifesaver when traveling or just out on low battery power. Perfect for every pocket!" — aeonART

Get it from Amazon for $24.99 (available in six colors). 

12. A collapsible silicone water bottle that'll make sure you stay hydrated without making you sacrifice other things in your bag or running the risk of leaving water in your bottle as you go through airport security.

silicone water bottle opened to full capacity

I bought this water bottle before a 2.5-week trip to Vietnam (where you don't drink tap water) and Malaysia (where you do). I didn't want to bring one of my ride-or-die S'well bottles because it would take up extra room in my bag when I wouldn't be able to use it during the majority of the trip. This handy silicone bottle did just the trick! It's very easy to roll up and *stays* rolled up thanks to the just-stretchy-enough loop. Said loop was also very handy while walking through airports and just around sightseeing. The bottle is easy to clean and doesn't make my water taste weird. I'm now using it as my daily water bottle and feel confident it'll serve me well for a long time. Plus! With a collapsible water bottle it's easier to remember if you left water in it before you go through security. 

Get a pack of two from Amazon for $10.99  (available in nine colors/styles).

13. Or a water bottle with a Brita filter so once you land you can feel confident in drinking the water from a water fountain in a place you're a little iffy about. Or course, check up on the water quality in your locale!

pink transparent water bottle with easy-sip straw, leak-proof lid, and a filter that fits inside the straw

Promising review: "I love this water bottle! I bought one for me and one for my husband because we went to Europe, and I didn't know what the water quality would be there. I was so glad I did because we mostly had to use tap water, and I don't typically like the taste of tap water. The water tasted great, and I couldn't even tell it came from the tap! When you first use the straw after a refill, it takes a moment for it to come out. But after that, there is no delay. This bottle was the perfect size to have enough water to keep me hydrated without being too bulky to carry around. I would definitely recommend it!" — Gina Meeks

They do require replacement filters every two months; you can find a pack of five of those for $11.25 .

Get it from Amazon for $22.89+ (available in two sizes and five colors, and in insulated stainless steel in six colors for $29.90 ).

14. A 2-in-1 travel pillow and blanket in case you've found in-flight options seriously lacking and can't get any shut-eye without a cozy blanket. 

best travel essentials for long flights

Promising review: "I love this foldable airplane blanket! There are few things worse on a flight than being too cold. This little blanket is the perfect weight to keep you warm but doesn’t take up too much room in your carry-on/personal item bag. I actually clip it to the outside of my backpack." — Danielle Gaudette

Get it from Amazon for $25.03 (available in 16 colors).

15. A set of   Liquid I.V. Hydration Multiplier packets , an electrolyte drink mix infused with potassium and vitamin C you can mix into a bottle of water to help speed up your hydration. After all, guzzling water on a flight and then having to spend half the flight in the bathroom line is never fun. 

Reviewer image of a water bottle next to a hydration packet

Psst — it's also gluten-free, soy-free, and dairy-free! 

Promising review: "This stuff seriously works. Took on a five-day cruise when we had the unlimited drink package, and these Liquid I.V.s saved my life several times. Wouldn’t have made it to dinner/gotten off the ship the next morning without them." — Laura Bales

Get a pack of 16 from Amazon for $23.45  (also available in sugar-free flavors ). I'm also quite partial to the newer grapefruit flavor.  

16. Some  no-tie elastic shoelaces  to add to your go-to sneakers so you can easily slip them on and off at security. And then when you're on the plane, if you're a no-shoe person. But the laces won't look any different!

reviewer image of sneakers with no tie shoelaces in them

Promising review: "At first I was skeptical that these laces wouldn't hold my shoes on tightly enough, but I decided to give them a try in my Converse Chucks. They're fantastic! I like the way the 'hidden' fasteners sit inside the shoes below the eyelets, but on top of the tongue, and I can't feel the fastener at all with my foot in the shoe. I've had them in for around eight months, and they're still just as elastic as ever. They haven't stretched at all and show no signs of wearing out. I loved them so much that I bought five more sets to put in all of my shoes! No more triple knotting my shoes so they don't become untied. I tie knots pretty slowly so these laces have honestly saved me tons of time. I couldn't be happier with them." — lucidity

Get them from Amazon for $9.99 (available in 38 colors). 

17. A set of Sea Bands  with a little nub that targets the acupuncture point on your wrists meant to help reduce nausea. This'll be great in case you get motion sick.

Reviewer with gray band on their wrist

Promising review: "So glad I bought these. Flying usually makes me terribly nauseous. These helped so much! You need to find the right pressure point, and they are really tight. Other than that, 5 stars." — T. Schneider

Get a set of two from Amazon for $8.53  (available in adult and children's sizes).

18. A  bendy travel pillow  for helping you sit upright in the most awkward of positions, whether it be on a bus, train, plane, or ferry. 

model sleeping against car door thanks to bending travel pillow

Promising review: "I ordered five travel pillows to try out for my trip to Madrid, and this was the winner. I have fibromyalgia and normally get terrible neck and shoulder pain when flying long distances, but this pillow helped me so much. If I switched positions, I would just reshape the pillow to support whatever I needed to. My daughter and I both have one now, and we use it in bed every night, too. I am so glad we found this amazing pillow. 😊" — Pam Goodson

Get it from Amazon for $24.99 (available in four colors).

19. A  Trtl travel pillow that, thanks to its scarf-like construction, you can easily adjust to your perfect comfort level and tilt angle to get some Zzzzzs while someone else gets you to where you're going. 

model with pillow wrapped around her neck supporting her head to the left

Promising review: "I was skeptical of this at first, but am so glad I bought these for my international travel. Multiple 11+ hour flights back and forth, definitely loved the fact that I had these. It was a bit awkward to try to find the right position where my chin/cheek area would be comfortable, but once I did, I did not have any issues sleeping, and I woke up without any pains on my neck. Since it is a basically fixed size, I would say give it a shot, and if it fits, great! You'd be glad to have this for long travels where you have to sit straight up, and if it doesn't fit, then it's just a bit of a hassle to have to return it. Overall, it was definitely worth it for me to take that risk of potentially having to return it if it didn't fit." — Eric

Ciera Velarde , an editor here at BuzzFeed, also loves this! She says: "I've used this for the past few years and swear by it! Before this, I always found traditional neck pillows uncomfortable and would end up ditching them halfway through the flight and getting frustrated. The Trtl pillow is adjustable — you wrap the pillow around your neck and secure it with Velcro, and if you find it's too loose, just make it a bit tighter! I've truly never slept better on a plane than with this pillow. " 

Get it from Amazon for  $59.99+  (available in four colors).

20. And because you deserve another option: A memory-foam neck pillow that comes high enough on the sides so your neck isn't lolling about and thus waking you up from your mid-flight slumber. 

a reviewer using the pillow

Promising review: "Plush thick pillow that holds your head comfortably during a flight. It fit great around my next and there’s a mechanism to adjust the fit to how you prefer. Super portable since it comes in a nice small bag you can fold it and store in. Highly recommend." — L Caldwell

Get it from Amazon for $19.99+  (available in five styles).

21. A set of affordable, highly popular  wireless Bluetooth earbuds  some reviewers compare to AirPods for significantly cheaper. I've used them on countless flights, and the charging case easily fits in the seat-back pocket!

Reviewer image of two black earbuds next to their charging case

These come with a wireless charging case that provides up to 14 hours of charge (with the earbuds able to play for four-plus hours with each full charge). 

I also use these on the reg in my everyday life to listen to Spotify and podcasts, and even talk on the phone. I have to charge them about once a week and always keep them in my coat pocket. 

Promising review: "Best decision! These are the greatest headphones ever! I saw them on TikTok months ago and added them to my wishlist. I got a new phone that doesn't have the headphone port so I decided it was time to finally buy them. They are amazing and I probably won't ever take them out of my ears! 😂" — Katlyn D Arnold

Get it from Amazon $22.09+  (clip the "15% off coupon" on the product page for this price; available in five colors).

22. A  waterproof Kindle to let you bring a TON of reading material (without a stack of books hogging space in your carry-on) for your time on the flight when you can't fall asleep, during layovers, on downtime during your travels, you get my drift. 


I have a similar model and always keep it in the seat's back pocket for reading. And also playing sudoku! 

Get it from Amazon for $149.99 (available in 8GB and 32GB and in four colors).

23. A travel scarf with hidden storage in it that, yes, will help add that one last accessory your ensemble needs and keep your neck toastier on your flight. But! It also has secret pockets so you can stash your valuables inside, away from unsuspecting pickpockets. 

model showing six ways to wear travel scarf

Waypoint Goods is a small biz that specializes in travel accessories. 

Promising review: "I absolutely LOVE my travel scarf. This piece is perfect for every occasion. Whether I am traveling on a plane or a road trip, at work, or trying to dress up an outfit to go out, it is perfect and functional. My phone, credit cards and keys fit seamlessly in the pocket without changing the look or fit of my scarf. At times I have put all of that plus a boarding pass and passport in the pocket!!" — Caroline

Get it from Amazon for $14.95+ (available in 14 styles).

24. A five-year Global Entry membership that'll *also* include TSA PreCheck for when you're getting out of Dodge. It'll seriously shorten your security line times and end up being a great value if you get out of the country at least once a year and fly domestically a few times annually. (This combo is $22 more than five years of PreCheck alone.) Landing on an international flight knowing you'll breeze through customs is a total delight. 

passport and booklet about Global Entry membership

I put off getting TSA PreCheck and even Global Entry for YEARS despite flying ~10x a year because I'm a person who likes to get to the airport early and have getting through security down to an efficient routine. However, my breaking point was July 2021 when I had to wait soooo long at the airport when coming back to the country from Croatia (I had Mobile Passport at the time, but the machines were broken so I had to wait in line with everyone else). I went to Italy about a month later after signing up for Global Entry and coming back into the country was a breeze. I just had to let a machine take my picture, print out a receipt with said picture, and then place it in a nearby TSA agent's open palm. Then onto baggage claim! I've since used the Global Entry portion seven times and the TSA PreCheck about two dozen times since getting it. So I feel as if I've already gotten my money's worth in less than two years. 

Apply with the Department of Homeland Security for $100 . Once you're approved, you have to do an in-person interview and if approved on the spot, you can have your TSA PreCheck and Global Entry privileges available immediately. I just so happened to find a date for my interview the day before I flew to Italy and was able to update my boarding passes and flight reservations with my info to reap the benefits ASAP.  

BTW, check out my tips for travel during the pandemic.  

25. A weighted sleep mask  to help block out the reading light and/or sunlight from your neighbor's open airplane window shade while you catch up on some of that sleep you sacrificed to get the early flight. Oh, and it's weighted!

Model wears black mask over their eyes while curled up in bed

Promising review: "I am a flight attendant and have a wacky work schedule. I frequently have to sleep during the day. These are SO comfortable and cool as well. I have ordered and tried out at least 10 eye masks off of Amazon and have found these to be the best. They are SO comfortable and do not have Velcro on the straps, for which I am thankful, because I usually sleep on my back and am sensitive to the thickness of eye masks that have the Velcro straps." — sw

Get one from Amazon for  $14.99 . 

26. A set of homeopathic jet lag pills  made to help you fight off time zone changes and disrupted sleep schedules thanks to some weird (but cheaper!) flight schedules. Plus, you can actually sleep while taking these. I've taken them on a couple of red eyes, and I think they help! 

The jet lag pills

According to the instructions, you should take them at take-off and then every two hours and then again once you arrive to help with relaxation and combat sleepiness. 

Promising review:  "My husband and I have used this product now for five years for multiple trips overseas and these really work. How do we know? We've forgotten to use them on a couple of legs and there has been a night/day difference in our energy levels.  We use precisely as directed, setting timers on our phone when possible to remember the doses. On a few occasions we've slept through the timer, so missed the timing of a couple of doses, and we've been fine.  Our last trip to Australia was 34 hours door-to-door on the outbound. We would have been a complete wreck without these. As it was, we arrived late morning, remained awake and lively (enough) through dinner, and then got a good night's sleep.  The next day we felt as good as new.  For the years before I used this, I would need to sleep for a few days after a leg like that. We never travel without this now. I highly recommend this product." — motokat

Get a pack of 32 pills from Amazon for  $14.40 .

27. A memory foam seat cushion with an ergonomic design and gel layer for cradling your behind while you're off to your next adventure. After all, you don't want a sore behind once you get to your destination. 

the cushion on a drivers seat

Lots of reviewers who drive for a living rave about it. 

Promising review: "I drive a truck and suffer from sciatica. After a few days, I began to feel relief. I highly recommend this to anyone who suffers from sciatica." — lou jones

Get it from Amazon for $47.95  (available in three color combos).

28. A pair of  Mack's Earplugs  that'll seal out noise on a plane, in a hotel room, or wherever else you need to get some sleep. 

pic of Buzzfeed editor with silicone ear plugs in ear

Check them out on TikTok here .

BuzzFeed editor Emma Lord swears by these and raves: "The moldable silicone of  Mack's Earplugs  contours easily to the shape of your ear to block out noise much more effectively than other foam or plastic varieties, and the noise reduction is so good that if I pair them with a  white noise machine  (or just like a white noise loop on Spotify) I genuinely don't hear noises from outside my room. 

I've also *loved* these for traveling — if you put these babies in on a plane not only does it help reduce some of the YIKES factor when the plane takes off (it's loud!!), but it cancels out the murmuring noises of passengers on the flight and makes it easier to get some shuteye. " 

Promising review: "I've been purchasing Mack's earplugs for about eight years now as they help me sleep so much better at night (and are also super helpful on long plane trips). They're the best ones on the market and much larger with more comfort and coverage than ones in my local stores and pharmacies. Mack's are getting harder to find so I'm writing this in the hope that they stay in business." — Amazon Customer 

Get 12 pairs from Amazon for $12.99 .

29. An  inflatable foot rest  you might have to buy several of so everyone in the family has one of their own. You can inflate it to three different heights!

reviewer with the foot rest inflated and their feet up on a flight

Promising review: " Lifesaver! Made a huge difference in my comfort level.  Hard to blow up and use while cramped in a middle seat. Was well worth the effort and intrusion on aisle and window passengers." — peace

Get it from Amazon for $24.99  (available in four colors and also in a two-pack). 

30. An  inflatable wedge pillow  if you prefer to lean on something as you sleep. This easily fits on your tray table and reviewers even say they used it upon arrival and their destination!

reviewer with their head resting on an inflated pillow that rests on their lap and has room for their arms

Promising review:  "We bought this for a flight from Atlanta to Paris. It worked great. One of the best things about it was that it can open up and be flat so if you have a window seat, you can lean it against the wall and over the arm rest to make it super comfortable to lean against the wall. On the other hand, if you have an aisle or dreaded middle seat, you can inflate and put it together for the support when leaning forward. Well worth it to get some good sleep on a longer plane flight!" — Darth Wookiee

Get it from Amazon for  $24.99.  

31. A pair of  compression socks  because since you saw Karl and Frank from  Succession  snap on their own, you've thought "Hmm, maybe I should get some of those." 

reviewer wearing the knee high socks

Read more about compression socks for travel at  Johns Hopkins  and  The Huffington Post .

Promising review: "These compression socks really helped me. No swelling of feet and legs on a flight from New York to Munich and onto Palermo. Amazing fit and not too thick. Really comfortable." — L. M. Morabito

Get them from Amazon for  $14.32+  (available in unisex sizes S–XXL and in 13 colors).

And check out our full  Physix Gear compression socks review  here.

Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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best travel essentials for long flights

En Route to Rêverie

best travel essentials for long flights

22 Long Flight Travel Essentials

January 31, 2024

Long Flight Essentials

As the founder of a travel advisory and a long time travel blogger I am on the road a lot each year. I have taken loads of red eye flights to Europe in particular and have a variety of tips and products I always have with me that today I am sharing with you to make the stress of a long flight a little more bearable. Long haul flights of course come with long hours of feeling cramped and sometimes the anxieties of lost luggage, missed layovers or delayed flights so having your essentials on hand will help ease some of those stressors I’ve found.

Prepare to be prepared as you read on.

This post is in partnership with Expedia . Thank you so much for your support of the brands I love working with!

Best Travel Essentials  For  Long   Flights

Long Flight Travel Essentials

A long-haul flight is generally any direct or non-stop flight that has a journey time of between 6 to 12 hours but of course there are very, very long haul flights over 12 hours now available globally. You’ll find the long flight a lot more enjoyable if you’re prepared. 

As you begin to plan for your trip, did you know that according to Expedia international airfare should be booked around 60 days out (and no more than 4 months out) for optimal availability and savings (around 10% on average). In 2023, the sweet spot was closer to six months out.

Expedia’s Price Tracking in-app feature uses historical data (analyzing the last 30 days) and predicted price trends (analyzing the next 60 days) for select flight routes, to determine the best time to book. 

When you’re a One Key member ( Expedia Group’s Loyalty Program across Expedia , and Vrbo ), download the Expedia app and Expedia will keep track of flight pricing and prompt you as a member to log back into the app to get the best deal on your chosen route.tick the option that says “Watch prices” to get notifications when the price goes up or down

Expedia also offers Price Drop Protection. Price Drop Protection lets Expedia travelers get an automatic refund if the price of your flight becomes cheaper on Expedia after you book. This feature is available for a nominal fee, or it is free for Gold and Platinum tier One Key members on the Expedia app. One Key is free to join and comes with plenty of perks to make it worthwhile.

22 Long   Flight  Travel  Essentials

Travel Cases

Truffle Clarity Cases

These pouches may not look like much but it is not only TSA approved but it is also my go-to to put a few in-flight beauty essentials in one of the flat zip pouches so I have my preferred beauty essentials easily accessible.

Often times when you arrive from a red eye flight you’re too early to check into your hotel so having some makeup to put on (without having to fly in it!) is so helpful. I’ll also throw in a face wipe or two and a tooth brush. It ensures I can feel a bit more human again before setting out for the day while I await my room to be ready.

I also own the Truffle Jetset Cases which I use for all my toiletry products I am checking.

(By the way – these travel cases make for great gift ideas!)


A god-send! This is great for days where you don’t want to deal with the anxiety of finding an outlet to charge your phone. It lasts for several hours and goes to work quickly.

I also always have this one that attaches easily without cords to your phone and charges it quickly. 

Bose Noise Cancelling Wireless headphones

I haven’t gotten on a plane without my noise cancelling headphones in over a decade. They work to drown out background noise on plans and help me be able to get some sleep and also lower my anxiety on flights that have a lot going on (loud talkers, crying children, etc, etc, etc.) 

HydroFlask Water Bottle

I’m so glad I have always started carrying a reusable water bottle with me. No more plastic bottle waste and I can ensure I always am hydrated.

If you’re short on space in your personal item, consider a collapsible water bottle .

Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask

Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask

Pocket sized hair brush.

I always have this pocket sized hair brush on me for travel days. It ensures I can give my hair a bit of a fix once I arrive in my destination after being on a plane for hours.

Tumi Weekender

This is my secret weapon for long trips or for trips I may want to do some shopping on. I bring it on the plane with me as my carry on bag with any valuables I don’t feel comfortable checking but I also leave some room to spare for any items I may pick up on my travels that may not fit on my suitcase.

If you’re like me and like to watch a movie in flight as you enjoy dinner before dozing off, but want to do so wirelessly, you’ll want to have this handy device. It allows you to wirelessly transmit audio from in-flight entertainment USB port to your AirPods or other wireless headphones.

Celine Makeup Bag

Leather Pouch

I travel with loads of pouches and use one like this for medicine and another one for cords and chargers!

Tech Carry-All

This sleeve keeps my laptop protected while I travel and even has additional pockets where I can slide in my Kindle. 

Cuyana Passport Holder

This is more for looks than practicality but I love having my passport tucked into this personalized holder. It makes it easier for me to keep track of it!

A Universal Charger

This is my travel adapter for all overseas trips. Love that it has a USB port for easy phone charging. I keep it with me so I can charge my phone on the plane or at the hotel when I arrive and not spend time looking for it in my luggage.

Compression Socks

best travel essentials for long flights

White + Warren Cashmere Travel Wrap

I am generally always cold on airplanes so I got this wrap and now bring it on every flight with me. I own it in two colors – it’s that good. It’s also great to have on days where the weather may change and you want an extra layer to wrap around you. It is so soft and I love that it wraps entirely around your body to make sure you’re warm and cozy on flights.

I prefer to use this as my “pillow” on an overnight flight rather than dealing with a bulky travel pillow or neck pillow personally.

Light Blocking Eye Mask

I never leave home without an eye mask. I use it on red eyes religiously and sometimes in hotels too. I think it is key to getting sleep on a long flight so I can arrive more well-rested. This one works well in particular for blocking out light.

Given you never know what sleeping conditions you’ll get when traveling, I always  have earplugs with me. This pair is particularly good at noise reduction and I love that they come with a carrying case making them extra travel ready. Usually I don’t have to use them on planes since I have my Bose headphones on, but if a flight is particularly noisy or disruptive, I’ll double up with these and my noise cancelling headphones. 


I am someone who gets very thirsty on flights and doesn’t want to arrive to a new destination feeling dehydrated. Carrying low sugar Electrolyte packets like Liquid IV or these from LMNT that taste great is a good solution.

You mix one of the travel friendly packets in a bottle of water and you’ll be treated to sodium, potassium and magnesium and get hydrated without having to drinks even more H2o which could lead to many annoying trips to the bathroom on the airplane which I personally find disruptive to sleep on long flights.

I’ve heard flight attendants swear by these for their regular long haul trips!

Rhode Peptide Lip Treatment

A go-to hydrating lip balm to take with me on long flights when my lips get so dry. It makes lips super pillowy soft and feel extra hydrated – particularly in dry airplanes. It feels super restorative and I love having a go-to unscented nourishing balm for my lips. Highly recommend it for your next trip.

Chanel La Creme Main Hand Cream

Another hand cream I love – especially for how portable it is so I never travel without it. Ensures your hands don’t get dry in-flight.

If you’re a fan of French beauty, don’t miss my  20 Best French Skincare Brands  post.

Caudalie Grape Water

This has cult-status with my French friends (and their mothers!) and the travel size is perfect for in-flight hydration for your skin.

This 100% organic grape water features 100% natural origin ingredients and sustainable packaging while being rich in minerals, potassium and moisturizing polysaccharides to deliver intense, immediate hydration. It is particularly great if you have sensitive skin that needs soothing! 

Read my full  Caudalie Skincare Review

Travel Insurance

If you’re someone who gets a lot of travel anxiety or you’ve spent a lot on a special trip, you’re going to want to consider the extra cost of travel insurance in case things go awry. 

Hand Sanitizer

I never go anywhere without hand sanitizer these days and keep this favorite one on hand

Long   Flight  Checklist

This handy packing list is ready to be printed, pinned or saved to your phone so you ensure you don’t forget any of the travel essentials! 

Long Flight Travel Essentials

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  • All My Travel Essentials .

Always have mints and/or ginger chews along with my little portable pharmacy (ibuprofen, stomach meds, etc.) – never want to have to use them but want to be prepared just in case! Also, can’t forget a Kindle stocked up with books. Happy travels! ??

Love these recommendations – thank you for sharing them, Nora! I need to remember ginger chews!

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best travel essentials for long flights

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10 Best Travel Essentials for Long Haul Flights and Long Layovers

A little bit of planning when when deciding on your essentials for long haul flights as well as the expected or unexpected long layovers is huge in ensuring your comfort and enjoyment while traveling.

With each long haul flight, you become a little more travel savvy as well as determined to make your long journeys as enjoyable as possible.

Table of Contents

Travel Essentials for Women and Men for Planned or Unplanned Long Layovers

As an affiliate, I earn from qualifying purchases. This page may contain affiliate links. I would love your support through clicking on the links. Read the full disclosure here.

If you have ever experienced a travel layover, particularly an unplanned layover , you may identify with these titles: “How to Survive the Airport Layover from Hell” , “Surviving your Nightmare Airport Layover” , or “Surviving THE Longest Layover Ever!”

However you choose to describe your experience, a little bit of preplanning can go a long way in helping you to pass the time on your trip.

What you really need to do is be prepared for the possibility of a layover with the most essential of travel accessories: your phone, water bottle, toiletries, snacks, etc.

>> Related: 30 Things You Can Do To Survive an Airport Layover

10 Essentials for Long Haul Flights or Long Layovers

As travel enthusiasts and frequent flyers, Chris and I have both experienced the dreaded long layovers. Layovers that seem to go on and on forever with delay after delay. We’ve also booked our share of long haul flights that also seem to go on forever and ever.

To ensure that you arrive at your destination with your sanity in tact, consider packing these 10 travel essentials for women and men.

In my opinion, a smart phone and a portable charger are of equal importance when planning essentials for long haul flights or when you are stuck on long layovers at the airport.

best travel essentials for long flights

3. Cables & A Cable Organizer

Don’t forget to pack your cables in your backpack, personal travel bag , or carry on luggage . Having cables in your “checked” luggage won’t do you any good if you need to charge your devices during a long haul flight or on a long layover.


Invest in a cable organizer to keep everything categorized. Get in the habit of double checking your organizer for cables you may have forgotten to unplug and pack. Many organizers with clear pockets can help you tell in a glance if you forgotten something.

4. iPad and Keyboard

As a travel blogger, having access to my iPad and a keyboard is essential. Sure, you could use the on screen keyboard on your iPad to type blog posts, but I have done that before when I forgot to bring a keyboard and it is neither fun nor easy.


If you need to catch up on work, text with family or friends, or even post to social media, having both your tablet and a keyboard is optimal.

5. Water Bottle


Yes, you can buy a water bottle at the airport, but having a reusable water bottle is not only earth friendly but also less expensive. Fill and refill your water bottle as needed. Staying hydrated on your long layovers is important too.

6. Backpack or Personal Travel Bag

I love my The North Face travel backpack designed especially for women and picked it for a variety of reasons. It is definitely one of my travel essentials for women.

There is also a standard size The North Face Backpac k that is perfect if you are looking for travel essentials for men. Chris LOVES his.

If you are looking for a travel bag, do a little research and make a list of your must-haves.


Not sure exactly what your must-haves should be? Here are a few features to look for:

  • a travel bag or backpack that is designed specifically for men or women
  • a padded laptop section
  • a large middle section for a camera insert
  • lots of interior and exterior pockets
  • expandable side pockets for a water bottle, easily accessible hand sanitizer, and  Blistex
  • a mesh front pocket
  • a sternum strap
  • a waist belt

You’ll find that your travel backpack is often your home away from home with all of your essential travel accessories close at hand.

I also love the Travelon Crossbody Bag (in addition to my backpack). I carry this and my backpack and love the convenience of having essentials close at hand.

This bag is my new favorite crossbody bag for travel .

41kXFNGOqdL. SL500

7. Noise Canceling Headphones

310vf5YmWL e1613755320791

Whether you opt for a corded or a bluetooth set of noise canceling headphones , you’ll enjoy peace and quiet in the midst of travel noise and chaos. 

The Bose QuietComfort 20 Acoustic Noise Canceling Headphones are some of Chris’ favorites.

8. Toiletries

Fill a TSA approved bag with toiletry essentials:


  • 1-2 days of your prescriptions*
  • Fingernail clippers
  • Toothbrush and paste
  • Comb, pick, hairspray and hair tie
  • Hand sanitizer

There are times when you don’t have the opportunity to purchase a meal or last-minute snacks when you encounter a travel layover or long haul flight. For instance, your flight is held at the gate and not allowed to come or go due to a mechanical error, staffing issues, weather, etc. In this case, you will want to have snacks readily available. offers my go-to protein bar or granola bar. They are filling, tasty, high in protein, and don’t take a lot of space in my travel bag.

Built Bar protein bars

A scarf as one of your travel accessories can be used for fashion and function. Find one that is stylish as well as big enough that it can double as a travel blanket when necessary.

As a bonus, a chic scarf makes a great gift for the adventure seeker in your life.

>> Related : Great Gift Ideas for Adventure Seeking Women

Click “Take a Look! to discover all of my Travel Gear Essentials and Favorites.

Button for linking to my Amazon favorites

Frequently Asked Questions

What is considered a long haul flight.

Anything over six hours is classified as a long haul flight, but if you are traveling internationally, you may regularly encounter flights that are ten hours long and longer.

What are 3 tips for surviving a long flight?

1. Drink lots of water 2. Window or aisle? Be sure to choose the seat that works best for you 3. Bring back up entertainment

What are the best clothes to wear on a long haul flight?

Even if the temperature of your final destination will be warm, the temperature on the airplane will often vary greatly. The best advice is to dress in layers that can be easily taken on and off. Be sure to bring a cardigan, hoodie or light jacket.

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travel accessories for a travel layover

Final Thoughts on the 10 Best Travel Essentials for Long Haul Flights and Long Layovers

We don’t always consider the downsides of travel, but having a long travel layover can certainly bring on the blues . Especially if it is unplanned and seems to go on and on and on.

Even long haul flights can seem endless.

A little advance preparation and planning goes a long way in making your travel more enjoyable. Packing the essential travel accessories, if nothing else, will help to pass the time.

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I’m a Colorado-based travel blogger with a passion for exploring the world, enjoying family time, and taking fantastic photographs. I am also a book writing, creative thinking, detail loving, frequent flying, comfort loving mom of three girls and wife to an amazing guy. Discover More .

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This is super helpful! I always bring some fresh clothes also in case of delays or missing suitcases. That way I can always change into something new ?

That is a great idea too.

Great tips! I really need to get a portable charger like the one you mentioned. Sometimes even at the airport, it’s hard to find a charger that works or is available. Thanks so much for the recommendations!

It is time to click the link and buy that charger!

Portable chargers are absolute nonnegotiable! I pack two in case of one of them dies on my

A second one is great, especially if you travel with kids who might use up all of their battery too.

These are great ideas. I’ve been stuck in an airport without a charging cord for my phone. I felt so disconnected!

Ugh, I can identify. You feel so lost. “What am I supposed to do now?!”

I have everything on this list EXCEPT a cable organizer. I really need to get one of those! Great post!

Time to click on the link then!

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best travel essentials for long flights

Travel Essentials: The Best Travel Gear and Travel Accessories for 2024

T ravel can be stressful, but having the right gear can make all the difference. Plus, packing for a trip can be overwhelming, especially if you're not sure what to bring. That's where I come in! I have been traveling for a LONG time and tried out a lot of gear so I've rounded up the best travel essentials, travel gear, and the best accessories for travelers that will make your trip more comfortable and efficient.

Whether you're doing short trips, going on a long flight, an international trip, or just need essentials for a road trip, a beach trip, or a weekend getaway I've got you covered. Get these items on your travel essentials list!

Travel Essentials for Long Flights

Long flights can be uncomfortable, especially if you have a connecting flight or a long layover. To make the journey more bearable, pack items such as a neck pillow, noise-canceling headphones, an eye mask, and a good book.

A neck pillow will support your neck and head, making it easier to sleep on the plane. Noise-canceling headphones will block out the sounds of the plane and other passengers, allowing you to enjoy some peace and quiet. An eye mask will block out any light, creating a dark environment that will make it easier for you to sleep or relax. Lastly, bring a good book, magazine, or tablet to keep you entertained during the flight.

Here are my tried and true picks:

Cabeau Air Evolution Inflatable Travel Pillow

I prefer an inflatable neck pillow as I don't want my travel gear to take up a lot of space. I have had my Cabeau for years and love it because it is washable. Cabeau has another pillow that is not inflatable, the Cabeau Evolution Memory Foam Travel Pillow which is well-regarded as well.

Sony Noise Canceling Headphones

I avoided these for years! I preferred something more compact but in reality, the quality sucked. Mr. Misadventures had these and finally convinced me to invest in them and of course, getting them in navy blue was a huge bonus. I do not know why I waited so long to get them!

Brooklinen Mulberry Silk Eye Mask

I love  my Lunya silk sleep mask  for home (and hotels) but it is a little too bulky for my taste when it comes to the plane. My choice for my carry-on bag is still silk. I have the Brooklinen Mulberry Silk Eyemask. It feels super soft and is also machine washable which is a big bonus in my book.

Bucky Comfort Travel Blanket Scarf

I love to travel with scarves. On a plane, I want something soft and compact. This jersey blanket scarf does the job and comes in its own bag for transport and packing in my carry-on bag. They also have a  matching neck pillow  you can buy too although it is not inflatable.

More flight essentials

  • Bombas Compression socks
  • J&L Naturals Sustainable Lip Balm
  • Tech Organizer
  • Hydro Flask Reusable Water Bottle
  • Nuun Sport: Electrolyte Drink Tablets
  • EO Organic Hand Sanitizer Spray

I carry this all in my MZ Wallace Medium Tote Bag

The Best Travel Gear: Tech

When it comes to traveling, having the right tech accessories can make all the difference in making your trip a smooth and enjoyable one. There are a variety of travel items to choose from to enhance your traveling experiences.

Power banks are one of the most important travel essentials to keep your devices charged while on the go. A smaller portable power bank is perfect for ensuring battery life during a day out.

Additionally, accessories with built-in tracking capabilities can provide added peace of mind when navigating unfamiliar airports and train stations. With so many travel necessities and accessories available, it's easy to customize your travel kit to fit your specific needs and preferences.

These should definitely be on your tech travel checklist:

Anker USB C Outlet Extender

A lifesaver when you have a lot of items to charge! It's a single wall outlet with 2 USB ports, 1 USB-C port, and 3 AC outlets to power up to 6 devices.

Anker USB C Charger (Nano)

A portable charger that has the power to quickly charge your phone, tablet, and USB-C notebook. Perfect when you need your device ASAP!

Apple AirTag 4 Pack + Case Holders

This has freed my mind of worry when it comes to the stress of knowing where the heck my suitcases are! I also use them for bags, purses, and my hubby!

SAMSUNG T7 1TB, Portable SSD

If you take a lot of photos while traveling or you want to carry some documents with you this slim but mighty external hard disk should be in your tech kit!

I carry all of these items in my CALPAK Tech Organizer


Wander and perch wander wet bag.

Eileen, the founder and creator of Wander & Perch shares her philosophy on carrying around a bag for your summer suits: “Life is too short for ugly plastic bags. Travel life beautifully.”

I could not agree with her more! I love my  Wander Wet Bag Nomad in Indigo  blue! I only wish I had it when I was visiting all the thermal spas in the Azores last year, much prettier than my plastic shopping bags! The water resistant interior is awesome!

Bonus: these bags are designed in Encinitas, California and proudly Made in the USA.

International Travel

International travel requires some additional preparation. Also, consider bringing a  universal power adapter , which will allow you to charge your devices in any country. These are really the key international travel essentials.

A travel-friendly travel backpack or tote bag will also come in handy for carrying all your essentials while exploring a new city. And if you are going to be in Europe or any other region where the money is predominantly coins, do not forget  a dual-sided coin purse it is a lifesaver!

International Power Adapter

The Anker European Power Adapter has 2 USB ports besides the outlet plug. I am fond of the whole Anker line, they are lightweight and compact.

Orange SIM Card for Europe

If you own your phone and want an internet connection when you can't access free WiFi, then think about buying a sim card for Europe.

Conair Travel Hair Dryer

This dryer has a folding handle for compact packing in a suitcase or carry-on bag. Dual voltage, it's perfect for worldwide travel.

Portable Digital Luggage Scale

International airports are pickier about the size, weight, and shape of your luggage and in particular your carry-on. Don't risk it, carry this scale!

LEVEL8 Luggage

I put all my gear, shoes, and clothes into my LEVEL8 cases. I have the Road Runner carry-on and the Voyageur Check-in and love them!

More travel products to pack

I do not leave home without these travel essentials!

Travel Pillbox

Say goodbye to the inconvenience of carrying multiple pill bottles. MyPillyPal offers the comfort of having all your pills in one place, making medication management hassle-free and convenient. Upgrade your daily routine with MyPillyPal today!

Mr. Misadventures loves bar soap and this case has been a savior. It is waterproof and leakproof so it goes inside your toiletry kit without fear! Plus with their Dry-Through Technology, you no longer have to deal with mushy bars!

Matador Refillable Toothpaste Tubes

Also from Matador, don't pay for expensive travel-sized toothpaste, buy your favorite full-sized version and squeeze it into Matador's refillable toothpaste tubes. Clean in the dishwasher, it's safe! Two tubes are included, for 1 week or 2.

Quince Leather Jewelry Travel Case

Elegant and practical, this travel case is ideal for transporting your cherished jewelry pieces with ease, ensuring they remain free from tangles. For your weekend getaway or when you only wish to bring along your most adored items.


Flipbelt running belt.

This accessory is marketed to athletes and fitness buffs, BUT I think it is AWESOME for travel! A more modern version of the old money belt that our parents or grandparents used when they traveled, the FlipBelt is light and moisture-wicking. You can wash it too! Fit money and credit cards, your cell phone or passport, your important docs on a USB key, or just your room key and some spare taxi money. It comes in multiple sizes so you can get one that really fits you! Love this thing!

Travalo Classic HD Perfume Atomizer

I have been using these for years. I have tried other brands and always come back to Travalo. It is easy to use and durable, I still have my first one and it is more than 10 years old! I take 2 for a month away.

Kitsch 11pc Travel Size Bottles

I like this set because I often buy beauty products in France (and Portugal) when I visit and these travel bottles are lighter than the original bottles which are often glass and heavy!

Nori Press Iron and Steamer

I don't know about you but I often have to eliminate some of my wardrobe items because they wrinkle when I travel. This is revolutionary! Now I can bring my favorite white shirt!

Stasher TSA-Friendly Travel Bags

These bags come in all shapes and sizes. I use them for everything. From daily vitamins and powders to snacks! They are reusable and eco-friendly made with food-grade silicone.

LEVEL8 Packing Cubes

I am a packing cube believer! I have been using them for decades and can't imagine packing for a trip without them. But not all packing cubes are equal and quality matters! I just tried the packing cubes from LEVEL8 (the suitcase brand I recommend) for the first time and they are perfectly sized for multiple needs, whether clothing or accessories!

Comfortable Walking Shoes

If you aren't sick of me writing about Jambu yet, I will remind you again that I think that  Jambu shoes  are the best travel shoes around! Plus they also come with their own shoe bags!

The Right Travel Bag

Finding the right bag is like finding that perfect shade of lipstick. It is a lifelong search and through my many years of traveling, I have decided there isn't just one! It depends on the trip. Short trip, long trip, business trip, the bag you will need will differ.

And in my case, within a single trip, I will bring many of all different sizes. It starts with the plane or car with a carry-on backpack or small suitcase and moves into the trip with maybe a tote bag, fanny pack, or crossbody bag.

I have dedicated an entire article about what I think the best travel bags are and why.

Taking the time to plan your travel gear can make your trip more comfortable and efficient. Whether you're traveling for business or pleasure, having the right travel gear can make all the difference.

By packing the right, you can avoid overpacking and save space in your luggage. Additionally, having the necessary gear and the best travel accessories will reduce stress and help you feel more prepared for your trip. I hope my gear choices and list of travel essentials help you for your next trip!

CLICK to find all of these products in my Amazon store!

How about you? Do you have a favorite brand or product you always have on your packing list that would like to share? Do tell!

Author Bio: Andi Fisher

I grew up a military brat and then a young adult with a gypsy spirit. I settled into my career in marketing at many international companies where I traveled a lot. When I was not traveling for work, I was doing it for fun…so I have tested A LOT of gear!

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The post Travel Essentials: The Best Travel Gear and Travel Accessories for 2024 appeared first on Misadventures with Andi .

Whether you're going on a flight, an international trip, or just need travel essentials for a road or beach trip, I've got you covered.

The Best Sleeping Pills for Flights—And When You Should Take Them

By Moira Lawler

Image may contain Adult Person Clothing Footwear Shoe Face and Head

If  noise-canceling headphones  don’t help you doze off, you may need to consider a more heavy-duty fix: sleeping pills for flights. Certainly, some flights don’t warrant sleeping aids—such as when you’re taking a short trip or traveling west against a time difference, says Aneesa Das, M.D. , a sleep medicine specialist at the Ohio State University (at that point you may as well stay awake). But if you’ll be on a plane overnight and waking up in a vastly different time zone, logging some shuteye on the plane is crucial to arriving refreshed—or close enough to it.

That’s when sleeping pills can help. For most people, they're a reliable solution if they have trouble sleeping on planes , and they’re always a better option than ordering wine when the beverage cart rolls around. “Alcohol will allow you to fall asleep more quickly, however most people will then experience very disrupted and fragmented sleep quality,” says Thomas Kilkenny, M.D. , director of the Institute of Sleep Medicine at Staten Island University Hospital.

Here's what you should know—according to medical experts—about the most common sleeping pills for flights, including side effects to be aware of before you pop one.

This article has been updated with new information since its original publish date.

Ambien—the most powerful option on this list—is available by prescription only and works as a  sedative-hypnotic medication  that slows your brain activity to make you feel very sleepy. It’ll knock you out good—maybe even  too  good. Some users experience retroactive amnesia, which means you could wake up mid-flight, have a full conversation with the  flight attendant , and have no memory of it when morning comes, Das says.

Ambien can also lead to sleepwalking, which could result in some awkward bump-ins on the plane. “This is especially true if combined with alcohol or if not enough time is allowed for sleep,” Kilkenny says. He recommends having at least six or seven hours to sleep in order for the drug to metabolize, so avoid taking it on a short flight or when you have only a few hours to go before landing. But it's not all bad: Zolpidem (the generic name for Ambien) has been shown to fight off jet lag, per a 2018 review article published in Springer . Lunesta and Sonata are two other prescription-only sleep aids which work similarly to Ambien (they’re collectively known as Z-drugs).

Rozerem (the brand name for ramelteon) is another medication available by prescription, but it isn’t as aggressive as Ambien. “It’s a melatonin receptor stimulant and is unrelated to the Z-pills,” Kilkenny says. It may be a more attractive option for travelers as it reaches peak levels quickly and has a very short half-life, which means it won’t linger in your system as long. You’ll want to take an 8 milligram (mg) dose 30 minutes before you want to doze off. It likely won’t knock you out as well as Ambien, but research published in the Journal of Central Nervous System Disease in 2011 suggests that it will regulate your sleep-wake cycle to help your circadian rhythm adjust to a new time zone. Plus, it doesn’t come with the nasty side effects of the Z-drugs, Kilkenny says.

The over-the-counter medication is easy to pick up at the drugstore when you’re stocking up on travel-sized shampoos and other carry-on essentials . Diphenhydramine, the same antihistamine found in Benadryl, will likely put you to sleep, though you may pay the price once you land. “It makes us feel really groggy when we wake up, and it can make us feel really hungover,” Das says. The antihistamine may also leave you with a dry mouth that those tiny airplane cups of water just can’t quench (not a good situation since flying in general can make you dehydrated). Still, Das says it’s okay to take so long as you’ve tolerated it in the past.

This hormone occurs naturally in the body, but taking an extra dose helps induce sleep and  adjust your circadian clock . That will help you function better at your destination and decrease the effects of jet lag, Kilkenny says. Start taking melatonin a few days before your trip, about four to six hours before your bedtime, so that you’re ready to hit the pillow 30 minutes to an hour earlier than normal, Das says.

A  2002 review from UK researchers  found melatonin decreases jet lag if you take it close to your target bedtime at your destination, especially if you’re traveling across five or more time zones. The researchers found doses of 0.5 and 5 mg were equally effective at  preventing jet lag , though the larger (maximum) dose will help you fall asleep quicker and sleep better.

Another plus? There are no major side effects to worry about—melatonin shifts the circadian rhythm with minimal side effects, the Springer article found. (Note: The FDA does regulate dietary supplements such as melatonin, but these regulations are less strict than those for prescription or over-the-counter medications. Check with your doctor for an appropriate recommendation.)

No matter which medication you decide to go with (if any), there are a few ground rules to follow. First, give it a test run at home. “You want to know how your body tolerates it before you go,” Das says. Then, once you’re settled into your seat, remember to  pass on booze  and don’t pop the medicine until the flight attendants have gone over  safety instructions .

Condé Nast Traveler does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Any information published on this website or by this brand is not intended as a substitute for medical advice, and you should not take any action before consulting with a healthcare professional.

By signing up you agree to our User Agreement (including the class action waiver and arbitration provisions ), our Privacy Policy & Cookie Statement and to receive marketing and account-related emails from Traveller. You can unsubscribe at any time. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply.

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We earn a commission for products purchased through some links in this article.

The best travel pillows to add to your packing list – recommended by Good Housekeeping editors

Sleep like you're on a cloud, in the clouds

best travel pillows

The fear of waking up snuggled into the stranger in the next seat can be very real. And don’t even get us started on the neck ache that can strike if you fall asleep in the wrong position. That's if you even manage to drift off in the first place.

Luckily, travel pillows exist to help make hours spent on a plane or train much more comfortable . But how do you know which will actually stop your head from lolling and leave you feeling refreshed?

Enter team Good Housekeeping. These are the travel pillows our frequent flyers love to pack , but keep scrolling for their full reviews below.

Best travel pillows to buy in 2024

Trtl Travel Pillow

Editor's pick

Trtl travel pillow.

Cabeau TNE S3 Travel Pillow

Our pick for memory foam

Cabeau tne s3 travel pillow.

TravelRest All-In-One Ultimate Travel Pillow

Our pick for the middle seat

Travelrest all-in-one ultimate travel pillow.

Mountain Warehouse Memory Foam Travel Pillow

Our budget pick

Mountain warehouse memory foam travel pillow.

Trekology Inflatable Neck Pillow for Travel

Trekology Inflatable Neck Pillow for Travel

What to consider when picking a travel pillow.

This is obviously the number one criterion for travel pillow shopping. Most are memory foam or inflatable designs – the former will have a bit more give, whereas an inflatable design lets you adjust the firmness a tad. Also, consider breathability if you get hot (memory foam tends to trap body heat).


Luggage restrictions are getting ever tighter, so try and find one that will pack away small and fit in your carry on bag with ease.

This ties in with support really, but one crucial question to ask is whether the travel pillow you're looking at will work with your headphones – you don’t want the pillow to get in the way of your in-flight entertainment.

Product care

Some have washable covers, helping you keep your travel pillow fresh for adventure after adventure.

How we picked these travel pillows

Our list below has been curated by the GHI homes editor, who regularly writes reviews of luggage and travel essentials, and the travel pillows featured have been tried by our editors here at Good Housekeeping, who all jetted off on their holidays over the spring break.

When they got back, they shared their honest reviews, telling us what they liked (and what they didn’t), so you can find your perfect pillow.

Here are our top buys.

Love Good Housekeeping and want more of our Triple-Tested recipes, home tips, fashion inspiration, essential consumer advice and so much more delivered to your inbox? Sign up to our FREE weekly newsletters, sit back and enjoy!

When we asked the Good Housekeeping team for their favourite travel pillows, this one was the most recommended . So what makes it so great? Deepti Mistry, our SEO manager, found out why.

“I'm a frequent long-haul traveller, and suffer from neck problems, but this travel pillow provided me with comfort and support during my latest 9-hour flight.

Initially, it took a while to get to grips with how to wrap the pillow around, but once I found a comfortable spot, it supported my neck nicely, and I managed to get a few good hours of sleep.

With other travel pillows I've used, I would wake up with a crooked, stiff neck, but this wasn't the case with the Trtl pillow as it provided stability, preventing my head from nodding, which usually causes my neck stiffness during sleep.

It's also portable, very lightweight, has a soft fleece feel, and is compact, so it can fit in your carry-on luggage. It also comes with a handy travel case to keep it clean, which I loved.

Trtl has got its motto right: ‘Loop, Wrap, and Nap – It’s That Easy’. It’s been a game-changer for me and I don’t think I would travel without it now.”

Tested by Amanda Marcantonio, Fashion Director

“At home, I’m not a particularly great sleeper; on a plane I’m even worse. So when I was asked to try the Cabeau TNE S3 Travel Pillow on an 8.5 hour overnight flight, I jumped at the chance – anything that might help me catch a few hours' shut-eye!

I normally pack a very bog-standard travel pillow that I’ve had for years, which usually sits round my neck like a necklace and is not supportive at all.

This couldn’t be more different. Don’t be put off by the instruction booklet – it simply shows how to clip it onto the seat headrest and how to secure the chin strap correctly. The chin strap is the main selling point of this brilliant travel pillow, which is held in place with a velcro tab so it fits any size – it completely stopped the 'nodding dog' head-rolling that happens when you’re trying to sleep sitting upright.

The only downside was that it pushed my headphones upwards. But to be honest, because it worked its magic by helping me sleep on the plane, that didn’t bother me much.

It can be squashed down to a compact size, which is great while in transit, but not for long-term storage (30 days max is recommended). If you’re travelling overnight and need a sturdy but soft travel pillow to help you sleep, look no further.”

Amanda's Cabeau TNE S3 Travel Pillow packed up for scale

best travel pillows

Tested by Emma Justice, Good Housekeeping Travel Expert

“I’ve never found a neck pillow that works for me on long-haul flights and hate carrying around those bulky U-shaped ones. So, keen to get some sleep on an overnighter to Boston recently (and assigned the dreaded middle seat), I put this long, thin banana-shaped contraption to the test.

It inflates easily in a few seconds with just two to three blows and is best described as having a soft, friendly shoulder to lay your head on. Its rather odd shape made me giggle but you can adjust its position to go across your body or down one side and the detachable strap it comes with can be looped over the headrest to stop it from slipping. You can also wear the pillow like a guitar or messenger bag (which also attracted strange looks).

It comes in a soft, plush, washable fabric you can snuggle into and provides proper ergonomic support for your head and neck. It deflates quickly, too, and rolls up into a croissant shape for storing in your hand luggage. I’m not sure the person next to me appreciated the cushion occasionally bumping into them (or my snoring!) but then I felt far more rested than usual when I arrived so didn’t really care!”

Tested by Priyankaa Joshi, Senior Health and Wellness Writer

“I tried the Mountain Warehouse Memory Foam Pillow on a 10-and-a-half-hour flight from the UK to St Kitts in the Caribbean. It was my first experience with a travel pillow and I’d say it definitely enhanced my flight. The outer fabric was extremely soft and felt lovely against my skin and I loved the squishy memory foam.

For the first time, I actually managed to get some decent sleep on a flight – my neck felt properly supported and I didn’t feel uncomfortable at all.

Coming in at under £20, I think it’s excellent value for money and I’ll most definitely continue to use it on all my flights going forwards.

If I had to think of a downside, it is a little bulky (it seems larger than other travel pillows) but I didn’t find this a problem – I just hooked it onto my rucksack (note, it doesn’t come with a carry case).”

Laura Cohen, head of accreditation at the GHI, swears by her inflatable travel pillow. “It has a removable soft cover and deflates down to nothing, which makes it ideal if you’re tight on luggage space, and don’t want to lug a bigger pillow around with you. It's very affordable, too.”

Note, this isn't Laura's exact pillow (she's had hers for a while) but we've found one with a very similar design.

Headshot of Hannah Mendelsohn

Hannah is our homes editor, specialising in reviewing the latest kitchen appliances, cleaning products, mattresses and bedding, and crafting equipment. Hannah has written about hundreds of products, from air fryers to smoothie makers to pillows , and is committed to finding the most reliable and best value for money buys.

Hannah is also interested in sustainability in the home and has completed a course with the University of the Arts London in sustainable textiles, so she can help cut through the noise on what’s green and what’s not. Hannah has an MA in Magazine Journalism and has previously worked as a freelance lifestyle and women’s sports journalist , working for Stylist , Sky Sports and more.

Hannah has also previously worked in a florist and can normally be found caring for her house plants or sewing something new for her home or wardrobe.

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7 travel booking hacks to help you secure the best deals on flights

From leveraging cost comparison sites to booking on off hours and days, these hacks will help you get the best deals when booking air travel

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Booking travel can be both an exhilarating experience, as well as a stressful one. As you plan your next escapade, eagerly anticipating the adventures that await, amidst the excitement, is often the daunting struggle of finding the best price and most ideal day and time to book your flights. Navigating the ever-changing landscape of airfare prices can be a challenging task, with numerous variables at play. Learning to leveraging the different tools and resources at your disposal can be a valuable skill that can lead to substantial savings on your travel expenses. 

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In this guide to booking air travel, we’ll explore key insights and strategies tailored to help you secure the best deals on your flights. 

1. Utilize fare comparison websites

Knowledge is key.

Before we delve into the specifics of timing, it’s essential to arm yourself with powerful tools for finding the best flight deals. Canadian travellers can take advantage of popular fare comparison websites such as Expedia , Skyscanner , Kayak and Google Flights . These platforms allow you to compare prices across various airlines and booking agencies, providing an excellent starting point for your flight search.

2. Best day to book flights

Mid-week versus weekend booking.

The optimal day to book flights is a topic of much debate among travel experts. However, studies suggest that booking midweek, particularly on Tuesdays, can yield cost-effective results. Airlines often release their discounted fares on Mondays, and as other carriers catch up with their pricing adjustments, competitive deals can be found on Tuesdays. On the other hand, Fridays and weekends are typically when airfares are at their highest due to increased demand corresponding with when people are off for the weekend. 

Product reviews, deals, roundups and interviews to help you make better buying decisions.

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3. Embrace the “Prime Booking Window”

“Last minute deals” may be a thing of the past.

The concept of the “Prime Booking Window” has emerged as a useful guideline for travellers, which usually occurs three to five months and three to six weeks before your departure date. Airlines tend to offer competitive prices during these periods as they tend to try to fill up their flights without resorting to last-minute discounts.

4. Aim to be flexible with your dates and consider off-peak travel

Flexibility can save money.

Flexibility with your travel dates can significantly impact your flight costs, even if it is just by a few days. Companies like Expedia , Air Canada  and WestJet all provide within their search feature the ability to select the option to view alternative dates and prices, often showing the flight prices two to three days before and after the day you originally inputted into the search. 

Travelling during off-peak seasons or shoulder periods can result in substantial savings, as well. Additionally, mid-week flights are generally more affordable than weekend departures. 

5. Don’t overlook alternate airports

The benefits of flying in or out of alternative airports.

For those who reside in cities with multiple airports, exploring options from alternate airports can lead to significant savings. The same concept applies to the destination you’re looking to fly into. Check out the surrounding regions’ airports and flight offerings to see if there is a better option. As an added bonus, you may get to explore an additional area you might not have otherwise — just be sure to factor in any additional travel expenses to these airports when comparing prices.

6. The best time to book flights

Check during the “off” hours.

While the day of the week can be crucial, the time of day you make your flight reservation can also influence the ticket price. Many experts suggest booking flights in the early morning or late evening, as airlines tend to release new fares and seat inventory during these hours. Keep an eye out for fare updates around 1 a.m. or 11 p.m., when they are more likely to be available.

7. Sign up for fare alerts

Be proactive.

To stay ahead in the game, consider signing up for fare alerts from various booking websites and airlines. These alerts will keep you informed about any price drops or special deals to your chosen destinations. Popular platforms like Google Flights and FlightHub offer customizable fare alerts, helping you snag discounted flights as soon as they become available. It’s important to also act quickly, as fares change frequently and without warning. 

Stay in the loop with Shopping Essential’s travel guide .

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best travel essentials for long flights

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Travel Itinerary For One Week in Moscow: The Best of Moscow!

I just got back from one week in Moscow. And, as you might have already guessed, it was a mind-boggling experience. It was not my first trip to the Russian capital. But I hardly ever got enough time to explore this sprawling city. Visiting places for business rarely leaves enough time for sightseeing. I think that if you’ve got one week in Russia, you can also consider splitting your time between its largest cities (i.e. Saint Petersburg ) to get the most out of your trip. Seven days will let you see the majority of the main sights and go beyond just scratching the surface. In this post, I’m going to share with you my idea of the perfect travel itinerary for one week in Moscow.

Moscow is perhaps both the business and cultural hub of Russia. There is a lot more to see here than just the Kremlin and Saint Basil’s Cathedral. Centuries-old churches with onion-shaped domes dotted around the city are in stark contrast with newly completed impressive skyscrapers of Moscow City dominating the skyline. I spent a lot of time thinking about my Moscow itinerary before I left. And this city lived up to all of my expectations.

7-day Moscow itinerary

Travel Itinerary For One Week in Moscow

Day 1 – red square and the kremlin.

Metro Station: Okhotny Ryad on Red Line.

No trip to Moscow would be complete without seeing its main attraction. The Red Square is just a stone’s throw away from several metro stations. It is home to some of the most impressive architectural masterpieces in the city. The first thing you’ll probably notice after entering it and passing vendors selling weird fur hats is the fairytale-like looking Saint Basil’s Cathedral. It was built to commemorate one of the major victories of Ivan the Terrible. I once spent 20 minutes gazing at it, trying to find the perfect angle to snap it. It was easier said than done because of the hordes of locals and tourists.

As you continue strolling around Red Square, there’s no way you can miss Gum. It was widely known as the main department store during the Soviet Era. Now this large (yet historic) shopping mall is filled with expensive boutiques, pricey eateries, etc. During my trip to Moscow, I was on a tight budget. So I only took a retro-style stroll in Gum to get a rare glimpse of a place where Soviet leaders used to grocery shop and buy their stuff. In case you want some modern shopping experience, head to the Okhotny Ryad Shopping Center with stores like New Yorker, Zara, and Adidas.

things to do in Moscow in one week

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To continue this Moscow itinerary, next you may want to go inside the Kremlin walls. This is the center of Russian political power and the president’s official residence. If you’re planning to pay Kremlin a visit do your best to visit Ivan the Great Bell Tower as well. Go there as early as possible to avoid crowds and get an incredible bird’s-eye view. There are a couple of museums that are available during designated visiting hours. Make sure to book your ticket online and avoid lines.

Day 2 – Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, the Tretyakov Gallery, and the Arbat Street

Metro Station: Kropotkinskaya on Red Line

As soon as you start creating a Moscow itinerary for your second day, you’ll discover that there are plenty of metro stations that are much closer to certain sites. Depending on your route, take a closer look at the metro map to pick the closest.

The white marble walls of Christ the Saviour Cathedral are awe-inspiring. As you approach this tallest Orthodox Christian church, you may notice the bronze sculptures, magnificent arches, and cupolas that were created to commemorate Russia’s victory against Napoleon.

travel itinerary for one week in Moscow

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Unfortunately, the current Cathedral is a replica, since original was blown to bits in 1931 by the Soviet government. The new cathedral basically follows the original design, but they have added some new elements such as marble high reliefs.

Home to some precious collection of artworks, in Tretyakov Gallery you can find more than 150,000 of works spanning centuries of artistic endeavor. Originally a privately owned gallery, it now has become one of the largest museums in Russia. The Gallery is often considered essential to visit. But I have encountered a lot of locals who have never been there.

Famous for its souvenirs, musicians, and theaters, Arbat street is among the few in Moscow that were turned into pedestrian zones. Arbat street is usually very busy with tourists and locals alike. My local friend once called it the oldest street in Moscow dating back to 1493. It is a kilometer long walking street filled with fancy gift shops, small cozy restaurants, lots of cute cafes, and street artists. It is closed to any vehicular traffic, so you can easily stroll it with kids.

Day 3 – Moscow River Boat Ride, Poklonnaya Hill Victory Park, the Moscow City

Metro Station: Kievskaya and Park Pobedy on Dark Blue Line / Vystavochnaya on Light Blue Line

Voyaging along the Moscow River is definitely one of the best ways to catch a glimpse of the city and see the attractions from a bit different perspective. Depending on your Moscow itinerary, travel budget and the time of the year, there are various types of boats available. In the summer there is no shortage of boats, and you’ll be spoiled for choice.

exploring Moscow

Travel Itinerary for One Week in Beijing

If you find yourself in Moscow during the winter months, I’d recommend going with Radisson boat cruise. These are often more expensive (yet comfy). They offer refreshments like tea, coffee, hot chocolate, and, of course, alcoholic drinks. Prices may vary but mostly depend on your food and drink selection. Find their main pier near the opulent Ukraine hotel . The hotel is one of the “Seven Sisters”, so if you’re into the charm of Stalinist architecture don’t miss a chance to stay there.

The area near Poklonnaya Hill has the closest relation to the country’s recent past. The memorial complex was completed in the mid-1990s to commemorate the Victory and WW2 casualties. Also known as the Great Patriotic War Museum, activities here include indoor attractions while the grounds around host an open-air museum with old tanks and other vehicles used on the battlefield.

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The hallmark of the memorial complex and the first thing you see as you exit metro is the statue of Nike mounted to its column. This is a very impressive Obelisk with a statue of Saint George slaying the dragon at its base.

Maybe not as impressive as Shanghai’s Oriental Pearl Tower , the skyscrapers of the Moscow City (otherwise known as Moscow International Business Center) are so drastically different from dull Soviet architecture. With 239 meters and 60 floors, the Empire Tower is the seventh highest building in the business district.

The observation deck occupies 56 floor from where you have some panoramic views of the city. I loved the view in the direction of Moscow State University and Luzhniki stadium as well to the other side with residential quarters. The entrance fee is pricey, but if you’re want to get a bird’s eye view, the skyscraper is one of the best places for doing just that.

Day 4 – VDNKh, Worker and Collective Farm Woman Monument, The Ostankino TV Tower

Metro Station: VDNKh on Orange Line

VDNKh is one of my favorite attractions in Moscow. The weird abbreviation actually stands for Russian vystavka dostizheniy narodnogo khozyaystva (Exhibition of Achievements of the National Economy). With more than 200 buildings and 30 pavilions on the grounds, VDNKh serves as an open-air museum. You can easily spend a full day here since the park occupies a very large area.

Moscow sights

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First, there are pavilions that used to showcase different cultures the USSR was made of. Additionally, there is a number of shopping pavilions, as well as Moskvarium (an Oceanarium) that features a variety of marine species. VDNKh is a popular venue for events and fairs. There is always something going on, so I’d recommend checking their website if you want to see some particular exhibition.

A stone’s throw away from VDNKh there is a very distinctive 25-meters high monument. Originally built in 1937 for the world fair in Paris, the hulking figures of men and women holding a hammer and a sickle represent the Soviet idea of united workers and farmers. It doesn’t take much time to see the monument, but visiting it gives some idea of the Soviet Union’s grandiose aspirations.

I have a thing for tall buildings. So to continue my travel itinerary for one week in Moscow I decided to climb the fourth highest TV tower in the world. This iconic 540m tower is a fixture of the skyline. You can see it virtually from everywhere in Moscow, and this is where you can get the best panoramic views (yep, even better than Empire skyscraper).

top things to do in Moscow

Parts of the floor are made of tempered glass, so it can be quite scary to exit the elevator. But trust me, as you start observing buildings and cars below, you won’t want to leave. There is only a limited number of tickets per day, so you may want to book online. Insider tip: the first tour is cheaper, you can save up to $10 if go there early.

Day 5 – A Tour To Moscow Manor Houses

Metro Station: Kolomenskoye, Tsaritsyno on Dark Green Line / Kuskovo on Purple Line

I love visiting the manor houses and palaces in Moscow. These opulent buildings were generally built to house Russian aristocratic families and monarchs. Houses tend to be rather grand affairs with impressive architecture. And, depending on the whims of the owners, some form of a landscaped garden.

During the early part of the 20th century though, many of Russia’s aristocratic families (including the family of the last emperor) ended up being killed or moving abroad . Their manor houses were nationalized. Some time later (after the fall of the USSR) these were open to the public. It means that today a great many of Moscow’s finest manor houses and palaces are open for touring.

one week Moscow itinerary

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There are 20 manor houses scattered throughout the city and more than 25 in the area around. But not all of them easily accessible and exploring them often takes a lot of time. I’d recommend focusing on three most popular estates in Moscow that are some 30-minute metro ride away from Kremlin.

Sandwiched between the Moscow River and the Andropov Avenue, Kolomenskoye is a UNESCO site that became a public park in the 1920’s. Once a former royal estate, now it is one of the most tranquil parks in the city with gorgeous views. The Ascension Church, The White Column, and the grounds are a truly grand place to visit.

You could easily spend a full day here, exploring a traditional Russian village (that is, in fact, a market), picnicking by the river, enjoying the Eastern Orthodox church architecture, hiking the grounds as well as and wandering the park and gardens with wildflower meadows, apple orchards, and birch and maple groves. The estate museum showcases Russian nature at its finest year-round.

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If my travel itinerary for one week in Moscow was a family tree, Tsaritsyno Park would probably be the crazy uncle that no-one talks about. It’s a large park in the south of the city of mind-boggling proportions, unbelievable in so many ways, and yet most travelers have never heard of it.

The palace was supposed to be a summer home for Empress Catherine the Great. But since the construction didn’t meet with her approval the palace was abandoned. Since the early 1990’s the palace, the pond, and the grounds have been undergoing renovations. The entire complex is now looking brighter and more elaborately decorated than at possibly any other time during its history. Like most parks in Moscow, you can visit Tsaritsyno free of charge, but there is a small fee if you want to visit the palace.

Moscow itinerary

How To Stop Procrastinating When Trip Planning

Last, but by no means least on my Moscow itinerary is Kuskovo Park . This is definitely an off-the-beaten-path place. While it is not easily accessible, you will be rewarded with a lack of crowds. This 18th-century summer country house of the Sheremetev family was one of the first summer country estates of the Russian nobility. And when you visit you’ll quickly realize why locals love this park.

Like many other estates, Kuskovo has just been renovated. So there are lovely French formal garden, a grotto, and the Dutch house to explore. Make sure to plan your itinerary well because the estate is some way from a metro station.

Day 6 – Explore the Golden Ring

Creating the Moscow itinerary may keep you busy for days with the seemingly endless amount of things to do. Visiting the so-called Golden Ring is like stepping back in time. Golden Ring is a “theme route” devised by promotion-minded journalist and writer Yuri Bychkov.

Having started in Moscow the route will take you through a number of historical cities. It now includes Suzdal, Vladimir, Kostroma, Yaroslavl and Sergiev Posad. All these awe-inspiring towns have their own smaller kremlins and feature dramatic churches with onion-shaped domes, tranquil residential areas, and other architectural landmarks.

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I only visited two out of eight cities included on the route. It is a no-brainer that Sergiev Posad is the nearest and the easiest city to see on a day trip from Moscow. That being said, you can explore its main attractions in just one day. Located some 70 km north-east of the Russian capital, this tiny and overlooked town is home to Trinity Lavra of St. Sergius, UNESCO Site.

things to do in Moscow in seven days

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Sergiev Posad is often described as being at the heart of Russian spiritual life. So it is uncommon to see the crowds of Russian pilgrims showing a deep reverence for their religion. If you’re traveling independently and using public transport, you can reach Sergiev Posad by bus (departs from VDNKh) or by suburban commuter train from Yaroslavskaya Railway Station (Bahnhof). It takes about one and a half hours to reach the town.

Trinity Lavra of St. Sergius is a great place to get a glimpse of filling and warming Russian lunch, specifically at the “ Gostevaya Izba ” restaurant. Try the duck breast, hearty potato and vegetables, and the awesome Napoleon cake.

Day 7 – Gorky Park, Izmailovo Kremlin, Patriarch’s Ponds

Metro Station: Park Kultury or Oktyabrskaya on Circle Line / Partizanskaya on Dark Blue Line / Pushkinskaya on Dark Green Line

Gorky Park is in the heart of Moscow. It offers many different types of outdoor activities, such as dancing, cycling, skateboarding, walking, jogging, and anything else you can do in a park. Named after Maxim Gorky, this sprawling and lovely park is where locals go on a picnic, relax and enjoy free yoga classes. It’s a popular place to bike around, and there is a Muzeon Art Park not far from here. A dynamic location with a younger vibe. There is also a pier, so you can take a cruise along the river too.

Random Russian guy

How to Save Money While Traveling in Europe

The Kremlin in Izmailovo is by no means like the one you can find near the Red Square. Originally built for decorative purposes, it now features the Vernissage flea market and a number of frequent fairs, exhibitions, and conferences. Every weekend, there’s a giant flea market in Izmailovo, where dozens of stalls sell Soviet propaganda crap, Russian nesting dolls, vinyl records, jewelry and just about any object you can imagine. Go early in the morning if you want to beat the crowds.

All the Bulgakov’s fans should pay a visit to Patriarch’s Ponds (yup, that is plural). With a lovely small city park and the only one (!) pond in the middle, the location is where the opening scene of Bulgakov’s novel Master and Margarita was set. The novel is centered around a visit by Devil to the atheistic Soviet Union is considered by many critics to be one of the best novels of the 20th century. I spent great two hours strolling the nearby streets and having lunch in the hipster cafe.

Conclusion and Recommendations

To conclude, Moscow is a safe city to visit. I have never had a problem with getting around and most locals are really friendly once they know you’re a foreigner. Moscow has undergone some serious reconstruction over the last few years. So you can expect some places to be completely different. I hope my one week Moscow itinerary was helpful! If you have less time, say 4 days or 5 days, I would cut out day 6 and day 7. You could save the Golden Ring for a separate trip entirely as there’s lots to see!

What are your thoughts on this one week Moscow itinerary? Are you excited about your first time in the city? Let me know in the comments below!


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best travel essentials for long flights

Ann Snook-Moreau

Moscow looks so beautiful and historic! Thanks for including public transit information for those of us who don’t like to rent cars.

best travel essentials for long flights


Yup, that is me 🙂 Rarely rent + stick to the metro = Full wallet!

best travel essentials for long flights

Mariella Blago

Looks like you had loads of fun! Well done. Also great value post for travel lovers.

Thanks, Mariella!

best travel essentials for long flights

I have always wanted to go to Russia, especially Moscow. These sights look absolutely beautiful to see and there is so much history there!

Agree! Moscow is a thousand-year-old city and there is definitely something for everyone.

best travel essentials for long flights

Tara Pittman

Those are amazing buildings. Looks like a place that would be amazing to visit.

best travel essentials for long flights

Adriana Lopez

Never been to Moscow or Russia but my family has. Many great spots and a lot of culture. Your itinerary sounds fantastic and covers a lot despite it is only a short period of time.

What was their favourite thing about Russia?

best travel essentials for long flights

Gladys Parker

I know very little about Moscow or Russia for the\at matter. I do know I would have to see the Red Square and all of its exquisite architectural masterpieces. Also the CATHEDRAL OF CHRIST THE SAVIOUR. Thanks for shedding some light on visiting Moscow.

Thanks for swinging by! The Red Square is a great starting point, but there way too many places and things to discover aside from it!

best travel essentials for long flights

Ruthy @ Percolate Kitchen

You are making me so jealous!! I’ve always wanted to see Russia.

best travel essentials for long flights

Moscow is in my bucket list, I don’t know when I can visit there, your post is really useful. As a culture rich place we need to spend at least week.

best travel essentials for long flights


Looks like you had a great trip! Thanks for all the great info! I’ve never been in to Russia, but this post makes me wanna go now!

best travel essentials for long flights

Wow this is amazing! Moscow is on my bucket list – such an amazing place to visit I can imagine! I can’t wait to go there one day!

best travel essentials for long flights

The building on the second picture looks familiar. I keep seeing that on TV.

best travel essentials for long flights

Reesa Lewandowski

What beautiful moments! I always wish I had the personality to travel more like this!

best travel essentials for long flights

Perfect itinerary for spending a week in Moscow! So many places to visit and it looks like you had a wonderful time. I would love to climb that tower. The views I am sure must have been amazing!

I was lucky enough to see the skyline of Moscow from this TV Tower and it is definitely mind-blowing.

best travel essentials for long flights

Chelsea Pearl

Moscow is definitely up there on my travel bucket list. So much history and iconic architecture!

Thumbs up! 🙂

best travel essentials for long flights

Blair Villanueva

OMG I dream to visit Moscow someday! Hope the visa processing would be okay (and become more affordable) so I could pursue my dream trip!

Yup, visa processing is the major downside! Agree! Time and the money consuming process…

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

best travel essentials for long flights

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Russian Tours and Cruises from Express to Russia

Moscow Travel Guide

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Why travel to Moscow

Contrasts: 12th century monasteries and some of the tallest skyscrapers in Europe can be found side-by-side in this complex and captivating city. The diversity of this mega-city is astounding. Only a few steps away from the solemn red facade of the Kremlin and the sounds of righteous church bells, a buzzing night scene and alternative-fashion boutiques can be found.

Culture: In Moscow only the best goes. Be it a theatre, restaurant or gallery, the standards are certain to be world-class. The Bolshoi ballet company is reputed to be even better than the Mariinsky’s and “MMOMA” (Moscow’s museum of modern art) exhibits works of art as profound as any that could be found in the famed MOMA.

Convenience: Unlike the rest of Russia, it’s easy enough to get by with just English in Moscow and, driving excepted, it is surprisingly safe: the murder rate is lower than in some of America’s major cities.

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Why visit Moscow

It would take more than two days to walk around the perimeter of the biggest city in Europe, Moscow. Many of its inhabitants barely know what’s beyond the few blocks around their flat and there are so many attractions that it’s almost impossible to know where to start. If there is such a thing as an antidote to boredom, Moscow City is it. The mind-boggling range and diversity of things to do, places to eat, parks, historical monuments and more means that a vacation in Moscow has a wealth of activities to offer for every type of traveler, from young families to retirees.

Reasons to Vacation in Moscow in 2022

The Bolshoi theatre is familiar to almost everyone as Russia’s grandest theatre, but what people don’t know is that there are many more bolshoi (big) sites in Moscow that are worth travelling all the way to Moscow to see. For more than 100 years, the world’s biggest bell has been hidden behind the Kremlin’s walls and inside Moscow’s main park (which is bigger than some countries!) there is the world’s largest outdoor ice-rink. Travelers that visit Moscow can stay at the Izmailovo, Europe’s biggest hotel, then eat at the largest and most historic McDonald’s in Europe and after that have fun at the largest European indoor theme park!

Ancient Past & Stunning Architecture:

As those who travel to Moscow will see, just because Moscow is a city of record-breaking, glitzy high-rises doesn’t mean that there is no history. On the famous Arbat street, time-worn, wooden storehouses and century-old churches are squashed up against grey, soviet blocks which are then towered over by 21st century office-blocks. Unlike its much younger sibling, St Petersburg, Moscow’s roots stretch way back to the 12th century. Within the walls of the Kremlin, the city’s oldest building the Cathedral of Assumption can be admired in all its 500+ years of age.

Culture & Convenience

For a foreigner who has never visited Russia, Moscow is the perfect stepping stone into this great land of mystery. From the country’s best classical ballet troupes to snow-white troikas trotting through the parks, all the highlights of Russian culture can be had in Moscow without any of the complications that would be expected in other, less developed regions of Russia.

Cheap as Caviar

In Moscow, everything is bargain when with the current foreign exchange rates being what they are. Even caviar doesn’t seem so dear when the exchange rate is at 60rub to the dollar, so go on indulge yourself! Take your 2022 vacation in Moscow and have the best of both worlds, with European luxury at very affordable prices.

best travel essentials for long flights

Lena, our guide in Moscow was excellent. She was very knowledgable and could answer any question we had for her. We liked that she could pick up on our interests and take us places we might not have thought of to go. When we realized that one of the places we had chosen to see would probably not be that interesting to us, she was able to arrange entry to the Diamond Fund and the Armoury for us. Riding the Metro with Lena was a real adventure and a lot of fun. In Saint Petersburg we found Anna well versed in the history of the Tsars and in the Hermitage collection. Arkady in Veliky Novgorod was a very good guide and answered all of our questions with ease. Novgorod was perhaps a long way to go for a day trip, but we did enjoy it. Vasily was a great driver to have and kept us safe with good humour and skill. We enjoyed ourselves so much, my daughter says she is already planning to return. We would both have no hesistation to recommend ExpresstoRussia to anyone we know.

Just wanted to let you know that My grandson Bruno and I couldn´t have been more pleased with our week in Moscow (6/15 - 6/21). We were absolutely enchanted with the whole experience, including getting lost a couple of times in the Metro during our free time. Although both our guides (both Eleanas) were excellent, I would particularly commend the first one (she took us to the Tatiakov, the KGB tour, and to that beautiful cemetery where so many great Russian artists, authors, composers, musicians, militarists, and politicians are buried). Her knowledge is encyclopedic; and her understanding of today´s Russia as a product of its past was, for us, truly enlightening. I will be taking another tour in Russia, with my wife, within the next two or three years. I will be in touch with you when the time comes. Meanwhile, I will refer you to other potential visitors to Russia as I meet them.

We had a great time both in Moscow and St Petersburg. Your travel agency was excellent in coordinating the whole trip. Everything worked like clockwork. The guides assigned to us were very nice and friendly. They had a great knowledge of their subjects. The cars and the drivers were great. The hotels were good and the itinerary was good. All in all, it was a wonderful experience. It was nice dealing with you and your company. Thank you very much for a great Russian experience. Have a great future ahead

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Amazon Prime Day 2024: Here's what to expect, tips, and tricks

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Amazon Prime Day has grown into one of the biggest sales events of the year, with discounts rivaling those of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. With so many retailers selling on Amazon, Prime members can save on just about anything, from viral beauty products to new unlocked smartphones.

The best Prime Day deals we saw last year included all-time lows on brands like Apple, Vitamix, iRobot, Dyson, Crocs, and, of course, Amazon-owned products like the Fire TV , Kindle e-reader , and Echo smart speakers . We expect to see more of the same this year as well.

It'll be the first major deal holiday of the year, so it's an awesome chance to score summer discounts on big-ticket items and household staples. The retailer's 10th Prime Day event has officially been announced to arrive in July, but the actual days are still unknown. In the meantime, we're keeping tabs on all of the latest Prime Day news, and we'll keep you updated with our findings here.

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When is Amazon Prime Day 2024?

Amazon Prime Day is officially coming this July, though the exact days have not yet been announced. In past years, it kicked off on the second Tuesday of the month. If Amazon follows the same trend, it will take place on July 9 and 10. We'll keep this story updated as more details are announced.

What is Amazon Prime Day?

Amazon Prime Day is the retailer's annual mega sale and one of the major benefits of Prime membership. It's a two-day sales event, usually during the summer, that features products from every category, from fashion staples to hot new tech. 

Though it used to be a deal holiday of a much smaller scale, Prime Day has grown exponentially since the first one in 2015. Now, you can find almost everything on sale for all-time low prices, matching discounts we see during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. 

What should I buy during Amazon Prime Day?

Everything is fair game to buy during Amazon Prime Day. Whether you've been holding out on a pricey new TV or just need to stock up on toiletries, Prime Day is a good time to make your move. 

Last year, we saw incredible prices on tech, including 4K TVs , Fire TV streaming devices , Apple products, Kindle e-readers , PC gaming accessories, Echo smart speakers , and top headphones picks. Prime Day tech deals featured brands like Logitech, Bose, Jabra, Sony, Roku, Samsung, TCL, and more. 

If you're looking for style and beauty deals during Prime Day, last year, brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Tatcha, Laneige, Levi's, Carhartt, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Adidas, and Marc Jacobs all featured products at rare low prices. That means skincare, makeup, shoes, men's clothing, women's fashion, and accessories will all be available for less. 

Home and kitchen products saw no shortage of Prime Day deals either, with big names like Dyson, Shark, iRobot, Philips, KitchenAid, Nespresso, Casper, Leesa, and OXO down to all-time lows for the event. So, whether you need an air fryer , robot vacuum , mattress , or just some sturdy mixing bowls, Prime Day is a good time to buy. 

You don't need to be focused on fancy new gadgets or treatments to shop smart during Amazon Prime Day either. We also catch tons of affordable household essentials available for even less every year, like toilet paper, dish soap, doggy bags, and makeup wipes. These deals are sweet, since they save you money on stuff you needed to buy anyway. 

How long do Prime Day deals last?

How long a Prime Day deal lasts differs between items, but in general, the best discounts will start during the event and end before the 48-hour holiday is over. Some will last the whole two days while others will only last one, so it's always wise to act on a good sale when you see it. Lightning deals especially go fast, the most popular of which dwindle away in less than an hour.

I always recommend buying a product you've had your eye on as soon as it's highlighted as a Prime Day deal. Regardless of how long it's set to last, oftentimes the best sales run out of stock, resulting in shipping dates being pushed out, or the deal no longer being offered at all. We'll be providing all of the deal context you need to shop confidently and quickly, so be sure to check our roundups of the best discounts when the event rolls around. 

Do you need to be a Prime member to shop Amazon Prime Day?

Amazon Prime Day is locked to Prime members only. It's one of the major benefits of subscribing to the service, in addition to other perks like free two-day shipping and Prime Video streaming. 

If you have yet to become a member, you can sign up for a free 30-day trial to test it out. Once the official Prime Day dates have been announced, you can even time your free period to overlap with the sale, but it's not a guarantee since sometimes retailers will lock out free members from shopping the best deals.

Do other stores participate in Prime Day?

Although Prime Day is an Amazon-specific event, it's grown so large that other major retailers have started kicking off competing sales to overlap with it. No one has announced a competing Prime Day sale just yet, but if past years are any indication, Walmart, Target, and Best Buy will likely be holding their own events.

These are definitely worth checking out; they often match the best deals on popular items you can find from Prime Day. We'll also be rounding these deals up so you can shop from the retailer that best suits you, whether you're a Target Circle cardholder, My Best Buy Plus member, or Walmart Plus subscriber. 

Is Prime Day an international event?

Prime Day occurs in several other countries, but not all of them. Here's a list of countries where Prime Day will be available to shop:

  • Netherlands
  • Saudi Arabia
  • The United Arab Emirates
  • The United States
  • The United Kingdom

Want to see what Amazon has on sale right now? We've spotted some hefty price cuts on electronics, fashion, home, kitchen, laptops, and more on its main deals page .

best travel essentials for long flights

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  1. 38 Best Long Haul Flight Essentials + Insider Tips

    Eye mask and ear plugs are perfect for being able to block out the world on a long haul flight, especially if it is a night time flight. 16. Blanket Scarf. This essential item has so many uses but I find airplanes so cold and I the blankets on the planes are pretty thin so I love bringing a blanket scarf.

  2. 22 Long Flight Essentials You Need to Stay Sane

    Make sure to bring a reusable water bottle as one of your carry-on essentials so that you don't have to wait for beverage service on the plane to drink water. Stainless Steel Reusable Water Bottle. $16.99. Lightweight; comes in multiple sizes and colors. Interchangeable lids: straw, wide-mouth, and hot beverage.

  3. 15 Comfy Long-haul Flight Travel Essentials

    One frequent flier shares the 15 travel essentials that are always on her packing list for a long-haul flight. Explore the best travel accessories to stay comfy on an all-day (or all-night) flight ...

  4. What to Pack for a Long-haul Flight: A Complete Checklist

    Toiletries. Customize your toiletry and grooming kit for a long-haul flight: Think hand sanitizing spray and/or wipes, pain killer, lip balm, moisturizing cream, and hair ties. If looking fresh ...

  5. Long Flight Essentials: 20 Things You MUST Pack In Your Carry-On

    3 Health & beauty travel essentials for long flights. 3.1 Hand sanitiser. 3.2 Lip balm & moisturiser. 3.3 Toothbrush & toothpaste. 3.4 Clear cosmetics case for toiletries. 3.5 Chewing gum. 3.6 First aid kit / essential medicines. 4 Other airplane essentials for long flights. 4.1 Scarf or shawl.

  6. Long Haul Flight Essentials: 30 Tips To Survive Long Flights

    Why Long Haul Flight Essentials are a Travel Necessity. ... #17 Best Travel Items for Long Flights for Comfort: Foot Hammock. Riding in economy on long-haul flights can by a struggle. That said, there are a few travel hacks - like the tray table foot hammock - that can exponentially increase your chances of surviving a long-haul flight in ...

  7. 17 Long Flight Essentials That Every Traveler Needs in their Carry On

    4. Sleep Mask. Not all flights are red eyes and not everyone will pull their screens down, so and an eye mask is a must have for long haul flights. You will be very thankful you can blackout your surroundings when you need it. Silk Sleep Mask. Cotton Sleep Mask. 5. EarPlugs. Nothing is worst than a super loud flight.

  8. 45 Long Flight Essentials to Pack in Your Carry-On

    Carry On Bags + Pouches. 1. Backpack. The right carry-on bag is essential for any long-haul flight. It has to fit everything you need, and also be comfortable and easy to carry. This stylish travel backpack is an ideal carry-on bag. A backpack is the best option for a long travel day.

  9. 27 Long Haul Flight Essentials, Plus Travel Tips for Economy Fliers

    At least not performance wool or wool blends. My 2nd favorite is hemp: it does everything wool does, plus it grows sustainably, using very little water and cleaning up toxins in the soil. Rad! To keep your airplane stank to a minimum, wear wool blended socks, a wool shirt or hemp shirt, and wool/silk underwear.

  10. 40 Long Flight Essentials, Tested by Travel Editors

    Going Premium Membership. This " pre -long-flight" essential is really an airfare watchdog service that keeps an eye on your preferred airports and alerts you when prices drop. Subscribers ...

  11. 41 Long Haul Flight Essentials & Tips for 2023

    Long haul and overnight flights do have a significant impact on your body. Just to name a few of the things your body may go through on such a flight: Poor circulation and blood pooling in your feet due to being cramped in a small place for a long period of time. You may be more gassy due to lessened pressure on the outside of your body.

  12. 27 Long Haul Flight Essentials and a Flight Checklist for You

    1) What you NEED during the flight and at the airport. This includes things like medication, water and snacks. 2) What the airline MAKES you pack in your carry on vs checked. Hello camera gear, laptops and other electronics. 3) What would spoil your trip if the airline lost your checked luggage.

  13. What to pack on a long flight

    The bag needs to be lightweight, easy to carry and easy to find your essentials - your passport, travel documents, wallet, keys and phone. Look for styles with zips too for added security. Our editors swear by Uniqlo's viral £15 bag which you can wear across your body so everything is safe and easy to reach.

  14. Long Haul Flight Essentials: What to pack for a long flight

    Long Haul Flight Essentials: 13 Must-Have Travel Items For Your Next Long Flight Long haul flights represent the best and the worst of travel. The best part is that you are likely traveling to some far-off exotic place, while the worst part is that you are constrained to a narrow seat in a metal tube with 100's of strangers for hours on end.

  15. 15 Amazon Travel Essentials for Long Flights

    Dr. Plotka Travel Toothbrush. Amazon. Buy on Amazon $7. It's always nice to brush your teeth before bed and once you wake up, and on a long flight, that can mean twice. I almost always travel ...

  16. 18 Travel Essentials For Long Haul Flights

    A travel pack of Clorox disinfecting wipes. Johnson uses these convenient travel packs of Clorox wipes to disinfect her seat and tray table before sitting. These bleach-free wipes kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses on surfaces as well as common allergens. 1-pack: $6.45 at Walmart 24-pack: $15.50 at Amazon. 15.

  17. 33 Helpful Tips for Long Flights

    Here are 33 tips for long flights. Pete Ark/Getty Images. 1. Book your tickets early. This should go without saying. The earlier you book, the better your chances of scoring your favorite seat ...

  18. Carry-on Travel Essentials for Short & Long Flights [2023]

    Plus, they even make a 7-count pack just for traveling. 6. Speaking of hydration, lip balm is a MUST for our carry-on bags. We're loving this EOS balm in Sweet Mint with shea butter and jojoba oil. It's 100% natural, 95% organic, and packed with tons of vitamins to keep your lips quenched for the long haul. 7.

  19. 31 Top Items To Make Long Flights More Comfortable

    BuzzFeed Staff. 1. An airplane seat back organizer because those seat back pockets are NEVER as big as you need them to be. With this, you can actually store your snacks, water bottle, and so much ...

  20. 22 Long Flight Travel Essentials

    Best Travel Essentials For Long Flights. A long-haul flight is generally any direct or non-stop flight that has a journey time of between 6 to 12 hours but of course there are very, very long haul flights over 12 hours now available globally. You'll find the long flight a lot more enjoyable if you're prepared.

  21. 10 Best Travel Essentials for Long Haul Flights and Long Layovers

    To ensure that you arrive at your destination with your sanity in tact, consider packing these 10 travel essentials for women and men. 1. Phone. In my opinion, a smart phone and a portable charger are of equal importance when planning essentials for long haul flights or when you are stuck on long layovers at the airport. Buy on Amazon.

  22. 9 essential tips for long flights: How to survive a long haul ...

    With drier air and decreased oxygen levels on board, Bob Bacheler, a critical care nurse, emphasizes the need to stay hydrated throughout a long haul flight: "The human body loses about 8 oz of ...

  23. Travel Essentials: The Best Travel Gear and Travel Accessories ...

    Travel Essentials for Long Flights. Long flights can be uncomfortable, especially if you have a connecting flight or a long layover. To make the journey more bearable, pack items such as a neck ...

  24. The Best Sleeping Pills for Flights—And When You Should Take Them

    Certainly, some flights don't warrant sleeping aids—such as when you're taking a short trip or traveling west against a time difference, says Aneesa Das, M.D., a sleep medicine specialist at ...

  25. Google Flights

    Use Google Flights to explore cheap flights to anywhere. Search destinations and track prices to find and book your next flight. Find the best flights fast, track prices, and book with confidence

  26. Best travel pillows UK 2024

    Mountain Warehouse Memory Foam Travel Pillow. Now 25% Off. £15 at Mountain Warehouse. Credit: Priyankaa Joshi. Tested by Priyankaa Joshi, Senior Health and Wellness Writer. "I tried the ...

  27. Best and cheapest time to book flights

    Many experts suggest booking flights in the early morning or late evening, as airlines tend to release new fares and seat inventory during these hours. Keep an eye out for fare updates around 1 a ...

  28. Travel Itinerary For One Week in Moscow: The Best of Moscow!

    Day 6 - Explore the Golden Ring. Creating the Moscow itinerary may keep you busy for days with the seemingly endless amount of things to do. Visiting the so-called Golden Ring is like stepping back in time. Golden Ring is a "theme route" devised by promotion-minded journalist and writer Yuri Bychkov.

  29. Guide to Moscow for Traveling to Moscow in 2022

    The diversity of this mega-city is astounding. Only a few steps away from the solemn red facade of the Kremlin and the sounds of righteous church bells, a buzzing night scene and alternative-fashion boutiques can be found. Culture: In Moscow only the best goes. Be it a theatre, restaurant or gallery, the standards are certain to be world-class.

  30. Amazon Prime Day 2024: Here's what to expect, tips, and tricks

    The best Prime Day deals always go fast. Amazon; Insider How long a Prime Day deal lasts differs between items, but in general, the best discounts will start during the event and end before the 48 ...