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Kayaking at Futaleufu River, Chile

14 sustainable travel companies you can feel good about booking with

Do some good while seeing the world when you book with these ethical and sustainable travel companies

Karen Edwards

While we don’t want to labour on the negatives, you don’t need to be an expert or activist to understand that we are in a climate pinch. It seems a little contradictory to fear for the future while excitedly encouraging international travel, but we humans are an innovative bunch. Exploring the globe doesn’t need to be devastating, and being a responsible traveller doesn’t mean lectures and negativity. Whether you call it eco-travel, sustainable, ethical, regenerative or eco-travel, there is plenty to get excited about.

An increasing number of sustainable travel companies are creating itineraries that allow curious minds to see the world while keeping the impact down. The experiences are awe-inspiring, from hiking remote mountaintops to embracing the world’s most impressive national parks, allowing visitors to engage with destinations in a way that extends far beyond the superficial. If you’re looking for an ethical and environmentally driven travel company for your next adventure, look no further.


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Sustainable travel companies

Byway Travel

1.  Byway Travel

In an ambitious mission statement, UK travel platform Byway declares that its goal is to make flight-free holidays a mainstream holiday choice. Their way of doing so? By helping people discover the beauty of slow, overland travel across the British Isles and Europe . Founder and CEO Cat Jones launched the now B Corporation-certified company during the first Covid lockdown, determined to find a way to reduce flight emissions. Her explanation was simple: If we continue on the current trajectory, emissions from flying are due to triple by 2050. 

2.  Gondwana Ecotours

Named after the ancient supercontinent that gradually split to become the land masses we recognize today, Gondwana Ecotours says its mission is to bring people from different continents closer together, one trip at a time. The New Orleans -based company specializes in small group and private tours that take on exhilarating experiences around the globe, such as gorilla trekking in Rwanda and eco-adventures in Patagonia and Mendoza.

A key component of Gondwana is its network of guides who live in the communities visited, adding personal knowledge, depth and authenticity to the experience while providing tourism-generated income. The company is also committed to limiting its carbon footprint through sustainable travel practices and is recognized for offsetting more than 580 tons of carbon emissions. Since 2021, its tours have been 100-percent carbon-neutral, as certified by the Cooler emissions tracking organization.

Intrepid Travel

3.  Intrepid Travel

Australian-owned Intrepid has always been forthright in declaring its commitment to ethical and responsible practices. In 2018, it became one of the first global travel operators to be B Corporation-certified. Since 2010, it has been operating as the world’s largest carbon-neutral company, carefully measuring and offsetting all unavoidable carbon emissions for 13 years. 

Their trips are just as impressive. From 15-day expeditions traversing the extraordinary gorges and remote villages of northern Pakistan’s Hunza Valley to nine-day itineraries centred around baby gorilla naming ceremonies in Rwanda’s spectacular Volcanoes National Park, Intrepid offer true bucket list travel adventures suited to guests of all interests and abilities. In 2020, as a part of the Tourism Declares A Climate Emergency initiative, the company published a seven-point climate commitment plan – revealing its intention to transition to 100% renewable energy use in offices by 2025 and on all trips by 2030.

Experience Travel Group

4.  Experience Travel Group

Operating on the belief that ‘travel should be about reciprocation’, Asia travel specialist Experience Travel Group holds responsible travel at its core, enabling guests to interact with the community and experience real cultural immersion on every trip. Another B Corporation-certified company, the team is dedicated to creating experiences that divert away from trendy hubs and big hotels. Instead, they build personalised itineraries with initiatives to give back to the community included in the package. 

On adventures in Indonesia , Laos, Cambodia , Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam , for example, guests can enjoy delicious local dishes at ‘social enterprise’ restaurants that support vulnerable young people through job training and employment. In Cambodia, a trip to the Phare Circus in Siem Reap sends funds directly to a performing arts school for underprivileged children in nearby Battambang. A three-day hike along sections of Sri Lanka ’s Pekoe Trail follows the old horse and cart routes that carried tea to the ports, bringing vital income to little-visited communities. 


5.  Seacology

In 1990, American ethnobotanist Dr Paul Cox was conducting forest research in Samoa when village leaders told him 30,000 acres of pristine rainforest were about to be logged due to a government decree to fund a school. Cox was horrified and quickly devised a proposal to raise the needed money to conserve the forest in perpetuity. His plan worked and has come to define the Seacology model: Provide material benefits to villages that pledge to protect their natural resources.

Today, Seacology offers unique ecotourism adventures throughout the world’s islands, where travelers visit active projects, interact with local people and are part of the formula that helps conserve both habitats and communities. Seacology guests also explore intriguing island environments, from the coral reefs of  Fiji to the rainforests of Borneo, while staying at well-appointed resorts and visiting important cultural sites. With all this tropical splendour, expect plenty of opportunities to scuba dive, snorkel, hike and kayak.

6.  Discover Corps

Discover Corps is the leader in the rapidly growing field of 'volunteer vacations' focusing on children, schools, animals and wildlife conservation. Yes, 'voluntourism' has often become a buzzword to cash in on thinly veiled claims, earning criticism and scrutiny over the years. However, Discover Corps operates with complete transparency and has become something of a gold standard for the model.

Trip itineraries are designed to connect travellers to local communities and provide a deeper understanding of the culture, issues, and ways of life in locations around the world. Many projects are in Africa , Asia , and Latin America and can range from caring for elephants in Thailand to helping to protect the animals in South Africa's Greater Kruger National Park region.

ROW Adventures

7.  ROW Adventures

From its beginnings as a whitewater rafting company in the US's Pacific Northwest, ROW Adventures has evolved into an adventure travel company that advocates the transformative nature of human-powered experiences. According to ROW, connecting people with nature results in positive impacts, and the company adheres to conducting business in an inclusive and sustainable way while promoting social equity, environmental stewardship and accountability. Human-powered activities allow participants to fully observe the surroundings, whether white water rafting in Idaho's Salmon River, sea kayaking the orcas in Canada, or trekking across Machu Picchu.

ROW also recognizes that travel is a large contributor to the world’s carbon footprint and subsequently mitigates the impact by offsetting carbon-producing activities whenever possible. At the same time, trips also educate guests to be advocates for locations visited, with special recognition given to the awareness of Indigenous communities and honouring their legacies, lives and connections to the land.

Natural Habitat Adventures

8.  Natural Habitat Adventures

Conservation through exploration is the credo of Natural Habitat Adventures , the official travel partner of the World Wildlife Fund. Nat Hab, as it’s called, is committed to environmentally friendly nature travel, stressing that its travellers become a force for change in addressing the planet's most pressing conservation challenges. Polar bear tours in the Canadian Arctic , African safaris and South American nature tours are examples of the company’s itineraries where tourism dollars become an influential incentive for communities to protect their natural resources.

Nat Hab also acknowledges that its 8,000 annual travellers on all seven continents expend plenty of CO2. To mitigate travel’s carbon output, the company leans into offsetting measures. From 2007 to 2019, Nat Hab offset 49,418 tons of carbon dioxide and has become the world's first 100-percent carbon-neutral travel company. They’ve also provided more than $4.5 million to support WWF’s global conservation efforts and continue to give one-percent of gross sales plus $150,000 annually in support of WWF’s global mission. 

9.  Cheeseman's Ecological Safaris

Ecology safaris catering to wildlife enthusiasts looking for an in-depth nature experience is what husband-and-wife founders Doug and Gail Cheeseman envisioned when they started their namesake company in 1980. Doug, a college zoology and ecology professor, and Gail, a naturalist, turned their passion for nature into a travel company focusing on comprehensive wildlife tours all over the globe. Working with local guides and wildlife researchers, tours are designed for hardcore animal lovers who are obsessed with travel and enjoy learning about the animals they encounter.

For example, Cheeseman’s  Palau National Marine Reserve diving trip in the western Pacific Ocean offers 12 days of snorkelling, paddling, sailing and diving among the awe-inspiring tropical islands in the region.

Quark Expeditions

10.  Quark Expeditions

Quark Expeditions co-founders Lars Wikander and Mike McDowell took the first group of commercial travellers to the North Pole in 1991, completing the first-ever tourism transit of the Northeast Passage. That inaugural expedition proved a game-changer and positioned the company at the forefront of polar explorations. In the three decades since, its polar travellers have visited remote parts of the Arctic and Antarctic. 

With the Earth’s polar regions threatened by climate change, Quark is committed to raising awareness of these delicate ecosystems through environmentally responsible tourism. A facet of that commitment is the company’s Polar Promise to reduce its footprint and work with other industry leaders, as well as guests, to address the complex and challenging issues facing the regions. Coordinating with a global network of scientists, community leaders and sustainability innovators, the company plans to contribute a minimum of $500,000 each year in support of key environmental initiatives and sustainable development projects.

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Tilted Map - sustainable travel and sustainable living blog, with eco-friendly travel tips for Europe and reviews of plastic-free products.

How to Find More Sustainable Hotels Anywhere You Travel

These are the best hotel booking platforms where you can find ethical, eco-friendly, sustainable hotels (and other accommodations, including hostels and homestays).

I founded Tilted Map (this blog!) on the idea that we can make any kind of travel more sustainable. It doesn’t have to involve an eco-lodge in the rainforest. And this guide to finding sustainable hotels is a cornerstone of that philosophy.

Whether you’re on a business trip, backpacking on a budget, or planning a family reunion, the innovative websites on this list can help you find better , more sustainable places to stay – from hostels, homestays and vacation rentals, to hotels, resorts and villas.

The truth is, it’s not easy to find sustainable accommodations. If anyone tells you otherwise, they’re oversimplifying.

All of the search platforms on this list use different criteria, and rank hotels based on different factors. A certain hotel may be labeled as sustainable on one site and not on another. And it really is hard to know what you’re actually getting. But the point is, they’re all a step in the right direction, and I’ve broken down the differences in this guide.

You’ve definitely heard of some of these before – hello, – but further down the list are some options that are a little further off the radar. Famous or not, each one has something unique to offer in helping you book more sustainable stays for any kind of trip.

What to look for in sustainable hotels?

Before worrying about sustainability certifications, the first piece of advice I give is to avoid chain hotels whenever possible. Look for locally-owned hotels, instead.

(Local ownership means, at the very least, more money stays in the community your visiting, and management likely has some interest in preserving the local environment.)

But of course, finding local hotels is easier said than done if you’re on a business trip in a big city in the US, for example. So these websites help you find hotels that are at least doing some things better than the rest when it comes to sustainability.

I’ve personally used most of these platforms in my own travels, so I know the pros and cons of each. Below, I’ll walk you through what they’re each best for, and how to use them on your next trip.

Best Sustainable Hotel Booking Sites

How do hotels get on booking’s “travel sustainable” list, agoda + sustainable hotels filter (for asia only), oliver’s travels + sustainable villa collection filter, vs. kind traveler:,, fairbnb – airbnb with local equity, regenerative travel – sustainable luxury resorts, book different (the one to avoid), + “travel sustainable” filter.

It may be basic, but it works: has a new sustainable travel filter that is one of the easiest ways to find sustainable hotels.

They first introduced the filter in late 2021, and have since added three distinct levels, plus recognition for hotels that have third-party sustainability certifications. (But currently, as of March, 2023, those levels aren’t available for most regions.)

If you’re like me, is your go-to for hotel search anyway, so now all you have to do is check the box for “Travel Sustainable properties.”'s "Travel Sustainable properties" filter lets travelers search for more eco-friendly hotels and vacation rentals.

Even without applying the filter, you’ll see the Travel Sustainable notation on the main results page of . This is what it looks like:

A screenshot of the result for The Inn on First in Napa Valley, California, showing the "Travel Sustainable" badge. ©KettiWilhelm2023

And when you click on a hotel or other property, you’ll see it noted at the top of the listing:

The listing for a sustainable bed and breakfast called Villa Noctis, in Ravenna, Italy, showing the "Travel Sustainable" badge. ©KettiWilhelm2023

While this sustainability filter isn’t as exclusive as some of the other options on this list, it lets you sort through the myriad results on to find hotels that are at least doing better than the rest.

Many of the results are big hotel chains – but not all of them!

I found one of my new favorite sustainable hotels through this filter. (The SLEEP’N Atocha in Madrid , which is Spain’s first Certified B Corp hotel. It’s a beautiful boutique hotel that’s also carbon-neutral, and in a perfect location in central Madrid. Highly recommended!)

A hotel bathroom covered in bright green tiles at the Sleep'N Atocha, a sustainable hotel in Madrid, Spain. ©KettiWilhelm2023

Whenever I stay at a one of Booking’s smaller Travel Sustainable properties, I ask the hotel owners about it. Here’s what I’ve learned about how it works: contacts properties and asks them about a laundry list of different sustainability factors, then the properties send in photos and documentation to prove what they’re doing to reduce their environmental impact.

These sustainability improvements can include a lot of different actions. For example:

  • avoiding single-use plastics (refillable shampoos instead of plastic minis, for example),
  • reducing food waste (by asking guests to request what they want for breakfast instead of putting out a buffet for example),
  • using renewable energy to power the property,
  • offering charging stations for electric vehicles ,
  • offering local artists a place to display their work, and hiring local guides for tours,
  • and lots more!

So the filter doesn’t mean the same thing for all properties, but it means they’re at least doing something that’s ahead of the curve.

Here’s how to see a specific hotel’s sustainability actions:

On each accommodation listing, beneath the “Availability” section (the list of room types you can book), is a section called Travel Sustainable Property. Click “Read More” and you’ll see a list of sustainability certifications and accomplishments for that hotel.

Related: For more on how to travel more sustainably, check out my Lazy Guide to More Sustainable Travel .

I have mixed feelings about Agoda. Frankly, the internet is full of terrible stories about their customer service when something goes wrong with a booking. And I find their website very annoying – lots of distractions, ads, and spammy flags pressuring you to book. (Almost every listing has a bright red notice saying “MEGA SALE,” “ONLY 1 LEFT,” or “78% OFF TODAY.” Blarg.)

However, they do now have a “Travel Sustainable Property” filter, and for years they’ve been the best search platform for hotels in Asia. 

I used Agoda a lot when I lived in China and was traveling around Asia , because it often finds more results there than other hotel booking websites. 

The phrasing for their sustainable hotels filter is exactly the same as on because the two companies have the same corporate owner. (It even uses the same icon and gives the same sustainability information about each hotel as Booking . That’s one good note.)

So, while I wouldn’t recommend it normally, if you’re looking for sustainable hotels in Asia and don’t find enough on Booking or the other options below, Agoda is worth a shot. 

Oliver’s Travels is a London-based accommodation booking platform that specializes in villas in Europe – and they have a strong set of sustainability practices and filters.

Not all of the villas on Oliver’s Travels are sustainability-focused, but they have a “Sustainable Villas Collection” that currently includes 198 eco-friendly vacation rental villas , mostly in Western Europe. (The furthest East are in Greece, Crete and Turkey.)

To narrow down your search even more, Oliver’s Travels has really useful, specific filters. (For example, there isn’t just one “pool” filter. You can choose indoor pool, saltwater pool, heated pool, and more.) Just click Advanced Search > More Filters . (My favorite combination: Sustainable Travel Collection + Wow Factor + Great Deal. There are some real gems in there.)

I asked them about their sustainability project and this is what they told me, via email:

With the help of a sustainability expert, we are currently auditing our entire portfolio – right from air conditioning and electricity usage to waste management systems and recycling rates. We are also analysing the size of the property, its most popular season and the national energy suppliers’ fuel mix. Oliver’s Travels

They plan to use the analysis to move toward offering more lower-emission properties , and become part of the Science Based Targets initiative.

Furthermore, they’re working with Tree-Nation to offset 110% of carbon emissions from all bookings. As I’ve already written about, carbon offsets aren’t always the best option (emissions reductions are much more important), so I wouldn’t be impressed if that were the end of the conversation.

But all in all, this is a lot more than I hear from most platforms when I reach out with sustainability questions. So I’m excited to see what Oliver’s Travels does next to be more sustainable, because they seem to be on the right path!

[ Related: Plum Guide (another very selective vacation rental platform featured in my Airbnb Alternatives post ) also has a list of eco-friendly accommodations – but it’s not public. So I worked with them to get access and created a document with all of their sustainable rentals! The list is available for free to Tilted Map subscribers – just subscribe to my email list , and I’ll instantly send you a link to it.]

Kind Traveler – Hotels that support local charities

Kind Traveler is focused on sustainable boutique hotels . It’s a woman-owned, California start-up that makes donations to local charities every time you book those sustainable hotels. And in exchange, you can get special discounts and perks at those hotels.

However… I’ve certainly found examples where the boutique hotels on Kind Traveler cost less on . (Although it’s hard to compare the Kind Traveler perks – you never know what the hotel gives to everyone, and what’s a true benefit of using their platform.)

In that case, you could definitely make a case for just donating to charity on your own – but of course, the idea behind Kind Traveler is that most people don’t .

Kind Traveler just makes it automatic so the donations actually happen. And they have good taste in curating sustainable boutique hotels.

The site has a wide range of prices but still, if you’re on a budget, this isn’t the first stop I’d recommend.

The hotels listed on Kind Traveler already have sustainability initiatives and connections with local charities they work with, but you if you want, you can choose which organization your donation goes to.

Right now, Kind Traveler has a pretty small selection of properties. They started out mostly in the US (with a strong focus on sustainable hotels in California ), as well as Mexico , Central America and the Caribbean , the Maldives , and Switzerland . And so far in 2023, they’ve expanded to a few destinations around Asia, Southern Africa, and the Middle East.

The founder, Jessica Blotter, says the offering will keep growing.

My legs on a lounge chair in the backyard of my cabana at the Carneros Resort & Spa, a sustainable property in Napa Valley, California. ©KettiWilhelm2023

The Carneros Resort & Spa in Napa Valley – a classic Kind Traveler destination. It’s also one of the few Kind Traveler properties I’ve stayed in, and really was a fantastic hotel. (And I definitely had a media discount for this one.)

Here’s a price comparison, using The Carneros Resort & Spa as an example. As far as I can tell, the price on Kind Traveler simply lumps your required $10 donation into “Taxes & Resort Fees.”

(The same room on the same night costs $10 less on . As for the perks you can supposedly get – late check-out, welcome drinks, room upgrades, etc. – it’s tough to verify what is actually from booking with Kind Traveler, and what you would have gotten anyway.)

Price comparison for the same sustainable hotel between and Kind Traveler, showing the same price for the same date. ©KettiWilhelm2023

You can also increase your donation on Kind Traveler with the arrows. (And not all hotels on Kind Traveler are this upscale.) So is it an earth-shattering way to make hotels more sustainable, or get secret travel perks? No, not really. But that’s not really its goal, either. The point is to get travelers to donate to local charities.

And if nothing else, Kind Traveler is an easy, effective way to make sure you remember to donate to local charities in your travels.

Until I can prove otherwise, I would just say you have to love it or leave for what it is.

Side Note: Interestingly enough, Carneros isn’t yet listed as a Travel Sustainable property on . That just shows that none of these filters are perfect; they’re just tools for us to evaluate. (I stayed there because it was recommended by local contact who works in sustainability in Napa’s wine industry. She said it was one of the most ecologically run properties in the area.)

Launched in April 2020, Copenhagen-based is a quickly growing network of hotels that all have sustainability certifications accredited by the GSTC (Global Sustainable Tourism Council).

They have a wider range of of properties than other eco-friendly accommodation platforms (in terms of both geography and price).

They’re also a small business themselves. And compared with other hotel booking sites, takes a lower commission , meaning their prices can be lower for travelers, and more revenue stays with the local hotels.

Most of the hotels listed so far are chain brands – especially in the US, where chain hotels are much harder to avoid, in general. But in Europe you’ll find a lot more small, independent hotels on

And they plant a tree for each booking – which I wouldn’t normally be very impressed with, but I mean the team physically plants each tree locally. (As I wrote in my article about carbon offsets , that means there’s accountability, and you know it’s really happening.)

The blogger sitting in a corner chair in a luxurious hotel room at the Vincci Lys in Valencia, Spain, a more sustainable hotel option booked on ©KettiWilhelm2023

Mostly available in Europe, FairBnB is a vacation rental co-op that gives half of its booking fees to social and ecological projects in the host destination. (When you make your booking, you can decide which project you’d like to support.)

They also create ground rules with each local community, which can include limiting rentals to one per owner (to avoid contributing to housing shortages, which rental platforms like Airbnb are infamous for ).

Related: Check out my post about the best alternatives to AirBnb . (Community-based, budget travel or luxury travel, there are some great options for everyone there, along with tips on how to find sustainable accommodations on all of them.)

Book “experiences” and stays at a curated list of about 50 upscale resorts around the world. The Regenerative Travel team hand-selects these independent hotels for their dedication to the highest standards of environmental and social impact . The properties are continually re-evaluated for improvement.

Many of these are “destination properties,” and often substantial pieces of protected land . That means once you arrive, you don’t really need to leave, because there are abundant activities on-site.

(But the properties are far from your average all-inclusive resort. They’re community-minded, with local sourcing, and regenerative environmental practices that make them places I’d be proud to spend a vacation.)

And that in itself is a great way to make your trip more sustainable – limiting the transportation you’ll take and staying in one place longer! Giving locals an economic incentive to keep lands protected is also a huge benefit to this system.

(Regenerative Travel is also a thought leader in a sustainable travel . I’ve attended some excellent conferences they’ve hosted on the topic, and I hope they do more soon.)

Okay, Book Different isn’t necessarily bad , it’s just not all that different .

Just because a hotel is listed on Book Different, does not necessarily mean it has any sustainability credentials. That’s why it’s not my favorite option.

Here’s how it works: Just as Tilted Map is a affiliate, so is Book Different. That means that when I put a link to a hotel on and you, dear reader, reserve any hotel room through that link, I earn a commission. (Booking pays me part of their commission. The total hotel bill you pay does not go up, and the amount the hotel pays to doesn’t change.) That’s exactly how Book Different works, as well.

Any hotel that’s on is also on Book Different – they just add a layer of sustainability information , by indicating which hotels have received various certifications . (Including many GSTC-recognized certifications, and some smaller local ones that aren’t accredited.)

Is this a bad thing? No, I just think it’s vastly oversold as a “sustainable hotel booking” option. And that may be why this platform seems to be on a hiatus , especially now that is providing essentially the same sustainability info in its searches.

I hope you find these websites useful while searching for more sustainable hotels! If you have questions – or other sites to suggest – just leave them in the comments below! 🙂

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I’m Ketti, a former journalist, originally from Montana, USA, who moved to China with a job teaching English, a side-hustle writing for magazines, and just one word of Mandarin. That turned into five years abroad, a Master's Degree in Sustainable Business & Energy, and a passion for finding more eco-friendly (and realistic) ways to travel and live. That's why I created Tilted Map – to share what I'm learning along the way!

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You made an interesting point when you mentioned that it is a good idea to look for locally-owned hotels when you are traveling. With that in mind, I would think that it would be a good idea to check out online reviews before you select a hotel to book. Reading reviews will help you know if the hotel provides exceptional services.

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eco tourism online booking

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As per current Covid Protocol, entry on all sundays, except 15 August 2021 & 22 August 2021, shall NOT be permitted. While we are working towards modifying our system to the new protocol requirements, kindly avoid booking on any sunday other than 15 August 2021 & 22 August 2021, even if it shows available.

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eco tourism online booking

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About the location: Dhanpari is a well-stocked forest ecotourism site situated inside the Jambughoda Wildlife Sanctuary, inside the Panchmahal District of Central Gujarat. The campsite is surrounded by this magnificient forest which is home to a variety of flora an fauna. The plant species inlude teak, bamboo & other plant species. He leopard is the top predator here and other animal species include the sloth bears, blue bulls, jackals, wild boars, four horned antelopes and a variety of reptiles.

The area has two water reservoirs, one at Kada and the other at Targol. The campsite is near the Kada Dam and its a beautiful site to visit with a picturesque location and it also has a forest rest house. Other sightseeing options are the Jund Hanuman Temple which is 10 kms away from the campsite and also the Targol reservoir.


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  • Separate area for Campfire
  • Machaans for landscape & wildlife viewing
  • Fully developed campsite managed by ETC


Dhanpari Eco Campsite

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eco tourism online booking

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A Promotional Film on Ecotourism By  Uttar Pradesh, India

Eco Tourism Circuits of  Uttar Pradesh, India

Tour to Mahaveer Swami Wildlife Sanctuary, Lalitpur  Uttar Pradesh, India

Virtual Tour to Kaimoor Wildlife Sanctuary, Mirzapur and Sonbhardra  Uttar Pradesh, India

Film on Vijaysagar Bird Sanctuary , Mahoba  Uttar Pradesh, India

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West Bengal Forest Development Corporation Limited (WBFDCL)

eco tourism online booking

"We admire Elephant because they demonstrate finest human traits- empathy, self-awareness and social intelligence.. and they expect same from us"

"Cross the meadow and the stream and listen as the peaceful water brings peace upon your soul." -Carl Perkins

"Unicorns are real.. they are just fat and grey.. we call them Rhinos"

"Animals are totally dependent on us, helpless, like children, a trust that is put on all of us"

"The lake of Neverland is right in the very front, and you just want to dive in" -Rick Dees

"In the confrontation between the stream and the rock, the stream always wins.. not through strength but by perseverance" -Jackson Brown

"At Sea, time does not move hour to hour.. we live by the currents, we plan by the tides and follow the sun" -Sarah Kay

"The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest of Wilderness" -Joyn Muir

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Landscape destinations of west bengal.

West Bengal is endowed with rich natural and biodiversity heritage..each landscape destination has its unique features. To provide access to these nature destinations to general public, the West Bengal Forest Development Corporation offers experiential encounters with nature .. have a date with the Wild !!

Explore these destinations !!

Purba Medinipur

eco tourism online booking


The West Bengal Forest Development Corporation Limited (WBFDCL) came into existence in 1974 on the recommendation of National Commission of Agriculture in their Interim Report in 1972 on "Production Forestry - Man-Made Forests". Having been registered as a Company and incorporated as per Companies Act, 1956; the Corporation started functioning on 19th November, 1974. In course of time, the Corporation has diversified its activities into eco - tourism, wood - based industries, NTFP Management, plantations of economically valuable species, etc and expanded its operations almost all over West Bengal.

eco tourism online booking

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Kevdi Eco Tourism Site

By Forest Department of Gujarat, Surat Division

eco tourism online booking

Managed by Forest Department of Gujarat , Surat Division

eco tourism online booking

Perfect for visitors looking for a quite, serene and beautiful location with decent stay options.

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Disconnect with the world to connect with yourself

Kevdi Eco Tourism Camp Site is located on a dam in middle of a beautiful forest. The route to campsite passes through small villages located in dense forests. The surroundings of the site is basically a dry deciduous forests ecosystem and hence it is lush green during monsoons and winters and dry brown during summers. The landscape consists of a dam reservoir which attracts a variety of wetland birds and the land mass is full trees and hills. This entire habitat hosts many variety of birds, butterflies, insects, reptiles and mammals.

eco tourism online booking

Staycation with Nature

Apart from comfortable accommodations in the jungle, Kevdi Eco tourism Site is a NO NETWORK ZONE! This is for you to enjoy the nature without any distractions. We also have a a multi purpose hall. It can accommodate 100 people which can be used for seminars, lectures & corporate events.There is also a dedicated children play area with slides, swings and other play equipments where your children can play and spend time with nature simultaneously. The parking space can accommodate more than 30 cars and few buses.

eco tourism online booking


eco tourism online booking

Non AC Tree house

  • Bed Type: double bed
  • Amenities: Gallery , Hot Water , Private Bathroom

Prices start at: ₹ 2,000 per night

eco tourism online booking

  • Categories: double
  • Amenities: air-conditioning , Hot Water , Private Bathroom

eco tourism online booking

New Cottage

  • View: River Side
  • Amenities: air-conditioning , Gallery , Hot Water , Private Bathroom

eco tourism online booking

AC Tree House

Prices start at: ₹ 2,500 per night

eco tourism online booking

Pyramid VVIP Tents

  • Amenities: Gallery , Hot Water , Washrooms outside tents

Prices start at: ₹ 1,000 per night

eco tourism online booking

  • Amenities: Hot Water

Prices start at: ₹ 1,200 per night

eco tourism online booking


“Welcome to the mesmerizing beauty of kevadi eco tourism. Nestled in the heart of kevadi eco tourism this natural haven is a true testament to the wonders of Mother Nature. From verdant forests to crystal-clear lakes, kevadi eco tourism offers a breathtaking landscape that captivates every traveler’s heart. As you wander through the lush trails, you’ll find yourself surrounded by towering trees, their branches reaching towards the sky, forming a lush canopy overhead. The air here is pure and invigorating, carrying the scent of earth and wildflowers, a refreshing treat for the senses. Explore the diverse ecosystems that thrive within kevadi eco tourism. Discover hidden waterfalls cascading down moss-covered rocks, creating a symphony of sound as the water dances its way to the river below. Marvel at the vibrant flora that blankets the landscape, painting it in vibrant hues of green, purple, and gold. For adventure enthusiasts, kevadi eco tourism offers a host of activities that will get your adrenaline pumping. From hiking challenging trails that lead to breathtaking vistas, to kayaking along the tranquil lakes, the opportunities for outdoor exploration are endless. Capture unforgettable moments as you witness wildlife in their natural habitat, from graceful deer grazing peacefully to colorful birds soaring through the sky.

eco tourism online booking

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Online booking at Kevdi Eco tourism campsite

Online booking for tourists on our campsites including lunch, dinner, breakfast, accommodation.

Kevdi Ecotourism Center, Chhota Udepur - Baria Road, Near Zoz, Kevdi

Kevdi AC Room Package

Kevdi bamboo non ac hut package, kevdi non ac tent package, flying squirrel & waterfall.

Kevdi is an all around loaded backwoods ecotourism site situated on the route connecting Jambughoda Sanctuary and Ratanmahal Sanctuary. It has an awesome area as it is arranged at the bank of a river. It comes under the Chhota Udepur forest division. It is loacted 14 kms from the Kanjeta Eco Campsite.

The site is wealthy in ecosystem. Sloth bear, panther, hyena, giant flying squirrel are regularly located at the site.

The main attraction of the campsite is the  flying squirrel  which can be spotted in the evening and the sloth bears. The close by tribal communities depend heavily on woods and ranger service exercises. It is created as an eco-the travel industry site because of the vibe that it gives of rich forests and biodiversity.

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eco tourism online booking


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Entry Point     Wildlife Safari - Zeropoint to Parbatitang (Inside Debrigarh Sanctuary) ( Entry Ticket Fee is to be paid separately at the entry gate as per the number of Adult And Child. )

1.Miss Salma Akhtar,Site Manager (Mob-8763373989)

2. Samarendra Nayak (99414125412)

3. Deepak Nanda (2236524144)

2.Piyush Bhoi,Coordinator (Mob-6372907291)

3.Hirakud Ecotourism Cell,D.F.O. (Mob-9438113285)

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    Periyar Tiger Reserve, Thekkady is a best managed protected area in India. Visit our Website for Online Bookings of Boating, Rooms, Jungle Safari, Trekking Programs, Accomodations, Nature Camps. With her rich biodiversity and endemism, she is an integral part of Western Ghats. Periyar Tiger Reserve offers a variety of eco-tourism packages for tourists through their online official website.

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    Booking Office. West Bengal Forest Development Corporation Limited KB 19, Sector-III, Salt Lake, Ground - Floor, Kolkata - 700106. 10:30 hrs - 17:00 hrs. (All Working day) For Booking Information - +91 7604044479. Email - [email protected]. For IT/Technical Assistance - [email protected] or you may call on : +91 9209816274

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    Pets are not allowed in any of the treks listed on the website.No trekking activities from 12.00 PM onwards .Booking for students aged 12 to 17 years has been disabled on the website. Please contact the office of the Karnataka Ecotourism Development Board through email at [email protected] or call 080-23448826 for student booking.

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    Baralikadu Stay Online Booking. ₹. * Adult* Rs:600/-per trip per day. * Children (below 13 years)* Rs:500/-per trip per day. * kindly conform your ticket to this number Baralikadu Incharge (+91 9489968480). I confirm that I have read the Policy & Booking Conditions and agree to the same. CONFIRM BOOKING.

  18. Kevdi Eco Tourism Site

    Kevdi Eco Tourism Campsite is a beautiful campsite surrounded by 2300 hectors of forest located about 80 kms from Surat railway station. The camp site is developed by Gujarat Forest Department and its primary purpose is to promote eco tourism, nature education and creating sensitivity towards forest

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    Online booking at Kevdi Eco tourism campsite. Online booking for tourists on our campsites including Lunch, dinner, breakfast, accommodation. Kevdi Ecotourism Center, Chhota Udepur - Baria Road, Near Zoz, Kevdi. Kevdi AC Room Package. 0 reviews . 1 Day 1 Night ( 10:00 AM to 09:00 AM )

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    ** Cancellation of booking done online can only be done through the portal and by the visitors only. Cancellation cannot be done by the Ecotourism Cell or by the destinations on request Email and/or telephonic request. It is the responsibility of the visitor intending to cancel the ticket to ensure that the booking is cancelled and confirmation ...

  21. Ofdc Eco-tourism

    OFDC ECO-TOURISM. Jungle Safari For Wildlife Safari - Zeropoint to Parbatitang (Inside Debrigarh Sanctuary) Individual Seat Booking in Safari Vehicles is Not Permitted. Visitors need to book the Entire Vehicle. Entry Ticket Fee is to be paid separately at the entry gate as per the number of Adults (Rs.40/- per adult & child below 8 years - free).