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2023 Trek Procaliber - Weight, Specs, Price

Bikepacking Alliance

2023 Trek Procaliber 9.5 Review

Are you looking for a new cross-country mountain bike that will take your climbs to the next level? The 2023 Trek Procaliber 9.5 is here to help! 

Newly released this year, this lightweight hardtail trail bike features modern design and impressive components that guarantee a smooth and fast ride.

Developed from the ground up by the best engineering team at Trek, the 2023 Procaliber 9.5 is set to be the must-have bike of 2023 for XC racers, climbers, and those eager to hit top speeds in technical terrain.

2023 Trek Procaliber 9.5 Review

With an ultralightweight carbon frame, 1×12 drivetrain from a Shimano Deore groupset and Trek’s IsoSpeed tech, Trek has provided a great overall package with all essential components included.

In this review, we’ll explore what makes the 2023 Trek Procaliber 9.5 such an attractive choice for cross-country riders everywhere – from its technical specs right down to its handling capabilities on the trails. Let’s dive deep into this remarkable machine and find out everything you need to know!

2023 Trek Procaliber 9.5 Review

The Trek Procaliber 9.5 is one of the most exciting and sought after mountain bikes on the market. Released in 2023, this bike features all of the latest technology, including a RockShox Judy SL air shock and Trek’s IsoSpeed linkage system. 

In this article, we will review the Trek Procaliber 9.5 and discuss why it’s the perfect bike for riders looking to take their riding up a notch.

The 2023 Trek Procaliber 9.5 is the perfect trail shredding and bikepacking companion for the most adventurous riders–from seasoned professionals to weekend warriors.

2023 Trek Procaliber 9.5 Review

This lightweight cross country sled features a lightweight and responsive carbon frame, 29-inch wheels, 100mm of front suspension travel, and geometry to tackle any terrain, plus modern components like Shimano Deore 12-speed shifting.

If you’re looking for a performance bikepacking rig that can handle anything in its path, the Trek Procaliber 9.5 is the one for you.

2023 Trek Procaliber 9.5 Review

– Lightweight and responsive OCLV Mountain Carbon frame featuring IsoSpeed.

– RockShox Judy SL air shock with TurnKey lockout and 100mm of travel

– 29-inch Bontrager Kovee wheels with Bontrager XR2 Team Issue tires provide stability on loose terrain.

– Straight Shot downtube and enjoy a super-stiff ride without the extra weight, so you can easily get through any tough terrain and still race up the next hill with ease!

– Shimano Deore 1×12 drivetrain with 30t front chainring and 10-51t cassette.

– Shimano hydraulic disc brakes offer precision braking power in all weather conditions.

2023 Trek Procaliber 9.5 Review

The frame of the 2023 Trek Procaliber 9.5 is constructed from Trek’s OCLV Mountain Carbon. This creates an incredibly strong yet lightweight frame that delivers exceptional performance even on the toughest trails.

The geometry allows for excellent handling and control while also providing good support for technical terrain as well as climbing traction when needed.

2023 Trek Procaliber 9.5 Review

The RockShox Judy SL air shock works in conjunction with Trek’s IsoSpeed linkage system to create a relatively plush ride when tackling technical terrain or jumping off obstacles.

It provides plenty of travel (100mm front) to keep you in control at all times while providing enough feedback to avoid sketchy situations on more aggressive rides.

Even better, it’s fully tunable so you can get exactly the feel you’re looking for out of your suspension setup; whether that’s a really stiff platform or something more supple for descending duties.

2023 Trek Procaliber 9.5 Review

Some of the best components available make up this bike’s complete build kit, ranging from Shimano Deore 1×12 drivetrain components right through to Bontrager Kovee wheelset and Bontrager stem/bars/post combo packages suited perfectly to trail riding terrain assaults!

Shimano 160mm or 180mm discs, depending on frame size, provide confident stopping power in any conditions while Bontrager XR2 Team Issue tires roll swiftly over whatever surfaces come your way—and allow you to keep putting down power in corners even if circumstances are less than ideal!

The 2023 Trek Procaliber 9.5 is among the most highly-regarded mountain bikes available for riders who want an efficient ride that can tackle whatever comes its way!

Its quality frame materials combine with outstanding suspension to make it an ideal choice for conquering trails effortlessly—while still being lightweight enough to climb quickly back up once you reach your destination!

When paired with top-tier components like those offered by this model, there truly aren’t many other machines out there capable of delivering such excellent performance across such a wide range of disciplines!

Order online and have it shipped to your local dealer for final assembly!!

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trek procaliber full suspension

Trek's Procaliber 'softail' gains a geo update

Trek's innovative Procaliber has some frame changes for the 2021 model year

Procaliber now an even comfier XC racer

Trek has upgraded its IsoSpeed-enabled Procaliber MTB range, a bike that has long been considered one of the best hardtail mountain bikes around.

Essentially the hardtail version of Trek’s Supercaliber dual-suspension XC race bike, the Procaliber features improved geometry and some industrial design changes. 

The entire Procaliber range now roll 29er wheels, even on the smaller frame sizes, which had previously offered 27.5-inch wheels. Balancing the big wheels are more progressive geometry numbers, with a slightly slacker head angle and stretched reach.

Design engineers at Trek have managed to slacken the Procaliber’s head angle from 69.5- to 68.75-degrees, allowing for better rider weight distribution during technical descents.

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  • Best lightweight mountain bikes under 10kg

Leveraging that more relaxed head angle are 100mm forks, featuring a 42mm offset for all frame sizes. Riders who wish to slightly overfork their Procaliber will note that the frame’s head tube is now rated for up to 110mm of front suspension travel.

The 2021 model year Procaliber might be more confidence inspiring on technical descents, thanks to its combination of slacker head angle and greater reach (up by 10mm on a size large), but its climbing geometry has not been sacrificed. With a 73.75-degree seat angle, which is nearly a degree steeper, riders will be perched in a position best suited to attacking those steep off-road climbs.

Knock Block now allows for more steering input 

Better agility

One of the design objectives for this new Procaliber was improved agility, especially when navigating tight singletrack. To achieve this, Trek’s product team settled compact 432mm chainstays, giving the bike a compact and responsive rear end that will accommodate a 29x2.4in size tyre.

Steering responsiveness is also enhanced, thanks to a more generous angle of possible handlebar leverage. The Knock Block headset, which prevents handlebar over-rotation and potential frame damage during a crash, has seen its arc of limitation increase by 4°. This should greatly improve the Procaliber’s handling in extremely slow and technical terrain.

A valued design feature of the Procaliber which remains unchanged from the 2020 model year bike, is Trek’s Isospeed decoupling pivot. Located at the juncture between seat and top tube, this frame design detail allows for excellent pedalling efficiency and the quality of terrain compliance that would be impossible with a conventional rigid rear triangle hardtail.

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  • Best XC and marathon helmets : how to choose the best XC helmet for you

Trek is marketing its 2021 model year Procaliber in four build options. The entry-level Procaliber 9.5 retails for $2,000 and runs a 12-speed Shimano Deore drivetrain and RockShox Judy fork.

At $2,650 the Procaliber 9.6 upgrades to a combination Shimano SLX/XT drivetrain, Rockshox Recon Gold fork and Bontrager Kovee wheels.

Procaliber 9.7 is a significant jump in price, to $4,000. It is specced with SRAM’s GX Eagle 12-sped drivetrain, Rockshox’s Reba SL fork and Bontranger’s Kovee Elite 23 carbon wheels.

Trek’s 2021 Procaliber range peaks with the 9.8 derivative, which will only be available to European riders for the time being.

Retailing for £3,100, the 9.8 shifts via a Shimano XT 12-speed drivetrain receiving pedalling input from e*Thirteen carbon cranks, whilst up front there is a Fox 32 Stepcast Performance fork. The 9.8 also rolls Bontrager’s wider Kovee Elite carbon 30 wheels and decelerates courtesy of Shimano’s latest XT brakes.

All Trek’s 2021 model year Procalibers run 29x2.2in tyres and all but the 9.5 have remote fork lockouts. There is a frame only option too, priced at $1,499.

Lance Branquinho is a Namibian-born journalist who graduated to mountain biking after injuries curtailed his trail running. He has a weakness for British steel hardtails, especially those which only run a single gear. As well as Bike Perfect , Lance has written for MBR.com , Off-Road.cc and Cycling News.

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Most Popular

trek procaliber full suspension

Which Trek mountain bike is right for you?

Benjamin Haworth

  • Benjamin Haworth
  • October 3, 2017

Get to know your Remedy from your Fuel

trek mountain bikes

We have a look over the 2018 range of Trek mountain bikes to see who suits what in a range featuring the Fuel EX, Remedy, Marlin and Powerfly models.

>>> All our recent Trek mountain bike reviews

Getting to grips with 2018 Trek mountain bikes

If you pop over to Trek’s website and click on ‘mountain bikes’ more than 120 bikes appear in front of you. It’s rather daunting. Choice is good but can be bewildering. So we’ve boiled Trek’s MTB range down to the basics to get you started.

>>> Trek road bikes: which model is right for you?

trek mountain bikes

What type of bike do you want?

We think it’s best to split the whole range into three categories and then go from there: hardtail , full suspension and electric .

What type of riding will you be doing?

Once you’ve chosen one of the three categories you can refine it to the type of riding you want to do: cross-country, trail or downhill.

With those two category types chosen you’ll be left with a much smaller pool of Trek models to consider.

We’re going to assume that you already know the type of mountain bike you want. We’re not going to go into any debates or theorising (hardtail vs full suspension, 27.5 vs 29 , Plus vs Fat etc etc).

trek mountain bikes

Trek hardtails

There are five hardtail models in Trek’s range: Marlin, X-Caliber, Roscoe, Procaliber and Stache.

Trek use their own proprietary frame materials. Their aluminium stuff is called Alpha. Their carbon stuff is called OCLV.

Some of their high end hardtails have the ‘IsoSpeed Decoupler’ configuration where the seat tube is designed to flex for compliance.

The Trek Marlin is an entry level cross-country focussed hardtail ranging from £370 up to £550. Thee are four models in total (the Marlin 4, 5, 6 and 7). The frame is Trek’s ‘Silver Alpha’ aluminium.

The Trek X-Caliber cross-country range starts from £650 and tops out at £1,150. The frame is Trek’s ‘Gold Alpha’ aluminium. The frames have internal routing for stealth dropper seatposts. The components are of a higher quality than the Marlins.

The Trek Roscoe range of Plus-tyred trail hardtails running from £800 to £ 1,250. The frame has internal routing for dropper posts and is made from Trek’s ‘Alpha Gold’ aluminium.

The £1,300 to £6,500(!) Trek Procaliber cross-country race bike range can look a a bit confusing; there are aluminium Procalibers, OCLV carbon Procalibers and Super Light OCLV Procalibers. Although the frame material varies the intent of Procalibers is the same: xc racing. The geometry remains the same. All Procalibers have the ‘IsoSpeed Decoupler’ feature of deliberate flex.

The Trek Stache bikes are rather unique in that they are 29er Plus bikes. They roll on some seriously large rubber! Monster trucking hardtails. Price: £1,300 to £3,500.

Trek full suspension bikes

There are five Trek full susser types: Fuel EX, Remedy, Top Fuel, Slash and Session.

All Trek full sus bikes use a version of the ‘ABP’ suspension design. ABP stands for Active Braking Pivot. The rear wheel axle is also the rear pivot. The idea is to prevent the suspension from locking up during rear braking.

Fuel EX, Remedy and Top Fuel bikes also have RE:aktiv rear shock damping. This damping design claims to ‘know’ which forces are coming from the pedals/rider and which forces are coming from the trail, and it reacts accordingly.

The Trek Fuel EX 130mm travel, full sus, all-rounder, trail bikes come as either 29er or as 27.5 Plus. They can be run with either wheel size but are initially purchased with one or the other. Starting from £1,800 for aluminium versions they top out at £6,500 for the top end carbon version.

>>> Trek Fuel EX Plus 9.8 27.5 (2017) review

The Trek Remedy is the 150mm travel trail-cum-enduro bike. Prices range from £2,300 to £6,000. There are aluminium Remedy models and carbon fibre Remedy models. For 2018 they are all 27.5in wheel.

The Trek Top Fuel bikes are full suspension XC race machines. 100mm of travel at either end. Begins with the aluminium Top Fuel 8 for £2,400 and goes up to the £7,800 carbon Top Fuel 9.9 RSL.

>>> Trek Top Fuel 9 (2017) review

trek mountain bikes

2018 Trek Slash

The 160mm travel enduro racing Trek Slash range is all 29in wheels and carbon only for 2018. It’s a bold move by Trek but one that makes the Slash arguably the most defined model in their range.

>>> Trek Slash 9.9 29 RSL (2017) review

The Trek Session is the downhill bike. Aluminium or carbon. And now available as a frameset as a 29er with 190mm of travel. Complete build Sessions are all 27.5in wheel and deliver 210mm of rear travel.

trek mountain bikes

Trek electric mountain bikes

There are three electric mountain bike types: Powerfly, Powerfly FS and Powerfly LT Plus.

The Trek Powerfly hardtails start at £2,300 and go up to £3,300. Aluminium frames with 100mm travel forks up front. The motors come from Bosch. There is also a £4,200 Powerfly Plus with 2.8in tyres.

On the Trek Powerfly FS bikes the ‘FS’ stands for Full Suspension, 130mm of suspension to be precise. The Powerfly FS bikes are aimed at cross-country riding with a bit of rougher stuff every now and then. All but the entry level £3,500 Powerfly 5 FS come with Plus tyres.

trek mountain bikes

Trek Powerfly Launch in Verbier, Switzerland

The Trek Powerfly LT Plus models have more travel (150mm) and fatter tyres (2.8in Plus tyres). These e-bikes are up for a bit more aggro riding and technical trails. Prices: £4,200 to £5,250.

>> Trek Powerfly 9 LT (2018) first ride

Trek Women’s mountain bikes

Even as stalwarts of the whole Women’s Specific Design thang, Trek (along with most other bike brands) are now seemingly moving away from design theories that assume that women’s body proportions are different to men’s.

Bikes fit humans, not genders. Rider height is the only thing you should really be factoring in when choosing a bike. It really is only saddles that need to be a bit different to men’s.

It’s fine to opt for a supposedly ‘men’s’ Trek model if it fits your height. Get the saddle swapped out for a ladies saddle at time of purchase. Sorted.

Having said that, if you want a Women’s bike because you prefer the different colourway and decals, fair enough.

  • Trek Skye – entry level cross-country hardtails
  • Trek X-Caliber Women’s –  lighter and fancier cross-country hardtails
  • Trek Roscoe Women’s – Plus tyred trail hardtail
  • Trek Procaliber Women’s – XC racing hardtail
  • Trek Fuel EX Women’s – 130mm travel full suspension all-rounder
  • Trek Remedy Women’s – 150mm trail/enduro full susser
  • Trek Powerfly Women’s – entry level e-bike hardtail
  • Top Fuel Women’s – XC racing 100mm travel full suspension

Race Shop Limited models

You may spot some Trek mountain bikes with ‘Race Shop Limited’ (or ‘RSL’) in their model name. These are essentially super high spec models. Often limited edition. And sometimes with slightly tweaked designs (a bit more travel, slacker geometry etc etc).

trek mountain bikes

Mark Webber’s Top Fuel Project One

Trek’s Project One

This is Trek’s custom paint and decals option. Yep, if you have the funds and are prepared to wait a bit for your bike, then you can get a Trek in pretty much any colour scheme you want.

Be warned: you can waste hours (days!) tinklering away with the online Project One dream bike builder.

It’s only available on a few mountain bike models: Top Fuel, Fuel EX and Procaliber.

First Look: 2016 Trek Top Fuel, Procaliber, and Fuel EX29

Three new mountain bikes get a Boost

Headshot of matt phillips

After releasing the new Stache 29+ bike a few months ago, Trek revealed three more new mountain bikes. The Procaliber SL hardtail and Top Fuel full suspension bikes are targeted toward the cross country crowd while the Fuel EX29, a previous Editor’s Choice winner, has been revised.

We’re already testing all three of these bikes and will have detailed reviews soon, but for now, here is a brief overview of all three new models. Stay tuned for more from Ron Koch, who is onboard the Procaliber SL, while Mike Yozell and Gloria Liu are testing the Fuel EX29 and Top Fuel, respectively.

this image is not available

Trek Procaliber SL The Procaliber SL replaces the Superfly as Trek’s premier cross country-oriented hardtail. Its most notable feature is a mountain bike version of Trek’s IsoSpeed decoupler, a seat tube that increases vertical compliance by flexing further and more easily than a fixed seat tube.

Unlike the road version of IsoSpeed, the Procaliber’s IsoSpeed uses a traditional seat post (31.6mm), which provides the additional benefit of dropper post compatibility. Vertical compliance on the Procaliber SL is 30 percent greater than on the Superfly SL and 70 percent greater than on the Superfly. The extra compliance adds some weight: At 1,012 grams for the frame (claimed), the Procaliber SL is 100g heavier than the Superfly SL.

Trek offers the Procaliber SL in five frame sizes with 27.5-inch wheels in the 15.5-inch frame and 29-inch wheels on the 17.5 to 21.5-inch frames. The bikes that come with 29-inch wheels get Boost 148mm rear spacing and Boost 110mm forks.

The Procaliber features Trek’s new cable management system, called the “Control Freak”. According to Trek, mountain bikes have up to 54 different cable routing scenarios when factoring in all the different dropper post , suspension lockout, drivetrain, braking, and shift cables. Control Freak uses two down tube entry ports (each with an insert that can be configured for different equipment) and an exit port in the down tube (with the same insert system).

To prevent all the cables running through the down tube from making noise, Trek incorporates a zip-tie cinch port in the middle of the down tube to bundle and lock down the cables. Like all the bikes discussed here, the Procaliber SL is Shimano XTR Di2-compatible.

The Procaliber SL will be offered in three complete bike models priced at $8,400, $4,730 and $3,680 or as a frame only for $2,630.

Trek plans to add the Procaliber SL to their Project One customization program soon.

Trek Top Fuel The Trek Top Fuel, with 100mm of travel, replaces the Superfly FS as the company’s lightest Boost spacing on the front and rear. The Top Fuel also uses the Control Freak cable system described above and is dropper post-compatible.

Small geometry changes are achieved by flipping the Mino Link in the rocker link. While the changes aren’t huge (0.5 degrees to the head angle and 8mm to the BB height), they should be enough to fine-tune the bike’s character for different trails.

The Top Fuel will be offered in four models priced from $2,730 to $9,450. The Top Fuel 8 and Top Fuel 9 use an aluminum frame while the 9.8 and 9.9 use a carbon frame. A carbon frameset will sell separately for $3,470.

The Top Fuel 8 will be offered in a women’s version, which retains the same geometry but makes some spec changes.

Trek will add the carbon Top Fuel to their Project One customization program soon.

Trek Fuel EX29 One of our favorite bikes, the Trek Fuel EX29 gets a refresh and becomes more capable without (hopefully) losing any of its sharpness. Note: The following changes do not apply to the 27.5-inch wheeled version of the Fuel EX.

The new Fuel EX29 gets Boost spacing in the front and rear for increased stiffness and sharper handling. Switching to a Boost rear end allows Trek to shorten the chain stays from 452 mm to 437 mm, the same length as the Fuel EX 27.5’s stays. Tire clearance is also improved so that the EX 29 now swallows up to a 2.4-inch (ish) tire.

The Fuel EX29’s head angle is relaxed slightly from the old EX29, which was 69.4 degrees with a 120mm fork , and Trek added the Mino Link to make the bike’s geometry adjustable. The new EX29 has a head angle of 69 or 68.8 degrees with a 120mm fork. The top-end EX 29 9.9 is the only model that gets a 130mm fork, a Fox 34, which further relaxes the head angle.

Dual Rate Control Valve (DRCV) shocks were a signature feature of Trek’s higher end suspension bikes for years, but they are absent from the new EX29. Trek found that the spring curves offered by RockShox for the Debonair and by Fox for the EVOL closely matched the DRCV’s curves, but both come in a lighter, simpler and cheaper package. Trek’s regressive RE:aktiv damper, which debuted last year, is inside the shocks of most models.

Like other two new bikes, the new EX29 gets Control Freak cable management.

The EX29’s frame weight increases by about 30 grams, but the frame is stiffer by 11 percent at the bottom bracket and 14 percent overall.

The EX29 will be offered in eight models — four carbon and four aluminum — priced from $2,090 to $8,800. A carbon frameset will sell for $3,470.

Trek will add the carbon EX29 to its Project One customization program soon.

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  • Procaliber 6

Trek Procaliber 6

Trek Procaliber 6

Procaliber Alloy Frameset is the perfect launching pad for your next cross-country bike. It rolls the fine line between race-ready and pocket-friendly with modern geometry that's made for handling fast corners, and lightweight Alpha Platinum Aluminum that's tough, nimble, and ready to cut loose. Designed for a 120mm fork, this ride is ready to build up into your dream steed. IT'S RIGHT FOR YOU IF… You're ready to start your dream cross-country bike from scratch, and want a lightweight and durable frame that doesn't break the bank. You need nimble handling, but don't want it at the cost of stability through the rough. THE TECH YOU GET A lightweight Alpha Platinum Aluminum hardtail frame with modern XC geometry and 148mm boost spacing for stiff support under power. Designed for a 120mm suspension fork. THE FINAL WORD The Procaliber Alloy Frameset lets you ride the line between performance and price with modern XC geometry that keeps you cool through the rough and ready to hammer up climbs. Ready to rip with your dream bike build. WHY YOU'LL LOVE IT - You get modern geometry that keeps you in the attack on climbs and crushing confidently on descents - It balances the accessible price of an alloy hardtail with the performance of its carbon cohorts - You can roll with up to a 120mm fork to get total trail capability - You get to doll it up with all your favorite parts - Internal cable routing keeps your ride quiet, reduces maintenance, and looks sleek

* Subject to change without notice.

Part Numbers

Trek Procaliber 6 Color: Satin Trek Black/Lithium Grey

MOD Cargo: I tested the new Texas-based cargo electric bike for the whole family

Avatar for Micah Toll

MOD Bikes is a bit of a different type of electric bike maker, marching to the beat of its own drum, which helps the company stand out in a sea of newly released e-bikes. Look no further than the company’s popular sidecar electric bike or their own in-house designed street chargers for e-bikes . It’s obvious that MOD isn’t using the same playbook as everyone else.

But when I recently took a trip to Texas to visit the company and see their SXSW unveiling, my focus this time was on one of their more utility-based models: The newly released MOD Cargo electric bike.

Part of the company’s new 2024 launch of e-bikes, first unveiled at this year’s SXSW Festival, the Mod Cargo adds several new features to MOD’s feature list.

Chief among those features are the new color display, torque sensor, vertical parking frame, turn signal helmet integration, and more.

Check out what I mean in my test riding video below, then keep reading for even more!

MOD Cargo test ride video

MOD Cargo tech specs

  • Motor:  750W (1,000W peak) geared rear hub motor
  • Top speed:  28 mph (45 km/h)
  • Range:  Claimed up to 90 miles (144 km) with dual batteries
  • Battery:  48V 15Ah (720 Wh) or dual batteries for 1,440 Wh
  • Bike Weight:  62 pounds (28 kg)
  • Battery Weight:  7.5 pounds (3.4 kg)
  • Bike Max load:  400 pounds (181 kg)
  • Tires: 20″x3″ semi-fat tires
  • Brakes:  Hydraulic disc brakes, 180mm rotors
  • Extras:  7-speed Shimano shifter, large color LCD screen, LED headlight and tail/brake light, thumb-throttle, up to two removable batteries, included fenders and built-in long rear rack, snap-on system for accessory mounting, and more.

trek procaliber full suspension

Testing out the new e-bike

I love e-bikes that can do more than just take you from point A to point B. I prefer e-bikes that can be used for several roles, from mere transportation to utility and even hauling. And the MOD Cargo is definitely one of those multi-role bikes.

The design incorporates a long built-in rear rack, making it an essential part of the frame and ensuring a strong, rigid design. It can handle up to 400 lb (181 kg) of payload distributed around the bike, meaning you can easily carry two kids or some serious gear with you.

The bike also uses a snap-on system to easily mount and remove various attachments such as cargo baskets, child safety seats, and more.

Plus the vertical parking design (which, I should note, is obviously borrowed from Tern’s glorious rear rack design ), means you can park the bike vertically in your garage or the corner of your living room, taking up barely more space than a coat rack. Actually, you could probably use it as a coat rack when it’s parked. Those handlebars do double duty!

Speaking of those bars, they also fold down, which is great for loading the bike in the back of a car with step-thru seating like a mini van. You just slide the bike down the center aisle, made possible thanks to the bars dropping down so low.

trek procaliber full suspension

In addition to the rugged design, I was impressed with the comfort of the ride. Cargo bikes are known for a lot of things, but comfortable riding isn’t usually one of them. They generally use smaller wheels to help increase cargo space, but that can impact their ride quality. With the MOD Cargo though, the combination of 20×3″ semi-fat tires as well as a suspension fork and suspension seat post, I was able to comfortably ride nature trails in the park that include dirt and gravel surfaces.

This definitely isn’t going to be the bike you take on rutted-out single track, but being able to stay in the saddle on dirt roads is still a nice feature to have.

You’re not going to get true rear suspension on a cargo bike unless you’re willing to shell out more than the cost of a decent used car, but seat post suspension helps to complement the suspension fork to give your tush some extra cushioning when you need it.

And the last feature I want to point out regarding the bike design is the inclusion of a super sturdy center kickstand. I’ve noticed that a lot of cargo e-bike makers are cheaping out on kickstands recently, so I’m glad to see that MOD put a serious, heavy-duty center stand on their bike.

This is what you want underneath you when you got kids or heavy cargo on back. You want a wide center stand that keeps the bike parked stably, not precariously pitched over to one side. Side stands work fine on a normal city bike, but a heavy-laden cargo bike needs to stand straight up when carrying that much weight.

trek procaliber full suspension

I’m also glad to see some key components like hydraulic disc brakes and a torque sensor for better pedal assist.

The hydro brakes are important on heavy bikes that need more stopping power when loaded down, especially if trying to come to a quick stop on a downhill. And the torque sensor simply provides nicer, smoother pedal assist than a cadence sensor. There’s nothing wrong with cadence sensors, but torque sensors generally just give a nicer experience.

The inclusion of both parts helps differentiate the bike further from the lower-tier competition out there.

trek procaliber full suspension

So the bike’s design is impressive already, but then the electronics sweeten the pot even further.

The rear motor is rated at 750W of continuous power, maxing out the legal limit in the US for street-legal e-bikes. But the peak power is even higher at 1,000W. I was able to easily hit speeds of up to 28 mph (45 km/h), though you can also limit the bike to 20 mph (32 km/h) if you want to keep it in Class 2 settings.

The motor also claims a torque rating of 69 Nm. Nice!

trek procaliber full suspension

The bike’s single battery is a 48V 15Ah (720 Wh) unit, but you can double it to a maximum of 1,440 Wh. Depending on whether you double up, you’ll have 45 or 90 miles (72 or 144 km) of range. I tested the dual battery version, and if you use the throttle a lot or just want to have extra range, I’d recommend the second battery.

Rounding out the electronics are the new LED color display with USB charge port to charge your phone, LED headlight and tail light, and that torque sensor I mentioned above.

The last cool electronics feature is that they’ve designed the bike to work with the Lumos LED helmet, meaning you get wireless turn signals built right in. You can connect your helmet over Bluetooth in the bike’s display, and then your turn signal buttons on the bike control the helmet’s turn signals. They even power down together, so when you turn off the bike, the helmet’s lights turn off too. That’s pretty cool, and I definitely haven’t seen this feature on any other bikes in this class!

What are the downsides?

I’m a pretty positive guy, so I always have to remind myself to look for the downsides on e-bikes as well. And in this case, I have to look pretty hard. There’s not much to dislike here. Even the 70 lb weight with a single battery isn’t that bad, considering that many cargo e-bikes these days are between 80-90 lbs).

The main downside I keep coming back to is just the price, starting at $2,590 . And that’s before adding all the fun accessories that make use of the cool Snap-On mounting system.

That’s a serious price tag for a direct-to-consumer electric bike. But then again, you’re getting a lot for it, including a premium design. The bike also comes with a much longer warranty period than most, offering a five-year limited warranty and free returns.

But that’s still quite expensive compared to other direct-to-consumer electric cargo bikes out there. I’d argue that you get features you don’t find elsewhere (or that you do find on e-bikes that are twice this price like Tern’s vertical parking), but you’re still paying some top dollar here. I believe the price is worth it if you’re using the bike as a car replacer for your family, or perhaps to replace a second car. But it’s the one thing that keeps coming back to me when I think about what would give me pause here, when considering the more affordable cargo e-bikes out there.

trek procaliber full suspension

So there’s what we’re working with, the MOD Cargo is a well designed e-bike with a very nice loadout of parts and features.

It’s a bit pricey, but I do believe you’re getting a heck of a lot of features and a great design for the price. There are cheaper ways to get your cargo solution solved, but they won’t do a lot of what this bike can.

So I recommend it, but only if you’ve got the extra cash to spend.

FTC: We use income earning auto affiliate links. More.

trek procaliber full suspension

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trek procaliber full suspension

trek procaliber full suspension

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