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Walk the Moon  

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Ohio based American indie rock band, Walk The Moon have mastered the blend of pop and rock music since their inception in 2008.

Originally from Cinncinnati, Ohio, keyboardist and lead vocalist, Nicholas Petricca started the band in 2008, and after a few lineup changes, the band solidified in 2010 with bassist Kevin Ray, drummer Sean Waugaman and guitarist Eli Maiman. By the end of that same year, the band recorded and self-released their first album, “I Want! I Want!” gaining them a huge following that led to their signing with RCA Records. By 2011 they were touring as the support for various bands such as Panic! At the Disco, Weezer, and Grouplove. The band, who would perform with painted faces, started a tradition of having enough paint for the audience to throw about during their shows, making their live shows hugely popular.

Their first record with RCA Records in 2012, “Walk The Moon” EP included most of the tracks from “I Want! I Want!” including their hit song “Anna Sun,” which received successful amounts of radio airplay, putting the band on the map. The song was named Song of the Summer by Esquire magazine, and was featured on various television ads and shows, like the popular teenage drama, Vampire Diaries. The release also had them doing the television show rounds as well as having them play summer music festivals all around the country. 2014 saw the release of their sophomore album, “Talking Is Hard.”

Live reviews

I saw Walk the Moon for the first time in spring of 2012, playing at Big Guava Music Fest. The Ohio based group had an afternoon slot on the second smallest stage. I caught most of their set, along with 500-600 other people. I remember enjoying the set, but not to the point where it received praise in my top 10 power rankings from the weekend.

Fast forward to less than one year later and Walk the Moon is one of the most demanded bands in the country. They announced a spring tour back in November and sold out the dates in almost every city. This included their St. Pete stop at State Theatre last month. Luckily I bought my $28 ticket before I saw resale prices rise to the triple digits.

So what changed - well the group released their sophomore album - Talking is Hard, which is full of pop-rock tunes that get everyone dancing and signing along. It's one of those albums where you can't just listen quietly. It's lead single 'Shut Up and Dance' is a prime example of the albums energy, and the driving force behind the new fan hood and demand for the live shows.

The energy of Talking is Hard translated well to the live stage at State Theatre. Album opener 'Different Colours' also opened their performance, showing early that Talking is Hard would be well displayed on the evening. In total, the band played 9 tunes from the new album. They also mixed in 6 from their self titled debut.

Lead singer Nicholas Petricca sounded great throughout the night. Some of the new tunes challenge his vocal abilities, but in doing so, show them off nicely. Moments like the a capella opening to 'Down in the Dumps,' ferocious ending to 'Spend Your Money On' and sing a long chorus to 'Avalanche' display his ability to take over the room with his vocals, reminiscent of Brandon Flowers.

Speaking of the Killers frontman, Petricca gave a powerful performance of cover 'All These Things That I've Done' as the groups encore. This was a true highlight of the night. It led into the final song of the night with the bands first single 'Anna Sun.'

I was very pleased and impressed with the setlist put together by Walk the Moon. They clearly have many new fans, and they satisfied those by playing their new album in full, including ending with their monster hit. They also played tribute to their existing fans though. The group sounded just as good playing the older tunes, and it makes you wonder why they didn't have this type of popularity earlier.

Overall, the energy of this band made for one of the best shows of the year. I never found myself standing still. And I must say it was quite special to see them play the State Theatre, at a capacity of less than 800. Something tells me next time Walk the Moon is in the Tampa area, it'll be a much larger venue.

Concert Rating: 4 Stars

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mike-leone-1’s profile image

I had the pleasure of seeing Walk the Moon at the Chipotle Cultivate Fest in Lincoln Park last year. It was really cool because it was a festival that promoted healthy eating and there were multiple bands that played throughout the day. Plus, you didn't have to pay to get in. When it was Walk the Moon's turn to come on, the stage area was packed with excited fans, many with their faces painted in support of the band. Walk the Moon came out with high spirits, and the crowd was full of energy, dancing to the music. The band is really good live and they sound just like their audio recordings. I didn't know all of their songs, but it was still fun to jam out to their music. Many people sang along with the lead singer, and all of the band members were full of smiles as they played. Throughout the concert, there were these big, inflatable balls that were tossed around over the crowd. Several people were determined to touch them whenever they got near where they were standing. For the most part, the crowd was friendly; however there was this one drunk girl who was very rude to my friends and me. But that childish behavior didn't spoil our moods. Walk the Moon put on a great show that had everyone in good spirits by the end. Overall, Walk the Moon put on a fun, energetic concert that kept the audience upbeat. It was really cool to see them in the park, and who doesn't love a free concert?

Mimiagamah’s profile image

Grab your friends, face paint and get ready to have an amazing night if you’re seeing WTM. From the first time I saw them open for Young the Giants I was completely hooked! They have so much energy and talent that when their on stage you can’t help but have a great time. The music is so engaging; you actually want to put your phone down and just move your hips shiver shiver.

Even though they’ve started playing bigger venues, the show is so enticing your nosebleeds will feel like front row. They really know how to get the crowd involved and pumped. The guys are so nice; they always try to come out after a show and meet the fans! Blake and just everyone on their crew are really great people.

A WTM show is a like family reunion; everyone knows each other, we share face paint, and just have fun. Don’t be afraid to go alone, you will make friends because WTM fans tend to be the coolest people with the finest taste in music.

17 shows later, I still get excited for each show! If they’re in town, get a ticket, you’ll have a blast and leave a fan.

SDaizo’s profile image

They're my favorite band in the entire universe. This was my fourth time seeing them. I had seen them at the U.S Open of Surfing in Huntington Beach, at the Hollywood Palladium, and at Slim's in San Francisco. A few days ago, I went to their Catalyst Club, Santa Cruz concert and it was spectacular!

The Griswolds opened for them and they're Aussie beauties with spectacular hearts and amazing stage performance! Walk the Moon killed it with a fusion of both their old songs and quite a few from their rockin' new album, Talking Is Hard. Being two rows away from Nick and Kevin was incredible and I found myself dancing and sweating to each and every song, belting out every lyric devotedly.

I'm so grateful to have seen Ohio's Walk the Moon so many times and to have met them in San Francisco after their gig last fall. They're incredibly sweet, genuine, fun, and sexy guys and I'm glad success is treating them nicely. :]

krista-seitz’s profile image

Lighting was fantastic. The stage was super cool. Energy was at high levels. The band seemed happy to be there and played with passion. The song selections were good and the banter was decent. Power to people for being different and fuck trump.

My only gripe is that some of the songs and all the singers high notes were prerecorded. There was even a time in which he turned the mic to the audience to sing the lyrics and his prerecorded voice was still playing. Milli Vanilli over here. These guys are now so big they are more showmen than musicians. Not really live music ifnthe sound guy is doing most the work....

riot56k’s profile image

Walk the Moon was amazing! The energy is so fun and they are very interactive with the crowd! Not to mention that they are smoking hot indie hipster men. They sound amazing live, and they are definitely going to get big. They played their popular songs such as "Jenny," "Tightrope," "Shiver Shiver," etc., and then they also played a couple new ones including "Shut Up and Dance." And then of course, they closed with a favorite of mine... "Anna Sun." Had a fantastic time and have loved their music since the first time I heard them almost two years ago. CANNOT wait for another album to be released!! :)

sarah-hubbard’s profile image

Walk the moon was everything I hoped it would be. Performing, the band members we're always energetic and it's amazing to see how much they love what they are doing and how they portray that when they perform. They talked with the crowd and got us all to do a bunch of group sing alongs and moves and we even sang Happy Birthday to the guitarist Kevin. The lead singer even decided to come out into the crowd and sing with everyone around him. I had a great experience and loved everything about them and would definitely go again.

juliana-mejia’s profile image

If you are looking for a fun night of good music and non-stop dancing, then a Walk the Moon concert is perfect. The entire crowd was dancing along to every single song played and Nick, the lead singer sounded PERFECT. I don't think he missed a note. The Griswolds, who were the opening act, were awesome. I could have watched an entire concert of theirs along with the entire concert for Walk The Moon. Overall a great show, lots of good positive energy and phenomenal performances by both The Griswolds and Walk the Moon.

dani-sherman’s profile image

The Walk the Moon concert was amazing and so much fun!!! The excitement and energy that came from the crowd was exhilarating! Nick Petricca and the other members of the band had a great way of keeping the energy up. I love how they played songs from their latest album and some older songs. After the concert, you can't help but get nostalgic and just want to do it all again!! ... So basically to sum it all up, going to the Walk the Moon concert was an experience that I won't ever forget and I will always cherish.

MeghanM2001’s profile image

I hesitated in getting tickets for walk the moon as I had no idea what to expect, but this ended up being one of the best concerts I've ever been to. The band's energy and passion for the music was a cut above the rest, and they really engaged with the crowd for audience participation and general chat. Nick, the frontman, is charisma personified. The music was fantastic to dance to and the good mood in the crowd was infectious. Make sure you get to a show if they're in town, you won't regret it!

Sunny_TD’s profile image

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  • The Griswolds (53)
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Xavier Rudd Setlist at KisHall @ Akvárium Klub, Budapest, Hungary

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Tour: Jan Juc Moon European Tour Tour statistics Add setlist

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Xavier Rudd Gig Timeline

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  • Xavier Rudd Tonhalle, Munich - Oct 14, 2022 Oct 14 2022
  • Xavier Rudd Planet.tt Bank Austria Halle Gasometer, Vienna - Oct 15, 2022 Oct 15 2022

Oct 17, 2022

  • Xavier Rudd KisHall @ Akvárium Klub, Budapest - Oct 17, 2022 Oct 17 2022

Following concerts

  • Xavier Rudd Carisport, Cesena - Oct 22, 2022 Oct 22 2022
  • Xavier Rudd Kulturzentrum Tollhaus, Karlsruhe - Oct 28, 2022 Oct 28 2022

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<div style="text-align: center;" class="setlistImage"><a href="https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/xavier-rudd/2022/kishall-akvarium-klub-budapest-hungary-4baf17fe.html" title="Xavier Rudd Setlist KisHall @ Akvárium Klub, Budapest, Hungary 2022, Jan Juc Moon European Tour" target="_blank"><img src="https://www.setlist.fm/widgets/setlist-image-v1?id=4baf17fe" alt="Xavier Rudd Setlist KisHall @ Akvárium Klub, Budapest, Hungary 2022, Jan Juc Moon European Tour" style="border: 0;" /></a> <div><a href="https://www.setlist.fm/edit?setlist=4baf17fe&amp;step=song">Edit this setlist</a> | <a href="https://www.setlist.fm/setlists/xavier-rudd-6bd6f6d2.html">More Xavier Rudd setlists</a></div></div>

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[url=https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/xavier-rudd/2022/kishall-akvarium-klub-budapest-hungary-4baf17fe.html][img]https://www.setlist.fm/widgets/setlist-image-v1?id=4baf17fe[/img][/url] [url=https://www.setlist.fm/edit?setlist=4baf17fe&amp;step=song]Edit this setlist[/url] | [url=https://www.setlist.fm/setlists/xavier-rudd-6bd6f6d2.html]More Xavier Rudd setlists[/url]

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Setlist insider 2023: supercut.

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walk the moon tour 2022 setlist

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walk the moon tour 2022 setlist

Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images for iHeartRadio

Artists Who Are Going On Tour In 2024: The Rolling Stones, Drake, Olivia Rodrigo & More

The year is just getting started, but 2024 is already stacked with exciting tours. Open up your calendar and start planning with this sprawling list of announced 2024 tours.

Just a couple of years ago, live music still looked uncertain — would variant X, Y or Z derail the train for the umpteenth time? But in that regard, 2023 felt almost totally in the clear — and that's why it feels like the rubber band is stretched back for 2024, and it's ready to launch.

Sure, compiling every musical act who's touring in 2024 might be impossible. But GRAMMY.com's stylistic purview is far and wide: country, hardcore, soul, R&B, rap, indie rock, you name it. As such, we're giving it our best shot — and will continue to update the list as more tours are announced.

Without further ado, here's a major cross section of the 2024 touring landscape as currently announced — from Alvvays to Adam Ant , from Def Leppard to Danny Brown.

Laura Pausini : Laura Pausini World Tour Jan. 6 - April 6 North & Latin America

Italian singer (and the Latin Recording Academy's Person Of The Year) Laura Pausini is venturing through North & Latin America in the spring. Check out dates here . 

Slowdive Jan. 16 - May 18 U.S., Asia & Europe

The reunited shoegaze greats just released a well-loved new album, everything is alive — which is currently taking on new shades onstage. See them in 2024 , on an extensive tour of Europe with Japan dates, and then a plethora of U.S. stops.

Madison Beer : The Spinnin Tour Jan. 17 - June 13 UK, Europe, & U.S.

The pop, hip-hop, EDM, and R&B star released Silence Between Songs in 2023; she'll support it with The Spinnin Tour , which heads stateside from Europe across the spring of 2024.

Drake with J.Cole : It's All A Blur - Big As The What? Jan. 18 - March 27 U.S.

Hip-hop kingpins Drake and J. Cole are headed on a co-headlining tour; some Drake gigs will be J.-Cole-less. Check out the North American dates here .

Ana Tijoux Jan. 18 - April 13 North America, UK, & Europe

Chilean musician Ana Tijoux hasn't undergone a world tour since 2018, but she's about to change that with a run of European gigs following the release of VIDA , her first album in several years. Check out where she's playing here .

Melanie Martinez Jan. 19 - June 27 North America, Asia & Australia

Alt-popper Melanie Martinez will segue her PORTALS Tour into The Trilogy Tour, which will see her revive her alter ego "Cry Baby." See her, in this persona, in the U.S. and across the pond — tour dates here .

Mitski Jan. 26 - June 6 UK, Europe, & U.S.

Fresh off the release of The Land is Inhospitable and So Are We , Mitski has announced a jaunt across North America with Tamino, Sunny War, Julia Jacklin , and Sarah Kinsley.

Gloria Trevi: Mi Soundtrack World Tour Jan. 26 - Sept. 22 U.S.

Known as the "Supreme Diva of Mexican Pop," Gloria Trevi is embarking on a world tour to top off the year, as she has recently announced the first leg. Check out the U.S. dates here . 

Tinashe : BB/ANG3L U.S. Tour Jan. 31 - Feb. 15 U.S.

Actress, dancer and singer Tinashe will support her new album, BB/ANG3L , with a run of mostly East Coast dates. Check out the details here .

Militarie Gun Jan. 31 - June 1 North America

Fresh off a tour with Scowl, hardcore-adjacent, brilliantly melodic punks Militarie Gun continue their rise with a 2024 North American tour. Dates here .

Mariah The Scientist: To Be Eaten Alive Tour Feb. 1 - May 4 UK, Europe, & U.S.

R&B favorite Mariah the Scientist has been raring to return to the stage: "I miss hearing my fans scream my lyrics at the top of their lungs. I miss seeing all their faces," Mariah told Rolling Stone . "I miss all the different cities. To my fans, I miss us. I'm so ready to eat you alive." She'll be in Europe and the U.S.; check out more details here .

Marc Anthony : Viviendo Tour Feb. 9 - March 9 North America

Latin and Salsa star Marc Anthony can't hide his excitement for his upcoming tour: "See you in 2024 with many moments to write about," Mark shared in his Instagram tour announcement . "We are going to live nights like no other." Learn more about the tour details here.  

Juanes : Vida Cotidiana World Tour Feb. 13 - March 30 North America

In support of his Vida Cotidiana album, Colombian rock legend Juanes is making stops around North America to celebrate the project. Learn all about it here . 

Los Angeles Azules : El Amor de mi Vida Tour Feb. 13 - April 20 U.S.

Marking their epic return to the United States, the Cumbia sibling group are kicking off their tour in support of their upcoming album —which is set to be released this year. Check out the tour  dates here .

Jon Batiste : UNEASY Tour Feb. 16 - April 27 U.S.

Five-time GRAMMY winner and 20-time nominee Jon Batiste isn't known as a traditional touring act — extemporaneous solo performances and orchestral works tend to be his jam. That's what makes his upcoming North American tour so enticing — how will this consummate shape-shifter approach the headline-touring model?

Chelsea Cutler : The Beauty Is Everywhere Tour Feb. 16 - March 30 North America

Singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer, and engineer Chelsea Cutler has revealed a 2024 headline tour titled The Beauty Is Everywhere Tour, in support of her new album Stellaria . Dates can be found here .

Red Hot Chili Peppers : Unlimited Love Tour Feb. 17 - July 30 North America

The veteran rockers are still supporting 2022's Unlimited Love and Return of the Dream Canteen ; in 2024, they'll go out with Kid Cudi , Ice Cube , Ken Carson, Otoboke Beaver, Seun Kuti , Wand, and Irontom. More info can be found here .

PinkPantheress: Capable of Love Tour Feb. 20 - April 30 North America, UK & Europe

The TikTok sensation turned pop phenomenon will head out on her Capable of Love Tour, following the release of her debut album Heaven Knows . Rising artists Bktherula and Kanii will join her. More information can be found here .

Niall Horan Feb. 21 - July 31 North America, Europe, & Australia

The Irish singer/songwriter has announced "THE SHOW" LIVE ON TOUR 2024 – his biggest tour yet and first headline run since 2018's Flicker world tour. Learn more here .

Bad Bunny - Most Wanted Tour Feb. 21 - May 26 U.S.

Bad Bunny's Most Wanted Tour will take him across 47 dates across North America — including three shows in Los Angeles, Chicago and New York. More information can be found here .

Olivia Rodrigo : 2024 Tour Feb. 23 - Aug. 14 UK, Europe, & U.S.

Olivia Rodrigo will make a jaunt around the world with support from the Breeders, Chappell Roan and Pink Pantheress. Visit here for tickets.

Sampha : North America 2024 Tour Feb. 23 - April 14 North America & Australia

South London singer/songwriter Sampha recently released a music video for "Can't Go Back," from his new album, Lahai . With it come North American dates for 2024; view them here .

Mon Laferte : Autopoiética Tour Feb. 29 - June 2 U.S. & Latin America

Chilean artist Mon Laferte's new album, Autopoiética , has been released to a clamorous response. In 2024, she'll bring the music across Latin America and the U.S. — dates here .

Idles Feb. 29 - Dec. 7 North America, UK, & Europe

The purveyors of wild-eyed rock have extended their previously announced 2024 international tour with new dates across North America, Mexico, the UK, and Ireland. More info here .

Styx & Foreigner : Renegades & Juke Box Heroes Tour March 1 - Nov. 9 North America

Don't miss this classic rock heroes together, for the last time ever. Check out dates here , along with heartfelt statements from both bands.

Nicki Minaj : Pink Friday 2 Tour March 1 - June 7 UK, Europe, & U.S.

The Harajuku Barbie is back with a new album, Pink Friday 2 , which landed Dec. 8. How will tunes like "Super Freaky Girl" and "Last Time I Saw You" translate to the stage? Don't miss her North American and European tour , which stretches from late March to early June.

Danny Brown: Quaranta '24 Tour March 3 - April 14 North America

The idiosyncratic MC is riding high off the release of his introspective new album, Quaranta . He's heading across North America in support of it; find his itinerary here .

Don Omar March 7 - April 21 North America

The reggaeton pioneer has announced he will be back in arenas in 2024 and bringing fans "Back to Reggaeton," a 20-date trek across North America that spans the artist's decades-long career. Info here .

Judas Priest : Invisible Shield Tour March 11 - May 22 Europe, UK, & U.S.

Metal titans Judas Priest are still going strong; they just announced a Spring 2024 U.S. tour with supporting act abaton. Check out the dates here .

Busta Rhymes March 13 - April 21 North America

Rap heavyweight Busta Rhymes has announced his Blockbusta Tour, which will bring him across the U.S. and Canada starting in March. More details can be found here .

Tim McGraw : 2024 Standing Room Only Tour March 14 - June 27 U.S.

The country great's upcoming jaunt kicks off on March 14 and will stop through more than 40 cities. Carly Pearce will be a special guest. For more information, click here .

Bleachers: From The Studio To The Stage March 19 - June 15 U.S. & UK

In late spring and early summer 2024, the Jack Antonoff -led rockers are hitting the road in support of their self-titled new album, which arrives March 8. Check out the European and American dates here .

Tyla March 21 - May 28 UK, Europe, & U.S.

The unstoppable, GRAMMY-nominated R&B, amapiano singer Tyla will venture across the UK and Europe in spring 2024. Visit here for more details.

Adam Ant : ANTMUSIC Tour March 21 - May 11 U.S.

English post-punk and new wave legend Adam Ant is headed out on his ANTMUSIC tour, his first U.S. trek in five years. The day after it wraps up, he'll appear at the Cruel World 2024 festival. Check here for dates and details.

The Slackers April 4 - April 14 North America

The revered, long-time purveyors of ska, reggae, dub and more have announced a spring tour across the US and Canada — dates here .

Alvvays : US Spring Tour 2024 April 4 - Aug. 8 North America, UK, & Europe

The indie darlings will traverse the United States in April and May, then head to Europe in late June for festival dates. Check out their dates here .

Tate Mcrae : Think Later World Tour April 17 - Nov 21 North America, UK, Europe, & Australia

Multi-platinum singer/songwriter Tate McRae will support her second album, THINK LATER , with a world tour in 2024. Learn all about it here .

The Rolling Stones : Hackney Diamonds Tour April 18 - July 17 North America

If the Rolling Stones ' secret NYC show with Lady Gaga was any indication, the Stones' stadium run around Hackney Diamonds — their first album of new material in 18 years — will be one for the books. For now, only stateside shows have been announced, but keep your eyes peeled for an expansion.

Hozier : Unreal Unearth Tour April 20 - Sept. 17 U.S.

Singer/songwriter Hozier is undertaking a headline tour of the UK and Ireland next summer, supporting his third album Unreal Unearth . Details can be found here .

Alanis Morissette with Joan Jett and the Blackhearts : Triple Moon Tour June 9 - Aug. 10 North America

Two female pioneers are hitting the road, with special guest Morgan Wade. See where they're heading in the U.S. and Canada here .

Pink : Summer Carnival Tour 2024 June 11 - Nov. 23 North America, UK, & Europe

Pink will continue to support her new album Trustfall with her Summer Carnival tour, which returns to North America in 2024. 

The Killers June 12 - July 11 UK & Ireland

The Killers have reached that stage where they're looking back on the hits. Following the recent release of their best-of compilation album Rebels Diamonds , shout along at these UK and Ireland dates .

Def Leppard , Journey , Steve Miller : 2024 Summer Stadium Tour July 6 - Sept. 8 U.S.

More oldies favorites, banding together for a U.S. stadium tour in 2024: Def Leppard and Journey will be near you soon. In select markets, Heart and Cheap Trick will also appear. Check out the dates and details here .

Earth Wind & Fire and Chicago : Heart & Soul Tour 2024 July 10 - Sept. 7 U.S.

These retro, AOR favorites are hitting the road together for the Heart & Soul Tour 2024, including an encore with both bands on stage. Check out the North American dates here .

Sepultura : Farewell Tour Oct. 30 - Nov. 23 UK & Europe

The Brazilian metal heroes are calling it quits — but not before a final trek, just in time for their 40th anniversary. Check out a statement about their breakup, as well as farewell dates, here .

GRAMMY Rewind: Foo Fighters Win A GRAMMY For "Walk," The Song They Recorded In Dave Grohl's Garage

Songbook: The Rolling Stones' Seven-Decade Journey To 'Hackney Diamonds'

Photos (L-R): Mark Seliger, Kevin Mazur/WireImage, Tom Hill/WireImage, Mark and Colleen Hayward/Redferns

Songbook: The Rolling Stones' Seven-Decade Journey To 'Hackney Diamonds'

Artistically, the Rolling Stones are back in business, with their first album of original material in 18 years — including a GRAMMY-nominated single. If you've gotten the bug for the first time in a while, here's a crash course on their recorded history.

What is it like to listen to new Rolling Stones music in 2024? You might think of overabundant slickness ,everything-to-everyone commerciality, a sense of rock-by-committee. But if your immediate association with the band is their status as an industry unto themselves — with the music as an afterthought — then you may not know the Rolling Stones.

"This is a performance-based record; this is live. That's why it speeds up and slows down and pushes and pulls — the only way the Stones should be." That's what GRAMMY-winning producer Andrew Watt — the " sprightly young fellow " that Paul McCartney recommended to the band — told Rolling Stone of the Stones' new album, Hackney Diamonds .

But it goes deeper than that. In a scathing review of Hackney Diamonds , Pitchfork declared the Stones to "gleam like sickly wax figures. Jagger, terrifyingly, has never sounded so youthful." Has Jagger been rendered animatronic? A resounding no — at 80, he simply remains a force of nature — as do his fellow surviving Stones, guitarists Keith Richards and Ron Wood .

"I've never seen anybody push themselves to the level that this guy pushed himself to in the studio," Watt continued to Rolling Stone . "He never left a vocal without a full deep sweat, putting every single thing he had into it every time." Best of all, this wasn't in the pursuit of perfection, but a beautiful racket.

"What's so f—ing cool," Watt continued, "is sometimes he'd do a take and he'd be like, 'I'm singing too good. I need to do that again and throw that away more… give it more feeling.'"

Across seven decades, the Stones have more than earned their stripes as the self-dubbed "World's Greatest Rock 'n' Roll Band" — and so much of it has to do with that feeling .

That's why they're in the upper echelon, toe-to-toe with the Beatles in that tired binary, despite never pursuing a fraction of their innovation or ambition. Because when it comes to bluesy yearning, broiling salaciousness and that guitar weave, no guitar band has ever come close.

As veteran music journalist Rob Sheffield once put it , "Part of Mick's vast intelligence was to understand that he didn't have that kind of sincerity in his empty heart, and he was too crafty to make a clown of himself trying to fake it. He knew he couldn't out-Beatle the Beatles. So the Stones chose different turf to conquer. The Stones are Stonesier. The Beatles are merely better."

There's no way that a single article can contain all the facets of the Stones. But if you saw the news of Hackney Diamonds — their first album of original material in 18 years — and find yourself catching the bug again, here's a brief breakdown of their vast catalog.

The Brian Jones Era (1962-1969)

The thing about the greatest rock 'n' roll bands is that they tend to have ghosts following them around — e.g. integral, original members who lost their way, or their life, early on.

The Beatles did, in the incorporeal form of Stu Sutciffe. So did Pink Floyd , in Syd Barrett . Today, the spirits of Dennis and Carl Wilson silently observe the Beach Boys. The list goes on and on.

The Stones might have the ultimate band ghost in Brian Jones — their bowl-cutted, blonde angel who actually started the group, back in 1962.

Many decades on, Paul McCartney got flak for calling the Stones a " blues cover band ," which obviously didn't take into account the Glimmer Twins' numberless, unforgettable originals. But that was what they were, from the jump.

If you haven't heard their 1964, self-titled debut, subtitled England's Newest Hit Makers , it's a proto-punk banger — with revved-up takes on "Route 66" and Chuck Berry 's "Carol," among other selections from across the garage R&B canon.

Very soon after, the Stones began writing inspired originals, like "As Tears Go By" and "Get Off of My Cloud." (Not to mention, er, one you may have heard about "girl reaction.") Around the time of 1966's Aftermath — their first masterpiece — Jones was decorating their tunes with outré instrumentation, like the ominous sitar on "Paint It, Black."

Jones continued to make inspired contributions to the Stones' palette, including in their still-underrated 1967 goof on Sgt. Pepper 's, Their Satanic Majesties Request .

As he became eclipsed  by Jagger and Richards, Jones became more and more unmanageable, culminating in his ousting and drowning in a pool in 1969.

This earliest incarnation of the Stones has its partisans: it's arguable that they never went on to write a song as lovely as the acoustic "Back Street Girl," for example. But with the passing of the torch to Mick Taylor, the stadium-sized version we all know and love was rapidly approaching.

The Mick Taylor Era (and after) (1969-1976)

While Taylor's tenure as Stones axeman lasted only five years, the former Bluesbreaker might be the greatest guitarist the band ever enjoyed.

After a couple of cameos on 1969's epochal Let it Bleed — the one with "Gimme Shelter" and "You Can't Always Get What You Want" on it — Taylor joined the band proper for 1971's Sticky Fingers , one of their most beloved albums by far.

Therein, that aforementioned weave is on full display, between Richards and Taylor: they should teach the rhythmic underpinning of "Brown Sugar" and "Can't You Hear Me Knocking" in school. 

Plus, the immortal, still soul-inflaming ballad "Wild Horses" contains perhaps their most elliptical, haunting lyric: "Let's do some living after we die."

Despite Jagger's vocal dislike of the album, the double-disc Exile on Main St. is considered their masterpiece for very good reasons: Despite the brilliance of albums like Aftermath onward, they hadn't quite made an album that hung together cohesively, with a clear arc.

But Exile on Main St. — famously recorded grungy, topless and stoned in a rented French villa, as tax exiles — is worth many, many listens, front to back. It begins gakked out and flying high, as on "Rocks Off," then ends clear-eyed, hungover and grappling for salvation, as on "Shine a Light."

The Stones never quite revisited the heights of Exile on Main St. — although its lumpy, potent follow-up, 1973's Goats Head Soup , deserves more flowers.

After 1974's It's Only Rock n' Roll — chiefly known for the oldies favorite of a title track — Taylor left on short notice, following personality differences and rancor over credits.

He was replaced by the Faces' Ron Wood — essentially the Stones' version of Ringo, in that he was never considered a technical whiz, but the glue that continues to hold colorful, volatile personalities together.

Forging On With Ron (1976-present)

Jagger, Richards, bassist Bill Wyman , and drummer Charlie Watts ' first album with Wood was 1976's Black and Blue , their most exhausted album by some margin. (Which doesn't mean it's bad at all: bone-weary Stones has a patina all its own, and "Memory Motel" belongs in the time capsule.)

But this rudderlessness proved to be a fluke: they followed it with 1978's Some Girls , at the height of punk and disco. That album's highlights, like "Miss You," "Beast of Burden" and "Shattered," restored the band to their debaucherous glory.

The follow-up, 1980's Emotional Rescue , was fine, but a bit of a bunt. Especially compared to the following year's Tattoo You , a terrifically echoey and plasticine document of their stadium prowess with a lead single implanted in our heads from birth: "Start Me Up."

Unfortunately, the ensuing '80s were as unkind to the Stones as they were to 95 percent of their contemporaries — although 1989's rewarding Steel Wheels is an ugly duckling worth hearing at least once. That year, their inimitable bassist Wyman left the group, never to fully return.

The Stones released a grand total of two albums in the '90s, mostly raking it in as titans of the live circuit. In 2005, they released A Bigger Bang , which would turn out to be their final album until 2016, in the back-to-basics blues-covers release Blue & Lonesome .

Tragically, in 2021, Watts — their steely, enigmatic engine driver, and a reluctant rock star if there ever was one — passed away of cancer.

Before his death, they'd fitfully hit the studio. But this time, they set a hard deadline, with a plucky, 30-something producer — and the result was the Stones' most acclaimed album in many decades.

Watts: A Light Goes Out (2021-present)

It's hard to put into words how bone-snappingly vital the Stones sound on 2023's Hackney Diamonds , deep into the AARP demographic.

The lead single, "Angry" — nominated for Best Rock Song at the 2024 GRAMMYs — finds Watts' appointed heir, Steve Jordan, leading the charge, with the three soul survivors powered by that old piss and vinegar.

From there, all the way to the Muddy Waters coda ("Rolling Stone Blues") that gave the band their name, Hackney Diamonds is a triumph.

The ridiculously high-profile guests throughout, like Elton John ("Get Close"), McCartney ("Bite My Head Off") and Lady Gaga and Stevie Wonder ("Sweet Sounds of Heaven"), never feel like they're buoying the proceedings; they sound like the Stones' most voracious fans, living the dream. (As McCartney put it after tracking his viciously fuzzy bass part: "I just played f—ing bass with the Stones — and I'm a f—ing Beatle."

Jagger and Richards are adamant this isn't the end: half an album's already in the can. Who knows where it'll go — but one thing is certain, they'll never dilute or compromise this stew. That feeling — the one they've been chasing since they were flop-haired teenagers — is much too important.

Living Legends: Chicago's Robert Lamm On Songwriting and Longevity

2023 In Review: 5 Trends That Defined Pop Music

Photos (L-R): Buda Mendes/TAS23/Getty Images for TAS Rights Management, Todd Owyoung/NBC via Getty Images, Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for MTV, Mike Coppola/Getty Images for MTV, Theo Wargo/Getty Images

2023 In Review: 5 Trends That Defined Pop Music

From massive world stages to hilarious TikTok trends, pop music was all about the fun in 2023 — which led to huge hits and pop culture moments alike.

There's arguably only one way to sum up pop music in 2023: it belonged to the women.

Whether SZA or Olivia Rodrigo were revealing the cracks in their relationships through catchy hooks, or Taylor Swift was taking over stadiums around the globe, female artists dominated genre charts and trends. And even a fictional female figure helped spawn some of the year's biggest pop tracks.  

It was also a big year for legends and classic hits; pop mainstays showed just why they became superstars in the first place, and TikTok helped resurface some pop songs of old.

Below, take a deeper dive into some of 2023's biggest moments in pop.

Ex-Lovers Were Called Out

Nothing burns more than a woman scorned. This year, pop stars and rising artists were both shameless in calling out their exes for their wrongdoings.

One of the biggest moments came courtesy of SZA. The artist is known for wearing her heart on her sleeve, and SOS album highlight "Kill Bill" was a buffet of toxic "what if" scenarios. The singer let jealousy overcome her emotions as she couldn't stand to see her ex-lover move on: "I might kill my ex, I still love him though/ Rather be in jail than alone." On a similar note, Olivia Rodrigo's "vampire" finds the pop star tapping into a new level of fury. The lead single from her sophomore album, GUTS , "vampire" shoots bloody daggers at a manipulative boyfriend.

But it wasn't all about vengeance. In Miley Cyrus ' case, her best form of revenge came in the form of forgiveness. Her "Flowers" anthem was thought to be inspired by Cyrus' divorce from Liam Hemsworth, but its messaging is relatable to anyone who had to learn how to move on from a broken heart. "I can take myself dancing and I can hold my own hand/ I can love me better than you can," Cyrus assures.

All three singles topped the Billboard Hot 100 this year, marking SZA's first solo No. 1, Cyrus' first in a decade and Rodrigo's first from her new album era. The singles also all earned 2024 GRAMMY nominations for both Song Of The Year (alongside Billie Eilish 's "What Was I Made For?", Dua Lipa 's "Dance the Night", Jon Batiste 's "Butterfly", Lana Del Rey 's "A&W" and Taylor Swift's "Anti-Hero") and Record Of The Year (next to Billie Eilish's What Was I Made For?", Boygenius' "Not Strong Enough", Jon Batiste's "Worship", Taylor Swift's "Anti-Hero" and Victoria Monét' s "On My Mama"). 

Rising stars also joined in on the fun. After Tate McRae scored her biggest hit to date with the playful “greedy,” she delivered a fiery kiss-off anthem with “exes.” Elsewhere, Benee called her ex a "waste of f—king time" on the rowdy "Green Honda," British singer Mae Stephens contemplated all of her options on "If We Ever Broke Up," RAYE brooded over "dumb decisions" and booze on "Escapism," and Los Angeles alt-pop singer Leah Kate 's jam-packed her debut album Super Over with advice on cutting off toxic relationships .

Classic Songs Made A TikTok Resurgence

TikTok has proved its social media dominance over the past few years. But aside from pop's new generation enjoying viral success, the genre's OGs also found their classic hits reborn.

Colbie Caillat 's "Bubbly" single warmed our hearts when it debuted in 2007, and in true Gen Z fashion, it reemerged thanks to a meme trend. TikTok users placed the song over high-energy performance videos like those of Travis Scott , Justin Bieber and Tyler, The Creator which made for a hilarious juxtaposition. Caillat kept the momentum by making TikTok duets and even sharing an acoustic version of the song on her YouTube page.

Bridgit Mendler's 2013 single "Hurricane" also got a second wind for its 10th anniversary where female users placed it over humorous self-deprecating videos about being delusional over men. Jessie J 's 2011 "Price Tag" hit sparked a dance trend with a sped-up version of the song and Lana Del Rey's "Radio" (a deep cut from 2012's Born To Die debut) inspired users to make videos that showcased how "sweet like cinnamon" their lives are.

Career-Spanning Tours Took Over The World

What better way to celebrate a decorated career than with a massive tour? Pop stars from all corners of the genre commemorated their many years (or in some cases, decades) in the music industry by going down memory lane with their fans worldwide.

The most notable trek was, of course, Taylor Swift's Eras Tour , which kicked off on March 17 and will conclude on Dec. 8, 2024. The pop star — who is arguably bigger than she's ever been, nearly 20 years into her career — used the stadium tour to pay homage to her extensive discography with a nonstop three-hour spectacle. Swift's impact quickly made history: the Eras Tour surpassed $1 billion in revenue in early December, already making it the highest-grossing music tour of all time, according to Guinness World Records. Its accompanying concert film, Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour , also became the highest-grossing concert film of all time with $250 million earned globally as of press time.

But Swift wasn't the only star celebrating their music milestones on the road. After a thrilling reunion in 2019, the Jonas Brothers continued to shock fans with what's possibly the most challenging tour of their career. Titled "Five Albums. One Night. The World Tour," the trio featured their entire discography in a set list that included over 60 songs. 

Another artist who rode the ambitious train was Madonna . The pop icon's Celebration Tour was, well, a celebration of a genre-defining career spanning over four decades. Kicking off in October in London, the tour features a retrospective setlist that is a treat for diehard fans, featuring singles she hasn't performed live in decades including 1990's "Justify My Love," 1998's "Nothing Really Matters" and 2002's "Die Another Day."

On the pop-rock end, The Maine's "Sweet Sixteen Tour" highlighted the band's growth over the past 16 years through nine albums, while Boys Like Girls ' anchored their comeback after an 11-year hiatus with the North American Speaking Our Language Tour.

Movies Had Major Music Moments

While music has long been a driving force in films, this year saw the pairing excitedly take over pop culture. Greta Gerwig's Barbie movie notably had the world seeing pink, with the iconic doll infiltrating everything from fashion to real estate.

Not surprisingly, the accompanying soundtrack was a pop-filled joyride. Featuring production from pop mastermind Mark Ronson, the 17-song Barbie: The Album featured the likes of Lizzo , Charli XCX , PinkPantheress , Sam Smith , GAYLE and FIFTY FIFTY. But perhaps most notably, the album dominated the Best Song Written For Visual Media category at the 2024 GRAMMYs: Dua Lipa's disco-laced "Dance The Night," Ryan Gosling's TikTok-trending "I'm Just Ken," Ice Spice 's and Nicki Minaj 's sparkly collaboration "Barbie World," and Billie Eilish's gripping ballad "What Was I Made For?" compete with Rihanna 's Black Panther hit "Lift Me Up."

The year also called for reunions and revivals, with the biggest shock arguably belonging to NSYNC . Many fans were impatiently waiting for the boys to make a return, and they did so with "Better Place." The Trolls soundtrack highlight marked the boy band's first song after a two-decade-long music hiatus (which was accompanied by an appearance at the MTV Video Music Awards, where they presented with Best Pop Video). Under the sea, Halle Bailey refreshed a Disney classic with The Little Mermaid live-action reimagining, while the nostalgia train continued with movie musicals Wonka and Mean Girls (out in January).

Pop Titans Were Inescapable

Thanks to social media, it may seem like Gen Z artists have overthrown their elder pop counterparts. But make no mistake, the veterans are showing they aren't so easily shakeable.

This year, many preserved their legacies through various mediums. Taylor Swift wasn't the only superstar proving her staying power on the road (and in stadiums); Beyoncé 's Renaissance World Tour cemented her legendary status as the highest-grossing tour by a Black artist, while Ed Sheeran 's The Mathematics Tour broke attendance records worldwide.

Adele and Usher ruled Sin City with their Las Vegas residencies, with the latter set to perform at the 2024 Super Bowl halftime show. The pop titans even showed their dominance on television, with Kelly Clarkson (who also had a Vegas stint) and Jennifer Hudson gaining a new audience with their respective talk shows.

After a year filled with viral moments and comebacks, we're eager to see how artists will continue to uplift pop music in 2024.

Justin Bieber's Biggest Hits: 12 Songs That Showcase His Pop Prowess And R&B Sensibilities

2023 In Review: 5 Trends That Defined Latin Music

Photos: Neilson Barnard/Getty Images for Latin Recording Academy; Borja B. Hojas/Getty Images; Neilson Barnard/Getty Images for Latin Recording Academy; Patricia J. Garcinuno/WireImage; Juan Naharro Gimenez/Getty Images

2023 In Review: 5 Trends That Defined Latin Music

2023 was a transformative year for Latin music: Música mexicana expanded globally; urbano music continued its dominance and innovative sounds broke boundaries. Read on for five trends showcasing the breadth of Latin music's influence.

2022 was the year of Rosalía ’s Motomami and Bad Bunny ’s Un Verano Sin Ti — two groundbreaking albums that expanded both the artistic scope and mainstream appeal of Latin music. How do you top that?

As it turns out, 2023 had a number of surprises in store: the emergence of música mexicana on an international scale, but also the further globalization of Latin sounds and new developments in urbano music, which continues to gain in influence and sophistication. It was also a particularly prolific year — with hundreds of singles, EPs and albums expanding the scope of Latin across genres and formats.

Here are some of the notable trends that emerged during the past 12 months.

Finally, Música Mexicana Gets The Chance To Shine

Reggaetón and urbano were at the forefront of the Latin music tsunami that began to take hold of the entire planet a good three years ago. During that time, many insiders pondered if the huge field of so-called regional Mexican music would ever enjoy such levels of exposure. Turns out there was nothing regional about it.

Far from stagnating, the genre evolved with the rise of the sparse, melancholy sound known as sad sierreño, and the swagger of hip-hop informing the zeitgeist of young artists like Natanael Cano and Junior H.

2023 will be forever remembered as the year when música mexicana connected with the world at large, and it happened mostly through one song: " Ella Baila Sola ," the collaboration between Jalisco singer Peso Pluma and Cali group Eslabón Armado — a tune whose spiraling groove is so buoyant and infectious, it transcends borders. The subversive duet of Bad Bunny and Grupo Frontera on mega-hit "un x100to" didn’t hurt either, and the movement gained strength with Peso Pluma’s excellent third LP, as well as the talents of young stars such as Fuerza Regida, Gabito Ballesteros and Yahritza y Su Esencia .

When It Comes To Latin Rock, Argentina Is Still At The Forefront

From Charly García and Luis Alberto Spinetta to Soda Stereo and Babasónicos, Argentina boasts a fierce tradition for generating legendary rock albums. Even though the South American nation has embraced the present with such urbano stars as Bizarrap , Duki and Nicki Nicole, there will always be a place of honor reserved for good old fashioned rock’n’roll in Argentina’s clubs and recording studios.

2023 was no exception. Hailing from the city of La Plata, Él Mató a un Policía Motorizado released Súper Terror . Their first full length album since 2017's La Síntesis O’Konor , the new LP includes atmospheric ballads like the gorgeous "Medalla de Oro." Another top contender is Tripolar , the third effort by Mendoza indie darlings Usted Señalemelo.

Also of note: Lo Más Cercano a Caer , the stunning debut by Nenagenix. Fronted by singer Martina Sampietro, the band has dreamed up a ferocious collection of songs with inspired touches of grunge and shoegaze.

Pop Stardom Is A Young Artist’s Game…

Popular music has always reflected the combustion and adrenaline of youth, but the immediacy of the digital era has heightened this fact. It seems that the transition from self-taught teens uploading their demos in TikTok to fully fledged stars performing at Coachella has become even more rapid.

Some of the most successful Latin artists climbing the 2023 charts have had only a couple of years to transition into pop icon status — and the vulnerability of their emotional state is often expressed in their music. From the reggaetón-fueled erotic narratives of 21 year-old Madrid rapper Quevedo ("PUNTO G") to the bachata-pop warmth of 19 year-old Mexican/American DannyLux ("MI HOGAR," with maye) and the confessional urbano narratives of 22-year-old Argentine vocalist Tiago PZK (the TINI duet "Me Enteré"), many young artists found the global platform where they could freely express their longings and dreams.

...But The Veterans Have Still Plenty To Say

Years of accolades have not dimmed the creative vision of veteran Latin artists. In the case of Juanes , a marital crisis during the pandemic inspired Vida Cotidiana — arguably the Colombian singer’s best album to date. Just listen to the gritty guitar textures of the majestic "Gris" and the spiraling Afro lines of "Cecilia," a sun-is-shining-again duet with Juan Luis Guerra. Vida Cotidiana is nominated for Best Latin Rock or Alternative Album alongside Cabra's MARTÍNEZ , Leche De Tigre by Diamante Eléctrico , Natalia Lafourcade 's De Todas Las Flores and EADDA9223 by Fito Paez .

At 46, Shakira finds herself at the top of her game, with major pop culture moments like her Bizarrap collaboration — the most epic revenge song of the year and a Latin GRAMMY winner — and the jagged edges of "TQG," her duet with KAROL G .

Having developed a tradition of recording solo excursions in Paris, Zoé frontman León Larregui explored his hazy psychedelic mystique on PRISMARAMA , the Mexican singer’s excellent — and first self-produced — third outing.

The Urbano Groove May Never Run Out Of Steam

You may think that global audiences would have tired of the ubiquitous reggaetón beat. But the music of Puerto Rico — just like traditional salsa in the ‘70s – has a gravitas that rewards longer attention spans. Fittingly for a genre known for its prolific work ethic, some of the biggest names in urbano released albums in 2023, and none of them disappoint.

One listen to the refined melody of "MÓNACO" — like a reggaetón take on a James Bond theme — is enough to realize that Bad Bunny’s creative streak hasn’t slowed down since he reimagined the Latin pop atlas with Un Verano Sin Ti . Known for his honeyed dance hits, Ozuna put out an EP ( Afro ) and an album ( Cosmo ), including the synth-pop magic of "Vocation," with producer David Guetta .

Last but not least, KAROL G’s MAÑANA SERÁ BONITO demonstrates on luminous tracks like "PROVENZA" and "CAIRO" that her work with fellow Colombian producer Ovy on the Drums is one of the defining artistic partnerships of the decade. MAÑANA is nominated for Best Música Urbana Album at the 2024 GRAMMYs alongside Rauw Alejandro 's SATURNO and Tainy's DATA.

2023 In Review: 5 Trends That Defined Hip-Hop

5 International Hip-Hop Scenes To Watch Now

Photo: Aldara Zarraoa/Redferns

5 International Hip-Hop Scenes To Watch Now

Acts around the globe are shifting away from imitating American artists, creating an audible international shift toward sounds that are truer to location. Read on for five countries with distinct hip-hop scenes worth checking out.

Fifty years since the recognized beginning of hip-hop culture in the United States, its beats, rhymes and life have been inspiring artists and doing serious business around the world. These days, though, there’s an audible international shift away from imitating American acts and producing sounds that are truer to location. "Overall, we’re definitely seeing the decline of the dominance of rap music on a global scale," notes Nima Etminan, COO of Empire. Headquartered in San Francisco, Empire is included among Billboard’s 2023 International Power Players and has offices in New York, London, South Africa and Nigeria. An experienced A&R executive, Etminan is originally from Germany and frequently works from each base to scout and sign talent. What is working, Etminan has noticed, are emergent international styles that may count rap music and hip-hop culture as ingredients or influences. Artists around the globe are breaking new sonic ground, whether it’s Puerto Rico’s Bad Bunny rapping and singing, or the hip-hop appeal of the corridos by Mexico’s Peso Pluma . "I think that the essence of African American culture when it comes to talking and dressing and stuff is definitely still there, but it’s just less because [America has] less global influence," he says. " Now everybody kind of has their own local scenes that are bigger. So the American stuff still plays into it, but just on a much smaller scale because they have their own heroes and their own superstars who are big that they are looking up to." With all that in mind, GRAMMY.com asked Etminan and other global music minds to recommend international rap scenes that are worth watching now.

In November, Brazilian hip-hop artists made a big impression at the 2023 Latin GRAMMYs. Planet Hemp and Criolo were the first to win the inaugural award for Best Portuguese-Language Urban Performance with their song "Distopia." They were nominated alongside three other Brazilian rap acts worth watching: Luccas Carlos, Dallas and Filipe Ret.

Empire, which is both a record label and distributor, just hired its first employee in Brazil. The company has good reason to watch and invest in this region. "I think Brazil is one of the fastest rising areas," says Etminan. "I think as far as their own sound and culture that’s really big but hasn’t exploded outside of that yet, and hasn’t had mainstream success yet, it’s probably Brazil."

Read more: A Timeline Of Brazilian Hip-Hop: From The Ruas To The Red Carpet

French rap music may not be on the radar of the average American fan, but France is the second largest market in the world for hip-hop — behind only the United States.

"Take a look at the country's Top Spotify lists and it's strongly dominated by domestic artists in the genre who come from Paris, Marseille and from various regions across the country," notes Alexandra Greenberg, the U.S. consultant for CNM (Centre national de la musique), France’s national music office. "The country also has Les Flammes , an international awards show celebrating rap going into its second year this coming April."

Paris-based hip-hop journalist and author Epée Hervé Dingong suggests becoming acquainted with the likes of Ninho, an MC of Congolese descent influenced by American Southern rappers, who recently collaborated with Lil Baby . Dingong also pointed to Booba, who has had three NO. 1 albums and eight other Top 10 releases in France since his 2002 debut.

"Booba is not new," says Dingong, who is working on a book chronicling the history of the hip-hop mixtape, "but he is still the king." 

The world’s embrace of Afrobeats originated with Nigerian artist Fela Kuti, who was likened to be the James Brown of Africa. Current Nigerian superstars who are poised to eclipse that success internationally, like Burna Boy and Olamide , have grown up under the influence of the Kuti family (including Fela’s recording artist sons, Femi Kuti and Seun Kuti ) and the allure of American rap.

Ahead of the 2024 GRAMMYs , the Recording Academy introduced a new category of Best African Music Performance , reflecting the continent’s current breakthroughs in the North American music business. And a remix of "Sittin’ on Top of the World" by Burna Boy featuring 21 Savage is one of the nominees for Best Melodic Rap Performance in 2024. Fellow nominees in the category are "Attention" by Doja Cat , "Spin Bout U" from Drake & 21 Savage, "All My Life" by Lil Durk feat. J. Cole , and SZA 's "Low."

Though these artists are beloved around the world, the worsening economic climate in Nigeria has made it challenging for them to succeed at home, explains Etminan.

"The inflation in Nigeria was so crazy this year," he says, "and the Nigerian currency lost so much of its value, so a lot of the money these artists were making was devalued at the same time. So that’s stuff that plays into [their ability to work at home and] that’s really tough. And that’s outside of anyone’s control, you know?"

Read more: 2024 GRAMMYs: How The New Best African Music Performance GRAMMY Category Is A Massive Win For The World

South Africa

A&R executives like Etminan are still heavily focused on the talent and potential in South Africa, though the man who was arguably the biggest star in the South African scene with the most international appeal lost his life in 2023. AKA, an MC who was the top-selling South African hip-hop artist of all time , was shot and killed in Durban in February when his career was still on the rise. He was 35. Presently, South Africa gets the most attention globally for amapiano, which takes influence more from house music and the more local kwaito music from the Nineties, but there is a growing cooperation and collaboration with the South African rap world. Like most specifically rap scenes, South Africa’s is male-dominated, but a notable exception is Nadia Nakai, an Artist Of The Decade nominee at the South African Hip-Hop Awards and reality star in the Netflix series Young, Famous & African . Nakai and her contemporaries reflect an aspirational lifestyle in their music.

"The UK market for a long time was very tough," says Etminan, adding that the market is small, saturated, and generally concentrated around London. "Especially when it comes to hip-hop, a huge percentage of the Black population in the UK is centered around London and once you leave London it’s very white."

Hip-hop with an English accent may not have had as much success catching on internationally as other UK-bred styles like drum & bass and grime have, but a current set of stars are demanding the world’s attention. "I think Central Cee is probably a perfect example of what can happen," Etminan adds. "Everybody loves Central Cee and I don’t know if part of it is his look — he’s very racially ambiguous, he’s good looking, girls love him. He makes music that obviously has a UK accent and stuff like that, but it’s very adaptable and catchy. I feel like Central Cee is probably the one that I hear played the most from people that just listen to regular American rap music [in England]."

Central Cee won two 2022 MOBO Awards for Best Male Act and Video Of The Year for his song "Doja," which was directed by Cole Bennett, the popular Chicago video director from Lyrical Lemonade. He celebrated his 25th birthday in 2023 with the release of Split Decision , a joint project with Mercury Prize-winning English rapper Dave, also 25 and a still-rising star who appeared on the UK series "Top Boy" (which became a US hit for Netflix). Cee is also bridging countries with collaborations such as "Eurovision," a song and video featuring rappers and producers from France, Spain, Italy and across the United Kingdom. 

Luckily, YouTube offers a free passport to experiencing the creativity from these scenes and artists as well as music from all across the planet. A true benefit of the streaming age is that hip-hop fans of any age who appreciate originality, flow and bumping beats can learn about how an American-bred art form has inspired the world.

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  • 5 5 International Hip-Hop Scenes To Watch Now


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    walk the moon tour 2022 setlist


  1. Magical Astronomy

  2. Walk The Moon

  3. Walking on the moon (Walking on the moon)

  4. Vampires Rock


  1. WALK THE MOON Concert Setlists

    Nov 4 2023 WALK THE MOON at SEMA Fest 2023 Artist: WALK THE MOON , Venue: Las Vegas Festival Grounds , Las Vegas, NV, USA Set Times: Scheduled start: 6:00 PM One Foot Avalanche Tightrope Different Colors Next in Line Can You Handle My Love?? Fire in Your House Lost in the Wild Work This Body Portugal Shut Up and Dance Anna Sun Edit setlist

  2. WALK THE MOON Setlist at Irving Plaza, New York

    Setlist Walk the Moon Quesadilla Lisa Baby Next in Line Anna Sun Tightrope Jenny Shiver Shiver Lions (extended) Iscariot Fixin' (Gives inspiration for song) Meditation <+> I Can Lift a Car Acoustic Happy Birthday to You ( Mildred J. Hill & Patty Hill cover) (Overly dramatic; Fan request for friend to everybody) Surrender (Nick solo) Avalanche

  3. WALK THE MOON Average Setlists of year: 2022

    WALK THE MOON > Tour Statistics Song Statistics Tour Statistics Other Statistics Songs Albums Avg Setlist Covers With Concert Map Average setlist for year: 2022 Note: only considered 12 of 15 setlists (ignored empty and strikingly short setlists) Setlist Quesadilla Lisa Baby Next in Line Tightrope Jenny Anna Sun Shiver Shiver Lions Fixin' Avalanche

  4. WALK THE MOON Concert Setlist at The Observatory North Park, San Diego

    WALK THE MOON > October 20, 2022 Setlist Oct 20 2022 WALK THE MOON Setlist at The Observatory North Park, San Diego, CA, USA Edit setlist Tour: Walk the Moon - 10th Anniversary Tour Tour statistics Add setlist Setlist Act 1 Quesadilla Lisa Baby Next in Line Anna Sun Tightrope Jenny Shiver Shiver Lions Iscariot Fixin' I Can Lift a Car Act 2 Acoustic

  5. WALK THE MOON Setlist at The Fonda Theatre, Los Angeles

    WALK THE MOON > October 19, 2022 Setlist Oct 19 2022 WALK THE MOON Setlist at The Fonda Theatre, Los Angeles, CA, USA Edit setlist Tour: Walk the Moon - 10th Anniversary Tour Tour statistics Add setlist Setlist Self-Titled Quesadilla Lisa Baby Next in Line Anna Sun Tightrope Jenny Shiver Shiver Lions (Extended) Iscariot Fixin' I Can Lift a Car

  6. Walk the Moon Tour Announcements 2023 & 2024, Notifications ...

    Walk the Moon and get concert alerts when they play near you. Join 713,346 fans getting concert alerts for this artist Chase City, VA, US Similar artists with upcoming concerts New Orleans, LA, US Vandament Arena, Northern Michigan University Nashville, TN, US Bozeman, MT, US Birmingham, AL, US

  7. WALK THE MOON Concert Map by year: 2022

    Dream Plane Tour (24) I Want! I Want! Tour (2) MTV VMA Artist to Watch (1) Naked Feet Tour (10) Nylon and Starbucks Frappuccino Summer Music Tour (1) Press Restart Tour (48) Shut Up and Tour (20) TALKING IS HARD Tour (81) The Gospel Tour (5) Walk the Moon (1) Walk the Moon - 10th Anniversary Tour (9) Winter Tour 2019 (1) Wolfstock 2019 (1)

  8. Walk The Moon Next Concert Setlist & tour dates

    Walk The Moon Last Concert 04 Nov 23 Las Vegas Festival Grounds Las Vegas, United States View Setlist Upcoming concerts Walk The Moon does not have any upcoming tour dates. Live Stats Popular songs in setlists Top 10 most played songs by Walk The Moon in the last 40 concerts. New to Walk The Moon? Listen to the best songs first ( )

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  10. Walk the Moon setlists, infographics, songs stats, and tours

    Lévis Canada 2023 4 Aug Musikfest 2023 16 Songs Bethlehem United States 2023 8 Jul Summerfest 2023 5 Songs Milwaukee United States 2023 8 Jul Summerfest 2023 17 Songs Milwaukee United States 2023 24 Jun Progressive Field 13 Songs Cleveland United States 2023 3 Jun Downtown Rocks 2023 18 Songs Las Vegas United States 2023 30 Apr

  11. Walk The Moon San Francisco Setlist

    Walk The Moon setlist from The Fillmore in San Francisco, CA on Oct 22, 2022. ... our powerful new concert search ... States › California › San Francisco Bay Area › Walk The Moon - The ...

  12. Walk The Moon Hollywood Setlist

    Walk The Moon setlist from The Fonda Theatre in Hollywood, CA on Oct 18, 2022.

  13. Nov 12, 2022: Walk the Moon at Webster Hall New York ...

    Walk the Moon info along with concert photos, videos, setlists, and more.

  14. Walk the Moon

    DREAM PLANE TOUR ON SALE NOW. Cart 0. 2021 New Landing Page SHOP Cart 0. 2021 New Landing Page. SHOP. Scroll. Shop merch SUMMER/FALL TOUR 2023. Watch Now Hero Banner. Tour. Music Video. Photo Gallery.

  15. Walk The Moon Washington Setlist

    Walk The Moon setlist from 9:30 Club in Washington, DC on Nov 10, 2022.

  16. Oct 20, 2022: Walk the Moon at The Observatory San ...

    Walk the Moon info along with concert photos, videos, setlists, and more. Search ... Photos; Videos; Comments; Bucket Lists; Past Concert Search Engine; Login; Sign Up (it's free!) Home; Concerts; Walk the Moon. 10th Anniversary Tour Oct 20, 2022 (1 year ... Videos; Photos; Comments; Band Line-up Walk the Moon. Concert Details. Date: Thursday ...

  17. Walk The Moon Tampa Setlist

    Walk The Moon Apr 9 2022 Sat Busch Gardens Tampa, FL ( map) 7:30pm Were you at this show? Add it to your JamBase Calendar to track the concerts you've been to! Add to Calendar Walk The...

  18. Walk the Moon Concert & Tour History

    Setlist Years Comments FAQ Walk the Moon Tours & Concerts (Updated for 2023) ← Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 … 46 47 Next → Latest Videos View All Videos Big Guava Music Festival May 2 - 4, 2014 Tampa, Florida, United States Added by C Rhodes

  19. Walk The Moon Cincinnati Setlist

    Walk The Moon setlist from The Andrew J Brady Music Center in Cincinnati, OH on Oct 15, 2022 with Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue, and Lawrence.

  20. Xavier Rudd Setlist at KisHall @ Akvárium Klub, Budapest

    Get the Xavier Rudd Setlist of the concert at KisHall @ Akvárium Klub, Budapest, Hungary on October 17, 2022 from the Jan Juc Moon European Tour and other Xavier Rudd Setlists for free on setlist.fm!

  21. Xavier Rudd Concert Setlist at Akvárium Klub, Budapest on October 17

    Get the Xavier Rudd Setlist of the concert at Akvárium Klub, Budapest, Hungary on October 17, 2022 from the Jan Juc Moon European Tour and other Xavier Rudd Setlists for free on setlist.fm!

  22. Artists Who Are Going On Tour In 2024: The Rolling Stones, Drake

    The veteran rockers are still supporting 2022's Unlimited Love and Return of the Dream Canteen; in 2024, they'll go out with Kid Cudi, Ice Cube, Ken Carson, Otoboke Beaver, Seun Kuti, Wand, and Irontom. More info can be found here. PinkPantheress: Capable of Love Tour. Feb. 20 - April 30.