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A Beginner’s Guide to the Star Trek Universe

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Star Trek is a behemoth of a franchise. Running over 50 years, it has had five live-action series, one animated series, several films, comics, novelizations, and an extremely obsessive fandom I’ve counted myself a part of since childhood. I understand how Star Trek can seem labyrinthine, too dense for new fans to find their way in. But it’s very well worth it. This guide is a window into the Star Trek franchise, meant to introduce it those who have scant knowledge of its intricacies. At its best, Star Trek is a potently political, unabashedly philosophical, powerfully diverse, empathetic, and supremely well-crafted series that uses its hard science-fiction trappings to speak to our times. With Star Trek: Discovery bringing the franchise back to television after a 12-year absence, now is the best time to see why Star Trek has endured since The Original Series first aired in 1966.

There are a few major concepts to understand before venturing into the realm of Star Trek :

1. How Star Trek imagines the future of humanity and Earth itself. To understand the allure of Star Trek, it’s necessary to understand the ways its creator Gene Roddenberry and later writers conceived of humanity’s future. While Earth is, for all intents and purposes, a utopia during the time of the various Star Trek series, it took a long, bloody road to get there. 21st-century Earth was embroiled in many conflicts, including what would become known as World War III (2024–2053), which was sparked by a litany of issues, including anger over genetic manipulation and the Eugenics Wars. Governments fell. Major cities were destroyed. The loss of life hovered around 600 million. Ten years after the end of the war, First Contact was made with the Vulcans (a rigid, highly logical species that count fan-favorite character Spock as a member), thanks to humanity building the first warp drive that allowed for space travel faster than the speed of light (this event is dramatized in the 1996 film Star Trek: First Contact ). The discovery of intelligent alien races forced humanity to get its act together. After further chaos and attempts to establish order, eventually the United Earth Government was established in 2150. By the early 22nd century, humanity was able to eliminate most, if not all, of the poverty, disease, hunger, and cruelty that has plagued us since our beginnings. Racism, sexism, and even money was a thing of the past. Humanity’s drive became a philosophy of betterment and exploration.

2. The Federation Founded in San Francisco in 2161 by four different species, including humanity and the Vulcans. To put it simply, the Federation is a republic composed of various planetary governments who have agreed to live semiautonomously under a central body that guides their primary goals: a grand sense of intellectual curiosity and peaceful exploration.

3. Starfleet Starfleet is the defense and deep-exploration service maintained by the Federation. They ferry ambassadors, participate in away missions, protect the peace, and establish new relations with various worlds when necessary. In essence, they’re the heart and soul of the Federation. They continue, to quote Captain James T. Kirk, the “dream that became reality and spread throughout the stars.”

Now let’s get to the fun stuff!

The Original Series (1966-1969)

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Beginning in the 23rd Century, Star Trek: The Original Series adeptly blends sci-fi, adventure, philosophy, and a fierce dedication to diversity in order to tell the stories of the legendary crew of the USS Enterprise . I can’t say it better than Captain James T. Kirk (William Shatner) does in the opening credits: “Space: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise . Its five-year mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before.”

Important Cast Members

star trek things to do

Star Trek at its heart is an ensemble with several important key members. There’s, of course, the adventurous, boldly physical, ladies man Captain James T. Kirk , whose swagger often masks his sincerity. My favorite by far is First Officer/Lieutenant Comander Spock (Leonard Nimoy), a half-Vulcan, half-human dedicated to logic and fond of the arts, battling his issues with being in the liminal space between two worlds. His friendship with Kirk is not only the backbone of The Original Series and its cinematic counterparts, but one of the definitive relationships of the entire franchise . There’s also the hilariously blunt Dr. McCoy (DeForest Kelley), the congenial chief engineer Scotty (James Doohan), and the revolutionary characters Uhura (Nichelle Nichols, who could count Martin Luther King Jr. as a fan), and dashing science officer Lieutenant Sulu (George Takei).

Gateway Episodes

Season 1, Episode 3, “Where No Man Has Gone Before” Despite being billed as the third episode of the series, it’s actually more of a pilot episode. (Well, technically the second pilot after the first one failed to convince execs of Star Trek ’s potential.) “Where No Man Has Gone Before” follows two crew members who develop godlike psychic abilities after the Enterprise attempts a mission at the edge of the galaxy. It’s full of action and towering emotional stakes, and it capably sketches the main characters.

Season 1, Episode 15, “Balance of Terror” Watching “Balance of Terror” demonstrates the depth and craft of Star Trek: The Original Series. It’s a taut and complex Cold War allegory that introduces the Romulans, the warlike cousins of the more scientifically minded Vulcans. After they arrive, Spock faces virulent bigotry from his peers on the Enterprise , who begin to see him as a threat. It’s a bracing and emotionally astute episode that sharpens the dynamics between its characters to create a provocative tale about the way prejudice blooms and corrupts.

Best Episodes

Season 1, Episode 22, “Space Seed” “Space Seed” introduces the ills from humanity’s past when the Enterprise stumbles upon an ancient ship that escaped 20th-century Earth during the Eugenics War. The passengers are genetically engineered humans who have been asleep for 200 years, but they awake still assured of their own superiority. The episode is notable for introducing Khan Noonien Singh (a decadently malevolent Ricardo Montalban), one of the definitive villains from the franchise, and science-fiction history.

Season 2, Episode 4, “Mirror, Mirror” Star Trek loves traversing to the mirror universe, where the characters turn into their darker, sometimes outright evil, counterparts. This is a gleeful, bracing episode that stands out for its use of Spock and finally giving Uhura a more active role.

Season 2, Episode 15, “The Trouble With Tribbles” If you’re in the mood for a more comedic episode, you can do no better than this unabashedly bonkers one.

What to Skip

Season one and season two are definitely The Original Series at its best (a few episodes, like “Mudd’s Women” and “Assignment: Earth”, deserve to be skipped.) Season three saw the television series get budget cuts, which definitely shows. But even at its worst, The Original Series has something to admire, whether it be the acting or a kernel of the plot.

TOS is a blissful, adventurous, and often exhilarating series. It broke new ground on subjects that other shows rarely ever delved into deeply — war, racism, the issues with eugenics. It’s also a beautiful portrait of the power of sci-fi when it is willing to display humanity reaching toward utopian ideals.

The Next Generation (1987–1994)

In the 24th century, nearly a century after the adventures of Kirk and Spock, a new crew boldly travels on the Enterprise , taking on even more harrowing journeys: exploring the galaxy, interacting with new cultures, and carrying out diplomatic missions that challenge their understanding of the universe and themselves. TNG also reinvents and fleshes out Klingon and Romulan culture, which provides some of the most bracing narratives of the series. Star Trek: The Next Generation is the platonic ideal of the Star Trek ethos — ensemble cast, proudly sincere, steadfastly philosophical, episodic in nature — perfecting what Roddenberry started in 1966. It’s also the best cast chemistry the franchise has ever seen, along with an excellent sense of pacing and action that is predicated on a superb use of suspense.

The minds behind TNG, including showrunner Rick Berman and Roddenberry himself, were wise not to just slightly update the archetypes that TOS created. Captain Jean-Luc Picard (a magnificent Patrick Stewart) is the ultimately European-inflected gentleman — stately, stiff posture, loving, blisteringly intelligent, concerned with the arts, steadfastly dedicated to upholding the tenets of the Federation. First Officer/Commander William T. Riker (Jonathan Frakes, who has directed countless Star Trek episodes and even a few of the films) is dashing, wry, a bit cocky, and undoubtedly has the most intense romantic history of anyone on the crew. Lieutenant Commander Data (Brent Spiner) is an android whose quest to become more human furthers Star Trek ’s interest in what it means to be a human, and the nature of family. Other important characters include: Deanna Troi (Marina Sirtis), a half-Betazoid, half-human counselor with telepathic abilities and an obsession with chocolate; Geordi La Forge (LeVar Burton), the chief engineer whose friendship with Data is one of my favorite aspects of the series; and Dr. Beverly Crusher (Gates McFadden), the chief medical officer, who has a history with Picard and a warmth I’ve always admired. (I don’t hold it against her that she just so happens to be the mother of the most annoying character in the series.)

Season 2, Episode 9, “The Measure of a Man” This is one of many heartbreaking episodes that involve Data’s quest to be seen as human, despite being an android. Picard must prove Data is legally a sentient being with all the freedoms and rights that entails, otherwise Data will be disassembled for study since he is the only one of his kind that his creator made (at least as far as Starfleet knows). Making the legal proceedings all the more impactful on an emotional level is the fact that Riker is forced to work on the opposing counsel. The pleasures of this show are truly endless, and Data’s arc provides Star Trek with one of its most moving portraits of what it means to be human.

Season 4, episode 5, “Remember Me” To best understand why TNG is the platonic ideal of Star Trek , all you have to do is experience the warmth and tenaciously protective bonds between the characters. “Remember Me” displays that superbly. This is also a great example of how TNG excelled at high-concept episodes that unfurl into something different, and stranger, as revelations come to light. This episode follows Dr. Beverly Crusher as she struggles with her fear over losing loved ones. This fear is magnified when beloved colleagues start disappearing on the ship, and only Beverly retains any memory of them.

Season 5, Episode 2, “Darmok” If you’re looking for an entry that showcases TNG ’s interest in the cerebral, look no further than “Darmok,” in which Captain Picard is stuck on a planet with an alien whose language he’s unable to discern. The chasm between them allows TNG to consider the power of language and connection.

Season 6, Episode 4, “Relics” This may be the best episode for viewers who are dipping into TNG after falling in love with TOS. Star Trek ’s canon is always in conversation with itself. Characters from older series make appearances elsewhere, shining a light on the surprising familial quality of the franchise. “Relics” is one of the best examples of this, with Scotty from TOS finding himself entangled with the crew of Picard’s Enterprise . “Relics” is a beautiful meditation on what happens to older generations when the universe has passed them by. Writer Ronald D. Moore (who has gone on to spearhead shows like Battlestar Galactica and Outlander ) uses the premise of Scotty’s surprising reemergence to celebrate the heart of the series, while also charting the differences between TNG and its predecessor.

Season 3, Episode 26, and Season 4, Episode 1, “Best of Both Worlds Part I and II” I won’t say much about “Best of Both Worlds Part I and II” since the twists these episodes take are simply astounding and quite an emotional gut punch. The episode furthers the characterization of Riker, whose decision to remain first officer rather than captain his own ship gets scrutinized when a young upstart is brought aboard to aid in the Borg crisis. The Borg, introduced in TNG, become one of the definitive villains of Star Trek and they are at their best here, when their hive-mind nature and ability to assimilate other species takes on terrifying new dimensions.

Season 4, Episode 21, “The Drumhead” Star Trek ’s political intrigue is at its best when it subverts our expectations of what heroism and villainy looks like. Perhaps this is why “The Drumhead” is by far one of my favorite episodes. It follows a potential conspiracy that is uncovered on the Enterprise when a Klingon exchange officer is found to have given important schematics of the Enterprise to the warlike Romulans. What starts out as a simple investigation gives way to bigotry and paranoia when Admiral Norah Satie (played with steely grace by classic Hollywood actress Jean Simmons) is brought aboard by Starfleet top brass to investigate.

Season 4, Episode 24, “Mind’s Eye” “Mind’s Eye” is an exhilarating tale of mind control and covert operations that develops Geordi and shows just how dastardly the Romulans can be.

Season 5, episode 25, “The Inner Light” An iconic and beautifully rendered portrait of community and loss that requires little knowledge of the series to be moved by.

Season 7, Episode 11, “Parallels” “Parallels” grants Worf some development and focus (finally!) in a fun episode in which he notices changes in his friends and other crew members he can’t quite explain. There are just so many great TNG episodes. Dive into it and enjoy the ride.

The Next Generation has a notoriously uneven first season. But don’t skip the pilot episode or episode 22, “Skin of Evil,” which has a pivotal character loss that reverberates through the rest of the series. TNG hits its stride in season three and remains consistent until the very end of its seven-season run, perfecting both its episodic structure, stand-alone episodes, and the franchise’s love of a good two-parter whose cliffhangers hit like a sucker punch. It also undoubtedly has the best series finale in the franchise, “All Good Things.”

The Next Generation does not get the love it deserves despite being the most successful Star Trek series during its airing. It’s easy to look upon its episodic nature and lack of bold visual stylistic qualities (at least by today’s standards) and see it as a relic from a simpler time in TV. But that would be a mistake. TNG has a cast that exhibits the emotional qualities of Star Trek better than any of the other series. There’s a camaraderie between them that makes these people easy to love and admire. A 2015 Wired article explains why former president Barack Obama considers himself as a Trekkie : “As Obama sees it, approaching the unknown with resourcefulness and discipline and optimism is what made Star Trek so good.” These qualities are more true of TNG than any other series.

Deep Space Nine (1993-1999)

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine is my favorite series from the franchise . It’s also the antithesis of The Next Generation. If TNG represents the glory of utopia and Starfleet’s upper class, DS9 depicts the high price of attaining peace and the fraught nature of taking an assignment no one else wants. Star Trek ’s first black lead, Benjamin Sisko (an intense and commanding Avery Brooks), who becomes a captain in season three, is assigned to command DS9 and aid the Bajorans — a people who are finally free of brutal Cardassian control after a 50-year occupation — in joining the Federation. DS9, which takes place in the 24th century, during the same time period as TNG , disregards a few pivotal aspects of other series: There’s no main starship — the setting is actually a space station near a wormhole; while Roddenberry gave his blessing for the series shortly before he died, showrunners Ira Steven Behr and Michael Piller (who was on until 1995) disregarded his mandate that crew members couldn’t have long-standing conflicts. It’s also the first time Star Trek has larger arcs instead of an episodic nature.

star trek things to do

Benjamin Sisko is a grieving widow and single father whose wife was killed in the Battle of Wolf 359, making him openly antagonistic toward Captain Picard (Patrick Stewart, whose appearance in DS9 ’s pilot is meant to bridge TNG with DS9 ) of the USS Enterprise during the only time they meet in the premiere. (For novices coming in with no knowledge of Star Trek , I don’t want to spoil the particulars, but Picard had a hand in the events that led to Sisko’s wife’s death.) It’s fascinating to chart the difference between the morally grey, bombastic, yet emotionally raw Sisko and the gentlemanly Picard. Sisko has a down-home, almost-working-class sensibility. He loves cooking (his father is a New Orleans chef) and baseball. He’s a man who wears his emotions on his sleeve and has an extremely close relationship with his crew. There’s a tenderness to Sisko, which is rendered in his relationship with his son, Jake (Cirroc Lofton). Sisko’s closest friend is Jadzia Dax (a wondrous Terry Farrell), a science officer and member of the Trill , which means she is host to a long-living symbiont that has had seven previous lives. She is symbiotically joined with this creature, giving her the memories and experiences of these seven different lives. Next to Jadzia, one of the most important relationships Sisko has is with his first officer, the Bajoran Kira Nerys (Nana Visitor). To put it simply, Kira is a badass. Characters like Jadzia and Kira prove DS9 has the best-written female characters from the franchise.

The chief of security, Odo (René Auberjonois), is a shape-shifter who assumes the figure of a humanoid male and desperately yearns to find out about his origins. Quark (Armin Shimerman), a Ferengi bar owner, at first glance seems like merely a greedy and underhanded figure. But he shows a moral code on occasion and brings the show a lot of its humor (and moral complexity). The ever-dashing Alexander Siddig plays chief medical officer Julian Bashir . A bit tactless and self-obsessed, Julian actually proves to add a great emotional dimension to the series. TNG cast members Miles O’Brien (Colm Meaney) as the chief engineer officer and Worf (Michael Dorn), as strategic operations officer, join the cast as well, getting far more development than they had previously. DS9 makes great use of its supporting cast, with highlights being: Garak (a powerhouse Andrew J. Robinson) a former Cardassian spy who is on the station to avoid prosecution masquerading as a tailor; Dukat (Marc Alaimo), a brutal and seasoned Cardassian military leader whose villainy is terrifying, thanks to his treatment of the Bajorans.

DS9 is a purely serialized show. Its arc and characters grow richer as the seasons continue. But it makes it difficult to suggest stand-alone episodes since they rely on an understanding on the interpersonal dynamics of the characters. The extended pilot episode, “Emissary Part I and Part II,” is definitely the best place to start. I’d also recommend the season-four premiere, “The Way of the Warrior.” It’s a two-part episode that introduces Worf joining the crew as Klingon antagonism accelerates. It may seem a bit too complex for those coming into the series for the first time, but Worf acts as a bridge between TNG and DS9 for those watching the series in order and looking for something to hold on to.

Season 4, Episode 3, “The Visitor” “The Visitor” centers on the relationship between Sisko and his son, Jake, in the wake of an accident that seemingly kills the captain. But Jake holds on to hope, dedicating his life to bringing his father back. With moving performances by Brooks and Tony Todd as an adult Jake, “The Visitor” cements DS9 as one of the most impactful portraits of black fatherhood in the history of TV.

Season 5, Episode 3, “Looking for par’Mach in All the Wrong Places” This episode turns the curious pairing of Quark and Worf into a hilarious and strangely romantic episode about their separate romantic foibles.

Season 5, Episode 6, “Trials and Tribble-ations” DS9 has a weight to it that can make it seem rather heartbreaking, but the writers weren’t afraid to have fun. The best example of this is undoubtedly “Trials and Tribble-ations,” which has the DS9 crew travel back in time to protect the timeline landing them on the Kirk-era USS Enterprise . It is a joyful ride watching DS9 go colorful and marvel at the legendary crew of TOS.

Season 5, Episode 22 “Children of Time” This is one of the episodes I’ve watched so much, I’ve nearly memorized it. The crew is heading home when Jadzia convinces Sisko to examine curious readings on a planet. Unfortunately, the ship crashes and the crew is faced with curious people on the planet — their own descendants. The episodes reaches a heartbreaking crescendo as it develops how far Odo would go for his unrequited love, Kira. (If you find this pairing as great as I do, season four’s “Crossfire” is also stellar.)

Season 6, Episode 13, “Far Beyond Our Stars” In this episode, Sisko has a vision from the Prophets that splits the episode in two parts — Sisko as captain on Deep Space Nine, and his visions of being a sci-fi writer in 1950s America who is writing a story about a captain on a space station named Benjamin Sisko. The pleasures of this episode are endless: getting to see the actors without their usual alien designs playing wildly different people; its exploration of race; the deftly layered narrative; and most important, the masterful acting by Avery Brooks, who also directs the hell out of the episode. It is by far one of the best episodes in all of Star Trek .

Season 6, Episode 19, “In the Pale Moonlight” No best-of- DS9 list would be complete without “In the Pale Moonlight.” The Federation is losing its war with the Dominion. In order to convince the Romulans to join their cause, Sisko enlists Garak, leading to harrowing consequences and an intense portrayal of just how far Sisko is willing to go in order to protect the Federation and those he loves.

Like TNG, DS9 is an immensely consistent series once it finds its balance. The first season is definitely a bit uneven, but given that DS9 has several dense arcs introduced in its first season, don’t skip “The Emissary” (pilot episode), “Battle Lines,” and “Duet.” DS9 can be binged from seasons two through six. Its final season lacks the typically fine-tuned narrative elegance of the previous seasons, but it is definitely worth the watch with episodes like “Chimera,” “Take Me Out to the Holo-Suite,” and “Extreme Measures” being highlights.

DS9 had an odd reputation while it aired for foregoing so much of what made Star Trek what it was. But DS9 proves how potent Star Trek can be today with its assured handling of grand arcs and stand-alone episodes, great acting and moving themes. It was a series unafraid to ask tough questions and provide tougher answers.

Voyager (1995-2001)

Star Trek: Voyager has all the makings of an amazing series that pushes the franchise in even more audacious territory in the wake of DS9, and also grants the franchise several new, radically different female characters in its most diverse outing . The USS Voyager crew, headed by the flinty-eyed Captain Kathryn Janeway (Kate Mulgrew), is flung 70,000 light years into the unexplored Delta Quadrant along with a vessel of Maquis terrorists. With 75 years of travel between them and home, and a hostile environment in which the Federation has no foothold, the Starfleet members are forced to join forces with the Maquis. Despite this stellar premise, Voyager is unfortunately weighed down by a reliance on cosmic reset buttons and poor characterization.

star trek things to do

My greatest issue with Voyager is its characterizations. At first blush, Captain Kathryn Janeway seems to be a steely, by-the-book, scientifically minded leader. Unfortunately, she can come across as hypocritical — her characterization shifts depending on the needs of the plot. There’s her first officer, Chakotay (Robert Beltran), a former Maquis member, who becomes a loyal and cherished friend. B’Elanna Torres (Roxann Dawson), a half-Klingon, half-human, who proves to be a highly capable engineer battling the warring sides of her identity. In an interesting twist, the USS Voyager ’s chief medical officer, the Doctor (Robert Picardo), is a hologram after the medical staff is killed in the first episode. He’s a bit full of himself, extremely talkative, but a valued member who gains his own sense of identity as time goes on. But by far the most important character beyond the captain herself is Seven of Nine (Jeri Ryan), a Borg drone who joins the ship in season four and slowly reclaims her humanity.

Suggesting gateway episodes from Voyager is a bit tricky. The best episodes, while brilliant, don’t represent the series well due to its profoundly uneven writing. The best gateway into the series is its pilot, “The Caretaker,” which, despite a few nagging issues, otherwise wonderfully sets up what I believe to be one of the most fascinating beginnings in Star Trek history.

Season 4, Episodes 8 and 9, “Year in Hell Part I and II” These episodes depict the hellish, fraught, and harrowing dynamics you’d expect from Voyager ’s premise, pushing its characters to the brink. The timeline is altered by a man hoping to bring his wife back to life, with people and even whole planets being wiped from existence.

Season 4, Episode 23, “Living Witness” This episode depicts the Doctor brought back online after 700 years and looks at how the legend of USS Voyager ’s crew proves to be very different than the reality we’ve come to know.

Season 5, Episode 6, “Timeless” “Timeless” makes good use of Harry Kim (Garrett Wang), a Starfleet operations officer who typically was more of an annoyance. Harry makes a fatal miscalculation when the ship is testing out slipstream travel in hopes of getting home to Earth. With only Harry and Chakotay as survivors, they spend years trying to right this wrong.

Season 5, Episode 10, “Counterpoint” “Counterpoint” grants Captain Janeway a worthy adversary, as the crew navigates a sector with a militaristic, xenophobic culture that hates telepaths.

As I noted earlier, Voyager is very uneven with smatterings of great episodes nestled between frustrating ones that rely on too many leaps of logic. Seasons three through six definitely have highlights, so I’d recommend checking out the best episodes that I listed above and deciding if you like the characters enough to binge.

Voyager has become a beloved series thanks to its legion of female characters. But it demonstrates what happens when Star Trek skews a bit too conservative (narratively speaking), afraid to take the risks necessary to challenge our conception of its characters. Its uneven handling of tone, character, and narrative undercuts what could have been a truly bold series.

Enterprise (2001–2005)

Enterprise begins the unfortunate trend Star Trek has continued since, of looking backward instead of pushing the series forward in its timeline. It takes place roughly a century before TOS. This is the first crew of deep-space explorers on the Enterprise , headed by Captain Jonathan Archer (Scott Bakula of Quantum Leap fame), whose father designed the engine, as the narrative fleshes out corners of Starfleet’s early years.

Enterprise has three primary characters: the roguish and down-to-earth Captain Archer ; Vulcan High Command science officer T’Pol (Jolene Blalock) who forms a close bond with Archer; and chief engineer Charles “Trip” Tucker III (Connor Trinneer), who grows more assured as the series continues.

Season 1, Episode 1, “Broken Bow Part I and II” This is a good entry into understanding the modus operandi of Enterprise, although it does reflect how uneven the early seasons proved to be.

Season 1, Episode 7, “The Andorian Incident” By this point, as much as I find Vulcans fascinating, the franchise is a wee bit too obsessed with them. But “The Andorian Incident” shows how brutal and xenophobic they can be.

Season 3, Episode 10, “Similitude” Cloning is one of the themes in science fiction that can easily turn frightening and unsettling. “Similitude” questions the ethical problems with cloning as Trip nearly dies and a clone is created for the sole purpose of saving his life. The clone’s life span is only 15 days, causing an uneasiness among the crew that raises a good question: How far would you go to save a friend and colleague integral to your life?

Season 4, Episode 4, “Borderland” “Borderland” brings back Brent Spiner (who memorably played Data) as Dr. Arik Soong (the grandfather of the man who created Data), and turns its gaze to the Eugenics Wars. The following two episodes provide one of the best arcs in Enterprise. These episodes center around the mad-scientist archetype, leaning into the pulpy nature of Star Trek and providing a worthwhile window into the Eugenics Wars from a different angle.

Season 4, Episodes 18 and 19, “In a Mirror, Darkly Part I and Part II” These episodes hit a sweet spot for me. Exploring the mirror universe allows the writers and actors to have a lot of fun playing with the credits and canon. Enterprise twists humanity’s history in the mirror universe, revealing that we lean into our baser, more selfish instincts than create the utopian world that Star Trek represents in its main universe. So, basically the timeline we’re actually living in.

Enterprise takes a while to find its footing, which unfortunately doesn’t happen until its final season. I’d recommend watching the pilot and skipping to the fourth season, which is undeniably its best.

Star Trek: Enterprise is by far the most loathed series by long-term fans. It definitely has a lot of faults, including an odd relationship to canon, sometimes relying too heavily on winking toward TOS instead of being its own thing. But I don’t think it’s as terrible as people have been led to believe. Enterprise ’s failures — both narratively and in terms of gaining a foothold in the larger cultural imagination — represent not just its artistic issues, but how science fiction has changed so dramatically in recent decades. The potent philosophical and political interests of Star Trek — a series that finds pleasure in verbal dexterity and intellectual curiosity rather than the obviously beautiful, so-called cinematic trappings of modern TV’s Golden Age — means it doesn’t exactly fit into our times.

But so much can be learned from the entire Star Trek franchise . In my mind, Star Trek represents the beauty of science fiction when it asks us to better ourselves, to question our prejudices, to dream. It represents sci-fi at its most humane and powerful.

If you want further and more in-depth information this Star Trek wiki is very useful.

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Vasquez Rocks Natural Area Park

One the franchise’s most oft-used locales, the 932-acre Vasquez Rocks Natural Area Park  masqueraded as everything from the mysterious mind-reading planet on The Original Series to a moon on Voyager to Mintaka III on The Next Generation to planet Vulcan in both Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home and the 2009 J.J. Abrams-directed Star Trek . Located in the Sierra Pelona Mountains, the otherworldly site, which consists of 150-foot-tall jagged rock formations that jut from the earth at 50-degree angles, was named for Tiburcio Vasquez, an infamous outlaw who pillaged up and down the coast of California during the 1800s and used the rocks as a regular hideout from authorities. The park is one of L.A. County’s most picturesque spots and has become extremely popular with location scouts, playing host to more than 200 shoots each year.

Arguably, Vasquez Rocks’ most memorable Star Trek appearance was as the barren planet where Captain Kirk (William Shatner) famously battles a Gorn in TOS’ Season 1 episode, "Arena." The 2001 comedy Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back paid homage to that episode by setting a scene at the park, complete with a fake café named “Arena Diner” that was installed onsite for the shoot. Vasquez Rocks is open daily from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. and is easily accessible with plenty of parking. The site offers hiking (ranging from easy to difficult), photo-taking opportunities, and fabulous views. The area’s striking rocks are also visible from Escondido Canyon Road and the Antelope Valley Freeway, and were depicted in a driving scene in the 2006 comedy Little Miss Sunshine .

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star trek things to do

This Unique Star Trek Experience Is Now Open In LA—And It’s Mouthwatering!

Wassim Abdul Khalek

In celebration of the Star Trek: Picard Season 2 premiere, Paramount+ is bringing to Los Angeles’ Arts District a foodie Star Trek experience you do not want to miss! Immerse yourself in the 10 Forward bar experience and indulge in delicious food LA favorite food trucks! Guests will gain access to the Canteen Store, featuring Star Trek merch, only for sale during this limited time event.

star trek things to do

As you step in, you will get immersed into everyone’s favorite social hub of the future, 10 Forward. The dive bar will include a large selection of great food that changes each day! Timed tickets will be available for purchase, and include food and cocktails by cult-favorite Los Angeles restaurant and food truck hotspots.

Get ready for 10 days of nonstop fun and a variety of food options. Confirmed food truck partners include:

Thursday, March 10, 2022: Lime Truck

Friday, March 11, 2022: Richeeze 

Saturday, March 12, 2022: Son of a Bun 

Sunday, March 13, 2022: Philly Jays

Monday, March 14, 2022: Pinch of Flavor 

Tuesday, March 15, 2022: East Los Tacos

Wednesday, March 16, 2022: Green Truck

Thursday, March 17, 2022: Made in Brooklyn 

Friday, March 18, 2022: Aloha Friday’s 

Saturday, March 19, 2022: Cousins Maine Lobster

Sunday, March 20, 2022 : Love Bird 

Paramount+ presents: "10 FORWARD: THE EXPERIENCE"

Paramount+ presents: "10 FORWARD: THE EXPERIENCE"

star trek things to do


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Star Trek: The Experience

Type: Attractions , Family Friendly

Last updated on June 29, 2015

10Best Says

3000 Paradise Rd Las Vegas, NV 89109



things to do




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star trek things to do

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Star Trek: Mission New York

Time out says.

Consider yourself a diehard Trekker? Head to the Javits Center for this three-day ultimate fan experience dedicated to all things Star Trek . Your ticket grants you access to incredible panels with Star Trek crew members including William Shatner, Walter Koenig and Kate Mulgrew, as well as exclusive looks at set pieces and props from the Star Trek Original Series Set Tour. For a hands-on adventure, get a first look at the latest Star Trek video games from Ubisoft and Perfect World, and explore interactive activations from NASA and the Smithsonian. Need more? Take home some exclusive memorabilia from the Official Star Trek : Mission New York store.  $55 Friday, Sunday; $70 Saturday; $135 Three-day pass

Been there, done that? Think again, my friend.

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Star Trek home

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Where to Watch

Key art for Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Season 2 showing Captain Christopher Pike, the crew and the U.S.S. Enterprise arranged in a multi-color triangular shape

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds

The series follows Captain Pike, Science Officer Spock, and Number One in the years before Captain Kirk boarded the U.S.S. Enterprise , as they explore new worlds around the galaxy.

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds streams exclusively on Paramount+ in the U.S., U.K., Australia, Latin America, Brazil, South Korea, France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland and Austria. In addition, the series airs on Bell Media’s CTV Sci-Fi Channel and streams on Crave in Canada and on SkyShowtime in the Nordics, the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal and Central and Eastern Europe. Star Trek: Strange New Worlds is distributed by Paramount Global Content Distribution.

Key art for Star Trek: Picard Season 3

Star Trek: Picard

Taking place 20 years after we last saw Captain Jean-Luc Picard command the U.S.S. Enterprise , Star Trek: Picard picks up his story and finds him in a very different place in both his personal life and career.

In addition to streaming on Paramount+ , Star Trek: Picard also streams on Prime Video outside of the U.S. and Canada, and in Canada can be seen on Bell Media's CTV Sci-Fi Channel and streams on Crave. Star Trek: Picard is distributed by Paramount Global Content Distribution.

Key Art for Season 4 of Star Trek: Lower Decks

Star Trek: Lower Decks

Follow the support crew on one of Starfleet's least important ships, the U.S.S. Cerritos , in 2380. Ensigns Mariner, Boimler, Rutherford, and Tendi have to keep up with their duties and their social lives, often while the ship is being rocked by a multitude of sci-fi anomalies.

Star Trek: Lower Decks streams exclusively on Paramount+ in the U.S. and is distributed by Paramount Global Content Distribution. In Canada, it airs on Bell Media’s CTV Sci-Fi Channel. The series will also be available to stream on Paramount+ in the UK, Canada, Latin America, Australia, Italy, France, the Caribbean, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Ireland and South Korea.

Michael Burnham with the Discovery ship in background

Star Trek: Discovery

The fifth and final season will find Captain Burnham and the crew of the U.S.S. Discovery uncovering a mystery that will send them on an epic adventure across the galaxy to find an ancient power whose very existence has been deliberately hidden for centuries. Season 5, Now Streaming

Star Trek: Discovery Seasons 1-4 are streaming exclusively on Paramount+ in the U.S., the UK, Canada, Switzerland, South Korea, Latin America, Germany, France, Italy, Australia and Austria. Seasons 2 and 3 also are available on the Pluto TV “Star Trek” channel in Switzerland, Germany and Austria. The series streams on Super Drama in Japan, TVNZ in New Zealand, and SkyShowtime in Spain, Portugal, Poland, The Nordics, The Netherlands, and Central and Eastern Europe and also airs on Cosmote TV in Greece. The series is distributed by Paramount Global Content Distribution.

Key art for Star Trek: Prodigy

Star Trek: Prodigy

Star Trek: Prodigy follows a motley crew of young aliens who must figure out how to work together while navigating a greater galaxy, in search of a better future.

Star Trek: Prodigy will stream on Netflix globally (excluding Canada, Nordics, CEE, Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Russia, Belarus and Mainland China) and Season 1 is currently available on SkyShowtime in the Nordics, the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal and Central and Eastern Europe with Season 2 coming soon. Season two has launched in France on France Televisions channels and Okoo.

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Kids attractions.

  • M&M's World
  • Ethel M Chocolate
  • Canyon Blaster
  • Mini Grand Prix
  • Natural History Museum
  • Lied Children's Museum

star trek things to do

Star Trek the Experience

star trek things to do

  • Reviews: ★★★★★

Star Trek the Experience

Star Trek the Experience Overview

Star Trek geeks of the world are all heading to Las Vegas thanks to one adventure based in the Las Vegas Hilton. The Star Trek Experience is an interactive adventure that is based on the world famous science fiction television series by the same name. As you enter the experience, you will be thrown into the 24th Century. In this futuristic world you will be able to see and touch all there is to see in the future. The Star Trek Experience includes two, multi-million dollar completely interactive adventures for you to enjoy.

Star Trek the Experience

The adventures include Klingon Encounter and Borg Invasion 4D. In the Klingon Encounter you will have a chance to go on a Star Trek mission. Well, that is if you think you can handle the adventure. You will be going to war with the galaxy's most dangerous warriors! Your mission will be to evade the Klingon warship as you blast through galaxies at warp speeds on your shuttle craft. This adventure lasts 18 minutes.

Borg Invasion has been listed as the most ambitious 4D creation that has ever been conceived. Using live actors and amazing special effects you are offered a completely realistic Star Trek experience. You will be able to tour a research facility in the future. Meanwhile, the frightening drones that are part of the Borg Collective will be attempting to capture and absorb the guests in the facility by using state of the art cybernetic technology.

Kids Friendly

star trek things to do

Age restriction

Star trek the experience photos.

Star Trek the Experience

Star Trek the Experience Location

Star trek the experience reviews, stay at the hilton because of the star trek experience.

I have to travel to Las Vegas to attend several Trade Show and I always stay at the Hilton because of the Star Trek Experience. I will take a tram or a taxi to the trade show as opposed to a much shorter transit, just to stay at the Hilton and at the Experience. Trade Shows can be boring but a fresh light at the end of the tunnel has always been the Experience. I am shocked the Experience is closed and it has resulted in my Family and I now staying another hotel on the strip. Live long and Prosper to all that loved the Experience and that would love to see it be reborn elsewhere! Sincerely, WP Vos


The main reason I go to Vegas and stay at the Hilton is because of Star Trek Experience. I love the atmosphere and the people that work there. The place is very very clean. I like the food at Quark’s and am sorry to hear that STTE may close at the end of the yet, because I haven’t tried some other items on their menu. If it does not my plans are to spend Christmas there. If it does I will not be going to Vegas.


I want to stay at the same time I spent at Star Trek the Experience was a wonderful experience. I hope to make it to experience the Star Trek Experience again this year. It would be a sure shame if this one of a kind event closed. I would promote the experience as a wonderful time for the whole family.


We visited Star Trek the Experience last year from Australia. We spent the whole day there and had the most FANTASTIC time. The timeline details were fascinating. The behind the scenes was very very informative. The characters around the place were such fun to interact with. And it was wheelchair friendly-nig bonus for me. We are so sorry to hear it is closing down. We were saving up to come again. RIP Star Trek The Exhibition.


I have been to the Experience many times over the years and I always find something new to enjoy along with all my previous fun. I loved going onto the bridge of TNG’s Enterprise. And what a hoot it is to see all the characters around from all over the galaxy. A must do is to eat at Quark’s, but watch out the owner may try to sell you a napkin.


I am very disappointed that the Star Trek experience is not available. I have been pumping up my family ,most of whom are flying for the very 1st time, about this attraction. This was going to be one of the major highlights of our trip. The 1st time my husband and I visited Vegas we came to the Hilton and had a blast at the Star Trek Adventure and have talked about t every since. Please open back up. If this is due to the financial crunch just lower your prices a little bit and maybe more people could afford to come.


Me and my friends go to Vegas every year after some times twice a year and always made it a point to visit the Hilton’s Star Trek the bar is the funnest after you do the virtual ride. I was there the last night open just by chance and am very disappointed to see it leave. It was one of my highlights going to Vegas over the last 10 years.

I was disappointed to hear the attraction was closing. I am planning a trip to Vegas and wanted to was going to book rooms at the Hilton until I learned the experience had closed. I guess we stay at Treasure Island.

Say it isn’t so! Our group was looking forward to seeing this attraction. I would have thought with the new movie it would have been very popular. We are all disappointed.


I really enjoyed my visit to the “Star Trek” Hilton. I especially loved Quark’s Bar where the 6ft plus Klingon “lady” put my know-it-all ex propery in his place and speechless for the first time in his life! I’d pay just to have her do the Divorce-paper servings!LOL


My wife and I come to Vegas 3 or 4 times a year & always stayed at the Hilton because of Star Trek Experience & Quark’s bar. We no longer stay at the Hilton. We stay every where else. To the Hilton you made a big mistake, bring back The Experience & Quarks!!!

Classic movies in SoCal: ‘Star Trek,’ ‘Blood and Sand,’ the UCLA Festival of Preservation

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Find a flick with our weekly curated list of classic movies, cult favorites, film festivals, etc., playing at theaters, drive-ins and pop-ups and/or streaming online. Before you go, remember to call or check online for reservation requirements and COVID-19 protocols.

‘Alain Resnais: Five Short Films’ A selection of newly restored early shorts by the influential French filmmaker screens for one night only. Laemmle Royal, 11523 Santa Monica Blvd., West L.A.; Laemmle Glendale, 207 N. Maryland Ave., Glendale; Laemmle Playhouse 7, 673 E. Colorado Blvd., Pasadena; Laemmle Claremont 5, 450 W. 2nd St., Claremont; Laemmle Newhall, 22500 Lyons Ave., Newhall. 7:30 p.m. May 23. $15.

‘Bicycle Thieves’ A family man barely scraping by in postwar Rome undertakes a desperate search when his only means of transportation is stolen in Vittorio De Sica’s essential 1948 neorealist drama . In Italian with English subtitles. Presented in 35mm. Academy Museum of Motion Pictures, Ted Mann Theater, 6067 Wilshire Blvd., L.A. 5 p.m. May 21. $5.

‘Blood and Sand’ Swoon as the immortal Rudolph Valentino struts his stuff in a toreador’s jacket and trousers in this silent 1922 melodrama. Presented with live organ accompaniment. Old Town Music Hall, 140 Richmond St., El Segundo. 2:30 p.m. May 22. $10, $12.

‘Husbands’ John Cassavetes , Ben Gazzara and Peter Falk play BFFs of a certain age sharing the same midlife crisis in Cassavetes’ 1970 comedy. Brain Dead Studios at the Silent Movie Theater, 611 N. Fairfax Ave., L.A. 8 p.m. May 25. $12; advance purchase required.

‘Jagged Edge’ Murder suspect Jeff Bridges and his defense lawyer Glenn Close give new meaning to the term “attorney-client privilege” in this steamy 1985 legal thriller directed by Richard Marquand. Presented in 35mm. American Cinematheque at the Los Feliz 3, 1822 N. Vermont Ave., Los Feliz. 7 p.m. May 24. $8, $13.

‘King Kong vs. Godzilla’ It’s ginormous prehistoric ape versus ginormous prehistoric lizard with atomic breath — advantage, lizard — in this cheeseball 1962 creature-feature crossover. New Beverly Cinema, 7165 Beverly Blvd., L.A. 2 p.m. May 21-22. $10; advance purchase recommended.

Entertainment & Arts

How ‘Godzilla: King of the Monsters’ updated four iconic kaiju characters

For “Godzilla: King of the Monsters” director Michael Dougherty, grabbing a big bowl of cereal and watching the Hanna-Barbera “Godzilla” cartoon on TV was a Saturday morning ritual growing up.

June 2, 2019

‘Léon: The Professional’ Jean Reno is the titular hitman, Natalie Portman , his youthful protégé, and Gary Oldman , the show-stealing villain in Luc Besson’s knockout 1994 action thriller . Brain Dead Studios at the Silent Movie Theater, 611 N. Fairfax Ave., L.A. 8 p.m. May 22. $12; advance purchase required.

‘The Maltese Falcon’ with ‘The Treasure of the Sierra Madre’ A double bill pairs these two classic 1940s-era crime dramas, both starring tough guy Humphrey Bogart and both directed by John Huston . Presented in 35mm. Secret Movie Club Theatre, 1917 Bay St., 2nd floor, downtown L.A. 7:30 and 9:40 p.m. May 20. $14-$24.

‘Phantasm’ Fear the Tall Man — seriously, fear him — in Don Coscarelli’s bonkers 1979 cult classic that spawned a five-film franchise. Angus Scrimm stars. The Frida Cinema, Calle Cuatro Plaza, 305 E. 4th St., Santa Ana. 7:30 p.m. May 20. $15.

‘RoboCop: Director’s Cut’ Detroit’s finest is equal parts man and machine in the unrated version of Paul Verhoeven’s darkly comic, hyper-violent 1987 sci-fi/action thriller . Peter Weller stars. Alamo Drafthouse, 700 W. 7th St., downtown L.A. 4 p.m. May 20; 3, 3:35 and 9 p.m. May 21; 4:30 and 6:35 p.m. May 22; 4:15 p.m. May 23. $18.

‘Star Trek: The Motion Picture — the Director’s Edition’ Kirk, Spock and the crew of the Enterprise boldly go where they’d never boldly gone before — the big screen — in filmmaker Robert Wise’s 2001 cut of his 1979 sci-fi adventure based on the TV series. With William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy , et al. Fathom Events, various local theaters (see website). 3 and 7 p.m. May 22, 7 p.m. May 23 and 25. $18-$20.

Illustration for Robert Lloyd's story about the greatness of the Star Trek franchise.

‘Star Trek’ is the greatest sci-fi franchise of all. Why it’s stood the test of time

Full of ideas and emotions, the ever-expanding ‘Star Trek’ canon is still finding new ways to go where no TV show has gone before, 55 years on.

Oct. 28, 2021

‘There Will Be Blood’ Oscar winner Daniel Day-Lewis has his mind on your milkshake and your milkshake on his mind in Paul Thomas Anderson’s epic 2007 historical drama about a ruthless oil baron in turn-of-the-last-century California. Presented in 35mm. New Beverly Cinema, 7165 Beverly Blvd., L.A. 7:30 p.m. May 20-21, 6:30 p.m. May 22. $12; advance tickets sold out; standby line available.

2022 UCLA Festival of Preservation The 2004 documentary “Born Into Brothels” and a 1962 television drama that starred Betty White are among the nearly two dozen films, TV shows, cartoons, etc., that will screen at the 20th edition of the UCLA Film and Television Archive’s annual festival . Hammer Museum, Billy Wilder Theater, 10899 Wilshire Blvd., Westwood. Various showtimes, May 20-22. Free; advance registration recommended; standby line available.

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star trek things to do

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star trek things to do

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The beginner's guide to Star Trek: What to watch first


The Star Trek television world consists of eleven full and distinct television series released across the decades, going all the way back to the mid-1960s. While some of the older sets and effects are certainly dated, some of the issues the shows grappled with back in the day are as relevant now as they were almost 60 years ago.

When Star Trek debuted on September 6, 1966, it was a relatively low-budget TV series with only lukewarm network support. It took two pilot episodes before the series was picked up by NBC, only to be unceremoniously cancelled three years later. Nobody back then knew that Star Trek would create cultural touchstones and iconic characters, or that it would go on to spawn ten more TV series (so far) and thirteen movies (also, so far).

Today, Star Trek is deeply entrenched in modern mythology, with characters like James T. Kirk and Jean-Luc Picard as familiar to us as Clark Kent, Bruce Wayne, Tony Stark, Luke Skywalker, and Han Solo.

But not everyone is fully up to speed on all things Trek . Perhaps you're seeing promotions for the new shows coming out this year and wonder what all the fuss is about. Perhaps you want to introduce Star Trek to a younger generation or catch up after a long hiatus.

No matter what, we're here to help. In this guide, I'm going to take you through the TV series and help you understand what each is about, give you some hints about watching order, and share with you my subjective perspective on the shows.

Also:  14 unofficial Star Trek series and films

Star Trek has inspired a tremendous amount of media. Beyond the TV shows, there are movies, video games, books, comics, fan fiction and productions, collectables, and more. Because the commercial world of Star Trek fandom is so huge, I'm going to limit our discussion to just the TV shows -- although there will be a few mentions of one or two movies that are requisite viewing for later series' continuity.

How to get started

There are four Star Trek series currently in production right now. More are rumored to be on the way. And there's even a Seth McFarland-helmed homage to Star Trek called The Orville that carries on the Trek spirit (new episodes will be broadcast on Hulu in June).

So, you could get started watching a current show, especially since the visuals and production quality are top-notch. If you feel strongly about starting with new material, I'd recommend kicking off your watching with Star Trek: Strange New Worlds on the Paramount+ streaming service. I'll talk more about SNW (most Trek series get abbreviations) in a bit. Another choice would be the gorgeous animated series Star Trek: Prodigy . It's intended to bring kids into the Star Trek universe, but it fires on all cylinders for adults just as well.

But I recommend you start where it all started: Star Trek , the original series ( TOS ) produced in the 1960s. It's here you'll meet Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock, Dr. McCoy, and Scotty the engineer. This is where it all began, and everything builds upon this fundamental mythology.

And with that, let's get started!

1. Star Trek: The Original Series (TOS)

The series that began it all.

  • Production Years:  1966-1969
  • Trek Timeline Years:  2266-2269
  • Seasons:  3
  • Episodes:  79
  • Stream on:   Paramount+
  • Buy:   Amazon

This is it. The series that began it all. I recently rewatched the entire run of  TOS  after not having seen it in years, and the thing that made the biggest impression on me was how much they got right in those early years. Roddenberry was building a mythos out of thin air, and yet many of the foundational elements that  Star Trek  folks know and love today were written into those early shows.

Of course, Roddenberry didn't get it perfect right out of the gate. He did two pilots which introduced Captain Christopher Pike instead of Captain Kirk and a female "Number One" as second in command. This pilot, called " The Cage " never made it on the air but was repurposed into a two-parter late in the first season. You'll want to remember Pike and Number One because they're prominent in the new modern-day  Trek  series currently being released.

Some episodes of this very early series age well, while others are deeply cringeworthy. Because it's 1960s entertainment (and relatively low-budget entertainment at that), it can be a bit tedious at times. And yet, it touched on some really important themes.  Martin Luther King Jr. actually reached out to Nichelle Nichols , who  played Lt. Uhura , when she was considering leaving the show. He urged her to stay on because he saw her role as a very important inspiration.

If you want to understand all the  Trek  lore that comes after, this is the place to start.

Must watch episodes:   The City on the Edge of Forever, Space Seed, The Trouble with Tribbles

Movies:  There were six movies made with the  TOS  cast. Of them, the best two are  The Wrath of Khan  (which sets up a lot of subsequent mythos) and  The Voyage Home , which is probably the most fun of them all.

2. Star Trek: The Next Generation (TNG)

The story forward 100 years.

  • Production Years:  1987-1994
  • Trek Timeline Years:  2364-2370
  • Seasons:  7
  • Episodes:  178

Star Trek's  continuing popularity during the eighteen years after NBC cancelled the original series was unexpected.  Star Trek , that weird space show with the pointy-eared alien, turned out to have legs. It took ten years of fan pressure and conventions, but in 1979  Star Trek: The Motion Picture  was released. It was... not so good. But three more movies came out over the next eight years, and they were great. So the momentum was in place for a  Star Trek  reboot.

Rather than recasting the original characters, Roddenberry decided to move the story forward almost 100 years, create a version of the  Enterprise  starship whose interior decor most resembled a Marriott hotel in outer space, and give it warp nacelles and photon torpedos. This was  The Next Generation , with Captain Picard, first officer William Riker, the android Data, the boy wonder Wesley Crusher, his mom, the Klingon Worf, and unlucky-in-love engineer Geordi La Forge. Roddenberry even created the role of a mental health counsellor (Deanna Troy) as a key member of its bridge crew.

While Patrick Stewart's Picard was much more  Captain Stubing  than Shatner's Captain Kirk, there's no doubting this Shakespearean actor's talents. Brent Spiner, as the android-who-wants-to-be-human, was another standout performer. The first two seasons were a little rocky. Remember: back then, nobody knew whether this show would last, and the actors and showrunners were still trying to come to terms with how to move beyond  TOS . But subsequent years are among the best science (and societal) fiction you'll ever see on TV.

Must watch episodes:   The Measure of a Man, Yesterday's Enterprise, The Best Of Both Worlds I  and  II

Movies:  There were four movies made with the  TNG  cast. The first one,  Generations , also included key members of the  TOS  cast. I recommend you watch  First Contact  because it's a really good movie. And you might want to watch  Nemesis  because it sets up some details you'll need in later series (but it's definitely  not  the best movie made).

Also: Best video streaming service  

To boldly go...

Once you've watched  TOS  and  TNG , you're pretty much ready to travel wherever you want throughout the  Star Trek  franchise. You'll have a good foundational understanding of the Federation, the various alien species, the rules and regulations of Starfleet, and most of the iconic characters.

My recommendation is to wrap up the early  Trek  productions by taking in the two seasons of the first animated series. Then, move on to the middle period of  Star Trek  production, with  Voyager, Deep Space 9 , and  Enterprise , and then jump forward to the current productions. That's how I'm going to present the remaining series to you, but you can pretty much choose any order you want once you've made it this far.

3. Star Trek: The Animated Series (TAS)

Worthwhile animation with tos voices.

  • Production Years:  1973-1975
  • Trek Timeline Years:  2269-2270
  • Seasons:  2
  • Episodes:  22
  • Buy:  Amazon

A few years after NBC canceled TOS , Roddenberry managed to convince studio heads to let him produce an animated version of the show. While it was considerably less expensive to produce than the live-action  Star Trek , the animated series was the most expensive animated show airing at the time, but that was mostly because nearly all the original series actors (Walter Koenig as Chekov was missing) lent their voices to the show.

While the series was intended as a kid's show, it hews pretty closely to classic  Star Trek  themes and can be considered a proper sequel to  TOS . Watching it in 2022 is a bit weird because cartoons from the 1970s definitely seem a bit weird to our 2022 mindset, but  TAS  is a worthwhile romp, especially since it features the voice work from the core actors who first made  Star Trek .

Must watch episodes:   Yesteryear, The Slaver Weapon, More Tribbles, More Troubles  (because...Tribbles)

4. Star Trek: Deep Space 9 (DS9)

Thought-provoking, must-watch tv.

  • Production Years:  1993-1999
  • Trek Timeline Years:  2369-2275
  • Seasons:  7
  • Episodes:  176
  • Stream on:   Paramount+ , Netflix
  • Buy: Amazon

By many measures,  Star Trek: Deep Space 9  is as good as  Star Trek  (or science fiction overall, for that matter) gets. Rather than exploring strange new worlds and seeking out new life and new civilizations,  Deep Space 9  takes place mostly on the eponymous space station, Deep Space 9.

The station sits at the junction of a wormhole to the Gamma Quadrant (a far off part of space) and the planet Bajor, a planet previously occupied by Cardassians' warlike race (not to be confused with the Kardashians). DS9's leader is played by actor Avery Brooks, who starts off with the Starfleet rank of Commander and later gets promoted to Captain.  DS9  starts off slow but ends with a massive war and some of the best space battles ever put on film.

While there are a few silly episodes, most plotlines are tight, deep, and thought-provoking. Characters develop complex and compelling personalities. And the show takes some powerful swings at issues of the day, with  Far Beyond the Stars  an absolute standout showing issues of racism in 1950s America and yet fitting totally in with the rest of  DS9 . If anything can be considered must-watch TV, chock full of religious and political intrigue, it's  Star Trek: Deep Space 9 .

Must watch episodes:   Far Beyond the Stars, The Visitor, Trials And Tribble-Ations  (because...Tribbles)

5. Star Trek: Voyager (VOY)

A female badass captain who guides her crew on the uss voyager.

  • Production Years:  1995-2001
  • Trek Timeline Years:  2371-2378
  • Episodes:  172

The series starts with the crew of the  Voyager  chasing after a Maquis raider ship in a rough part of space. Suddenly, both ships get pulled into a spatial distortion, only to wind up far, far away from home. A super-powerful being called the Caretaker brought both ships to the Delta quadrant as part of its quest to help a species it cared for.

The plot of the pilot is a bit convoluted, but the Captain Kathryn Janeway makes a decision that strands  Voyager  and the crew of the Maquis ship in the Delta quadrant. The voyage home will take 75 years. Kate Mulgrew was not the franchise's first choice for a Janeway captain. Instead, Geneviève Bujold was originally cast in the role, but she apparently  crashed and burned in a day and a half . That's fortunate because Mulgrew absolutely owns the part, turning the Janeway character into a tough, sensitive, compassionate, and absolutely kick-ass leader.

The  Voyager  crew becomes a blended crew with both Starfleet and Maquis. Early episodes playoff that dynamic, but the early crew conflicts tend to slip away as the series progresses and the crew coalesces. Throughout it all, the series is about how this crew survives all on its own, trying to find a way home and the adventures along the way.

Must watch episodes:  Tinker, Tailor, Doctor, Spy, Year of Hell  (two-parter),  Timeless Worst episode in any science fiction, ever:  Threshold

6. Star Trek: Enterprise (ENT)

The start of the prime universe.

  • Production Years:  2001-2005
  • Trek Timeline Years:  2151-2161
  • Seasons:  4
  • Episodes:  98
  • Stream on:  Paramount+

With  Enterprise  (the series debuted without the " Star Trek: " prefix), we're starting to move around the "Prime Universe" timeline. So, okay, some definitions are in order. In 2009, J. J. Abrams did a reboot of the original  Star Trek  crew in a three-movie set. That reboot changed some of the  Star Trek  canon (its established mythology) and became known as the "Kelvin Universe". All the  Star Trek  that exists in the unaltered (or mostly unaltered) mythology is called the "Prime Universe." All of the TV shows so far (but not all the movies) are considered Prime Universe.

In the Prime Universe,  series timelines span centuries . The majority of established canon takes place in the  TNG  era, which is 2364-2379.  TOS ,  Discovery , and  Strange New Worlds  take place 100 or so years earlier than  TNG , while  Discovery  eventually jumps to about a thousand years later. But  Enterprise  is a prequel to all of that, showcasing a ship just beginning to travel between the stars. It takes place starting in 2151, a century before the days of Kirk and Spock.

There are some nods to the idea that technology wasn't as advanced in 2151 as it was in later centuries, but since  Enterprise  itself was made 35 years after  TOS , the production value and effects made it seem somewhat more advanced. That will prove to be an ongoing problem with Trek prequels: what do you do when the real tech to produce the prequel is half a century more advanced? What do you do when the actual tech we have in our pockets seems far more advanced than the "future" tech shown in the early shows? Artistic license is used.

The  NX-01 Enterprise  is led by Captain Jonathan Archer (played by  Quantum Leap's  Scott Bakula) and his Number One is a Vulcan named T'Pol (played by Jolene Blalock). In  Enterprise's  time frame, trust between Earth and the Vulcans is tenuous, and that tension plays out over the series. Unfortunately,  Enterprise  only lasted four seasons. It, like most other  Trek , was a bit rocky in the first seasons, but by Season 4, it was producing excellent television.

My biggest question about Enterprise is about Porthos, Archer's adorable beagle. Porthos spent most of his time in Archer's cabin, but I've always been curious about how Porthos took care of business. Did they just walk him around the decks and some crewmember cleaned it up? Was there a spot of grass somewhere in an unused cabin? It keeps me up at night.

In any case, I consider  Enterprise  criminally underrated. It was a great show.

Must watch episodes:   In a Mirror, Darkly  (two-parter),  Carbon Creek, Similitude, Twilight, The Breach  (because...Tribbles)

7. Star Trek: Discovery (DIS)

Discover the fun in star trek.

  • Production Years:  2017-current
  • Trek Timeline Years:  2255-2259, 3188-3190 (so far)
  • Seasons:  4 (so far)
  • Episodes:  55 (so far)

Star Trek  production effectively went into shutdown for about a decade after  Enterprise . After the success of the reboot movies in the late 2000s,  Star Trek  TV experienced a resurgence in  Discovery .  Discovery  is a hard beast to pin down, and this had the effect of turning off some of the entrenched  Star Trek  fanbase. That said, it's still great TV.  Discovery  was the first of the modern-day  Star Trek  series to be available solely on streaming, via what was then CBS All Access and is now Paramount+.

Somehow (spoiler alert), Micheal Burham goes from the Federation's first mutineer with a life sentence to a beloved starship captain. Burnham is Spock's human sister (yeah, that was a surprise to everyone). Played by Sonequa Martin-Green, the standout feature of  Discovery  is some of its great performances and characterizations.

My favorites are the gangly alien Saru (played with absolute perfection by Doug Jones), the mirror universe emperor Georgiou (played with scenery-eating intensity by Michelle Yeoh), cranky under-utilized engineer Jett Reno (played by the wonderful-in-anything Tigg Notaro), and Captain Christopher Pike, reimagined from the pilot for  TOS  (who was played to such perfection by Anson Mount that the minute he hit the screen, everyone knew a series had to be made around him -- which became  Strange New Worlds ).

The first season takes place ten years before the original series. Klingons don't really look like Klingons, Burnham starts a war,  Discovery  travels to the mirror universe where everything is  Bizarro World , and chaos ensues. The second season is back in the home universe where the crew tries to stop an AI bent on destroying all life in the universe. To avoid that fate, the crew travels 930 years into the future and...okay, let's take a breather for a second.

Do. Not. Try. To. Make. Sense. Of. All. This.  Discovery  is weird enough to be pretty much the  Twin Peaks  of  Star Trek . Just enjoy the fact that the visuals are impressive, the characters (at least most of them) are great, and the stories hold together long enough to make it through each episode as long as you don't think about it too much.  Discovery  can be annoying and sappy, to be sure. But it's also a heck of a lot of fun.

Must watch episodes (so far):  An Obol for Charon, The Sound of Thunder, Short Trek: The Trouble with Edward  (because...Tribbles)

8. Star Trek: Lower Decks (LD)

Focus on life onboard for low-ranking members of starfleet.

  • Production Years:  2020-current
  • Trek Timeline Years:  2380- (so far)
  • Seasons:  2 (so far)
  • Episodes:  20 (so far)

Back in 1994, there was an episode of  TNG  called  Lower Decks . It focused on lower-ranking crew members and looked at what life onboard a starship was like for the non-hero characters of Starfleet. In 2020, Mike McMahan, previously known for his work on the animated comedy  Rick and Morty , took the lower decks concept into an entire animated  Star Trek  series.

And it works. McMahan also addressed a lot of fan complaints about  Discovery  by including an almost overwhelming array of  Star Trek   Easter eggs  as fan service in the series. If you've ever wondered about  Cetacean Ops , for example, McMahan has an entire episode devoted to Starfleet's underwater crew.

Overall,  Lower Decks  delivers fully  Star Trek  plots, along with a lot of genuinely funny moments. But it doesn't sacrifice good storytelling either for laughs or nostalgia.

Must watch episodes (so far):   No Small Parts, First First Contact, An Embarrassment of Dooplers

9. Star Trek: Prodigy (PRO)

Animated and visually stunning.

  • Production Years:  2021-current
  • Trek Timeline Years:  2383- (so far)
  • Seasons:  1 (so far)
  • Episodes:  9 (so far)

Prodigy  is the second animated series currently in production. It has a completely different theme and art style from  Lower Decks  and is most definitely its own thing.

The premise is that a bunch of enslaved tweenagers of varying non-human species in the Delta Quadrant find a dormant Federation starship. While exploring, they activate the "emergency training hologram," which turns out to be an animated Captain Janeway (voiced by Kate Mulgrew herself). Hologram Janeway thinks the interlopers are cadets and helps them start the ship up so they can make their escape.

The series is Nickelodeon-branded and is supposed to be for kids, but the episodes are well-written and even suspenseful. The first season ended on a cliffhanger that both newbies to  Star Trek  and long-time fans will find compelling. And can we talk about the visuals? This series is just absolutely gorgeous. Watch it on the largest, brightest TV you can. It's that good.

Must watch episodes (so far):   Time Amok, First Con-tact, Kobayashi

10. Star Trek: Picard (PIC)

New adventures of an older captain picard.

  • Trek Timeline Years:  2399- (so far)
  • Seasons:  2 (so far)
  • Episodes:  20 (so far)

The premise behind  Star Trek: Picard  is simple. Thirty years after  TNG , Admiral Picard goes back out into space for new adventures. Picard (and Patrick Stewart) are much older, and the series addresses the challenges of ageing and how someone who was once the galaxy's hero deals with becoming irrelevant -- just as events reach out to bring the retired admiral back onto center stage once again.

Have you noticed how most of the  Star Trek  series have three-letter abbreviations?  Star Trek: Picard's  should be WTF. There are moments in  Picard  that are wonderful. But a lot of  Picard  is just plain terrible. If you even try to think about all the plot holes and paradoxes in just the final episode of Season 2, you'll find your brain sucked into a wormhole. As much as it's an absolute pleasure to see Patrick Stewart in anything,  Star Trek: Picard  is undeniably the worst television  Star Trek  has yet produced.

Like all of the current-era  Star Trek , it's gorgeous. There's fan service everywhere, and we do get to meet some of the  TNG  characters again. More are promised for Season 3. But something went horribly wrong in the writers' room for the storylines in most of the episodes to be this convoluted, self-referential, internally inconsistent, and rather unbelievable (trust me, suspending disbelief often just doesn't work here). If anything, Season 2 is even more disastrous than Season 1, and that's saying something.

All that said, should you watch  Star Trek: Picard ? Of course. It's a hoot. Plus, the episode  Nepenthe  (where we get to meet a gray-haired Captain Riker and his wife, Deanna Troy, along with their daughter Kestra) makes the whole series worthwhile.

Must watch episodes:   Nepenthe, Stardust City Rag

11. Star Trek: Strange New Worlds (SNW)

Referential to established canon for entrenched trek fans.

  • Production Years:  2022-current
  • Trek Timeline Years:  2259- (so far)
  • Seasons:  1 (so far)
  • Episodes:  4 (so far)

Strange New Worlds  has been jokingly called the longest order from the pilot to series in television history, but there's some truth to that. The very first  TOS  pilot back in the 1960s spotlighted the main characters of  Strange New Worlds . As the legend goes, NBC didn't like those characters, so Roddenberry retooled and the result was Kirk, Spock, and McCoy.

Today, however, Anson Mount is center stage, along with Ethan Peck as the third actor to play Spock, and Rebecca Romijn playing Number One. We haven't seen too many episodes yet, but so far it's good. Really, really good. Sure, this  U.S.S. Enterprise  is supposed to be from a time ten years before Kirk's in  TOS , and it's far fancier. But that's what you get with 2022 budgets and CGI compared to the hand-me-downs that went into the original  Star Trek .

You can follow the story well enough without having seen any other  Star Trek , so it makes for a good first series. But it also is so reverently referential to established canon (while blazing its own way as well) that deeply entrenched Trek fans will undoubtedly enjoy it as well.

Must watch episodes (so far):  Strange New Worlds, Children of the Comet, Ghosts of Illyria, Memento Mori

Also: The 7 best free video streaming services: Watch movies for free

What are the worst to best Star Trek series?

This is a highly subjective list, but I know you're going to want to know. So here it is. My call for worst series to best. You'll be surprised.

10. Picard :  I had high hopes, I love the reunions, but the plots don't hold together if you think about it for just one minute.

9. The Original Series :  Yes, it started everything. And yes, they got a lot right. But some of it is just downright hard to watch.

8. The Animated Series :  Like  TOS , it's a rough ride to watch. Pacing is very late sixties.

7. Lower Decks :  I'm not a huge animation fan, and the silliness is a bit annoying.

6. Prodigy :   Prodigy  is gorgeous, and the plots hold together well. But I'm not as into it as I could be. Perhaps with more seasons.

5. The Next Generation :   TNG  defines  Star Trek , and while there are some great shows there, it's getting old. I'm just not that invested anymore.

4. Discovery :  I really like some of the characters and the modern visuals are spectacular. The focus on one character as a  Mary Sue  gets tiresome, as do the somewhat lazy resolutions for season-long mysteries.

3. Voyager :  Some of the premise broke down in early years, but the overall crew survival dynamic makes for worthwhile TV. I've become attached to some of the characters after watching them grow into their responsibilities.

2. Enterprise :  Yes, I consider  Enterprise  among the best  Star Trek  ever, even though it died an early death. From Archer's relationship with the Andorian commander Shran (played by the wonderful Jeffrey Combs) to some really excellent standalone episodes, I miss  Enterprise  more than any other series.

1. Deep Space 9 :  Yeah, this is just about the best science fiction you're going to find anywhere.

* Strange New Worlds :  I'm not rating  Strange New Worlds  yet. I've only seen a few episodes. But from what I've seen, it has the potential to be among the favorites.

What about you? What's your favorite Star Trek series? Are you Trek-curious and just getting started? Are you coming back after a long hiatus? Share with us in the comments below. Live long and prosper.

You can follow my day-to-day project updates on social media. Be sure to follow me on Twitter at @DavidGewirtz , on Facebook at , on Instagram at , and on YouTube at .

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star trek things to do

Star Trek: Voyagers Kes/Seven Of Nine Swap Was More Unique Than You Know

  • Kes and Seven of Nine's swap in Star Trek: Voyager was unique due to the franchise's consistent casts.
  • Other character swaps in previous Star Trek shows didn't accomplish their switch in the same way, usually leaving it off-screen.
  • Modern Star Trek series, like Discovery and Picard, have a different approach to swapping characters, focusing on serialized narratives.

Although it wasn't the franchise's first character swap, Star Trek: Voyager 's Kes (Jennifer Lien) and Seven of Nine (Jeri Ryan) switch was more unique than character changes in other Star Trek projects. Voyager 's cast of characters stayed mostly the same throughout the show's run, except for the departure of Kes and the introduction of Seven at the start of season 4. The swap happened over season 4's first two episodes, "Scorpion, Part II" and "The Gift," and was accomplished well, all things considered.

During "The Gift," Kes's latent mental abilities began to evolve rapidly thanks to Species 8472, to the point where she was a danger to the USS Voyager and her crew. As a result, Kes voluntarily left the ship and ascended to a higher plane of existence. She left behind Seven, who had just been rescued from the Borg Collective, and was convinced by Captain Janeway (Kate Mulgrew) to embrace her transition back to humanity at the end of the episode. While it may seem surprising, this type of on-screen, narratively accomplished transition was rare for Star Trek TV shows .

The Complete Star Trek Timeline Explained

Star Trek's timeline spans a thousand years of Starfleet and the United Federation of Planets, with alternate realities and time travel galore.

Star Trek: Voyagers Kes/Seven Of Nine Swap Was Different From TNG And DS9

Voyager accomplished its character swap in a unique way.

Previous character swaps in other Star Trek projects had either happened off-screen or not been about switching one unique character for another . The two biggest character changes that happened in the franchise before Voyager were Dr. Pulaski (Diana Muldaur) taking over for Dr. Crusher (Gates McFadden) in season 2 of Star Trek: The Next Generation and Ezri Dax (Nicole de Boer) replacing Jadzia Dax (Terry Farrell) on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine . Both of these swaps had some similarities to Voyager 's Kes/Seven swap, but Voyager was distinct from both in a few important ways.

The on-screen, plot-supported switch of two characters hadn't happened in a Star Trek series before Voyager , and continued to be rare in the 1990s era of the franchise.

Dr. Pulaski's transition to and from the cast of Star Trek: TNG happened entirely off-screen both times. She was introduced without much fanfare in the first episode of season 2 and was gone by the first episode of season 3 in the same fashion. Likewise, although Ezri Dax was a different character from Jadzia Dax, she was also more of an extension of Jadzia than a completely unique character. The on-screen, plot-supported switch of two characters hadn't happened in a Star Trek series before Voyager , and continued to be rare in the 1990s era of the franchise.

Why Modern Star Trek Takes A Different Approach To Main Cast Rotation

Modern star trek series do things differently.

Unlike the classic Star Trek shows, however, newer series take a much different approach to swapping characters in and out of their main casts. Both Star Trek: Discovery and Star Trek: Picard went through several drastic main cast changes during their respective five and three seasons. While some key members of Discovery 's core cast of characters remained the same, many other members came and went, especially after the show's time jump to the 32nd century. Similarly, Picard completely overhauled its main cast in season 3 to bring in the former stars of Star Trek: TNG .

This seems to be the result of focusing on a serialized narrative rather than episodic storytelling . If certain New Trek characters were or were not important to the central plot of a season, they would be swapped in or out to accommodate. This is less the case with Star Trek: Strange New Worlds , but even that show's more episodic narrative has seen some cast changes, like the death of Hemmer (Bruce Horak) in season 1. Modern Star Trek made a lot of changes to the franchise, and regular cast swapping similar to Star Trek: Voyager is one of them.

Star Trek: Voyager

Cast Jennifer Lien, Garrett Wang, Tim Russ, Robert Duncan McNeill, Roxann Dawson, Robert Beltran, Kate Mulgrew, Jeri Ryan, Ethan Phillips, Robert Picardo

Release Date May 23, 1995

Genres Sci-Fi, Adventure

Network UPN

Streaming Service(s) Paramount+

Franchise(s) Star Trek

Writers Kenneth Biller, Jeri Taylor, Michael Piller, Brannon Braga

Showrunner Kenneth Biller, Jeri Taylor, Michael Piller, Brannon Braga

Rating TV-PG

Where To Watch Paramount+

Star Trek: Voyagers Kes/Seven Of Nine Swap Was More Unique Than You Know

Star Trek: How Do Sonic Showers Really Work?

Ensign Mariner activates the sonic shower

Whether their day is filled with planetary surveys or Borg drone dodging, every Starfleet officer needs a place to wash away the sweat, stress, and occasional blood wine spill. For officers living their lives aboard Enterprise or another Federation starship from at least the 23rd century going forward, one of the most efficient ways to accomplish this is with the ever-convenient sonic shower.

In the world of "Star Trek," a sonic shower is a water-saving bathroom appliance that uses sonic waves to strip away everything from sweat and debris to hot cocoa carelessly spilled by a socially awkward ensign. They first show up in "Star Trek: The Motion Picture" ( the movie William Shatner says finally showed the series' true potential ) when the Ilia probe, V'ger's duplicate of the recently deceased Deltan Lieutenant Ilia (Persis Khambatta), appears in one located in the starship's crew quarters. Although brief, the scene reveals that some sonic showers seem to be equipped with a translucent door that offers some degree of privacy. It's also implied that Robo-Ilia's shower includes either replicator or transporter technology, as clothing appears on her before the Ilia probe exits the shower.

Although it's not clear exactly how the sonic shower works, one scene from the "Star Trek: Voyager" episode "Juggernaut" suggests the machine's sonic pulses may loosen unwanted particulates, causing them to fall away from the body for the replicator system to recycle them. The episode ends with B'Elanna Torres (Roxann Dawson) stepping into her sonic shower after a difficult mission. Inside the shower stall, she momentarily leans against a lit wall before using a voice command to activate the shower, causing the grime and debris to seemingly lift away from her body in particles.

Sonic showers have adjustable frequencies

Just as we can change the temperature and water pressure in our showers, the sonic showers in "Star Trek" can also be adjusted by frequency, a function Enterprise doc Joseph M'Benga (Babs Olusanmokun) demonstrates in the "Star Trek: Strange New Worlds" episode "Under the Cloak of War." Mirroring B'Elanna's post-trauma shower in "Juggernaut," M'Benga steps into his own sonic shower after killing Dak'Rah in the sick bay, directing the computer, "Set sonic shower to four." Similar to the variable temperatures of a hot or cold shower, this suggests that certain frequencies create a more intense experience.

This feature gets pushed to its limit in the "Star Trek: Lower Decks" episode "Kayshon, His Eyes Open." Unlike the ship's higher-ranking officers, the lower deckers on the Cerritos, who sleep in bunks rather than private quarters, use unisex communal sonic showers conveniently located near their barracks-style corridors housing the ensigns, Starfleet's lowest-ranking junior officers. Like M'Benga's and Torres' showers, the large communal shower features pulsing light walls along with translucent, waist-high dividers that seem to function more as something for hanging towels on than to provide privacy. As self-assigned "unofficial leader" of Beta shift, Ensign Mariner (Tawny Newsome) attempts to exert her authority over the newly-assigned Jet, the two ensigns take turns competitively cranking up the sonic frequency via their shared LCARS panel. The buzzing intensifies, causing the other panicked ensigns to grab their ears and flee before Mariner and Jet's noses begin to bleed from the sonic pulses.

Exactly how dangerous these pulses could potentially be is shown in the "Voyager" episode "Live Fast and Prosper," when Janeway's sonic shower frequency malfunctions, creating a high pitch that causes her mirror to shatter.

Image of USS Cerritos of Star Trek: Lower Decks

The Ultimate Chronological Star Trek Viewing Guide

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The 21st Century

The 22nd century, the 23rd century.


The 24th Century


The 25th Century

The 31st century, the 32nd century.

The 43rd Century


This Star Trek viewing guide will assist you through watching the entire franchise, based not on production dates, but on in-universe story order, all the way from the 21st to the 43rd centuries.  As it is a viewing guide and not a rigid chronology, some episodes are shifted to keep things as clear and fun as possible. The site is updated regularly to stay current. 

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Series Overview and Abbreviation Guide

Past Shows:

    TOS —> Star Trek - The Original Series (1964, 1966-1969)

    TAS —> Star Trek - The Animated Series    (1973-1974)

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    SHO —> Star Trek - Short Treks (2018-2020)

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Current Shows:

    LDS —> Star Trek - Lower Decks (2020-)

    PRO —> Star Trek - Prodigy (2021-)

    SNW —> Star Trek - Strange New Worlds (2022-)

Series Overview and Abbreviation Guide: Star Trek Universe

April 5th, 2063:

star trek things to do

Star Trek essentially begins on this date, when Zefram Cochrane creates faster-than-light travel (“warp drive”) allowing humans to meet extraterrestrial life, the Vulcans, for the first time. We will see this event later in the viewing order, but for now it’s just backstory.


We start with Star Trek: Enterprise (technically just titled Enterprise until season three). While the first in the timeline, this show was actually the sixth Star Trek series made, and includes many fun hints of future events.  We will mostly follow the release order, but will skip some episodes in Seasons two and four until later in the viewing order.

  • ENT    Season 1, episode 1    -    Broken Bow, Part 1
  • ENT    Season 1, episode 2    -    Broken Bow, Part 2
  • ENT    Season 1, episode 3    -    Fight or Flight
  • ENT    Season 1, episode 4    -    Strange New World
  • ENT    Season 1, episode 5    -    Unexpected
  • ENT    Season 1, episode 6    -    Terra Nova
  • ENT    Season 1, episode 7    -    The Andorian Incident
  • ENT    Season 1, episode 8    -    Breaking the Ice
  • ENT    Season 1, episode 9    -    Civilization
  • ENT    Season 1, episode 10    -    Fortunate Son
  • ENT    Season 1, episode 11    -    Cold Front
  • ENT    Season 1, episode 12    -    Silent Enemy
  • ENT    Season 1, episode 13    -    Dear Doctor
  • ENT    Season 1, episode 14    -    Sleeping Dogs
  • ENT    Season 1, episode 15    -    Shadows of P'Jem
  • ENT    Season 1, episode 16    -    Shuttlepod One
  • ENT    Season 1, episode 17    -    Fusion
  • ENT    Season 1, episode 18    -    Rogue Planet
  • ENT    Season 1, episode 19    -    Acquisition


  • ENT      Season 1, episode 20      -      Oasis
  • ENT      Season 1, episode 21      -      Detained
  • ENT      Season 1, episode 22      -      Vox Sola
  • ENT      Season 1, episode 23      -      Fallen Hero
  • ENT      Season 1, episode 24      -      Desert Crossing
  • ENT      Season 1, episode 25      -      Two Days and Two Nights
  • ENT      Season 1, episode 26      -      Shockwave, Part I
  • ENT      Season 2, episode 1      -      Shockwave, Part II
  • ENT      Season 2, episode 2      -      Carbon Creek
  • ENT      Season 2, episode 3      -      Minefield
  • ENT      Season 2, episode 4      -      Dead Stop
  • ENT      Season 2, episode 5      -      A Night in Sickbay
  • ENT      Season 2, episode 6      -      Marauders
  • ENT    Season 2, episode 7    -    The Seventh
  • ENT    Season 2, episode 8    -    The Communicator
  • ENT    Season 2, episode 9    -    Singularity
  • ENT    Season 2, episode 10    -    Vanishing Point
  • ENT    Season 2, episode 11    -    Precious Cargo
  • ENT    Season 2, episode 12    -    The Catwalk
  • ENT    Season 2, episode 13    -    Dawn
  • ENT    Season 2, episode 14    -    Stigma
  • ENT    Season 2, episode 15    -    Cease Fire
  • ENT    Season 2, episode 16    -    Future Tense
  • ENT    Season 2, episode 17    -    Canamar
  • ENT    Season 2, episode 18    -    The Crossing
  • ENT    Season 2, episode 19    -    Judgment


  • ENT    Season 2, episode 20    -    Horizon
  • ENT    Season 2, episode 21    -    The Breach
  • ENT    Season 2, episode 22    -    Cogenitor

We are skipping episode 23 (“Regeneration”) for now, but will return to it later.

  • ENT    Season 2, episode 24    -    First Flight
  • ENT    Season 2, episode 25    -    Bounty
  • ENT    Season 2, episode 26    -    The Expanse
  • ENT    Season 3, episode 1    -    The Xindi
  • ENT    Season 3, episode 2    -    Anomaly
  • ENT    Season 3, episode 3    -    Extinction
  • ENT    Season 3, episode 4    -    Rajiin
  • ENT    Season 3, episode 5    -    Impulse
  • ENT    Season 3, episode 6    -    Exile
  • ENT    Season 3, episode 7    -    The Shipment
  • ENT    Season 3, episode 8    -    Twilight
  • ENT    Season 3, episode 9    -    North Star
  • ENT    Season 3, episode 10    -    Similitude
  • ENT    Season 3, episode 11    -    Carpenter Street
  • ENT    Season 3, episode 12    -    Chosen Realm
  • ENT    Season 3, episode 13    -    Proving Ground
  • ENT    Season 3, episode 14    -    Stratagem
  • ENT    Season 3, episode 15    -    Harbinger


  • ENT    Season 3, episode 16    -    Doctor's Orders 
  • ENT    Season 3, episode 17    -    Hatchery
  • ENT    Season 3, episode 18    -    Azati Prime 
  • ENT    Season 3, episode 19    -    Damage 
  • ENT    Season 3, episode 20    -    The Forgotten 
  • ENT    Season 3, episode 21    -    E² 
  • ENT    Season 3, episode 22    -    The Council
  • ENT    Season 3, episode 23    -    Countdown 
  • ENT    Season 3, episode 24    -    Zero Hour 

In its fourth and final season, Enterprise, under the guidance of a new showrunner, really takes advantage of its ability to foreshadow events in later chronologically-placed stories. Please pay attention to the episode numbers as we skip episodes 18, 19, and 22 for now and watch them later.

  • ENT    Season 4, episode 1    -    Storm Front, Part 1
  • ENT    Season 4, episode 2    -    Storm Front, Part 2
  • ENT    Season 4, episode 3    -    Home
  • ENT    Season 4, episode 4    -    Borderland
  • ENT    Season 4, episode 5    -    Cold Station 12
  • ENT    Season 4, episode 6    -    The Augments
  • ENT    Season 4, episode 7    -    The Forge
  • ENT    Season 4, episode 8    -    Awakening
  • ENT    Season 4, episode 9    -    Kir'Shara
  • ENT    Season 4, episode 10    -    Daedalus
  • ENT    Season 4, episode 11    -    Observer Effect
  • ENT    Season 4, episode 12    -    Babel One
  • ENT    Season 4, episode 13    -    United
  • ENT    Season 4, episode 14    -    The Aenar
  • ENT    Season 4, episode 15    -    Affliction
  • ENT    Season 4, episode 16    -    Divergence
  • ENT    Season 4, episode 17    -    Bound 


  • ENT    Season 4, episode 20    -    Demons 
  • ENT    Season 4, episode 21    -    Terra Prime 

Although we will be moving on from Enterprise for now, we will return to watch the skipped episodes and the series finale later. Even so, the two-parter above is near-universally considered a better end-point for this point in the story.


The Earth-Romulan War, which was first mentioned in the original 1960s series, occurs here. Enterprise intended to cover this starting in the fifth season, but was unfortunately cancelled after Season Four. While we don't get to see the conflict on screen, its impact is felt throughout Enterprise and beyond. During the war, Humans, Vulcans, Andorians, and Tellarites form a loosely structured Coalition of Planets which manages to push back the Romulans. This Coalition leads directly to…


…the formation of the United Federation of Planets, the primary political setting of the Star Trek franchise.

From this point on, Star Trek focuses on the Federation, depicting its periods of peace, war, expansion, and decline, which will set the agenda for much of the franchise.


Early 2230s

star trek things to do

An adaptation of an (actual) ancient African legend, told to a young girl we will meet again later as an adult, this is our first “Short Treks” episode. These mini-episodes are not tied to any specific time or place in the Star Trek franchise and will appear occasionally throughout this list.

  • SHO    Season 2, episode 5    -    The Girl Who Made the Stars 


2233 - A sidenote about universes/timelines:

There are two main “universes” in the Star Trek franchise: the Kelvin timeline (consisting of three feature films) and the Prime timeline (covering everything else). This year, 2233, is when events occur which split the universe into the Kelvin and Prime timelines. For now, we will stay with the Prime timeline in this viewing order, but keep in mind the Kelvin timeline for later. Note that there is a third universe, the "Mirror" universe, and occasional alternate timelines. However, for simplicity, our visits there will not be separated from the Prime episodes.


2233 (Prime)

star trek things to do

The USS Kelvin flies through space, exploring strange new worlds. 

Nothing happens. 

All is well.


  • SHO    Season 1, episode 3    -    The Brightest Star


After a quick Short Trek in which we meet a young ensign reporting to his new ship, we reach the very first Star Trek episode produced: The Cage, dating from 1964-65. Rejected by NBC for being "too cerebral," studio owner Lucille Ball convinced the network to give the show another chance at a pilot. While much of The Cage’s footage is reused in a later episode, "The Menagerie," we recommend that you don't skip either one. The character of Captain Pike becomes highly significant shortly, and both episodes offer valuable insights into him and Spock.

Viewing notes: When referring to the original 1960s "Star Trek," this guide uses the abbreviation TOS (The Original Series). TOS is available in two versions: the classic 1960s version and a CGI- enhanced remastered version made from 2006-08. The remastered versions do not alter the stories in any way making the version you choose a matter of personal preference.  

  • SHO    Season 2, episode 1    -    Q&A 
  • TOS    Season 0, episode 1    -    The Cage 


We now begin Star Trek: Discovery, which is the seventh Star Trek series produced, but only the second series chronologically. It also is the first series to significantly revamp the visual designs, departing from the previous assumption that the 23rd century looked the same as it did in the original 1960s series. Discovery updates the designs, and we are trusted to accept that they have "always" looked this way, affecting uniforms, ships, alien makeup, and more. The Klingons, in particular, received a dramatic redesign, though it was significantly backtracked after the first season. These are not continuity issues, and should not be viewed as such, though we could certainly nitpick details if we chose to. 

  • DIS    Season 1, episode 1    -    The Vulcan Hello
  • DIS    Season 1, episode 2    -    Battle at the Binary Stars
  • DIS    Season 1, episode 3    -    Context is for Kings
  • DIS    Season 1, episode 4    -    The Butcher's Knife Cares Not for the Lamb's Cry
  • DIS    Season 1, episode 5    -    Choose Your Pain
  • DIS    Season 1, episode 6    -    Lethe
  • DIS    Season 1, episode 7    -    Magic to Make the Sanest Man go Mad


  • DIS    Season 1, episode 8    -    Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum
  • DIS    Season 1, episode 9    -    Into the Forest I Go

Watching Trek in this order presents a quirk in episode 10, where the USS Defiant is, to avoid spoilers, somewhere it shouldn't be. The show assumes that we know the explanation, but don't worry about it. We will learn why when we reach 2268, but in the meantime, it is entirely unimportant to how the story in Discovery unfolds.

  • DIS    Season 1, episode 10    -    Despite Yourself
  • DIS    Season 1, episode 11    -    The Wolf Inside
  • DIS    Season 1, episode 12    -    Vaulting Ambition
  • DIS    Season 1, episode 13    -    What's Past is Prologue
  • DIS    Season 1, episode 14    -    The War Without, The War Within
  • DIS    Season 1, episode 15    -    Will You Take My Hand?
  • SHO    Season 1, episode 1    -    Runaway
  • SHO    Season 1, episode 4    -    Escape Artist
  • DIS    Season 2, episode 1    -    Brother
  • DIS    Season 2, episode 2    -    New Eden
  • DIS    Season 2, episode 3    -    Point of Light
  • DIS    Season 2, episode 4    -    An Obol for Charon
  • DIS    Season 2, episode 5    -    Saints of Imperfection
  • DIS    Season 2, episode 6    -    The Sound of Thunder
  • DIS    Season 2, episode 7    -    Light and Shadows
  • DIS    Season 2, episode 8    -    If Memory Serves
  • DIS    Season 2, episode 9    -    Project Daedalus
  • DIS    Season 2, episode 10    -    The Red Angel
  • DIS    Season 2, episode 11    -    Perpetual Infinity
  • DIS    Season 2, episode 12    -    Through the Valley of Shadows
  • DIS    Season 2, episode 13    -    Such Sweet Sorrow, Part 1
  • DIS    Season 2, episode 14    -    Such Sweet Sorrow, Part 2


I will avoid spoilers, but after watching the episode listed just above, it will be clear why we are pausing our viewing of Discovery, even though there are more episodes left to watch. We will come back to the series at the appropriate time to continue the series.

  • SHO    Season 2, episode 2    -    The Trouble with Edward
  • SHO    Season 2, episode 3    -    Ask Not


We now move away from the Discovery crew to follow Capt. Pike, back in command of the Enterprise, for an absolutely delightful series that deliberately throws back to 1960s Trek in many ways, including the first appearances of some characters we will continue to see for many years to come.

  • SNW    Season 1, episode 1    -    Strange New Worlds
  • SNW    Season 1, episode 2    -    Children of the Comet
  • SNW    Season 1, episode 3    -    Ghosts of Illyria
  • SNW    Season 1, episode 4    -    Memento Mori
  • SNW    Season 1, episode 5    -    Spock Amok
  • SNW    Season 1, episode 6    -    Lift Us Where Suffering Cannot Reach
  • SNW    Season 1, episode 7    -    The Serene Squall
  • SNW    Season 1, episode 8    -    The Elysian Kingdom
  • SNW    Season 1, episode 9    -    All Those Who Wander
  • SNW    Season 1, episode 10    -    A Quality of Mercy
  • SNW    Season 2 episode 1    -    The Broken Circle
  • SNW    Season 2, episode 2    -    Ad Astra per Aspera
  • SNW    Season 2, episode 3    -    Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow
  • SNW    Season 2, episode 4    -    Among the Lotus Eaters
  • SNW    Season 2, episode 5    -    Charades
  • SNW    Season 2, episode 6    -    Lost in Translation

Skipping Episode 7 for later…

Pay attention to the possible future laid out in this next episode; we see how the timeline actually plays out later in this chronology.

  • SNW    Season 2, episode 8    -    Under the Cloak of War
  • SNW    Season 2, episode 9    -    Subspace Rhapsody
  • SNW    Season 2, episode 10    -    Hegemony


Here’s that second Original Series pilot Lucille Ball fought for, now with (most) of the classic 1960’s Star Trek crew. Still no Dr. McCoy, Uhura, or Chekov, Kirk has a different middle initial, the uniforms and sets still aren’t quite right… but we are for the first time recognizably in the world of the show that started it all.

  • TOS    Season 1, episode 3    -    Where No Man Has Gone Before


2266-Notes on The Original Series

Just to clarify - the original Star Trek will appear less advanced in terms of its designs and aesthetic compared to the other Star Trek shows we have watched so far, but this is only due to the limitations of television production at the time. This is not “true” in story terms - the technology and society in TOS should be read as on par with Discovery and Strange New Worlds, which all take place at roughly this point in the timeline, and the Enterprise, despite looking different, should be accepted as the exact same ship Pike commanded in Strange New Worlds.

As for the actual viewing order, to fully appreciate the development of the show, it's recommended to watch TOS in production order instead of by air date.  In general, don’t get too hung up on continuity with the rest of the franchise in these early days - they take quite a while to pin some stuff down that the rest of the franchise takes for granted.


The Menagerie is largely reedited from The Cage, which we watched a while back, but don’t skip it - after spending so much time with Spock and Pike since, this episode is absolutely essential.

  • TOS    Season 1, episode 10    -    The Corbomite Maneuver 
  • TOS    Season 1, episode 6    -    Mudd's Women
  • TOS    Season 1, episode 5    -    The Enemy Within
  • TOS    Season 1, episode 1    -    The Man Trap
  • TOS    Season 1, episode 4    -    The Naked Time
  • TOS    Season 1, episode 2    -    Charlie X

Next we revisit SNW’s season 1 finale, “A Quality of Mercy”, and see how differently events play out with Kirk in command of the Enterprise.

  • TOS    Season 1, episode 14    -    Balance of Terror
  • TOS    Season 1, episode 7    -    What Are Little Girls Made of?
  • TOS    Season 1, episode 9    -    Dagger of the Mind
  • TOS    Season 1, episode 8    -    Miri
  • TOS    Season 1, episode 13    -    The Conscience of the King
  • TOS    Season 1, episode 16    -    The Galileo Seven
  • TOS    Season 1, episode 20    -    Court Martial
  • TOS    Season 1, episode 11    -    The Menagerie (Part I)
  • TOS    Season 1, episode 12    -    The Menagerie (Part II)
  • TOS    Season 1, episode 15    -    Shore Leave
  • TOS    Season 1, episode 17    -    The Squire of Gothos
  • TOS    Season 1, episode 18    -    Arena
  • TOS    Season 1, episode 27    -    The Alternative Factor
  • TOS    Season 1, episode 19    -    Tomorrow is Yesterday
  • TOS    Season 1, episode 21    -    The Return of the Archons
  • TOS    Season 1, episode 23    -    A Taste of Armageddon
  • TOS    Season 1, episode 22    -    Space Seed
  • TOS    Season 1, episode 24    -    This Side of Paradise
  • TOS    Season 1, episode 25    -    Devil in the Dark
  • TOS    Season 1, episode 26    -    Errand of Mercy
  • TOS    Season 1, episode 28    -    The City on the Edge of Forever
  • TOS    Season 1, episode 29    -    Operation: Annihilate!

2267-2268: The Trouble with Tribbles

  • TOS    Season 2, episode 7    -    Catspaw
  • TOS    Season 2, episode 9    -    Metamorphosis
  • TOS    Season 2, episode 11    -    Friday's Child
  • TOS    Season 2, episode 2    -    Who Mourns for Adonais?
  • TOS    Season 2, episode 1    -    Amok Time
  • TOS    Season 2, episode 6    -    The Doomsday Machine
  • TOS    Season 2, episode 14    -    Wolf in the Fold
  • TOS    Season 2, episode 3    -    The Changeling
  • TOS    Season 2, episode 5    -    The Apple
  • TOS    Season 2, episode 4    -    Mirror, Mirror
  • TOS    Season 2, episode 12    -    The Deadly Years
  • TOS    Season 2, episode 8    -    I, Mudd
  • TOS    Season 2, episode 15    -    The Trouble with Tribbles
  • TOS    Season 2, episode 25    -    Bread and Circuses
  • TOS    Season 2, episode 10    -    Journey to Babel
  • TOS    Season 2, episode 19    -    A Private Little War
  • TOS    Season 2, episode 16    -    The Gamesters of Triskelion
  • TOS    Season 2, episode 13    -    Obsession
  • TOS    Season 2, episode 18    -    The Immunity Syndrome
  • TOS    Season 2, episode 17    -    A Piece of the Action
  • TOS    Season 2, episode 22    -    By Any Other Name
  • TOS    Season 2, episode 20    -    Return to Tomorrow
  • TOS    Season 2, episode 21    -    Patterns of Force
  • TOS    Season 2, episode 24    -    The Ultimate Computer
  • TOS    Season 2, episode 23    -    The Omega Glory
  • TOS    Season 2, episode 26    -    Assignment: Earth

While Mirror, Mirror is the episode that first introduces the Mirror universe, we’ve already been there on Discovery. Enterprise had a two-part episode there too, actually, but that’s one of the ones we skipped for later viewing and will be arriving at shortly.

2268-2269: The Tholian Web

  • TOS    Season 3, episode 6    -    Spectre of the Gun
  • TOS    Season 3, episode 13    -    Elaan of Troyius
  • TOS    Season 3, episode 3    -    The Paradise Syndrome
  • TOS    Season 3, episode 2    -    The Enterprise Incident
  • TOS    Season 3, episode 4    -    And the Children Shall Lead
  • TOS    Season 3, episode 1    -    Spock's Brain
  • TOS    Season 3, episode 5    -    Is There in Truth No Beauty?
  • TOS    Season 3, episode 12    -    The Empath
  • TOS    Season 3, episode 8    -    For the World Is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky
  • TOS    Season 3, episode 7    -    Day of the Dove
  • TOS    Season 3, episode 10    -    Plato's Stepchildren
  • TOS    Season 3, episode 11    -    Wink of An Eye
  • TOS    Season 3, episode 17    -    That Which Survives
  • TOS    Season 3, episode 15    -    Let That Be Your Last Battlefield
  • TOS    Season 3, episode 14    -    Whom Gods Destroy
  • TOS    Season 3, episode 16    -    The Mark of Gideon
  • TOS    Season 3, episode 18    -    The Lights of Zetar
  • TOS    Season 3, episode 21    -    The Cloud Minders
  • TOS    Season 3, episode 20    -    The Way to Eden
  • TOS    Season 3, episode 19    -    Requiem for Methuselah
  • TOS    Season 3, episode 22    -    The Savage Curtain
  • TOS    Season 3, episode 23    -    All Our Yesterdays
  • TOS    Season 3, episode 24    -    Turnabout Intruder

In one of the more fun examples of the shows tying together, the next three episodes we watch have a TOS episode leading into two of the Enterprise episodes we skipped, PLUS they finally explain why the Discovery detected the USS Defiant in the Mirror Universe.

  • TOS    Season 3, episode 9    -    The Tholian Web
  • ENT    Season 4, episode 18    -    In a Mirror, Darkly, Part I
  • ENT    Season 4, episode 19    -    In a Mirror, Darkly, Part II


We finish Kirk's Five-Year Mission with Star Trek: The Animated Series. Is TAS in continuity? Debatable. In later years, Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry liked to say it was not, but later works in the franchise certainly seemed to disagree, with Enterprise’s Vulcan arc as well as the first of the Kelvin films borrowing heavily from Yesteryear, Robert April appearing in Strange New Worlds, numerous references in Lower Decks, etc.,  so I see no reason not to consider it as canon as everything else. Besides, “La mort de l'auteur” means we don’t have to listen to Gene.

  • TAS    Season 1, episode 5    -    More Tribbles, More Troubles
  • TAS    Season 1, episode 6    -    The Survivor
  • TAS    Season 1, episode 7    -    The Infinite Vulcan
  • TAS    Season 1, episode 8    -    The Magicks of Megas-tu
  • TAS    Season 1, episode 9    -    Once Upon a Planet
  • TAS    Season 1, episode 10    -    Mudd's Passion
  • TAS    Season 1, episode 11    -    The Terratin Incident
  • TAS    Season 1, episode 12    -    The Time Trap
  • TAS    Season 1, episode 13    -    The Ambergris Element
  • TAS    Season 1, episode 14    -    The Slaver Weapon
  • TAS    Season 1, episode 15    -    The Eye of the Beholder
  • TAS    Season 1, episode 16    -    The Jihad
  • TAS    Season 2, episode 1    -    The Pirates of Orion
  • TAS    Season 2, episode 2    -    Bem
  • TAS    Season 2, episode 3    -    The Practical Joker
  • TAS    Season 2, episode 4    -    Albatross
  • TAS    Season 2, episode 5    -    How Sharper than a Serpent's Tooth
  • TAS    Season 2, episode 6    -    The Counter-Clock Incident
  • TAS    Season 1, episode 1    -    Beyond the Farthest Star
  • TAS    Season 1, episode 2    -    Yesteryear
  • TAS    Season 1, episode 3    -    One of Our Planets is Missing
  • TAS    Season 1, episode 4    -    The Lorelei Signal


Movie time! Some background here. Paramount was planning on making a new network, and intended a new Star Trek series, "Star Trek Phase II", to anchor it. Scripts were written, sets were built, and actors cast. When network plans fell through, and Star Wars became a hit, they decided to take one of those scripts and streeeeeeeeeetch it out into a movie.

So…. Is it way too long for the amount of plot it has? Yes, though it has its charms. And isn’t it basically a retread of Nomad from the episode "The Changeling" anyway? It is. And hey, isn’t that the pedophile Dad from 7th Heaven? mm-hmm. Anyway, if you have access to it I recommend the Director’s Cut, in which pacing is much improved and some particularly flawed effects are redone, but either version works story-wise.

  • MOV    Star Trek: The Motion Picture

2285-The Wrath of Khan

Following The Motion Picture, the franchise underwent a significant transformation with the release of the next film, adopting a different style and tone that many, including the author, believe resulted in the best Star Trek movie to date.

  • MOV    Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan
  • MOV    Star Trek III: The Search for Spock

Ephraim and Dot ’s continuity really makes no sense anywhere, but it’s cute so who cares. Anyway, this seemed the BEST place to put it.

  • SHO    Season 2, episode 4    -    Ephraim and Dot


  • MOV    Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home

Or, to use the all-but-official secondary title, “The One With The Whales”


  • MOV    Star Trek V: The Final Frontier


A criminally underrated film.

  • MOV    Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country

Sidenote: The opening sequence of the film. Star Trek: Generations takes place this year, a few months after The Undiscovered Country. I very much do not expect people to watch things in pieces, but as there IS a clear delineation in the film, you can, optionally, watch the beginning of Generations and stop when the “78 years later” caption comes up. Or you can just not worry about it, and watch the whole film in one sitting when we reach 2371. 


We now jump forward 70-odd years to see a far more established Federation, and perhaps the most popular and beloved Star Trek series of all, Star Trek - The Next Generation. That said, it is extremely rough at the outset, so you’ll need to give it some time. I promise you, the series gets a lot better later on and absolutely earns the affection it still receives to this day. 

  • TNG    Season 1, episode 9    -    The Battle
  • TNG    Season 1, episode 10    -    Hide and Q
  • TNG    Season 1, episode 11    -    Haven
  • TNG    Season 1, episode 12    -    The Big Goodbye
  • TNG    Season 1, episode 13    -    Datalore
  • TNG    Season 1, episode 14    -    Angel One
  • TNG    Season 1, episode 15    -    11001001
  • TNG    Season 1, episode 16    -    Too Short a Season
  • TNG    Season 1, episode 17    -    When the Bough Breaks
  • TNG    Season 1, episode 18    -    Home Soil
  • TNG    Season 1, episode 19    -    Coming of Age
  • TNG    Season 1, episode 20    -    Heart of Glory
  • TNG    Season 1, episode 21    -    The Arsenal of Freedom
  • TNG    Season 1, episode 22    -    Symbiosis
  • TNG    Season 1, episode 23    -    Skin of Evil
  • TNG    Season 1, episode 24    -    We'll Always Have Paris
  • TNG    Season 1, episode 25    -    Conspiracy
  • TNG    Season 1, episode 26    -    The Neutral Zone
  • TNG    Season 1, episode 1    -    Encounter at Farpoint, Part 1
  • TNG    Season 1, episode 2    -    Encounter at Farpoint, Part 2
  • TNG    Season 1, episode 3    -    The Naked Now
  • TNG    Season 1, episode 4    -    Code of Honor
  • TNG    Season 1, episode 5    -    The Last Outpost
  • TNG    Season 1, episode 6    -    Where No One Has Gone Before
  • TNG    Season 1, episode 7    -    Lonely Among Us
  • TNG    Season 1, episode 8    -    Justice


This season introduces the most popular and iconic character of the entire Star Trek franchise: Riker’s Beard. More seriously, due to a writers strike this year the producers had to dip into episodes written for the early 70’s Phase II series that was never made. Will Riker and Troi were ALWAYS a revamp of the original plans for Will Decker and Ilia, but the season opener was literally written in the 70s with Ilia in the place of Troi.

The series doesn’t truly find its footing until Season 3, but “The Measure of a Man” is widely considered TNG’s first “great” episode, a sign of many more to come. 

  • TNG    Season 2, episode 9    -    The Measure of a Man
  • TNG    Season 2, episode 10    -    The Dauphin
  • TNG    Season 2, episode 11    -    Contagion
  • TNG    Season 2, episode 12    -    The Royale
  • TNG    Season 2, episode 13    -    Time Squared
  • TNG    Season 2, episode 14    -    The Icarus Factor
  • TNG    Season 2, episode 15    -    Pen Pals
  • TNG    Season 2, episode 16    -    Q Who?
  • TNG    Season 2, episode 17    -    The Samaritan Snare
  • TNG    Season 2, episode 18    -    Up the Long Ladder
  • TNG    Season 2, episode 19    -    Manhunt
  • TNG    Season 2, episode 20    -    The Emissary
  • TNG    Season 2, episode 21    -    Peak Performance
  • TNG    Season 2, episode 22    -    Shades of Gray
  • TNG    Season 2, episode 1    -    The Child
  • TNG    Season 2, episode 2    -    Where Silence Has Lease
  • TNG    Season 2, episode 3    -    Elementary, Dear Data
  • TNG    Season 2, episode 4    -    The Outrageous Okona
  • TNG    Season 2, episode 5    -    Loud as a Whisper
  • TNG    Season 2, episode 6    -    The Schizoid Man
  • TNG    Season 2, episode 7    -    Unnatural Selection
  • TNG    Season 2, episode 8    -    A Matter of Honor


  • TNG    Season 3, episode 1    -    Evolution
  • TNG    Season 3, episode 2    -    The Ensigns of Command
  • TNG    Season 3, episode 3    -    The Survivors
  • TNG    Season 3, episode 4    -    Who Watches the Watchers?
  • TNG    Season 3, episode 5    -    The Bonding
  • TNG    Season 3, episode 6    -    Booby Trap
  • TNG    Season 3, episode 7    -    The Enemy
  • TNG    Season 3, episode 8    -    The Price
  • TNG    Season 3, episode 9    -    The Vengeance Factor
  • TNG    Season 3, episode 10    -    The Defector
  • TNG    Season 3, episode 11    -    The Hunted
  • TNG    Season 3, episode 12    -    A Matter of Perspective
  • TNG    Season 3, episode 13    -    The High Ground
  • TNG    Season 3, episode 14    -    Deja Q
  • TNG    Season 3, episode 15    -    Yesterday's Enterprise
  • TNG    Season 3, episode 16    -    The Offspring
  • TNG    Season 3, episode 17    -    Sins of the Father
  • TNG    Season 3, episode 18    -    Allegiance
  • TNG    Season 3, episode 19    -    Captain's Holiday
  • TNG    Season 3, episode 20    -    Tin Man
  • TNG    Season 3, episode 21    -    Hollow Pursuits
  • TNG    Season 3, episode 22    -    The Most Toys
  • TNG    Season 3, episode 23    -    Sarek
  • TNG    Season 3, episode 24    -    Ménage à Troi
  • TNG    Season 3, episode 25    -    Transfigurations
  • TNG    Season 3, episode 26    -    The Best of Both Worlds, Part 1


  • TNG    Season 4, episode 1    -    The Best of Both Worlds, Part 2
  • TNG    Season 4, episode 2    -    Family
  • TNG    Season 4, episode 3    -    Brothers
  • TNG    Season 4, episode 4    -    Suddenly Human
  • TNG    Season 4, episode 5    -    Remember Me
  • TNG    Season 4, episode 6    -    Legacy
  • TNG    Season 4, episode 7    -    Reunion
  • TNG    Season 4, episode 8    -    Future Imperfect
  • TNG    Season 4, episode 9    -    Final Mission
  • TNG    Season 4, episode 10    -    The Loss
  • TNG    Season 4, episode 11    -    Data's Day
  • TNG    Season 4, episode 12    -    The Wounded
  • TNG    Season 4, episode 13    -    Clues
  • TNG    Season 4, episode 14    -    Devil's Due
  • TNG    Season 4, episode 15    -    First Contact
  • TNG    Season 4, episode 16    -    Galaxy's Child
  • TNG    Season 4, episode 17    -    Night Terrors
  • TNG    Season 4, episode 18    -    Identity Crisis
  • TNG    Season 4, episode 19    -    The Nth Degree
  • TNG    Season 4, episode 20    -    Qpid
  • TNG    Season 4, episode 21    -    The Drumhead
  • TNG    Season 4, episode 22    -    Half a Life
  • TNG    Season 4, episode 23    -    The Host
  • TNG    Season 4, episode 24    -    The Mind's Eye
  • TNG    Season 4, episode 25    -    In Theory
  • TNG    Season 4, episode 26    -    Redemption, Part 1


  • TNG    Season 5, episode 1    -    Redemption, Part 2
  • TNG    Season 5, episode 2    -    Darmok
  • TNG    Season 5, episode 3    -    Ensign Ro
  • TNG    Season 5, episode 4    -    Silicon Avatar
  • TNG    Season 5, episode 5    -    Disaster
  • TNG    Season 5, episode 6    -    The Game
  • TNG    Season 5, episode 7    -    Unification I
  • TNG    Season 5, episode 8    -    Unification II
  • TNG    Season 5, episode 9    -    A Matter of Time
  • TNG    Season 5, episode 10    -    New Ground
  • TNG    Season 5, episode 11    -    Hero Worship
  • TNG    Season 5, episode 12    -    Violations
  • TNG    Season 5, episode 13    -    The Masterpiece Society
  • TNG    Season 5, episode 14    -    Conundrum
  • TNG    Season 5, episode 15    -    Power Play
  • TNG    Season 5, episode 16    -    Ethics
  • TNG    Season 5, episode 17    -    The Outcast
  • TNG    Season 5, episode 18    -    Cause and Effect
  • TNG    Season 5, episode 19    -    The First Duty
  • TNG    Season 5, episode 20    -    Cost of Living
  • TNG    Season 5, episode 21    -    The Perfect Mate
  • TNG    Season 5, episode 22    -    Imaginary Friend
  • TNG    Season 5, episode 23    -    I, Borg
  • TNG    Season 5, episode 24    -    The Next Phase
  • TNG    Season 5, episode 25    -    The Inner Light
  • TNG    Season 5, episode 26    -    Time's Arrow, Part 1

2369a - Chain of Command, Part 2

2369, Part 1

We now reach my personal favorite series: Star Trek - Deep Space Nine, which will eventually feature Star Trek’s first significant attempt at serialized storytelling. Like other shows in the franchise, it has a slow start, but once it gets going it’s a real joy. To stay in the correct chronological order, we’ll be bouncing between TNG and DS9, and later DS9 and Voyager, with occasional minor tweaks to avoid interrupting story arcs in progress. 

  • TNG    Season 6, episode 1    -    Time's Arrow, Part 2
  • TNG    Season 6, episode 2    -    Realm of Fear
  • TNG    Season 6, episode 3    -    Man of the People
  • TNG    Season 6, episode 4    -    Relics
  • TNG    Season 6, episode 5    -    Schisms
  • TNG    Season 6, episode 6    -    True-Q
  • TNG    Season 6, episode 7    -    Rascals
  • TNG    Season 6, episode 8    -    A Fistful of Datas
  • TNG    Season 6, episode 9    -    The Quality of Life
  • TNG    Season 6, episode 10    -    Chain of Command, Part 1
  • TNG    Season 6, episode 11    -    Chain of Command, Part 2
  • DS9    Season 1, episode 1    -    Emissary, Part 1
  • DS9    Season 1, episode 2    -    Emissary, Part 2
  • DS9    Season 1, episode 3    -    Past Prologue
  • DS9    Season 1, episode 4    -    A Man Alone
  • DS9    Season 1, episode 5    -    Babel
  • TNG    Season 6, episode 12    -    Ship in a Bottle
  • TNG    Season 6, episode 13    -    Aquiel

2369b - Duet

2369, Part 2

star trek things to do

Pay attention to this next episode - it will be important (much, much) later.

  • DS9    Season 1, episode 6    -    Captive Pursuit
  • DS9    Season 1, episode 7    -    Q-Less
  • TNG    Season 6, episode 14    -    Face of the Enemy
  • DS9    Season 1, episode 8    -    Dax
  • TNG    Season 6, episode 15    -    Tapestry
  • DS9    Season 1, episode 9    -    The Passenger
  • TNG    Season 6, episode 16    -    Birthright, Part 1
  • TNG    Season 6, episode 17    -    Birthright, Part 2
  • DS9    Season 1, episode 10    -    Move Along Home
  • DS9    Season 1, episode 11    -    The Nagus
  • TNG    Season 6, episode 18    -    Starship Mine
  • TNG    Season 6, episode 19    -    Lessons
  • DS9    Season 1, episode 12    -    Vortex
  • DS9    Season 1, episode 13    -    Battle Lines
  • DS9    Season 1, episode 14    -    The Storyteller
  • TNG    Season 6, episode 20    -    The Chase
  • TNG    Season 6, episode 21    -    Frame of Mind
  • TNG    Season 6, episode 22    -    Suspicions
  • DS9    Season 1, episode 15    -    Progress
  • TNG    Season 6, episode 23    -    Rightful Heir
  • DS9    Season 1, episode 16    -    If Wishes Were Horses
  • TNG    Season 6, episode 24    -    Second Chances
  • DS9    Season 1, episode 17    -    Dramatis Personae
  • DS9    Season 1, episode 18    -    The Forsaken
  • DS9    Season 1, episode 19    -    Duet
  • TNG    Season 6, episode 25    -    Timescape
  • DS9    Season 1, episode 20    -    In the Hands of the Prophets
  • TNG    Season 6, episode 26    -    Descent, Part 1

2370a - The Circle

2370, Part 1

By the end of this year we’ll have bid farewell to The Next Generation with the fantastic series finale “All Good Things,” we’ll have finally watched Enterprise’s far less popular finale “These are the Voyages…”, and we will have been introduced to The Dominion, the major story driver for most of Deep Space Nine. 

  • TNG    Season 7, episode 5    -    Interface
  • TNG    Season 7, episode 6    -    Phantasms
  • DS9    Season 2, episode 6    -    Melora
  • TNG    Season 7, episode 7    -    Dark Page
  • DS9    Season 2, episode 7    -    Rules of Acquisition
  • DS9    Season 2, episode 8    -    Necessary Evil
  • TNG    Season 7, episode 8    -    Attached
  • TNG    Season 7, episode 9    -    Force of Nature
  • DS9    Season 2, episode 9    -    Second Sight
  • DS9    Season 2, episode 10    -    Sanctuary
  • TNG    Season 7, episode 10    -    Parallels
  • DS9    Season 2, episode 11    -    Rivals
  • DS9    Season 2, episode 12    -    The Alternate
  • TNG    Season 7, episode 11    -    Inheritance
  • TNG    Season 7, episode 12    -    Homeward
  • TNG    Season 7, episode 13    -    The Pegasus
  • ENT    Season 4, episode 22    -    These Are the Voyages...
  • TNG    Season 7, episode 1    -    Descent, Part 2
  • DS9    Season 2, episode 1    -    The Homecoming
  • DS9    Season 2, episode 2    -    The Circle
  • DS9    Season 2, episode 3    -    The Siege
  • TNG    Season 7, episode 2    -    Liaisons
  • TNG    Season 7, episode 3    -    Gambit, Part 1
  • TNG    Season 7, episode 4    -    Gambit, Part 2
  • DS9    Season 2, episode 4    -    Cardassians
  • DS9    Season 2, episode 5    -    Invasive Procedures

2370b - All Good Things, Part 2

2370, Part 2

  • DS9    Season 2, episode 13    -    Armageddon Game
  • TNG    Season 7, episode 14    -    Sub Rosa
  • TNG    Season 7, episode 15    -    Lower Decks
  • DS9    Season 2, episode 14    -    Paradise
  • DS9    Season 2, episode 15    -    Whispers
  • DS9    Season 2, episode 16    -    Shadowplay
  • TNG    Season 7, episode 16    -    Thine Own Self
  • TNG    Season 7, episode 17    -    Masks
  • DS9    Season 2, episode 17    -    Playing God
  • TNG    Season 7, episode 18    -    Eye of the Beholder
  • DS9    Season 2, episode 18    -    Profit and Loss
  • TNG    Season 7, episode 19    -    Genesis
  • DS9    Season 2, episode 19    -    Blood Oath
  • TNG    Season 7, episode 20    -    Journey's End
  • DS9    Season 2, episode 20    -    The Maquis, Part 1
  • DS9    Season 2, episode 21    -    The Maquis, Part 2
  • TNG    Season 7, episode 21    -    Firstborn
  • TNG    Season 7, episode 22    -    Bloodlines
  • DS9    Season 2, episode 22    -    The Wire
  • TNG    Season 7, episode 23    -    Emergence
  • DS9    Season 2, episode 23    -    Crossover
  • TNG    Season 7, episode 24    -    Preemptive Strike
  • DS9    Season 2, episode 24    -    The Collaborator
  • DS9    Season 2, episode 25    -    Tribunal
  • DS9    Season 2, episode 26    -    The Jem’Hadar
  • TNG    Season 7, episode 25    -    All Good Things, Part 1
  • TNG    Season 7, episode 26    -    All Good Things, Part 2

2371a - Past Tense, Part 2

2371, Part 1

star trek things to do

Like Phase II was intended to do, and Discovery does again a few decades later, Star Trek Voyager is launched as the centerpiece of a new network: the short-lived UPN, home of Shasta McNasty and The Secret Diary of Desmond Pfieffer. Note that Voyager episode orders, particularly in season two, jump around a bit due to some production weirdness.

  • DS9    Season 3, episode 8    -    Meridian
  • VOY    Season 1, episode 3    -    Parallax
  • MOV    Star Trek: Generations
  • DS9    Season 3, episode 9    -    Defiant
  • DS9    Season 3, episode 10    -    Fascination
  • DS9    Season 3, episode 11    -    Past Tense, Part 1
  • DS9    Season 3, episode 12    -    Past Tense, Part 2
  • VOY    Season 1, episode 4    -    Time and Again
  • DS9    Season 3, episode 13    -    Life Support
  • DS9    Season 3, episode 14    -    Heart of Stone
  • VOY    Season 1, episode 5    -    Phage
  • DS9    Season 3, episode 15    -    Destiny
  • VOY    Season 1, episode 6    -    The Cloud
  • DS9    Season 3, episode 16    -    Prophet Motive
  • VOY    Season 1, episode 7    -    Eye of the Needle
  • DS9    Season 3, episode 17    -    Visionary
  • VOY    Season 1, episode 8    -    Ex Post Facto
  • DS9    Season 3, episode 1    -    The Search, Part 1
  • DS9    Season 3, episode 2    -    The Search, Part 2
  • DS9    Season 3, episode 3    -    The House of Quark
  • DS9    Season 3, episode 4    -    Equilibrium
  • DS9    Season 3, episode 5    -    Second Skin
  • DS9    Season 3, episode 6    -    The Abandoned
  • DS9    Season 3, episode 7    -    Civil Defense
  • VOY    Season 1, episode 1    -    Caretaker, Part 1
  • VOY    Season 1, episode 2    -    Caretaker, Part 2

2371a - Jetrel

2371, Part 2

star trek things to do

  • VOY    Season 1, episode 9    -    Emanations
  • VOY    Season 1, episode 10    -    Prime Factors
  • DS9    Season 3, episode 18    -    Distant Voices
  • VOY    Season 1, episode 11    -    State of Flux
  • DS9    Season 3, episode 19    -    Through the Looking Glass
  • VOY    Season 1, episode 12    -    Heroes and Demons
  • DS9    Season 3, episode 20    -    Improbable Cause
  • DS9    Season 3, episode 21    -    The Die is Cast
  • VOY    Season 1, episode 13    -    Cathexis
  • DS9    Season 3, episode 22    -    Explorers
  • VOY    Season 1, episode 14    -    Faces
  • DS9    Season 3, episode 23    -    Family Business
  • VOY    Season 1, episode 15    -    Jetrel
  • DS9    Season 3, episode 24    -    Shakaar
  • VOY    Season 1, episode 16    -    Learning Curve
  • VOY    Season 2, episode 3    -    Projections
  • VOY    Season 2, episode 4    -    Elogium
  • DS9    Season 3, episode 25    -    Facets
  • DS9    Season 3, episode 26    -    The Adversary
  • VOY    Season 2, episode 6    -    Twisted
  • VOY    Season 2, episode 1    -    The 37’s

2372a - The Visitor

2372, Part 1

  • VOY    Season 2, episode 2    -    Initiations
  • VOY    Season 2, episode 5    -    Non Sequitur
  • DS9    Season 4, episode 1    -    The Way of the Warrior, Part 1
  • DS9    Season 4, episode 2    -    The Way of the Warrior, Part 2
  • DS9    Season 4, episode 3    -    The Visitor
  • DS9    Season 4, episode 4    -    Hippocratic Oath
  • VOY    Season 2, episode 7    -    Parturition
  • DS9    Season 4, episode 5    -    Indiscretion
  • VOY    Season 2, episode 8    -    Persistence of Vision
  • VOY    Season 2, episode 9    -    Tattoo
  • VOY    Season 2, episode 10    -    Cold Fire
  • DS9    Season 4, episode 6    -    Rejoined
  • VOY    Season 2, episode 11    -    Maneuvers
  • DS9    Season 4, episode 7    -    Starship Down
  • DS9    Season 4, episode 8    -    Little Green Men
  • DS9    Season 4, episode 9    -    The Sword of Kahless
  • VOY    Season 2, episode 12    -    Resistance
  • DS9    Season 4, episode 10    -    Our Man Bashir
  • DS9    Season 4, episode 11    -    Homefront
  • DS9    Season 4, episode 12    -    Paradise Lost
  • VOY    Season 2, episode 13    -    Prototype
  • VOY    Season 2, episode 18    -    Death Wish
  • VOY    Season 2, episode 14    -    Alliances
  • DS9    Season 4, episode 13    -    Crossfire
  • VOY    Season 2, episode 15    -    Threshold
  • DS9    Season 4, episode 14    -    Return to Grace

2372b - Tuvix

2372, Part 2

  • VOY    Season 2, episode 16    -    Meld
  • VOY    Season 2, episode 17    -    Dreadnought
  • VOY    Season 2, episode 19    -    Lifesigns
  • VOY    Season 2, episode 20    -    Investigations
  • VOY    Season 2, episode 21    -    Deadlock
  • DS9    Season 4, episode 15    -    Sons of Mogh
  • DS9    Season 4, episode 16    -    Bar Association
  • DS9    Season 4, episode 17    -    Accession
  • VOY    Season 2, episode 22    -    Innocence
  • DS9    Season 4, episode 18    -    Rules of Engagement
  • DS9    Season 4, episode 19    -    Hard Time
  • DS9    Season 4, episode 20    -    Shattered Mirror
  • VOY    Season 2, episode 23    -    The Thaw
  • DS9    Season 4, episode 21    -    The Muse
  • VOY    Season 2, episode 24    -    Tuvix
  • DS9    Season 4, episode 22    -    For the Cause
  • VOY    Season 2, episode 25    -    Resolutions
  • DS9    Season 4, episode 23    -    To the Death
  • DS9    Season 4, episode 24    -    The Quickening
  • DS9    Season 4, episode 25    -    Body Parts
  • DS9    Season 4, episode 26    -    Broken Link
  • VOY    Season 2, episode 26    -    Basics, Part 1

2373a - Flashback

2373, Part 1

  • VOY    Season 3, episode 8    -    Future's End, Part 1
  • VOY    Season 3, episode 9    -    Future's End, Part 2
  • DS9    Season 5, episode 7    -    Let He Who is Without Sin
  • DS9    Season 5, episode 8    -    Things Past
  • VOY    Season 3, episode 10    -    Warlord
  • MOV    Star Trek: First Contact
  • VOY    Season 3, episode 1    -    Basics, Part 2
  • DS9    Season 5, episode 1    -    Apocalypse Rising
  • DS9    Season 5, episode 2    -    The Ship
  • VOY    Season 3, episode 7    -    Sacred Ground
  • VOY    Season 3, episode 5    -    False Profits
  • VOY    Season 3, episode 2    -    Flashback
  • VOY    Season 3, episode 3    -    The Chute
  • VOY    Season 3, episode 6    -    Remember
  • VOY    Season 3, episode 4    -    The Swarm
  • DS9    Season 5, episode 3    -    Looking for par'Mach in All the Wrong Places
  • DS9    Season 5, episode 4    -    Nor the Battle to the Strong
  • DS9    Season 5, episode 5    -    The Assignment
  • DS9    Season 5, episode 6    -    Trials and Tribble-ations

Only took 222 years, but after this next episode, we’ll have completed all of Star Trek Enterprise.

  • ENT    Season 2, episode 23    -    Regeneration
  • DS9    Season 5, episode 9    -    The Ascent
  • VOY    Season 3, episode 11    -    The Q and the Grey
  • DS9    Season 5, episode 10    -    Rapture
  • DS9    Season 5, episode 11    -    The Darkness and the Light
  • VOY    Season 3, episode 12    -    Macrocosm
  • VOY    Season 3, episode 13    -    Fair Trade

2373b - Call to Arms

2373, Part 2

  • VOY    Season 3, episode 14    -    Alter Ego
  • DS9    Season 5, episode 12    -    The Begotten
  • DS9    Season 5, episode 13    -    For the Uniform
  • VOY    Season 3, episode 15    -    Coda
  • VOY    Season 3, episode 16    -    Blood Fever
  • DS9    Season 5, episode 14    -    In Purgatory's Shadow
  • DS9    Season 5, episode 15    -    By Inferno's Light
  • VOY    Season 3, episode 17    -    Unity
  • VOY    Season 3, episode 18    -    Darkling
  • DS9    Season 5, episode 16    -    Doctor Bashir, I Presume
  • VOY    Season 3, episode 19    -    Rise
  • DS9    Season 5, episode 17    -    A Simple Investigation
  • DS9    Season 5, episode 18    -    Business as Usual
  • DS9    Season 5, episode 19    -    Ties of Blood and Water
  • VOY    Season 3, episode 20    -    Favorite Son
  • DS9    Season 5, episode 20    -    Ferengi Love Songs
  • DS9    Season 5, episode 21    -    Soldiers of the Empire
  • DS9    Season 5, episode 22    -    Children of Time
  • VOY    Season 3, episode 21    -    Before and After
  • VOY    Season 3, episode 22    -    Real Life
  • VOY    Season 3, episode 23    -    Distant Origin
  • VOY    Season 3, episode 24    -    Displaced
  • DS9    Season 5, episode 23    -    Blaze of Glory
  • VOY    Season 3, episode 25    -    Worst Case Scenario
  • DS9    Season 5, episode 24    -    Empok Nor
  • DS9    Season 5, episode 25    -    In the Cards
  • DS9    Season 5, episode 26    -    Call to Arms
  • VOY    Season 3, episode 26    -    Scorpion, Part 1

2374a - Year of Hell, Part 2

2374, Part 1

Voyager gets a much needed shot in the arm with the introduction of Seven of Nine, and Deep Space Nine delivers a great season as the Dominion War arc reaches full swing. 

  • DS9    Season 6, episode 6    -    Sacrifice of Angels
  • VOY    Season 4, episode 6    -    The Raven
  • VOY    Season 4, episode 7    -    Scientific Method
  • DS9    Season 6, episode 7    -    You are Cordially Invited
  • VOY    Season 4, episode 8    -    Year of Hell, Part 1
  • VOY    Season 4, episode 9    -    Year of Hell, Part 2
  • DS9    Season 6, episode 8    -    Resurrection
  • VOY    Season 4, episode 10    -    Random Thoughts
  • DS9    Season 6, episode 9    -    Statistical Probabilities
  • VOY    Season 4, episode 11    -    Concerning Flight
  • DS9    Season 6, episode 10    -    The Magnificent Ferengi
  • DS9    Season 6, episode 11    -    Waltz
  • VOY    Season 4, episode 12    -    Mortal Coil
  • VOY    Season 4, episode 14    -    Message in a Bottle
  • VOY    Season 4, episode 1    -    Scorpion, Part 2
  • VOY    Season 4, episode 2    -    The Gift
  • VOY    Season 4, episode 3    -    Day of Honor
  • VOY    Season 4, episode 4    -    Nemesis
  • VOY    Season 4, episode 5    -    Revulsion
  • DS9    Season 6, episode 1    -    A Time to Stand
  • DS9    Season 6, episode 2    -    Rocks and Shoals
  • DS9    Season 6, episode 3    -    Sons and Daughters
  • DS9    Season 6, episode 4    -    Behind the Lines
  • DS9    Season 6, episode 5    -    Favor the Bold

2374b - In the Pale Moonlight

2374, Part 2

  • VOY    Season 4, episode 13    -    Waking Moments
  • DS9    Season 6, episode 12    -    Who Mourns for Morn?
  • DS9    Season 6, episode 13    -    Far Beyond the Stars
  • DS9    Season 6, episode 14    -    One Little Ship
  • VOY    Season 4, episode 15    -    Hunters
  • DS9    Season 6, episode 15    -    Honor Among Thieves
  • DS9    Season 6, episode 16    -    Change of Heart
  • VOY    Season 4, episode 16    -    Prey
  • VOY    Season 4, episode 17    -    Retrospect
  • VOY    Season 4, episode 18    -    The Killing Game, Part 1
  • VOY    Season 4, episode 19    -    The Killing Game, Part 2
  • DS9    Season 6, episode 17    -    Wrongs Darker than Death or Night
  • DS9    Season 6, episode 18    -    Inquisition
  • DS9    Season 6, episode 19    -    In the Pale Moonlight
  • VOY    Season 4, episode 20    -    Vis À Vis
  • VOY    Season 4, episode 21    -    The Omega Directive
  • DS9    Season 6, episode 20    -    His Way
  • VOY    Season 4, episode 22    -    Unforgettable
  • DS9    Season 6, episode 21    -    The Reckoning
  • DS9    Season 6, episode 22    -    Valiant

We are skipping Voyager episode 23 (“Living Witness”) for now, and will be watching it later.

  • VOY    Season 4, episode 24    -    Demon
  • DS9    Season 6, episode 23    -    Profit and Lace
  • VOY    Season 4, episode 25    -    One
  • DS9    Season 6, episode 24    -    Time's Orphan
  • VOY    Season 4, episode 26    -    Hope and Fear
  • DS9    Season 6, episode 25    -    The Sound of her Voice
  • DS9    Season 6, episode 26    -    Tears of the Prophets

2375a - Bride of Chaotica

2375, Part 1

  • VOY    Season 5, episode 1    -    Night
  • VOY    Season 5, episode 2    -    Drone
  • VOY    Season 5, episode 3    -    Extreme Risk
  • VOY    Season 5, episode 4    -    In the Flesh
  • VOY    Season 5, episode 5    -    Once Upon a Time
  • VOY    Season 5, episode 8    -    Nothing Human
  • VOY    Season 5, episode 6    -    Timeless
  • DS9    Season 7, episode 1    -    Image in the Sand
  • DS9    Season 7, episode 2    -    Shadows and Symbols
  • DS9    Season 7, episode 3    -    Afterimage
  • DS9    Season 7, episode 4    -    Take Me Out to the Holosuite
  • DS9    Season 7, episode 5    -    Chrysalis
  • DS9    Season 7, episode 6    -    Treachery, Faith, and the Great River
  • DS9    Season 7, episode 7    -    Once More Unto the Breach
  • DS9    Season 7, episode 8    -    The Siege of AR-558
  • VOY    Season 5, episode 9    -    Thirty Days
  • DS9    Season 7, episode 9    -    Covenant
  • VOY    Season 5, episode 7    -    Infinite Regress
  • VOY    Season 5, episode 10    -    Counterpoint
  • DS9    Season 7, episode 10    -    It's Only a Paper Moon

There’s no place where Insurrection’s references to the Dominion War and the presence of Worf really make perfect sense, but this is probably the closest to working. I’m not going to go too nuts about it.

  • MOV    Star Trek: Insurrection
  • DS9    Season 7, episode 11    -    Prodigal Daughter
  • VOY    Season 5, episode 11    -    Latent Image
  • VOY    Season 5, episode 12    -    Bride of Chaotica
  • DS9    Season 7, episode 12    -    The Emperor's New Cloak
  • VOY    Season 5, episode 13    -    Gravity
  • DS9    Season 7, episode 13    -    Field of Fire
  • VOY    Season 5, episode 14    -    Bliss
  • DS9    Season 7, episode 14    -    Chimera
  • VOY    Season 5, episode 17    -    The Disease
  • DS9    Season 7, episode 15    -    Badda-Bing Badda-Bang
  • DS9    Season 7, episode 16    -    Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges

2375b - What You Leave Behind, Part 2

2375, Part 2

  • VOY    Season 5, episode 18    -    Course: Oblivion
  • VOY    Season 5, episode 15    -    Dark Frontier, Part 1
  • VOY    Season 5, episode 16    -    Dark Frontier, Part 2
  • VOY    Season 5, episode 19    -    The Fight
  • VOY    Season 5, episode 20    -    Think Tank
  • DS9    Season 7, episode 17    -    Penumbra
  • DS9    Season 7, episode 18    -    'Til Death Do Us Part
  • DS9    Season 7, episode 19    -    Strange Bedfellows
  • DS9    Season 7, episode 20    -    The Changing Face of Evil
  • DS9    Season 7, episode 21    -    When it Rains
  • DS9    Season 7, episode 22    -    Tacking into the Wind
  • DS9    Season 7, episode 23    -    Extreme Measures
  • DS9    Season 7, episode 24    -    The Dogs of War

Farewell, DS9. I’ll always love you best. 

  • DS9    Season 7, episode 25    -    What You Leave Behind, Part 1
  • DS9    Season 7, episode 26    -    What You Leave Behind, Part 2
  • VOY    Season 5, episode 21    -    Juggernaut
  • VOY    Season 5, episode 22    -    Someone to Watch Over Me
  • VOY    Season 5, episode 23    -    11:59
  • VOY    Season 5, episode 24    -    Relativity
  • VOY    Season 5, episode 25    -    Warhead
  • VOY    Season 5, episode 26    -    Equinox, Part 1


  • VOY    Season 6, episode 1    -    Equinox, Part 2
  • VOY    Season 6, episode 2    -    Survival Instinct
  • VOY    Season 6, episode 3    -    Barge of the Dead
  • VOY    Season 6, episode 4    -    Tinker, Tenor, Doctor, Spy
  • VOY    Season 6, episode 7    -    Dragon's Teeth
  • VOY    Season 6, episode 5    -    Alice
  • VOY    Season 6, episode 6    -    Riddles
  • VOY    Season 6, episode 8    -    One Small Step
  • VOY    Season 6, episode 9    -    The Voyager Conspiracy
  • VOY    Season 6, episode 10    -    Pathfinder
  • VOY    Season 6, episode 11    -    Fair Haven
  • VOY    Season 6, episode 15    -    Tsunkatse
  • VOY    Season 6, episode 12    -    Blink of an Eye
  • VOY    Season 6, episode 13    -    Virtuoso
  • VOY    Season 6, episode 16    -    Collective
  • VOY    Season 6, episode 14    -    Memorial
  • VOY    Season 6, episode 17    -    Spirit Folk
  • VOY    Season 6, episode 18    -    Ashes to Ashes
  • VOY    Season 6, episode 19    -    Child's Play
  • VOY    Season 6, episode 20    -    Good Shepherd
  • VOY    Season 6, episode 23    -    Fury
  • VOY    Season 6, episode 21    -    Live Fast and Prosper
  • VOY    Season 6, episode 24    -    Life Line
  • VOY    Season 6, episode 22    -    Muse
  • VOY    Season 6, episode 25    -    The Haunting of Deck Twelve
  • VOY    Season 6, episode 26    -    Unimatrix Zero, Part 1


  • VOY    Season 7, episode 1    -    Unimatrix Zero, Part 2
  • VOY    Season 7, episode 3    -    Drive
  • VOY    Season 7, episode 4    -    Repression
  • VOY    Season 7, episode 2    -    Imperfection
  • VOY    Season 7, episode 5    -    Critical Care
  • VOY    Season 7, episode 6    -    Inside Man
  • VOY    Season 7, episode 7    -    Body and Soul
  • VOY    Season 7, episode 8    -    Nightingale
  • VOY    Season 7, episode 9    -    Flesh and Blood, Part 1
  • VOY    Season 7, episode 10    -    Flesh and Blood, Part 2
  • VOY    Season 7, episode 11    -    Shattered
  • VOY    Season 7, episode 12    -    Lineage
  • VOY    Season 7, episode 13    -    Repentance
  • VOY    Season 7, episode 14    -    Prophecy
  • VOY    Season 7, episode 15    -    The Void
  • VOY    Season 7, episode 16    -    Workforce, Part 1
  • VOY    Season 7, episode 17    -    Workforce, Part 2


  • VOY    Season 7, episode 18    -    Human Error
  • VOY    Season 7, episode 19    -    Q2
  • VOY    Season 7, episode 20    -    Author, Author
  • VOY    Season 7, episode 21    -    Friendship One
  • VOY    Season 7, episode 22    -    Natural Law
  • VOY    Season 7, episode 23    -    Homestead
  • VOY    Season 7, episode 24    -    Renaissance Man
  • VOY    Season 7, episode 25    -    Endgame, Part 1
  • VOY    Season 7, episode 26    -    Endgame, Part 2

2379 - Nemesis

  • MOV    -    Star Trek: Nemesis


Star Trek returns to animation with its ninth series, and first all-out comedy, Star Trek: Lower Decks, aimed towards a more adult audience than The Animated Series or Prodigy.

  • LDS    Season 1, episode 1    -    Second Contact
  • LDS    Season 1, episode 2    -    Envoys
  • LDS    Season 1, episode 3    -    Temporal Edict
  • LDS    Season 1, episode 4    -    Moist Vessel
  • LDS    Season 1, episode 5    -    Cupid’s Errant Arrow
  • LDS    Season 1, episode 6    -    Terminal Provocations
  • LDS    Season 1, episode 7    -    Much Ado About Boimler
  • LDS    Season 1, episode 8    -    Veritas
  • LDS    Season 1, episode 9    -    Crisis Point
  • LDS    Season 1, episode 10    -    No Small Parts

2381a - wej Duj

2381, Part 1

  • LDS    Season 3, episode 3    -    Mining The Mind's Mines
  • LDS    Season 3, episode 4    -    Room for Growth
  • LDS    Season 3, episode 5    -    Reflections
  • LDS    Season 3, episode 6    -    Hear All, Trust Nothing
  • LDS    Season 2, episode 1    -    Strange Energies
  • LDS    Season 2, episode 2    -    Kayshon, His Eyes Open
  • LDS    Season 2, episode 3    -    We’ll Always Have Tom Paris
  • LDS    Season 2, episode 4    -    Mugato, Gumato
  • LDS    Season 2, episode 5    -    An Embarrassment of Dooplers
  • LDS    Season 2, episode 6    -    The Spy Humongous
  • LDS    Season 2, episode 7    -    Where Pleasant Fountains Lie
  • LDS    Season 2, episode 8    -    I, Excretus
  • LDS    Season 2, episode 9    -    wej Duj
  • LDS    Season 2, episode 10    -    First First Contact
  • LDS    Season 3, episode 1    -    Grounded
  • LDS    Season 3, episode 2    -    The Least Dangerous Game

We now travel back for our last Strange New Worlds episode, which is ABSOLUTELY a delight.

  • SNW    Season 2, episode 7    -    Those Old Scientists
  • LDS    Season 3, episode 7    -    A Mathematically Perfect Redemption
  • LDS    Season 3, episode 8    -    Crisis Point 2: Paradoxus
  • LDS    Season 3, episode 9    -    Trusted Sources
  • LDS    Season 3, episode 10    -    The Stars at Night

2381b - Old Friends, New Planets

2381, Part 2

  • LDS    Season 4, episode 1    -    Twovix
  • LDS    Season 4, episode 2    -    I Have No Bones Yet I Must Flee
  • LDS    Season 4, episode 3    -    In the Cradle of Vexilon
  • LDS    Season 4, episode 4    -    Something Borrowed, Something Green
  • LDS    Season 4, episode 5    -    Empathological Fallacies
  • LDS    Season 4, episode 6    -    Parth Ferengi’s Heart Place
  • LDS    Season 4, episode 7    -    A Few Badgeys More
  • LDS    Season 4, episode 8    -    Caves
  • LDS    Season 4, episode 9    -    The Inner Fight
  • LDS    Season 4, episode 10    -    Old Friends, New Planets


The first Star Trek since The Animated Series to be geared explicitly for kids, Star Trek: Prodigy takes place on the border of the Delta Quadrant last seen in Voyager, and features the return of several characters from that series. Don’t dismiss this as “just a kids show” though — it’s quite complex, quite good, and quite Star Trek.

  • PRO    Season 1, episode 1    -    Lost & Found, Part 1
  • PRO    Season 1, episode 2    -    Lost & Found, Part 2
  • PRO    Season 1, episode 3    -    Starstruck
  • PRO    Season 1, episode 4    -    Dream Catcher
  • PRO    Season 1, episode 5    -    Terror Firma
  • PRO    Season 1, episode 6    -    Kobayashi
  • PRO    Season 1, episode 7    -    First Con-tact
  • PRO    Season 1, episode 8    -    Time Amok
  • PRO    Season 1, episode 9    -    A Moral Star
  • PRO    Season 1, episode 10    -    A Moral Star, Part Two
  • PRO    Season 1, episode 11    -    Asylum
  • PRO    Season 1, episode 12    -    Let Sleeping Borg Lie
  • PRO    Season 1, episode 13    -    All the World’s a Stage
  • PRO    Season 1, episode 14    -   Crossroads
  • PRO    Season 1, episode 15    -    Masquerade
  • PRO    Season 1, episode 16    -    Preludes
  • PRO    Season 1, episode 17    -    Ghost in the Machine
  • PRO    Season 1, episode 18    -    Mindwalk
  • PRO    Season 1, episode 19    -    Supernova, Part 1
  • PRO    Season 1, episode 20    -    Supernova, Part 2

2384 - Into the Breach

As of this update, no episodes of this season have aired in a language I speak. It is possible that when they are viewed, I will wish to update their placement in this list. The below is tentative.

Also note, the listed titles are derived from their French-language titles, and their eventual English titles may vary.

  • PRO    Season 2, episode 7    -    The Race
  • PRO    Season 2, episode 8    -    Veritas?
  • PRO    Season 2, episode 9    -    The Time Devouring Scavengers, Part 1
  • PRO    Season 2, episode 10    -    The Time Devouring Scavengers, Part 2
  • PRO    Season 2, episode 11    -    The Last Flight of the Protostar, Part 1
  • PRO    Season 2, episode 12    -    The Last Flight of the Protostar, Part 2
  • PRO    Season 2, episode 13    -    A Tribble Called Bridule
  • PRO    Season 2, episode 14    -   The Mirror Universe
  • PRO    Season 2, episode 15    -    The Ascent, Part 1
  • PRO    Season 2, episode 16    -    The Ascent, Part 2
  • PRO    Season 2, episode 17    -    On the Brink
  • PRO    Season 2, episode 18    -    Behind Enemy Lines
  • PRO    Season 2, episode 19    -    Ouroboros, Part 1
  • PRO    Season 2, episode 20    -     Ouroboros , Part 2
  • PRO    Season 2, episode 1    -    Into the Breach, Part 1
  • PRO    Season 2, episode 2    -    Into the Breach, Part 2
  • PRO    Season 2, episode 3    -    Who Saves the Saviors?
  • PRO    Season 2, episode 4    -    Temporal Mechanics 101
  • PRO    Season 2, episode 5    -    The Mystery Spiral
  • PRO    Season 2, episode 6    -    Imposter Syndrome


The events of this Short Trek set the events of Star Trek - Picard, which we’ll be coming to shortly, in motion.

  • SHO    Season 2, episode 6    -    Children of Mars

2387 - Romulan Supernova

Okay. Deep breath. In 2387 the Romulan sun goes supernova, devastating the Romulan empire. A failed attempt by Starfleet to help stop this accidentally sends the Romulan mining vessel Narada back to 2233, creating an alternate reality  known as the “Kelvin Universe” or “Kelvinverse.” We'll be watching the three movies set in this universe next. It's essential to note that this new timeline DOES NOT replace the original “Prime” timeline, which still exists as it always has and to which we will be returning shortly.

2233 - Kelvinverse

2233 - (Kelvinverse)

The USS Kelvin is destroyed by the Narada, newly arrived from the Prime Universe 2387. This begins the divergence from the Prime timeline.

2258 - Kelvinverse

2258 - (Kelvinverse)

Too action-oriented for some, and plot-holes galore, 2009’s “Star Trek” is not what I would want Star Trek to be all the time, but is a quite fun alternate take on the original series, with some great acting and effects. Don’t overthink the chronology and details of this batch of movies though, or you’ll start seeing all kinds of things that make no sense.

  • MOV    Star Trek (2009)

2259 - Kelvinverse

2259 - (Kelvinverse)

  • MOV    Star Trek Into Darkness

2263 - Kelvinverse

2263 - (Kelvinverse)

  • MOV    Star Trek Beyond

This film, while a solid improvement on Into Darkness, did not perform to expectations, meaning that the long-promised fourth film has been in-and-out of production for years, and I cannot say if we’ll ever see the Kelvin timeline again.

Therefore, we now return to the Prime timeline, already in progress.


  • PIC    Season 1, episode 1    -    Remembrance
  • PIC    Season 1, episode 2    -    Maps and Legends
  • PIC    Season 1, episode 3    -    The End is the Beginning
  • PIC    Season 1, episode 4    -    Absolute Candor
  • PIC    Season 1, episode 5    -    Stardust City Rag
  • PIC    Season 1, episode 6    -    The Impossible Box
  • PIC    Season 1, episode 7    -    Nepenthe
  • PIC    Season 1, episode 8    -    Broken Pieces
  • PIC    Season 1, episode 9    -    Et in Arcadia Ego, Part 1
  • PIC    Season 1, episode 10    -    Et in Arcadia Ego, Part 2


I gotta say, I strongly feel the Picard seasons all would make much more sense if you assume A LOT more time takes place between them than what the official sources say, but it is what it is.

  • PIC    Season 2, episode 1    -    The Star Gazer
  • PIC    Season 2, episode 2    -    Penance
  • PIC    Season 2, episode 3    -    Assimilation
  • PIC    Season 2, episode 4    -    Watcher
  • PIC    Season 2, episode 5    -    Fly Me to the Moon
  • PIC    Season 2, episode 6    -    Two of One
  • PIC    Season 2, episode 7    -    Monsters
  • PIC    Season 2, episode 8    -    Mercy
  • PIC    Season 2, episode 9    -    Hide and Seek
  • PIC    Season 2, episode 10    -    Farewell
  • PIC    Season 3, episode 1    -    The Next Generation
  • PIC    Season 3, episode 2    -    Disengage
  • PIC    Season 3, episode 3    -    Seventeen Seconds
  • PIC    Season 3, episode 4    -    No Win Scenario 
  • PIC    Season 3, episode 5    -    Imposters
  • PIC    Season 3, episode 6    -    The Bounty
  • PIC    Season 3, episode 7    -    Dominion
  • PIC    Season 3, episode 8    -    Surrender
  • PIC    Season 3, episode 9    -    Võx
  • PIC    Season 3, episode 10    -    The Last Generation


As you watch this you’ll see why the exact placement can be debatable, but 3074ish seemed best. With this episode, we finish Star Trek: Voyager. Keep in mind that this episode takes place entirely in the Delta quadrant, far away from most of the events of the franchise.

  • VOY    Season 4, episode 23    -    Living Witness


Several hundred years later, we rejoin Star Trek: Discovery, already in progress, to discover what has happened in the interim.

  • DIS    Season 3, episode 1    -    That Hope is You, Part 1


  • DIS    Season 3, episode 2    -    Far From Home
  • DIS    Season 3, episode 3    -    People of Earth
  • DIS    Season 3, episode 4    -    Forget Me Not
  • DIS    Season 3, episode 5    -    Die Trying
  • DIS    Season 3, episode 6    -    Scavengers
  • DIS    Season 3, episode 7    -    Unification III
  • DIS    Season 3, episode 8    -    The Sanctuary
  • DIS    Season 3, episode 9    -    Terra Firma, Part 1
  • DIS    Season 3, episode 10    -    Terra Firma, Part 2
  • DIS    Season 3, episode 11    -    Su’Kal
  • DIS    Season 3, episode 12    -    There is a Tide…
  • DIS    Season 3, episode 13    -    That Hope is You, Part 2


  • DIS    Season 4, episode 1    -    Kobayashi Maru
  • DIS    Season 4, episode 2    -    Anomaly
  • DIS    Season 4, episode 3    -    Choose to Live
  • DIS    Season 4, episode 4    -    All is Possible
  • DIS    Season 4, episode 5    -    The Examples
  • DIS    Season 4, episode 6    -    Stormy Weather
  • DIS    Season 4, episode 7    -    …But to Connect
  • DIS    Season 4, episode 8    -    All In
  • DIS    Season 4, episode 9    -    Rubicon
  • DIS    Season 4, episode 10    -    The Galactic Barrier
  • DIS    Season 4, episode 11    -    Rosetta
  • DIS    Season 4, episode 12    -    Species Ten-C
  • DIS    Season 4, episode 13    -    Coming Home


  • DIS    Season 5, episode 1    -    Red Directive
  • DIS    Season 5, episode 2    -    Under the Twin Moons
  • DIS    Season 5, episode 3    -    Jinaal
  • DIS    Season 5, episode 4    -    Face the Strange
  • DIS    Season 5, episode 5    -    Mirrors
  • DIS    Season 5, episode 6    -    Whistlespeak
  • DIS    Season 5, episode 7    -    Erigah
  • DIS    Season 5, episode 8    -    Labyrinths
  • DIS    Season 5, episode 9    -    Lagrange Point
  • DIS    Season 5, episode 10    -    Life, Itself

43rd Century:

Unknown year - 43rd Century

Unknown year - 43rd Century

And with Calypso, we end our journey - FOR NOW - but new episodes that take place earlier in the chronology are still airing, and with luck Star Trek will NEVER truly end! Thank you for joining me on this. I am honored, and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!

  • SHO    Season 1, episode 2    -    Calypso

Click here to read about my methodology and intentions with this list.

If you use or have an opinion on this viewing order, I would LOVE to hear your thoughts!

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12 Star Trek Gadgets That Now Exist

By john brandon | oct 29, 2015.

(From left to right) Brent Spiner, Patrick Stewart, and Michael Dorn in Star Trek: Insurrection (1998).

For geeks growing up in the 1960s, '80s and '90s, a vision of the future has been provided by one very successful television franchise: Star Trek. And the future, it turns out, is coming sooner than even Trek 's writers could have imagined. Here are 12 gizmos used on the Star Trek television shows that are now becoming real.

1. Food Replicator

Captain Jean-Luc Picard used to say "Tea, Earl Grey, hot!" and it would be replicated instantly. Today's 3D printers don't tackle tea, but there are machines that actually can print food. And other printers, like the MakerBot Replicator 2 are quite adept at making small objects—just as they were shown to do on later episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation .

2. Universal Translator

In several episodes, we marveled at the universal translator, which decoded what aliens said in real-time—and in the later shows, it was integrated into the communication badges (which explains why basically everyone, regardless of home planet, spoke English). Now, there's an app for that. Voice Translator by TalirApps understands 71 languages (no Klingon yet, though). You speak in your native tongue and the app translates your phrase into another language.

3. Tablet Computers

Lieutenant Commander Geordi La Forge—you know, the guy from Reading Rainbow —used a tablet computer (what they called Personal Access Data Devices, or PADDs) to punch in coordinates for the next star system. Other Starfleet personnel used them to watch videos and listen to music—just the things we use tablets for today.

4. Tricorder

In the TV show, a tricorder is a handheld device that scans for geological, biological, and meteorological anomalies. Handy! In 2012, Peter Jansen from McMaster University in Ontario built a working prototype that scans for magnetic fields and other interference. And there are lots of other real-world tricorders , too.

5. Holodeck

On Star Trek: The Next Generation , you could walk into a chamber on the Enterprise and visit your home planet for a quick barbecue, or even have an affair with a hologram . Leave it to a bunch of University of Southern California students to make virtual reality a little more down-to-Earth— Project Holodeck used virtual reality goggles to create a fictional world. (Though no encounters with Minuet were reported.)

6. Communicator Badge

A classic "combadge."

On the original series, Kirk and crew carried handheld communicators . But in Star Trek: The Next Generation , Starfleet personnel wore communicator badges on the left breasts of their uniforms. A California start-up called Vocera has created a similar device you pin to your shirt. They're used mostly in hospitals to avoid having constant overhead pages.

7. Tractor Beam

Pulling a ship with an invisible tractor beam seems impossible, but two New York University professors are making it so . Their experiment, which uses a light beam to control tiny microscopic particles, is not going to be deployed on the next NASA mission, but shows we’re making progress.

8. Natural Language Queries

In the Star Trek universe, you can talk to a computer (voiced by Majel Barrett-Roddenberry, Trek creator Gene's wife) in casual conversation. These days, we've got Siri and Alexa, and while they aren't fully developed systems yet, they are baby steps toward a service like Star Trek 's computer, which has a complex understanding of context. Google even codenamed their voice-based service "Majel," in honor of Barrett-Roddenberry.

9. Warp Drive

No one in Star Trek ever sits down and explains how a warp drive works in detail, but we know it has something to do with bending space and traveling faster than the speed of light. Doesn’t seem possible, but NASA is working on it.

A Star Trek phaser.

Captain Kirk was pretty handy with a phaser, and he didn’t always set his to stun. Ironically, we’ve been using something similar since the first Iraq War. Known as a dazzler, the directed-energy weapon sends a pulse of electromagnetic radiation to stop someone cold in their tracks.

11. Teleportation

To get from place to place, Captain Kirk and company didn't need an airplane—they didn't even need a space elevator. Instead, they teleported using the U.S.S. Enterprise 's transporter (a scenario we all dream about while standing in line at airport security). We've already done some teleportation—specifically, of photons and atoms . These particles don't disappear and reappear, though. According to Forbes, "the information contained in the photon’s quantum state is transmitted from one photon to another through quantum entanglement – without actually travelling the intervening distance." An exact copy appears on the other side, while the original photon is destroyed. According to theoretical physicist Michio Kaku, we consist of 15 trillion cells, so we'll need to wait a few centuries before we're teleporting like Kirk. And we'll still have to destroy the original.

12. Hypospray

In the world of Star Trek , there's no need for needles (and thus no trypanophobia )—Bones administered medicine through the skin using painless jet-injected hypospray. Recently, MIT created a similar device that, according to , "delivers a drug through the skin at speeds of up to 340 meters per second and in under a millisecond. The amount of drug can be varied, as can how deep it is injected. And as far as the patient is concerned, they shouldn’t feel anything other than the tip of the injector against their skin. That’s because the jet is as thin as a mosquito’s proboscis." It's not the first, but it does have more control than other hyposprays, which means it could actually be a replacement for needles—and that would make visits to the doctor's office with your kids much easier.

Screen Rant

Wesley crusher’s star trek traveler powers explained.


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The Complete Star Trek Timeline Explained

Star trek's original prodigy returns showrunners explain wil wheaton's wesley crusher comeback, 5 ways dr. crusher deserved better on star trek: tng.

  • Wesley Crusher becomes a Traveler with unique powers in Star Trek: The Next Generation season 7.
  • Traveler abilities include time travel, stopping time, and monitoring the timeline for interventions.
  • Wesley's Traveler powers are showcased in Star Trek: Prodigy season 2, where he mentors the USS Protostar crew and saves the multiverse.

Star Trek: The Next Generation season 7 featured Wesley Crusher (Wil Wheaton) becoming a Traveler, a role that comes with a unique set of powers that were further explained in Star Trek: Prodigy season 2. On Star Trek: TNG, Wesley served as acting Ensign on the USS Enterprise-D for the first four seasons of the show before joining Starfleet Academy and appearing less often in later seasons. After dropping out of the Academy in TNG season 7, Wesley finally found his destiny and joined the Travelers, a mysterious group whose existence had been previously teased.

While not much is known about the Travelers' true nature, they were described by Wesley as a collective of individuals with special abilities who protected the flow of time. The Travelers and their assistants, the Supervisors, helped ensure the correct progression of time by watching the timeline and dispatching agents to enact changes when needed. Wesley joined the Travelers after a few encounters with an alien who simply called himself The Traveler (Eric Menyuk) during Star Trek: The Next Generation . The Traveler recognized Wesley's potential upon their first meeting and helped nurture his budding powers during subsequent encounters.

Star Trek's timeline spans a thousand years of Starfleet and the United Federation of Planets, with alternate realities and time travel galore.

What Are Wesley Crusher’s Powers As Star Trek’s Traveler?

Wesley first demonstrated traveler abilities in tng season 7..

Wesley Crusher's Traveler powers include the ability to travel through time, stop time, move through different space-time dimensions, see and monitor the timeline and the fabric of reality, and make changes to space-time when needed. While Star Trek has yet to show Wesley using all of his powers, The Traveler demonstrated and described many of these abilities during his first appearance in Star Trek: The Next Generation season 1, episode 6, "Where No One Has Gone Before". Given that Wesley has now fully become one of the Travelers, he has access to all of these abilities even if he hasn't used them on-screen.

The Traveler's abilities Wesley Crusher has demonstrated or described on-screen include stopping time and monitoring the timeline to watch for events where intervention is needed. Wesley briefly stopped time during a fight between Cardassian forces and United Federation of Planets colonists in TNG season 7, episode 20, "Journey's End", an event that showed him he could become a Traveler. Decades later, when he appeared to Kore Soong (Isa Briones) in Star Trek: Picard season 2 , episode 10, "Farewell", Wesley described how and why he and his " colleagues " monitored the flow of time to convince Kore to join the Travelers, an offer which she accepted.

Star Trek: The Next Generation

*Availability in US

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Star Trek: The Next Generation is the third installment in the sci-fi franchise and follows the adventures of Captain Jean-Luc Picard and the crew members of the USS Enterprise. Set around one hundred years after the original series, Picard and his crew travel through the galaxy in largely self-contained episodes exploring the crew dynamics and their own political discourse. The series also had several overarching plots that would develop over the course of the isolated episodes, with four films released in tandem with the series to further some of these story elements.

Wesley Crusher’s Star Trek Appearances As A Traveler

Wesley popped up in star trek: nemesis & star trek: picard before making a more significant return in star trek: prodigy..

After joining the Travelers in Star Trek: The Next Generation season 7, Wesley Crusher only made a couple of appearances in other parts of the franchise. Crusher briefly appeared in Star Trek: Nemesis , attending the wedding of Commander William Riker (Jonathan Frakes) and Counselor Deanna Troi (Marina Sirtis). Wesley wore a Starfleet dress uniform to the wedding, suggesting that at some point he had returned to Starfleet. Wesley's next appearance was Star Trek: Picard' s season 2 finale when he recruited Kore Soong. Wil Wheaton's cameo in Picard was kept secret until the episode's release.

Despite Star Trek: Picard season 3 being heavily focused on the cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation and Wesley's family in particular, Wesley didn't appear in Picard season 3 . This was due, in part, to Wesley already being a focal point of Star Trek: Prodigy season 2, which was in development before Picard 's final two seasons. Traveler Wesley made a shocking return in Star Trek: Prodigy season 2, aiding the young crew of the USS Protostar with a far-reaching plot to save Star Trek 's multiverse. Wesley not only got to use his vast Traveler powers to help save the universe, but he also made time to stop by to see his mother and his young brother, Jack.

Star Trek: Picard

After starring in Star Trek: The Next Generation for seven seasons and various other Star Trek projects, Patrick Stewart is back as Jean-Luc Picard. Star Trek: Picard focuses on a retired Picard who is living on his family vineyard as he struggles to cope with the death of Data and the destruction of Romulus. But before too long, Picard is pulled back into the action. The series also brings back fan-favorite characters from the Star Trek franchise, such as Seven of Nine (Jeri Ryan), Geordi La Forge (LeVar Burton), Worf (Michael Dorn), and William Riker (Jonathan Frakes).

Star Trek: Prodigy Reveals Scope Of Wesley Crusher's Traveler Powers

Traveler wesley uses the power of thought to manipulate time and space..

Star Trek: Prodigy season 2 finally displays the full scope of Wesley's powers as a Traveler when he steps up to mentor Dal R'El (Brett Gray) and his friends from the USS Protostar. Wesley sends visions across time and space, reaching out to Gwyndala (Ella Purnell) to guide her and her friends to meet with him on a hidden planet. Wes reveals that he has visited multiple universes, including the Mirror Universe and the mycelial plane introduced on Star Trek: Discovery . Wesley refers to himself as "an omnitemporal traveler" who has seen every reality of Star Trek 's multiverse since leaving the USS Enterprise-D.

Wil Wheaton's return as Wesley Crusher in Star Trek: Prodigy season 2 is worth the wait. Showrunners Kevin & Dan Hageman explain how it happened.

Wesley Crusher speaks about the delicate balance of everything, saying that the temporal paradox inadvertently created by Dal and his crew could cause reality to unravel. Refusing to abandon his own universe to annihilation, Wesley scoured through all possible timelines, eventually finding one where the Prime Universe survived. When cosmic scavengers known as the Loom attack, Wesley manages to evade them long enough to send Dal, Gwyndala, and the rest to the location of the USS Protostar and Captain Chakotay (Robert Beltran) . Wes then sends out a massive shockwave that saves Admiral Kathryn Janeway (Kate Mulgrew) and the USS Voyager-A from the Loom.

Star Trek: Prodigy

Star Trek: Prodigy is the first TV series in the Star Trek franchise marketed toward children, and one of the few animated series in the franchise. The story follows a group of young aliens who find a stolen Starfleet ship and use it to escape from the Tars Lamora prison colony where they are all held captive. Working together with the help of a holographic Captain Kathryn Janeway (Kate Mulgrew), the new crew of the USS Protostar must find their way back to the Alpha Quadrant to warn the Federation of the deadly threat that is pursuing them.

Wesley Crusher & Travelers' Connection To Star Trek: TOS' Supervisors Explained

Wesley's traveler hideout harkens back to tos..

The Supervisors made their first appearance in Star Trek: The Original Series season 2, episode 26, "Assignment: Earth," in the form of Gary Seven (Robert Lansing), a human who was recruited by aliens to protect Earth. Listed as a Class 1 Supervisor, Gary was sent to Earth in 1968 when his superiors lost contact with the previously sent agents. Star Trek: Picard season 2 revealed the Supervisors are overseen by the Travelers as part of their collective effort to protect time, space, and reality.

In Star Trek: Picard season 2, Admiral Jean-Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart) recalled that Captain James T. Kirk (William Shatner) had encountered a Supervisor, remarking that Gary Seven was recruited to "protect the tapestry of history."

Wesley Crusher takes on a similar role in Star Trek: Prodigy season 2, revealing that he doesn't always agree with the Traveler's policy of non-interference. When Dal and his friends first encounter Wesley, they find him in a massive ziggurat structure with numerous secret passages and hidden rooms. While hiding from the Loom, Wes takes the kids to Gary Seven's 1968 office, revealing that Travelers used to hide out in the space regularly. Wesley's Traveler powers leave the door open for him to appear in any Star Trek series across the entire timeline, so who knows where Wesley Crusher will pop up next.

Star Trek: The Original Series

Star Trek: The Original Series follows the exploits of the crew of the USS Enterprise. On a five-year mission to explore uncharted space, Captain James T. Kirk (William Shatner) must trust his crew - Spock (Leonard Nimoy), Dr. Leonard "Bones" McCoy (Forest DeKelley), Montgomery "Scotty" Scott (James Doohan), Uhura (Nichelle Nichols), Chekov (Walter Koenig) and Sulu (George Takei) - with his life. Facing previously undiscovered life forms and civilizations and representing humanity among the stars on behalf of Starfleet and the United Federation of Planets, the Enterprise regularly comes up against impossible odds and diplomatic dilemmas.

Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987)

You can make July 4 fireworks less scary for dogs. Here's what experts say to do now

While millions of Americans "ooh" and "aah" over Fourth of July fireworks , millions of beloved American pets will shiver, whine and in some cases, run away from home. The American Kennel Club believes more dogs go missing around July 4-5 than any other time of year .

Experts say pet owners can help keep their animals safe this Independence Day by preparing early — days, preferably, before the first "bombs go bursting in air."

Here's what every dog owner needs to know.

Fireworks in Indianapolis: Here’s where you can see them this Fourth of July

Why do fireworks scare dogs?

Animals, much like people, become stressed in situations that are unfamiliar, unpredictable and uncomfortable.

Need a break? Play the USA TODAY Daily Crossword Puzzle.

"Dogs have a tremendous hearing ability. Anything that sounds loud to us sounds even louder to them," said Dr. Candace Croney , a professor of Animal Behavior and Well-Being at Purdue University's College of Veterinary Medicine and director of its Center for Animal Welfare Science . "You have this terrible combination of very loud, unpredictable noises and flashes of light. Novelty, for most animals, creates a little bit of stress and fear."

And if that fear becomes overwhelming, say animal experts, some dogs will bolt from their families in search of safety.

Stressed? Pet owners can unknowingly make things worse

Ironically, pet owners can make things worse by fretting over what the Fourth of July might do to their furry friends.

"For those of us on the other side of the leash who know our dogs are sensitive to fireworks, we may start getting anxious," Croney said. "Dogs are so oftentimes attuned to our responses, they'll respond with even more fear because clearly their families are concerned as well."

Croney recommended pet owners try to project a sense of positivity: Talk calmly to your dogs and give them extra attention ahead of fireworks.

What are signs your dog is stressed? Some aren't so obvious

Experts say there are obvious, and not-so obvious warning signs that a dog is feeling stressed. They include:

  • Tail tucked between legs.
  • Being extra clingy with their owners.
  • Retreating to a safe space and hiding, sometimes inside a closet or under the bed.

Warning signs a dog is feeling overwhelmed can also include excessive panting and yawning.

"Sometimes when a dog is yawning a lot it's not because they're tired," Croney said. "This is actually a calming signal. In extreme cases, you might see dogs excessively salivating because they're fearful."

Should you bring your dog to a fireworks show?

No. Loud, crowded fireworks displays can frighten or disorient your dog , writes the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. The ASPCA urges dog owners not to bring their pets to July 4th festivities. It's better they stay at home.

'Do it now': Talk to a vet about medications before July 4th

Keeping your canine companion as calm as possible around Independence Day starts early. It's recommended pet owners talk to a veterinarian and come up with a plan. In some cases, the vet might prescribe situational anxiety medication.

The important thing, say experts, is to have the medication in advance and know how your dog responds to it well before the Fourth of July.

"Do not wait until the Fourth of July to talk to a vet, or the day before when everybody else has the same questions," Croney said. "Do it now."

Can I give my dog CBD oil?

Croney advises against giving your dog CBD oil or other products not FDA-regulated without speaking to a veterinarian first. You could accidentally hurt your pet.

"This is definitely not the time to do your own sort of DIY medical treatment to manage your dog's fear," she said.

Is your dog collared? Why tags and microchips are essential ahead of Independence Day

Only about 20 percent of pets in the U.S. are  microchipped , according to Renee Wolfgramm, animal welfare director for  24Pet, which distributes the devices .

Animal experts agree that microchipping can make a difference in recovering a lost pet. Once a dog is chipped, any vet or animal shelter will be able to use a scanner that will tell them who the dog’s owner is and how to reach them.

“Dogs are about twice as likely to get back home with a chip,” Wolfgramm told USA TODAY in a prior article.

If your pet is already chipped, it’s important to update any changes in phone numbers or addresses using the 15-digit chip number. If you can’t find your dog’s information, a local animal shelter should be able to scan it to help owners track down how to update their registration, she said.

"Make sure that your dog is also wearing a collar and has clearly marked ID," Croney said. "Even if they're microchipped, the best you can hope for is that someone will take them to a veterinarian or shelter to scan for that chip. But if they're wearing a collar with the family's address, it's much easier to get that dog back home."

How to make a safe, cozy spot for your dog when fireworks start

Chipping is designed to be a backup plan. It’s much easier to ensure your dog doesn’t get out in the first place.

If there are fireworks going on, be sure not to open any doors when the dog is nearby. They may bolt. If you know your dog is especially fearful around the Fourth of July, Croney suggests setting up a quiet space inside your home buffered as much as possible from outside noise.

Some things that could help your dog relax in that space include:

  • Favorite toys.
  • Familiar blankets.
  • Chew bones.
  • Soft music.
  • Special treats.
  • TV playing comfortable background noise (preferably not showing fireworks).

Many dogs also respond well to so-called  thunder shirts , which are basically pressure wraps that provide them with comfort. For a cheaper do-it-yourself solution, swaddle your dog in a towel or blanket after watching online tutorials.

Should I kennel my dog during fireworks?

In some situations, it may be best to keep your dog in a kennel if they’re already used to one. That way, they are contained to what they view as a safe space, Lindsey Demko, who owns a  dog-training business  in Houston, told USA TODAY.

If your dog refuses to get inside their kennel, Croney advises owners not to force them into one. The heightened fear could lead your pet to try and bust out of their crate, causing a serious injury.

One of the best things you can do for your dog, she said, is to stay calm yourself and have someone monitor their behavior if that's possible.

How to keep your dog calm on the Fourth of July: Get them tired physically and mentally

Exhausting dogs both physically and mentally before the fireworks go off can help keep them calm.

“Getting them physically tired can help their body stay relaxed, but you also want to relax their mind,” Demko said.

Physically, that means taking them on long walks or runs, and having extended play sessions. Mentally, that means giving them puzzle games to play, like hiding treats all over the house so they can go on a treasure hunt.

Make the Fourth of July a positive experience for your pets

Preparation is key, say animal experts, for getting your pets through the Fourth of July. You can help mitigate the unfamiliar, uncomfortable booms of fireworks with lots of love and making the night as enjoyable as you can.

"Make sure that you've planned really good, fun things to happen so that not only is your dog unafraid, but they have the potential to associate fireworks with positive things," Croney said. "This is the time to bring out special treats and give them extra attention. Any of these things can help dogs have a better experience."

Others are reading: Here's when you can shoot off fireworks in your Central Indiana town near Fourth of July 🧨🎇

John Tufts covers trending news for IndyStar and Midwest Connect. Send him a news tip at  [email protected] . Follow him on Twitter at  JTuftsReports

Carnac's Guide to Star Trek Fleet Command

15 Things to Do in STFC Every Day

Carnac | July 14, 2020 July 13, 2020 | Strategy

Like Star Trek itself, this game can be confusing. And with each new addition to the game, it can be more bewildering for newer players. So, to help you out, I’ve created this Star Trek Fleet Command Daily To-Do List.

Not all players will be able to do all of these, but if you do most of these every day, you’ll advance quickly in the game, even if you’re free-to-play.

1. Your Daily Goals

I think this one goes without saying, but I’m including it simply for the sake of completeness. This includes paying attention to your research, claiming all of your daily reward chests, upgrading your station, material mining, hostile hunting, and swarm hunting . And since it has to go somewhere on this list, claim your 30-day chest as it becomes available. (Get those C arol Marcus shards.)

2. The Refinery

The one thing that everyone can agree on is that the refinery is painfully frustrating. It’s designed to hold you back. But it’s one consistent way of getting the common, uncommon, and rare materials you need to advance in the game. So you want to make sure you’re getting two or three pulls a day from this maddening slot machine. The same is doubly true for the occasions on which a Bonus Refinery becomes available.

And make sure that you’re running all three refineries every time you can. The one thing

arc events

3. Arc or Special Event Goals

The rewards for these tend to be excellent, and accomplishing these goals will give you the officers and ships you need to advance in the game. Oftentimes, if you miss out on these, they won’t be offered again. (At least not for free, anyway.)

If you missed out on getting the Vi’dar or the some of the Borg officers from that arc, or the Franklin, or the Botany Bay from those arcs, then you’re either going to have to do without or drop some coin to get them. A little bit of effort now can save you money later.

I’ve made a calendar and event guide to help you out in this area.

4. Daily Events

Not only should you do your daily events, but you should plan and prepare for them. Save upgrading ships and officers for times when you’ll get rewarded for them in daily events. These switch over every six hours, so make sure to look in on them and try to complete as many of them as possible.

Don’t rush to do the 12-hour goals, as often times the second half of these goals can double up with a six hour goal. This happens quite a bit with officers.

5. Hostile Grinding for PvE Chests and Reputation

You’ll do this a little for your dailies, but if you’re serious about advancing, you’re going to need to grind a good bit more than that. Grinding is going to give you the ship blueprints, ship parts, speed ups, relocation tokens, ship XP, officer XP, and other resources you need to build bigger and better ships, complete missions, and advance in the game.

Plus, it’s going to give you the faction rep you need to advance in the game.

Improve your mental health in the most convenient and affordable way with an online therapy at!

6. Mine or Steal Enough Latinum to refine

Find some time each day to send your D’Vor out to mine enough Latinum for at least one refinery pull. Ideally, you should get enough from Ferengi Monday to last you for a few days, but I find that by Thursday or Friday I need to go get some more.

For the record, it’s much faster to steal it.

scout ship in Iapedes

7. Fish for Scout Ships

If you’re looking to build a higher level faction ship, like an Augur , or an Enterprise without spending a lot of money on them, then you’re going to want to make sure you’re taking the time each day to fish for Scout ships.

Just to give you an example, currently, I’m working on an Enterprise. I’ve got 87 of the 150 Blueprints I’ll need to complete it. Using my Faction Ship Blueprint Calculator , I can see that if I just do my dailies, I’ll be able to build her in 94 days. Now I know in reality, it will be much less than that due to armadas, Borg probes, and Faction Hunt events, but it’s a baseline.

If I don’t collect my credits from Scout Ship messages every day, that number goes up from 94 to 170.

Ideally you’ll catch these while doing your dailies, but if you have to make a special trip, make a special trip.

8. Borg Probes

If you’ve got your Vi’dar, you’re going to want to make sure you’re doing your two runs to hunt Borg Probes. You want to max out your Vi’dar as soon as possible.

Once you’ve maxed it out, you’re going to want to keep hunting, to reap the rewards in Faction Credits. A maxed Vi’dar will bring you in 300 Faction credits a day.

That 94 days number now moves to 68.

Amora Coffee LLC

9. Building and Scrapping Ships

You can’t control how how generous or stingy the refinery will be. So it’s very helpful to have another regular source of uncommon and rare materials. As you advance in the game, you’re going to wind up with a lot of materials that are of no use at all to you in their current form. One of my former alliance mates and I would have silly bragging contests about who had the most Envoy blueprints. (Currently, I’ve got 2,938, enough to build almost 100 of them.)

You’re also going to have a lot of extra 2* materials, and 2* parts. So keep your shipyard active, and build some of these ships. Upgrade them with the parts and materials you’ll never use, and scrap them for 3* parts and 3* materials that you will use.

10. Talk to People

Take the time to interact with the people in your alliance. Share information. Learn from those more experienced than you. Ask how people are doing. If your alliance has a Discord Channel, check-in once a day.

Talk to people you see in the game. Start friendly chats. It should go without saying, but don’t be a jerk. It’s a game. Getting to know the people in other alliances on your server will help you either in growing your current alliance or in finding a better alliance to join, should that need arise.

And of course, Star Trek Fleet Command is a lot like golf . People love to give tips, even to the people they’re playing against.

11. Armadas and Armada Chests

There are times in the day when the greatest number of people in your alliance are online. These are great times to do armadas. Generally late afternoon or early evening is best for this.

You also want to make sure to cash in your armada chests as frequently as possible. Remember that uncommon armada chests can give rare armada directives, and rare chests give epic directives.

star trek things to do

12. Mind the Stores

And by these, I mean the faction stores. In the Federation, Romulan and Klingon stores, trade in your messages for credits. These all have items that can only be purchased once a day. Trade in Data for Augment credits, and Augment credits for Augment recruiting chests.

In the Rogue faction store, redeem data to Eclipse Armada directives, Eclipse security codes for directives, Rogue Credits, and Rogue reputation.

13. Shield Discipline

Unless you’re someone under level 14, or over level 50, you need to expect to be hit at any time. This means having a shield up when you’re not playing the game. It means putting up at least an eight-hour shield up overnight. Ideally 12-hour or more, and there are many (myself included) who will tell you to put up a 24-hour shield. Shields aren’t that expensive in the alliance store.

Then have people in your alliance check your shield to make sure it’s up before you call it a night.

(Unless you’re in one of the other alliances in my server, then please ignore this point altogether.)

14. Claim Your Relocation Token

It’s in the Alliance store. Claim it. Move every couple of days (at least.) The longer you stay in one place, the more bookmark lists you’ll wind up on.

Plus, having a good supply of relocation tokens will help you with…

star trek things to do

15. Raiding Time

On the flip side of shield discipline, is base raiding.

There are times during the day when you know that most people aren’t on. If you happen to be up at those hours, it’s a great time to do some base raiding. My wife gets up early for work, and in the time between her getting up, and my kids waking up in the morning, I go raiding.

This process also includes maintaining your bookmarks list.

Early in the morning, or late in the evenings are great times to base raid.

If you’re not big enough to base raid yet, go around and hunt for miners over their protected limits. One of the ways that I was able to advance as quickly as I did from level 15-25 was by taking about 20 minutes every morning and harvesting the extra tritanium that others on my server were kind enough to leave around. I’d usually get around 200k every morning.

It’s funny to think now that I can get eight times that from one load with my Antares, but times change.

If you’ve enjoyed this content, please consider signing up for my email list. Share this with the people in your alliance.

If you’ve really, really enjoyed it, please consider making a small donation to keep this page going. It’s much appreciated, and you’ll be recognized on my Facebook page and in a future post.

Thanks for reading. Stay safe out there.

Carol Marcus

Outlaws ii pve events.

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Did Trump say Hitler 'did a lot of good things?'

During the CNN Presidential Debate Thursday night, President Joe Biden attacked former President Donald Trump for saying that Adolf Hitler “did a lot of good things” while talking about the violent 2017 rally of  white supremacists in Charlottesville, Virginia that inspired his 2020 presidential run.

This quip from Biden came while he noted that Trump said supportive things about the Charlottesville rioters, including that there were “very fine people on both sides.” Trump accused Biden of making his criticism up.

More: Presidential debate live updates: Biden, Trump end debate with accusations, name calling

Trump allegedly said this statement about Hitler during a 2018 trip to Europe to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I, according to a report in the Guardian and the book, “Frankly, We Did Win This Election,” by Wall Street Journal’s Michael Bender.

Trump denied this comment during an interview with Bender after he left office.

Prep for the polls: See who is running for president and compare where they stand on key issues in our Voter Guide

According to Bender’s book, Trump’s comments came while his then-chief of staff, John Kelly, was briefing him on World War 1 history and reportedly told the former president that “you cannot ever say anything supportive of Adolf Hitler. You just can’t.”

Kelly also shared this statement from Trump with CNN correspondent Jim Sciutto’s book The Return of Great Powers, published in Spring 2024.

Things To Do: 4th of July; Arts in the Park; meet 'Gilded Age' star Denée Benton

star trek things to do

“What do you want to do ?”

If you need an answer to this age-old question for making plans, we’ve got you covered.

In Things To Do, we take a look at, well, things to do, happening every week in the Greater Fall River area and around the SouthCoast.

From weekdays to weekends, there’s always plenty going on.

And we’re not only taking a look at what’s happening this week, we’re also giving you a heads up for events that are coming soon.

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This week, we’ve got some 4th of July events from around the SouthCoast to check out if you're still looking for holiday plans. Plus, we've got Arts in the Park with Marion Art Center, yoga classes, and summertime ferry service. There's even an event where you can hear from one of the stars of HBO's "The Gilded Age."

So when someone asks you what you want to do, you’ve got your plans ready to go.

Here are Things To Do around Fall River, the SouthCoast, and beyond this week:

Fall River’s Waterfront 4th of July Celebration

Fall River’s Waterfront 4th of July Celebration is packed with family fun, all along the waterfront, from 5 to 9 p.m.

There will be music, food trucks, and fireworks, with all kinds of events planned at the Sen. Thomas Norton City Pier, Heritage State Park, and Bicentennial Park.

The fireworks over the Taunton River will begin around 9 p.m.

Tickets are available to view the fireworks from the deck of the USS Massachusetts . Gates open at 7:30, and the last admission will be at 8:45 p.m. Tickets are $15, and children under 2 get in for free. For more information, and for tickets, visit .

DJ Eric J will be at Heritage State Park, along with food trucks like Friskie Fries, Blount, Fancheezical, Black Dog Donut, Supa Dupa, No Joke Smoke BBQ, Del’s Lemonade, and Cool Licks Ice Cream.

At the Sen. Thomas Norton City Pier, see performances by Emily Nawrocki and Get Lucky, find air brush tattoos, and visit food trucks like Green Jar Cocina, Bun Buds, Pop’s Brick Oven Pizza, What’s Up Cupcake, Ice ‘N’ Roll, and Berry Sweets. Also check out a beer garden provided by Troy City Brewery and Party with Primo.

The Nightlife Orchestra will be performing at Veterans Memorial Bicentennial Park, along with food trucks from Dorothy Cox Ice Cream, Kona Ice, Gnarly Vine Farms, and County Fare Hot Dogs.

Guests are encouraged to bring lawn chairs or blankets to sit on.

Keep up with the latest event updates on Faceook at .

Have a blast July 4th: Best places to watch fireworks in Fall River, around the SouthCoast

New Bedford’s Whaling City Festival

The Whaling City Festival at Buttonwood Park, New Bedford, will be held from Thursday, July 11, to Sunday, July 14.

Events will include live pro wrestling, a Sunday car show, arts and craft vendors, retail vendors, food, and a Fiesta Shows carnival. For the latest updates, keep up with the Whaling City Festival on Facebook .

Cape Verdean Recognition Parade and Kultura Festa

The Cape Verdean Recognition Parade and Kultura Festa will be held on Saturday, July 6, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. (parade) and from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. (Kultura Festa).

This will be the 52nd Cape Verdean Recognition Parade , celebrating the rich culture of the Cape Verdean community. The parade steps off from Buttonwood Park, and the route is Union Street, Acushnet Avenue, Grinnell Street, and Purchase Street, ending at the Cape Verdean Veterans’ Memorial Hall. The 2024 Grand Marshal is Viola Pina. For more information, contact Chairperson Diane Gomes at 508-944-7625 or [email protected].

Kultura Festa 2024 , at Serenity Gardens Field, will follow the parade. Hosted by the Cape Verdean Recognition Committee, this event will feature live bands, guest DJs, vendors, and more.

Food trucks, music, fireworks: Fall River's Waterfront 4th of July Celebration

Middleboro 4th of July Carnival

The Middleboro 4th of July Carnival will be held from Wednesday, July 3, to Sunday, July 7, at 26 Jackson St.

For $30, you can get a booklet of 30 ride tickets (presale through July 3 at 6 p.m.). For $50, you can get a booklet of 50 ride tickets (presale through July 3 at 6 p.m.) There’s also a presale for the wristband: for $30, you can get an unlimited ride wristband (presale through July 4 at 2 p.m.). Wristbands will only be valid: Thursday, from 2 to 6, or 6 to 10 p.m.; Saturday, from 2 to 6, or 6 to 10 p.m.; and Sunday, from 1 to 5 p.m.

Patriot Place to host fireworks display and celebration

Patriot Place in Foxboro will hold its annual fireworks display and festivities on Tuesday, July 2.

The Dean College Stage will feature live entertainment from local band American Honey from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m., and the evening will end with a fireworks spectacular, beginning around 9:15 p.m.

For more details, as well as a full schedule, visit .

Arts in the Park at Marion Art Center

The Marion Art Center’s annual outdoor artisan market, Arts in the Park, returns to Bicentennial Park, 1 Spring St., Marion, on Saturday, July 6, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

This event will feature nearly 50 artists and vendors from across the region, offering ceramics, clothing, collage, fiber, glass jewelry, woodworking, painted and hand-crafted furniture, paintings, photography, and more.

South Shore Smokehouse food truck will be there, plus listen to live music by Richard Lewis and Molly O’Leary, and bring the kids for free games and activities on the MAC lawn (the park is across the street from the MAC).

Visitors can enter for a chance to win prizes from the raffle featuring original artwork from each vendor.

The rain date for this event is Sunday, July 7.

Arts in the Park is sponsored in part by grants from the Mattapoisett and Rochester Cultural Councils, local chapters of the Massachusetts Cultural Council.

For more information, visit or email the MAC at [email protected].

Yoga at the Rotch-Jones-Duff House & Garden Museum

The Rotch-Jones-Duff House & Garden Museum, 396 County St., New Bedford, is teaming up with YMCA Southcoast for yoga in the garden.

Classes are held weekly on Saturday mornings, at 8 a.m., from July 6 through Sept. 28.

Led by YMCA Southcoast yoga instructors; participants only need to bring a mat and water.

In the event of rain, class will move onto the patio under the tent.

Classes are free for YMCA members; other participants are asked to pay a $10 drop-in fee and register through the museum’s website, .

For more information, call 508-997-1401.

Providence-Newport ferry service now running

The 2024 Providence-Newport ferry season has begun.

There are four daily round trips, seven days a week.

The ferry also makes weekend stops in Bristol.

The cost is $12 each way for adults, and $6 each way for children, seniors, people with disabilities, and Medicare cardholders.

Bikes and pets are allowed aboard for no additional charge.

Free parking is available in the Providence terminal at 25 India St.

Ferry season will run through Columbus Day weekend (Oct. 14).

Service to Bristol is part of the trip to and from Newport and will operate on weekends through Labor Day weekend.

Tickets are available online at , or by calling 1-800-BOATRIDE.

Those departing from the Newport ferry terminal at Perrotti Park, 39 America's Cup Ave., or the Bristol ferry terminal at the Bristol Maritime Center, 127 Thames St., can buy their tickets online or on the boat.

Coming soon: 'Gilded Age' actress to headline event at Rosecliff

Actress Denée Benton, who co-stars as Peggy Scott in the acclaimed HBO historical drama “The Gilded Age,” will join the show’s co-executive producer and historical consultant, Dr. Erica Armstrong Dunbar, for a special evening of dinner and conversation at Rosecliff in Newport on Tuesday, July 9.

Benton and Dunbar will explore the creation of this pioneering character, the historical women who inspired her, and the collaborative process that ensured historical and social accuracy in “Becoming Peggy Scott,” a special edition of The Preservation Society of Newport County’s annual David B. Ford Lecture.

The discussion will follow dinner in the Rosecliff ballroom.

Tickets for this evening are $325 per person, and attendance is in-person only.

To purchase tickets, and to learn more, visit .

Have a community event or activity you’d like to see featured? Send us an email at  [email protected] or [email protected].

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Paul Wesley Never Asked to Be a Heartthrob

The Vampire Diaries and Star Trek actor is ready to leave Mystic Falls behind (for good) and travel to Strange New Worlds.

star trek things to do

As much as the world may want to dwell on the vampirification of the 2010s (cue: “Vampire” by Olivia Rodrigo currently on repeat), Paul Wesley is ready to leave bloodsuckers in the past. Wesley’s portrayal of the sometimes-bad, more-often good Stefan Salvatore (one-half of the devilishly handsome, blood-thirsty brother duo in the CW’s The Vampire Diaries ) earned him a spot among some of the greats like Dracula, Edward Cullen , Carmilla, Angel, etc. But let’s just get this out in the open right now: a Vampire Diaries reboot is a “hard pass” for Wesley. In fact, any project having to do with vampires is out of the question — unless, of course, Martin Scorsese calls with an offer.

“I would never do another vampire anything, period, let alone Vampire Diaries ,” Wesley tells InStyle . Sorry to break any (undead) hearts here, but as much as it may hurt to hear, moving on from the teen fantasy romance genre feels like the only logical next step for a star who spent years portraying young supernatural beings. Luckily, the actor is still putting some of his sci-fi background to use in Paramount+’s Star Trek: Strange New Worlds , in which he stars as a young James Tiberius Kirk. The show’s highly anticipated second season is currently streaming.

Before his days in the world of fantasy, Wesley’s foray into acting happened during his junior year of high school, when he was cast in the popular soap opera Guiding Light . Shortly thereafter, Wesley began scoring more gigs throughout the early 2000s on shows like The Education of Max Bickford , The O.C., Smallville, and Law & Order . In 2001, Wesley was ironically cast in a CBS show called Wolf Lake , which followed a teenage pack of werewolves.

“You're shooting 60 pages or something a day,” Wesley said of his early days on Guiding Light . “I didn't really understand the camera, I didn't understand memorizing lines. Over those years as a young actor, I kind-of trained myself by being on a soap opera. And it was better than working at McDonald's, like all my friends.”

In 2009, Wesley landed the role that would completely change the trajectory of his entire career — he was cast as Stefan in The Vampire Diaries , based on the wildly popular novels by L. J. Smith. For the unfamiliar, the series (created by Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec) follows a pair of brooding (and ridiculously good looking) vampire brothers living in the small town of Mystic Falls, who share a love for the same girl and have spent much of their centuries-long existence battling their own demons. Unsurprisingly — given the world’s obsession with all things supernatural in the era of Twilight and True Blood — the show was a massive hit, catapulting Wesley and his co-stars Ian Somerhalder (who plays the irreverent brother and eternal bad boy Damon) and Nina Dobrev (the not-so-damsel-in-distress Elena, who caught the eye of the immortal brothers) to global stardom.

Wesley acknowledges the show’s impact on both his professional and personal life (he remains good friends with Somerhalder and Dobrev to this day), but the actor is more than ready to move on from Stefan and the TVD universe. 

“When I get recognized, it's because of Stefan,” Wesley admits. “It's the biggest thing I've ever done, as far as popularity. I've done a bunch of roles since The Vampire Diaries , but nothing has been nearly as popular, so I think you have to get that next thing that puts you into a conversation that involves you and not the character that you're known for playing.”

Luckily for Wesley, that aforementioned renaissance seems to be happening at this exact moment with his portrayal of Kirk in Strange New Worlds . Getting cast in another, arguably even more popular franchise is undoubtedly providing Wesley with the opportunity to play more than just a brooding matinee idol.

“One of the things that excited me about the role of Captain Kirk was the fact that it's such a popular, arguably one of the most, influential characters in the history of television," Wesley explains. “I jumped at this role because it allows me to be something other than Stefan in a big way.”

William Shatner originated the iconic role in 1966 for Star Trek: The Original Series . Shatner and some of Paul’s other predecessors (Chris Pine, for one) have left some pretty big shoes to fill, a fact that would leave some actors ridden with an insurmountable amount of nerves. But Wesley welcomed the challenge, excited to reinvent the starship captain and put his own spin on the revered character, which turned out to be a more buoyant and light-hearted version of the original. 

Fans of the universe know that Captain Kirk goes on to lead the U.S.S. Enterprise, though in Strange New Worlds , James is assigned to a different starship, the U.S.S. Farragut. While the new show focuses mostly on Captain Christopher Pike’s (played by Anson Mount ) tenure and exploratory missions, Wesley’s Kirk makes various appearances throughout the season, bringing a dose of comedy and charm along for the ride. In one specific episode, Wesley and his co-star Christina Chong’s characters (she plays La’an Noonien-Singh) travel down to Earth in an ode to an episode from The Original Series , “City on the Edge of Forever,” which also happens to be Wesley’s favorite. It offered Wesley a chance to flex his comedic timing with some bouts of humor while also sharing moments of vulnerability.

“I really just sort of basked in the opportunity that was given to me,” Paul says of the episode. “The good news is Chrissy [Chong] is so funny, and our sense of humor is so similar that we had a good time while shooting that episode. That makes a huge difference. You don't have to fake it. We were just genuinely laughing the entire time, to a point where we would delay shooting.”

Points of comedic relief have become part of the series’s DNA, because although it is a fantasy focused on science and space exploration, Wesley points out that at Trek ’s core, its purpose is to entertain. 

“We have to remember it's sort of an escapism, space-adventure show, and it can't take itself too seriously,” he says. “Obviously, there are moments where we have to commit and be serious, but I think a part of the allure of Star Trek is how fun and entertaining it is. I think that's a huge, important facet.”

Whether you’re a Trekkie (the affectionate name given to the franchise’s fandom) or you ogled at the buff vampire during his early days on The CW, it’s easy to understand the appeal that has cemented Wesley as a Hollywood heartthrob. For vampire enthusiasts, it only takes one episode of TVD to be enraptured by his chiseled jawline, lustrous brown hair, and enigmatic persona. But if you ask Paul, he thinks his status as a dreamboat is a “funny” concept.

“I never wake up in the morning and just look in the mirror and think 'I'm a Hollywood heartthrob,'” he jokes. “That's a title that I can't self-proclaim.”

Regardless of his own disdain for the distinction, it’s his genuine, innate goodness that has earned him the honor, along with his traditional good looks, of course. He is charismatic in interviews, down-to-earth, a loyal friend, and his love of animals is both swoon-worthy and admirable. Wesley developed a compassion for creatures during his childhood, spending time on European farms. It made such an impact that he maintains a strict vegan diet for the benefit of both animals and the environment.

“There's a purity to animals. They don't lie, there's nothing manipulative [about them]. They have no agenda, specifically dogs, they just love you. They're so selfless,” he explains. “Frankly, animals don't have a voice, they can't communicate how they feel, so it's our responsibility to put ourselves in their position. I just have a tremendous amount of empathy for animals.”

During the COVID lockdown, like many others, Wesley had a quick stint with fostering puppies — that is, until he fell in love and adopted one of the dogs (a tale as old as time). Gregory, whom he sweetly refers to as his “son,” has become such a big part of Paul’s life that he sometimes even accompanies the actor to set. During InStyle ’s photo shoot, Gregory jumped in a few shots with his dad and quickly stole the show in a Versace necklace turned impromptu collar. Wesley jokes that the drip really went to the pup’s head.

“It looked pretty good on him and he started acting differently,” he says with his signature sarcastic inflection. “He started getting a little snobby.”

Rescuing animals or manning the U.S.S. Farragut are only a few things on the actor’s docket. While he’s keen to evolve beyond his past, Wesley isn’t leaving his TVD family behind. He’s currently working on an undisclosed project with Vampire Diaries creator Julie Plec, and he shares a bourbon brand, Brother’s Bond , with his close friend and on-screen brother Somerhalder. Wesley and Dobrev were even toying around with the idea of creating a comedy together, though they’ve since put a pin in that (for now). At the end of the day, Wesley knows the key to longevity in this business is to forge your own opportunities, so the actor and production company owner’s goal is to continue to create new content and be the captain of his own ship.

“I don't like to just sit back and wait for roles to come to me,” he says. “Sometimes they do and they're awesome, like Star Trek , but other times I like to just create my own path. It's very rewarding.”

Read on to find out Paul’s unexpected foray into fanfic, his go-to bagel order, and why the first thing he does in the morning is hug Gregory.

What is your coffee or tea order? I'm a coffee guy. I need it. I am a big fan of oat milk. I do this oat milk cappuccino. Whatever you want to give me with oat, I'm in. 

What is your favorite food? Gosh, when I go to an Italian restaurant, I don't get anything sophisticated. I always get a spaghetti pomodoro. I know if it's a good restaurant, the spaghetti pomodoro's really good. 

Do you have a favorite movie? I don't and I do. There are so many movies that I love, but for some reason I have very specific [taste]. I'm drawn to Martin Scorsese's film, Goodfellas . I watched it when I was younger and I just fell in love with the world that he had created. I grew up on the East Coast with that sort of gangster vibe, and I loved it.

What was the first album you owned? I used to listen to a lot of hip-hop when I was in high school. I used to listen to Eazy-E, Dr. Dre, and Snoop Dogg, and I had all their … it wasn't an album, it was cassettes, for you kids. We used to listen to cassettes, not the iTunes thing.

Paul Wesley

Do you have a favorite book? I do have a favorite book. It's a book that I read as a kid, and I just fell in love with this book. It's probably the first book I read that I really loved when I was a teenager and it's, The Catcher in the Rye . Very cliché answer.

Who is your favorite Hollywood Chris? Remember the guy, Chris Kattan from Saturday Night Live [and] A Night at the Roxbury ? That guy. 

Who is your favorite villain? I loved Joaquin Phoenix's Joker. I thought it was so dynamic and interesting.

What is your bagel order? I grew up in New Jersey, where the bagels are really good, and I can't seem to find a good bagel in Los Angeles, so that's a problem. But I'm all about the everything bagel. Give me the everything, always.

Do you believe in astrology? I don't know. I went to an astrologer once and everything he said was incorrect, so maybe I just got a bad astrologer. I think there's some merit to it.

What do you know about your sun sign, Leo? I know that Leo's love their hair and I also know that Leo's tend to be the loudest in the room. I'm not really that, and I think it's because I'm a bit of a blend of Leo and Cancer. The Cancers are a little more subdued. I think I've inherited a lot of those traits from my Cancer energy.

What is something you wish you were better at? Answering questions for This Guy.

What is the first thing you do when you wake up? I have my coffee situation. If I'm in L.A., I'm with my dog. First thing I do is hug him. We have this thing, because he likes to sleep on the couch. He doesn't really like to sleep in the bed with me, so then I'll go to the living room and then I have to hug him. Then, I get my coffee.

What’s the last thing you do before bed? I've been trying not to look at my phone late. What helps me fall asleep is reading. It's immediate, within two pages, I'm out, so I'm going to make a very concerted effort to stay off my phone and just read.

What's the craziest thing you ever did for love? I don't know about the craziest thing I ever did for love, but when I was really young, I took my dad's credit card and I bought — I'm not exaggerating — like a nine-foot teddy bear and had it sent to a girl's house. 

What do you miss about playing Stefan Salvatore? I don't really miss anything about playing him, and I don't mean that in a [negative way]. Eight years is a long time, and I'm so glad to put that to rest. Eight seasons. But I loved how dynamic he was. Because the show ran for such a long time, in order for it to not become monotonous, every season, he sort of had a different arc. At one point he was pure evil, and he started out as the good guy and then he ended as the good guy. But I liked the challenge of trying to keep the character fresh.

Have you ever read any fan theories for The Vampire Diaries ? A fan theory? No. A fanfiction about me and Ian Somerhalder being lovers. But other than that, no fan theories.

Do you have a favorite episode from the original Star Trek series? My favorite episodes in general are the ones where they time travel or go to Earth. There's one specific episode that I love, “City on the Edge of Tomorrow.” I love that episode. I love Kirk's moral dilemma of meeting somebody who he can't sort of take with him when he goes back to his timeline and his world that he lives in. I thought it was a really powerful episode. And also just something about Kirk and Spock being fish out of water in the past or on Earth. [There] was just something really special about breaking free from being on the Enterprise and going to Earth. And we actually did a little bit of that in season 2 of Strange New Worlds .

What do you love about being from New Jersey? Oh, it's a very difficult question. No, I'm kidding. I love the proximity to Manhattan. No, I'm kidding. I do love the Jersey Shore, even though the show gave it a bad name. There's so many parts of the Jersey Shore that are so beautiful that weren't in the TV series, The Jersey Shore . I like that it's sort of so central to Manhattan, which is arguably the greatest city in America, if not the world. And 45 minutes south, you have this suburban neighborhood, which is where I grew up. I like that sort of escape.

When was the last time you cried and why? Actually, I cried last night. I didn't cry, but I got teared up. I'm very late to the game and I was watching Succession , and it was the scene where — spoiler alert — Logan dies and his kids are on the phone saying goodbye to him. And it was just fantastic, and I teared up.

Describe a memorable dream. I don't remember my dreams. I remember them as everyone else in the morning for three minutes, and then I'm like, "Wow, that was interesting." And then I literally forget it every time. I don't understand why. I think maybe the brain can only process so much. I have memorable nightmares. Not memorable dreams, really, unfortunately.

Is there one place that you've never been that you've always wanted to go? I've never been to Africa. I've been to many, many places, and I've never been to Africa. I would absolutely love to go.

What initially got you into acting at such a young age? I was kicked off the hockey team. I didn't have anything to do. I started doing theater, and I grew up in New Jersey, which is really close to Manhattan, so I started doing these little acting workshops in Manhattan for fun. And an agent saw me and said, "Do you want to audition for things?" I said, "Sure." And then boom, that was it. I also always imitated people growing up for whatever reason, and I sort of always enjoyed going into other people's mannerisms or their mentality. And so I think I sort of just had a genuine interest in that for whatever bizarre psychological reason. You'll have to ask my parents.

How would you describe your personal style and how has it evolved over the years? To be honest with you, I wish my style was a little bit more. I mean, I always used to say that I don't want to look at photos of myself 10 years from now and be like, "What was I thinking?" I mean, inevitably, we all tend to do that, though. I like to keep it safe — sometimes too safe. It's like black and grays and whites and that's it, and everything's basic. I'm a little envious of people that can sort of create these really cool styles and it's a sort of representation of their personality.

I'm a play-it-safe guy, because my brain isn't wired for that kind of thing, but I have a great deal of respect for really good stylists [who] can bring that. I'm always like, "Oh, man, that's so cool. I wish I could've come up with that myself." 

Is there an outfit you regret wearing? When I was younger, I was really into hip-hop, and back in the day you had to wear really baggy pants to be cool. There are some photos of me when I was like 16, 15. I swear to god, [I] look like I'm swimming in my pants. They're super wide, I used to wear these JNCO jeans. It's just regrettable and so embarrassing.

What is a dream role that you would love to play? Boy, I'll tell you, if I wasn't playing Captain Kirk, I may very well have said Captain Kirk. Dream role. I guess if they were to remake Goodfellas — which I hope they don't — maybe I can have a part in Goodfellas working with Scorsese. I don't think he would remake his own film, but one can dream.

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star trek things to do


10 'Star Trek' Technologies That Actually Came True

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star trek things to do

"Beam us up." It's one of the most iconic lines in television history. It's something often heard in the hit science fiction television series "Star Trek" and all of the television shows and movies that followed.

The transporter essentially dematerialized a human body at one point only to rematerialize it in the transporter bay on the ship. Somehow, it broke down atoms and molecules within the body -- scattered them through the vacuum of space without losing a single one from point A to point B, then voila, that person re-emerged out of thin air. Sounds pretty cool, though impossible, right? But what if there was such a device?

The truth is, you can forget about a transporter. No one has been able to realize such a concept. But that doesn't mean some of the ideas that seemed far-fetched when the show debuted in 1966 haven't become a reality. In this article, we feature the top 10 technologies from Star Trek that actually did come to fruition, listed in no particular order. Some of them may surprise you.

  • Transparent Aluminum (Armor)
  • Communicators
  • Tractor Beams
  • Universal Translator
  • Geordi's VISOR
  • Torpedo Coffins
  • Telepresence

10: Transparent Aluminum (Armor)

The fourth installment of the original "Star Trek" movies is perhaps the most endearing to fans. The crew returns to modern-day Earth. Kirk, Spock and the rest of the gang ditch a Klingon Bird of Prey spacecraft in the San Francisco Bay after narrowly missing the Golden Gate Bridge while flying blind in a storm. You may remember the scene -- but how many of you remember Scotty introducing transparent aluminum for the first time?

In the flick, Scotty traded the formula matrix for transparent aluminum -- a huge engineering advancement -- for sheets of plexiglass in order to build a tank to transport the two humpback whales (George and Gracie) to the Earth of their time. The claim was that you'd be able to replace six-inch (14-centimeter) thick Plexiglas with one-inch (2.5-centimeter) thick see-through aluminum.

It may sound impossible, but there is such a thing as transparent aluminum armor or aluminum oxynitride (ALON) as it's more commonly known. ALON is a ceramic material that starts out as a powder before heat and pressure turn it into a crystalline form similar to glass. Once in the crystalline form, the material is strong enough to withstand bullets. Polishing the molded ALON strengthens the material even more. The Air Force has tested the material in hopes of replacing windows and canopies in its aircraft. Transparent aluminum armor is lighter and stronger than bulletproof glass . Less weight, stronger material -- what's not to like?

9: Communicators

star trek things to do

Whenever Captain Kirk left the safe confines of the Enterprise, he did so knowing it could be the last time he saw his ship. Danger was never far away. And when in distress and in need of help in a pinch, he could always count on Bones to come up with a miracle cure, Scotty to beam him up or Spock to give him some vital scientific information. He'd just whip out his communicator and place a call.

Fast-forward 30 years and wouldn't you know it, it seems like everyone carries a communicator. We just know them as cell phones . Actually, the communicators in "Star Trek" were more like the push-to-talk, person-to-person devices first made popular by Nextel in the mid to late '90s. The "Star Trek" communicator had a flip antenna that when opened, activated the device. The original flip cell phones are perhaps distant cousins. Whatever the case, the creators of "Star Trek" were on to something because you'd be hard-pressed to find many people without a cell phone these days.

In later incarnations of the "Star Trek" franchise, the communicators evolved to being housed in the Starfleet logo on the crewman's chest. With the tap of a finger, communication between crewmembers became even easier. Vocera Communications has a similar product that can link people on the same network inside a designated area like an office or a building by using the included software over a wireless LAN. The B2000 communication badge weighs less than two ounces and can be worn on the lapel of a coat or shirt and allows clear two-way communication. It's even designed to inhibit the growth of bacteria so it's suitable for doctors [source: Vocera ].

8: Hypospray

star trek things to do

The creative team behind "Star Trek" found spiffy ways to spice up some activities we endure on a day-to-day basis. Take medical treatment, for example: Not many people enjoy getting a flu shot, and in "Star Trek," inoculating patients was one of Dr. Leonard "Bones" McCoy's primary duties. It seemed not an episode went by that Bones wasn't giving someone a shot of some sort of space vaccine . But what was more fascinating was the contraption he used.

Hypospray is a form of hypodermic injection of medication. A hypospray injection is forced under the skin (a subcutaneous injection) with high air pressure. The air pressure shoots the liquid vaccine deep enough into the skin that no needle is required. The real-world application is known as a jet injector .

Jet injectors have been in use for many years. In fact, the technology predates "Star Trek." Jet injectors were originally designed to be used in mass vaccinations. Jet injecting is safer (no needles to pass along infectious disease) and faster in administering vaccines. Similar in appearance to an automotive paint gun, jet injection systems can use a larger container for the vaccine, thus allowing medical personnel to inoculate more people quicker.

7: Tractor Beams

When NASA needs to make repairs to the Hubble Space Telescope, astronauts have to be specially trained to get out of the Space Shuttle for extravehicular activity. They also have to learn how to work within the confines of their space suits, with thick gloves on. Wouldn't it be nice to just bring the telescope inside, where repairs wouldn't be so challenging and dangerous?

In science fiction, space ships including the Starship Enterprise snatch each other up using tractor beams. In some cases, large vessels have a tractor beam strong enough to prevent smaller vessels from escaping the gravitational force. So is this science even plausible?

Yes and no. Optical tweezers are as close as you're going to get to a legitimate tractor beam on current-day Earth. Scientists have harnessed small lasers into beams capable of manipulating molecules and moving them with precision. Optical tweezers use a focused laser to trap and suspend microscopic particles in an optical trap. Scientists can use optical tweezers to trap and remove bacteria and sort cells. Optical tweezers are used primarily in studying the physical properties of DNA. While the beams used in optical tweezers aren't strong enough to dock the space shuttle to the International Space Station, it's a start in that direction.

star trek things to do

"Set phasers to stun" -- another oft-heard command given to the Enterprise crew. The crew often relied on the stun setting of their fictitious weapon of choice known as a phaser. Armed with a phaser, Kirk and his colleagues had the ability to kill or more desirably, stun their adversaries and render them incapacitated.

Actually, stun guns have been around for some time. In fact, electricity has been used for punishment and to control livestock as far back as the 1880s. But it wasn't until 1969 when a guy named Jack Cover invented the first Taser that the stun gun was most realized. The Taser fails to kill like the phaser did, yet, it packs enough of an electrical punch to render its victim disorientated, if not completely incapacitated.

Unlike the phaser, the Taser and other stun guns must come in physical contact with the target in order to have any effect. Tasers take care of this by projecting two electrodes, connected by wires, which attach to the target's skin. Once in contact, the handheld unit transfers electricity to the target, thus having the stun effect. Stun guns with stationary electrical contact probes are somewhat less effective because while they have a similar effect on the target, you have to be much closer (within arm's length) in order to zap your target.

Something more along the lines of the phaser may be in development. Applied Energetic has developed Laser Guided Energy and Laser Induced Plasma Energy technologies that are said to transmit high-voltage bursts of energy to a target [source: Applied Energetics ]. In other words, these pulses of energy would stun the target and limit collateral damage. So a true phaser may soon be a reality.

5: Universal Translator

Imagine if no matter what country you visited, no matter what the culture, you could understand everything the indigenous people were saying. It sure would make traveling easier. Take that thought to another level like say, if you were planet hopping like the crew onboard the Enterprise. Fortunately for Captain Kirk and his peers, they had a universal translator .

The characters in "Star Trek" relied on a small device that when spoken into, would translate the words into English. Guess what? The technology exists for us in the real world. There are devices that let you speak phrases in English and it will spit back to you the same rhetoric in a specified language. The only problem is, these devices only work for certain predetermined languages.

A true universal translator like the one on the show may not be a reality, but the technology is available. Voice recognition has advanced considerably since its inception. But computers have yet to be able to learn languages. Computers would be able to theoretically gather the information much faster than a human brain, but a software program is dependent on actual data. Someone has to take the time and expense to put it together and make it available, which is probably why these systems focus on more popular languages.

4: Geordi's VISOR

star trek things to do

When "Star Trek: The Next Generation" thrust the love of everything "Star Trek" back into popular culture, the quirky Mr. Spock and crass Bones McCoy and others were supplanted by a new cast. One of the most popular characters on the new show was engineer Geordi LaForge.

What made Geordi unique, perhaps even mysterious, was his funky eyewear. Geordi was blind, but after a surgical operation and aided through the use of a device called VISOR (Visual Instrument and Sensory Organ Replacement), Geordi could see throughout the electromagnetic spectrum. Though it may sound far-fetched, in reality, similar technology exists that may someday bring sight back to the blind.

In 2005, a team of scientists from Stanford University successfully implanted a small chip behind the retina of blind rats that enabled them to pass a vision recognition test. The science behind the implants, or bionic eyes as they're commonly referred to, works much the way Geordi's VISOR did. The patient receives the implants behind the retina, then wears a pair of glasses fitted with a video camera. Light enters the camera and is processed through a small wireless computer, which then broadcasts it as infrared LED images on the inside of the glasses. Those images are reflected back into the retina chips to stimulate photodiodes. The photodiodes replicate the lost retinal cells then change light into electrical signals which in turn send nerve pulses to the brain.

What it all means is that in theory, a person with 20/400 sight (blind), due to the loss of retinal cells from retinitis pigmentosa, can obtain 20/80 sight. It's not good enough to pass the driving test (normal vision is considered 20/20) but it's good enough to read billboards and go about your day without the aid of a seeing-eye dog.

3: Torpedo Coffins

In the second installment of the "Star Trek" movie franchise, the beloved Mr. Spock, played by Leonard Nimoy, died after saving the Starship Enterprise from certain disaster. The movie culminated with the crew firing Spock's corpse out of the torpedo bay in a coffin shaped like one of the ship's weapons, the photon torpedo .

Believe it or not, you too could be laid to eternal rest in your own Federation-approved photon torpedo casket. OK, it may not technically be Federation-approved since there is no such thing as the United Federation of Planets (UFP) but the coffins are, in fact, very real.

Designed by Eternal Image, the "Star Trek" coffin was slated to be available early 2009, but is still not for sale as of this writing. The price is yet to be determined. If the fan would prefer to be cremated , the company also plans to offer a "Star Trek" urn as well.

2: Telepresence

In 1966, the idea of interacting with each other while separated by the void of space seemed as far fetched as, well the idea of being in space. That's precisely what the idea of telepresence is.

Telepresence is more than just video conferencing . The visual aspect is important and immersion is vital. In other words, the more convincing the illusion of telepresence, the more you feel like you're there.

In 2008, AT&T teamed up with Cisco in delivering the industry's first in-depth telepresence experience. The key to Cisco's TelePresence is the combination of audio, video and ambient lighting working together. These telepresence kits are designed to mirror surroundings and mimic sounds so that users on each side of the video conference will feel as though the images on the screen are in the same room with them. For instance, the people in boardroom A will see the people on the screen in boardroom B as though they are sitting across the table from them. The ambient lighting and room features are constructed to mirror each other. Sure, these telepresence kits are much more advanced than anything drummed up on "Star Trek," but perhaps that's because the show sparked our imagination so many years ago.

1: Tricorders

star trek things to do

How many of you remember that instrument Mr. Spock used to always carry over his shoulder, especially when the crew (usually consisting of only Spock and Captain Kirk) first surveyed a new planet? That was a tricorder.

One of the more useful instruments available to "Star Trek" personnel, variations of the tricorder (medical, engineering or scientific) were used to measure everything from oxygen levels to detecting diseases. Often times the tricorder gave an initial analysis of the new environment. So, what's the real-world tie-in? NASA employs a handheld device called LOCAD, which measures for unwanted microorganisms such as E. coli, fungi and salmonella onboard the International Space Station [source: Coulter ]. Beyond that, two handheld medical devices may soon help doctors examine blood flow and check for cancer, diabetes or bacterial infection.

Scientists at Loughborough University in England use photoplethysmography technology in a handheld device that can monitor the functions of the heart. Meanwhile, researchers at Harvard Medical School have developed a small device that utilizes similar technology found in MRI machines that non-invasively inspect the body. Using nuclear magnetic resonance imaging, this device would be sensitive enough to measure samples of as few as 10 possible infectious bacteria. This kind of sensitivity (800 times more sensitive than sensing equipment currently used in medical labs) could revolutionize the way doctors diagnose disease [source: Mick ].

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