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The Most Compact, Lightweight, and Portable Travel Hair Dryers of 2024

The T3 Afar Travel Hair Dryer is our absolute favorite.

rekomendasi hair dryer travel

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We independently evaluate all recommended products and services. If you click on links we provide, we may receive compensation. Learn more .

Travel + Leisure / Madison Woiten

If you’ve ever traveled with the plan to rely on the hotel hair dryer and been sorely disappointed at the quality of the item and its lack of ability to dry hair, you are not alone. Hotel hair dryers are notoriously weak, and if you have long hair, thick hair, or plan to give yourself a snazzy blowout while on vacation, they can certainly come up short. 

We recommend packing a compact, lightweight travel hair dryer so you can be sure you have a product that’ll meet all your trip needs. To find the very best travel hair dryers, we conducted a four-week study in which we tested 34 products. We paid close attention to ease of use, features, drying performance, overall look, and value. 

The T3 Afar Travel Hair Dryer stood out above the rest because it’s small, but very mighty, and it dried our hair quickly plus left it looking shiny. But if you’re looking for other options, including a splurge-worthy, luxury option or a pick with lots of attachments and accessories, read on. We found the very best selections in every category. 

Best Overall

T3 afar travel size hair dryer.


  • Ease of Use 4.7 /5
  • Features 4.7 /5
  • Drying Performance 4.8 /5
  • Overall Look 4.3 /5
  • Value 4.8 /5

It’s super lightweight, comfortable to hold, and the sweetest shade of pink.

It doesn’t include a diffuser. 

If you only buy one travel hair dryer, let it be this super compact does-it-all product from T3, a brand known for its high-quality hair tools. Weighing in at less than one pound, this small dryer with a foldable handle won’t hog much space in your luggage at all. It even comes with a vegan leather travel pouch so you can keep it separate from your belongings, which is extra beneficial for when it’s still hot after use. 

The product works well on all hair types, from fine and straight to thick and coily. It uses a wide, ion-infused airstream that gently dries hair fast, and we enjoyed the strong, even air flow during testing. Meanwhile, negative ions help smooth the hair cuticle to minimize frizz. We noticed our hair looked quite shiny after use. It has three heat settings and two speed settings, plus a cool shot setting that locks in your style. A bonus for international travelers: The dual-voltage dryer automatically adapts so you don’t need to pack a converter (though you may need a plug adapter, depending on your destination).

The Details: 12.2 ounces | 1500 watts

Best Splurge

Dyson supersonic hair dryer.

  • Ease of Use 4.5 /5
  • Drying Performance 4.9 /5
  • Overall Look 4.9 /5
  • Value 4.9 /5

It has a very strong airflow and dries all hair types quickly, while leaving them shiny and voluminous.

Though relatively lightweight, it’s bulkier than many of the items on our list.

No doubt about it: the Dyson SuperSonic Hair Dryer is the Rolls Royce of hair dryers. Though the price is steep, hairstylists and beauty enthusiasts alike swear by its unparalleled ability to dry hair more quickly and effectively than standard dryers — and after our lab tests, we agreed! We were thoroughly impressed by the hair dryer’s strong air flow and many of us never even needed to use full power because the lower settings were effective enough (still, people with very thick hair will certainly appreciate the max capacity setting). We also agreed that, with heat settings from 82 to 212 degrees Fahrenheit (plus a cool shot option) and 1600 watts of power, it dried our hair in record time compared to other hair dryers, while also giving flat hair flippy, bouncy volume.

Dyson’s wide array of attachments also sets it apart from competitors. This model includes five magnetic attachments for a variety of hair types, including a styling concentrator, a diffuser, a gentle air attachment, a wide-tooth comb, and a flyaway attachment that gives straight or straightened hair a smooth, sleek finish. It also comes with a convenient case cushioned with soft fabric to store all the attachments and protect the hair dryer from scratches. It is important to note that Dyson does not recommend using this product outside the U.S. as an adaptor or converter can cause permanent damage to the motor. 

The Details: 1.8 pounds | 9.6 x 3.8 x 3.1 inches | 1600 watts

Best for Frizz

Bondiboost sonic dryer.

Bondi Boost

  • Ease of Use 5 /5
  • Drying Performance 5 /5
  • Value 3.5 /5

The lightweight dryer has impressive airflow.

The attachments can be difficult to remove.

Though small and lightweight, this hair dryer has plenty of power and the strength of the airflow impressed us during testing. Despite that, the motor is relatively quiet compared to standard hair dryers, so it’s ideal to use during early mornings or late nights while others may be sleeping within earshot. There are four heat settings and three speed settings (plus a cool shot setting) that can accommodate virtually any hair type. We found the BondiBoost dryer was able to quickly and effectively dry hair even on the lower heat and speed settings, while leaving hair smoother and less frizzy. The product includes a concentrated airflow attachment and a diffuser. Plus, it comes equipped with a unique self-cleaning function, which helps to prolong the life of the hair dryer. It even has a smart memory function that memorizes your heat and speed settings.

The Details: 12.32 ounces

Best Lightweight

Panasonic nanoe hair dryer.

It has an ergonomic design and innovative moving nozzle.

The five-foot cord doesn’t have a lot of give.

The major selling-point of this sleek dryer is an oscillating quick-dry nozzle designed to minimize hot spots and dry hair quicker. We appreciated this feature, which distributed heat and airflow evenly on hair. The product uses patented nanoe technology that infuses super-fine, moisture-rich nano-sized ions during drying, which we noticed made our hair shiny and frizz-free. It comes with a concentrated nozzle that provides a more focused airflow for precise styling and a full-size diffuser to add volume to curls. It heats up to 300 degrees and has a cold shot option to lock in styles. Weighing in at just over one ounce, it is by far the most lightweight hair dryer on our list.

The Details: 1.1 ounces | 3.7 x 12.2 x 8.3 inches | 1875 watts

Best Foldable

Sri dryq hair dryer.

  • Ease of Use 4.3 /5
  • Drying Performance 4.6 /5
  • Overall Look 4.2 /5
  • Value 4.2 /5

Despite its compact size, this dryer has a generous eight-foot cord.

The setting buttons are located on the body of the dryer rather than on the handle.

A foldable hair dryer provides added convenience for travelers because it makes it easier to fit into small luggage compartments. Even if using it at home, you’ll appreciate that it takes less real estate on your vanity or in a drawer. This lightweight, foldable model uses ionic technology, which helps prevent frizz and promotes a faster drying time. It’s also equipped with red light therapy to help strengthen weak, brittle hair and promote growth. There are four modes (from 160 to 296 degrees Fahrenheit) and three speed settings, as well as a memory function. Though we appreciated the product’s quick-drying ability and the results that left hair smooth without noticeable damage, we found the button placement a tad inconvenient. 

The Details: 11.8 ounces | 8.2 x 8.7 inches | 1300 watts

Best Accessories

Olivia garden high performance professional hair dryer.

Olivia Garden 

  • Features 4.5 /5
  • Overall Look 4.7 /5

It includes a concentrated nozzle, a diffuser, two round brushes, and a paddle brush.

The attachments were a bit difficult to remove.

If you’ve ever been frustrated by accidentally switching a heat or speed setting on your hair dryer due to inconveniently placed buttons, listen up: this lightweight dryer comes with a button lock feature, so you’ll never unwillingly change one of the three airflow speeds or three heat settings (from 145 to 250 degrees Fahrenheit). We found that this hair dryer’s powerful airflow made it worth the high price tag, in addition to the fact that it didn’t leave hair with any visible damage. With the plethora of included attachments and accessories, you can create virtually any hairstyle without having to pack additional tools. Plus, it features a self-clean function to eradicate any gunk that builds up over time. 

The Details: 13 ounces | 11.8 x 11.8 x 5.9 inches | 1875 watts

Best Airflow

Tymo highspeed hair dryer.

  • Ease of Use 4.6 /5
  • Overall Look 5 /5

The small but mighty dryer comes with two nozzles and a diffuser.

The power button is a bit tricky.

Despite its small, lightweight frame, this hair dryer packs quite the power. We were impressed with the potential intensity of the airflow, especially for the mid-range price tag. We found the dryer — which has four heat settings (up to 302 degrees Fahrenheit), three speed settings, and a cold shot — able to fully dry hair relatively quickly when compared with other dryers we tested. The LCD display is a nice touch so you can see the exact temperature you’re dispersing onto your hair. An added bonus: it comes with a travel case for extra convenient toting. 

The Details: 10.5 ounces | 1200 watts

Best Affordable

Revlon airflow control dryer.

  • Ease of Use 4.8 /5
  • Features 4.6 /5
  • Drying Performance 4.7 /5
  • Overall Look 4 /5
  • Value 4.7 /5

It’s compact and budget-friendly with a rotating nozzle.

It works best on thin and fine hair types.

If you don’t use a travel dryer often and prefer a model with a budget-friendly price point, this Revlon model is a good bet. It has a narrowly concentrated airflow, which increases airflow speed and targets wider sections of hair than a regular concentrator, making it convenient for blowouts and styling. The nozzle can be rotated and locked into place either vertically or horizontally, so you can focus air on your strands from any angle. It also includes a diffuser for use on curly hair. It helps reduce frizz and boost shine thanks to ceramic tourmaline technology. We were quite happy with the effects for the price. It has three heat settings and two speed settings. 

The Details: 2.07 pounds | 3.6 x 11.1 x 9 inches | 1875 watts

Other Travel Hair Dryers We Liked

These two hair dryers also stood apart from the crowd during testing, although they had some minor issues that gave us pause.

L'ange Le Styliste Luxe Digital Salon Dryer : While we appreciated the compact and quiet nature of this hair dryer, ultimately it left hair a bit frizzy and didn’t have the best air flow. 

Mane Addicts This Totally Blows! Compact Hair Dryer : Though we loved that this lightweight model comes with multiple attachments including a concentrated nozzle, a diffuser, and a comb, it was a bit expensive considering the limited heat options.

First, we tested 34 of the top hair dryers in our labs, searching for the most travel-friendly options. After the initial test, we continued using the products at home at least twice a week over the course of four weeks.

In addition to our team testing the products, we also had expert hair stylists use the products on others in our laboratory tests to get some professional insight. To compare how each dryer stacked up against the others, we took detailed notes on ease of use, product features, drying performance, the overall look, and the value of the product. We also paid special attention to how packable and convenient they were for travel.

Tips for Buying a Travel Hair Dryer

Pay attention to size and weight.

If luggage space is limited, you’ll be better off with one of the smaller items on our list. Foldable hair dryers are particularly convenient for packing because they can collapse into a more compact shape. If you’re working against suitcase weight limits, pay special attention to the weight of the hair dryer — there are great options even at under one pound. 

Make sure it works for your hair type

You don’t want a dryer that’s too weak or too hot for your hair type, which can defeat the purpose of the product or leave your hair damp or frizzy. To prevent this, buy a travel dryer with similar wattage and power settings to your at-home hair dryer and be sure to give it a test run before you go. Many typical dryers are about 1800 watts.

Don't forget voltage convertors for international travel

While many hair dryers (such as our top pick!) come with automatic voltage converters, others do not. If you’re traveling internationally, be sure to pack a voltage converter with the appropriate plug for your destination. If your hair dryer includes an automatic voltage converter or a voltage converter switch, just make sure you have the right plug adapter for your intended destination.

If your hair dryer comes with a carrying case or pouch, place the dryer inside the pouch before adding it to your suitcase. A garment bag or any cloth bag can also help keep your dryer safe. Put the dryer in a padded part of your suitcase (for example, in a compartment where it’ll be surrounded by soft clothing). It’s a good idea to wrap the dryer’s cord with a cord fastener or twist tie so that it doesn’t get damaged or tangled in transit. Just make sure you allow your hair dryer to fully cool down before packing it. 

You can pack your hair dryer in your carry-on bag — just be sure you can fit it safely inside and that your bag adheres to all carry-on specifications .

Most hair dryers have a typical two-prong U.S. plug format, so you'll need an adapter with at least that type of input. If your hair dryer has a three-prong plug format, make sure you pack an adapter that can accommodate it. In many countries, electrical voltage is 220/240V, while U.S. and Canadian devices are designed for 110/120V. Most U.S. hair dryers will also require a converter when traveling between countries that use different voltages and some products, like the Dyson SuperSonic, should not be used outside of your home country for this reason. No matter what, if you don’t use a converter and plug in your hair dryer with mismatched voltage, it’s possible to ruin your device, or even start a fire. 

Why Trust Travel + Leisure

For this story, longtime beauty writer and editor Talia Ergas pored over copious notes from our lab and real-world tests to convey the best and lacking features of each choice. We also consulted professional hair stylists during our lab tests to get the most detailed insights.

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13 Travel Hair Dryers That'll Give You Quality Blowouts No Matter Your Location

Because doing your hair shouldn't be a hassle on vacation.

best travel hair dryers

Chances are, the hair dryer in your hotel room or Airbnb is just not gonna cut it, and if you're trying to pack light (ha, who are we kidding?), lugging along your favorite hair dryer might benefit from a little Honey, I Shrunk the Kids magic.

Luckily, many reputable brands offer smaller-sized hair dryers that boast carry-on-friendly features like foldable handles and dual voltage for sleek styling overseas, and these tools don't skimp out on power—nowadays, many travel blow dryers on the market offer high wattage for quick, frizz-free styling so you won't have to stress about your strands while on PTO.

Below, find the best travel hair dryers that are equally as compact as they are effective.

Flight Travel Hair Dryer

Best Overall Travel Hair Dryer

Ghd flight travel hair dryer.

miniPRO Tourmaline Ceramic Travel Hair Dryer with Folding Handle

Best Budget Travel Hair Dryer

Conair minipro tourmaline ceramic travel hair dryer with folding handle.

Supersonic™ Hair Dryer

Best Luxury Travel Hair Dryer

Dyson supersonic™ hair dryer.

Nano Titanium Travel Dryer

Best Travel Hair Dryer For International Travel

Babylisspro nano titanium travel dryer.

Go Cordless Hair Dryer

Best Cordless Travel Hair Dryer

Volo beauty go cordless hair dryer.

Afar - Lightweight Travel Size Hair Dryer

Best Travel Hair Dryer For Limited Space

T3 afar - lightweight travel size hair dryer.

1875W Compact Folding Handle Hair Dryer

Best Travel Hair Dryer For Power

Revlon 1875w compact folding handle hair dryer.

Lightweight Folding Ionic Hair Dryer

Best Quiet Travel Hair Dryer

Llano lightweight folding ionic hair dryer.

Hair Dryer Brush

Best Travel Hair Dryer Brush

Plavogue hair dryer brush.

IQ Perfetto

Best Lightweight Travel Hair Dryer

Gama iq perfetto.

GHD stands for Good Hair Day, and you're bound to have a bouncy blowout that lasts if you stash this stellar travel hair dryer in your carry-on. It's 47 percent lighter and 25 percent smaller than the full-sized GHD Air while boasting 77 percent of the power. Professional hairstylist Laurabeth Cabott loves the GHD travel dryer because it has a high wattage, dual voltage, and can be folded for traveling. Plus, it comes with a durable travel case, so you can rest assured your dryer won't get damaged even if you chuck it in your checked luggage.

This small-but-mighty travel dryer comes in under $25 yet delivers just as much power (1,200 watts, to be exact) as many other higher-priced hair dryers on the market. It doesn't come with any nice-to-haves like a cool-shot button to lock in your 'do, but it gets the job done with two heat and speed settings as well as dual voltage, which deems it suitable for international travel. Plus, it's available on Amazon Prime, so last-minute shoppers can have it delivered to their door before departure time (because we'd all rather avoid a frizzy hair fiasco on vacation).

The Dyson Supersonic comes with five different styling attachments—including the flyaway attachment, diffuser, and wide-tooth comb—that help you create perfect frizz-free styles wherever you go. And all the attachments are magnetic, so you won't have to fumble around when switching them. The Supersonic weighs under 2 pounds, has a 9-foot-long cable (which comes in handy when your hotel room only has one working outlet), boasts four different heat settings, and a cold shot button to lock in the shine. But what we love most about it is that it dries your hair lightening-fast (think: 15 minutes versus 45 on coarse hair)—and anything that saves this much time is totally worth the investment. Just keep in mind that the Dyson Supersonic doesn't have dual voltage, so it's only suitable for travel within the U.S. (unless you buy a converter to use along with it).

This metallic blue BaByliss Pro hair dryer isn't only easy on the eyes, it also produces some seriously good 'dos. Users rave that it's powerful for its size and has great longevity, so it's bound to last you through many trips around the sun. Its ultra-thin concentrator nozzle means you'll be able to smooth those strands to perfection, although this dryer doesn't come with a cool shot button. But for the unbeatable $35 price tag, you really can't go wrong.

Now you can dry your hair anywhere: on the road, in bed, or in a hotel room without a mirror-adjacent power outlet. This cordless dryer is literally a dream because a full charge lasts you two hours and it's equipped with infrared technology that dries your hair quicker and sleeker with minimal damage. Plus, it comes with a dryer head, concentrator, dryer battery pack, charging base, and charging cable all nicely packed up in a cute travel bag. Just make sure to buy a voltage converter for the hair dryer charger if you're traveling internationally to avoid frying your Volo (which would be such a shame because it is so pricey).

The T3 Afar will become your ultimate travel buddy thanks to its dual voltage converter that switches automatically when plugged in and its powerful 1,500-wattage that dries hair almost instantly. Not only is it very lightweight (about 12 ounces), but it also easily folds up for quick storage in even the smallest of suitcases. It comes in a pretty vegan leather pouch that protects your dryer from scratches and scuffs. The long 9-foot cord is also a major plus, and with all these bells and whistles, the T3 might be worth the higher price tag.

If power is what you're after, you'll want to purchase this budget-friendly, dual-voltage dryer from Revlon. It packs an impressive 1,875 watts, which is what many full-sized dryers boast, as well as A+ airflow, which means you'll achieve the fastest blowout ever. The handle folds in and it's very compact. Not only that, but this Revlon dryer has two heat settings and a cool shot button as well as ceramic coating to keep frizz at bay. And that's all for under $20. However, some users complain that this dryer didn't last them too long.

If you and your travel buddies are usually on different schedules, and you'd rather get hairstyling out of the way before starting your day, you'll want to invest in this ultra-quiet Llano travel dryer. Users rave that it's whisper-quiet, reaching up to just 58 decibels (for reference, the average hair dryer produces a noise level of around 85 decibels), so you can trust it not to wake up the later risers in your crew. And this collapsible, lightweight dryer doesn't compromise in strength: The impressive 1,400-watt motor means you'll get a fast, shiny blowout in no time.

Consider this the travel-friendly version of the cult favorite Dry Bar Double Shot Blow Dryer Brush. Unlike Dry Bar's version, this Plavogue Hair Dryer Brush has dual voltage so you can take it anywhere in the world. The oval brush ensures each strand gets hit with hot air for instant smoothness, and it helps add volume to your roots or curl out your ends for more bounce and movement. This pick is perfect for travel since you won't have to pack a separate brush along with your blow dryer. Talk about a space-saver! But some users note that the handle is wide and large and may not feel comfortable in your hand after a while.

"The Gamma Pro is super small and can be stored in luggage easily," Cabott says. At 10 ounces, it's about as lightweight as your iPhone, and packs in the power, producing sleek results thanks to three different speeds and temperatures as well as a cool shot button. This light travel dryer is ideal for folks with voluminous hair that takes a while to dry as the ergonomic design makes it easy and comfortable to use. But because it doesn't have dual voltage, you'll have to buy a converter to safely use it while traveling in other countries.

7Magic Fast-Drying Hair Dryer

Fast-Drying Hair Dryer

When you've got reservations booked and places to be, the last thing you want to do is spend precious minutes smoothing out your hair. That's where the 7Magic ionic hair dryer comes in: It cuts your drying time significantly, requiring just 3 to 5 minutes for medium-length hair and up to 8 minutes for long, thick hair. It's great for carrying in your gym bag or purse since it weighs just under one pound, and it boasts one of the slimmest designs we've seen as well as a foldable handle for compact storage. But unless you plan to buy a voltage converter, you should leave this dryer at home if you're traveling to countries outside the U.S. and Canada as this tool doesn't have dual voltage.

Drybar Baby Buttercup Travel Blow-Dryer

Baby Buttercup Travel Blow-Dryer

Drybar's Baby Buttercup dryer's compact, lightweight design and collapsible handle make it super portable and perfect for travel or on-the-go styling. And with its super-cute logo travel bag scribbled with a cheeky slogan, you'll want to take this tool everywhere. Despite its small size, it delivers powerful airflow with two heat and speed settings, as well as a cool shot button. And with its dual voltage feature, it can be used internationally without using a voltage converter. Any traveler can feel confident bringing this travel dryer along for the ride, as it's suitable for naturally wavy, curly, and straight hair. But one thing that's worth noting is that some users found that the handle easily broke and they didn't get much longevity out of this dryer.

It's a 10 Miracle Mini Travel Professional Hair Dryer Kit

Miracle Mini Travel Professional Hair Dryer Kit

This hair-drying kit comes with everything you need to achieve super smooth hair. The mini hair dryer is powerful at 1,200 watts, has a dual voltage switch for international travel, and is lightweight and compact. You'll also get two 2-ounce shampoo and conditioner bottles that are TSA-friendly, so you can travel with this kit in your carry-on or purse. It's worth noting that the hair dryer's handle isn't foldable, so it might require some Tetris skills to fit around the contents of your luggage.

How we chose the best travel hair dryers


For weeks, Women's Health editors, have researched the best travel hair dryers to buy online. We also consulted hairstylist Laurabeth Cabott on features to look for in a travel hair dryer and vetted thousands of online reviews to find the very best options available online.

What kind of features should you look for in a travel hair dryer?

faq squiggle

  • Compact, lightweight design: If you're looking into buying a travel hair dryer, it's probably because your full-size one is too big to carry with you. Cabbott recommends buying a travel dryer that weighs less than 3 pounds and has a foldable handle for easy storage. "You'll also want to make sure the dryer is durable, so it won’t get damaged easily if you’re storing it in a checked luggage bag," she adds.
  • High wattage to cut down on blow-dry time: The higher the wattage, the quicker your blowout. Cabbott says the ideal and most common wattage (aka power) for a blow dryer is 1,200. So anything lower than that won't dry your hair fast enough (translation: you'll have less time for the fun stuff).
  • Dual voltage for international travel: For stress-free styling abroad, make sure your dryer is equipped with dual voltage capability. This allows the dryer to work in different countries with varying electrical systems (FYI, the standard voltage in the United States and Canada is 110-120 volts, while many other countries operate on 220-240 volts). A dual-voltage hair dryer eliminates the need for a voltage converter or transformer. All you have to do is simply switch your dryer to the appropriate voltage setting, and start styling. But you still might need an adapter plug to fit different types of power outlets.

What are the best ways to use a hair dryer without damaging your hair?

best brushes for fine hair

Sorry gals, but hitting your hair with hot hair straight out of the shower isn't doing your 'do any good. "The best way to refrain from damaging hair with heat is to make sure your hair is at least 80% dry before using any hot tool, brush, or attachment," Cabbott says.

Instead of waiting forever for it to air-dry, you can use your blow dryer on the cool setting to dry your hair faster, and once it's almost fully dry, you can then use the hotter temperatures to style it to perfection.

April Benshosan is a New York City-based writer and editor. She graduated with a Master’s degree in Publishing from Pace University, and her byline appears on LIVESTRONG.com, Eat This, Not That!, Business Insider, MSN, Yahoo!, OK! Magazine, and Travel Squire. In her free time, you can catch April lifting weights, spending time with her pup, or planning her next vacation.

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rekomendasi hair dryer travel

We independently evaluate all recommended products and services. If you click on links we provide, we may receive compensation. Learn more .

TripSavvy / Chloe Jeong

The first priority when choosing a travel hair dryer is size. They should be compact and lightweight, with features like foldable handles and retractable cords as a bonus. A dual voltage setting is key if you’re traveling outside North and Central America. How you prioritize other factors depends on your budget and styling preferences. For those with frizzy hair, for example, tourmaline technology can be a lifesaver, while those with curly locks may opt for a dryer with a detachable diffuser. Individual requirements aside, we recommend the Conair MiniPRO Tourmaline Ceramic Hair Dryer based on price, weight, and wattage.

Read on for the best travel hair dryers.

Best Overall: Conair MiniPRO Tourmaline Ceramic Hair Dryer at Amazon

"At 8.8 oz, it's one of the lightest travel hair dryers on the market."

Runner-Up, Best Overall: Andis 1875-Watt Ionic Hair Dryer at Amazon

"Small yet packs the same mighty punch as a full-sized professional hair dryer."

Best Budget: Revlon 1875W Compact Travel Hair Dryer at Amazon

"A no-frills, yet high-performing option."

Most Compact: Jinri 1875W Dual Voltage Travel Hair Dryer at Amazon

"Small, powerful, and pretty to look at."

Best for a Blowout: Revlon One-Step Volumizer Plus 2.0 Hair Dryer at Amazon

"This brush dryer's nylon pin and tufted bristles give a perfect blowout on all hair types."

Best for All Hair Types: Drybar Baby Buttercup Blow Dryer at Sephora

"Works well with all hair types, from straight to wavy to coiled hair."

Best for Frizzy Hair: InfinitiPro by Conair Mighty Mini Compact Hair Dryer at Amazon

"The AC-motor dries hair faster, and the ion-enriched air prevents frizz."

Best Value: Remington Compact Ionic Travel Hair Dryer at Amazon

"Affordably priced but doesn't skimp on any must-have features."

Best for Curly Hair: Eva NYC Mini Healthy Heat Dryer at Amazon

"The included diffuser attachment and tourmaline-infused ceramic make for shiny curls."

  • What to Look For

Why Trust TripSavvy

Best overall, conair minipro.


Powerful for size

Dual voltage

Difficult to store cord

The Conair MiniPRO Tourmaline Ceramic Hair Dryer measures just 9.9 x 6 x 3.8 inches. At 11 ounces, it's one of the lightest travel hair dryers on the market, making it ideal for those who don't like to check luggage . It has a removable concentrator and a folding handle with a no-slip grip. Despite its toy-like appearance, the dryer packs a surprisingly powerful punch, thanks to a 1,200-watt motor and a choice of two heat/speed settings. Our tester found that the dryer is comparable to full-sized models, and while it isn't the hottest model on the market, it still dries hair reasonably quickly.

It has dual voltage functionality, which you can adjust with the dial on the front of the dryer. Lastly, tourmaline ceramic technology helps you achieve that soft, frizz-free look while protecting your hair from heat damage. The only thing our reviewer didn't like was the cord. The 5-foot cord is difficult to stow while traveling.

Heat/Speed Settings: 2 | Dimensions: 9.9 x 6 x 3.8 inches | Weight: 0.69 pounds

 TripSavvy / Stacey Nash

Runner-Up, Best Overall

Andis 1875-watt fold-n-go ionic hair dryer.

TripSavvy / Stacey Nash

Adjustable heat/air speed

Easy cord storage

Easy to pack

Concentrator vents too big

Not dual-voltage

Going on vacation without your hair dryer can be like traveling without shampoo or face wash: it's always a gamble. To be safe, bring along the Andis 1875-Watt Fold-N-Go Ionic Hair Dryer, which, while small, still packs the same mighty punch as a full-sized professional hair dryer. This high-quality dryer has three heat/air speeds you can use to fully customize your look and a retractable cord and folding handle for easy, compact storage. The cool shot setting was our tester's favorite because, unlike other dryers, the Andis doesn't lose any power on cool, saving time on styling. There's also an included concentrator; however, our tester noticed that the large vents on the concentrator let too much air escape.

Traveling can definitely wreak havoc on your mane, but the Andis hair dryer is the perfect on-the-go tool for diffusing frizz, neutralizing static, and boosting shine, thanks to its ceramic drying technology and sleek, portable size. Boasting 1875 watts and 125 volts, the Andis Fold-N-Go Ionic Hair Dryer has the power of a full-sized dryer, which is why it's such a popular pick.

Heat/Speed Settings: 3 | Dimensions: 7.5 x 5.3 x 3.6 inches | Weight: 1.2 pounds

Best Budget

Revlon 1875w compact travel hair dryer.


Concentrator attachment falls out

With a budget-friendly price point, the Revlon 1875W Compact Hair Dryer is a no-frills yet high-performing option. The compact, 4 x 6 x 9-inch hair dryer has a folding handle for easily stowing away in your carry-on luggage or gym bag. To protect your hair, the dryer boasts ionic technology that reduces frizz and triple ceramic coating for equal heat distribution. It's even made for international use, with a worldwide dual voltage selection (125V and 250V). The Revlon dryer also includes two heat/speed settings and a cool shot button at half the price of most travel hair dryers on the market. Just note that only one speed can be used at 250V.

Heat/Speed Settings: 2 | Dimensions: 9 x 6 x 4 inches | Weight: 1.1 pounds

Most Compact

Jinri 1875w dual voltage travel hair dryer.

Fights frizz

Easy to store

Loses power on cool setting

The Jinri 1875W Travel Hair Dryer is small, powerful, and pretty to look at. It's available in various bright colors, while a foldable handle means that it packs away to just 9.45 x 5.5 x 4.72 inches. The dual voltage hair dryer is also easy to store, thanks to a removable concentrator, Velcro strap, and a hanging loop on the power cord. Despite its small size, you can expect the same performance as you would from a much larger dryer. Its 1,875-watt motor is quiet yet powerful, producing enough airflow to dry your locks in record time.

A dial on the handle allows you to switch between 125V and 250V, making the hair dryer ideal for international travel . There are two heat settings (although only one works when the dryer is dialed to 250V) and a cool shot button to set your style. Our tester found that the low setting worked best for frizzy or curly hair. She also noted that the cool shot was disappointing as the power level dropped significantly. Best of all, the hair dryer's ceramic tourmaline air outlet releases negative ions, which repel positive water ions and help to prevent frizzing—keeping your hair sleeker and shinier than ever.

Heat/Speed Settings: 2 | Dimensions: 9.5 x 5.5 x 4.7 inches | Weight: 1.6 pounds

Best For a Blowout

Revlon hair dryer and hot air brush.

Breaks down for storage

Works on all hair types

Only usable on 120V outlets

The original One-Step Volumizer amassed a loyal following almost overnight for the ability to easily get a salon-worthy blowout on all hair types, even oily hair. The upgraded 2.0 version adds even more crowd-pleasing features. First is the detachable handle that makes travel easy. The One-Step 2.0 also has a third speed/heat setting, a smaller handle for easier control, and a smaller barrel ideal for people with short and medium-length hair. The tourmaline-coated ceramic barrel protects hair from heat damage, but the dryer does get quite hot. It's also only compatible with 120V outlets, so you can't take this on international trips.

Heat/Speed Settings: 3 heat | Dimensions: 6 x 4 x 1.6 inches | Weight: 1.63 pounds

Best for All Hair Types

Drybar baby buttercup blow dryer.

When it comes to quick blowouts, look no further than Drybar and its line of hair dryers. The Baby Buttercup Blow Dryer, the travel-size version of the Buttercup Blow Dryer, performs just as well as most professional, full-size dryers. This is thanks to its ionic technology, which helps increase shine, reduce frizz, and decrease dry time. Along with two heat settings, the Baby Buttercup includes a cool shot button and operates at 120/220 to 240V. It also weighs less than a pound and folds easily to fit any suitcase, making it ideal for travel. Best of all, the hair dryer works well with all hair types, from straight to wavy to coiled hair.

Heat/Speed Settings: 2 heat, | Dimensions: Not listed | Weight: 0.81 pounds

Best for Frizzy Hair

Conair travel professional hair dryer.

Power AC motor

Separate speed and heat settings

Prevents lint buildup

A bit heavy

Back vent may catch hair

Smooth your frizzy locks, tamp down your split ends, and transform your hair into a sleek, shiny cascade of waves with the InfinitiPRO by Conair Mighty Mini hair dryer. This dryer is particularly great if you have frizzy or curly hair since its ionic airflow technology also helps to lock in moisture and enhance shine. The dryer comes with a concentrator and boasts three heat settings, two speed settings, and a cool shot button giving you complete control over your style. And at 1600 watts and with an AC motor, this compact dryer packs some serious power. One of the more unique features is the removable air filter. Cleaning out built-up lint extends the dryer's life even further. Some reviewers did note that their hair got stuck in the back vent.

Heat/Speed Settings: 3 heat, 2 speed | Dimensions: 11.6 x 6 x 3.8 inches | Weight: 1.8 pounds

Remington D5000 Compact Ionic Dryer

Separate heat and speed buttons

No attachments

Help increase shine and reduce frizz with the Remington Compact Ionic Travel Hair Dryer, which features 1876 watts of power and ionic conditioning so that you can achieve significant volume, a silky sheen, and thoroughly tamed locks, whether you’re in for a 12-hour transatlantic flight or just a quick weekend away . This is a fantastic go-to hair dryer if you’re on a budget or don’t want to spend a fortune on a fancy dryer since it’s affordable but doesn’t skimp on any must-have features. It has three heat settings, a cool shot button, and an energy-saving eco-setting option if you prefer to conserve energy while effectively drying your hair.

Heat/Speed Settings: 3 heat, 2 speed | Dimensions: 10 x 6 x 3.2 inches | Weight: 1.28 pounds

Best for Curly Hair

Eva nyc mini dryer + bag.

Diffuser attachment

No cool heat setting

Unlike most travel hair dryers, this compact dryer comes with a diffuser and a concentrator, making it ideal for curly-haired people on the go. With 1,200 watts for powerful performance, its tourmaline-infused ceramic components radiate far-infrared heat and emit negative ions for frizz-free hair in a quick-drying process. There are two speed settings for adjusting the dryer to your specific hair type. Everything comes in a handy bag for easy transportation, and the dryer comes in fun colors like leopard print or fuschia.

Heat/Speed Settings: 1 heat, 2 speed | Dimensions: 9.5 x 6 x 3 inches | Weight: 1.17 pounds

What to Look for in a Travel Hair Dryer

You’re buying a travel hair dryer for the convenience of a smaller size and a lighter weight. Don’t compromise those values in the search, or you might as well just bring yours from home. Keep an eye out for models with features that make them even more compact, like retractable cords and foldable handles.

The higher the wattage, the more powerful the hair dryer. Look for 1,875 watts for maximum power, though gems can be found as low as 1,000 watts. (Disregard anything lower than that, however.)

Generally, higher price tags signify more perks. For example, motors tend to be quieter in higher-end models—a big plus if you happen to be sharing the room with friends or your kids.

A decent travel hair dryer can range from 1,000 to 1,875 watts. The higher the wattage, the more powerful it is, and while there are some great 1,000-watt dryers, anything lower won't be strong enough.

If the dryer is a dual-voltage, you need an adapter compatible with your destination's outlets. If the dryer is single voltage, you need a converter that changes the voltage to one compatible with the device.

A hairdryer can travel in a carry-on or checked bag. Before packing, make sure the dryer is completely cool. Dryers with foldable handles, retractable cords, and/or carrying bags can be placed easily in bags. Once the dryer is packed, be careful of throwing, hitting, or kicking the bag.

Yes, you can bring a hair dryer on a plane for domestic and international flights.

A regular hair dryer can be used while traveling, but there are a few things to consider. The compact size and lighter weight of a travel model are its main advantages over a standard option, not to mention convenient features like foldable handles and retractable cords. A regular dryer will generally offer more power than the average travel option, but it will be a pain when it comes time to pack and weigh your bag.

Author  Jessica Macdonald  is a freelance writer specializing in travel, scuba diving, and wildlife conservation who has used plenty of hair dryers. She is a two-time winner of The Telegraph's  Just Back  travel writing competition and has written extensively for various magazines, travel agencies, websites, and PR companies. For this article, she compiled product details, user reviews, and product testing insights to narrow down the top hair dryers for travel.

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We Tested Travel Hair Dryers—These 8 Are the Key to Packing for Your Next Trip

Dare we say they'll blow you away?

Melanie Rud is a Chicago-based writer with 10 years of experience covering beauty. She covers all things skincare for Byrdie, from ingredients to acne advice.

rekomendasi hair dryer travel

Byrdie / Reese Herrington

Book any hotel or Airbnb, and it’s safe to assume there will be a hair dryer there. It’s a basic amenity, after all, one necessary for getting you out the door and exploring wherever your travels have taken you. But then, there’s that one time that assumption proves false. It’s usually when you need a hair dryer the most—when you’re shortest on time, in the most humid conditions, dressing for your fanciest event. Of course . 

Don’t risk it. We’re all about investing in a travel-friendly hair dryer to avoid scenarios like that. Since they’re small and mighty, you can easily sneak one into your suitcase and ditch using that weak one at your hotel.

Not all travel hair dryers are created equal, though. That’s why we set out to test a wide range of travel hair dryers, all with different features and at various price points. Our testers evaluated how well they worked (specifically how long it took to dry their hair ), while a panel of experts weighed in on more technical features, such as ergonomics, attachments, and airflow. When all was said and done, we ended up with this list of winning pint-sized options that will barely make a dent in your suitcase. 

Where We Stand

How we tested.

  • What To Look For

Why Trust Byrdie

Best overall, t3 afar travel size hair dryer.


Very powerful motor and airflow

Has many different heat and speed settings, including a cool-shot button

Doesn’t come with any attachments

T3 is well-known for its wide range of tech-y hot tools, and this travel dryer is no different. It boasts many of the same bells and whistles you’d find on full-size dryers; think a variety of heat and speed settings, a cool-shot button, and built-in dual voltage. Plus, it’s compact to begin with—and even more so given that it can be folded in half. We loved how shiny and smooth it left our strands (credit built-in ionic technology); our expert panel raved about the convenient button placement and how lightweight it was .

Who It’s For

People with all hair types should try this, as well as those who don’t mind spending a bit more money on a travel dryer.

Features : 1,500 watts, three heat and two-speed settings, cool-shot button, dual voltage | Wireless: No

Best Budget

Conair minipro.


Handle folds up

Emits a strong airflow

Can overheat

At this price, we truly can’t think of a reason not to pick up this pint-sized hair dryer from Conair, a long-time trusted hair care brand. It’s an Amazon favorite, too; over 3,000 satisfied reviewers repeatedly comment on how lightweight yet powerful it is, with a strong airflow that leads to dry hair in nearly no time . Its functions are pretty basic—it features just two heat and speed settings—but it gets the job done, and it folds up compactly so you can sneak it into your suitcase easily. Just beware: this one can overheat, so it’s best for those who have thinner hair that won’t take long to dry. And, again, the price.

Anyone with thin or fine hair should try this pick (it can get too hot if you have thicker hair that takes longer to dry). It’s also a great pick if you’re on a budget. Features: 1,200 watts, two heat and speed settings, airflow concentrator, dual voltage, velvet grip handle | Wireless: No

Best Foldable

Stylecraft peewee travel dryer.

Helps smooth hair

Folds into compact size

Quality could be better

While the quality of this one isn’t particularly impressive, we do very much appreciate the lightweight feel, budget-friendly price, and the fact that it folds perfectly in half, fitting into even the most cramped of suitcases . Also noteworthy: a special Tri-Plex Fusion technology (stay with us here) with keratin, ceramic, and tourmaline for smoothing and shine-enhancing benefits . 

Anyone who tends to overpack will appreciate that this can be folded up into a tiny little size. It’s also very affordable and lightweight , too. 

Features: 1,000 watt micro-motor, built-in stand, airflow concentrator and diffuser, travel bag, dual voltage | Wireless: No

Best for International Travel

Babylisspro nano titanium travel dryer.

Small, compact size

Includes extra accessories

Only one heat setting

Cord doesn’t retract

Never stress about packing an adaptor or frying your dryer again; with a travel-sized dual voltage option, you can dry your hair to perfection on all your international adventures . Like this one. It’s powerful, with a strong airflow that gets you out the door (and to a museum, historic site, wine bar—you name it) in no time. As mighty as it is, it’s still super compact and lightweight, so it will barely contribute to your suitcase’s heaviness and leaves more space for souvenirs too. We also love that the back pops off for easy cleaning . There are downsides, though: there’s only one heat setting—and it gets hot —and the cord doesn’t retract.

Who It’s For 

Frequent international travelers will appreciate the fact that this is a dual-voltage choice. Features: 1,000 watts, two heat and speed settings, folding handle, removable filter and stand, dual voltage | Wireless: No

Best for Fast Drying

7magic fast-drying hair dryer.

Dries hair incredibly fast

Has three temperature settings

Ionic technology protects hair from heat damage

No dual voltage

“Fast-Drying” is in the name of this foldable hair dryer for a reason. It’s that efficient— 30 percent faster than a standard hair dryer , according to the brand. Even the longest, thickest hair will be dry in just five to eight minutes. Got short locks? You’ll be ready for the day in just a minute or two. Its three temperature settings, two-speed options, and ionic technology , which protects hair from heat damage and dryness, all helped earn it our top spot. We also love how lightweight and compact it is, which is essential for ensuring it’s travel-friendly and that the price won’t give you sticker shock. Keep this hair dryer for domestic travels only, though, since it doesn’t have dual voltage.

If you like lots of different settings, pick this choice. It’s also great if you have thicker hair , as it works super fast.

Features:  1,600 watts, two speed, and three temperature settings, detachable air filter, overheating safety protection setting, storage bag |  Wireless:  No

Best for Curly Hair

Revlon airflow control dryer.

Comes with both a concentrator and a diffuser

Has ceramic tourmaline technology to fight frizz

Can be hard to pop on diffuser

Curly-haired gals, this one's for you. If you rock spirals, this travel hair dryer checks all the must-haves. There’s a built-in concentrator that directs airflow (it rotates so that it can be vertical or horizontal), which is part of why we found this to be very powerful, with strong and even airflow . It also has ceramic tourmaline technology to fight static (a must for those with curls), not to mention a variety of heat and speed settings , as well as a cool shot button.

Those with curls will like the many features of this dryer, namely a diffuser and ceramic tourmaline technology .

Features : 1875 watts, built-in rotating concentrator, curl-enhancing diffuser | Wireless: No

Best Lightweight

L'ange le styliste luxe digital salon dryer.

Slim and sleek design

Comes with three magnetic attachments

Airflow could be stronger

Lightweight is an understatement: This little guy weighs in at less than a pound . (In fact, our experts said it was the lightest dryer they’d ever used.)  Still, despite its size, it manages to offer some pretty unique features— think magnetic attachments, an LCD temperature display, a super quiet motor, and more. While the airflow could be a bit more powerful, the shape of the dryer does make the airflow very targeted and concentrated. 

Fans of tech-y hot tools will appreciate all the bells and whistles that this blow-dryer has to offer, as well as anyone who finds that their arm gets tired of holding heavier driers.

Features : Magnetic attachments, LCD temperature display, four heat and three speed settings | Wireless: No

TYMO HighSpeed Hair Dryer

Extremely quiet

Sleek and streamlined design

Auto-cleaning feature

Button placement isn’t particularly convenient

Not only is this super lightweight, but it’s also very quiet , which is ideal if you’re traveling with a companion that you don’t want to disturb while you style your hair. While the long and skinny shape isn’t exactly what we’re used to, we found it easy to maneuver and hold. It does only get up to 250 degrees, meaning it’s probably best reserved for those with fine to medium hair, but the variety of heat and speed settings, as well as three magnetic attachments, further help you customize your drying experience.

Fine to medium hair types and textures should try this dryer, given that it only heats up to 250 degrees and may not be strong enough for heavier hair types.

Features : 1,200 watts, digital LCD display, four heat and three speed settings, magnetic attachments | Wireless: No

Overall, our favorite travel hair dryer is the T3 Afar Travel Hair Dryer , and for good reason—many good reasons, actually. It has a powerful motor and airflow, folds up compactly, and features a nice range of heat and speed settings. For a budget-friendly option, shop two long-loved brands: either the Conair miniPRO Tourmaline Ceramic Dryer or the Revlon Airflow Control Dryer . Both get the job done without putting a dent in your budget, and the latter is especially great for curly hair.

Our testers had their hair blown out by professionals; both the testers and the pros then weighed in on various attributes of the product. Testers noted how long it took to dry their hair and how it looked, while the experts weighed in on their experience using the dryer and technical specs. We also had testers take the dryers home and use them for four weeks, evaluating them after the fact. 

What to Look For in a Travel Hair Dryer

  • Size: Planning to take your hair dryer in your carry-on? Make sure it's compact so it won't take up valuable space. You can also choose one that's foldable, like the winning T3 Afar Travel Hair Dryer or StyleCraft PeeWee Travel Dryer , or which will also help keep precious suitcase space for important things (like all the outfits you'll need!).
  • Weight: Your dryer shouldn't weigh too much—in case you need to throw it into an overweight suitcase. Another thing to keep in mind? How heavy it'll be if you need to carry it around in a bag all day. Stick to under five pounds, if possible, to make the most of the in-flight weight limit (and prevent yourself from carrying a tremendously heavy weekend bag). Fun fact: The L’ange Le Stylist Luxe Digital Salon Dryer on this list weighs in at less than a pound.
  • Voltage: If you're planning to travel abroad, make sure your dryer has dual voltage included. (The BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Travel Dryer featured on this list is one that does.) Without dual voltage, you'll have to pack an adapter—which can be a costly addition. And if you choose to forgo it, you could get lucky, or you can fry your hair dryer in the outlet.

The name says it all: a hair dryer is intended to dry wet or damp hair. Instead of waiting for your hair to air dry, which can take what feels like forever , a hair dryer can speed up the getting ready process. How fast, exactly, depends on your hair’s length and thickness, how smooth you want it, and how patient you’re feeling. With different attachments or nozzles, a hair dryer can also be used to create a sleek blowout or to diffuse curls, too. And you don't need to spend a fortune for a good hair dryer, travel or otherwise. There are plenty of affordable hair dryers .

There’s no way around it: the combination of heat and hair can lead to damage. Any heat styling tool—including curling wands, straight irons, and, yes, hair dryers—may cause breakage, dryness, and dullness, so make sure you take precautions before using any heat tools. One way to reduce the likelihood of damage? Apply a heat protectant to your strands before drying, curling, or straightening. While no heat styling tools are particularly healthy for your hair, with proper (and not too frequent) usage, you can limit a hair dryer’s harm to your hair.

Hair dryers’ lifespans vary, but in general, expect one to last around 800 hours. Depending on how often (and how long) you use it, that could mean several years. Just be sure to be gentle with it, storing it safely. Hopefully, while traveling, the airlines’ bag carriers will be gentle with your suitcase, too. 

Full-time freelance writer  Megan McCarty  has been writing about the best of the best of fashion and beauty for over 15 years, and her work can be seen in InStyle, Domino, Architectural Digest, Bustle, and more. Often, she works from various locations around the world, so she’s well acquainted with travel hair dryers. To date, she’s only fried one from forgetting to switch the voltage while abroad. (Oops.) Byrdie contributor Melanie Rud has nearly fifteen years of experience in the beauty industry, writing for some of the biggest magazines and websites out there. She’s written for Byrdie since 2020, covering hair, makeup, skin, health, wellness, fashion, and more. She’s learned the hard way that it’s always best to BYO a travel dryer with you.

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The 14 Best Travel Hair Dryers of 2024

Just because you’re traveling doesn’t mean you have to leave a good hair day behind.

rekomendasi hair dryer travel

In This Article

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  • Our top picks

What to Keep in Mind

Your questions, answered, why shop with us.

We independently evaluate all recommended products and services. If you click on links we provide, we may receive compensation. Learn more .

InStyle / Alli Waataja

Being both a beauty and travel editor has taught me three important lessons. For starters, TSA precheck is a must. (Trust me on this.) Secondly, getting travel-size containers for your favorite beauty products is always worth it. (Because what’s a trip without your go-to essentials?) And perhaps the most valuable lesson: Hotel blow dryers are not it. Luckily, there’s a solution: Travel hair dryers. These convenient devices are lightweight, compact, and crucial for every trip.

To ensure you have a good hair day (no matter where you might be), we spent time researching and analyzing the best portable hair dryers on the market. Complete with expert-recommended devices that cater to frizzy, damaged, thick, and curly hair, these top picks are sure to deliver gorgeous blowouts in minutes. Plus, they’re all dual voltage, meaning you can use them anywhere in the world. 

Whether you want an affordable option that won’t let you down or you need a tool that can replace all the others (think: a blow dryer, straightener , and curler), we found the 14 best travel hair dryers that are so good, they just might blow you away.

Best Overall

Chi tech travel ceramic hair dryer.

What We Love: This blow dryer works exceptionally well on all hair textures, including thick and coarse.

What We Don’t Love: This device does not come with a travel bag.

Small but mighty, this CHI blow dryer has everything needed for a gorgeous blowout on the go. To kick things off, it features a ceramic heater that offers even heat distribution, which ultimately helps minimize damage. But this tool keeps healthy hair a priority in a few other ways: It also produces negative ions that smooth and seal cuticles, while still giving hair volume and body. This ultimately produces less frizz and more shine. Plus, it comes with a removable air concentrator nozzle that can be used to create ultra-sleek blowouts; and features two heat settings allowing you to customize your hair dry session based on your preferences.

What makes this tool ideal for traveling is its collapsible handle that folds up easily. This feature allows it to take up a minimal amount of space, even in small carry-ons and stuffed duffle bags. Not to mention, it has a 1400-watt motor that can dry hair in no time. (Full-size blow dryers generally have 1500- to 2000-watt motors, so this little device is almost as powerful even though it’s a fraction of the size.)

As a fun bonus, this device has a blue LED light that creates cleaner air during the styling process by decreasing bacterial buildup inside the hair dryer. With so many stellar features there’s a lot to love about this compact dryer, but we do wish it came with a travel bag to make storing it a tad easier. (Luckily, it should fit into any dust standard-sized dust bag if you want to keep it protected.)

Weight: 1 lb | Watts: 1400 | Heat Settings: 2 | Speed Settings: 2 | Special Features: Included concentrator, blue LED light

Best Budget

Lura mini portable travel hair dryer.

What We Love: When folded, this affordable blow dryer is smaller than an iPhone.

What We Don’t Love: The diffuser attachment is very small, so it may take a long time to adequately dry curly hair.

The LURA Mini Portable Travel Hair Dryer is proof that a good blow dryer doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Complete with two heat settings, two speeds, and 1200 watts, this tiny tool (which is smaller than an iPhone when folded) dries hair with ease.

It comes with a diffuser and a concentrator, so you can create a variety of styles with this small but mighty tool. It’s worth noting that these two attachments work well with all hair types and textures – including curly hair , as well as thick and coarse strands – making this dryer ideal for anyone. Plus, even when you don’t use the attachments, this dryer delivers a salon-worthy blowout.

Complete with a shiny silver travel bag as well as a two-pin plug adapter that works in most European countries, the dryer comes with everything you’ll need to style your hair from anywhere in the world. That said, the diffuser attachment is very small, so it may take a long time to adequately dry curly hair with it. Thankfully, any universal diffuser attachment should fit onto the dryer.

Weight: 0.68 lb | Watts: 1200 | Heat Settings: 2 | Speed Settings: 2 | Special Features: Concentrator, diffuser, travel case, adapter plug

Best Splurge

T3 afar travel dryer.

What We Love: This blow dryer has three heat settings, two speed settings, and a cool shot feature.

What We Don’t Love: While this tool quickly and efficiently dries thinner hair, it can take a while for thicker, coarser hair to get dry.

No matter what the price is, we always trust a product made by T3 – and we aren’t the only ones. “The T3 Afar Travel Hair Dryer is like a tiny but mighty superhero for your hair,” says master stylist and founder of Gregga LA , Gregga Prothero. “It may be small, but it packs a powerful punch, delivering fast and efficient drying while reducing frizz and static.” 

Thanks to three heat settings as well as two speed settings, you can easily customize your drying experience to fit your hair’s texture, length, and dampness. (It’s worth noting that this tool doesn’t blow out extremely hot air, so if you have thick, coarse, or very long hair, you might have to spend extra time drying it.) It also has an ion generator that infuses the air with negative ions to help reduce static and frizz while also smoothing the hair cuticle to ensure a glossy, high-shine finish. As if that wasn’t enough, it comes with a cute vegan leather travel case and a clip-on concentrator. 

As for its travel capabilities, this tiny tool has a foldable handle that makes it easy to store, as well as an automatic dual voltage feature that adapts based on where you are. “It's the perfect travel companion, ready to save your hair from bad hair days no matter where in the world you find yourself,” says Prothero.

Weight: 0.68 lbs | Watts: 1500 | Heat Settings: 3 | Speed Settings: 2 | Special Features:  Concentrator, cool shot, travel case

Best Dual Voltage

Ghd flight travel hair.

What We Love: This smart blow dryer automatically switches off when it’s held too close to hair, which helps protect strands from heat damage.

What We Don’t Love: This blow dryer's airflow only reaches 150 degrees, which means it’s not ideal for someone with very thick hair.

Traveling outside the U.S.? Not without this dual voltage bestseller! The ghd Flight Travel Hair Dryer is the ideal beauty tool when it comes to traveling internationally for more than one reason. For starters, it has dual voltage capabilities, so it can be used virtually anywhere. On top of that, it won’t weigh down luggage since it clocks in at a mere 1.19 pounds. Not to mention, this blow dryer’s handle is foldable, making this device even more compact. 

This travel blow dryer has three heat settings as well as two speed settings, allowing you to customize it to your liking (that said, the hot setting only reaches 150 degrees, so it won’t be very efficient at blow drying very thick hair).

It also comes with a protective bag that can shield the blow dryer from damage as well as a concentrator attachment that helps create effortless blowouts. As for the coolest feature? This top-rated tool includes ghd’s hair safeguard technology that automatically cools down the device if it’s held too close to hair. This unique feature shields hair from heat damage and prevents the tool from overheating.

Weight: 1.19 pounds | Watts: 1400 | Heat Settings: 3 | Speed Settings: 2 | Special Features: Concentrator, cool shot, travel case

Best for International Travel

Babylisspro nano titanium travel dryer.

What We Love: Because it has dual voltage it can be used anywhere in the world.

What We Don’t Love: It does not offer a medium heat setting.

Looking for a convenient, reliable, and affordable hair dryer to accompany you on your next international trip? We have just what you need. This BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Travel Dryer has dual voltage, allowing you to use it no matter where your travels take you. It offers 1000 watts of power, meaning it won’t fry strands, but it will still dry them in a timely manner. Plus, it has two different heat and speed settings (high and low). While these two settings work well, we do wish there was a medium setting for more customization.

This compact dryer also features a nano titanium technology that emits negative ions to give strands a healthy, glossy finish. And, to top it all off, it has a foldable handle, a six-foot-long cord, and it comes with an ultra-thin concentrator nozzle. Need we say more?

Weight: 0.6 lbs | Watts: 1000 | Heat Settings: 2 | Speed Settings: 2 | Special Features: Concentrator, long cord

Best Lightweight

Drybar baby buttercup blow dryer.

What We Love: This tiny yellow blow dryer delivers just as much power as its full-size counterparts. 

What We Don’t Love: The head of this blow dryer is thick, so it’s a bit bulky when it’s folded.

Leave it to Drybar to make a lightweight, cute, and compact travel blow dryer. Weighing less than a pound, this little device is the perfect hot tool to bring on any vacation. First, it’s foldable and easy to store, meaning it can fit in any suitcase or carry-on. (We will note that the width of the head is a bit bigger than some of the other blow dryers on this list, but since this tool is ultra-reliable, we don’t mind that it takes up an inch or two more of space.) Secondly, it operates at 120 or 220 to 240 volts depending on where you are, which makes it ideal for overseas travel. 

With two heat settings, as well as a cool shot feature that helps set styles, the high-quality dryer helps you create a salon-worthy blowout. If you want to take your hair game to the next level, we suggest getting the Drybar Jump Start Quick Dry Blowout Serum to incorporate into your routine. The silicone-free styling serum reduces drying time, fights frizz, and protects hair from heat damage (and it’s available in a travel size!).

Weight: 0.8 pounds | Watts: 1200 | Heat Settings: 3 | Speed Settings: 2 | Special Features: Concentrator, cool shot, travel bag

Most Powerful

Jinri 1875w dual voltage travel hair dryer.

What We Love: This hair dryer features a fine mesh filter on the back that prevents hair from getting sucked in.

What We Don’t Love: The concentrator can fall off if it is not attached tightly enough to the nozzle.

Complete with 1875 watts, this small but powerful blow dryer can style hair in no time. It has three different heat settings that include high (which is ideal for drying hair quickly), low (which works well if you’re styling your hair with a round brush), and a cool shot button (to help hold and set hairstyles). It also features a ceramic nozzle that produces negative ions that cling to the hair, ultimately helping to reduce frizz and add shine. Plus, with dual voltage capabilities, it can be used in both the United States as well as overseas. (To change the voltage, simply twist the knob at the bottom of the handle.)

Weight: 1.57 lbs | Watts: 1875 | Heat Settings: 3 | Speed Settings: 2 | Special Features: Concentrator, cool shot

Eva NYC Mini Dryer + Bag

What We Love: This powerful little blow dryer radiates far-infrared heat and emits negative ions, which keeps hair looking healthy and shiny.

What We Don’t Love: This blow dryer does not have a cool shot feature.

Like most hot tools from Eva NYC, this portable blow dryer utilizes the power of negative ions. These negative ions are released from the tourmaline-infused ceramic nozzle into the hair, working overtime to lock in moisture and eliminate frizz and static. The result? Shiny, glossy hair. Plus, this innovative device radiates far-infrared heat, which is gentle on hair and ultimately reduces drying time, protecting strands from heat damage. 

On top of shielding hair from harm, this blow dryer allows for different styling options, thanks to the concentrator and diffuser attachments. (The concentrator is ideal for creating smooth blowouts while the diffuser helps ensure curls keep their shape, sans frizz.) As for the final touches, this Eva NYC favorite offers dual voltage, has a foldable handle, and comes with a cute carrying case.

Weight: 1.19 lbs | Watts: 1200 | Heat Settings: 2 | Speed Settings: 2 | Special Features: Concentrator, diffuser, travel case

Best for Damaged Hair

Berta hair dryer.

What We Love: This travel blow dryer emits negative ions and has a cool shot feature.

What We Don’t Love: The rear vent cap is not removable, so there is no way to clean out the grate in the back of the dryer.

If you have damaged hair and don’t want to air dry it (guilty), opt for this Amazon bestseller. This Berta blow dryer has three heat settings – low, high, and a cool shot feature. The low heat setting is ideal to use if you have damaged hair because it’s warm enough to efficiently dry hair, yet cool enough to protect strands from heat damage. Additionally, it emits negative ions into the hair, which increases shine while decreasing static. If you really want to keep your hair healthy, we suggest using a heat protectant spray both before and during your blow-drying session so you can ensure your mane is safe from harm. 

We also appreciate that this foldable tool is extremely quiet, so if you’re sharing a hotel room with someone, it won’t be bothersome. Plus, it has a handy hanging ring so you can store it on the back of the bathroom door, freeing up countertop space for your other beauty essentials. 

Weight: 1.53 lbs | Watts: 1875 | Heat Settings: 3 | Speed Settings: 2 | Special Features: Concentrator, cool shot

Plavogue Hair Dryer Brush

What We Love: This lightweight tool features an anti-scalding comb that protects the scalp from heat.

What We Don’t Love: This blow dry brush is loud.

Kill two birds with one stone with the help of this blow-drying brush. First and foremost, this hot tool dries hair, thanks to 1000 watts of power. But it also acts as a brush to detangle, straighten, and style strands. Made with nylon needles and tufted bristles that won’t rip out hair, it has anti-scalding capabilities that protect the scalp from getting burned

The blow dry brush offers three different heat and speed settings that include cool, hot, and hot plus. These settings cater to all hair textures, with cool being ideal for fine hair, hot working best for medium hair, and hot plus being ideal for thick and coarse strands. One thing we especially love about this tool is that it does a great job of creating volume at the root. To do so, turn this device to the ‘hot’ setting, and brush the hair upwards at the root. (To really give your strands a lift, add volumizing mousse before blow drying, too.) 

In terms of traveling, this blow dry brush has a dual-voltage plug that works anywhere. It also comes with a carrying case that protects it from getting scratched and damaged. It’s worth pointing out that this device is a bit loud when it’s in use, so keep that in mind if you’re traveling with someone or will be in close quarters..

Weight: 1.81 lbs | Watts: 1000 | Heat Settings: 3 | Speed Settings: 3 | Special Features: Travel bag, two hair clips, 360-degree swivel cord

Best for Frizzy Hair

Conair mini travel hair dryer for on-the-go styling.

What We Love: This mini blow dryer features tourmaline ceramic technology that helps protect the hair from heat, while also adding shine and reducing frizz.

What We Don’t Love: The cord is less than five feet long, making it shorter than most.

Frizzy hair stands no chance against this top-rated Conair hair dryer. Complete with tourmaline ceramic technology that works hard to protect hair from heat damage, this device stops frizz before it happens. This technology produces negative ions that enhance shine and provide hair with noticeable glossiness. As for its features, this blow dryer offers two heat and speed settings, which work well with all hair types; and it also comes with a concentrator and diffuser, letting you get creative with your hairstyle.

Aside from getting a blow dryer with special tourmaline ceramic technology, Prothero recommends other tips for keeping frizz at bay while styling it. “To reduce frizz when blow drying your hair, you should be using the proper anti-frizz serum that also protects your hair from heat,” she says. “Apply the lightweight formula to towel-dried hair before blow drying.” By doing this, the serum will be able to provide frizz control as well as heat protection.

Weight: 1 lb | Watts: 1200 | Heat Settings: 2 | Speed Settings: 2 | Special Features: Concentrator, diffuser, travel case

Best with Diffuser

Ohjump hair dryer.

What We Love: This small tool has strong fans that produce fast wind speeds in order to dry hair quicker and reduce heat damage.

What We Don’t Love: The concentrator can get hot if it’s left on too long, so try to use it for 10 minutes or less at a time.

What do you get when you pair this blow dryer’s diffuser with curly hair? A match made in heaven. The OHJUMP Mini Travel Hair Dryer comes with a top-rated diffuser attachment that keeps curly hair, well, curly. Thanks to strong fans that create high wind speeds, this tool is able to deliver hot gusts of wind straight through the diffuser to hair and ultimately helps define and set curls. 

Plus, this tool has two heat and speed settings – high heat with high speed, which provides a strong airflow that dries hair fast, and low heat with low speed, which creates a soft air flow that helps to smooth strands (this setting is great for wavy hair ). On top of that, this foldable blow dryer is small and compact, and even features dual voltage options. It also comes with a travel bag as well as an EU plug adapter, meaning it can come with you anywhere you go.

Weight: 1.23 pounds | Watts: 1875 | Heat Settings: 2 | Speed Settings: 2 | Special Features: Concentrator, diffuser, travel case, adapter plug

Best for Curly Hair

Hot tools compact hair dryer.

What We Love: This small blow dryer comes with a unique diffuser that creates gorgeous curls and waves.

What We Don’t Love: This device produces very hot air that can burn the scalp if it is placed too close to the head.

If you’re looking for a travel-friendly blow dryer that caters to curly hair, meet this Hot Tools device. This bestseller has a slew of incredible features that work well with curly hair. For starters, this device has three different heat settings, and also comes with a unique, finger-style diffuser that’s made to lift hair, add body, and maintain curls or waves without creating frizz. Plus, this blow dryer emits negative ions that condition and smooth hair, making it shinier and most lustrous. 

As if that wasn’t enough, this Hot Tools blow dryer has universal dual voltage capabilities, meaning you can plug it in just about anywhere. It’s also easy to fold and it takes up barely any space. The best part? You can clean out the end cap’s filter, which will help prolong the device’s lifespan.

Weight: 1.55 lbs | Watts: 1875 | Heat Settings: 3 | Speed Settings: 2 | Special Features: Concentrator, diffuser, cool shot

Best for Thick Hair

It's a 10 hair dryer kit.

It's a 10 Haircare

What We Love: This device delivers strong airflow, which can dry hair in less than 10 minutes.

What We Don’t Love: The concentrator can get very hot after use, so give it a few minutes to cool down before taking it off.

Thick hair notoriously takes forever to dry. Luckily, the It's a 10 Miracle Mini Travel Professional Hair Dryer is here to change that. It’s designed to deliver a powerful airflow that can dry hair in under 10 minutes – yes, even thick, coarse hair. 

It offers two different temperature settings (high and low), both of which cater to all hair types and textures. It also comes equipped with a concentrator nozzle that can help you perfect a voluminous blowout. (Note: The concentrator can get hot during use, so be sure to let it cool down before taking it off.) Our favorite part, though? This blow dryer is made with ceramic technology that produces negative ions and protects hair from major heat damage.

In typical It’s a 10 fashion, this kit comes with the brand’s travel-size Miracle Moisture Daily Shampoo and Miracle Daily Conditioner. So you have everything you need for a great hair day, from anywhere in the world. 

Weight: 0.8 lb | Watts: 1200 | Heat Settings: 2 | Speed Settings: 2 | Special Features: Concentrator, travel case, shampoo, conditioner

Compact Size

The main draw for getting a travel hair dryer is its small and compact size. When shopping for a portable blow dryer, be sure that it’s foldable and under two pounds. (Luckily, all 14 devices on this list are under two pounds and very compact!) This will ensure it can fit in tight spaces and won’t weigh down your luggage.


In terms of traveling with a mini blow dryer, it’s important to keep the wattage and voltage in mind. The ideal wattage for a portable blow dryer is anywhere between 1200 and 1900 watts. (Most full-size blow dryers are closer to 1800 watts.) This is true in both the U.S. and overseas. 

However, the voltage differs. “In many countries, electrical voltage is 220/240 volts, while in the U.S., hot tools are 110/120 volts,” says Prothero. “Some travel hair dryers have dials that allow you to switch between voltage making them great for international use.” Make sure the device you have offers dual voltage (each blow dryer on this list does), and ensure you bring a travel adapter no matter what the wattage is.

Travel blow dryers might look small, but don’t doubt their power. Most of them pack a strong punch, offering high wind speeds as well as hot heat settings. To ensure your travel blow dryer can dry your hair, be sure it has a wattage of 1200 or up. If you really want to dry your hair quickly, opt for a blow dryer with closer to 1900 watts (consider the JINRI 1875W Travel Hair Dryer , Berta 1875W Folding Hair Dryer , OHJUMP Mini Travel Hair Dryer , or the Hot Tools Pro Artist 1875W Ionic Compact Hair Dryer as these have around 1875 watts). The higher the watts, the speedier it’ll dry your strands.

Are travel hair dryers different from regular hair dryers?

Ultimately, the main difference between travel hair dryers and regular hair dryers is their size. “While travel blow dryers are often smaller and more compact, they typically have everything regular dryers have,” explains master stylist and founder of Yvey Salon , Yvey Valcin. “Despite the size differences, they work very well and you can get nearly the same results that you would get from your regular blow dryer.” Additionally, celebrity hairstylist Mario Solis adds, “Travel blow dryers may have different voltages and sometimes even plug adapters.” 

When picking out a travel dryer, make sure it checks off all the boxes you want. “Regardless of which hair dryer you are purchasing, it is important to invest in a model that is suited for your hair type,” says Prothero. “Look for what the dryer is made of (ceramic, titanium, etc.), its wattage, its weight, and any special features you want. You also want to look for adjustable heat, a cool setting, and the ability to use attachments such as diffusers, and concentrators.”

Can I pack a hair dryer in my carry-on?

“Absolutely,” says Valcin. “There aren't any regulations for packing your dryer in your carry-on.” Plus, the best thing about packing a travel hair dryer is that they’re ultra-compact, which means they’ll barely take up any room at all.

Are travel hair dryers worth it?

Having a reliable travel hair dryer is definitely worth it. “The blow dryers provided in hotels are often terrible,” says Valcin. “The heat coming from them is not controlled, which can damage your hair. It is a great idea to travel with your own blow dryer if you can.” This is because a good travel blow dryer (like the ones on this list) can ultimately protect hair in the long run by offering different heat temperatures that are safe for hair. Plus, most of them emit negative ions, which can seal cuticles and add shine.

It’s worth noting that a small, compact blow dryer might take a bit longer to dry hair than its full-size counterpart depending on its wattage. But, “Be patient and take your time,” says Solis. “I promise it will be worth it in the end.”

Lauren Harano has been in the beauty industry for over seven years. During this time, she has gained extensive knowledge in the realm of hair and hair care. For this article, Lauren interviewed three hair experts: master stylist and founder of Gregga LA , Gregga Prothero ; master stylist and founder of Yvey Salon , Yvey Valcin ; and celebrity hairstylist Mario Solis Each expert lent their expertise and shared insights on travel hair dryers. Additionally, Lauren researched top-rated products to find the best ones that are portable, foldable, compact, and reliable. She also looked into devices that offer different heat and speed settings, attachments, and watts. Before making her final selections, Lauren looked at the reviews and key specs to narrow down which travel blow dryers were both safe and effective.

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What to look for in a travel hair dryer

What voltage is ideal, best travel hair dryers that are luggage-friendly and won't blow out your hotel's electricity.

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Whether you're packing for a weekend getaway or a weeks-long trip, traveling to any destination via airplane means very minimal luggage space for full-size hair products. If you invest in a travel-size hair dryer, however, you can stuff your bag with clothes, shoes, and other essentials, and your strands won't have to suffer as a result.

Travel hair dryers often get a bad rap because people confuse the tools with the kind of low-quality complimentary blowdryers stashed under hotel bathroom sinks. But the two are not the same. On the contrary, many renowned hair tool brands sell travel-sized versions of their best hair dryers that are designed with features like manual heat and speed settings and interchangeable attachments to ensure styling on the go is just as satisfactory. If you're a carry-on person and need your hair dryer to be as small as possible, we highly reccommend the Conair 1875W Compact Travel Hair Dryer , which folds and is only $16.

Still, the market is saturated with travel-friendly alternatives in all categories, so it can be hard to decipher the fantastic from the flops. To save you the hassle of trial and error (and wasted cash), we've rounded up some of the best travel hair dryers of 2023 below.

Best overall: Conair 1875W Compact Travel Hair Dryer

rekomendasi hair dryer travel

Pros: Budget-friendly, dual voltage, folding handle, two-speed settings, two heat settings, cool shot button, 1875 watts

Cons: Does not come with any accessories

The Conair 1875 Compact Hair Dryer checks all the boxes for those traveling nationally or overseas. The styler is designed with a foldable handle and weighs roughly a pound, so it's suitcase-friendly. Its dual voltage makes it ideal for worldwide jet setters and offers 1875 watts of electrical power, ensuring a faster drying experience when you're on the go. The device also features two heat and speed settings, plus a cool shot button for easy styling no matter your hair type, and is budget-friendly as it retails for under $20. 

Best budget: Revlon Compact Hair Dryer

rekomendasi hair dryer travel

Pros: Budget-friendly, comes in 3 colors (Black, Yellow, Pink), features two heat and speed settings, a hanging ring, lightweight, does not fold

Cons: Only compatible with 120 volts outlets, bulkier than other travel hair dryers  

Revlon has a reputation for its salon-quality styling tools, and its travel hair dryer is no exception. This model retails for under $10, but you can rest assured that it's a high-quality dryer. The proof: It's amassed over a whopping 68,000 reviews on Amazon alone and averages a 4.6 out of a possible 5-star rating. 

While this suitcase-friendly styler isn't foldable and it's a tad bigger than other travel hair dryers on the market,  the device is notably lightweight. It also boasts features like two heat/speed settings for easy styling, as well as a hanging ring for easy storage. The only major caveat is that, while it offers users 1875 watts of electrical power, this travel hair dryer isn't dual-voltage and is only compatible with outlets that can handle up to 120 volts, so you'll have to invest in an adapter if you're traveling internationally.

Best for international travel: Conair Worldwide Travel Dryer

rekomendasi hair dryer travel

Pros: Smart voltage technology, folding handle, three heat/two custom speed settings, cool shock button, ionic output, concentrated nozzle, 

Cons: An adapter still necessary for international travel

Frequent travelers, look no further than the Conair Worldwide Travel Dryer. This savvy styler is downright genius as it's designed with smart voltage technology that detects foreign voltages and adjusts accordingly, making it the ultimate travel companion for anyone traveling all over the place. And while you can guarantee that it won't blow out the lights in your hotel, you will still need an adapter to plug it in.

This hair dryer is also an excellent model for travelers with specific style preferences, as it features three heat and two speed settings, plus a cool shot button, and an ionic output to reduce frizz and naturally enhance the shine of your strands. What's more, though the device doesn't come with multiple accessories, it does include a concentrated nozzle for focused airflow.

Best for curly hair: Shark HyperAir HD113BRN

rekomendasi hair dryer travel

Pros: Comes with a diffuser attachment for curls, concentrated nozzle, and small cleaning brush, intelligent heat control, cool shot button, three heat, and three airflow settings

Cons: Lower wattage than other travel hair dryers on this list, is not foldable, attachments will take up extra luggage space, high price point

You might recognize Shark for its vacuum and cleaning devices, but similar to Dyson, the brand also manufactures hair dryers. The HD113BRN is an especially great travel option for curly/wavy hair types as it comes with the brand's IQ Curl-Defining Diffuser which is specifically designed for wavy, curly, and coily tresses. Each purchase also includes an IQ 2-in-1 concentrator nozzle for more focused airflow. 

The Shark HyperAir is another smart styler in the category and is designed with HyperAir IQ, a technology that combines intelligently-controlled high-velocity heated air with ionized air. Together, the air flows to speed up the drying process and protect strands from potential damage/breakage. Heat is measured up to 1,000 times per second for quick, efficient, and even distribution, while negative ions are emitted to smooth strands and reduce frizz. That said, for those who prefer a customizable styling experience, the travel hair dryer's heat and airflow settings can be manually increased or decreased at your discretion. 

Most versatile: Harry Josh Pro Tools Ultra Light Pro Dryer

rekomendasi hair dryer travel

Pros: 12 heat and speed settings, suitable for all hair types, patented silencer for quiet styling, weighs less than one pound, features a patented Cool Air Flex Technology, cold shot button, 94 mph motor speed, ion functionality, dual filtration, 1875 watts of electrical power, 9 foot cord, comes with traditional and long-size concentrated nozzles, hanging ring

Cons: High price point, does not fold, not dual voltage

The Ultra Light Pro Dryer is proof that Harry Josh Pro Tools understands that no one should have to sacrifice great hair days in the name of jet-setting. The list of features worth highlighting about this travel hair dryer is lengthy. For example, in terms of travel convenience, the device weighs less than a pound (so it's practically weight less ). However, it isn't foldable and has a 9-foot cord that isn't retractable. 

Still, its salon-quality styling perks are what makes this name-brand dryer worth its splurge-level price point. It features a whopping 12 heat and speed settings for optimal customization; a patented silencer technology for whisper-quiet styling, plus a patented Cool Air Flex technology to protect fingers and hands from potential burns; dual filtration to reduce the device's energy expenditure; and ion functionality to sustain your hair's health. What's more, the hair dryer is constructed with a motor that runs at 94 mph, as well as 1875 watts of electrical power to speed up the drying experience. Each purchase also comes with two attachments: One traditional and one long concentrated nozzle. 

Best foldable: Drybar Baby Buttercup Blow-Dryer

rekomendasi hair dryer travel

Pros: Suitable for all hair types, emits as much power as a full-size hair dryer, folds, two heat/speed settings, concentrated nozzle, cool shot button, weighs less than one pound, designed with ionic technology, comes with a travel bag and two-year warranty

Cons: High price point, reviewers note the dryer only lasts a few years

Fans of the Drybar Buttercup Blow-Dryer will love its travel-size version that weighs less than a pound and folds for easy storage in a suitcase or carry-on. The Baby Buttercup provides users with the same level of power as its full-size counterpart, plus the same amount of styling features: two speed/heat settings, a cool shot button to lock in your final look, and a concentrated nozzle to dry isolated areas and ensure your hair's shine is at its most lustrous. The travel hair dryer was also designed with ionic technology to speed up styling time and keep hair looking and feeling healthy. 

Most compact: LURA Mini Portable Travel Hair Dryer

rekomendasi hair dryer travel

Pros: Dual voltage, smaller than an iPhone when folded, weighs less than one pound, two heat/speed settings, does not require a converter, comes with 2-pin EU plug adapter, purchase includes a travel bag, attachments include concentrated nozzle and diffuser, double-layer filter, under $50

Cons: Only 1200 watts of electrical power

This travel hair dryer from LURA is strong but mighty. When folded, the styler measures smaller than an iPhone, plus it weighs less than a pound, making it the ultimate travel companion for jet setters with very little luggage space to spare. The biggest downside to this dryer is it only runs on 1200 watts of electrical power, but what it lacks in wattage it makes up in convenience: It boasts dual voltage and doesn't require a converter, plus your purchase includes a 2-pin EU plug adapter and a travel bag for easy storage. The hair dryer is also great for on-the-go styling, with two heat/speed settings, as well as two attachments (a concentrated nozzle and curl diffuser) that cater to both coily and straight strands.

Fastest drying: T3 Afar

rekomendasi hair dryer travel

Pros: Auto-dual voltage, folds, suitable for all hair types, reduces frizz, comes with a travel bag, concentrated nozzle included, cool shot button, three heat settings, two-speed settings, drys quietly

Cons: High price point, some reviewers note airflow is not as strong as others on the market

While you can't judge a travel hair dryer by its color, there's no denying the T3 Afar's blush pink hue is what initially caught our attention. Fortunately, the travel hair dryer has many selling points beyond its hue, including the brand's exclusive IonAir Technology that releases ions into the air for speedy, yet gentle styling. The smart design also includes an auto-dual voltage, which automatically adapts to foreign voltages. 

As for its styling properties, the Afar features three heat settings and two speed settings, plus a cool shot button. Each purchase comes with a concentrator nozzle so you can pinpoint areas you want to style and prevent frizz.

Best for damaged hair: Panasonic Nanoe Compact Hair Dryer

rekomendasi hair dryer travel

Pros: Folding handle, nanoe technology, emits healthy ions into its airflow, comes with a QuickDry Nozzle, 5.5ft cord, is under $100, lightweight, has three heat settings, 1400 watts of electrical power, and one nozzle attachment

Cons: Is not dual voltage, not as powerful as other travel hair dryers

If your strands are suffering from breakage, are dull from dehydration, etc., this travel hair dryer from Panasonic can help breathe new life into your tresses, even whilst on the go. Its Nanoe Technology is key in doing so; it draws moisture from the air to manufacture moisture-rich ions that are emitted through its airflow and expelled onto hair. This leads to less breakage and more healthy, shiny tresses. It's also quick-drying, thanks to the 1400 watts of electrical power generating optimal airflow, and the less time hair is exposed to heat, the better. 

When shopping for a travel hair dryer, there are a few things to consider. If you're an avid international traveler, for example, stylist at Maxine Salon in Chicago, Shelly Aguirre stresses the importance of dual voltage. "You also don't have to compromise on power when you want a compact dryer," Aguirre tells Insider , adding that ceramic, ionic, and Tourmaline features are especially great for jet setters that require frizz control and want lots of shine.

Still, there are no styling features that are a "must" for everyone. Like any other beauty purchase, the travel hair dryer you choose has to cater to your specific needs. This also applies to things like the weight or size of the tool. It will ultimately depend on the device, where you're traveling, and how much room you have in your suitcase to store it.

In short, it all depends on where you're traveling. Different destinations require different voltages, and high-power dryers will require certain adapters. To make sure you're making the right purchase for your getaway, Aguirre recommends referencing the Ceptics Adapter Chart.

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rekomendasi hair dryer travel

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From hotel hair dryers that lack power to letting your hair air dry in the wild, styling on the go can be a bit hit and miss when you are away from home. Don’t ruin your vacation by running the risk of bad hair days — invest in a modern-day travel hair dryer and you’ll be surprised by just how good they really are.

Things To Look for in a Travel Hair Dryer

Choose from ionic technology, multiple heat and speed settings, and even a cool shot button to fix your style, all served up in portable appliances that won’t take up too much room in your suitcase. When choosing your travel hair dryer, be sure to check out these important details.

Travel Hairdryer

Because different countries have different types of electricity, your usual home hair dryer might not work when you take it away with you. Using a dryer that has the wrong type of voltage can lead to fuses being blown, dryers being broken beyond repair, and in some cases, it could even mean serious damage to you and your hair.

Travel Hairdryer Voltage

Investing in a dual-voltage travel hair dryer means that you will be able to dry and style your hair anywhere in the world, and back at home, too.

Dual-voltage dryers offer 2 settings, which are 110-120 volts and 220-240 volts . Having the choice of 2 means that you can use the lower voltage in countries like the U.S., while the higher voltage is commonly found in European countries and many beyond.

Bottom Line: Some more sophisticated electronics like MacBooks and iPhones will automatically adjust the voltage to suit your destination. Travel hair dryers, however, will usually require you to change the setting manually. That’s if they have this setting at all. Check out our guide to the best travel adapters and converters you can buy , just in case!

Travel hairdryer Size

Ultimately, your travel hair dryer should give you a great blow-dry without taking up too much space in your suitcase. To do this, you need to look at scaled-down appliances that are compact that offer other space-saving features such as foldable handles or retractable cables.

When it comes to weight, look for dryers that are not just light enough to not make a dent in your luggage allowance , but also not so heavy that your arms ache when holding it.

Travel Hairdryer carry case

The 12 Best Hair Dryers for Travel

Some hotels and Airbnbs don’t provide a hair dryer, and those that do often lack the power required for serious hair styling. Don’t get caught out on your next vacation by picking up your own travel hair dryer that can accompany you all over the world. These are some of the best that we’ve found.

BEST OVERALL: REVLON 1875W Compact Folding Handle Travel Hair Dryer

  • Revlon 1875W Compact Travel Hair Dryer

A great little travel appliance from the beauty experts at Revlon, this compact little dryer will keep you looking perfect on the go. Offering ionic technology and 3x ceramic coating , you can create awesome styles while reducing frizz and damage to your hair while you dry.

With 2 heat and speed settings, as well as a cool shot button to fix your style, this dual-voltage hair dryer is compact yet powerful enough to take everywhere with you.

The concentrator attachment will help to keep your hair smooth and shiny. The folding handle makes it small enough to fit into your handbag, rucksack, or gym bag for great hair, every day.

What We Like

  • Has a cold shot button

What We Don’t Like

  • The heat/speed button could be better

UPGRADE PICK: BaBylissPRO TT Tourmaline Titanium Travel Dryer

  • BaBylissPRO TT Tourmaline Titanium Travel Dryer

Super cute, and in a gorgeous red color, this compact 1,000-watt travel hair dryer has dual voltage for use worldwide and folds up to a super-small size, making it perfect for travel.

As with the larger dryers in this series, this travel dryer uses ceramics and pure tourmaline technologies to release the hair’s natural ions to prevent static and unwanted frizz when drying.

Tourmaline also produces far-infrared heat that gently penetrates deep into your hair, helping it to stay healthy and naturally moisturized while still being perfectly styled wherever you are.

  • Foldable handle
  • Not really powerful enough for long or thick hair

Conair 1600 Watt Compact Hair Dryer

  • Conair 1600 Watt Compact Hair Dryer With Folding Handle

Weighing in at under 1 pound, this incredibly lightweight and compact dryer is one of the best on the market. Folding up to teeny-tiny dimensions, this Conair offers an impressive 1,600 watts of fan-powered drying , as well as 2 different heat settings. The dual voltage makes it perfect for use all across the globe.

The 5-foot power cord is useful for blow-drying in awkward spaces and the folding handle means you can take it anywhere with you. While this particular model lacks some of the more salon-friendly features like a cool shot button, ionic drying, and even a concentrator, its sheer power alone makes it a worthy contender for anyone looking for a good value travel hair dryer.

  • Long power cord
  • Heat and power settings can not be controlled separately

Andis 80020 1875-Watt Fold-N-Go Ionic Hair Dryer

  • Andis 1875-Watt Fold-N-Go Ionic Hair Dryer

This impressive little appliance will give you salon-worthy hair wherever you are headed. Offering 3 heat settings and air speeds for the ultimate in styling and control, plus a cool shot button to lock in your style, this hair dryer proves that size really doesn’t matter.

The folding handle and retractable cord make it easy to tuck this dryer neatly in your case, and the impressive 1,875 watts of power is more than many larger dryers offer. The ceramic and tourmaline ionic technologies create smoother, silkier hair in less time, and the concentrator helps you to direct the heat exactly where you need it.

  • Retractable power cord
  • Not the smallest hair dryer

Conair 1875 Watt Cord Keeper Travel Hair Dryer

  • Conair 1875 Watt Cord Keeper Hair Dryer

This impressive 1,875-watt travel hair dryer will have you looking salon-perfect in no time. With 2 heat and speed settings, you can optimize your styling power, while the cool shot button will fix it for longer.

The ionic conditioning feature helps to keep your hair smooth and frizz-free with a healthy-looking shine, while the concentrator and diffuser attachments add versatility . It also comes with a retractable cord that is activated by push-button control and dual-voltage capabilities for use worldwide.

  • Great value hair dryer
  • The retractable cord mechanism can sometimes get stuck

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Travel Dryer

  • BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Travel Dryer

A high-end travel dryer from one of our favorite beauty brands, the BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium travel dryer is an excellent tool. Blowing out 1,000 watts of nano titanium technology , you can style and dry your hair with a natural ion-generated shine.

With 6 heat and speed settings, as well as a cool shot for fixing your style, your hair will be soft and shiny before you know it. The titanium heating element contains a nano surface that produces negative ions, offering smoother, sleeker results.

This model also comes with a concentrator nozzle and fits the BaByliss Finger Diffuser that is sold separately.

  • Comes with a concentrator nozzle
  • Not as powerful as other dryers at 1,000 watts

Conair 1200-Watt Tourmaline Ceramic Portable Travel Hair Dryer

Travel Smart by Conair 1200 Watt  Tourmaline Ceramic Dual Voltage Hair Dryer

Part of the Travel Smart range of appliances from Conair, this pint-sized hair dryer is lightweight and compact, and perfect for taking on your travels . Weighing just 1 pound and with a folding handle, it takes up little room or weight in your suitcase or carry-on. The tourmaline ceramic technology helps to fight the frizz while gently drying your hair in super-fast time.

The 2 heat and speed settings allow you to optimize your drying performance while the non-slip handle makes this comfortable to hold. A concentrator nozzle is included for pinpoint styling, and the 5-foot power cord lets you use the dryer with ease wherever you are.

  • Folding handle
  • No cold blast button

Revlon Compact Hair Dryer

  • Revlon 1875W Compact & Lightweight Hair Dryer

With its compact and lightweight design , you can squeeze this little beauty into the smallest of suitcases , gym bags, and carry-ons , while the worldwide dual-voltage settings make it perfect for globetrotters who want to look good on the go.

With ionic technology and 3x ceramic coating, you can reduce frizz and damage while you dry. Dual heat and speed settings, as well as a cool shot button, mean that you can keep control of your style, and the smoothing concentrator attachment will give your look a shiny finish.

  • Hanging ring for tidy storage
  • Quite loud to use

Remington Compact Ionic Travel Hair Dryer

Remington Compact Ionic Travel Hair Dryer

This compact travel hair dryer makes light work of staying on the go. With a high-performance fan, it belts out 1,875 watts of power and comes complete with 3 heat settings and 2 speed settings. It also comes with an eco option for those who want to save energy.

Ionic technology helps to condition the hair, keeping it soft, shiny, and frizz-free, while the compact dimensions and lightweight design make it easy to take this little beauty with you wherever you are headed. This model also comes with a hang-up loop for easy storage.

  • Separate speed and heat settings
  • The buttons are easy to nudge by accident

Milantia Blow Dryer

Milantia Small Travel Hair Dryer

Foldable, lightweight, and perfect for travel, this little hair dryer is a good choice for countries that work on a voltage of 110-125V. Using clever ceramic tourmaline technology, this dryer releases nano-scale negative ions that lock in moisture to make hair look and feel healthy and smooth.

With a quiet, yet powerful, motor, 3 heat settings, and 2 speed settings, it’s is super easy to find the right setting to suit your hair. It even comes with a cool shot button to lock in your hairstyle for longer.

  • Includes 3 attachments for styling
  • Can get quite hot when using

RUSK Engineering W8less Professional 2000 Watt Dryer

RUSK Engineering W8less Professional 2000 Watt Dryer

Weighing less than 1 pound, this is a truly lightweight travel hair dryer that packs a serious punch. With a 2,000-watt motor delivering some professional-grade power, you can dry your hair in no time at all, and infused with ceramic and tourmaline, your locks will be left super shiny.

The 7 heat and speed settings help you to find the best combination to style your crowning glory, and the cool shot setting will help to set your style for longer. This particular model also comes with an impressive 8-foot power cable and concentrator nozzle for easy styling.

  • Has 3 heat settings and a cold shot button
  • Button placements are a bit inconvenient

Revlon 1875W Full Size Travel Hair Dryer

Revlon 1875W Full-Size Travel Hair Dryer with Retractable Cord

Be beautiful on the go with this lightweight, yet highly efficient full-size travel hair dryer from Revlon. Offering 1,875 watts of drying power, and with a ceramic coating to help reduce hair damage and prevent frizz, this is a great hair dryer for traveling.

The foldable handle and retractable power cord make it incredibly compact and easy to pack away , while the worldwide dual voltage means you can use it anywhere. With 2 heat and speed settings, you can enjoy lots of drying and styling flexibility, and the cool shot button will keep your style set in place.

  • Folding handle and retractable cord
  • Not the lightest hair dryer

Being able to do your hair on the go can make all the difference. While travel hair dryers of old may have lacked power and only offered pretty basic functionality, current models are packed with just as many features as a full-sized dryer.

Whatever your budget, and wherever you are headed, there will be a travel dryer to suit you.

Looking for more travel products? Head over to our one-stop-shop for travel product reviews .

Frequently Asked Questions

How do i know if my hair dryer is dual voltage.

The best way to check if your hair dryer is dual voltage is to check directly with the manufacturer’s website and the product description. Many hair dryers will have a dual-voltage switch on the hair dryer.

Can I use my hair dryer in Europe?

If you intend to use your hair dryer in Europe you will have 2 things to take into consideration. Firstly, you will need a travel adapter that changes your U.S. plug into one that will work in sockets in the European countries you are visiting. Secondly, U.S. appliances run on 110-120 volts and Europe runs on 220-240 volts. You will either need a converter or check to see if your hair dryer is dual voltage.

Can you bring a hair dryer on a plane?

TSA allows hair dryers both in your carry-on and in your checked luggage so you will have no issue taking yours abroad.

Which travel hair dryer is best?

These are some of the travel hair dryers on the market:

  • Travel Smart by Conair 1200 Watt Tourmaline Ceramic Dual Voltage Hair Dryer

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The Best Travel Hair Dryers in 2023, Tested by Grooming Editors

The Ghd Flight+ and T3 Afar nabbed the top spots in our testing.

hair dryers

Best Hair Dryer for Damaged Hair

Ghd flight+ travel hair dryer.

Afar Lightweight Travel-Size Hair Dryer

Best Overall Travel Hair Dryer

T3 afar lightweight travel-size hair dryer.

Defrizzion Hair Dryer with Extra Large Diffuser

Best Travel Hair Dryer for Curly Hair

Curlsmith defrizzion hair dryer with extra large diffuser.

Baby Buttercup Travel Blow-Dryer

Most Compact Travel Hair Dryer

Drybar baby buttercup travel blow-dryer.

Nano Titanium Travel Dryer, Blue

Lightest Travel Hair Dryer

Babylisspro nano titanium travel dryer, blue.

Travel Hair Dryer

Best Value Travel Hair Dryer

Conair travel hair dryer.

1875W Compact Folding Handle Hair Dryer

Most Powerful Travel Hair Dryer

Revlon 1875w compact folding handle hair dryer.

Normal hair dryers are big, cumbersome, and take up way too much room in your luggage, especially if you’re only taking a carry-on luggage . However, travel hair dryers are much smaller than normal hair dryers and are designed to be compact and lightweight, making them easy to pack in your suitcase. Many of the best travel hair dryers are foldable and take up as little space as possible, leaving you plenty of room to pack that extra pair of shoes or travel blazer . Packing a travel hair dryer helps to protect you against the unexpected, like if your hotel or vacation rental doesn’t provide hair dryers. In other words, a travel hair dryer is a must-have travel gadget , as well as a long flight essential .

If you use a hair dryer regularly in your hair styling routine, you need a travel hair dryer that can go with you on your adventures and performs just as well as your hair dryer at home. Below, we’ve tried and tested tons of tools, narrowing it down to the very best travel hair dryers that will tame your mane and take up little space in your luggage , saving you both time and frustration. If you want guaranteed good hair days on your next vacation, here are the best travel hair dryers you should consider bringing with you.

With 77% of the power of Ghd’s Air blow dryer, this tiny hair dryer will blow you away with its powerful airflow. It folds completely in half and features Ghd’s hair safeguard technology, which automatically switches off the device when it’s being held too close to the hair to prevent damage to your strands. The precise nozzle delivers a concentrated airflow temperature of 149°F to allow for flexible styling without overheating. Plus, it works at 240V and 120V so you can take it with you anywhere you go.

Testing Notes: While the luxury hard-shell travel case is great for storing the device at home, we found it takes up way too much room in our suitcase to be practical to pack. You’re fine without it because the dryer folds up very small and fit nicely in our bag. It doesn’t have a cool shot, which is great for setting your style once you’ve blow-dried it into place, but that’s something we could live without. It’s incredibly light, which makes it much easier to dry our very long hair without feeling like we’re giving ourselves carpel tunnel. Its small size had no impact on drying time, which took about as long as it would with a regular-sized dryer, if not less because we were spending fewer minutes fighting with a bulky hair dryer. Unlike other travel hairdryers, the handle is sturdy and won’t accidentally fold down in the middle of your styling session.

T3 hair tools are meticulously engineered to offer ​​superior drying power without damaging your hair, and if you have a T3 hair dryer at home, you know you can really tell the difference when you use anything else. Luckily, you don’t have to with the brand’s travel version of their famed Featherweight dryer. T3’s Afar Travel Hair Dryer has all the same smart technology that delivers frizz-free results while minimizing heat exposure in a travel-friendly tool that’s 25% lighter and 30% smaller than its full-sized counterpart.

Testing Notes: We love that this travel hair dryer comes with a matching travel pouch, which makes it easy to pack. It dried our hair just as quickly as our normal-sized T3 dryer, and it also has the same heating and cooling features as bigger dryers, so we don’t feel like we’re missing out on anything with the smaller size. The concentrator attachment might be the best thing about this travel dryer, as it’s not always standard in other travel devices. If you have a problem with frizz, blow-drying your hair using the concentrator is a non-negotiable. The small size actually makes blow-drying your hair with a round brush so much easier. Our only gripe with this dryer is that it doesn’t fold completely in half; it bends about 80% flat before it hits the handle. However, once it’s stowed away in the pouch, it easily fits into your luggage.

It’s rare to find a travel blow dryer with a diffuser attachment, which is most commonly used on curly and textured hair to define natural curls. This travel dryer from Curlsmith comes with three attachments to cater to every hair type and style, including curls, coils and waves. The extra-large six-inch diffuser attachment reduces your drying time and creates voluminous curls. It comes in a sleek black travel pouch, which also holds all your attachments when not in use. The foldable handle makes it super easy to slip into the travel pouch and in your luggage.

Testing Notes: This travel dryer is really more of a regular dryer with a foldable handle. On the plus side, it has all the bells and whistles that your normal dryer has, but it’s also a lot heavier and more bulky than other travel hair dryers. However, if you want to dry your hair with a diffuser, this is about as compact as it gets, and the foldable handle does make it easier to store in your suitcase. This hair dryer is also compatible with Curlsmith’s eight-inch diffuser if you prefer an even wider attachment. We really enjoyed the versatility of this curl-friendly dryer, but we wish it was a little more compact.

This compact dryer puts hotel hair dryers to shame. It packs a punch and even promises to deliver 100% of the performance of most full-sized dryers, which is a claim we fully stand behind. It folds out to a decent size and dries hair quickly without leaving the hair looking frizzy, which can sometimes happen with cheap hotel dryers. With two heat settings, you can control the amount of heat that’s applied to the hair, which is especially beneficial for those with dry hair that’s prone to damage. It comes with a concentrator nozzle for targeted airflow and includes a travel bag for safekeeping.

Testing Notes: We used this blow dryer for the first time on a recent vacation and would never go back to using the low-quality hair dryers typically found in hotel bathrooms. It folds up small and left plenty of room in our suitcase for other travel necessities. For being so small, it’s really quite powerful and made it super easy to style our hair like how we do it at home. Good hair days are rare on vacation, due to changes in weather and water quality, but this travel hair dryer ensured our style was set to perfection every single night. It dried our hair in no time flat and lifted it, giving us a salon-quality style from the comfort of our hotel room.

We love this budget-friendly option because of its ultra-lightweight design and foldable handle. It also has dual voltage, which makes it a great choice to take with you to any international destinations. When it comes to travel hair dryers, it doesn’t get much smaller than this; at just six inches and .8 pounds, this hair dryer takes up less space and is lighter than one shoe, so you’ll definitely be able to fit it into your carry-on bag. Boasting 1000 watts of power, it dries hair quickly and efficiently, ensuring you won’t be late to any vacation dinners. The removable filter makes it easy to keep your dryer clean and in peak working condition for many years to come.

Testing Notes: This dryer is heads and shoulders above what you’ll get at hotels or vacation rentals, but not as fancy as some of the other travel hair dryers on this list. We noticed that it’s less poweful that the other travel hair dryers we tried, but it does have two speed and heat setting to customize your style. The concentrator nozzle adds even more flexibility and helped us achieve a variety of styles, but we were disappointed that it doesn’t come with a cool shot function. For the price, it’s definitely worth it if you’re not swayed by some of the more expensive models on this list and are just looking for a dryer that gets the job done without dominating your suitcase.

Whether you’re trekking across the European continent or hitting up your local gym for your daily workout, this travel dryer ensures your hair looks its best. With a compact folding handle for easy storage and ionic technology for smooth, shiny hair, this dryer delivers a powerful and consistent airflow, significantly cutting down your styling time so you can spend less time in the bathroom and more time doing the things you love. The smart voltage technology detects foreign voltage and automatically adapts, so you don’t have to worry about compatibility issues.

Testing Notes: We love the sleek white look of this travel hair dryer, which makes it look much more expensive than it actually is. It’s a great value, especially considering you also get a concentrator nozzle and it comes with a cool shot button. The cord is much shorter than we were expecting, but it wasn’t a huge issue because we always use it near an outlet anyway, and longer cords are often cumbersome to wrap and pack. We love that it has three heat settings plus a cold shot, but you have to be careful to avoid the back filter as you’re drying your hair. It tends to grab ahold of your hair and get it stuck in the filter, and you have to turn it off in order to untangle the two. While it’s not the most powerful travel tool we’ve tried, it’s one of the most quiet, which is great if you happen to be sharing a space with someone and don’t want to wake them up by drying your hair.

Don’t let the small size fool you; this petite hair dryer packs a whopping 1875 watts of power–the most powerful travel hair dryer we tried! The included concentrator attachment funnels all that airflow into a smaller stream, allowing you to focus on individual sections of hair for a smooth and sleek style. The built-in ionic technology helps to reduce static and frizz, leaving your hair looking shiny and feeling conditioned. It folds up tightly and neatly tucks away in your drawer or cabinet when you’re not taking it with you across your worldwide travels.

Testing Notes: The problem with many travel hair dryers is that they just aren’t as powerful as normal hair dryers and can’t compare, but this one was an exception. We were pleasantly surprised by just how powerful this miniature hair dryer was. It felt comparable to the full-sized hair dryers we used a home, except way lighter. The high wattage makes it an excellent choice for both travel and everyday use. Sometimes the concentrator can be frustrating to attach and remove because you have to line it up just right. If you don’t, it often falls off while you’re using it. Aside from that, we can’t complain about this portable and powerful travel dryer.

.css-17l0bb{font-family:GraphikBold,GraphikBold-fallback,GraphikBold-roboto,GraphikBold-local,Helvetica,Arial,Sans-serif;font-weight:normal;letter-spacing:0.0225rem;margin-bottom:0.625rem;margin-top:0.625rem;}@media(max-width: 48rem){.css-17l0bb{font-size:2.1875rem;line-height:1;}}@media(min-width: 48rem){.css-17l0bb{font-size:2.375rem;line-height:1;}}@media(min-width: 64rem){.css-17l0bb{font-size:2.5rem;line-height:1;}}.css-17l0bb b,.css-17l0bb strong{font-family:inherit;font-weight:bold;}.css-17l0bb em,.css-17l0bb i{font-style:italic;font-family:inherit;} What to Look for When Shopping for a Travel Hair Dryer

best body wipes

When shopping for a travel hair dryer, it’s important to consider the folded size and weight of the tool. Some travel hair dryers claim to be foldable but don’t fold up all the way, which ends up taking up more room in your suitcase. While most travel hair dryers range typically weigh around 1 to 1.5 pounds, if you’re traveling light, every pound matters. Look for lightweight travel hair dryers that fold up into a compact size. Depending on you hair type and style preferences, you’ll also want to look for travel hair dryers that come with attachments, like a concentrated nozzle or diffuser attachments. These attachments can be helpful in reducing frizz and speeding up the styling process.

Finally, consider the wattage you need from a hair dryer. Higher wattage typically means faster drying times, which is an important detail to look out for if you have long hair that takes awhile to dry.

Do I Need a Dual Voltage Hair Dryer?

best pickleball balls

It depends on where you’re taking your travel hair dryer. Hair dryers made for United States customers are typically designed to operate at 110-120 volts, but in many other parts of the world, including Europe and Asia, the standard voltage is much higher at 220-240 volts. If you plan to travel internationally, look for a hair dryer that offers dual voltage offers dual voltage (usually 110-120V and 220-240V), which just means it can be used in both the states and across the world.

How We Selected

commerce breaker

As a beauty and grooming editor with over a decade of experience testing the latest and greatest grooming gadgets, Cristina Montemayor is an expert in the best hair dryers for men, especially travel hair dryers. For this story, she considered the dozens of hair dryers she's tested in the past year, and considered their specs, portability, and just how well they worked. She also combed through hundreds of reviews from ecommerce sites we trust.

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The 10 Best Travel Hair Dryers to Buy in 2024

The 10 Best Travel Hair Dryers to Buy in 2024

Are you gearing up for that long-awaited vacation? Don’t forget to pack the perfect travel hair dryer for the perfect travel hair. But with so many options on the market, how can you choose the best one?

Since you’ve been busy planning your trip, we’ve been busy finding the best travel hair dryers on the market for your personal needs. Read more below to find the perfect travel hair dryer for your luscious locks!

Cord Length

Foldable handle, drying power, variable heat/speed settings, dual voltage setting for worldwide travel, 1. best overall pick: conair compact hair dryer, 2. best budget pick: revlon compact travel hair dryer, 3. best premium pick: babylisspro tt tourmaline titanium travel dryer, 4. andis fold-n-go ionic hair dryer, 5. conair compact travel hair dryer, 6. babylisspro nano titanium travel dryer, 7. conair minipro tourmaline ceramic travel hair dryer, 8. conair cord keeper hair dryer, 9. conair worldwide travel hair dryer, 10. zoommate mini travel hair dryer, can you travel with a hair dryer, more wattage means faster drying, travel hair dryer portability, travel hair dryer materials, best travel hair dryers by hair type, final thoughts, how to choose the best travel hair dryer.

With limited suitcase or backpack space, size is a HUGE factor. You don’t want to choose between your favorite shoes and silky smooth hair, do you?  So leave your regular hairdryer at home and find one that’s portable enough to get the job done without being a hassle to take along. Here is what we considered when deciding which travel hair dryers to recommend.

When it comes to travel hair dryers, the smaller the size, the better the fit. Even a few inches is important because those inches could mean the difference between packing a dryer in your suitcase or going without. No one wants to have to rely on hotels for their hair-drying needs as they travel the globe.

Travel hair dryers come in a range of shapes and sizes. Backpacking around Europe for a month likely requires a smaller, more compact hairdryer. However, you could pack a larger dryer if you’re spending a week at a resort and bringing two large suitcases.

The difference between a little less than a pound and a little more than a pound doesn’t sound like much. But if you have thick hair that takes a while to dry, you’ll most certainly notice that extra weight. Hello arm fatigue! The last thing you’ll want is half-dried hair in your travel photos. So, either hit up the gym before your trip, or make sure you consider the weight of your travel hairdryer.

Not all hotels or Airbnb’s have convenient electric sockets near the bathroom mirror. To ensure you can see what you’re doing while doing your ‘do, you’ll want to ensure you have a decent cord length–at least five or six feet. It’s even better if you can find a travel hair dryer with a retractable cord. That little feature is a sweet space saver.

One way to save space in a suitcase is to eliminate odd-shaped objects. A hairdryer is definitely an odd shape. To avoid this problem, look for travel hair dryers that have a foldable handle. By folding the handle, the hairdryer forms a nice compact item to shove into any remaining space. So, of course, all of the travel hair dryers on our list have foldable handles.

Some hair dryers pack more punch than others. If your hairdresser frequently says “You have such thick hair!” then you’re going to want more power. The higher the listed watts on the dryer, the more powerful it is. Most travel hair dryers are 1000, 1200, 1600, or 1875 watts.

Hair dryers don’t just blow hot air. They use specific materials that can turn your hair from frizz to fab. Here’s where personalization really matters. You’ll want to select your hair dryer based on your hair type.

Hair dryers might use ionic technology, ceramics, tourmaline, or titanium. Read about the materials in our full buyer’s guide , and don’t fall for the marketing hype you see.

In general, ceramic hair dryers are great for most hair types, but splurge on tourmaline if you can. If you have thick hair that can withstand high heat, you might want to opt for lightweight titanium.

The majority of travel hair dryers have two heat and speed settings, low and high. Sometimes though, you’ll be treated to three heat and speed choices, or even a cool shot button. The cool shot button, often used at the end of a blow-dry, provides air without any heat to help lock in the style you just meticulously created.

You’ll have enough to keep in mind while traveling. Where’s my passport? Do I have the right type of money? Wait, which side of the road should I be driving on? The last thing you should be thinking about is if your travel hair dryer will work.

If you’re only planning to travel domestically, you’ll be good to go with any of our listed options. But international travel means you’ll need to check the voltage of your dryer. Check out this country-by-country list of plugs, sockets, and voltages. Don’t worry, we’ve indicated which travel hair dryers have a dual voltage setting.

Now that you know what to look for, here are the best travel hair dryers to buy in 2024.

Top 10 Best Travel Hair Dryers 2024

Conair Compact Hair Dryer

Editor’s Rating:

Quick Facts

  • Drying Power: 1,600 watts
  • Speeds: 2 (High/Low)
  • Cool Shot Button: No
  • Dual Voltage: Yes (120V/240V)

This is it! We love how this compact hair dryer packs a large punch in such a small package. At 1600 watts, the Conair Compact Hair Dryer holds its own amongst regular-sized hair dryers. Still, it’s not too noisy for routine use. The Conair Compact Hair Dryer is also fully-featured and travel-ready.

This hair dryer is a one-size-fits-most product, amenable to a variety of hair types. It has enough power to remove natural waves easily, taming shoulder-length hair into a straight style.

While this Conair will work for most, it might not fit your needs if you have a lot of thick hair that takes a while to dry. For extra thick hair, check out the titanium-containing hair dryers, such as the BaBylissPRO TT and the BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Travel Dryer .

The Conair Compact Hair Dryer has all the right stuff where it counts. Solid power in a lightweight frame, multiple heat settings, a foldable handle, a respectable five-foot cord, and reliable hard plastic shell design. Purchase without worry and hit the road for exciting travels. The Conair Compact Hair Dryer is sure to keep up!

Travel Readiness

For the frequent traveler, size is a major consideration. This travel hair dryer is about the length of a highlighter. Its lightweight design, weighing in at less than a pound, barely adds any weight to your luggage or backpack. You won’t have to worry about tipping the weight limit scales with this choice, and your arm will thank you too!

  • Small, compact size
  • Lightweight (less than a pound)
  • High/Low settings
  • Dual voltage for international travel
  • Inexpensive
  • Lacks retractable cord
  • No attachments

Revlon Compact Travel Hair Dryer

  • Drying Power: 1,875 Watts
  • Material: Ionic, Ceramic
  • Cool Shot Button: Yes

The Revlon Compact Travel Hair Dryer is our Best Budget Hair Dryer pick for a reason. It packs in a large number of desirable features at a very low cost. Who doesn’t like that?

Let’s start with its drying power. It has a full 1875 watts, which hits the top end range for most travel dryers. This hair dryer can, and will, handle almost any traveler’s hair in a flash.

Even though this product comes in at the low end of the price range, it has high-quality materials. Utilizing ionic technology with three layers of ceramic coating means you can say goodbye to frizzy hair during your travels. We also love that this travel hair dryer includes a cool shot button to lock-in the look and lock-out that frizz. Although not the lightest or smallest, it’s the best budget travel dryer with this great feature set.

The shorter barrel of this budget-friendly dryer makes maneuverability a snap. Plus, the concentrator attachment focuses hot air, speeding up drying time.

While this Revlon hair dryer competes well on power, material quality, and cost, it’s not the most compact or lightweight hair dryer on our list. If size and weight are your most important features, check out the ZOOMMATE Mini or the BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium travel dryers.

  • Full 1,875 watts of drying power
  • Concentrator attachment included

BaBylissPRO TT Tourmaline Titanium Travel Dryer

  • Drying Power: 1,000 Watts
  • Material: Tourmaline, Titanium

The BaBylissPRO TT is great for all hair types, including thick and coarse hair, which can be especially difficult to dry. For fine hair, the lower setting works great to prevent damage to fragile hair.

At first, we were skeptical of the drying power of this product, but it’s clear that this travel hair dryer is at the top of its game. Travelers shouldn’t worry that 1000 watts will be underpowered. For such a tiny hair dryer, it proves its worth in power. Plus, a provided concentrator nozzle allows for quicker hair drying.

This premium product uses tourmaline crystals to emit static-fighting ions, revealing shiny, healthy hair. At the same time, the inclusion of titanium provides an incredibly lightweight product- essential for the frequent traveler. If you’re willing to forgo the tourmaline, the BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Travel Dryer is an even lighter product for the minimalist adventurer.

Titanium-based products are superior travel accessories given their minimal weight. If you’re looking for a travel-friendly, dual voltage, premium product that’s great for all hair types, the BaBylissPRO TT would be an excellent fit for your needs.

Unfortunately the BaByliss PRO TT lacks a retractable cord for ease of packing. If you don’t want a cord unraveling in your luggage, the retractable cord feature can be found in the Andis Fold-N-Go Ionic Hair Dryer and the Conair Cord Keeper Hair Dryer .

  • Lightweight thanks to titanium material usage
  • Low drying power of 1,000 Watts
  • No cool shot button

Andis Fold-N-Go Ionic Hair Dryer

  • Material: Ionic, Tourmaline, Ceramic

The Andis Fold-N-Go Ionic Hair Dryer has several attractive features, with multiple speed settings, a tourmaline ionic element to reduce frizz, a folding handle, and a retractable cord. At this price point, it makes a good choice for travelers who want fast, efficient drying and a range of styling options.

With 1875 watts and three heat/speed settings, the Andis Fold-N-Go provides maximum flexibility for your hair drying needs. It also sports a cool-shot button to secure your style! A concentrator adds more capability to this travel dryer, leaving you with unlimited styling options.

With a retractable cord, it also packs up easily and won’t get tangled in your belongings. If it wasn’t for the larger size of this travel hair dryer and lack of built-in dual voltage, we’d give it five out of five stars.

Andis makes a compelling product for the style-conscious traveler who doesn’t want to break the bank.

Travel readiness

The Andis Fold-N-Go brings high 1875 watt power with three heat/speed settings and a cool shot button. The folding handle and retractable cord are nice travel features, but the larger size and weight counteract some of the benefits. This dryer also lacks dual voltage, which could require additional hardware to work properly in some countries.

  • Sports a retractable cord
  • Full, 1,875 watts of heating power
  • Not dual voltage

Conair Compact Travel Hair Dryer

Almost everyone will recognize this hair dryer, but don’t let its standard look fool you. The Conair Compact Travel Hair Dryer is a sleeper pick: not much to look at, but it packs a real punch where it counts.

The Conair Compact Travel Hair Dryer brings you 1,875 watts and will dry any hair quickly, while the cool shot button holds that perfect style right where you want it. With two heat/speed settings, a foldable handle, and dual-voltage, it’ll meet nearly any travelers’ needs. The Conair Compact Travel Hair Dryer doesn’t include any features to contain frizz, and it doesn’t have a retractable cord or any additional attachments. Some consumers expect more, but this dryer performs its basic functions really well.

With powerful heat and strong air movement, it’s still surprisingly quiet compared with other similar options. The Conair Compact Travel Hair Dryer is a tried-and-true design that will keep you going worldwide. Trust us when we say: sometimes, stick with what works!

This dryer has high-power hair drying capability, with a cool shot button to hold your style in place! While not the lightest dryer, it still provides the essential features for international travel with dual voltage capability and a hard outer shell for repeated jostling and movement in your luggage.

  • Super compact

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Travel Dryer

  • Material: Ionic, Titanium

Lightweight travel dryers often leave something to be desired, but not the BaByliss Nano Titanium Travel Dryer! With decent power and multiple desirable features, it’s a good contender for your travel hair drying needs.

While 1000 watts is the minimum for any decent hair dryer, the BaBlyiss Nano Titanium makes up for that shortcoming with ultra-low, sub-10 ounce weight, dual-voltage capability, and nano titanium ionic technology for frizz control. It also has two heat/speed settings, a foldable handle, and a concentrator for broad styling options.

Some may not like the higher price, and its lower power rating won’t wow many consumers, but you’d be hard-pressed to find this broad range of features in any other dryer. It’s an ultra-small dryer that can go almost anywhere in the world and provides steady hair-drying capacity for space-minded travelers.

This dryer is small and very lightweight, with multiple speed settings, a foldable handle, and dual voltage. It may not dry all hair types as well as higher-power options, and doesn’t include cool-shot or a retractable cord. Plus, the higher price could dissuade those looking for an inexpensive travel hair dryer.

  • Lightweight due to titanium material usage

Conair miniPRO Tourmaline Ceramic Travel Hair Dryer

  • Drying Power: 1,200 Watts
  • Material: Tourmaline, Ceramic

The Conair miniPRO Tourmaline hits the mark for a good price, styling capability, and reliability. When looking for a compact travel dryer that stands out from the rest, look no further.

Conair has a wide range of hair-drying and hair styling products, and the miniPRO Tourmaline lives up their reputation for efficient and effective products. Weighing in as one of our lightest overall travel dryers, the miniPRO Tourmaline sports a respectable 1200 watts of power with two heat and speed settings, as well as other expected features in a modern travel hairdryer such as q foldable handle, dual voltage, and a concentrator for close styling.

Because it’s small and lightweight, that leaves little room for a retractable cord or additional features, like a cool-shot button. But those are acceptable trade-offs for the miniPro Tourmaline’s overall performance.

And with its exotic tourmaline ceramic ionizer, this dryer will keep your hair fabulous without frizz! Its bright red finish provides a fun accessory for your beauty routine. This provides great, no-fuss hair from a compact powerhouse of a travel hairdryer. The Conair miniPRO Tourmaline Ceramic is a solid choice for all your travels far and wide.

You’ll be ready for the jet-set lifestyle, with a foldable handle, dual-voltage capability, and multiple heat settings. This hair dryer will easily fit in luggage and work in most travel destinations without a problem.

  • Ultra light

Conair Cord Keeper Hair Dryer

Who wants a bunch of cords getting tangled in their suitcase? The Conair Cord Keeper Hair Dryer takes care of this with a retractable cord. Paired with the foldable handle, this hair dryer is an obvious choice when you need a compact way to dry your hair on the go.

While a little bigger than other hair dryers on our list, the Conair Cord Keeper Hair Dryer makes up for it with a full 1,875 watts of drying power. If you know your destination can handle it, this is definitely a hair dryer to keep in mind.

Dual voltage means you’re ready for international travel anywhere in the world. While dual speeds means you have precision control. The cool shot button lets you lock in the perfect look.

While on the bigger side, the Conair Cord Keeper Hair Dryer makes up with a retractable cord, full heating ability, and dual controls.

Conair Worldwide Travel Hair Dryer

Designed to go around the world with you, the Conair Worldwide Travel Hair Dryer is the perfect companion for your travels. A bit on the bigger and heftier side than other hair dryers on our list, the combination of 1,875 watts, concentrator attachment and separate heat and speed settings really sets this hair dryer apart.

Smart voltage technology automatically adjusts to whatever voltage you plug it into. You don’t need to worry about accidentally plugging in this hair dryer before switching voltage.

This is the only hair dryer on our list that allows you full separate control over heat and airflow speed. This gives you full control over the heat and amount of air.  With you in control, you can style your hair exactly like you want it.

With both the semi-precious tourmaline and ceramic technology, you’ll get the most negative ions blasting into your hair, giving you the smooth and shiny look you’re after.

The combination of full 1,875 watts of heating power and separate heat and speed settings make this travel hair dryer the ultimate choice when you want control over your hair drying needs.

  • Detects foreign voltage and adjusts automatically
  • Separate heat and speed settings
  • Cool shot button
  • Concentrator included
  • Large and heavy

ZOOMMATE Mini Travel Hair Dryer

  • Material: Negative Ion Technology

The ZOOMMATE Mini Travel Hair Dryer is a minimalist’s dream. Throw it in your backpack and go. A tiny black carry bag keeps the cord from tangling amongst your other items, further enhancing its compact design.

This little guy lacks the power of other hair dryers in our list, but we don’t think it’s meant to be a power player. This is a product for someone who’s backpacking around a country, never staying in the same place twice. The user of this hair dryer doesn’t really care what the hair dryer is made out of or if it can provide a certain hairstyle. This hair dryer is for travelers who just want to remove the dampness from their hair before heading out on the day’s adventures!

We picked the ZOOMMATE Mini Travel Hair Dryer for a reason. It’s tiny! Pack it and go. We only wish it had a dual voltage feature to make this option more international travel friendly.

  • Comes with a storage bag
  • Ultra-low weight
  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Low drying power
  • No attachments are provided

Guide to Buying the Best Travel Hair Dryer for 2024

Your travel hair dryer is the difference between Wow, you look incredible in that picture and Wow, that day of your trip must have been humid! We get it; it’s an important decision. You probably have a lot of questions. Don’t worry. We have answers!

packing a travel hair dryer

You can absolutely travel with a hair dryer. In fact, we think you should travel with one! There is no guarantee that your travel accommodations will provide a hair dryer, and sometimes it’s a necessity, not just a luxury.

Imagine, you just hopped out of the shower before your glacier expedition in Alaska, and your hotel room failed to provide a hair dryer. This is quite the predicament. You’re going to see icicles up close and personal. They won’t be on the mountains in the distance–they’ll be hanging from your head!

There are a few things to keep in mind, though, about traveling with a hair dryer:

  • First, you’ll need to understand the Transportation Security Association (TSA) guidelines about what you’re allowed to pack in carry-on bags and checked luggage if you’re traveling by airplane.
  • Second, you’ll need to understand that international travel requires a different voltage for electronics than we use in the United States.
  • Third, you’ll want to know that not all travel hair dryers have a convenient way to switch voltage–so you’ll need to keep an eye out for dual voltage features!

TSA Guidelines on Hair Dryers

The TSA advises and monitors what people can and can’t bring on airplanes. They have created an extensive list of what you can bring on planes . Thankfully, hair dryers are safe to bring in both carry-on and checked luggage. Be sure to check the TSA guidelines before you travel in case there’s a change to accepted items.

Dual Voltage Hair Dryers for International Travel

We’ve talked a lot about the wattage of hair dryers, but another term you’re going to come across is volts. You can think of the watts as the horsepower of your hair dryer, while the volts are the speed of the horse.

In the United States, plugging things into the wall will give you 120 volts of power. And you’ll actually be safe if you travel to Canada, Mexico, most of South America or Japan. Almost anyplace else you go will deliver around 240 volts. Plug a non dual-voltage hair dryer into one of those outlets and you may learn that your hair dryer can get a lot hotter than you’re used to.

Most hair dryers on the market can handle both voltages. But definitely not all. In fact, a couple of the ones on our list can only do 120 volts. So, if international travels are on your horizon, make sure to pay attention to this feature.

What Is the Best Dual Voltage Travel Hair Dryer?

Most dual voltage hair dryers require you to move a switch before plugging them in. Definitely doable, but not the most convenient. The Conair Worldwide Travel Hair Dryer actually will sense the voltage coming in and just adapt. It even has a little LED light on it letting you know what voltage it’s operating at.

Now that we talked about voltage, let’s look at wattage. While the country you’re in sets the voltage you get, the hair dryer determines the wattage, and generally speaking, you want more.

Hair dryers have a heating element in them that will take electricity and produce heat. So a heating element that uses 1,000 watts of power will produce around half the heat that a 1,875 watt heating element does.

How Many Watts Is Good for a Hair Dryer?

You might think this is an easy question: just choose the one that uses the most watts. But hold up!

If the only thing you care about is getting dry hair, then definitely go for the highest wattage. And you’re in luck, half of the hair dryers on our list use the maximum 1,875 watts. Turn any of these babies on and you’ll be blasted with hair-drying heat in no time.

Why would you ever want to go lower? There are actually two good reasons!

If your hair is of the thinner variety, you may actually want to hold back on the heat. While the scalding temperatures will quickly dry your hair, thin hair may be damaged by the heat. Even more important, thin hair allows more of the heat to reach your scalp. This can lead to damage of the hair follicles themselves, which can in turn lead to hair loss. Definitely steer carefully here.

If you want the ability to choose between high or low heats, then the Conair Worldwide Travel Hair Dryer is the only one on our list that has separate heat and speed controls.

Another reason you might want to avoid the super-powered hair dryer choices is that you might not be able to get the power you need.

Hair dryers use a lot of power. Really, a lot! In fact, the electrical systems of bathrooms in the United States are now actually designed around hair dryers. So if you’re going to plug into a place built in the last couple of decades, you’re probably safe. But not necessarily so if you’re planning an overnight at a bed and breakfast in a colonial-built farmhouse.

Plug an 1,875 Watt hair dryer into an older electrical socket, and you’re likely to end up in a dark room holding a powerless dryer. You’ll soon find yourself having to search for a breaker to switch.

We’ll spare you the math, but many older circuits will lose their power if you plug in anything past about 1,800 watts. Manufacturers know this and used to go up to 1,600 watts for exactly this reason. Since electrical systems were upgraded in newer houses, manufacturers also upped the wattage. Now, we regularly see travel hair dryers that go up to 1,875 watts.

So if you know you’re staying in a newer place, and if you want an 1,875-watt hair dryer, then you’re set. Many times when we’re traveling it’s not so clear. A safe bet you can take is to get a 1,600-watt hair dryer. Our best pick, the Conair Compact Hair Dryer is a perfect choice for you with an optimal 1,600 watt heating power.

Let’s face it, there’s never enough space to take everything you want to bring. If size is all you care about, then you’ll definitely want a small hair dryer.

One of the main features that makes for a good travel hair dryer is having a foldable handle. There’s a basic shape that any blow dryer is going to take and having a handle that can fold will let it squeeze into a smaller space.

This feature is so important that all of the travel hair dryers on our list sport a foldable handle. If you’re looking for the most compact folding handle possible, we recommend the BaByliss PRO TT Tourmaline Titanium Travel Dryer .

Looking at a hair dryer, you might think they’re all made of the same thing: plastic. But what makes up the parts inside make a huge difference in how your hair gets dried. Let’s look at the most common materials and technologies used by hair dryers:

Ceramics are clays that have been heated up to make the internal parts of a hairdryer. They’re really good at getting hot and staying at a specific temperature. That’s important if you find yourself drying your hair frequently.

Ceramics make a specific kind of heat called infrared. This type of heat actually penetrates the hair, drying it from the inside, leaving natural moisture on the surface. This will leave your hair looking shiny.

Ceramics are a natural source of ions, they actually just pump them out when heated. Some hair dryers have whole parts made out of ceramic. These will produce more negative ions than a hair dryer where the parts are just coated with ceramic.

Tourmaline is actually a semi-precious gemstone. But don’t bust open your tourmaline hair dryer looking for anything shiny. Manufacturers grind up this mineral and use them to make or coat the parts of your hair dryer.

As you might guess, grinding up gems to make a hair dryer seems a little extreme, this is why hair dryers that tout they use tourmaline are going to be a little spendy.

Like ceramic, tourmaline is a natural source of negative ions. Just like ceramics, it’s better to have whole parts made of tourmaline and not just coated. You likely won’t be able to know which way it’s used since it’s typically not marketed.

Tourmaline is known for producing a lot of negative ions compared to the other materials. What this means is that it will dry your hair quickly. So if time is of the essence, definitely opt for this gem-laden choice.

You might think of planes, buildings or wedding bands when you hear titanium. But there’s one reason why titanium might be in your hair dryer: weight.

Titanium parts weigh in at 40% lighter than their ceramic counterparts. So if you’re looking for a hair dryer that’s good for a quick style, then titanium is what you want.

Titanium isn’t known for producing infrared heat. That means the heat is going to be applied from the outside of your hair and have to make its way in.

This isn’t a bad thing, but the quick heating of the hair surface makes titanium a better choice for those of us with thicker hair. If you have thin hair, you may want to look at ceramics or tourmaline.

Titanium doesn’t naturally produce negative ions like the other choices. So if you’re looking at a titanium hair dryer choice, make sure to check if it says it includes this feature. Most of the manufacturers do this by incorporating a small piece of ceramic or tourmaline somewhere inside to produce a small amount of ions.

To fight the frizz and tame the mane, you’ll want a travel hair dryer targeted to your individual needs.

It’s true that everybody’s hair is made of the same stuff. This might lead you to think all hair dryers will work the same for everybody, but that’s not the case.

Hair can be thick or thin, or it can be straight or curly . These differences in hair structure mean that the hair dryer you use can have a huge effect on what happens to your hair. It can mean the difference between frizzy hair and smooth, silky hair.

We’ll look at the four main types of hair and how to choose a hair dryer for them here:

Straight Hair

Assuming you want to keep your hair straight, you’re in luck! Pretty much any hair dryer will work with your sleek hair. Really, what we suggest is not using your hair type to lead you to select a hair dryer. Instead focus on other factors. Do you care about space in your luggage, drying time, ease of travel? Choose your hair dryer based on that. Your hair will accommodate.

Hair gets curly due to disulfide bonds that bend the shaft. But you don’t need a degree in chemistry to figure out how to choose a hair dryer that will give you salon-like results.

Blow drying curls can be an anxiety-inducing ordeal. One small slip, and your curl ends up pointing the wrong direction. There are two things to keep in mind to help make the process flow smoothly.

Curly hair responds a lot better to far infrared heat. What that means is choose a hair dryer made of ceramics or tourmaline. You want to avoid titanium that tends to throw a lot more heat and works on just the surface.

Second, working on small parts of your hair, just a curl or two at a time can be critical. To do this, you’re going to want a concentrator attachment. You can always go after-market and get one that fits onto your hair dryer, but save yourself the hassle and choose a hair dryer that comes with one already.

Many of the hair dryers on our list include a concentrator attachment, but the Revlon Compact Travel Hair Dryer is a great choice!

Thick or Coarse Hair

So let’s start this off by clearing the air: thick hair and coarse hair are two different things. Thick hair means you have a lot of hair. Coarse hair means that the individual hairs you do have are thick.

So why are we grouping them here? Because you can choose hair dryers for both types the same way.

The main thing you want for these hair types is heat. You need the wattage. If you know you’ll be staying at newer places, then opt for a hair dryer with 1,875 watts. Something like our Revlon Compact Travel Hair Dryer makes a great choice for this.

If you want to play it safe, then choose a hair dryer that puts out a perfectly decent 1,600 watts. Our number one choice, the Conair Compact Hair Dryer is an obvious pick here.

Your fine hair needs protection so they don’t end up split or frizzed. Like curly hair, fine hair is best heated drom a distance. So stick with ceramics or tourmaline and you’ll be safe. Don’t feel like you need to get the highest wattage hair dryer either. Using a moderate heat dryer works just great for fine hair.

Making sure your hair stays in top shape while traveling is a top priority. Choosing the right travel hair dryer is a critical part of this. You’ll need to choose carefully based on what material your travel hair dryer is made of, it’s size, the type of power it needs, and how much power it uses. And you have to do this all while keeping in mind the type of hair you have.

So enjoy choosing your travel hair dryer and rest assured that your hair will be in great shape for your next trip- wherever your journeys might take you!

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The Best Travel Hair Dryers for Perfect Blowouts Anywhere in the World

Weak hotel hair dryers? Who needs 'em.

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Our editors handpick the products that we feature. We may earn commission from the links on this page.

Stylecraft PeeWee 1200 Dual Voltage Folding Handle Hair Dryer

PeeWee 1200 Dual Voltage Folding Handle Hair Dryer

"I love the fact that the StyleCraft PeeWee is powerful, small, and light," says Angelo David of Angelo David Salon in NYC. And it doesn't hurt that it comes with some helpful extras, including a collapsible diffuser. "It does everything a normal size dryer can, all while fitting in the palm of your hands," adds  celebrity hairstylist Paul Labrecque . 

Conair 1600 Watt Dual Voltage Compact Hair Dryer with Folding Handle

1600 Watt Dual Voltage Compact Hair Dryer with Folding Handle

Here's the thing about travel hair dryers: Unlike other devices, you can't rely on an adapter alone to power your hair tools—you need dual voltage products. Despite the rock-bottom price, this travel hair dryer runs on both low and high voltages, so you can take it overseas without worry. It works well, too—nearly 1,000 satisfied customers give it five stars on Amazon. 

Revlon 1875W Compact/Folding Handle Travel Dryer

Experts at Good Housekeeping test labs swear by this travel hair dryer. It has everything you could want: dual voltage, two heat and speed settings, a cool shot button, and a folding handle. Plus, you can't beat the price. 

Paul Mitchell Express Mini Dry

This dryer has a reasonable price tag, but is backed by a powerful salon-quality brand. Plus, professional stylists love it because "it's lightweight and conveniently fits in my go-to luggage," says celebrity hair stylist Melissa Brown . 

T3 Featherweight Compact Folding Hair Dryer

If frizz is your main concern—especially in hot, humid locales—try this foldable travel hair dryer. It blows out negative ions to keep static away from the hair and adds shine, says Becca Raziuddin, hairstylist and corporate educator for  Blo Blow Dry Bar . It's also very lightweight, which is beneficial for someone who has a lot of hair and finds themselves holding the dryer for long periods of time. And—bonus—it has an extra-long cord in case there aren't many outlets in the hotel room.

Anthropologie Eva NYC Mini Blow Dryer

If space is a big concern, but your style needs are vast, consider this travel hair dryer. It's super small, but comes with all the extras you could need, including a straight nozzle, a diffuser, and a convenient carrying case. The company also makes a mini curling iron and straightener to complete the set.  

Drybar Baby Buttercup Blow Dryer

This Sephora top pick, a compact dryer by the famed Dry Bar, earns rave reviews from customers. Despite the fact that it's small and folds easily for travel, it features ionic technology to increase shine, reduce frizz, and decrease drying time. Need more assurance? Consider the words of one particularly enthusiastic reviewer, who asks: "Can a blowdryer change your life?!"

Babyliss Pro Tourmaline Titanium Travel Dryer

Color-treated hair requires special consideration, since it's prone to drying and breakage. And, thankfully, this inexpensive travel dryer—a top pick at Bed Bath & Beyond—allows you to keep up with your routine no matter where you are. It uses far-infrared heat to prevent damage and is infused with pure gemstone tourmaline crystals to eliminate static electricity and leave hair shiny. 

Chi Lava Hair Dryer

Though pricey, and a bit of a cheat, since it's not technically a travel hair dryer, the CHI LAVA is so compact and lightweight that you can conveniently pack it wherever you go, says hair stylist  Cynthia Diersen . You'll save yourself on storage space since you won't have to stash two dryers, plus you'll never have to sacrifice performance. This dryer is quick, keeps hair hydrated, and provides long-lasting style. Plus, it comes with three attachments (a straight nozzle, a comb nozzle, and a diffuser).

SEPHORA COLLECTION Sweet Scents Perfume Infusing Blowdryer

It may not be the fastest dryer on the market, but it does infuse your strands with the sweet smell of vanilla so you can spend less time washing and drying your hair and more time enjoying your vacation. The lightweight and foldable drier also features a quiet motor and an ergonomically designed handle for comfort. 

Headshot of Brigitt Earley

Brigitt is a writer, editor and craft stylist with nearly 15 years of experience. She specializes in lifestyle topics, including home, health, parenting, beauty, style, food, entertaining, travel and weddings. She has written for Glamour, People, Good Housekeeping, Women's Health, Real Simple, Martha Stewart, Apartment Therapy, The Spruce, and more.

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The 12 Best Travel Hair Dryers to Keep Your Hair on Point While on the Go

Easy, breezy styling without the bulk.

t3 afar lightweight travel size hair dryer

If you buy something from the links on this page, we may earn a commission. Why Trust Us?

As Best Products beauty editor , who travels cross-country frequently and has lived in hotels for months at a time, I can safely say all hotel hair dryers are lackluster. (Sorry, not sorry!) Investing in a travel hair dryer saves your giftee precious suitcase space and guarantees you or your giftee will always have a great hair day without heading to the salon. Most importantly, travel hair dryers are lightweight and deliver similar results to your favorite full-sized model .

Don't believe me? Celebrity hairstylist and author Kee Taylor , who works with Keke Palmer and Tika Sumpter, agrees. “Travel hair dryers are amazing as they offer the power of a full-sized tool, but are portable and more convenient,” she says. Between their compact size, strong drying power, and convenient styling features, who knows — your loved one might just find themself working these tiny dryers into their hair routine post-trip.

Best Travel Hair Dryers

Afar Lightweight Travel Size Hair Dryer

Best Overall

T3 afar lightweight travel size hair dryer.

miniPRO Tourmaline Ceramic Travel Hair Dryer

Best Budget

Conair minipro tourmaline ceramic travel hair dryer.

Nano Titanium Travel Dryer

Best Foldable

Babylisspro nano titanium travel dryer.

Baby Buttercup Blow Dryer

Best for Blowouts

Drybar baby buttercup blow dryer.

Flight Travel Hair Dryer

Best Under-$100

Ghd flight travel hair dryer.

Pro Tools Pro Dryer 2000

Created by a Hairstylist

Harry josh pro tools pro tools pro dryer 2000.

Highspeed Hair Dryer

Best Dyson Dupe

Tymo highspeed hair dryer.

Pro Signature Travel Hair Dryer

Most Durable

Hot tools pro signature travel hair dryer.

Compact Folding Handle Travel Hair Dryer

Best Ceramic Model

Revlon compact folding handle travel hair dryer.

1875 Compact Hair Dryer

Best for Dry Hair

Chi 1875 compact hair dryer, what to consider.

Selecting the best travel hair dryer for your giftee will require a little work, but luckily, I'm here to help. Not only have I covered and tested travel hair dryers for several years, but I chatted with two of my most-trusted hair experts about all things travel hair dryers to help streamline your gift-giving needs. Their most important advice: make sure your giftee's potential travel hair dryer is aligned with their lifestyle, which we explore below.


Celebrity hairstylist Andrew Fitzsimons advises shoppers to pay close attention to which settings and functions a travel hair dryer has to offer. He says, "The more versatile the product is, the more looks you can achieve with packing less!" For example, consider the wattage of the hair dryer and throw in a universal travel adapter if your loved one frequently travels abroad.


Taylor, the creator of Deeper Than Hair , says if you or your giftee want to get many looks out of one tool, ensure your dryer comes with attachments. For example, the HOT TOOLS Pro Signature Travel Hair Dryer has a traditional nozzle for smoothing the strands during blowouts and a hair diffuser for enhancing waves , curls, and coils .

Size and Weight

Fitzsimons, who founded his namesake haircare line , recommends travel hair dryers that are relatively small or easily foldable. Taylor adds foldable models to help limit the awkward shape of the hair dryer. The pretty pink T3 Afar Lightweight Travel Size Hair Dryer and BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Travel Dryer are just two of our favorite foldable hair dryers.

This is an image

Taylor also suggests considering the weight of a hair dryer. The Best Tested Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer isn't technically a travel-sized hair dryer. Still, it is incredibly lightweight, and multiple experts travel with the Supersonic because it doesn't add unnecessary bulk to the suitcase. Don't worry: Our other travel-sized products are petite in form and incredibly lightweight, but don't skimp on quality.

How We Chose

I’ve tested a seemingly infinite number of travel hair dryers over my 6-plus years in beauty journalism, and I can assure you that these are truly the best of the best. Some are personal favorites I keep in my suitcase for impromptu trips or have gifted loved ones who fly, while others earned snaps from Taylor and Fitzsimons.

I also researched dozens of models, looking for various prices, functions, and features to ensure you find the best gift option within your budget. Plus, each travel hair dryer is rated at least 4 stars out of hundreds (or thousands!) of reviews on Amazon, Sephora, Dermstore, and more. These are the best travel hair dryers that will hardly fill your giftee’s precious packing space and beat out any hotel hair dryer during their travels.

Our best overall recommendation is a personal favorite and one I like to gift loved ones at the top of my nice list. T3 makes the prettiest romantic pink and white hot tools on the market, and its latest innovation — a foldable hair dryer — doesn't skimp on form or function. Afar is 25% lighter than its full-size T3 equivalent and boasts the same IonAir Technology to dry the hair quickly. Celebrity hairstylist Sky Kim calls this an amazing option for travel because it weighs practically nothing in a carry-on bag. She says, “It’s so cute, you will be traveling in style. It’s also really great for all hair types because it comes with all three heat settings and two speeds like the original!”

I'm obsessed with Afar because can easily toggle between the multiple heat and speed settings, then engage the cool shot button to seamlessly lock my look into place. The dryer also comes with a travel bag for worry-free storage.

More: How to Buy a Flat Iron for Natural Hair

For just under $23, the Conair miniPRO delivers 1,200 watts of power, two heat and speed settings, and dual-voltage for international travel. It’s super lightweight, and Taylor is a fan because it features a collapsible handle, optimizing its already small size for easy storage.

Taylor says, “I love the Conair, as it comes with the folding mechanism, which is so convenient when I am only working with a small bag.”

If that’s not enough bang for your buck, the miniPRO also boasts tourmaline-infused ceramic technology, which minimizes frizz and static caused by the positive ions in wet hair’s water molecules. Negative ions, released from the dryer during airflow, secure the hair’s cuticle layer, locking in moisture and elevating shine.

Taylor loves her red BaBylissPRO Tourmaline Titanium Travel Dryer , but it's unfortunately sold out online. Lucky for your giftee, the brand makes a similar alternative in blue. The best part? This version earned snaps from Fitzsimons. “I love the BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Travel Dryer. It is small and super easy to pack, which helps when I am trying to keep my bags as light as possible,” he says.

Don’t let the tiny size of this dryer fool you. It can fit in the palm of your hand when folded, but the 1,000-watt motor is just as powerful as any full-sized alternative.

It’s just 0.6 pounds and dual-voltage, which is handy for international travel. There are two heat and speed settings, plus a removable filter. Not to mention, it’s an impressive price for a BaByliss product — most typically retail between $100 and $200.

Amazon reviewers agree that this small, but mighty travel hair dryer is on point! “This little guy does the job for me, and it looks exactly like its bigger brother. My first Babyliss hair dryer lasted over 10 years. So even if they are a little spendy, they are worth it,” says one reviewer.

Drybar’s full-sized Buttercup is one of the most sought-after blow dryers out there. So it’s to be expected that the mini version is just as popular. It packs 1,200 watts of power and operates at two different voltages for both stateside and overseas use.

I can safely say your loved one will be obsessed with this butter-yellow travel hair dryer because it’s equipped with everything they need. Ionic technology surges through two heat settings, while a cool shot button ensures a long-lasting blowout. It maintains Drybar’s iconic butter-yellow hue, but we’d argue that its 13-ounce (0.81-pound) weight is its most defining feature. Kim also gave this gorgeous dryer praise. She says, “The Drybar Baby Buttercup Travel Blow-Dryer is also amazing for travel. It is foldable, powerful, and has ionic technology, which is great for smoothing down that frizz. It has a 7-foot cord on this baby, so you can move around freely as you get ready on your vacation. [And it] has a strong voltage for oversea travel!”

Not only does the convenient travel hair dryer pack easily into their carry-on bag, but it includes a wide nozzle that’s ideal for long or thick hair and a narrow nozzle for an extra intensity that’s ideal for precise styling. It even comes with a fun “I’m full of hot air!” travel bag.

ghd hair tools are incredibly high-tech, so when I saw the brand create a compact travel-sized dryer, I knew it was worth your hard-earned coins. Want more reassurance? Kim, who styles Gigi Hadid, Jennifer Esposito, and Uma Thurman, considers this one of her favorite travel hair dryers.

She says, “It folds, so it takes up so little room to allow you to carry more in your luggage. It’s also so light (50% lighter than the original dryer), making it easy to travel with. It also has GHD’s safeguard feature to cool down when close to the hair which is great for protecting your hair. Plus, it’s very chic!”

Speaking of the safeguard technology, Amazon reviewers also vouch for its efficacy. To quote one 5-star Amazon review, “I just love that it doesn’t get too hot like other hair dryers that are high powered, and they can get too hot and fry up my hair.”

The compact hair dryer, cord, and airflow nozzle all weigh less than 1 pound or about the same weight as a loaf of sandwich bread. Although it only has one temperature setting, it can still work on drying all hair types fast and effectively without damage.

I love all things Harry Josh Pro Tools, and so will your very lucky giftee. Not only are his products of top-tier quality and available in a luxe, mint green color, but they're a dream to use, including his lightweight travel hair dryer.

Designed to be much quieter than a typical hair dryer, I find this powerful model cuts down my drying time and doesn't disturb my roommates in the morning.

So what makes it so effective? Well, your giftee will be impressed that it sports a motor speed of 94mph, meaning they can shampoo and condition in the morning and head out to school, work, or last-minute dinner much quicker than other cheaper models on this list.

Celebrity hairstylist Madison Clifford works with everyone from Dove Cameron and Lady Gaga, so I had to ask her about her no-fail travel hair dryer picks, and was pleasantly surprised it's from an Amazon favorite brand: TYMO.

Although she's keen on both the AIRSPEED and AIRHYPE dryers, we prefer the former because it's cheaper and designed with traveling in mind. Clifford describes the AIRSPEED as “sleek, compact, and perfect for fast drying at low temperatures with no heat damage, using ionic protection, providing volume and smooth finish.” Notably, it's equipped with an ergonomic grip and comes with a travel case and magnetic attachments, including a diffuser, a comb, and a narrow nozzle for airflow control.

A $48 hair dryer can't compete with the specs that pricier options offer — but the HOT TOOLS travel hair dryer's impressive tech and accessories make it a great starter model option.

Notably, it boasts ionic technology that will finally tame your frizzy hair and speed up drying time. And it doesn't stop there: A concentrator and diffuser are included, so you won't have to track down compatible attachments, while a roomy travel pouch simplifies storage.

It's also a must for overseas adventures, given its 1,875 watt motor and dual-voltage capabilities. Weighing under 1 pound and measuring 3.6 x 10.2 inches, it's one of the smallest dryers on this list that still packs a lot of punch. And get this: this model is durable AF. One Amazon reviewer had theirs for 11 years until it conked out because they didn't regularly clean the filter. That is not bad, considering the price tag.

Revlon's biggest TikTok beauty hit is the One-Step Volumizer , but its travel hair dryer is also worth incorporating into their beauty routine.

Beyond the impressive $18 price tag, this option utilizes ceramic material to heat up quickly and evenly. Plus, it’s gentle enough for anyone with fine, dry, or damaged hair to use. Those with thicker hair will find it practical to use as well. “It’s lightweight, but works well and [is] powerful. It dries my thick, coarse long hair in about the same time (less than 10 mins) as my $500 powerful hair dryer I use at home,” says one 5-star Amazon review.

Most of the affordable options on this list only provide two heat and speed settings and a cool shot button if you're lucky. Fortunately for your giftee, Revlon's hair dryer features three preset heat settings, two speed levels, and a cool shot.

Although it doesn't include a curl-enhancing diffuser attachment, they get a concentrator that will help smooth and straighten their hair on a budget.

Your loved one can achieve shiny, hydrated, and frizz-free strands by using this travel hair dryer from CHI. It boasts a powerful combination of ceramic material and ionic technology that heats up evenly and minimizes drying time.

It sports everything they could want in a travel hair dryer: a 1,875-watt motor, several heat and speed settings, and a cool shot button to set your hair. Plus, it features a foldable design and weighs one pound.

With hundreds of glowing Amazon reviews, we have no doubt your loved one will also enjoy using this product. “I have thick, waist-long hair that takes forever to blow dry. This dryer significantly cut down on my drying time, and it’s super small (travel size) and lightweight,” says one highly satisfied reviewer.

EVA·NYC Mini Healthy Heat Pro-Power Dryer

Mini Healthy Heat Pro-Power Dryer

You might’ve noticed that tourmaline-infused ceramic components are a must in good-quality dryers, and this EVA NYC one does not skimp out on it.

A powerful 1,200-watt motor emits frizz-eliminating negative ions and gentle far-infrared heat. It’s dual voltage and it features two speed settings — plus a removable air filter to clean out blockage and prolong product life.

“This mini hair dryer exceeded my expectations. I purchased one because I was traveling from state to state and knew that some hotels don’t have a complimentary hair dryer in the rooms. The size and the weight was perfect, temperature was really hot and very easy to use and manage. I would recommend this to others, and it’s worth the price,” says one 5-star Amazon review.

For under $40, your giftee will get a concentrator, diffuser, and portable pouch. Aesthetics reign supreme here, too — pick between trendy shades like Mint Leopard or Moon Dust.

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

Supersonic Hair Dryer

It's not technically a travel hair dryer, but the Dyson Supersonic's quick-drying capabilities and easy-to-use magnetic styling attachments are worth the sacrifice of suitcase space. Even so, the device's dimensions are minimal — it measures a little over 11 inches tall and 3 inches wide and weighs just under 2 pounds (including the cable and plug).

With the provided concentrator, smoothing nozzle, and diffuser attachments, it's unlikely your loved one will ever need to pack another styling tool. Plus, the Supersonic is designed to protect their strands from heat damage via regulatory sensors, which measure the temperature 20 times per second. This, coupled with negative-ion technology, reduces frizz and flyaways.

In my review of the Dyson Supersonic , I highlighted its mighty motor, relatively quiet noise level, and compatibility with all hair types as reasons to buy this hair dryer. Everyone can safely use this dryer regardless of skill set or hair length, thickness, and texture .

I'm not the only fan — Man Addicts Artist Reagan Link and Fitzsimons says it’s well worth the princely price tag and their go-to when traveling. Fitzsimons says, “Its lightweight body maximizes efficiency, and I can dry and style hair without damage in a short amount of time. The additional attachments allow for multiple styling options and are super convenient when I’m on the road.”

Headshot of Nicole Saunders

Nicole Saunders is the beauty editor at Best Products with over seven years of experience researching, writing, and editing lifestyle content. She specializes in breaking down complicated topics, like high-frequency wands and microcurrent devices, into easy-to-understand guides. She takes great pride in heavily researching and testing featured beauty products, — such as hairdryers and foundations — on our site, and spotlights her all-time seasonal favorites in her quarterly column Best New Beauty. And she tests quite literally thousands of launches for our Beauty Awards package.

Headshot of Leah Campano

Leah is the Editorial Planning Associate for Hearst’s Enthusiast Group, which encompasses BestProducts.com , Runner’s World , Bicycling , and Popular Mechanics . She’s been with the team since 2019, engaged in various editorial tasks across both print and digital. She’s an avid lover of platform shoes, all things Bravo (power players of past and present include: Real Housewives of New York City, Real Housewives of Potomac , Ladies of London —the list goes on), and tracking down the next vintage print for her apartment’s gallery wall.

Headshot of Ashley Phillips

Ashley is the beauty and style editor at BestProducts.com, and her work has been featured on Cosmopolitan and Town and Country. She has an obsession with designer handbags, Liberty prints, 1960s fashion, and owns more shoes than she’s willing to admit. She's been using her learnings from owning a boutique and her shopping addiction for good since 2015. She’ll never accept that black isn’t a color. Away from the computer, you’ll likely find the Texas native binging on a British period drama or theorizing over Game of Thrones . She has yet to find a real cup of queso in NYC.

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  • Personal care

The Best Hair Dryer

Five hair dryers lined up against a neutral background.

Most hair dryers are effective at blowing hot air toward your head—sometimes quite fast—in order to speed along your hairstyling. It’s the small differences between models that can make a big difference overall, particularly with daily use.

After putting in over 20 hours of research and spending over 70 hours testing 42 hair dryers, we’ve found that some are far more pleasant to hold and use than others. Because it provides an excellent experience for the price, we think the Rusk W8less Professional 2000 Watt Dryer is the best choice.

Everything we recommend

rekomendasi hair dryer travel

Rusk W8less Professional 2000 Watt Dryer

Fast and light.

This dryer is lightweight and equipped with a long cord. Among the models we tested, it tied for blowing the hottest and fastest air.

Buying Options

Budget pick.

rekomendasi hair dryer travel

InfinitiPro by Conair Quick Styling Salon Hair Dryer

Fast but heavy.

Although this dryer is just as fast as pricier models, it’s the heaviest of our traditional hair dryer picks, and its attachments can be hard to remove.

Upgrade pick

rekomendasi hair dryer travel

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

A joy to use.

It’s expensive, but the unique design makes it extraordinarily nice to use: There’s no vibration whatsoever, and the simple-to-switch magnetic attachments make styling easier.

rekomendasi hair dryer travel

Best for thick, dense, or curly/coily/kinky hair

It’s spendy, it’s bulky, and it works—quickly and gently. For hair that’s fragile or difficult to blow-dry with a conventional hair dryer, the RevAir is worth considering.

How we picked

A quality hair dryer blows hot air at high speed. Features like “ionic” drying and “tourmaline” technology don’t impact styling results.

We looked only at dryers with multiple heat settings. We also preferred a cool-shot option.

A too-short cord renders even the most effective hair dryer useless in certain situations.

Lighter-weight dryers (around a pound) are easier and more enjoyable to use for long periods of time.

Speed and heat are the only features that matter for drying your hair efficiently, and with a 55 mph airflow that exceeds 245 °F, the Rusk W8less Professional 2000 Watt Dryer is one of the fastest and hottest dryers we tested. It weighs less than a pound, it has an 8-foot cord (one of the longest we found), it’s notably comfortable to hold, and overall it has the best combination of features we deem important. The W8less comes with a concentrator, which is helpful for straightening hair, but it does not come with a diffuser.

If you don’t care about weight, consider the InfinitiPro by Conair 1875-Watt Salon Performance AC Motor Styling Tool . Commonly found in drugstores, this dryer produces airflow that’s faster (65 mph) than that of our top pick and almost as hot (205 °F). At 1.3 pounds, however, it may feel heavy after you spend a couple of minutes holding it above your head. The 6-foot cord, though shorter than those on our other picks, is longer than those on most other inexpensive hair dryers. The buttons are easy to use, but the cool-shot button is a little small and harder to hold down than the cool-shot button on our top pick. The InfinitiPro comes with both a diffuser and a concentrator.

If you’re willing to splurge on a dryer, you might consider the Dyson Supersonic . It has consistently been our favorite to use since we first tested it in 2016. With airflow at 88 mph and a temperature surpassing 245 °F (the hottest temperature our weather meter could measure), the Supersonic doesn’t dry hair any faster than our pick, but it is more pleasant to use in almost every way due to its unique design. The motor sits in the handle, making the nozzle shorter and easier to maneuver. The handle doesn’t vibrate at all, which wasn’t true of other “luxury” models we tested. It has a long, 9-foot cord, and it’s less grating noise-wise than other dryers. It also comes with five magnetic attachments, including a diffuser, all of which are exceptionally easy to add or remove mid-blowout.

The RevAir is unlike any other hair-drying, heat-styling tool we’ve tested. For people with Type 3 or 4 curl patterns especially, this vacuum-like device is gentle on fragile strands and can cut down total drying time significantly. One tester, who usually requires two back-to-back appointments with a professional stylist at Drybar, now achieves similar drying and smoothing results with the RevAir in as little as 20 minutes. The RevAir has an exceptionally large footprint compared with most dryers. The entire corded machine weighs about 8 pounds and is the size of a toaster. The hose-attached handheld wand alone weighs more than our heavier dryer picks (around 2 pounds), but we found that this is not terribly problematic because very little motion is required to use it.

The research

Why you should trust us, who this is for, how we picked and tested, our pick: rusk w8less professional 2000 watt dryer, budget pick: infinitipro by conair 1875-watt salon performance ac motor styling tool, upgrade pick: dyson supersonic hair dryer, upgrade pick: revair, what about the revlon one-step and other hair dryer brushes, other good hair dryers, what to look forward to, the competition.

Nancy Redd is Wirecutter’s senior staff writer covering health and personal care. She’s reviewed hair dryers professionally for over three years but has relied on them for hair care for over three decades. After testing it she did, indeed, keep a beloved RevAir in the trunk of her car .

Shannon Palus reviewed hair dryers for Wirecutter from 2015 to 2017.

For this guide we interviewed dermatologists, hairstylists, a cosmetic chemist, and an electrical engineer .

A tester shown smiling as they use two of our best hair dryers at the same time, one in each hand, to dry their hair.

If you can’t or don’t want to leave the house with wet hair, you need a hair dryer.

You also likely need one if you plan on using other hot tools on your hair: Make sure you’re really getting your hair dry if you’re going to take a flat iron to it (smushing hair between two hot pieces of metal is really bad for it if it’s still wet, according to our dermatologist sources).

Despite what magazine lists and advertisements would have you believe, most hair dryers are one-size-fits-all. No dryer will make your hair exceptionally more voluminous and glossy than another. What your hair looks like comes down to technique, products, and, in large part, its natural characteristics.

A person shown holding several different hair dryers in their arms.

The packaging for hair dryers is adorned with a ton of buzzwords and specs. Most of these “features” are useless at best and pseudoscience at worst.

For all the words and phrases associated with hair dryers—“tourmaline,” “ionic,” “ceramic,” “conditioning nano beads”—hairstylist Allen Ruiz told us he looks for two qualities in the appliance: “hot and fast.” (And that said, in our testing, differences in heat and speed from dryer to dryer often failed to noticeably affect the dry time.)

The hotness and fastness of a hair dryer are connected to the wattage, but they’re not perfectly correlated: A very high-wattage dryer can produce more heat than a lower-wattage one, but that doesn’t mean it will.

Beyond heat and speed, we considered the following features:

  • Heat settings: Multiple settings mean you don’t have to keep blasting your hair on high—and incurring more damage—once it’s mostly dry. And once your hair is totally dry, hitting the cool-shot button, according to many stylist opinions we read , helps seal your hair cuticle , keeping your hair feeling smoother. (Even if you don’t personally notice a difference, the cool air also feels nice when your head is hot.)
  • Weight: The lighter the dryer, the easier it is to hold for a longer period of time. In our testing, a weight difference as small as two-tenths of a pound made a big difference in how a dryer felt overhead.
  • Cord length: Many bathrooms have an outlet near enough to the mirror that a short cord doesn’t matter. But if your mirror is more than three steps from an outlet, there’s no way around choosing a dryer with a longer cord; it’s unsafe to add an extension cord to a device that draws as large a wattage as a hair dryer.

A hair dryer placed on top of a flat postage scale.

  • Attachments: The best dryers are compatible with diffusers and concentrators and (preferably) come with them. A diffuser is an attachment that helps dry curly, wavy, or textured hair gently so it maintains its natural shape. If you have straight hair or are trying to straighten your hair with a dryer, you don’t need a diffuser, though a concentrator attachment can help.
  • Removable filter: A hair dryer with a filter you can easily pop off the back is much easier to clean. Without a removable filter, cleaning is a pain because you have to take the hair dryer apart (video) .

Objective features aside, the main thing that separated the dryers we loved from those we didn’t was a bit harder to quantify: how they felt in our hands. In addition to weight, that overall feel depends on the following factors:

  • Button placement: Buttons that are placed either entirely on the front of the dryer or entirely on the back so they don’t poke your hand and are hard to hit accidentally make the experience of using a dryer nicer.
  • Handle shape: The wider and straighter the handle, the harder it is to grip, typically.
  • Sound: A dryer’s sound shouldn’t be annoying; most dryers operate at the same decibel level ( 59 to 90 ), but some dryers can make whinier noises than others.
  • Vibration: Dryers that don’t rattle and vibrate much have a more pleasant feel.

We took basic stats on our dryers, using a weather meter to test the speed and heat and a postage scale to weigh them. We also measured the cord lengths. Often our own readings disagreed with the manufacturer-stated specs.

We found that on the top setting, most dryers blew air at about 40 mph as measured a couple of inches away from the nozzle. That blowing air was around 200 °F (more if we held the dryer in place for a few moments). Although some dryers achieved faster wind speeds than others, interestingly that didn’t end up translating to notably or consistently faster dry times once we used them on our hair.

For the initial iteration of this guide, we timed the models drying a swatch of hair from a wig wetted with 5 grams of water, with the dryers on their highest setting.

Two things became clear after our first round of swatch time tests: First, all of the dryers took more or less the same amount of time to dry hair. Little things, such as how close we held the dryer or how the hair moved around, were what really made the hair dry faster or slower. Second, we found that many of the dryers had designs that made them annoying to use.

A photo of a step in our testing process to find the best blow dryer, wherein a hair dryer is pointed at a weather meter.

With a few dryers eliminated, we put our favorites through some more time tests with the hair swatch and then brought them home for a couple of weeks and used them in our daily routines, timing how long they took to dry hair and feeling for any general differences in the quality of the resulting blowout. We found basically none.

Our pick for best hair dryer, the Rusk W8less Professional 2000 Watt Dryer.

The Rusk W8less Professional 2000 Watt Dryer offers all the features you need in a hair dryer while costing a fraction of the price of a luxury model. The W8less is one of the lightest, fastest, and hottest dryers we’ve tried (1 pound, 55 mph, and over 245 °F, respectively). Those are the only features that matter for drying your hair efficiently.

A close-up of the buttons on the Rusk W8less hair dryer.

The buttons are all nicely placed. They’re easy to push but hard to press accidentally. And the cord is long enough (8 feet) to reach distant outlets. Unlike on other dryers, the cool-shot button is wide, so holding it down for several seconds isn’t uncomfortable.

The housing is also nice. It’s glossy white, and the logo is understated. The handle is slightly curved, with a notch at the top. The sound of the air is smooth. The dryer comes with a concentrator, too.

It’s capable of making your hair look just as nice as any other dryer. The Rusk W8less takes about the same amount of time to blow-dry hair as dryers that cost hundreds of dollars.

It comes with a two-year warranty.

Flaws but not dealbreakers

The Rusk W8less doesn’t come with a diffuser. If you have curly hair and prefer using a diffuser to dry it, you have to buy one separately (though it’s best to buy a hair dryer that comes with one).

The InfinitiPro by Conair 1875-Watt Salon Performance AC Motor Styling Tool, our budget pick for best hair dryer.

In our tests, the airflow from the InfinitiPro by Conair 1875-Watt Salon Performance AC Motor Styling Tool was faster than that of our top pick at 65 mph, but at 205 °F it was not as hot as the Rusk W8less (which reached over 245 °F). This Conair hair dryer is considerably less expensive, too.

The main reason it’s not our top pick is its weight. At 1.3 pounds, it’s noticeably heavier to hold than the W8less, especially after several minutes of drying.

Its cord is 6 feet long. That’s two feet shorter than our top pick’s, but longer than the cords on other models you can find at a drugstore.

The InfinitiPro typically comes with a concentrator and a diffuser. (Some colors, such as black, come with only the concentrator). Although these pieces snap onto the nozzle, they look as if they might screw on, which can be confusing at first.

Conair covers the InfinitiPro with an impressive four-year warranty (PDF) . This dryer is usually available in six color options.

The Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer, our upgrade pick, next to its three attachments.

It’s no more effective than our other picks, but if you want the most pleasant hair-drying experience possible, the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer provides that. This dryer has an unusual design that makes it extraordinarily nice to use. It doesn’t vibrate whatsoever (all other dryers vibrate just a little, and the effect isn’t especially noticeable until you hold one that doesn’t), and its simple-to-switch magnetic attachments make styling with a diffuser or concentrator easier. It has a 9-foot cord.

The Supersonic offers the fastest wind speed of all the dryers we’ve tested. We measured it at 88 mph at a distance of 2 inches. The Supersonic ties our top pick for the hottest air at over 245 °F, the highest temperature our weather meter could measure. Although other reviewers (video) have found that the Dyson can sometimes dry hair a tad faster than the competition, after we put in a week of careful timed testing on our own hair, we found that this wasn’t consistently true: Drying hair with the Supersonic sometimes took a bit longer than with our top pick.

Five attachments are included with the Supersonic. You get a styling concentrator, a flyaway attachment, and a wide-toothed comb, plus a “gentle” air attachment and a diffuser. Dyson attachments connect to the nozzle magnetically. They don’t get burning hot, as they’re made of two layers of plastic with a gap of air between them, so you can rotate or remove them mid-session, unlike on other dryers, where you must handle attachments carefully or angle the dryer awkwardly to switch them.

As of 2023, a styling brush attachment is not available for the Dyson dryer; people who regularly use one to straighten their hair might be more inclined to purchase the less expensive Shark HyperAir , which we found is as hot and fast as the Supersonic ( but it’s heavier and has a shorter cord ).

Although the Dyson dryer’s feel and attachments are improvements over those of our other picks, we also found features we didn’t like and a few that we were neutral on.

The buttons can be hard to reach. We found the position of the speed and heat buttons on the back of the dryer’s head less than ideal, and the cool-shot button is in an awkward spot at the very top of the handle. If you don’t change speeds and temperature a lot, though, the button locations might be a bonus, as they are hard to hit accidentally. Meanwhile, the cord has a small power bar near the plug, which itself is bulky.

The motor sits in the handle of the dryer rather than in the head. The handle is straight and a tad thicker than that of the Rusk W8less, too. Dyson says the motor placement makes the weight of the dryer more balanced, since it’s not top-heavy. The difference isn’t huge, but over weeks of using the Supersonic, we found ourselves appreciating the configuration. If you have trouble holding a typical dryer overhead, the weight distribution of this one might make gripping easier, a reader told us .

The motor sucks air through a fine mesh from the bottom of the handle rather than through a grill at the back of the dryer, and the company claims it’s difficult for long hair to get stuck in the filter as a result. (Much of Dyson’s $71 million research and design tab for the dryer went into the motor, which is a smaller version of the motor found in Dyson’s handheld vacuum cleaners.)

At 1 pound, the Supersonic is the same weight as our top pick. One tester found that the heavier cord tired out her arms when she was drying the top of her head, though resting the power bar (which most dryers do not have) on the counter helped. The sound the Supersonic emits is a high-pitched whine, with none of the low rattle that other dryers put out. Whether this sound is more pleasant, as the company claims, is a matter of personal opinion, though. As with any dryer, the sound of whooshing air is physically impossible to eliminate.

Despite the Supersonic’s flaws, compared with other dryers we’ve tested, this one truly feels like a luxury to use every day.

The Supersonic has a two-year warranty and comes in five color combinations. Dyson in 2023 introduced a pared-down package, the Supersonic Origin , which includes only the dryer and a concentrator attachment.

The nozzle of the RevAir hair dryer, one of our upgrade picks.

If you have hair that is damage-prone or very curly, or if it takes forever to blow-dry, the benefits of the RevAir might be worth its expense. This unconventional hair-drying vacuum relies on “reverse air” suction to simultaneously dry, stretch, straighten, and smooth hair. It is expensive, bulky, and loud, but it’s also extremely effective, providing a particularly gentle, expedient way to dry your hair. (For additional details, read our full RevAir review .)

It excels at gently drying and smoothing curly hair. RevAir’s recent redesign trimmed down the device’s footprint and weight significantly without diminishing its capacity, but it’s still a different animal from the other, more conventional hair dryers we recommend, so comparing specs such as wind speed doesn’t make sense. But anecdotally, we found that this unique appliance consistently dried and straightened our tester’s curly hair much faster than any traditional dryer, with minimal tangling and hair shedding. Other reviewers’ reactions to the RevAir vary by hair type: For those with finer, less curly hair, it tends to be an appealing novelty (video) not necessarily worth shelling out for, while those with Type 3 or 4 curl patterns tend to find it revolutionary and worth the splurge (video) .

It’s heavy, but you don’t have to hold it high like a conventional dryer. It has a 5.5-foot hose that attaches to a 9-inch heat-producing wand. At 2 pounds, the wand alone is heavier than any of our dryer picks. Rather than raising the dryer to your hair, however, you insert sections of your hair into the wand; the device then quickly and gently sucks the damp hair dry. It offers seven suction power levels and three heat settings (high, low, or the no-heat cool shot).

It takes up a lot of space. The RevAir is huge. Unlike our other picks, it doesn’t easily fit in bathroom cabinets or on a countertop: Altogether it weighs eight pounds and is the size of a large toaster (plus the unwieldy hose).

The RevAir comes with a one-year warranty, half the coverage period of the Rusk W8less and the Dyson Supersonic.

Hair dryer brushes like the Revlon One-Step Volumizer Plus 2.0 (and its still-available predecessor ) circulate heated air from within, through holes between the bristles. They are designed to replace the pairing of a traditional hair dryer with a separate brush. Most hair dryer brushes are cylindrical in shape and have 360 degrees of bristles, as round styling brushes do. However, some people find paddle-style hair dryer brushes gentler and better for detangling than cylindrical models, since this brush style may reduce snagging. Because the bristles and airflow are restricted to one side of a paddle-style hair dryer brush, you have more control over the amount of heat you apply to your hair. This control comes at a cost, though: Paddle-style hair dryer brushes are notorious for being unable to reach hair roots, and it often takes longer to dry a full head of hair with one than it does with either a round hair dryer brush or a traditional hair dryer. However, paddle-style hair dryer brushes do a decent job of drying and straightening hair, especially when you’re preparing hair for a second round of styling (with a curling iron, a straightening comb, or braids).

We tried four paddle-style hair dryer brushes, finding the best overall to be the Conair InfinitiPro Hot Air Paddle Brush . Although we recommend the vacuum-style RevAir dryer for people with more fragile strands, for around a tenth of the price the Conair is a decent and similarly gentle option for hair drying and straightening. Despite having the lowest wattage of any of the paddle hair dryer brushes we considered (600 watts), it dried hair sections almost as quickly as the brush we tried with the highest wattage: the Instagram darling EZ Dryer Ion (1,200 watts). This result may be due to two factors unique to the Conair brush, namely its slimmer oval shape (most paddle brushes are wide and rectangular) and combination of different bristle materials and lengths, all of which make it much easier to dry hair closer to the scalp. Like all of the paddle-style hair dryer brushes we tested, the Conair has three heat settings (high, low, and cool). At less than 11 ounces, it ties with the EZ Dryer Ion for the lightest of the paddle-style models we tested. The Conair has a 5-foot cord and comes with a two-year warranty.

The EZ Dryer Ion is the most effective and efficient paddle-style hair dryer brush we tested. But because it’s missing markings for the air-temperature settings, it’s impossible to determine at a glance which setting the brush is on. More importantly, it lacks an ALCI (appliance leakage current interrupter) safety plug, so if it shorts or is immersed in water, the device won’t automatically turn off and therefore could cause an electrical shock. It’s covered by an ultrashort (14-day) warranty, too.

We also tried the Hot Tools One-Step Detachable Straight Dry Paddle Dryer and the Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer and Styler , both of which were clunkier, heavier, and slower to dry hair than the Conair. Their designs also made it difficult for us to directly reach hair roots compared with the other paddle-style hair dryer brushes we tested.

If you can’t find the Rusk W8less in stock: The BaBylissPro Porcelain Ceramic Carrera2 Dryer is a great substitute. Regularly $95 (though often on sale), it’s not much more expensive than the W8less, but at a pound and a half, it ties with the Conair Pro Yellow Bird Hair Dryer for the heaviest dryer we’ve tested. With speeds reaching 60 mph, it’s almost as fast as the W8less (65 mph), and like the W8less it can reach temperatures over 245 °F (the hottest our weather meter could measure ). It also has an extra-long cord measuring 9 feet 10 inches—nearly 2 feet longer than the W8less’s cord. Like the W8less, the Carrera2 comes with only a concentrator (not a diffuser) and has two speeds, three temperatures, and a cool shot.

If the Conair InfinitiPro 1875-Watt Styling Tool is unavailable: The Revlon Turbo-Speed Hair Dryer is an inexpensive, extremely lightweight, serviceable hair dryer. Costing $25 (often on sale for $15 or so) and weighing under a pound, it’s one of the least expensive yet one of the lightest dryers we’ve ever tested. It’s also one of the slowest of the dryers we like (41 mph), and it has the shortest usable cord (5 feet 6 inches). However, the Turbo-Speed is one of the hottest dryers we’ve tested, reaching over 245 °F in just a few seconds, blowing the InfinitiPro’s 205 °F out of the water. It has only two speeds (in contrast to the InfinitiPro’s three). Whereas the InfinitiPro comes with both a diffuser and a concentrator, the Turbo-Speed has only a diffuser. This inexpensive Revlon model is polarizing—people either love it or hate it—and a few damning owner reviews claim that it melts , burns hair , and poses a fire hazard .

If you want to splurge (but not too much): The Shark HyperAir is a great middle ground between the Rusk W8less (our top pick) and the Dyson Supersonic (an upgrade pick). It’s heavier and has a shorter cord than the Dyson (1.2 pounds and 96 usable inches, respectively, versus the Dyson’s 1 pound and 105 inches), but our testers found that it’s just as fast and hot for around half the price or less, depending on the accessories package. Plus, versions of it come with a concentrator, a diffuser, and an extremely effective styling brush that reviewers rate highly. Like the Dyson Supersonic, the Shark HyperAir—which is usually $150 to $250 less than the Dyson, depending upon the attachments package and sale—is warrantied for two years.

If you have Type 3 or 4 (curly and coily) hair and don’t want to shell out for the RevAir : The Pattern Blow Dryer is popular for its aesthetic beauty as well as for its unique attachments. It is more expensive and has a shorter cord (7 feet) than our top pick; it’s also a lot slower and doesn’t get as hot. But it’s slightly lighter (1.4 pounds) than the Conair Pro Yellow Bird Hair Dryer , which is the only other dryer under $200 we like that comes with a straightening pick (Pattern calls it the wide-tooth comb attachment). The Pattern dryer also comes with a diffuser, a concentrator, and a novel brush attachment that has quickly become a cult favorite among frequent users because of its unique detangling bristles. It has three speeds (plus a cool shot) and two temperatures.

If you want an all-in-one hair drying and styling tool: Consider the Shark FlexStyle , which we think is a better overall value when compared with its closest competitor, the Dyson Airwrap .

Shark has released another hair dryer called the SpeedStyle , as well as a new hair tool, the SmoothStyle (which resembles the Revlon One-Step ). We’ll test both and update this guide with our findings.

We’ll also test Bellissima Italia’s Diffon Supreme , a unique dryer the company says is specifically designed for curly hair.

Compared with the Rusk W8less, the Amika Accomplice Compact Dryer (currently unavailable) is heavier, limited to a lower max temperature (215 °F), and double the price. However, its 9.5-foot cord ties with that of the GHD Helios for the second-longest cord among the dryers we’ve tried.

In our testing, the BaBylissPro Nano Titanium Dryer produced a whining sound that was worse than any noise from competitors.

At 1 pound, the BaBylissPro Rapido Dryer is an ultra-lightweight dryer, and it comes with a 9-foot cord, but it’s slower and more than double the price of the Rusk W8less. (We’d go with the company’s Carrera2 over this one if we had to choose between the two.)

The Bio Ionic 10X Ultralight Speed Dryer is a tad lighter (0.92 pounds) than our top pick and has a slightly longer cord. However, the dryer doesn’t have separate wind-speed and temperature-control settings (if you want hot air, it must also be fast).

At an impressive 11 feet long, the currently unavailable CHI Touch 2 Dryer ’s cord is the longest of any dryer we’ve tested, but this dryer is more expensive and much slower than the Rusk W8less. It also has a mere one year of warranty coverage, and its nonintuitive touchscreen felt gimmicky.

We previously recommended the Conair 1875-Watt Tourmaline Ceramic Styling System as a budget option. However, the short, 5-foot cord has been enough of a pain for us to use in the setups we’ve tested that we suggest going with our current budget pick, the InfinitiPro by Conair 1875-Watt Salon Performance AC Motor Styling Tool (which has a longer cord), if you need a very inexpensive dryer. If weight is your primary concern, though, the 1875-Watt Tourmaline Ceramic Styling System is still worth considering: At 0.91 pounds, this model is lighter than our budget pick.

The Conair 1875-Watt 3-in-1 Ionic Styler has a long row of grills (and a brush attachment) instead of a circular nozzle. It gives you no way to attach a diffuser, which means you’re stuck with a single-purpose dryer.

The Conair InfinitiPro SmoothWrap Hair Dryer is slower and has a shorter cord than all of our picks. However, it is lightweight (a pound), and it reaches temperatures above 245 °F.

The retro-looking Conair Pro Yellow Bird Hair Dryer is one of the hottest dryers we’ve tested (reaching over 245 °F). But at a pound and a half, it also ties for the heaviest dryer we’ve looked at. Its buttons are strangely placed and unlabeled, and it doesn’t have a cool shot. It used to be our favorite dryer that came with a straightening pick, but we now prefer the Pattern Blow Dryer .

The DevaDryer by DevaCurl is slower and heavier than our picks. However, after a few wash-and-go tests, our curly-haired testers found that they liked using the included DevaFuser attachment, a unique hand-shaped diffuser that helps dry curls and waves without losing definition. You can buy a universal-fit version of the DevaFuser for any attachment-compatible hair dryer.

At 1.3 pounds, the Drybar Buttercup Blow Dryer is heavier than our picks. The air speed is also slower, at just over 30 mph measured at a distance of 2 inches.

Elchim offers an impressive warranty and repair program that covers all its hair dryers. At 1.2 pounds, however, the Elchim Classic 2001 is heavier than our picks, and we found the handle to be thick and awkward to hold.

The gorgeous GHD Helios 1875W Advanced Professional Hair Dryer is heavier and slower than our pick, the Rusk W8less —and three times the price. However, at over 9.5 feet, its cord ties with that of the Amika Accomplice for the second-longest cord of any hair dryer we’ve tested, and this dryer is especially beautiful.

At 0.6 pounds, the Gold ’N Hot Ultra-Lightweight Dryer with Tourmaline is the lightest dryer we’ve tested. However, the measured air speed was only 45 mph, and we found the handle thick and awkward to hold.

There are things about the Harry Josh Pro Tools Pro Dryer 2000 that are genuinely nice. It has a short nozzle, which would make it slightly easier to fit in a suitcase for travel, though our top pick and runner-up aren’t so much bigger that either one would be an issue in your average weekend bag. The matte-finish seafoam green color is pretty. In our tests, the cool-shot button was easy to push, and all the buttons were placed nicely on the back of the dryer—no poking, no accidental pushing. Undeserved hype (and proximity to celebrity hair aside), this dryer has only one major design drawback: At 1.21 pounds, the Harry Josh dryer was on the heavier side of the models we tested. Like our top pick, this model is warrantied for two years.

The lightweight and long-corded Hot Tools Professional Black Gold Turbo Ionic Salon Dryer is a little heavier than and not as fast as the Rusk W8less, and it’s typically more expensive, too. On top of that, owner reviews allege poor longevity. (This dryer is covered by a whopping seven-year warranty, though.)

The Hot Tools Professional Black Gold Turbo Ionic Salon Dryer (DC Motor) is extremely light at only 14 ounces. But it also has the most buttons and slides and switches of any hair dryer we’ve ever tested, including a cool-shot button, a power-boost slide, an ion select wheel, and switches for speed and temp—whew! It’s also one of the slower dryers we’ve tested.

The Hot Tools Pro Artist White Gold Digital Salon Dryer , the Panasonic Nanoe EH-NA65 , and the Panasonic Nanoe EH-NA67 were all slower, heavier, and more expensive than the Rusk W8less.

Of the Dyson Supersonic lookalikes, the Karrong F350 seemed the most promising to us, but it ended up being half as fast, with no way to control speed separately from temperature—the hotter it got, the faster it got. Also, there was no warranty information to be found.

Customer reviews of the 1,900-watt Parlux 3200 Hair Dryer were pretty good at the time of our research, and the compact design of this model is nice. But the buttons are positioned on the side, and they made the dryer hard for us to hold without getting poked in the hand.

The Remington Damage Protection Hair Dryer D3190 comes with a diffuser and a concentrator, but it’s bulkier and heavier than other models we tested.

We found that the handle on the Remington T-Studio Pearl Ceramic Professional AC Hair Dryer AC2015 vibrated unpleasantly when we put it on its highest speed setting.

The Revlon 1875-Watt Infrared Hair Dryer produced a wind speed of 45 mph (measured directly in front of the nozzle), slower than the speed we got from our picks. It weighs just over a pound, has a cord measuring 5.5 feet, and comes with a concentrator and a diffuser. But the mediocre specs, along with the gimmicky red lights that flash while you’re blow-drying, kept this dryer from being a pick, even though it was a particularly inexpensive model at the time of our tests.

Although the 1,875-watt Revlon Compact Styler is a wallet saver at around $10, the savings do not make up for the dryer’s added heft, its lack of attachments, and its reduced wind speeds compared with those of our picks.

The Rusk Pro Speed Titanium Hair Dryer , which the company suggested as a replacement for the discontinued CTC Lite model we previously recommended, is nearly double the price of the Rusk W8less and has the same cord length, heat settings and speeds, and two-year warranty. It does, however, always come with a diffuser (the W8less does not).

The wind emitted by the lightweight Trezoro 9300 , an Amazon best seller, is very fast and hot (especially for the dryer’s price). However, at the time of testing, customer service was only reachable via a Hotmail address (and since then, quite a few reviews have lamented their customer service experience ). We think the less expensive InfinitiPro by Conair is a better value overall.

This article was edited by Tracy Vence and Kalee Thompson.

Perry Romanowski, cosmetic chemist , email interview , October 22, 2015

Jim Shapiro, engineer , email interview , September 1, 2015

Melissa Piliang, MD, dermatologist at the Cleveland Clinic , phone interview , September 29, 2015

Rebecca Kazin, MD, assistant professor, Johns Hopkins Department of Dermatology , phone interview , October 2, 2015

Allen Ruiz, global artistic director of hair styling, Aveda , email interview , October 8, 2015

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We've been independently researching and testing products for over 120 years. If you buy through our links, we may earn a commission. Learn more about our review process.

Our top picks:

Neuro Light Tourmaline Hair Dryer

Best Overall Hair Dryer for Curly Hair

Paul mitchell neuro light tourmaline hair dryer.

Pro Hair Dryer with Thermaluxe Advanced Thermal Technology

Best Value Hair Dryer for Curly Hair

Remington pro hair dryer with thermaluxe advanced thermal technology.

Innovator The Pro Power Speed Dryer

Most Powerful Travel Hair Dryer for Curly Hair

Fhi heat innovator the pro power speed dryer.

One-Step Pro Blowout Styler

Best Hair Dryer Brush for Thick, Curly Hair

Hot tools one-step pro blowout styler.

Supersonic Hair Dryer

Best Hair Dryer for Curly and Wavy Hair

Dyson supersonic hair dryer.

Buttercup Blow Dryer

Best Travel Hair Dryer for Curly Hair

Drybar buttercup blow dryer.

Professional 1875W Ionic Lightweight Turbo Dryer

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Curls-in-Check 1875W Hair Diffuser Dryer

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Bed head curls-in-check 1875w hair diffuser dryer.

HyperAIR Hair Dryer

Best Hair Dryer for Curly Hair With Layers

Shark hyperair hair dryer.

The Blow Dryer

Best Hair Dryer for All Curl Types

Pattern the blow dryer.

Thanks to experts like Wizemann in our Beauty Lab who test everything from hair dryer brushes to travel hair dryers , we wrangled the top hair dryers for curly hair. Our dedicated team extensively tests hair dryers on human hair samples and with consumer testers to measure performance and potential hair damage. We evaluate all the important features you'd consider at home like the ease of use, drying time and overall performance.

Our list of the best hair dryers for every curl type includes models we meticulously tested, plus favorites among our own staffers and professional hairstylists, including Leigh Hardges, a stylist at Maxine Salon in Chicago, and Candace Witherspoon , a curl specialist in New York, who helped us narrow down important features to look for in hair dryers for curly hair.

Paul Mitchell's Neuro Light hair dryer minimizes frizz and adds fullness in record timing. With a digital LED display for heat and power settings, a "clean filter" indicator light and a diffuser for curly and natural hair, it received top scores for drying time and frizz reduction in GH Beauty Lab tests . Testers found it easy to use and praised its controls, though a few found it uncomfortable to hold. It's important to note that the Neuro Dry is one of the heaviest hair dryers evaluated.

Ionic : Yes | Attachments : Silicone diffuser and nozzle | Heat settings : 4

Just as impressive as expensive options, the effective and affordable drugstore Remington hair dryer blew away our experts in testing. Testers enjoyed its fast drying capabilities, convenient control button placement and overall performance. Despite its budget-friendly price, this model doesn't compromise on features, coming with both concentrator and diffuser attachments, plus hair clips. Two users specifically praised the powerful air pressure and well-regulated heat output , and another raved about the absence of frizz after using this dryer. The only caveats are that some users found it slightly heavy and loud.

Ionic : Yes | Attachments : Diffuser and two concentrators | Heat settings : 3

Our Beauty pros named this powerful dryer a 2023 Beauty Award Winner as it had the strongest airflow in Lab evaluations. While the dryer may have a compact size (ideal for travel), it dries hair fast and has easy to-reach controls. Plus, it's lightweight so you won't have to worry about it weighing down your carry-on or checked bag . Our experts also liked that the dryer was comfortable to hold, but note that it carries a hefty price tag. Our previous powerful pick, the EVA NYC Mini Pro-Power Dryer , is significantly less expensive but is frequently sold out and hard to find online. Still, the Innovator isn't the priciest dryer on our list.

Ionic : No | Attachments : Diffuser and two concentrators | Heat settings : 3

Hot Tools lives up to its packaging, securing the gold medal for effortlessly untangling and swiftly styling even the thickest, coarsest or curliest hair. Its user-friendly controls outshined other models, featuring a rotating temperature control with three heat settings and vent platforms for accelerated drying, even on extremely thick and curly strands. In GH Beauty Lab tests, all expert testers unanimously agreed it styled hair quickly and glided nicely through strands. One user commented, "I was pleasantly surprised by the speed and how rapidly my hair went from wet to dry."

Ionic : Yes | Attachments : None | Heat settings : 3

The Dyson hair dryer, favored by professional hairstylists, stands out with its innovative motor in-handle design. In GH Beauty Lab tests, it achieved the fastest drying time ever recorded, drying an eight-inch hair sample in just 54 seconds, thanks to its powerful airflow. The dryer includes five magnetic attachments for personalized use: two concentrators, a diffuser, a flyaway-smoothing attachment and a gentle air attachment. Testers praised its sleek appearance, and one user exclaimed, " Even on the most humid days, it left my hair smoother in less time than any other hair dryer I've used ." The air pressure was also lauded, with users experiencing quicker drying results.

READ OUR FULL REVIEW: Why the Dyson Supersonic Dryer Is Actually Worth It

Ionic : Yes | Attachments : 5, including a diffuser and two concentrators | Heat settings : 3

Drybar's top-rated dual-voltage travel hair dryer triumphed in the GH Beauty Lab's testing. This portable powerhouse received a perfect score for its easy-to-use controls, quick drying time and strong airflow. Despite being slightly heavier than other models, it was hailed as the most maneuverable and comfortable to hold. Our experts marveled at its power, noting its ability to serve as both a travel and a home drye r. Additionally, Drybar's compatible cup diffuser attachment (sold separately) impressed users with its curl-enhancing and frizz-reducing properties. Even when used with other hair dryers, it still delivered excellent results.

Ionic : Yes | Attachments : Two concentrators | Heat settings : 3

This Hot Tools hair dryer delivered a powerful performance in compact packaging during testing, earning top scores for drying speed and strong airflow. Testers loved its smaller size for easy storage. It received high marks for its convenient controls, comfortable shape and quiet operation. One tester reported less frizz and added shine, praising its ease of use . Another noted significantly reduced drying time. The dryer has a generous cord length, but users found the included concentrator attachment to be a bit wobbly.

Ionic : Yes | Attachments : Diffuser, concentrator and PIK | Heat settings : 3

Embrace your natural curls with a hair dryer with a sole focus on just that. This uniquely designed hair dryer basically has a diffuser built right in. It features ionic technology to help cut down on frizz quickly while its diffuser works to emphasize curl definition and texture. Satisfied shoppers repped healthier and shinier looking hair. Another wrote : "Easy to manage my curls and easy to handle the back of my head because of its design." Though surprisingly lightweight per reviewers, the dryer is a bit bulky by design and runs loud. It also can't be used for anything other than diffusing, so you'll need a separate pick if you ever want to blow out your hair straight.

RELATED: How to Use a Diffuser to Get Perfect Curls and Waves Every Time

The Shark HyperAIR hair dryer (a favorite of Witherspoon's) claims to use smart heat control to automatically adjust temperature and airflow for speedy, even drying. Most notably, its thoughtful pronged diffuser comes with rave online reviews from long, thick curly hair types who enjoyed the ability to change the length of the prongs . Brilliant! "It's great for my curly hair since I have tons of layers and some need shorter more precise diffusing, others just need longer ones to get to the root," a curly-haired shopper wrote .

Ionic : Yes | Attachments : Diffuser and concentrator | Heat settings : 3

Specially designed for those with curly, coily or tight-textured hair. the ultra-chic Pattern blow dryer is intended to deliver powerful airflow and less drying time. Its ceramic coating grill aims to deliver heat evenly and thus minimize damage and the Ion switch is said to smooth the cuticle to reduce frizz and enhance shine, as needed. An online reviewer reported back no tangles, with barely any shedding and heat damage.

Ionic : Yes | Attachments : 4, including a diffuser and a concentrator | Heat settings : 3

T3 Featherweight StyleMax Hair Dryer

Featherweight StyleMax Hair Dryer

Automatically adjusting between five heat settings and three speeds, the T3 Featherweight claims it adjusts to your hair type and texture for speedier (and smarter) drying . The built-in ion generator works to minimize static frizz and improve shine. Many reviewers enjoyed its sleek and lightweight design, with one noting: "I can easily hold the dryer and use it to give myself a blowout. It’s lightweight and very powerful. It has cut my drying time nearly in half and my hair is smooth and sleek after each use."

Ionic : Yes | Attachments : 4, including a diffuser and two concentrators | Heat settings : 5

Conair INFINITIPRO Hair Dryer


Ideal for fine and wavy hair types, the Conair dryer claims it features a circulating airflow system that gently reduces frizz while drying . Its diffuser enhances curls and waves, and for locking in styles, it comes with a cold shot button. Top it off with a leave-in conditioner to really cut down on frizz. Some reviewers just disliked that it felt heavier than other dryers they'd used.

devacurl DevaDryer & DevaFuser

DevaDryer & DevaFuser

Calling its diffuser shape "revolutionary," Hardges recommends the DevaCurl dryer to help dry curls. Its original diffuser attachment is designed to distribute 360-degree airflow around curls when working through the length of hair in a scrunching motion . The aim is to speed up the drying time from the root and give bouncy curls.

Ionic : Yes | Attachments : Diffuser | Heat settings : 3

Trademark Beauty Speedy Blo

Speedy Blo

"Trademark Beauty Speedy Blo is small but mighty," says Hardges. "This dryer is lightweight and meets all of my settings requirements. Bonus feature, it has a long cord that makes life so much easier ." It comes with all the coveted hair dryer capabilities, like diffuser and concentrator attachments, ionic technology, plus three heat and two speed settings. Never mind, it rings in at the low cost of $39, fit for many budgets.

BIO IONIC 10x Pro Ultra Light Speed Dryer

10x Pro Ultra Light Speed Dryer

A GH staffer who has thick 2C curls swears by the Bio Ionic dryer and its universal diffuser attachment (though sold separately). Weighing in at less than a pound and claiming to dry hair in as little as 10 minutes, the lightweight dryer makes it all too easy to style curls. Its ionic technology aims to dry curls with less frizz and more bounce.

Ionic : Yes | Attachments : Two concentrators | Heat settings : 1, with three speeds

the good housekeeping institute beauty lab tests a hair dryer on a hair sample in lab

How we chose the best hair dryers for curly hair


Testing hundreds of haircare products each year, the GH Institute Beauty Lab has expertise on all the best hot tools, from hair straightening brushes to hair straighteners to curling irons . Our scientists evaluated 41 hair dryers across price points when testing the best hair dryers. That included measuring drying speed on standardized human hair samples, airflow force, weight, air and surface temperature and cord length.

A panel of at-home testers also rated ease of use, including comfort of hold, ease of putting on and removing attachments, location and ease of controls and buttons. Many of those picks are included above, while others were sourced from our team of staffers and professional hairstylists.

What to look for when shopping for a hair dryer for curly hair


✔️ Ion technology has visible benefits, Wizemann explains. "Static builds up when you blast air without an ionizer and with it, the hair is more aligned and appears shinier," she says.

✔️ Attachments make a big difference in curly hair textures since they affect the airflow of a hair dryer.

  • Diffusers are the bread and butter of hair dryers for curly hair because they spread the airflow over a larger area and provide gentler drying. By diffusing hair, the curl's natural shape and definition are enhanced, resulting in more bounce and less frizz. Most hair dryers include diffuser attachments, but they can also be purchased separately and are typically compatible with most hairdryers’ nozzles.
  • Concentrators focus the airflow of a hair dryer, allowing for precise and targeted styling. For curly and frizzy hair, short and narrow concentrator nozzles are particularly effective in achieving a sleek blowout. The concentrated and powerful airflow they provide is ideal for eliminating frizz and creating a polished look.

✔️ S ettings. Curly hair can be delicate and prone to damage, and hair dryers that offer multiple heat and speed settings allow for customized drying and may better suit specific curls' needs, says Wizemann. At least two speed settings and three heat settings, plus a cold-shot button is ideal, according to Hardges.

Are hair dryers good for curly hair?


Heat is OK in moderation. Otherwise, it can be too drying on the hair. "I prefer light diffusing to remove about 30% of moisture than letting air dry completely," advises Hardges. "Don’t forget no touching!" Thick hair types may find diffusing more helpful, too. Witherspoon adds: "You don’t want to keep your hair wet for hours, especially the roots."

Is an ionic hair dryer better for curly hair?


In short: absolutely! An ionic hair dryer is handy if your curly hair is prone to frizz and flyaways . It works by drying hair fast and locking in moisture, says Witherspoon.

Headshot of Jacqueline Saguin

Jacqueline (she/her) covers all things e-commerce in beauty, lifestyle and beyond for the Good Housekeeping Institute . Before joining GH in 2021, she was a style and beauty reviews fellow at Insider, testing viral trends, reviewing sustainable brands and more. She's a graduate of the University of Florida's School of Journalism, with a specialty in magazines and mass communication.

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10 Hair Dryer Terbaik - Ditinjau oleh Hairstylist (Terbaru Tahun 2023) 1

  • 10 Hair Dryer Terbaik - Ditinjau oleh Hairstylist (Terbaru Tahun 2023)

Kami akan menjelaskan cara memilih hair dryer untuk Anda. Kami juga akan membagikan dan me- review rekomendasi hair dryer terbaik. Artikel ini sudah ditinjau oleh ahli penata rambut kami, Kiki Talahatu.

Kiki Talahatu

Kiki adalah seorang hairstylist yang memiliki keahlian di bidang penataan rambut serta sanggul modern dan adat. Ia mengawali kariernya dengan belajar dari guru panggilan dan sanggar kecantikan. Kiki berpengalaman dalam bidang kerja potong rambut dan menyanggul selama enam tahun. Ia juga menjadi penata rambut dan sanggul untuk ajang kontes kecantikan para makeup artist (MUA). Selain bekerja sebagai penata rambut, ia juga mengajar les privat sanggul dan sudah memiliki 12 murid.

Ervina Sari

Ervina Sari, biasa dipanggil Vina, menyukai berbagai hal mengenai makeup dan skincare semenjak SMA. Menurutnya, makeup sama seperti menggoreskan karya seni di wajah. Ketika kuliah, ia juga mengisi waktu luangnya dengan menjadi English interpreter dan student tutor. Ia pun hobi bereksperimen dengan berbagai masakan. Makanan lezat adalah bahan bakar terbaik untuk otak, bukan? Kini, Vina bekerja sebagai editor mybest sembari menikmati waktu bersama keluarganya tercinta. Sebagai lulusan fakultas ekonomi di bidang pemasaran, ia mampu merekomendasikan produk sesuai kebutuhan konsumen. Hal tersebut juga ditunjang dengan pengalaman bekerja bertahun-tahun sebagai professional marketer.

Pertanyaan umum seputar hair dryer

Bagaimana cara menyimpan hair dryer supaya awet, apakah boleh menggunakan hair dryer biasa untuk kucing, apakah sering menggunakan hair dryer dapat merusak rambut, baca juga rekomendasi alat styling rambut lainnya di sini, berkolaborasi dengan pakar: cara memilih hair dryer, cek kecepatan pengeringannya, produk dengan volume udara minimal 1,6 m³/menit bisa dipilih.

Cek kecepatan pengeringannya, produk dengan volume udara minimal 1,6 m³/menit bisa dipilih

Banyak orang bertanya-tanya perihal seberapa cepat hair dryer bisa mengeringkan rambut. Pertanyaan ini banyak diajukan oleh orang berambut panjang atau orang yang keramas setiap hari. Oleh karena itu, tingkat kecepatan pengeringan menjadi salah satu faktor penting untuk memilih hair dryer . Untuk mengetahui kemampuan pengeringan suatu produk, Anda perlu mengecek spesifikasinya dengan saksama. Anda bisa melihat keterangan pada kemasan atau informasi di website produk. Hair dryer dengan keterangan volume udara 1,6 m³/menit sudah cukup baik untuk digunakan. 

Namun, jika Anda menginginkan pengeringan yang cepat, pilihlah hair dryer dengan volume udara 1,9 m³/menit atau lebih . Produk yang dapat mengeringkan dalam waktu 5 menit juga dapat dipilih oleh Anda yang memiliki rambut panjang dan tebal.

  Sayangnya, tidak semua produsen mencantumkan informasi perihal ini di deskripsi produk di website ataupun e-commerce . Padahal, informasi tentang kecepatan pengeringan tentu sangat penting bagi Anda yang sehari-hari sangat sibuk. Oleh sebab itu, sebaiknya Anda menanyakannya kepada produsen atau penjual sebelum membeli produk agar tidak kecewa kemudian.

Pilih yang dapat merawat rambut, misalnya memiliki ion negatif, terdapat pengaturan suhu, atau terbuat dari keramik dan kolagen

Dalam beberapa tahun terakhir, telah banyak beredar hair dryer yang menekankan pada fungsi perawatan rambut. Pilihlah produk dengan fungsi perawatan rambut untuk hasil yang lebih bagus dan sehat. Silakan Anda mengacu pada tiga fungsi berikut ini. 

Ion negatif, menekan jumlah listrik statis pada rambut

Ion negatif, menekan jumlah listrik statis pada rambut

Rambut yang cenderung kering rentan mengalami listrik statis. Jika Anda sembarangan dalam memilih  hair dryer , muatan listrik statis dapat meningkat dan menambah masalah. Rambut Anda bisa-bisa menjadi mudah kusut dan patah. Untuk menekan jumlah listrik statis, hair dryer dengan kandungan ion negatif disarankan untuk Anda.

Ion hair dryer bekerja dengan melepaskan ion negatif yang akan menyeimbangkan elektron di rambut Anda. Kelembapan rambut pun dapat lebih terjaga . Hair dryer ini juga mampu mempercepat proses pengeringan rambut karena dapat memecah molekul air dan mempercepat penguapannya.

Pengering rambut dengan ion, seperti hair dryer Dyson dan   Nanoe series dari Panasonic, bisa Anda pertimbangkan. Teknologi ion negatifnya dapat membuat rambut lebih mudah diatur . Namun, ion hair dryer dapat dikatakan sedikit tidak cocok untuk rambut yang mengalami tanda-tanda penuaan . Contohnya adalah rambut yang terasa kurang bervolume di bagian atas serta rambut yang tipis dan kecil.

Fitur pengaturan suhu, meminimalkan kerusakan rambut

Fitur pengaturan suhu, meminimalkan kerusakan rambut

Tahukah Anda, berapa suhu yang dihasilkan hair dryer biasa? Suhu yang dihasilkan sering kali sangat panas, yaitu mencapai 100 °C atau lebih tinggi . Suhu tinggi ini secara langsung dapat merusak rambut.

Bagi Anda yang ingin meminimalkan kerusakan rambut, pilihlah produk yang dapat menyesuaikan dengan suhu rambut secara otomatis. Selain itu, produk dengan mode scalp care juga memungkinkan Anda mengeringkan rambut pada suhu yang nyaman untuk kulit kepala.

Anda pun bisa memilih produk yang memiliki pengaturan suhu dalam tiga pengaturan atau lebih. Hal itu mempermudah Anda mengatur sendiri suhu yang sesuai dengan kebutuhan rambut Anda.

Keramik dan kolagen, memberikan kelembapan pada rambut

Keramik dan kolagen, memberikan kelembapan pada rambut

Hair dryer  dengan kedua fitur ini cocok digunakan oleh Anda dengan tipe rambut apa pun. Kelebihan pengering rambut dengan jaring keramik adalah mampu menghasilkan suhu panas yang stabil dan tidak menyengat di rambut . Dengan begitu, rambut pun terjaga kelembapannya.

  Selanjutnya, hair dryer yang dilengkapi kolagen akan memberikan kelembapan dan lapisan perlindungan bagi rambut Anda. Produk ini sangat cocok untuk rambut yang diwarnai karena bisa membuat warna rambut lebih mengilap dan tahan lama. Dengan menggunakan hair dryer yang dilengkapi jaring keramik dan kolagen, rambut Anda tentu akan lebih mudah ditata. 

Pastikan mudah digunakan, seperti bobot maksimal 600 g dan panjang kabel 1,5 m

Pastikan mudah digunakan, seperti bobot maksimal 600 g dan panjang kabel 1,5 m

Hair dryer merupakan barang yang sering digunakan, bahkan rutin dipakai hampir setiap hari oleh orang-orang tertentu. Untuk itu, penting memilih produk yang mudah digunakan. Poin-poin berikut ini setidaknya dapat Anda jadikan acuan untuk menentukan tingkat kemudahan dan kenyamanan penggunaan hair dryer .

  • Berat produk sekitar 400 gram atau kurang. Bobot maksimal yang bisa Anda pilih untuk penggunaan pribadi adalah 600 gram.
  • Pilihlah produk dengan fitur tombol sederhana dan mudah dipahami.
  • Panjang kabel 1,5 meter atau lebih sehingga Anda tidak perlu khawatir dengan posisi stopkontak.
  • Produk dengan konsumsi daya listrik 400–1200 watt cocok untuk digunakan di rumah.
  • Prioritaskan produk dengan suhu angin yang dapat disesuaikan menurut kebutuhan.
  • Produk berukuran  compact dengan nozel  pendek dan radius putar kecil memudahkan pengeringan rambut bagian belakang.

Poin-poin tersebut dapat Anda cek pada kemasan produk atau keterangan di website produk. Namun, untuk memudahkan Anda, pada ulasan produk di bawah ini kami juga akan mencantumkan informasinya.

@media (min-width: 768px){.css-hxsfov{line-height:100%;}}.css-hxsfov span{font-size:10px;}@media (min-width: 768px){.css-hxsfov span{font-size:16px;}} 10 Rekomendasi hair dryer terbaik

.css-olfg9l{display:block;font-size:14px;color:#999999;line-height:125%;}@media (min-width: 768px){.css-olfg9l{font-size:12px;}} philips .css-ucqgk6{display:block;font-size:18px;line-height:125%;}@media (min-width: 768px){.css-ucqgk6{font-size:18px;}} essentialcare pengering | hp8126/02.

EssentialCare Pengering Gambar 1

  • Lihat produk di Shopee
  • Lihat produk di Lazada

Harganya ekonomis, sudah ada fitur ThermoProtect pula

  • Memiliki tiga pilihan pengaturan pengeringan yang bebas disesuaikan dengan kondisi rambut
  • Bisa dilipat dan mudah dibawa bepergian
  • Daya listrik yang dibutuhkan kecil, hanya 400 watt


  • Pada pengaturan pengeringan tertinggi pun angin yang dihasilkan tidak terlalu besar

Jika budget Anda terbatas, tetapi membutuhkan hair dryer berkualitas yang sudah memiliki fitur ThermoProtect, produk ini bisa dilirik. Dengan harga tidak sampai 350 ribu rupiah, Anda sudah bisa membawa pulang produk dari Philips ini. Agar makin praktis digunakan, Philips pun sudah menyematkan kabel sepanjang 1,5 m pada produk ini.

  • Lihat produk di Tokopedia


Hair Dryer Gambar 1

Teknologi pemerataan panas mampu mengeringkan rambut tanpa merusaknya

  • Dapat disimpan dengan cara digantung
  • Bobotnya ringan, hanya 380 gram
  • Dimensinya cukup besar dan tidak bisa dilipat, lebih cocok untuk penggunaan di rumah

Ketika mengeringkan rambut, sebaiknya Anda memilih hair dryer yang memiliki teknologi pemerataan panas agar rambut tidak menjadi rusak. Hal ini terutama jika Anda menggunakan hair dryer setiap hari. Salah satu produk yang kami rekomendasikan karena memiliki fitur tersebut adalah produk ini. Dengan adanya teknologi tersebut, kelembapan rambut senantiasa terjaga dan rambut pun tetap lembut.

Miyako Hair Dryer | HD-550

Miyako Hair Dryer Gambar 1

Model minimalis dengan varian warna biru dan hijau yang cantik

  • Memiliki dua varian warna yang cantik, yakni hijau dan biru
  • Bisa dilipat agar lebih praktis saat dibawa-bawa
  • Memiliki fitur pelindung terhadap over heating agar lebih aman
  • Beberapa pengulas mengatakan tombol untuk mengubah tingkat kecepatan angin cukup  susah digeser

Brand Miyako memang banyak dikenal dengan produk kipas angin dan rice cooker -nya. Padahal, produk elektronik yang diciptakan sangat bervariasi, salah satunya adalah hair dryer ini.

Produk ini dibuat memiliki bobot ringan dan praktis untuk dibawa bepergian. Modelnya pun minimalis dan hanya membutuhkan daya sebesar 400 watt untuk dapat dinyalakan. Anda yang ingin mencoba ketangguhan produk Miyako bisa mempertimbangkan produk ini.

Remington D2400 Travel Dryer 1400

D2400 Travel Dryer 1400 Gambar 1

Compact dan bisa dilipat, hair dryer sahabat para traveler

  • Ukurannya compact dan bisa dilipat, praktis untuk dibawa bepergian
  • Kabel fleksibel dan tak mudah melilit
  • Daya listrik yang dibutuhkan cukup besar, mencapai 1.400 watt

Sesuai namanya, pengering rambut yang bagus keluaran Remington ini memang didesain untuk dapat dibawa bepergian. D2400 Travel Dryer 1400 ini memiliki ukuran yang compact , bisa dilipat, dan mempunyai voltase universal. Jadi, dibawa bepergian ke negara mana pun, ayo saja!

Kabelnya yang fleksibel dan tidak mudah melilit menjadikannya makin nyaman digunakan. Kilau dan kelembutan rambut Anda bisa tetap terjaga berkat Ceramic Ion Technology yang dimiliki hair dryer Remington ini. Anda tak perlu khawatir lagi rambut indah Anda menjadi kering dan kusam selama perjalanan.

Tripacific Electrindo Sekai Hair Dryer | HD 251

Sekai Hair Dryer Gambar 1

Hair dryer hemat listrik dengan fitur cukup lengkap

  • Daya yang dibutuhkan kecil, hanya 400 watt
  • Memiliki fitur pengaturan udara dingin agar rambut tidak mudah rusak
  • Materialnya terasa ringkih menurut pengguna

Kebanyakan hair dryer membutuhkan daya listrik minimal 600 watt. Faktanya, tidak selalu  hair dryer dengan watt rendah memiliki kualitas tidak bagus. Anda tipe orang yang jarang menggunakan pengering rambut? Jika ya, low watt hair dryer sudah cukup untuk Anda. Salah satu hair dryer jenis ini yang bagus adalah Sekai Hair Dryer HD 251. 

Hair dryer ini hanya membutuhkan daya 400 watt, lho. Produk ini juga sudah dilengkapi dengan fitur pengaturan udara dingin, sistem perlindungan untuk panas berlebih, dan ionic blower . Daya listrik boleh rendah, tetapi fiturnya ternyata cukup lengkap, ya!

Wigo Hair Dryer Taifun | W-900

Hair Dryer Taifun   Gambar 1

Harga murah dengan performa bagus

  • Memiliki tombol pendingin untuk finishing rambut lebih optimal
  • Quality control produk kurang optimal karena beberapa konsumen mendapatkan produk yang cacat produksi

Hair dryer murah dan bagus merupakan sebutan yang pas disematkan pada Wigo Taifun W-900. Produk ini bisa dijadikan alternatif pilihan untuk Anda yang mencari hair dryer dengan angin dingin yang harganya terjangkau. Meskipun murah, performanya bagus dan dapat bersaing dengan hair dryer lain di kisaran harga yang sama.

Bahkan, tak sedikit yang menjadikan produk ini sebagai hair dryer untuk salon karena kecepatan anginnya yang kencang dan panas. Namun, Anda sebaiknya menggunakan hair protector terlebih dahulu. Hal itu berguna untuk melindungi rambut Anda dari efek paparan angin yang dihasilkannya. 

Sharp Hair Dryer | IB-SD23Y-N/P/W

Hair Dryer  Gambar 1

Jadikan rambut wangi aroma parfum

  • Dilengkapi slot parfum, bisa mengeringkan rambut sekaligus mengharumkannya
  • Hanya tersedia dua level kecepatan pengeringan dan dua pilihan suhu

Jika Anda senang menggunakan parfum atau vitamin rambut setelah keramas, hair dryer Sharp ini merupakan pilihan tepat. Produk ini dilengkapi dengan slot parfum yang wanginya akan keluar saat Anda menggunakan hair dryer ini. 

Pengering rambut ini memiliki dua level kecepatan dan dua pilihan suhu pengeringan yang bisa dipilih sesuai kebutuhan.  Hair dryer ini sudah pas bagi Anda yang hanya memerlukan fungsi pengering tanpa perawatan rambut. Harga hair dryer ini cukup murah, tetapi kualitas bagus Sharp tetap bisa Anda jumpai.

Dyson Pengering Rambut Supersonic | HD08

Pengering Rambut Supersonic Gambar 1

Desain unik dengan teknologi intelligent heat control

  • Dilengkapi dengan berbagai pilihan nozzle  untuk kebutuhan styling
  • Teknloginya melindungi rambut Anda dari panas
  • Dilengkapi dengan kotak penyimpanan sehingga mudah dibawa travelling
  • Harganya tergolong mahal karena merupakan produk premium

Hair dryer  Dyson terbilang istimewa karena memiliki bentuk yang unik dan berbeda dari hair dryer lainnya. Keunggulannya terletak pada fitur magnetic attachments yang memungkinkan Anda mengganti nozzle  dengan mudah. Ada lima aksesori yang disertakan, yaitu  smoothing nozzle , flyaway , styling concentrator , diffuser , dan gentle air .

Meskipun lebih mahal dibandingkan hair dryer mini lainnya, teknologinya mampu melindungi rambut dari panas yang ekstrem. Cara kerja alat ini adalah dengan mengukur suhu lebih dari 40 kali per detik. Hal ini guna memberikan suhu yang pas pada rambut dan mencegah overheating . Pilihlah Dyson Supersonic jika Anda mencari hair dryer mini   ion yang canggih.

Panasonic Nanoe Hair Dryer | EH-NA27PN415

Nanoe Hair Dryer Gambar 1

Hair dryer mini canggih dari Panasonic berteknologi Nanoe, compact dan paling ringan

  • Bobotnya sangat ringan, hanya 375 gram
  • Memiliki teknologi Nanoe yang bisa melembapkan rambut
  • Dilengkapi dengan quick dry nozzle  untuk membagi aliran udara kuat dan lembut
  • Kebutuhan dayanya cukup besar mencapai 1.200 watt

Produk ini kami rekomendasikan bagi Anda yang mencari hair dryer mini   yang enteng dipegang. Di antara hair dryer lainnya, Nanoe Hair Dryer memiliki bobot yang paling ringan. Pengering rambut ini pun bisa dilipat sehingga cocok dibawa saat Anda tugas dinas ke luar kota.  

Hair dryer Panasonic yang bagus ini sudah menggunakan teknologi Nanoe. Teknologi ini menghasilkan partikel air berukuran nano yang dapat melembapkan rambut saat Anda mengeringkan rambut. Desainnya juga dilengkapi dengan  quick dry nozzle yang memisahkan aliran udara kuat dan lembut supaya rambut Anda cepat kering. 

Ravalindo Megah Perkasa Glampalm BLDC Hair Dryer | GP715AS

 Glampalm BLDC Hair Dryer Gambar 1

Lebih awet berkat mesin terbaru yang digunakannya

  • Masa pakainya diklaim hingga tiga kali lebih lama daripada motor dryer lain pada umumnya
  • Desain ergonomis dan memiliki digital touch button
  • Konsumsi dayanya tergolong besar, mencapai 1.600 watt

Glampalm merupakan salah satu merek hair dryer yang bagus dan awet sehingga cocok untuk Anda yang mementingkan ketahanan mesin. Hair dryer  buatan Korea Selatan ini menggunakan mesin terbaru yaitu V12 G7 DC Jet Motor. Motor ini diklaim memiliki masa pakai dua hingga tiga kali lebih lama dibandingkan motor hair dryer pada umumnya. 

Produk ini juga menggunakan Healing Stone Technology yang dilebur ke dalam koil panasnya untuk memastikan rambut tidak mengalami kerusakan. Desain ergonomis, digital touch buttons , dan angin kuat menjadikan hair dryer terbaru Glampalm ini makin recommended untuk Anda miliki.

Pertanyaan umum seputar hair dryer

Setelah membahas tips memilih dan merekomendasikan produknya, kami akan menjawab pertanyaan populer seputar hair dryer untuk Anda. Simak uraian di bawah ini untuk mengetahui jawaban dari tiap pertanyaannya, ya.

Anda sebaiknya menyimpan hair dryer dengan cara meletakkannya di gantungan khusus hair dryer . Hindari melilitkan kabel pada bodi utama karena metode penyimpanan ini bisa menyebabkan kerusakan pada hair dryer . Simpan hair dryer di tempat yang tidak lembap dan tidak berdebu. Perhatikan juga lipatan kabelnya agar tidak menghambat kerja hair dryer .

Anda juga sebaiknya membersihkan hair dryer  sebulan dua kali agar lebih awet. Saat membersihkannya, seka bagian belakang hair dryer dengan hati-hati menggunakan kain lembut atau tisu.

Hair dryer  boleh digunakan untuk mengeringkan bulu kucing. Akan tetapi, suara hair dryer yang bising bisa membuat kucing panik dan takut, bahkan memberontak. Anda bisa mengetesnya terlebih dahulu untuk memastikan bahwa kucing Anda tidak bermasalah dengan hal itu.

Anda bisa menggunakan hair dryer biasa untuk kucing dengan memakai suhu yang tidak panas. Namun, akan lebih baik jika Anda menggunakan pet hair dryer yang memang didesain memiliki tingkat kebisingan rendah .

Penggunaan hair dryer setiap hari berisiko menghilangkan minyak alami rambut, mengeringkan kutikula, dan merusak rambut. Suhu panas ekstrem pada hair dryer juga dapat membuat ujung rambut kering dan bercabang. Untuk mengurangi risiko tersebut, sebaiknya Anda melapisi rambut dengan vitamin atau serum rambut terlebih dahulu . 

Jangan sering memilih pengaturan suhu paling tinggi pada hair dryer untuk meminimalkan efek kerusakan rambut. Hal penting, istirahatkan rambut Anda dari paparan panas hair dryer saat Anda libur atau tidak memiliki agenda mendesak.

Hair dryer tidak hanya berfungsi mengeringkan rambut, tetapi juga mempermudah Anda menata rambut. Selain hair dryer , ada banyak alat styling rambut lainnya untuk memaksimalkan tampilan Anda. Silakan temukan rekomendasi alat styling rambut lainnya melalui tautan berikut ini, ya. 

10 Catokan Rambut yang Bagus - Ditinjau oleh Hairstylist (Terbaru Tahun 2023)

10 Catokan Rambut yang Bagus - Ditinjau oleh Hairstylist (Terbaru Tahun 2023)

10 Sisir Catok Terbaik - Ditinjau oleh Hairstylist (Terbaru Tahun 2023)

10 Sisir Catok Terbaik - Ditinjau oleh Hairstylist (Terbaru Tahun 2023)

10 Curling Iron Terbaik - Ditinjau oleh Hairstylist (Terbaru Tahun 2023)

10 Curling Iron Terbaik - Ditinjau oleh Hairstylist (Terbaru Tahun 2023)

Hair dryer sekarang tak hanya memiliki fungsi untuk mengeringkan rambut. Sebelum membelinya, ada baiknya Anda mengecek fitur dan kemampuan hair dryer dalam merawat rambut serta kulit kepala.

Jangan sampai hair dryer yang Anda beli malah membuat rambut kering atau rusak. Semoga tips memilih hair dryer dan rekomendasinya di atas ini dapat membantu Anda menemukan hair dryer yang tepat. Selamat memilih dan memiliki rambut indah terawat!

5 Rekomendasi Hair Dryer terbaik

No. 1: Philips | EssentialCare Pengering | HP8126/02

No. 2: HAN RIVER | Hair Dryer | HRHD03BK

No. 3: | Miyako Hair Dryer | HD-550

No. 4: Remington | D2400 Travel Dryer 1400

No. 5: Tripacific Electrindo | Sekai Hair Dryer | HD 251

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10 Rekomendasi Merk Hair Dryer Terbaik untuk Rambut yang Sehat

rekomendasi hair dryer travel

Ditinjau secara medis oleh dr. Carla Pramudita Susanto · General Practitioner · Klinik Laboratorium Pramita

Ditulis oleh Ihda Fadila · Tanggal diperbarui 11/07/2023

Berikut adalah daftar produk yang bisa bermanfaat untuk Anda. Perlu diketahui, kami bisa saja mendapatkan sedikit komisi setiap kali Anda membeli produk via link ini. Tenang, tidak ada penambahan biaya. Pelajari lebih lanjut soal konten produk marketing kami di sini .

10 Rekomendasi Merk Hair Dryer Terbaik untuk Rambut yang Sehat

Membiarkan rambut mengering dengan sendirinya merupakan cara paling aman untuk mengeringkan rambut. Namun, pada kondisi tertentu, penggunaan hair dryer atau pengering rambut mungkin dibutuhkan. Lalu, adakah produk hair dryer  terbaik yang dapat menjaga rambut tetap sehat?

Beberapa merek pengering rambut   mengklaim dapat mengeringkan sekaligus membantu menjaga kesehatan rambut. Cek ulasan di bawah untuk tahu rekomendasi pengering rambut yang bagus dan mungkin cocok untuk Anda.

Cara kami memilih merk hair dryer terbaik

Ada banyak jenis produk perawatan rambut yang bisa Anda gunakan. Di antara jenis-jenis tersebut, produk pengering rambut mungkin tidak masuk dalam daftar.

Namun, untuk mengurangi kerusakan rambut, pastikan Anda tidak melakukan kesalahan saat pakai pengering rambut . Anda juga bisa menyiasatinya dengan memilih merk pengering rambut yang tepat.

Bagaimana memilihnya? Saat akan membeli pengering rambut ,  pastikan produk yang Anda pilih memiliki fitur pengaturan suhu dan kecepatan sehingga dapat disesuaikan dengan jenis rambut Anda.

Anda juga bisa memilih produk dengan bahan atau teknologi ionik, keramik, atau turmalin yang dapat membantu mengeringkan rambut lebih cepat serta mengurangi kerusakan rambut.

Melansir Consumer Reports , ketiga teknologi tersebut dapat melepaskan ion negatif yang dapat membantu menetralkan listrik statis, sehingga rambut tidak mudah kusut dan patah.

Sementara turmalin dan keramik merupakan penghantar panas yang baik. Ini berarti kedua teknologi tersebut dapat membantu mengeringkan rambut dengan lebih efisien.

Lalu, agar tak menyulitkan Anda, pilih juga pengering rambut   yang mudah digunakan. Bila perlu, Anda bisa memilih produk pengering rambut   yang praktis yang tak repot dibawa saat bepergian.

10 Rekomendasi merk hair dryer terbaik

Berdasarkan pertimbangan di atas, kami memberikan rekomendasi merk  hair dryer  yang bagus atau terbaik yang bisa Anda beli dengan mudah di pasaran.

1. Philips Hair Dryer 3000 Series BHD308/10

Philips Hair Dryer 3000 Series BHD308/10 dilengkapi dengan aksesori ThermoProtect yang disebut dapat mencampur udara hangat dan dingin sebagai cara merawat rambut Anda.

Produk pengering rambut berdaya 1600 W ini memiliki tiga pengaturan tingkat suhu (panas) dan kecepatan.

Bentuk nozelnya ramping yang diklaim dapat menata rambut secara detail. Pegangannya juga bisa dilipat sehingga praktis untuk dibawa.

2. Dyson Supersonic™ Hair Dryer HD08

Dengan teknologi flyaway terbaru, produk pengering rambut dari Dyson ini dapat mengeringkan rambut dan menatanya serta menjadikan rambut lebih halus dan berkilau.

Produk ini dilengkapi dengan tiga pengaturan kecepatan serta empat pengaturan suhu untuk mendapatkan proses pengeringan yang cepat hingga yang lebih lambat.

Dengan fitur  heat control,  produk pengering rambut yang satu ini diklaim dapat mencegah kerusakan rambut akibat panas yang dikeluarkan.

3. Tescom Ionic Hair Dryer NTID92

Dengan teknologi ionik, produk pengering rambut dari Tescom ini mengklaim dapat melindungi rambut dari panas serta menjadikannya lembap dan terlihat berkilau.

Produk pengering rambut ini juga memiliki fitur  One Press to Change Cool Mode  yang dapat mengganti udara dingin atau panas hanya dengan sekali tekan.

Dengan fitur  high power- nya (hingga 1650 W), merk hair dryer  terbaik ini disebut dapat mengeringkan rambut dengan lebih cepat. Anda pun bisa menghemat waktu saat akan bersiap untuk bepergian.

4. Panasonic EH-NA27-PN415 Hair Dryer Nanoe Series

Teknologi Nanoe pada produk pengering rambut bermerk Panasonic ini dapat menetralisir muatan positif pada rambut. Hal ini membuat rambut tampak berkilau dan kelembapannya terjaga.

Bukan cuma pada rambut, teknologi yang digunakannya ini diklaim dapat melembapkan kulit kepala, membuatnya lebih sehat, serta mencegah kekeringan yang dapat merusak rambut.

Selain teknologi Nanoe, produk yang satu ini juga memiliki dua setelan kecepatan serta tiga pengaturan suhu. Pegangannya juga bisa dilipat sehingga bisa disimpan di dalam tas untuk dibawa-bawa.

5. Remington Travel Dryer 1400 D2400

Rekomendasi merek hair dryer  yang bagus lainnya, yaitu Remington Travel Dryer 1400 D2400. Dengan daya 1400 W, produk ini memiliki dua pengaturan suhu dan kecepatan angin.

Pengering rambut berbahan atau berteknologi keramik ini mengklaim dapat menjaga rambut agar tidak kering serta menjadikannya lembut dan berkilau.

Dengan pegangan yang bisa dilipat serta kabel yang tidak mudah melilit, produk   ini disebut mudah digunakan serta praktik untuk dibawa ke mana saja di dalam tas.

6. HAN RIVER HRHD01BK Hair Dryer

Produk pengering rambut dari HAN RIVER ini mengklaim dapat mengeluarkan panas secara merata serta embusan angin yang kencang sehingga dapat mengeringkan rambut serta menatanya dengan cepat.

Ion negatif yang dihasilkan produk ini dapat menghilangkan listrik statik serta membantu melindungi nutrisi rambut, sehingga mengurangi risiko kerusakannya.

Produk berdaya 800 W ini memiliki lima pengaturan kecepatan angin. Salah satu pengering rambut atau hair dryer terbaik ini juga dilengkapi dengan cahaya blue anion yang dapat melindungi rambut dari overdried. 

7. Inone Hair Dryer 850W

Dengan daya hanya 850 W, Inone Hair Dryer 850W diklaim sebagai salah satu merk hair dryer  yang bagus, tetapi hemat daya serta harga yang terjangkau.

Produk yang satu ini memiliki pengaturan kecepatan hingga tiga tingkat. Embusan angin yang dihasilkan pun diklaim kuat sehingga dapat mengeringkan rambut secara cepat.

Ion yang dihasilkan juga disebut dapat melindungi rambut dari panas , sehingga dapat mengurangi risiko kerusakan.

8. GM Bear Hair Dryer Multifungsi 1140

GM Bear Hair Dryer Multifungsi 1140 merupakan salah satu rekomendasi pengering rambut   yang bagus dengan lima mode pengaturan, yaitu dua untuk kecepatan angin serta tiga untuk suhu.

Meski punya banyak tingkat, suhu yang dihasilkan produk ini disebut konstan sehingga bisa melindungi rambut dari paparan panas berlebih.

Bukan sekadar mengeringkan, ion negatifnya juga dapat menghidrasi serta melembapkan rambut dan membuatnya tampak berkilau.

9. Wigo Hair Dryer W-88P Pro Collection Salon Ionic Infrared

Beberapa dari Anda mungkin sudah tahu bahwa Wigo merupakan salah satu merek hair dryer  bagus dan salah satu terbaik yang paling sering digunakan di salon.

Meski begitu, produk pengering rambut ini bisa Anda gunakan di rumah untuk mengeringkan rambut sekaligus merawat dan menjaga kesehatannya.

Apalagi, Wigo Hair Dryer W-88P Pro Collection Salon Ionic Infrared memiliki teknologi ion turmalin yang dapat membuat rambut tampak halus, mengurangi rambut kusut , serta membantu meningkatkan kilaunya.

10. Miyako Hair Dryer HD550

Apakah Anda mencari produk pengering rambut yang ringan dan praktis? Anda mungkin bisa mencoba pengering rambut dari merk Miyako yang satu ini.

Produk yang satu ini berbahan dasar plastik, sehingga diklaim ringan. Bentuknya yang minimalis dan dapat dilipat juga menjadikan produk ini mudah dibawa.

Itulah beberapa rekomendasi merk  pengering rambut yang bagus dan terbaik yang bisa Anda coba.

Sesuaikan dengan kebutuhan dan anggaran Anda agar mendapat produk pengering rambut yang tepat.

Hello Health Group tidak menyediakan saran medis, diagnosis, atau perawatan.

5 Things to Know Before Buying a New Hair Dryer. Consumer Reports. (2022). Retrieved June 15, 2023, from https://www.consumerreports.org/health/hair-dryers/what-to-know-before-buying-a-hair-dryer-a3913627999/

Hair Dryers. Electrical Safety First. (n.d). Retrieved June 15, 2023, from https://www.electricalsafetyfirst.org.uk/guidance/product-safety/hair-dryers/

How do “ionic” hair dryers affect the hair, short-term and long term? UCSB ScienceLine. (2009). Retrieved June 15, 2023, from http://scienceline.ucsb.edu/getkey.php?key=1935

How to Stop Damaging Your Hair. AAD. (n.d). Retrieved June 15, 2023, from https://www.aad.org/public/diseases/hair-loss/insider/stop-damage

Lee, Y., Kim, Y. D., Hyun, H. J., Pi, L. Q., Jin, X., & Lee, W. S. (2011). Hair shaft damage from heat and drying time of hair dryer.  Annals of dermatology ,  23 (4), 455–462. https://doi.org/10.5021/ad.2011.23.4.455

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10 Kebiasaan Ini Ternyata Bisa Merusak Rambut

10 rekomendasi merek sampo pelurus rambut terbaik.

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dr. Carla Pramudita Susanto

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Hotel Solar

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View prices for your travel dates

Finding an ideal family-friendly small hotel in Nizhny Novgorod does not have to be difficult. Welcome to Hotelsolar, a nice option for travellers like you.

The rooms offer air conditioning, and getting online is possible, as free wifi is available, allowing you to rest and refresh with ease.

Hotelsolar features 24 hour front desk and a convenience store. In addition, as a valued Hotelsolar guest, you can enjoy a restaurant that is available on-site. Guests arriving by vehicle have access to free parking.

Given the close proximity of popular landmarks, such as Nizhny Novgorod Mosque of Mufti Abdulvakhid Suleymani (3.4 km) and Temple of the Icon of Our Lady Skoroposlushnitsa (3.8 km), guests of Hotelsolar can easily experience some of Nizhny Novgorod's most well known attractions.

If you are looking for a good Italian restaurant, you may want to check out Bulka s Syrom Bakery, World of Pizza, or World of Pizza while staying at Hotelsolar.

Plus, during your trip, don’t forget to check out some of the popular architectural buildings, such as State Bank, Charitable House of Bugrov, and Nizhny Novgorod Regional Court.

Hotelsolar puts the best of Nizhny Novgorod at your fingertips, making your stay both relaxing and enjoyable.

Own or manage this property? Claim your listing for free to respond to reviews, update your profile and much more.

Hotel Solar - Reviews & Photos (Nizhny Novgorod, Russia) - Tripadvisor

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  22. Find Transport to AZIMUT Hotel Nizhniy Novgorod, Nizhny Novgorod

    Rome2Rio makes travelling from Nizhny Novgorod Airport (GOJ) to AZIMUT Hotel Nizhniy Novgorod, Nizhny Novgorod easy. Rome2Rio is a door-to-door travel information and booking engine, helping you get to and from any location in the world. Find all the transport options for your trip from Nizhny Novgorod Airport (GOJ) to AZIMUT Hotel Nizhniy Novgorod, Nizhny Novgorod right here.


    Book MaxxRoyal, Nizhny Novgorod on Tripadvisor: See 10 traveler reviews, 45 candid photos, and great deals for MaxxRoyal, ranked #82 of 128 B&Bs / inns in Nizhny Novgorod and rated 1.5 of 5 at Tripadvisor.

  24. Nizhny Novgorod → Moscow

    Russian Railways (РЖД) operates a train from Nijnii Novgorod Moskov to Moskva Kurskaia once daily. Tickets cost RUB 1600 - RUB 2700 and the journey takes 3h 59m. Alternatively, Avtovokzaly.ru operates a bus from Nizhny Novgorod Kanavinskiy to Moscow Central Bus Station every 4 hours. Tickets cost RUB 750 - RUB 1100 and the journey takes 6h.