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Photo of Petro Travel Center In Girard Oh

Petro Travel Center In Girard Oh

1 Petro Pl, Girard , Ohio 44420 USA

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Photo of Petro - Girard, OH, US. Seeing triple...Tay Tay..Tay

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Girard, OH 44420

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Photo of Garrett C.

The best part of this place is the bathrooms. It's great. Have been on a long trip and this stop center was the cleanest I've seen. So clean they have a business card. If you're picky on where you stop, you can stop here. Not an issue.

Photo of Terri C.

I had the breaded chicken sandwich from the grill, The tuna salad and mashed potatoes and gravy. Chicken sandwich had a good taste to it but for five bucks you should be getting lettuce and cheese on it. Both the tuna salad and the mashed potatoes had good taisy just need a little salt and pepper just to add it to my liking I didn't think it was kind of pricey but what do you expect for a truckstop.

Photo of Dolores D.

On the way to New York we usually stop here. There is a place to but gas and a separate building where you can take showers and there's a restaurant as well. They have a buffet style too. It's not to bad.

Photo of Joy M.

I have never been here but I know that they are pretty amazing! My dad is a truck driver and was on the road for his birthday. He told me he was stopping here for dinner because he liked the pork chops and brussel sprouts. So I called the restaurant and asked the manager if I could pay for his meal over the phone. Her name was Theresa and she was SO KIND AND AMAZING! I left her a description of my dad and they made sure he got his meal! He sent me a picture of the food and it looked pretty good too! Thank you so much for helping me give my dad a nice birthday, you are so kind!

Photo of Dave A.

This Petro is very clean compared to other truck stops. Petro has a fitness room for all those drivers. Nice clean showers and restrooms. Only reason they're getting for star that some of the restroom stalls was dirty. Come visit this place and figured out.

petro travel center petro place girard oh

Very well managed. Nice shop on the inside. The outside may not have been the cleanest but I can't blame them; a semi had just spilled oil. I would definitely visit again!

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25 photos Petro Travel Center

Reviews about petro travel center.

  • Tricia R. February 1, 2023, 10:01 pm Shower was great. We got to use the handicap shower since there were 2 of us. It was good sized and had a handheld shower sprayer. Water pressure was perfect. No soft water treatment to make u feel all slimy. Restaurant was even open. 0 0 Reply
  • Craig R. January 12, 2023, 2:39 pm It's a truck stop. ‍ ️ ‍ ️ ‍ ️ 0 0 Reply
  • Tracey E. January 11, 2023, 2:45 am usually stop in after work for a drink, snack & gas 0 0 Reply
  • Sherzod N. January 7, 2023, 4:38 am What the hell going on here? 3 weeks already I'm having trouble fueling Many pumps not working, no DEF, toilets dirty, workers shouting to each other, no manners. What's going on with this truck stop, it use to be one of the best truck stops before. 0 0 Reply
  • Gagan S. November 2, 2022, 12:39 am They never have fuel 0 0 Reply
  • michael r. October 5, 2022, 11:42 pm Don’t buy Reserved Parking because they don’t enforce it. There’s 17 out of 18 available but every spot is taken. They won’t enforce it, you’re on your own. 0 0 Reply
  • Mr B. August 20, 2022, 3:03 am When I’m traveling through I stop here, and sometimes sleep here I’ve been stopping here since 2004, it’s always been one of my favorite places (not many left) parking is excellent, (lots of spaces at 21:30) food is better than most truck stops, staffed decent 0 0 Reply
  • Armand L. August 14, 2022, 12:37 am Really nice Petro good cooks do a great job with what they're working with, excorcise room lots of parking. Shop is acceptable but…what is with the 4.95 ATM fee that's just obscene. And please don't tell me ya but it's an outside vendor, throw them out and get another vendor if that's the case. 0 0 Reply
  • Sergiu A. July 19, 2022, 3:53 pm Double charge for everything, no showers, no coffee 0 0 Reply
  • Gigel “. July 12, 2022, 5:14 pm I just love this place when you are in your least hour to drive Pedro truck stop never ever let you down you find somewhere to park your truck and Pedro management are the best shower are clean I just love this truck stop 0 0 Reply
  • dot d. June 25, 2022, 12:45 am Came to do alignment and to fix some air leaks at 5pm on friday. The manager in the shop was so rude that part way through alignment i said im leaving, i dont want anything from this shop anymore. Also was like 5 hr wait for the shop. Save your dignity and skip this place 0 0 Reply
  • Company's official reply June 20, 2022, 3:24 pm Thank You, we appreciate the nice comments. We thrive to be able to provide every traveler with a great experience. Please come back and visit us again. 0 0 Reply
  • Crstopher R. May 20, 2022, 3:06 pm Food came out cold but the main question is this new meat in the gravy. It's not brown…its pink. Petro and this new menu…new food. No food bar…hmmm things aren't getting better in these truckstops at all. 0 0 Reply
  • Denis B. May 10, 2022, 1:44 pm worst of the worst 0 0 Reply
  • Morales J. April 8, 2022, 9:35 pm it's a garbage place they tell you 30 minutes to change the oil I'm waiting for my turn for more than 2 hours and another truck passes that arrived after my tremendous garbage 0 0 Reply
  • Donald B. April 2, 2022, 5:48 am Ordered 2 Stake & egg dinners,,, The cook doesn't know anything at all… The waitress was extremely ignorant… The food was cold, & set up on the counter, untill the waitress was done with her phone call… Never order that again!!! 0 0 Reply
  • Bruce K. March 29, 2022, 12:44 am Big lot. No more buffet or salad bar. (Actually your luck to see one at any Petro) restaurant is open compared to the TA down the road. Though it closes 8—9 EST. 0 0 Reply
  • Scott C. February 23, 2022, 5:04 am Pork chop dinner special is excellent 0 0 Reply
  • Ken C. January 21, 2022, 10:37 pm No t paper in handicap stall in restroom. No one answers phones. 0 0 Reply
  • Scott K. January 19, 2022, 12:36 pm I love this place. Here 3 times a week and the people are great. The one issue I have is watching tow trucks pull truck after truck out of main travel ways that should be plowed. With over 300 parking spots, some snow is going to slip past the goalie but truckers shouldn't be paying to get pulled out of what should be considered “the travel path” of a parking lot in a truck stop. This place gets a lot of traffic, plow the lot. Aside from that everything is tip top! 0 0 Reply
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Petro Travel Center - map

Petro Travel Center

At this location.

petro travel center petro place girard oh

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petro travel center petro place girard oh

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Truck Stops Locator  > Petro Center In Ohio

Petro Center Locations in Ohio

petro travel center petro place girard oh

North Baltimore

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petro travel center petro place girard oh


  1. Accelerating your adventures: Petro Travel Center is your road trip

    petro travel center petro place girard oh


    petro travel center petro place girard oh


    petro travel center petro place girard oh

  4. Petro Travel Plaza Location Sells

    petro travel center petro place girard oh


    petro travel center petro place girard oh

  6. S&G Travel Center (Petro 2)

    petro travel center petro place girard oh


  1. Girard, OH Truck Stop

    Travel Centers of America. Menu. Locations; ... 1 Petro Place Girard, OH 44420 Highway: I-80, Exit 226 & Salt Spring Road. Truck Service: 330-505-3722. Emergency Roadside Assistance: ... About Petro Girard. Make Petro Girard in Girard, OH on I-80, Exit 226 & Salt Spring Road a part of your route. We're ready to fuel your trip with Shell gas ...

  2. Petro Travel Center, 1 Petro Pl, Girard, OH

    Get more information for Petro Travel Center in Girard, OH. See reviews, map, get the address, and find directions. Search MapQuest. Hotels. Food. ... Make Petro in Girard, OH on I-80 at Exit 226 a part of your route. We're ready to fuel your trip with Shell gas or diesel 24/7. ... Eating places. Sunoco. From the website:

  3. TravelCenters of America in Girard, OH

    Petro Travel Center at 1 Petro Place, Girard, OH 44420. Get Petro Travel Center can be contacted at (330) 505-3700. Get Petro Travel Center reviews, rating, hours, phone number, directions and more. ... Petro Travel Center. Make Petro in Girard, OH on I-80 at Exit 226 a part of your route. We’re ready to fuel your trip with Shell gas or ...

  4. Petro Truck Stop #320 in Girard, OH

    Petro Truck Stop #320. 1 Petro Place. Girard, OH. I-80 & Exit 226. Open 24 Hour. Visit Vendor Website. View all 281 Locations.

  5. Location

    Return every traveler to the road better than they came. Lead how America's highway travelers refresh, refuel and repair. Find a TA, Petro or TA Express Travel Center Near You. Location Updates. Please visit our Location Updates page for more information regarding closures, outages.

  6. Petro, 1 Petro Pl, Girard, OH, Gas Stations

    1 Petro Pl Girard OH 44420. (330) 505-3700. TravelCenters of America Travel Stores offer convenient, one-stop shopping with prices as low as, or lower, than our competition. Petro carries a wide selection of name-brand products, and are stocked with Made-To-Go foods, groceries and snacks, plus electronics, maintenance supplies, and even c...

  7. Petro Stopping Centers, Salt Springs Rd, Girard, OH

    Hours. (330) 544-6400. Petro Stopping Centers in Girard, OH is a convenient rest stop for travelers passing through the area. Offering a range of amenities and services, Petro Stopping Centers provides a place for drivers to refuel, rest, and grab a bite to eat during their journey.

  8. Petro Travel Center, Girard, OH

    Check Petro Travel Center in Girard, OH, Petro Place on Cylex and find ☎ (330) 505-3..., contact info, ⌚ opening hours.

  9. Petro Travel Center In Girard Oh, Girard

    Petro Travel Center In Girard Oh is a Gas / Fuel Station in Girard. Plan your road trip to Petro Travel Center In Girard Oh in OH with Roadtrippers.

  10. OH-Petro Girard, Ohio

    Store Details. I-80 Exit 226 & Salt Spring Road. 1 Petro Place. Girard, Ohio 44420. Phone: (330) 544-6400. Map & Directions Website.

  11. Petro Center

    The direct and official information for Petro Center in Girard, Ohio. This includes amenities, reviews, phone number, and location map. ... Ohio Truck Stops. Petro Center . Details - Reviews - Nearest - Legend. Truck Stop Location: I-80, Exit 226 & Salt Spring Road, 1 Petro Place, Girard OH 44420. Truck Stop Details: Fax: 330-505-3742 - 323 ...

  12. Petro Travel Center

    Petro Travel Center, Girard, Ohio. 6 likes · 12 talking about this · 1,147 were here. Gas Station

  13. Petro Travel Center in Girard Oh

    Petro Travel Center in Girard Oh - Facebook

  14. Updated June 2024

    6 reviews and 11 photos of PETRO "This Petro is very clean compared to other truck stops. Petro has a fitness room for all those drivers. Nice clean showers and restrooms. Only reason they're getting for star that some of the restroom stalls was dirty. Come visit this place and figured out."

  15. Petro Travel Center

    Petro Travel Center details with ⭐ 65 reviews, 📞 phone number, 📍 location on map. Find similar vehicle services in Ohio on Nicelocal.

  16. TruckMap

    Petro Travel Center 1 Petro Place, Girard, OH 44420. Details. Reviews

  17. Petro Stopping Center #320

    Find more information about PETRO STOPPING CENTER #320 and more businesses in GIRARD on our large truck stop directory ... Leave Feedback For This Location. Highway: I-80. Exit: 226. Street Address: 1 PETRO PLACE. City: GIRARD. State: OH. Postal Code: 44420. Phone: 330-505-3700 (TRAVEL CENTER) Phone 2: 330-505-3700 (IRON SKILLET) Fax: 330-505 ...

  18. Petro

    Petro in Girard, OH. Carries Regular, Midgrade, Premium, Diesel. Has C-Store, Pay At Pump, Restaurant, Restrooms, Air Pump, Payphone, ATM, Truck Stop. Check current ...

  19. Petro Travel Center

    Petro Travel Center at 12906 Deshler Rd, North Baltimore, OH 45872. Get Petro Travel Center can be contacted at (419) 257-3744. Get Petro Travel Center reviews, rating, hours, phone number, directions and more. ... 1 Petro Place. Girard, Ohio 44420 ( 1003 Reviews ) Ratings and Reviews

  20. Petro Girard

    The Petro gas station in Girard, OH, has a full-service restaurant open 24 hours, Iron Skillet, a deli and a Travel Store. ... TA and Petro Travel Stores also carry a variety of pet care products. Visit Website Or call (330) 505-3700 for more information . ... Find the best places to stay, play & eat with your dog. … Browsing pet ...

  21. Photo: Petro Travel Center, trucks, United States, Girard, 1 Petro

    Photos of Petro Travel Center made by the business and Yandex Maps users. Search. Directions. Petro Travel Center. Overview. Photos. 1. Reviews. Features ...

  22. Petro Center Ohio OH Locations

    Girard Petro Center I-80, Exit 226 & Salt Spring Road, 1 Petro Place… Fax: 330-505-3742 - 323 Truck Parking Spaces - Reserve-It Reserved Parking - 14 Diesel Lanes - Satellite …More Napoleon Petro Center US Hwy 6 & 24, Industrial Dr. Exit 41, 900 America…

  23. Petro Travel Center, 26416 Baker Rd, Perrysburg, OH

    Make Petro in Perrysburg, OH on I-80 at Exit 71 a part of your route. We're ready to fuel your trip with BP gas or diesel 24/7. Refresh after a long day on the road in our sparkling clean restrooms or use our laundry and shower facilities.