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east coast motorcycle trips

The Most Scenic Motorcycle Routes on the East Coast

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Created by THOR Industries - August 25th 2020

Cabot Trail

Blue ridge parkway, great smoky mountains national park.

Gatlinburg, TN

Tail of the Dragon

Robbinsville, NC

Daytona Beach

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Top 10 Motorcycle Journeys on the East Coast

Posted by hotelcoupons | Jun 10, 2014 | Adventures , National & State Parks , Road Trips , Sightseeing , Things To Do | 0

Top 10 Motorcycle Journeys on the East Coast

The time has finally come to feel the freedom of the open road. With the last winter snow melted, you’ve managed to finish installing all those new motorcycle parts you bought online over the winter and have shined that bike until it looks almost new again. Now you’re ready to rev up and get out there, and these 10 great East Coast rides are great routes to explore:

Outer Banks on the NC 12

If you’re looking for spectacular water views, there are few better rides than North Carolina’s Highway 12, with the Atlantic on one side and the Intercoastal Waterway on the other. The 113-mile trek through the Outer Banks begins in Corolla and travels south to Ocracoke. The route passes through Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge and Cape Hatteras National Seashore, in addition to a number of historical lighthouses. Use our helpful Carolina Coast Itinerary to explore the Outer Banks.

Photo of Cape Hatteras Lighthouse by Henryhartley via Wikimedia Commons

Skyline Drive, Virginia

Virginia’s Skyline Drive begins in Front Royal and heads south through Shenandoah National Park, culminating in Waynesboro. The 105-mile journey follows winding mountain roads for lots of fun yet smooth riding. With so many twists and turns, you never know what you’ll see around the next corner, from gorgeous mountain vistas to deer and even the occasional black bear.

Photo by forestfufighting via Wikimedia Commons

State Route 5, Virginia

History buffs won’t want to miss this 46-mile route that follows the James River through a lush, green valley and numerous historical highlights, including several plantations. Be sure to stop in at Colonial Williamsburg, the largest living museum in the country, to take a journey back through time to the 18th century Virginia capital.

Photo by Harvey Barrison via Wikimedia Commons

Blue Ridge Parkway, Virginia and North Carolina

If you’re up for a long, 469-mile trek, the Blue Ridge Parkway is hard to beat. The route stretches through the Virginia countryside passing a number of interesting Civil War battle sites before traversing through North Carolina and some of the most beautiful mountain views in the eastern U.S.

Photo by Fran Trudeau via Wikimedia Commons

Highway 17: Darien to Cumberland Island, Georgia

This 68-mile ride begins in Darien, Georgia and passes through scenic marshes and rivers along the highway, ending at Cumberland Island, the largest barrier island in the state. Here you’ll discover pristine beaches and wide marshes, along with four major historic districts.

Photo of Cumberland Island-Dungeness Mansion by Kristine via Wikimedia Commons

Central Adirondack Byway, New York

This 153-mile ride winds through the Adirondacks of New York from Glen Falls to Rome, wandering along the shores of Lake George as well as the Hudson River, Indian Lake and Blue Mountain Lake. This is a beautiful trek in the fall, with fiery reds, golden yellows and even purples dotting the landscape.

Florida Keys Overseas Highway

For a more tropical adventure, slather on the sunscreen and head out onto the narrow stretch of road made of bridges known as the Overseas Highway in Florida, stretching 110 miles from Key Largo to Key West. You’ll drive atop a living reef through azure-colored waters of the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico, with margaritas awaiting in your final destination.

Photo by Shanbin Zhao via Wikimedia Commons

Tennessee’s Tail of the Dragon

The Tail of the Dragon at Deal’s Gap follows Route 129 near the southwest border of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. It’s an absolute must for any motorcycle enthusiast, despite the fact that it’s just 11 miles long. This winding road has 318 corners, working out to one every 182 feet, or about 29 turn per mile.

Photo by llahbocaj via Wikimedia Commons

Vermont’s Molly Stark Scenic Byway

This short but very sweet 40-mile ride from Brattleboro to Bennington offers plenty of history, incredible views and lots of fun, twisty, riding, particularly if you head out early in the morning before traffic hits. At the Hogback Mountain overlook, a three-state view awaits, including the rolling hills of Vermont, northern Massachusetts and western New Hampshire.

Route 201: Northern Maine

Route 201 journeys through the remote wilderness region of northern Maine, 101 miles from Skowhegan to the U.S./Canada border. The highway winds through a magnificently scenic area along the river, with breathtaking mountains views as well as a chance to spot plenty of wildlife, including moose.

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east coast motorcycle trips

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Rider Magazine

35 Bucket List Motorcycle Rides

We all have a bucket list of motorcycle roads we’d like to ride before we highside off this mortal coil. Here are 35 recommended by Clement Salvadori, arranged alphabetically by state or country.

35 Bucket List Motorcycle Rides Clement Salvadori Rider Magazine

The longest stretch of genuine old U.S. Route 66 is in western Arizona, running 90 lonely miles from Seligman to Kingman alongside the tracks of the Burlington-Northern-Santa Fe. Railroads came in the late 19th century, and automotive roads followed in the early 20th. In Seligman lives Angel Delgadillo, who was born there 88 years ago and has been instrumental in preserving the legend of old 66.

2. Arkansas

35 Bucket List Motorcycle Rides Clement Salvadori Rider Magazine

The riding around the Buffalo National River in the Ozark Mountains provides endless amusement, and many chances to wash the dust off your wheels. The Newton County seat of Jasper, on State Route 7, provides a focal point, and little roads go off in every direction, including through the Ozark National Forest. A word to the wise: If you are faced with fording a river, best to walk the distance first, just so you don’t end up with a flooded bike.

3. California

35 Bucket List Motorcycle Rides Clement Salvadori Rider Magazine

The Big Sur Highway , carved out of the coast along the Santa Lucia Range for a hundred miles between Cambria and Carmel, is my own favorite road, being almost in my backyard. It’s an all-year ride, presuming that winter rains do not cause landslides. Two lanes with an uncountable number of curves, the mountains on one side, the surf frothing along the short on the other. Don’t try sightseeing from the moving motorcycle; stop and then look, it’s safer.

35 Bucket List Motorcycle Rides Clement Salvadori Rider Magazine

Go way, way east to Nova Scotia, and there at the tip of Cape Breton Island is Cape North, the farthest you can ride on the North American continent, 3,922 Mapquest miles from San Diego. The road looping around the Cape Breton Highlands National Park is called the Cabot Trail (after the 15th-century explorer John Cabot), and in good weather the 135-mile loop is one of the more divine rides on the continent. Bad weather? Don’t go.

5. Colorado

35 Bucket List Motorcycle Rides Clement Salvadori Rider Magazine

Schofield Pass (10,707 feet) is not for the faint of heart, being one of the toughest rides in the Rocky Mountains. Back in the 1880s, when silver was king, the 5-mile Gothic Road was built between the mining sites in Marble and Crested Butte, much of it merely a shelf blasted out of the mountainside that just drops straight down into the Crystal River Canyon. It’s a dangerous ride, and only the really, really competent should try it (according to Wikipedia, the pass has claimed 12 lives).

Related Story: Riding 60 Paved Colorado Passes in Nine Days

35 Bucket List Motorcycle Rides Clement Salvadori Rider Magazine

The Chattahoochee National Forest is one of the great motorcycle playgrounds, and the Two Wheels of Suches Motorcycle Campground & Lodge is the place to stay. Founded in the early 1980s by Frank and Jeanie Cheek, the original Two Wheels Only (T.W.O.) Motorcycle Resort hosted well over half a million motorcyclists. T.W.O. closed down in 2011, and the property was later purchased by motorcycle enthusiast and local resident Bill Johnston, who expanded and renovated the facility. It re-opened as Two Wheels of Suches in 2014. There are hundreds of miles of two-lane roads to ride, including the Georgia Triangle : diabolically twisty Wolf Pen Gap Road (State Route 180), State Route 60 and U.S. Route 129, to name but a few.

35 Bucket List Motorcycle Rides Clement Salvadori Rider Magazine

For my money, the most fun and least populated island in the archipelago/state of Hawaii is Kauai—and motorcycle rentals are available. There are only about a hundred miles of paved road on the island, which covers some 550 square miles. However, the 20-mile run up Waimea Canyon Drive to the 4,000-foot Kalalau Lookout in the Kokee State Park makes at least one day’s rental essential. The ride is best done early in the morning, before the tourist get out.

Related Story: Moto Aloha: Motorcycle Touring on Oahu

35 Bucket List Motorcycle Rides Clement Salvadori Rider Magazine

The 160-mile Salmon River Scenic Byway runs along State Route 75 and U.S. Route 93 from the southern terminus of Stanley, in the Sawtooth Mountains, up the Continental Divide crossing at 7,014-foot Lost Trail Pass on the Idaho/Montana state line. The river is this great north-flowing cascade of water, paralleling much of the route, shared by fisherfolk and rafters. The forests are full of moose and elk and deer, so best be wary, especially at dawn and dusk.

Related Story: Riding the Alps of Idaho

35 Bucket List Motorcycle Rides Clement Salvadori Rider Magazine

The 9,045-foot Stelvio Pass may be the most famous pass in the Alps for motorcyclists, with 48 hairpin turns on the northeast side and a lot of curves and tunnels on the southwest slope. The road from Bormio to Prato alla Stelvio is about 30 miles, and was built back in the 1820s to enhance trade. Nowadays it caters mainly to motorcyclists and bicyclists (a hardy lot), with some cars and a few tour busses.

Related Story: The Ultimate Alps with Edelweiss Bike Travel

35 Bucket List Motorcycle Rides Clement Salvadori Rider Magazine

If you want to take a 1950s trip across the Great Plains, take U.S. Route 36 across Kansas, about 400 miles from the Missouri River to St. Francis as the eagle flies. Back 150 years ago, much of this road was a major route for wagon trains and even, briefly, the Pony Express. Nowadays it offers the best of small-town America, with friendly folk serving up eggs and homemade sausage in the cafés, and clean and inexpensive motels when you need to sleep.

Related Story: Solitude and Scenery: Riding West Kansas

35 Bucket List Motorcycle Rides Clement Salvadori Rider Magazine

U.S. Route 1/State Route 3 from Bath to Bar Harbor is only about 120 miles, but if you ride along all the little side roads the trip could take you a week. A dozen or more peninsulas reach south into the Atlantic Ocean from the main road, and they all have roads that are well worth exploration, whether it is to Boothbay or Port Clyde or Stonington. Good people will greet you, and the food is excellent—presuming you like fish and lobster.

Related Story: Riding Maine’s Rugged, Winding Coast

12. Massachusetts

35 Bucket List Motorcycle Rides Clement Salvadori Rider Magazine

The Mohawk Trail, otherwise known as State Route 2, runs 40 miles west from Greenfield across the Berkshire Mountains to Williamstown. This is a short ride, but the trail has dozens of little side routes to places like the 5-mile Hoosac railroad tunnel, an engineering marvel in the 1870s, or to the top of Mount Greylock, which at 3,491 feet is the highest point in the state, offering stunning views.

Related Story: Dead Reckoning | Touring Western Massachusetts

35 Bucket List Motorcycle Rides Clement Salvadori Rider Magazine

Copper Canyon figures large in the minds of those who want to take a trip to Mexico—and it should, as it is a lot larger than the Grand Canyon. The independent travelers can take a ride on their own down to the colonial mining town of Batopilas, or one can opt for a guided tour with a vehicle to carry the baggage. Most riders use Batopilas as a turnaround point, but the truly adventurous can leave the canyon by fording two big rivers on their way to Urique.

14. Mississippi

35 Bucket List Motorcycle Rides Clement Salvadori Rider Magazine

The Natchez Trace Parkway runs 450 miles from Natchez, Mississippi, to Nashville, Tennessee, and the most fun is down where it starts alongside the Mississippi River. There is gambling and drinking and all sorts of goings-on down on Silver Street, just like 150 years ago when the riverboat fellows would get paid off and go and have a good time before making the long walk home up the Trace.

15. Missouri

35 Bucket List Motorcycle Rides Clement Salvadori Rider Magazine

A hundred-mile portion of the Great River Road runs on the west side of the Mississippi River from St. Louis northwest to Hannibal, and it is a cheerfully slow road to ride. St. Louis is a big, bustling city, but as soon as you turn onto State Route 79 that is all left behind. You can ride out to see three of the river’s dams and locks, browse through some 50 antique stores and art galleries along the way, and end up in Tom Sawyer’s hometown.

16. Montana

35 Bucket List Motorcycle Rides Clement Salvadori Rider Magazine

The 50 miles of the Going-to-the-Sun Highway in Glacier National Park is best tackled early in the morning before the motorhomers get up and clog the road. And the quasi-inevitable construction crews start their work, as they have a short season to keep the road in good repair. From Logan Pass and the Continental Divide, at 6,647 feet, are great views from 10,052-foot Mount Jackson in the south to 10,479-foot Mount Cleveland in the north.

Related Story: Motorcycle Tour of Glacier, Yellowstone and Teton National Parks

35 Bucket List Motorcycle Rides Clement Salvadori Rider Magazine

U.S. Route 6 through the Silver State is the true loneliest road—U.S. Route 50 has probably five times more traffic. U.S. 6 runs roughly 250 miles from Montgomery Pass near the California border to the town of Ely, over in the eastern part of Nevada. It’s all high desert, over 6,000 feet, as the road crosses the Great Basin, with hardly a curve to be found. Once you get to Ely you can continue on U.S. 6 all the way to Provincetown at the tip of Cape Cod.

Related Story: Nevada’s Loneliest Road…and it isn’t U.S. 50

18. New Hampshire

35 Bucket List Motorcycle Rides Clement Salvadori Rider Magazine

Every motorcycle rider should run up the Mount Washington Auto Road at least once—though one might have to try several times as the road is closed when the weather is acting up. Which it often does; it took me three tries to get to the top of the 6,288-foot mountain. The 7.6-mile road first opened in 1861, and the toll-ticket (in 2015) is $16 for a motorcycle and operator, plus another $8 for a passenger. In June, two “Ride to the Sky” days are offered—for motorcyclists only.

Related Story: Ridi ng the Best of the White Mountains in New Hampshire

19. New Mexico

35 Bucket List Motorcycle Rides Clement Salvadori Rider Magazine

Taking the back way from the town of Shiprock, New Mexico, to Canyon de Chelly National Monument in Arizona along Indian Route 13 is a beautiful ride. Out there in the middle of the desert is Shiprock itself, named by the emigrants with the 8-mile-a-day Conestoga wagons because it looked, from a distance, like a ship at full sail, as it reaches nearly 1,600 feet above the desert floor.

Related Story: Riding Central New Mexico

20. New York

35 Bucket List Motorcycle Rides Clement Salvadori Rider Magazine

The run up Whiteface Mountain is an absolute must. State Route 431 is a short 8-mile road, off State Route 48, with a toll to get in, but the rewards are tremendous, especially if you make the effort to walk, or take the elevator (I kid you not), to the very top, giving you a view across hundreds of square miles of upstate New York, all the way to Lake Champlain. This is at the north end of the Adirondack Park, easily accessible from Lake Placid or Saranac Lake.

Related Story: History, Horses and Heavenly Roads: Touring Upstate New York

21. New Zealand

35 Bucket List Motorcycle Rides Clement Salvadori Rider Magazine

Two big islands make up this country, and I find that the South Island can provide me with endless motorcycling pleasure. There are few people, little traffic and great roads through great scenery—the New Zealand Alps, Milford Sound and the ever-entertaining resort town of Queenstown, where you can jetboat or bungee jump. Being on the same southerly latitudes as the United States is northerly, it’s a great place for a winter vacation.

Related Story: Motorcycle Travel in New Zealand with Edelweiss Bike Travel

22. North Carolina

35 Bucket List Motorcycle Rides Clement Salvadori Rider Magazine

Taking State Route 12 the 90 miles from Kitty Hawk to Ocracoke includes a couple of ferries, which is all to the good. Most of the real estate falls in the purview of the Cape Hatteras National Seashore, so habitations are few. Most tourists congregate around the northern towns, like Kill Devil Hills, where the Wright brothers flew their airplane in 1903, so I advise the motorcyclist to go south, where there are unimpeded roads and views.

Related Story: Riding ‘Shine Country: The Tail of the Dragon and North Carolina’s Moonshiner 28

35 Bucket List Motorcycle Rides Clement Salvadori Rider Magazine

The Historic Columbia River Highway is a class ride; this old road (and it is old, being built between 1913 and 1922) runs for 15 miles between Corbett and Dodson. It was built to attract all those folk who drove a Model T or rode an Indian PowerPlus, winding up to 700 feet at Crown Point. Today the trucks and motorhomes are all down on Interstate 84, whereas this original has been well-maintained as a scenic route.

Related Story: Riding the Cascades and the Coast in Oregon

24. Pennsylvania

35 Bucket List Motorcycle Rides Clement Salvadori Rider Magazine

The Millersburg Ferry is certainly an old-fashioned way to cross the Susquehanna River. Ferry service began operation in 1807, with the stern-wheel paddle ferryboat coming along about a hundred years later. This contraption conveys people and vehicles across the river from Millersburg to near Liverpool, with a motorcyclist paying $7 for himself and machine, an additional $3 if there is a passenger (in 2015). This is a fine piece of living history.

Related Story: The Pennsylvania Wilds

35 Bucket List Motorcycle Rides Clement Salvadori Rider Magazine

South America is a big place, and for my money Peru is the most interesting country to go to, with stupendous geography and fascinating history. To ride east from Pisco (home to the Pisco sour) on the coast through to Cusco high in the Andes and back down to Manu National Park in the Amazon basin is more than 700 rugged miles. Sorry, no road goes to the fabled Macchu Pichu; from Cusco, it’s a walk, take a train, or go by helicopter.

Related Story: Where the Road Ends: Alaska to Argentina Via the Darien Gap

26. Portugal

35 Bucket List Motorcycle Rides Clement Salvadori Rider Magazine

Following the Douro River the hundred miles from Peso de Regua to Porto, on the Atlantic Ocean, is to relish the past. Roads run along either side of the river, often high up, and little cafés offering tripe dishes are in every town—as is the famous port wine, a sweetish wine, both red and white, that the British made famous 200 years ago. Down at the mouth of the river the city of Porto has great history and even better tasting rooms.

Related Story: IMTBike’s Portugal & Southern Spain Tour

27. South Dakota

35 Bucket List Motorcycle Rides Clement Salvadori Rider Magazine

The Black Hills are definitely worth having a look at, covering some 5,000 square miles in the southwest corner of South Dakota. If you like to share the roads with 100,000 other bikes, go during the annual Sturgis rally in August. I recommend that all motorcyclists witness the event at least once. For a more leisurely approach to the history and beauty of the area, go some other time of year.

Related Story: Chasing Black Hills Gold: Great Roads in South Dakota

28. Switzerland

35 Bucket List Motorcycle Rides Clement Salvadori Rider Magazine

There are three ways to get from Airolo to Andermatt. One is to take the 10-mile road tunnel under the 6,900-foot St. Gotthard Pass, another the relatively new road over the pass, or better yet, take the old road. This was a footpath as long ago as the 13th century, became a road that a carriage could use in 1775, and was paved with cobblestones in the late 19th century. Today that old road is definitely the most interesting way for a motorcyclist to get over the pass.

Related Story: Edelweiss Bike Travel Touring Center Alps | Tour Review

35 Bucket List Motorcycle Rides Clement Salvadori Rider Magazine

The Big Texan Steak Ranch is in Amarillo, built 50 years ago to cater to the traffic going by on old U.S. Route 66. The Panhandle is the easiest way to cross the Lone Star State as it is only 180 miles wide, with Interstate 40 being the fast route, old U.S. 66 the slow. That free 72-ounce steak is a real deal—if you can eat it all in one hour. The restaurant says that more than 40,000 people have tried, and the success rate is about 1 in 6; I usually pay for the 8-ounce sirloin.

Related Story: Twisted Sisters: The Texas Hill Country’s Most Famous Trio

35 Bucket List Motorcycle Rides Clement Salvadori Rider Magazine

Riding the Friendship Highway 800 miles from Lhasa, the capital of Tibet, to Kathmandu, capital of Nepal, is a very adventurous trip, being mostly a dirt road, often mud, going up over half-a-dozen very high passes, 16,000 feet or more. Several motorcycle tour companies have, in the past, run trips along this road, but much depends on the current state of political affairs between China and the Tibetan people.

Related Story: Himalayan Adventure: Touring the Upper Mustang on Royal Enfields

35 Bucket List Motorcycle Rides Clement Salvadori Rider Magazine

After the inevitable crowds at Zion and Bryce Canyon national parks, it is nice to find a stunningly beautiful and under-visited Cedar Breaks National Monument just a few miles away. My favorite way to get there is taking State Route 14 (Markagaunt High Plateau Scenic Byway) east from Cedar City, and after cresting Midway Summit at 9,900 feet, take a left onto State Route 148 (Cedar Breaks Scenic Byway) which runs into the monument. Leaving, I take State Route 143 east toward Panguitch, a very hospitable town.

Related Story: (Mis)Adventures on the Utah Backcountry Discovery Route (BDR)

32. Vermont

35 Bucket List Motorcycle Rides Clement Salvadori Rider Magazine

State Route 100 runs the length of the state, but the best stretch is the 130 miles between Waterbury (home to Ben & Jerry’s ice cream) and Wilmington, a mostly two-lane road that runs along the east side of the Green Mountain National Forest, and half of the fun is taking the little side roads that run over places like Appalachian Gap and Lincoln Gap. The region offers lots of rustic beauty and the occasional general store that makes great deli sandwiches.

Related Story: Riding Vermont’s Route 100 From Massachusetts to Memphremagog

33. Virginia

35 Bucket List Motorcycle Rides Clement Salvadori Rider Magazine

More than 200 miles of the Blue Ridge Parkway runs through western Virginia, and it is a ride that every motorcyclist should do at least once. This 469-mile road along the crest of the southern Appalachian Mountains between Shenandoah and Great Smoky Mountains national parks was essentially a WPA project during the Great Depression, and proof that good things can come out of bad times.

Related Story: Riding Virginia’s Crooked Road and Blue Ridge

34. Washington

35 Bucket List Motorcycle Rides Clement Salvadori Rider Magazine

Crossing the Cascades on U.S. Route 2, from Snohomish to the pseudo-Bavarian ski-resort town of Leavenworth, is a delightful way to add 100 miles to your bike’s odometer. From sea level the road climbs up to 4,056 feet at Stevens Pass, then descends toward the Columbia River. Little side roads run into the Jackson Wilderness or Alpine Lakes Wilderness, with camping along well-named sites like Icicle Creek—yes, it is cold.

Related Story: Two Lanes of Western Washington—Sport Touring in the Evergreen State

35. Wyoming

35 Bucket List Motorcycle Rides Clement Salvadori Rider Magazine

Beartooth Pass (10,947 feet) provides some very stimulating riding. I like to stay in the town of Cody, Buffalo Bill’s old stomping grounds, and head out over Dead Indian Pass (8,071 feet) on the Chief Joseph Scenic Byway (State Routes 120/296). Is there a Dead White Man Pass somewhere? Then hang a right onto U.S. Route 212 and climb up over the Beartooth Mountains on a road that was opened in 1936—unforgettable!

Related Story: Beartooth Forever: a Father-Daughter Ride to Yellowstone


Syd’s run: if you can’t be fast, be spectacular, 2024 motorcycles with kevin duke (part 1) | ep. 68 rider magazine insider podcast, rever launches pdf map compatibility, 70 comments.

I’m sure these are amazing rides and roads… But a bucket list must have the KKH on to do list.

The highest altitude paved International highway, on the Karakoram mountains

Thousands of twisties… Numerous lakes(dudiputsar lake, mahudand lake, saif-ul-muluk lake, lulusar lake, atabad lake, ansoo lake, shangrilla lake etc.)

Babusar pass(13700 feet).. Kalapani… Deosai… Burzil… Skardu…Hunza

These are just a few places en route… And by far the most breath taking places I have ever seen… People forget the Swiss alps on this mountain range.

Maybe these names are just new and unexplored by many but google and you will find abundant pictures.

PS. Not my intention to undermine the effort and thoughts put in by the writer/composer.

Hopefully the road up whiteface mnt in NY is better. 5 yrs ago the road moguls were so bad I joked I should have ridden my dirt bike rather than the cruiser!

Yes the road has been recently redone but the route is off 86 not 48 so no one gets lost.

Agreed. Went up it 5 years ago at Americade and almost wanted to get my toll money back.

Bikings best kept secret – Gran Canaria sushhhhh

We went there for a KTM press launch earlier this year. Yes, Gran Canaria (as well as Lanzarote and Tenerife) are fantastic motorcycling destinations!

Umm Nova Scotia is on the EAST coast of Canada…. if you go “way west” as you suggest, you will be in British Columbia, the opposite side of the country

Not sure how to get to Nova Scotia by heading “way, way West”—the last time I checked the sun rose in the East and that is where that wonderful province is—East from anywhere on the North American continent. Fog was invented there, so be prepared. But regardless of the weather, the people are motorcycle-friendly and the food is filling.

You are correct, that was a typo and it has now been fixed. Thanks!

I am only 61 and been riding for many years. Been to a lot of places on my bike. So was excited to see the 35 and how many I have been on. Disappointed it was only two! After having a hard down a few years back and losing my bike. I cant wait to recover financially to get that new bike and try to make the other 33 on this list!!

Farthest you can ride in North America? Anchor point, ak (west). Prudhoe Bay, also (north). Lodge bay, Labrador. I’m sure some of our readers/riders have been there

Disappointed that all I could see was one paragraph and a picture. No description of any of the journeys.

We’re not sure why you can’t see it Russ. It’s all there and we’ve received many other comments about the article, so we know others are seeing it. If you continue to have trouble, please email us at [email protected] and we can find another way to get the article to you. ~Heather

I’m not able to see the full story either. I’m using Google Chrome on an android device. Is the page “mobile friendly? “

The pre-sunrise colors at Meat Cove on the northern tip of Cape Breton Island were the most spectacular I have seen. Be sure to ride the Cabot Trail in both directions. The Pacific Coast Highway is incredible if you’re from the east .

Not sure why Alaska wouldn’t make your list? We have over a week’s worth of the most incredible, cool, scenic riding. 20 hours of rideable daylight in summer, very diverse landscapes from vast ocean views to the highest majestic peaks in North America. Not to mention abundant wildlife viewing. Except for occasional road construction, the highway conditions are great. You could do an entire article on riding in the Last Frontier!

Starting in British Columbia do not miss this circuit: Vancouver to Lilliouet then down to Merrit about 400k without a straight section then instead of taking the connector to Kewlona or the Coquihalla Highway south to Hope BC unless you want to do more going east along the lovely highway 3 you could go south by just taking twisting 5a to Princeton then head east to Penticton or Osoyoos and head north thru Kewlona to Vernon and on to Lumby BC, gas up and then head east over the Monashee Mountains to Nakusp and on to Nelson BC. Then south to the usa to meet highway 20 and head back west thru Republic and Winthrop Wash over the Cascade Mtns to the coast just a little south of Vancouver. This is a few day circuit, check your maps with no super highways, no boring stretches, just ocean, curves mountains, lakes, curves and forests, even a desert. And little traffic. Not to be missed check your travel guides and images. A couple of thousand kms.

Love that route! I do some variation of it every couple of years. Usually in early Oct. Fires have caused issues in recent years. We’ll keep our fingers crossed for this year.

Clement, Thanks for your most interesting and well-written articles. Especially enjoyed “Adventuring We Will Go: Part III”.

They say that the creator had lots of left over roads, so he crammed them into Tasmania.

Little traffic, good cambers and surfaces, no straight bits..


Nice suggestions. If I may I would add the Tail of the dragon at the end of the Blue ridge and the Kank in NH. Great bucket list.

I certainly agree. Not sure how it could be left off of any “best rides in America” list.

sea to sky highway vancouver canada to whistler canada. breathtaking. bass lake calif, through yosemite national park and out 120 to sonora calif in the winter.

What a list! I am 67 and got my license when I was 50. Rode Harleys, Ultra Classic and a Road King and one year Gold Wing. I have ridden more than 90K miles in the USA. I have checked off the bucket list, 16 places. Every state was more beautiful than I could have imagined. Rode Rt66 from Chicago to LA four times. Great Memories.

In Texas there are the 3 Twisted Sisters in the hill country (FM 335 336 and 337), and El Camino del Rio (FM170) between Lajitas and Presidio to mention the top 4 paved roads in the state. So, where do you pick to put for Texas in the 35 bucket list? An over rated touristy piece of highway kitsch, located on what is probably the most boring section of interstate in the country if not the straightest. That selection makes me doubt any other selection on the list that I’m not already familiar with.

Yep!!! I’ve done the sisters and river road. Way better than 40. The author just hasn’t been to Big Bend or the Hill Country yet.

This article is AWESOME! I’ve already tackled four of these excellent routes. Planning another expedition next Spring, a ride to Maggie Valley, NC over to Georgia. Thanks for publishing this!

Portugal was awesome. Since my mom was born there and her/my relatives still live there, I’ve visited all my life. But back in 2012 I flew over and rented a BMW GS650F from Lisbon and went out discovering the country alone for a week. I would occasionally stay with relatives or campgrounds. Man, lots of great twisty asphalt roads and way out there dirt roads. This is ADV heaven. Sierra Da Estrella is a moto playground.

If you are going to Eastern Canada, keep going to the most easterly part of North America, the beautiful province of Newfoundland. The people are wonderful and so is the scenery.

In Colorado one must ride The Million Dollar Highway. One must not forget about Pikes Peak and Mt Evans.

So many beautiful places in North America to ride!

I can’t believe that you left out Tennessee altogether. What with the TAIL OF THE DRAGON,DIAMOND BACK, THE RATLER, THE SNAKE, AND THE BACK OF THE DRAGON. Not to mention the Cheraholla Skyway. And several other roads that have no name that boarder Tennessee and North Carolina. Some of the most twisted and hairpin turns that I have ever encountered.

Your rides seem to be about the scenery, and if that’s why you ride, then that’s great, but what about the Tail of the Dragon in Tennessee or the Million Dollar Highway in Colorado. I know that everyone rides for different reasons, but for those of us who love the curvy roads, this article was such a disappointment.

You got it right! Several years back I wrote a ‘favorite ride’ piece for Rider on the Three Sisters so I know they know about it! And where is the Million Dollar Highway? Please, the steak place in Amarillo or the MDH? I’ll take the ‘dollar’ any day!

The Million Dollar Highway is part of the incredible Alpine Loop. I live in Durango and you can access it from here or Marcos a few miles west. Durango-Silverton-Ouray-Ridgeway- Telluride- Rico- Dolores-Mancos-Durango. Spectacular one day ride or two days with a stop at one of the hot springs in Ouray or Ridgeway. This is all paved and not just for off readers. Enjoy when you can!

Not to mention Stoner CO. lol

Great list. But the brief passage on New Zealand did little justice to the place that was made for riding. It’s a must to spend 2 or 3 months once in a riders life. Riders Heaven. Mostly ocean side, twisting, pothole free. I’d live there if I could!

Route 66 extends into southern Indiana and is a very beautiful road through the rolling hills of the state with many curves and vast forest to enjoy. If you ever get a chance to ride from Evansville to the Louisville metro are you will enjoy.

THE DRAGON NOT MENTIONED? I’ve ridden it, twice. Come on…..

The Tunnel of Trees is worth the ride up to Northern Michigan and runs from Harbor Springs to Cross Village. Lots and lots of some very tight twisties, unbelievable scenery, especially in the fall and great views of Lake Michigan.

Another must ride in the Alps is the Grossglockner High Alpine Road in Austria. It’s privately owned and there is a toll but worth every penny

The number one motorcycle destination in the country according to the Department of Transportation website is not even on the list. “The Tail of the Dragon” in Tennessee at the NC border. 318 curves in 11 miles with no intercepting roads.

I guess no one ever invited you to Ohio, Mr. Salvatore. Southern And southeastern Ohio are a rider’s paradise. One area in the Hocking Hills, north of Athens, is where Car & Driver magazine brings cars for a test drive, or a “thorough butt-whooping” if you ever drove or rode those twisty hilly roads. There are many beautiful (and technical) stretches of highway in the area, some long & some short, that offer challenging riding, light traffic, excellent surface conditions & beautiful Midwestern scenery. Consider this your personal invitation to come to Ohio and discover the wonderful riding available here. Feel free to contact me and I will personally guide you to some of my favorite places. (I too ride an ST1300 and am a little grey around the muzzle. ????)

Great list, I have completed all those rides and some several times with the exception of those out of the country. We can all ad more of our favorite, some of mine would be in the Yukon and Alsaka but all in all Clement very cool stuff.

Michael Farabaugh

All but 6 and though I haven’t ridden in Portugal I have driven there. Will have to do something about that going down the road???? BTW … The Isle of Man is a super nifty place to ride.

So, a Bucketlist of 35 destinations, and only 5 of them not in the USA? Not much of a Bucketlist. I’ve ridden most of Europe and the US, and many destinations in Africa and Asia, and I can tell you US roads are the most boring, and mostly for cool HD cruising in a lazy speed.

At best this Bucketlist lacks ambition.

Sheesh, will you whiner trolls just relax? Of COURSE there are many many more beautiful roads to ride than what can be put in a reasonable article. Don’t put Dago down for omitting your faves, just go ride the ones you haven’t seen yet and that will make you smile and stop complaining.

As much as I have traveled I still enjoy reading hints of other places, or things to see on the roads I have ridden that I may have passed.

I understand that the list is limited and there are endless great roads. But to include Rt 12 on the Outer Banks while missing so many great roads, is ludicrous. It’s a great place for a vacation, but it’s NOT a motorcycle destination.

Also, Stelvio Pass in Italy needs to go in favor of almost any other mountain road in the Dolomites that doesn’t break up the flow of a nice road with switch backs (speed bumps).

Here’s one that definitely should have made the list. It makes almost everyone’s list. Transfargaran highway in Romania. It does have a few switchbacks, but it’s also over 50 miles long.

Back in 1996 I strapped a tent and sleeping bag onto a rented BMW F650 in Sydney, Australia and rode a 6,000 mile loop around the eastern half of Aus. Some roads were great, some were boring, but it was really the best moto tour I’ve ever done. For 20 years, I’ve wanted to go back to Australia, and ride a loop around the western half. Maybe some day…

Some good rides there but you forgot Vietnam! Awesome riding on or off road. The Ma Pi Leng Pass is one the most popular for good reason. Have a look…. https://viettracks.com/ma-pi-leng-mountain-pass/ Apologies admin if the link is not allowed, please remove it if so.

This year my Wife and I completed a life long tour of North America. In Aug.2019 we crossed into the North West Territories. As we stood at the sign welcoming us, My wife started to cry. We now had ridden our Motorcycle to every Province, Territory and State in North America. All starting from the Kingston Ontario area and never trailered our bike anywhere. Took almost 30 years of two week vacations to complete all of North America. The trip to Alaska, Yukon and NWT. was a 4 week trip and the one to California was a 3 week trip. In 2016 I was told I would never ride again after a “distracted driver” went through a stop sign and I was badly hurt and my leg and arm almost ripped off.. Nine surgeries later I started to dream about riding again. Not only did I ride again, but rode the Top of the World highway and the Dempster highway on a 2017 goldwing with my wife. Which are Gravel!! LOL Doctor’s just don’t understand that “You can’t” doesn’t apply when you love riding more than even pain can stop! I have ridden almost all the North American roads mentioned here except the Millersburg Ferry… Well there is always next season to do it.. BTW I have no favorites they are all beautiful in there own way.. Although going through Toronto, LA, New York city and Chicago during rush hour kinda suck…. Take Care

I’ve been riding for over 60 years now, 5 years in the dirt, 55 years paved, dirt roads and four wheel drive roads all in the Western United States, I still haven’t been on all the roads and that was on my bucket list, I find it incredible and wonderful to see so many other places people have been able to experience, not to sure about riding Texas though, to far between the twisties😁

Nice article, but dude needs to go to South Africa, or broader horizons beyond North America. The western cape is stunningly beautiful, with roads for every appetite. I can’t wait to ride a 1200 GS there and be able to do both road and adventure riding. Beware – stopping frequently to take in the sights is the only safe way to drive! (And the food and wine are out of this world)

I was surprised to see I only ‘captured’ 12 of the 35. But I’ve ridden a number of those that were suggested by other readers so I consider my bucket list better than Salvador’s! Sorry bud!

Kinda sad the Big Texan steakhouse and I 40 were picked for Texas. The only reason to hit Amarillo is for the businesses on old RT66. (support them plz) Otherwise Texas riders avoid that area like the Plague…. er, the COVID 19 Virus!

It’s clear that any Bucket List (no matter how lengthy) will miss rides that are truly memorable. Western North Carolina contains several in this category that Rider has noted over the years, including The Tail of the Dragon and the Cherohala Skyway. Thanks for the new suggested rides that I will add to my personal Bucket list.

Great list…I’m curious how Clem kept his beret on during his bungee jump.

Reading all the comments about the roads not on the list tells me that after 60 years of riding , I would need another 60 to run out of great roads!

Talihina ok to Mena ark via the winding staircase is not on the list give me a break. Also twisted sisters in Texas. Plus Dragon Tail at Dragon city tennessee

Talamena deserves a mention, for sure!

The author not only describes the challenges and highlights of the trip, but also offers helpful tips for other would-be adventurers. This is an enjoyable and inspiring read for anyone who loves to travel or ride motorcycles.

Another great contribution Clement. Keep em coming! And thanks for your service to our country. Chaplain Bob American Legion Post 107

I just road the Pyrenees from Barcelona to Bairritz and back, crossing the Spanish/French border several times. Best riding I’ve ever done.

Leaving South Africa out is a big mistake. We have among the best biking rides in the world with beauty that is breath taking.

The ultimate guide to thrilling adventures on two wheels. From winding coastal roads to mountain passes, these rides offer the ride of a lifetime. Get ready to experience the freedom of the open road

Wow, these “35 Bucket List Motorcycle Rides” sound exhilarating! I can’t wait to embark on these thrilling adventures, from cruising the Pacific Coast Highway to conquering the Tail of the Dragon. Each ride promises breathtaking scenery and unforgettable memories. Time to rev up those engines and check off these epic journeys! 🏍️

You post Tibet but not Tennessee?? Some of the best MC roads in the country!! ?

This is globetrotting Clement Salvadori’s eclectic list of bucket list motorcycle rides. You can find all of our Tennessee motorcycle travel features here: https://ridermagazine.com/tag/tennessee-motorcycle-rides/

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The 7 Best Motorcycle Rides in New England and Along the East Coast

Fall has arrived. If you live where the seasonal changes bring crisp weather and new colors, fall is something to celebrate. If you don’t, October might be the time to take a little trip to the East Coast to enjoy the majesty of fall on the Eastern Seaboard. 

This region of the United States — stretching from Maine to Florida — is known for its charming towns, rugged coastlines, amazing seafood, and riotous fall colors. Parts of this region, particularly New England and nearby states, offer fantastic fall scenery. If you love to ride and want to take in the beautiful fall atmosphere, now is the time to go on an East Coast road trip. 

The Best Places to See Fall Foliage in New England

The bold coast scenic byway, maine.

This route is legendary among East Coast road trip routes. It starts in Millbridge and journeys along the coast through Columbia Falls, Jonesport, Jonesboro, Cutler, Whittling, and Lubec. Along the way, you’ll experience Maine’s coastlines and memorably iconic lighthouses. 

If trekking during the fall season, you’ll also see some of the best fall foliage in New England. The stunning assortment of reds, oranges, and yellows in the forests is mesmerizing. Not to mention, there are plenty of hiking trails and blueberry fields to break up the weekend ride. 

Old King’s Highway, Massachusetts

Another amazing East Coast road trip lies on route US 6A (not to be confused with US 6). This adventure starts in Providence, Rhode Island, travels through Cape Cod, and ends in Provincetown, Massachusetts. 

National Geographic rates this drive as one of the world’s most scenic drives, and the Smithsonian claims it to be the nation’s most appealing stretch of highway. The 65 miles make a great weekend trip, especially for those who want to enjoy some classic Massachusetts clam chowder when they stop to rest.

Smoky Mountains Fall Colors

The tail of the dragon, tennessee.

Next, we have a route along the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. The Great Smoky Mountains National Park is known for its stunning rolling hills. It’s not hard to see why it’s America’s most visited national park. Motorcycle riders looking to combine incredible fall scenery with riding excitement should definitely journey to the Show-Me State (Tennessee). 

The Tail of the Dragon through Deal’s Gap offers non-stop fall delights for motorcycle riders. There are 318 curves in the 11-mile stretch of route US 129, making this a real hairpin experience best experienced by riders on two wheels. Add the Smoky Mountains fall colors into the mix, and it’s a ride you’ll never forget.

Blue Ridge Parkway, North Carolina and Virginia

For a longer ride, consider the Blue Ridge Parkway. It starts near the Shenandoah National Park in Virginia and stretches 470 miles to the Smoky Mountains in North Carolina. Along this stretch, you’ll find Civil War sites, the infamous Blue Ridge Music Center, and some of the best North Carolina-style BBQ eateries. 

Other Great East Coast Roadtrip Routes

State route 5, virginia.

If you like combining your bike trips with a little history, you won’t want to miss State Route 5 in Virginia. This 50-mile route follows the James River through a colorful, lush valley. Starting in Richmond and ending in Colonial Williamsburg, you’ll discover Virginia’s capital, Georgian brick mansions, and historical reenactment sites with actors reliving our nation’s past. 

The route passes through three of the eight shires chartered by King Charles I in 1634 and many of his homes are open to visitors. Be sure to stop along the way to admire the architecture, learn more about our history, and of course, admire the fall foliage.

Florida Keys Overseas Highway, Florida

If you prefer warmer, tropical fall weather, perhaps it’s time to ride south for the fall. While it’s true you’ll miss out on the legendary fall foliage in New England, a Key West road trip will offer its own unique fall sights and experiences. Journeying south from Miami along route US 1, you will leave the Florida mainland and travel through the islands of the Florida Keys. 

The Florida Keys Overseas Highway is a series of long bridges that carry you across the ocean from key to key, providing some of the most stunning water views in all of the U.S. Once you make it to Key West, you’ll find legendary bars on historic streets where you can grab a drink, enjoy the sunset, and maybe even take a spin through Hemingway’s Key West home. 

Peace of Mind While You Ride

Road trips – especially motorcycle rides – are a way to relax and get back to yourself. But like most riders, you probably have that little voice in the back of your mind… 

What if I’m in an accident?

What will my family do if something happens to me?

Many people have found that life insurance can help quite that little voice of concern. With a good policy, you can ride along the country’s best motorcycle routes without worry. So, before you gear up for a weekend ride through fall landscapes, gain some peace of mind by talking to a Principled Life insurance advisor about the right policy for you.

And just like that… you’re covered and ready to ride off into the sunset. 

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east coast motorcycle trips

Epic USA Bike Journey: Top Routes to Fuel Your Wanderlust

Ever imagined the wind as your compass and the horizon as your destination? Gear up for the ultimate coast-to-coast American motorcycle adventure that's waiting to rev up your wanderlust!

east coast motorcycle trips

So you want to take an epic  Motorcycle road trip?  Your not alone Motorcycle Road trips, are a growing trend. At Town and Tourist, we have received many requests from people asking about the  most epic Motorcycle road trips across the U.S.A .

I myself am an avid Motorcycle rider and have crossed the U.S  6 times  using a variety of different routes. Believe me each time I’ve ridden across the U.S, I have had a completely different experience.

As there are so many way you can "cut it” with a Motorcycle road trip,  Coast to Coast, North to South . Many riders tend to take short trips on weekends and hit 1 or 2 good roads in that time, this is fine and I enjoy that myself.

However, if you wan’t a  real epic challenge  and wan’t to take on 5-10 or even  20 of the best roads in the U.S.A. Then the best motorcycle roadtrip you can do is  Coast to Coast! Expect scene routes, exhilarating roads and a truly epic adventure!

However, the romance is not without it’s challenges, a long marathon style road trip of around  4000 Miles  of Motorcycle riding can be physically and Mentally challenging. From my many Motorcycle tours, I recommended the more time you can give yourself to accomplish a coast to coast the better.

east coast motorcycle trips

ROAD-TRIP-USA. We all can't look so good after 4000 miles!

Don’t over estimate how many miles you think you can do in a day because it may cause you to strain and won’t be as enjoyable as a result.

The truth is, I discovered that you need a realistic schedule when doing a long motorcycle road trip. Penciling in Rest days, places to see sights and spend time of the bike is a must!  A schedule for a full coast to coast trip giving you a  minimum of three weeks, I found is a nice amount of time,  to really get the most out of the trip and explore many sights along the way!

However, that’s just me, I have friends who have toured coast to coast rapidly without a problem, so it all depends upon you and how much you wish to see along the way.

The first time, I decided to take a long Motorcycle roadtrip or tour it was from the  South to the North, leaving on my Harley from the west of Mississippi . I took the  I-40  and it was really fascinating ride as you head to New Mexico, Santa Fe and Los Alamos, they are all great places steeped with history.

Afterwards you pass  Petrified Forest  and  Meteor Crater  before reaching  Flagstaff and onto Grand Canyon National Park. While at the Grand Canyon I took a hot air balloon ride over it, which was a nice break from the Motorbike. Check out this great article to learn more  5 Golden Reasons why taking a Balloon Ride over the Grand Canyon should be on your Bucket list .

However, that trip was a vacation compared to the Coast to Coast Motorcycle road trip. It is challenging...but is it worth it? Absolutely! You will learn so much about the U.S, yourself and your Motorcycle!

You will experience some great thrills, see some scenic sights and have stories and memories, which you can tell the Grandkids about. Most of it’s an adventure of Epic Proportions!

So hop on your Motorcycle, rev that engine and let me show you the plan, for your ultimate Motorcycle road trip.

Riding Coast to Coast in the most Epic way!

We believe riding coast to coast on a Motorcycle road trip is a best achieved by linking together as many of the most epic, thrilling and scenic roads across the U.S. states. In addition, to linking in your favourite places to stop off!

However, depending on your starting point and timeline only some of these may be achievable.

After my Motorcycle road trip across the U.S, I have put together a series of  questions you should ask yourself to help you plan it effectively and get the most out of your road trip!

Planning your Perfect Motorcycle Road Trip

15 questions to help you plan a road trip.

  • Time of Year? (Summer or Winter)
  • Riding Experience?
  • Your Motorcycle, Quality, Reliability, tires etc.
  • Own Motorcycle or Rental? For Bike hire check out these great guys.  BikesBooking.com
  • How many people will be going? Solo ride or group tour.
  • How much time can you have on the road?
  • Do you have any commitments, which may restrict your time?
  • Which accommodation would you like to stay in motels, hotels?
  • How many scenic detours would you like?
  • Which places would you love to stop off at?
  • How many Stop of’s can you have?
  • Which type of roads do you wan’t to include?  Thrilling high speed roads with lots of twists, long straights or more relaxing scenic roads.
  • Starting and Ending Point. (Coast to Coast), (North to south)
  • Are you physically prepared for a Motorcycle Road Trip?
  • Are you Mentally Prepared for the Challenge? (If taking a Coast to Coast Route)

Which coast should I start my road trip?

Generally, with a Motorcycle Road trip I have found that America opens up as you head from East to West, and its nicer to end your trip on Pacific Coast highway. In the sunshine with plenty of places to relax on the beach and good transport links home from LA or San Francisco.

If you head from East to West it can feel a little more congested as you carry on your Motorcycle road trip.

Ultimate Motorcycle Road Trip - Coast to Coast

Virginia to california.

This great Motorcycle road trip is a coast to coast masterpiece as it includes a mix of the most highly regarded motorcycle routes out there!

east coast motorcycle trips

Ultimate Coast to Coast Road Motorcycle Road Trip in the U.S.A, By  TownandTourist.com

Leg 1: Blue Ridge Parkway, Virginia - Deals Gap, North Carolina -

Leg 1 length - 770 miles..

We start your epic Motorcycle road trip by heading from  Front Royal, Virginia to Deal’s Gap, North Carolina , via the  Appalachian Mountains!

This is four scenic mountain rides, combined together to start your Motorcycle Road trip in style!

A. Skyline Drive and Blue Ridge Parkway

Start with  Skyline Drive  in Virginia, a  105-mile run  along the edge of the  Shenandoah National Park.

Then head onto  Blue Ridge Parkway which is  the longest linear park in the U.S around  469-miles  in length through  29 Virginia  and  North Carolina counties.

Expect smooth roads, sweeping curves and exquisite natural beauty as a backdrop!

It is advised to spend at  least two days  to enjoy every part of this ride, and truly get the most out of your Ultimate Motorcycle Road trip.

Top Tip:  There are no gas stations on the actual parkway, but just outside you can find some.

B. Deals Gap and the thrilling Tail of the Dragon.

Ride eastward to  Tellico Plains  along the Cherohala Skyway  (Hwy 28)  heading into  Tennessee  backcountry.

Then Loop back via  Hwys 360  and 72 to  Deal’s Gap,  and tackle the infamous and thrilling  Tail of the Dragon, which is 11 Miles of 318 curves!

The hairpin turns at Tail of the dragon make it a thrilling part of your motorcycle road trip. Tail of the Dragon is internationally renowned as one of America’s No1 Motorcycle Roads!

With a stunning backdrop of the Cherokee National Forest and Great Smokey Mountains this is surely one epic place to ride no matter what season!

Related Read:   25 Most Epic Driving Roads in the U.S.A: Road Trip Ideas!

east coast motorcycle trips

Drew Williman | Wikimedia Commons

Located at the intersection of US 129 and NC 28.

Blue Ridge Parkway - Deals Gap, Map.

east coast motorcycle trips

Map of Ultimate Coast to Coast Motorcycle Road Trip, Leg 1 - Blue Ridge Parkway and Tail of the Dragon, Map by TownandTourist.com

east coast motorcycle trips

Leg 1 Ultimate Motorcycle Road trip, Route - Town and Tourist.

Leg 2: Natchez Trace Parkway - [ Tennessee - Alabama - Mississippi]

Natchez Trace Parkway is a legendary route and stretches 444 miles between  Natchez, Mississippi  and  Nashville, Tennessee.

On this section of your ultimate motorcycle road trip, expect breathtaking quaint scenery of rural farmland and an abundance of wildlife!

This is great for motorcyclists as commercial traffic is prohibited so generally the traffic is quiet apart from as you head towards Tupelo and Jackson.

Natchez Trace Parkway - Map:

east coast motorcycle trips

Map of Ultimate Coast to Coast Motorcycle road trip ,  Leg 2 - Nantchez Ride  by TownandTourist.com

east coast motorcycle trips

Leg 2 - Detail. By TownandTourist.com. Ultimate Motorcycle Road Trip leg 2

Leg 3:  Pig Trail Scenic Byway -  Arkansas to Missouri

According to USA today, in their readers poll for best Motorcycle route  Pig Trail Scenic Byway  was voted No1. I can understand why, with the gorgeous natural beauty of overhanging trees as you sweep through this is truly a majestic stretch.

Try to plan your motorcycle road trip to end up here during the spring or fall, where it’s a prime spot to see flowers blooming and foliage fall.

While the entire length of AR 23 is often referred to as the Pig Trail, it’s actually the 24-mile stretch from  I-40 to Brashears  , at the junction of  AR 16,  where the route is formed. From the Arkansas-Missouri border to  US 71.

east coast motorcycle trips

AWPhotos | Wikimedia Commons

Fun Fact: How did Pig Trail Scenic Byway get its name?

There are multiple competing theories on this, one is that the road twists as much as the tail of a wild hog. The other is that this part of AR 23 was a popular back-road route into Fayetteville for University of Arkansas Razorback football games, thus Pig Trail.

The other explanation is simply that the road is as twisty as the tail of a wild hog...either way it's a great addition to your motorcycle road trip.

Pig trail Scenic Byway - Road Trip Map.

east coast motorcycle trips

Map of the Coast to Coast Motorcycle Road Trip (Leg3) - TownandTourist.com

east coast motorcycle trips

Leg 3 of the coast to coast road trip. TownandTourist.com

Leg 4a : San Juan Skyway - [Arkansas to Colorado]

Shorter route..

The rocky mountains are a terrific place to ride as you ascend the views get sweeter and the air gets crisper! My favourite spots are San Juan Skyway and Peak to Peak Highway. This rocky mountains  are the perfect place for leg 4 of your motorcycle road trip.

San Juan Skyway – Colorado

The San Juan Skyway is a  236 mile loop  through the  San Juan Mountains  in southwest Colorado. One of the sweetest and most breath taking routes in the Colorado Mountains you won’t be disappointed!

However, be careful when riding due regularly gradient changes and shear drop offs as the guard rails disappear at some points! The “Million Dollar Highway” , a 12 mile section and well regarded as the most scenic part of this road between Ouray & Silverton.

Popular towns along the route include Cortez, Telluride, Durango, Silverton, Ouray. With great scenic spots such as Mesa Verde National Park, Anasazi Heritage Center and a variety of special wilderness areas! Fall, is the best time to travel hear when the aspens are at their peak! Check road conditions and weather before hand if traveling in the winter.

east coast motorcycle trips

Unknown | Wikimedia Commons

Fun Fact:  The average driving time without stopping is 7 Hours (At the speed limit) ;)

Related Read:   21 BEST Car Shows/Auto Shows USA: Sickest!

Map of San Juan Skyway:

east coast motorcycle trips

Ultimate Motorcycle Road trip, Leg 4. Road Map of San Juan Skyway.

Option to Head further up and check out the Peak to Peak Highway:

Peak to peak highway – colorado.

This is Colorado's first scenic byway, established in  1918  it is a truly exceptional  55 mile route  and a priority if your wising to head to the  Rocky Mountain National Park  and the Front Range.

Front range includes some great mountain towns including the charming Estes Park, quaint Nederland, Black Hawk and Central City (previous mining towns revamped into casino destinations, an old nickname for this area was "the richest square mile on earth”).

The peak to peak highway starts as Colo. 7 in Estes Park brings you past the small town of Allenspark on Colo. 72, then heads to  Nederland .

There, it goes south on  Colo. 119  through Blackhawk, into Clear Creek Canyon and ends at  Interstate 70 . Other Popular sights to see along the way are the  Golden Gate Canyon State Park ,  Indian Peaks Wilderness Area ,  Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forests.

Top Tip: Around two hours is a pretty good amount of drive time for this route.

Top Tip: Try to plan your motorcycle road trip so you can take a ride here in the Fall, when leaves turn golden on the aspen trees.

Ultimate Motorcycle road trip - Leg4a (Pikes Peak Highway)

east coast motorcycle trips

Leg4a - Map of Ultimate Motorcycle Road trip, Coast to coast. ( Arkansas to Colorado)

Leg 4b: Arkansas to Texas (Three Sisters) - Longer Route.

River road, (fm 170) - 120 miles from terlingua to candelaria, big bend, texas.

Farm to Market road 170  or sometimes called  “The River Road” because it follows the  Rio Grande.  This is a 120 smooth stretch which starts in  the town of  Candelaria , (a ghost town!) and heads along the Texas border.

The highlight is the Motorcycle ride through Big Bend’s Chihuahuan Desert ecosystem equip mountains, canyons, badlands, and stunted forests.

This is will be one of the most memorable and theatrical parts of your ultimate motorcycle road trip.

Top Tip: The Contraband Movie Set is an interesting sight to see at Closed Canyon as is another ghost town called Terlingua.

The Three Sisters (aka The Twisted Sisters), Texas

The  Texas Hill Country Ranch Roads 335, 336, and 337 , widely known throughout Texas as the Twisted Sisters or The Three Sisters. This  100-mile loop  is one of the most fantastic and challenging motorcycle roads in Texas, with many tight twisting curves, making it a thrilling experience.

The first Twisted Girl is on Ranch Road 337, which starts at the north edge of  Medina . Following it west, you will see many gorgeous ranches, and even one with its own landing strip!

As you enter the first twisting turns, the first reminder of the dangerousness of this route is clear to see with a highway signs stating, “ WARNING Next 12 Miles, Since Jan. 2006, 10 Killed in Motorcycle Related Crashes. ”…this sharpens you up and is a helpful reminder on your Motorcycle Road trip.

east coast motorcycle trips

RichardCF | Wikimedia Commons

Around 20 miles in, you will come to a T section at the town of  Vanderpoole . Right on  Highway 187  for a mile brings us back to  337  again, and we turn left and then head for  Leakey  and the next  Sister, which lies on Ranch Road 336 .

Sister 337 twists alot more on this leg, heading over a hill, with lots of fast swerves, before descending into the  Little Dry Frio Creek Valley .

Continuing straight through Leakey on 337 for around half a mile. Then you will arrive at the  Frio Canyon Motorcycle Stop and the Bent Rim Grill, a nice place to stop, grab a some lunch and pat yourself on the back for accomplishing the deadly threesome of sisters!

This is a heart racing section of your motorcycle road trip and a nice part to really let loose on your thrilling twists.

Top Tip: Want some education on your Motorcycle Road Trip? Visit Lone Star Motorcycle Museum. To get there, you would have had to keep going straight on highway 187 for around three miles.

Location of Three Sisters Texas:

Ranch Rd 335, Rocksprings, TX 78880, USA

The Texas Twisted Sisters NW Corner

east coast motorcycle trips

Map of Twisted Sisters Route, Texas.  (Ultimate Motorcycle Road Trip) Map by TownandToursit.com

Leg 5: Colorado to Utah - [Grand Staircase Escalante Road]

Head to the grand staircase escalante route..

The Grand Staircase-Escalante is another motorcycle route which is considered one of the best in the U.S.A. With absolutely stunning views of Red Canyon, Bryce Canyon and Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument.

The actual Staircase is a  multicolored  masterpiece of cliffs, plateaus and canyons! A few miles of straights on either side of Escalante leave the rest of the road to sweep and twist over the landscape.

To get there start in  Panguitch, Utah  and head south on  US-89, then in  10 miles take the turn towards  Bryce Canyon on Rte 12 . Then  head east on Rte 12 all the way  Torrey, UT  which is over  100 miles .

Red canyon, Bryce canyon, Hell's Backbone, Calf Creek and Boulder Mountain are just some highlights which give you a flavour of every type of scenery Utah has to offer, from red rock to slick rock to pine and aspen covered mountains.

While driving these roads on the Ultimate motorcycle road trip, I felt like mad max!

east coast motorcycle trips

The Stairway to Heaven...on your Motorcycle road trip

Top Tip: If your an avid photographer then this is your perfect spot, to whip out the tripods and lenses.

To capture the colorful cliffs and other highlights such as Dixie National Forrest.

Overall, The 124-miles stretch on highway 12,  provides breath taking scenery and gorgeous roads especially around Bryce Canyon and Capitol Reef National Parks and the Petrified Forest State Park!

There are a few small towns enrolee to fill up the tank and Ruby's Inn is a popular lunch spot, around red canyon.

east coast motorcycle trips

This is a surreal place to ride through at White Rim Road, Canyonlands National Park, Utah.

Road Trip Map from Sky Juan Highway, Colorado.

east coast motorcycle trips

Leg 5 - Ultimate Motorcycle Road Trip (Coast to Coast). TownandTourist.

east coast motorcycle trips

Map Breakdown. Ultimate Coast to Coast Motorcycle Road Trip. By Townandtourist.com

Leg 6: Pacific Coast Highway (California)

Head to North California and then hop on the  Pacific Coast Highway ! We have possibly saved the best till last, and believe me it was worth the  4000 miles , to finally get to this spectacular  west coast route!

Californias State 1 route or pacific coast highway is a  655 mile  long masterpiece of  scenic beauty  and wonder!

The route starts from Dana Point in Orange County, through San Diego, past LA, Malibu, Montery Bay and up to Mendocino County in the north San Francisco.

This is a gigantic stretch of  heaven for bikers and has the most amazing places to stop of enroute! With that crisp sea air and sun shining this is a magical route like no other.

east coast motorcycle trips

Pacific Coast Highway is an exceptional place to ride on your Epic Motorcycle Road Trip.

Related Read:   New York to Dallas: Epic Road Trip Itinerary

Pacific Coast Highway - Stops and Cities.

1. san diego.

Head up to the Cabrillo National Monument at the tip of Point Loma and you’ll get  stunning view of San Diego and the Bay.

east coast motorcycle trips

San Diego is an Exceptional Place, to enjoy the Pacific Coastal Highway.

2. Long Beach

As you head from San Diego ride over the snaking  Coronado Bridge for a couple of miles. Then make your way to  Dana Point, Laguna Beach, Newport Beach and Huntington Beach, the coast around the Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve is a thrilling ride!

3. Los Angeles

Head into the city if you'd like for a stop of before making the epic route up the pacific coast highway.

Bikini clad Malibu is 15 miles of stunning beaches and the open road heading toward Ventura. Follow the signs to Point Dume and you’ll find a beautiful sandy beach, headlands, cliffs and rocky coves.

Heading around Malibu you will be sure to spot many gorgeous homes of Hollywood stars, especially around Topanga Canyons.

Keep on Route 27 and you’ll come across cool stores, diners along the roadside. Park up the bike at the top for an awesome view over the San Fernando Valley at the top of Topanga Overlook.

If you would like to stop and do some surfing head down to Ventura Beach, or check out the historic downtown Ventura, full of many vintage shops and stores. Great to by a souvenir, from your trip other than tire marks!

6. Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara is another cool stop to check out. Ride along the coast line of the Pacific Coast Highway and you’ll seeEast Beach and Stearns Wharf .  Santa Barbara Zoo and  Botanic Garden are also nice spots to check out.

Big Sur is an artistic town with great sights from Pfeiffer Beach, McWay Falls, Point Sur State Historic Park, Ragged Point. It is so gorgeous you will wan’t to stop of at every point! But hey you deserve it after such a long ride!

Hot Spring baths are popular here for there healing property so if you do fancy spending a night or two to relax this is the place.

As you head out you will get a chance to travel along Bixby Bridge which is one of the tallest  single span concrete bridges  in the world it's  714 feet long and 280 feet high. This is a great photography opportunity on your Motorcycle road trip, to really wow everyone back home!

8. Monterey

A  relaxed downhill drive takes you to Monterey from Big Sur. This aquatic little place has a scenic “17 mile drive” , seaside shops, restaurants. If you have energy after all that Motorcycle riding why not try some sailing or kayaking as a break! This makes a nice little place to stop of on your Motorcycle road trip.

east coast motorcycle trips

Pink sky of Monterey, can be a real delight as your heading along the coast.

9. Santa Cruz

If your a 60s child head to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk for a flavour of that old-school Americana vibe. Pacific avenue is great spot to pick up some vintage jewels.

If your feeling hungry, head down the Wharf for great restaurant and activities such whale watching! As you head towards San Francisco along the Pacific coast highway you will pass the jaw dropping  half moon bay !

Definitely a place to pull up the bike and take a theatrical picture from the cliff.

10. San Jose

This is a great stop along the pacific coast highway, check out the famous and intriguing,  Winchester Mystery House  which is packed with many wacky features including dead end hallways, staircases that run up to the ceiling and 165 rooms.

The late Sarah Winchester built the place at a cost of over  $20m , as her Medium instructed.If your a techie, head down to the iconic Silicon Valley, home of giants such as Facebook, Google, and the famous Hewlett Packard Garage from where it all began.

Other highlights here include the largest open air market in the USA and downtown San Jose in evening.

11. San Francisco

The  Golden Gate bridge  is truly iconic way to end your Epic Motorcycle Road trip from coast to coast! Other highlights while in San Francisco include,  Fisherman’s Wharf, Alcatraz Island and plenty of other attractions!

east coast motorcycle trips

The perfect way to end your Epic Motorcycle road trip is by heading across the Iconic Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

Coast to Coast Motorcycle Road trip - Other Starting Places?

A. michigan (tunnel of trees road), tunnel of trees road – michigan. (north east to south west).

M-119’s Tunnel of Trees is a 16-mile forest route in Michigan that begins in Harbor Springs and ends in Cross Village.

As the name suggest, the road is surrounded by theatrical foliage. A stunning ride in the fall, as the golden colors look magnetising as your sweep through!

east coast motorcycle trips

The Haunted Tunnel of trees Michigan, is a ghostly drive.

B. Route 66: Chicago to Santa Monica

Length of road: 2400 miles.

An Iconic classic and piece of American History, so we had to include it on our Ultimate Motorcycle Road Trip.

Route 66 began in Chicago, IL, and ended in Los Angeles, California. Its original length was about  2,400 miles (3,862 kilometers ).

The highway snaked through eight states , Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and finally California. Since the highway was decommissioned,  Route 66 no longer exists on modern maps .

In some places, in fact, the physical road is unpaved and virtually impassable. According to the  National Scenic Byways  Route 66 today goes through four states Illinois, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Arizona.

At around 1 ,410 miles (2,269 kilometers) in length , it takes about five or six days to drive Historic Route 66 from one end to the other.

east coast motorcycle trips

Route 66 is an iconic American road and historic legend.

Route 66 is showcase of True Americana. With the longest drivable section of Route 66 is in Arizona, where you can lay your eyes on the wondrous Grand Canyon and Sedona's red rocks.

If you really wan’t to tackle the Historic Route 66, your best bet is to purchase the special maps which shows you the safest route and cool sights along the way. As unfortunately, the Iconic "Route66” signs dotted along the way are not always reliable.

C. Boston to San Francisco Road Trip

Start in Boston. Head down through New York State, over to Chicago, the Black Hills of South Dakota, Salt Lake City, finish in San Francisco

D. Minnesota to Florida Road Trip (North to South)

Leg 1: the great river road (hwy 61) from minnesota - louisiana.

The Great River Road (HWY 61) stretches for over 2600 miles from  Itasca State Park, Minnesota  to  Jackson, Louisiana.  GRR 61 is a single route created in 1938 to highlight the 10 states bordering the great Mississippi River from its headwaters in Minnesota to its termination in Louisiana’s Cajun Country.

Avid Riders flock from all states to “their” section of the road. Here you will be sure find everything from lush Forrests to mighty limestone cliffs. A scenic favourite for your Ultimate Motorcycle road trip.

east coast motorcycle trips

Great river road is stunning spot. This Photo was taken by an aerial drone in the summer.

Leg 2: Louisiana to Florida - (HWY 1)

Head down to Overseas Highway (Hwy 1), in Florida for a narrow route of 100 miles stretching from  Key Largo  to  Key West. This is a tropical  bikers paradise as your head up across this gorgeous route build a top of sections of living reef and the turquoise Straits of Florida.

The  Seven Mile Bridge  is an iconic bridge in the Florida Keys, in Monroe County.  It connects  Knight’s Key  (part of the city of Marathon) in the Middle Keys to  Little Duck Key  in the  Lower Keys .

Among the longest bridges in existence when it was built. This a a truely unique and dreamy drive, which is a great addition to your motorcycle road trip. If your have a friend with you, bring a drone with a camera attached to capture some epic shots like we did below!

east coast motorcycle trips

The awe-inspring seven mile bridge in Florida. A memorising place to ride. Photo taken by T&T Aerial Drone.

E. Los Angeles to Orlando, Florida Road Trip.

If you start your Ultimate Motorcycle road trip in Los Angeles, follow Route 66 in reverse to Texas, then head to the Gulf Coast, visit New Orleans, and end your trip in Orlando Florida.

F. Starting from Montana (North West) - Road Trip.

Leg 1: glacier national park (montana, sun road).

Going-to-the-Sun is a sensational 50 mile stretch of mountain road which cuts through Montana’s Glacier National Park.

Expect to see remarkable waterfalls, beautiful wildflowers, impressive glaciers and a host of wildlife.

From Big horn sheep to mountain goats, watch out for these as you head up to the Jackson Glacier Overlook, for dazzling view.

east coast motorcycle trips

M01229 | Wikimedia Commons

Top Tip:  Start early in the Morning, check the weather and plan ahead.

Leg 2: Montana to Wyoming Road Trip - Beartooth Highway (US 212) , Yellowstone National Park

Beartooth Highway is an exciting 68 mile stretch involving a variety of deep curves, zig zags and switchbacks.

As you zig zag your way up for a few hours you will find yourself at the highest highway in the northern Rockies, Beartooth pass at a whopping  10,947 feet!  Here pull up the bike and lay your eyes magical scenery from cascading waterfalls, lush greeny, alpine glaciers and crystal lakes.

Custer National Forest and Shoshone National Forest are definitely major highlights as the road twists through these beauties. A gorgeous route on any Motorcycle Road trip.

east coast motorcycle trips

Rock Creek Canyon in the Beartooth Mountains of the Custer National Forest in Montana. Education Images / UIG via Getty Images

Tip: The pass is only open from mid-May to mid-October due to snow.

G. Maine Road Trip (East Coast) - Coastal Highway 1

The Coastal part of Maines  US Route 1  is  170 miles  of striking scneary and one of the most fantastic Motorcycle road trip routes in the U.S.A, stretching from Brunswick to Machias.

Maine a landmark in itself with over 3478 miles of coastline, quaint seaside villages, National Parks, historic lighthouses and great food from lobsters to fresh blueberries. The highway connects with many other scenic routes, including a ferry ride to Nova Scotia.

H. South to North from West of Mississippi (Road Trip)

If you take I-90, Minneapolis is pretty great, and I think it's actually illegal not to stop at Mount Rushmore and Wall Drug .

You can cut straight across on US-16 into Yellowstone, then pop back out the other side and take I-15 north to rejoin I-90 in Montana. (Don't miss Glacier National Park while you're up there.).

east coast motorcycle trips

Oak Alley is definitely a great place to ride through! Along the Mississippi River outside New Orleans, Louisiana.

Northern Motorcycle Road Trip? - Try Cabot Trail, Canada!

When I say North, I mean all the way to  Nova Scotia, Canada! It’s worth it, for the Cabot Trail.

A 185 miles stretch of river of a road which follows the curvature of the land and makes for some of the most brilliant Ocean views in the world.

The actual route traverses the northern most part of Cape Breton Island and twists through Cape Breton National Highlands Park. This is like Blue ridge Parkways Canadian Sister.

Read More below to find out...How much would the Motorcycle Road trip cost?

How much would the Motorcycle Road trip cost??

Based on my two week trip it  cost me around $1.12/mile.  My main expenses, are as follows; the motorcycle rental at  $1680  (approx. $120 per day), that’s the full rental, covering everything Bluetooth headsets, cameras, and my helmet, gloves, etc.)

Accommodation at $980 (approx. $70 per night), food at $350 round $25 per day, with some days higher and others lower), and fuel at $350.

You can do this cheaper if you use your own bike, beware of shipping or driving back and the extra mileage on your bike.

Following a google maps route on a Motorcycle road trip?

Although, I suggest using a separate Sat Nav for GPS, Check out this great article if you really wan’t to use your phone or as a backup at least. Check out for a full guide how.  BeginnerBiker

For a high quality bluetooth motorcycle helmet see:  Helmet

23 Top Tips for your Motorcycle Road Trip

  • Best months to cross the USA  on a motorcycle are anytime between  May and October.
  • Take at least  two-three weeks  for your entire trip. Depending upon number of stops, available time etc.
  • Interstates are not as fun . But do save time…if your on a tight schedule.
  • Make sure your bike has had a  full service  and at least 5000 miles left on the tires.
  • Larger bikes may be better for the touring part but may not be as fun on the tight twists and turns.
  • Pack light -  Bring some rain gear or heated clothing just in case. Ear plugs are great if you value your hearing and Breathable cooling vests are also a great asset like these:   [add amazon link]
  • Eat a light breakfast , light lunch with healthy snacks as needed until dinner.
  • Save the heavier meals for the late evening.
  • Go to bed early  (by around 10pm) and be up on the road no later than 7:00am.
  • Think about riding for a charity  or cause and get sponsored by friends, family, work colleagues.
  • Bring your smartphone and a google quality Powerbank.
  • Use your smartphone to Geotag Photos for social media in when you pull over at nice spots.
  • Bring a separate GPS , don’t use your smartphone!
  • Bring a Map  as a backup in case technology fails.
  • In certain rural parts of the country, cell reception will be not be available.
  • Be mindful of the  closest gas stations , for example there are  none on Blue ridge parkway …you have to travel outside.
  • Do you ride a Triumph Bonneville?  If so expect lots of old guys to come up to you and tell you about their old Triumphs every time you stop.
  • Have a great music playlist downloaded  - Here are some examples:  Radar Love  By White Lion , Here I Go Again” by Whitesnake, Bob Dylan, “Where the Streets Have No Name” by U2, “Keep the Car Running” by Arcade Fire, “Sweet Home Alabama” by Lynyrd Skynyrd, “Truckin'” by Grateful Dead., “Road to Nowhere” by Talking Heads, “Graceland” by Paul Simon, “Take It Easy” by the Eagles, Sympathy For the Devil. by the Rolling Stones. For a full playlist check out this link on  Planetd
  • Use Weather band radio  for updates, especially during tornado season in the midwest
  • Bring some interesting books  to read along the way especially if your riding solo. Anything by Bill Bryson, Paul Theroux’s “The Great Railway Bazaar”, “Bonneville Go Or Bust” by Zoe Cano, Ted Simon’s “Jupiter’s Travels”, “One Man Caravan” by Robert Edison Fulton Junior.
  • Be ready for everyone wanting a load of stories  when you get back and even record a video blog, or write a normal blog.  We will include your media online here, to showcase your achievement to the world!
  • Book the first few hotels in advance, with free cancellation and flexible check in. Use the Comparison engine below to get the best deals.

Tip 23 - Hire a bike for your Motorcycle road trip?

When thinking about taking a Motorcycle road trip or long tour you have to way up the advantages and disadvantages of using your own bike.

If you use your own bike be aware that shipping can be expensive and take several weeks to get your bike back.

Renting can be a better option and saves you increasing your mileage on your bike! If your interested in renting check out these great guys they offer a great selection, compare all prices and even offer one way trips...so no expensive shipping.

BikesBooking.com - online booking service for motorcycles all over the world

If you found this article of value, spread the love by sharing with a friend on facebook and comment below with your thoughts on the most epic U.S Motorcycle roads!

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The top 100 motorcycle rides in east coast

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Updates on new roads, events, motorcycle news and more!

The Most Scenic Motorcycle Routes on the East Coast

The Most Scenic Motorcycle Routes on the East Coast

Gloria MacGillivary

Gloria lives in Ontario and is an avid fan of all Harely-Davidson motorcycles. A carefree spirit who loves her grandchildren and yoga, Gloria never misses an opportunity to camp in the outdoors, travel to new places with her toy hauler or find new roads to explore.

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After I got my first Harley-Davidson motorcycle, it was a few years until I realized how perfectly RVing and motorcycling fit together. I never thought it would be possible to travel great distances with my motorcycle, but that all changed when I got my 2014 KZ Sportster Toy Hauler . I am now able to see incredible and far places, and still have all the comforts of home with me. Over the past few years, I have gone on plenty of motorcycle RV trips, but these places have been my absolute favorite. Incredibly fun to drive and uniquely beautiful, I hope you’re able to enjoy at least some of these places from the back of a bike or from inside an RV.

east coast motorcycle trips

1. The Cabot Trail, Nova Scotia

If you ever get the chance to visit Nova Scotia, then a trip along the Cabot Trail is a must. The 185-mile scenic drive is breathtaking, and cuts through many mountains that twist their way along the coast. I was so ecstatic when I finally got a chance to ride the Cabot Trail—pictures do not do it justice. There are also plenty of RV campgrounds along the way, so you can easily find a spacious spot and still be close to all of the little towns and famous lookouts. The entire drive takes about five days to complete, so plan accordingly and try to see as much as you can while you’re there. If you like delicious seafood and incredible ocean views, then I highly recommend an RV trip to the Cabot Trail.

east coast motorcycle trips

2. Tail of the Dragon Road, Tennessee & North Carolina

With over 300 curves in just 11 short miles, motorcyclists come from all over to experience the twisting, turning fun that is Tail of the Dragon Road. Stretching alongside Great Smoky Mountains National Park, the ride itself is beautiful and full of trees. If you enjoy sharp turns and active driving, then this route is a must. When I first drove Tail of the Dragon, I hadn’t bought my RV yet. However, it has been on my bucket list to return and I’ve found numerous places to camp, including Misty River Cabins and Campground, which has extra large gravel sites perfect for my toy hauler.

east coast motorcycle trips

3. Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Tennessee & North Carolina

Not far from Tail of the Dragon Road, Great Smoky Mountains National Park is another ideal spot if you’re visiting this part of the U.S. There are plenty of RV campgrounds in the area, including two campgrounds inside the actual park. With plenty of wildlife, waterfalls and scenic mountains, exploring the park is some of the finest driving in the country. And unlike most national parks, entrance to Great Smoky Mountains is totally free. Be sure to check out Cherohala Parkway while you are here and enjoy its fun, twisty roads.

east coast motorcycle trips

4. Daytona Beach, Florida

You’ve probably heard of the stunning, sandy beaches in Daytona Beach, but you’re probably unaware of the city’s epic bike week. Every year, over 500,000 people make their way to Daytona Beach Bike Week for 10 days of nothing but motorcycles. All of the main streets are closed down, as people drive and park their motorcycles and show off some of the newest and most impressive, custom-made bikes. You can enjoy plenty of good food and live music as well. And while Florida has plenty of RV parks and campgrounds, new places around Daytona Beach open specifically to house RVs for Bike Week. We usually stay at the Cabbage Patch, but have friends who have booked an RV space inside the track at Daytona Speedway. There is truly something for everyone here.

east coast motorcycle trips

5. Blue Ridge Parkway, Virginia

The Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia is a biker’s dream come true. With slower speeds, and plenty of scenic lookout spots, there is nowhere else like it. From the Parkway, you can even branch off and take a few other incredible routes, like Shenandoah and Eastside Speedways. There are eight designated campgrounds along the Parkway, but many do not offer RV hookups. However, there are numerous private campgrounds located just off the Access Points of the Parkway with full RV hookups and amenities.

The Most Scenic Motorcycle Routes on the East Coast on Roadtrippers

Photo Credits: Shutterstock // Colin D. Young; Shutterstock // Reet Whiting; Shutterstock // Rob Hainer; Shutterstock // Sean Pavone; Shutterstock // Cvandyke

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Finding Freedom on a Motorcycle RV Trip

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ADV Touring By Region: Best Routes In Eastern United States

ADV Touring By Region: Best Routes In Eastern United States

If you’re looking for some of the top adventure riding areas in America, the eastern side of the country is filled with amazing landscapes that are sometimes overlooked, or downright not known about.

Due to its natural topography, the eastern United States is full of mountains and forest land. You just have to know where to look.

In this post, we’ll explore some of the best adventure routes on the east coast. If you’re on the hardcore side of adventure motorcyclists, then you owe it to yourself to give the  Backcountry Discovery Routes across the northeast (and across the whole United States) a try.

In all, the BDR covers over 1300 miles, taking you from New York to New Hampshire, Vermont to Maine. It even takes you to Canada’s doorstep before calling it quits.

Many of the routes listed below are from the BDR, but there are far too many to list here. We’ve also sprinkled in a few options not on the BDR to add a little variety.

Nonetheless, if you’re looking to get away on an Adventure Touring ride in the Eastern United States, these are just a few of the great options.

Hancock, NY to Andes, NY

What better way to start than with the tipping-off point for the North East BDR? This 135-mile section is the first leg of a nearly 1300-mile journey that takes you nearly to Canada.

It’s not a loop, so take that into consideration, but there are many turnoffs that aren’t an official part of the route that you can take to turn this into a loop and return back to your starting point of Hancock, New York. As for the route itself, we’ll point you to the BDR description:

Make your way to where the east and west branches of the Delaware River converge in the historic village of Hancock, New York — a motorcycle-friendly town, a sportsman’s paradise and a perfect place to start the NEBDR adventure.

Cross over the West Branch of the Delaware just a mile from the center of Hancock and get ready to warm up your dirt skills on the shady O&W Road through rural Wayne County Pennsylvania. Adventure starts to ramp up as you hit River Road, a rugged seasonal track that hugs a steep drop-off high above the Delaware River. Cross back over to New York into Callicoon for miles of enjoyable dirt and gravel roads that traverse through forests and farmland and crisscross the East Branch of the Delaware several times. You’ll pass through your first of many covered bridges on the NEBDR in Downsville and then make your way up and around the majestic Pepacton Reservoir on a thrilling stretch of twisty tarmac. Your arrival into Andes includes seasonal dirt roads and outstanding mountain views. You are now on the western edge of the Catskills and Andes is the quintessential Catskill town.

Take a quick ride two miles east from the center of town on Route 28 to the Palmer Hill lookout and experience a panoramic view of the mountains that make up the 600,000-acre Catskill Forest Preserve — classified as Forever Wild Land in the New York State Constitution. Spend the night in Andes and enjoy some local hard cider and culinary treats at Wayside Cider or rub shoulders with the locals at the bar/restaurant in the historic Andes Hotel. Supplies and fuel can be had at the General Store on Main Street or the Tremperskill Country Store about 5 miles outside of the village down CR1.

east coast adv motorcycle routes

Michaux Forest in Pennsylvania

Located west of Gettysburg, home of the bloodiest battle fought on U.S. soil (July 1-3, 1863), Michaux State Forest (pronounced Mee-shoh) consists of more than 85,500 acres throughout Adam, Cumberland, and Franklin counties.

Some of the gravel fire roads have you climbing to 4500 feet above sea level, providing gorgeous overlooks of the counties below.

You can easily piece together 100 miles of riding for a day. And for the more adventurous rider, 35 miles of ATV trails run throughout the forests that will more than challenge any skillset–especially those on larger adventure tourers.

Named after the 18th Century French botanist Andre Michaux, and home to the first forestry school Mont Alto, Michaux Forest has campsites throughout, which are a first-come, first-serve basis. The deeper, and steeper, you get, the more secluded the riding becomes.

Two highlights during the rides are Long Pine Reservoir and Laurel Lake. Just keep an eye out for hikers; 37 miles of the Appalachian trail snakes through Michaux State Forest. For additional information, here’s a Michaux State Forest map .

Readsboro, VT to Barnard, VT

Vermont doesn’t get enough love from motorcyclists, so this is our attempt to bring some deserved attention to the Green Mountain State.

A beautiful part of the country whether you’re into adventure riding or not, Vermont doesn’t get the fanfare of more popular tourist attractions, but that’s what makes it great.

And, as the name Green Mountain State implies, Vermont is full of landscapes any adventure rider would love to explore.

On this 178-mile leg of the NorthEast BDR, you’ll experience a little slice of everything Vermont has to offer. That includes some technical riding towards the end. If an easier route is what you’d prefer, there are work-arounds for that. Here’s the official description from the BDR:

You are now in the Green Mountain State. Are you ready to experience beautiful pastoral settings, historic mountain roads and architecture dating back to the Revolutionary War? We hope so! Vermonters have a generally laid-back attitude, a strong passion for their home state and are eager to share that passion with friendly and respectful visitors. The roads you will be using to pass through Vermont are beautiful, and in most cases, originally designed for human and animal transport. They are small and rudimentary and houses are often placed within feet of the road. Many of these roads double as cattle crossings and hiking trails, so safe riding is imperative.

After your introduction to Class 4 roads at the end of Section 3, stop into the Readsboro General Store to fuel up your body and your bike. From there the route settles into a patchwork of forest roads meandering through the lower Green Mountain National Forest. The town of Grafton is a wonderful place to stop, spend the night at the inn, or have lunch at the general store.

Tip: Don’t miss out on Vermont’s general stores, they are all unique and interesting.

There are technical riding bits dispersed throughout this section but after the town of Danby, there are quite a few challenging Class 4 roads. If you find you’re not quite up for it, the GPS tracks include easier go-arounds for the more difficult Class 4 roads. Your last gnarly stretch of this section leads you to the town of Barnard where you can gas up and grab supplies at the General Store. There’s camping at Silver Lake State Park and several B&Bs in town or alternatively the town of Woodstock is only 10 miles away.

Bald Eagle State Forest in Pennsylvania

The ADV riding in and around Bald Eagle State Forest is a local favorite and a hidden gem. So, apologies in advance to the locals if we’re letting the secret out, but the riding here is too good not to share.

Named for the famous Native American, Chief Bald Eagle, Bald Eagle State Forest is spread across nearly 194,000 acres in Snyder, Union, Centre, Mifflin, and Clinton counties west of State College, home of Penn State University.

About 340 miles of roads exist throughout Bald Eagle State Forest, with a bulk of them unpaved and reaching as high as 2,300 feet above sea level.

There are loads of dual-sport motorcycle trails, and some require expert-level ability due to sharp rocks and giant mud holes.

Three that impress over and over are the trails running through the Seven Mountains Region, over Shade Mountain, and near Poe Paddy State Park.

For additional information, here’s a Bald Eagle State Park map .

Woodsville, NH to Gorham, NH

The longest single leg of the NorthEast BDR, this ride through New Hampshire spans 231 miles. The ride itself isn’t particularly challenging, but what it lacks in difficulty it more than makes up for in history and scenery.

And don’t be mistaken; these roads are still a massive amount of fun. Again, here’s the official description from the BDR:

Just a few miles up a rural dirt road from Woodsville and after crossing a long, covered bridge, you’ll arrive at the Brick Store in Bath. The Brick Store is the oldest operating general store in the United States, established in 1791. Known for excellent fudge, smoked products, and a fine deli, this is a great place for take-out breakfast and lunch. The owner, Scott, is an avid motorcyclist so be sure to tell him we sent you.

Section 6 winds through picturesque dirt roads from the western border towards the east, passing through woodlands and farm fields, as well as some horse properties. Crossing over Interstate 93, the route takes Sandwich Notch Road from Thornton to Sandwich, built in 1801 for the farming community that inhabited the area. The road is now a single-lane dirt road that is great fun to ride, but remember that it is two-way traffic at all times. There’s a must stop at a self-service ice cream and cheese shop, the Sandwich Creamery, tucked down a dirt road well off the beaten track. Our favorite flavor was Dirt Road – go figure. Soon after you’ll find the magnificent view of Mount Chocorua and Lake Chocorua.

Turning north, the route takes the Kancamagus Highway for about ten miles. The highway is named after Chief Kancamagus, “The Fearless One,” of the Panacook tribe. Scenery of the Swift River and mountains is spectacular before turning on to Bear Notch Road. Forest service roads in the Bartlett Experimental Forest break up the ride on more dirt before getting through Franconia Notch on NH Route 302. After passing by the Mount Washington Hotel, the route takes Jefferson Notch Road around the base of Mount Washington. You’ll soon come to appreciate any road referred to as a “notch’ in New Hampshire.

The White Mountains, and especially Mount Washington, are a spectacular sight and the highlight of the NEBDR. The Mt. Washington Auto Road is not to be missed – it’s a 7-mile tar and dirt road up to the summit at 6,288 feet. The weather observatory is manned 365 days a year and has recorded some of the highest winds on the planet – 231 mph. Clear days offer amazing 360-degree views for a hundred miles. There’s a restaurant and museum at the summit. Nearby Gorham is the perfect White Mountain town to stay the night. If you weren’t able to make it up Mt. Washington when you arrived into town, you can give it a fresh go the next morning.

As you can see, the eastern United States offers a lot of great riding for the adventure touring rider . And we’ve only just scratched the surface of what’s out there, too.

Call us greedy, but we purposely didn’t reveal more routes because there are still some we want to keep to ourselves!

Nonetheless, that’s the beauty of adventure touring; you’re free and able to find new routes of your own. The eastern US is full of them.

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The Best Motorcycle Routes On The East Coast

by RBMA | Apr 9, 2012

Motorcycle Accident injury attorney

Great East Coast Motorcycle Rides

Russ Brown Motorcycle Accident Attorneys: Motorcycling along the East Coast is a fun and exciting way to spend the weekend—especially in the spring and summer months. Beautiful coastal highways give motorcyclists an amazing view, while quaint and picturesque seaside towns offer a wide assortment of shops, historical sites, and amazing food. All along the East Coast, there are some great motorcycle routes in New Jersey, Maine, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Delaware. Here are just a few of the fun and exciting routes you can take when motorcycling along the East Coast.

  • Starbucks to the Gorge in New Jersey —this 250 mile loop starts at the Starbucks in Denville, NJ and ends in Whitehouse Station, NJ. Along Rt.80, bikers will cross the Delaware River using the Dingmans Ferry Bridge and then meander towards the Lehigh Valley. There are some amazing mountain views, rolling hills, and beautiful winding roads.
  • Great Swamp-Schley Mountain Ride in New Jersey —this almost 70 mile ride gives New Jersey motorcyclists some incredible views of the swamp and mountains and tons of twists and turns along the way.
  • Delaware Water Gap Loop —this 150 mile loop actually starts in Easton, PA and travels along the Delaware River. This route offers riders a little bit of everything, including rolling hills, mountains, forests, and more. Along the way, you can pass the Worthington State Forest and the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area.
  • State Route 381 through Pennsylvania —this is a 55 miles twisty ride through horse farms and valleys. Be sure to check out Falling Waters, one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s famous waterfall houses.
  • US Route 6 —this is a 240 mile drive through north Pennsylvania country. Along the way, you can see mountains, as well as the PA Grand Canyon. There are numerous 1930’s restaurants and stores along the way and the famous Kinzua Trestle Bridge.
  • New Castle to Dover Air Force Base —this is a 54 mile ride along Route 9 in eastern Delaware. Motorcyclists are sure to enjoy farmlands, valleys, and an abundance of wildlife.
  • Denton to Taylors Island —along State Route 16 is a great 46 mile route through the Maryland countryside to Taylors Island on the Chesapeake Bay.
  • Massachusetts to Canada —this is a beautiful route along Rt 100 all the way to Canada. Be sure to take this drive in the fall when the changing leaves make this an unforgettable ride.
  • Mt Greylock Rt 8 Loop —this 141 mile loop starts and ends in Springfield, MA and takes motorcyclists along the Shelburne Falls, Bridge of Flowers, the Mohawk Trail, and Mount Greylock.

No matter where you choose to ride along the east coast, you will need a motorcycle accident attorney on your side. A motorcycle accident can happen at any time and to anyone, so be prepared by carrying the name and number of a reputable East Coast motorcycle accident attorney. At Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys® , we understand motorcyclists because we ARE motorcyclists. That’s why we created BAM, a free roadside and legal assistance program. Call us today to learn more about BAM and our legal team. Call – 1-800-4-BIKERS .

“If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident, don’t let it steal your freedom! Call 1-800-4-BIKERS to learn how an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer can get your bike fixed, money for your medical bills, and compensation for your pain and suffering.”

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5 Best Roads to Ride in Pennsylvania

Motorcycle Nerd

Motorcycle roads through the great state of Pennsylvania offer some of East Coast’s best riding experiences. There are countless motorways, including 21 scenic byways, that cross picturesque farmland, wind through forested areas and travel between rural villages and charming country towns. From beautiful scenery to great history, there’s lots to see, and even more to do when you want to take a break and get off the motorcycle. Pennsylvania has a route for every taste and liking – just take your pick from the roads that interest you most, and go. Miles and miles of riding with twists, big sweeping turns, altitude changes and great sights to see are waiting for you. 

Ready to be whisked away from the distractions of your daily life into the world of amazing scenery and rich history? Here are five rides in the Keystone State that will pack your days with as much beauty and riding fun as you can handle.

east coast motorcycle trips

Photo credit: Sons of Unions Veterans of The Civial War

Grand Army of the Republic Highway – US Route 6

The historic Grand Army of the Republic Highway a.k.a. US Route 6, traverses the Northern tier of Pennsylvania, offering delightful riding through some of the region’s best-loved sights and attractions. More of a journey than a ride, this route boasts gentle curves, long flowing sweeps and some modest elevation changes. The road is pretty easy to navigate and if you’re looking for hairpin turns or switchbacks, you won’t find any here. Instead, you’ll find miles of great scenery along the road that continually rises and falls with enough curves to keep you interested.

US Route 6 is a favorite of motorcycle touring enthusiasts not just because of the big sweeps and turns as it crosses the state. It’s a chance to rediscover the history of our nation that draws riders from all over to this highway. The route is a true slice of Americana that is liberally dotted with small towns full of interesting sights, sounds and stories. Visit the old coal mining towns of Honesdale and Carbondale, descend 300 feet into a Lackawanna Coal Mine, ride a steam train, eat in the famous 1930’s Wellsboro Diner, check out the many grand Victorian homes that grace the streets of the small towns of Wellsboro, Smethport and Coudersport, and above all, meet the hardworking people of the local communities— all on Pennsylvania’s portion of the Grand Army of the Republic Highway.

You can start your trip from the east, at the town of Milford, PA, right on the New York border. At the western boundary, the route begins at the town of Pennline, PA, north of I-80. From Milford, you will be climbing a long, winding road out of the Delaware River Valley. Heading west, Route 6 will take you through hardwood forests and past beautiful lakes, common in the Pocono Mountains region. Just 11 miles west of Wellsboro on Route 660, a brief detour is recommended. Here you’ll find the highlight of this route – the spectacular Pine Creek Gorge, commonly referred to as the Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania. The gorge continues for approximately 47 miles and drops almost 1500 feet at its deepest point. Midway between the towns of Galeton and Coudersport is another must-visit attraction on the route – Pennsylvania Lumber Museum. It features a replica logging camp of the 1800s which depicts the rugged lifestyle of the wood hicks.

From start to finish the road is in great condition and traffic is generally light. The Grand Army of the Republic Highway ends just East of Sheffield and if you do the entire ride, you will hit absolutely all of the best sights that Northern Pennsylvania has to offer.

east coast motorcycle trips

Photo Credit: Pennsylvania.com

Lincoln Highway

Even though Lincoln Highway stretches from coast to coast, in Pennsylvania, much of it is known as Route 30. The highway runs west along Rt. 30, passing through Lancaster, York, Gettysburg, Chambersburg, Breezewood, Pittsburgh and other towns and leaving the state west of Beaver. This portion of the highway is loaded with historic landmarks, interpretive exhibits, beautiful murals, roadside giant sculptures and other Pennsylvania attractions. There are great photo ops, charming country towns and scenic views – it’s Americana at its best. A special 200-mile section of Route 30 between Abbottstown and Irwin is celebrated as one of the Commonwealth’s Heritage Areas. Known as  Lincoln Highway Heritage Corridor , it’s like traveling a 200-mile museum through the Allegheny Mountains where you have a unique opportunity to interact with history.

Aside of great history, Route 30 offers motorcycle riders the best of everything one could ask for in a ride. Twisties and bends, nice sweeping turns, long straightaways, altitude changes and inspiring scenery that can be admired from many lookout points along the way. Take Route 30 from Breezewood, PA to Chambersburg, PA. The ride gets quite challenging from the intersection of Rt. 75 with some curves, a hairpin at the summit and a lot of mountains to go up and down, but the views of the valleys are totally worth it.

Just off the highway near Somerset, be sure to stop and see the Flight 93 memorial site. It will leave you with a heavy heart. About 4 miles west of Rt. 75, at the very top of the Tusacarora mountain, pull over at the Mountain House Bar and Grill. The parking lot here provides a stunning panoramic view of the valley below. And the food is good too. Another great stop to eat on this route is Jean Bonnet Tavern, just west of Bedford, at the intersection of Routes 30 and 31. You’ll enjoy fine dinning at this historic Bed and Breakfast that dates back to the 1700s.

It’s up to you how long you want your ride on Route 30 to last. If you’re willing to stop at all the “Americana” places along the way, be sure to give yourself extra time. With grand views, great road quality and rich history, you’ll enjoy every minute you spend on this amazing route.

east coast motorcycle trips

Photo Credit: Playle.com

Gold Mine Road to Route 125

Many motorcycle riders refer to Gold Mine Road to Route 125 as Pennsylvania’s Tail of the Dragon, and for a good reason. The road comes very close to the gold standard of ultimate motorcycle roads. The combination of Goldmine Road and PA125 makes for a roller-coaster type of a ride featuring a series of steep climbs and descents with sharp corners, a few sneaky turns, blind crests and tight switchbacks, with some wide open spaces, rolling hills and gentle corners thrown in for good measure. Not a ride for the beginner, there are sections of the road that will challenge your skill and give your motor, brakes and tires a good work out. Many 15 mph corners at the top and bottom of steep climbs, ”S” turns and twisties to add to the peg-scraping action.

Gold Mine Road runs between Rt. 443 and Tower City, PA. Start off Rt. 443 and take Gold Mine Road for 7 miles up to PA 325. Make a right on PA 325 eastbound into Tower City and go 1.5 miles to US 209. Turn right on US 209 heading east and go 4.8 miles to Main Street and turn left. Go 1.7 miles to the stop sign and go straight through. That’s where you pick up Route 125. Stay on Rt. 125 for 15 miles to Shamokin – the end point. The ride is around 32 (challenging) miles. You can continue north on Rt. 61 to Shamokin Dam. 

Traveling on Gold Mine Road to Route 125 is all about the road itself. Don’t expect any roadside attractions or noteworthy places to stop along the way. The route is very scenic nonetheless. You can take it easy and enjoy the scenery as the road takes you through forested areas, farmlands and open valleys. And when you’re ready to give your brakes and tires some rest, there are places to stop and enjoy beautiful views from mountaintops. 

The roads are all smooth, well maintained and well marked. Food and gas are available in the only town on the route, which is Tower City. In Shamokin at the ride’s end point, you’ll find many restaurants and stores. One of the best places to eat is Skeeter’s BBQ, located on the hill at the intersection of routes 15 and 11. Another place you might want to stop for lunch at is Harry’s on Market Street. It’s a great place serving great food at great prices.

Gold Mine Road to Route 125 is fun dragging the pegs on and is probably the best road to test your alertness, leaning skills and braking. It’s a great half day ride for anyone in Eastern Pennsylvania.

PA 26 – MD border to Everett

PA Route 26 is a great tune up for Gold Mine Road to Route 125, that Dragon of Pennsylvania. This little hidden away route is especially recommended for those riders who like twisties and tight corners and don’t care to scrape pegs. Winding its way through farmland and woods, PA Route 26 offers plenty of twists, turns, uphill and downhill riding and a couple of 10 mph hairpins, so you’d better stay alert on this road. The best part about Rt. 26 is its solitude. There’s a good chance that you’ll see no other vehicles in either direction the entire ride. What you might see is a deer or two, so take it slow on those turns.

Another thing to enjoy on Route 26 is great scenery. Beautiful views greet you everywhere you turn. From Everett, PA southbound on Rt. 26 you’ll be going through a section of Buchanan State Forest where you’ll have a chance to admire nature at its best. The road surface is smooth and pretty much unblemished throughout the route, but it changes abruptly as you approach the Maryland border. Be careful and reduce your speed. Aside of scenery and the road itself, there’s really nothing along the route. Be sure to gas up beforehand. For a biker-friendly place to eat, visit Mike’s Place in Clearville, 6 miles before Everett. It is a great diner with awesome food.

east coast motorcycle trips

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

PA Route 44

If you like roads that wander left and right more than they go straight, roads that require concentration, forcing you to find the right balance of throttle, brake, lean angle and body position, we have a perfect road for you – PA Route 44. This route is a 70 plus miles of serpentine road that runs from Jersey Shore, PA to Coudersport, PA through the Susquehannock State Forest. Route 44 is a true find for any motorcycle rider – from nature lover to adrenaline enthusiast. This secluded ride is full of great views of nature along with everything else that makes an exhilarating ride – fast pace turns, elevation changes and sweepers.

You can enter Route 44 just south of the town of Williamsport, PA. From there the route is easy to follow going northwest all the way up to Coudersport, PA. Other than the road with its natural beauty and fun curves, there are few signs of humankind on the route. It’s basically just you and nature throughout the entire ride. There are no crossroads or traffic lights here and a few signs of enforcement, too. Best of all, there is almost no traffic! With very little to slow you down, you may find yourself picking up the pace, but sight lines are short on this curvy road and there are some blind turns too, so keep it reasonable. Be advised that there is no gas or food along the way until you get to the Germania Hotel in Galeton. So make sure you gas up and pack a lunch before you start the ride. Whether you’re looking for awesome scenery or a road with great twists and turns, PA Route 44 will not disappoint.

As is evident from the road descriptions above, Pennsylvania offers a lot of great riding opportunities, with abundance of fun twists and curves, beautiful scenery and interesting history along the way. Just choose a route and hit the road. And when you come to the end of that one, pick another route and keep going. An unforgettable riding adventure is guaranteed! 

Header photo credit: Mike Mekinda Flickr

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east coast motorcycle trips

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east coast motorcycle trips

From Maine to Florida, you can explore new roads and enjoy that feeling of freedom only a motorcycle can offer. If you have no idea where to start, here is a list of ultimate routes extremely popular among East Coast bikers.

Blue Ridge Parkway

If cruising down the road on your touring motorcycle and soaking in breathtaking scenery is on your to-do list, then you must check out the Blue Ridge Parkway. This 469-mile scenic road provides not only incredible views but also a plethora of hiking and cycling opportunities. Blue Ridge Highway connects the Shenandoah National Park and Great Smoky Mountains National Park, so keep in mind that you will need a couple of days to see everything this place has to offer. This route has several entrances in Asheville, so you can have your pick.  Make sure you take a break at the Cold Mountain overlook and at the Looking Glass Rock overlook.

Tail of the Dragon

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All throughout the spring, summer, and fall, bikers from all over the world come to enjoy everything Tail of the Dragon has to offer. This road is surrounded by the Great Smoky Mountains and the Cherokee National Forest, and it is 11 miles long. Although there are no intersecting roads to spoil your adventure, don’t think that you will be able to test how fast your bike can go. After all, Tail of the Dragon is famous for its 318 curves, so you will need to be as cautious as possible. Turns are tight, experience is needed, but this route will surely be the ride of your life.

Cherohala Skyway

If you decide to visit the Tail of the Dragon, be sure to check out the nearby Cherohala Skyway. This highway is 60 miles long and known for its fantastic scenery. This route begins near the Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest in North Carolina. The best time to visit it is in the spring, summer, or fall. Winter is not recommended, since the road can become really dangerous, even for experienced riders. Make sure you fill up your gas tank before you hit the road since there are no facilities except a couple of restrooms. If you have completed this route, but you still have the riding bug, you can also check out the nearby Moonshiner 28, Foothills Parkway, Smoky Mountain Loop, Six Gap North Georgia, or The Snake US421.

This route is just north of Daytona Beach and is ideal for all those bikers who are looking for a smooth ride. A fresh ocean breeze on your face, incredible coastal views, and moderate traffic are just some of the things you can expect if you go down this road. Although the road itself is not very long, there are plenty of places to visit, so be sure to reserve an entire day for this adventure. If you want to cut your trip short, you can take this route as far as St. Augustine. Although you will need to ride through several towns and reserves, you will be riding the coastline most of the time.

Coastal Route 1 in Maine

If you opt for a 230-mile ride along the coast of Maine you can expect to enjoy mesmerising ocean and mountain views. You will be able to see plenty of lighthouses, enjoy fresh seafood at one of the numerous restaurants along the route and recharge your batteries . Since there are plenty of things to see, you might need a couple of days for this ride.

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The Hudson River Bridge Route

If you are done with nature and you are looking to enjoy some architecture, taking a ride along the Hudson River and crossing several stunning bridges along the way may be what the doctor prescribed. Start this ride in NYC with the George Washington bridge and go west.  The road in the Storm King State Park is full of twists and turns you will surely enjoy, and if you wish you can visit the West Point Military Academy for a tour.

East Coast offers plenty of amazing routes for bikers, so pack your bags and hit the road, a new adventure is just around the corner.

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  • Daytona Bike Week - 2024 Mar 01- Mar 10, 2024 Daytona Beach, FL -->
  • Route 66 Spring Fever Rally - 2024 Mar 28- Mar 31, 2024 Depew, OK -->
  • Arizona Bike Week 2024 Apr 03- Apr 07, 2024 Scottsdale, AZ -->
  • I-X Piston Powered Auto-Rama 2024 Apr 05- Apr 07, 2024 Cleveland, OH -->
  • Tallahassee Bike Fest 2024 Apr 11- Apr 14, 2024 Tallahassee, FL -->
  • Angel City Spring Motorcycle Rally 2024 Apr 17- Apr 21, 2024 Unadilla, GA -->
  • Outer Banks Bike Week 2024 Apr 22- Apr 28, 2024 Harbinger, NC -->
  • Mayhem Motorcycle Rally - Bullhead River Run 2024 Apr 25- Apr 28, 2024 Bullhead City, AZ -->
  • Leesburg BikeFest 2024 Apr 26- Apr 28, 2024 Leesburg, FL -->
  • Thunder Beach Motorcycle Rally Spring 2024 May 01- May 05, 2024 Panama City Beach, FL -->
  • BikeStock Oklahoma 2024 - Route 66 Biker Rally May 02- May 05, 2024 Depew, OK -->
  • Steel Horse Rally 2024 May 03- May 04, 2024 Fort Smith, AR -->
  • Myrtle Beach Bike Week Spring Rally 2024 May 10- May 19, 2024 Myrtle Beach , SC -->
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  • --> --> Feb 02- Feb 10, 2024 --> EWMA 9th Annual Wingers-N-Waves Port Canaveral, FL Other -- updated 4 week(s) ago -->
  • --> --> Feb 02- Feb 10, 2024 --> 9th Annual Wingers-N-Waves Port Canaveral, FL Other -- updated 3 month(s) ago -->
  • --> --> Feb 06- Feb 08, 2024 --> AIMExpo 2024 (American International Motorcycle Expo) Las Vegas, NV Motorcycle Show -- updated 9 month(s) ago -->

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  • --> --> Feb 08, 2024 --> Ladies' Garage Party Fairfax, VA Party -- updated 1 week(s) ago -->
  • --> --> Feb 08, 2024 --> Project Ridemore Kodak: Burger Ride to Lenoir City Kodak, TN General Ride -- updated 1 week(s) ago -->
  • --> --> Feb 08, 2024 --> Ladies Garage Party Renton, WA NEW! Bike Night -- updated 6 day(s) ago -->
  • --> --> Feb 08, 2024 --> Big O Charity Bike Night Fredericksburg, VA Bike Night -- updated 1 week(s) ago -->
  • --> --> Feb 08, 2024 --> CMA Freedom Riders Chapter Meeting Lansing , KS Other -- updated 2 week(s) ago -->
  • --> --> Feb 08, 2024 --> Screw it Let's Ride - The Farm Drinkery Houston, TX NEW! General Ride -- updated 3 day(s) ago -->
  • --> --> Feb 09- Feb 11, 2024 --> St. Valentine's Day Massacre Motorcycle Rally 2024 Comfort, TX Motorcycle Rally -- updated 3 month(s) ago -->
  • --> --> Feb 09- Feb 11, 2024 --> Maryland International Motorsports & Motorcycle Show Timonium, MD Motorcycle Show -- updated 1 month(s) ago -->
  • --> --> Feb 09- Feb 10, 2024 --> Indoor Motocross Winter Series - White Pine, NC Motorcycle Race -- updated 1 month(s) ago -->
  • --> --> Feb 09, 2024 --> AMA Arenacross National Championship Series - Round 9 Reno, NV Motorcycle Race -- updated 4 week(s) ago -->
  • --> --> Feb 09, 2024 --> AMA Arenacross National Championship Series - Round 10 Reno, NV Motorcycle Race -- updated 4 week(s) ago -->
  • --> --> Feb 09, 2024 --> Strokers Bike Night Dallas, TX NEW! Bike Night -- updated 23 hour(s) ago -->
  • --> --> Feb 09, 2024 --> Tacos & Rides Rio Rancho, NM General Ride -- updated 2 month(s) ago -->
  • --> --> Feb 09, 2024 --> Junkyard, Motorcycle Boy, Double Cobra West Hollywood, CA Bike Night -- updated 2 month(s) ago -->
  • --> --> Feb 10, 2024 --> Chili Cookoff 2024 Frederick, MA Party -- updated 1 week(s) ago -->
  • --> --> Feb 10- Feb 11, 2024 --> David Mann Chopper Fest Motorcycle Art Culture Show 2024 Ventura, CA Motorcycle Show -- updated 2 week(s) ago -->
  • --> --> Feb 10, 2024 --> East Cooper Abate Oyster Roast & Bike Show Mount Pleasant, SC Motorcycle Show -- updated 1 month(s) ago -->
  • --> --> Feb 10, 2024 --> Christian Motorcyclist Association Crab Feed Ripon, CA Benefit - Charity -- updated 1 month(s) ago -->
  • --> --> Feb 10, 2024 --> Truck, Car & Motorcycle Show Swap Meet Waldo, FL Swap Meet -- updated 2 week(s) ago -->
  • --> --> Feb 10, 2024 --> 2nd Annual Sweetheart Poker Run Lake Havasu City, AZ Poker Run -- updated 1 week(s) ago -->
  • --> --> Feb 10, 2024 --> 9th Annual Valentines Day Poker Run Hudson, FL NEW! Poker Run -- updated 12 hour(s) ago -->
  • --> --> Feb 10, 2024 --> Mardi Gras Party Dalton, GA Party -- updated 2 week(s) ago -->
  • --> --> Feb 10, 2024 --> Free Biker Breakfast / Blessing of the Bikes North Charleston, SC NEW! Benefit - Charity -- updated 2 day(s) ago -->
  • --> --> Feb 10, 2024 --> Rebels With A Cause MC Bike Night Albuquerque, NM Bike Night -- updated 2 week(s) ago -->
  • --> --> Feb 10, 2024 --> BAT RUN Sanford, FL General Ride -- updated 2 week(s) ago -->
  • --> --> Feb 10, 2024 --> Metro H.O.G. 33rd Annual Metro Chili Cook-Off Cedar Rapids, IA Other -- updated 4 week(s) ago -->
  • --> --> Feb 10, 2024 --> 7th Annual 2 Stroke Only Vintage Motorcycle Show Fort Myers, FL Motorcycle Show -- updated 3 week(s) ago -->

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    Michaux Forest in Pennsylvania. Located west of Gettysburg, home of the bloodiest battle fought on U.S. soil (July 1-3, 1863), Michaux State Forest (pronounced Mee-shoh) consists of more than 85,500 acres throughout Adam, Cumberland, and Franklin counties. Some of the gravel fire roads have you climbing to 4500 feet above sea level, providing ...

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    Coast To Coast Northwest and the Rockies Southeast Alaska Blue Ridge Blues and BBQ Motorcycle Rental & Tour Packages Custom Trips & Groups Motorcycle Tours Embark on unforgettable motorcycle adventures with EagleRider, offering packaged tours for thrill-seeking travelers in sought-after destinations worldwide.

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  15. Best East Coast Motorcycle Routes

    East Coast Motorcycle Routes to Ride For There are routes, and then there are motorcycle routes—and Harley-Davidson riders know the difference. Motorcycle enthusiasts know there's nothing like the freedom to go wherever you want. From Maine to Florida, the East Coast offers so many fabulous rides it can be hard knowing which one to choose next.

  16. 5 Best Roads to Ride in Pennsylvania

    Gold Mine Road runs between Rt. 443 and Tower City, PA. Start off Rt. 443 and take Gold Mine Road for 7 miles up to PA 325. Make a right on PA 325 eastbound into Tower City and go 1.5 miles to US 209. Turn right on US 209 heading east and go 4.8 miles to Main Street and turn left.

  17. Backcountry Discovery Routes (BDR) for Adventure Motorcycling

    BDR is a 501c (3) non-profit organization. We are here to help you plan adventure motorcycling trips. This website provides you with free GPS tracks, information, and planning tools for each Backcountry Discovery Route.

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    August 16, 2017 4 Must-Do Motorcycle Trips in the Maritimes Your guide to the ultimate East Coast road trip! Rugged coastal drives, lush green hills and fields, stunning sunsets over the sea—the natural beauty of the Maritimes makes it a dream destination for motorcyclists.

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    Coast to Coast Motorcycle Trip | EagleRider Explore Coast To Coast Motorcycle Tours Start Your Adventure Starting at $84 / Day Ways to explore Coast To Coast There are many ways to experience the Coast To Coast with EagleRider, and here's how they compare! Guided Coast To Coast Motorcycle Tours The Ultimate Experience

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    Blue Ridge Parkway. If cruising down the road on your touring motorcycle and soaking in breathtaking scenery is on your to-do list, then you must check out the Blue Ridge Parkway. This 469-mile scenic road provides not only incredible views but also a plethora of hiking and cycling opportunities. Blue Ridge Highway connects the Shenandoah ...

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    With 1,000s of motorcycle events including motorcycle rallies, biker parties, poker runs, charity rides, motorcycle swap meets, bike shows and more. Select Events to View. ... East Cooper Abate Oyster Roast & Bike Show. Mount Pleasant, SC Motorcycle Show. February 10, 2024 ...