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  • Meet Outside Exit 1 of Aldgate East Underground Station
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A walk worth investigating.

Since Richard Jones began our Jack the Ripper Tour in 1982, we’ve always strived to offer the best walks in London. Today, with our unique combination of expert guides, who have written books on the case, our appearances on virtually every television documentary on the subject, our truly atmospheric route, our limited numbers, and our passion for the history of the East End, we really believe that we have achieved that objective, and what’s more, our customers seem to agree.


As the night falls, and the long shadows reach into the darker recesses of the streets of Whitechapel and Spitalfields, our Original Jack the Ripper Crime Scene Investigation sets out  to join the Victorian police as they hunt history’s most infamous serial killer through the crooked, cobbled alleyways of the Victorian abyss.

Step by blood-curdling step, you will find yourself spirited back to the mean streets of the 19th century East End where every corner turned and every step taken will lead you further in to a murder mystery that has been baffling and terrifying people for more than 125 years.




Guided by published authors.

Each night, lots of tours set out to explore the mean streets where the Whitechapel Murders occurred. But this is the one on which you will be taken round by guides who are published authors and who are internationally recognised as being amongst the World’s leading experts on the case.  Indeed, their collective contribution to the field of ripper studies is unsurpassed. 

Consequently, you will have seen us on almost every television documentary on the mystery over the last 20 years. Our guides have appeared on The History Channel, The Discovery Channel, National Geographic, BBC1, Sky One, ITV1, Channel Five and the Travel Channel, to name but a few.

Our guides know the subject of the Whitechapel Murders inside out and, as a result, they are familiar with every twist and turn of this fascinating case. You can, therefore, rest assured that, on our tour, you will be brought up to date on all the latest findings on the crimes.


We remain the only one of the Jack the Ripper tours to have made our own acclaimed documentaries on the mystery.

We like to give our clients a real insight into the area they will be exploring, as well as what lies beyond, so these videos are intended to give you a real feel for the East End as it was in 1888 and as it is now.

You can find some of them on our dedicated video page.

On these videos you will actually be able to see and hear the guides you will be joining, and you will, therefore, be in a position to make an informed decision as to whether or not you fancy spending two hours in their company! We feel confident to do this because we honestly believe that, once you see them in action, you will find their enthusiasm contagious and their knowledge inspiring.

And, having watched them on film, we hope that you will then wish to meet them in the flesh, so to speak, and invest two hours of your precious time in allowing them to lead you through the sinister streets of Victorian London on an exciting voyage of genuine discovery that will provide you with an unrivalled insight into the Jack the Ripper murders of 1888.


Of course, you can be the greatest expert on the planet, but if you conduct a tour that visits very few of the actual murder sites, and which follows a route that takes participants along modern streets, lined by 20th century office blocks, then your clients aren’t going to enjoy their evening much and they are going to be left disappointed.

Our tour begins by passing beneath this old arch into the cobblestoned Gunthorpe Street.

Indeed, after the quality of the guiding , the route that the tour takes is the most important ingredient for a truly memorable Jack the Ripper Walk.

That’s why we begin our tour of Jack the Ripper’s haunts at Aldgate East Underground Station.

This start point means that you can commence your investigation right in the heart of the area where the Ripper’s crimes occurred and are, therefore, able to follow a truly atmospheric route that was first paced out by Richard Jones in 1982.

On our walking tour you will be taken straight into the cobbled alleyways and dimly lit passageways that have hardly changed since those long ago nights when an unknown killer, lurking in the darker recesses, brought terror, panic and revulsion to the very thoroughfares that you will be exploring.


From the outset it will be as if you’ve been transported back in time to the 19th Century East End and, because our walk is structured like an investigation, you’ll get the distinct impression that you have joined the Victorian detectives as they race against time to catch Jack before he kills again.

Collage of images from the Jack the Ripper Tour.

And, because we follow a chronological route that begins with the first Whitechapel Murder, you will move through the events of that long ago autumn of gaslight and terror as they unfolded.

You will see how the people of the East End gradually came to realise the full danger posed by the monstrous maniac lurking in their midst and you will get a sense of the panic that gripped the area in the wake of each murder.

You will also gain an understanding of how, as the weeks went by, and the ferocity of the crimes increased, a surge of genuine terror coursed from the neighbourhood and sent shock waves reverberating through the whole of Victorian society.


This is, very much, the thinking persons Jack the Ripper Tour on which your questions and opinions will not only be welcomed but also encouraged.

We like to think of ours as being a guided discussion as opposed to a guided tour.

A blindfolded Victorian Police man being taunted by criminals.

To that end you will, effectively, become a Victorian CSI as you visit the murder sites, sift the evidence, uncover the clues and, with the assistance of your expert guide, put the murders into the context of the streets and era in which they occurred.

You will gain a true insight into the problems that beset the original Metropolitan Police Investigation into the case, as the Victorian detectives pitted their wits against a cunning killer who was leaving no clues and who was able to use the warren-like complexity of the dark passageways and courts through which you will walk on the tour to escape from the scenes of his crimes.


Of course it’s one thing to be a World authority on a subject it’s quite another to have the ability to put your knowledge across in a thought provoking, entertaining and engaging way.

Our guides are born storytellers who realise that a quality tour must be both informative and entertaining.

Their descriptive abilities will bring the streets of Jack the Ripper’s London vividly to life whilst their dramatic approach will almost convince you that you are actually there in the Victorian East End of 1888 watching events as they unfold around you.


A picture, they say, is worth a thousand words – and so, as you explore the East End streets, your guide will pass out genuine Victorian photographs (several of them unique to this walk) that show the area as it was in 1888.

Osborne Street features at the start of the ripper walk.

Imagine being able to hold and peruse old black and white images that show the locations where you are standing as they were at the time of the ripper crimes. It will almost be as though you’ve somehow been transported back in time!

You will have an unrivalled opportunity to compare your surroundings as they are now with how they were then and, in so doing, you will begin to understand why, at the time,  this area was known as “the abyss.”

Could there be a more powerful tool in your CSI kit than being able to actually inspect the murder scenes as they were at the times of the crimes?

Many of the photographs even capture the men, women and children who lived through the horror of Jack the Ripper’s murder spree. You will be able to look into their eyes and see the sheer terror and unease etched into their faces.


In addition to our impressive collection of Jack the Ripper Photos you will also be able to examine documents relating to the case that will help build a powerful image of how the crimes were publicised by the Victorian authorities.

We’ll pass out facsimiles of the handbills that the police circulated in the area in the desperate hope that somebody might come forward with that elusive piece of information that would help bring the killer to justice and solve the case.

Chief amongst these documents will be the notorious Dear Boss letter, which bore the chilling signature Jack the Ripper .

The Jack the Ripper signature on the Dear Boss letter.

It was the release of this letter that helped turn five sordid East End Murders into an international phenomenon whilst elevating the unknown miscreant responsible for those murders into the realm of legend.

Just Picture yourself scrutinising this letter, examining the handwriting and searching for something that may have been missed by the original investigators!


Unlike the large London walks companies we don’t believe in herding our clients around on an unwieldy cattle drive that might number 60, 70 or (on occasions) over 100 people all of whom are struggling to hear and see one guide.

We want you to enjoy the tour and so, to that end, we limit the number of participants to what we consider to be a sensible and manageable number.

As we like to put it, our tours are the ones that are heard not herd.


So, if you really want to enjoy an intelligent and thought provoking tour, one that visits more of the Whitechapel Murder sites than any other walk, then join the undisputed experts on the case, and let them lead you on a spine-tingling Jack the Ripper Tour through the old and atmospheric Victorian East End streets that formed the backcloth against which the ripper saga was played out.

But please be warned It will get dark and it might be foggy!

Dare you join the hunt?

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london tour jack the ripper

Our London tours start from Exit 3 of Aldgate East Station, seven days a week.

The gruesome tale of jack the ripper remains the greatest mystery in the history of crime..

Our Jack the Ripper Walking Tour in London is the only one to use RIPPER-VISION, the most modern handheld projectors with the latest unseen graphic Jack the Ripper crime scene photos. All our guides are dedicated Ripperologists and enthusiasts, and each one is a member of the Cloak and Dagger Club, a theatrical performance team who brings old crime history to life. This is the most up-to-date Whitechapel Jack the Ripper Tour anywhere in London, the most exciting, the most shocking, and a must for anyone who loves a good, gruesome mystery. So, join us as we walk you through the Jack the Ripper murders map - book your place today !

Our Itinerary

Osborne street, (scene of murder emma smith).

The Whitechapel murders were committed in or near the impoverished Whitechapel District in the East End of London between 3 April 1888 and 13 February 1891. The death of Emma Smith is the first to begin the Whitechapel murder file and a prelude to the emergence of Jack the Ripper. Hear the brutality of her murder and learn its importance.

Gunthorpe Street

(scene of murder martha tabram).

The scene that many experts claim to be the first Jack the Ripper murder is this cobbled stone laneway. It's a great starting point in our Whitechapel tour, as you can instantly feel the sense of a bygone era, gaslit streets, dark corners, and quiet footsteps in the night while the Ripper lay waiting for his victims. Learn how the death of this one woman began the Autumn of Terror.

Frying Pan Pub

(the death of mary ann nichols).

One of the last sightings of victim Mary Ann Nichols before her mutilated body was discovered in Bucks Row on the night of 31 August 1888. This building and its surrounding area provide a great insight into the social living conditions and the everyday fight for survival in London's East End. Learn what life was really like in Victorian London.

Hanbury Street

(scene of murder. annie chapman).

The body of Annie Chapman was discovered here in the early hours of 8 September 1888, her throat cut across, her body horribly mutilated. What clues did the killer leave? What does it tell us about him?

The Ripper Letters

See the emergence of Jack the Ripper in a series of penned letters sent to the central news agency during the Autumn of Terror; they were written in blood red ink and sent with half a human kidney. These letters have been subject to debate ever since. Are they hoaxes? Or are they the words of the killer himself?

Wilkes Street

Prepare to be transported back in time as we take you into the heart of Jack the Ripper’s London. Wilkes Street has remained practically untouched since those cold, gaslit nights of the 19th century, and the surrounding buildings will conjure up images of a bygone age. A time of darkness, a time of fear, a time of the Ripper.

The Death of Elizabeth Stride

Elizabeth Stride's (Long Liz) body was found in Dutfield's Yard off Berner Street in the early hours of 30 September 1888. Her death was only the first in a night that would forever become known as the double event. This was the night that could have revealed his identity. Find out how Jack the Ripper may have been caught so easily as we follow his blood trail and examine the clues.

Ten Bells and Christ Church

On the corner of Commercial Street and Fournier Street in Spitalfields stands perhaps the most famous pub in Ripper history: The Ten Bells. It is here that some, if not all, the victims frequented and perhaps even the Ripper himself. Across from the front door, a sight that would have greeted everyone associated with the Ripper case: Christ Church - this famous landmark was made famous by the movie "From Hell".

Mitre Square

(scene of murder. catherine eddowes).

30 September 1888 became known as the 'double event' when the Ripper killed twice in one night. We visit the original cobble-stoned square, investigate the evidence, and find out how the Ripper evaded capture. Hear the shocking facts about one of the Ripper's most violent crimes

Goulston Street

(a clue is found).

The night of the double murder left perhaps one of the most important clues in the entire case. What was it? Does it help solve the mystery?

Dorset street

(scene of murder mary kelly).

The Ripper's final victim was found in her small room of 13 Millers Court on 9 November 1888 and was the most savagely mutilated victim of them all. We visit the Mary Jane Kelly crime scene and recreate the final moments of the Ripper's reign of terror. Over a century later, the Jack the Ripper crime photos are very disturbing, and in the words of her Landlord, John McCarthy, "the whole scene is more than I can describe, and I hope I may never see such a sight again.”

Who Was Jack the Ripper?

Using modern criminal profiling, we reveal the man the Police should have been looking for throughout the biggest manhunt in British history.

  • Tour starts in the very heart of Jack the Ripper, London
  • Led by leading Jack the Ripper experts and enthusiasts
  • Visit the actual murder sites and examine all of Jack the Ripper's victims
  • Learn Jack the Ripper suspects, old and new
  • See the latest photos that bring Whitechapel 1888 back to life
  • Be amazed at Ripper-Vision - our latest handheld projectors and Jack the Ripper victim pictures
  • Be shocked and terrified at the crimes of Jack the Ripper
  • The most modern and original Jack the Ripper tour in London

Q: When does the Jack the Ripper Tour start?

A: Our tours start at 5:30 pm and 7:30 pm sharp, with the meeting point just outside Exit 3 of Aldgate East Station (on Whitechapel High Street) by the Whitechapel Art Gallery.

Tours run every day of the week. Please arrive at the meeting point at least 10 minutes prior to departure to ensure you don’t miss the start of your tour.

Q: When does the Jack the Ripper tour finish?

A: Each tour lasts approximately 1 hour 45 minutes, so you can expect to finish up at around 7:15 pm for the afternoon tour or 9:15 pm for the evening tour. The tour finishes by Spitalfields Market, and the infamous Ten Bells pub – perfect for a post-tour debrief.

Q: Will the tour still run in bad weather?

A: Our Jack the Ripper tour runs every day regardless of the weather, so please dress accordingly in comfortable walking shoes. On occasion, it has been known to rain here in London, so remember to bring waterproofs and warmer clothes for those colder evenings.

If you prefer not to participate in the tour during inclement weather, please email ahead or text us on 07803 067544, and we will happily move your tickets over to another day, subject to availability.

Q: What should we do if we are running late to the Jack the Ripper tour?

A: If you can, please give us a call on 07803 067544.

Should you arrive at the meeting point and the tour guide isn’t there, please make your way to the first stop of the tour on Gunthorpe Street. The tour will stop here for approximately 10-15 minutes before moving on.

If you are expecting to arrive later than this, simply email us, and we can reschedule for another day.

All tickets are valid for up to six months from the date of booking.

Q: What area does the Jack the Ripper tour cover?

A: Our tour guides will lead you around the heart of the East End, visiting the murder sites of the Ripper victims as well as other key locations from Victorian London. There will be plenty of stops along the way as we discuss the case, the crime scenes, the suspects, victims and more - but be prepared to cover some ground, too.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at 07803 067544, email us at [email protected] or submit an enquiry form here .

"The best and most original Jack the Ripper tour in years"

-  The cloak and dagger club 2011

Book Online

 7 Days a Week

AT 5:00PM & 7:30PM

Tour Duration

1 hr 45 mins


Enjoy a completely new Jack the Ripper Tour with quality Hi-Fi sound!

Signed in as:

[email protected]

London Street  scene 1888

Call 07949 588840 for more info

Puma Court an old alleyway in Spitalfields

We have been conducting Jack the Ripper tours/walks for 30+ years  and have launched the ONLY Jack the Ripper Immersive Tour in London! Combining a live tour guide with crystal  clear images on a large tablet and pre-recorded parts by voice actors! Making you feel as though you are really there!

Jack the Ripper Immersive Tour

Click book now above for available dates and more inf.

Available some Fri & Sat £20 pp Concessions i.e. 60+ and 16-18's £15 pp Unsuitable for under 16's

Check out this video!

Photo Gallery

Questions bookings.

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Special Requests Available

For small group tours, we can customize an itinerary to emphasize your requirements. If you have a special request,  call us or send us a message, and we will be sure to get back to you soon.

Jack the Ripper Immersive Tours

Cal 07949 588840 or email [email protected]

Jack the Ripper Weekly Tour

I have been leading Jack the Ripper enthusiasts around the streets where Jack slaughtered his victims for over 30 years and thought it was time for a change. So in collaberation with Silent Disco FR using high quality technology, we have come up with  this new immersive tour where you not only hear me talking about these murders but also hear recorded cinema quality sounds, conversations and even some of the murders along with pictures of the streets, murder sites and victims on a large tablet. really transporting you back to 1888. Are you ready for this truly immersive experience?

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Go in search of most infamous serial killer in history!

Our tour is voted number 1 and remains the Ultimate Jack the Ripper experience in London. The story of Jack the Ripper remains the greatest mystery in the history of crime. Join the undisputed experts as we try to uncover his identity.


Do you want to book the ripper-vision™ tour, the world famous ripper-vision™.

This tour has been voted as the Number 1 Jack the Ripper Tours and Walks in London. We use hand held projectors, bringing the gruesome story of Jack the Ripper to life in a way never before seen.

Our tours show all the original crime scene photos taken at the time of the murders, plus we deliver the most in-depth insight into the original Scotland yard files that may hold the key to discovering the identity of Jack the Ripper.

Jack the Ripper: The Definitive Story

Our exclusive new DVD is guaranteed to thrill! The ultimate Jack the Ripper story made by the experts.

For the first time in Ripper history comes a unique documentary made by the experts themselves. Taking the original police reports and eye witness testimony, we take you back to 1888 to examine the Ripper’s dark world, finally shedding new light on who the killer really was and bringing us one step closer to finally unmasking Jack the Ripper.

Meet our hand picked guides

With any tour, the guides make or break it. That’s why we only hire the best!

An award-winning historian, author and lecturer; Neil is the best selling author of over 50 books, including East End murders, Jack the Ripper A Grim Almanac and the hugely successful Jack the Ripper: The Dracula Secrets published in 2012.

John Chambers

Historian John Chambers has been a student of British history ever since he picked up a Horrible Histories book when he was six years old but has had an avid interest in the subject from his father who has been instrumental in his studies.

Mick Priestly

For as long as he can remember, Mick has always had a deep interest in true crime, serial killers and all things bizarre. From Richard Ramirez to the Zodiac Killer and of course Jack the Ripper, Mick has a hugely in-depth knowledge of his subject.

girl gone london

11 Best Jack the Ripper Tours in London (2024)

This post contains affiliate links for which I may make a small commission to help keep the site running. You will not be charged extra for these items had you not clicked the links. Thank you for your help to keep the site running!

Ready to learn about one of the most notorious serial killers in history on a Jack the Ripper tour in London?

You’ve come to the right place, as we’re going to explore the best 11 Jack the Ripper tours in London – all led by expert guides who want to share the puzzling history of this infamous cold case.

If you’re like, just cut to the chase already, then don’t worry.

The best Jack the Ripper tour in London is this Jack the Ripper Tour with ‘Ripper-Vision’ in London.

It has about 2,000 amazing reviews, so there’s no going wrong if you’re looking up walking tours London Jack the Ripper.

Jack the Ripper has filled people with terror since the late 19th century. Nobody knows the truth about who this serial killer was.

This tour will immerse you into 19th century Whitechapel as you learn all about this historical figure.

If you want to see what your other options are, here are 10 more tours that are definitely worth your time, including Jack the Ripper night tours, Jack the Ripper guided tours, Jack the Ripper walks in London and more.

So let’s get into the list of the best Jack the Ripper tours in London so you can book it already!

PS – booking in advance is highly, highly recommended so you don’t miss out.

london tour jack the ripper

⏳ Don’t have time to read the whole list?

The best Jack the Ripper tour in London is this Jack the Ripper Tour with Ripper-Vision .

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Easy Guide: Best London Jack the Ripper Tours

1. jack the ripper tour with ‘ripper-vision’ in london.

⭐️  RATING:  4.5 out of 5 Stars, 2,600+ reviews | ⏳  TOUR LENGTH:  1 hour 45 minutes to 2 hours 15 minutes | ✔️  BOOK NOW

london tour jack the ripper


  • RIPPER-VISION™ projectors
  • Professional tour guide on this Jack the Ripper walking tour
  • Interactive walking tour
  • Nighttime tour for ultimate chill factor

The Ripper Vision tour has won many awards.

It is one of the most popular Jack the Ripper tours in London.

With over 2,500 reviews, you know they have experience impressing their guests!

This tour uses handheld projectors to provide an augmented reality experience.

Moving images will help to recreate the streets of Victorian London.

You will be able to easily imagine what life was like for the people of East London in the late 19th century.

You’ll be able to experience what it may have felt like for Jack the Ripper’s victims.

Your tour guide will have loads of knowledge about Jack the Ripper.

Learn all the details and conspiracies surrounding the unsolved murder cases that took place right under your feet.

This tour has a lot of hype.

And for good reason!

It may be a bit touristy, but it will make you feel as though you were really there.

2. Jack the Ripper Walking Tour in London

⭐️  RATING:  5 out of 5 Stars, 180+ reviews | ⏳  TOUR LENGTH:  2 hours | ✔️  BOOK NOW

  • Professional “Ripperologist” guide
  • 2-hour evening walking tour
  • Discussion of the legends vs. the reality
  • Explore East London

This laid-back walking tour has great reviews when it comes to London Ripper tours.

You’ll explore East London after hours.

Once the sun has set, the streets will become a bit eerie.

This will really set the scene for the tour!

You’ll follow Jack the Ripper’s footsteps as you visit the locations of his murders.

You’ll learn about each murder.

You’ll even learn about some other murders that may or may not have been tied to him.

The most interesting thing you’ll learn is all the information regarding the conspiracies.

It’s hard to know what really happened all those years ago.

And it’s easy to put our own spin on the information.

Learn fact from fiction from your “Ripperologist” guide. 

We still don’t know who Jack the Ripper really was, but we can discuss the theories and come to our own conclusions.

Maybe the other guests on this tour will shed a new perspective on the case!

3. Historical Jack the Ripper Walking Tour in London : best Jack the Ripper Tours in London

⭐️  RATING:  5 out of 5 Stars, 120+ reviews | ⏳  TOUR LENGTH:  1 hour 30 minutes | ✔️  BOOK NOW

London Jack the Ripper Tours

  • Informative guide
  • Immersive historical tour
  • Learn the history of East London
  • Local-approved

Step back in time to visit Victorian London.

In the late 19th century, people lived in fear of a serial killer on the loose.

Empathize with those people as you follow in their footsteps and learn all about Jack the Ripper.

This tour follows the path of one of the world’s most infamous murderers.

Learn about all the information and evidence surrounding these homicide cases.

You’ll have a chance to play detective as you gather the facts and come to your own theories. 

This tour is so informative and special that even locals love it!

There’s not too much fanfare as you learn the ins and outs of the Jack the Ripper case from over a hundred years ago.

He may have gotten away with murder for over 100 years, but people still haven’t given up trying to solve it.

Join some amateur sleuths on a tour of East London while you learn trivia you didn’t even know.

4. 2-Hour Jack the Ripper Guided Walking Tour in Whitechapel, London

⭐️  RATING:  5 out of 5 Stars, 60+ reviews | ⏳  TOUR LENGTH:  2 hours | ✔️  BOOK NOW

London Jack the Ripper Tours

  • Evening tour for ultimate chill factor: one of the best Jack the Ripper tours
  • Loads of information about Jack the Ripper.
  • Step back in time to the Autumn of Terror
  • Professional guide

Starting on Whitechapel Road, this tou r will take you throughout all of Whitechapel.

This community in London’s East End has a bone-chilling history of crime. Learn all about it while you go on a walking tour with a knowledgeable tour guide.

What was the Autumn of Terror? Who was Jack the Ripper? Why were locals terrified to go outside by themselves? 

Learn the answers to all these questions and more on this tour.

Follow in the footsteps of one of the world’s most prolific murderers.

See the scenes of his crimes.

Hear the details about these cases and the theories about who this serial killer could be.

Whether you’ve never heard of Jack the Ripper or you’ve learned everything you can, you’ll enjoy this tour.

The tour guide will share information that even the most seasoned Ripper researchers might not know.

The guide is also a professional who will break it down for anyone who might not know very much about this murderer.

5. Private Tour: Jack the Ripper Day Time Walking Tour in London

⭐️  RATING:  5 out of 5 Stars, 10+ reviews | ⏳  TOUR LENGTH:  3 hours | ✔️  BOOK NOW

London Jack the Ripper Tours

  • Daytime hours
  • Private tour
  • Local guide

If you’d rather explore Whitechapel during daylight, this is the tour for you.

The Jack the Ripper case is so creepy that it doesn’t even need to be dark outside. You’ll still get goosebumps learning about his killing spree.

This private group tour is great for people traveling with friends and family.

The price varies by group size, but you could all pitch in for an excellent experience!

Learn fact from fiction as you follow in this serial killer’s footsteps.

You’ll walk down alleyways, look at historic buildings, and pass by street art. But you’ll also see the crime scene locations as well as other key locations.

The 20 stops on this trip include the house of a chief suspect, pubs closely linked to the case, and some religious sites.

This tour doesn’t only focus on Jack the Ripper, it also looks at East London as a whole.

What was the culture like? How has its history shaped the community it is today?

6. Jack the Ripper Ghost Walking Tour in London including Bedlam Asylum

⭐️  RATING:  5 out of 5 Stars | ⏳  TOUR LENGTH:  1 hour 30 minutes | ✔️  BOOK NOW

London Jack the Ripper Tours

  • Private walking tour
  • Commentary from a professional guide
  • Bedlam lunatic asylum
  • Small group tour

This private walking tour is a great way to have a personal experience.

The tour guide will cater to the small group to ensure that you have the best time on this tour!

You can book this tour for a group of up to 15 people. This will ensure that you have a cozy time walking through the creepy streets of East London.

This evening tour is led by a knowledgeable guide.

The tour guide will share so much information and answer any of your questions!

Not only will you see the murder sites, but you’ll also get to see the Bedlam lunatic asylum and the area of London that inspired Great Expectations .

This tour will explore Old Spitalfields Market, Brick Lane, and Whitechapel Road.

You’ll also have a chance to grab a drink at Ten Bells, supposedly Jack the Ripper’s favorite pub.

7. Jack the Ripper Tour with free Fish & Chips & option Coach travel : Jack the Ripper London tour

⭐️  RATING:  4 out of 5 Stars, 260+ reviews | ⏳  TOUR LENGTH:  3 hours | ✔️  BOOK NOW

London Jack the Ripper Tours

  • Expert Jack the Ripper specialist guide
  • VOX personal headsets
  • Traditional British Fish and chips
  • Air conditioned Mercedes Coach with free Wi-Fi and USB chargers (if option selected)

This walking tour has a Coach option so you can ride between stops.

You’ll also have a chance to pause and eat some authentic British fish and chips!

Use your headphones to listen to descriptive audio.

The recordings will help you imagine the streets of East London during Jack the Ripper’s reign.

This is a sure-fire way to get goosebumps!

Pass by Drury Lane, see Sweeney Todd’s residence, and get a view of Old Bailey. Each of these landmarks is accompanied by creepy stories that you’ll hear on the tour.

Explore Whitechapel to see the locations that have been linked to Jack the Ripper.

Visit Spitalfields Market and the Ten Bells pub, as well.

These locations may have been favorites of the prolific murderer.

This tour also passes by Fleet Street, Trafalgar Square, and St. Paul’s Cathedral!

8. Jack the Ripper and Sherlock Holmes Tour of Haunted London

⏳  TOUR LENGTH:  2 hours 30 minutes | ✔️  BOOK NOW

London Jack the Ripper Tours

  • London Jack the Ripper tour
  • Air-conditioned vehicle
  • Information about Sherlock Holmes

If you want a Jack the Ripper tour that includes other topics, consider this tour.

You’ll see the locations that are linked to the serial killer. You’ll also learn about Sweeney Todd, the Cock Lane Ghost, and Sherlock Holmes!

London has a creepy history of executions, hauntings, and murders that don’t revolve around Jack the Ripper.

Why not learn about them, as well?

You’ll get on and off a vintage double-decker bus for this tour.

Not only will you pass by creepy locations, but you’ll also see some popular London landmarks.

And you’ll learn the dark history revolving around these seemingly innocuous sites.

The tour will end at the Sherlock Holmes Pub.

You can get authentic fish and chips or a pint after the tour ends!

This tour is perfect for anyone who enjoys the creepy things in life.

9. Jack the Ripper Guided Walking Tour with Paul Mansfield

⭐️  RATING:  4.3 out of 5 Stars, 20+ reviews | ⏳  TOUR LENGTH:  1 hour 30 minutes | ✔️  BOOK NOW

London Jack the Ripper Tours

  • Small group capped at 10 guests
  • Expert guide for a London Jack the Ripper Walk
  • Photos used to help you visualize the stories
  • Walking tour of Whitechapel

This Jack the Ripper tour is led by an expert in the field.

Tour guide Paul Mansfield has assisted in the creation of four television documentaries.

With over 18 years of “Ripperology” experience, Mansfield is the most-equipped tour guide you can find.

He’ll share his wealth of knowledge with you.

He’ll listen to your questions and give you informative answers.

He’ll even share anecdotes that you’ll remember for years to come. 

As you walk up and down the cobbled streets of London’s East End, you’ll learn about the stories that have made it famous.

Charles Dickens, Karl Marx, the Krays, and the Elephant Man were other notable figures who dwelled in this area.

You’ll also learn some information about them along the way!

The tour guide will use photos to help you visualize late-19th century London. Poverty and crime were everywhere.

The police were overworked.

You’ll understand how people got away with murder in those days.

10. Jack the Ripper: Solve the Crime Tour with Local Guide

⭐️  RATING:  4 out of 5 Stars, 8+ reviews | ⏳  TOUR LENGTH: 2 hours | ✔️  BOOK NOW

London Jack the Ripper Tours

  • Replicas of evidence
  • Police photos
  • Learn Whitechapel history
  • Solve the mystery of Jack the Ripper on this Jack the Ripper tours London

If you’re a couch detective who dreams of solving cold cases, you should consider this tour !

Join some other sleuths as you learn about the evidence in the Jack the Ripper case.

Then put the clues together to see if you can solve the murder!

You’ll visit the crime scenes, study police photos, and read his infamous letter.

Learn all the facts about this case from your tour guide.

You’ll be armed with enough information to come to a conclusion.

We may never find out who Jack the Ripper really was, but we can become passionate about our theories!

Since you’ll visit the crime scenes in chronological order, you’ll be able to put yourselves in the shoes of the detectives who first tried to solve the case.

You may or may not even reach the proper conclusion.

Explore Whitechapel to see where this serial killer and his victims hung out.

Learn about the history of Whitechapel before and after Jack the Ripper’s reign of terror.

11. Private 3-Hour Jack The Ripper Walking Tour

⏳  TOUR LENGTH:  3 hours | ✔️  BOOK NOW

London Jack the Ripper Tours

  • Expert guide with 30+ years of Ripper knowledge
  • Daylight hours
  • Private group tour

If you’re traveling with a group, you should consider this group tour .

It’s perfect for anyone who would rather learn this creepy story during the safety of the daytime.

You’ll have 3 hours to follow Jack the Ripper’s footsteps and learn about his crimes.

Your tour guide has over 30 years of studying Jack the Ripper.

This means that you’ll have answers to any question you could think of!

Not only will you learn about the case files, but you’ll also learn Whitechapel history.

You’ll visit the 5 crime scenes that have been attributed to Jack the Ripper.

But you will also learn about some other murders that may or may not have been linked to the same killer.

You’ll see the pubs and other historic buildings where the serial killer and his victims would’ve hung out.

The tour ends by a medical museum which displays the Victorian instruments Jack the Ripper probably used on his victims.

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UK Travel Planning Guide: the FAQs

🏥 Should I buy UK travel insurance?

Absolutely yes. Basic coverage is not expensive, and as a visitor you are NOT covered under the NHS. Compare policies and prices with Travel Insurance Master here , a big name in the travel insurance business, and cross that off your list.

🔌 Do I need travel adapters for the UK?

Yes, you do, otherwise you won’t be able to plug in your electronics/phone/lifelines. I recommend this one , which is all-in-one so you can use it in other countries.

🚗 What do I need to drive in the UK?

The first thing you need to check out if you’re planning on renting a car in the UK is this guide to driving in the UK for visitors – the roads, signs, and driving experience will likely not be what you’re used to and it’s essential to prepare yourself to stay safe and aware.

🛌 What’s the best way to book hotels in the UK?

For UK hotels, Booking is the best site as it offers free cancellation on many properties. If you want an apartment, I always recommend VRBO over AirBnb.

📳 Will my phone work in the UK?

Yes – if you set it up right. Check out my guide on making your foreign phone work in the UK to ensure that you get the type of service you need.

🚿 Can I drink the water in the UK?

Yes, UK water is great and perfectly safe. But drink out of taps in any kitchen or use water fountains. Double check before drinking out of the taps in hotel bathrooms, though, as they may be on a different system. London water is safe to drink .

Heading to London? Want the best tips?

Check out my Ultimate Guide to London for Visitors. Using text, images and video, this guide is packed full of tips, tricks, safety advice, knowledge on how to get around and what to do, and more!

london tour jack the ripper

Moving to the UK or already an Expat?

Grab my book which covers moving to the UK, struggles I faced and that you might face too, and uplifting advice to help you along the way! Available in hard copy and on Kindle.

london tour jack the ripper

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Was it really worth the time & effort? - Jack the Ripper-Walks

  • Europe    
  • United Kingdom (UK)    
  • England    
  • London    
  • London - Things to Do    
  • Jack the Ripper-Walks

Was it really worth the time & effort?

Firstly, we were invited by friends as part of a free 4 person voucher, so in fairness there was no cost involved. However, would I have paid for this ? … No … two thirds through the walk a group of four walked off. I’d advise not to do this on a Friday & Saturday evening as during the tour , around us flowed the hustle & bustle of weekend London Night Life. The day that we chose was during the Demonstration regarding the Palestine/Israel war, so lots & lots of people mulling around. You have to be fairly fit and wrapped up warm if it’s Winter. The guide, a lady in costume in keeping with the era, pulled a trolly type suitcase around which I thought was an amplifier so that when the lady spoke we could hear her. No such hope and there were times when nothing could be heard due to the surrounding, “ White Noise “. The guide kept going off into minor tangents of knowledge of the era, though there was a slither of tie to the subject, sometimes I struggled to see what the connection was. So much history that whilst relating to the 1800’s, was not directly linked to the Jack the Ripper story. Too much chatter and not enough focus on the event.

I am a bit mystified by your review as there are no FREE vouchers on TripAdvisor or my website? Did you mean that you as a couple were invited free? If so then the walk was not your choice and maybe not an interesting subject for you. Apart from that looking at my bookings I had no customers from TripAdvisor/Viator in the past two weekends when there have been demonstrations? This weekend on Sunday when there was no tour. Last weekend on Saturday when there was. The area around Brick Lane is always very busy on a weekend, a very popular place to go because of that I and my fellow guide (who both dress in costume and have trolleys to carry our tablets in to show clear pictures during the tour) wear microphones when the group numbers 20+ despite this I realise that sometimes it might be difficult to hear but if it was why did you not ask for the sound to be made louder? We do give a lot of background about the victims as most people want to hear about their lives and the social conditions at the time as well as the murders and a small amount about area itself. I can only encourage anyone who reads this review to scroll down and look at the many 5* reviews that we have received by customers who throughly enjoyed the Jack the Ripper Walk!

Great experience our host Serena was very knowledgeable and great a entertainer We saw parts of London that we would not of thought to visit Thank you

Thank you for your review I will pass on your compliments to Serena

Absolutely brilliant experience! The walk was amazing, even knowing my way round London the walk showed me a considerable amount of hidden gems, courtyards and even pubs that I never would have found!Jenny was fantastic a great entertainer and extremely knowledgeable about the history of not only Sweeny Tod but the history of London! Worth every single penny, a bargain price for 2 hours… !! We will now book Jack the Ripper walking tour!!

Great tour,very engaging presetation and really funny? Absolutely loved it. Lady who run the tour knows her stuff- she event remember letters that Jack the Ripper wrote to the detectives,word by word

serena did a great job as the guide! a very informative and interesting walking tour. as someone who started the tour with little to no knowledge of jack the ripper, i feel as though i learned so much! it started raining hard during the tour and it kept going so definitely be prepared and check the weather prior!

Sarena was a brilliant tour guide. Extremely knowledgeable, charismatic and clear. I learnt a lot and had such a good time. Would definitely recommend! You won’t regret it!

Free Jack the Ripper Tour Banner

Free Jack the Ripper Tour London

  • Unveil the secrets of Whitechapel while you hear about the most infamous murders in London’s history.
  • Discover the dark side of Victorian Britain , and the grueling living conditions of those who were pushed out to the East End.
  • Who was Jack the Ripper? Hear about all the suspects and theories to try to solve the puzzle.

Free Jack the Ripper Tour1

Tour Calendar

Latest reviews, see all tours in london.

Essential Free Tour London Original Banner

Free Tours in Your Language

Free Tour - Free Tour London › Free Jack the Ripper Tour London

Guides Leading this Tour

Other tours in london.

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london tour jack the ripper

The Best Offbeat Tours and Experiences in London

L ondon is the capital of the United Kingdom, the seat of the Royal Family and the "Hollywood" of the British Isles all rolled into one. Throw in a wealth of historical attractions and an eclectic range of neighborhoods, you have a city that stands alone on the European travel scene. In fact, a recent report has reinforced its case as the most popular city in all of Europe with Americans. 

London is loaded with iconic tourist experiences like seeing the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace, taking a selfie with Big Ben, touring the Tower of London and taking a spin on the London Eye, but the city also rewards those who dig under the surface. There's no better way to do that than by taking part in an offbeat tour or experience and the following eight will all show you a different, slightly quirkier side of this great city.  

The Beatles Tour

Sure, you could head up to St. Johns Wood and see the iconic "Abbey Road cover" crosswalk and the famed recording studios that inspired the Beatles' album all by yourself, or you could take a proper dive into all things Fab Four on one of two Beatles-themed strolls from acclaimed outfit London Walks. These enlightening and entertaining tours visit The Beatles' favorite haunts and places where they performed, in addition to taking in the iconic studio and crosswalk. 

The London Waterbus

Dating back to 1820, Regent’s Canal connected the Grand Union Canal to the River Thames and served as a crucial industrial transportation artery in its heyday. Today, the canal has transformed into a recreational thoroughfare frequented by pleasure boats and adorned with a hodgepodge of houseboats. On this tour from London Waterbus , you'll float from Little Venice in Maida Vale to the bustling Camden Town, encountering a blend of landscapes, from grandiose mansion gardens to contemporary villas juxtaposed with industrial edifices, a power station, and vibrant street art.

London Loo Tour

London's only walking tour exclusively centered around the history of sanitation and toilets (shocking, I know), the London Loo Tour is the epitome of offbeat. Following a friendly tour guide wielding a plunger, you'll delve into the fascinating world of public toilets in London, encountering a plethora of captivating sights and stories along the way. From the architectural marvels of Victorian-era lavatories to the modern-day "Jubiloo," you'll be surprised at how big of a role public conveniences play in this city. 

Historic Pubs of London Walk 

Anyone can search the web for "London's most historic pubs," but it's not the same as hearing the tales behind the establishments and their ales from a knowledgeable and affable host like the ones from Liquid History Tours . On this jaunt, you'll stroll through some of the most ancient parts of the city and learn about the legends who frequented the pubs within. You're sure to leave the last pub with a new appreciation for the hidden gems of the city and a few new friends.

Jack The Ripper Tour

Follow in the footsteps of London's most infamous serial killer and his victims on the original Jack The Ripper Tour of the East End. This eerie amble will take you down the dark alleyways where the Ripper plied his infamous trade and past pubs and establishments where some of the victims were last seen. 

Thames Speedboat Experience 

Speedboats? In London? Oh yes. Enjoy the exhilarating experience of zipping up the iconic Thames River aboard a high-speed RIB (rigid inflatable boat) from Thames Rockets as a seasoned guide leads the way past renowned landmarks like Tower Bridge, the historic Tower of London and the iconic London Eye. I mean, could there be anything more "007" than that? 

Sherlock Holmes Walking Tour

Who better to sleuth out some fun than Sherlock Holmes himself? While the character was a work of fiction, many of the places mentioned in the beloved books are real, and you'll have fun visiting them on this tour from London Walks . Pipe and deerstalker hat not included.  

East End Food Tour

On the Brick Lane, Shoreditch & Spitalfields Food Tour from Eating Europe you'll take on a culinary journey through London's vibrant East End, sampling an eclectic range of flavors that define this diverse & trendy neighborhood. Renowned for food hotspots like Brick Lane and Spitalfields Market and for being the birthplace of London's street art scene, the East End offers a head-spinning amount of cuisines (almost all with a fascinating backstory) and on this tour, you'll get to sample everything from South Asian flavors and fish & chips to social media sensations. 

London's Tower Bridge at sunset.

Free Jack the Ripper Tour

Free Jack the Ripper Tour

Travel back to the Autumn of Terror 1888 and investigate a series of murders that sent shockwaves through London.

Select date and time

  • Monday May 6 7:00 PM
  • Tuesday May 7 7:00 PM
  • Wednesday May 8 7:00 PM
  • Thursday May 9 7:00 PM
  • Friday May 10 7:00 PM
  • More options

Tower Hill Tram

About this event

Retrace the steps of the world's most infamous, unidentified serial killer, as we take you back to the Autumn of Terror 1888.

In just 3 months, under the cover of darkness, Jack the Ripper brutally murdered 5 innocent Women on the streets of Whitechapel and then vanished, never to appear again.

Come with us as we ponder some of the most compelling theories as to his identity and motives, hear about the vicious murders he committed and learn the tragic life stories of the poor women he preyed upon.

The tour begins from Trinity Square Square, outside Tower Hill Station, EC3N 4 TH.

Look for the guide holding a red umbrella!

The tour operates on a ‘pay what you think it’s worth’ basis. There is no booking fee and no payment is required to join, so that it is accessible to every budget. However our guides are all freelancers who work for tips, so if you enjoy the tour, you are welcome to make a donation at the end. The value is up to you, whatever fits in with you budget and your levels of enjoyment.

You can contact us on +447709703141 or email [email protected].

For more information, visit

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Jack The Ripper

About The Tour

Expert Guides: Our knowledgeable guides are seasoned experts on the gruesome history of Jack the Ripper. They’ll lead you through the very streets where the infamous murders occurred, offering insights and intriguing theories that will leave you on the edge of your seat.

london tour jack the ripper

What to Expect on Our Jack the Ripper Tour

Notable neighborhoods & landmarks:.

Whitechapel: Begin your journey in the heart of Whitechapel, the epicenter of the Ripper’s reign of terror. Stroll along Whitechapel Road, where many of the victims met their gruesome fate.

Spitalfields: Immerse yourself in the rich history of Spitalfields, a district steeped in Victorian charm. Explore the bustling Spitalfields Market and discover its hidden secrets.

Ten Bells Pub: Visit the legendary Ten Bells Pub, where several of the Ripper’s victims were said to have frequented. It’s an eerie experience you won’t soon forget.

Brick Lane: Wander down Brick Lane, known for its vibrant street art and diverse culinary scene. Learn how this area has transformed over the years while staying true to its gritty past.

Aldgate East: Uncover the secrets of Aldgate East, another location with ties to the Ripper. Learn about the investigations and the mysteries that still linger to this day.

Why Choose Our Jack the Ripper Tour:

Unparalleled Historical Accuracy:

We've meticulously researched the facts, myths, and legends surrounding Jack the Ripper to provide you with the most accurate and spine-chilling experience.

Small Group Tours:

Enjoy an intimate tour experience with our small group sizes, ensuring you have the opportunity to engage with our expert guides and ask questions .

Interactive Experience:

Our tours are immersive and interactive, with captivating stories, evidence, and reenactments that transport you back to the eerie streets of Victorian London.


Adults  (Ages 13+)

Seniors  (Ages 65+)

Youth  (Ages 7 - 12)

Kids  (6 and under)

Duration - 2 hours

Running 7 days a week

Meeting location - 65a Whitechapel High street, London E1 7PL. Aldgate east station is directly next to the meeting point, look out for "Fashion Warehouse" and your tour guide will be waiting for you here.

Tour Gallery

london tour jack the ripper

Join us on the ultimate Jack the Ripper Tour, where we unravel the enigmatic tale of one of history's most notorious serial killers.

Quick Links

65a Whitechapel High street, London E1 7PL

london tour jack the ripper


  1. Jack The Ripper Tour

    Richard Jones. Richard is, according to the bible of ripper studies The Complete Jack the Ripper A to Z, "one of London's leading walking tour guides".. He has written two books on the case, has appeared on almost every television documentary about the ripper murders over the last 20 years, and has even written and presented his own drama/documentary about the mystery.

  2. Jack the Ripper Tour & Walk

    Join London's most popular Jack the Ripper tour every day and night of the week at 2:30 pm and 7.30 pm. Regarded as the best Ripper tour in London by Tripadvisor, we are the most up to date Jack the Ripper walking tour in the city. Don't just listen to the mystery killer's story, immerse yourself in it. Private School Tours

  3. Jack The Ripper Walking Tour By London Walks

    The bona fide London Walks guides for the Jack the Ripper Tour are easy to identify - they hold up copies of the famous white London Walks leaflet. Warning: don't part with your money until you're sure it's the London Walks guide you're handing it to. Price: £20 per person for adults; £15 for full-time students, over 65s and Loyalty Card holders; £5 for kids.

  4. Jack the Ripper Tour London

    Our London tours start from Exit 3 of Aldgate East Station, seven days a week. The gruesome tale of Jack the ripper remains the greatest mystery in the history of crime.. Our Jack the Ripper Walking Tour in London is the only one to use RIPPER-VISION, the most modern handheld projectors with the latest unseen graphic Jack the Ripper crime scene photos.

  5. Jack The Ripper

    Join us on the ultimate Jack the Ripper Tour, where we unravel the enigmatic tale of one of history's most notorious serial killers. ... and reenactments that transport you back to the eerie streets of Victorian London. Book Now. Pricing/Details. Pricing. Adults (Ages 13+) £19. Seniors (Ages 65+) £18. Youth (Ages 7 - 12) £15. Kids (6 and ...

  6. Jack the Ripper Tour with 'Ripper-Vision' in London

    Meet your guide in Aldgate East, London, and set off by foot to discover the history of London's most feared and infamous murderers—Jack the Ripper. The tour is centered around Whitechapel, the epicentre of the ripper's many murders in the late 19th century. While today the neighborhood is a vibrant multicultural place, Whitechapel in ...

  7. Jack the Ripper Walking Tour with Expert Ripperologist

    from $25.52. London, England. Westminster: Royal London 3-Hour Private Guided Walking Tour. 11. from $191.38. Per group. London, England. National Portrait Gallery London Private Guided Tour - 3 hour. from $248.80.

  8. London: Jack the Ripper Guided Walking Tour

    Full description. Hit the streets of East End London on a Jack the Ripper mystery walking tour. Head back to 1888 with your expert Ripperologist guide as you try to solve the still-unsolved murders on this immersive experience. Assess photographic evidence and hear true stories about the investigation to suss out the suspects.

  9. London: Jack the Ripper Walking Tour

    Discover the myths and facts behind one of the world's most notorious unsolved murder mysteries and follow in the footsteps of the infamous Jack the Ripper. In the early hours of 31st August 1888, a man walking to work down a dark lane in Whitechapel saw a shapeless bundle lying on the ground near some gates. Curious, he went over to investigate.

  10. London: Jack The Ripper Most Amazing Guided Walking Tour

    The tour allows you to piece together the puzzle of Jack the Ripper's crimes, making it a riveting experience for true crime enthusiasts and history buffs. Atmosphere and Authenticity: Our tours are designed for an immersive experience, featuring period-accurate storytelling, vintage photographs, and chilling anecdotes that transport you to the ...

  11. Jack the Ripper Immersive Tours

    Welcome. We have been conducting Jack the Ripper tours/walks for 30+ years and have launched the ONLY Jack the Ripper Immersive Tour in London! Combining a live tour guide with crystal clear images on a large tablet and pre-recorded parts by voice actors! Making you feel as though you are really there!

  12. Jack the Ripper Tour

    7:00 PM - 9:00 PM. Write a review. See all photos. About. Join London's original Jack the Ripper CSI tour led by expert authors who have written books on the world's most infamous murder mystery. Step by step we will spirit you back in time to the cobbled streets of the Victorian East End of London where we will conduct a fact filled inspection ...

  13. Jack the Ripper's Whitechapel Tour (Small group tour)

    The small group Ripper walk takes place at 7 pm every Thursday and every Friday evening. But do check the calendar because there are a few exceptions that prove the rule. Meeting point: The starting point of this walk is Whitechapel Tube Station and the tour ends near Liverpool Street station. Price: £25 per person.

  14. Jack the ripper Tours

    This tour has been voted as the Number 1 Jack the Ripper Tours and Walks in London. We use hand held projectors, bringing the gruesome story of Jack the Ripper to life in a way never before seen. Our tours show all the original crime scene photos taken at the time of the murders, plus we deliver the most in-depth insight into the original ...

  15. The Jack the Ripper Tour

    Historical Tours. 1-2 hours. RIPPER-VISION™ is a new approach to Jack the Ripper tours. Top of the range hand held projectors which emblazon five-foot…. Free cancellation. Recommended by 95% of travelers. from. $23. per adult.

  16. 11 Best Jack the Ripper Tours in London (2024)

    This tour will explore Old Spitalfields Market, Brick Lane, and Whitechapel Road. You'll also have a chance to grab a drink at Ten Bells, supposedly Jack the Ripper's favorite pub. CHECK Tour Prices and Availability Here. 7. Jack the Ripper Tour with free Fish & Chips & option Coach travel: Jack the Ripper London tour.

  17. London: Jack the Ripper Small Group Tour

    Our Jack the Ripper Tour will transport you back to the sinister streets of Victorian London, where the mystery and intrigue of this infamous killer await. ... United Kingdom. Greater London. Things to do in London. Spitalfields Market. Guided tour. London: Jack the Ripper Small Group Tour. 4.8 / 5 278 reviews. Activity provider:Empire Tours ...

  18. Jack the Ripper Tours, London

    London: Jack the Ripper Walking Tour. Go back in time to 1888 and trace the bloody trail of one of the world's most infamous serial killers. On this 2-hour walking tour you'll be introduced to the history of Jack the Ripper, whose murders still haunt London to this day. The murder spree sparked one of the greatest manhunts in British history.

  19. Jack The Ripper Tour

    The year is 1888. A murderer known to the media as 'Jack the Ripper' is terrorizing London's desperately poor East End. His target? The so-called 'unfortunat...

  20. Was it really worth the time & effort?

    London - Things to Do ; Jack the Ripper-Walks; Search. Jack the Ripper-Walks. 231 Reviews ... We will now book Jack the Ripper walking tour!! Date of experience: November 2023. Ask blinkerthinker about Jack the Ripper-Walks. Thank blinkerthinker . This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC ...

  21. London: Jack The Ripper Tour with Free Fish and Chips

    Full description. Uncover the dark side of London and learn about some of the city's most notorious murder cases on this Jack the Ripper tour. Try a traditional English dish — fish and chips — at one of London's oldest chip shops. Choose between a walking tour or a walking and bus tour. During the tour, hear about how the Whitechapel area ...

  22. Free Jack the Ripper Tour London

    Join a local guide and a small group of travelers for an unforgettable adventure. You will walk through the streets of the legendary neighborhood of Whitechapel in search of all the clues about the murders of Jack the Ripper. During the tour, you'll understand the harsh living conditions of the workers, prostitutes, thieves and homeless people who crammed into London's East End in Victorian times.

  23. The Best Offbeat Tours and Experiences in London

    Follow in the footsteps of London's most infamous serial killer and his victims on the original. Jack The Ripper Tour. of the East End. This eerie amble will take you down the dark alleyways where ...

  24. Free Jack the Ripper Tour Tickets, Sun 5 May 2024 at 19:00

    Eventbrite - Free Jack the Ripper Tour - Sunday, 5 May 2024 at Tower Hill Tram, London, England. Find event and ticket information.

  25. About the Tour

    Meeting location - 65a Whitechapel High street, London E1 7PL. Aldgate east station is directly next to the meeting point, look out for "Fashion Warehouse" and your tour guide will be waiting for you here. ... Join us on the ultimate Jack the Ripper Tour, where we unravel the enigmatic tale of one of history's most notorious serial killers ...

  26. The BEST London Jack the Ripper tours 2024

    London: Tower of London and Crown Jewels Exhibition Ticket. Take a tour of the timeless Tower of London - part of British history since the 11th century. This UNESCO World Heritage Site was built in 1086 by William the Conqueror. Discover London's castle - a secure fortress, royal palace, and infamous prison.

  27. Artillery Passage. London E1…

    Artillery Passage. London E1…. The Jack the Ripper Experience · Original audio