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SF 16th Street Factory, Retail Shop, Café, and Bloom Salon


New Factory

2600 16th Street (@ Alabama/Rescue Row) San Francisco, CA 94103 Map & Directions (415) 349-0942 [email protected]

Café, Shop, and Factory:

11am – 2pm / 3pm – 6pm daily for Pickup Only

Book a 16th Street Factory guided tour, class, or learn more about our trips to cacao farms

SF Valencia Street Factory, Retail Shop, and Café

chocolate factory tour san francisco

Our chocolate factory and café is open to the public seven days a week. In our café, we serve hot chocolates, espresso drinks, frozen drinks, and a full line of pastries made in house. To catch a view of our production process, grab a seat along the chalkboard corridor with a hot chocolate and watch our chocolate makers make cocoa beans into chocolate bars. We make chocolate every day until about 6pm with a break for lunch.

740 Valencia St. (at 18th) San Francisco, CA 94110 Map & Directions (415) 349-0942 [email protected]

<!– We will close at 4pm on Christmas Eve We will be closed from December 25-January 1, 2018. –>

<!– Every Wednesday from 5 – 6pm, we host an informal meet-the-maker chat and tasting in the cafe. No reservations necessary, just drop in. –>

11am – 7pm daily

Café Menu Our menu changes frequently, but here are samples of our chocolate and coffee drinks and housemade  pastries .

SF Ferry Building

chocolate factory tour san francisco

One Ferry Building, San Francisco, CA 94111 Map & Directions (415) 349-0942 [email protected]

9 am -5:30 pm Tuesday – Friday 8am – 4pm Saturday – Sunday Closed on Monday

<!– Holiday Hours Dec 24: 8am – 3pm Dec 25: CLOSED Dec 26-28: 10am – 6pm (Retail Only) Dec 29: 8am – 6pm (Retail Only) Dec 30: 10am – 5pm (Retail Only) Dec 31: 8am – 6pm (Retail Only) Jan 1: 8am – 6pm (Retail Only) –>


Santana Row

Santana Row – Popup

For the second year in a row, we are popping up at Santana Row in San Jose. This year we are located at the corner of Santana Row and Olsen Drive, in the former Pasta Pomodoro space. We will be there through Christmas Eve.

We have our chocolate, bars, gift items, and full menu of hot chocolates and mochas. Our hours are 10am – 10pm daily.



<!– Holiday Hours 2018/2019 December 24th, 11am-3pm December 25th-26th, Closed December 31st, 11am-3pm January 1st, Closed –>

The Venetian Resort Las Vegas (near the front desk) 3355 S. Las Vegas Blvd. Suite 101 Las Vegas, Nevada 89109 Maps & Directions (415) 349-0942 [email protected]

Dandelion Chocolate Japan

Tokyo, Japan

Learn more about Dandelion Chocolate Japan .

Factory & Cafe Kuramae: 4-14-6 Kuramae Taito-ku, Tokyo,111-0051 Map

363-6 Masuya-cho, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, 605-0826

+81 75-531-5292

Map & Directions

Reservation for CACAO BAR  can be made via  email or by calling 075-531-5292.

Dandelion Chocolate Japan

20-24 Honmachi Ise-shi, Mie 516-0074

Dandelion Chocolate Japan

12-32 Onaricho Kamakura-shi, Kanagawa, 248-0012 Map

Bean-to-Bar Lounge, Omotesando GYRE: 5-10-1 Jingumae, B1F Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0001

Taipei, Taiwan Pop-up Shop

Breeze NAN SHAN ATRE STORE 2F, No. 17, Songzhi Rd., Xinyi Dist., Taipei City 110, Taiwan

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TCHO Chocolate Free Factory Tour & Tasting | SF

Event details.

Submitted by the Event Organizer

Ghirardelli gets all the hype but there’s a new(ish) chocolate maker in San Francisco that’s also making waves. And now TCHO is inviting you for daily tours of their factory, free for a limited time.

Take the TCHO tour: 7 days a week. One-hour tours at 10:30 am and 2 pm. This TCHO Factory experience includes a presentation and factory tour with the most knowledgeable and entertaining tour guides in town, as well as an in-depth guided tasting of our flavor-driven, artisan chocolate. The tour lasts about an hour long. [ Get Free tickets to the TCHO factory tour ]

Some rules: This is a food production facility so there are some rules. Do not wear open-toed shoes (incl: sandals & flip-flops). Kids under the age of 8 are not allowed (this is not Willy Wonka’s factory). You must put away jewelry, watches, loose objects, cameras and cellphones. You do have to wear the provided hair net, beard guard (that goes for you too, Brian Wilson) and earplugs.

Disclaimer: Please double check event information with the event organizer as events can be canceled, details can change after they are added to our calendar, and errors do occur.

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San Francisco Attractions

Ghirardelli chocolate experience.

Popular Attraction In San Fransisco

Attractions Details

Find it on google maps.

5 stars 4 stars 3 stars 2 stars 1 star 5.00/5 - (1 Votes) Thuan Local tour guide "When visiting the Ghirardelli Chocolate Experience in San Francisco, be sure to try the famous Ghirardelli Sundae, topped with their signature homemade hot fudge. And don't forget to explore the Ghirardelli Square nearby for a beautiful view of the Bay Area while indulging in your chocolatey treat."

What is Ghirardelli Chocolate Experience?

Ghirardelli Chocolate Experience is a delightful attraction located in Sicily, Italy. This unique experience offers chocolate lovers the opportunity to indulge in the rich and decadent flavors of Ghirardelli chocolate while immersing themselves in the history and artistry of chocolate making.

History of Ghirardelli Chocolate Experience

The history of Ghirardelli Chocolate Experience dates back to the 19th century when Domenico Ghirardelli, an Italian chocolatier, established his famous chocolate factory in San Francisco, California. With a passion for creating exquisite chocolate, Ghirardelli quickly gained a reputation for his exceptional craftsmanship and dedication to quality.

Today, Ghirardelli Chocolate Experience in Sicily pays homage to this rich heritage, showcasing the time-honored techniques and traditions that have made Ghirardelli chocolate renowned worldwide.

When planning your  tours in San Fransisco don't forget to visit Ghirardelli Chocolate Experience.

Visit Ghirardelli Chocolate Experience on Our:

chocolate factory tour san francisco

Our San Francisco Instagram Tour will take you to all of the most famous spots in San Francisco all in one day. If you’re looking to experience authentic ...

Why is Ghirardelli Chocolate Experience Important?

Ghirardelli Chocolate Experience holds great significance for chocolate enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike. Firstly, it provides a unique opportunity to explore the world of chocolate through an immersive and interactive experience. Visitors can learn about the origin of cocoa beans, the chocolate-making process, and the art of chocolate tasting.

Secondly, Ghirardelli Chocolate Experience is a celebration of the culinary arts and the cultural heritage of Sicily. It showcases the region's passion for fine chocolate and its commitment to preserving traditional techniques.

Lastly, Ghirardelli Chocolate Experience contributes to the local economy by attracting both domestic and international tourists. It creates employment opportunities and promotes Sicily as a premier destination for chocolate tourism.

Things to Do & See at Ghirardelli Chocolate Experience

  • T aste Ghirardelli Chocolate : Indulge your taste buds in the exquisite flavors of Ghirardelli chocolate. Sample a variety of their famous chocolates, from creamy milk chocolate to intense dark chocolate.
  • Chocolate-Making Workshops : Participate in hands-on workshops and learn the secrets of chocolate making from expert chocolatiers. Create your own delectable treats and take them home as a tasty souvenir.
  • Interactive Exhibits: Immerse yourself in the world of chocolate through interactive exhibits that showcase the history, science, and artistry behind Ghirardelli's delectable creations.
  • Chocolate Pairing Sessions : Discover the art of pairing chocolate with various flavors, such as wine, coffee, or cheese. Engage your senses as you explore the harmonious combinations of taste and aroma.
  • Chocolate Shop : Browse through a wide array of Ghirardelli chocolates and chocolate-related products. Take home some delectable treats or unique souvenirs to share with family and friends.

With its delectable chocolates, immersive experiences, and the warm hospitality of Sicily, Ghirardelli Chocolate Experience promises an unforgettable journey for chocolate enthusiasts and curious travelers alike. 

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chocolate factory tour san francisco

San Francisco Instagram Tour: The Most Famous Spots

chocolate factory tour san francisco

San Francisco Walking Instagram Tour

Come and savor the magical world of Ghirardelli chocolate in the heart of Sicily.

Frequently asked questions

The Ghirardelli Chocolate Experience is a popular tourist attraction located in San Francisco, known for its immersive chocolate-themed exhibits and tastings.

The Ghirardelli Chocolate Experience is located at Ghirardelli Square, 900 North Point St, San Francisco, CA 94109.

Visitors can expect to learn about the history of Ghirardelli chocolate, participate in chocolate-making demonstrations, indulge in delicious chocolate tastings, and explore various exhibits showcasing the chocolate-making process.

Entry to the Ghirardelli Chocolate Experience is free. However, certain activities and tastings may have separate charges.

The Ghirardelli Chocolate Experience is open from 9:00 am to 11:00 pm, seven days a week.

Welcome to Napa Valley Sign (north)

Welcome to Napa Valley Sign (north)

Dolores Park

Dolores Park

Lands End Lookout

Lands End Lookout


Bean-to-Bar Chocolate in All Forms

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Location - Valencia Street

Valencia Street

740 Valencia Street SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94110

pastries & chocolates & confections • indoor café • event rental

Valencia Street 1

We opened our first factory and café on Valencia Street in 2012 to share the bean-to-bar chocolate-making experience with visitors. We bought, built, and repurposed machinery to perform every step of the process, and constructed an open space where guests may enjoy a front-row seat. To this day, we invite Valencia Street visitors to come in and stay a while — sample our single-origin chocolate bars, savor a steaming mug of House Hot Chocolate, and watch our chocolate makers at work.

Café & Pastries

Our Kitchen team bakes fresh cookies and pastries with our single-origin chocolate each day. We also offer made-to-order hot chocolates, Ritual coffee drinks, frozen hot chocolate, horchata, and more.

View Menu →

Café & Pastries

Private Events at Valencia

With working factory equipment on view, our café at Valencia makes a terrific setting for casual celebrations. Guests are served fresh pastries and café beverages; additional refreshments may also be requested.

Plan Your Event →

740 valencia STREET SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94110 415.349.0942

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Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory

Photo of Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory - San Francisco, CA, US. Deco

Review Highlights

golden-gate-fortune-cookie-factory-san-francisco photo 4mQbpAM7AuAMougj4Y5JQg

“ Well, I went to visit after work as I was craving fresh Fortune Cookies and was in the area picking up dinner. ” in 77 reviews

golden-gate-fortune-cookie-factory-san-francisco photo d5tVOF9VeIr9K8bgqhReLQ

“ Down on Ross alley next to the awesome barber who has been seen on the Bachelor and in a couple of movies. ” in 72 reviews

Jade M.

“ Their recipe holds true in taste, food history and culture of SF Chinatown , and Northern California. ” in 34 reviews

Show more review highlights

Location & Hours

Suggest an edit


56 Ross Aly

San Francisco, CA 94108

Other Bakeries Nearby

Nothing Bundt Cakes

Nothing Bundt Cakes

7.8 miles away from Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory

Corey Jace W. said "I have to admit the first time I passed this place, I thought "that's a stupid idea"! Luckily the next time I walked by they were giving out samples. My favorite is the cinnamon. It's ridiculously good. I now only buy the minis…" read more

in Desserts, Bakeries, Cupcakes

Zibatreats Cakes

Zibatreats Cakes

5.3 miles away from Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory

Coleen M. said "There's NOTHING like a Zibatreats cake! Are they pastry chefs? Artists? The answer is BOTH. I wanted a cake with whipped cream icing and found their website on the internet. REAL ingredients; nothing artificial, radical designs.…" read more

in Patisserie/cake Shop, Bakeries, Custom Cakes

Amenities and More

8 More Attributes

Ask the Community

Ask a question

Is it Cash Only?

No it's not. I went there in February and was able to pay with my card.

Can you just show up to tour the factory or do you have to make some sort of reservation?

You can walk into the shop. Be prepared to wait. And "factory" is perhaps a little grand of a word to use. It's quite quaint.

Recommended Reviews

Photo of Username

  • 1 star rating Not good
  • 2 star rating Could’ve been better
  • 3 star rating OK
  • 4 star rating Good
  • 5 star rating Great

Select your rating

Overall rating

1345 reviews

Photo of Anna N.

Came here for the first time with my family, I've always heard about it but never came. They have so many different types of fortune cookies and different sizes. Tons of famous celebrities have came and there are pictures all over their wall. We saw two ladies up at front, one was packaging the fortune cookies and the other was making them. It was very cool to see the process. We were also offered a fortune cookie that was circular shaped!

Photo of Katrina R.

Another one of the first places i've tried in SF. The place looks nice and definitely gives China vibes. As i was new to SF at the time though, i was quite surprised when after my purchase, the lady didn't even offer to give me my change - i thought maybe it's the culture, but a few months in this city disproves that, so ‍. Anyway - the fortune cookie tasted as expected, but not really worth the price, in my view. Also, the fortunes weren't even attempts at fortune quotes - as you can see from my video.

chocolate factory tour san francisco

Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory made my wedding even more special with their fantastic fortune cookies! We chose matcha green tea and strawberry flavors, and they were a huge hit with our guests. The best part was being able to add our own personalized fortunes inside each cookie. The factory also provided adorable colorful reusable bags for pick-up, adding a charming touch to the whole experience. As a bonus, they gave us a free bag of their delicious flat fortune cookies, which didn't last long at home--they were that good! For anyone considering ordering from Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory, I recommend placing your order at least two weeks in advance to ensure everything is ready on time. Despite this recommendation, they impressively completed our order within a week. Their attention to detail and delicious cookies made our celebration truly memorable.

Photo of Callie J.

The Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory is a hidden gem tucked away in Chinatown. Let me share my delightful encounter: Handcrafted Perfection: Since 1962, this legendary factory has been hand-making approximately 10,000 fresh fortune cookies daily. The mesmerizing process unfolds on large rotating cast iron griddles. The fortune cookies here far surpass the usual ones found in Chinese restaurants. They're extra crispy, delicately thin, and carry a delightful vanilla scent. Flavorful Varieties: While the classic fortune cookies are delightful, I recommend venturing into the green tea-flavored ones or the chocolate-dipped, sprinkle-covered variety. Each bite sparks joy and transports me back to childhood birthday parties. Customizable Messages: The flat cookies, sans fortunes, are surprisingly popular. These little crunchy discs are ideal for snacking. You can even customize the messages inside--perfect for party favors or secret love notes. Conclusion: The Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory remains a timeless delight. Whether you're a local or a curious traveler, this spot offers a sweet escape from the ordinary.

chocolate factory tour san francisco

One of the places you MUST visit when in San Fran! Easily accessible and right in the heart of Chinatown, this was just such a fun and nice thing to see! You walk in and it's legit a fortune cookie factory. There was a woman that was working the fortune cookie machine where the wafers were rotated out through. Once they approached the woman, she would grab them and fold it in the appropriate fortune cookie shape and placed them in a separate container. Each time she folded the wafer you could see a piece of paper palmed in her hand which is subtly placed in the cookie during the fold. This old school way also looks like a way to ensure product quality control. Wafers were often skipped and that's what the woman would give us while we were looking through the cookies that would be available for purchase. Yes, you can purchase cookies. All kinds! Flavors include chocolate, matcha and strawberry. You can purchase by the assorted pack or just the traditional fortune cookie in bulk. They also had one giant one that came in a Chinese take out container. The big cookie was consumed by my son when I came home and to our surprise there were two smaller cookies inside of the larger one. And the cookies are delicious! You can tell how fresh they are. They are almost slightly sweeter than what you usually get with your generic take out order. Maybe it's because they are fresher.... What's awesome is that with your purchase you get a scoop of unfolded wafers in your cool tote bag (which could also double as a souvenir). So fun! From what I understand you can get custom messaging if you contact them ahead of time. What I thought was HILARIOUS was that they also had cookies with "X-Rated" messages. I DID NOT buy these but I guess good to know?! Such a fun time and will definitely return here on my next visit.

Fortune cookie folding

Fortune cookie folding

chocolate factory tour san francisco

I've tried coming here several times over a handful of years and always got deterred by the crowds or finding it unexpectedly closed. It's an iconic Chinatown stop where you get a glimpse of the traditional hand methods of the fortune cookie process. You won't be disappointed by the smells and they offer a handful of interesting cookie alternative including fortune cookie flats. It's a nice ode to the Chinese-American culture....if you are patient enough wait through the usual lines of people.

chocolate factory tour san francisco

Golden Gate was such a fun experience. I came across this place on TikTok and decided to try it out because I love fortune cookies. When you first walk in, it's like a fortune cookie warehouse. LOL. They are EVERYWHERE, in all flavors. The nice lady also gives you a sample when you walk in. I don't think I have ever had a fresh fortune cookie before, it was literally hot off the press and hadn't even been folded. There's even a little lady hand folding cookies right in the middle of the store. I personally thought that was really cool to see. I got a couple of custom cookies and would have purchased more things, but they were cash only. Overall, this is a super cute experience I would recommend to anyone hanging out and exploring China town.

chocolate factory tour san francisco

See all photos from Anitra T. for Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory

Photo of Lily S.

I knew them before they went viral. I literally grew up in this neighborhood, and would stop by frequently for free samples when I was a kid. I'm so happy to see their little cookie shop become the must-visit tourist spot in Chinatown. They are located in an alley between Washington and Jackson streets. The alley is much cleaned up since my childhood days. As soon as you enter, someone will hand you some fresh off the griddle samples. The shop is very small, but there's quite a variety of cookies, including green tea and chocolate. There are also some x-rated ones, big ones, little ones, and flat ones. There's always someone there hand-folding the cookies as they come off the griddle. I make it a point to visit whenever I'm in Chinatown. A couple years ago they charged a fee to take photos inside, but they seemed to have relaxed that now (I think). It's definitely worth a visit if you're in Chinatown, and grab a bag of fresh cookies.

chocolate factory tour san francisco

See all photos from Lily S. for Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory

Photo of Sherry F.

A must visit for any trip to San Francisco's Chinatown! The Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory is a culturally historic and nostalgic spot to see how fortune cookies are made and to buy some of your own delicious cookies. You have the option of buying regular folded fortune cookies or flat ones (big or small) or even chocolate, green tea, and strawberry flavored ones. You can also choose to make your own fortunes inside - just write and hand the paper to the lady nearby folding the cookies. This only costs $3.50 for two. Plus, it comes with a mini take out box. Initially, I didn't want to buy anything and just wanted to check out the store. But I was hooked after the lady gave me a fresh warm sample. They give everyone a sample of their freshly made cookies, which automatically draws you in bc of how insanely addictive and good it tastes.

chocolate factory tour san francisco

Tucked in an alley in Chinatown is the Fortune Cookie Factory where they make fresh fortune cookies. The lady at the entrance handed us a fresh circular cookie. There's an option to write your own fortunes but it got pretty busy on a Thursday so we quickly grabbed the X-rated adult fortune cookies. We were handed our purchase and she dropped several free fresh cookie samples in our bag. Loved the no-nonsense approach!

Fortunes from the X-rated batch

Fortunes from the X-rated batch

38 other reviews that are not currently recommended


2.1 miles away from Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory

Sarah R. said "Such a good bakery!!!! Very professionally done and elegant looking. Great to take to parties. My fav was the raspberry one in the picture. I personally didn't love the chocolate flavors but the fruity ones are amazing." read more

in Bakeries, Desserts


2.5 miles away from Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory

Amanda P. said "I have a problem. What is the problem you ask? Well, I might actually be going to more stores just so I can write reviews on yelp :). So I scootered myself over to Lucky's simply to buy some juice that I recently discovered. But to…" read more

in Grocery, Bakeries

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San Francisco Chinatown: My Tour

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san francisco treats.

san francisco treats.

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chocolate factory tour san francisco

Delicious Chocolate in Beautiful Metal Tins!

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At The San Francisco Chocolate Factory, we create beautiful gift tins filled with gourmet chocolate.

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We also offer beautiful gift tins for major chocolate holidays , including Mother's Day, Father's Day, Easter, Christmas, and Valentine's Day.

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Finally, we offer fully customized tins filled with our delicious chocolate. Perfect for wedding favors, commemorating a special event like anniversaries or birthdays, to promote a business, or to sell as a souvenir at your location, the possibilities are endless!

We are offering our products at 40% below typical retail. What are you waiting for??

Looking for wholesale quantities? We offer wholesale pricing for retailers both directly through us (call us at 415-677-9194) or through our wholesale marketplace on Faire.com .

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  1. Dandelion Chocolate Experiences, Classes, and Factory Tours

    On weekends, we have the factory to ourselves; we'll dive deeper into chocolate history, as well as our own sourcing and production processes. Both tour versions include lots of chocolate tasting. LOCATION. 16TH STREET FACTORY. STARTING AT. $20 / PERSON. DAYS OFFERED. TUESDAY - SUNDAY: 11AM, 3PM, 5PM.

  2. Visit Us

    16 Street Factory. 2600 16TH STREET. SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94103. factory tours · drinks · pastries · indoor café. pre-order pickup · retail · classes · outdoor seating. Monday. 7:30 AM - 6 PM.

  3. The San Francisco Chocolate Ghirardelli Factory Tour and Other ...

    Chocolate lovers rejoice: There are a number of special tours in San Francisco for those who love chocolate. While the original Ghirardelli factory buildings no longer host a working factory or manufactory tour, you can visit the original manufactory, which now hosts a beautiful ice cream shop and chocolate store. Read on to find out

  4. Ghirardelli Square Chocolate Shop in San Francisco

    Info. 900 North Point St Ste F301, San Francisco, CA 94109. Phone: (415) 447-2846. View Map. Pick and Mix. Visit the world's largest Pick & Mix, with the widest selection of Ghirardelli Squares available to customize in a variety of gifts, which can now also be personalized! Wall to Wall Chocolate.

  5. Top 10 chocolate factory tours Near San Francisco, California

    See more reviews for this business. Top 10 Best Chocolate Factory Tours in San Francisco, CA - June 2024 - Yelp - The Original Ghirardelli Chocolate & Ice Cream Shop, Dandelion Chocolate, See's Candies, TCHO Chocolate, Ghirardelli Chocolate Experience, Fortune Cookie Factory, Sixth Course, Z Cioccolato, Feve Artisan Chocolatier.

  6. Dandelion Chocolate

    Walk through our historic brick 16th Street factory with an expert Chocolate Educator: View our entire production line, and enjoy plenty of samples, from fresh cacao pulp to finished chocolate. Weekdays until 2 p.m., you're likely to see our Chocolate Makers in action, and catch the aroma of freshly roasting cocoa beans. On weekends, we have the factory to ourselves; we'll dive deeper into ...

  7. Dandelion Chocolate

    San Francisco 16th Street Factory; Valencia Street; Ferry Building; Fillmore Street; Bloom Chocolate Salon; Las Vegas ... "At Dandelion Chocolate's bean-to-bar factory and café, you'll find single-source chocolate bars roasted to subtle perfection." ... Explore chocolate-inspired activities, classes, and tours curated for your occasion ...

  8. San Francisco

    Established in 1852, Ghirardelli Chocolate has been a pioneer in making premium chocolate so delicious it Makes Life A Bite Better. At Ghirardelli Square, the legend lives on at Ghirardelli Chocolate Experience. The store is vibrant and welcoming, rooted in the rich heritage of San Francisco. Indulge in the ultimate chocolate experience, where ...

  9. Dandelion Chocolate

    Specialties: Small batch, bean-to-bar chocolate maker located in The Mission district of San Francisco. Established in 2008. Dandelion Chocolate is a bean-to-bar chocolate factory in the Mission District of San Francisco. We opened our workshop out of a lifetime love of chocolate. Our friends often said that given enough time, it seemed inevitable that one of us would open a chocolate factory ...

  10. Dandelion Chocolate: Factory Tour & Guided Tasting

    Dandelion Chocolate: Factory Tour & Guided Tasting Dandelion Chocolate, 740 Valencia Street, SF, CA $15. Tours are limited to 8 guests. The production team will be off of their factory floor by 6 pm, so they will show videos of machinery that isn't running during the tour. ... San Francisco Fireworks: 4th of July (2024) SF's "Pier Party ...

  11. Ghirardelli Square, San Francisco

    Cruise through San Francisco on an electric scooter from Fisherman's Wharf to the Golden Gate Bridge during this private tour. See landmarks including Maritime Park, Marina Green, and Ghiradelli Square. Take in the views of the San Francisco Bay and the Golden Gate Bridge during the journey. 1 hour 30 minutes. Free Cancellation.

  12. Hours, Locations, and Menus for Dandelion Chocolate

    We have shelves of our chocolate bars and gift items, a full hot chocolate menu, and a curated selection of our pastries. One Ferry Building, San Francisco, CA 94111. Map & Directions. (415) 349-0942. [email protected]. 9 am -5:30 pm Tuesday - Friday. 8am - 4pm Saturday - Sunday.

  13. What to Do at Ghirardelli Square in San Francisco

    The stately brick buildings in San Francisco's impressive 1895 Ghirardelli Square, the original site of the Ghirardelli Chocolate Factory, are now the home of a stylish collection of shops, restaurants, and a luxe hotel.

  14. Ghirardelli Chocolate San Francisco Heritage

    Be the first to know about new chocolate launches, exclusive promotions, and get 15% off your first order. Coupons cannot be stacked with other offers, exclusions apply. Ghirardelli has been inspired by our San Francisco home since 1852. Ghirardelli represents a range of truly exceptional chocolate experiences, from classic, individually ...

  15. Location

    16. Street Factory. 2600 16 th STREET. SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94103. pastries & chocolates • gifts & drinks • classes • order pickup • factory tours • indoor café • event rental. Monday. 7:30 AM - 6 PM. Tuesday. 7:30 AM - 6 PM.

  16. TCHO Chocolate Factory Tour & Tasting

    Venue: TCHO Chocolate Factory. Address: 3100 San Pablo Ave, Emeryville, CA. This TCHO Factory experience includes a presentation and factory tour with the most knowledgable and entertaining tour guides in town, as well as an in-depth guided tasting of our flavor-driven, artisan chocolate. The tour lasts about an hour long.

  17. Ghirardelli Chocolate Experience

    The history of Ghirardelli Chocolate Experience dates back to the 19th century when Domenico Ghirardelli, an Italian chocolatier, established his famous chocolate factory in San Francisco, California. With a passion for creating exquisite chocolate, Ghirardelli quickly gained a reputation for his exceptional craftsmanship and dedication to quality.

  18. What Is the Ghirardelli Factory San Francisco Tour?

    The Ghirardelli Chocolate Company has had roots in Fog City since 1849. It is one of the oldest chocolatiers in the area, and one of the most respected. Like other San Francisco tours, a tour of the Ghirardelli Chocolate factory is designed to give visitors a taste of one of the city's most important traditions.

  19. Where Are There Chocolate Factory Tours in San Francisco?

    Deciding to venture out on a self-walking chocolate tour in San Francisco gives a person the opportunity to experience chocolates from around the world. Venturing into shops such as Five Star Truffles and Coffee offers aromas of chocolate-covered caramel truffles that need a two-day process to craft. Beginning with a rich caramel filling that ...

  20. Location

    We opened our first factory and café on Valencia Street in 2012 to share the bean-to-bar chocolate-making experience with visitors. ... Factory Tours. Classes & Events. Virtual Events. Origin Trips. Locations. Recipes. Shop All. Origins; Contact Us; ... SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94110 415.349.0942.

  21. Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory

    GOLDEN GATE FORTUNE COOKIE FACTORY, 56 Ross Aly, San Francisco, CA 94108, 1833 Photos, Mon - 9:00 am - 7:00 pm, Tue - 9:00 am - 7:00 pm, Wed - 9:00 am - 7:00 pm, Thu - 9:00 am - 7:00 pm, Fri - 9:00 am - 7:00 pm, Sat - 9:00 am - 7:00 pm, Sun - 9:00 am - 7:00 pm ... Can you just show up to tour the factory or do you have to make some sort of ...

  22. Ghiradelli Square

    Ghirardelli Square in San Francisco is a place worth no more than a quick stop if you're already trapped at Fisherman's Wharf. They have great chocolate and good ice cream - but the tourist frenzy is so far out of balance with the experience - it boggles our mind. Count on about $8 per ice cream sundae, per person, plus tax and tip ...

  23. The San Francisco Chocolate Factory

    Regular price$49.99 USD Sale price$29.99 USD. Unit price/ per. Add to cartSold out. Sale. 1/ of10. Gourmet Chocolate Gift Tins. At The San Francisco Chocolate Factory, we create beautiful gift tins filled with gourmet chocolate. Our world famous Wine Lover's Chocolate collectionpairs delicious chocolate flavors with the world's most popular ...

  24. Dandelion Chocolate

    We're Dandelion Chocolate, a bean-to-bar chocolate maker in San Francisco's Mission District. For over 10 years, we've been turning cocoa beans and organic sugar into single-origin dark chocolate. ... Dandelion Chocolate Factory Tour. Walk through our historic brick 16th Street factory with an expert Chocolate Educator: View our entire ...

  25. What Are the Best Chocolate Tours in San Francisco?

    The Ultra Chocolate Tour. Chocolate is also passionate, elegant and luxurious. This tour captures the opulent side of San Francisco's culinary scene, a lifestyle of silken chocolate, diamonds, cocktails and fine dining. It explores the 1920s-vibe of prohibition-era martinis, chocolate and French chic. The tour also includes carefully-selected ...

  26. Westfield gives up on SF while Silicon Valley mall has record sales

    As Westfield gives up on its downtown San Francisco location, its Valley Fair mall in Silicon Valley is seeing record sales. Westfield's San Francisco Centre and Valley Fair malls are about 50 ...