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huaraz chavin tours ruc

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huaraz chavin tours ruc

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huaraz chavin tours ruc

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huaraz chavin tours ruc

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November 1st, 2020


Huaraz -Chavin trekking 3 days

Trek Olleros – Chavín, Huaraz, Olleros, Chavin de huantar

This program can be altered, depending on the physical condition of the Group!

Introduction: A new and interesting way to trek, we walk 37 kms from Olleros to Chavín , an initiative undertaken by a group of peasant farmers from the Callejón de Huaylas and the Mountain Association of the Olleros-Chavín area. The initiative is designed to promote ecotourism in the Ancash department by rescuing its traditions.  This is one of the most spectacular trails in the Cordillera Blanca and Huascarán National Park. The route starts in the charming town of Olleros (30 kilometers south of Huaraz) where llamas are loaded with the necessary travel gear. During 3 days of walking and enjoying the scenic beauty of the area and the views of snow-capped peaks like Shaqsha (5,703 m), Cashan (5,686 m) and Tuctupunta (5,343 m) travelers have the opportunity of sharing the customs and traditions of local peasant communities at Shongo and Nunupata. The route ends at the splendid archaeological site of Chavín de Huántar, built to serve as the administrative and ceremonial center of the first pre-Columbian civilization that spread over most of what is now Peru. UNESCO declared the site part of Mankind’s Cultural Heritage in 1985. Dozens of structures in polished rock, underground plazas and galleries, and peculiar gargoyle heads and carved stone slabs make Chavín an indispensable stop for visitors to the area.

1st Day : Huaraz – Olleros-Tsacracancha We’ll leave from Huaraz approximately at 7:30 to  travel to Olleros, where we will arrange all the gear on the Mules and start our hiking, our Mules will help us with our day back packs. Our mountain supplies will be taken by the donkeys. This day we will enjoy the most beautiful panoramic scenes of the white peaked mountains and beautiful landscapes. In Olleros we’ll start at 3500 m. and finish around 4000m. At Tsacracancha the hike is fairly steady, winding slowly along a river bed with beautiful views of the rolling plains and snow capped peaks of the Huascaran National Park.

2nd Day: Sacracancha– Shongo After breakfast, the trek will continue, going up through the narrow valley. This day will be a bit steeper than the first day. We will climb towards the only pass on the trek, the Yana shallash pass at 4700m. We will see the peaks of Umashraju, Huantsan, Rurec and other mountains as we hike over the continental divide into the Callejon de Conchucos on the eastern side of the Andes. The trail going down is a PRE-INCA TRAIL, with flagstones zig zagging down the mountainside. We will pass some family communities during the day. We will camp at Shongopampa (3800 m).

Information: * Departure and arrival times are approximate. * Animals depend on the local customs. * Campsites are subject to change according to our guide’s criteria and the evolution of the group. * Custom made programs may be prepared for groups with special interests. Extra nights are optional in Chavin. * All tours may be provided in private upon request as well.

Included: * Bilingual and local guides. * 3 meals per day. Vegetarian food available on request. * 2 persons tents, mattresses, dining room-kitchen tent, small tables and chairs cook. * Animal shepherds,  mules for camping equipment and food. * Transport Huaraz – Olleros / Chavín – Huaraz * Pick-up from hostel.

Not included: * Breakfast on the first day & dinner on the last day. * Tips and entrance fee to the Ruins (entrance to trail 65 soles). * Personal travel insurance. * Sleeping bag can be rented from us.

What do we need when you make a reservation? *Full name as it is written in your passport.* Scanned copy of your passport. *Departing date for the trail. *We ask for a 40% deposit, sending to us  via visa or Pay Pall online through this website:+5,5 %  or Wetravel 4,5 % (cost credit cards charge us) The balance you will pay at our office in Cusco or Lima before the start of the trek. We accept cash USD or credit card (+5,5%)

What you should bring: * Personal sleeping bag , we also rent out sleeping bags * Trekking shoes. * Flash light. * Sun Hat + sun-block. * Personal clothing for trek and clothes for rain. * Insect repellent. * Camera with extra rolls of film. * Snack. * Clothes for cold and warm weather. * Emergency money and money for the tip to give the guide cook and porters.

Groups confirmed

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We are a Belgian / Peruvian travel agency. In the meantime, we have been offering tourists wonderful discovery trips to Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Colombia and Ecuador for 19 years.

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Provincia: Lima

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Cantidad de Trabajadores

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WEB: Servicio Turístico en Huaraz Ancash Perú

Perú - 2000_Todos los Derechos Reservados - Perú - Sudamérica

Full Day Tour to Chavin de Huantar Archaelogical Complex

Full Day Tour to Chavin de Huantar Archaelogical Complex

  • Destinations
  • Things to do

This all-day tour brings you to the Chavín Archeological Monument, which is one of the oldest sites in the Americas — construction began around 1500 BC. People came to this center to consult the oracle and to make offerings to the gods. The exterior walls are decorated with a series of zoomorphic (part animal) faces. Other highlights of the complex include the Tello Pyramid, the Circular Plaza, the Rectangular Plaza, the New Temple, and the Old Temple. In the village of Chavín de Huantar, just a few minutes from the complex, the museum exhibits archaeological artifacts found in the complex.

The journey to Chavín de Huantar is somewhat cumbersome. The road is in poor condition, but the scenery is breathtaking. It crosses the Cordillera Blanca (White Range) and offers views of snow-capped mountains and lagoons along the way.

Hotel pick up.

Set out for the south zone of Callejón de Huaylas, where we will observe the Cordillera Blanca. We will enter the Huascarán National Park to observe the impressive Querococha Lagoon whose bright blue waters reflect the peaks of the snowy Maqui Raju and Yana Marey. The tour continues to the Cahuish Tunnel, which unites two valleys. The road goes through the Valley of Los Conchucos before arriving in Chavin.

Arrive at the city of Chavin. This visit lasts two hours and gives you the chance to see the impressive Alpamayo peak. Finally, you’ll arrive at the The Chavín de Huantar Archaeological Monument. Highlights of the tour include the Chinchay Shock Altar, Serpent's Steps, Templo Mayor, the Gallery of the Labyrinths, and the Head Clava.

Next, you’ll visit the National Museum of Chavin, which has the original Tello Obelisk. This obelisk is named after Julio C Tello, one of Peru’s most famous archeologists. This obelisk is decorated with symbols representing caimans, and is believed to have been an object of worship.

Return to the city of Huaraz.

Please note it is warm at noon and cold in the afternoons.

What to Bring

Passport, small backpack hiking shoes/boots, rain coat/poncho, water bottle, flashlight, hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, camera, light/quick-dry clothes, insect repellent, snacks, and money for tips.

What's included

Round-trip private transportation, English-speaking guide, entrance fees, and lunch.


Many of our tours and activities offer transportation pick up & drop off options from several locations and destinations. Options vary by tour, see “BOOKING REQUEST” for full details.

Similar things to do

Trip from Huaraz to Lima with visit to Caral Ruins on route, Peru

The trip from Huaraz to Lima is around 8 hours without stop in a private car, but instead of just driving straight to Lima, we have included a guided tour to Caral Complex on route.

Caral is considered the oldest city in America. It occupies an extension of 66 hectares. The principal or nuclear area is composed by 32 structures public, several residential groups and an area in the periphery. Inside the nuclear space the buildings were distributed in two big halves: Caral Alto, in the north side and Caral Bajo, in the south.

More things to do →

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Chavin de Huantar Archaeological Site

tour Chavin de Huantar

  • Description

Plaza de Armas Chavin Huantar


  • Tour, most of the time by car.
  • Interesting story of our ancestors.
  • Visit the newly remodeled Chavin museum


The architectural ruins of Chavin are located 3 to 4 hours by vehicle from Huaraz. The pre Inca culture is dated between 800 — 200 BC; and developed a powerful religion which had great influence over many parts of Peru. The great temple contains many stone—lined galleries where Chavin priests consulted their gods, performed sacrificial ceremonies and stored ritual items. The most interesting parts of the site were built underground in an exceptional feat of 3000 year old engineering. We offer a guided tour to Chavin in our private vehicle..


We will start driving south side of Huaraz passing by typical villages of Recuay 3300 masl, cross the Santa river and pass around typical villages of Huacapampa, continue by eucalyptus trees passing the sheep herders villages. We join the paved highway, drive along the highlands full of pastures and straws and arrive at a small valley to visit the Querococha lake at 3980mas1 and stop for photo of the beautiful landscape. Then continue up to highest pass of Tunel de Cahuish at 4 500 masl, an important point for hydrographical division where the west side water flows to the Pacific ocean and the east side water flows to the Atlantic Ocean. Continue by the narrow valley in zig-zag way getting the Rio Mosna by the flanks of the river arriving to the Archaeological site of Chavin. The ruins are located next to the modern district of Chavin. Arrive at 1 pm and immediately will have lunch until 2 pm. Then enter the castle of Chavin on a guided tour which takes place for about two hours. Inside the ruins you will visit many labyrinth rooms and in one of the main buildings are the Lanzon the Chavin a big stone carved remain of the Pre-Inkas, many places and things to visit and observe, such as Plazas, cavezas clavas main porch and among others. Finalizing the tour in the modern museum where they storage the rests of the Chavin Culture. After you finish with the guided tour around 4 pm depart for a non-stop drive back to Huaraz for about 3 hours arriving around 7 pm direct to hotel.


All breakfasts are included in most hotels in Huaraz. 

As part of our service, we provide you with tasty nutritional lunches, snacks and modern, comfortable personal transport to and from our day hikes.

Our service include  from box lunch for midday during day trips. You will pay directly extra meal expenses during your stay in Huaraz From traditional Peruvian dishes, through to budget bites and fine cuisine you should allow approximately US$10 – 15 per meal.

We cater all fresh meals. We are pleased to cater to our vegetarian clients or special diets on request. It is your personal trek so it is your personal meal choice.


The checklist bellow should help you with your packing. As a general rule, you should always try to keep the weight of your equipment to a minimum.

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huaraz chavin tours ruc

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Taitalindo Peru tours and travel packages

Classical Huaraz Tour

  • Tours related
  • 1: Huaraz Huaylas Valley/ Llanganuco Lagoon
  • 2: Huaraz / Chavin de Huantar
  • 3: Departure

1 Huaraz Huaylas Valley/ Llanganuco Lagoon

Arrival in Huaraz, reception at the bus station and transfer to your hotel.

Brief rest inthe hotel. Start of full-day excursion to the Huaylas Valley, during which we will visit the towns of Caraz, Yungay and Campo Santo (Sacred Plain) and finally visit Llanganuco Lagoon where you can observe the impressive turquoise water. Return to the city and transfer to hotel.

2 Huaraz / Chavin de Huantar

AM Breakfast Full-day excursion that begins early after a breakfast.

The tour will pass throughConchucos Valley, Cahuish tunnel until we reach the ruins of Chavin de Huantar where you can see carved stone heads, the Monolithic Lanzon, underground labyrinths, etc.

Furthermore Chavin de Huantar is a valley surrounded by the black range in the north east and the white range at the east. This white range is the highest chain of tropical mountain ranges on the planet with its highest peaks at 6, 000 meters covered with ice and snow. Meanwhile the black range is home to mountains of 5, 100 meters which are characterized for not having snow although in the coldest months they collect in some of their peaks enormous deposits of frozen hail stones which give them a specter of white. In the afternoon return to the city, transfer to hotel.

3 Departure

AM breakfast.

At a time to be determined you will be taken to bus station.


huaraz chavin tours ruc

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huaraz chavin tours ruc

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Ancash is located north of the city of Lima. Huaraz is the capital. This is the starting point to begin your visits to the different tourist circuits in the region such as: The Llanganuco lagoon, The sacred temple of Chavin, the Pastoruri know as the route climate change and different lagoons and snow-capped mountains in the area.

Cusco is located south of the city of Lima. Cusco is considered the navel of the world. Come and visit Cusco, fill yourself with energy in Moray, discover the impressive architecture of Ollantaytambo and Pisac and feel a little closer to heaven in the Inca citadel of Machu Picchu and Choquequirao.

Northern Perú

North of the City of Lima we can visit different cities such as Trujillo, Chiclayo, Tumbes etc. here there are beautiful beaches such as Huanchaco, Mancora, Zorritos, Colan, Pimentel and you can taste their delicious northern food. You will be able to see humpback whales on their migratory route, swimming with turtles and enjoy beautiful landscapes.

Cusco is an inspiring and mystical city, here you will have diferents alternatives to enjoy its beautiful landscapes as the culture. Cusco is considered the last dwelling of the Incas, they were warlike and aggressive culture, and they able to conquer and dominate a large part of Perú. Here we offer you diferents trips to enjoy this beautiful place.

Traditional trips, choquequirao, chavin de huantar.

huaraz chavin tours ruc

Trip to Huaraz 04 D/03 N

1st. Day: Visit of the lake Llanganuco Trip Full day. 2nd. Day: Visit of the Arqueological place Chavín. Tour Full Day. 3rd Day: Visit of the lake 69. Full day. 4th. Day: Visit of the snowmountain Pastoruri. Read mas..   

Llanganuco Lake

Snow mountain pastorury.

We are a travel Agency in Perú, conformed by profetional the high level. We give a memorables services around perú and Bolivia. Your trips will be unforgettable. 



huaraz chavin tours ruc

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Tour Operativo Mayo a Septiembre   Anulación Gratuita Reprogramación Gratuita Servicio Grupal

  • Todo el año
  • 3,137 m.s.n.m
  • 8/15 personas

El tour Chavín de Huantar, tiene un punto clave como las Cabezas Clavas muestran seres míticos chavín y su nombre se debe a que todas tenían una estructura alargada en la parte posterior. En la actualidad, solo una se mantiene en su lugar original, en el Templo de Chavín de Huantar. 

Muy importante informacion:

✅  Cupos disponibles para mañana ✅  De preferencia reservar un dia antes 24hrs, algunas veses los cupos se agotan los fines de semana. ⛔   Lunes:  Cerrado (Atención de martes a domingo)

Lugar de salida y regreso

Salida y llegada al hotel Alpamayo

Hora de salida

Hora que se va a retornar.

7:30 aproximadamente

Precio incluye

  • Transporte turístico al 90% de aforo.
  • 1 Guía Oficial de turismo
  • Asistencia permanente
  • Botiquín de primeros auxilios
  • Nuestros servicios son viajes en grupo, para un viaje privado o individual ponganse en contacto con nosotros

Precio excluye

  • Pasajes a Huaraz desde ligar de origen Lima- Huaraz - Lima u otros.
  • Desayuno en la laguna 69
  • Almuerzos ni Cenas durante el tour y la ciudad de Huaraz
  • Tickets de Ingreso a los sitios turísticos
  • Nada que no se haya mencionado dentro del programa.
  • Ingreso al parque nacional Huascarán, turista nacional 15 soles y turista extrangero 30 soles por persona.

Costos adicionales

  • Almuerzo: Entre S/. 15.00 a S/.30.00 dependiendo el plato
  • Souvenirs precios variado

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  • Mantener el distanciamiento social de 1.5 metros
  • Capacidad de los carros turísticos al 50 % de aforo
  • Uso obligatorio de protector facial
  • Respetar la capacidad de carga para cada sitio turístico
  • Al confirmar la reserva solicite su declaración jurada
  • En caso de superar la carga, se tendrá que esperar a que los otros turistas retornen a su bus


09: 30 am: Salida de Huaraz hacia el sur del callejón de Huaylas y haciendo un desvío por el pueblo de Cátac.

• 1ra parada

Laguna Querococha, la laguna más grande de la cordillera blanca y la vista de una falla geológica en forma del mapa del Perú. Después de la primera parada pasaremos por el punto más alto el túnel de Cahuish entrando al valle de Conchucos y pasando por varios pueblos.

• 2ra parada

Pueblo de Chavín y entraremos al Complejo Arqueológico Chavín conociendo las galerías, cabezas clavas, el lanzón, el obelisco Tello, la estela Raymondi y mucho más.

Almuerzo en un recreo turístico del pueblo.

• 3ra parada

El museo Arqueológico de Chavín donde se encuentran cerámicas, cabezas clavas, el obelisco Tello original y todos los hallazgos del templo de Chavín.

07:00 pm aproximado FIN DEL TOUR y llegada a la ciudad de Huaraz.

huaraz chavin tours ruc

Preguntas frecuentes sobre este destino

1 ¿a qué altura se encuentra el tour chavin de huantar.

Ubicado a una altura Altura Mínima: 3 180 msnm (Chavín). • Altura Máxima: 4 550 msnm (túnel de Cahuish) aproximadamente y desde donde comienza el descenso hacia la ciudad de Chavín, observando en el trayecto pueblos con sus típicas maneras de construcción, vestimentas y costumbres.

2 ¿Dónde comer en el tour de Chavin de Huantar?

La alimentación de este tour será coordinado con la agencia de viajes, también es recomendable llevar snacks y bebidas para el recorrido. Despues del recorrido del tour nuestro guia local va llevarlos a un restaurante local para poder disfrutar de la comida tipica de la region de los Conchucos.

3 ¿Cuál es el clima en el recorrido del tour Chavin de Huantar?

La Cordillera Blanca en temporada seca se caracteriza por tener días despejados y con bastante sol.

Pese a que las noches son despejadas también suelen ser frías, incluso más que las noches nubladas.

Durante la temporada seca o conocido como el verano andino, en ocasiones puede haber presencia de lluvias durante el día y la noche.

4 ¿Cuáles son las mejores fechas para ir a visitar Chavin de Huantar?

Para la visita a Chavin de Huantar se recomienda preferentemente realizarlo entre los meses de abril a setiembre. Ya que en este periodo nos encontramos en estación seca y puede haber presencia de lluvias, pero mínima. Otro aspecto importante es que en temporada seca puedes tomar increíbles fotos del lugar y de todo el entorno paisajístico, de todas maneras este tour se puede visitar todo el año.

5 ¿Se puede ir con niños al tour de Chavin de Huantar?

Generalmente si se puede realizar el tour con niños  ya que el circuito no es complicado; en el caso de adultos mayores recomendarnos contactarnos para poder adaptar el tour según sus necesidades. El transporte llega hasta la misma ciudadela por que el tour es de nivel muy fácil.

6 ¿Cuál es la dificultad del tour de Chavin de Huantar?

Tiene una dificultad muy facil. Es apta para todos pero siempre debemos tener cuidado con la altura para preveer la alimentación o llevar pastillas para la altura. Si usted se siente mal no dude en comunicarse con su guia local lo mas pronto.

7 ¿Cuánto cuesta la entrada al tour de Chavin de Huantar?

  • Monumento arqueológico:  Adultos en general S/ 15 soles
  • Estudiantes superior:  S/ 7 soles (Estudiantes de nivel superior con documentos que lo acredite)
  • Estudiantes escolares:  S/ 4 soles (Estudiantes con documentos que lo acredite)
  • Tarifa especial:  50% de la tarifa general (Según ley aplica para personas mayores de 60 años y personas en servicio militar voluntario, profesores y personas con discapacidad).
  • Museo Nacional de Chavín:  General S/ 10 soles.

8 ¿Dónde queda el tour Chavin de Huantar?

Tour Chavin de Huantar 2021. Recorrido que comprende la visita al lado sur del Callejón de Huaylas, una breve parada en la Laguna Querococha, para luego ascender hacia el paso/túnel Cahuish y descender por el valle Conchucos hasta el pueblo de Chavín.


  • Gorro para el frío, buff y sombrero para el sol.
  • Gafas de Sol.
  • Guantes de lana (puedes comprar en Huaraz por un valor de S/. 10.00).
  • Bloqueador solar y protector labial.
  • Pantalón de Trekking, polos de manga larga sintéticos (no algodón), cortavientos y una casaca extra para el frío.
  • Calzado de trekking de caña alta resistentes al agua y terrrenos agrestes.
  • Cámara fotográfica.
  • Pastillas para el mal de altura y hojas de coca.
  • Comida extra (galletas, chocolates, frutas,etc.).
  • Lleva tu DNI o Pasaporte.


  • No dejes la basura en el camino, sobre todo porque dañas el hábitat del  Parque Nacional Huascarán .
  • Apartarte del grupo para evitar retrasos innecesarios.
  • Por ejemplo, arrancar alguna planta del PNH.
  • Llevar mascotas.

11 ¿Qué llevar?

Ropa cómoda y para el frío, bloqueador solar, lentes de sol, gorra o sombrero, mochila o bolso para llevar las cosas, agua (preferiblemente en botella reutilizable), efectivo para comprar comida en el camino o en la laguna y usar los botes.


  • Permanecer en Huaraz para acondicionar tu cuerpo a la altura el día previo al tour.
  • La hidratación y el descanso un día antes de tu salida es importante.
  • Beber mate de coca ayudará contra el mal de altura.
  • Lleva buen calzado para tu trekking, así evitarás lesiones en tus pies.
  • Lleva solo lo necesario en tu mochila.
  • Tu ritmo de caminata al mirador será importante, hazlo lento y constante para controlar tu respiración.
  • Durante el trek come chocolates, esta se convierte en energía (glucogéno) que te ayudará.
  • Te recomendamos encarecidamente guardar la basura en tu mochila y depositarla en los contendores a tu retorno.

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Montañas y Lagunas de Huaraz

huaraz chavin tours ruc

Lo mejor de Huaraz + Laguna 69

' src=

Muy buena experiencia. Empresa muy recomendado, me ayudó en todo y disfruté mucho de este grandioso recorrido.

OFERTA Escalada Nevado Mateo S/ 250 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


Flexibilidad de reprogramación y anulación en todos nuestros tours y programas


Paisaje en Chavin de Huantar

Video – Trekking Montaña Arcoíris Vinicunca

  • Temporada normal: S/ 62 por persona.
  • Semana Santa y Fiestas Patrias: S/ 81 por persona.

Nos reuniremos en nuestro punto de encuentro para salir rumbo hacia las ruinas de Chavín de Huantar . Durante el camino visitarás los pueblos de Recuay, Ticapampa y Catac. Desde aquí seguiremos hacia la Cordillera Blanca hasta llegar a la orilla de la laguna de Querococha , a 3890 m de altitud. Esta masa de agua de origen glaciar ubicada en la región Áncash, tiene un color verde oscuro y se encuentra acompañada de bosquecillos de queñuales alrededor. Siguiendo por el camino te encontrarás con el Túnel de Cahuish , límite natural entre el Callejón de Huaylas y el Callejón de Conchucos, a 4516 m de altitud. Aquí iniciarás el descenso hacia la ciudad de Chavín , donde podrás observar pueblos con construcciones y vestimentas típicas de la zona. En este lugar podrás impregnarte de la cultura e historia de la zona, ya que este era el centro administrativo y religioso de la cultura chavín, construido y ocupado aproximadamente entre los años 1500 y 300 a. C. Podrás almorzar en un restaurante de la ciudad y descansar para luego iniciar el retorno a la ciudad de Huaraz. 

*Tour liberado para niños hasta 4 años (sin ocupar asiento). Una vez que hayas reservado, escribe a [email protected] para indicar nombre, número de pasaporte, y nacionalidad del menor que viaja sin costo.

Preguntas frecuentes

¿hay algún lugar en el que se pueda comprar almuerzo.

Sí, haremos una parada en la misma ciudad de Chavín, donde hay restaurantes en los que puedes encontrar almuerzos desde los S/ 15 por persona.

Cargando disponibilidad...

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Correo electrónico.

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  • Huaraz Paisajistico (02 dias)
  • Huaraz Aventura (03 dias)
  • Huaraz Diferente (03 dias)
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  • Huaraz Naturaleza (05 dias)
  • Laguna Parón
  • Laguna de Churup
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  • Wilcahuain-Monterrey
  • Laguna de Radian
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huaraz chavin tours ruc

Tours Relacionados

huaraz chavin tours ruc

Huaraz Tours

Somos una agencia con más de 16 años de experiencia, tiempo en el que hemos formado el mejor equipo a su servicio. Nuestros servicios son A1. Usted siempre quedará satisfecho y querrá volver una y otra vez

  • Tour Diarios
  • Tours Alternativos

Nevado Willcacocha

Nevado Willcacocha

Nevado Huascaran

Nevado Huascaran

Cristo de Yungay

Cristo de Yungay

Vista del Nevado Vallunaraju

Vista del Nevado Vallunaraju

Nevado Pastoruri

Nevado Pastoruri

Dirección: Av. Mariscal Toribio de Luzuriaga 565, Huaraz - Huaraz - Ancash - Perú

WhatsApp: +51 989327337 Telefono: +51 (043) 424634

Correo: [email protected]

huaraz chavin tours ruc


huaraz chavin tours ruc

Si requiere información adicional acerca de nuestros servicios y/o productos escribenos por este medio:

huaraz chavin tours ruc

logo dreamy tours

  • Gay Friendly (LGBT)
  • Company Policies

Laguna Paron

  • Tours in Huaraz

Parón Lake – Full-Day Tour

Discover the enchanting Parón Lake, one of the largest high-altitude lakes of the Cordillera Blanca .

With its stunning turquoise waters, this lake is an exquisite location to be baffled by the beauty and majesty of nature. Situated right inside the Huascaran National Park, you will hike through some marveling landscapes, filled with beautiful lakes, waterfalls, and gigantic mountains surrounding you. This is a true paradise for nature lovers, adventurers, and hikers.

Come and experience this gorgeous high-altitude lake, with our full-day tour of the Parón Lake in Huaraz, Peru.

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We will pick you up from your hotel at 8 AM and then drive towards the north passing through the alley of Huaylas . During the tour, you will be able to observe the gorgeous landscapes and typical villages of the highlands in Ancash . Additionally, you will enjoy a fantastic panoramic view of the Cordillera Blanca and enormous mountains like the Huascaran .

We will continue our journey until we arrive at the city of Caras, where we will take the detour to the east side of the city through an affirmed road along the ravine of the Lullan river, and then the Parón ravine.

Finally, we will arrive at Parón lake , which is located at the foot of the Paria snow-capped mountain. Upon arrival, we will enjoy the scenic beauty of the turquoise lagoon, surrounded by abundant fauna and flora. We will have an unforgettable experience.

We will arrive in Huaraz at 5 pm approx.


  • Pick-up from the hotel
  • Shared or private tour service
  • Official bilingual tour guide in Spanish – English.
  • Entrance ticket to the Huascaran National Park
  • Tourist transportation
  • First aid kit and oxygen balloon.


  • Other services not specified.
  • Extra Money & Tips


  • Light clothing and warm clothes
  • Hat, sunglasses.
  • Insect repellent.
  • Trekking shoes
  • Water bottle
  • [email protected]

More Information

How is huaraz known.

The city of Huaraz is known as the very noble and generous city of Huaraz, recognition given by the liberator Simón Bolívar for the contribution of its inhabitants to the cause of national independence. The name Huaraz comes from the Quechua “waraq”, which in Spanish means Lucero.

What is the best time to travel to Huaraz?

The best time to visit this city is between the months of April and June, as the weather becomes more refreshing. The minimum temperature is 5°C and the maximum is 29°C, and its climate is mild and dry from May to September, which is why it has been called “Andean summer”.

How many hours travel time is it from Lima to Huaraz?

The distance from Lima to Huaraz is approximately 404 km.

if traveling by road, which can take about 6-8 hours.

If traveling by flight, 50 min to 1 hour approx.

What to do in Huaraz in 1 day?

  • Campo Santo de Yungay.
  • Base of Nevado Pastoruri.
  • Churup Lagoon.
  • Paron Lagoon.
  • Chavin de Huantar.
  • Llanganuco Lagoon.

What is the coldest month in Huaraz?

The coldest months are January, February, March, April, July, August, October, November and December. The rainiest months are January, February, March and December.

What are the handicrafts of Ancash?

They emphasize typical costumes and polychromatic wool blankets with designs and embroidery, in which they show the flora, fauna, bridle paths and the rainbow. They also emphasize the confections of wool hats of ram, carved in wood and baskets made of reed.


We have price alternatives that accommodate all budgets, prices per person, expressed in US Dollars.

Make your quotes and reservations by email [email protected] , you can also communicate with one of our sales executives at the telephones detailed below, we will be happy to assist you.

Phone – WhatsApp: +51 969 787 221 Phone – WhatsApp: +51 986 994 218


To start the reservation process, please send us the following information:

  • Name and surname:
  • Passport number:
  • Nationality:
  • Date of Birth:
  • Very important – We need the address and information about the hotel that you are staying at, in the city of Huaraz, to be able to pick you up at the time when the tour starts

To confirm reservations it is required to pay 50% in advance and the other 50% can be paid upon arrival at your destination.




  • All rates for our  Peru Packages  are expressed in US dollars (subject to currency exchange rates) and are priced per person
  • The rates for Peruvians only include VAT
  • All our rates are subject to availability and circumstances
  • Children under 2 years and 11 months are considered INF (babies) and are not permitted on this tour
  • Children from 3 to 10 years and 11 months are considered DCC (child) and thus eligible for special rates and obliged to share the room with their parents
  • Children over 11 years old are considered adults
  • Minors must travel with an identity document
  • Rates do not apply to holidays, Easter, long weekends, national holidays, Christmas, or New Year


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huaraz chavin tours ruc


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    Foreign trade information: Prices, products, clients, competitors, suppliers and more.

  4. Huaraz -Chavin trekking 3 days

    Trek Olleros - Chavín, Huaraz, Olleros, Chavin de huantar. ... Extra nights are optional in Chavin. * All tours may be provided in private upon request as well. Included: * Bilingual and local guides. ... Amazing Holidays Tours RUC : 20600751850. RUC America Trek SAC RUC : 20600794737.


    RUC de AGENCIA DE VIAJES Y TURISMO HUARAZ CHAVIN TOURS SRL identificada con RUC 20174604470 estado actual ACTIVO y HABIDO por la SUNAT ubicada en Lima, Lima , Miraflores. opera en ACTIVIDADES DE AGENCIAS DE VIAJES.

  6. Agencia de Viajes y Turismo Huaraz Chavin Tours Srl

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  9. Full-Day Tour to Chavin de Huantar

    In the village of Chavín de Huantar, just a few minutes from the complex, the museum exhibits archaeological artifacts found in the complex. Featured in: Archeology, Architecture, Guided Tours, Ruins. Duration: 10 hrs. Available Days: Every day. Schedule: 8:00 AM, 9:00 AM. Hotel Transport Included.

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    Best Excursions and Guided Tours Huaraz. Laguna 69 - Full-Day Trek. Parón Lake - Full-Day Tour. ... Chavín de Huantar. This is an archaeological site in Peru. It was the centre of the chavin culture, it was built by the chavin culture more than 2200 years ago. ... INVERSIONES DREAMY TOURS EIRL | RUC: 20609347318 ...

  11. Full day Chavin archaeological tour departures 2023

    The visit of the archaeological complex of Chavin de Huantar takes approximately 2 hours and then the National Museum of Chavin is also visited, where the most important archaeological remains found in the Temple are exhibited. The full day Chavin de Huantar tour starts at approximately 9:00 am and ends at night between 7:00 and 7:30 pm.

  12. Chavin de Huantar Archaeological Site

    Continue by the narrow valley in zig-zag way getting the Rio Mosna by the flanks of the river arriving to the Archaeological site of Chavin. The ruins are located next to the modern district of Chavin. Arrive at 1 pm and immediately will have lunch until 2 pm. Then enter the castle of Chavin on a guided tour which takes place for about two hours.

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    El tour Chavín de Huantar, tiene un punto clave como las Cabezas Clavas muestran seres míticos chavín y su nombre se debe a que todas tenían una estructura alargada en la parte posterior. ... Huaraz.Viajes es la mayor plataforma para venta y distribución de tours y actividades turísticas en Huaraz. WhatsApp: +51 942 646 424 Celular:+51 ...

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    Retorno a Huaraz. CHAVIN DE HUANTAR: Sede de una de las culturas más importantes del Perú, por ser considerada el origen de la Cultura en América. El conjunto arqueológico comprende una serie de galerías que conforman el templo de Chavín, cultura de carácter teocrático. 20:00 p.m. Retorno del tour


    Jr. Confraternidad Inter Oeste #281 Independencia- Huaraz - Perú 952 039721 - 943 104590 (043) 421224 WhatsApp: +51 952039721 [email protected]

  21. Laguna 69 Full-Day Trek

    Max. Altitude: 4500m (14,764 ft) The hike to Laguna 69 is the perfect day trip for all mountain and nature lovers. During the hike, you will be able to see incredible views of mountains, waterfalls, streams, and occasionally spot some wild animals. Departure: 05:00 a.m. Return: 7:00 p.m. aprox. 06 hrs approx. walking / physical condition required.

  22. Paron Lake

    We will pick you up from your hotel at 8 AM and then drive towards the north passing through the alley of Huaylas.During the tour, you will be able to observe the gorgeous landscapes and typical villages of the highlands in Ancash.Additionally, you will enjoy a fantastic panoramic view of the Cordillera Blanca and enormous mountains like the Huascaran.