1. This Map Shows the Quickest (and Ultimate) Road Trip Across Europe

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  2. The Complete Europe Road Trip Map: 49 Places To Visit And Things To Do

    best travel plan for europe

  3. How To Plan a Trip to Europe: Sample Travel Itineraries

    best travel plan for europe

  4. 2 Weeks in Europe: The Perfect Europe Itinerary + Planning Advice & Tips!

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  5. Europe Travel Checklist for Planning a Trip to Europe

    best travel plan for europe

  6. List Of Best Places To Visit In Europe Road Trip Ideas

    best travel plan for europe


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  1. 7 Things to Know When Planning Your First Trip to Europe

    Here are some basic guidelines for how many places you can visit depending on how much time you have: With 7 days: 2 cities OR one city with day trips. With 10 days: 3 cities OR 2 cities with day trips. With 14 days: 4 cities OR a road/train trip through one or two countries. Barcelona, Spain.

  2. Here's How to Plan Your Very First Trip to Europe, According ...

    Plan Your Trip Geographically. Make a list of all your must-hit places, then look at where they fall on a map — connect the dots, and you have your route. Maybe you start in Spain and work your ...

  3. 2 Weeks in Europe

    Days 12 - 14: Rome. Your next stop in Italy, and the last stop on your Europe itinerary, is the Italian capital of Rome. Founded almost 3,000 years ago, Rome is absolutely stuffed full of historical wonders and attractions. We think that to do Rome justice, you should spend three days here.

  4. 1 Month in Europe: The Perfect Europe Itinerary

    4. Nice, France. A great inclusion for an ultimate Europe itinerary, Nice gives you a chance to experience the famous French Riviera. Since Nice is a coastal city, it only makes sense to start with a good stroll along the Promenade des Anglais, which follows the city's waterfront.

  5. How to Plan a Trip to Europe (in 10 Simple Steps)

    2. Establish a budget. When planning a trip to Europe, establish a budget as early as possible—even before you know your destination, travel dates, or itinerary. Some destinations are generally ...

  6. Europe trip planner: make a Europe itinerary & map

    3 countries in 10 days will equate to 1.5/2 days in each place because of travel times and having to take it a bit slow sometimes to chill out. But a classic itinerary could look something like Prague to Vienna to Budapest all by train. But for 10 days you would be better off choosing 1 or 2 countries.

  7. Your 13-Step Guide to Traveling to Europe for the First Time

    Step 1: Get inspired and brainstorm where you want to go. Without a doubt, the first step to planning a trip to Europe is brainstorming all of the places you want to visit! READ NEXT. 25 Wonderful Destinations for Winter in Europe (Sun, Snow, or Christmas!)

  8. Europe Trip Planner & Multi-City Itinerary Builder

    Welcome to Triptile, your ultimate online tour planner for global adventures. While Europe remains a focal point, we offer over 3,990 locations worldwide to explore. With 7,625 hand-picked activities and 436 customizable templates, craft your dream journey with ease. Start planning your next unforgettable escape with Triptile today.

  9. How to Plan a Trip to Europe (2-Week Europe Itinerary)

    Option 2: Plan your own trip. Planning your own self-guided tour of Europe gives you ultimate freedom to choose what you want to do and when. You can go to the places you want, without a group to tag along with. The drawbacks are that you have to plan it all out yourself, which can be daunting.

  10. Best Of Europe Mega Trip Itinerary (Travel Time: 8-10+ weeks)

    Switzerland - Approx. 2-4 days (+1 full travel day) From Venice, head up to Switzerland to get some fresh air and stunning mountain views. If you're into outdoor adventure, then check out Interlaken. Lucerne is a great quintessential Swiss city. Zermatt is a good option if you want to be in the mountains.

  11. 100+ Europe Travel Tips for First Timers & Must-Knows Before You Go

    An important must-know for all first time visitors to Europe is that border-free travel doesn't exist across the continent (as is commonly believed). Rather, border-free travel apples only between countries in the Schengen Area, this group of 27 countries (accurate as of 2023): Austria. Belgium. Croatia.

  12. 20 One-Week Europe Trip Itinerary Ideas

    These towns are particularly spectacular during the Christmas season and some of the best places to spend Christmas in Europe. This will be the best Europe itinerary for those looking to spend time in provincial looking towns! GETTING THERE: Fly into Frankfurt, Germany GETTING BETWEEN COUNTRIES: Drive for 1.5 hours or take the train for 1.5 hours.

  13. How to Plan a Trip to Europe in 2023

    1) schedule the flight to arrive in the late afternoon (after minimal sleep on the long flight) 2) make my way straight to the hotel and check-in. 3) find a quick bite to eat for dinner nearby (this helps the body adjust to the new timezone) 4) set the alarm for 7:30am the next morning and get to sleep before 9pm.

  14. The Ultimate 1 Month Europe Trip Itinerary for Your First Trip to

    Days 5-7: Paris, France. Paris is a must-visit city during a 1 month Europe trip itinerary. During your first week in Europe, you can immerse yourself in French culture, enjoy delicious cuisine, and visit iconic landmarks. Start your trip with a visit to the Eiffel Tower, where you can take in stunning city views.

  15. Best Places to Visit in Europe for 2023-2024

    Santorini. #13 in Best Places to Visit in Europe for 2023-2024. Visit this Greek island for its unique volcanic landscape, relaxing beaches and distinct architecture. Enjoy stunning views of the ...

  16. 11 Best first-time Europe itineraries for 1, 2, or 3 weeks

    Berlin to Munich: 6 hours 2 minutes. Munich to Rothenburg ob der Tauber: 2 hours 56 minutes. Munich to Füssen: 2 hours 4 minutes. Germany is a popular first-time Europe destination for those with family and/or roots in the country, even if other people save it for a 2nd or 3rd trip.

  17. Your Europe itinerary: 10 routes to explore the continent

    5. Italy. Start in Milan (1) for a little Prada, Gucci, and Leonardo da Vinci. Veer east to visit the world's most beautiful city, Venice (2), then south to the foodie nirvana of Bologna (3). Glide onwards to Tuscany (4) where Florence and Siena make excellent bases to explore the region's hill towns.. You can hardly "do" Europe and not see Rome (5), and there is truly no better place ...

  18. Ultimate 2 Weeks in Europe: 6 itineraries (with map)

    Nordic and Scandinavia is undeniably the most expensive place to travel around Europe. Accommodation alone could run $100, and dining and consuming alcohol are costly as well. But taking the bus and train is a little bearable. To ensure that you will enjoy your 2 weeks in Europe around this region, plan to spend about $2,000.

  19. Europe trip planner

    Use our Europe trip planner map to create your own self-guided route, including any major European destinations - plus some further afield including Russia and China!. The map tool is interactive and super easy to use; you can make a plan without any obligation to book your trip with us. We'll then send you over our best ideas for your route, plus a price including all your trains and ...

  20. 30 Beautiful Places to Visit in Europe (+ Map and Photos)

    7. Prague, Czech Republic. Prague is one of the most photogenic cities in Europe. This was the only large Eastern European city to survive WWII without being destroyed by bombs. With gothic towers, ancient cathedrals, and the largest castle in the world, Prague is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Europe.

  21. How To Plan A Trip To Europe

    Step 1: Deciding the Duration and Budget. The first step in planning a trip to Europe is to determine how long you want to stay and how much you can afford to spend. The duration of your trip will depend on various factors such as your availability, budget, and the number of destinations you wish to visit.

  22. Europe's happiest countries: Boost your serotonin and ...

    Plane travel is also infamous for being one the most stressful ways to travel. Taking that all into consideration, we suggest a visit to the top four happiest countries - Finland, Denmark, Iceland ...

  23. Best Phone Plans for International Travel for 2024

    The Google Fi Unlimited Plus plan is the best phone plan for international travel. This prepaid unlimited plan costs just $65/month and includes tons of great travel perks, such as: Unlimited 4G LTE data in 200+ countries. Unlimited texts in 200+ countries. Calls for $.20/minute.

  24. Long Trip To Europe? Here's 4 Ways To Stay Healthy While ...

    Here are some tips for how to stay healthy while traveling around Europe. getty. Plenty of travelers will undertake a trip of a lifetime to Europe this year, spending weeks or months on the ...

  25. 15 Best Places in Europe for Solo Travel in 2024

    15 Best Solo Travel Destinations in Europe. Ready to plan your solo trip?Then check out the best places in Europe for solo travel in 2024! 1. Florence, Italy