7 Personal Benefits of Travel

the travel lifestyle

Forget milling around in your finest evening wear, Singapore Sling in hand: You'll be lucky to get peanuts. Flying isn't quite the party it was in Sinatra's days, and lots of time, energy, and money are expended to leave home, so why travel? How long do the  personal benefits of travel last?

Getting away from home and stepping outside of your usual routine is beneficial for both mind and body. The long-lasting personal benefits of visiting a foreign country far outweigh the costs and time to get there.

The great travel writer Pico Lyer said: "Travel is not really about leaving our homes, but leaving our habits." Here are seven ways that travel, especially  international travel, will enhance your life.

Travel Sharpens the Mind

You've done your old routine for so many years that you could run through it on autopilot. Being dropped into a new environment engages a dormant part of your mind and gets those synapses firing again.

Suddenly, you'll be required to navigate unfamiliar places, read foreign languages , try new things, make quick decisions, and choose your new eating and sleeping schedule.

Unlike at home, all the new sights, sounds, and places will require mental processing and filing. Your brain will welcome the workout! Once you return home, you'll be sharper than ever for better organizing and sprucing up your daily routine.

A Shift in Perspective

"Nobody comes back from a journey the way they started it." — Unknown

Being exposed to new cultures and people will greatly shift your paradigm and create a healthier perspective once you return back home. Seeing different social classes creates compassion and really makes you feel more blessed and content. Large portions of the world's population have to deal with daily threats such as hunger, disease , and landmines .

A hard day at work suddenly doesn't seem so bad when you see people in developing countries toiling in sun-scorched fields from morning to dark, or begging for a drink of water.

A Chance to Try New Things

"Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail." — Ralph Waldo Emerson

While you may branch out at home from time to time by trying new restaurants or splurging on expenditures, traveling kicks you out of the comfort zone and forces you, for better or worse, to try new things!

Even if you don't enjoy your first attempt at scuba diving , at least you'll be able to relate in a new way the next time you see it in a movie or hear someone talking about it.

Becoming a well-rounded individual enhances self-confidence and will help you find new material for conversation in social settings with a wider variety of people.

Who knows, you may accidentally discover your new favorite food or find out that you want to pursue a new career in karaoke!

Meet New People

"A journey is best measured in friends, not in miles." — Tim Cahill

You'll meet far more friendly people on the road than you will under ordinary circumstances at home.

Other travelers are always looking to share experiences, give tips on places to go, and meet people from all over. Striking up a conversation with other travelers is extraordinarily easy.

A polite "so where are you from?" breaks the ice quite easily and may lead to lasting friendships with people from all over the world.

See the Real Deal

"To travel is to discover that everyone is wrong about other countries." — Aldous Huxley

Until you visit a place and form your own opinions, your understanding only comes from what you were taught in school, read in books, or saw on media, which may or may not be a complete truth.

Don't over-research your upcoming destination in guidebooks. Do your best to avoid building a bias toward a place or installing mental filters before you visit. Wait to form your own opinion, remaining objective until you can make up your own mind.

Exercise and Sunshine

Sure, you could just go sweat in the gym under fluorescent lighting, but chances are that you'll be much more active from day to day while on the road, regardless of whether your trip is an adventurous one or simply a relaxing beach trip .

You could be exploring new cities on foot, hiking , swimming, walking between places, and hopefully soaking up some needed sunshine while doing so. And it's guaranteed to smell better than the gym.

Come Home Renewed

After stepping away from home for a while, you'll return with renewed energy, a new set of mental filters, and ready to take on the next big project or challenge. Call it a life reboot.

Getting away for some time, even though it requires effort, will greatly enhance your attitude and productivity once you return home. Sure, you may have some mail piled up and matters to attend, but those are simple challenges easily knocked out.

Breaking up the monotony for a while is a great way to reduce stress and give your life an injection of excitement. Don't be surprised if shortly after your return, you're already counting down days until the next trip!

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the travel lifestyle

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the travel lifestyle

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Two women gaze at heavy surf while lying on boulders on the coast.

  • The Big Idea

Why travel should be considered an essential human activity

Travel is not rational, but it’s in our genes. Here’s why you should start planning a trip now.

In 1961, legendary National Geographic photographer Volkmar Wentzel captured two women gazing at the surf off Peggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia. This and all the other images in this story come from the National Geographic image collection.

I’ve been putting my passport to good use lately. I use it as a coaster and to level wobbly table legs. It makes an excellent cat toy.

Welcome to the pandemic of disappointments. Canceled trips, or ones never planned lest they be canceled. Family reunions, study-abroad years, lazy beach vacations. Poof. Gone. Obliterated by a tiny virus, and the long list of countries where United States passports are not welcome.

Only a third of Americans say they have traveled overnight for leisure since March, and only slightly more, 38 percent, say they are likely to do so by the end of the year, according to one report. Only a quarter of us plan on leaving home for Thanksgiving, typically the busiest travel time. The numbers paint a grim picture of our stilled lives.

It is not natural for us to be this sedentary. Travel is in our genes. For most of the time our species has existed, “we’ve lived as nomadic hunter-gatherers moving about in small bands of 150 or fewer people,” writes Christopher Ryan in Civilized to Death . This nomadic life was no accident. It was useful. “Moving to a neighboring band is always an option to avoid brewing conflict or just for a change in social scenery,” says Ryan. Robert Louis Stevenson put it more succinctly: “The great affair is to move.”

What if we can’t move, though? What if we’re unable to hunt or gather? What’s a traveler to do? There are many ways to answer that question. “Despair,” though, is not one of them.

We are an adaptive species. We can tolerate brief periods of forced sedentariness. A dash of self-delusion helps. We’re not grounded, we tell ourselves. We’re merely between trips, like the unemployed salesman in between opportunities. We pass the days thumbing though old travel journals and Instagram feeds. We gaze at souvenirs. All this helps. For a while.

We put on brave faces. “Staycation Nation,” the cover of the current issue of Canadian Traveller magazine declares cheerfully, as if it were a choice, not a consolation.

Today, the U.S. Travel Association, the industry trade organization, is launching a national recovery campaign called “ Let’s Go There .” Backed by a coalition of businesses related to tourism—hotels, convention and visitor bureaus, airlines—the initiative’s goal is to encourage Americans to turn idle wanderlust into actual itineraries.

The travel industry is hurting. So are travelers. “I dwelled so much on my disappointment that it almost physically hurt,” Paris -based journalist Joelle Diderich told me recently, after canceling five trips last spring.

(Related: How hard has the coronavirus hit the travel industry? These charts tell us.)

My friend James Hopkins is a Buddhist living in Kathmandu . You’d think he’d thrive during the lockdown, a sort-of mandatory meditation retreat. For a while he did.

But during a recent Skype call, James looked haggard and dejected. He was growing restless, he confessed, and longed “for the old 10-countries-a-year schedule.” Nothing seemed to help, he told me. “No matter how many candles I lit, or how much incense I burned, and in spite of living in one of the most sacred places in South Asia, I just couldn’t change my habits.”

When we ended our call, I felt relieved, my grumpiness validated. It’s not me; it’s the pandemic. But I also worried. If a Buddhist in Kathmandu is going nuts, what hope do the rest of us stilled souls have?

I think hope lies in the very nature of travel. Travel entails wishful thinking. It demands a leap of faith, and of imagination, to board a plane for some faraway land, hoping, wishing, for a taste of the ineffable. Travel is one of the few activities we engage in not knowing the outcome and reveling in that uncertainty. Nothing is more forgettable than the trip that goes exactly as planned.

Brownsville, Texas: 1938

Women in period dress greet travelers arriving on a Pan Am flight.

Travel is not a rational activity. It makes no sense to squeeze yourself into an alleged seat only to be hurled at frightening speed to a distant place where you don’t speak the language or know the customs. All at great expense. If we stopped to do the cost-benefit analysis, we’d never go anywhere. Yet we do.

That’s one reason why I’m bullish on travel’s future. In fact, I’d argue travel is an essential industry, an essential activity. It’s not essential the way hospitals and grocery stores are essential. Travel is essential the way books and hugs are essential. Food for the soul. Right now, we’re between courses, savoring where we’ve been, anticipating where we’ll go. Maybe it’s Zanzibar and maybe it’s the campground down the road that you’ve always wanted to visit.

(Related: Going camping this fall? Here’s how to get started.)

James Oglethorpe, a seasoned traveler, is happy to sit still for a while, and gaze at “the slow change of light and clouds on the Blue Ridge Mountains” in Virginia, where he lives. “My mind can take me the rest of the way around this world and beyond it.”

It’s not the place that is special but what we bring to it and, crucially, how we interact with it. Travel is not about the destination, or the journey. It is about stumbling across “a new way of looking at things,” as writer Henry Miller observed. We need not travel far to gain a fresh perspective.

No one knew this better than Henry David Thoreau , who lived nearly all of his too-short life in Concord, Massachusetts. There he observed Walden Pond from every conceivable vantage point: from a hilltop, on its shores, underwater. Sometimes he’d even bend over and peer through his legs, marveling at the inverted world. “From the right point of view, every storm and every drop in it is a rainbow,” he wrote.

Thoreau never tired of gazing at his beloved pond, nor have we outgrown the quiet beauty of our frumpy, analog world. If anything, the pandemic has rekindled our affection for it. We’ve seen what an atomized, digital existence looks like, and we (most of us anyway) don’t care for it. The bleachers at Chicago ’s Wrigley Field; the orchestra section at New York City ’s Lincoln Center; the alleyways of Tokyo . We miss these places. We are creatures of place, and always will be.

After the attacks of September 11, many predicted the end of air travel, or at least a dramatic reduction. Yet the airlines rebounded steadily and by 2017 flew a record four billion passengers. Briefly deprived of the miracle of flight, we appreciated it more and today tolerate the inconvenience of body scans and pat-downs for the privilege of transporting our flesh-and-bone selves to far-flung locations, where we break bread with other incarnate beings.

In our rush to return to the world, we should be mindful of the impact of mass tourism on the planet. Now is the time to embrace the fundamental values of sustainable tourism and let them guide your future journeys. Go off the beaten path. Linger longer in destinations. Travel in the off-season. Connect with communities and spend your money in ways that support locals. Consider purchasing carbon offsets. And remember that the whole point of getting out there is to embrace the differences that make the world so colorful.

“One of the great benefits of travel is meeting new people and coming into contact with different points of view,” says Pauline Frommer, travel expert and radio host.

So go ahead and plan that trip. It’s good for you, scientists say . Plotting a trip is nearly as enjoyable as actually taking one. Merely thinking about a pleasurable experience is itself pleasurable. Anticipation is its own reward.

I’ve witnessed first-hand the frisson of anticipatory travel. My wife, not usually a fan of travel photography, now spends hours on Instagram, gazing longingly at photos of Alpine lodges and Balinese rice fields. “What’s going on?” I asked one day. “They’re just absolutely captivating,” she replied. “They make me remember that there is a big, beautiful world out there.”

Many of us, myself included, have taken travel for granted. We grew lazy and entitled, and that is never good. Tom Swick, a friend and travel writer, tells me he used to view travel as a given. Now, he says, “I look forward to experiencing it as a gift.”

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How to Live a Life of Travel: Tips to Getting Started

Written By: The Planet D

Digital Nomads

Updated On: June 3, 2023

Recently we’ve received a lot of emails asking us how we financially supported our travels since we decided to take the plunge to live a life of travel in our unconventional life.

I realize that we’ve written a lot of inspirational pieces about following your dreams and pushing yourself to step outside your comfort zone, but we haven’t given real practical advice in quite a while. So we decided it was time to share some of our tips and tricks to living an unconventional life.

Table of Contents

How to Live an Unconventional Life of Travel

Our journey to becoming full-time travel bloggers was not a quick and easy one. We had many failures and setbacks along the way. It took time for us to find what we wanted to do with our lives and what would make us happy. We knew way back in 2003 and we wanted to be together traveling the world forever, we just didn’t know how to make that dream come true.

I realize that many people have that dream, but we felt it deep in our bones. It was more of a yearning than a fantasy. When we were traveling, we felt at home. We knew that on the road was where we were meant to be.

Another Backpacker

In 2004 we were like many backpackers traveling around South East Asia, but unlike the many others out there, we were already brainstorming with ideas of how we could continue to travel for the rest of our lives. We knew we wanted more than just a one-year escape.

We didn’t have the answers yet, but we knew that we couldn’t keep working at our current jobs for the next 20 years hoping that we’d one day be able to retire and finally live our dreams. So we started making plans. Check out more travel jobs by our pals at goats on the road .

Steps to Living a Life of Travel

1. change your spending habits.

We used to spend a lot of money on things that didn’t better our lives. We’d buy $4 lattes, go out to dinner several times a week and we’d buy new designer clothes. The more popular the brand name, the better.

On the weekends, we’d drop $200 on a meal and not even blink at the cheque, and then we’d go to movies spending a good $50 on tickets and popcorn.

Well, all that changed when we decided we decided that we were going to live a life of travel once and for all.

2. Find Affordable Things to do

It was a big decision but we decided to put away enough money to sustain ourselves for a year. We knew that once we took the plunge, we would have to go 100% into fulfilling our dreams, so we needed a nest egg while we worked to become professional travel bloggers.

We ate at home and cooked at home. We made our own gourmet coffees, and instead of going out to the movies all the time, we rented movies. When we wanted to go to the bar, we instead had a glass of wine at home and invited friends over, it was much more affordable.

Our activites changed from spending money on expensive meals and nightclubs, to doing free and exciting things on the weekend like mountain biking, rock climbing, or snowshoeing.

We didn’t drop cash at the bar, on expensive meals, or on expensive weekend getaways to a suite in Niagara Falls anymore. We did as many things as possible for free.

Wwe went camping and spent our time outdoors.It was much more fulfilling and a lot easier on our pocketbooks.

Note: At this time in our lives, we still didn’t know how we were going to become full-time travelers, we just knew that we wanted it to happen one day and that we had to be ready when we finally figured it out. By having a nest egg and by not having anything tying us down, we’d be ready to jump at any opportunity.

3. Downsize

People have often said to us “ I wish that I could do what you do, but I can’t afford it ” Well if you really truly want to travel. It can be really easy to save and build a nest egg. We sold our house and most of our contents and went back to renting a small one-bedroom apartment.

This freed up a lot of our income to put towards our travel savings fund. Getting a small one bedroom apartment that included utilities, cable and parking helped us plan our monthly budget.

4. Get Rid of Debt and Wasted Expenses

We also went down to one automobile. We used to drive two cars and paid an expensive monthly lease. But when the leases came due, we let them go and bought a used car. Our monthly payments were less, and our insurance cost less too because we no longer had to pay for the collision coverage since our car was so cheap. If our car was damaged it didn’t matter because we paid next to nothing for it anyway. We drove that car for the next 10 years.

5. Keep All Options Open

Like many people, we knew we wanted something more in life, but we didn’t know what it was that we wanted. We were frustrated. I remember always saying to Dave “ If I only knew what I wanted to do with my life, I know I’d be successful. ” The problem was, I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life. The only thing we both knew was that travel was to be a part of it.

So, we studied ALL THINGS TRAVEL.

We went to seminars talking about Teaching English as a Second Language , we went to travel trade shows, we watched travel shows like Pilot Guides and Don’t Forget Your Passport.

Little did we know we were honing our adventure skills

We took up as many adventures as we could. We learned how to rock climb, mountain bike, scuba dive, and snowboard. We became avid campers and built our adventure gear arsenal to an impressive list where we actually started to look the part of Adventurer!

We said to ourselves, “one day maybe one of these skills would come in handy.” At the time, we didn’t know it, but all those skills eventually came in handy. We used to call ourselves “ Jacks of all trades and Masters of none. “

6. Nothing is Waste of Time When Searching for your Purpose

We had doubts, of course, we did. We thought, maybe we’re wasting our time and energy trying new things all the time, but we knew that we had yet to find something that we truly loved.

We enjoyed everything, but we didn’t have the passion that some of our rock climbing or scuba diving friends had for one particular sport. Our friends found their passion and all they wanted to do was rock climb around the world, or go scuba diving when they went to a destination. They couldn’t care less if they saw the local culture or witnessed incredible landscape. They wanted to explore under the sea or a new climbing route and that was great!

It just wasn’t for us. We wanted it all. We wanted to be able to climb in one location, dive into another, and shop at the market in yet another. We realized that we wanted it all!

Our lack of focus helped us become true explorers. It was our “Jack of All Trades” mentality that eventually lead us to become travel bloggers.

7. Focus on Strengths

Once we decided that we wanted to have the word “Adventurer” on our business card, we made plans on how we were going to make that happen. After exhausting all possibilities we decided to focus on our strengths.

We had been working in the film business for a long time and learned from the successful people around us . I watched television hosts promote themselves and create their brand and identities and Dave picked the brains of photographers and cinematographers on the movie set.

We knew that we were good at self-promotion and that we knew the TV business well, so we decided to sell an idea.

8. Do Something Epic

We knew that we would have to do something epic to stand out from the crowd. In 2008, backpacking around the world was becoming very popular. When we did it in 2000, not many people were leaving their jobs to travel the world, but now it seemed to be that everyone was taking a sabbatical.

If we did something epic like bicycle from Cairo to Cape Town people would take notice. So that is what we did and Canada’s Adventure Couple was born.

We had a dream of turning our adventures into a TV show. We hired a publicist, sent out press releases, and announced our epic journey. We knew we loved traveling together and that we had the mental stamina to succeed in this race down the continent.

9. Make a Plan

We invested a good chunk of our hard-earned money into this cycling race. We saved for a year putting every penny away and buying new bikes, training, and investing in the entry fee and flights. We didn’t want to take part in an epic adventure only to return to our jobs and resume our lives.

We made a plan that within two years of signing up, we’d be traveling full time. That gave us something to focus on. Having a time limit and a plan to make it happen, kept us focus don our goal. We had no choice but to to figure out a way to keep the momentum going.

10. With Failure Comes Success

We tried pitching a TV series that had a lot of interest but eventually failed. That didn’t deter us though, we had made a lot of TV appearances and were becoming minor celebrities in the online world, so we decided to nurture our 15 minutes of fame and turn it into something bigger.

Drawing on our nearly decade of travel experience, we created a blog that had a focus. We decided to focus on being inspirational and to show people that happy couples are not obsolete and that marriages can last and that the opposite sex can have fun together.

Right from the beginning of creating ThePlanetD, we knew what our message was going to be. We wanted to show that adding a bit of adventure into your everyday lives can help you feel more fulfilled. We wanted to show people that if we can do it, anyone can.

It took us a long time to figure out our purpose, but we never stopped searching and if you really want to change your life, you can do it too. Don’t let age, money or fear stand in your way, if you want something bad enough, you CAN make it happen.

So the message is, never give up, never stop searching and seize the day. What are you going to do to live an unconventional life of travel?

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Find Apartment Rentals: You will find the cheapest prices on apartment rentals with VRBO . 

Travel Insurance: Don't leave home without it. Here is what we recommend:

  • Allianz - Occasional Travelers.
  • Medjet - Global air medical transport and travel security.

Need more help planning your trip? Make sure to check out our Resources Page where we highlight all the great companies that we trust when we are traveling.

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About The Planet D

Dave Bouskill and Debra Corbeil are the owners and founders of The Planet D. After traveling to 115 countries, on all 7 continents over the past 13 years they have become one of the foremost experts in travel. Being recognized as top travel bloggers and influencers by the likes of Forbes Magazine , the Society of American Travel Writers and USA Today has allowed them to become leaders in their field.

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59 thoughts on “How to Live a Life of Travel: Tips to Getting Started”

Thank you for being a voice of positivity and inspiration in a sometimes negative world.

We too live an unconventional life. We have 13 children, work remotely, home educate and yes, we travel with ten of them too! It *is* possible to live a life of travel – we did two months of the Balkans earlier this year and are about to set off for another couple of months. Want to know more? Let us know!

Thanks for laying this out there. You guys and your adventures are always a huge inspiration to us! Love #3 “We kept all our options open” as we try to live by that same motto. It really makes things so much fun and introduces you to some crazy and exciting experiences of a lifetime. Happy travels!

Thanks John, I’m glad that you are living the life you want as well. We agree, keeping options open is very important. YOu need to be willing to try something new and be open to new experiences. It opens up a whole new world.

LMAO at the first pic:legendary!

Congrats, it has been awesome to follow part of your journey and thanks for the inside scoop 🙂

Ha! Glad you liked it. That’s Dave’s signature pose. At least lately, ever since we downsized, he does a lot of jumping like that.!

Looks like a very happy couple! You two are living with your dreams. I owe you a lot, very inspiring story. Thanks for sharing the tips, I find it really useful. You can manage to save and budget together. Congratulations!

Thank you Marie! Glad we could inspire you. If you really set your mind to something you can do it too. At one point in our lives we didn’t think we’d ever be able to travel the way we wanted to and yet here we are now. If we can do it, anyone can too!

That is a very inspirational story! My wife and I have managed to carve out a life of travel by working in Denali National Park 8 months per year and having four months off. Many of the resorts and tour companies are seasonal up here and it is perfect for travel.

I just need to cut out those $4 lattes and I can do even more…

Wow! that’s fabulous Jeff. Denali is beautiful. I know what you mean about the $4 lattes, we still love them too.

Thanks for this blog and for sharing with us. Me and my husband are planning for a trip to African countrie’s and its first time for us where we have to visit many countrie’s, so I am nervous about the planning that how do I mange everything but your blog gives me confident about the trip. Thank you so much.

LOVED this. Luckily, my boyfriend and I were students when we discovered our love for travel so we didn’t spend a lot of money or lived in an expensive way. That made it pretty easy to take the leap – and we’re actually able to have a better life than we did in Denmark and still spend less. 🙂

Very interesting post, though! And lots of great tips that we need to follow up on. Especially about gaining more recognition and create a brand like you guys have! So inspirational.

We kicked off our nomadic lifestyle with a bike journey as well – around Europe in 3 months on city bikes, normal clothes and no training. We made it and had an epic journey. 🙂

Thanks for sharing your advice.

Awesome article! I hope others will be inspired too to travel and to save, save a lot of money for they travel escapade.

Interesting read indeed! I think turning your lifestyle pretty much upside down and opting for a life on the road requires a certain balance. The biggest hurdle might be the monetary one, but it’s probably the same with all big plans and achievements: mindset matters! I think someone who can tick of the first points on your list is probably almost on the way… 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

Thanks Oliver. You are right, all big decisions in life require balance and yes, any big plans whether travel related or not can follow these simple rules. It is possible to change your life if you are willing to sacrifice a little to achieve your dream.

Hi Guys: Enjoyed your article and great sense of adventure…I too, have been traveling all my life and now based part-time in the Philippines. I have 7 channels, with over 21 MILLION viewers from 87 countries. Take a look and learn from some of my videos….. Main channel: http://www.youtube.com/globalvideopro1 WEBSITE: http://www.globalvideoprotv.com

Great post! Great ideas! Thank you!

We left the rat-race and have not looked back. Who wants to be “normal?” Life is a journey not a destination. Live it! Take care.

Congratulations on leaving the rat race Curtis. All the best to you!

There’s really no need to clip coupons to save money; it’s not that effective anyway. The best way is to do what you did: downsize, minimize transport costs and cook. I love how you slowly realize what you want to do in life. It’s all about the journey!

Thanks Dela. You are so right, downsizing is key. So many of us in North America live beyond our means. I think back to how little I lived on fresh out of college. If we all kept living simply, we wouldn’t have the burden of all the money problems. For some reason, people feel that as they age, they need to have more ‘things’ and that just weighs them down. We are now in a good financial situation after 6 years of pursuing our dreams, but we have no desire to go back to buying a bunch of things again. Life experience is what we are loving.

This is an eye opening post. Makes one realize that we can all achieve so much with just the right strategy and not necessarily resources. Inspiring and it made me start booking amazing tours. The journey is the destination!

Congratulations! Good luck with your tours.

This is great advice, both inspirational and practical.

Thank you Mariellen!

Firstly congratulations for hanging on and living your dreams. Here I would like to speak about one of my uncles who loves to trek even at this age (he is in his 60s). He’s a quiet man. The only time I get to see a gleam in his eyes is when someone talks about travel… and I shout out in my mind…”I get that oldie..”

Sounds like you have an amazing uncle! I know how he feels, I can feel excitement come over me whenever I get the chance to talk about our own travels.

You two are an inspiration. I am so glad you are living your dream. Thank you for sharing these great tips!

Thanks Mary. I think the two of you have been living the dream as well! Congratulations right back.

Very cool post. Reducing down to one car is something I know our family needs to do if you want to start saving a significant amount, we’re just finding it so hard to bite the bullet on that one!

I know that it can be difficult to go down to one car, especially if you have kids and have to pick them up from sports or dance or hockey practice. It does save a lot of money though. Between car payments and insurance, it’s literally hundreds a month!

Very inspiring post. Traveling is such an important part of a healthy lifestyle and it is wonderful that you are now able to reach so many people to inspire them to add more travel into their lives through your adventures.

Thank you Katherine. That has been our goal in recent years. We want to let people know that it is possible. For so many years we didnt’ think it was possible to change our lives. Now that we have, we want to inspire others to take a chance and follow their dreams. If two regular people like us can do it, anyone can.

Thanks for your tips. Best of luck with your on going travels. Great read.

Great tips- that are good for day to day life as well!

Great Escapes , oh yes I have a number of interesting trips to choose from. I find it fascinating and also confusing when it comes to planning my travel, so I've opted for an unconventional way of travelling that can fund me while I spend time in the air, or on a beach.

Beautiful & Inspiring post!

There’s a point when you just gotta let it all go and dive right in, even if you have no idea what you’re diving into. I left my old work life behind to move down to Mexico about 9 months or so ago and I’ve never been happier.

Anyone can do it, and it doesn’t take a ton of money. It’s just as you said you need to change your perspective, your spending habits. It’s amazing how freeing it can be to not worry about little things like a tv(that’s what the internet is for), brand name clothes(you know you don’t need those $200 pair of jeans), or dining out all the time, even if that only means Mickey D’s. After that the money starts stacking up. 😉

If you wanna travel the world or just become an Expat the only thing stopping you is you, do whatever you can to achieve that dream!

Congratulations Devlin. Wow! It must be amazing living in Mexico. That is something we’d like to in the next year or two. Spend an extended period of time in Mexico. And you hit the nail on the head. Dropping a few of the extra expenses seriously helps the money add up. We had a lot of fun while still being able to save money, jut by changing our habits a little bit.

Good for you Don. Any great adventures planned?

Thanks for this post. Great to hear some behind the scene stories.

I left my home country a year ago, to move to London and last week I left London to travel the world – starting in Sri Lanka, where me and my boyfriend are at the moment.

It´s scary and amazing at the same time to follow your dreams. I will keep follow your adventures here 🙂

Wow! Have a great time in Sri Lanka, it’s one of our favourite countries. And congratulations to traveling the world! Well said to, it’s scary and amazing all at once, but that’s what makes you feel alive. Being comfortable can be very boring. A little fear keeps like exciting.

You are not a failure though at first you fail. But I can say that you became a successful traveler and writer. You are right at first it is difficult. It takes a lot of perseverance and dedication.

You said it Carl Joe, we didn’t have instant success, but when you know what you want, you will keep trying until you succeed and we have no intention of stopping. There will always be ups and down, but we’ll keep on working at what we want for the rest of our lives.

Saving and budgeting is indeed one of the best thing to do. Thanks for the tips that you’ve shared. I find it really useful

Thanks James, I’m glad we could share a few tips with oyu!

It’s always great to see people follow their dream and lovely to see Don’s comment about getting the travel bug at 60! 🙂

Agreed, it is never too late to get the travel bug and change your life. It’s a whole new world, you dont’ need to be 20 to follow our dreams.

Congrats on hanging in there and making your dreams to travel full-ltime come to fruition! AWESOME!!! We share the same deep passion for traveling and try to save our money to go to Europe about once a year. Our friends ask us the same kind of questions or take little "jabs" at us about the financial part and often ask how we can afford to do this. We tell them travel is "our addiction" and to feed our habit, we do many of the same things as you….such as eating at home and making lots of soups from scratch, only getting basic cable service, driving older & easy/low maintenance automobiles with great gas mileage, no big screen TV's or fancy electronics/phones, working from home, buying most of our clothes from second-hand stores, no beverages except for water when we go out for dinner, saving all our spare change, etc. Once we are on our adventures, we really enjoy staying in simple accommodations like small hotels and hostels, having "picnic" lunches and dinners with local foods from the grocery store and 'self-guiding" our trips with well researched itineraries and utilizing public transportation, whenever possible. All of this really adds up in the course of a year and equates to literally thousands of dollars!!!! We gladly sacrifice and make these relatively easy lifestyle changes, to have that money to travel!!! Best wishes for many more adventures, Cheers 🙂

Great advice, thanks for sharing Nora. You make a great point about water only when eating out. I think the most expensive part of the bill is often beverages. You can always go home afterwards to enjoy a glass of wine at a fraction the price. We don’t way to live like Paupers, but cutting back can make a big difference. I say, don’t cut back to the point of making yourself unhappy in life, but definitely cut back on the little things that you can do without. Best to you too!

Couldn’t agree more with you! More than saving and budgeting, I think the passion to travel should be there. Like I am very bad at saving, but I still manage to travel because I really want to!

Good for you Renuka, it sounds like you do well at making your dreams happen.

Awesome post, i'm just getting the bug for travel at the ripe age of 60, my wife has always loved to travel, but me not so much. I've just subscribed to your newsletter and i'm looking forward to reading more of your articles.

Thanks Don! Congrats on living your life to the fullest!

The reason we were able to leave the comfort of regular paychecks a little over 6 months ago is encompassed in your first 3 points. The last 2 are a bit of a work-in-progress, but it’s always encouraging to read about your success. Keep up the stellar work! Good luck!

Great article for all travel lovers! 🙂

Awesome article double D, shared on Twitter!

What’s amazing about all of these kinds of stories is how different they are with respect to their specifics and yet so very similar in their general approach. For the most part everyone who has ever done something like this tells a story of having a dream, shedding material things, and relentlessly working toward their goal. The execution of those steps all take different paths – some people write books, or barter web development services, or create promotional travel videos, or whatever – but they all basically had to first let go of the familiar and then chase after their dream with dogged determination. I know, because that is our story too.

Congrats you guys. Happy travels.

Well said Brian. It’s true, you need to let go of the familiar and chase your dream. Soon, the unconventional begins to feel comfortable.

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Life as a full-time traveler

Life as a full-time traveler is a bit of everything. It’s complex, ever-changing, exciting, and even nerve-wracking at times. In this series you’ll find a variety of posts that follow my personal journey of life as a full-time traveler since 2006, through 65+ countries.

Come along with me! Discover why slow travel makes my heart sing, watch me pack and tell you about my best packing tips , learn from my travel blogging mistakes , and even dissect my year-over-year income and expense breakdowns .

But remember, life isn’t always pretty – on the road or off it. And sometimes, life’s challenges are even harder while traveling. I mince no words and give you the real scoop on topics like finding love on the road , having my passport stolen , surviving near-fatal accidents, natural disasters, and (much) more .

Here it is for better (and) worse: Life as a Full-Time Traveler!

The Silver Meteor – Amtrak Adventures Part 4 (Florida to NYC)


Closing the loop of my circumnavigation of the United States mostly by train, I take the Silver Meteor Amtrak train from Florida to NYC, a 28 hour adventure.

Amtrak Adventures Part 3: Portland, LA, Sunset Limited Train to New Orleans

Amtrak Sunset Limited train from LA to New Orleans

Continuing my Amtrak Adventures, after visiting Portland and LA, I take the Sunset Limited Train to New Orleans! This one’s a doozy. Enjoy!

Amtrak Adventures, Part 2: The Empire Builder

Amtrak Empire Builder with The Professional Hobo

Here is Part 2 of my Amtrak Adventures, on the Empire Builder train from Chicago to Seattle…with somebody I’ve never met in person.

Adventures With Amtrak, Part 1: The Big Idea

Adventures with Amtrak, Part 1: The Big Idea

Here’s how I dreamt up what ended up being a 7,000 mile circumnavigation around the United States via train…with a total stranger.

21 Years of Full-Time Travel with Wandering Earl

21 Years of Full-Time Travel + Remote Work with Wandering Earl

Derek Earl Baron aka Wandering Earl, has traveled full-time for 21 years! He founded Remote Club to help remote workers travel wisely. More on his life and work here.

Podcasting vs Blogging After 9 Years of Full-Time Travel, With Gary Arndt

Interview with Gary Arndt of Everything Everywhere Daily Podcast

Gary Arndt started the Everything Everywhere Daily Podcast after 15 years of travel, 9 of which were full-time. Learn about his pivot and amazing podcast strategy here!

How 8 Digital Nomads Have Survived the Pandemic

How these Digital Nomads Survived the Pandemic

Digital nomads are theoretically homeless. So what did they do when everyone returned “home” during COVID? Here’s how 8 digital nomads coped. Spoiler alert: everybody did something different!

How This Woman Went From $25k in Debt to Digital Nomad Life

$25k in Debt to Digital Nomad

Here is the story of a woman who went from $25k in debt to digital nomad life and living her travel lifestyle and career dream in Mexico!

Pet Sitting Disasters: Read This Before You Apply for Your Next Pet-Sitting Gig.

Pet-Sitting Disasters

Petsitting is a great way to get free accommodation and enjoy the comforts of home while you travel. But heed this cautionary – and hilarious – tale of petsitting disasters first!

How to Become Fluent in Spanish (and Other Languages)

How to Become Fluent in Spanish (and other Languages)

Learning Spanish – or becoming fluent in any language – takes a lot of hard work. But for me, there’s nothing more rewarding than being able to converse with and understand people in their own language, in their own country. It takes travel to an entirely new level.

Redefining My Travels in 2019 (Where I Went)

2019 recap The Professional Hobo

Here’s a summary of where I went in 2019; how my travels have changed and been redefined over the years….and how they may continue to change in future.

The Ultimate Packing List for Full-Time Travel and Long-Term Travel

The Ultimate Packing List for Full-Time Travel

Looking for the ultimate packing list for full-time travel? Here’s exactly what I pack to travel the world as a digital nomad – down to every last item. This interactive packing list widget is sure to give you lots of ideas for your next trip.

The 10 Commandments For All Travelers

The 10 COMMANDMENTS for all Travelers

Here are the 10 commandments for all travelers; some fun rules to live by when you travel that ensure you – and others around you – will have a great time.

How to Create a Long Term Travel Budget: Financially Sustainable Travel

the travel lifestyle

I’ve been asked repeatedly to provide long-term travel budget templates. Here’s a framework, with info on what financially sustainable travel REALLY means.

2018: 6 Countries, 32k Miles, And Some BIG Changes

2018 - 6 Countries, 32k Miles by The Professional Hobo

Here’s a summary of where I went in 2018; although none of the 6 countries were new to me, the places I visited and experiences I had TOTALLY were! Enjoy.



After years of living in expat communities around the world, in this article I make some observations about expat life, including ironies, pros, and cons. Expat life is not necessarily what you would think it is!

My (Epic?) Search for a Home Base

Home Base is Where Our Story Begins

It’s time for a new chapter. Problem is, the page I’m writing on seems to be a moving target. Either way, the ultimate goal is to find a home base. Here’s where, and why.

12 Truths About Travel…and Life

12 Truths About Travel, and Life

In this article, I share 12 truths about travel, one truth learned for each year of my full-time travel career thus far. 12 years of pictures included!

10 Countries and 29,254 Miles: This was 2017!

10 Countries & 29,254 Miles -This was 2017!!

2017 was a year of new experiences and surprises. I visited 10 countries (seven of which were in Asia and almost all new to me). I started off in Ecuador “doing shaman things”, and ended up house-sitting in Japan, chilling in Bali, going crazy in India, and 10 countries later, finishing up in Thailand.

A Day-In-The-Life of House-Sitting in Tokyo (VLOG Ep. 20)

house-sitting in Tokyo

Feed your inner voyeur and watch this funny video blow-by-blow of a day in the life of me house-sitting in Tokyo. Also, a huge summary of my 7 weeks in Tokyo Japan.

Why I Could Never Live in Japan

Why I Could Never Live in Japan

I’ve had a “crisis of dislike” with Japan – which has quite taken me by surprise. But it has amounted to these reasons why I could never live in Japan.

My Sordid Attempts at Finding Love on the Road

finding love on the road feature pic

Much as I hate to admit, finding love on the road isn’t easy. Here’s a summary of the relationships I’ve had in the last 10 years, and why they didn’t last.

Business Crisis for The Professional Hobo! (Vlog Ep. 9)

Business Crisis for The Professional Hobo!

Business Crisis Central at The Professional Hobo! Guess what? Screwing the pooch for the last 3 years has hurt me. Here’s why, and what I’m doing about it:

The #1 Misconception About House-Sitters and Lifestyle Travelers

the travel lifestyle

After two offensive conversations with well-meaning people, I realized there is a BIG misconception about house-sitters and lifestyle travelers. Here it is:

5 Countries and 30,000 Miles: This Was 2016!

the travel lifestyle

2016 started off in one way, turned left, got flipped upside down, then messed up in the blender. Here’s how it all came out in the end:

Travel Packing: How (and What) to Pack for Full-Time Travel (Video)

travel packing

In this vlog, I show you what I pack for full-time travel – and how I pack it. Learn travel packing tips and techniques, and watch me cram it all in my bag!

Hobo Update: Relearning Travel’s Inherent Lessons

the travel lifestyle

Even though I’ve been traveling almost 10 years, my departure from Peru required that I relearn some of travel’s inherent lessons. Here’s what I’m doing.

Apprenticeship Update: BIG Changes for The Professional Hobo

At long last, here is an apprenticeship update about my work with a shaman in Peru. Unfortunately, it’s not pretty. Big changes coming my way….

Coffee Drinking Rituals Around the World

the travel lifestyle

Who knew that the simple brew of coffee could be enjoyed in so many different ways around the world? Read on to find out how to drink coffee like an expert!

Lifestyle Inflation: Why Earning More Money Sucks (the Life Outta You)

the travel lifestyle

Lifestyle Inflation at work: A curious thing happened when I was “living the life” in Toronto. Having crossed over into the six-figure income bracket, I didn’t seem to actually be taking home any more money or enjoying a substantially higher quality of life than when I earned half as much. … Read More

6 Countries and 35,000 Miles: This was 2015!

the travel lifestyle

Though I didn’t travel as much or as long as in previous years, I covered good ground in 2015, seeing 6 countries spanning 35,000 miles! Here’s the summary.

How the Travel State of Mind Creates Opportunities

the travel lifestyle

The travel state of mind is a way and means of traveling and experiencing the world. And you can even experience this without leaving home! Here’s how.

Pros and Cons of Traveling Solo, as a Couple, or a Family

Pros and Cons of Traveling Solo, as a Couple, or a Family

Here are some pros and cons to solo/couple/family travel, along with resources full of testimonials from professional solo, couple, and family travelers.

How (and Why) to Visit Your Hometown Without Going Crazy

the travel lifestyle

When you travel long-term, visiting your hometown isn’t always easy. Here’s how – and why – to visit your hometown and make it a success for all.

I Did It! 6 Little Victories of Travel

victories of travel

Here are 6 little victories of travel that make you feel good about your journey, yourself, and life in general.

Colombia, Colorado, Costa Rica: The “C” Trip


I’m currently in the throes of what I’ve dubbed The “C” Trip, to Colombia, Colorado, and Costa Rica. Here’s how this trip came to pass:

7 Countries and 34,000 Miles: 2014 Travel Summary

the travel lifestyle

In 2014 I traveled through/lived in 7 countries, and traversed over 34,000 miles. Here’s a summary of what I did, and where.

The Day I Had My Purse Stolen, and Lessons Learned

purse stolen in Cusco

In Cusco, my purse was stolen, with everything in it. Here’s what happened, what I gained from being prepared, and what mistakes I made along the way.

Eight Years of Full-Time Travel: Life is a Journey. Live It.

Nora Dunn, The Professional Hobo in Peru

After eight years of full-time travel, I’ve realized that life is a journey, and the journey is the destination. Click through for some big news too!

How Travel Rewards You For Being Impulsive

the travel lifestyle

Here are eight ways you can be impulsive on the road (as well as at home for that matter) to expand your horizons and get the most out of travel (and life):

Travel Hacking Lessons (How I Gave US Airways $1700 for Nothing, Not Even Flights)

airplane view

Traveling with frequent flyer miles isn’t always easy. Here’s a sordid story of dealing with US Airways, with some rules for navigating frequent flyer miles.

Cutting Your Losses: Why I’m Losing in Order to Win

cutting losses

This is a tale of an ugly insurance claim and its detrimental effects – and why I’m now losing in order to win this case. Also, some awesome travel content.

How Tourists Cripple Local Economies

how tourists cripple local economies

It’s done with the best intentions, but can have the most catastrophic outcomes. Here’s how tourists cripple local economies, and how to avoid it happening.

Travel is Selfish. Here’s Why.

selfishness of travel

Here’s an email conversation I had with a reader, who basically asked to move in with me on the road. It made me realize travel is selfish.

A Digital Detox in the Peruvian Andes

camping at Incan ruin site in the Andes of Peru

I just did a 5-day digital detox in the Peruvian Andes. Although there was no better setting for it, it wasn’t the easiest thing I’ve ever done.

The Day I Was Dumped Via Instant Message

instant message

Here’s the story of how I was dumped via instant message, what this instant message culture means in the grander scheme of things, and what’s next for me.

A Tale (and Pics) of Serendipity in Gulfport, Florida

Hanging at Gulfport Florida

Here’s a tale of how I happened upon Gulfport Florida through serendipity, and fell in love on arrival. Enjoy these varied pictures of this colourful place.

Paying for Alone Time on the Road

The Professional Hobo enjoying alone time on the road

This post outlines some of the sacrifices travelers make when getting free accommodation, and why it’s worth occasionally paying for alone time on the road.

12 Countries and 29,000 miles: This was 2013!

the travel lifestyle

In 2013, I managed to hit up 12 different countries, covering 28,904 miles (46,517 kilometers). Here is 2013, in a nutshell:

The #1 Reason Why I Love Slow Travel

slow travel

In the last month of being in Panama, I realized why I love slow travel so much. It’s a unique travel benefit; and one that’s very rewarding.

The Saga of My $10,000 Passport

protecting your passport while traveling

In just one week, $10,000 passed through my hands. And it all boils down to a stolen passport, four days before I was to travel…a saga indeed.

Using Serendipity in Travel and Business

sunset view over the marina at Grenada

Here are 2 examples of how serendipity has provided opportunities in travel and business, because I was calm and patient in the face of challenge.

Why “Settle Down” is a Bad Word….or Not

Settle Down

I was recently advised to “return home” and settle down to an “ordinary” life. I’m not so sure it’s that easy.

Travel Rocks! Highlights from 7 Years of Full-Time Travel

highlights from full-time travel

I may have had some mis-adventures, but the good outweighs the bad; here are the highlights of my last 6 years of full-time travel.

Brace Yourself: Travel Isn’t All Roses and Lollipops

travel isn't all roses and lollipops

Brace yourself: Here’s all the crappy stuff that has happened to me in my 7 years of full-time travel. It ain’t pretty, but it usually ends well.

What is a “Holiday” for a Full-Time Traveler?

the travel lifestyle

If you’re always on the go, living a travel lifestyle that many would equate with “holiday” life – but you’re also always working – what’s a holiday?

The Professional Hobo’s Bucket List – Past, Present, and Ongoing

bucket list

The time has come: I’ve drawn up a bucket list – but with a twist; I celebrate past victories, new dreams, and ongoing ambitions.

Crash! Bam! How My Life Changed in a Second

crash bam! sunset

Last month, my life changed in – quite literally – the blink of an eye. Here’s what happened:

2012: 8 Countries and 20,000 Miles

the travel lifestyle

In 2012, my full-time travels took me to 8 countries spanning 20,000 miles. Here’s a quick recap of the highlights!

Time for a Change: The Professional Hobo Switches Gears

gazing at a Swiss glacial lake

After redesigning my life 6 years ago to adopt a full-time travel lifestyle, it’s time to redesign my life again. Just a wee bit anyway. Here’s the scoop!

The Art of Communication, Relationships, and the Trappings of Nomadic Living

art of communication

Communication and relationships are changing. But there’s a fine line between engaging the world, and forsaking it for the world in our laptops.

How NOT Going to University or Buying a House Saved my Life

How NOT going to University or Buying a House Saved my Life

I am lucky enough to not have a university degree or a house. Here’s why I think it’s the best thing that could ever have happened to me.

How We View World Geography Based on Our Origin

Distance and geography take on a different meaning, depending on where you’re from. As a Canadian in Europe this has been quite a learning experience.

Traveling Without Moving, in Switzerland


I’ve been in Switzerland for a month now, and I’m not sure if I should be proud (or guilty) of how much (or how little) I’ve done so far. What do you think?

Time Slows Down While Traveling

train speeding through the outback shows me that time slows down while traveling

The faster you travel, the slower time goes. Here’s why.

A Bad Day in the Life of a Professional Hobo

bad day - but great sunset

No life is perfect. Here are some of the things that can (and do, and did) go wrong as a full-time traveler – and how we can learn from having a bad day.

Dealing With Poverty on the Road

the travel lifestyle

In this post I ask some tough questions: What is poverty, who exactly is impoverished, does poverty=sadness, and how can we help without insulting people?

How I Became the Professional Hobo (Part II: The Logistics)

how I became The Professional Hobo

After deciding to leave everything to chase my lifelong dream of travel, I had to walk the talk. Here are the nuts&bolts of how I Became The Professional Hobo.

How I Became The Professional Hobo (Part I: The Dream, The Decision)

how I became The Professional Hobo

Here I bare all: what prompted me to make the life-changing decision to sell everything to travel full-time. Enjoy Part I: about how it all started.

Destiny is a Direction

destiny is a direction

What if Destiny is a direction, not a fixed place? And what is Passion isn’t stationary? These questions and more are explored in this post.

Romance on the Road

romance on the road

I’m hanging it all out with this inside scoop about how romance on the road works for a single female traveler.

Travel, Work-Life Balance, Time Management, and the Paradoxes Within

work-life balance, time management

This poignant articles looks at how we prioritize our lives, and the root of time management and work-life issues.

The Paralysis of Choice

paralysis of choice

The recent exercise of booking my flights back to Canada from New Zealand was a harrowing one. It took forever to actually decide on a plan of action and execute it. And for a full-time traveler, it shouldn’t have been that difficult. Then again, maybe my very freedom inspired this … Read More

The Last Four Years of Full-Time Travel

four years of full-time travel

Four years of full-time travel: can you believe it?! This post was originally published in 2011. It has since been updated for accuracy of links and content. I ended up traveling full-time for 12 years. Just as time passes more and more quickly as we age, so too I’m finding … Read More

Motion Sickness on the Road

motion sickness on the road

I am currently recovering from Motion Sickness on the road. This is a very real, very difficult condition to deal with, and something to be aware of, especially if you’re traveling solo. In this fantastic world of full-time travel (four years and counting for me, at the time of writing), … Read More

Travel Fatigue, and Slowing Down the Pace of Travel

travel fatigue

Travel Fatigue…..it’s a bitch. This post was originally published in 2011. It has since been updated for accuracy of links and content.  About a month ago, I realized something wasn’t right. I couldn’t quite define what was going on, but I had an unsettled feeling in my gut. I was … Read More

Breaking Up While Traveling

breaking up while traveling

Breaking up while traveling – this is not an easy task….trust me. There are heaps of articles about survival tips for couples on the road. The stress of travel can take a toll on a relationship, accelerate the natural evolution of a relationship, or even force two people to stay … Read More

Meeting People Online…and Then in Person

the travel lifestyle

This post was originally published in 2010. It has since been updated for accuracy of links and content.  In the last few months, I’ve had occasion to connect with a handful of people who I’ve initially met on-line, developed relationships with over varying periods of time, and then met in … Read More

How to Get Support as a Writer Living Abroad

the travel lifestyle

As a writer living abroad, I’ve been burnt by a lack of support – both professional and moral – from friends and family. Here are lessons learned about support.

Airport Musings During a 50 Hour Journey

view from the wing airport musings

Airport Musings: Thoughts that Happen During the Longest Trip on Earth This is the story of one girl’s determination to take a large trip without layovers, inexpensively, and somewhat stupidly. Please enjoy my antics. This post was originally published in 2009. It has since been updated for accuracy of links … Read More

City Life vs Country Life: An Unbiased Analysis

City Life vs. Country Life: An Unbiased Analysis

Can’t decide if you’re a city person or a country person? Here’s an unbiased analysis of the pros and cons of city live vs country life, after having lived extensively in both. Enjoy!

The Journey Through Life Changes

Part of the fun of living at a hostel is in meeting all sorts of people with a variety of backgrounds and stories to tell. And it’s amazing to discover how many people are out there who are going through (or have gone through) similar life changes in life as … Read More

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Alice in a hat at the Jebal Akhdar Mountains


I didn't leave a corporate job to travel the world, because I've never had one. My life definitely doesn't fit in a single backpack, hell, it probably wouldn't even fit in a 10 foot container. And I'm not a full time traveller.


I'm a twenty-something expat kid who grew up with travel in her blood, currently living in Dubai. After dropping out of university to complete my degree online, I decided to give this work for yourself, digital nomad thing a go. So here I am, sharing my stories and helping people like you build a life you love.

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the travel lifestyle

TRAVEL AS A LIFESTYLE: Reflections on the transformative power of immersive travel on the psyche

With more than a year gone by since the state of the world last permitted one of my spirited journeys abroad, I am braced by sudden nostalgia over the travel lifestyle of my twenties.

It is not so much the glimmering beach holidays that emerge to the surface now, though they have felt like my lifeline at times. Rather, it is the vivid impressions of the immersive experiences abroad that materialize in my mind’s eye.

Recognizing that it is a privilege to have travelled and lived abroad for half of my years while coming to be an adult, I feel a letter of gratitude is overdue. Travel, especially for months and years on end, goes deeper than the awe-inspiring sights, the stunning cultures and the eye-opening histories. Immersive travel is a wordless feeling that resonates deep inside, with the places and people we encounter forging the quiet growth of our minds and spirits.

A travel lifestyle is addictive not because of the lure of escape, an inability to decide or the refusal to go the “normal” route, though these factors surface at times. Immersive travel has a more powerful undercurrent that prompts us to face our deepest fears and desires in life. The personal growth that happens when you take a leap out of your comfort zone into foreign territory transforms you, especially when this faith is a repeated act.

The travel lifestyle propels us forward in unpredictable ways, confronting us with challenges we underestimated, yet needed. Stripped of our usual comforts and identifiers, we are exposed to the once-concealed realities of the world and ourselves.

New insights emerge in bursts, as well as gradually over time, forming a tapestry that reveals itself to us at some mysterious, external pace. So, too, we find inspirations we couldn’t have dreamed of in a limited environment.

The endless possibilities of the world

TRAVEL AS A LIFESTYLE Reflections on the transformative power of immersive travel on the psyche1

Each point in my travel history has played its unique role. Volunteering in Bolivia opened my eyes to the complexities of the world around me. Backpacking through Europe freed me to pursue my truths in the decade to come. Working in East Africa awakened me, and leaving everything behind for Southeast Asia drastically rerouted my course. Living in The Netherlands for two and a half years has profoundly challenged me, and rediscovering myself in Mauritius reignited my individual spark.

Exploring different corners of the world, over the past eight years, has led me to discover more of myself in the process: my strengths, my needs and basic humanity. Yet, like any knowledge worth pursuing, and as any humble student of the world would attest, the more you learn and grow, the more you initially realize you don’t know. I cannot shake this constant questioning that has been lit within me, and I carry it with me wherever I go.

I go looking for answers, but I am left with more questions. The endless possibilities of the world and my place in it both inspire and weigh me down. It feels like a breathtaking mountain I have only half treacherously climbed. What to make of this puzzling world? Where do I belong and will my search for something so intangible ever end?

Imbedded in the travel lifestyle is a beautiful contradiction. Home is everywhere and nowhere to me, all at the same time. I see these complexities reflected in the world itself, at once endlessly inviting and distressing. The suffering and beauty seems infinite, yet as one person, I’m only able to absorb so much.

Back home between travels, I wade through this strange gap between vastly different realities. Sometimes, I feel pulled into an emotional vortex that reaches me alone, while it appears that others remain unphased. It is a quiet transformation that unfolds within, and makes me want to point out: I’m not the same person anymore. There is so much more to this world I want to experience and share.

I shift towards a greater purpose

TRAVEL AS A LIFESTYLE Reflections on the transformative power of immersive travel on the psyche

Lives move forward while I’m away, and equally so, I outgrow my past. Like the sands settling over time, who I am shifts towards a greater purpose . While it has yet to be wholly defined, even to myself, I have an inexplicable sense that I am tied to the state of the world, to the people and places I have encountered and those I have yet to meet.

Each time I travel feels like two steps forward, and each time I return or settle for too long feels like a sort of spiritual step back.

I have long prioritized the promise of new experiences and greater understanding over any linear path. So far, a predictable career or lifestyle has been forgone in the process. My insatiable hunger for living abroad seems not to favour traditional markers of stability or success. Each time I travel feels like two steps forward, and each time I return or settle for too long feels like a sort of spiritual step back.

At times, I want to get off this revolving carousel of living in different places and embrace some comfortable simplicity in life. Yet, to do so feels like abandoning my truest path. Where all of this leads is perhaps less important than what, and who, I am uncovering along the way. In truth, my greatest lessons and memories have come from this very journey, my purpose in a grand world untangling across its spheres.

This meandering lifestyle has blessed and confused me beyond compare. Immersive travel has the power to change us in ways we can’t understand at first. Its sharpest insights are unique to each, but its common themes inspire and connect all of us who understand this precious lifestyle. Maybe the time will come when I have absorbed everything I need from all it has to offer, or perhaps we can never evolve too much.

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image 1 Image by  StockSnap  from  Pixabay  2 Image by  piviso  from  Pixabay  

Hi Tyla, this is a really inspiring piece. It makes me want to follow one of my dreams and live in India and Nepal for a while. I have been heavily influenced for years by Hindu and Buddhist spiritual practice but I have never traveled to that part of the world. I think after reading this I am going to do that! I have been reading and writing for the mindful word for some time now…and your pieces on travel and its benefits for spiritual growth always speak to me!

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the travel lifestyle

Writing From Nowhere

the travel lifestyle

Full-Time Travel Tips To Sustain The Travel Lifestyle

  • April 14, 2021

The travel lifestyle is the most exciting way to live. You get to constantly have experiences that challenge and change you, and see more of the world than you ever could waiting for your vacation days. But, starting to full-time travel and continuing to full-time travel are two very different charges.

If the travel lifestyle is pulling at your heartstrings, you owe it to yourself to try. But do yourself a favor and heed these tips before you go so that you can sustain the travel lifestyle for as a long as possible.

the travel lifestyle

8 Full-Time Travel Tips To Help You Sustain The Travel Lifestyle

Hey, Kayla here! If we haven’t met before, I’m *so glad* you’re here. These tips come from my experience as a digital nomad and expat. I left the US in 2017 and haven’t permanently returned since. Do you have any suggestions to add to this full-time travel tips list? I’d love to hear in the comments!

1. Intentionally Pick Your Income Source

Step one of living the full-time travel lifestyle is figuring out how to fund it. You may initially reach for finding a full-time position with a company that is remote, but you have more options.

There are other ways to fund the full-time travel lifestyle, from coasting on savings to dabbling in agorism, but there’s one that will give you more freedom than the rest: having an online business.

Having your own online business will grant you the freedom to make money how you like, work when are where you choose and outsource and pacify income as much as possible. I won’t tell you it’s easy, but I can say that there’s honestly never been a better time to start.

An online business could very well well be your answer to everything , but this way of funding the full-time travel lifestyle takes longer than simply saving or finding a remote position with a company.

My main income stream is Pinterest management . When I started with my travel lifestyle, I was freelance writing but it was very time-consuming and didn’t pay enough. Find something that suits how you want to spend your time.

2. Be A Minimalist

A minimalist approach to the travel lifestyle isn’t just about bringing fewer items. It’s about needing less and loving what you have. This brings us to the most important point of being a travel minimalist:

Pack what you really want to have. A tip I was given (and listened to, but shouldn’t have) before my first digital nomad trip in 2017 was to only bring clothes that I WASN’T attached to.

They’ll get holes, get lost, get the sleeve bitten off by a kangaroo.

So, I embarked on my journey with *zero* articles of clothing that I loved. Nothing that felt like my uniform or made me feel just like me.

That’s so not what minimalism is about. Minimalism isn’t about loving nothing that you have; it’s about loving everything .

Pack what you need and what brings you joy. And with the space that you have left in your pack, stuff in a few emergency items that you should never travel without (more on that in #3).

Over the course of your journey traveling full-time, you’ll find yourself needing less and less to be happy, which is one of the greatest gifts of the full-time travel lifestyle.

Sustainable travel packing list_Writing From Nowhere

3. Take *Excellent* Care Of Yourself

When you don’t have an apartment or a permanent address, the only real home you have is your body. Treat her like she matters more than anything ( because, she does ).

Failing to maintain your basic health will put an end to your full-time travel plans. Being constantly sick or even just under the weather makes it incredibly difficult to have the energy and mindfulness to enjoy the places you’re visiting.

the travel lifestyle

In addition to taking basic travel self-care items with you, there are 3 big ways to do this when you’re living the travel lifestyle:

  • Sunscreen . Don’t be too cool to lather up, your face and shoulders at a bare minimum. Down the road when you don’t look 10 years older than you actually are, you’ll be thanking your past self for taking the simple step to put on SPF. Be sure to get a reef-safe sunscreen, even if you’re not anywhere near the beach. All drains lead to the ocean!
  • Vitamins . Every bod’ is different, but you’re not ready for liftoff until you have at least a humble multivitamin in your pack. If you have any other deficiencies (personally, I’m vitamin D deficient), be sure to bring specific supplements (re: your GP) along with you as well
  • Water (continued below)

4. Drink As Much Water As Possible

Water intake is so important that it needs its whole own category.

The exact amount of water you should be drinking will vary based on your activity, but here are some general guidelines.

Travel days , such as road trips, flights and bus or train rides should be prepped for a day in advance. Drink as much as was possible the day before, and you’ll be better hydrated on your travel day without having to make frequent bathroom stops.

Work days require sufficient hydration to keep headaches, fatigue and mental fuzziness at bay.

Hiking days require the most water. Your water supply will have to be planned out in advance, and you should have multiple forms of water sanitization on hand incase your primary form breaks.

Exploring days around your locale don’t have particular hydration needs, assuming that you’ll always be able to buy water at any moment. As a rule of thumb, drink a liter (an entire Nalgene ) of water first thing in the morning before you set out for the day. Drink until you have to pee, and then fill your bottle up and take it with you. Refill whenever possible.

When traveling in places without potable water, I always find it very difficult to get enough water on a daily basis. Constantly buying bottled water is an inconvenient chore, not to mention an ongoing expense. My preferred water sanitization method is using a UV light sterilizer to make the tap water potable.

Find a system that works for you and maintain it without compromising.

5. Continue To Nurture Your Relationships, Even With People Who Don’t Understand The Travel Lifestyle

Long-distance relationships, whether they’re with family, friends or partners, need special nurturing. Especially if the person at the other end of the phone doesn’t understand or support your full-time travel.

Check in regularly and send pictures. Sending people pictures directly via WhatsApp, iMessage or email will make sure that you maintain contact with the people in your life who aren’t on social media and still let them into your life.

Don’t always make the photos you send back calendar-worthy shots; really let your people into your experience. When I travel, I try to send a picture of my food to my mom every day. We’re big eaters, and even if it’s not special, it’s a moment to share. She often sends a picture of what she’s eating back. I’ve received many photos of her morning oatmeal! And that’s how it should be, which leads right into the next tip:

the travel lifestyle

Never position your life above anyone else’s just because you’re living the travel lifestyle. Full-time travel is *probably* more exciting than whatever is happening back home. We all know that, but I beg of you, don’t make it known . It will be very damaging to your relationships if you bring that measuring stick into your relationships.

You might be happier, but you’re not better than anyone else just because you decided to pursue full-time travel.

6. Be Proactive

….against all of the obvious things that can (and sometimes will) go wrong and have the potential to end your full-time travel lifestyle.

Be proactive against theft. Take steps to reduce your odds of being robbed , and no matter how long you’ve been traveling, remember to take the same measures. Getting a little too comfortable and leaving your back unattended, or your phone in your back pocket where it’s easily pickpocketed (that happened to me in Bogotá), are easy mistakes to make. Don’t fall victim to beginner misteps.

Be proactive against falling ill. We already covered this, but I hit it again because I’ve personally been to emergency rooms in 3 different countries, and those bills can be enough to kill your full-time travel funds.

Be proactive against losing your income. Becoming sloppy, unreliable or unreachable in your work is, quite frankly, tempting! The travel lifestyle is more exciting than sitting behind your laptop answering emails, but finding balance is going to be a make-or-break factor for your full-time travels. Hone excellent remote work habits to reduce the odds of losing your income.

the travel lifestyle

You can never prevent accidents and snafus from happening when you live the travel lifestyle, but you can protect yourself against obvious pitfalls.

7. Be The Master Of Your Money

After your health, your finances is the most significant factor that will let you carry on with your full-time travel or cause you to cave.

Learn to deflate your lifestyle costs , and keep a rigid budget. Rigid doesn’t have to translate to an unbelievably low budget; you can have a $1k budget a day, but rigidly sticking to it means that you never spend $1,001.

If this sounds intimidating, let me give you the piece of advice that I needed to hear: stop being afraid of your money. Look at your bank account. If you’re hearing that and thinking “when WAS the last time I looked at my bank balance….” then I’m lookin’ at you.

the travel lifestyle

Decide how much you can afford to spend per month, then roll it back into a weekly and daily budget. There are all kinds of travel lifestyle hacks that you’ll pick up along the way that will help you save money.

House sitting, work exchanges, mastering the *perfect* bowl of eggs and rice. You’ll get the hang of it.

8. Don’t Forget To Enjoy The Journey

I know I just said that your health and finances are the most influential factors in your travel lifestyle, but there’s kind of been a sneaky one that’s even more important.

Perhaps the *most* fatal blow to your full-time travel lifestyle will be forgetting to enjoy it .

Full-time travel is as great as it looks: adventure, passport stamps, new experiences. But it has equally intense challenges. When you’ve missed another significant milestone back home, or are locked up in a hotel room finishing a deadline for a project that you hate, you will start growing tired of it at some point.

Full-time travel is much more than just hopping from mountaintop to mountaintop. How you feel every day matters a lot more than you have feel at the continental highlights.

the travel lifestyle

Full-Time Travel Lifestyle Final Thoughts

Traveling full-time is surprisingly difficult. I know that will sound ridiculous to people who are dying to live the travel lifestyle, but it’s the truth.

Follow these full-time travel tips to help you increase your odds of being able to sustain the lifestyle full-time. What bits of wisdom have you picked up in your travel lifestyle? I’d love to hear in the comments!

7 Comments on Full-Time Travel Tips To Sustain The Travel Lifestyle

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I love this post ! I find the minimalism part to be so true .. at home I have a lot of accumulated things (that would break my heart to throw away or give, so I keep and sometimes use ) but when travelling I need so little and it’s so freeing. On a sailing boat as little as possible is a must (it’s already way too packed with things to fix mechanical breakdowns of many parts … I might need to do some minimalistic fix on that part too….) but that lifestyle really taught me that wearing the same stuff over and over is definitely okay !

I love this! Travel really shows us what we need in life. Living on a sailboat is one of my dreams!

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this is a great write up! I love how you and your mom send each other photos of your breakfast every day!

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trends 2022

Travel as Healing

Wellness vacations now go far beyond massages and diet advice, instead offering a respite from physical and mental stress. Here’s what to expect.

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the travel lifestyle

By Concepción de León

Before the pandemic, when Mary Calliste, 32, traveled, she would try to hit as many tourist attractions as she could. But in early December, Ms. Calliste, who works in the financial services industry out of Plainfield, N.J., went to Guatemala and stayed at an eco-friendly hotel called Lush Atitlán . There, she ate vegan meals, walked around the natural reserve and listened to music.

And loved it.

From now on, she said, “I see myself incorporating a lot more of my needs into my travel instead of what I can see.”

As the pandemic lingers into its third calendar year, it’s probably not surprising that travelers are increasingly looking to their vacations to work on their mental and physical wellness. In a recent American Express survey , 76 percent of respondents said they wanted to spend more on travel that improves their well-being, and 55 percent said they would be willing to pay extra for these services or activities.

That has hotels ramping up their wellness offerings, from outfitting rooms with Peloton exercise bikes to adding programs that address mental health. Hilton has created a program called Five Feet to Fitness , which includes an interactive kiosk with fitness tutorials and a gym’s worth of equipment in some rooms.

At Miraval Resorts & Spas locations, guests over the past year have come in “having experienced symptoms of stress that they, quite frankly, were unfamiliar with,” said Simon Marxer, the hotel group’s associate vice president for wellness offerings.

In April, Miraval partnered with the National Alliance on Mental Illness to create Sensory Journeys , a meditation and soundscape series available for free on the Miraval website. It also introduced Journeys With Intention , a customizable wellness program that allows guests to choose from a selection of “journeys” according to their health goals. Among the offerings: self-connection, grief and loss, and mental well-being, as well as more standard spa, adventure and fitness programs.

“What we’re seeing, certainly in hospitality, is the need to serve really the whole person,” Mr. Marxer said.

Spas took a hit

Spas, with their focus on high-touch, one-on-one services like massages and facials, were hit hard last year. Hotel and resort spas experienced a 42 percent dip in revenues, while destination spas, which offer an immersive experience, were down 37 percent, according to a report by the Global Wellness Institute published in December. But the wellness industry has since begun a rapid recovery, the report said, projecting that the spa sector will grow 17 percent annually through 2025.

Still, the downturn forced hotels and resorts — and their guests — to expand their notions of wellness and what activities fall under that umbrella. Before the pandemic, a wellness trip was probably centered on a spa’s traditional services, said Caroline Klein, the chief communications officer of Preferred Hotels & Resorts, a luxury hotel group. Now, hotels may offer nature walks, meditation, yoga or any number of creative offerings.

In some ways, hotels are responding to the lifestyles that many people adopted at the height of lockdowns, including making home-cooked meals and taking virtual fitness classes.

“Hotels are really seeing people bring those new mind-sets, routines and preferences with them as they start to travel again,” Ms. Klein said. “What that creates is a definite shift in expectations and experiences that hotels need to cater to, because they’re not catering to the traveler from 2019.”

Emily Rossin, a spokeswoman for a hospitality group that includes the Ryder, a boutique hotel in Charleston, S.C., said that after seeing the surge in popularity of Peloton bikes during the pandemic, the hotel decided to make them an in-room option for guests.

“We noticed that people were still stuck in their habitual routines from when we were in lockdown,” Ms. Rossin said. “When they’re coming to stay with us, it’s within their same routine and they really don’t have to break that.”

Established wellness hotels are also benefiting from the boom. Alex Glasscock, a co-founder of the Ranch wellness retreat in Malibu, Calif., which offers hours of daily hiking and a vegan menu, has seen an increase in bookings, he said, notably from teenagers and young adults. It’s a significant shift from when he and his wife, Sue, started the company in 2010 and people were confused by the concept of a “luxury boot camp.”

“This is truly a mega-trend,” he said, adding that at the Ranch, “what we’ve noticed from the pandemic is that where people used to book two and three months in advance, now we’re full six months in advance.”

the travel lifestyle

52 Places to Love in 2021

We asked readers to tell us about the spots that have delighted, inspired and comforted them in a dark year. Here, 52 of the more than 2,000 suggestions we received, to remind us that the world still awaits.

Changing travel styles

What people want out of a vacation is shifting said Chris Kam, the president and chief operating officer of Omnitrak, a Hawaii-based research company that conducts regular national travel surveys. While travel has always been a reset, during the pandemic, “the travel experience transformed and became a place to heal — from mental, physical, spiritual stress,” he said in an email. “People travel for answers now about how to feel better.”

Shasha Du, 33, a founder and the creative director of Wild Awake , which organizes retreats for young people of color, said her travel style had changed. “I used to love traveling to cities a lot more,” she said. But looking back at that travel, which she said included a lot of shopping, Ms. Du realized that it “was enjoyable, but it was also not that fulfilling. It didn’t nurture my soul.”

In 2020, she designed two nature retreats for herself and her friends. And in November, she rented a barn north of Sacramento through Airbnb and, for the first time, signed up for an Airbnb experience: a tea-foraging event where she learned about the ancestral medicinal uses of many plants, some of which she’d been seeing all her life.

“It was just a different form of self-care, but I felt that it was really, really rejuvenating,” she said.

Feeling depleted by the pandemic, Ann Chen, 58, an English composition instructor at George Mason University in Fairfax, Va., recently booked a wellness retreat with a friend for June 2022 “as a way to keep going — find something positive,” she said. They plan to stay at Ojo Santa Fe in New Mexico, a wellness resort with thermal pools, meals sourced from local farms and a spa. They planned ahead for personal scheduling reasons, but also to give them time to research the area and understand its “culture, attitudes and beliefs,” Ms. Chen said. The idea, she added, was “to be soothed, to work on being calm, to work on eating good food.”

“This kind of resort is getting us back to more of a normal feeling in our lives, where we’re just not so stressed out by worrying about whether we’re going to live another day,” Ms. Chen said.

Industry experts say the wellness travel trend is here to stay. The United States accounted for nearly 30 percent of the global wellness tourism market in 2020, and the sector is expected to grow to $919 billion by 2022 from $735.8 billion in 2020, according to the Global Wellness Institute .

“This is where we were headed,” Mr. Marxer of Miraval Resorts & Spas said. “The pandemic has brought the future forward in an accelerated way.”

Follow New York Times Travel on Instagram , Twitter and Facebook . And sign up for our weekly Travel Dispatch newsletter to receive expert tips on traveling smarter and inspiration for your next vacation. Dreaming up a future getaway or just armchair traveling? Check out our 52 Places list for 2021 .

An earlier version of this article misidentified a program that Miraval Resorts & Spas partnered with the National Alliance on Mental Illness to create. It was  Sensory Journeys , a meditation and soundscape series available for free on the Miraval website; it was not Journeys With Intention , which is a separate program created by Miraval.

How we handle corrections

Concepción de León is a travel reporter based in New York. More about Concepción de León

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Free Meals, Lounge Access & 8 Other Private Amtrak Room Perks

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Photo Tips, Creative Photography + Travel Guides - The Wandering Lens

  • The Travel Photography Lifestyle + Tips to Get Started
  • Career Tips
  • By Lisa Michele Burns

the travel lifestyle

Crafting your lifestyle as a travel photographer

the travel lifestyle

  • Photographing destinations to pitch + publish both your words and images
  • Creating image libraries and content collections for brands and tourism businesses
  • Photographing luxury hotels and experiences in beautiful destinations
  • Keeping it local and showcasing tourism offerings for visitors in local guides, newspapers, magazines and working with your regional tourism board
  • Pairing photographing destination weddings with landscape work in tropical and exotic locations
  • Researching and writing articles on forgotten cultures and offbeat destinations + telling stories with your photographs.
  • Working with non-profit organisations to document charities, environmental initiatives, and sustainable tourism ventures.
  • Collaborating with brands and businesses to make a dream travel photography project come to life.
  • Travelling to photograph destinations with the intention of selling prints and working with galleries, stock libraries and even perhaps your own store?
  • All of the above!

the travel lifestyle

Want to learn with The Wandering Lens? Online self-study courses – Discover your potential as a photographer!

Are you craving a creative career, struggle to know where to start as a photographer and need a little guidance.

These creative courses have been written for you and bring together over 17+years of experience and lessons from working in the industry. I want to see others share their talents and get published, sell prints, find clients – to have the confidence to achieve whatever it is you want to within the field of photography.

My three comprehensive photography courses are now available for self-study enrolments and upon signing up, I’ll be in touch with instant access to get you set up and logged into the learning portal! You’ll receive access to every workbook within the course program and can work your way through in whichever order you chose.

Which of the following sounds like you most?

#1 You want to find work as a freelance travel photographer? The Freelance Travel Photographer Course is open for enrolments! Learn more here.

#2 You need a creative boost and want to transform your photography? Start with The 3-Week Composition Reset and work through composition and creative challenges.

#3 You’re keen to start a business selling prints? The Print Store Launch Pad will guide you through the entire process from curation and logistics to marketing + sales.

Take a peek at the course options below, if you’d like to discuss which one will suit you, send me an email via [email protected] and we can chat!

the travel lifestyle

Hello! I’m the founder and photographer behind The Wandering Lens. With 17+yrs experience as a professional travel and landscape photographer, all advice found on this site is from my personal experience on the road. I hope it’s useful for your own travels and would love to hear in the comments about your trips and experiences around the world.

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the travel lifestyle

Mastering Light: A Quick Guide to Golden Hour Photography

the travel lifestyle

Glacier Lodge Eqi – Up Close with Greenland’s Calving Wonder

the travel lifestyle

Photographing the Lunar Landscapes of Valle de la Luna, Chile

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Our Passion

Our purpose.

the travel lifestyle

Passion For Travel

Inherent passion, travel styles, destinations, travel inspiration, immersive experiences, arrived magazine, specialized travel, group travel.

Spreading our passion and love of travel

To take your breath away

TTC Sustainability

Impactful purpose, how we tread right, make travel matter® experiences, sustainability awards, treadright foundation.

Learn how we Make Travel Matter


Travel that makes a difference

Our Culture

Our offices, thoughts from our chairman, incredible people, ttc i.d.e.a., our heritage, stanley tollman.

Learn about what makes our team unique

Discover your career path in travel


Tailor-made, sustainability.

the travel lifestyle


Our passion, our purpose, passion for travel, travel inspiration, specialized travel, group-travel, our dmc’s, our culture, our heritage, mtm experiences.

the travel lifestyle


Travel your way, whatever your taste or pace.

There are so many ways to see and explore the world and at TTC we have been honing the craft of blending transformative travel with extraordinary service for 100 years. With ten travel styles to choose from, we are confident that we have a travel style that will suit your needs and desires. We are passionate and dedicated to consistently creating new and life changing travel experiences designed to elevate how you discover the beauty and magic of our world.

Explore our 10 travel styles below to begin your journey

River cruising, luxury hotels, tailor-made, safari & adventure, sightseeing, guided travel.

Come with us as we guide you through some of the most incredible and transformative travel experiences curated by our service driven teams to ensure that all of your needs are taken care of so that you can focus on whats important; truly connecting to the people and places you visit and explore.

Come with us as we guide you through some of the most incredible and transformative travel experiences curated by our service driven teams to ensure that all of your needs are taken care of so that you can focus on whats important; truly connecting to the people and places you visit and explore. 

We craft each of our award-winning guided trips to leave our guests free to live in the moment without a worry in the world. Feel secure in the knowledge that we’ve seen to every detail, just turn up & enjoy the journey.

Insight Vacations

Travel with like-minded companions and be guided by knowledgeable Local Experts. Let us take care of the driving while you sit back and enjoy the journey on our luxury, customised coaches.

Culturally immersive trips for 18-35’s.

Discover the best of luxury boutique river cruising. You deserve the best.

Essentials by us, tailored by you. With the travel essentials & must-see icons included & options for our guests to tailor their trip their way, each vacation flows smoothly from arrival to departure. 

Luxury Gold

Enjoy a luxury immersive journey with Luxury Gold. Along the way you’ll be accompanied by a professional, knowledgeable and personable Traveling Concierge who will tailor your experience to your desires.

Brendan Vacations

Guided Vacations are easy to take and easy to enjoy. If must-see sights, insider experiences and care-free travel sound like your cup of tea, then this is the travel style for you.

Experience the getaway of a lifetime on a fully Guided Holiday through Australia and New Zealand.

Haggis Adventures

We make sure our guided tours to keep your spirits high and show you the authentic charm of our beloved country and its people. Whatever your tipple, our Highland hospitality will shine.  

Highland Explorer Tours

Discover Scotland’s breathtaking landscapes and magnificent history on our 1-6 day tours, led by our passionate Local Guides. Taste what the Scots have eaten for centuries and go to places only the locals know. We’re proud to show you the treasures that won’t be found in a guidebook.

Inspiring Journeys

You’re invited to venture off the beaten track, to truly connect with your destination, through immersive experiences in an intimate small group setting. 

African Travel

Guided, small group, safaris are ideal for travelers seeking camaraderie and exploration with like-minded guests.

Lion World Travel

Small group, affordable luxury safaris. Choose from a wide range of exclusive vacation packages in Africa, or create your own custom five-star dream safari.

Grand European Travel

Guided vacations offer genuinely unparalleled travel experiences. Explore iconic sites with Local Experts and get a true sense of your destination with immersive local experiences.

Small group, affordable luxury safaris. Choose from a wide range of exclusive vacation packages in Africa, or create your own custom five-star dream safari.[

Next-Gen Travel

Travel is as much about you as the places you visit. Through learning new ways of life and discovering the transformative cultural and natural experiences our world offers, we also learn about ourselves, our dreams and aspirations. Wanderlust starts in the soul and with our brands for the young and young at heart we help ignite it.

Culturally immersive trips led by our expert Trip Managers and Local Guides.

At HAGGiS we grab Scotland by the horns and take you straight to the heart of its draw dropping scenery. We show you the best of its wild side, and help you find yours too.

Luxury Travel

Designed with elegance and care with you always at the heart of our thinking, we believe and follow the philosophy of ‘No request too large, no detail too small’. From our boutique luxury hotel collection to our boutique river cruise collection or our luxury guided travel offerings we always provide the most incredible, tailor made and sought after luxury travel experiences. You will never be able to see the world in another way.

Designed with elegance and care with you always at the heart of our thinking, we believe and follow the philosophy of ‘No request too large, no detail too small’. From our boutique luxury hotel collection to our boutique river cruise collection or our luxury guided travel offerings we always provide the most incredible, tailor made and sought after luxury travel experiences. You will never be able to see the world in another way.

Red Carnation Hotels

From London’s Hotel 41 to the elegant Hotel d’Angleterre on the shores of Lake Geneva, each and every Red Carnation Hotel is unique and special and showcases original design, delicious cuisine and world-class hospitality.

Each exquisitely appointed Uniworld river cruise ship is a work of art designed to be as unique as our guests and as inspiring as the destinations we visit. You deserve the best.

We will do everything within our powers to ensure you enjoy the best, most comfortable and hassle-free travel experience. We always choose the best mode of transport for the destination, ensuring luxury and comfort each step of the way.

Luxury means different things to different travelers. Whether a private villa or tented camp, we’ll customize your journey with extraordinary experiences and outstanding accommodations.


We are proud to offer the world’s only authentic boutique luxury river cruise lines. River cruising with us combines the pleasure of discovering new places each day all while enjoy the luxury accommodation we have made renowned through The Red Carnation Hotel Collection. A boutique luxury hotel on the water as you peacefully sail away to destinations you have always dreamed of exploring. Experience something truly remarkable today.

We offer enticing voyages around the globe, with all-inclusive river cruises that set a new standard for luxury and excellence.

Begin your experience directly with one of our award-winning luxury hotels through The Red Carnation Hotel Collection or experience the same incredible service and quality through one of our luxury guided holiday and river cruise brands as they take you to amazing locals that leave you breathless.

From London’s Hotel 41 to the elegant Hotel d’Angleterre on the shores of Lake Geneva, each and every Red Carnation hotel is unique and special and showcases original design, delicious cuisine and generous hospitality.

We bring the world-class hospitality and accommodation made famous by The Red Carnation Hotel Collection to our industry leading fleet of luxury river ships. 

We bring the world-class hospitality and accommodation made famous by The Red Carnation Hotel Collection to our industry leading fleet of luxury river ships.

Family Travel

As a fourth-generation family owned company, we truly understand the importance of sharing wondrous moments with those we hold special in our lives. The ability to learn and experience new cultures and places together creates life-long memories and bonds that change us forever. Discover the world as a family and create cherished memories with one of our award-winning brands.

We take the stress out of family travel, allowing our guests to be fully present, experiencing each incredible moment together. Designed with the whole family in mind, just show up & let the fun begin!

An incredible luxury river cruise experience for the entire family because you deserve the best.

Whether traveling with younger kids, teenagers or several generations, a family safari in Africa is safe, fun and a cultural opportunity to build a bridge across continents and experience one of the last sanctuaries for wildlife.

Down Under Tours

Enjoy incredible family experiences and create memories to treasure for a lifetime.

From our youngest to our oldest guests, there is no request too large, no detail too small. Welcome home.

Tailor-made Travel

Freedom is everything. Your choice, your rules, your story. Allow us to help create your personal and fully tailored travel expedience. You will find that we are deeply passionate about helping you create your travel story. Being your independent travel experience with one of our award-winning brands.

We know that travel is personal and our trips are handcrafted to give you the absolute freedom of discovering Ireland and Scotland on your own. We make it easy to travel your way.

Us Scot’s pride ourselves on doing things differently. Our routes take you to the must–see sights, but you decide what to do when you get there. We fought for our freedom, so we know the value of yours.

Our trips give you versatility and the choice to see Scotland your way with our ‘ explore more’ option. Saunter around a beautiful town, delve into a historic castle or jump aboard the Jacobite Steam Train; it’s your trip, and it’s your choice.

Adventure World

Whether you’re after wildlife and wilderness, culture and heritage, an active adventure or simply a personalized experience, we know how to create an extraordinary itinerary, tailored for you.

Join us as an independent traveler and feel right at home on one of our sightseeing tours or unique small group experiences, where you’ll have the chance to immerse yourself in the rich culture and history of Britain.

Like the stripes on a zebra, no two human fingerprints are the same, that’s why we tailor your journey to suit your personal travel style and interest.

Discover our Africa through tailored experiences designed your way.

Enjoy the freedom of tailor-made travel and choose an adventure in Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef Region.

Evan Evans Tours

Safari & adventure.

The world awaits you. Experience the majesty of the wilds or feed your adventurous spirit, the choice is yours. Using lodges, safari camps, adventure ships and expertly trained staff we offer a variety of experiences. Our staff passionately impart a wealth of knowledge both personally experienced and researched. Whether you are interested in our safari offerings or exploring the Antarctic Bay our teams are here to help you reach places others only dream about.

Our handcrafted safaris are the culmination of more than 40 years of passion for creating spectacular, luxurious African experiences that will connect you to wildlife.

Experience Africa in affordable luxury. We love Africa and so will you.

Embrace your adventurous spirit and revel in the excitement and passion of adventure travel.

Sightseeing Tours

Our sightseeing day tours include the ‘must sees and do’s’ of a destination to help you cross some of those travel wishes off your list and will also help you discover more things to add on. Our award-winning brands help you get off the beaten path and explore spectacular historical destinations and nature’s treasures in the way you want to.

Discover Britain’s rich cultural and historical heritage on a sightseeing tour led by an Expert Guide. Explore London’s most famous historic sights and visit iconic locations such as Stonehenge and Windsor Castle.

Discover Australia’s most iconic bucket list destinations on a sightseeing day tour.

Whether you’re a culture chaser, a bit of an adventurist or a taste enthusiast, there’s something for everyone in Ireland and Scotland. Let our Experts help you plan the ultimate trip.

For a wee country, Scotland punches well above its weight. We take you to must-see sights such as Loch Ness and the Isle of Skye, but also to the remote and rugged landscapes of The Outer Hebrides and Shetland.

Subtle flavours and magnificent mountains, friendly locals and frantic battles, beautiful lochs and boisterous traditions. We share all of Scotland’s secrets, beauty and history with a passion.

​Down Under Tours

Let us take you on a journey of discovery through the world’s oldest living tropical rainforest and learn about the oldest living culture on Earth.

Cullinan Guided Journeys

Experience the magic of Southern Africa.

Siva Travel

Helping you explore the best of Greece.

Siva Travel 

We offer comprehensive group travel services for businesses and consumers, with group tours from 9 or more guests traveling together. Our group tour package options include small groups, private tour groups, all-inclusive vacation packages, and fully custom tours.

Minimalist Focus

  • Entertainment

Minimalist Focus

Eat Move Make: Exploring the Intersection of Food, Fitness, Travel, and Lifestyle

the travel lifestyle

In our modern world, where health and well-being take center stage, the concepts of food, fitness, travel, and lifestyle have become intertwined in a fascinating way. People are no longer content with just one aspect of a fulfilling life; they are seeking a holistic approach that encompasses not only what they eat but also how they move, where they go, and the overall quality of their lives. This article delves into the synergy between these vital elements and how they contribute to a balanced and rewarding existence.

The Harmony of Eating Right

Nourishing your body.

The Harmony of Eating Right

Maintaining a balanced diet is the cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle. By using a TDEE calculator to estimate your daily calorie needs based on your activity level, age, and other factors, you can determine an appropriate calorie target to support your fitness goals. Consuming nutrient-rich foods provides your body with the energy it needs to function optimally.

Exploring Culinary Delights

Food is not just fuel; it’s a sensory experience that can be savored and enjoyed. Exploring different cuisines introduces you to a world of flavors, textures, and aromas that can awaken your taste buds and broaden your culinary horizons. Adding blends of herbs, vitamin-rich nutrients, and novel plant-based foods sourced from nature, such as hemp extract-infused CBD honey sticks , supports overall health, boosts mood, and relieves stress.

Mindful Eating

In the hustle and bustle of modern life, it’s easy to overlook the act of eating itself. Practicing mindful eating encourages you to savor each bite, pay attention to your body’s hunger and fullness cues, and develop a healthier relationship with food.

The Vitality of Movement

Finding your fitness passion.

The Vitality of Movement

Exercise is more than just a means to an end; it’s a way to celebrate what your body can do. From yoga and running to weightlifting and dancing, there are countless ways to move that can be both enjoyable and beneficial for your physical and mental well-being.

Boosting Energy and Mood

Regular physical activity releases endorphins, the “feel-good” hormones that can uplift your mood and reduce stress. Additionally, exercise enhances blood circulation, which promotes better energy levels and overall vitality.

Embracing an Active Lifestyle

Incorporating movement into your daily routine doesn’t have to be a chore. Opt for activities that you genuinely enjoy, whether it’s taking a walk in nature, participating in a team sport, or practicing a martial art. The key is to make movement an integral part of your lifestyle.

The Joys of Travel

Broadening horizons.

Travel opens doors to new cultures, traditions, and perspectives. Experiencing different ways of life firsthand can be incredibly enriching and broaden your understanding of the world.

Embracing Adventure

Venturing beyond your comfort zone through travel can lead to personal growth and a boost in self-confidence. Whether it’s hiking a mountain, trying a new water sport, or exploring a vibrant city, every trip can be an adventure.

Creating Lasting Memories

The memories you create while traveling often become cherished stories that you can share for a lifetime. From breathtaking landscapes to unforgettable encounters, each journey adds a unique chapter to your life’s narrative.

Crafting a Fulfilling Lifestyle

Prioritizing well-being.

A well-rounded lifestyle isn’t solely about physical health; it’s about nurturing your mental and emotional well-being too. Incorporating activities like meditation, journaling, and spending quality time with loved ones can enhance your overall quality of life.

Finding Balance

Striking a balance between work, leisure, and personal pursuits is essential for avoiding burnout and maintaining a sense of contentment. Remember that it’s okay to take breaks and enjoy moments of relaxation.

Pursuing Passions

A fulfilling lifestyle is one where your passions and interests are central. Whether it’s a creative hobby, a community involvement, or a personal project, dedicating time to what you love adds depth and meaning to your life.

The intricate interplay between food, fitness, travel, and lifestyle is a beautiful tapestry that defines our modern approach to well-being. Embracing these elements in harmony can lead to a more vibrant, balanced, and rewarding life. So, why not embark on the journey to “Eat Move Make,” where every meal, every movement, every adventure, and every choice contribute to a holistic and fulfilling existence.

the travel lifestyle

Meet Kathy, the mindful mind behind the words at minimalistfocus.com. With an innate ability to distill the essence of life down to its purest form, Kathy's writing resonates with those seeking clarity in a cluttered world.

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Moscow Tours

The glorious capital of mother Russia

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Home / Russia travel Destinations / Moscow Tours

Moscow Tours overview

Our private Moscow city tours allow travellers the benefit of an expert tour guide with you in every step. All you have to do is take it all in and enjoy. Explore a city born from an imperial past, yet an enduring symbol of Soviet Russia. This is a city between two worlds. When you visit Moscow , you will see how its art and architecture reflects a crossroad between Europe and Asia. Moscow revels in the centuries of comings and goings of great minds that have called this world-renowned metropolis home.

Moscow Travel Highlights:

  • Rich in history and culture, reveals some amazing stories. Our captivating Moscow tours have a way of bringing the past to life as you follow a Soviet trail through the city
  • Explore numerous world-class historical and contemporary art galleries and museums in Moscow , including the Tretyakov State Gallery, the Pushkin Museum, the Moscow Museum of Modern Art, and many more

Moscow holds the World's Best of Jaw-dropping Art

  • Be enthralled by the monumental architecture of famous churches and iconic buildings, such as the Kremlin, the Red Square, and Saint Basil’s Cathedral
  • Experience the magnificent Moscow Metro, whose grandiose architecture, intricate mosaics, and dramatic sculptures have made it a must-see attraction when travelling Russia
  • Indulge yourself in one of their many famous theatre art performances, whether it be an opera or ballet performance in the glamorous Bolshoi Theatre or a post-drama or comedy production in the Gogol Centre

Captivating Adventures to Experience in Moscow

  • Take a Moscow river cruise along the mighty Volga River for a unique perspective into exploring Russia’s hidden gems and treasures
  • Feast on exotic Russian cuisines while strolling through the street markets or at a fine dining restaurant, and enjoy countless specialty stores sampling vodka, caviar, and chocolate
  • Shop to your heart’s desire in Moscow’s two most lavished shopping centres, GUM and TSUM, where items range from the most glamorous high-end fashion brands, art, and jewellery to antiques and traditional handicrafts

Must-Visit Moscow Landmarks

The Red Square, Saint Basil’s Cathedral, and The Kremlin top every visitor’s list. These iconic buildings have defined Russia for centuries, but Moscow’s culture doesn’t stop there. Visit Izmailovsky Park, one of the largest urban parks in the world (six times larger than New York’s Central Park) or marvel at the Ostankino Tower, once the tallest structure on earth. Chase down real adventure and ride the Moscow Metro for a true taste of Russia in what visitors call part bomb shelter, part art gallery.

Moscow is an elite paradise with the highest concentration of billionaires on the planet, so nothing is off-limits. Moscow is full of history and possibility – both a political hub and billionaire playground. Visit Moscow and decide for yourself what this dynamic city means to you. Explore the expertly designed Moscow tour packages below for some more inspiration.

Explore Moscow Tours

Russia travel guide

Moscow Vibes – Three Day City Escape

This handcrafted Moscow tour is perfectly planned weekend exploration of Russia capital's most famous tourist attractions. You will enjoy a panoramic tour of this magnificent city, will explore mighty Kremlin and Red Square and indulge in world-famed Moscow metro and Arbat street.

Moscow tour

Classic Moscow - Art, History and Culture

Breathe in the history of Moscow, explore its Imperial and soviet past, dynamic contemporary culture and lifestyle. On this 5-day tour of Moscow, you'll visit the must-see sights with your private guide and explore the city at your own pace.

Moscow to St Petersburg Tour

Highlights of Moscow & St Petersburg

Immerse yourself in the art, history and culture of Russia and explore the contrasting styles of Moscow and St Petersburg in just one week. Experience the iconic landmarks of Moscow, then, take a fast train to Saint Petersburg, one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.

Moscow and St Petersburg tour

Moscow and St Petersburg in Style

This carefully crafted 9-day itinerary tells the tale of two cities – Moscow, the source of Eastern political, economic and spiritual influence, and St Petersburg – Russia’s cultural epicentre and window to Western Europe.

Moscow St Petersburg Golden Ring Tour Russia

Moscow, St Petersburg and Golden Ring Rendezvous

This tour of Moscow, St. Petersburg and the Golden Ring explores the places that shaped Russia’s history – past, present and future. Uncover Moscow’s ongoing revolutionary spirit, before journeying back in time to rural, medieval Russia. End in St Petersburg, a city of royal splendour and undeniable romance.

St Petersburg Moscow Russia winter tour Christmas New Years tour

Moscow & St Petersburg Winter Escapade

Experience the romantic, winter wonderland atmosphere and festive city lights of Russia’s two biggest cities and celebrate the New Year! You’ll discover some of the cities' most iconic attractions and lesser-known gems.

Northern lights in Russia tour Moscow Murmansk St Petersburg

Northern Lights in Russia: Arctic Winter Magic

Explore main sights of mighty Moscow and cultural capital of Russia - Saint Petersburg. Head to Karelia, where we’ll stop to admire the Ruskeala Mountain Park and historic Kizhi Island. Discover the customs of the indigenous Saami in Kola Peninsula and observe Aurora Borealis dancing in the sky.

the travel lifestyle

A custom tour made to order

We understand sometimes our set departure dates do not align with your ability to travel at that time, or you just want to travel bespoke. We got you covered.

Go custom — gives you the choice & flexibility of creating your own bespoke itinerary, using our tours for inspiration.

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11 must-visit museums of Moscow and St Petersburg

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12 Reasons Everyone Must Visit Russia

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Pros and Cons of Moving to Moscow

the travel lifestyle

This guide was written prior to Russia's 2022 invasion of Ukraine and is therefore not reflective of the current situation. Travel to Russia is currently not advisable due to the area's volatile political situation.

Rich in history and culture, Moscow is an exciting destination for expats. Nevertheless, they may experience frustrations arising from bureaucracy, a difficult language adjustment and extreme weather conditions. Nonetheless, the city offers an attractive lifestyle with its active social life and vibrant arts and culture scene. 

Accommodation in Moscow

Densely populated Moscow offers a variety of options for accommodation, though lots of competition and high prices make finding the perfect home a bit tricky.

+ PRO: Range of options

There are many different types of accommodation available in Moscow. Expats are just as likely to find themselves in a pre-revolutionary apartment with high ceilings, thick walls and interesting architecture as in a modern apartment block with good facilities and high-tech features. There are also several international compounds with other expats. These gated communities usually offer their own sports facilities and social activities. 

- CON: High demand and expensive 

With so many people living in Moscow, housing is in great demand and can therefore be expensive. Apartments are also often small, and expats may be disappointed with what their money can buy. Realistically, size, quality and location are the most important factors influencing the cost of accommodation in Moscow. Expats with a limited budget may need to compromise on one or more of these factors to find a home that best suits them.

Lifestyle in Moscow

Moscow is a huge city, offering a wide range of activities and events . The expat community is close-knit, giving new arrivals the opportunity to make friends.

+ PRO: Great social scene 

There is so much to do in Moscow, with activities catering for every interest. Most groups and organisations are well-organised and welcoming to newcomers. The expat community is busy throughout the year with balls and charity events.

Nightlife within the city is excellent, with a variety of bars, clubs and restaurants to choose from. The quality of museums, art galleries, theatres and concerts is also outstanding.

- CON: Eating out can be expensive

Restaurants in Moscow can be extremely expensive. Expats may find their social life is limited if living on a budget. Luckily, knowing the right places will help make going out more affordable.

Education and schools in Moscow

+ pro: international schools are available .

There are several international schools in Moscow offering excellent quality education and facilities. There are also good private Russian schools, although only a small percentage of expat children attend these.

- CON: Demand is high and space is limited

The demand for schools outweighs the supply. Therefore, schools in Moscow can be expensive with long waiting lists. Schools are usually located outside of central Moscow. So, unless expats live close to the school, children will have to travel some distance by school bus or car each day.

Climate in Moscow

+ pro: many winter and summer outdoor activities.

The climate in Moscow is quite extreme. Winter weather can be beautiful in Moscow, with blue skies and sunshine on the white snow. Cross-country skiing is popular with expats and ice-skating is possible all over the city as many playgrounds are made into ice-rinks. Summer is a great time to explore Moscow, as the city is generally quieter. There are lakeside and river beaches in Moscow, where expats and locals alike can take advantage of the good weather.

- CON: Long winters 

The extreme winter weather can make living in Moscow challenging for most of the year. Expats should make sure to have enough thick and warm winter clothing to get them through. 

Safety in Moscow

- con: bribery and corruption.

Bribery and corruption are still issues in Moscow, and expats are sometimes affected by this. It's also not uncommon to find incidents of racism.

Healthcare in Moscow

+ pro: medical facilities are of a high standard .

There are many private medical centres in Moscow with well-trained doctors who can, in most cases, speak English. Dental treatment is also of a high standard in the city.

- CON: Healthcare is expensive

Getting medical treatment can sometimes be expensive, although most expats have insurance to cover these costs. Dental treatment is also pricey, although competitive with other European prices. 

Public transport in Moscow

+ pro: comprehensive public transport system.

Moscow has an impressive public transport system . The metro is not only clean, safe, efficient and fast; it is also a tourist attraction. Daily tours explore the metro system, with guides showing tourists through some of the city's most beautiful stations. These stations often resemble palaces, with sculptures, mosaics and even chandeliers. There is also an extensive bus, trolleybus and tram route throughout Moscow. Many of Moscow’s buses now even have Wi-Fi access.

- CON: Crowded public transport during rush hour 

Rush hour on the metro can be unpleasantly crowded. Many of the metro stations and trains also haven’t changed all their signs to show both the Cyrillic alphabet and the Latin alphabet. Being able to read place names in Russian is therefore helpful to avoid getting lost in the rush hour chaos.

- CON: Heavy traffic

Bad traffic can put people off travelling in and around Moscow. Luckily, the metro system is good and expats living near transport stops shouldn't have any issues getting around. The traffic could be a problem for those who choose to drive in Moscow, however. 

Further reading

►For a breakdown of what you can expect to pay for basic goods and services in Moscow, see  Cost of Living in Russia .

Expat Interviews " What I like the most about Moscow is the city itself. It is always clean, vibrant, and full of entertainment and friendly pedestrians. It means that you can walk as far as you want to and feel safe about doing so." Read about Eva's experience living in Moscow as an expat .  "What I like about Moscow is that it’s very dynamic and animated; there is always something to do at any time of the day and of the night!"  Read about Laurent's experience and his likes and dislikes of living in Moscow.

Are you an expat living in Moscow?

Expat Arrivals is looking for locals to contribute to this guide, and answer forum questions from others planning their move to Moscow. Please contact us if you'd like to contribute.

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the travel lifestyle

How to stay safe on spring break, according to travel security experts

Do your homework on a foreign destination before you get to the airport.

the travel lifestyle

As spring break approaches, some fun-and-sun destinations are getting extra attention.

Tulum is beefing up security for tourists in Mexico. A travel advisory warned Americans to use increased caution in the Bahamas after a recent increase in murders. That followed a reissued warning that urged U.S. citizens to reconsider travel to Jamaica due in part to crime.

Jamaica and the Bahamas have sought to reassure visitors , and the head of a travel agency company says he is not seeing cancellations as a result.

“What we have heard is people are calling resorts, working with advisers to find out is there enhanced security, is there concern,” said John Lovell, president of Travel Leaders Group.

Safety experts say travelers should do that kind of homework when deciding where to vacation, and be on alert once they are on a trip.

Choosing where to go

There’s a lot to consider when picking a destination: price, transportation, activities, lodging. But travel advisories like those issued by the U.S. State Department are important to bear in mind, too.

Ben Thorne, senior intelligence manager at risk management firm Crisis24, said travelers should use those advisories as a jumping-off point to ask more questions: Are only pockets of a country or city considered off-limits? What are the specific concerns? Guidance that other countries provide for their citizens could also be good resource.

Dave Komendat, senior security adviser for International SOS, a travel security firm, said potential visitors should also pay attention to the overall stability and security environment of a destination and whether it has a history of unrest. The State Department or the World Factbook from the CIA are good resources, he said.

The State Department offers a page for travelers to search for information about the country they’re visiting and encourages checking the U.S. Embassy’s website for the destination as well. It also compiles safety information on an international travel site.

Komendat and Thorne both suggested checking review sites such as Tripadvisor or other travel forums to see what other guests have experienced from staff at a particular resort or the surroundings in general.

Visitors should also check on safety features at their accommodations, whether they are staying at an Airbnb or hotel or resort, Thorne said. Are there fire alarms, carbon monoxide detectors and fire suppression systems? Is there security at the front desk or cameras?

“The last thing you want to do is to go in completely blind to a location,” he said.

Before you leave

The State Department said vacationers should make sure to read the information page for the country they’re visiting to be clear on local laws and what might get them arrested; examples the department provided include having a stray bullet in luggage and traveling with products that contain THC , the psychoactive compound in marijuana.

According to the department, travelers should compile contacts for the nearest U.S. Embassy or consulate, family members, airlines and accommodations and keep them handy during a trip.

And spring breakers should understand what their health insurance will cover in other countries and get insured before traveling with coverage that includes medical evacuation, the department said.

Komendat recommended that spring breakers sign up for the State Department’s Smart Traveler Enrollment Program , which delivers information about the destination and helps the U.S. Embassy track people down in an emergency.

At the airport

Experts stressed the importance of knowing what to expect when arriving somewhere new, especially in a foreign destination.

Komendat said travelers should familiarize themselves with the process of going through customs, picking up baggage and especially arranging transportation from the airport in their destination. In his own travel to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, he said, he walks through a pavilion where tour operators and transportation services make pitches to the new arrivals.

“If you didn’t know better, you would stop in that pavilion and someone would tell you they’re here to get you to your hotel when actually they’re not,” he said. “Most hotels will provide specific pickup and drop-off info.”

He said getting into the wrong vehicle could result in a longer-than-expected drive, one that is more expensive than it should be or worse.

“I’m always very Point A [to] Point B,” he said. “I don’t stop in between. That’s when you can run into problems.”

Thorne said depending on where you are, sometimes taxis can be better than a ride-hailing service like Uber or Lyft — or they might carry a higher risk. Ride hailing could be a good option in some places, or not-so-good in others. Ask hotels for advice on what to take, he said; hotel-provided transportation is ideal.

Spring breakers should also pack as light as possible so they aren’t spending a lot of time dragging heavy luggage between pickup and drop-off areas. It’s also wise to try to avoid arriving or leaving after dark, he said.

During the trip

In any destination, Thorne said it’s most important for visitors to keep a “heightened sense of situational awareness.”

“What this really is is not being fearful or skeptical but alert and attentive to your surroundings,” he said. That means not being buried in a phone or tuned out listening to music or a podcast at all times. “It will help you have a little more attention to changes in what’s around you.”

He said criminals are looking for people who are distracted, obviously unfamiliar with the location or overwhelmed.

When drinking alcohol on vacation, Thorne said travelers should always keep a close eye on their beverage and never accept free drinks from strangers. A good approach is only drinking out of bottles or cans that are sealed — and you’re the one breaking the seal. Earlier this month, two women from Kentucky alleged they were drugged and raped by staff members at a resort in Grand Bahama, where they stopped during their cruise. They claimed their drinks were spiked, according to multiple outlets . The Royal Bahamas Police Force said in a news release it made two arrests for sexual assault.

When visiting another country, especially one where English isn’t the primary language, Komendat said people should make sure they have a language translation app and know how to use it. They should also put an exchange rate calculator on their phone, spend the money to be able to use a cellphone in foreign destinations and learn the system to call for help in an emergency. The State Department said a U.S. citizen who needs emergency help should also get in touch with the nearest U.S. Embassy or consulate.

To avoid extra scrutiny, medication should be in original prescription bottles with a copy of the prescription, Komendat said.

Thorne said visitors should be cautious when people are extremely friendly: “Usually when a situation is too good to be true, particularly in a tourist destination, someone is trying to lower your guard.”

More travel tips

Vacation planning: Start with a strategy to maximize days off by taking PTO around holidays. Experts recommend taking multiple short trips for peak happiness . Want to take an ambitious trip? Here are 12 destinations to try this year — without crowds.

Cheap flights: Follow our best advice for scoring low airfare , including setting flight price alerts and subscribing to deal newsletters. If you’re set on an expensive getaway, here’s a plan to save up without straining your credit limit.

Airport chaos: We’ve got advice for every scenario , from canceled flights to lost luggage . Stuck at the rental car counter? These tips can speed up the process. And following these 52 rules of flying should make the experience better for everyone.

Expert advice: Our By The Way Concierge solves readers’ dilemmas , including whether it’s okay to ditch a partner at security, or what happens if you get caught flying with weed . Submit your question here . Or you could look to the gurus: Lonely Planet and Rick Steves .

the travel lifestyle

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Lottery winner blew record-breaking $50M in 8 years before death

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I work in a brothel — moms pay me to deflower their clueless virgin sons

I work in a brothel — moms pay me to deflower their clueless...

I’m an ex-flight attendant — these are the 5 hygiene tips you must follow.

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Passengers seated inside of an airplane.

The early bird gets the worm — or, in this case, the cleanest planes.

According to former flight attendant Jay Robert, who spent nearly two decades in the aviation industry, the later the flight, the filthier the aircraft.

“Throughout the day, there’s only time to perform light spot cleaning, with some airlines relying on cabin crew to maintain cabin presentability until the plane reaches its final destination for the night stop, during which the aircraft is more thoroughly cleaned in preparation for the flight out the following morning,” he told the Daily Mail, chalking it up to the airports’ “tight schedules.”

“Most airlines that operate domestic and short-haul flights adhere to tight schedules, limiting the time aircraft spend on the ground.”

But germaphobes beware: Just because you take off on a 5 a.m. flight doesn’t mean it’s completely sanitized.

Jay Robert

Robert also dished four more tips for a germ-free flight.

First, he recommended passengers sanitize their seat area — tray tables, seat cushions, armrests, screens and seat buckle — and wouldn’t dare go near the seat pocket.

“One area I steer clear of is the seatback pocket, as it often harbors various unpleasant surprises, from dirty tissues and diapers to full barf bags,” he explained.

Thirdly, Roberts revealed that he wouldn’t sit on the seat cushion, claiming aircraft seats are not thoroughly cleaned between flights, and advised travelers to use a blanket as a chair cover.

“On several occasions, passengers have complained they sat in what seemed like clean seats, only to discover that the cushion beneath the cover was soiled and damp from the previous flight,” he said, adding that he would only use the provided pillows as back support.

“Lazy cleaners often change only the top layer and not the entire cushion, meaning the pillow may still carry stains from body fluids like drool, sweat, and blood.”

A flight attendant in uniform standing inside a large plane, waiting for passengers.

Fourth, the ex-flight attendant advises you keep your shoes on.

If you want to kick back and relax — as much as you can on a cramped airplane — Robert cautioned against taking off your shoes, as the carpets can be “nasty.” Not only is it unsanitary, but foot odor can be a nuisance, or even a “real threat to air quality,” for fellow travelers.

“I’ve encountered situations where the scent emanating from someone’s bare feet was so overpowering that I had to discreetly spray perfume in that area,” he recalled.

“There were also instances it was so toxic that I had to wake passengers and delicately discuss the matter, explaining that their foot odor was causing discomfort to others and that it was necessary to wear their shoes.”

If you wouldn’t go into a public restroom barefoot, don’t do it on the plane, he warned.

A young woman resting with legs on the plane seat during flight.

nally, for a germ-free flight, Robert advises that you pay attention to your surrounding before putting your carry-on items on the floor.

Your bags could be spoiled if something spilled or leaked onto the floor from the passenger before you.

“Before placing your bags on the floor, carefully inspect your floor area, especially under seats, as cleaners often overlook these areas,” he said, advising using the plastic wrap from the blanket provided by the aircraft to cover the floor under the seat in front of you.

Even after almost 20 years in the business, Robert admitted he finds it difficult to “trust” airline cleaning practices, claiming that, because cleaning companies typically “overworking and underpaying” their staff, “cleanliness standards” are not met.

“Aircraft cleaning is highly unpredictable,” he said. “Even airlines renowned for their cleanliness standards fly to airports where they lack complete control over the contracted cleaning company.”

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Jay Robert


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Moscow-City: 7 surprising facts about the Russian capital’s business center

the travel lifestyle

1. Guinness World Record in highlining

the travel lifestyle

The record was set in 2019 by a team of seven athletes from Russia, Germany, France and Canada. They did it on September 8, on which the ‘Moscow-City Day’ is celebrated. The cord was stretched at the height of 350 m between the ‘OKO’ (“Eye”) and ‘Neva Towers’ skyscrapers. The distance between them is 245 m. The first of the athletes to cross was Friede Kuhne from Germany. The athletes didn't just walk, but also performed some daredevil tricks. Their record is 103 meters higher than the previous one set in Mexico City in December 2016.

the travel lifestyle

2. Domination of Europe's top-10 highest skyscrapers

7 out of 10 Europe’s highest skyscrapers are located in Moscow-City. Earlier, the  ‘Federation Tower’ complex’s ‘Vostok’ (“East”) skyscraper was the considered the tallest in Europe.

Left to right: the lower of the ‘Neva Towers’ (296 m), Commerzbank Tower in Frankfurt (300 m), Gorod Stolits (“City of Capitals”) Moscow tower (302 m), Eurasia tower (309 m), The Shard’ skyscraper in London (310 m), Mercury City Tower (339 m), Neva Towers (345 m).

Left to right: the lower of the ‘Neva Towers’ (296 m), Commerzbank Tower in Frankfurt (300 m), Gorod Stolits (“City of Capitals”) Moscow tower (302 m), Eurasia tower (309 m), The Shard’ skyscraper in London (310 m), Mercury City Tower (339 m), Neva Towers (345 m).

However, in 2018, the construction of the 462 meter tall ‘Lakhta Center’ in Saint-Petersburg was completed, pushing ‘Vostok’ (374 m) into 2nd place. The 3rd place is taken by OKO’s southern tower (354 m).

3. The unrealized ‘Rossiya’ tower

the travel lifestyle

If all the building plans of Moscow-City were realized, the ‘Lakhta Center’ in St. Petersburg wouldn't have a chance to be Europe's highest skyscraper. Boris Tkhor, the architect who designed the concept of Moscow-City, had planned for the ‘Rossiya’ tower to be the tallest. In his project, it was a 600 meter tall golden cylindrical skyscraper ending with a spire that was inspired by traditional Russian bell towers. Then, the project was reinvented by famous British architect Sir Norman Foster. He had designed ‘Rossiya’ as a pyramid ending with a spire. The skyscraper itself would have been 612 meters tall, and the height including the spire would have reached 744,5 meters (for comparison, the ‘Burj Khalifa’ in Dubai, UAE, would have been just 83,5 meters taller). Unfortunately, the investors faced a lot of economic problems, due to the 2008 financial crisis, so the ‘Rossiya’ skyscraper was never built. A shopping mall and the ‘Neva Towers’ complex was constructed at its place in 2019.

4. Changed appearance of ‘Federation Tower’

the travel lifestyle

In its first project, the ‘Federation Tower’ was designed to resemble a ship with a mast and two sails. The mast was to be represented by a tall glass spire with passages between the towers. It was planned to make a high-speed lift in it. The top of the spire was going to be turned into an observation deck. But the ship lost its mast in the middle of its construction. Experts at the Moscow-city Museum based in the ‘Imperia’ (“Empire”) tower say, that the construction of the spire was stopped, firstly, due to fire safety reasons and secondly, because it posed a threat to helicopter flights – the flickering glass of the spire could potentially blind the pilots. So, the half-built construction was disassembled. However, an observation deck was opened in the ‘Vostok’ tower.

5. Open windows of ‘Federation Tower’

the travel lifestyle

We all know that the windows of the upper floors in different buildings don’t usually open. Experts say that it’s not actually for people’s safety. Falling from a big height is likely to be fatal in any building. The actual reason is the ventilation system. In a skyscraper, it’s managed with a mechanical system, and the building has its own climate. But in the ‘Zapad’ (“West”) tower of the ‘Federation Tower’ complex, the windows can open. The 62nd and last floor of the tower are taken up by a restaurant called ‘Sixty’. There, the windows are equipped with a special hydraulic system. They open for a short period of time accompanied by classical music, so the guests can take breathtaking photos of Moscow.

6. Broken glass units of ‘Federation Tower’

the travel lifestyle

The guests of the ‘Sixty’ restaurant at the top of the ‘Zapad’ tower can be surprised to see cracked glass window panes. It is particularly strange, if we take into consideration the special type of this glass. It is extremely solid and can’t be broken once installed. For example, during experiments people threw all sorts of heavy items at the windows, but the glass wouldn’t break. The broken glass units of ‘Zapad’ were already damaged during shipment . As each of them is curved in its own way to make the tower’s curvature smooth, making a new set of window panes and bringing them to Russia was deemed too expensive . Moreover, the investors had financial problems (again, due to the 2008 financial crisis), so the ‘Vostok’ tower even stood unfinished for several years. Eventually, the cracked window panes were installed in their place.

7. The highest restaurant in Europe

the travel lifestyle

‘Birds’, another restaurant in Moscow-City, is remarkable for its location. It was opened at the end of 2019 on the 84th floor of the ‘OKO’ complex’s southern tower. Guests at the restaurant can enjoy an amazing panoramic view at a height of 336 meters. On January 28, the experts of ‘Kniga Recordov Rossii’ (“Russian Records Book”) declared ‘Birds’ the highest restaurant in Europe, a step toward an application for a Guinness World Record.

If using any of Russia Beyond's content, partly or in full, always provide an active hyperlink to the original material.

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Moscow extends a warm welcome to Indian travellers with enhanced infrastructure and hidden gems

Russia actively promoting moscow as a tourist destination for indian travellers, improving infrastructure and visa process..

Russia is making an active bid to attract Indian travellers to visit Moscow -- a huge megalopolis and the historical, political and spiritual heart of the Russian Federation. The Moscow City Tourism Committee is promoting the city not only as a cultural capital but also as a business hub as it plans to onboard trade partners, tourists and vacationers. Moscow has also strengthened cooperation with the tourism sectors of allied nations, hosting familiarization tours for delegates and arranging business trips to showcase the city's tourism potential.

Travelling to Moscow has now become easier as tourists from India and 54 other countries can apply for an electronic visa to enter Russia from August 1, 2023. (Unsplash)

To accommodate visitors, Moscow is improving its infrastructure: signs are now available in English and Chinese, all announcements on public transport are repeated in English, and hotels are also adapting to cater to the needs of guests from various countries and ensure a comfortable stay. "We are still on our way to restore the flow of Indian tourists in Moscow like it used to be before the pandemic," said Bulat Nurmukhanov, Head of International Cooperation Division of Moscow City Tourism Committee.

Bulat further said that before the pandemic, there was a steady growth of 12-15 per cent on a year-on-year basis. In the first half of the year, Moscow received about 20,000 Indians, compared to the same period a year ago, it is about 56 per cent higher. In a bid to make Moscow a must-visit destination, the committee is actively working on improving the infrastructure for international travellers. Moscow is spearheading the development of innovative standards in catering to the needs of foreign travellers.

Tourists arriving in the capital can stay in hotels of various price segments. They can savour traditional Russian cuisine, and can also indulge in a diverse culinary experience, with options ranging from authentic Indian delicacies to continental dishes prepared to the highest standards. In 2022, the number of foreign tourists who visited Moscow increased by 6.3 per cent compared to 2021, reaching a total of 1.7 million.

Travelling to Moscow has now become easier as tourists from India and 54 other countries can apply for an electronic visa to enter Russia from August 1, 2023. The impact of e-visa rollout would be available by October this year after the quarterly data from the Russian border control agencies is analysed, Bulat said.

Moreover, the Russian government is planning to come out with a virtual 'Foreign Tourist Card' that will enable cashless payments for various services. "The idea behind this card is, a person back home in India can remotely apply for this card and then he/she can transfer money from the personal bank account to this bank account," Bulat added.

Meanwhile, sources in the Indian Embassy in Moscow told reporters that the Indian tourism ministry as well as the governments of Goa and Kerala are slated to participate in roundtable discussions this month. There are also plans to engage social media influencers to improve the inward traffic to India. Before the pandemic, around 3 lakh Russian tourists visited India annually. The numbers are down to around 80,000-90,000 of late.

To facilitate easy visitor movement across the city, there is "Discover Moscow" -- a navigation and travel web portal about Moscow and "RUSSPASS travel service" -- a digital platform designed for planning trips across Russia. The Discover Moscow portal features descriptions of over 1,200 architectural landmarks in Moscow. The site provides news, digests with festival and event information and curated lists of exhibition venues.

By availing the RUSSPASS travel service, tourists can access all essential information for a trip to Moscow on the site, including visa and currency matters, accommodation and transportation options in the capital. The site also offers a trip builder feature, allowing tourists to select pre-designed city routes or create their own itinerary from their favourite locations. There are versions of the site in Russian, English, Spanish and Arabic.

On the cultural scene, Moscow boasts 10,000 cultural venues including theaters, museums, libraries, parks, cinemas, concert halls, and more. In the last decade, around 900 parks and green spaces have been renovated.

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    Steps to Living a Life of Travel 1. Change your spending habits We used to spend a lot of money on things that didn't better our lives. We'd buy $4 lattes, go out to dinner several times a week and we'd buy new designer clothes. The more popular the brand name, the better.

  7. Travel + Leisure: Travel Reviews, News, Guides & Tips

    Travel + Leisure is travelers' best resource for trip ideas, hotel picks, flight sales, city guides, and travel tips from the experts.

  8. Nomad Life: A Comprehensive Guide To Launching a Nomadic Travel Lifestyle

    Assessing your readiness for a nomadic lifestyle. Overcoming fears and doubts. Financial planning and budgeting. Creating a sustainable income source. Essential skills for the nomadic traveler. 3. Packing Smart for the Long Haul. Topics covered. Must have items for life on the road.

  9. Life as a full-time traveler

    Life as a full-time traveler is a bit of everything. It's complex, ever-changing, exciting, and even nerve-wracking at times. In this series you'll find a variety of posts that follow my personal journey of life as a full-time traveler since 2006, through 65+ countries. Come along with me!

  10. How to Travel More Sustainably

    Asking questions — both while you're traveling and, more important, before you book — is one of the most powerful things that travelers can do, said Gregory Miller, the executive director of ...

  11. The Travel Escape

    The Travel Escape is a travel & lifestyle blog featuring amazing destinations, hotel reviews, travel tips and photography from around the world. Skip to content. THE TRAVEL ESCAPE. Home; ... I didn't leave a corporate job to travel the world, because I've never had one. My life definitely doesn't fit in a single backpack, hell, it probably ...

  12. Lifestyle

    Lifestyle | TheTravel Lifestyle Travel lifestyle for everyone who loves to travel the world. latest 10 States With The Most Billionaire Residents Which states have the most billionaires living in them? Find out where wealth and lavish abodes thrive in these billionaire states in the US! By George Joseph 3 hours ago Travel

  13. The Travel Lifestyle: How Living Abroad Transforms the Psyche

    The travel lifestyle propels us forward in unpredictable ways, confronting us with challenges we underestimated, yet needed. Stripped of our usual comforts and identifiers, we are exposed to the once-concealed realities of the world and ourselves.

  14. Full-Time Travel Tips To Sustain The Travel Lifestyle

    The travel lifestyle is more exciting than sitting behind your laptop answering emails, but finding balance is going to be a make-or-break factor for your full-time travels. Hone excellent remote work habits to reduce the odds of losing your income. Squeezing in some work on a bus ride through France.

  15. Travel as Healing

    The United States accounted for nearly 30 percent of the global wellness tourism market in 2020, and the sector is expected to grow to $919 billion by 2022 from $735.8 billion in 2020, according ...

  16. TheTravel

    Inspirational travel destinations, must do bucket list ideas and all in one guides. Everything you need for your next trip. ... Lifestyle. 10 Easiest Countries For Americans To Immigrate To Exploring immigration options? Americans discover simplified processes in various countries, offering accessible pathways for a new chapter abroad. ...

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    The Travel Photography Lifestyle + Tips to Get Started Crafting your lifestyle as a travel photographer A jet-setting lifestyle, visiting new destinations each week and photographing for numerous publications and clients sounds wonderful doesn't it?

  18. These Travel Destinations Are Crowded. That's What Makes Them Great

    Feb. 9, 2024 11:29 am ET. HORNS OF PLENTY Each July, visitors flood the streets of Pamplona, Spain for the annual bull run. Photo: Getty Images. MANY TRAVELERS choose vacation destinations based ...

  19. Travel Styles

    Safari & Adventure Sightseeing Group Travel With nine travel styles to choose from, we are confident that we have a travel style that will suit your needs and desires.

  20. Eat Move Make: Exploring the Intersection of Food, Fitness, Travel, and

    Travel Eat Move Make: Exploring the Intersection of Food, Fitness, Travel, and Lifestyle By Kathy August 17, 2023 Updated: November 2, 2023 4 Mins Read In our modern world, where health and well-being take center stage, the concepts of food, fitness, travel, and lifestyle have become intertwined in a fascinating way.

  21. Moscow Tours

    This tour of Moscow, St. Petersburg and the Golden Ring explores the places that shaped Russia's history - past, present and future. Uncover Moscow's ongoing revolutionary spirit, before journeying back in time to rural, medieval Russia. End in St Petersburg, a city of royal splendour and undeniable romance. 11 days From(USD) $2,655 View ...

  22. Pros and Cons of Moving to Moscow

    Travel to Russia is currently not advisable due to the area's volatile political situation. Rich in history and culture, Moscow is an exciting destination for expats. Nevertheless, they may experience frustrations arising from bureaucracy, a difficult language adjustment and extreme weather conditions. ... Lifestyle in Moscow. Moscow is a huge ...

  23. How to stay safe on spring break, according to travel security experts

    Do your homework on a foreign destination before you get to the airport. Mexican military members patrol the streets of Tulum, Mexico, on Jan. 31. (David Gannon/AFP/Getty Images) As spring break ...

  24. Finnair starts weighing flying passengers at the gate

    Everything is anonymous, Päivyt Tallqvist, Finnair's senior vice president communications, told CNN, with only the member of staff at the gate seeing the weight. The trial started on Monday ...

  25. I'm an ex-flight attendant

    4. Robert claimed that planes are not thoroughly cleaned between flights due to tight schedules. Hope - stock.adobe.com. Fourth, the ex-flight attendant advises you keep your shoes on. If you ...

  26. Moscow-City: 7 surprising facts about the Russian ...

    Moscow-City is a vivid skyscraper cluster with a lot of amazing secrets. 1. Guinness World Record in highlining. mos.ru. The record was set in 2019 by a team of seven athletes from Russia, Germany ...

  27. Moscow extends a warm welcome to Indian travellers with enhanced

    Bulat further said that before the pandemic, there was a steady growth of 12-15 per cent on a year-on-year basis. In the first half of the year, Moscow received about 20,000 Indians, compared to ...