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Best and worst Dodge Journey years — which to avoid

We explored the best and worst dodge journey years, pinpointing the models with the most issues and collecting honest opinions from owners, all to offer you an insightful overview of its historical reliability..

A gray Dodge Journey, one of the years to avoid, driving down a dirt road.

Before the discontinuation, the Dodge Journey was one of the best mid-size SUVs produced for a dozen generations, and Dodge didn’t give up on it due to reliability issues. However, that doesn’t mean you can just go ahead and buy any model as some model years have received quite a few complaints.

Don’t go searching through the market just yet, since our team decided to give you all the important details in one guide. We’ve scanned the NHTSA records on common complaints and recalls to give you a complete picture of best years to buy and worst Dodge Journey years to avoid . On top of that, we’ve gone an extra step as we reached out to real Journey owners for their accounts and experiences, so stay tuned for the details.

Why you can trust REREV’s advice on which car model years to avoid: Our car experts look at official data, ask real drivers what they think, and talk to experienced mechanics to make sure our list is useful. This reliable info can make buying a car easier for you. Want to know how we do it? Find out more about our research methodology .

How we rated the best and worst Dodge Journey years

During our evaluation of the Dodge Journey as a model, we’ve gone through the reports on various model years based on several sources. First, we relied on trustworthy organizations like the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and we went through their records including details on recalls and common driver complaints.

After that, we’ve done some more digging on Dodge Journey recalls through reliable platforms like, as well as sources of authority like Edmunds and Kelly Blue Book. As mentioned, we wanted to give you honest Dodge Journey reviews and we could only do that by citing some forums with real experiences of previous drivers and Journey owners.

Most common Dodge Journey problems

The Dodge Journey might be a safe and reliable vehicle. However, it is not exempt from faults and flaws. Among the Dodge Journey most common problems you could run upon are brake problems, defective remote keyless entry systems, interior water leaks, or even damaged head gaskets, so we’ll discuss each of those in more detail.

1. Overheating engine

Engine issues are a common issue in faulty Dodge Journey model years. For the Dodge Journey, these problems happened in the 2009-2016 model years, causing overheating once they hit the 78,000-mile mark. This problem is likely caused by coolant flow challenges due to debris locking the cylinder head coolant port at its primary thermostat housing.

At first, the vehicle’s temperature light may turn on, but this worsens over time. Some Journey owners complained that their vehicles experienced engine power loss , leading to overheating. The vehicle may also develop coolant leaks, which become excessive for its overflow reservoir, causing coolant fluid to spill over.

These engine problems are usually expensive and dangerous, depending on where they happen. For a driver, you don’t want to encounter engine issues every day.

2. Brake problems

Brake issues were the most common troubles that plagued the Dodge Journey, especially its 2009-2010 model years. The brakes on these models wear out prematurely , which happens to relatively new Journey vehicles at about 30,000 miles. Some drivers mentioned that this issue has become severe, requiring them to replace their brakes every three months.

The abovementioned issues are among the few brake-related problems you could face if you purchase a problematic Dodge Journey model year. These issues are inconvenient and dangerous, especially for driving at high speeds. You want to avoid a vehicle that struggles with maintaining proper brakes. 

3. Defective remote keyless entry system

The Dodge Journey has many cool features, and the remote keyless system is supposed to be one of them. Instead, the keyless system is another Dodge Journey feature that has become problematic for drivers.

Many frustrated owners complain that the system doesn’t work correctly as it gives off either wrong key readings or the annoying “key not detected” message. The system sometimes interferes with the key fob, preventing drivers from locking or unlocking the doors. To fix this issue, owners may need to do a software update.

4. Interior water leaks

Some owners of the 2009-2018 Dodge Journey models have expressed discomfort caused by dampness inside the cabin. The cabin appears vulnerable to water leaks , typically at a low mileage of about 50,000 to 60,000 miles. According to complaints from owners, the driver’s seat floor of the Dodge Journey may become wet when they travel in the rain.

Other drivers complained that they noticed leaks near the side of the Journey, causing wet floors and carpets. Additionally, some drivers reported leaks near windows, headliners, and vents, and you may need a professional to fix the leaks and resolve the issue.

5. Damaged head gasket

This is another notorious Dodge Journey issue among vehicle owners. Drivers note that this problem commonly happens at about 100,000 miles. It might begin with performance issues and graduate to engine failure over time. This may be due to cracked or damaged head gaskets.

Some drivers have reported having leaky or blown head gaskets , causing severe damage to the engine. Experts recommend a compression test to verify if your Journey has faulty head gaskets. If they are defective, you may replace them yourself if you are a DIYer or have a professional do the job.

Worst Dodge Journey years to avoid

The Dodge Journey has had several great models; however, there are also some model years you should avoid if you intend to purchase a Dodge Journey. Below is a list of Journey model years to avoid:

Naturally, our team will get you through all these model years and their issues so you can have an easier time picking the most reliable Journey model.

First-generation Journey (2009-2012 model years)

The 2009 Dodge Journey was the first model of this generation, and it was associated with numerous problems and complaints from drivers. Its prevalent issue was with the brakes, and many drivers complained of frequent brake replacements within a short timeframe. These drivers point out that the vehicle is too heavy for the brake pads and rotors.

Other drivers reported that regardless of how gentle you are with the vehicle, it doesn’t stop the brakes from wearing out at 30,000 miles or earlier. Additionally, the braking power isn’t sufficient for the size of the vehicle and can lead to disastrous accidents in the worst cases.

Another issue of the 2009 model year was with its transmission, which caused rough gear shifting . Some drivers complained that shifting the vehicle out of the first gear was difficult, especially during cold weather. Also, several drivers report that their transmission fails at around 60,000 miles, causing them to abandon the vehicle.

The 2009 and 2010 models were also plagued by electrical faults that prevented the engine from turning over, which may be caused by the neutral safety switch losing communication with the shifter. Most drivers had to put their vehicles in neutral to get the engine to start up. Some drivers also complained that they experience these issues on other components like the horn, windows, radios, etc.

2011 Dodge model year also had issues with the brakes, but unlike the 2009-2010 models, which had brakes that required premature replacements , the 2011 model had brakes that made grinding and squealing sounds. In addition to the noises, drivers complain that their 2011 Journey shakes the steering wheel while braking.

Best Dodge Journey years

The Dodge Journey has several years, which drivers have confirmed to be reliable while offering remarkable performance. So, are you still wondering what are the best Dodge Journey years to buy? The best Dodge Journey years are 2005, 2017, and 2020. Still, there’s a full list of best-rated models:

These Dodge Journey models are some of the best years to date and provide excellent performance. If you are searching for the best Journey years to buy, these years are great choices, and they would give little to no problems without any cause for expensive repairs.

2005 Dodge Journey

Based on all the available NHTSA records and reliability reports, the 2005 Dodge Journey is the best model to date. It only received a few complaints including some engine cooling difficulties, but none of those reports were sufficient to place the model on a list of problematic years.

With a clean reliability record , the model scored a decent overall rating of 4 out of 5 based on reliable automotive agencies.

2017 Dodge Journey

As for the later model years, the 2017 Dodge Journey made it to the list as one of the most reliable options. It received model-specific concerns with some of the main complaints being related to A/C heater faults and electrical malfunctions.

2020 Dodge Journey

Finally, we can’t leave out the 2020 Journey model which also proved to be pretty reliable with just under 10 reliability concerns. Among those, drivers have mostly reported problems with seat belts and brakes, while the model received an overall rating of 4.2 out of 5 on and similar sources.

Is the Dodge Journey worth buying?

The Dodge Journey is an excellent SUV with remarkable performance. However, it doesn’t have a reasonable edge over its rivals, as consumers complain that the vehicle is made from cheap interior materials and lacks a host of safety features that can be found in most competitors.

If you’re eyeing versatile SUVs check out Ford Explorer Sport Trac years to avoid , Nissan Xterra years to avoid , or Mitsubishi Outlander years to avoid . While these vehicles are known for their ruggedness and capability, it’s vital to consider that not all model years have lived up to expectations.

What is the most common problem with the Dodge Journey?

The remote keyless entry system is Dodge Journey’s most reported issue. According to drivers, the system gives off the wrong readings or the u0022key not detectedu0022 message.

Is a Dodge Journey a reliable car?

The Dodge Journey is reliable as long as you keep away from its worst model years.

How many miles can you expect from a Dodge Journey?

The Dodge Journey can last up to 200,00 miles under ideal maintenance conditions.

Should I buy a Dodge Journey?

Yes, you can buy a Dodge Journey; however, you want to avoid buying its worst years. Also, it would be best if you considered its interior before making a purchase. 

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Filip is a lifelong car enthusiast with over 3 years of experience writing about cars and had worked as a mechanic apprentice for over 5 years, gaining hands-on expertise in automotive mechanics. At REREV, he combines his passion for cars with his comprehensive knowledge to provide readers with a unique blend of technical insight and engaging storytelling that sets the bar high for automotive content.

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2009-2020 Dodge Journey: pros and cons, common problems

2012 Dodge Journey interior

  • Stylish look.
  • Roomy practical nicely done interior (2011+).
  • Good handling, comfortable ride.
  • Storage and cargo space.
  • Available third-row seating.
  • Strong optional V6.
  • Doesn't hold its value well.
  • Electrical, wiring problems, higher than average repair costs.
  • Interior plastic could be better.
  • Lack of cargo space behind the third seat.

2012 Dodge Journey

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FCA Recalls 318,000 Dodge Charger and Chrysler 300 Cars

NHTSA — Engine Problems

2014 dodge journey (page 1 of 5).

  • « back to engine
  • Complaints 654
  • Crash Tests 2
  • Journey Recalls 7

About These NHTSA Complaints:

This data is from the NHTSA — the US gov't agency tasked with vehicle safety. Complaints are spread across multiple & redundant categories, & are not organized by problem.

So how do you find out what problems are occurring? For this NHTSA complaint data, the only way is to read through the comments below. Any duplicates or errors? It's not us.

2014 Dodge Journey engine problems

engine problem

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2014 Dodge Journey Owner Comments (Page 1 of 5)

Feb 18 2023


- Tampa, FL, USA

Jul 16 2021

- Kingston, OK, USA

Jan 30 2023

  • 110,400 miles

- Washington, DC, USA

Oct 01 2020

- Duluth , MN, USA

Jun 28 2022

- Decatur, GA, USA

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Mar 01 2022

  • 151,978 miles

- Suffolk, VA, USA

Jun 19 2021

- Wilsonville, OR, USA

May 30 2021

- Fresno, CA, USA

Jun 16 2021

- Myrtle Beach, SC, USA

Oct 15 2019

- Marana, AZ, USA

Nov 01 2020

- San Jacinto, CA, USA

Sep 01 2020

  • 71,000 miles

Aug 03 2020

  • 181,000 miles

- Florissant, MO, USA

Jul 08 2020

  • 89,203 miles

- Desert Hot Sorings, CA, USA

Jul 14 2020

Journey 6-cyl

  • 104,000 miles

- Limestone, TN, USA

Oct 30 2013

Journey 4-cyl

- Houlton, ME, USA

May 12 2020

  • 92,414 miles

- Okeechobee, FL, USA

Oct 01 2019

  • 150,000 miles

- Omaha, NE, USA

Nov 15 2019

  • 297,000 miles

- Watertown, MN, USA

Dec 15 2019

  • 130,000 miles

- Tallapoosa, GA, USA

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dodge journey 4 cylinder problems

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Used 2018 Dodge Journey SE 4dr SUV (2.4L 4cyl 4A) Consumer Reviews

2018 Dodge Journey

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Don't believe the experts!!!!

Our Journey has been a pleasant suprise!!! After reading the expert reviews and then reading the reviews that people who actually own them, the opinions are so different!!! I have no problem with the acceleration, even when fully loaded. There is plenty of room in the first 2 rows for adults. The 3rd row suitable for kids. The ride is awesome!!! The cabin is quiet and the steering makes it feel like a much smaller suv. Absolutely love this suv!!! Forget the experts!!!

2018 SE Blacktop 2.4 is just right for us!

My wife has collapsed disks in her back. At the young age of 32 she suffers the back pain of people 20yrs her senior, and so driving a car was really hurting her The seats are just too close to the floor. On Valentine's day 2019, we traded our 2011 Camry XLE for a new 2018 Dodge Journey. Our Camry's work-of-art V6 was a rocket compared to the 2.4 world engine in the Journey. However we have had several Kia and Hyundai vehicles powered by various vintages of that engine and knew what to expect from it. A 0-60 time of 9.5 seconds may be "slow" by 2019 standards, but it's plenty quick enough for the rural area of Ohio we live in. Our Journey is a left-over 2018. It is a base SE, with the backup camera (standard in 2018+), the blacktop package, and the Bluetooth/Satellite and Leather Steering wheel package. It's window sticker was $25.5k, and with all of the rebates we received from FCA, and Ganley motors in London, OH; the car's price was just $18,500! We have had the car for only a month, but first impressions are good. Interior quality is descent and except for accelerating, the engine noise is well subdued. The 4-speed is ancient, but the torque converter is pretty high stall, and allows the engine to review fairly freely to make the most of it's modest output. All in all its performance is not much different than the 2011 Kia Sorento 2.4 we used to have as well, and that SUV had a six speed auto. The car is black, and with the tinted windows, and blacktop package, admittedly it looks much more expensive than it is, but best of all the seating angle is higher than our old Camry, and my wife hurts much less as she drives all over the state for her job, and that is most important to me anyway. Everything else is just an added win! Fuel economy could be better, but 22-23mpg combined isn't awful either.

I like this car a lot.

Plenty of front seat headroom and legroom for larger drivers. Third row seating is great if you have to drive a bunch of kids around. There are two built-in coolers under the back seat floor mat, each of which can hold a 12 pack, for long trips. Power and handling are not great, but adequate for getting from point A to point B. I have been getting about 28 mpg on the highway with the 2.4L 4-cylinder engine. No problems so far.

Great Crossover for the price

Still loving this Journey since day 1 best buy so far for the money waranty all is great I take it to the Dealer to do regular maintenance and never feel that they try to oversell some other things love the Dodge Brand This is more of what I was expecting due a (expert review) on most of the online research Mine is the black top edition Honestly Im amaze and extremely happy with this 3 row seat, roomy, quiet ride, even whit the 4 cilinder like mine have enough power to do the job and the fuel economy for the size is great. 2 children lot of traveling is happy place for all my self and family enjoy this wonderfull problem free crossover from Dodge Like all cars give the schedule maintenance and is goin to be a great SUV Thanks

basic of the basic

Dodge is turning a quick buck on this baby! I have the basic model and they went too far; moreover, it was like the stripped it when they built it in Mexico. #1 on the motor they no longer put the cover on the top of motor. #2 They managed to make the front passenger seat so it will not fold down flat ( forward)for long cargo! #3 the digital interface for the speedometer looks like they forgot to finished it with a small digital display for the speed and arrows that stay permanently on, of instead of say a four inch display its closer than less than three inches. #4 DO NOT pull out in front of any moving vehicle because it has the speed of a slug with salt, I think it is the transmission or the computer system, but if you think you are going to floor the gas pedal it will not move very fast. #5 the standard radio is NOT interchangeable with any radio at your local store and I was quoted at best buy over seven hundred for the face plate or in this car the whole front console; moreover, a good blue tooth radio is only a few hundred but you have to buy the console so you are looking a close to a Grand!

Related Used 2018 Dodge Journey SE 4dr SUV (2.4L 4cyl 4A) info

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Drivetrain Resource

Dodge Journey P0304: Cylinder 4 Misfire – Diagnosis + Fix

If your Dodge Journey has the P0304 trouble code, you should know that it’s about as common of a code as there is. It’s a generic OBD IIcode (same meaning for all vehicles) that indicates that your vehicle’s fourth cylinder is misfiring .

Dodge Journey P0304

P0304 is a drivability concern and should be dealt with right awa y. If it’s bad enough to cause your Journey’s check engine light to flash, avoid driving your vehicle altogether until you find the misfire and repair your engine.

Repairing P0304 should be considered a high priority . Unlike a lot of the OBDII codes, this code has to do directly with engine combustion, and driving with a misfiring engine can damage your Journey’s catalytic converter.

The most common repair for P0304 is changing the spark plug in cylinder four.

Table of Contents:

P0304 + Other Codes

Common questions, p0304 definition: 4’th cylinder- misfire detected.

P0304 Definition Dodge Journey

4’th Cylinder

P0304 is a cylinder-specific misfire code, meaning only your Journey’s fourth cylinder has a misfire.

Before you can even diagnose P0304 in your vehicle, you need to find the fourth cylinder’s location .

On “V” configuration engines, it’ll usually be the second cylinder on the head further away from the front of the engine. On inline engines, the fourth cylinder will usually be the fourth in from the engine accessories.

A quick Google image search will confirm the correct cylinder (include your Journey’s model year and engine type), or they can print it up for you at most parts counters.

Misfire Detected

In order for an engine to burn fuel efficiently, each cylinder needs the following:

  • Fuel – In the right quantity (around 14.7 parts air to one part fuel).
  • Air – It needs to be metered by your Journey’s mass air flow sensor or MAP sensor, so the powertrain control module (PCM) knows exactly how much air to let into the combustion chamber.
  • Spark – The spark plug needs to fire at the right time and at the right temperature (diesel excluded).
  • Compression – The air-fuel mixture must be compressed during the engine’s power stroke.

If one of the above variables is off, your Journey’s fourth cylinder will misfire, or it won’t fire at all.

Dodge Journey P0304 Symptoms

P0304 symptoms

Here are the most common symptoms of P0304 in the Dodge Journey. There may be no noticeable symptoms at all.

  • Check engine light
  • Your vehicle may run rough, be down on power, and stall.
  • Your Journey may produce excess vibration, especially at lower RPM.
  • Fuel mileage may suffer.
  • You may smell raw gas coming from the tailpipe.
  • The engine may backfire.

P0304 OBD II Code Causes: Dodge Journey

dodge journey 4 cylinder problems

Here are the most common P0304 Dodge Journey causes; they are presented somewhat in order from most to least likely to be causing the code in your vehicle:

  • Bad Spark Plugs – A fouled spark plug is the most common cause of P0304. Look at the electrodes and see if they are in good shape. Your Journey likely has iridium plugs that need to be changed very infrequently. That being said, a bad spark plug is the number one offender when it comes to P0304 . Here’s a great video on verifying a spark plug is bad.
  • Spark Plug Wires – On most modern engines, the plug wires are not nearly as long as they once were (if your vehicle even has them), but they can still go bad. Here’s how to tell if your plug wires are bad (video).
  • Coil Packs – Coil packs rarely go bad, but when they do, they can cause P0304 in your Dodge Journey. Replacing a set can be very expensive. Here’s how to test them .
  • Bad Fuel Injector – If you have a fuel injector that has failed, it won’t be able to properly atomize the fuel, and you’ll get P0304. Here’s a good video on how to diagnose an injector ; it can be a little tricky. You’ll likely see P0171 and/or P0204 with a bad injector .
  • Vacuum leak – If your Journey has a vacuum leak, it can be difficult for the PCM to get the right air/fuel mixture. This will cause the cylinders to misfire, and it’ll throw P0304 if the leak is around that specific cylinder on the intake manifold. Popular Mechanics : How to find a vacuum leak . You’ll likely see P0171 and P0300 when there’s a vacuum leak.
  • Cam or Crank Sensors – This one is unlikely, but it does happen. If the ECU is not getting the right signal from these sensors, the vehicle’s timing will not sync up, and it’ll misfire. You’ll likely get P0300 and a cam/crank correlation code too.
  • Mechanical Issue – If your Journey has a leaking head gasket, bent valve, cracked head, etc… that would cause compression to not be as high as it should be, you’re going to get P0304. You should also feel that your vehicle is down on power as well.

P0304 Fix: Dodge Journey

Dodge Journey P0304 Diagnosis

If P0304 is the only code you get when you plug an OBD II scanner into your Journey, this section should help you determine what is causing the code.

If you have multiple codes with P0304, jump down a section.

1. Swap Test

Here’s a quick and easy test to determine what is causing your Journey’s fourth cylinder to misfire. Swap ignition parts to another cylinder. Here’s how to do it.

  • Identify cylinder four.
  • Remove the spark plug.
  • Swap it with the most convenient cylinder to access’s spark plug.
  • Clear your Journey’s DTC codes with a scanner.
  • Start the engine and wait for the check engine light to come back on. If it changed to a different P030X code, the plug was bad.
  • If nothing changed, do this for the coil packs and plug wires (if equipped).
  • If the code stays P0304, you’ve ruled out the most common causes of this code.

2. Diagnosis

Here’s what to look for when the swap test didn’t change your vehicle’s misfire code number.

  • Check the wiring harness going to the cylinder four coil pack. If it’s damaged or loose, repair it. Ignition wiring is a common rodent damage area.
  • Check for a vacuum leak.
  • Verify the fourth injector is working (there’s a link to how to test one above).
  • Do a compression test.
  • Perform a leak-down test.

P0304 + P0300

The most likely reason your Journey will get P0300 and P0304 simultaneously is faulty spark plugs.

P0300 in the Dodge Journey indicates random multiple misfiring, which means that multiple cylinders are misfiring at the same time. 

If your Dodge Journey has P0300 and P0304 error codes, it’s best to diagnose why the fourth cylinder is misfiring and see if that will fix the P0304 code. 

Try doing the swap test from the previous section. Make note of the condition of BOTH spark plugs as you swap them. If they look fouled, new plugs will likely clear this code.

P0304 + P0171

Look for a vacuum leak around the fourth cylinder or a bad fuel injector.

While there are many potential causes for P0171, the most prevalent is a vacuum leak.

When your Journey has P0304 and P0171 together, it’s often caused by a clogged or underperforming fuel injector. Look for a vacuum leak at the intake around cylinder four.

P0304 + Other Cylinder Misfire Codes

Treat P0304 with these codes like it has P0300.

P0304 will often be accompanied by codes P0301 , P0302 , P0303 , P0305, etc… These codes indicate a misfire in cylinders one, three, four, and five, respectively.

Treat P0304 with these codes like it has P0300. Suspect an ignition-related cause or a vacuum leak.

Is P0304 a serious concern?

P0304 is cause for concern and, left unfixed, can leave you stranded. Your Journey will be virtually undrivable if the fourth cylinder stops firing altogether. The raw fuel can also damage the catalytic converter.

Can you drive your Journey with P0304?

We do not advise driving your Journey with P0304. It can cause damage to your vehicle, particularly if the check engine light is flashing.

Is P0304 hard to repair?

Most of the time, P0304 is not hard to repair, as you’ll be swapping out ignition parts. It’s a great first-time project for a shade tree mechanic. If the problem ends up not being ignition related, that’s when you might have to bring it into a shop.

Replacing the spark plug or coil packs is the most common fix for P0304 in the Dodge Journey. There are other causes, but the swap test can help narrow them down considerably.

Motor & Wheels

Dodge Journey Problems: 8 Common Issues (Explained)

' src=

The most common problems and possible solutions are listed below.

Table of Contents

Remote Keyless Entry System Works Intermittently

If your remote keyless entry system starts acting weird and only working sometimes, you might get frustrated.

It’s a huge inconvenience not to have technology work the way you expect it to. But, there’s an easy fix for the problem.

dodge journey 4 cylinder problems

Probable Causes and Solutions

The most common reason your Dodge Journey remote keyless entry system may begin working intermittently is because there is a problem with the component’s software .

Usually, updating the software will correct the problem.

If you upgrade the software and continue to have problems with the remote keyless ignition system, you should visit a Dodge dealership and have the problem diagnosed.

If the problem isn’t related to a software update, it could be an issue with the keyfob itself. If the keyfob has gone bad, it might be necessary to replace the keyfob.

A Dodge-certified technician can also upgrade the software for you.

Unexplained Dampness Inside a Dodge Journey

If you enter your vehicle and notice unexplained dampness, it could create an uncomfortable ride and be upsetting. Afterall, water isn’t supposed to leak inside a vehicle.

But unexplained dampness inside the vehicle of the Journey is a common problem, and is easily fixed.

Most often, especially in models 2009 to 2018, unexplained dampness in the interior of the Journey is from a water leak .

dodge journey 4 cylinder problems

Improperly sealed body seams can let water into the vehicle and create dampness.

If this is the reason your Journey is getting wet inside, the problem can be fixed by having the seals replaced and properly installed.

Engine Overheating Due to Coolant Flow Problem

If your Dodge Journey was made between 2009 and 2018, you may have issues with your engine overheating. It seems the problem can occur at anytime during the Journey’s existence.

Vehicles with as low as 20,000 miles have experienced this issue as well as Journeys with well over 100,000 miles too.

Usually, it needs diagnosed by a Dodge mechanic. But, there are easy solutions to prevent this problem from happening again.

If you have debris in your engine, it could cause a coolant flow issue.

If there’s a disruption in your coolant flow, the engine could overheat.

If not corrected, an engine overheating could cause serious damage to the engine. When debris blocks the cylinder head at the coolant port of the thermostat housing, the right amount of coolant won’t reach the engine.

dodge journey 4 cylinder problems

Removing the debris from the engine and especially around this port fixes the problem.

Check Engine Light with Diagnostic Code P0339

If your check engine light comes on, it’s a good idea to have a diagnostic test to determine what the cause of the warning is.

If you get a P0339 code, there is probably a problem with the vehicle’s crankshaft position sensor.

This issue is most common with 2009, 2010, 2012, and 2016 Dodge Journeys. Also, check our list of typical reasons the check engine light appears .

The crankshaft position sensor check engine light code will cause intermittent loss of power to this component.

To correct this problem, a technician may be able to add a shim to the crankshaft sensor .

If this does not correct the problem, it might be necessary to replace the sensor and flex plate.

Inaccurate Speed Settings and/or Excessive RPMs

If you notice your Journey is revving high or showing that you’re driving excessively, you might have a problem with the vehicle’s powertrain control module (PCM).

This is even more likely if you notice the problem when using cruise control.

Thankfully, inaccurate speed settings and unusually high RPMs can be related to an issue with the Journey’s software.

In most cases, updating the software for the powertrain control module (PCM) will correct the problem.

Updating the software can be done at a Dodge dealership.

Dodge Journey Seats Showing Signs of Corrosion

Dodge Journey 2009, 2010, and 2013 Journeys may show signs of wear, specifically around the seat frames.

If you notice rust around the vehicle’s seat frames, it’s important not to ignore the problem.

Instead, you should take the vehicle to a Dodge dealership to have corrosion inhibitor in the affected areas. There are also revised covers for the second row available to help prevent the issue from progressing.

Rough Idle after Cold Start on Dodge Journey with V6 Engines

2009 and 2010 Dodge Journey drivers have reported rough idling after a cold start .

The problem usually only occurs with Journeys equipped with a V6 engine.

Sometimes when this happens, a check engine light will come on. Diagnostic testing will show code P050D.

If your vehicle is showing a P050D diagnostic code, the rough idling after a cold start could be due to a problem with the powertrain control module (PCM).

After a mechanic diagnoses the problem, they can tell you whether a software upgrade will correct the issue, or if a replacement part is needed.

Dodge Journey is Stuck in Park

There’s nothing more frustrating then getting in your vehicle and realizing it won’t start. If your Journey is stuck in park, you will need to see a technician to have the problem corrected.

Dodge is aware of this problem and has issued a recall to correct the issue.

A Journey shifter getting stuck in park is likely due to the material used to create the shifter .

Making an appointment at a Dodge dealership will give technicians the opportunity to replace the parts and ensure you’re vehicle shifts every time you need it too.

Dodge Journey Brakes Wearing Out Prematurely

Some people go through brake pads faster than others, but if you drive a Dodge Journey, it might not be your fault. When the car manufacturer created the 2009 and 2010 Journeys, they did so with the best SUV technology and developed a crossover vehicle that was pleasurable to drive.

But they added brakes that were more suitable to a sedan.

The sedan brakes created a need for new brakes at just about 12,000 miles.

Dodge drivers filed a class-action lawsuit that extended the warranty of the vehicle’s brakes by three years.

If you notice your brakes have worn out quickly on your Journey, it’s a good idea to have them checked out.

Of course, it’s also important to have the parts replaced as needed to ensure the vehicle is safe to drive.

General Pros and Cons of the Dodge Journey

  • Third-row seating
  • Easy to drive
  • Handles well
  • Lots of storage compartments
  • Optional V6 engine available
  • Attractive styling
  • Comfortable interior
  • Problems with electronics
  • Water leaks
  • Rough idling
  • Vehicle gets stuck in park
  • RPMs revving too high
  • Early corrosion on components
  • Brakes wearing out prematurely

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ⓘ  The information in this article is based on data from National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recall reports, consumer complaints submitted to the NHTSA, reliability ratings from J.D. Power, auto review and rating sites such as Edmunds, specialist forums, etc. We analyzed this data to provide insights into the best and worst years for these vehicle models.

2020 Dodge Journey Performance

# 22 out of 22 in 2020 affordable midsize suvs.

dodge journey 4 cylinder problems

See Photos »

Average Price Paid

$ 20,070 - $ 22,265

2020 Dodge Journey Performance Review

The 2020 Dodge Journey has unwieldy handling and slow acceleration. Not only do most competitors perform better, but so does the 2019 Journey , which offered a stronger V6 engine and available all-wheel drive.

  • Performance 4.4

2020 Journey Photos

2020 Dodge Journey Angular Front

  • "Overall, the Journey has been left behind in terms of driving dynamics and handling by the new generation of three-row SUVs." --  Edmunds
  • "The other notable cuts are the absence of all-wheel drive and the optional V-6 engine that were paired to a six-speed automatic transmission. The only powertrain available is now the antiquated 172-hp 2.4-liter four-cylinder that is paired to a four-speed automatic and front-wheel drive." --  Car and Driver
  • "The nicely weighted steering feels good in the turns, but the Journey will lean when pushed hard." --  Kelley Blue Book (2018)

Acceleration and Power

The 2020 Journey comes with a 172-horsepower 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine that isn't very powerful. The Journey is slow to accelerate, which makes it harder to merge and pass on the highway. The engine is mated with a four-speed automatic transmission that has hesitant downshifts.

At the time of writing, fuel economy figures for the 2020 Journey are not available. The very similar 2019 Journey delivers an EPA-estimated 19 mpg in the city and 25 mpg on the highway, which is average for the midsize SUV class .

  • "The Journey SE and Crossroad trims come with an underpowered four-cylinder engine that's best avoided—except you can't, since the V-6 is no longer offered. The 172-hp engine is woefully underpowered and the four-speed automatic transmission that's reluctant to downshift further dulls its real-world performance." --  Car and Driver
  • "The 4-cylinder engine in the … Journey is merely adequate with 173 horsepower and it links up to an automatic transmission with only four forward gears, which gives some idea of how long this drivetrain has been around." --  Kelley Blue Book (2019)
  • "The Journey is lively at low speeds but frequently needs a downshift to accelerate at freeway speeds. On hills, the transmission hunts around, so maintaining a constant speed is a struggle." --  Edmunds (2019)

Handling and Braking

The Journey offers a smooth ride, but its significant body roll and cumbersome handling make this SUV feel larger than it is. Front-wheel drive is standard. All-wheel drive is not available.

  • "There are not many three-row crossovers that are entertaining to drive, so their ride and handling are graded on a curve. Even so, the Journey's ponderous handling and unresponsive transmission leave it far from getting a good rating from us. It wallows in corners with lots of body roll and imprecise steering. The benefit of this softness, however, is a comfortable ride on the freeway." --  Car and Driver
  • "The Journey is downright sloppy, wobbling and bouncing through curves. And it feels light and disconnected right up until it starts to lose traction. Even moving slowly, the Journey is imprecise. It's a vehicle that needs constant managing to stay on course." --  Edmunds (2019)
  • "Dodge has done a good job with the Journey's suspension, allowing it to deliver a comfortable ride with good cornering abilities." --  Kelley Blue Book (2018)


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